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e205 USA.  We build contemporary to moderate houses. We are looking for Marble  & Limestone for our upcoming new project.  Laredo, TX. 26 Oct.

e 204 India: We are interested in purchase of Advance Licence against export of  Granite & Marble.  23 Oct.
e203 USA: I am looking for suppliers of pebbles to use in making floor resurfacing product. They must be rounded type like from river or beach. They must be hard, preferably 6 or up mohs. Colors prefered are green, blue, black, white, reds, amber or yellow, any color other than brown or tan. Sizes:  1-3mm, 3-5 or 6 mm.  1/32 by 1/16 inch or 1/8 by 1/4 inch. Also larger pebbles for landscaping uses: 20 mm up or 1/2 inch up. Must be washed clean. Need per ton prices. 23 Oct.
e202 USA: We are in the process of erecting a 44' bronze monument on a base that is 8' X 12' and 12' high and wish to cover the concrete base with either granite or marble. We want materials and installation (separately will do.) Begin June 2000 timeframe. In Baltimore Maryland. 21 Oct.
e197 USA: I am looking for a wholesale supplier of slate for table top fountains. Southern CA area. 10 Oct.
e196 USA: I want a source for granite cut to size; 5"x1.25, 5x2.5 & 5x5 all 1/2 thick, smooth for laser engraving in for Florida firm.  Inital requirement approx 290 pcs 5x1.25. Must be able to continue product match for ongoing monument project. Build out 3000 pieces  ??year.  8 Oct.e195 Austria: Black Granite, Honed, for Floor Tiles: 60 x 100 x 2.5 cm = 50 sq.m. and for Steps: 26 cm wide x 3 cm thick
Risers: 16 cm wide x 3 cm thick
65 pieces - 100 cm long
30 pieces - 135 cm long
225 pieces - 105 cm long
of each. 25 Sept
e193 USA: Granite tiles 12"x12"x3/8" and 16"x16"x1/2" tiles in colours like Kashmir White, Galaxy White, Black Galaxy, and other light shades, as well as granite slabs (9' x 5' x 30mm) in dark colours (like Black Galaxy, Green Galaxy, etc). I am looking for a 20' container to be shipped to Baltimore, MD port. 25 Sept.
e192 Malaysia: I need to purchase verde mare blocks from anyone having such material. 25 Sept.

e190 USA: I am an interior designer looking for Ming Green marble. I am having trouble locating it anywhere!!  21 Sept.
e189 USA: I am looking for verde mergozo granite slabs in the metropolitan New York area. 18 Sept.
e188 USA: Floor Medallions made from granite, marble, etc.  Walker Zanger Monte Carlo Medallion type. 18 Sept.
e186 USA: Giallo Antico marble needed. 15 Sept.
e185 Turkey: Absolute Black rough granite blocks. Size of blocks 5-6 CBM, total 1000 CBM. Price based upon minimum breakbulk shipments of +/- 2000 MT each = 2 sailings. Delivery over 6-9 months. Price C&F St. John's Newfoundland, Canada. Sept 15.

e184 Turkey: Absolute Black Monumental slabs - 8'-0 x 3'-2 sawn both sides. 4", 6" and 8" thick, the thickness must be larger, as when polished thickness must be as shown. Quantity 6-8 mixed containers per year. Price C&F Montreal, Canada. Sept 15.
e183 China: "absolute black" big blocks and unpolished slabs (2cm thickness). Sept 14.
e182 Taiwan:  We have a customer who is going to build 300 cottages and will buy several kinds of tiles e.g. 1. Amarello Di Negrais  2. Pietra Dorata  3. Travertino Giallo  4. Travertino Rosa 5. Camelia Pink  6. Rosa Ghiandone 7. Royal Mahogany  8. Giallo Delicato 9. Giallo S. Cecilia  10.Giallo Veneziano 11. Juparana Classico   12. Verde Eucalipto 13. Azul Boquira 14. Azul Cielo 15. Azul Bahia  16. Galaxy Black 17. Rosa Sardo Ghiandone Tipo Limbara 18. Juparana Africa  19.Juparana Flamingo 20. Giallo Veneziano 21.Verde Tropical Foresta  22. Verde Fontaine Classico 23. Lilla Gerais 24. Indian Juparana  25. Golden Juparana  26. Golden Beach  27. Bule Eyes 28. Juparana Light  29. Green Rose 30. Juparana Champagne Original 31. Summer Peach 32. New Venetian Gold  33. Panna Fragola 34. Giallo  Provenza  35. Verde Chain 36. Brown Pearl 37. Imperial Coffee. If you can supply, please contact us.9/9/99
e181 USA: We are importers of Granite and Slate and want to import a container load. Sept 7.
e180 Iran: Our company is evaluating to stablish the "Granite saw plant" in four provinces of Iran, so we are looking for the best method and the best machines. Sept 6.
e177 USA: Our customers have a continuing need for granite and marble chips of various colors. We are now supplying the material for a shopping mall in New York City - there will be over 150 metric tons of chips on this job alone. Who can supply? 3 Sept.
e176 Egypt: We want to import some types of marble such as Carrara , Bottcino Classico, and urgently we need one container of Crema Marfil. 3 Sept.
e175 India: We are interested in 1995-96 Caterpillar 320 L hydraulic excavators made in Japan. 3 Sept.
e174 USA: I am looking for Indian Cobblestones made of white granite.  3 Sept.
e173 Oman:  Our marble & granite unit is one of the most modern & well-equipped plants in Oman. We want to import polished random slabs & tiles and shall be cutting to shape and polishing (where required) and executing other job as per customers specifications.

We are stocking raw material to fulfil the requirements of our bulk and daily customers and to meet our growing demand, we are always looking forward to expand our sourcing and supplier base by establishing mutually beneficial long term relationship with suppliers of marble, granite, sandstone, travertine, quartzite etc. The items that we would generally import are as follows:

1. Pre polished slabs - 20 mm & 30 mm thickness
2. Pre-polished tiles: size- 600x300x20, 400x400x20, 300x300x20 mm
3. Pre polished tread with front long edge chamfered and polished -size: Lx350x30 mm
4. Pre-polished riser size -Lx150x20 mm.     28 Aug.
e172 Canada: I want Quarry blocks in Absolute black granite and also cemetery markers: 12x20x2,7/8" thick;  12x20x4" thick polished one top side;   18x30x4"  or all 5 polished  or Chiseled edges (BRE) or Sawn edges;  12x20x6/4 pol.1 BRE  or polished all 5 sides (Beveled markers); 18x30x6/4   same--
ALSO Random slabs in 3/4" thick, 3",  4", 6" thick; any 5x8 ft or 3x 4 ft is OK.      28 Aug.
e171 Australia: We are importers of natural stone in Australia and China and wish to look at trading opportunities with India. We have imported into Australia and China granite, marble, sandstone and flaggy limestone products.
Our main interest in Granite for immediate orders is in benchtops and some fabricated items such as made- to-measure steps. In particular, we need items in Paradiso classico ( Dark and Purple) and some other different colours for bullnosed benchtops in 30mm thick such as Tiger Skin, Black Galaxy, Imperial Red, Mokalsar Green, Verde Bahia, Raw Silk Ivory, Kashmir White, Juprana, Seaweed Green and Venetian Gold types.
We also require Dark Green Marble tiles chamfered 300x300x10mm and Dholpur White pavers honed/ natural cleft in 400x400x20mm.    23 Aug.
e 169 Czech Rep: We need granite (different dimensions - preferably 50 x 50 cm, 5 cm width) marble (30 x 30 cm, 2 cm width) for trading preferably from India, Pakistan. We are importers. Firstly we´re looking for the price offers, because in Czech, there are many competitors (=direct mining). Regarding the more detailed specifications of materials we require, it depends on request of our customers and projects which will start in Autumn i.e. September. 23 Aug.
e168 Australia: We deal with all sorts of handicraft products made locally or imported. I would be very much interested in:- 1) all types of handcrafted items eg. brass, EPNS, wrought iron  2) small gift items - like candle stands, small boxes etc. 3) any other speciality item produced by you. 23 Aug.
e167 China: We are a leading importer of rough granite blocks. The size we usually import is 1.2 - 2.0 x 0.6 - 1.0 x 0.6 - 1.0 m i.e. neither gangsaw size nor small cutter size but discsaw size. We pay by irrevocable l/c 60 days sight. Our monthly requirements are 50 - 200 cbm. 23 Aug.
e 166 USA:  We will be expanding in the near future. We will be wholesaling, distributing and fabricating marble and granite in the Virginia Beach area and the East Coast. We are looking for reputed companies who can supply us polished one side, 2 cm and 3 cm slabs. We are also interested in travertine, granite and marble 12x12x3/8, 16x16x3/8 flooring tiles and any other products you may have. 23 Aug.
e165 Sweden: We want 60 pieces granite slabs - 20 nos. himalaya blue, 20 nos. paradiso light, 20 nos. dark black - 30 mm polished, 1300 x 2600 - 3000. CIF Gothenburg, Sweden. 23 Aug.
e163 USA:  I want to buy marble or granite from bankrupt companies. I'm interested in concluding a deal soon.  14 Aug.
e162 Canada: I am a small manufacturer of Granite memorials east of Vancouver, BC. I want resonable good quality of Absolute black Granite in Quarry small blocks 5x3x3 ft or 3x3x3 ft;  Monuments:12x20x3" thick pol.1   4"    6/4" pillow;   16x28x3"       4"          6/4"  pillow;  18x30x3"      4"        6/4 pillow; (polished  0ne side or all 5);  (Sawn);   (Balanced Rock pitched- Chiseled);   Some Uprights  and Slabs 3/4' thick 3" 4" 6" 8" ; 4x7 ft or 5x8 ft.   14 Aug.
e161: We want black granite in sizes : 12"x24"x3", 16"x28"x3"  14 Aug.
e160 Australia: We are a ceramic tile and marble & granite importer and distributor, and are interested in green marble tiles 300 x 300 and 305 x 305 mm calibrated and bevelled. Queensland.  14 Aug.
e159 Europe: We need 250-300 sqm of Giallo Atlantide polished marble 2 cm thick.  14 Aug.
e157 USA: We need very good quality of absolute black slabs in sizes of 9x5 from Chamrajnagar area, India, on a regular basis.  14. Aug.
e156 USA: I am looking for someone to distribute marble and granite products, in Al. FL looking for agents to add to their products in related fields.  14 Aug.
e 155 USA: I would like to find a good source of roofing slate to import into the United States East Coast.  I am looking for a high quality blue/ Black Unfading S-1 Roofing Slate that can be shipped in large volumes.  14. Aug.  
e 154 New Zealand: We are a small monumental masonry business in New Zealand wishing to import granite from India or China. We are looking at importing half to a full container every year. The colours that we are interested in are Black granite, Jade, Rustenburg Grey, Bahama Blue, Himalayan Blue, Imperial Red, Blue Pearl and Emerald Pearl. All head stones that we require need to be polished front, back, top and sides. We can let you know the more popular shapes that we sell. 7 Aug.
e153 India: I am coming to Verona on 16 sep '99 and then to Iran to Purchase Marble blocks so please send me detailed best offer along with size of blocks. Colors I'm intrested are Beige, Cream, Pink, White, etc. mainly plain colors e.g. Perlato. Iranian & Italian Marble Blocks (Big & SMALL). Qty : 500 ton. Low price is major criteria. READY TO TAKE SMALL BLOCKS.  7 Aug.
e152 China: We want 2.8m X 1.2m X 1.5m rough blocks of black granite for our factory. 7 Aug.
e151 USA: I want to import black granite boulders from any country. Please let me know size, price, location, transportation costs, etc.  7 Aug.
e149 USA: I have a small business making pet tomb stones and want to purchase small quantities of Black Granite. I want a small shipment of 1 ton delivered to Hawaii. 31 July.
e148 Turkey: We want to import granites. We are a big company producing artificial granite-marble terrazzo tiles and precast stair steps. 31 July.
e147 USA: We are a commercial contractor. We are interested in absolute black marble or granite. 31 July.
e146 Ghana: We want to import five 20footer containers of Granite and Marble Tiles as well as reconstituted Marble Tiles.  31 July.
e142  Egypt: We are a marble factory needs 50 cu.m. marble blocks monthly to process. Cairo. 24 July.
e141 Italy: I want polished black granite slabs and  45.7x45.7x1.5 or 61x61x1.5 or 2cm. c.i.f. italian port livorno o napoli. First quality material. 24 July.

e140 USA: I am looking for 1" to 1.5" stones that are black and rounded and smooth. I am building a large Japanese garden. New Jersey. 24 July.
e139 Puerto Rico: Our company is a contractor in San Juan. We need a supplier for 62,000 sq.ft. of flamed granite tiles equal to Nilson Grey color and Capao Bonito color. 24 July.
e138 India: (for Indian companies): Our chinese buyer requires black granite for making monuments. Chennai. 24 July.
e137 Ireland:  We currently import 3 containers (mixed) per month of quality stone products and are looking for competitive suppliers who can be relied upon to deliver on demand the range of materials necessary to the needs of a rapidly growing market.
Some Immediate requirements: Material: Quartz, Slate, Multicolour (Triangles), China Red, Black, China Cream, Oyster, Lilac, Silk-shine White, Beijing Green. Must be calibrated to 3 cm. Uncalibrated in exceptional circumstances. Sizes: 5 x 5, 5 x 30, 10 x 10, 10 x10 (Triangles), 30 x 30, 60 x 40, 60 x 60. 24 July.
e136 Hawaii: Please send information on your materials and pricing. I am a builder in Honolulu and will buy your products. 24 July.
e135 USA: Can you supply patterned flowers in granite or marble. Intricate designs - either square or circular. 3m. 5m, and 9m diameter? San Diego. 24 July.
e134 Finland: We are looking for the BRANDY CRAG HONED SLATE. The colour is silver-greyish. We want a slab approx 20 mm T x 1500 mm H x 2200 mm L. Quality: surface polished, other sides sawn. We are located in Turku, Finland, but we can take care of the transportation arrangements. 16 July
e133 Kuwait: We want Ruby Red Granite 10 x 10 x 5 cm. Quantity = 800 sq.m. 16 July
e132 USA: We manufacture and wholesale memorials to cemeteries, funeral homes and retailers throughout the United States. Annual sales exceed $1.5 million and we wish to improve our business by offering quality India granites to our customers. 16 July
e131 India: We require a Granite Slab Polishing Plant (export quality) preferably located in South India for Outright Purchase or Lease -  100% Export Oriented Units or DTA Units. 16 July.
e130 USA: We are interested in importing granite 4 containers of 30 mm random slabs and two containers of tiles. Prices must include FOB or CIF, per square feet in 30 and 20 mm thickness. All colors that you carry and let us know if we can have two colors in a container. Some colors that we are interested in are  Absolute Black, 20 and 30 mm random slabs and tiles, Kashmir White, Tan Brown, Black Galaxy, Colombo and Indian Juparana, Sapphire Blue Brown and any other color that you have in your outfit. 10 July.
e128 Scotland: We are a large UK company who wish to import cut-to-size pieces of slate, quartzite, limestone and sandstone. The minimum sizes would be 48" x 18" x 3/4" and 37" x 37" x 3/4".  4 July.
e127 New Zealand: We are interested in regularly importing granite headstones of all colours. 4 July.
e126 USA: We want Absolute Black slabs in 4" thickness by the container. Seattle. 4 July.
e125 USA: We will be constructing an Honor Roll using Black Granite slabs. We need prices for the material and for engraving names on it. Linda. 4 July.
e124 Hyderabad India: We want Indian sources of Cobbles for export to USA. Product: Jumbos (10  1/2 " x 7 1/2" x 4") Regulars (9" x 4 1/2" x 4 1/2") Cubes ( 4" x 4" x 4"). 4 July.
e123 Calcutta, India: We have a vast requirement of Natural stone. We want to procure through different Indian companies apart from our own source.  
  * GRANITES: Rough Blocks: Gangsaw size, Slabs: polished and cut-to-size, Tiles.
  * MARBLE: Cut to size panels, slabs, tiles. 
  * SANDSTONE: Gangsaw cut and also Split (Natural Surface). 
  * SLATE: both Natural & Calibrated  
Please let us know the range of production & up to what maximum quantity you can supply on monthly basis. On receipt of your quotation and size list, we would confirm our requirement immediately. 4 July.
e122 USA: We want small polished stone from 1 1/2 -3 inches round of different colors and mainly black. Also a supplier of river rock in the Maryland, Delaware, or Penn.area.  4 July.
e121 USA: We want one slab of Absolute Black granite. Slab size = 24" - 28" wide x 9' 0" long, Thickness = 1" - 1 1/4" thick, Finish = smooth honed with eased edge, Shipping to New York City. 27 June.
e120 UAE: We urgently want lot of black stone pebbles (75 - 100 mm). 27 June.
e119 Korea: As a leading distributor house with many years experience in this trade, we have an extensive sales network and a thorough knowledge of this domestic market.
We are looking for some marble for a department store.  
  1. Crema Runa    900 M2
  2. Grigio Carnico   50 M2
  3. Fior di Pesco    50 M2         27 June.
e118 USA: We are trying to locate several granite items we have seen which we believe are produced in Japan. One is a koi fishbowl,with two koi sculpted as part of the bottom of the bowl.  The other is a very large granite Sitting Budhha statue.  27 June.
e117 USA: We are a monument co. We regularly want slabs for 28" x 16" x 3" fine grain black granite monuments. We want upright monument and other larger slabs of grave markers. 21 June.  
e116 India: We are a leading exporter ad have an export order for Granite from our South East Asia Buyer for: 
* Blocks: Absolute Black        - 270 x 150 cm up
              New Imperial Red    - Gangsaw size 
              Oyster Pearl              - Gangsaw size
*Random polished slabs - 2 and 3 cm thick
            Black                         - 270 x 150 cm up
            New Imperial Red      - 240 x 120 cm up and 120 x 70 cm up
            Oyster Pearl               - 240 x 120 cm up 
            Black Galaxy             - 240 x 120 cm up and 120 x 70 cm up
*Polished, chamfered, calibrated Tiles 305 x 305 x 10 mm
            Black Galaxy
            Savan Brown 
            Sapphire Brown 
            Indian Mahogany - also 30 mm thick 
           Green Marble  
We need 50 cbm blocks, 2000 sq.m. slabs, 4000 sqm tiles. 21 June.  
e115 Japan: We are the largest stone product manufacturers in Japan. We already import various stone blocks from Europe, China, Korea and South America. We want granite blocks. Send us cut samples and quotation. If we accept your quality and price, we will order minimum 100 cbm (m3) per business.  21 June.  
e114 Cyprus: I want to regularly import marble and granite as follows: 
 a) polished slabs 2 cm and 3 cm thick. Sizes: 250-300 x 130-150 cm 
 b) polished tiles 60 x 30 x 1.8 cm or any other size. 21 June.  
e113 Japan: We want following stones for our own use in our new office in Japan. We will use it for outside parking lot and outside fence. If the price is attractive I will fly to the country for making contract for this deal.  
 Material:      Granite or Slate
 Colour:        Black
 Numbers :  Square: 1320 pcs : 500 x 500 x 40 mm
                    Rectangle: (65 pcs: 800 x 100 x 50 mm
                                     + 585 pcs: 800 x 100 x 100 mm): Total: 650 pcs    21 June.  

For any clarifications, send an email to info@findstone.com                                        www.findstone.com

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