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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!   October 31, 2005
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248 inquiries October 

The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 18777 USA:  Landscape: We are looking to buy washed river rock from a quarry to do floors with. This would be available by color. We already have received prices from distributors. We are looking at buying large quantities. Tel: 330-65.....Oct 31 Contact 
e 18776 Italy: Pls send us your best prices for Yellow FLAGSTONES for walls and floors.  
color jellow and small white 
Thickness from 13 to 25 mm 
from 8 to 13 pcs per sqm. 
as per attached image 
pls send us proforma invoice for 20' cont- 
prices fob ningbo or Xiamen
pls send digital pics of the products and of the packing. 
Oct 31 Contact 
e 18775 Libya: Earthmoving Machinery: We would like have your competitive offer for Caterpillar used equipments as follows: 
1. Bull Dozer CAT D8R UNIT EA QTY' 4
4. EXCAVATOR CAT 325C UNIT EA QTY' 2 With Hammer Apparatus 
Payment Terms CFR Libyan Port.
Oct 31 Contact 
e 18774 USA: I am interested in buying travertine for my floor for my apartment. I wanted to know the difference in quality of travertine from Italy and Turkey. I am looking for light beige travertine 24 x 24 inches. I live on Miami Beach and my phone number is 305-77...... I am looking for about 900 square feet. Oct 31 Contact 
e 18773 Iran: I am interested in obtaining price quotes for Granite stone slab. I am looking to expand my manufacturer base and am making my decision based on the following factors: Price, quality, Ease of transaction/speed. Please send me the price of these items for F.O.B as below: 
1) Indian Premium Black Granite (absolute black): top surface polished, four sides sawn
size: 1800mmX600mmX40mm(fixed size), 
size: 1700mmX400mmX20mm(fixed size), 
2 Indian Premium Black Granite (absolute black):: top surface polished, four sides sawn 
size: free length (minimum 1800mm)X600mmX40mm(random size), 
size: free length (minimum 1700mm)X400mmX20mm(random size), 
3) your payments methods
4)delivery time
Phone : +98 91233.....
Oct 31 Contact 
e 18772 Pakistan: I am a Marble Mine Owner and I am interested in Marble & Travertine Filling Machine. Oct 31 Contact 
e 18771 USA: I am looking to purchase a cut slant headstone out of Georgia gray or any light gray. The size I want to be 24" 10" 16" and the front and back to be polished. This is a single size headstone slant no base. I will be having it engraved and sandblasted myself.  Oct 31 Contact 
e 18770 USA: Retail: I am having a masonry heater built in a new house. I would like to visit a supplier of sandstone that would be suitable to use as the bench cap stone(s). There will be heated benches on all four sides of this masonry heater. Would you please let me know where the supplier that is closest or located in San Bernardino, CA. Tel: (909) 33..... Oct 31 Contact 
e 18769 Ireland: I am searching for a used stone crusher machine. My telephone number is + 353-8512.....Oct 31 Contact 
e 18768 India: We are looking for eot crane of 10 mt capacity for a span of 21.68 m. Ph: 91-40-554.....Oct 30 Contact 
e 18767 UAE: We are looking for a limestone, marble and granite suppliers. We are product developers located in the United Arab Emirates. 
Tel:+ 971 2 62.....
Oct 30 Contact
e 18766 USA: Earthmoving Machine: We are in New Jersey and we are looking for some 1985 to 1995 Komatsu D155. Oct 30 Contact
e 18765 Saudi Arabia: You are kindly requested to send us your best quotation for urgent supply of LIMESTONE (SIZE 5Cm) qty. 100 Kg. Ph.# +966(3)34.....Oct 30 Contact
e 18764 Pakistan: I am interested in buying 301 multi disk cross cutting machine at present condition. Oct 30 Contact
e 18763: Please tell me the price and the picture of used stone crusher.  Oct 30 Contact
e 18762 Saudi Arabia: I am opening new shop for natural stone. I am interested in importing natural stone for floor and wall looking for granite, marble, travertine, Onyx, sandstone large slabs 2 meter x 2meter x 2cm thick, surface polished with excellent shinning finishing. Tel. +966384.....Oct 30 Contact
e 18761: I am looking for Granite tiles (600x300x15mm) of Indian granite "Jet Black". I need 550M2 (this is 20foot container). Oct 29 Contact
e 18760 USA: I am very interested in the Egypt Imperial purple red porphyry. I would like to get prices on slabs and also see pictures and prices of the objects made from the porphyry. Tel: 214-87.....Oct 29 Contact
e 18759 Syria: Please supply us with the photos of Crema lymra limestone blocks. Phone: 00963 11 22..... Oct 29 Contact
e 18758 Canada: We are looking to buy Basalt Rocks total of 250 kg. We locate in Toronto Area. Tel: 905-91.....Oct 29 Contact
e 18757 USA: I have a client who is looking for between 700 - 800 sf of New Imperial Red Granite tiles to be shipped immediately to my location. Tel: 401-94......Oct 28 Contact
e 18756 UK: Earthmoving Machine: I work for a mining company in the UK and we are interested in acquiring a motor grader. Please could you send me details of what you have available, especially CAT 14/16Gs. Tel. no. is 01726 8.....Oct 28 Contact
e 18755 Taiwan: Earthmoving Machine: If possible can you please supply more information relating to Cat D4HLGP dozer. I would like to know what year it is and also some more photos. Ph: 04 247.....Oct 28 Contact
e 18754 USA: Please quote for Brazilian granite and marble. Oct 28 Contact
e 18753 Turkey: We need the good price, delivery terms and photos show the selection for 40,000 m2 travertine for Antalya project. 
(A) 1,5*40*40 Cross-Cut / Honed; B) 2*40*40 Cross-Cut / Honed; C) 3*40*40 Cross-Cut / Honed. 
D) 1,5*30*60 Vein-Cut / Polished; E) 2*30*60 Vein-Cut / Polished; F) 2*50*50 Vein-Cut / Polished; G) 3*40*100 Cross-Cut /Honed; (H) 3*65*L Polished. Oct 28 Contact
e 18752 Kenya: Kindly give me a quote for stone excavating machine as displayed in ready stock 557 FOB, Mombasa, Kenya. Tel: +254-0722-7...... Oct 28 Contact
e 18750: I want to receive latest price list of Italian marbles (Slabs/Tiles, Slabs, Tiles, Blocks, Onyx) been handling in your company to construction materials. Oct 28 Contact
e 18749 Australia: Please quote for wire saw machine. I am in Sydney. Oct 28 Contact
e 18748 USA: Retail: Please quote for 450 sq ft of PLA Hudson Terra Cotta 16x16, Code Z; On back of ceramic tile. Will purchase asap if available? Oct 28 Contact
e 18747 USA: Retail: I need Milford Pink Granite to complete a wall. Oct 28 Contact
e 18746 USA: I am in search of some g654 granite slab 3 cm. Tel: 631.29.....Oct 28 Contact
e 18745 USA: Please contact me regarding beach pebble. I'm looking for a supplier for our bulk landscape supplies company. We carry everything from bark, compost, fertilizers, and aggregates. We are located in Bakersfield, California. The phone number is 661-85.....Oct 28 Contact
e 18744 Pakistan: We want to export our products and also to know about the latest machinery for the production of the granite on the latest proceeding. And also interesting with the financial strong party on joint venture bases. Tel: 0092-30093.....Oct 28 Contact
e 18743 USA: I need a monument made in Serpentine (Green) Standard size width 22" x 8" x 30". Rough or Smooth. Oct 28 Contact
e 18742 USA: Please send me information on prices for granite / marble containers. Tel: 718-36..... Oct 27 Contact
e 18741 Pakistan: Kindly send me the detail and price of water jet machine for marble cutting (used) machine. Tel: 0092-91-58.....Oct 27 Contact
e 18740 Turkey: Please quote for Marble, travertine, onyx, limestone, granite blocks, slabs and tiles Iran as per pricelist. Oct 27 Contact
e 18739 Korea: We specialize in supplying marble and marble tiles. Our main product is 12mm marble tiles made of Crema marfil, Emparador Dark, Botticino and Bianco cararra. What we are concerned about at the moment is Crema marfil slabs First choice. Since we have our factory in Xiamen China, we'd like to import crema marfil slabs to both Korea and China. What we'd like you to give us is brief introduction of your company such as your quarry, monthly excavated qty, unit price of polished 20mm and unpolished 20mm to Korea and China. The qty. we will import is 5,000m2/month to China and 1000m2/month to Korea. All the materials that should be imported to Korea is all polished...and to china is all unpolished. Oct 27 Contact
e 18738 UAE: Please give me the price list of truck cranes 5 ton up to 160 ton-tadano, kato, link belt. model 1988 up to 1999. Oct 27 Contact
e 18737 Italy: We are very interested in quartzite. We are wholesalers in Italy of different type of quartzite. Please inform us with a photo of your products. TEL./FAX 0039- 0 925-.....Oct 27 Contact
e 18736 USA: I have interest in importing a container load of prefab granite countertops, tiles (305x305 mm and 458x458 mm) and precut slab (763x2440 mm) and prefab bullnosed countertops of size (647x2440 mm). Can you please quote for these? I am not interested in black or gray granite. Oct 27 Contact
e 18735 Indonesia: We are interested in purchasing 400 sqm of Cream Tulungagung marble, 30x30 size tiles. Please can you contact us with your best price per square metre and also include a further price for shipping to Lombok. We would prefer to buy within Indonesia only. We are ready to place a deposit should we be offered a better quote than of what we already have. We are able to ship to Lombok by February. Tel: +65 943.....Oct 27 Contact
e 18734 USA: I am interested in pumice stones anywhere from the size of a quarter to a 50 cent piece. I live in CA. I am looking for a couple of pounds to start with. Oct 27 Contact
e 18733 Poland: My company is operating in the construction business. We specialised in providing raw and intermediary construction materials for mostly small and middle size companies from Poland. We also operate with construction materials centres. At the moment we focus on stone materials but to become more comprehensive as a company we are looking forward to provide other construction materials as well. For my new project I will need at least 2000 m2 of Crema Marfil and Dark Emperador marble tiles. The exact specification I will have in the middle of November when I will be ready to place my order. So far I would like you to give me your price for both colors for the following sizes: 
305*305*10 tiles / 600*600*20 tiles / 20mm thick slabs / 30mm thick slabs. 
The quantity will be at least one container of each kind of marble. In addition I would like to know if you can make a decorative articles according to a design sketch and how much time you need to finish production for 2000 m2? Is it possible to make tiles in other sizes according to my request? If possible please send to my office in Warsaw two small samples of Crema Marfil and Dark Emperador size 10cm x 10cm. If it would be too expensive I can pay for it. Tel (fax): 00482277.....
Oct 27 Contact
e 18732 USA: Please quote for stone excavating machine as displayed in ready stock 557. Oct 27 Contact
e 18731 USA: Very interested in purchasing Persian materials in 3cm slabs: verde karzai, verde oro, golden musk and other exotic granites. Looking for container quantities. Tel: +1-781-72.....Oct 27 Contact
e 18730 USA: Please quote for block quarrying machine as displayed in ready stock 557. Tel. no. is 678-98.....Oct 26 Contact
e 18729 Vietnam: We are interested in CREAM MARFIL from Spain. But I would like to import from Malaysia. Can you quote to me the Grade A, B of CREAM MARFIL as following: 
30 x 30 x 2mm x 81.07 m2
30 x 60 x 2mm x 384.6 m2
60 x 60 x 2mm x 484.3 m2
Slab 1.3m x 2m x 2mm x 7 pcs
wood slab 1.3 x 2m x 2mm x 79 pcs.
Oct 26 Contact
e 18728 Lebanon: Please quote for White Thassos polished: 30 x 60 x 2cm and 40 x 80 x 2cm. Quantity that I need is 2000 sqm. for each size. 
Kindly note that I need this items from your be packed stock but 2nd choice. I hope that you answer to my urgent request as soon as possible because I am traveling to Greece on 2nd of November 2005. If you have my demand with the best prices I will visit your factory to fix the contract. This marble is for marketing so I need a commercial price. TEL: 00961 3 6.....
Oct 26 Contact
e 18727 Turkey: We are a company in Turkey that sells marble and granite operaton tools (cutting tools, diamond tools, etc). We require:
Rosa Porino 2cm, Rosa Porino 3cm slabs, Rosa Beta 2cm, Rosa Beta 3cm. Could you please quote us about these products F.O.B? tel.number: 00 90 232 45.....Oct 26 Contact
e 18726: Please send us price list for all coloured pebbles. Oct 26 Contact
e 18725 USA: I am seeking price quotes for industrial diamond powder from India in the following mesh sizes (if such data is available): 45/50,50/60 and 60/70. Oct 26 Contact
e 18724 Singapore: We would be pleased if you could quote us the price of the sand & gravel for sand filters. The size and the quantities required are as follows: 
0.4 - 0. 8 mm - 8300 kg
2 - 3.15 mm - 1000 kg
3.15 - 5.6 mm - 1000 kg
Kindly give us your quotation together with technical data sheet of the sand & gravel on 26.10.2005 or 27.10.2005 as early as possible. The quotation must include transportation charges for delivery to Singapore. TEL: +65 673..... Oct 26 Contact
e 18723: Earthmoving Machine: PLEASE QUOTE FOR HITACHI EX2OO-1. Oct 25 Contact
e 18722 USA: Looking for supplier for durango stone for pool coping. Tel: 1-888-33.....Oct 25 Contact
e 18721 Somalia: I would like to know whether you have prices for granite slabs for making tiles. Mobile number  44 7908 6...... Oct 25 Contact
e 18720 Singapore: Earthmoving Machine: Please help me to find 2 units of MST2600 machine urgently. Tel. 0065-963.....Oct 25 Contact
e 18719 Canada: I would like to find Canadian marble for carving. Tel: (705) 67.....Oct 25 Contact
e 18718 Pakistan: I want to set up a marble factory in Pakistan. I want to buy the marble cutter machines. Please send me complete information /quotation about the machines which are made by Portugal company. Phone Number: 92-938-2.....Oct 25 Contact
e 18717 Bolivia : I will like to get in touch with some one that really now about in solid surface and cultured marble so hr can guide us in Bolivia  to Start small business in those products. We will like to know formulation, where to buy materials and procedures. Oct 25 Contact
e 18716 Canada: We are looking for Sultan Cream Marble. Do you know of a company in North America that we can purchase this marble from? Could you please send us an image of Sultan Cream Marble. Phone: 604 43.....Oct 25 Contact
e 18715 SAUDI ARABIA: Earthmoving Machine: We are looking for price CIF Dammam port One unit used Komatsu D155A-1 EROPS Cabin, Straight Blade and 4 piston single shank ripper. U/C 98% in very good working condition. TEL: +9661 24.....Oct 24 Contact
e 18714 Canada: Earthmoving Machine: Please quote for CAT 966C excavator as displayed in ready stock 443. Oct 24 Contact
e 18713 Slovenia: We are mainly interested in importing bigger quantity of Shanxi Black slabs. We need 1st grade (without dots) and one side polished without cut to size (rough) slabs. The dimensions of slabs must be: -240up cm x120up cm( rough, not cutting) minimum 220x110cm (cut to size), Thickness 6,3,2cm. We would order regularly and in bigger quantity, so, we are looking for best offer of this stone slabs. The price for us is acceptable about $95 (for thickness 6cm). We already have offers at $100. We are also interesting in one side polish, 1st grade: 
G353, G383, G603, G654a, G654b, G653, G681, G684, G623, Imperial Black, China Black. Dimensions: 240up x 120up cm, Thickness: 2, 3, 6cm. Please, post us your best price, you can offer. We are about, to sell it to our clients in East-Europe. Fax 003861-83.....
Oct 24 Contact
e 18712 UK: Please send me price list of a 20ft container load granite slabs and its specification. Tel. 44 7908 6..... Oct 24 Contact
e 18711 USA: I am looking for granite tile with a flame finish. The color I would like is Manchester Red. The quantity needed is approximately 800 square feet. Phone no. is 402-39.....Oct 24 Contact
e 18710 USA: We are was looking for Verde Aquamarine marble  in 3CM. Tel. no. is 231-43..... Oct 24 Contact
e 18709 India: We are looking to import good quality pumice stones for denim washing of sizes 3-5 cms and 5-7 cms. Please send us your best offer CFR Nhava Sheva, India, together with payment terms. Also indicate the earliest date of shipping. We will be looking at one container load to begin with. Further please indicate the moisture content. Oct 24 Contact
e 18708 Netherlands: Please quote for 5000m2 of Multicolour red in the size of 30 x freelengths x 1.5 required in The Netherlands. First container in December 2005 onwards. Little bit of commercial quality is also acceptable on very sharp prices. Phone: 06197.....Oct 24 Contact 
e 18707 Holland: Please quote for excavator and caterpillar. Tel. no. is 0031-321-3.....Oct 24 Contact 
e 18706 USA: I am interested in a larger bridge saw and pricing. Oct 24 Contact 
e 18705 USA: Retail: Looking for heat/fire resistant rocks/stones to cover the base of a gas fireplace. Maybe basalt. Approximately 4 cubic feet. Needed as soon as possible. Tel: 646-26.....In Am in NY. Oct 24 Contact 
e 18704 USA: Retail: Am in the process of purchasing a 1/2 slab of Volga Blue from a local granite distributor. However, they do not carry 12" x 12" x 3/8" tiles. I would like to do countertops in the tile. I know approximate how many sq ft I'd need to do this, but could you give me an approximate $ for shipping? I'd need approx. 50 sq ft of tiles shipped to zip code 17810. Oct 24 Contact 
e 18703 USA: Please quote for a concrete tile plant as displayed in ready stock 336. Oct 24 Contact 
e 18702 Indonesia: We are interested to get a quotation for lavastone and visit the quarry and factory. Please contact us @ +65-979..... The stone type is known as candi (chandy) stone. Please kindly quote for the dimension of 200 x 200, 300 x 300, 300 x 600. All thickness are 20mm+ -. All measurements are in mm. Total quantity requested is about 2000m. Shipment will be bound for Batam. Oct 23 Contact 
e 18701 UK: I am interested in purchasing a substantial quantity of sandstone ballustrades to complete my private residence. At this stage I have pictures of the type I have in mind available. I would require approximately 100 metres of ballustrading with the requisite plinths and piers and coping. I have been unable to source a competitive price/quantity in the UK and am interested in importing from India. I was specifically interested in supplier reference sp0368-in on findstone.com although a quote (per metre) from a range of suppliers would be ideal. I can be contacted by telephone or email at any time and would be willing to travel to lease with a potential supplier. Tel. 44 (0) 28663.....Oct 23 Contact 
e 18698 USA: Need multiple containers of granite tiles 12x12x3/8" and 18x26"x1/2" from Brazil, China, Italy, Brazil, India. I import many containers each month. I am looking for high quality producers of granite tiles with competitive pricing. I am especially looking currently for a quality granite tile producer from Brazil. I need to be provided with specific information about the production equipment of the factory and the various colors of granite tiles they process. Once I am convinced the factory is a high quality producer and we can work out the pricing I will place orders. Tel. no. 503 23.....Oct 23 Contact 
e 18697 UK: Wanted 2700 mtrs of acid washed nero marquina 400 x 400 and 50 mtrs of 100x 100mm wall tiles for immediate requirement. Contact 07866 6.....Oct 23 Contact 
e 18696 USA: We are looking for quantity of Crema Marfil and China Green for our contract job in various sizes. Please make contact with us so we can send detail info for quote. Tel: +1-408-43.....Oct 23 Contact 
e 18695 Thailand: Please quote for Norwegian rose marble. My tel. no. is +662-88.....Oct 23 Contact 
e 18693 Thailand: Earthmoving Machinery: We looking for CATERPILLAR EXCAVATOR CAT320C N CAT330CL below 2000hr and HITACHI EXCAVATOR ZX200LC N ZX330LC below 1000hr. Please send us more updated information about the available stock, the  location or port of these excavators, more photos, CIF Bangkok price, Term of  payment, condition report and any major damage to us ASAP. Oct 23 Contact 
e 18692 : We were interested in purchasing Giallo Ornamental Stone from Brazil. Do you stock that particular color? Oct 22 Contact 
e 18691 India: Please send brochure for Indian marble, granite, slates and sandstone. Tel  0011 237.....Oct 22 Contact 
e 18690 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: I am interested in cat grader 12 G 1976 model, please send me over all condition, location, photos and C N F Karachi, Pakistan price. Oct 22 Contact
e 18689 Australia: Could you send me some details regarding this wire saw machine as displayed in ready stock 395. Oct 22 Contact
e 18688 India: We are exporter of marble. We have a order of natural stone for New Zealand. please give details of which stone your dealing & send us your catalog & price list. Tel: 91-11-556......Oct 22 Contact
e 18687 Australia: Could you please send me an image of creama nova and creama europa limestone/marble. Oct 22 Contact 
e 18686 India: Please quote for  all types of ceramic, porcelain, vitrified tiles. I want to import it to India so ,do mention the ex-Haldia port price. I would like to know what is the minimum quantity we can order. I want to purchase by 10th of November. Contact: 098352.....Oct 22 Contact 
e 18685 UAE: We are interested to Purchase used Truck Mounted Crane's Kato, Tadano Japanese Make Model 1980 to 1990. 25, 35 & 50 Ton capacity. Please quote price C & F Dubai port with the Photos. Oct 22 Contact 
e 18684 USA: Retail: I am looking for river washed pea gravel for delivery to western PA. Oct 22 Contact 
e 18683 Puerto Rico: We would like to find suppliers for mesh backed pebbles, river stones, cobbles, tumbled glass, etc. preferably from Mexico. We are Importers and distributors for and the Caribbean. tel 787-79.....Oct 22 Contact 
e 18682 USA: Please send an email with updated granite information on granite slab pricing, availability, shipping info, etc. We are a fabricator in the mid west and are looking for reliable sources of granite for the home building industry. Oct 21 Contact 
e 18681 India: Email me with any details about Indian marble, granite, slates and sandstone products. Oct 21 Contact 
e 18680: We are interested in automatic polishing machine and gangsaws. Please give us the complete information and pictures. Whether this machine is for marble or granite? Calibrators are including with the machines? Oct 21 Contact 
e 18679 USA: Do you know of a source for bulk decomposed granite? Oct 21 Contact 
e 18678 Ireland: Can you please put me in contact with a supplier of Sandstone, artifacts, window sills, cobbles, pave stones. Tel/Fax: (042) 96......Oct 21 Contact 
e 18677 Pakistan: Please quote for a Second hand good condition mobile crane capacity 20-30- Tons length of Boom 100 to 150 FT.  A lift truck 10 ton capacity second hand good working condition. Tel. no. is 92-42-75..... Oct 21 Contact 
e 18676 India: Looking for a supplier of in Mumbai having 3D-Pentograph machines. Tel. +9198195.....Oct 21 Contact 
e 18675 Indonesia: Would you send me the complete price list of marbles and granites. Tel. (62-031) 73.....Oct 21 Contact 
e 18674 Australia: We are setting up a new venture here in Western Australia and would be most interested in your product range. Can you please email me with any details about Indian marble, granite, slates and sandstone products especially photographs and technical data. Oct 21 Contact 
e 18673 USA: Retail: I am considering putting in Seafoam green granite counter-tops in my kitchen. I am interested in a medium colored green with some threads of brown. What granite do you suggest? Oct 21 Contact 
e 18672 : Please quote for Indian marble, granite, slates and sandstoneOct 21 Contact 
e 18671 USA: Retail: Do you have anyone who has Rosa Duquesa marble? Rough Dimensions are 55" by 24" "1". Telephone: 205.98.....
Oct 21 Contact 
e 18670 USA: Looking for limestone countertops in the Washington, D.C. area. Tel. no. is 703 44.....Oct 21 Contact 
e 18669 USA: I am a retailer of fine flooring in Havertown, PA. I have a customer looking for 3000 sq ft of gray Peruvian Sandstone. Tel. no. is 610-44.....Oct 21 Contact 
e 18668 Uruguay: Earthmoving Machinery: WE ARE LOOKING FOR:
CATERPILLAR 235D YEAR 1989 to 1993
CATERPILLAR 375 YEAR 1993 to 1997
Please send me your offer with pictures and FOB price. Tel: 00598 2 40.....
Oct 21 Contact 
e 18667 Australia: Please quote for Indian marble, granite, slates and sandstone. Oct 21 Contact 
e 18666: Earthmoving Machinery: Looking for komatsu d375a-2 dozers. tel 818-98.....Oct 20 Contact 
e 18665 New Zealand: Please quote for Indian marble, granite, slates and sandstone. Oct 20 Contact 
e 18664 Slovenia: We are mainly interesting in import bigger quantity of Shanxi Black slabs. We need grade 1 and one side polished slabs. 
The dimensions of slabs must be: 240up cm x140up cm (rough), minimum 210x110cm (cut to size), thickness 2,3,6 cm. We would order it in continuous manner and in bigger quantity, so we are looking for best offer. The price for us is acceptable below $100 (for thickness 6cm). We already have some offers about $100. We are about to sell it to our clients in East-Europe. Fax 003861-83......
Oct 20 Contact 
e 18663 USA: Earthmoving Machinery: Please send me full details regarding the Caterpillar 824C and the 834B. Also, please send photos and a location for inspection. We will inspect immediately. I am very interested. Tel. 402.20.....Oct 20 Contact 
e 18662 USA: Earthmoving Machinery: Please send full details and location of the Sterling and Peterbuilt trucks. Oct 20 Contact 
e 18660 UK: We require 200sqm of a green/aqua marble for a floor in Coventry, UK. Delivery required by mid 2006. tel no: +44 (0)113 22.....Oct 20 Contact 
e 18659 Uruguay: Earthmoving Machinery: WE ARE LOOKING RIPPER FOR CATERPILLAR D8N S/N 5TJ. Please send me your offer, with pictures and price. Oct 20 Contact 
e 18658 USA: Please quote with image for sabbioso granite. I am in MA. Phone: 781.27......Oct 20 Contact 
e 18657 Saudi Arabia: Please quote for kato nk 500 crane model 1990. Oct 20 Contact 
e 18656 Turkey: I am looking for Mini ashlar and mini Versailles pattern travertine. Telephone: +90 272 22.....Oct 20 Contact 
e 18655 USA: Would like a fabricators and installer for the area. We are located in Waldorf, Md. We'd love to have a granite counter installed in our kitchen. Our telephone number is 301-37.....Oct 20 Contact 
e 18654 Malaysia: Please quote with images of marble and other stones from Philippines. Oct 20 Contact 
e 18653 USA: Retail:  Need 600 sq. ft. bianco romano. How much? Tel: 303-40.....Oct 20 Contact 
e 18652 USA: Retail: We are interested in the honey onyx sink shown in ready stock 376 at US$300.00, and how much it would be to courier one to Maui asap? Oct 20 Contact 
e 18651 USA: I need 4 tropical green prefabricated 9'x26" countertops and a 4'x 5' center island (if available) for immediate delivery in the greater Los Angeles, CA area. Please contact (626) 35......if you are able to supply. Oct 20 Contact 
e 18650 USA: Please quote with sample of polished Perlado. Tel no. is 501.83..... Oct 20 Contact 
e 18649 Ireland: We are in the process of building five houses and wish to purchase a container of 8000 Spanish marble tiles 24" x 11". Is this a product that you sell and do you have any details as to the colour and depth of the tiles you offer with an indication of the possible cost to ship them over to the Republic of Ireland. Tel. no. is 0035365 68.....Oct 20 Contact 
e 18648 USA: I am looking for a good price on 12" x 12" x 1/8" Brazilian or Argentine marble tiles for new construction sites in the Gulf Coast area to be shipped via the Port of New Orleans. I require 5,000 sq. feet of anything similar to your Argentine Exstra and or Limay Mahulda, and Brazilian San Antonio. I am not interested in Italian or other very expensive marble, but I'll consider all types of marble tile for future shipments. Tel. no. is 985 89.....Oct 20 Contact 
e 18647 India: Kindly submit a quote for "Perlado Spanish" in quantities of container loads. Tel. no. is +91-11 556...... Oct 19 Contact 
e 18646 USA: Please quote for Hand Cut Maine Granite Steps, Pavers, Patio Blocks. Oct 19 Contact 
e 18645 USA: Do you have information on Nero Fantasy or Blue Martinica 3cm granite for kitchen countertops? I'm looking for pricing, a good photo and availability in St. Petersburg, Fla. Oct 19 Contact 
e 18644 Tanzania: Kindly send me details of quarry machines and related prices. Tel. no. +255 22 21......Oct 19 Contact
e 18643 USA: I am an architect currently looking for Lebanese limestones in a terracotta shade. We would like to have samples of these limestones. I am in NJ. Tel. 609 92.....Oct 19 Contact
e 18642 USA: I am a builder in Atlanta and want a supplier for onyx table tops and counter tops. At present I want approx 6' round beveled dining room table and a counter top measuring approx 8'X6'. I also want a thinner version to put in the ceiling in sections of approx. 5'x8' I will need at least two of the ceiling pieces. Oct 19 Contact
e 18641 UAE: Currently I am located in Dubai. I want to establish my own marble factory in Faisalabad, Pakistan. Please email me prices, images of marble and granite. I would also like what documents are needed for shipment? What are the payment terms? Tel: 009715038.....Oct 19 Contact
e 18640 Indonesia: I am an importer of marbles and granites in Surabaya, Indonesia. I need to have information about Serpegiante (all kind of Serpegiante including its prices) and Polysandro (all kind of Polysandro incl. its prices). Oct 19 Contact    
e 18639 USA: Looking into sandblasting machine for final inscriptions. Should be mobile, portable unit low in price. Phone number: 972-96.....Oct 19 Contact    
e 18638 China: We would like to purchase diamond tools for cutting stones. We will begin with a trail order and if we are satisfied with your products and price, we would purchase in bulk and steadily. Tel: 86-10-608.....Oct 19 Contact    
e 18637 Israel: We are interested in Spanish marbles crema marfil, marron imperial, verona marble from Pakistan , verde guatemala, plain green from India, azul cielo from Argentina and verna light extra. We are looking for marble tiles of the size 60X60X2c'm , 40X40X2 cm , 30X30X 2c'm/1c'm polished and also slabs. We need price lists. The price list must be for sqm in US dollars OR Euro. Phone: +972-50-66.....Oct 19 Contact    
e 18636 USA: I am searching for a distributor in the Houston and surrounding areas that carry a floor gres italian porcelin bodied tiles. Oct 19 Contact    
e 18635 USA: I am a new contractor doing my first remodel. I am interested in getting some quotes on a small order of granite kitchen countertops. The location: Colorado, phone #: 970.72.....Quantity: 3 pieces: 52" x 25" (front and left side finished square, with approx. 30" sink basin hole cut out), 18" x 25" (front and right side finished square), and 52" x 32" (all sides finished square). Price range: hopefully below $2000, including freight. Stone name/type: absolute black granite, needed ASAP. Oct 19 Contact 
e 18634 USA: I am in need of 2 or 3 slabs of exotic yellow granite from Brazil. I would like to know if you have any on stock and how much it will cost. Tel: (805) 93.....Oct 18 Contact 
e 18633 Netherlands: We are looking for a stone - Kenya (Kenia) Rock, size 15 - 40 cm (see a photo). Please, sent us your price for 1 ton, based on 25 tons purchase. Tel: +31 - 26 70.....Oct 18 Contact 
e 18631 USA:  We have a client in Wisconsin (USA) who needs to locate a source for clear quartz sandstone, grains 2-6 mm in diameter. Our tel. no. is 860-87.....Oct 18 Contact 
e 18630 Germany: Our company is looking for large quantities of special stones, originating from the Philippines, described as white natural hole rocks, look-a-like as shown at the posted picture. We need these stones for garden decoration and as aquarium ornament and are very interested in this material. Tel.: 0049-40-399.....Oct 18 Contact 
e 18629 Germany: We are on look for a yellow-orange-red cobble-stone, the material looks mixture colored. So far we buy this stone at the company in Bremen. The problem is that this dealer can sell us only cobble-stones in size 9/9/9. We intend to offer further sizes of cobbles as well as plates and stages and other one. The company calls the material "Indian-gold". On an Indian InterNet side we found pictures, which seems to be very similar the granite. On one Side there the granite is called "Ivory chiffon". Another picture saw the material also very similar to the granite is called "madura gold". We would like to manufacture gladly a direct contact for the producer and to experience the possibilities of production. Enclosed you receive some pictures (image 1, image 2, image 3) from the cobbles, which we bought at the company in Bremen. Tel. no. is 0049-3328-3.....Oct 18 Contact 
e 18628 USA: I would like to discuss shipment of tiles to Ghana. Please contact me at 630-22.....Oct 18 Contact 
e 18627 USA: We would like to know if you have marble stones, alabaster stones and limestone for carving. Looking to find these Stones in Kentucky, eastern W Virginia or Ohio. Oct 18 Contact 
e 18626 USA: I am a Granite fabricator and installer in USA. I have the ability to sell containers of Granite slabs at a quick pace. I have a large company, bridge saws and everything provable...I am looking for someone who is willing to work together by shipping containers of Granite to my yard on credit, I would be willing to sign a legal document protecting the supplier I feel if the price is right I could do a lot of business...I just did a deal with someone who sent me 2 containers (that's all he can handle) and I sold them to individual customers in 2 weeks...I also have people I know between LA and NY and Las Vegas who are looking for containers I feel I could do a good deal of business with the right person behind me. Oct 18 Contact 
e 18625 Japan: Earthmoving Machine: Please quote for with photos of D6h. Tel: (61)70547.....Oct 18 Contact 
e 18624 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machine: We are interested in buying 2 units KAWASAKI KMRH12D 1992, 10 tons roller. Kindly send me the best C&F price Karachi Pakistan. Kindly send me the following information soon with latest pictures, condition, etc. Phone :- 0092-21-27.....Oct 18 Contact 
e 18623 Iran: Earthmoving Machine: We are looking for 3 units of Komatsu PC200-7, If you can please supply the following information: 
1- Serial No.
3- some photos
4-Price and payment, to start we have to pay L/C Usance or at sight)
6- condition of boom, track, engine and pumps 
We will buy one unit immediately. Tel : +98 21 444.....
Oct 18 Contact 
e 18622 USA: Retail: We need 125 sq ft of ruby red tiles. We live on Oregon coast. I would also need 100sq ft of BALA FLOWER. My number is 1-541-76.....Oct 18 Contact 
e 18621 UAE: We need to purchase used 20-50 tons All Terrain and Truck Mounted Cranes only (No crawler or rough terrain cranes please). The preferred makes are TADANO, KATO, KOBELCO. The year of manufacture is 1988 or later. Please email us pictures along with your best prices. Mobile 0097150 32.....Oct 18 Contact 
e 18620 USA: Monuments: I would like to open my own memorial business and was wondering if you supply polished markers and slants; and if you do could I receive a price list or catalog. I am in NY 14812. Oct 17 Contact 
e 18619 UK: I need to urgently know the list of retailers and wholesalers in London which sell Indian marble tiles or slabs. Oct 17 Contact 
e 18618 Canada: Please send catalogs and pricelists in Canadian dollars for marble, granite, sandstone, travertine, etc. Oct 17 Contact 
e 18617 USA: Looking for flagstones, please advise location and any info you have on lower level rock. Tel. No. is 713 51.....Oct 17 Contact 
e 18616 USA: Looking for a supplier of stone panels for wall cladding, flagstones, etc. Tel. No. 401 61.....Oct 17 Contact 
e 18615: Earthmoving Machinery: I would like to have more information about a Grader as displayed in stock #438. Info. like hours done, condition if it possible more pictures, etc. Oct 16 Contact 
e 18614 Uruguay: Earthmoving Machinery: We are looking for CAT 433E, CAT 120H, CAT 416D, CAT D6N and CAT 320C excavators. Oct 16 Contact 
e 18613 USA: We are a paver manufacturer located in Hilton Head South Carolina. We currently carry and sell a lot of travertine but we are looking for a new supplier. We are interested in importing in large quantities. Tel: 843-78......Oct 16 Contact 
e 18612 South Africa: I am an Interior Designer. I need a half-round stone basin. Oct 16 Contact 
e 18611 USA: Looking for 1-2 slabs of Swedish Mahogany need ASAP. Tel. no. is 917-53.....Oct 16 Contact 
e 18610 USA: Please quote with addition info for a Bridgesaw. My office number is 703-75.....Oct 15 Contact 
e 18609 USA: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for a Caterpillar as displayed in ready stock 546. Tel. 719-68.....Oct 15 Contact 
e 18608 Australia: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for a second hand caterpillar dozer model D8R,D8N or D0k and Excavator model 325 or 330. Oct 15 Contact 
e 18605 USA: Retail: I am looking for a large granite slab for our kitchen - Giallo Santa Cecilia. What sizes do you have? what is the price per sq. ft.? Phone 425.45.....Oct 14 Contact 
e 18603 USA: Interested in a container of crema marfil select polished 32"x32" tiles if available and 4 slabs of crema marfil, contact me at 917-69.....Oct 14 Contact 
e 18602: Need a light color 24" limestone 2000 sqft. Please send info asap as I am way behind on this project. Oct 14 Contact 
e 18601: Please quote for Jerusalem Stone. Tel: +33 493 4...... Oct 14 Contact 
e 18598: I am looking for marble or onyx chess boards only, with a min. of 2 inch playing squares. That would be a 24 inch board. Imports or local would be fine. Oct 13 Contact
e 18597 USA: I am looking for a wholesaler that can get a hold of Mexican Grey or Mexican Black Flagstone. Tel: 559-27.....Oct 13 Contact
e 18596 USA: Looking for a supplier of aggregates/marble chips. Our design studio produces a limited number of concrete counter tops annually and we have a tough time finding a decent supplier. Oct 13 Contact
e 18595 India: We are interested in a second hand cutter machine. Please send us more details and catalogs. Oct 13 Contact
e 18594 France: We need to buy for France between 1000 and 2000 sqm of calcareous paving stone 8/10 or 10/13. Oct 13 Contact 
e 18593: We wish to import in bulk diamond powder in the following grit sizes 50, 80,100, 125,150 for  plating end use on Dental Bars. We are not sure whether we need to use synthetic or natural diamond powder. Please mail us your recommendation and if possible the catalogue along with the list of your users. Cell.: 009198150......Oct 13 Contact 
e 18592 Australia: I am trying to track down a supplier of crushed pumice, aggregate size 12mm minus. I am located in Castlemaine Victoria, so a Melbourne supplier would be very handy. Oct 13 Contact 
e 18591: I am looking for 2x2x 1 1/2" black slate pavers 380 sqft. Tel. no. 718-62.....Oct 13 Contact 
e 18590 USA: Would please price the bowl with code number 0019 - 0011, and the delivery time. I am in Raleigh, NC. tel. no. is 919-51.....Oct 12 Contact 
e 18589: We are interested to buy polished slabs of Sodalite blue. Oct 12 Contact 
e 18588 China: I am looking for a suitable cream color limestone for external cladding of a project, and I am considering "St. Talino" or "Raw Silk" at the moment. Can you please comment on the choice of these stones? And if you can recommend other choices for a project in southern part of China. Oct 12 Contact 
e 18587: We are looking to buy 10,000 tonnes per annum of round white silica sand, 2mm. Tel. +61 07 385......Oct 12 Contact 
e 18586 USA: Retail: Looking to purchase a granite countertop. Oct 12 Contact 
e 18585 Saudi Arabia: I am an architect and commissioned to design and implement a 'Stone Garden" to one of my customers. Looking for different sizes of stone: I prefer to buy from, Cyprus, Indonesia, India, China, Pakistan and Iran. My final destination is Dammam Saudi Arabia. I need a rough idea about custom rates and shipment cost to Dammam seaport. My contact number is +9665058......
Boulders - random color, qty: 1.5m in length 6 pcs, 1m in length 6 pcs, 0.8m in length 6 pcs, 0.5m in length 10 pcs. 
flagstone - qty 20-50cm thick, 1.5m2 4 pcs, 15cm thick, 40X60cm, 40 pcs
Pebbles random color, 5 cm dim-20cm dim to cover up 84 m2
granite cobbles 25%Red and 75% yellow - qty to cover up120 m2
Curb stone yellow color qty 80 leaner meter
Preferred date of delivery 6weeks from today. Oct 12 Contact 
e 18584 USA: I am looking for tumbled Italian Marble Tile that has been coated for sublimation. Oct 12 Contact 
e 18583 USA: I am looking for 4000sf 24x24 Kota Brown Limestone/slate, 250sf 12x12 Red Travertine Polished. Tel: (626)79..... Oct 12 Contact 
e 18582 Australia: I am looking for pricing on 70 sqm of granite, dark grey or equivalent. Could you please provide an indication of cost per sq metre plus delivery to Brisbane. Please provide wholesale and retail price.  ph 02 620.....Oct 11 Contact 
e 18581 India: I am interested in black absolute  of size 9"X5" in 2 and 3 cm. Also give me the price of tan brown. Tel. 0-94440.....Oct 11 Contact 
e 18580 USA:  Retail: I am looking for 1 slab of rojo coralito in Phoenix Arizona. Oct 11 Contact 
e 18579 USA: Please quote for 18" x 18" Turkish Classico Travertine.  Oct 11 Contact 
e 18578 Malaysia: I am interested in a CNC machine. Tel: 603-625..... Oct 11 Contact 
e 18577 Trinidad: Earthmoving Machines: I am interested in finding out prices of your 10 wheeler dump trucks. The location & how much it is to ship to Trinidad West Indies. Oct 11 Contact 
e 18576: Please quote for a second hand gang saw. Oct 11 Contact 
e 18575 USA: I am searching for Abalone / Corian scraps to finish a bathroom project. Oct 11 Contact 
e 18574 USA: Retail: I would like to get a price on a 48" round travertine stone table top. Also provide shipping cost to Granada Hills, CA 91344. Oct 11 Contact 
e 18573 USA: Retail: I am looking for Fire Oak Onyx Tiles about 90 sq ft. I think it may also be called Timber Wood Marble. It is a rust orange color with brown veining that looks like cross sections of a tree. I was given a sample by a supplier but they are no longer able to get it from their vendor. Do you know what this is or if it is available under another name? I am in Louisiana. Oct 10 Contact
e 18572 USA: Looking for 3-4 slabs (depending on size) of Egyptian Alabaster. Need one slab at least 90 inches long. Want a very dramatic patterning with rows of gold/caramel color alternated with white. Need ASAP to complete a bath project-vanity top and Jacuzzi surround. I am in NH. Cell-207-55..... Oct 10 Contact
e 18571 Singapore: Could you let us know how many colour and how many size of pumice sand you have? The coverage per meter square and price?   Oct 9 Contact
e 18570 USA: We are imports of marble and granite produces based in the USA. We are interested in Chinese granites. Tel: 860-73..... Oct 9 Contact
e 18569 Iran: We are a trading company based in Tehran/Iran and would like to start co-operation with you. Could you please send us the pricing information and other details of Black Galaxy, Star Galaxy, Tindivanam Black, Tiruvannamalai Yellow, Jhansi Red, Imperial Red
We would also appreciate if you could post us some samples of Star Galaxy and Imperial Red Granite, so that we can examine the quality. Tel: 9821 883......Oct 9 Contact
e 18567 Mexico: Please send information about diamond wire saw located in USA. Ph.: 52 871 75........Oct 8 Contact
e 18566 USA: Sinks: What is the price of item # 0035-003 and item # 0035-006. What are their sizes, materials made of and shipping cost to Atlanta Georgia? Oct 8 Contact
e 18565 UK: Please send details of Chinese black granite and black slate. Oct 8 Contact
e 18564: Please give us all the info about used tadano cranes50-100 tons. Oct 8 Contact
e 18563 Mauritius: I am an importer in Mauritius and is interested in your range of products you manufactured. I would like to received your latest catalogues and price lists. Tel 230 73.....Oct 8 Contact
e 18562 Canada: I'd like to obtain additional information about the Bridge Cutter. Oct 8 Contact
e 18561 USA: Please quote for " Granite polished slabs CIF Los Angeles, CA, USA. We are interested in Absolute Black Granite ASAP. Oct 8 Contact
e 18560 USA: Please quote Tea Rose slab and tiles (18x18, 20x20, 24x24 in sqf) from Philippines and Zaria Red and Yellow Fantasy granite, 3cm slabs, FOB Nigeria. Kindly advise if you cut, edge and design for countertops. Please advise how many tiles are in a package. pls quote cost per unit tile with dimensions in sq ft (18x18, 20x20, 24x24). We are looking for stone tiles such as travertine, porcelaine, ceramic and limestone for export to Nigeria, West Africa. Dimension are 18x18 sqf, 20x20 sqf, 24x24 sqf. Pls quote per unit tile slab FOB Philipines or elsewhere. Also state quantity per 20' container with total $ amount.  We have a local US office in OK. Tel. 580-58..... Oct 8 Contact
e 18559 Uruguay: Earthmoving machinery: I am looking for for one motor grader, may be any of brand like CATERPILLAR 14H, FIAT HITACHI FE 220, CHAMPION 720. Year 1997 or more. Good working conditions. Please send me your offer with complete information and pictures. Tel: 00598 2 40.....Oct 8 Contact
e 18558 Singapore: We would like to use your absolute black granite for Singapore hotel project. Oct 7 Contact
e 18557 USA: Retail: Can you supply a small order of black granite (80) one square foot tiles to Ohio USA and what would be the delivered price? Oct 7 Contact
e 18556 Suriname: Please quote me your best offers for granite tiles, 60 x 60 x 1.5 cm. Quantity one container. Tel. 597- 88.....Oct 5 Contact
e 18555 USA: Retail: I am looking for black and gold marble. Oct 4 Contact
e 18554: Please quote your best price for your 3D cnc machine. Oct 4 Contact
e 18553 Uganda: I want to acquire a second hand or used stone crusher in a very good condition preferable from UK, Germany, Ireland. Please send me pictures and the fixed prices soon. Oct 4 Contact
e 18552 UK: Retail: I am trying to price up and maybe order granite kitchen worktops. Oct 4 Contact
e 18551 UK: Please could you give me a cost for 125 sq meters and 250 sq meters of slate tile flooring? Oct 4 Contact
e 18550 India: We need 2500 Sq Ft marble. How can we get it. We are based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Oct 3 Contact
e 18549 India: We are traders of Building Material and are looking to buy Vitrified Tiles from Malaysia in various size and colours. Kindly email us your product catalogue along with FOB prices. Can call on +91 98200..... Oct 3 Contact
e 18548 Vietnam: Please quote for rough terrain crane. Tel: 84-4-77..... Oct 3 Contact 
e 18546 USA: We have interest in buying Granite tiles, countertops, slabs. Can you supply us with these items. Please let us know the variety and price estimates those you can supply. CA 92064.  Oct 3 Contact 
e 18545 USA: We are importers of Granite. We have two warehouse locations and fabrication facility in Michigan. We are currently importing from India and Brazil and we are happy with our source. We need to import certain colors please have your suppliers who can supply the below at a competitive rate contact us all 3 cm 9ft X 5 ft and up Baltic Brown, Tropic Brown, Blue Pearl and Giallo Veneziano. Phone 248 47.....Oct 2 Contact
e 18544 Dubai: Earthmoving machine: Please quote for KOMATSU D475A. Tel. +971-50-77.....Oct 2 Contact
e 18543: Please quote for Chinese granites. Oct 2 Contact
e 18542 Syria: I would like to buy 25000 tons of blocks of marble as following: 
1-Osak white 13500 ton 
2-Mugla white 7500 ton + Mugla white with green lines 1000 ton + Mugla white with rose lines 1000 ton 
3-Light travertine 300 ton 
4-Salome pink 300 ton 
5-Fossil black 300 ton 
6-Salome classic 300 ton 
7-Fossil green 200 ton 
8-Munzur beige 200 ton 
9-Bourdur beige 200 ton 
10-Rosso zevanto 300 ton 
Please send me your prices C& F LATTAKYA /SYRIA port or TARTUS /SYRIA port as soon as possible because I am going to sign a contract with other company.
Oct 2 Contact
e 18541 India: Please email pricelist and catalog for Chinese granite slabs and tiles. Oct 2 Contact
e 18540 Palestine: Please send your fob price for 1st grade polished 2CM slabs of size UP165CM x UP265 CM FOR :
G664 - G623 - G648. TEL:+972 8 28.....
Oct 2 Contact
e 18539 USA: We are interested in cobalt blue, volga blue, verde peacock, african red. Can you send us pictures? We really like a granite called Amazon star/blue. Do you carry it, or can you get it? We live in the Detroit area. Oct 2 Contact
e 18538 Japan: Do you have white onyx coasters 10cmx10cmx1cm? If so please send me a estimate, including freight to Japan, for an initial order of 18. Phone: 092-92.....Oct 1 Contact
e 18537 Canada: Please quote FOB China Rates for Polished Tiles of 305x305x10 mm and 457x457x12 mm and Slabs of 2cm. Granite Blue Pearl, Baltic Brown, Ubatuaba, White Pearl, Emerald Pearl and Marble Crema Marfil, Rojo Alicante, Dark Emperador, Galala Beige, Volakas White, Botticino Classic. Quantity: 4-5 containers per month. Phone: 778.....Oct 1 Contact
e 18536 USA: Retail: I am looking to purchase approximately 200 sq ft of Vertical Cut, Navona Travertine Tile (or similar light color but must be vertical cut) in 16 x 16 size. (Will consider 12x12 or 18x18). Preferably honed, will consider polished or a mixture of polished and honed tiles. Application is for a residential bathroom. Please send price quote including shipping to New York, New York. Need to purchase week of 10/3/05. Prefer to buy from Eastern US for fast shipping purposes. Need a quick turnaround. Contact Info: (917)67..... Oct 1 Contact
e 18535 Australia: Please send us details on Chinese granites available. We are designing large hotel projects in SE Asia ,Australia and Pacific region. We are looking for cost effective supply sources and new materials. Our clients are more amenable than ever to consider importation of materials from mainland China.  Oct 1 Contact
e 18534 Australia: We are Property Developers and Builders. We are setting up a new Building Materials Supply company and we are interested 
in the possible supply of Chinese Granites please send more information. We are planning a future trip to China to set up contacts and the supply of various building products and would possible like to view your products and operations whilst we are in the country.
Phone + 613 937..... Oct 1 Contact
e 18533 USA: We are looking for a supplier of travertine tile from Torreon and/or Durango. We are currently a wholesale distributorship branching out, specifically with this material in mind. We are looking to purchase up to 10 containers a month of travertine that is honed, filled, tumbled and/or chiseled for an assortment of sheet mosaics, listelles, and trim pieces. We are willing to come to Mexico and visit the factory. 
If there are any suppliers that meet these requirements, please contact me with this information. We would also appreciate pricing information and quantity per month availability. Tel. no: 866-83......
Oct 1 Contact
e 18532 USA: Please quote for Chinese granites. Oct 1 Contact
e 18531 USA: I am looking for soapstone cookware at wholesale pricing. We are a fabrication company of soapstone. Our phone is (518) 67.....Oct 1 Contact
e 18530 Brazil: Please quote for Chinese granites. Oct 1 Contact

Inquiries sorted by countries, product categories and previous months are displayed at www.findstone.com/tilinks.htm  
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We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.