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The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 25459 USA: I am looking for Pietra Serena 2cm or 3cm and cannot seem to find a supplier in the US. Do you know of anyone that carries this material? Telephone: 843-96.....September 30  Contact 
e 25458 Thailand: Please quote for 2 cm. 2 - 3 cm., 3 - 4 cm. pumice stone. In the first shipment, we want to order 4 containers. Please check rate container to Pusan port or Incheon port Korea. You must to pack in PLT.
0.5-1 cm. = 1 PLT
1-2 cm. = 5 PLT
2 - 3 cm. = 9 PLT
3 - 4 cm. = 5 PLT
Total 20 PLT for each container.
Could you please give me complete quotation?
Tel : 66-2-28......September 29  Contact 
e 25457 Australia: I want a price on a container of 90x90 x 30mm black slate granite or Quartz with natural top and sawn flat bottom. Phone: 07 554.....September 29  Contact 
e 25456: We need to buy the slab of Crystal White (Pure White).
Please quote the FOB-price to us as soon as possible.
We are planning to go to Guangdong next month to buy the goods. September 28  Contact 
e 25455 Thailand: We are the stone factory in Thailand. We need to buy the blocks of India Granite "Absolute BLACK colour". Please quote the price according to the following approximate size:
big 150*(250-300)*160
medium 120*(250-300)*120
small 100*(180-200)*120
Tel: 0066-36-2.....September 28  Contact 
e 25454 Slovenia: PLEASE SEND US PHOTOS OF WATERJET MACHINE. September 27  Contact 
e 25453 India: We are looking for good, durable Italian marble for our residence. Please suggest the features to look for. Also where can we get good quality as well as reasonable rate Italian marble in Delhi. Kindly suggest the best way to get the Italian marble polished and what chemicals can we use. September 27  Contact 
e 25452 Zambia: I want to buy granite slabs and porcelain tiles for my house. Please let me have the details in terms of pricing and order placements. Telephone: +260 966 5..... September 27  Contact 
e 25450 Bahrain: Could you please specify the price of Austin White Italian Marble per square feet? September 27  Contact
e 25449 USA: retail: I am looking for some granite called Millennium Gold. Can you tell me where I might find some? Telephone: 205/52..... September 26  Contact
e 25448:  I would like to by a komatsu pc200-6 or pc200-7. September 26  Contact
e 25447 Turkey: We are looking for “Cashmire White Granite” 60x60x2 cm. Polished. 70.000 m2. FOB or CIF Istanbul. Please inform us if you can supply this enquiry. Tel : +90 212 61..... September 26  Contact
e 25446 Iran: We are interested in second hand terrazzo machines capable of manufacturing size 50x50 tiles, semi automatic. Tel: +9821 664......September 25  Contact
e 25445 India: Can you quote for one full truck (2500 sq ft) Granite BLACK GALAXY (Large slab size) as I am in TRIVANDRUM (KERALA.). We need best quality for black galaxy Granite. Send photos also indicating price including transport charges. Please send. would like to know the possibility and your costs of purchasing (Sq ft rate). Number 00965971.....September 25  Contact
e 25444 USA: Please assist in finding a source for 'Galala Beige' or 'Sunny Desert Antique Limestone' from Egypt, in large quantities for a local project near Rihad, Saudi Arabia. Please advise on how we can procure this stone or some similar colored Limestone stone locally in that region. Telephone: 714-55.....September 24  Contact
e 25443: I am interested in a pure black marble for engraving with a laser. I am looking for small sizes, 12" x 12" and smaller. Please let me know about the availability and pricing. September 23  Contact
e 25442 UAE: Kindly send me the photo & quote for new catterpillar 320. Telephone: 009715020.....  September 23  Contact
e 25441 Bulgaria: We are interested in travertine stone. We would like sizes:
Width-30 sm,40 sm,50sm, and 60 sqm:
Length-all size to 250 sqm:
Stout-from 15mm to 20 mm:
From colors: Red, white, pink and yellow and total cost for this items. For one mouth we want to bay from 1500 to 2000 square meters. Telephone: 00359295..... September 22 Contact
e 25440 South Africa: I am in need of black marble rough asap.  Cell:+277225.....September 20 Contact
e 25439 USA: We are currently seeking a direct manufacturer of Marble tile/ slabs, and Granite tiles/ slabs in Pakistan. We are interested in all varieties, and will be purchasing on container basis. We will also be interested in Raw material. We are expanding our business to also offer this product to our clients in the Canadian and US market. We are looking for best prices in bulk quantity, since we will be selling to other distributors. Orders can vary from 1 to 5 containers a month. We need on-time producing and delivery to the US/ Canada, depending where the client will be located. We are seeking all varieties so you can email us all the varieties you carry, and the various sizes. I will be visiting Pakistan in month of October, so I wish to finalize a direct manufacturer during my trip. Please get back to me as soon as possible. Prices should include CIF USA. Tel: 00197280......September 20 Contact
e 25438 UK: We are a stone importer in the UK, and distribute around the country. I am interested in prices and images of the materials you have available. Particularly granites. We also have a project where I need a container price for 30x305x10 bush hammered and/or brushed finish, white and grey granite tiles for a large ongoing project. Tel. +44 02072......September 18 Contact
e 25437 USA: I would like to post a question seeking a supplier in New England for 37" X 37" edged soapstone tabletops. We are seeking a supplier that we can purchase from throughout the year. Initially we want to purchase 10 tabletops, more to follow. Black soapstone. Telephone: 802-99..... September 18 Contact
e 25436 USA: Can you direct me two some good sources for durable dimensional red to dark red sandstone? Tel: 314-64..... September 17 Contact
e 25435 USA: I am looking for granite cobbles in the 4"X8" to 5"X9" range, multi-colored. I am building a home in Rancho Santa Fe, CA and need enough material for 12,000 sq. ft. of driveway and motor court. I need the product by June of 2009 and can take delivery of it any time prior to that date. My phone number is: 858-62.....September 17 Contact
e 25434 Netherlands: I like to buy small balls in different sorts stones, but have to know what the shipping cost to the Netherlands will be. It don't have to be by air, if by land and/or see is much cheaper. My phone number is +31 6 100.....I am looking for semi-precious stones, tumbled and balls (1 inch). As I am a starting company my resources are low as well my cashflow. Orders like up to $ 200.00 are preferred incl shipment. September 17 Contact
e 25433 USA: retail: Would like to order some granite Tiles, and Below is the granite Tiles that i am interested in Ordering.
400 sq fr of 12x 12 3/8 inch thickness black galaxy granite Tiles. Get me the total quote for the 400 sq ft. Advice the method of Payment that you accept, and provide me with your contact phone number so i can give you a call to discuss about this Order. September 16 Contact
e 25432 USA: retail: I am interested to buy a small quantity of 12X12 tiles of rosa perlino (also known as perlino rosato). I would need initially 3 tiles and if they match, then around 30 to 60 total. I live in the Miami area and would appreciate any leads you might be able to give me. September 16 Contact
e 25431 Greece: I own a company in Greece. I am interested in granite slabs with polished surface in dimensions about 1800mm*2000mm*30mm in variety of colours. Please send me your price-list. Telephone: 0030 210 97..... September 16 Contact
e 25430 India: We are developing land of 150 acres land comprising residential flats 6500 nos, with 21 floors of 21 high-rise buildings.
Sr. No Material Name  Unit  Qty. Total Remark Rate Amount
      B-1 B-7        
1 GRANITE - RUSTIC YELLOW FLAMED {150mm x 150mm (min) 600mm x 600mm (max) } WITH 10mm (max) GROUT JOINT Sq.M 1924.16 314.16 2238.32 VEHICULAR DRIVEWAY SPECIAL PAVING, PATTERN  -CRAZY CUT (RANDOM LAID)    
Sq.M 2075 2564.17 4639.17 APARTMENT ARRIVAL PLAZA & OUTDOOR TERRACE              SIZE: 500 x 500mm. (MIN.) 1000 x 1000mm. (MAX.)                      WITH 10mm. (MAX) GROUT JOINT    
7 GRANITE- RUSTIC YELLOW FINISH : FLAMED                             500 x 500mm. (MIN.)                     000 x 1000mm. (MAX.)                  WITH 10mm. (MAX.) GROUT JOINT  WITH 25-50mm. TURF JOINT Sq.M 1024.62 1187.91 2212.53 CRESCENT PLAZA & MULTI-PURPOSE PLAZA & POOL DECK   PATTERN -CRAZY CUT    
9 GRANITE-  DARK GREY           FINISH : FLAMED    Sq.M 37.335 42.03 79.365 AMPHITHEATER & POOL STEPS    
10 GRANITE-  DARK GREY              150mm x 150mm (min)                   600mm x 600mm (max)             WITH 10mm (max) GROUT JOINT      Sq.M 131.65 63.51 195.16 WATER FEATURE & ECO-POND   PATTERN -CRAZY CUT (RANDOM LAID)    
12 CERAMIC POOL TILE-  BLEND OF 70% DARK BLUE & 30% BLUE Sq.M 327.2 643.798 970.998 SWIMMING POOL    
13 CERAMIC POOL TILE - BLEND OF 70% DARK BLUE & 30% BLUE Sq.M 264.638 254.612 519.25 KID'S POOL & LOUNGE POOL    
  Total       20620.103      

Please send quotes. Mobile - +9198233.....September 16 Contact

e 25429 USA: Retail: We would be interested in finding the price and where we might be able to purchase china monuments. Telephone: 573-24..... September 16 Contact
e 25428 Italy: I ask the best offer for at least two hundred thousand (200,000) square meters of tiles of the third choice in stock in these percentages:
65% Floor
35% wall
Color: All colors except black
Size: all sizes
Minimum quantity: at least 40 square meters each color or more.
If you have more than 200,000 square meters, we are prepared to withdraw provided the price is favorable. The request is urgent. Mob. +39 329 59.....September 15 Contact
e 25427: retail: My father has been looking for a piece of white alabaster for a missing piece off a statue which my grandmother has given us. We have been looking in Australia but haven't had much luck finding one here. I have lived in the uk for many years and thought it would be worth looking abroad. The piece we are looking for is a cake size piece, 5 inches wide, 9 inches long, 1 1/2 inches thick, (cake size) for existing statue with a piece of the base missing. We are willing to pay whatever cost for postage and handling , or I could get one of my friends in the uk to come in and pay for it and send it to us. Obviously there would be a cost involved for the piece also.
If you don't have any alabaster could you perhaps put me in contact with someone that would know where to get it from. I would be extremely appreciative as we have had a nightmare finding it. September 15 Contact
e 25426 Bahrain: We are one of the dealers/distributors of ceramic tiles and sanitary wares and are very interested on your product. Please kindly send us your new catalogues and best lowest price (factory price) so that we can start good business here in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Tel:00973177.....September 15 Contact
e 25425 USA: retail: I will need you to fabricate some counter tops for me and as soon as it is done and paid for it will be picked up from your locations okay so i will need you to get back to me with the total quote for the following counter tops without installation but i need the total cost with tax only ok i will handle the installation my self. This is what I need.
Finish: polished Thickness :3cm
Color:Black Galaxy Absolute Black Island 34 X 74 with 3/4" Half Bullnose
Absolute Black Island 40 X 80 with 3/4" Half Bullnose
Okay I will like to order those and i will handle the installation my self okay i will need you to get back to me with the pick up price for the two counter tops okay. Also what types of credit card do you accept? September 15 Contact
e 25424 USA: retail: I am interested in Belfast Black, Swedish Black or any comparable black black. We are based in Southern California most of the absolute blacks that we have looked at are more grey than black. The other caveat is that our island actual dimension is 120 inches by 55 inches. Phone number: 858 25.....Need Two or three slabs of Belfast Black, Swedish Black or any comparable black black. One slab least 126 inches by 60 inches. Application is kitchen island and countertops. September 14 Contact
e 25423 USA: retail: I contacted you in need of a Granite Tile which i will like the 20 by 20 with Black Galaxy and also i will need that in 200 quantities, So i will like you to go ahead and email me with the Total Price of 200Pcs of the Granite Tiles .I am located in Minnesota and don't know if Tax will be Included. Let me also know the Forms of Payments you accept so we can Proceed. September 14 Contact
e 25422 UK: We are a company based in UK and Germany and right now one of our client need the supply of marble and granite tiles. The client owns over 200 stores with the Europe. I f you can please let us know if you can send some good supplies our way or if you can supply through company. Telephone: 44- 78164......September 13 Contact
e 25421 USA: I will like to make an inquiry on price quotation for Ceramic Tiles. Can you give me the price ranges you have available for the following Ceramic Tiles in standard size:
Marble Ceramic Floor Tile Dimensions:
250x250 mm (10"x10" ) Thickness: 25mm
300x300 mm (12"x12" ) Thickness: 15mm
Limestone Wall Ceramic Tile Dimensions:
305x305x10 mm (12"x12"x3/8") Thickness: 15mm
400x400x10 mm (16"x16"x3/8") Thickness: 25mm
I want you to give me the price quotation available for these ceramic tiles plus sales tax only. Also can you kindly advise the type of credit card payments you do accept for all orders. September 12 Contact
e 25420 South Africa: Please quote me on the following: 09 x Blade diamond cutting, wet, 450 x 3.6 x 25.4 (cutting bricks). Tel:+27 11 43.....September 11 Contact
e 25419: Can you please send to us your best price of big slabs of Granite Black Absolute 2cm with photo please and how many quantity did you have in stock because if every thing it is ok my boss he will visited you as soon as possible. September 11 Contact
e 25418 France: We are working on a project which requires Yellow Egyptian marble. I’d like to have further information concerning this marble also called Sylvia, Selvia or Sunny Yellow. Could you please give me your best price for 300 to 400m3 of blocks (or price per ton)? I also would like to know what will be the extraction delay. September 11 Contact
e 25416 Peru: We would like information about porcelain tiles /floor color bone and cream. Also price terms and price list. Also, please advise contact person to correspond. Tks if you could send samples. Tel: + 51(1) 27.....September 11 Contact
e 25415: Interested in HYDRAULIC BRIDGE SAW. September 11 Contact
e 25414 Yemen: We are seeking to buy the following Brazil marble & granite
1- Azul cielo, slabs, tiles and steps
2- Azul do macaubas
Also we need to know about your production lines in general to enabling us to confirm trail order from you than we can order big ones.
The size we are using as below:
From 120 up x 240 up x 2 cm
From 120 up x 240 up x 3 cm
From 60 x 200 up x 2 cm
From 90 x 200 up x 2 cm
From 80 x 180 up x 3 cm
40 x 40 x 2cm
30 x 60 x 2cm
100,110,120,130,140,150,160 x 33 x 3 cm
Tel: 00967-1-2.....September 11 Contact
e 25413 USA: I will like to purchase 2 sizes of blanks, 96" and 120", ... 98"x26"x1 ?" - 1?" Bullnose/Ogee/Polish 3 sides 108"x26"x?" - 1? ... ..So do please email me back with the pricing ranges on this as well as the method of credit card you accept and let proceed with payment and pick up. September 11 Contact
e 25412 USA: I will like to make an Order of some Granites. I need the size 12 by 12 Black Galaxy with the thickness of 3/1.I will like you to go ahead and send me an email with the total pick up price of 400sf of that same size without shipping and Installment cost. I will be looking forward to have an email from you and also i will like to know if you accept Credit card as a form of payment. Note: I NEED A PICK UP PRICE WITHOUT SHIPPING AND INSTALLMENT. September 10 Contact
e 25411: I want to know whether you carry (square grinder machine installation) in stock for sale if you do so email me with the sizes and the price ranges on that so that i will know the quantity to offer and also i want to know if you accept credit card as form of payment. September 10 Contact
e 25410 USA: I am with Valley Crest in Orlando, FL. I am putting together a bid for a project St. Petersburg FL. They are calling for 2000 tons of CapRock Boulders, could you give me a quote including shipping to St. Pete? Tel: 407-29.....September 9 Contact
e 25409 Qatar: We would like to know if you could send us some of your samples. We are similar to an Interior Design firm, we also specialized all kinds of works, like wall cladding, flooring, doors, windows, furniture, wall paints (special Paint effects) and etc. It would be greatful to us if your could send us our request, we hope that we can hear from you immediately in regards to our inquiry. Telephone: +974-49.....September 9 Contact
e 25408 Chile: En este momento necesito cotizar granito de color gris G603 - G614 en placas de 2.80 x 1.60 x 2cm espesor espero su contacto para enviar mas detalles de nuestra empresa y requerimientos. Tel: (56)02-76.....September 9 Contact
e 25407 USA: retail: Please quote the following tufa stone including shipping:
quantity: 6
size: 10" square x 4" thick
shipping to: zip code 95246 in California. September 9 Contact
e 25406 India: Can you quote for one full truck marble (big size piece) as I am in Ghaziabad (U.P.). We need best quality for white marble. Send photos also indicating price. Please send the details. Phone : 011-0120-27..... September 9 Contact
e 25405 Belarus: We need your best quotations for Absolute Black granite blocks and slabs. Please indicate your container sea port. Mobile phone: +375 29 64.....September 9 Contact
e 25404 Uzbekistan: I have need for 2nd hand earthmoving equipment in Uzbekistan. We intend to source in the UAE. Our shopping list includes excavators, dozers, wheel loaders, hydraulic cranes, lattice cranes and pick and carry cranes. We have need for water trucks, 50 ton rear tip trucks or ADT's as well as graders and compactors. Could you please supply me a list old equipment (detailed) available so that I may send someone to look at the units. Tel: +998 93 52.....September 8 Contact
e 25403 China: We are the importer of Granite & Marble. The products of Tropical Bahia interests us and we would appreciate your sending us detailed information of your stones for: FOB price (indicating local seaport), Delivery schedule, Quality standard, Minimum order quantity.
Size: 30x60x2cm polished top face. Please also provide us with price list of all the products you can offer. September 8 Contact
e 25402 USA: We are in the process of building 100 homes in the Lake Powell (Page Arizona) area. These are upper scale homes, and I am looking to put Granite Countertops, and flooring in them. I am ready for my first order. I am looking for Black China Granite. Please contact me as soon as possible. Call me at 1-435-67.....September 8 Contact
e 25401 India:  We want to Import following marble from Italy.
Quantity will be 1000 mt. So please send us best prices of blocks. We want first class six side well dressed blocks with fine color. NO cracks. Before placing any order we will come there and inspect the blocks. So also tell me that you can send us invitation for business. If you have these marble blocks please mail prices and photo. Phone 0091-1472-2.....September 8 Contact
e 25400 India: I require 200000 sq ft. ceramic tiles for my Pune client send me competitive rates. Telephone: 099703.....September 8 Contact
e 25399 Yemen: We are a trading and marketing group, one of the leading groups in Yemen markets, we are specialized in Marble, Granite and ceramic tiles for wall and floor. We found your name and contact through website searching, we are interested in opening new business line with your esteemed firm to request you to furnish us with your products line with details about the types, colors of Marble & Granite. Kindly please quote us unbeatable prices fro your marble types like beige marble and all your color types to enabling us to contact you in order to place a trail order for the beginning of dealing, through your competitive prices that will encourage us to establishing a long-lasting period of business relationship with your esteemed company, and if you could also advice about the freight rate for one container 20ft. weight, name of the shipping companies that you will dispatch the materials, period of the destination. We would like to know your processing methods regarding the quality and polishing level, we need first class qualities and also first class and accurate polishing, with out any intrusive colors or faint or notch on the materials.
Our size which we normally used as the following:
From 120 up x 240 up x 2 cm
From 120 up x 240 up x 3 cm
From 60 x 200 up x 2 cm
From 90 x 200 up x 2 cm
From 80 x 180 up x 3 cm
40 x 40 x 2cm
30 x 60 x 2cm
100,110,120,130,140,150,160 x 33 x 3 cm
Tel: 00967-1-2.....September 7 Contact
e 25398 UK: I am looking for a quotation to purchase 750 sq metes of porcelain floor tiles for a garage workshop floor. I am also looking for 500 sq meters of wall tiles for the same project. The floor tiles must be slip proof and resistant to all chemicals that are used in a garage workshop environment. Could you give advice as to what size and thickness of floor tiles should be used? Telephone: +44 141 64..... September 7 Contact
e 25397 India: I am from an upcoming project Hotel in Delhi (India). I require approx 3,00,000 Sq Feet INDONESIA MARBLE. I attached a Sample pic of Indonesia marble. September 7 Contact
e 25396 Russia: I would like to know the possibility and your costs of purchasing white marble of small quantity appx. 25 sqm. Delivery possible to Russia, St Petersburg. September 7 Contact
e 25395 USA: looking for 18 x 18 durango antique mexican travertine tiles. September 7 Contact
e 25394 USA: retail: Looking for a source for agate tiles. Tel: 858 53.......September 6 Contact
e 25393 : Kindly send contact details and info on stock by return as we are interested in buying up to 14,000 m2 of varied stock
and we need to get further details and samples. Mobile +961 3 2......September 5 Contact
e 25392 Canada: Looking for Pallet Crema Marfil Select Polished 12x12 from Spain 400 sq ft + 20 sq ft Dark brown Emperador polished 12 x 12.  We are located in Montreal QC Canada H9B 2H5 Can u quote Fob our location including duties and Taxes. Tel: 1-514-42.....September 5 Contact
e 25391 USA: I am nearing retirement age and am interested in selling all types of headstones/markers out of my home (to start off). September 5 Contact
e 25390: Looking to purchase a stone cutting machine. September 5 Contact
e 25389 Yemen: We are a trading and marketing. We are seeking to buy Argentina or Brazil Azule cielo marble for slabs, tiles and steps. 
Tel: 00967-1-2..... September 5 Contact
e 25388 USA: I am looking for Crema Mare Marble. Do you have it? September 4 Contact
e 25387: We are an architect's practice, very small and just starting on a more development approach so we are buying land and building houses. As part of our research we are importing some terrazzo products from Bali and I just asked the company I am dealing with if they could fill some space in the half a container with some local stone and this is what she suggested and the price that she has come back with. At this point we only need 22sqm which is a small amount however if sales go well with the properties then I would like to start using a variety of stone and I would love to see some of the stones that you have advertised on your price list can I get samples at all? (photos would do also)

So if we do well then I look to visit Bali next year and visit some quarries and perhaps order some stone so we can talk then. Until then it would be interesting to know for example if I brought a container of Palimanan off you how much would the shipping be and how much would I end up paying to import it. I am still finding out about importing and a little confused. I would like also to find out about the ethical history of the suppliers as this is important to our company. September 4 Contact
e 25386 New Zealand: I am starting up the granite business up here and would like to source the absolute black granite with other colors. Can you provide the list of colors you people do and able to provide the price list for Sq. M or container load whichever would be easier. September 4 Contact
e 25385 UAE: Want to buy crema marfil tiles and slabs. September 4 Contact
e 25384 USA: I want to purchase 2'X2'X1" slate. It has to be uniform - not natural cleft. Gauged or sand rubbed. Sand rubbed preferred. It may be ribboned, but want price for clear and colored also. I am prepared to purchase 50 immediately, at right price - include delivery or shipping cost with proposal. This is an ongoing production and will have future orders. Tel: 610-25.....September 4 Contact
e 25383 Bangladesh: We are looking for import of first sorting high quality polished marble tile & slabs (Cream marble type, Botichino, Riyadh Stone) for one of our customer in Bangladesh. If you can offer from your source and at a very competitive prices, please inform us with your email ID. Tel : 880 2 89......September 4 Contact
e 25382 India: We want to buy of Floor Tiles. please send the details. Mobile Phone : +9198660.....  September 3 Contact
e 25381 Poland: We need 30th pieces with 2cm thick and 5th pieces with 3cm thick polished one-side Slabs and also 'Nero Assoluto' stone in 3 weeks time. We would be grateful if You could deliver it in 39 weeks’ time max. If You can't do it in this timeline please ignore this email. Payment: 100% in advance. We would appreciate an offer with all the costs included the delivery to Czechowice-Dziedzice (Poland). Tel.:+48/32/21......September 3 Contact
e 25380 Yemen: We are a trading and marketing company. We want to buy after receiving your competitive prices three types of granite which is Desert Rose, African Red & Born Accord. Offer prices FOB South Africa Sea Port.
60 x 200 up x 2 cm quantity 600 square meters
90 x 180 up x 2 cm quantity 200 square meters
80 x 200 up x 3 cm quantity 70 square meters
70 x 200 up x 3 cm quantity 60 square meters
Tel: 00967-1-2......September 3 Contact
e 25379 UK: I would like some more information on the slab polishing machines available. Tel: 0845 64.....September 3 Contact
e 25378 NAMIBIA: I am looking for buyer of granite, syenite (black granite), Marble different colors, and quartzite different colors. Telephone: 00-264-8112..... September 3 Contact
e 25377 USA: retail: I am looking for the rosa salmon tiles to repair a shower. Did you have any luck finding some? Tel: 931-64.....September 2 Contact
e 25376 USA: Looking for prices on all the onyx slabs. I am looking for the slabs not tiles, and I was looking for quotes. Telephone: 95466.....September 2 Contact
e 25375 Bahrain: We are bidding for the Fit-Out works of Restaurant Project, Kuwait. So please quote your best price for the supply of following.
30mm thick Black Marquina Mable For countertop.
A. 3000mm X 850mm=1no (With two equal cut out for basin) Four side (edge) half round
B. 4100mm X 1700mm=1no (with four equal cut out for basin) Four side (edge) half round
C. 5100mm X 850mm (3 equal Piece) =1no (With three equal cut out for basin) Four side (edge) half round
D. 5100mm X 850mm (3 equal Piece) =1no (With three equal cut out for basin) Four side (edge) half round
In case you need further clarifications, feel free to contact me. Please incorporate the following points in your offer.
1 Kindly state the validity of your offer in your quotation
2 Terms of payment
3 Delivery time
Tel +973 17 8.....September 2 Contact
e 25374 France: Nous sommes intérrésé par le fournisseur de marbre et granit. Pouvez vous nous faire parvenir sont adresse et téléphone. September 2 Contact
e 25373 Burma: We are interested in 70 Ton Hydraulic Crane Brand New or Recondition. Please reply to me with the best lowest CIF (Yangon) price & catalogue at your earliest convenience. Ph: 95-1-2......September 1 Contact
e 25372 Macedonia: Our main activities are cutting, shaping and processing of different types of granites, marbles, onyxes, travertine, quartzite etc. Actually object of our activities are tilling of pavements, squares, bridle paths, tiling of facades, stairs, fountains, kitchens, toilets, production of monuments and memorials, carving and relieving, making of bathtub from one piece granite block, sinks, shower cabins, exteriors and interiors with many shapes and colors.

For current working we have requirements to supply different tip of minerals (marble, granite, onice, quartzite, travertine). If you export this kind of materials place send us official offer of your domestic materials to e- mail adress.
Element of the offer:
- type of materials
- class of materials
- quality of materials
- price of materials ( in Euro)
- for different Dimension of materials
240upx120 up x 2 cm
240upx70upx 2 cm
240upx60upx2 cm
240upx120 up x 3 cm
240upx70upx 3 cm
240upx60upx3 cm
240upx120 up x 6 cm
240upx70upx 6 cm
240upx60upx6 cm
dimensions for stone tiles:
- terms of payment
- time to delivery
- due date
- delivery charges (transport costs)
- assurance
If you have individual publication, presentation or catalogs send us like attachment in official offer. tel. +389 48 4......September 1 Contact

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We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.