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October 2006




This is a list of all buyers' enquiries from USA. 

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Retail Buyers Inquiries From USA between  

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Year 2006

e 21389 USA : Retail: Please quote for Juparana Mantena. My # is 205-97......Sept 14 Contact

e 21384 USA : Retail: Need 200 to 300 sq feet classic light tumbled marble tiles in 8 x 16 inch size. To be delivered to Central New Jersey . Tel: 908-30.....Sept 13 Contact

e 21377 USA : Retail: We are looking at Labradorite Bianca "granite" for our new kitchen countertops, and flamed or brushed Cambrian Black for our island.  Sept 12 Contact

e 21366 USA : Retail: I am looking for a 24" x 24" white, polished carerra marble slab - hopefully a remanent 1/2" thick. Can you quote me the price of the slab as well as the price for shipping to Phoenix Arizona .  My daytime telephone number is 623-57...... Sept 10 Contact

e 21362 USA : Retail: I need approx. 70 ft2 of Salisbury pink 2cm. I can purchase in slab form or can have supplier cut to the following: 18 - pieces cut 25 1//2" x 17"; 20 pieces cut
6" x 6". Tel: 813-92.....Sept 9 Contact  

e 21357 USA : Retail: I have started and project and ran short of the Lykia Marfil polished tiles. I need two boxes of this tile. Sept 8 Contact

e 21350 USA : Retail: Need Verde Fuoco Granite 2 slabs 3/4" thick. Minimum Dimensions: 100" x 50" each. Use is for Island Countertops. Would prefer to find a Midwest, USA supplier. Like to find the right slabs AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. We are ready to finalize a supplier. Tel: 708 58.....Sept 7 Contact  

e 21344 USA : Retail: I am also looking for a piece of Blue Luise 24"' X 48" , finished size. Do you know of anybody that might have it . I am in Houston , TX . Sept 7 Contact  

e 21339 USA: Retail: Do you know of a place or company in Southwest Florida where we can get granite 12x12’s that have not been installed finished with a flamed finish? We have around 700 sf to get the finish on. Tel: (239)45.....Sept 6 Contact  

e 21337 USA : Retail: I am looking for 180 sq. ft. for Cielo Azul. Do you have current pictures of slabs you can email me? Tel: 407-62......Sept 6 Contact

e 21321 USA : Retail: I plan on putting new venetian gold countertops in my kitchen. The cabinets are a darker brownish cherry and the floors are brazilian cherry. Is this a stone you would recommend base on color of floors and cabinets, also based on maintenance? Any other suggestions on stone colors with this color scheme? Sept 3 Contact

e 21320 USA : Retail: Looking for large blocks of polished rose quartz, 6’ tall x 4’ wide. Matching boulders for yard. Sept 3 Contact

e 21319 USA : Retail: Looking for 2 cm. verde butterfly or giallo fiorito granite counter tops with bullnose edges. Good quality. I need about 90 sq. feet for kitchen zip code is 47032. I live close to Cincinnati Oh. and N. Kentucky . In SE Indiana , We are looking to do the kitchen our selves to save money. Please give best price and shipping to our zip code. 1) 26x108 LF.and front finished 1) 39x84 3 sides finished, 1)26x96 LF.and front finished, 1) 26x108 front finished 2) 4x108" back splash telephone number is 812-74.....Sept 3 Contact  

e 21311 USA Retail: I live in the Sacramento , CA area. I have recently seen several slabs of Seafoam Green Granite (in "sagey" and dark green/ white crystals surrounding a soft/golden brown stone/ and black veins. I love the colors and movement, but was hoping to see if resin/fabric backed slabs are available ( not sure if this treatment is absolutely needed. I am new in looking at granite and I see a fabric/resin backing on slabs that appear to be "fracture prone" because of the different crystalline patterns. The slab sample fractured when it was broken off making me a bit nervous about its strength. It is a beautiful granite, but is it a durable one? Would it stain easily? I would need three slabs and if this is a problem granite to fabricate, I may need to look to a different granite as it is on the expensive side. Are there other names for this granite or similar granites color wise?
What is the hardness or absorption rate (if that is the correct term)? Sept 2 Contact  

e 21307 USA : Retail:  I am also looking for a supplier of Cleopatra granite in the Philadelphia , PA area. Sept 1 Contact  

e 21302 USA : retail: We are looking for Texas Grit for our sandbox. Aug 31 Contact

e 21295 USA : Retail: I am searching for prices on marble windowsills and a threshold and located your price list, but would be interested in pricing for a small quantity. Please give me a US price (and shipping) for:
1 37" X 6" X 5/8" Crema marfil windowsill
1 60" X 6" X 5/8" Crema marfil windowsill
1 36" X 2" X 3/8" Crema marfil threshold
If there is a way to see a sample online or otherwise, please let me know. Aug 29 Contact  

e 21294 USA : Retail: I have a 150sf patio area that I want to cover in stone. We live in Southern California about two miles from the beach, so it does not get too cold and summer temps are rarely over 95F. We want something in a lighter beige color to match the house, but I really don't know what kind of stone to look for. Granite, sandstone, travertine, etc.? What is going to give us the best wear and longevity? Also, I am thinking of having some of the stones engraved with constellations or even engraving a map of the entire summer night sky into the stones. My first thought on this is just to use drill bits to drill in 1/8 inch deep holes to represent the stars. Is this doable? Will it damage the stones? Aug 29 Contact

e 21291 USA : Retail: I am interested in purchasing 224 square feet of White Venatino marble 18 inch tiles, or 224 square feet of Statuary White marble tiles. Aug 29 Contact

e 21272 USA : Retail:  I am a first time home buyer. I am currently doing over my kitchen. I haven't started anything yet except the paint. I would like to by a piece of granite for the island the island sit about 3 pub chairs. I am also considering doing the counter tops as well. Where can I find Salvage slabs of granite?  my cell: 732-69.....Aug 26 Contact

e 21248 USA : Retail: I am interested in about 6 ton of Durango Ledger stone for a project in Palm Springs . Tel: (949) 22...... Aug 22 Contact

e 21247 USA : Retail: I am redoing my kitchen, and I am considering countertops. I have recently come across references to Irish limestone. Specifically there is Irish blue limestone and Irish grey limestone or grey granite. They both have a very similar look to soapstone. I am searching for more information about the durability of the stone with regards to this type of application. Aug 21 Contact

e 21213 USA : Retail: My wife and I are in the process of building a home and looking into the prospect of having a granite countertop installed. We do not yet have the sq/ft information available to us. I'm just checking to see if it would be sensible for us to buy from a different country rather than the U.S. where the markup may be huge? Also, is the shipping of the granite expensive? We are looking for something in black that is considered economical, yet trustworthy. I know this is somewhat vague, but please try and help me. Tel: (309) 35.....Aug 14 Contact

e 21201 USA : Retail: I am trying to find Noir St Laurent marble. I need 2 slabs and I am in the Indian Wells, California area. I need these immediately. I will be using these slabs for bathroom vanities. I would like to have pictures sent so that I can determine if the slabs have the right appearance.
I have seen other slabs in the Southern California area and they are not to my liking, i.e. too much gray mottling, or too many white veins, or not enough of the reddish orange veins.
My phone # is 612-96.....Aug 12 Contact  

e 21198 USA : Retail: I'm interested in a 60x30x2' french limestone top for a table. Phone: 212.88.....Aug 12 Contact  

e 21195 USA : Retail: Looking for a source for pavers. Aug 11 Contact  

e 21194 USA : Retail: I am trying to find swimming pool remodeling company in South Florida to purchases flagstone. Aug 11 Contact

e 21192 USA : Retail: Could you direct me to a source for Seagrass limestone tiles and slab (also called fossil green)? Phone: (907) 34.....Aug 10 Contact  

e 21186 USA : Retail: I am interested in purchasing 12"x12"x1/8" marble floor tiles in Calacatta Delicato or Calacatta Macciaro. I need ~100 square feet. In addition to the floor tile I am interested in buying ~20 square feet of Calacatta tesserea sheet tile that matches the floor tile. Tel: 206-26.....Aug 9 Contact

e 21182 USA : Retail: I am looking for Villeroy & Boch Palazzo Vecchio Blue 400 square feet and Villeroy & Boch Palazzo Vecchio Brown 360 square feet. Tel: 302-54......Aug 9 Contact  

e 21174 USA : retail: I am looking for the following tiles:
6 pieces Ivory Vein Cut Filled Polished 12x12x3/8 Tile
6 pieces Empress Green, YELLOW GRAIN, 12X12X3/8 Tile
Please confirm availability and price. I am in Springfield , VA 22152 . Aug 7 Contact

e 21173 USA : retail: Looking for a granite called Cleopatra from Brazil. Tel: 949-83...... Aug 7 Contact

e 21163 USA : Retail: I am looking for a slab of French Vanilla marble 3cm. Aug 3 Contact

e 21156 USA : Retail:  Looking for honey onyx slabs. Looking for two roughly 5x8' slabs, ideally matched, and preferably from a supplier in the Bay Area. Tel: 415-38......Aug 2 Contact  

e 21155 USA : Retail: I am looking for 550 sq ft blue bluestone. NOT any green or grey......BLUE. Job is located in Chatham , NJ . Stone price to include delivery to my site. Need pattern stone , squares and rectangles. Tel: 908-38.....Aug 2 Contact  

e 21154 USA : Retail: I need about 40 pounds of Shirakawa sand. I am in Chicago . Any idea where I can find it? Tel: 800-82.....Aug 2 Contact

e 20915 USA : Retail: We are moving into a new home in the next week and are on the look out for a few absolute granite slabs. We need roughly 4 slabs 8' x 2'4" and and island slab that is probably 3'x3' polished and bullnosed. Can you tell me what that would cost us with shipping? June 26 Contact

e 20889 USA : Retail: I am interested in purchasing 50 6"x6" x 6-7' rough cut granite "fence" posts. Must be deliverable New England ( New Hampshire ). Phone number: 603.64..... June 22 Contact

e 20865 USA : retail: Would you please send a sample of “Top Quality Tufa Stone”. If the stone matches what I have already, I am interested in purchasing a large stone approximately 4 feet tall by 6 feet wide or larger.  Tel: (360) 57..... June 19 Contact

e 20847 USA : Retail: Can you please quote a price for two 12" diameter black marble balls? My phone number is 419-29.....June 17 Contact 

e 20846 USA : Retail: Need 1 slabs of Giallo Santa Cecilia - what is the price for one slab shipping to the NW Seattle dock? One slab. 3 cm x 96" x 48". Tel: (425) 33.....June 16 Contact

e 20841 USA : Retail: We are trying to find a piece of black granite to use as a stand for a piece of sculpture. It needs to be approximately 12” x 4” x 4”. Tel: (407) 93.....June 15 Contact

e 20840 USA : Retail: I found a tile that I like. It was more than I want to spend. I need 275sq. ft. Can I buy wholesale on that size? 12X24 Tile color is M210 crema Marfil select. My phone number is 301 29.....June 15 Contact

e 20831 USA : Retail: I am trying to locate about 150 sq feet of verde quetzel, honed, 12" x 12". Please advise if you have this item in stock and the price, including shipping to Portsmouth , New Hampshire . Tel: 603 33.....June 15 Contact

e 20825 USA : Retail: I am trying to find a granite supplier in the Boston area who sells Tropical Green, Hassan, Yak and Seaweed from India . I am re-doing my kitchen and need a dark green. Telephone: 781-64......June 14 Contact


e 20806 USA : Retail: We are also looking for Skyros B Marble Tiles, only need a few (or as many as 100 sq. feet). Do you know where these might be available? They have a very, very white background, with purpleish/ pinkish veins, some grey also, but mostly start white. Tel: (916) 96.....June 11 Contact


e 20805 USA : Retail: I am looking for the material that Disney uses in their animal kingdom park Boneyard playground. It appears to be a polished pea gravel. I need enough to fill a play area. June 11 Contact

e 20800 USA retail: Looking for a 40x18 brown with white flecks marble top for a dresser I have. No beveled edge and it is 3/4 inch thick.  Ph. 812 66..... June 10 Contact

e 20788 USA : Retail: I am looking for 16 square feet of lagos azul ( lagos blue) limestone tiles. I would prefer mosaic size 2"x2" or smaller but 4" would also work. I am in the San Francisco California area and ready to buy immediately. Tel: 415-99......June 8 Contact

e 20764 USA : retail: I am interested in purchasing some Mexican marble. I have bought a house that has an existing marble that is called ROSA SALMON-light. I need to make some repairs the existing marble is 16" x 16". I am looking for 20 or so pieces. June 7 Contact

e 20761 USA : Retail: I am looking for 1 1/4 thick or 3/4 thick pietra di bordonia, in NewJersey or New York . June 6 Contact  

e 20744 USA : Retail: We like the Canadian Flagstone, but are open to anything that has a nice color pattern or more important durability. We are looking to build a 24 X 14 or 16 patio. Phone number (614) 86.....June 4 Contact 

20724 USA : retail: I am based out of LA and need to order 35 sqft of the 12x12 black granite tile. I can be reached at 213-99....
June 1 Contact 

e 20722 USA : Retail:  Want Nero Black. Do you have a So. California , USA outlet for this granite? Telephone: 661-28.....June 1 Contact 

e 20721 USA : Retail: I am looking to do a pool decking of about 700 sq ft. I would like something in a lighter color like a Classic Oak (light tans and pinks).  Do you have this? How much would this quantity cost with and without shipping to Dallas Texas ? Tel: 214-56.....June 1 Contact  

e 20690 USA : Retail: I am looking to purchase approx. 200 sq. ft. of slate. The size is 12”x12”x 3/4”-1” or 200 12”x12” x Ύ”-1” tiles. This will be used for an outdoor sidewalk which is why I want the thickness specified. I am located in Lynchburg , Va. May 28 Contact  

e 20687 USA retail: Want Venetian Blue around 77sq ft. of granite needed for kitchen island and two accent counters. 3cm stone, and 1cm backsplash. Willing to buy from any geographical area. Ready to buy. Expect to finalize if/when find Venetian Blue granite. Tel: 813-74.....May 28 Contact

e 20677 USA : Retail: I recently saw a 48 inch round of petrified wood table top that was beautiful and would like to make a kitchen table top out of this material.  May 26 Contact    

e 20668 USA: Retail: Looking for greenish granite kitchen block countertops in Miami area
~14'x 2' foot w/ sink
~1.4' x2' connected behind stove to 2.2
~3.5'x5' island
4" backsplash
1'x3' pass-though
~$2k to 3k budget installed
Would like it ASAP, but definitely w/in 1 mo or I'll have to put in tile. Tel: 305-33...... May 26 Contact 

e 20661 USA : retail: Looking to buy Cielo Azule slab from Argentina .  May 24 Contact   

e 20655 USA : Retail: I am looking for either black galaxy granite tiles or stellar night silestone tiles. Telephone: 773-66.....May 24 Contact 

e 20641 USA : retail: Several years ago, I purchased several boxes of 12 inch x 12 inch marble tile from a local store. This store no longer carries the tile I bought, so I am looking for a close match for my tile. The name of the tile I bought was "Philippine Fawn Tan". I have looked at
the photos on the web site, and it appears that the Philippine "Carmi Florito" is close in color and texture. Can I obtain a small sample to compare your tile with my tile?  I will likely buy 2 or 3 boxes of 10 tiles (must be EXACTLY 12 inch x 12 inch). BUT, it is important for me to acquire a sample of the tile so I can assure that it matches the tile I have now. Phone: 636-79.....May 22 Contact 

e 20628 USA : Retail: My husband and I are interested in purchasing 10-15 bags of large white or dark gray Mexican pebbles, (2" - 4"). What would be the cost would be to ship it to SC, zip code 29681? May 21 Contact 

e 20610 USA : Retail: I am specifically looking for a local supplier of Maine Cobblestones (Belgian Blocks) for my property in Blue Hill Maine . Approximately 2200-2500 sq.ft. All local supplier seem to have imported cobblestones from India or China . Phone: 908-57.....The materials would be required in August, 2006. I expect the origin of the Belgian Blocks are of harvested Maine granite. Of course I would like to inspect the material for sale in the very near future and pricing would be a important consideration. May 19 Contact  


e 20609 USA : Retail: I have fallen in love with a slab of Colonial Gold Crosscut Granite. I need three slabs. May 19 Contact  

e 20579 USA : Retail: I am looking for about 900 square feet of Sivri Beige tile in an 18 inch honed. May 16 Contact

e 20573 USA : Retail: Need 60 sq ft of 18" x 18" Blue Pearl Granite Tiles. Also Need: Bull nose Edging for counter Top Application (26 Linear Feet). Budget: $8.50 - 11.00 per SF plus bull nose ($20 per liniar FT). Needed By: ASAP. Phone #: (630) 41.....May 15 Contact  

e 20569 USA : Retail: Please quote for 3 sheets of delicato granite. I can be reached at 860 84..... I am located in CT. May 15 Contact

e 20561 USA : Retail: I need some bianco catalina. Lowes has it for $3.50 ' , but I know it can be had for $2.00. May 15 Contact

e 20559 USA : Retail: I live in the Houston , Texas area and I am looking for a granite supplier who stocks Delicatus White. Tel: 281-35.....May 14 Contact  

e 20555 USA : Retail: I'm looking for sources for Typhoon Green Granite for kitchen countertops and as tiles on the wall behind the countertop and around the fireplace. Could you please send me contacts for suppliers and installers? May 14 Contact  

e 20549 USA : Retail: Looking for a granite slab called Golden Persa. I am planning a kitchen remodel and will be needing 2 slabs of Golden Persa---kitchen counters with 18" backsplash, breakfast island, Bar counter. I live in Chatsworth, CA. May 12 Contact

e 20536 USA : Retail: I will need 3 sheets of Dolcite granite. I can be reached at 860 84..... I am located in CT. May 11 Contact 

e 20511 USA : Retail: I am having trouble finding Pietra Cardosa that is consistent. I am looking for a grey kitchen counter top. Phone 617 44.....May 9 Contact 

e 20504 USA : Retail: I need a 63.5 x 38 piece of granite for the island in my kitchen. Verde Butterfly is the granite that I am interested in. Tel: 404-37....May 9 Contact 

e 20447 USA : Retail: I am just a retail buyer so I only looking to buy one to three of your marble balls. They would be either 6" or 8" in diameter, depending on their prices. What stones can you make them out of? What is your shipping and handling charge? Tel: 973 8......April 28 Contact

e 20446 USA : Retail: I am just a retail buyer so I only looking to buy one of sculptures: 
0050-0001 - what sizes do you have? what marble and colors do you have?
0050-0003 - only the triangle looking pedestal. Same questions as above. 
What is your shipping and handling charge? Tel: 973 82.....April 28 Contact  

e 20445 USA : Retail: I am looking for a slab of imperial blue sodalite approximately 50 inches by 50 inches or larger. I will pay to ship. I would prefer a retailer in the Los Angeles , California area. I would also like pricing on 12x12 or larger sodalite tiles.  April 28 Contact  

e 20424 USA : Retail: Can you supply small orders like 2 kitchens or about 200 sq feet black galaxy Granite counter tops we can email you measurements?  April 26 Contact

e 20419 USA : Retail: I am trying to locate 41 square feet of Lady Dream 12" x 12" x 1/8" granite tiles. The granite comes from India . My telephone number is 614-86...... I want to use this polished tile as a backsplash to my countertop. April 26 Contact

e 20396 USA : Retail: I need a piece of Turkish delight 3 3/4" x 48" one leg would remain square the other three sides would have eased edges top and bottom. I also need a piece of Botticino Floyito 16" x 48" one long side would have an eased edge top and bottom. This would be shipped to the Memphis , TN , area. Tel: 901 48.....April 23 Contact  

e 20395 USA : Retail: Please quote for 23"x38" slab of Rainforest Green Marble. Phone number 303-34..... April 23 Contact

e 20390 USA : retail: I am interested in buying some Giallo Ornamentale for our kitchen. On the order of 60 sq ft; 2-3cm thick. Tel: (281) 79.....April 21 Contact

e 20389 USA : Retail: I am looking for Jet Mist granite slabs (2cm) in the Washington D.C. area. April 21 Contact  

e 20381 USA : Retail: Please provide and contacts for Sodalite Blue tile in either 12” x 12” or 16” x 16” that is relatively close to New York . Tel: 631-29.....April 20 Contact

e 20346 USA : Retail: Looking for 100 Sq Ft of Travertine Tumbled Stone. Telephone: 619-24.....April 14 Contact

e 20342 USA retail: I am looking to purchase a load of decomposed granite in or around the Atlanta , GA area. I am installing a garden path. 
My phone # is # (404) 37.....I do not need a large quantity of decomposed granite, perhaps the equivalent of a pick-up bed full. (In mulch terms, that's about 3 bobcat scoop fulls) Doesn't really matter what color, as long as it's a natural color. If they are sorted by price, I'll take the least expensive.  April 13 Contact  

e 20341 USA retail: I need quartzite slabs for my countertops ASAP. April 13 Contact  

e 20325 USA : Retail: How much can I get 2 slabs of Amazon Green granite for? April 12 Contact  

e 20319 USA : Retail: Looking for Caribbean Blue Granite 12x12 tiles, calibrated and chamfered 150 SF. We need ASAP. Customer

e 20309 USA : Retail: We are looking for travertine alabastrino. We live in Jacksonville . April 11 Contact  

e 20307 USA: Retail: Need 120 sq ft (60 tiles) 12” x 24” (305mm x 610mm) bush hammered limestone for fireplace surround -- off-white, light yellow, or sandy color limestone preferred. Prefer to buy from west coast, USA but would buy from anywhere in USA or in the world at the right price. We need the stone within the next 3 – 4 weeks (by May 15, 2006). Need price quote and sample to finalize a supplier. 
Would place order immediately. Tel: +1-925-93.....April 10 Contact  

e 20305 USA : Retail: I am looking for a product called Durestone 12x12 x one & 1/4 thick that looks like crosscut travertine. April 10 Contact

e 20302 USA : Retail: Seeking 120 sq ft (60 tiles) must be 305mm x 610mm bush hammered limestone. Off-white, light yellow, or sandy color preferred. Need ASAP. April 10 Contact

e 20282 USA : retail: I am needing 12 sf of Galaxy Black in the 18" x 18" squares (6 tiles) for a bar top. I live in Corsicana , Texas 75110 . How much total (including shipping) to this zip code? I work in Dallas . Do you have any of these available in Dallas ? April 7 Contact  

e 20247 USA ; Retail: We want replacement pieces of marble (2) for the historic C. M. Russell bookends in the attached photo. We need marble that looks similar to Bianco Carrara or Bianco Statuario, but it does not have to be either of those as long as it has that look to an untrained eye. We need the marble to be cut and finished as in the photo. The measurements are: 
Base: 5” x 4.5”
Height: 6-1/4”
Diagonal: 7.5”
Top width” Ό”
We would appreciate any estimates! We would like to have the finished pieces of marble within 6 weeks, by May 19, 2006. Tel: 406.58.....April 4 Contact  

e 20244 USA : Retail:  Please quote for Giallo Santa Cecilia granite slabs. I am interested in 52 sq feet. Please see ready stock 551. April 3 Contact

e 20243 USA : Retail: I am looking for black polished river rocks. Mainly in about 2-3" sizes. Could someone quote me a price for that? I only need about 150 stones, so I do not know what that comes to in lbs. Would need to be shipped to Dallas . Can you quote a price for shipping also? Tel: 214.95.....April 3 Contact

e 20233 USA : Retail: Do you have a supplier with Cuban tiles, larger size and someone who installs? I am in South Miami . April 3 Contact

e 20222 USA : Retail: I live in Sacramento California and I need 2 slabs of Cambrian Black Granite (Honed) for my kitchen remodel. please let me know if you know of any dealers in our area or if you are able to provide it for me. April 2 Contact   

e 20213 USA : Retail: I would like to know what the shipping cost and any other cost is for the total of 300 sq. ft. of Autumn Mist in the 400 MM, Calibrated Slate. Tel: 1-281-48..... April 1 Contact 

e 20201 USA : retail: I am looking for granite called JUPARANA CASA BLANCA. March 31 Contact

e 20200 USA : retail: I am looking for a 5"x 36" Nero Marguina door saddle or a piece to fabricate one. I am in Florida 33605. Tel. 813-24.....March 31 Contact

e 20199 USA : retail: Please locate granite slab in Santa Ynez color. March 30 Contact

e 20198 USA : retail: I am interested in purchasing a slab of Calcutta Vagli. I need a smaller slab for a butler's pantry (5ft x 2ft). Tel: (404) 76......March 30 Contact

e 20161 USA : Retail: I am interested in the Cobalto Blue Granite - I am located in Chicago and am looking for good quality 3cm (around 3-4 slabs). CELL: 773-79.....  March 28 Contact

e 19896 USA : Retail: I need 70 SQF White Thasos Mosaic. Please forward sizes available and availability – please contact David 203-41.....Feb 27 Contact 

e 19886 USA : Retail: I need a supplier of 1cm absolute black granite tiles. 60cm x 60cm x  1cm ( 24"x24"x 3/8"). I am in need right now of 100 of the above tiles. I can take tiles up to 1/2" thick but no thicker as the final product needs to be lightweight. I also need a source of absolute black granite slabs 1/2" thick or less. Tel: 845 38.....Feb 26 Contact 

e 19880 USA : Retail: Need one piece of a 3cm thick slab of lava stone, dark color, 61 cm wide by 122 cm long. Please quote with delivery to 93965, phone 805 57..... Feb 25 Contact 

e 19873 USA : Retail: I am writing to see if you have 50-60 square feet of Volga Blue 12 x 12 tiles currently in stock. What price per square ft.? And what price to ship it to Phoenix , AZ ? Feb 24 Contact 

e 19854 USA : Retail: We are purchasing a new home and my wife loves the look of Travertine for the Kitchen & Bath countertops. Feb 23 Contact 

e 19845 USA : Retail: I am an interior decorator who needs ONE stone slab of about 3X5 feet or 2X4ft approx. How do I find something like that? The type of stone must by very raw and unfinished in look for a 'natural' themed coffeee table top. Colours can be reddish, blueish, greenish but not black or white. Feb 22 Contact   

e 19817 USA : retail: I am looking for red granite samples. Do you ship samples to the USA or have locations in the USA that do? Telephone: 949-37.....Feb 21 Contact 

e 19814 USA : Retail: Do you sell slabs that are large enough to be dining tables? We are looking at Red Onyx/Multi Onyx slabs from Pakistan . We were wondering if a slab large enough. The size should be approximately 85x40 inches in length/width. We do not know how thick it should be to accommodate a slab this size. It would be for 1 dining table seating approximately 8 people, so a piece  about 85 inches long and 40 inches wide would be sufficient. Ideally, it should be a Red Onyx or Mulit Onyx colored stone. Tel: 703-98..... I live on the East Coast of the United states , so if you could also estimate the total cost from the cost of the stone to delivery. Feb 21 Contact 


e 19813 USA : Retail: We are building a house and need Travertine tiles for our master bath flooring, shower and a slab for our bathroom vanity. We would need approximately 330 square feet in 16X16 tiles and a slab approximately 7ft. X 2 ft. It would be shipping to Charlotte , NC 28203 . Can you please send me a quote for the Navona Travertine in these dimensions with approx. shipping too?  Feb 21 Contact 


e 19812: Retail: I am looking for White tiger granite. I was told that it's discontinued due to insufficiency...is this true? Feb 21 Contact 

e 19803 USA : Retail: We are searching for Queen onyx. I need twin vessel sinks, 5' counter and two shelves and possibly step for tub.
Feb 20 Contact 

e 19763 USA : Retail: I want to buy some Azul Aran granite 2cm slab and 3cm slab, Azul Platino granite 2cm slab and 3cm slabs. Phone number 425-82.....Quantity estimate is 2-3 granite slab,  size 100 in x 56 in. Feb 15 Contact  

e 19758 USA : Retail: Looking for arbour stone puma skin slabs. Feb 14 Contact

e 19756 USA : Retail: I need 2-3 slabs of 3cm Blue Cobalt granite. Ph: 704-33.....Feb 14 Contact 

e 19755 USA : Retail: I am looking at a granite called Seaweed Green sometimes referred to as Pocono Grre. telephone 626 44.....Feb 14 Contact 

e 19751 USA : Retail: Do you know where I could get slabs of "Silver Quartzite" within the USA , preferably. It would be approximately 4 to 5 slabs. I would like great quality silver quartzite, without the speckles and bad veins. It is for a contemporary kitchen counter top and service area. Feb 14 Contact

e 19732 USA Retail: I have selected and plan to purchase 3 slabs of granite. I had a sample honed and definitely want the slabs honed for the effect achieved. Where can I get it done in California and what should I expect to pay? You may reach me at 559-22.....Feb 12 Contact

e 19722: USA : Retail: I am looking for a stone called sunset beach. Feb 11 Contact

e 19721 USA : Retail: I am looking for 50 ft2 of 15cm x 15cm x 2cm honed marble tile for a bathroom floor. I would like the marble to have "movement" in it such as the various so-called cloudy types as Volos Cloudy Pink or San Marina Cloudy or Pillion Pink but want to see other tiles as well that would go well with Blue Bahia granite tile. I am located in Minneapolis Minnesota . My telephone number is 612 37..... I am prepared to buy right away from whatever source. Feb 11 Contact

e 19705 USA : Retail: I am very interested in using Ammerello for my fireplace. It is under Brazil Granites in findstone.com. Its orange and yellow with a lot of movement in it. I need 2 slabs. Tel: 917-47.....Feb 10 Contact   

e 19700 USA Retail: Email me relevant information for backyard use of flagstones….area is approx. 20 x 30 ft. Feb Contact

e 19693 USA : Retail: I am in Dallas Tx and wish to do my kitchen counter tops in the iguana green granite 3cm and cannot find any supplier that has it. Feb 9 Contact  

e 19690 USA retail: I am looking for Crema Bordeaux. I like the lighter version with the pink/cream/grayish colors in the stone. I live about an hour from Sacramento so I could easily drive there if it would mean I could find the color of granite that I really want. phone 925-84.....Feb 8 Contact

e 19676 USA : Retail: Interested in purchasing 35 Sq.ft. of Sodalite blue granite for counter top. Polish and edges finished. Do you have this product in supply? tel. no. is 914-26......Feb 8 Contact

e 19675 USA : Retail: I am trying to find Travertine Alexandria. Qty. is 4500 sq. ft. Tel: 702-28.....Feb 8 Contact  

e 19662 USA : Retail: Need 250 sq feet of forest green marble in 12x12 or 18x18 inch tiles. Feb 6 Contact 

e 19661 USA : Retail: I am searching for 2 slabs for my fireplace project. I specifically like a color I saw on findstone.com. The color is called Amerello, it is under Brazil , Granites. It looks like flames from a hot rod with movement. I have tried to locate this specific color with no luck. I would like to purchase and start my project as soon as possible. Tel: 718-94.....Feb 6 Contact 

e 19636 USA : Retail: I need to insert accent pieces of Santa Cecelia, 2” x 2”. (100 count), Kitchen floor.  Feb 3 Contact

19634 USA : Retail: I am looking for a thassos white glass countertop slab at least 96 x 66. It appears to be thassos white natural stone but it's actually man made glass. You can contact me at 213 89.....Feb 3 Contact  

e 19625 USA : Retail:  I need 1 slab 3cm thick blue eyes granite polished for bathroom countertop and trim. Seller should state size of available slab. Largest dimension of countertop is 73 x 27 inches, so I might be able to use partial slabs that would make this and other pieces. I will travel within about 100 miles of Boston to pick up the slab. A am ready to buy, would like to have stone within one month. I am going to fabricate locally with a small shop. Tel: 781-25.....Feb 2 Contact 

e 19611 USA: Retail: Need 60 ft New Venetian Gold 12x12, 16 ft OG Molding, 11Ft Cigaro, 1 corner. Phone: 559-25.....Feb 1 Contact 

e 19601 USA : Retail: I wonder if you could give me a price quote on a countertop slab, 3/4 in. or 1 in. thick, 55 in. x 20 in. dimensions. Also if you have an estimate on shipping to Wisconsin .  Jan 30 Contact  

19596 USA: Retail: I am looking to buy a counter tops for two midsized kitchens, as well as floor and wall tile and 2 vanities made from Gouverneur marble. Also known as Whitney Marble, St. Lawrence Marble, it has a rich, dark-blue color, is finely mottled, and by reason of its marked crystalline structure presents, when finished as a building material, an unusually clean and sparkling appearance. I’m renovating a house in San Francisco , CA , and hope to use Gouverneur Marble wherever possible. We are at the end of the design stage, and having trouble finding the stone. I’d like to place an order in April or May at the latest. Tel: 415.2.....Jan 29 Contact

e 19595 USA : Retail: I am looking for a minimum of 1-2 slabs of midnight blue granite. At least 48” wide. I believe it is imported from China . I am located in San Jose , California . The granite is black with gray- tan swirls and blotches. Tel: 408-59..... Jan 29 Contact 

e 19590 USA : Retail: I am from Buffalo and I'm looking for African Rich Autumn (or similar)12X12 tile for my master bath. I would like about 130 square feet. Zip 14031. Please let me know if you have this/ price/delivery.  Jan 28 Contact  

e 19578 USA : Retail: I would like to purchase 13 pieces of Lady Dream tile (18" x 18"). I live in the NY area in USA . Jan 26 Contact

e 19570 USA : Retail: Please email Prices for travertine and Granite. Jan 26 Contact  

e 19568 USA : Retail: I am looking at the Uba Tuba granite for my kitchen countertops. Jan 25 Contact

e 19559 USA : Retail: Need 40+ sq. feet of Silestone "White Zeus" for her kitchen countertop. Job: do template, supply stone, fabricate stone, install countertop. Time frame: needed in 60 days. Location: Long Island , New York . Must have references. Phone number: (212) 33.....Jan 23 Contact  

e 19552 USA : Retail: Looking for 12 x 12 Granite Tiles: "PARADISO BASH" for $4.50 per sq. foot. I am interested in purchasing 90 to 100 square feet and would like to know how, if, and when can I set this order up. I live in Long Island , NY 11793 , if you can tell me a shipping quote or is it possible to drive to pick up? Let me know as I am very interested. I also need 200 sq. feet of granite for another project that I might consider purchasing from you as well if this can be done. My contact info is 516-69.....Jan 23 Contact   

e 19538 USA : Retail: I see Oasis Blue slabs listed on your website at http://www.findstone.com/sl/rs529.htm. Could you please e-mail me a picture? Is it oasis blue Marble, or some other stone? Also, approximately how much would shipping be to San Francisco , CA , and how soon could that be sent. The quantity I need is one 4x6 slab. Jan 21 Contact  

e 19512 USA : Retail: I need a big-base stone boulder to place on my parkway to prevent cars from cutting across from the alley onto the street. It should be around 30" high and 24" wide. Also, I would prefer it come from the Midwest . I am in Chicago . I need it delivered and set in place. Tel: 312-95.....Jan 19  Contact

e 19511 USA: Retail: Need Silestone, Green River approx 112 sq feet, 63 linear ft edge, sink cutout, local supplier or fabricator/supplier ready to buy, cabinetry will be in early Feb 06.  tel: 760-74.....Jan 19  Contact

e 19508 USA : Retail: We are looking for two 3 cm slabs of Wild West Green granite (about 80 sq. ft.) for a new home we are building. We have a fabricator and the cabinets will be installed in the next couple of weeks. Could you please give us photos, a price quote, and how much it would be to ship to Byron , Georgia (zip 31008)? Jan 18  Contact

e 19507 USA : Retail: I am interested in buying immediately 360 sq feet of 12x12 Black Galaxy granite tiles that are completed finished and beveled. Tel: (410) 53.....Jan 18  Contact

e 19462 USA : Retail: I need to replace a marble slab 25" x 45" with 1" thickness. Preference for the Antico D'Italia Rosso. Please price for me. Tel: 703-53...... Jan 13 Contact

e 19460 USA : Retail: I have a kitchen floor that I want to cover with something that looks very much like random flagstone. My desire would be to use quarried stone, but I can’t live with the 1” – 2” thickness increase to my concrete slab. Does anyone sell a textured tile or flagstone veneer (odd sizes 6 – 14” in width), durable enough for a kitchen floor, that is non-rectangular but still cut in a mathematical shape where the edges can lined up in some pattern that is not quickly noticeable by an untrained eye? I would also like the same material to cover my upstairs bathroom. The sub-floor is 2x12” beams with Ύ” plywood; load bearing wall on a 12’ square directly below the bathroom. Jan 13 Contact  

e 19458 : Retail: I am am looking just too buy a small slab of good alabaster. Not one in bad, condition; I've worked with alabaster so I know how to tell a good one from a bad one. This is just to test my skills upon the rock. Jan 13 Contact

e 19457 USA : Retail: I am just starting to search for a 3' x 7' polished granite table top. Can a thick top be supported at 1 end by a ledger board and then just an "end upright" say 2' from the end? What kinds of costs are we looking at? my counters are granite tiles, I love them. most any color would be ok for the table. Tel: 319-39.....Jan 13 Contact

e 19456: Retail: I am looking for a small quantity of Indian - Absolute Black granite (slab) for a countertop. Need a 120.5 inches length and 30 inch width. Jan 13 Contact 

e 19455 USA : Retail: We are looking for some Norwegian Rose marble tile. Would you have any? Probably around 60 sq ft. Maybe more if we have to re-do more than originally planned. It's for a shower and steam room. Tel: 303-73.....Jan 12 Contact

e 19448 USA : Retail: Please quote for Baltic Brown granite. Phone number is 301-43.....Jan 12 Contact

e 19438 USA : Retail: I am looking for a shell stone slab for a shower entry of approximately  1'x7'. The thickness can be anything between 1" and 4", whatever is standard. I am ready to buy this slab now - I don't have an exact time  deadline, but I'm ready to install it now and would like to have a working shower :). The shower is already tiled in shell stone tile which has a great deal of variation, so I'm hoping that it won't be too difficult to find a pleasing (doesn't need to be perfect) match or complement. I can supply a sample of the shower tile and a template for 
the exact size. I am willing to buy from any location as long as the price including shipping is competitive. I don't have a specific budget as I'm not sure what's reasonable for a slab of this material and dimension. I'd get it locally but this material isn't used much in the North East - it seems mostly used in the South, particularly Florida . Tel: 973-96.....Jan 12 Contact  

e 19435 USA : Retail: I am looking for approximately 50-100 SF of ROSA Valencia (not Crema) in 12 x 12 inch polished format. Please provide company name, price, location, and availability. Tel: 757 44.....  Jan 11 Contact  

e 19418 USA : Retail: I am looking for California Gold Slate in slabs. Can you tell me who handle this product? I need between 20-30 SF of California Gold Slate in Slabs. Slab size is also very important please let me know if you have any information on this. Also, I am looking for a slab of Rojo Alicante Marble either in 3/4" or 1-1/4". Slab size must be at least 97" x 53". Tel: 515-24.....Jan 9 Contact    

e 19413 USA : Retail: I need VERDE BUTTERFLY - 3cm, Height: 69" Length: 116", to be used for kitchen countertops. Ready to buy now.
Please send photo of the two slabs; up close, partial slab (so that slab quality and grain can be viewed), and full slab photo. I am ready to place an order as soon as quality can be viewed. Call me and we can discuss shipping costs to Little Rock , Arkansas where I will can pick
up at the shipping terminal. Jan 8 Contact  

e 19412 USA : Retail: I need a replacement piece of Azul Bahia approximately 25 1/4 " x 45". If anybody knows where this can be obtained please let me know. Jan 7 Contact   

e 19400 USA : Retail: I am looking for pink portugal or rosa portugal or rosa portogallo marble slabs. Tel: 301 46....Jan 6 Contact  

e 19387 USA : Retail: I am looking for quartzite by the name of Stella Brown. Please let me know if you carry it and where you are located so I may take a look. I may be reached at 703-86..... Jan 4 Contact  

e 19376 USA : Retail: Would like to know if the price for Sapphire Blue is $3.50 per square foot (see pricelist 977). Also is 24 in. x 24 in.x 20 mm slabs available in sapphire blue. If so is the cost more per sq. ft.? Could you e-mail me a picture of the sapphire blue you have? tel. no. 1-606-24.....Jan 4 Contact 

e 19353 USA : Retail: I am looking for a thick piece of slate approximately 3 inches that is approximately 2 feet by four feet. It is for a memorial stone and I need to find the best price I can. If the stone is smaller, that is ok too. Tel: 23969.....Jan 2 Contact

e 19352 USA : Retail: Looking for some Calcutta Gold for a huge master bathroom. I finally measured the floors, shower walls and wainscoting. 400 sq. ft. 8x8, 12x12, 16x16, 18x18, 24x24 all acceptable. Tel: 253-31.....Please prices delivered to Tacoma . Jan 2 Contact

e 19346 USA : Retail: I am interest in Collection of buying left over, any small pieces, mix pieces of Natural of Granite Stone, of which just big enough that can be use for Desk top, End Table, or Small Sections of kitchen counter. My phone is 703-32.....Jan 1 Contact

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