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Diamond Powder Inquiries   September 2006
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The coding is Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer.

Year 2006

e 20652 India: PLEASE SEND YOUR SAMPLE OF SYNTHETIC DIAMOND POWDER. Tel: +91-261-24..... May 24 Contact 

e 19472 France: I would like to buy at the best price a large quantity of micron-size (or coarser) synthetic diamond powder (Ib type). Could you tell me where I could find that? Tel: + 33 6 78 6......Jan 14 Contact

e 19446 India: We have a requirement for Diamond Powder for Industrial use of 1-3 micron size. Kindly let us know of your specifications and rates for the different grades of the same. Ph # 033 222.....Jan 12 Contact

Year 2005

e 18725 USA: I am seeking price quotes for industrial diamond powder from India in the following mesh sizes (if such data is available): 45/50,50/60 and 60/70. Oct 26 Contact

e 18593: We wish to import in bulk diamond powder in the following grit sizes 50, 80,100, 125,150 for  plating end use on Dental bars. We are not sure whether we need to use synthetic or natural diamond powder. Please mail us your recommendation and if possible the catalogue along with the list of your users. Cell.: 009198150......Oct 13 Contact 

e 17852 India: We require diamond powder, sizes: 0-1, 0-2, 2-4, 4-8, 6-12. Please quote. we want the finest quality diamond powder for gems polishing & finishing. Our initial order would be around 20000-25000 carats ,please send samples of the mention microns, Do you manufacture diamond lapps/polishing plates? June 12 Contact

e 17219 India: Want to purchase synthetic diamond powder 200/230, 230/270, 270/325, 325/400 size also micron powder for various industrial uses. Mar 22 Contact 

e 16797 India: We require synthetic diamond powder # 200/230, 230/270 and 270/325 regularly, please quote the most competitive rates. Feb 10, Contact 

e 16789 India: I require RVD Diamond powder 700-800 kg per month. Mathsize. 200 x 230, 230 x 270, 270 x 325. Feb 9, Contact 

e 16258 USA: Please send me detailed information on synthetic diamond powder on mesh 170/200, 170/270. Please give me price per carat in US $ including all cost involved till delivered. Jan 4, Contact 

Year 2004

e 15588 USA: Diamond powder prices please. Various grades and quantities please. Nov 12, Contact

e 15400 India: We would like to import Synthetic Diamond powder and diamond pastes used for Grinding Wheels and Diamond polishing purpose for our Diamond Industry. We are also interested in import of Diamond polishing wheels (Girdle Wheels) and other diamond tools. Kindly send us your catalogue and prices with samples at least 20 cts. My tel. no. is +91 98241.....Oct 30, Contact 

e 15352 India: Kindly quote the price of Diamond Powder from size 0 - 2 micron and onwards. We need price C&F Kolkata, India by air. We are likely to place order of 50 kgs., immediately.  Oct 26, Contact

e 14718 : Please quote for Diamond powder as displayed in pricelist 1257. Sept 12, Contact

e 14573 India: We are interested in purchasing synthetic diamond powder. We require the following sizes: 170/200, 200/230, 230/270, 270/300. Sept 3, Contact 

e 14571 Estonia: We want to buy 100cts 250/200micron diamond powder and 100cts 50/40micron diamond powder for testing - to see if more is needed. Our phone no. is +372564.....Sept 3, Contact 

e 14501 Malaysia: I am interested to buy some diamond powders from this manufacturer. Aug 30, Contact 

e 14165 India: Please send us the pricelist for Synthetic diamond powder, and the cost of shipping to India for 60,000 carats (12kg). Aug 12, Contact 

e 14051: Please quote for diamond synthetic powder. Aug 6, Contact

e 14010 Colombia: We are manufacturers of diamond segments. We need information about diamond powder used for marble, natural granite and limestone cutting. Additionally all information that you can send me 
about bonds recommended for this process. Our tel. no. is 57 (1) 78.....Aug 4, Contact

e 13911: Please quote the price-list for synthetic diamond powder. July 30, Contact 

e 13660 Pakistan: We are interested in importing synthetic diamond powder surplus. Our tel. no. is 92-437-6.....July 19, Contact  

e 13447 USA: I want Synthetic diamond powder ASM 14/10. Please email quotes with images. July 6, Contact 

e 13224 Egypt: We are an engineering and trading company based in Cairo. Our customer is looking for Diamond powder (synthetic), grain size 200 - 500 micron to make cutting tools for granite and hard stone. Qty - 100 gm. June 22, Contact

e 12874 Egypt: We are engineering and trading company based in Cairo Egypt. We have a customer who is looking for Diamond powder (commercial type) , grain size 1- 3 micron to use it for making cutting tools for granite and hard stone. Qty - 100 gm. Our tel. no. is 00202-55.....May 31, Contact  

e 12121 Australia: Please advise price for small quantity of diamond powder suitable for grinding stone. 
Apr 8, Contact

e 12044 China: Please quote for diamond powder, etc. Apr 4, Contact   

e 11767 USA: I am interested in the 10 miron nickel coated diamond powder. Please send me details. My phone no. is 321-72..... Mar 16, Contact  

e 10580 India: We are very much interested to import Diamond Synthetic Powder as per the following specification on immediate and regular basis-
RVD GRADE - 200/230, 230/270 & 270/325
The import will be in Mumbai / Kolkata (India). 
The Minimum quantity will be 500 KG per month.
We therefore request you to quote us the CIF Mumbai/Kolkata rate. Also inform me the minimum order quantity (per transaction). We also can make a yearly contract for the regular supply of the product. You are further requested to send us the payment terms also. Regarding the sample please let's know about the procedure to get it. As you might be aware that the min. 10 cts is required for the lab test. We also don't mind to pay for it. MObILE NO.- 0091 22 344.....Jan 15, Contact 

e 10416 India: We are dealers of diamond polishing powder and cutting tools. We want the details about the diamond powder type: ACM , GOST SIZE: 0-2, NETT GR: 200. Jan 8, Contact

e 10414 India: We need Diamond Powder of mesh 200 to 400. Please send the price list FOb bombay. Jan 8, Contact

e 10158 USA:  I am interested in your high quality pure diamond powder. My requirements are:
1. 99.5 - 100% pure diamond powder.
2. best price/ct.
3. Prefer particles to be of similar color and composition.
4. Size of particles isn't important. 
If these requirements are met, please send a 50ct sample for evaluation. If the evaluation of suitability is a success, we would like to talk about volume purchasing. We are in FL. Dec 19, Contact


e 8451 Singapore:  Please quote for Diamond Powder (for lapping Granite Surface Table), Grade 30 or 40 micron, 500 carats. My contact no. is (65)644.....Aug 11, Contact

e 7752 Jordan: We are looking for "Alondom" (not sure of the spelling) Abrasion 50 kg Grade number 60 to do ASTM C241 test. Please quote with cost of shipping to Amman ASAP. Our contact no. is +962 79 5.....June 30 Contact

e 7721 :  Please quote for AS4 125/100, 63/50, 50/40 Diamond Powder. June 28, Contact

e 7576 USA:  Please supply and pricing for 5 kg of each powder size. We would like to purchase 75 ct. test samples of the following diamond powders: 60mesh, 125 mesh, 600 mesh, 1200 mesh, 3000 mesh, 8,000 mesh, 60,000 mesh. Please advise as soon as possible and pls. give banking information so we can effect a wire transfer. June 18, Contact

e 7569 USA: I want diamond powder. See pricelist 799. June 18, Contact

e 7448 Spain:  I want diamond powder. Please quote. See pricelist 799. June 8, Contact

e 7023 USA:  I want diamond powder. May 4, Contact

e 7026 Kyrgyzstan: We require in synthetic diamond powders for manufacturing a cutting tool to cut stone of average hardness of a granite. We make synthetic diamonds and diamond tools, mainly for processing a stone. We require diamond powders by granularity from 30/35 up to 50/60 mesh for manufacturing the tool for cutting of a granite of average. Our contact no. is 996-312-2.....May 4, Contact

e 7084:  I would like to contact the supplier of the diamond powder. See pricelist 799. May 9, Contact

e 6673 USA: I want diamond slurry or powder to develop a diamond chrome plating line. April 9, Contact

e 6674 : Please quote for RVD powder. April 9, Contact

e 6857 India:  Please quote for synthetic diamond powder and resin bond. April 23, Contact

e 6093 USA: I need smooth round diamond powder in a range of sizes (4-8, 10-20, 15-25, etc.) I emphasize that it must have a smooth surface (not blocky) and as round as possible. I am in Utah, USA. Feb 19, Contact

e 6300 India: We want Diamond Powder. On approval of the sample, order for the said type of Diamond Powder will be placed. Please send your offer and commercial terms and conditions. 
Diamond Powder of Size :- (a) 0 to 1/4 & (b) 0 to 1/10. We are in West bengal and our phone no. is  033-266.....March 3, Contact

e 5783 India: Please quote for Synthetic Diamond Powder. Specifications are metal bond micron size .0-4/ 2-4/ 4-6/ 0-10 & MESH 325-400/ 400-500. Jan 31, Contact

e 5700 Korea: I want diamond powder. Send your price lists depending on quantity and order base. I need the price of micron depending on your products. Send me your full range of catalogue. What do you demand to be your sole distributor in Korea. In order for us to have exclusive selling right from your company, What is the required volume per year? We have a lot of customers. My contact no. is +82-2-84.....Jan 26, Contact

RU/CN: e 5410 India: We want to import synthetic Diamond Powder from Russia or China. See pricelist 799 as reference. Jan 6, Contact

e 2296 USA: We need quotes for synthetic Diamond Powder of Chinese origin for diamond tool. Mesh size 100-120. Jan 11. Contact. See Offers

e 1847 India: I want to purchase synthetic diamond powders of Chinese origin for diamond Tools. Sept 5. Contact