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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!   January 31, 2007
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182 inquiries so far in January, 136 inquiries in December 2006

The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 22160 Kenya: Need stone cutting machine. Phone no.: 2547244.....Jan 31 Contact
e 22159 Russia: We are looking for Hitachi Excavator EX 1100. Year of production - since 1999. Target price - USD 270000 on Seller ex-warehouse terms. Jan 31 Contact
e 22158 USA: Need 10 Tons Flagstone (blue/green/gold/yellow range) (patio, walkways), 1 Ton Vaneer Stone (interior/exterior fireplace / chimney). Tel: 415-68......I am in Northern California. Jan 31 Contact
e 22157 USA:  I am looking for approximately 320 slabs of granite in 3/4 thickness used for countertops. I would like to buy from Brazil or China according to price and quality. I am at the early stages of the buying process and need more information on pricing, shipping times and prices, and taxes and tariffs. I will need the stone delivered around June of 2007. Please give me all estimates in ft/in and US dollars. I only want the best quality granite slabs used for countertops in the kitchen and vanities. I will pay for the postage of samples as needed. Phone number 808-21......Jan 31 Contact
e 22156 China: We are looking for a beige Indonesia marble. I only have its photo. We are very interested in this material. TEL: 0086-755-287......Jan 31 Contact
e 22155 USA: Retail: Please let me know if you have a granite slab named "TUNIS"? I need this immediately. The work will start in the next 3 weeks, and I am looking for this slab. I found it at a store in California, in San Jose, and was told this is a new granite got from Brazil. Pl confirm you have it, and also confirm price per slab. This is for personal use, and I need 2 slabs. Jan 31 Contact
e 22154: I will like to know if you carry 18 x 18 porcelain floor tiles or any of the floor covering you do carry. Jan 31 Contact
e 22153 Saudi Arabia: Please quote CIF Dammam in 20 feet container for CAT 14G. Can you send pictures? Jan 31 Contact
e 22152 China: We need pumice stone with caliber 3-5cm for sandblasting in jeans production. Please send us samples for test and quote me CIF shenzhen price. Tel:0086-591-878......Jan 31 Contact
e 22151 Philippines: We are looking for Crane good second hand, if you have available... we are welling to inspection the unit..
1) Raftering Brand KATO or Tadano, Capacity 60 to 80 tons..
2) KH Brand Hitachi model KH 100 OR kh 150, Crawler type. 3 unit
3) Crane Truck Mounted, Hitachi or link belt 80 tons capacity.
If you have available please quote me each unit. TEL NO: +632-84...... Jan 31 Contact
e 22150: Please quote for granite gang saw slabs from China as displayed in ready stock 555. Jan 31 Contact
e 22149 Kuwait: Kindly let me know your last price for Cat 350L Excavator. Please price CIF Kuwait. Tel: 00965 23.....Jan 30 Contact
e 22148: Please send us all details about the Kato Crane 50 Ton. Mobile: 009665056......Jan 30 Contact
e 22147 India: We are an architecture firm and doing a landscaping project in Auroville, near Pondicherry. We are looking for a supplier for granite cobbles. I am looking for a supplier around Chennai or Pondicherry who can supply us cobbles appx. 1000 MT. Kindly send a quote if availability is possible. Jan 30 Contact
e 22146 Philippines: I urgently need 160 sq/ft of granite, preferably reddish/brownish in color. My kitchen and bathroom countertops need to be finished with granite 12 x 12 or 16 x 16 inch tiles. We need to purchase the granite NOW. Due to the location of the construction site, I prefer that suppliers/sellers be from the island of Cebu, Philippines. tel: 714/71..... Jan 30 Contact
e 22145 Romania: I represent a new company who is looking to try a new market, specifically Romania. I worked and accumulated experience
in USA regarding the granite business, and I'm thinking to open a business in Romania. There is relatively new but dynamic market. So I'm interested in acquiring granite directly from the source, therefore saving any middle man. So if you could please send me a list of prices, slabs dimensions, how do you handle delivery and if the price is depending on the square footage or the color of the slab. Also if you can deliver in Constanta (Romania) port and how can I pay for it? Phone:01-602-40......Jan 30 Contact
e 22144 Pakistan: Please quote for 950B, 950E wheel loader CIF price to Karachi Pakistan. Also send picture and other details. Jan 30 Contact 
e 22143 Denmark: We are Danish firm of garden architects looking to buy a particular Indian sandstone. We have a small sample of a particularly dense stone labelled Banera. A local supplier has suggested it similar to his label "Sahara Beige". In other words a dense, beige sandstone. It looks particularly promising for our work, so we would like to make our own import, starting out w app. 6 containers, which must arrive to Copenhagen no later than September this year.
The more important thing is the particular quality of stone: Beige, extremely tolerant of frost and salt (must have test certificate), high density, low water absorption, smooth cleft surface. Smaller quantities of other sandstones with similar durability qualities will also be wanted.

The stone we choose to buy may originate from anywhere in the world, but Rajasthan, India may have the greatest likely hood of success - please, prove me wrong.

We expect to finalize the first order at the end of February - perhaps with a smaller order in mid February. However, we have learned from initial enquiries that we may have to submit material to testing ourselves - if this be the case, of course, it will delay the process. Mobile: +45 61 3......  Jan 30 Contact 
e 22142 USA: Please quote for blue pearl granite blocks as displayed in price list 766. Jan 29 Contact 
e 22141 USA: Retail: I am looking for some 12x12 granite tile. I need about 100 sq ft, brownish gold in color and flamed, flamed brushed or antiqued. It will be a residential entryway floor. I will also need a polished black 12x12 tile to border. Jan 29 Contact 
e 22140 : I need more details regarding Motor Grader CAT 14G. Jan 29 Contact 
e 22139 USA: I would like samples of the Arabescato Vagli, Mugla White and Bianco Carrara C from Italy. I am currently interested in samples. In order to finalize the only step left is to find a suitable marble. I expect to finalize my order within the next month. Tel: (845)51..... Jan 29 Contact 
e 22138 USA: I need a source for large sandstone boulders in southern California.  Jan 29 Contact 
e 22137 USA: We are a residential builder firm and are into direct import business for granite, marble and tile. We are looking for strategic, long term, high volume supplier relationship. We know the difference between good and bad quality and we understand direct pricing very well. Looking for direct manufacturer companies out of India & China to forge long term relationship with those who can supply quality products at best prices. Traders/brokers need not respond. We will, on the ground, verify who you are! If you are looking to have exclusive distributor for US, especially west coast, this may be your chance!
Please quote the following:

- Price per sq ft for finished countertop (2 and 3cm, 3 side bull nosed, standard 96x26x1.25inches) for all the colors that you have the very best pricing on – assuming we buy a container load at a time.
- Price for the slabs for all the colors that you have the very best prices on – assuming we buy a container load at a time.
- Price for granite and marble tiles (12x12x1/8 & 16x16/1/8 & 2x2x1/4) for all the colors that you have the very best prices on – assuming we buy a container load at a time.
- Quote your payment terms, references you can provide and shipping details to west coast (LA or Seattle or Portland, OR) USA. Tel: 50333......Jan 29 Contact 
e 22136 USA: I am looking for flagstone to purchase in the South Florida area, i want to use this for coping around a pool. i am looking at brown tones, need 2 tons. Jan 29 Contact 
e 22135 Brazil: I'd like to receive your catalogue together with the price list of your material. I sell marble and granites in Brazil but I'm also planning to initiate the selling of Chinese porcelain tiles and floorings. Jan 29 Contact 
e 22133: i am currently working on a sculpture and am in need of some leads on basalt blocks.  Jan 29 Contact 
e 22132: Do you have any cat D8N dozers? Jan 28 Contact 
e 22131 Ireland: I am in Ireland and looking for approx 280m2 of marble or granite floor tiles, could you please advise if you would be interested in supplying me, if so could you please email me some prices and photos of what you can offer, please advise also on delivery lead time and cost to Ireland. Jan 28 Contact 
e 22130 USA: Need 24x24 travertine 1/2 thick. Cell 602-69......Jan 28 Contact 

e 22129: Do you sell 10x10 or 20x20 Laipz lasuli tiles? Jan 28 Contact 

e 22128 USA: I need to get your price list for pre fab granite countertop, we are builder and looking to find good prices for granite top. Jan 28 Contact 
e 22127 Spain: Please send urgently information, price list and export conditions of your P007 GREEN, S1120,AND P014 ( 300 X 600 X 11-13 MM). IF IS POSIBLE SEND PHOTOS BY E-MAIL.  Jan 27 Contact 
e 22126 USA: I am in Stockton, Ca. Seeking 6-8 slabs of a rare brazilian granite called "Blue Tempest", or Tempest Blue. Jan 27 Contact 
e 22125 Pakistan: We have an urgent requirement for Diesel KOMATSU Forklift Model No FD150E-7. We would appreciate if you kind give us price of the said forklift for new and used both on C&F Karachi basis. Also send us photographs, specifications and necessary details. Jan 27 Contact 
e 22124 USA: Need 3000-3300 sf of 18x18" or larger honed and filled travertine tiles for new home in Sedona Arizona. Need to buy west coast of USA, as this stone is needed immediately, floor goes in beginning of Feb 2007. We are ready to buy now. Our other supplier failed to deliver and we are ready to buy now. In order to finalize this deal..I need pictures of tile emailed, and samples sent to me...I have Fed Ex account. Order to be placed by 2/2/07 or earlier, need to ship ASAP. Would like something close to Golden Maroon, Golden Sienna and Travertine Iberico.
If we cannot get honed and filled travertine, I am interested in Porcelain tile 18x18, 20x20 or 24x24..I like a product called Pietre Vecchie PV04 Golden Sienna Glazed Porcelain, but the price was prohibitive. We are looking for Travertine honed and filled or Glazed Porcelain tile in golden hues. Phone: 702-3......Jan 27 Contact
e 22123 Ireland: We are in the process of building a 3,200 square foot house in Cork, Ireland. We are now at the plastering stage and estimate that we will be ready to fit flooring in 6-8 weeks. We are looking for the following quantities of Marble and Limestone.
50m2 of Crema Marfil Marble 60cm X 30cm – Hallway and two rooms
20m2 of Crema Marfil Marble 30cm X 30cm – Bathroom Floors
30m2 of Dark Emperador 30cm X 30cm – Shower enclosures and bath surround.
10m2 of Crema Marfil 10cm X 10cm – for kitchen surround
Limestone –
50m2 of a Beige coloured limestone for Kitchen/Dining room floor.
Also need advice from supplier regarding adhesive and grout recommended. Tel: 353-21-48.....Jan 27 Contact
e 22122 USA: Retail: Interested in getting fossil tile for my kitchen backsplashes. Want something like the attached picture. My Number is 818-22......  Jan 26 Contact
e 22121: Please quote for stone grinders.  Jan 26 Contact
e 22120 Spain:  Please send prices on; 3010 M2 ARABESCATO 40x40 ìnclusive other formats, 600M2 ARABESCATO in table for step in 3 cm  and 400M2 ARABESCATO in table for iron plate and zanquín in 2 cm. TEL 9504..... Jan 26 Contact
e 22119 Saudi Arabia: We are jaw crushers dealer in Saudi Arabia, I will be thankful if you send me a frequent new letter about that with the prices. Jan 26 Contact
e 22118 USA: I am looking for approximately 2500 square feet of brushed travertine or limestone floor tiles. Jan 26 Contact
e 22117: We are looking for Mobilcrane Kato 1978- 2000 , 30 -- 50 Ton. Tel : +4365045......Jan 26 Contact
e 22116 USA: I am a jewelry designer and I am interested in using natural materials in my designs that originate in the Pacific Northwest (USA). I have been looking unsuccessfully for any domestic stone bead manufacturer. I am especially interested in any Oregon or Washington basalt beads, but also jaspers, agates, serpentine, obsidian or any other native stone that can be made into beads. I would be interested in pretty much any shape or size. I am not looking for wholesale quantities at this time but may be interested in becoming a supplier/distributor in the future, because I think there would be a good market for them. Tel: 503-69......Jan 26 Contact
e 22115 Fiji: Please quote for Hitachi Excavator Ex200-1. Jan 25 Contact
e 22114: I have an interest to buy your Cat 14G motor grader. However, I would like to know the following if possible please:
- The serial number and the year of make.
- The condition of its engine, gear and hydraulic pump.
- The final price you are welling to sell the machine for. Tel: +966 565 1.....Jan 25 Contact
e 22113 : Can you please email detail of 950e wheel loaders? I am ready to buy 2-3,can you email pictures and status of working condition of machines. Jan 25 Contact
e 22112 Saudi Arabia: We are a Marble & Granite factory located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia , we would to have from you an update price list as of 2007 prices for Marble slabs & block imported from Spain, Italy , Iran & Turkey . we are interested for most of the material that comes out from mentioned countries and in 1st , 2nd & comm. quality. Tell. # :00966265.....Jan 25 Contact
e 22111: Do you have "silver wave" granite? Jan 25 Contact
e 22110 Pakistan: Please quote for stone cutting machine RQ300 and RQ 301, technical specifications required, price (FOB), freight for Islamabad (Pakistan). Jan 25 Contact
e 22109: I am looking for 6000 square feet of Laurentian Green or another similar green granite and Black Impala in two sizes. 12" x 12" 3/4" and 20" x 12" x 3/4". Please send me some pricing. Jan 24 Contact
e 22108 Kazakhstan: I am from Astana, Kazakhstan. I am very interested in your machines for marble granite processing factory. First I need information, price and technical specification for granite factory by power 500.000 m2/year. Tel/fax +73172 2......Jan 24 Contact
e 22107 USA: I am looking to buy 1 tonne of white or grey limestone cubes approx 30mm on all sides but am struggling to find a supplier. I saw them at a Flower Show in 2005 and have a photo if this helps. Jan 24 Contact
e 22106: I am looking for a stone base 8 1/2 x 12 1/2 x 6 1/2. Your color "camel looks as though it would be suitable. Jan 24 Contact
e 22105: I am looking for a quarry to supply soapstone for my home design business. Jan 23 Contact
e 22104 : Can I get a price for a sink please, singly and in quantities? Jan 23 Contact
e 22103 USA: I am building ponds and am looking for Landscaping rock. What kind of rock is it that you have? do you sell any large boulders? I am located in Stow, Ohio. Jan 23 Contact
e 22102 UK: I need to buy a used quarry stone cutting machine from Italy. Cuts stone blocks used for building houses. Tel : 44 015825......Jan 22 Contact
e 22101: Please quote for Light weight aggregate of density 1.2 Tons/M3 170,000. Tel : + 965 24.....Jan 22 Contact
e 22100 India: I am looking for a stone crusher. If possible I am looking for a second hand machinery. Jan 22 Contact
e 22099 USA: I am looking for 3 cm slab Sahara Gold marble slab for two bath vanities, each approximately 42" wide. Because Sahara Gold varies from gray to gold, I would need a sample. The 12x12 tiles I have for the floor and walls are beige, not too much gray, with deep gold veining. Please advise where I might find this material. Tel: 312-67.....Jan 22 Contact
e 22098: I am with a company in Boquete looking for granite distributors in Panama City. Jan 21 Contact
e 22097 USA: I am looking for 10,000 square feet red or gold vein cut brushed travertine in 5' x 5'. Please advise at 619 99.....Jan 21 Contact
e 22096: Please quote for granite gang saw & polishing machine as displayed in ready stock 372. Jan 21 Contact
e 22095 Bangladesh: We are interested in a small sized reconditioned (refurbished) PAY LOADER. Please send me details. Jan 20 Contact
e 22093 USA: We are looking for Savannah White marble for a project. We need 12 x 12 tiles and 2 and 3 cm slabs. Please let us know who may have in stock in the US or where we can buy from. We need price and quantity available. Jan 20 Contact
e 22092 Australia: I require a price from a quarry for 2,000m2 of Crema Luna 600x600 honed tiles. Delivery to Sydney Australia in 3 months. Phone: +61-2-973.....Jan 20 Contact
e 22091 UAE: We are looking for Tadano or Kato cranes capacity from 20-50 Ton year 1993-1998, also looking for wheel loaders kawasaki 80-115 KDZ year 1993-1998. Tel:00971-4-33.....Jan 19 Contact
e 22090 China: Our company are specializing in trading equipments, spare parts for industry and construction , supplying equipments, spare parts and providing services. Having been in this line for 10 years, we have built up great people, gained considerable experience, and had close relationship with many long-standing customers in the market. We now have a project of stone exploiting so that we are going to import some machines in this field. At present, we are having demand for some used equipment, details as below:
1. Komatsu Excavator serial PC450:
- Q'ty: 02 pcs
- Good working conditions, quality remains over 80%
2. Komatsu Excavator serial PC300 uses for install hydraulic breaker
- Q'ty: 01 pc
- Good working conditions, quality remains over 80% and available piping kit.
I would appreciate it very much if you could send us a quotation with most competitive prices (CIF Hai Phong Sea Port) some Models with all specifications, photos for us to be choose. Tel: +84.4.63.....Jan 19 Contact
e 22089 USA:  I am Looking to purchase 2 to 3 slabs of Jura Beige Limestone, 3cm and 2 slabs of Soapstone Green, 3 cm. I am a fabricator in Tampa Bay, Florida. Jan 19 Contact
e 22088 Ukraine: Our company is interested in buying black and red granite from China. We would like you to help us to find the suppliers from province Fujian (city Fuzhou, Xiamen, etc.) who could supply us with good quality black and red granite (slabs, tiles, polished or not). Our tel. No. +380-352-4......Jan 19 Contact
e 22087 Togo: I want to bring to your knowledge about a government contract to supply, Marbles Tiles Rustic green, Rosalia pink polished, Red burdur alicante polished. Thickness 10mm Sizes 305*305, 40 Containers 20 feet. Payment will be 50%TT and balance will be against shipping document. Tel:+228-90.....Jan 19 Contact
e 22086 USA: retail: I am looking for ROSA PORTUGAL marble tiles, light pink color, uniform. I am in the San Francisco Bay Area. I need no more than 40 square feet. Tel: +(1-415) 82.....Jan 19 Contact
e 22085 USA: We are an architecture workshop. We are currently looking for information on recycled brick and pavers. If you have any product brochures or pamphlets available on the material we would greatly appreciate a copy? Phone: 502 58.....Jan 19 Contact
e 22084 India: We are looking for an excavation machine which can work on soil, rock and concrete.
We need to make trenches of width 600 mm, 1500 mm deep, 5000 mm length for jointing the cables.
The machine should also serve the purpose of refilling the soil in trench.
The machine should sense the other live cables, water pipe, gas pipes and communication cables in the same trench and will avoid damages. Jan 19 Contact
e 22083: We would like to have your kind offer for Second hand gang saw machines for Granite model from 1990 up to 2002. Cutting Width 3.5 : 4 x length 3: 3.5 x height start from 2 meter. We cut Egyptian hard granite with all of its types. Also need polishing machine for granite Simec only. Jan 19 Contact
e 22082: Can you send me some pricing and photos of Onyx slabs as displayed in ready stock 464. Jan 18 Contact
e 22081: Can you please let me know were can I get the source of the below mentioned granites or let me know the availability of these blocks in India and which factory or quarry we can get them.
1. Anantapur Grey - source -India
2. Grey Regal - source - India
3. Grey Sal - source - India
4. Grey Th - source - India
5. Grey Coral - source - India. Jan 18 Contact
e 22080: Please send pricelist for POLISHING MACHINE FOR GRANITE WITH CUTTING. Jan 18 Contact
e 22079 Saudi Arabia: List of Equipments Need:
1. Bulldozer Komatsu D155 -2, single ripper, year 1990 and more, (3 pcs).
2. Bulldozer CAT D8R, single shank ripper, SU blade, year 1998 and more, (3 pcs).
3. Motor Grader CAT 14G, with rare ripper, year 1985 and more, (6 pcs).
4. Roller compactor : (2 pcs)
- Dynapac CA25 or CA302, year 1998 and more.
- Bomag 251, year 1998 and more.
5. Asphalt compactor (all tires), year 1990 and more, (10 pcs).
6. Concrete Mixer Mercedes, year 1990 and more, (6 pcs).
7. Trailer Head Mercedes, Six, year 1990 and more, (2 pcs).
8. Trailer Head Mercedes, normal, year 1990 and more, (10 pcs).
9. Crane Liebherr, 150-180 ton, year 1990 and more, (1 pc).
10. Concrete Pump Schwing, (15-25 mtr), year 1995 and more, (I pc).
11. Skid Steer Loader, Bobcat 753, year 2000 and more, (5 pcs).
12. Excavators Komatsu PC200-6/7, year 1999 and more, (5 pcs).
Tel : + 966 1 46.....Jan 18 Contact
e 22078 Pakistan: We need a Used Marble Gangsaw machine, if you have a any gangsaw machine, so kindly give me the all information and prices with the photo. Tel : 009221-49......Jan 18 Contact
e 22077 Bulgaria: We are looking for chisels of forged steel for splitting hard granite, 6cm wide at the top. Please, see the pictures attached for details. Please give us your price CFR Sofia, Bulgaria. Can you please send us a free sample to be tested in the production? Jan 18 Contact
e 22075 France: We are interested in some of your stone products such as 40 x 40 x 2 creme de marfil classic and Marrón Emperador tiles. But before placing an order with yourselves. I would like to know that I would be no problem in arranging for collection or delivery to the south of France, so please can you tell me where about in Spain are this goods. Are they north or south of Spain? Please supply as much info as possible. Jan 17 Contact
e 22074 USA: Retail; Wanted about 90 SF of Costa Esmeralda or Costa Esmeralda Dark to go into a remodel job. The slabs need to be bookends. Please quote price, availability and FOB point to Texas. Tel: 903-26......Jan 17 Contact
e 22073 Germany: Please send for me all information about this Model and Price.
3-Kato NK250E OR TADANO 250E (25tons) HALB CABIN LEFT DRIVER 1970 BIS 1988 MOTOR (Mitsubishi).
4-Kato OR TADANO NK450 (45tons) HALB CABIN OR FULL LEFT DRIVER 1970 BIS 1985 MOTOR (Mitsubishi). Tel: 004925817......Jan 17 Contact
e 22072 Germany: Please submit your best price:
BIANCO SIVEC 40 pcs 125x40x4cm,
surface+frontedge hammered,
Delivery to Germany included.
Tel: +49 2603.....Jan 17 Contact
e 22071 Austria: Pleas send pricelist for POLISHING AND CUTTING MACHINE FOR GRANITE. Jan 17 Contact
e 22070 USA: Retail: I need 300 sf 12x12 copper canyon tiles. Tel: 706-28.....Jan 17 Contact
e 22069 Pakistan: We need a Used Marble Gangsaw machine, if you have a any gangsaw machine, so kindly give me the all information and prices with the photo. Tel : 009221-49.....Jan 16 Contact
e 22068 Guyana: I am a businessman in Guyana and seeking to diversify my business. Can u please inform as to prices for floor tiles in the different sizes and shapes available, also colour. Jan 16 Contact
e 22067 Canada: We are a company based in BC Canada, we are interested to find out more on importing marble/granite vanity counter tops to Canada from Hong Kong for a current hotel renovation we are working on. We are also interested to find out what your company supplies. Phone  (604) 20.....Jan 16 Contact
e 22066: We need the price of the following machineries for quick purchase
1. Atlas Copco Air compressor Model XAS-36
2. Sullair Air Compressor Model :375
3. Sullair Air Comprssor Model :750
4. Airrex Rock Drill/HAmmer drills Model:s-55 'panther"
5. Rock Drill Hammer Drills Airrex model ARD -35
6.Rock Bits and drilling Rods for the ARD 35
7/8 by3-1/4" Hex
7/8 by 4-1/4 Hex
7. Deep drilling hole Machine J90 and J100
8. 988 cat W/loader
9. 966 cat w/loader
10. Mercedez dump truck
11. Excavator 330L
Jan 16 Contact
e 22065 Singapore: PLEASE SEND PRICE FOR BLACK GRANITE CUTTER SLABS & 600X600X20MM. Phone 65- 658.....Jan 16 Contact
e 22064: We have inquiry of 20 Ton & 10 Ton Crane. Please quote as soon as possible. Jan 16 Contact
e 22063: Please email more information regarding CAT 14 G. Jan 15 Contact
e 22062 Iran: Our company is owner of Granite and marble quarries in Iran. We have just started our activities in processing and cutting stone. In this regard we have bought a processing cutting machinery for our factory. We are going to start to deliver our granite for a great project. As we are in urgent need of some cutting machinery Hereby we would like to request your best offer in Euro for your following machinery:
Slab column cutting machine for Granite
Please take notice that we want the Column slab cutting machine which cut the granite in Cylinder or column form in geometry descriptive point of view.
Descriptive geometry
Cylinder or column
Also please advice more about Technical specification.
Tel: +98 21 888......Jan 15 Contact
e 22061: Please send me email of stone crusher which can disperse three or four different gage of crush stone, 3/8,5/8 and 1/2 inch. Jan 15 Contact
e 22060 USA: I am looking for approx 900 sq. ft of volcanic gold filled & honed T18 VG travertine. I am trying to match a project. We are using 18 x 18 of what the supplier claimed was volcano. Do you have a picture of this particular stone? Jan 15 Contact
e 22059 Italy: We are an Italian Import – Export Company, we’re looking for: 
Granite : Multicolor Red 30 x 30 x 1.5 or 30 x 60 x 1.5 polished
Granite: Rosa Porrino 30 x 30 x 1.5 or 30 x 60 x 1.5 polished
We need this material for a big quantity about 18000 Sqm first choice.
Tel. +39 0776.......Jan 15 Contact
e 22058: I own granite fab shop in Victorville, CA and need to import containers of slabs of 2 and 3cm gris carmel, tropic brown and others  asap. Jan 14 Contact
e 22057 USA: Retail: I would like to have price for kitchen sink from USA supplier near south west Florida.  Jan 14 Contact
e 22056 USA: Need 200 SQ FT of 12X12 Alicante Marfil polished porcelain tile. Tel: 480-36..... Jan 14 Contact
e 22055 Spain: I would like to buy 2000 m2 Cream marfil first quality. Jan 13 Contact
e 22054 Iran: We are interested in purchasing 1250 sqm of China MAPLE RED BOTH GRADES, size 60 LENGTH, 2cm thickness, tiles. Please can you contact us with your best price per square meter and also include a further price for shipping FOB to Iran labour. Also please provide me with a quote for these two requests. Please inform me of the exact quantity in a container. If you have shipping costs available, it would be highly appreciated. At least I need the price to FOB at the port in Iran labour. I am looking to complete the purchase within 3 months. Tel: 0098-21--880.....Jan 13 Contact
e 22053 USA: I am looking for a supplier of Brazilian countertop slabs. I will be purchasing 2cm & 3cm slabs in whole containers. Please email me price lists and colors you can supply. Jan 13 Contact
e 22052 USA: I am looking for 9000 sf Persian Red Travertine honed and filled in 16x16’s or larger. I am also interested in Travertine Rosso, or may Tabasco. Tel: (714) 26......Jan 12 Contact
e 22051 USA: I am interested in competing in the very busy Granite countertop market in the East Coast United States and I'm want to know what the Granite slab 3 cm all quality price range is. How big the slabs come and where I can get the better deals. Mostly 3 cm or 1.25'' inches Also I would like to know average delivery and quantity requirement to get a better deal. I already have old standard cutting equipment and polishers. Looking to start out very small and stay in-house business with my construction company. Jan 12 Contact
e 22050 Romania: We want price for 3500 mq, blue 60 x 60, granite for floor from hotel Romania. Tel: 0040 743 4.....Jan 12 Contact
e 22049:  i am looking for kato 20\30 used crane old model but in use condition. Jan 12 Contact
e 22048 : Please send me all the information about the water jet including pictures. Jan 12 Contact
e 22047 India: We are intending of starting a granite gangsaw unit in South India. We require used machineries for the same, like:
1 Gangsaw Machine - Make Gaspari.
2. Polishing Machine - Make Breton
3. Dressing Wire Saw Machine - Make Candiyani/Predini
4. Edge Cutting Machine
Please note that all the machines should be of the year 2000 & above.
Please send us the best competitive rates (CNF basis) at the earliest.
Mob: +91 94432......Jan 12 Contact
e 22046 USA: I am looking for ¾” Blue Valet AKA: Blue Valley slabs, can you help? Tel: 561-51......Jan 12 Contact
e 22045 USA: I am interested in a price quote for list 1017, 10 truckloads of each brick listed. I also need to know approximate freight costs to South Windsor, CT. We will be traveling to GA the second week of February and would be interested in possibly viewing the merchandise as well. Tel: (860) 28......Jan 12 Contact
e 22044 USA: I am interested in European style tumbled cobblestones size 9x5x5 and 8x4x4 and 4x4x4. We are interested in 10 truckloads of each, what is approximate freight to South Windsor, CT. Tel: 860 28......Jan 12 Contact
e 22043 USA: We own a large dimensional stone quarry the US. We are looking to talk with Chinese or other offshore manufacturers of stone fabrication equipment (cutting machines, block saws, etc.). We would like to machines to saw our quarried product. Telephone: 517 53.....Jan 12 Contact
e 22042 USA: Looking for pre cut and finished granite countertops and marble vanities in all colors for container purchase. I am willing to buy form any country I am just now starting to look for a supplier for large residential developments just breaking ground. I am in the bidding stage. I hope to be able to place an order within 60 days I am looking for the best price possible. Qty. reqd. is 1 container. Tel: - 910 81.....Jan 12 Contact
e 22041 India: We are interested in HITACHI USED MACHINES. Please send further details immediately. Jan 12 Contact
e 22040 USA: I am the purchasing manager of MARBLE EQUIPMENT SUPPLY, making enquiry on the unit price of Diamond Blade of the below specification so as to forward to you the quantity needed which will be delivered to VIRGINIA, USA.
* WIDTH : 125
* ARBOR : 1
TEL/FAX: 419-57...... Jan 12 Contact
e 22039 Pakistan: I am Civil Engineer by profession (based in Karachi ,Pakistan) and interested in used Caterpillar wheel loader 950B and 950E Series. I have been importing them from different parts of the world for the past five years. I would be grateful if you provide me with the photographs and unite price in US$ of the units that you have in your possession.  Jan 12 Contact
e 22038 USA: give me price for marble / granite for 22 foot container. Jan 12 Contact
e 22037 Cyprus: Need more information on marble prices and how can I buy to my country north Cyprus. Jan 11 Contact
e 22036 USA: To request a quote for COMMERCIAL QUANTITIES of stone, inform: 
Need 208 nos. 2-CM polished granite slabs 110*70 for Counter tops. Colors Giallo Santa Cecelia gold, or Giallo Santa Rita. Quality Standard /  Commercial. Need the material by March 1, 2007. Tel: 864-32.....Jan 11 Contact (Verified Buyer)
e 22035 Australia: retail:  Looking to purchase large flagstone paving in bluestone similar to Kanmanto bluestone in colour. Approximately 14m2 required. I am after large pieces with cut sides say 500mm to 1000m random sizes is ok. Paving to be laid externally. Depending on delivery costs I would be looking to buy within Australia I need to find out what is available and costs before ordering . If all ok I would be looking for stone in a couple of months time. I live in Aldgate, South Australia. Ph : 822.....Jan 11 Contact
e 22034 Pakistan: Please find attached specification for 55 ton hydraulic crane. You are requested to send your offer as per specification attached as soon as possible on C & F Karachi basis. Your quotation must be showing dimensional volumes &” weight of consignment, Seaport/Airport of shipment. And delivery period along with sale terms and should be valid for 120 days. While submitting your offer, kindly advise/confirm the following:
Prices must be in US Dollars.
Validity of offer must be 120 days.
Delivery schedule.
Technical brochures/literature.
Country of origin.
HS codes of each and every item.
Complete name, address, Fax, phone and of contact person.
Supplier’s name, address, Fax, phone and above detail if different from exporter.
Payment through an irrevocable and un-confirmed letter of credit is acceptable for confirmed L/C
Ph: +92 51 59.....Jan 11 Contact
e 22033 China: Our company intends to place an order for kinds of cutting machine of your company. Please give us some introduction of them and quote your most favorable FOB price to us. After checking about the quotation we can discuss the details about our cooperation.
About our payment : Once signing a formal contract with you, we will pay 40% of advance payment by T/T , then the rest for 60% of total payment will be paid by L/C or by T/T before shipment. MOBILE: +86-139490.....Jan 11 Contact
e 22032 Netherlands: Please quote for G684 granite from China. Tel 0031-43-34.....Jan 11 Contact
e 22031 Saudi Arabia: Please send your offer for the 800 to 850 cfm portable air compressor for sand blasting application with country of origin and delivery period. Tel: +966-3-88.....Jan 11 Contact
e 22030: We need two used dozers: Komatsu, model 155 and maximum 5 years old. The delivery destination is Dubai, Emirates. Would you please let us know your best offer and your most competitive prices together with the specifications so that we can compare with the other offers. Tel.: +98 917 11..... Jan 11 Contact
e 22029 Greece: I am interested in importing marble blocks from your company and I would like to be informed for your production. First of all, I must inform you that I am interested in blocks or uncut marble masses bigger than 1tn and slabs of 2cm or 3cm of width or – if the selection is very good – in pieces of the standard dimensions of 30cm´30cm, 40cm´40cm, 50cm´50cm and 60cm´60cm. I am searching for Afyon yellow wines and Afyon white. I would like to be informed about your selections, the available quantity and the possibility of the blocks being delivered to a greek port. I would also like to know the approximate prices in €/tn or in €/m3. Jan 10 Contact
e 22028 USA retail: I was wondering how much Giallo Ornamental tile is per sq. foot?  Jan 10 Contact
e 22026 USA: Retail: Please advise the price of Crab Orchard Stone Tile sawed/honed for flooring in a quantity of 200 square feet; preferred colors are : a mixture of naturally occurring brown, pink, and white or: all brown. Jan 10 Contact
e 22025 USA: I am interested in getting vendor information on buying Swedish Ebony Granite and good Absolute Black granite in the following sizes:
1¼ x 9. x 18. (6.985 x 22.86 x 45.72 cm). OR
1 ¼ x 18 x 18 (6.985 x 45.72 x 45.72 cm).
I am interested in Quartz, Swedish Ebony Granite and Absolute Black granite tile in the following sizes: 
3/8 x 9 x 18, (.952.5 x 22.86 x 45.72 cm) OR
3/8 x 18 x 18 (.952.5 x 45.72 x 45 72 cm)
I am also interested purchasing 1 or more 20 inch Vibrating Flat Laps, new or used in good condition.
The geographical area that I am willing to buy from would be based on cost of the stone, shipping cost (central Minnesota) and quality of the stone. If it would be close enough I would pick it up myself. Our development stage is about 90 % complete. We will be starting production est. march 1st. I would like to get in contact with vendors that can supply me with this stone, also the flat laps. Tel: 1(218) 44..... Jan 10 Contact
e 22024 USA: PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Retail buyer building a combination office/living quarters.
Need Tumbled Travertine or Filled & Honed Travertine in Cream / Beige acceptable but prefer darker stone like Walnut / Noce / Chocolate.
1) 12x12 acceptable but would prefer 16x16 or larger = 5,500 to 6,000 SqF
2) 4x4 or 6x6 for borders and walls =1,000 SqF
3) Mosaic or Accent or Strip/Border = 1,000 lin.F
PRICE RANGE: Flexible according to material quality.
SCHEDULE: Will be able to use stone in 4-6 weeks. Can take delivery immediately. Contact 559 78.....Jan 10 Contact
e 22023 USA: Looking to communicate with someone who may be able to provide cut slabs to spec. Also need price range and availabilities. Jan 10 Contact
e 22022 Pakistan: Kindly send us your best competitive revised offer for supply of the following:-
1. Vertical Marble cutting machine
Range 2000 MM
56" dia Circular Blade
complete with standard accessories
Prices are to be quoting both on FOB/C&F Karachi for delivery of the goods by sea. Delivery is also to be stated and payment to be made by L/C or Wire Transfer. Our usual commission will remain reserved separately. Offer should be valid for 120 days. FAX # 92-21-45......Jan 9 Contact
e 22021: Please quote for Indian black granite blocks as per ready stock 393. my tel number is 201222..... Jan 9 Contact
e 22020 : Would like to make arrangement to visit your office in Sofia, Bulgaria to discuss the possibility of placing an order for marble or quartzite slabs as we deem fit, for a project in Malta with the possibility of using marble layers from Bulgaria provided by the same marble suppliers. Jan 9 Contact
e 22019 India: We here take this opportunity of introducing ourselves as a firm indulge in mining, manufacturing and marketing complete range of marbles, granites and various kind of natural stones in India. Our firm is very keen to import products conveyor system for transporting marbles and granite stones We are required to transport materials 45 meters with an elevation of 6 meters. We will be visiting Italy and intend being their from 21 to 25 Jan 2007. During this period we intend to meet your firm to discuss our need to conveyor system. We during our visit would also like to understand several applications of your products and we hope that with this face to face meeting it will give both our organizations an opportunity to understand mutual needs better and explore new possibilities where by we can benefit to each other. Jan 9 Contact
e 22018 Germany: Please send me pricelist for Diamond Tools. Jan 9 Contact
e 22017:  I want 40ft container of ceramic wall tiles 15x15 white for kitchen. Want good price. I will buy every month. My number is 0023755.....Jan 9 Contact
e 22016 Ireland: Looking for water jet machine. Tel:  087 28.....Jan 8 Contact
e 22015 USA: I was wondering about a hydraulic rock splitter. How much are they and where i can get one and how soon?? Jan 8 Contact
e 22014 Portugal: I am trying to find a type of Granite suitable for kitchen work-tops. It needs to coordinate with a Terracotta floor and so must be some type of Rosa. The supplier needs to be located in the Algarve in Portugal, as this is where my house is. Jan 8 Contact
e 22013 Nigeria: Making enquiry on 80 pcs of Diamond Blade (8mm/10mm). Please forward to me the total quote of the Blade to include the Freight charges to Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria. TEL/FAX: 001 419-57......Jan 8 Contact
e 22012 India: Currently we are going to set up marble and granite processing unit in Kolkata. We are going to import Botticino marble blocks of approx 1 ton each from Italy and process it in India. For that purpose we have got your pricelist for marble slabs and blocks from Italy. We want to know what would be the FOB price for the blocks to Calcutta port. We are looking for Italian Botticino marble tiles and Italian Granite of thickness 8mm,10mm,12mm of sizes 10''x10'', 12''x12'', 15''x15''.
We are also looking for Italian botticino marble and Italian granite Slabs of 20mm thickness.
Kindly send across the price quotations for the aforesaid. Tel: 91-33-232..... Jan 8 Contact
e 22009: I will like to know if you carry 18 x 18 porcelain floor tiles or any of the floor covering you do carry. I will like you to get back to me with the 18 by 18 Perryfield Whitbed. Jan 7 Contact
e 22008: Please quote for 980 C excavator. Jan 7 Contact
e 22007 USA: Please send info and prices of Egyptian granite and marble slabs and tiles. Jan 7 Contact
e 22006 USA:  Can you quote me your Egyptian granite and marble slabs and tiles prices thickness 1/2". FOB Alex. Tel: +1 972 53......Jan 7 Contact
e 22005: We would like to inquire that the marble (Alabaster Cremo, Jerusalem Gold, Century Gold, Golden Spider) are supplied by your company. Tel: 853 - 283...... Jan 6 Contact
e 22004: Please email photo's and pricing of Egyptian granite and marble slabs and tiles. Jan 6 Contact
e 22003 UAE: we are interested and would like to make an inquiry for Second Hand or Used Rough Terrain Mobile Cranes, 50 tons, 1995 and up, such as: Kato, Tadano, etc. If you have the availability for this type of Mobile Crane, please kindly send us your best offer to be quoted in CIF Dubai. Please include its detailed specification. Jan 6 Contact
e 22002 India: We want the prices for devoli slate materials
1-deoli green
3-silver grey
both natural, calibrated and polish in the size of 30x30, 40x40, 30x60, 60x60. Tel: 009194143.....Jan 6 Contact
e 22001 UAE: We intend to buy the following used heavy vehicles for our Concrete Block Factory:
1. Transit Mixers (for wet concrete transportation) Qty: 2 units
2. Cement Bunker (for bulk cement transportation) Qty: 1 unit
3. Concrete Pump (42 meters) Qty: 1 unit
4. Tipping Trailer (30 cubic meter) Qty: 1 unit
5. Flat-Bed Trailer fiitted with Grab Crane Qty: 2 units
6. Forklift (Diesel - 6 tons) Qty: 1 unit
- All vehicles must be Left-Hand Drive, fully operational
- Prices must be on C&F (UAE port basis). Jan 6 Contact
e 22000: We are interested in your John Deere 1814C excavator. Office (662) 62......Jan 6 Contact
e 21999 : We are Looking for: Asphalt Paver, Wheel loader, Dozer, Motor Grader and other used earthmoving machinery. Jan 6 Contact
e 21998 UK: Please quote for a CNC Breton machine. Jan 5 Contact
e 21997 USA: I wish a quote for the following items:
Venitian Gold
Absolute Black
Labrador Green

I am interested in 2cm and 3cm thickness, slab size of 1.8m x 2.6m, first/best quality. Quantities of 20-30 slabs of each color and thickness to be shipped to Minnesota. Tel. 612.39......Jan 5 Contact
e 21996 USA: Retail: We are remodeling our home and we need 20 impala black granite tiles 24”X 24” to patch our floor to match the existing floor. I live in Calabasas, California. I need to buy the Fossil tile ( slap) for my kitchen's backslashes for my new Home that is under construction in Oxnard, California. Tel: 253-27......Jan 5 Contact
e 21994: Looking for a hard rock crushing plant as displayed in ready stock 408. Jan 5 Contact
e 21993 Greece: I am interested in a large quantity of granite, or stone, cobblestones (cubes). Phone number 00306944 5......I am looking to cover 800 sqm with cobble stones. I need the following quotes:
Material: Granite or other natural stone
Finishing: Natural finish all sides (i.e. cleft or hand split)
Colours: Grey & Golden Yellow
Sizes: apx 10(L) x 10(W) x 8-10 (Th) cm 130 tonnes
apx 10(L) x 10(W) x 4-6 (Th) cm 80 tonnes
Supplier should be prepared to send me a sample before placing an order - I can pay the courier fees.
I will pay for the goods by L/C, and cash is available for exceptional offers. Jan 5 Contact
e 21992 USA: We want to buy
1. About 11,000 sf. Of keystone or shellstone tile. Pricing should be for the following:
a. 24x24” rustic finish
b. 24x24” honed and filled
c. 18x18” rustic
d. 18x18” honed and filled
e. 12x12 honed and filled
2. Basalt (black or grey colored) in 12x12, 18x18, 24x24 and slabs
3. Onyx (red, purple, white, gold, honey, greens) in 24x24 tiles and slabs
Tel: (954) 38......Jan 4 Contact
e 21991: Looking for three 50 sq ft slab of 3mm need updated price list. Jan 4 Contact
e 21990 USA: We are a Granite and Stone business in North Carolina. We are inquiring about a price list and shipping costs of your available stock of granite slabs 3 cm ONLY. Jan 4 Contact
e 21989 Morocco: Would like a quote on excavator as displayed in readystock 491. Tel: +212 22 4......Jan 4 Contact
e 21988 China: We are looking for marble and granite, the specification are as follows:
1. ALL POLISHED SLABS 30X30, 40X40, 30X60, 40X60 (cm) - thickness: 2 CM
2. EXW and FOB price, both marble and granite, any type is ok, we are for the African market!
3. the supplier should have export certificate
PHONE: 020-363......
We would like to buy products from Yunfu, Guangdong, China. We are exporter to African market. Jan 3 Contact
e 21987 Nigeria: I need a complete set of machines that can cut granite blocks to slabs and tiles, polish them and prepare them for sales. I am currently in the USA and can be reached on 678-22....... I will be in Nigeria from next week and can be reached on +234-8077.......I want new machines. I will like to have machines form China or India or Brazil or Turkey. If you have competitive prices for new machines form the USA or Italy fine. Automation is required but not the cutting edge. Semi automation might not be bad. Depending on the level of involvement of the manufacturer. We rae looking at between $350,000 to $1,000,000.00. We are ready to open letter of credit no later than February. We will be cutting granite stone. Production capacity daily is 200 sq meters per day. Jan 3 Contact
e 21986 India: I am doing small building contract works, my average requirement of marble/Granite for a year will be nearly 6000 sq ft. I am interested if get clear answer for my following queries
1) What will be the price difference from a local dealer at Cochin Kerala
2) About delivery
3) reliability of products. Jan 3 Contact
e 21985 UK: Could you please put me in contact with this supplier of Daino Crema tiles. Tel: 020 845..... Jan 3 Contact
e 21984 India: We require 10000 blades 4” granite cutting blade. We are interested in direct business and we require blade samples.  Jan 2 Contact
e 21983 Norway: Searching for new suppliers of diamond tooling to fit single disc machines.  Jan 2 Contact
e 21982 USA: We are looking to for a wholesaler of calibrated granite, marble or limestone tiles quarried in Mecca or Medina, Saudi Arabia. Please send details in inches, pictures, and wholesale pricelist, and shipping prices. Items will be shipped to Campbell, California USA. Phone:650-7......Jan 2 Contact
e 21981 UAE: We are looking for regular suppliers of LIME STONE, preferably from MUSCAT or MID EAST COUNTRIES. Jan 2 Contact
e 21980: One of the firm in Georgia is interested in purchasing second hand (not new) stone cutting machine, which saws lumps in blocks. The dimensions of purified block, mm 2800 x 2000 x 1600.  Jan 2 Contact
e 21979: Pls offer us the polished marble golden cream and sunny light color, size 80x80x2cm, price CNF TAIWAN, grade nol 1 quality. For
two to four containers. FAX 886 22 75.....Jan 1 Contact
e 21978: I am seeking a best price for 30mm thick mirror polish factory price for SAPPHIRE BROWN 400 mm wide by 1200mm long and 30mm thick per square meter price. TEL: 01923 4.....Jan 1 Contact

Inquiries sorted by countries, product categories and previous months are displayed at www.findstone.com/tilinks.htm  

We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.