e 6333 Spain: Please quote FOB for sqm for white Kavala, green, grey, yellow, travertines, cream and any other color. Also send samples and images. Contact no. is 0034 950 4.....March 6
Offer 6: See www.findstone.com/pl/570.htm Iran
Offer 5: We are a major exporter of our own travertine tiles and other superior quality stones to all over the
world.  Moreover, we have exclusive agreements with variuos producers in Turkey for superior quality marbles and limestones. We can supply any kind of stone to your valued company from Turkey FOB. Below you will find FOB Turkey prices for our own travertine tiles per square meter.  Please feel free to contact me for other materials you might be interested. Hoping to start a productive and profitable cooperation with your valued company. 
18X18 Honed & Filled  Golden Comercial Travertine $16.00/sqmt
18X18 Honed & Unfiled Golden Comercial Travertine $14.00/sqmt
24x24 Honed & Unfilled Golden Comercial Travertine $15.00/sqmt
24x24 Honed & Filled  Golden Comercial Travertine $17.00/sqmt
18X18 Honed & Unfilled Golden Travertine $16.50/sqmt
18X18 Honed & Unfilled Golden Light  Travertine $18.00/sqmt
24x24 Honed & Unfilled Golden Travertine $20.00/sqmt
24x24 Honed & Unfilled Golden Siena Travertine $22.00/sqmt
18X18 Honed & Filled Golden Travertine $16.50/sqmt
18X18 Honed & Filled Golden Light Travertine $19.00/sqmt
24x24 Honed & Filled Golden Travertine $21.00/sqmt
Offer 4: Please see our price list at www.findstone.com/pl/955.htm under the limestone tiles and slabs.
Please find attached photos the some materials that we work. We produce Tiles, Slabs, other tthings in Granit, Marble and Limestone. What are the measures? Are Tiles, Slabs, in 2cm, 3cm? Spain (images sent separately.)
Offer 3: We have our own quarry and here I am honored to recommend our products for your reference.
Item No.          ZH-G013
Image:            http://www.findstone.com/CHIgran6.htm
Price FOB (China port):   USD28 /SQM for 305x305x10mm
                          USD29 /SQM for 600x600x20mm
Item No.           ZH-G008
Image:           http://www.findstone.com/CHIgran4.htm
Price FOB (China port):   USD28/SQM for 305x305x10mm
                          USD 30/SQM for 600x600x20mm
                          USD 45/SQM for (2700-3000)x(1200-1500)x30mm
Item No.           ZH-G019
Image:           please see the attachment
Price FOB (China port):   USD24/SQM for 305x305x10mm
Item No.           ZH-G020
Image:             please see the attachment
Price FOB(China port) :USD 24 /square meter for 12”X12”X3/8”;
Item No.          ZH-G002 (G-623)
Image:            http://www.findstone.com/CHIgran4.htm
Price FOB (China port):   USD 10.00 /SQM for 305x305x10mm
                          USD 11.00 /SQM for 600x600x20mm
supply ability:   8000SQM/per month for one item  
Payment terms:     Irrevocable L/C at sight
Quality guarantee: we send the buyer digital images for confirmation before  shipment.After getting the confirmation, we ship the goods.If there is still a problem, buyer will give proof , we will give a discount at agreed rate.
Packing style:    wooden crate
Delivery period:  within 30-45 days after receiving the original L/C
offer 2: We can supply but need complete info i.e.
- quantity and sizes
- delivery location and phone no.
- prefer to buy locally or import? any preferred countries?
- stone details - country, trade name or description, image, is it in FindStone's Stone Album?
- status of project, expected purchase date, & decision criteria for purchase e.g. price?
- application - where would it be used? or your company profile if you are buying to stock it
If you have prices, tell us what they are.
offer 1: Select from www.findstone.com/tosell.htm and  www.findstone.com/pricelists.htm and www.findstone.com/readystock.htm and www.findstone.com/matph.htm
Dear buyer, please select the offer of your choice or put your response (to each of the above offers) below the respective offer in blue ink and email it to us. FindStone