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205 inquiries in May, 206 inquiries in April

The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 23040 South Africa:  We are large wholesale manufacturers and suppliers to the South African interior plant scaping and horticultural industries. We use pumice stones to initiate capillary action in our controlled watering systems and are looking for a reliable supplier at a reasonable price. Our requirements are as follows; 1x20ft container approx every 3 months. Size = ideally 1cm (slightly smaller and larger is acceptable). Must be washed and tumbled. Bags loaded directly into container, (No pallets). Phone 27-31-70.....May 31 Contact
e 23039 USA: Looking for used pavers. We are retail stone supply store and are looking for any used pavers for resale. We can handle truck load quantities. Tel: (530) 58.....May 31 Contact
e 23038 China: I need marble of table size 70*120cm. Marbles from Italy: Botticino, Botticino Classico, Diano Real, Telephone: +886 9340.....May 31 Contact
e 23037: Can you give me the price and producer for marinace gold or Aquarelo do Brasil and for travertines? May 31 Contact
e 23036 USA: Please send price list for granite. Telephone: 270-35.....May 31 Contact
e 23035 USA: Seeking info and potential bids on fabricated Solid Surface countertops and vanity tops for a 72,000 sq. ft. real estate project
-1/2" thick material in three different colors (colors not determined yet, pls show me the colors you have.)
1-Need the fabricated vanity tops with the front edge built up and having a finished profile.
2-Part of the total material for this project includes 1,800 36" wide x 22.5" deep vanity tops with a finished edge on 2 sides, a 4" tall backsplash and side splash.
3-The backsplash and side splash would be separate pieces that would be attached when the top is installed by our installers.
4- In addition there would be a hole for a drop-in vanity sink.
5-The balance of the material will have a front finished edge in various length sheets in either 25.5" deep or 22.5" deep. Possibly a combination of the two. We need to know cost per linear foot of the fabricated tops, regardless if they are vanity or straight tops, FOB Origin and FOB Phoenix or LA. Phone: 1-703-40.....May 31 Contact
e 23034 USA: Please email me the price list of granite slabs and payment terms. Telephone: 817 26.....May 31 Contact
e 23033 Thailand: We are interested about Used excavator, Used Crane,
-Tanado Crane 50Ton.
-Kato Crane 50Ton.
Please offer me about
- C&FPrice to Leam Chabang port in Thailand
- More photo
- More detail. May 30 Contact
e 23032: We are in urgent need for the following
1- 4 second hand Gang saws for Marble and / or stone with the following specifications
1- Italian origin.
2- Min. 40 blade at 2cm thickness.
2- Second hand bridge saws 1200mm – 1800mm
Please urgently advise if available and provide us with your best prices on FOB basis. May 30 Contact
e 23031: In need granite blocks - colour - Olive Green. May 30 Contact
e 23030: We are kitchen and bathroom worktops producer in Estonia. We are looking for complete additional line to be installed. We are interested in granite processing machines (entire plant). Could you send more info about plant (full details about line). What procedures can be done (edges, holes, grooves, shapes, polishing etc), how old are machines, in what condition. Tel +371 51.....May 30 Contact
e 23029 USA: Our company needs 30,000 pieces of regular belgian blocks for our project in California City. May 30 Contact
e 23028: Interested in a bridge cutter. May 30 Contact
e 23027 USA:  I'm trying to do a restoration project and the bathroom is using 1" hex tile. I need 3 colors, white, black (a dark grey really) and red. Do you have these available? What do they run? I have a 12 foot by 8 foot bathroom, I need mostly white, black for a boarder and center piece, and a little red for accents. Tel: 765-47.....May 30 Contact
e 23026: I am looking for a vessel sink and floor tile made from red travertine from Iran…I am looking for a rusty color with gold veins…any idea where I can buy that in Southern or Northern California? Tel: 805 47......May 29 Contact
e 23025: Interested in importing granite from India to USA. May 29 Contact
e 23024 Israel: I am interested in purchasing crema marfil marble from Spain. May 29 Contact
e 23023 USA: I am trying to find pricing on 2CM slabs of Santa Fe Brown Granite. Tel: 512-42......I need approx 100 sf. I’d like to get them from somewhere in the US –the closer to TX the better. May 29 Contact
e 23022: Interested in purchasing granite. Please call on 203-38.....May 29 Contact
e 23021 Romania: I am interested to import marble and granite tiles into Romania.  Fax: 00402593.....May 29 Contact
e 23020: Please quote for ROADTEC RX-45B. May 28 Contact
e 23019: Please quote for Brazilian granite slabs. May 28 Contact
e 23018: I am interest in polished G603, G635 and G654. Thickness cm 2, cm 3 and cm 4. May 28 Contact
e 23017: I am looking for fior di pesco marble. I need this material for project purpose and the quantity is huge. Need Random Polished slabs 20mm thick – Quantity = 5000m2 (to be confirmed) or Rough Blocks. May 28 Contact
e 23016: We are in need of one used FULLY HYDRAULIC TRUCK CRANE with the LIFTING CAPACITY 40 TON METRIC.  We therefore request you to please inform us its availability and quote us your lowest passable FOB and C&F prices. May 28 Contact
e 23015 USA: We need the following slabs in Granite immediately from US/Canadian wholesalers: New Venetian Gold, Giallo Venziano, Cambrian Black. Please quote for shipment. Tel: (902) 85......May 28 Contact
e 23014: Please offer us :-

CAT Motor Grader
12G Between 1992-1999
14G Between 1974-UP
CAT140G Between 1992-UP
With attached Rear Ripper preferable.

CAT Wheel loader
966C Year 1978-1980
966D Year 1983-1987
966E Year 1987-1990
966FII Year 1994-1999
With GP Bucket

Barber-Greene Crawler Asphalt Paver
BG245B,BG245C,BG265B Year up 1989

Komatsu Crawler Dozer
With Giant Ripper,any year. May 28 Contact
e 23013 USA: We are a NYC interior design firm interested in gem-quality jade, or at least excellent, translucent NOT dark green jade to use for a fireplace. This fireplace will be 2 stories high, and we are constructing it in an apartment in New York City. We would like to have cut and polished pieces appropriate for fabrication of this fireplace. May 27 Contact
e 23012: We are looking for approximately 60 sq feet of granite for a kitchen island countertop. Color needed is: Mezzinia Gold or Golden Rock. May 27 Contact
e 23011:  I want to buy 150 kg of this green jade from Russia. May 27 Contact
e 23010: Interested in telescopic truck crane. May 27 Contact
e 23009: Looking for 1cm pumice stone. Was wondering if you have a retailer in the USA? Looking for consumer quantity not retailer quantity. May 27 Contact
e 23008: I am interested in china marbles. I would appreciate if I could get catalogs and prices. May 27 Contact
e 23007 USA: I am looking for 70 sq ft of Light Green Onyx. Please let me know the best wholesale price. May 26 Contact
e 23006 Australia: I currently purchase Travertine and i am looking for a new supplier.
Cross Cut Cement Filled Honed
Shades: Light, Medium, Dark, Noce.
457 * 457 * 12 mm
610 * 610 * 15 mm
This is a very genuine inquiry.
First we negotiate then i shall visit the factory to inspect standard of stone. Upon inspection i shall place immediate orders. Mobile 61 418.....May 26 Contact
e 23005 USA: I am interested in obtaining some slabs of sodalite blue. I am in Arizona. Please let me know about current pricing and slab sizes. Tel: 928-30.....May 26 Contact
e 23004 Australia: I can purchase between one to two ctns per month of 457 * 457 * 12 Light, Medium, Dark, Cement Filled Honed Travertine
I am also very interested in the 610 * 610 * 15 mm same as above one ctnr per month minimum. This is a very Genuine inquiry and will visit factory with in the month to inspect products. May 26 Contact
e 23003: Looking for a 50t crane. May 25 Contact
e 23002: Please assist me in sourcing the correct name(s) and countries who sell and mine a gritty coral or sea shell style of carving stone. The
stone looks like hard air-rated sponge texture. Main use Decorative interior wall clad tiles and stone furniture normally carved. Colour usually whitish. May 25 Contact
e 23001: I am interested in  limestone (fossilized) from Philippines. Phone: + 64 9 57......May 25 Contact
e 23000: I am interested in a waterjet machine. May 25 Contact
e 22999 USA: Looking for Granite slab suppliers from Brazil. Telephone: 972-24.....May 25 Contact
e 22998: I am looking for a kind of stone called desert eyes, can you help me to get this? Telephone: 0086-769-83......May 25 Contact
e 22997: I am interested in purchasing an excavator, wheeled or tracked Caterpillar or JCB. Probably second hand but would consider new.  May 25 Contact
e 22996: Please quote for a Cat 330BL Excavator.  May 25 Contact
e 22995: We are looking for a Used Tower Cranes with the following specifications:
make : potain / liebherr / comedil
Jib length : 70,0 mtr or (maximum)
Height : 70,0 mtr or maximum
Year manufactured : 1999-2006
Maximum working radius : 70 m
maximum hook height : 60,0 mtr
Loading capacity : 16000kgs
country: Germany
Please kindly quote for us the best of your PRICE that you can offer. May 25 Contact
e 22994: I am interested in Egyptian marble. Tel: 002332495...... May 25 Contact
e 22993 USA:  We are interested in getting container load quantities of 3cm granite slabs in approx size of 5 foot by 9 foot (roughly). We are in the United States and would be interested for fabrication as well as possibly local distribution. Can you send me a price list and color list of what you have available? My phone# is 615-35..... May 24 Contact
e 22992 Ireland: Could you please let me know how I might get 70 square yards of crema marfil polished tiles - what cost - I live in Dublin. May 24 Contact
e 22991: I was interested in your tabletops and was wondering on the cost or if you have a catalog. May 24 Contact
e 22990: i would like to get some info. about your crema marfil select and commercial:
1 - the price for one 20 " container of the both , size : 60*60*2
2- is it good for pool as well
3- what is the delivery time?
4- what is the paying terms?
00-972-5244..... May 24 Contact
e 22989 USA: retail: I need something like sandstone for a patio thick enough for a car to drive over...2 1/4 - 2 1/2 inches thick. Can you send me a picture? May 24 Contact
e 22988: We are interested the EX 700 s/n 172-1288,please provide the arm length, we need for demolition work, 3 stages arms about 33meters. Kindly quote CIF to Singapore. Hp: 65-963......May 24 Contact
e 22987 USA: I am interested in the polishing machine (breton cnc 160). I need technical information about the machine and a price offer
if it is possible. Telephone: 0961-3-6......May 24 Contact
e 22986 USA: I wonder if it is possible to purchase the onyx dust from your production process? If so how much would it cost per pound? Tel: 417-20.....May 24 Contact
e 22985 USA: I am trying to locate a product from China called Cream Jade Marble tiles. I am short two boxes of 12x12 tiles. retail: 207-98......May 24 Contact
e 22984 Syria: We ARE INTERESTING IN Waterjet machine. Please send more information and best prices list. May 24 Contact
e 22982 USA: Need quantity estimate at least 1500 Sq ft. Stone name or type Blue or green flagstone. Needed by when Mid summer at latest. Tel: 219 8......May 24 Contact
e 22981: I live in Maryville TN and I bought 50 plus bags of Black Lava Rock in September of 2006 and since then I have completed the other half of my flower bed and went back to Home Depot to finish buying the Black Lava and they no longer carry this item. (they only have the red lava) If you know of anyone else who carries this item please let me know. May 23 Contact
e 22980 : We are private Bulgarian company. We are interested in your products. We are interested in granite flaming and granite tile. Would you like to send us information about the price of all type granite. May 23 Contact
e 22979 USA: retail: We live in Minneapolis, MN. We are building a custom home. We are looking for Calacatta Gold Marble (2 slabs) to use in our kitchen. Do you have any for sale? Telephone: 612 77.....May 23 Contact
e 22978 USA: please send me your prices for different sizes that you offering to sell. Telephone: 001201-29.....May 23 Contact
e 22977 USA: retail: I am looking for 50 tons of crushed granite in a true grey (not green) suitable for a driveway. The roof is slate colored and we are trying to match that. The granite found in New Hampshire would be a good color, I think. Building site: Miami, Florida tel: 305-77.....May 23 Contact
e 22976 I work in a company of importation and exportation here in Brazil and our interest is to import diamond wires direct of South Africa. We want diminish costs.

Our client works mainly with extraction and improvement of marble and granites in northeast of Brazil for the national and international market.

Our intention is to firm partnership and to keep a constant flow of purchases. We are requesting a budget for the materials of our interest:

Diamond Wires for (Granites and Marble)
Series: all size
50 8,5mm
51 10,5mm
52 11,5mm ...

Diamond Wires for Construction:

Series: all size too
41 8,5mm
45 10,5mm
49 11,5mm ....

Diamond Beads for Soft Stones

all size

Spider Stationary Wires


Diamond Bits, Alfabit and Core Barrel in the proportional measures for the wires requested, all manufactured in South Africa. About the amount of wires we will formulate the volume of our purchase so soon let us receive the budget. May 23 Contact
e 22975 USA: Interested in 3cm granite slabs as per ready stock 221. May 23 Contact
e 22974: We are interested in fully automatic terrazzo tiles plant. We want get complete details about the line. May 23 Contact
e 22973: I am a stone installation and fabrication contractor here in the Philippines. We're planning to start importing 1 20' container of Granite and Marble from China this May or early June. Can you send us Pricelist for Jet Black, Green Granite and Red Granite? May 23 Contact
e 22972: I am looking for a source of Hauteville limestone slab and tile in southern California. May 23 Contact
e 22971 Australia: We are interested in China Granite & Slate & Bluestone & Sandstone & Marble & Travertine
Size requirement as follows:
300x300; 400x400 ; 400x600; 400x800; 500x500 ; 500x700 ; 500x1000 ; 200x600; 600x600;
For the above products , We would like to take a look for the slab size as well.
Please reply as soon as possible with your company details, such as a contact person, address, size of production and capacity per month. We would like to go ahead with an order on the most competitive prices following a visit for quality control checks in the next two weeks. Tel: (61 3) 942.....May 23 Contact
e 22970: Pls quote me the best price and best delivery date for the below item stated:

1) Ripper Dozer
Brand: Caterpillar
Model: D8
Qty: 3 units

2) Excavator
Brand: Komatsu
Model: PC 300
Qty: 7 units
HP: +65 978.....May 23 Contact
e 22969: I am interested in buying machine - Bridge Cutter. Could you send me some offers with price and pictures? Best if machine is from Europe so transport will be cheap. May 23 Contact
e 22968: I am a stone manufacturer in Bangkok, Thailand. Please kindly quote, rough block, gangsaw size,CNF Bangkok. The quantity for each one is 150m3, but I will need around 1,250m3 for Travatino (#2).
1. Cream Cleo
2. Travatino
3. White Carara
4. Black Maquena
Cell: 006681 90......May 22 Contact
e 22967 USA: retail: I am looking for a 36 inch round tabletop, 3cm thick. I would like polished sodalite with a full bullnose edge. I don't want to have to buy a full slab so I am looking for a partial piece in which to get a 36 inch cut out of. I need a price plus shipping charges and insurance to zip code 32926. May 22 Contact
e 22966: Looking for Marble tiles supplier from Vietnam. Container load order. Mobile: +23042......May 22 Contact
e 22965 USA: Please send me your granite tiles price list. Tel: 1-401-30.....May 22 Contact
e 22964: How much of the green flagstone do you have and where are you located so that I can figure out shipping cost? I need enough to do a 1400 sq ft patio? office 312.58......May 22 Contact
e 22963 Germany: Please make me an offer for the Siva Kasi Granite Tiles and Stairs and Pedestals. Please also advise delivery time and transport cost to Munich- Germany. May 22 Contact
e 22962 USA: Retail: Need 2-3 ton of Crab Orchard Strib rubble (varied colors, irregular shapes fine) delivered for landscape borders/wall, in Roswell, GA 30075. Please provide quotes for stone and shipping costs. Phone: 404.51...... May 22 Contact
e 22961 Australia: Purchase Turkish Travertine from 457s to 610s highest quality approximately two ctrn per month. All Travertine will be Cross cut Cement filled. Once we have established a price i shall visit factory to inspect quality  then discuss orders. Telephone: 61 8 944...... May 22 Contact
e 22960 USA: We are looking for several large flat boulders from Texas or Oklahoma. Boulders will be buried on end to create a Stonehenge-like monument. Boulders should be 8 feet or longer end to end. Depending on size, we will need 3 or 4 of them. We have had a difficult time finding boulders large enough for us. We would like pictures and sizes. We will place an order when we find the right boulders at a fair price. Tel:
214-97.....May 22 Contact
e 22959 Ireland: I am looking for a supplier for paving / patio slabs.  May 22 Contact
e 22958 UAE: We at present looking to buy some cat excavators like 330 and 345. Plz send us last and final price with latest pictures and serial numbers. TEL OFF 00971 4 28.....May 22 Contact
e 22957: I ask you to say to me if you can provide me these products and to be sent your best offer.

1) Granit Nero Absoluto polished, treated, glossed
quantity: tile 442 Mlx60cmx2cm
Skirting: 778Mlx10cmx1,5

2) Flammed Granit black african

Steps 540x30x3cm, quantite: 14 u
Steps 360x30x3cm, quantite : 12 u
Steps,420x30x3cm, quantite : 06 u
Steps 470x30x3cm, quantite : 20 u
Steps 250x30x3cm ,quantite : 26 u
Steps 565x30x3cm ,quantite : 12 u
Steps 870x30x3cm ,quantite : 14 u
Steps 620x40x3cm ,quantite : 17 u
Steps1100x40x3cm,quantite : 08 u

against steps 620x13x2cm,quantite : 17 u
against steps 1100x13x2cm,quantite : 08 u
against steps 565x30x3cm,quantite : 12 u
against steps 870x30x3cm,quantite : 14 u
against steps 250x13,5x2cm,quantite : 26 u
against steps 420x14x2cm,quantite : 06 u
against steps 470x13,66x2cm,quantite : 20 u
against steps 540x13,4x2cm,quantite : 14 u
against steps 360x14x2cm,quantite : 12 u

Coating ground, quantity: 402m² size 60x60x2

skirting height 10cm, thikness 1,5cm Quantity 100ml

3 counter for granite wash-hand basin Verde Maritaka

240x60x2.5cm with provision for 2 Wash-hand basin quantite : 2 u
450x60x2.5cm with provision for 5 Wash-hand basin quantite : 1 u
460x60x2.5cm with provision for 5 Wash-hand basin quantite : 8 u
160x60x2.5cm with provision for 2 Wash-hand basin quantite : 4 u
175x60x2.5cm with provision for 2 Wash-hand basin quantite : 5 u
195x60x2.5cm with provision for 2 Wash-hand basin quantite : 2 u
215x60x2.5cm with provision for 2 Wash-hand basin quantite : 2 u
305x60x2.5cm with provision for 3 Wash-hand basin quantite : 6 u
320x60x2.5cm with provision for 4 Wash-hand basin quantite :4 u
360x60x2.5cm with provision for 4 Wash-hand basin quantite : 5 u
440x60x2.5cm with provision for 5 Wash-hand basin quantite : 6 u
620x60x2.5cm with provision for 7 Wash-hand basin quantite : 4 u
200x60x2.5cm with provision for 2 Wash-hand basin quantite: 28 u
495x60x2.5cm with provision for 5 Wash-hand basin quantite : 4 u
560x60x2.5cm with provision for 6 Wash-hand basin quantite :4 u

Business Phone: 213 21 5......May 21 Contact
e 22956 USA: Retail: I am working on a bathroom project. We need approximately 80 Sq ft of green mica slate and 100 sq ft of brown fossil marble (both 12 x 12 standard size). The slate we'll need within a month, the marble probably next 3 months. Also will eventually want a 2 x 7 ft brown fossil marble slab. Looking for costs. The slate will be on the floor and the marble will be the tub surrounds and counter. Polished marble - unpolished slate. My phone 208-77..... May 21 Contact
e 22955: We are interested in Cat 320CU excavator. May 21 Contact
e 22954: Please send me price list of micron powders specifically
54-80 microns
impurity free. May 21 Contact
e 22953 USA: Interested in buying pebbles as per price list 1266. (561)79..... May 21 Contact
e 22952: Je souhaite savoir si la machine CAT 980C est toujours disponible à la vente. May 21 Contact
e 22951 India:  We require Derrick Crane 20 / 40 tons. May 20 Contact
e 22950 USA: retail: Interested in buying cobbles. Looking for a supplier in New York. My telephone number is 78171......May 20 Contact
e 22949 USA: Interested in Lava Stone. Prefer to buy from Mexico because of freight. Telephone: 972-5......May 20 Contact
e 22948 India: Our requirement is for Flooring approx. 22000 Sqft. so please send us your full details i.e. your catalogues, price list, photo graphs etc by email as early as possible if you are interested to export your product. Telephone: 093746......May 20 Contact
e 22947: I need quotation for:
1) Absolute Black (Warangal), 2 & 3 CM (50%+50%), 1/2 Container.
2) 10 Slabs each for the following colours of 2 & 3 CM (50%+50%) 68" x 118", 1/2 container.
    1) Key West Gold.
    2) Santa Cacilia.
    3) Giallo Fiorito.
    4) Tropical Brown.
    5) Ubatuba.
    6) Black Galaxy.
    7) Baltic Brown.
Pls. send the Quotation as soon as possible and Landing price upto U.S. Telephone: 9848......May 20 Contact
e 22946 Turkey: Send me please SINTERING MACHINE.  May 20 Contact
e 22945 : We have interest in your CERAMIC WALL & FLOOR tiles could you agree given 120 days credit of bank transfer? May 20 Contact
e 22944 USA: I am interested in granite for my kitchen. Tel: 804-72.....May 20 Contact
e 22943 USA: I need to find Ambassador Black in 24 inches by 24 inches, I am requiring 5,000 (five thousand) square feet as soon as possible, please call me with pricing and availability. Telephone: (951) 65......May 20 Contact
e 22942: Looking for marble blocks from Turkey. May 19 Contact
e 22941 USA:  Need:
- 38 sq ft. , 4”x4” Travertine Noce , kitchen backsplash
- 15 sq ft. , 6”x6” Travertine Noce, behind cooktop
- 500 sq ft. , 18”x18” Travertine, floor (to lay down on concrete and on 2nd story in house)
- 1170 sq ft. , 24”x24” Travertine, floor (to lay down on concrete inside)
I’m looking for the cheapest prices and have the tile delivered to site. If I need to change the color, I will; just not the sizes. tel: 225-57.....May 19 Contact
e 22939 Philippines: We are a general building contractor in the Philippines. Currently we have a special contract that requires granite tile with the following dimensions:
333mm x 333mm x 10mm thk.
The project will be done in 3 phases with a total requirement of 33,000 pcs  of the above size. First phase with a total requirement of 5,616 pcs will start this June. The required color is Black Galaxy. May we know how much is your price per square meter (FOB) or the price per pcs of the above size. Also, may we know how many pcs of the above tile size will fit in a 20 foot container van. May 19 Contact
e 22938 : I am interested all stone products:
- tiles
- plates
- columns
in colour stone madura , different gold or yellow colors Granite or marble .
1. Stone stairs steps 35 x 100 x 4 (cm) - 100 meters POLISHED, ONE SIDE BULLNOSE
2. stone tiles 60x 40x 4 cm - 50 sqm , BEVEL , POLISHED ONE SIDE
3.stone tiles 60x 40 x2 cm - 120 sqm BEVEL , POLISHED ONE SIDE
4.stone tiles 60 x 40 x 1,5 cm - 60 sqm , FLAMED ONE SIDE
5. stone moulding 8 x 40 x 2 cm - 100 pcs POLISHED
6. stone colums 290 cm x 40 cm - 10 pcs THICKNESS 20 CM , POLISHED GREEK STYLE
7. stone half columns 290 cmx 40 cm - 6 pcs THICKNESS 1O CM , POLISHED GREEK STYLE
8. stone cube 8x 8 x 8cm - 300 sq m FLAMED
Would it be possible to send me a full catalog of all your products and price list at a desired address?
We would like to order your plays to Poland, but first, we need some sample for testing in our showroom . We need you to send us these  samples . We need you to send us shipping cost 20" container to germany Bremen , Hamurg , or Bremerhaven.  Please estimate the price for the stone and 1 container as well as shipping to Poland. May 19 Contact
e 22937 USA: I am in interior designer in Dallas, Texas looking for several slabs or Ming Green 2cm for bath counter tops, tub deck, skirt and accents. (5 or 6 slabs - to be confirmed with slab dimensions). I would like to see photos of the slabs prior to shipping or will travel to view in person. Phone: 214-52.....May 19 Contact
e 22935 USA: I am looking at having a dining room table made from Giallo Veneziano granite -- 36x72, 3/4-in thick and want to support it with pedestals down the middle. I don't want to have the pedestals/supports on the ends. Do you make these and, if so, what would you suggest to use with the above-mentioned table. Tel: 310-51.....May 18 Contact
e 22934 Japan: I am interested in your products, especially fossil marble. Because we have been importing natural stone from worldwide and I'm looking for fossil marble from morocco, now. Tel: 81-6-674......May 18 Contact
e 22933 Australia: I am looking for the above attached stone. it is an Egyptian Stone, discovered about 2 years ago. I am not sure of the name, everyone seems to call it something different, however it comes in two or three different shades. It is mainly in brownish/ blueish colour as it shows in the second photo. The first attached photo is not very accurate in colour it is only to show you the movements in it but the second, third and last photo are more accurate.
I have a large order however I only want to start with a trail small order to confirm the quality and colours. We have had a lot of trouble with Egyptian suppliers in the past, I hope it won’t be a repeat. The order we got from Alex tiles was of excellent quality and excellent packing specs.
Do you have those this stone? If yes kindly quote me urgently. CNF Port Melbourne.
Stone: Polished and Honed:
400x400x10mm x 350m2 or 15mm what ever you recommend.
300x600x 15mm x 350m2
15 slabs 2.4mx1.2m x20mm. Tel: 002012....... May 18 Contact
e 22932 : Please email me a price list for your granite slabs from Rustenburg. May 18 Contact
e 22931 USA: I am having a hard time locating a distributor of Golden Spider in S. Florida. If you have any info on where I could purchase
a slab from, please e-mail me a let me know. Telephone: 239-46......May 18 Contact
e 22930 USA: Retail: I am searching for “white spring” granite. I live in Englewood, FL, 34224 on the gulf side of state, near Sarasota. I will travel within the state to find it. tel: 616-83.....May 18 Contact
e 22929: Please quote for cobble stones. May 18 Contact
e 22928: Please quote for quotes for the price for the following items:
Giallo Antico or analog
1st sort, polished
In slabs (not less than 180cm by 350cm)
90 cbm of 30mm (around 3000sqm),
16 cbm of 40mm (around 400sqm)

In blocks
3 cbm of 350mm by 70mm
2 cbm of 400mm by 140mm
4 cbm of 350mm by 155mm
In total 115 cbm, packed, FOB convenient port or CIF Istanbul or Hamburg. May 17 Contact
e 22927 : Please advise this Liebherr HS882HD crane. Mobile-65-917.....May 17 Contact
e 22926 USA: retail: I am in Southlake Texas and need a slab of Verde Fontaine for a kitchen island. I have this color granite in the rest of the kitchen and am looking to match it. May 17 Contact
e 22925 Ireland: Do you have 150x150x150 cobbles, silver grey (granite)? How much cost 2000sqm of this product? Mobile no. is 003538777...... May 17 Contact
e 22924: I am looking for a particular Crema Bello Marble in the attached photo. If possible would anyone know what the name of the Marble or where I can find its supplier? May 17 Contact
e 22923 India: Require Red cobble stone (natural finish /hand chiseled) for local project ........ about 20 ton confirm qnty per ton and how can we get the supplies... final prices in Indian Rupees. Delivery and other terms ???? Tel.: 91-141-22.....May 16 Contact
e 22922: We are looking for buy used truck crane kato or tadano model 1985-1995 year. Capacity 25-50 ton in good condition. May 16 Contact
e 22921: Please send a price quote for pebbles. May 16 Contact
e 22920: We are in need of about 1500 square feet of landscaping pebbles for our business. Can you please provide me with some suppliers in the New York state area?  May 16 Contact
e 22919: I am very interested, and I want to know the price of Kato Telescopic Truck Crane and also how if I want to buy it because I'm from Qatar (middle east)?? May 16 Contact
e 22918: I will like to enquire for a purchase of floor tiles for my catholic project, and i will like to order the 50 boxes 4"x4" 3"x3" 6"x6" Thick: 3/8" (9.5 mm) floor tiles for an orphanage church project in ghana, i will like to know if you do ship international and do accept credit card as form of payment?  May 15 Contact
e 22917 UAE:  I need this tadano crane 25 ton. Please can u send me the pics and details and also send me your last CIF price to Dubai. May 15 Contact
e 22915 USA: Need Medium Travertine Commercial 18" X 18" X 1/2" ( 1st comm...) and 18" X 18" X 1/2" ( 2nd comm...). Need NOW shipped to Macon Georgia 4000 square feet. May 15 Contact
e 22914 USA: Retail: I am looking for a marble called river blush silver with a honed finish. The original supplier in New York is no longer available. Do you have any advice where to look? Telephone: 972-88.....May 15 Contact
e 22913 USA: We are looking to import following machines in working conditions for Chicago. Please quote with pictures and price
Bridge Saw (MAYA-625)
Edge polishing machine (TAMMY-1)
CNC Machining Center (Pearl 350)
Countertop machine (TALY-1200). Tel: 815-89.....May 15 Contact
e 22912: We want to buy used construction machine MODEL : PC200-3. May 15 Contact
e 22911 PAKISTAN: We are interested in Waterjet pump or complete machine. Kindly send me available machine technical detail and pictures. Telephone: 0092-300-86......May 14 Contact
e 22910 UAE: We are looking to purchase used heavy equipments from all over the world. Here is a list of equipments we are always buying:
CAT graders: 14g, 140g, 12g, 16g
CAT loaders: 950B, 950C, 950E, 950FII, 966C, 966D, 966E, 966FII.
Kawasaki Loaders: 70Z, 80Z, 85Z, 95Z.
Phone: +971-50-48......May 14 Contact
e 22909 USA: I require approx. 325 feet of curbing & 2500 sq feet of granite cobble stone/pavers. May 14 Contact
e 22908 India: Interested in purchase of italian marble. Telephone: 040653..... May 14 Contact
e 22907 Ukraine: We are interested in white granite (maximum white without dark spots) supply to Ukraine. The minimum order is going to be 3000 sqm. Please, give us your best prices on CIF Odessa port terms about the following:
- Tile 30x30x2cm, 60x60x2cm. Tel.: +38 0623 2.....May 13 Contact
e 22906 FRANCE: Please quote 24tonnes and advise square mtres. CIF angouleme (nearest town) for verde orezza. Telephone: 0553 5....May 13 Contact
e 22905: Could you please send me some more details of used Komatsu D155 dozers. May 13 Contact
e 22904: Please offer us with details this machine Caterpillar Motor Grader 14G. Shall appreciate to have the price C&F to Dammam port / Saudia  Arabia. Tel 001 778-32.....May 13 Contact
e 22903 USA: retail: We are looking for 450 to 480 square feet of tile to finish 2 rooms. The tile we need is 16" X 16" X 1/4", not sure on the thickness. The tile we need is Cambria Desert Spice. Tel: 713-49.....May 13 Contact
e 22902 USA: Interested in buying one (1) container of stone: colors are listed:
Santa Cecilia, New Venetian Gold, Ornamental, Giall Fiorito. Telephone: 281-70.....May 13 Contact
e 22901 India: Retail: I need Rosy Pink tiles of 12inchx12inch for use in bathroom. May 12 Contact
e 22900: I want to buy Komatsu Bulldozer, you can contact me mobile: 00966-5058..... May 12 Contact
e 22899:  I am interested in NEW KATO or TADANO Cranes. I need to buy cranes with the following specifications:
1. produced by Kato or Tadano
2. it has a capacity around 30 ton
3. 4 Wheel Drive
4. Please send me images & quotation.  May 12 Contact
e 22898: I am looking for We require four fluted sandstone columns for a Georgian house. Please let us know approximate prices and timescales for delivery. May 12 Contact
e 22897: Please quote for CAT 950B. May 12 Contact
e 22896 USA: Retail: I am looking for a granite slab frost top. My number is 270-26......May 12 Contact
e 22895 USA: We are located in the lower New York State and we are seeking a quality granite slabs supplier from Brazil. Tel 862-68.....May 11 Contact
e 22894 Canada: I am inquiring about juperana delicatus, 3500 sq. feet. cut into 24 X 24 inches all from same batch color. Please let me know if such quantity is available, the price and how fast can it be received. tel. no. 514-99..... May 11 Contact
e 22893: We are interested in the CAT 14G.  May 11 Contact
966F. May 11 Contact
e 22891 Turkey: Please quote me for Sintering Machine. May 11 Contact
e 22890 Ukraine: We are interesting your marble fireplaces, buthtubs, balusters, columns. Please send us your prices and catalogue. Fax +380 562 3.....May 11 Contact
e 22889 USA: LOOKING TO BUY WHITE ONYX WITH RED AND GOLD VEINS. Telephone: 714-29.....May 11 Contact
e 22888 USA: Need information to sell granite in my business since I can make for purchase containers of granite. Tel. 904-63.....May 11 Contact
e 22887 USA: Please advise cost on wholesale basis for durango stone. Ph: 973-49.....May 10 Contact
e 22886 UAE: We are dealing a Marble company located in Dubai. Please provide us all the Specification of Creama Marfil. May 10 Contact
e 22885: Please quote with photo for jura marble 200 x 200 along with sample. Mobile phone:135-991.....May 10 Contact
e 22884 UAE: I am interested in buying CAT 14G.  May 10 Contact
e 22883: What is the price Terzago Machines?  May 10 Contact
e 22882 Qatar: We are an interior designing company in Doha. We want to buy Sri Lankan stones. May 10 Contact
e 22881 Turkey: We are looking for Italian marbles for our Office Building Project which Kontek has started the construction in Algiers. Please see the necessary information about the marbles below:
Nero marquinia: 800 sqm 20mm thick ( dimension: 600x600 mm)
Statuario: 800 sqm 20mm thick ( dimension: 600x600 mm)
Perlato Sicilia: 400 sqm 20mm thick ( dimension: 600x600 mm)
Bianco Carrara: 500 sqm 20mm thick ( dimension: 600x600 mm)
I am requesting ex-works price offers for the related marbles as soon as possible. Tel:+90216.57.....May 10 Contact
e 22880 Kuwait: We are interested in NK500EIII. May 9 Contact
e 22879 Canada: A friend and I are interesting in buying a combined load of 10 c. yards of Sante Fe (aka TAOS) landscaping stone.  The stone is 1-3 inches in size. The color varies from pale peach to tan. I live 2 minutes from the DEPARTURE BAY FERRY TERMINAL (and would like a dump truck no wider than 8 feet). My friend lives near 'TOWNSITE ROAD' in the same part of town. Tel: 250- 24.....May 9 Contact
e 22878 USA: I am looking to purchase for my customer some marble to complete two bathroom projects which she located on your site. The array of items offered is indeed impressive. Before a decision to purchase can be made my customer is requesting samples....and I am requesting that she look at the samples before making a decision because there could be quite a discrepancy between the computer images and reality.

One bathroom will take approximately 230 sq ft of tile while the other will take approximately 200 sq ft. She is looking to mix and match to create an elegant and artistic presentation. The total footage includes both floor and wall tiles as well as some tiles that will be used for countertops. Our size range is wide open. We are willing to work with what is available so long as the colors are appealing.
Also, we will purchase from anyplace in the world as long as it fits the need.
As soon as samples can be acquired and the design created an order will be placed. Our target date to order is within 30 to 45 days. This is for a summer home and my customer is anxious to enjoy the final product this summer season. Please call me at (207) 25......May 9 Contact
e 22877: Please email more information on Komatsu. May 9 Contact
e 22875 Spain: We are looking for the following material:
MARBLE NAMED BRANCO NEVE IN FIRST QUALITY IN SLABS POLISHED AND ALSO TILES POLISHED. It would be for big quantity so I would be very grateful if you could answer us rapidly and also to send us a picture of it by e-mail.  May 9 Contact
e 22874 UK: We are a property developer in UK and UAE presently engaged in several projects. I would be please if you could forward me with your products details with size and CNF prices to Dubai. May 9 Contact
e 22873 Germany: Please send us the samples from your sunny light and medium egyptian marble. Tel.: 0221-93.....May 8 Contact
e 22872 Indonesia: Please quote with photos of TADANO ROUGH TERRAIN CRANE. Fax: 62-21-868.....May 8 Contact
e 22871 UK: retail: I am looking for a London based supplier of Bianco Sivec marble that I wish to use to supply 2 kitchen worktops asap; 300 x 60 cm with sink cutouts and 300 x 90 with cutout for hob. Tel: 07771 8.....May 8 Contact
e 22869 UAE: Please quote for derrick crane 25 tons capacity - 40 mtrs, span.  May 8 Contact
e 22868 South Africa: I would like to import Travetine Tiles to South Africa. I am a property developer in Cape Town and need large quantities throughout the year. I am interest in unfilled and filled travetine, size 457 x 457. Colour I prefer to be more browner than yellow. Can you send me some samples and prices including shipping etc. mobile no: +27 83 44.....May 8 Contact
e 22867 Australia: We are interested in excavator. We are located in Australia melbourne.  May 7 Contact
e 22866: We have interest in your Sunny Egyptian marble tiles. Could you agree given 120 days credit of bank transfer? May 7 Contact
e 22865 UK: Please provide detail and price for white marble. Telephone: 079066...... May 7 Contact
e 22864: I am looking for Hydraulic stone splitter machinery prefer as a used or reconditioned. I need around 10 machines to split granite stones. May 7 Contact
e 22863 Singapore: I am writing from Singapore and am very interested in purchasing volcanic ash (pumice) in volume for industrial use. I was wondering if you know of any volcanic ash suppliers in Indonesia or Asia. If yes, it will be deeply appreciated if you can provide the contacts. Mobile: +65 984......May 6 Contact
e 22862 USA: Please quote for:
200 tons of pea gravel
600 tons of river rocks 6” to 24” sizes
100 tons of large moss rock boulders
Willing to buy in July through September. Need to have price including shipping rail or road. Please include price per ton or pallet whichever applicable. Phone: 40240.....May 6 Contact
e 22861: Please send price list for segment for blade "sand stone & granite and marble".
- 500 mm
- 800 mm
- 1200 mm
- 1600 mm. May 6 Contact
e 22860 Philippines: Our main business is in Construction of Home and High rise Buildings and would like to do business with you and your establishment there in China. We are currently buying the material locally but would like to go direct to the manufacturer to see if we could work out a better price then the one we are getting now. We are looking to move 2 20 foot container per month to be delivered to our main office in Dallas Texas and are interested in a soft quote with shipping included. The type of flooring we are looking for would be the 2 colors of the vertical bamboo flooring you are currently
selling. If you could be so kind to send us how much it would cost in US dollars for us to do this transaction along with a time frame on the delivery that would be great. Also if you could give us a breakdown on the price on the price per piece and per sq foot that would also be great. We are also wondering how we could become your exclusive distributor here in the US and also with our Sister Company in the Philippines and how we could go about this. I hope that we can do business in the future and become partners in Asia and out West. Thank you for taking time to read this email and i hope for a speedy response on this matter due to the fact that we start construction on 150 homes in the next 10 weeks.
Here are the specs we need:
Granite 4x9 Feet colors needed or compairable:
1. royal brown
2. tan brown
3. coffee brown
4. new merrigold
5. NH red
6. new imperial red
7. king cobra
8. green classico
9. Verde florito
10. Himalayan white
11. golden galaxy
12. jet black
13. imperial black
14. autumn Pink
Slate tiles 16*16 all colors. Tel: (63)-918-92.....May 6 Contact
e 22859 US: NEED 2-4 SLABS OF HONEY ONYX. TEL: 714-29.....May 5 Contact
e 22858 South Africa: Can you please send me the price list of granite. I will be starting with the product of this material soon. Tel: +27 18 4..... May 5 Contact
e 22857: please quote for D10N Caterpiller.  May 5 Contact
e 22856: I'm an architect from Spain who is trying to find small blocks for sculpting (around 25x25x40 cms to 30x30x50 cms.), or better yet small cylinders (around 25 cms. diameter x 40 cms. height to 30 cms. diameter x 50 cms. height) of Bianco Carrara Statuario. Could you provide me with this type of material, or direct me to someone who could? May 4 Contact
e 22855: I want to get some large stone carving done in the UAE, preferably in Abu Dhabi produced from drawings and small models, can you suggest anywhere? May 4 Contact
e 22854 Italy: Want Sunny Egyptian marble. I'm like to know manufacturing (split face) 10x30x2 cm thickness, price list for full container. May 4 Contact
e 22853 Canada: Please send any available brochures/catalogues and/or samples of stones. Telephone: 450-92.....May 4 Contact
e 22852 South Africa: Please send quote for tiles of Sunny Egyptian Marble: 400x400mm; 300x600mm;600x600mm. 2500M2. CIF Johannesburd, Port Durban. Tel: + 27 11 31.....May 4 Contact
e 22851: I urgently need the direct contact of White Carrara Marble fireplace Kits. May 3 Contact
e 22850 China: I want to buy black granite blocks. Mobile: 0086 134257.....May 3 Contact
e 22849 : please send me your proposals as soon as possible regarding:
1\ A floor tile makin machines that can produce different sizes of floor tiles (25x25, 30x30, & 40x40cm) , with a total productivity of 400-500
square meter per day, it should contain the following machines:
1\ Mosaic tile press complete with all accessories.
2\ Automatic grinding & polishing machine.
3\ Conveyer belt for second layer transportation from the mixer to the press.
4\ Screw mixer with hopper for stone dust or sand and dolomite / marble powder.
5\ Complete set of moulds for the sizes 25x25, 30x30, & 40x40cm.
6\ Table type cutting machine.
Payment terms:
100% confirmed irrevocabale L/ C at the supplier is sight: 90% payable against shipping documents, and 10% after installation and testing at the
end user site in Libya.
You should include he expenses of the shipment to Tripoli seaport, and installation & testing expenses. All machines should be brand new. The plant should be supplied within 90 days from the date of the issued L/ C. An urgent offer is required with a validity of 90 days. May 3 Contact
e 22848: I am looking for 8 to 10 slabs of lemon onyx. May 3 Contact
e 22847: I am working on a bathroom and am looking for two slabs to work with a stained glass window. The window is in jewel tones.
Possibilities that I have seen include:
Azul Macaubas
Azul Boquira
Azul Imperial
Blue Pegaso
Amarelo Bangu
Esmeralda Bahia
Zekari Green
Seaweed green
Bt Green (Iran)
Sodalite blue
Green Butterfly (Taiwan)
One slab will have a double vanity, approximately 8 feet long, 22" wide. The other slab will have a large cutout for a spa tub; we may end up using a matching tile if that is the best option. If I love the granite, I could end up using slabs in the shower as well.
I'm in Georgia, United States, so would appreciate a local (if possible) distributor to allow me to see the stone before purchase. However, samples could work. I'm also looking for slate that is silvery grey and shimmers for the flooring. The goal is to bring out the grey of the leading, but I'm really hoping for some shine. I seem to recall a quartzite in a house I lived in at one time that matched this description, but have no idea what it would be called. The size/shape of the tiles is quite unimportant to me -- I'm willing to lay any shape (not irregular flags, though!). I have approximately 130 square feet to lay, and of course I expect some waste. Phone number: (404) 31.....May 3 Contact
e 22846: Kindly quote for Valtura Unito ,Veselje fiorito (Limestone), Veselje unito (Limestone) from Croatia to be supplied for a society operating in Morocco. My phone is 00393348......May 3 Contact
e 22845 Indonesia: Please kindly quote us with your best prices for our inquiry as following details:
Material Type: Natural Stone from Italy
Stone Names: Marble Serpeggiante E
Size: Slabs 1.25m X 2.70m
Quantity : 450 m2
Product Quality : The best quality, No waterline , No violet line
Delivery term :Franco Surabaya (with good condition)
Tel: 62-31-73......May 3 Contact
e 22844 India:  WE ARE THE PURCHASER OF SYNTHETIC DIAMOND POWDER - MICRON SIZE 0-2, 2-4,3-4,4-8,6-12,8-15,15-25, 30-40,40-50, mesh size 325-400, 500-600, 700-800 (all size) PLEASE SEND US THE PRICE LIST. May 2 Contact
e 22843: Looking for onyx tiles from Pakistan. May 2 Contact
e 22842 Lithuania: We are selling marble in Lithuania. Now we are looking for new suppliers. We are very surprised that found such nice  monuments from marble. Primarily we are interested in black marble. Other marbles depends from prices. We want that you will give us the prices and measurements with black marble. Tel. +370 37 3..... May 2 Contact
e 22841 USA: Want Sunny Egyptian marble. What's the minimum size order? May 2 Contact
e 22840 UK: I am trying to find a soapstone supplier in UK. my tel no. is 01309 6....., as to quantity, it will be a small amount for hand sculpting and as for colour, - well i'd like to know whats available. As i live in scotland uk, i would like to find a supplier here in this country. May 2 Contact
e 22839: I am looking for manual water jet to use in my ‘small’ home industry, so I want to buy second hand. Please send me the machine Specifications with it price. May 1 Contact
e 22838 India: We are looking for the Pietra de Vicenza (Lime Stone). Please tell us if you are supplier of Pietra de Vicenza. We required all the information very urgently. Ph:-011-268.....May 1 Contact
e 22837 India: We have requirement for rough blocks raw silk, black galaxy, red multicolour, kashmir white, kashmire gold, madurai gold, tan brown sizes. Medium gang saw. Telephone: 91-98714......May 1 Contact
e 22836 USA: Looking for Durango stone honed 12x12. Ph: 973-49.....May 1 Contact
e 22835: kindly send me more details for onyx marble & burma teak marble product of Pakistan. price. size. May 1 Contact

Inquiries sorted by countries, product categories and previous months are displayed at www.findstone.com/tilinks.htm  

We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.