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O 48 Pakistan: 800 sq.m. Black & gold (portoro). Gold veins on black ground,a unique look. Slabs 120x220x2 cm. All polished and totaly done on Breton, 22 head laser cut. Fully treated on hot/cold plant. Fiber glass netting underneath affixed. Price US $ 70.00 /sq.meter FOB  Karachi
o 47 Canada: We are a Canadian company specializing in Jerusalem limestone and we do have very competitive prices. We are looking for distributors all over U.S.A. 23 Aug.
o 46 India: We have our own studio where we manufacture a variety of stone sculptures (granite) in grey, pink, beige, white etc. We manufacture garden animals, landscape items, architectural items, etc. 23 Aug.
o 45 Canada: We manufacture caststone and are looking for distributors in all areas. 14 Aug.
o 44 USA: We make laser etching machines for the tile and monument industries. We are interested in finding a source of art work to scan and provide to our customers. 14 Aug.
o 43 USA: I have mountain sandstone for immediate disposal. 14 Aug.
o 42 USA: I have sandstone to dispose -  red, gray, and yellow-brown. Blackwater, VA. 14 Aug.
o 41 UK: We are looking at expanding our UK-based operation into the USA. We would, initially only be able to offer commission and general expenses - the aim however, would be to fully employ a sales team with a view to expanding into the USA with a strong foothold - We sell mosaics, natural stone (limestones, sandstones, marbles, etc), handpainted tiles, lustre tiles, inlay marble floors (pietra dura), cosmati pavements, terracotta, antique stone... the list is endless. 14 Aug.
o38 UAE: We would like to do marketing of our marble products such as Fireplace, Tablelamps, Flowerpots, Blaustrades, Handrail & Tables, Column with crown and many more in United States. Our factory is located in Dubai, UAE.  7 Aug.
o37 China: We are the largest marble mosaic supplier in the world. We have done lots of projects in many countries. 31 July.
o36 Italy : Tropical NA 305x305x10 mm polished bevelled and calibrated  at USD 46.00 per sq.m. ex-factory. Availability : 683 sq.m. 31 July.
o34 USA: Cast-stone mantels available to readers of "findstone" at 50% off slight seconds. 31 July.
o33 India: We are interested in exporting granites. We have quarries and are into this field for the last 7 years. We have been supplying to Tamilnadu Minerals for all these years. Coimbatore. 31 July.
o32 Italy: Do you like BOTTICINO and other  Italian marbles and granites? Slabs and tiles of good quality at best prices. 31 July.
o31 Ghana: We produce very beautiful Quartzite stones. It has a sparkling diamond facial appearance. They are unique. We will send FREE samples to all. 31 July.
o30 India: Why pay top dollar for Granite and Sandstone?
We represent one of the largest suppliers of Indian Granites in the world in all types at very competitive rates to meet customers' demand . We offer a wide range of materials with different colors from our own sources . We are looking for someone that might help us to sell our collection of 15-20 varieties of fresh quarry production of Indian dimensional Granite blocks at 25 % off from wholesale prices. We would appreciate the opportunity to quote the next time you need supplies. Madras.31 July.
029 India: We are strong in Black, Black Galaxy Tiles (1'x1'-10mm. 18"x18"-12mm. 60x60-20mm) and Slabs - Black, Black Galaxy, Tan Brown, Steel Grey, Blue Sapphire and Paradiso. We can also offer Rough blocks of Black, Galaxy, Steel Gray, Tan Brown and Paradiso for Export. Hyderabad. 31 July.
028 Spain: Do you need a person who buys Spanish stone products for you. I can do it for you. You will save money and you will have always the material you want. I can check for you in more than 50 different factories. (Blocks, slabs, tiles...). You will get bargains and cheap offers; I can choose depending on the price, quarries, qualities... in many different factories. Just a little commission and you will be able to save good money and have your material ready when you need it. 31 July.
o 27:   1. Stone blocks from Gazgan mine have only stratified structure with "warm" colors (pink, beige, crime, apricot, etc.), and "cold" colors (gray from light to dark, almost black with spots, etc.). In our plant, we separate ready tiles for 24-28 colors to obtain the maximum homogeneity. So we are able to deliver any monotone color in comparatively big quantity.
            2. An output of each color varies from block to block. The visual analysis of the blocks does not allow making a conclusion about further color distribution. It just allows approximately saying: "about 40% warm and 60% cold". Only after polishing and separation the picture becomes clear.
            3. We can start immediately. If you will ask for one wagon of blocks - it is possible with all above stated remarks. Price for blocks in Europe is estimated as $330 per m3. If we (or with your help) find some cheaper way to transport blocks, it can be reduced (our transport estimate is $250 per m3). The average output from the Gazgan block with both tiles and free length size is about 16-24 m2/m3 with thickness 15mm. 31 July.
The o ads are not in the web site. $ 10 for an o ad.