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Profiles of Expert Panelists  


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Contact any expert below by paying us $ 5 as contact fee each.

Maurizio, New Jersey, USA

born in Italy in 1944, Maurizio has extensive experience encompassing marble fabrication to marble floor installation to maintenance and restoration of natural stone to manufacturing a line of specialty cleaning products for maintenance of natural stone, initially catering to residential consumers, and later to the institutional and contracting market, including products and equipment to perform stone restoration and repolishing, to consultation and training services also. His technical papers that have been published by just about all industry magazines. He has had experience in doing business in India and China. You can purchase his Guidelines and Products. His one-on-one consultation fee is normally $ 50 but to help FindStone with it's efforts to deliver stone education, he has agreed to charge only half i.e. $ 25.

Daniel, Slovakia
Dr. Daniel is in the Dept. of Geology in the Comenius University. He knows the origin and type of most stones including petrography, mineral composition and physical-mechanical properties. He is the author of the 
World's Most Popular Granites
. and  World's Most Popular Marbles.

JVC (John), Texas, USA
I am an architectural stone carver / sculptor working primarily with Texas limestone, Indiana limestone and some marbles. 
I am a University trained geologist with a b.S. degree from baylor University. After working a while both in the petroleum and engineering industries, I realized that I was actually happier working hands on with stone and as an apprentice to a masonry contractor. beginning in 1975, I started my own masonry contracting company focusing as much as possible on stone masonry. Carving for me was a natural progression from stone masonry, and I carved my first piece of sculpture in 1980, and my first architectural pieces shortly after. by 1986, I was carving more than masonry work, and started a company in 1988. Today, my trowel pretty much stays in the toolbox, and my carvings grace fine homes through out the continental U.S., and I have shipped finished work to Hawaii also. Carving stone is my life's passion, and making a living at it has been a great bonus.... Some of my work is at http://www.findstone.com/supplier16/fireplace.htm
Amount I would charge: I do not mind sharing my knowledge at no charge to answer general questions. I am available for consulting on a case-by-case basis. 

Dr. Hans, Australia  
I am a stone scientist and stone specialist with in-depth knowledge and experience in many fields of science. Since graduating with first class Honours and a Ph.D I have worked exclusively as a consultant domestically and internationally providing expert geoscientific advice on geological, petrographic, engineering, scientific, and mining problems to geotechnical companies, architects, builders, construction managers, project managers, stone processing and quarrying companies, stockbrokers, domestic and international banks, governments and government institutions, research organizations, other consultants, and mining companies. I believe that having the necessary, highly trained scientific and geotechnical background is essential to a better understanding of the performance characteristics and behaviour of stone. So too, is the experience gained in working with stone especially its quarrying and processing. Owning and managing several quarries he still make time to physically quarry granite. Much of my work now involves stone selection and testing of stone for construction. Large projects require careful documentation of stone characteristics, starting with quarry assessments, extractability, processing capacity, quality control and timely supply. Architects require meaningful specifications as they relate to stone and clients require maintenance manuals on the end products. A large portion of my work involves the investigation of problems with stone and implementation of repair or replacement procedures. Many aspects of stone performance, especially on heritage buildings, including methods of preservation, demand exacting research using available sophisticated scientific equipment. Over the many years I have been involved in numerous prestigious projects and I am a regular contributor to stone magazines. 
Fees: charged on hourly or daily basis depending on type of project. Simple advice is generally free as a service to the better understanding of stone. More detailed background or service portfolio available on request by fax or email. 

Steven, South Carolina, USA
Steven is a licensed contractor who owns a firm specializing in natural stone fabrication and installation.  

bill, Michigan, USA:
bill has owned a cultured marble manufacturing facility for over 10 years, making a wide range of man made marble, granite and onyx products, and is thus very familiar with all aspects of manufacturing, repairing and maintaining these types of products. Their importing and distribution division  also sells a wide range of natural granite and marble products.  

Stephen, Canada. 
I am from the Island of Newfoundland on the East Coast of Canada which people call the Rock.  There I quarried and became very knowledgeable about slate and its properties. From there I moved to Western Canada and started working for a stone trading company and traveled most of North America learning and talking to other companies about the products and finding out what was hot for the next year in design styles. Over the past four years, I have learned to identify just about every slate in the world and most of the travertines and limestones either by pictures or the touch of the stone. I also have a background in pharmacy, forestry, homebuilding, and heavy equipment operating.  A Jack-of-all-trades, Master-of-none!
We are knowledgeable about sealing the different flooring types and maintaining the floors.
Fee = Usually Free.

David, CA, USA

I am a kitchen and bath designer for our local Home Depot store. I recommend counter tops and flooring finishes for our customers and do strive to give them the best information available.
Past position: I was licensed general contractor building custom homes here in southern CA for 30 years. 

Nitin, bombay, India

I deal in Italian, Indian & other imported marble, granite and decorative stones and vitrified tiles. I also undertake polishing job work. I can suggest shades & type of marble, granite to be used for interior portion & also if any damage crops up with specified products. Charges would vary depending on type of query. Fee US$ 10 to 100. 

Arun, Rajasthan, India

His company provides safe and effective stone and ceramic maintenance chemicals; consultancy; and also trains customers with a complete and comprehensive maintenance program covering the entire stone maintenance cycle. Understanding stone and the products that are available for stone care are vital elements for a successful stone maintenance system. 

Kelly, USA  
Their company has 24+ years experience in distribution to the natural stone fabrication and installation industry and 10+ years training experience in restoration and maintenance.

Jim, Adelaide, Australia
Jim is a consultant. He has vast experience connected with dimension stone testing, implementation of quality control programs for projects and failure analysis.  

Kim, USA
His company represents 100 years of 2 generations of chemical formulations and 27 years of on-site research & development for protection, maintenance, restoration products & services for marble / stone / masonry / metal / auto / marine / aircraft / wood / leather/ acrylic / glass / tile and many other fine surfaces.

Graeme, Canada
I have been in the importing and distribution of slate business for 16 years and have been active in the importing and distribution of sealers and maintenance products - for the last 10 years. I am also a partner in a sealing and restoration business so have had ample experience in the upkeep and problem solving side of the business.
My mandate since starting my business is education to ensure that the correct information is given to promote the use of tile and stone. Fee = Usually Free. 

Michael, NJ, USA
We provide marble and granite refinishing, repair and maintenance services to commercial buildings in the New Jersey area. 

Richard, CA, USA

I have 35yrs (2yrs army) marble-setting experience. I owned a small fab shop for about 7 years. Learned a lot about shop work by trial and error (mostly the latter). Went back to commercial installation for previous contractor as union setter and sometimes foreman. I am ready for anything. I liked building tools better than using them.

Heitor, brazil
I am a brazilian geologist  and I can help with questions related to genesis, characteristics and possible applications of marble and granite.
I work with Remote Sensing Dates Treatment, Geotectonics and Environmental Analysis. 

Scerri, Malta

I am a geologist by profession. I also have a b.Sc degree in Physics and Chemistry. For the last 20 years, I have worked in quarrying activities, mainly as a limestone expert. I have also worked in drilling and blasting both on land and underwater, site investigation, rock grouting. 
I work in geological site investigations and perform geo-environmental impact assessments.  

- Topics I can help on:
- Petrophysical / geotechnical / geochemical tests on limestones and their interpretation
- Thin rock section preparations
- Petrologic / Petrographic analysis & description of limestone.
Fee: Case by Case


We are leaders in production of glazed lavastone, an exclusive natural brand and can help by answering any question about this topic. Fee = Usually Free.

Simon, Australia

A stonemason in brisbane (Australia). I am responsible for training and assessing stonemasonry apprentices in Queensland, as well as students from NT and northern NSW.
I am experienced in building and Monumental Stonemasonry and am regularly called upon to offer advice on stone problems.
I worked for 15 years as a self-employed contractor in stonemasonry after completing my apprenticeship in 1985; part-time stonemasonry teacher from1993-1999; full time stonemasonry teacher from 2000-present.
I have a passion for stone, and enjoy infecting others with my enthusiasm. As an expert panelist, I hope to inform & educate consumers about the natural attributes of stone, and in doing so, advance the stone industry. I would not accept a fee for this service.

Margit, Vienna, Austria

I know about stone- special cleaning, renovation, impregnation and daily maintenance.

Charles, USA
I know about restoration of porous architectural materials including marble, granite, limestone, natural stones, cast stone, cast concrete, terra cotta, ceramic tile, etc.

Douglas, NY, USA
We provide design, installation, maintenance and repair to stone sculptural monuments worldwide.

Alla, USA
I am a natural stone paving contractor. I also provide consultancy services for engineering difficulties in natural stone paving.

Randy, FL, USA
I am in the restoration of stone. Keep me in mind for that service in southwest Florida.  

James, WA, USA

 We have been serving a large customer base in the interior finishing industry for 27 years in the state of Washington and would like to invite you to join our thousands of satisfied customers.
Quality, caring, and on time service are our goals!
Free Estimates, quality installation and sales / service of ceramic tile, marble & granite, glass block, custom mud work, handicapped showers and hardware conversions and waterproofing of exterior decks for tile and stone finishes.
We also provide a complete interior design, flooring, countertop, finish carpentry and construction management service encompassing a complete spectrum which include laminate countertops,
pre-finished hardwood flooring (laminate flooring such as...Pergo, etc.), cabinets, fire and water damage repairs, carpentry (finish, framing), carpets, vinyl flooring & VCT.
Our services also include handicapped shower design and installations. We also design and install custom radius mud showers and do all types of custom shower work.  IF YOU ARE TIRED OF CHEAP SHODDY WORK THEN OUR SERVICE IS FOR YOU!  Let us bid your next project for your home or business and see the difference for yourself. 
Depending on complexity and time for the consultation our rate by the hour would be $42.50 an hour plus materials and expenses.
Estimates for our services are free.

Richard, PA, USA
I can offer my expertise on installation and care of all types of masonry units including structural repairs, retaining walls, fireplace installation, associated draft problems and all types of solid stone and veneer construction. I am also an expert on period restoration and medieval and ancient masonry construction. In addition, I am a gem cutter and proficient in area regarding applications of precious and semiprecious gem materials including polishing and carving of the same. 
I am a product of the European (Danish) masonry Guild system with its attention to detail and integrity. I would charge on a case-by-case basis, obviously some questions require much more attention and have more serious implications then others averages would probably be in the US$ 25 40 range. 
I have well over 25 years in the masonry trades most as a self-employed contractor and have worked for major national corporations and have contracted heavy structural repairs of bridges for entities like New Jersey State and worked for numerous state and local Historical Restoration Societies. 

Piness, China
I am a construction engineer and a supervisor from north China with lots of practical knowledge on varied stone worldwide. I have gained this knowledge by practical experience i. e. staying on project sites for a long period as a professional.
I can advise on selection, installation and maintenance of stones. My focus is mainly on stone structure, effects on various stones transforming from different environments; and proper processing, distinguishing, dealing with inferior stone, etc.

I am a teacher in the field of quarrying of dimension stones. It is also my hobby to know more about ornamental stones and gemstones, sometimes I buy on a personal scale.

Michael, NJ, USA
We provide marble and granite refinishing, repair and maintenance services in Commercial buildings in the New Jersey area

Mukesh, bangalore, India
I have been in the Granite Industry for the last 20 years. I had been associated with the first granite tile plant set up in India in 1983-84, with state-of-the-art imported plant from Italy. Thereafter, during the early Nineties I was involved in granite quarrying & marketing of rough blocks. I have been associated with many big companies for quarrying and processing of granite for the international market.
Modestly, I can say that I have reasonably good experience in the granite industry in India, right from the quarrying to processing to selling the rough as well as the finished products in the domestic & international market.

Phillip, NSW, Australia
I have operated in the natural stone industry in Australia (and overseas) for the past 35 years, pioneering the import of slate/quartzite/sandstone tiles into Australia. Extensive knowledge of the sourcing of slate / quartzite / sandstone / limestone tiles for both indoor and outdoor applications. Commercial and residential..
Installation, cleaning / sealing / maintenance and problem solving.
Slate roofing (natural and synthetic) SPECIALIST, particularly with historical restoration work.
Agglomerated and man / machine made stone tiles have been a large part of my work in the past 10 years. Manufacturing, distribution, sourcing raw materials and selecting plant and equipment from suppliers throughout the World.
Considerable experience with imported stones from South Africa, India, China, Europe and the Middle East. Mainly with tiles and landscape products. Ability to advise on fair pricing, sourcing to suit application and direct import, if required. Fees charged are a minimum US$40, or can be quoted against service request.
Site / client visits are available anywhere in Australia or S. E. Asia.

Linda, Italy
I worked about 14 years for a marble production company. Now I cooperate with an exporter of Italian marble and I, personally, take agreement of prices, selection and production of material from my area: Serpeggiante marble types. 
As I worked in administration, exporting, production area, I can give you, for your clients information on a/m, as by my experience, free of charge. 

Norman, The Netherlands
I know about engineered stone like Caesar stone, Sile stone. 

Margit, Vienna, Austria
I know about stone- special cleaning, renovation, impregnation and daily maintenance.

Charles, USA
I know about restoration of porous architectural materials including marble, granite, limestone, natural stones, cast stone, cast concrete, terra cotta, ceramic tile, etc. 

Gaspare, Italy
I have 25 years experience in marble Industry in Italy. Expert and Supervisor for account of import and export company for Italian marble specially and all around the world. Authorized from the Chamber of Commerce in Trapani.

Manish, USA
I represent one of the best and oldest company in USA. I inspect (quality control) and procure the material for my company and even sometimes I guide which material is best from which factory and my company will get the best material and with best price so that my company can compete in today's USA market. I solve technical problem which my company faces sometimes from the supplier. I am aware of each and every factory from India who can supply best material with good prices. I can say how to choose the material and how to plan for the trade business. I can guide with perfect planning so that my company never faces problems of money and everything. I short I can provide expertise and solve each and every query which any company should not face in business and can do best business even for new starter or established company. Topics I can help are regarding trade, selection, identification, technical specifications, purchase, planning and restoration. I charge $15 per case. 

Mike, Hawaii, USA 
I was a licensed stone/tile contractor in S. California 1987, phasing into restoration until 1992 when I went to doing strictly restoration. I have articles written by me published by magazines some years ago. I own and operate a stone restoration company in Hawaii and get e-mails every week with questions, I'd like to turn that time into some money. I charge $25.00 per inquiry. Aloha!! 

Isaac, Mexico.
We are a Mexican company based in D. F., an we supply and install all kind of stones in different projects in Mexico. We have installed hospitals, universities, Office buildings, Residential buildings and Residential Houses of very high value. 

Anthony, Australia
We do fixing and polishing of all stone floors. As well as sealing and honing of said floors. We also advise on maintenance schemes, if required. 

Mona, Ottawa, Canada
I am a Canadian living in Ottawa. I have an Advanced Diploma in Interior Design from a college in Ottawa. I am from an Arabic origin and speaks Arabic as well. I can work with you to provide Interior Design consultations for customers (specially women). House is woman's kingdom, specially in Arab countries but because of social issues most of house wives cannot choose what they like by themselves which makes it necessary to have a women Interior Designer to enter such a closed environment. On the other side women have a big role in all decisions and most of husbands cannot make decisions related to house design alone. I worked in Middle East as an Architect for about 6 years and I was hired because I can enter houses easily and meet house wives to work together on their houses designs. In regular cases when the designer is a man, husbands work as a communication link which means time and cost. There is another important thing; most women there choose finishing and furniture just to have something new that no other friend or relative woman has in her house.

Stone, USA
I have been in the stone business for 16 years- that's 16 passionate years where it has taken all of me. I have worked days on end without sleep to get the job done. I have made many mistakes.... many many errors. I never quit, wanted to but never did. It has given me the ability to oversee most problems. I have had as much as 10 employees at one time with over 4000 sq. ft. of office and storage for my tools needed for the restoration business. All the money I made, I spent yearly on training, traveling to different similar business to learn tricks of the trade and gain experience. 
Origin: I began working for the largest stone fabrication shop in North America, seeing it grow from a small to nothing shop to a huge power house. I am still referred by them today and consider myself one of their best assets to solve stone issues. I consider them my mentors and where I acquired the heart for the business. I was taken under the wing of an old timer (75 years old) who had 50 years experience. I have traveled to Quebec, Detroit, Orlando, Tennessee and Italy (my parents home town) where I soaked in as much as they gave me.
Experience: I have been working in my own business since 1995 and have touched all aspects of the restoration field. If I would have to estimate, I have done well over 2000 jobs-hand on. Some of my prestigious customers are Celine Dion, Roch Voisine, and so many more.
Goal: Simply to be the most highly recognized in my industry. And I will not stop! How? I think the best way is to help people as much as I can by solving their problems.
If there is anything you need to know, please ask! 

I am an international trade professional, working as an independent consultant.

Capt. Dilip, Chennai, India
I have 20 years experience in granite. I have worked in two leading companies in India and have full knowledge of operating quarries and I have operated quarries of various colors, like red, black, blue, black galaxy etc. I have also experience in opening new quarries which are both underground and over ground deposits also I am into export of granite now and can inspect all colors of Indian granite and marble and thorough with their selection procedure. Can act as an inspection agent for intending buyers.
I can help you in organize your quarry production on a contract basis if you are interested. 

Sal, MO, USA
I can help on all topics regarding installation and care of granite and silestone countertops, fireplaces, and shower surrounds as well as questions regarding remodeling or design of kitchens or homes in general. I have owned my own construction business in the kitchen and bath remodeling industry for 17 years, I have a b.S. degree in Construction technology from Cal State-Sacramento and I have been a certified installer of granite countertops for 7 years and Silestone countertops for 3 years. I have been asked to train other installers in the Midwest. I have personally participated in the actual work performed in hundreds of homes and feel I could give valuable advice to those in need. I would not charge for advice.

Norman, The Netherlands 
Topics I can help on are: Engineered Stone like Caesarstone, Silestone, Zodiaq etc. And all other countertop questions. 
I work for a Dutch countertop fabricator who is specialized in fabricating and selling countertops for almost 40 years. At this moment I'm working as a Technical Support Engineer for our company and I'm willing to answer your countertop questions. We fabricate Caesarstone, Laminate, Corian and Concrete in our own factory. We also sell Granite, Wood, Glass and Lavastone countertops. In our showroom there is no sign "this is the best". We tell our customers (kitchen dealers, architects and consumers) the pro's and cons of each material. It's up to them to decide if the material meet with their design, budget, form and function. I joined the company in 1995 and worked for 5 years as production manager in our Caesarstone factory. I've seen 3 engineered stone factories and visit natural stone fairs like Verona and Nurenberg. Apart from the information that I get from the internet, I read some kitchen, stone and solid surface magazines. 
Most answers are free of charge, specific questions on tooling, machines etc. will be judged case-by-case.

Don, Atlanta, GA, USA
I represent a stone restoration company and contract cleaning company. Can deal with all surfaces comprise of natural and epoxy based materials. We offer a variety of custom service to our clients. We do residential work but mainly are focus is commercial mainly in the hotel industry. We also offer consulting and sales of restoration equipment and chemicals. We can bring to restoration site over 30 employees with over thirty machines for grinding. Traveling to other cities is our main string point. No job is too large but a small job of less than 1500 square feet is a challenge. 
We have over 20 year in the hospitality industry and contract cleaning. We offer service from San Antonio, TX east to Miami, FL north to New York. We do not charge until the customer is satisfied. We do what the customer wants as long as it is not illegal, immoral, unethical. Our employee motto is make the customer happy. We offer guidance and will perform the service or supply the material for the customer to do it themselves. We offer a national level of service to you and can support all of your commercial restoration needs as well as high end residential needs. 

M W James
Specializes in the repair of granite and marble. He is the inventor and manufacturer of a kit which is currently being sold nation-wide. He is specialized in the use of synthetic resins, and natural materials including lime mortars. He has worked on repair projects in the Idaho Capitol building, the U.S. State Dept., Gunston Hall, Temple Hall, the historic Old D.C. Post Office and Court House. He travels extensively throughout the United States consulting on stone repair projects and providing on-site training for people wishing to repair stone. 
Mr. James also conducts historic cemetery condition surveys and has worked on the completion of several restoration projects involving historic cemetery marks. 
He also teaches specialized stone engraving, and shape carving. 
Cost for information is free upon request via e-mail.

Hari Subramanian, India
Topics I can help on are : (a) Info on Indian stone quarries, factories, stone varieties, supply capabilities, representation for rate bargains, production follow-up, quality check, and timely shipments;
(b) representation for machinery/tools suppliers for stone industry; (c) consultancy in business take over, or JV proposals in stone industry in India.
I have worked extensively in stone quarries and processing units in South India, and have a fairly good knowledge of the materials available here and also the operating parameters of stone processing machinery.

S. Oztomurcuk, Turkey
I am in the stone business since 1978. I have worked in many leading companies on every stage of stone production from quarry to customer in Turkey and have full knowledge about operating quarries, production lines and also I am into export of marble, travertine, sandstone, diabase now and can inspect all kinds of Turkish stones and thorough with their professionally selection procedure. Can act as an stone selection inspection agent for intending buyers. I can help you in organize your quarry production and finding new mine districts, opening permits on a contract basis if you are interested.

Marco Cosi - Italy
I'm 50 years old and I'm involved in Stone Consulting since more than 20 years in Italy and in many countries of the World. I've worked and I know very well in more than 15 African countries, Eastern EU countries, UK, Portugal and Spain, most of the Easter EU countries, Australia, Mongolia, China, Pakistan, brazil, Dominican Rep. and Argentina.

70 % of my work is for EU and UN Institutions assisting the Small and Medium Private (SMEs) Enterprises in the Natural Stones (marble and granites) and Industrial Minerals Sector, mainly in the developing countries. The rest is for Consulting works for Private Companies and Stone Associations or private Institutions.

I'm involved in Stone search and evaluation, quarrying analysis and planning, processing plant analysis and diagnostic, marketing analysis and tests, Feasibility studies. Moreover I'm quite well experienced in organisations of Events and Missions to developing countries for establishing new contacts from local promoters and "Western" stone companies (partners).

I'm also skilled in naturally cleft stones and in particular and their market.

PRICE LIST of Consulting Services:

a) Consulting for geological analysis and search on the field:

450 Euro/day in western EU (+ expenses)
500 to 600 Euro/day out of EU (+ expenses)

b) Marketing analysis and/or tests:

400 Euro/day (+ expenses)

c) Feasibility Studies for quarrying and/or processing and/or trade establishing projects:

- in bankable Form for Financial Institutions
from 8,000 to 40,000 Euro + the necessary field evaluations (drilling etc.) + travel expenses)

- in private form for private business purposes depending on projects. A minimum cost
reimbursement + on a success fee basis

d) Search of Financing sources. A minimum cost reimbursement, the rest on a success fee basis

e) Consulting to find particular stones or stone products for customers and or Arch. Consultants
400 Euro/day (+ expenses)

f) Organisation of Seminars and Workshops
400 Euro/day + expenses

Topics I can help on: bIANCO CARRARA TILES, PEbbLES, CHIPS. 
Amount I would charge: ($ 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 100, case-by-case) 

Ken, NC, USA
Ken serves as the "Cast Polymer Application Specialist" a world's largest supplier of unsaturated polyester resins. A Certified Composites Technician (Cast Polymer), Ken is a 34-year veteran of the composites industry and resides in NC . 
Ken works with customers on bowling ball, cultured marble, solid surface, polymer concrete and gel coat applications. He is also a CCT-CP instructor. 

His Past Public Presentations: 
1. Introduction to Polymer Concrete
2. Applications of Polymer Concrete
3. Highway Overlay
4. Rotational Casting
5. basics of Solid Surface
6. Comprehensive Solid Surface
7. Conferencia Concrete Polimerico
8. Cultured Marble
9. Introduction to Engineered Stone
10. International Solid Surface Fabricators and Solid Surface 
11. Innovations in Solid Surface Technologies
12. Solid Surface Resin Chemistry
13. Solid Surface Metal-Patina Technology
14. Veined Solid Surface - "International Cast Polymer Association"
15. Solid Surface Manufacturing to Marketing in a Competitive Environment 

He has published many articles in:
1. basics of Solid Surface
2. Comprehensive Solid Surface
3. Polyester Chemistry for the Cultured Marble Industry
4. Post Curing Solid Surface 
5. Chemistry & Manufacturing basics of Solid Surface 

Dawn McKnight, USA

I began my career in the stone industry in Hawaii in 1989, and am still an active member. While I love all aspects of Natural Stone, Slate and Quartzite's are my passions! I am familiar with slates and quartzite's form around the globe, and some of there inherent problems. I do not charge a fee for answering questions.

M.A. Rodriguez - Alicante (Spain)
Topic: Spanish marble.
I am a stone specialist with in-depth knowledge and experience in many fields of dimensional stones. I have worked exclusively as a consultant domestically and internationally providing expert geoscientific advice on geological, petrographic and mining problems to stone processing and quarrying companies, research organizations and mining companies. My experience gained in working with stone especially at quarrying and processing was essential to a better understanding of the performance characteristics and behaviour of stone. A portion of my work involves the quality control and timely supply like consultant between marble production company and customers. 
Fees: Charged on hourly or daily basis depending on type of project. Simple advice is generally free as a service to the better understanding of stone. More detailed background or service portfolio available on request by fax or email. 

Share your knowledge:
We get questions daily from homeowners, from the trade, and others on various problems that they face regarding stone. These are on issues like selection, identification, material characteristics, technical specifications, testing, purchase, planning, installation, how-to's, maintenance, repair, restoration, etc.

You can see them in www.findstone.com/aw.htm and www.findstone.com/tiretail.htm

As you read the above pages, do respond to the questions there as this will give us an idea about the quality of your suggestions.

Inquirers seek real-world answers - solutions which you know from your experience and expertise. Please share your knowledge and popularize stone usage. You can do so on a FEE or FREE basis.

Please send us the following information and become an Expert Panelist:
  - Topics I can help on: .......
  - Something about myself: (1, 2, 3 paragraphs): ......
  - My full contact details: .......
  - Amount I would charge:($ 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 100, case-by-case)

Remember, this is a very effective way to sell your products and services or even to simply make friends in various countries.