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Terazzo Manufacturing Inquiries September  2006
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This page lists Terazzo Tiles Manufacturing Machinery Inquiries. The system of responding and the latest inquires are at www.findstone.com/tiall.htm 

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Year 2006

e 19534 Vietnam: We are looking for used terrazzo tiles machines with small capacity. It's better they are semi-automatic with two stations. Tel: +84-4-76.....Jan 20 Contact 

e 19391: I am looking for terrazzo manufacturing machine company preferably in Italy. Jan 5 Contact  

Year 2005

e 18355 Germany: Please send us your offer for used machinery for TERZAGO press and Polishing. Mobile: +49-162-26......Aug 29 Contact 

e 18210 Germany: Please send us your offer for used machinery for TERZAGO press and Polishing. Mobile: +49-162-26......July 27 Contact

e 17305: We are looking for the production of single layer cement-agglomerated tile/slab (size 33 x 33 / 40 x 40) needed machinery
1) concrete batching & mixing
2) colour batcher 
3) rotating press 
& other related machinery for mosaics & artificial stone. Apr 1 Contact 

e 17052 Egypt: We are looking for used cement tiles machine (Press and polishing). Mar 8 Contact


e 16946 India: We would like know what is the cost for Gangsaws, Cutters, Polishers, Waterjet, CNC / Engraving, Terrazzo Tile and Other stone processing machinery and what is the exact use of these machinery.  Contact  

e 16725 USA: Machinery: Please quote for concrete roofing tile plant.  Feb 2, Contact

e 16669 USA: Interested in buying a terrazzo manufacturing plant. Please send me more info or call about your plant for sale. My tel. no. is 917 65.....Jan 28, Contact  

e 16339 UK: I am looking for terrazo manufacturing machine. Please call 4420864.....Jan 9, Contact   

Year 2004

e 16029 Canada: We are interested in the automatic terrazzo tiles plant. Our tel. no. is (418) 55.....Dec 14, Contact

e 16013 UK: Would you please send me any information regarding sale Terrazzo tiles and also Terrazzo producing Machinery? My contact no. is 00447786 0.....Dec 12, Contact 

e 15561 Iraq: I would to buy full automatic terrazzo tiles plants. I have construction company in Iraq and we are reconstructing our city. We need more tiles. Please send complete details, specification and price. Nov 11, Contact 

e 14993: Terazzo: We are looking to the press Longinotti (Italy). Sept 30, Contact

e 14064 UK: Would you please send me any information regarding sale Terrazzo tiles and also Terrazzo producing Machinery. My contact no. is 0044798954.....Aug 7, Contact

e 13812 Germany: Please quote for a Terrazzo tiles press machine, I would like to plant in Africa. Also details like press ability, min and max size of the tiles to produce. July 25, Contact

e 13320: We are very interested in the terrazzo floor tile plant. Please email more information and the price of the plant. June 27, Contact 

e 12882 USA: We are very interested in a fully automatic terrazzo tiles plant. Please send more  information along with price for the plant. My tel. no. is 419-53.....May 31, Contact

e12524 UK: Can you please give me some more info. on the Terrazzo Plant? boxed? Where is the auction / can it be viewed? does the price include commissioning? May 6, Contact  

e 12240 UK: Please quote for a fully automatic terrazzo tiles plant. See ready stock 475. Apr 15, Contact  

e 11569 Pakistan: Please quote for a waterjet machine and a terazzo plant. We are read to visit your premises for inspection. Mar 5, Contact 

e 11466 Lebanon: We are manufacturers of terrazo mosaique & we are looking for a used semi automatic machine as Longinotti or Kiesa. Please send quote with info. Our phone number 96136..... Mar 1, Contact

e 10967 Ethiopia: Stone Processing Machinery: We are looking for terrazzo Tile Machinery. Feb 5, Contact

e 10731 Iraq:  Stone Processing Machinery: We are looking for a used semi automatic terrazo production machine with the grinding and polishing machine. Jan 23, Contact

e 9984 Jordan: Stone Processing Machinery: We want a used renewed rotating terrazzo tiles presses, complete with 25, 30, 40 cm moulds. Grinding and polishing machines with 3, 4, 5 heads. My mobile no. is +962-77-8.....Dec 8, Contact

e 9496 Iran: Factory Machine: We are an Iranian terrazzo (mosaic) tile manufacturer and we need more technical information of the machinery listed in about ready stock no. 475. For example: the capacity of production in 8 hour, the pressing power, what are the different parts of this plant, what are the additional equipments of this plant, a few pictures of whole plant, what is the brand name of this machine (what is the name of manufacturer of the press and plant). Nov 5, Contact

e 9361 Italy: Machinery: I am interested in a terazzo tile plant. Please quote. Oct 25, Contact

e 9048 Australia: Machinery: We want to purchase an automatic terazzo manufacturing machine as displayed in ready stock 475. Sept 29, Contact

e 8581: Machinery: I am a production manager looking for a second hand grinder with three top grinding heads to grind a terrazzo tiles in the factory.  Aug 20, Contact 

e 7505 Iran: Machinery: We need terrazzo plant, please send more details of this plant and some picture and movie CD's of its work. Prefer from Italy. It is better if it is from Italy but from other countries are acceptable. Prefer full automatic, (semi automatic is acceptable too). We don't have any restriction in budget and it depends on quality of machinery. We are looking for a few rotary hermetic presses for automatic manufacturing of terrazzo tiles. New or second hand (preferable), and automatic (preferable) or semiautomatic, is acceptable. The most desirable sizes are 30x30Cm and 40x40Cm. Italian presses are preferred but presses made by other countries are acceptable too.
Please send us your complete technical information, some pictures and movie CDs of these presses during their works and your kind quote for FOB of Bandar Abbas port (Iran) as soon as possible. Contact no. 009831122.....June 13, Contact

e 7063 Jordan: Machinery: We are dealers of marble, granite. other natural stones and terrazo tiles. Our company due to progress intend to develop / buy machines for cutting polishing, carving and grinding. Our contact no. is 0096227......May7, Contact