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June 2003




 This is a list of all buyers' enquiries from USA. 

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Retail Buyers Inquiries From USA between  

  Jan-Oct 2006     Jul-Dec 2005   Jan-Jun 2005
  Jul-Dec 2004   Jan-Jun 2004   Jul-Dec 2003

Buyers Inquiries from January 2003 to June 2003

e 7758 USA: Retail: I need 2-3 crates of Kashmir White granite tiles of 12"x12"x5/16" honed for delivery to Phoenix metro, Arizona. Willing to wait 8-12 weeks for the desired thickness and finish. Anticipating offers to be in the range 3.50 - 6.50 per sq ft. Will pay for sample, if available. My contact no. is 480-83.....June 30, Contact USD 50 (buyer has paid deposit)


e 7755 USA: Retail: I want Juparana India. How much for a sq. ft. I need 30 sq. ft. Delivery to Salida, Colorado 81201. June 30, Contact, USD 20

e 7747 USA: Retail: I am interested in Multi Color Red and similar colors such as New Imperial Red. I also noticed that Desert Rose that appears on FindStone's web page http://www.findstone.com/SAFgran1.htm looks similar as well. However, when I look up Desert Rose directly, the page http://www.findstone.com/AUSgran1.htm  appears and shows Desert Rose completely differently.
My questions are:
1. Which Desert Rose is correct and what is the name of the other one?
2. What other granites are closest to Multi Color Red?
3. I discovered Multi Color Red as attached and compared it to Multi Color Red on Findstone.com. They are similar but Findstone's Multi Color Red image does not contain light gray while the image attached does. Please review both images and clarify which is the REAL Multi Color Red and what the other one should be named? 
I am making final counter top decisions this week. June 30 Contact USD 20 (open)

e 7744 USA: Retail: How much does ubatuba verde cost including fabrication and installation? June 30 Contact USD 20 (open)

e 7741 USA: I am looking for a professional stone fabricator, installer and supplier to cut a shape a slab of granite for me. I live in Oakland, CA. June 30, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 7739 USA: Retail: I want 2000 sq.ft. of granite and marble tiles for my house. Please email prices and description (with photographs, if possible). Looking for a supplier in the location within 200 miles radius of Birmingham, Alabama. My phone no. is (205) 93.....June 29, Contact USD 40 (open) 

e 7733 USA: Retail: I am in the process of choosing a countertop for my kitchen. I am leaning towards choosing ubatuba verde. Is it a good one for kitchen purposes and I do like to cook which will subject the countertop to water, oil etc getting on the granite. Is the care and maintenance of ubatuba easy? My other choice is another granite called forent cobra. Pls tell me also about the absorbency and care of this granite. June 29, Contact USD 20

e 7731 USA: We want a Brazilian granite called "Ocean Flower". It is similar to Cafe Royal but with a pinkish brown tone and grays with a splash of green. June 29, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 7730 USA: Retail: Looking for edges for new tropical green? If so what is the price. Also shipping charges. My phone no. is 706 32.....June 29, Contact USD 20

e 7716 USA: Retail: I want Alba Chiara to make a 61x22" bathroom vanity, one sink, 8" widespread faucet, 3" backsplash on back and one side, bull nose cut. I am a project engineer in Vermont and my contact no. is 
(802) 86.....June 27, Contact USD 20 (open) 

e 7710 USA: Retail: I need 20 feet of grigio carnico immediately. I am in N.Y. city and can pick it up. June 27, Contact USD 20

e 7706 USA: I need 60 sq feet of Gallio Fiorito 12x12 ASAP. We are builders. Our contact no. is 714-76.....I need my stone by Tuesday next week. June 27, Contact USD 20 (open) (updated inquiry)

e 7704 USA: Retail: I am looking for the best deal I can get (with a designer discount) for New Venetian gold granite slab. I live in Glendale, CA. June 26, Contact USD 20 (open) 

e 7699 USA: Retail: Please quote for 250 Sq. Ft. Bluestone treads 2" x 24" thermal top. Delivered Laguna Beach, Ca. 92651. We are a development company and our contact no. is 949 28.....June 26, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 7692 USA: Retail: I am looking for a specific color that seems to be hard to find in Houston. It is called Canadian Blue. Looks like a very blue sky with a good deal of white. June 26, Contact USD 20 (open) 

e 7690 USA: I want absolute black granite. Looking for a supplier in the San Diego, CA area. June 26, Contact USD 20 (open) 

e 7687 USA: Retail: I want a slab of Azul Cielo for a bathroom. I need a 6' x 4' piece. I would like to know the price for shipping and it's cost per square foot. It doesn't matter where it comes from. I live in the New York metro area. I would like a sample. See price list 621.  June 26, Contact USD 20 (open) (updated inquiry)

e 7686 USA: Retail: Please quote for tile and mosiac stone table tops for outdoor use mounted on lexan type resin base, with resin epoxy grout glue. June 26, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 7680 USA: Retail: I want 10 pieces of ROSA DUQUESA (Spain) marble floor tiles (12x12). June 25, Contact 
USD 10 (open) 

e 7674 USA: Retail: I am looking for New Venetian Gold tiles (if possible in 24 x 24). I need about 70-80 sq ft. I am located in Milwaukee WI. June 25, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 7673 USA: Retail: We need about 80 sq ft of GIALLO CALIFORNIA for kitchen countertops. That comes to about 2 slabs. We live in Hawaii so the slabs need to be delivered to Kailua Kona, HI. If you can do this, how much would it cost for the product and delivery? My contact no. is (808) 89.....June 25, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 7668 USA: Retail: I am looking for distributors in the New York City/Boroughs area for marble / granite slabs and tiles. June 24, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 7666 USA: Retail: I want lavastone for my kitchen counters in Palo Alto, California. I have a sample of something labeled Lava Gold. The need is immediate. June 24, Contact USD 20

e 7655 USA: Looking for a supplier for Azul Bahia granite near San Diego or Palm Desert in California. 
June 23, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 7645 USA: Retail: Please quote with images for negro butterfly granite. June 23, Contact USD 10 (open) 

e 7612 USA: Retail: I am a kitchen and bathroom designer. I am currently working on a kitchen which I believe to have tiger or yak black countertops. Client wants to add more cabinetry which would need additional countertops. We’re looking to try and match the existing countertop as best as possible. Is there any way to have a sample to my office? I am in NJ 07930. My contact no. is (908) 87.....June 20, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 7587 USA: Retail: Request for Quote for Black Galaxy. See pricelist 158. Does the price come with a warranty on breakage/cracks during shipping? Also is there some way to make sure it will match all the way around for the counters? I can send drawings of the countertops w/ measurements to give you an idea... How does the payment then work? How much would the shipping be estimated at then assuming it's being shipped to an area near San Jose, CA 95032 is the zip code. We need 41 Sq Ft. June 19, Contact USD 20 (updated inquiry)

e 7579 USA: Retail: Need Michigan source for granite- need undermount sinks (two) for 5 foot bathroom vanity-need cut and installed. how much? how quick? June 18, Contact USD 20

e 7578 USA: Retail: I want uba tuba granite installed in my kitchen. What is your per square foot price, installed? I am in MD 20850. Phone - 301.92......June 18, Contact USD 20

e 7577 USA: Retail: I am an interior designer looking for fabricator to template & install 3 kitchen counters. I am in NY. June 18, Contact USD 20

e 7550 USA: Retail: I am looking for a prefabricated crema marfil (or close match) vanity top with back splash for a 36" vanity. I would like to install wide spread faucets. All of the products that I have found so far are either a 72" minimum in the countertop or the pre-drilled holes are for a center mount faucet. June 17, Contact USD 10

e 7548 USA: Retail: We are looking for approximately 35 sq ft of granite countertops for our kitchen. We have one L shaped section, that measures 99" long and the L portion is 42" long from the wall to the end of the existing counter. We also would need a 30" counter for a prep area and then a 3'x4' island. We are open to colors in the yellow, brown spectrum, and ideally would like to select two different color stones for the application. We are located in the 53224 area code, please provide estimated charges including shipping. We also would like to have them delivered within 2 weeks of today (06/17/2003) if at all possible. Also, what is the lead time on getting the materials shipped? See pricelist 916. June 17, Contact USD 20 (updated inquiry)

e 7519 USA: Retail: We want Uba Tuba or Tropical Brown granite slab. We will need approx. 110 ft. What would the price be and what would the shipping be to Boynton Beach, Florida. We have an installer.
We are ready to purchase. All sizes are approximate until our kitchen and vanities are installed at the end of this week 6/24/03.
1. Granite slab for our kitchen either Tropical Brown or Uba Tuba gold, approximately 80 sq. ft. with bullnose edges. 2. Marble slab for two bathroom vanites. Breccia Oniciata approximately 6ft x 25 1/2" and 5 ft. x 25 1/2 " with bullnose edges. June 14, Contact USD 20 (updated inquiry)

e 7507 USA: Retail: I am interested in doing granite in my kitchen. Please send me some details. June 14, Contact USD 10

e 7480 USA: Retail: We want to purchase four (4) of 1 1/4 Pendelicon marble slabs. We are located in Boston. June 11, Contact USD 20 (updated inquiry)

e 7477 USA: Retail: I'm thinking of using (polished) Seafoam green granite for kitchen counters, but I can't find out anything about it. What is its water absorption %? How does it compare to other pale green granites (in fact, are there any?) in terms of stain resistance? Looking for a granite yard in or near New York City. June 11, Contact USD 10

e 7472 USA: Retail: I am looking for two pieces of Granite. The two pieces will be #1 34" long by 26" deep and the other piece is 78" long by 26" deep. I have a picture of what I am looking for. That 78" X 26" piece is really more on one end. I want a round piece where I will have two holes where the sinks fits. I liked that Absolute Black but then I want Granite and it doesn't matter what color or kind. I am disabled and am renovating a trailor that I just bought so money is a big deal. Attached is the drawing of what I want to do. Also tell me if it will even work. My contact no. is (850) 57.....June 11, Contact USD 10

e 7466 USA: Retail: I want Cielo Azul blue granite from Argentina. I am in CA 90230. June 10, Contact 
USD 20

e 7462 USA: Retail: I want 200 square feet of Jerusalem Gold stone tiles for my foyer. I live in Northern Virginia and would like to know where to purchase them for a reasonable price. Call 703-2.....  June 9, Contact USD 20 

e 7452 USA: Retail: We have installed a plywood chimney to accommodate a propane fireplace and wood stove. We would like to cover it with thin stone veneer that weighs no more then 10-12#/sq. ft. The chimney requires 53 sq.ft. of stone veneer and has 20 linear feet at the corners should corner stones be available. We are having trouble finding the thin stone in RI. Could you advise us on general cost of the thin stone. We have weathered gray shingles with a deep maroon/ rust trim so are looking for something that is compatible with it. We will be installing the stone ourselves as we've done most of the work on our home. June 8, Contact USD 10

e 7447 USA: Retail: I like Giallo Provenza. What is your price for a 16 x 16 piece? June 8, Contact USD 5   

e 7424 USA: Retail: How much per Sq. Ft. for the Blue Sky? I am in Fl. 32127, & contact no. is 386 76...... Need 300 Sq.Ft. Price range $1000. Need by July 1. June 7, Contact USD 50 (updated inquiry)

e 7405 USA: Retail: I am working on a project and I need 15- 10" X 10" marble looking tiles- Carmel/ white or white not too busy. It could be Travertine, marble. Price $ 5.00 - $ 8.00 a tile. I am located in California 96114. Contact no is (530)-25...... June 6, Contact USD 10 (updated inquiry)

e 7403 USA: Retail: I want Royal Gold granite in price for 2" thick. June 6, Contact USD 10

e 7401 USA: Retail: Please quote for Giallo Sylvia tiles. June 5, Contact USD 10

e 7385 USA: Retail: I want to use Amazon White Granite for a kitchen counter top. Is this an acceptable product for use as a kitchen counter top relative to absorption, stain resistance, etc? From a angle the uncoated sample has a lot of small pits in it due to the small size and color of the various material. Will these pits in this specific granite be a problem or will they be filled when sealed? June 4, Contact USD 20

e 7384 USA: Retail: I am looking to replace a granite desktop and would like to get a quote for the following:
Brazilian Black Granite 27" X 57", 3/4" thick, 1/4 bullnose edge, shipped to CT. June 4, Contact USD 10

e 7374 USA: Retail: I am looking for inlay designs. June 4, Sold

e 7372 USA: Retail: I want to use 12 slabs of Raja Pink Granite in my Master bath shower, slab for tub and sinks and floor as well in 350 sq. ft. 12x12 tiles and 350 square feet of 18X18 tiles. I also need over 2000 square feet of matching tile. Where is it from and what is the price compared to Black Galaxy and White Kashmir? Is it more or less expensive? I am thinking about using it. Need A.S.A.P. , as they are ready to install granite any day now. Any suggestions? I am in California, contact no. is 805-79.....June 4, Contact USD 100

e 7370 USA: Retail: Is there a Jerusalem red honed Limestone 12 x 16 available? June 4, Contact USD 10

e 7368 USA: Retail: We need White marble outdoor stairs, 60 x 10 x 1 (four steps) that would include a rounded front edge.. Delivery to Boston, MA. June 4, Contact USD 20 (updated inquiry)

e 7365 USA: Retail: Looking for a source to match Azul Platino Tiles. Have some which are not yet set to use as samples. Need to match. June 4, Contact USD 10  (updated inquiry)

e 7364 USA: Retail: I like autumn black and V Gray Israeli limestone. Please provide info. June 4, Contact USD 20

e 7361 USA: Retail:  Looking for a vendor for black and white marble and granite tiles. See pricelist 952. Need 275 sq ft. Would like to buy in domestic market. White Marble and Black Granite preferred. 135 sq feet each color (black/white), 16"x16" or 18"x18" tiles. Will place at a price range up to 6.00 per square foot including shipping. We can order immediately. Surface polished preferred. Interested in French Vanilla and Black Galaxy. Will pay for postage cost of samples. I am a builder in CT 06518 and my contact no. is 203.92.....June 3, Contact USD 50 (updated inquiry)

e 7359 USA: Retail:  We are a tile and stone company looking for 3 slabs of Juperana Classico 3cm, or Juperana Gavoita, or similar looking granite. Needed ASAP, Minimum size 77x 90 x 3cm. Needed in S.W. Missouri. May be willing to pick-up material. June 3, Contact USD 50

e 7353 USA: Retail: I want 16 x16 granite tiles for a 40 sq ft area. Do the following granites come in tiles of this size? Could you please give me a quote for each, Colombo Juparana and Himalayan Blue? I am in MD, my phone is 410-82...... June 3, Closed USD 20

e 7348 USA: Retail: I am interested in buying about 200 square feet of Breccia Paradiso tiles; the price list 418 gives $6.70. I am also interested in Marron Imperial (40 square feet), that's quoted at $6.15 per tile. Home 206-528-7593. Please help. June 3, Contact USD 50 

e 7176 USA: Retail: I am a retail buyer in Houston. Please quote for slabs and tiles. See pricelist 846. My contact no. is 713-85.....May 16, Contact USD 20 

e 6974 USA: We are completing a Japanese bathroom that calls for unpolished river rock in mortar. Please email me info regarding stone available for interior and exterior design work. April 30, Contact USD 10 (open)

e 6970 USA: I want blue star granite tiles. See price list # 417. April 30, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 6966 USA: I need to find 3/4 inch thick marble or granite for counter tops approx.7 ft x 6 ft. April 30, Contact USD 10 (open)

ES/TR/CN: e 6964 USA: I want Spanish blue star, Chinese grey waves and Turkish Salome, supreme salome, & supreme salome1, they are gray with peach or pink wavy lines. Please quote for 12x12 tiles. I am in Virginia, contact no. is 703-91.....April 30, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 6898 USA: I want a small quantities of round stones in black color. I would like to do a stone border mosaic in a tiny bathroom. See 007 - 0002 in findstone.com's online stores. Name of the product is Alor black. My contact no. is 800-98.....April 26, Contact USD 20 (open)

See www.findstone.com/may03.htm and www.findstone.com/apr03.htm for US retail inquiries. (not sorted yet)

MARCH 2003

e 6455 USA: I want Blue Crystal and Opal Pearl. Please quote. My phone no. is 973-38......March 19, Contact USD 50

R 96: Need small quantity of granite tiles. 12 x 12 x 3/8" or larger. Color... tan brown.... (also called cranberry brown, English brown, sapphire brown). Only 15 Square feet. March 7, Contact   

R 95: I have a family with two young boys (3 and 0.3 years old), and I’m planning to purchase granite countertops as part of a remodel. We’re definitely going with polished granite for the majority, and our designer is suggesting “honed” or “fired” granite for accent areas and a couple of tabletops. Do you cover these surface preparations in your documents? March 7, Contact 


R 93: I'm looking for a kitchen counter surface that will be heavily used and will 
receive little or no maintenance after installation. I'm looking for a "concrete" or natural dark grey stone look with a matte or honed finish. I've looked into honed black granite and pietra cardosa but I don't want all those maintenance headaches and want the original look to last. The only alternative I've found is Corian. Any other suggestions? March 7, Contact

R 92: We are considering a Violetta granite for our kitchen countertops. Is this a good choice? March 6, Contact

R 91: We will be building a new home and are looking at different granites for our countertops. A salesman showed us one we really liked and the name of it was Golden Juparana. Could you tell me a little about it and is it really a granite. March 6, Contact

R 90: I am building a house and trying to decide between an ivory colored limestone or an ivory colored travertine for the entrance foyer. Either would be honed and filled, and they look almost identical NOW. My question is, how will they wear over time? I want to choose the one that will stay closest to its original color, is less porous, and has less maintenance, if possible. March 6, Contact

R 89: In the process of revieing alternatives to Tile Shower Enclosures. My was poorly constructed and is now in the land fill. Before I go back with tile I am hoping to learn something about Solid Surface Alternatives (Silestone, Marble, Granite or ?).
My shower is @ 4' x 4' . 2 Walls at 8' tall, a @ 4' x 30" Half Wall between the Tub and Shower, a 18-24" Half Wall next to a Shower Door and 4'x4' on the ceiling.
What materials do you work with? Can you provide a rough estimate of Material Cost both with and without installation. I am in the Wylie area. March 6, Contact

R 88: I am in the market for installing marble tiles in my kitchen and bathroom. Do you guys have a brochure you can send me? I am in NJ 08215. March 6, Contact

R 87: Please let me know how much would you charge for a slab of onyx large enough to produce a 32" round table top 1" thick. I am specifically interested in Green, Dark Green and Red Onyx. My contact no. is 
917-32.....March 6, Contact

R 86: We're planning to install the gorgeous "Crystal Azul" Granite.  We also favor the appearance of "honed" granite as a backsplash. Would that stone/finish tend to stain or discolor? Are there other providers of this or similar granite? March 5, Contact

R 85: I am interested in installing granite countertops in my kitchen. I recently ran across Brazilian Lapidus. Do you recommend this type of granite for a kitchen countertop? If not, are there other types of similar color (yellow/brown) you can recommend. March 5, Contact

R 84: I am searching for a slabs of panterose. Do you carry this type of granite? March 5, Contact

R 83: I am about to purchase and have Blue pearl Granite countertops installed in my kitchen. Could you please send me your info packet on what to look for when picking out the material and how to care for it once installed. March 5, Contact

R 82: I am looking for high gloss black floor tiles. can you assist me? March 5, Contact

R 81: I like jasper rose marbles from mexico - need slab 5 ft long 2.5 wide and 3/4 to 1 inch thick, rough edges ok. March 5, Contact

R 80: I am remodelling kitchen and would like a quote on the counter and backsplash in white marble (with grey streaking) or in soapstone. It's an L shaped counter with one run of 6ft x 25inches and the other 8ft x
25inches. Counter should be 1 to 2 inches thick. 16 linear feet of 5inch backsplash (1/2 inch thick) is also needed. We are in NJ just outside of NYC. March 5, Contact

R 79: We want Bombay slate. where can we find it? March 5, Contact

R 78: We are planning to install granite counter tops in our kitchen. I've been reading advice on the web and am interested in getting your recommendation. We've seen the Uba Tuba material in Home Expo, where it's on sale for $59/sq. ft. installed. From your articles, it appears that Uba Tuba is good, but suggest that we be careful about the manufacturer. 
1. We live in Fairfax, VA (near Washington, DC). Where would you recommend that we get the Uba Tuba? Is Home Expo a good place? 
2. How would you compare the Uba Tuba to Silestone
3. Do I understand correctly that we don't have to seal the Uba Tuba?  March 5, Contact 

R 77: Looking for around 250SF filled 12x12 tile in Texas Shellstone with honed finish. Prefer light color (close to white as possible) with lots of fossil inclusions. March 5, Contact 

R 76: We want 30 mm Absolute Black slab from India. March 5, Contact 

R 75: Would it be possible to buy samples of granite? I have found several on this site that I would like to have samples of. Please let me know. March 4, Contact 

R 74: Looking for slate - known as "Indian Autumn" or Autumn Mist" - based in Toronto Ontario, Canada. Require about 700 sq ft. March 4, Contact 

R 73: I am looking for a few pieces (10-12) of Moleanos Portuguese honed limestone tiles,18 X 18 inches. I live near Houston, Tx. Can pick up. Looking for a seller in my area. March 4, Contact 

R 72: We are in the process of building a home with lots of natural elements such as reclaimed heart pine beams/patio columns, reclaimed brick exterior and reclaimed heart pine flooring inside. The trim of the house is grey. Please give us some ideas for a natural stone to use on the patios. we have looked at bluestone and like it, but fear it may look too "formal". We live in southwest Mississippi. March 4, Contact 

R 71: I'm looking for any dark color (blacks, dark greens, agate, etc) granite or marbles. I need approx 30-40 sq. ft of slab for pickup in the Minnesota area. The stone will be used for a back drop on around a stove. Pictures would be helpful. March 4, Contact 

R 70: We want a stone table top of 32 x 52 inch. Outdoor, needs to be ok to leave out in the winter preferred. Contact no. 91745.....March 3, Contact Comment

R 69: I want to place a slab of material (stone, granite, slate, etc) in front of my fireplace which presently only has carpet which has been burned by hot embers sparking from the fire despite the screen. I would prefer this material be one solid piece (24" x 60") for decor reasons. The floor itself is cement slab and I realize I may run into problems with cracking if the slab floor is not level. Which material do you recommend? And where might I purchase it? March 3, Contact 

R 68: I am trying to decide whether to use granite or silestone. March 3, Contact 

R 67: I am a designer in Florida. I am working on a spec home in Key Largo, and the builder wants tumbled marble in the steam shower. Is this a good idea, or should I go with something less porous? I was unsure if you could even put tumbled marble in a steam shower....please help!! March 3, Contact 

R 66: I am just an individual home builder who would love to have granite countertops for a mid-sized kitchen. About 50 sq feet total. Countertops in a U-shape. Probably consisting of three or four slabs. 25.5 inch wide. I just want a simple straight edge to butt up to the next piece. Cabinets are a med. hickory. I like earth tones. Baltic Brown is one of the granites I like. Do you have a list of available granites which might look good with hickory? Also, what is the dimension of the countertop for $38.72? 3/4inch? Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Also, what are shipping costs to SE Michigan? Jackson area. March 3, Contact 

R 65: Looking for Granite for Kitchen countertops. Do you sell this stuff? Contact info.  206-84.....March 3, Contact 

R 64: I am interesting in orange onyx. March 3, Contact 

R 63: Within the next three weeks we will need to purchase our granite. What info would be especially helpful to us. I know you have several instruction sheets, etc. What is the cost? Als what do you know about the granite tan brown?? March 3, Contact

R 62: Not sure if Black Impala marble or granite. Please advise if you have both using it for a fireplace in between firebox and mantel. Need tiles 12 x 12 x 3/8". Will the tile break if sat upon if used for the hearth-top? Need info ASAP. March 3, Contact

R 61: Looking for cut slate, flagstone and marble outlets nearest Johnstown, Pa. (Zip 15905) for fireplace hearths on our new home. Must be available in 2.5' x 7' x 1" pieces. March 3, Contact

R 60: Is durango actually a limestone...i have been getting conflicting answers from stores (I am doing my bathroom - floor and shower and do not want to use this if it is a limestone.) March 3, Contact

R 59: If Blue Polare or Volga Blue is known by one of the other names shown on the Ukraine list, please inform me and mention the pricing of those slabs. March 3, Contact

R 58: I am looking for a piece of red arkansas granite 24 x 36 x 6. I will have it finished / polished on 6 sides myself into a 4" surface plate. Phone 949 48.....March 3, Contact

R 57: We need Info on 
Kitchen countertops - Need ratings for Blue Lais, Saffire Blue, Dakota Mahogony, Kaddur Red, Blue Pearl, Imperial Red
Flooring - Marbles ratings please: Black Carrera, White Carrera. Contact no. 214-45.....March 3, Contact

R 56: My husband and I are in the home building business. We are looking into the possibility of starting a fabricating business ourselves. I was wondering if you could point us in the right direction as far as gathering information and purchasing equipment. Also, some products and equipment to stay away from or better yet what you might recommend. March 3, Contact Comment 

R 55: We only need approx. 300 sq. ft. of travertine for a bathroom remodel. Is it possible to get samples from the suppliers before ordering also? March 3, Contact 

R 54: I am in need of a granite in slab form called Butterfly Gold. One of the slabs must be 135-136 inches clean. Do you have any suggestions. I am in San Francisco, California. March 3, Contact 


R 52: I am looking specifically for honed or tumbled travertine moldings with a “classic” color tone. I live in Southern California, USA. Is there a dealer in the area who uses your market place? Feb 28, Contact 

R 51: We are considering doing the whole house with an italian honed travertine. we are very picky and like our floors to look nice. is this a good idea? what problems could we expect as it wears? would prefer not to use ceramic.  Feb 28, Contact 

R 50: What do I look for if I am comparing the "water absorption by weight". My interest now is GIALLO FIORITO for a kitchen countertop and large island. The "water absorption by weight" is (0.2-0.3%). Does this mean my granite will be highly resistant to water & stains? And if it is not - is there a way for me to add extra protection especially around the sink and stove areas. By the way...your website has been the most helpful for my daughter and I to learn about granite and to pre-choose the colors/patterns. Feb 28, Contact 

R 49: How can I find a distributor in the US for White Andromeda? Where is it Quarried out of so I can tell my buyer. Feb 28, Contact 

R 48: I need 3 cm granite slabs in Baltic Brown for kitchen counter installation shipped to DALLAS 75229. A bullnosed front edge preferred. 3 pieces 26" depth by 96" long including bullnosed front edge and a 36" x 60" slab for a peninsula. Please send detailed info and quote from Houston, TX supplier. Feb 28, Contact 

R 47: I would like information on the granite from India in the name of Savan Rose. Cost etc....Feb 28, Contact 

R 46: We are looking at putting granite tiles on our counter tops. Would love to use slab, but not sure it's in our budget. Thought that since we love to look of granite. We thought we might consider doing tile. I am worried about the grout lines And all the work that will be involved in laying the tile. Do You have any advice, any pitfalls in using the tiles? Verses Slab. Feb 27, Contact Comment

R 45: We are searching for a good looking and durable countertop that will look nice with a Green Slate. We have found a slab called antiqued "Olive Stone". We know that it is used as a flooring; does anyone has advice about its use as a countertop materials? We are in Montclair, NJ.  Feb 27, Contact

R 44: I am building a home-looking for Tropical Granite for Kitchen to purchase (southern Michigan). 
This Tropical Green was very dark green with a beautiful spray of almost a terra cotta running thru it....I have been able to find Tropical (sometimes called "Verde something") but the samples I've located do not have that distinct Terra Cotta area or spay like the one I saw in a showroom....it's more little spots of terra cotta.  Feb 27, Contact

R 42: I am looking for a black (as solid as possible) counter top for an island. Dimensions are 80"x30"x3/4" with a bullnose finish around the perimeter. What kind of price would that represent? Feb 27, Contact

R 41: I am building a kitchen which will be used by many people and will likely be abused no matter how nicely I ask them to treat it well. Accordingly, my first priority has to be strength, resistance to staining, etc. However, I also have aesthetic issues. I do not like the pebbly speckled look of most granite. All of the stones I selected by appearance, I have now learned, will not hold up. Our first choice was Blue Macauba (a quartz i think), but that turned out to be cost prohibitive. Then we selected Pietra Cardozo, and were told it would hold up well, but after reading the reviews here, we decided to test it for ourselves on a sample. It performed miserably. Our next choice, honed black absolute, received horrible comments here, so we will not waste our time. We are considering absolute black (not honed) but I have read some troubling things about it as well. Any ideas regarding what might accommodate the practical and aesthetical desires? We are out of ideas. Our cabinets are white with aluminum trim, and we have an industrial / retro modern design. Feb 27, Contact

R 40: I am newly discovering all these possibilities. Three novice questions: What exactly is ming green? Have you heard of a marble called "blue mist"? And what is costa esmeralda? Thank you for a wonderful site! Feb 27, Contact

R 39: I need to order a 8x4 slate, if you could write back and tell me the price I would greatly appreciate it. Feb 27, Contact Comment

R 38: I am having real difficulty finding a supplier for two slabs of the above granite in Houston, Texas. Two companies (Colours of the Rainbow, Midwest Tile) had a few slabs, but they were streaked with veins and would not work for our kitchen. I am despairing that we will not be able to locate the only granite we want for our kitchen. Do you have any suggestions to help me locate this material? I am in Texas 77555-1031. 
Feb 26, Contact Comment

R 37: My wife & I were intending to go with Santa Cecilia for our master bath vanity countertop.
1. Do you think this stone is okay for that application?
2. Could you recommend and alternate stones that look similar to Santa Cecilia, but have better stain resistant qualities. Feb 26, Contact

R 36: I have been shopping granite counter tops and have found your site very informative. You frequently mention the fact that some granites are more absorbent or porous than others. I like the idea of the lemon juice test and plan to use it when the time comes. I have seen several colors that I like ranging from fairly light (Santa Cecilia) to fairly dark (Blue Pearl). My question is, can the shade or color of the stone also be an indicator of porosity? Or are there any resources available that show porosity of different granites by the retail names? Feb 26, Contact

R 35: I am a contractor. I want to know where to buy Global marble in the St. Louis area. Feb 26, Contact

R 34: We are remodelling our bath and only need about 250 Squ ft. of travertine. Can you help us? Our no. is (703)43.....Feb 26, Contact Comment

R 33: Can you tell me who supplies Ocean Green? Feb 26, Contact

R 32: We want washed pea gravel for use with epoxy resin and applied over concrete slab as a decorative finish. Can you suggest a supplier for Alaska? Feb 26, Contact

R 31: I am looking for granite for kitchen countertops. I would like it to have black, hunter green and may have small amount of gold to coordinate with honey oak cabinets. I like ubatuba but I also saw a piece at a dealer called verde venziano(?) that I liked because it seemed more of a bluish green as opposed to a goldish green tone. I don't like densely speckled looks. Can you give me any suggestions? Please also advise re. durability. Feb 25, Contact Comment

R 30: We want Pietra Cardosa. Please provide technical information and supplier list for above stone. Is this product generally quite consistent or does is have veining / figuring? Feb 25, Contact

R 29: Can you please quote me for 15 x 15 x 1 Travertine Chiaro tiles. I need 4 M2. Can you quote a DDP Southampton (sea freight) price. I live in the UK, and can collect from a sea port, my nearest being Southampton. Feb 25, Contact, Comment

R 28: My husband and I are repairing a bathroom marble tile floor. We need approximately six tiles of grey alivery marble. It is kind of a dark blue gray silver color with some white in it. We live in Seattle and have not been able to find it locally. I know this is a small quantity, but would you please help us find it? 206-44.....Feb 25, Contact 

R 27: We want Slate flooring for out new home. Feb 25, Contact

R 26: Please email me if you have the Verde Fire granite from Australia. It looks great. We need about 3-4 slabs and are in Northern California. Feb 25, Contact

R 25: We are planning on remodeling our kitchen and would like to know the pros and cons of granite versus solid surface. Feb 25, Contact

R 24: I am looking to purchase jet black polished marble paper weights - do you have a place I can purchase these from? Feb 25, Contact

R 23: I have recently purchased an antique table that had onyx top. Unfortunately, the shipping company broke it. I was curious how much would it cost to produce and ship to New York a round top of green or dark greed onyx 32" in diameter? Feb 25, Contact

R 22: I'm trying to find a granite called Verde fusco. Do you have a photo of this granite? Feb 25, Contact


R 20: I'm interested in decorative landscaping curb. How well do they withstand Chicago land winters? They seem to be popular in warmer regions but I haven't seen a lot of it in the Des Plaines are. Any particular reason that you know of? Feb 25, Contact

R 19: We want inexpensive limestone for our kitchen, approx 20/25 sq meters. Feb 25, Contact

R 18: I am interested in buying white river landscaping pebbles 1-2"...Is there a minimum order and how much? I am located in Seattle, USA. Feb 25. Contact 

R 17: How do I go about making a purchase? Since I will need it installed, how do I go about contracting the work out here in Dallas? What should I buy for counter tops? Or what are the actual sizes for the prices I see? What should I expect in installation and finishing costs (i. e. corners and edges)? Feb 25, Contact

R 16: I am installing rustic travertine (i.e. many holes similar to Montecarlo rustic) for outside patio use on a concrete slab base (poured for this use). Can I use flexible exterior adhesive to affix the tiles? What kind of grout should be used (temps down to 20 F)? I also don't want to stain the tiles when putting in grout. What are my options, please. Feb 24, Contact

R 15: I am in the Raleigh area and I would like to find a cost affordable Black granite countertop. Where do I go to find this at a better price than Home Depot? Feb 24, Contact 

R 13: My wife and I are wanting to have granite countertops installed as part of our kitchen remodelling. The coloring of Giallo Veneziano (GV) works well in our kitchen. After reading some of your comments about
this stone, however, now I'm not so sure that is the best choice for us. I saw where you mentioned that
its not even granite first of all. Can you explain why it is not really "granite"? Secondly, you mentioned that GV must be well-sealed. Is that a reason for concern or is that just the nature of the  beast and sealing is just part of it? How often would it have to be re-sealed and what routine precautions/maintenance issues would their be with a sealed stone like the GV? What granite would you recommend, if not the GV, that would have similar coloring? This is a one-shot deal for us and a major impact on our budget. We'd like to get the optimum results we can afford. Feb 24, Contact

R 12: I'm looking for a type of granite I know as "Wild West." That's all I know, sorry. Do you have it? Know where I can find it? What country it might be from? Feb 24, Contact

R 11: My husband and I are preparing to build a house near Oriental, NC. I am considering putting in granite for the kitchen countertops and for a fireplace surround in the great room. At this point, I am trying to
educate myself about granite. Is it reasonable to use granite in a fireplace and could you recommend a granite that could be used in both rooms.
I intend to have cream colored cabinetry in my kitchen to compliment my blue and white china so I would probably be interested in a blue or beige toned stone. I have seen the images of Sodalite Blue (Namibia)
and Lavender Blue (India)
and I like both. Feb 24, Contact

R 10: I recently saw a bathroom in the special interest BH&G magazine. It featured a shower/bath which was done in a quartzite (fossil of a leaf type pattern) and travertine stone tile. I was told that the tile came from I believe Arizona somewhere. If there is anyone that could shed some light on where I could fine this material and what the rating on the tiles. I would also like to have a matching vanity top for the bathroom out of one of the above mentioned stone. Feb 24, Contact

R 9: We are renovating our kitchen and are interested in information regarding Jerusalem stone for countertops, backsplashes and possibly flooring. Please send pricing and further information to Northampton, MA. Feb 24, Contact

R 8: I am looking to purchase 200 Sq. Ft of Provenza Rubino ceramic Tile. The tile was discontinued in 1997. I was wondering if you might have some laying around. Feb 24, Contact

R 7: We want Brazilian blue bahia 2.5 ft x 3.5 ft. Feb 24, Contact

R 6: I'm interested in a stone table top. Would like something with bistro colors. Could you email prices. 
Feb 24, Contact

R 5: I am only trying to find a small piece of polished granite (approximately 38" X 26") but can't seem to find anyone who will sell a small piece. I thought a fabricator could help. Any advise? I live in Antioch, CA and need some help. Feb 24, Contact, Comments

R 4: We are homeowners and just want to find out the price of marble for a bar counter, app. 4' x 7'. Do you have locations in Portland, Oregon where one can buy? Feb 24, Contact

R 3: I am trying to find a granite called Ivry Beige or Shivakashi. Do you carry it? Please e-mail me back. Feb 24, Contact

R 2: Email me relevant information specific related to sandstone tiles. Measurement 400*400. Feb 24, Contact

R 1: I need white pebbles 1.5"-2.5" for a mosaic. Where can I find this near San Francisco. Feb 24, Contact

e 6306 USA: Landscape: I want smooth white pebbles to use on a curved wall with white glass mosaic tiles. I would prefer white quartz for the shine, but any very white stone would work. The pebbles need to be smooth and approximately 1/2 cm - 2 cm in diameter. They can be irregular in shape. I am in New Mexico. Please quote with images. March 4, Contact

e 6302 USA: I am an individual home builder who would love to have granite countertops for a mid-sized kitchen. About 50 sq feet total. Countertops in a U-shape. Probably consisting of three or four slabs. 25.5 inch wide. I want a simple straight edge to butt up to the next piece. Cabinets are a med. hickory. I like earth tones. Baltic Brown is one of the granites I like. Do you have a list of available granites which might look good with hickory? Also, what is the dimension of the countertop for $38.72? 3/4inch? Also, what are shipping costs to Jackson area,  Michigan? March 3, Contact 

e 6298 USA: Looking for Granite for kitchen countertops. My contact no. is 206-84..... March 3, Contact  

e 6272 USA: We want to know the quarry owners of Azul Macaubas quartzite from Brazil. I am a Geology student at the University of Chicago, and I am writing a research paper on quartzite from Brazilian quarries, specifically Azul Macauba quartzite. 
I have questions pertaining to the geological formation of quartzite in relationship to other geological formations in the area. I would like to contact a quarry where they mine Azul Macauba to answer some of the pertinent questions for my research paper. March 1, Contact

e 6268 USA: I want black galaxy tiles for my kitchen floor area of 150 sq. ft. 12"x12"x10. Please contact me immediately with availability and price. I am located in New Jersey. Feb 28, Contact

e 6242 USA: I am building a kitchen which will be used by many people and will likely be abused. My priority has to be strength, resistance to staining, etc. However, I also have aesthetic issues. I do not like the pebbly speckled look of most granite. All of the stones I selected by appearance, I have now learned, will not hold up. Our first choice was Blue Macauba (a quartz i think), but that turned out to be cost prohibitive. 
We are considering absolute black (not honed) but I have read some troubling things about it as well. Any ideas regarding what might accommodate the practical and aesthetical desires? We are out of ideas. Our cabinets are white with aluminum trim, and we have an industrial / retro modern design. I'm also curious what your opinion is of the Blue Macauba , as our frustration may lead us to attempt to increase our budget. 
My location is in Livingston, NJ and we are looking for about 72 sq ft of countertop. We are looking in price ranges from 5000 to 8000 dollars. Needed within the next month. Feb 27, Contact

e 6208 USA: Landscape: Retail: I want pure white landscaping pebbles (image). Quantity: 300-400 lbs of 1-3". Price range: hopefully under $130 including shipping if necessary to Seattle, phone no. (206) 90..... Needed by March 03'. Feb 26, Contact

e 6204 USA: Retail: I want a green marble for bathroom countertop and around whirlpool. I am not sure what country it originates from. The sample is called verde jaco. Feb 26, Contact

e 6175 USA: Landscape: Retail: I need white pebbles 1.5"-2.5" for a mosaic. Where can I find this near San
Francisco. Feb 24, Contact 

e 6173 USA: I want branched / fossiled quartzite & travertine tile and slab colors in the browns, beige, gold tones. I would need both 12x12 tiles coverage area of approximately 100sq ft and a slab approximately 9' for a countertop. Shipping area would be Connecticut. Application usage is for a custom shower and vanity for a master bath. Price I am willing to pay would be dependant on the material. Feb 24, Contact   

e 6164 USA: Retail: Please give me the price for Arizona Perla 13" x 13" tile. Feb 23, Contact

e 6153 USA: I want Snake River Quartzite Pavers, 10x10, about 100 or so. What is the price per stone. Feb 22, Contact

e 6151 USA: How much would it cost to buy a marble slab 4'x4'x1" thick polished on one side with a greenish color through it? Feb 22, Contact

e 6148 USA: I want Blue Bahia granite for my kitchen countertop. I live in Dallas, TX  75248. Feb 22, Closed

e 6147 USA: I want to install good quality polished Black "granite" counter tops. I am looking for a quality dealer in Charlotte, NC area. Feb 22, Contact

e 6144 USA: Looking for distributors of cordoza stone or slate for kitchen countertops. Feb 22, Contact  

e 6143 USA Please give some info regarding Pietra di Cardoso. Is it all blue/gray or are there other colors? Where can I get a sample and find out about hardness, maintenance, etc.? Feb 22, Contact

e 6138 Hong Kong: I want slate or quartzite that is suitable for a wet area like the shower area and bathroom. The main requirement is non-slip and low maintenance. Feb 21, Closed

e 6129 UK: I need 3 pieces of black granite or Slate for kitchen work top. Measurements and quantities are 1 no. 9ft long, 1 no. 6.5 ft, 1 no. 5 ft. Please quote. I can collect. My contact no. is  
01900 8......Feb 21, Contact

e 6119 USA: Monument: I want a headstone as shown in #0036 in findstone's online stores. I need with a cross as a headstone with a compartment for a seven day candle to be inserted. Can it be made in white marble? I am in Long Island. Feb 20, Contact 

e 6116 USA: I want a granite named Silver Sea Green for kitchen countertops. I would also like to know if it is really granite and would you recommend it and what about sealing requirements? Feb 20, Contact

e 6115 USA: I live in Northern Jersey. I want SILSTONE. Feb 20. Contact 

e 6112 USA: I want a honed slate slab for a residential kitchen countertop. I live in Washington DC. Feb 20, Contact

e 6101 USA: I want Gold Madura. I need two slabs and live in Sacramento, CA. Feb 19, Contact 

e 6082 USA: My architect is looking for some Azul Med (could also be Azzurro Mediterraneo) honed 12" x12" tile (see attached). Feb 19, Closed

e 6076 USA: I was at Italian Marble & Granite in Buffalo, NY and found a granite I really liked for my countertops. The sales rep said it was called Pallisandro. It has pastel colors in it, a grey background with big shapes and circles. I would like a quote for slabs. Feb 18, Contact

e 6074 USA: I am in Northern California and am looking for 2cm slab Volga Blue. See pricelists 158
Feb 18, Contact

e 6072 USA: I want Bahia Blue granite for kitchen counter tops. Please quote. Feb 18, Contact

e 6062 USA: We need 5 slabs of Black Galaxy pre-cut & polished for kitchen countertops to be delivered to Denver, Colorado. The slab size is 9' x 25" x 3/4". Please send me the quotes. Feb 18, Contact 

e 6048 USA: I want tumbled Italian Marble Tile that has been coated for sublimation. Feb 17, Contact

e 6043 USA: Looking for a marble slab that can use for food preparation. Size 24" x 36" x 0.375". I am in Irving, Texas  75063-3470. Feb 17, Contact

e 6032 Guam: Interested in stone we saw in Hawaii that comes from Peru. Believe it is a travertine called Storm Antico. How durable would this be for an outside application considering the climate and humidity of the South Pacific? What type of sealant/care would be necessary? Feb 15, Contact

e 6031 USA: We want Turqoise granite veneer for countertop. Feb 15, Contact

e 6028 USA: I would like to know the price of 008 - 0078. Feb 15, Contact 

e 6026 USA: I want 82 sq ft. of Juperana Millennium (12x12). See pricelist 418 as reference. My contact no. is (775) 78..... I am in Nevada. Feb 14, Contact

e 6014 UK: I am interested in the method of bonding a special casellated matting / Schluter matting material onto the floor prior to tiling. Have you any idea of where I can purchase such a product, either locally or by mail order. I live in South Yorkshire and local retailers look at me strangely when I ask. Would also like info on the best method of tiling to floorboards or is one method no better than another. My contact no is 0114 - 27.....  Feb 13, Contact

e 6004 USA: I have a condo in Houston and am looking for slabs for my bathrooms. I want a honed finish and am looking for something in a warm orange colour. I have done some research and think red travertine would be a good match, but there are several other pictures on your web site that look good. I am ready to buy now. My tel no. is (713) 93.....Feb 13, Contact

e 6001 USA: I want a prefab granite island that is 6 1/2 ft x 3 ft. in either tropical brown or baltic brown. Delivery will be to Dallas, Texas. Feb 13, Contact

e 5992 USA: I want a few small stones from Tory Island, Republic of Ireland. Feb 12, Contact

e 5981 UK: Looking for a supplier of slate or black fossil marble 1" thick, 3ft x 2ft. Please quote. Feb 12, Contact 

e 5978 USA: We want Butterfly Green granite for kitchen counter tops. First one to measure 25"x 108" , the second one to measure 30" x 60" . Delivery in Ohio 43952 area. Would like the granite from a distributor from Ohio, Pennsylvania or West Virginia if possible. Feb 11, Contact

e 5977 USA: I want Orange Onyx from Iran. Feb 11, Contact

e 5973 UK: Landscape: I want white smooth stones about 20/30mm deep, but they can be up to 50mm wide. They are to be set in concrete to provide a decorative border to a large flat concrete space in our garden. We are in London. What would be the delivery charges? Feb 11, Contact

e 5970 USA: I want Paradiso Bash for a kitchen counter top. Please quote with info on porosity. Feb 11, Contact

e 5968 USA: We want elaian magma opale tile. I used this in my kitchen in this about 3 yrs ago and would like to extend it from my kitchen and into hallway off bedrooms/bath. Is it still on the market? Feb 11, Contact

e 5966 USA: I want Amazon Star granite in tile form. What size are the tiles? Please quote. Feb 11, Contact

e 5965 USA: I am in the process of choosing a granite slab countertop for my new home and the three variations I am interested in are: Espirito Santo, Juparana Casa Blanca, and Golden Ray. I am in AZ 85255. Feb 11, Contact

e 5962 Canada: I am remodeling my kitchen and am interested in having a farmsink made from slate. We live in southern Ontario. Feb 10, Closed

e 5960 USA: I need dealers in Ohio who specialize in Pietra Slate sinks. Feb 10, Contact 

e 5959 USA: I want first quality 275 sq. ft Verde Butterfly in 12"x12"x3/8" tile. Quality needed is first grade polished tile for delivery to Minnesota, USA. Will the edges be beveled and the top finely polished? Will the color of the tiles be consistent and nearly identical to what I see in local retail stores? How much can I expect to pay for shipping, and how can you guarantee that the product arrives in good shape and not broken? My phone no. is 952-94.....Feb 10, Contact

e 5958 USA: We are building a new home and have chosen two granites for our kitchen. One is Celadon Dark for countertops, the other is Ubatuba Butterfly for our center kitchen island. Please quote with durability info. Feb 10, Contact

e 5955 USA: Please quote for terracotta and also provide any info on fire resistant qualities, cleaning methods, specifications. I am in Miami. Feb 10, Contact

e 5952 USA: Please quote for a Granite slab which is cut into a shape or counter top about 5 X 5 ft. Feb 10, Contact

e 5949 USA: I want granite slabs for remodeling my kitchen. Also looking for granite tiles for kitchen floor. Feb 10, Contact

e 5945 USA: I want granite slabs. I live in Sacramento. Feb 10, Contact 

e 5943 USA: I want inlays and limestone tiles. Feb 10, Contact

e 5934 USA: We want Pietra Cardoza for a kitchen countertop. Is it a limestone, sandstone or what? What country is it from? We are in Texas. Feb 9, Contact

e 5933 USA: I am remodeling my kitchen and assumed granite was the very best. My wife likes Giallo Veneziano. We cook a lot, drink a lot of wine and want something that can stand up to our parties. What is the very best (least maintenance and most impervious) granite and also what are some close seconds (in case my wife doesn't like the look of the strongest). Looking for a supplier in NY/NJ area. Feb 9, Contact

e 5925 USA: I am trying to find a slab of granite to cut a counter top out of .est.36 sq ft.26 x 118 x 1.125. 38 x48 x1.125 and 18.5 x 26 x 1.125. Feb 8, Contact

e 5921 USA: We want lime stone 3/4" thick for bathroom. Please quote. Feb 8, Contact

e 5912 USA: We want Juperana Millenium from my kitchen counter tops. Our home is in Michigan 48306.  Our phone number is 248-8......  Feb 7, Contact

e 5904 USA: Artifacts: I want Taj Mahal as shown in FindStone's online store under Code NH0049. I assume that the piece is done in marble. Feb 7, Contact

e 5900 USA: I would like to get prices and samples (any size) of the following tiles: Brown, Hammered, Kybele and Sand. Feb 6, Contact

e 5890 USA: Looking for info about and sources for granite countertops made of VERDE FIRE granite from  Australia. I am in New Mexico. Feb 6, Contact

e 5888 USA: retail: I want 100 Sq. Ft. of almond mauve granite tile, 1st quality. I would also like a price on shipping to Poteau, Oklahoma, or a location where it could be picked up. Feb 6, Contact

e 5885 USA: Please quote for the various restoration procedures used to polish marble. Specifically honing/polishing powders, vitrification & diamond polishing. I realize this varies from regions across the USA, however even broad ranges would help at this point. By the way I live in Portland, Oregon. Feb 5, Contact

e 5883 USA: Retail: I am a homeowner in Massachusetts. We want four slabs of Tropical Logos 
(origin, unknown), it is a mixture of soft light green, a small amount of off-white and black, with veins of rose color throughout. Feb 5, Contact

e 5882 USA: I want Azul Bahia / Blue Bahia 2cm thick. Please quote for in square foot. I am in Oakland. Feb 5, Contact

e 5870 USA: I want Giallo Viara Rosewood. My phone no. is 202-9......Feb 5, Contact

e 5865 USA: I live in Fort Lauderdale and am interested in finding companies in my area (other than Home Depot) that carry Silstone kitchen countertops. The color is Capri. The counter is needed next week. The price quote we got from Home Depot is $61 per sq ft. What is your cost? Feb 4, Contact

e 5862 Mexico: I am currently in the process of finishing a home in the Pto. Vallarta, Mexico. We are interested in local limestone and granite products. Feb 4, Contact 

e 5852 USA: I am looking for someone in MT area that sells Nova Brick. Feb 4, Contact 

e 5836 USA: I need 53 SQ/FT of Kashmir Gold Granite in the Washington D.C. How much is it with delivery? My budgeted price is USD 50 per square foot installed w/ round edge. My contact no. is 
(410) 88......Feb 3, Contact

e 5825 USA: I want Texas Shell Stone or fossiliferous tiles. I want to use them either natural or natural-looking, into a fireplace surround and in a kitchen (not on the counter). Please send some photos. Sizes interested in are any size 6"x6" or smaller - odd sizes, also. I want a rough, unpolished finish to use on a fireplace. Are there photos available of the tile you have? Or is there a place where I can go see it? I am in California. Feb 3, Contact

e 5822 USA: I want Blanco Crystal slabs for countertops. Would like to buy from a supplier in Long Island, NY. Feb 3, Contact

e 5816 USA: I want a slab of Volga Blue Granite. I was wondering the price of such an item and also the Shipping costs to Michigan 49829. Feb 3, Contact

e 5815 USA: I want Coral Red travertine tiles from Iranian.  Please quote in USD and mention measurements in inches. Feb 3, Closed

e 5813 UK: I want old millstone grit mullions suitable for a 17th century farm house. Feb 3, Closed 

e 5808 USA: Please quote for Chiampo Rosato. I wondered how many colors they come in and where I can purchase this stone? Feb 2, Contact

e 5800 Canada: Want Bahia Blue granite. Please quote sq.ft. Feb 1, Contact


e 5798 USA: I am re-doing 2 bathrooms. I need only 240 sq ft of stone. Feb 1, Contact


e 5786 USA: I want Tropical Green in 1 1/4" thick slab. I am a designer in Cleveland. Jan 31, Contact 

e 5780 USA: Landscape: I need some stone for retaining walls. Please quote with images. I am in KY. 
Jan 31, Contact 

e 5779 USA: I want aurora bianca and cardigan bianco granite. My contact no. 714 9......Jan 31, Contact

e 5778 USA: I need Honey Onyx piece that is 43" X 18" X 3 cm. I am in VA 20166. Contact no. is (703)2.....Jan 31, Contact

e 5776 USA: I want pure white or pure crystal white marble with white veins. I live in Atlanta. I need 300sq. ft. Jan 31, Contact


e 5746 Australia: I want green onyx with red veins. Please quote with images and sizes the stone is available in. Jan 29, Contact  

e 5742 USA: I want 50 sq. ft of Azul Macuba and Azul Macuba extra. Please quote with shipping costs to San Francisco. See pricelist 649 as reference. Jan 29, Contact

e 5734 USA: I want Sodalite Blue. Jan 29, Contact

e 5730 USA: I am an interior designer in Florida, and working on a Corporate office that needs four 20 cm marble balls and Black color marble balls of 26 cm. Please quote with delivery time. Jan 28, Contact

e 5727 USA: I want a 8'-6" x 5'' counter top with finished edges of Azul Bahia granite. I want the material to be delivered in one week to Miami. I am a trader. Jan 28, Contact

e 5724 USA: I want madera marble from USA. I need to match this marble in a piece of custom furniture. Jan 28, Contact

e 5720 USA: I want Indian Mahogany. Jan 28, Contact 

e 5713 USA: I want Lagos Blue Limestone from Germany or a similar marble or travertine for my master & other bath showers. I am in  Phoenix. I am looking for tiles 16x16 for two shower installations. Project should be completed by July 2003. Jan 27, Contact

e 5712 USA: I want to install a slate countertop over my existing kitchen countertop. Existing countertop is laminate over pressboard which is in pretty good shape – no peeling or pull always. What is your advice placing on installing the slate tile over this existing countertop? Want a supplier in PA area (19606) that sells slate tile – gray or gary/black in color. Jan 27, Contact

e 5705 USA: I want Baltic Brown (or similar) granite kitchen countertops. Need about 50 sq ft as follows - standard counter top width by (33" long), (99",2 pcs ok), (73" with skink cut out). Also one 3' X 5' piece. Our budgeted price is 55 sq ft. See pricelist 784 as reference. San Antonio, TX - I can pick up in Dallas or Houston or? Jan 27, Contact

e 5698 USA: Landscape: I want 1 ton of gray flat rock or moss rock for landscaping flower beds. I can pick up. Please email quote with picture. I am in Houston. Jan 26, Contact

e 5697 USA: I want Rosa Damascata. I would like to use it for two separate islands in my kitchen. 
My delivery location WA. My phone number is 509-78...... The slab that I am interested in is a marble rust in color with green, tan multi colored veining. Not really any white veining though. We will be beginning building about March and would like to have all decisions make before then. Jan 26, Contact

e 5695 USA: We are looking for a marble-like granite from Spain called "Rosso Serpentino". It has a black / green background with red and yellow streaks running through it. We need approximately 4 slabs of 4' x 8'. We were expecting to pay about $80.00 a square foot for it. We are in no hurry for it because we will probably not even have cupboards ordered or installed until this summer. If we still have no source by the time we are ready, we will probably settle for the Red Marinace.
We live in the Detroit and are unable to buy the Rosso Serpentino locally because they can't get it, and have no information about if and when they will ever get it ("quarried out?").  Jan 26, Contact

e 5693 USA: I want 800 sq. ft. of calibrated slate tiles with some combination of red, grey, black and orange/tan, not necessarily all colors, and a fairly uniform set of tiles, in a 12" x 12" and/ or 16" x 16" size. 1/4 in. to  3/8 in. in thickness. I am in CA 94305-2047. Jan 26, Contact

e 5690 USA: I am an architect. I want EMERALD PEARL 12x12 tiles or slab for 3 countertop measuring 100"x 44 1/2 " with cut out, 100"x 25 1/2 " with cut out and a 97 1/4'x 26 1/2' with cut out. I need 3 cm thickness. If you have tiles what edging is available, preferably square edge. Jan 25, Contact

e 5684 USA: I am looking for a distributor of the engineered stone called "Zodiac, Silstone or Caesarstone", etc. Jan 25, Contact

e 5683 USA: I want a large travertine stone top of 56" to 60" in diameter. I am in Texas. Jan 25, Contact

e 5681 USA: We want granite counter top fabricated in the Washington DC area. Looking to buy 10 feet long by 25 inches wide granite counter tops for a basement wet bar. Need two cutouts for under mount sink and a small 2 burner cook top, backsplash on back and one side. Remnant or two pieces are possible, flexible with colors. I am in the Maryland suburbs of Washington DC. Jan 24, Closed

e 5674 USA: I want 1 cm thick gray, blue, black or green slate 30 cm / 12'' slabs for floor. Qty is 70 sq ft or more. Quote with delivery to NY. I will purchase at no more than USD 9.80 per sqm. Jan 24, Contact

e 5663 USA: I want 2 slabs of blanco cristal for my kitchen countertops. We have this on our floors 96 years. Will there be a change from di-lots or because its from a different mountain. If so, is this going to be a big difference as we also have them on our backsplashes. Jan 23, Contact

e 5656 USA: I need 23 sq. ft. (207 tiles) of 4" X 4" tumbled Crema Marfil. Quote with delivery to PA 17036. Jan 23, Contact

e 5654 USA: Please quote for 35 linear feet of kitchen counter top in Soapstone, Pietra Cardosa and honed Absolute Black Granite. Jan 23, Contact

e 5650 USA: I want Supreme Black Granite on the snack bar and wet bar in my kitchen. And a lighter color for the rest of the countertops in the kitchen. My contact no. is (414) 29..... Jan 23, Contact

e 5642 Germany: We want to install Blue Pearl granite counter. Please quote with shipping charges and delivery time. Jan 22, Closed 

e 5637 USA: Artifacts: I want granite eggs. Jan 22, Contact 

e 5625 USA: I want Pietra del/di Cardoso tiles (12 X 12) to be cut into 6 X 6 to be used as a
backsplash. Approximately 30-35 SF needed. Location of installation: Alexandria, VA. Jan 21, Closed

e 5623 Puerto Rico: I want Blue Bahia granite for kitchen counter tops. Qty. reqd. is 60 sq. ft. 3/4" thick, 4" back splash, polished all around. Needed by late summer. Will import if its cheaper. Have searched in PR and the quotes are really high. Jan 21, Contact

e 5622 USA: We want stone materials including granite counter tops and vanities, cladding, floor tiles (marble & granite). Jan 21, Contact 

e 5618 Switzerland: I want a 200 x 100cm slab of slate. Is slate OK for a counter top? Please quote with shipping cost. Jan 20, Contact

e 5617 USA: I want Baltic Brown granite backsplash.  The size is 18 ft. 4 inches. I reside in Northern Michigan. Jan 20, Contact

e 5616 USA: Landscape: I need a yellow / buff / tan colored quartzite in a thin (3/8 to 5/8 inch thick) flagstone with 2-3 foot average size. What is it called and who can supply? Jan 20, Contact

e 5613 USA: I found a several marble samples that are appealing on your site. I would like quotes and samples. I am in Boston, MA area. The materials are
http://www.findstone.com/FRAmarb1.htm  Estours Green
http://www.findstone.com/GRCmarb5.htm  Xiropotamas Drama
http://www.findstone.com/ITAmarb14.htm Bianco Montorfasno , Breccia Stazzema
http://www.findstone.com/ITAmarb14.htm Breccia Tavira , Viana Green
http://www.findstone.com/ITAmarb14.htm Verde Serpa , Verde Viana Claro , Verde Viana Cristal. Jan 20, Contact 

e 5611 USA: Seeking soapstone slab for fireplace mantle. 12" deep x 4" thick x 72" wide. I am in MA. My office no. is 781 30....Jan 20, Contact

e 5600 USA: I want 2 slabs of Ming Green marble (light green, not yellowish) for vanities. Job site / fabricator is in central California, San Francisco Bay Area most convenient. Jan 19, Contact

e 5599 USA: Landscape: I want a large granite stone at between 3 and 4' high that would be suitable for mounting a bronze plaque which will be approximately 24" wide by 36" long. The stone would ideally have a sloping surface suitable for mounting the plaque where someone standing could readily read the plaque. I am seeking a stone in good condition without large cracks,etc.  Calling me on 206 91..... I am in Long Beach, WA. Jan 19, Contact

e 5592 USA: Landscape: I want some gray flagstone. My contact no. is 602-90....Jan 19, Contact

e 5583 USA: Retail: I would like to contact the supplier of Bonacord from South Africa. Jan 18, Contact 

e 5578 USA: I want Bianco Carrara CD marble tiles. 1'-0" x 2'-0" x 1 cm thick. I need 50 pieces of tile or enough to fill an area that is 10' x 8'. These will be shipped to New York State. If possible please including packaging and shipping cost in your quote. Jan 18, Contact

e 5577 USA: Artifacts: I want a fire place mantle as shown in FindStone's online stores 
(Code 009 - 0008). Please give me a call at 650-20......Jan 17, Contact

e 5572 USA: I like fancy brown marble tiles from India. Please quote pricing and other info like shipping, etc. Jan 17, Contact 

e 5570 USA We want to match a stone that exists in a floor in our home and requires  repair / replacement. The stone we want is believed to be a Black French Limestone. It was originally installed in our home in Seattle between 1903-1905. Our purchase criteria is to match with existing stone and price. Quantity we need is 12 square feet (12" x 12") plus a piece that will be 6" x 38". Ideal thickness is 1 1/4" but we could work with 3/4" thickness. Delivery location is Seattle. The stone has no veining or fossilized materials in it and is matte black in color. It appeared similar to the Marquina Negra in 
FindStone's stone album
. Jan 17, Contact

e 5568 USA: I want teal color granite for kitchen area counter tops and center island. I am in 
PA 18618. Jan 17, Contact

e 5566 USA: I want marble tiles for floor and walls - total 700 sq. ft. I am in New York. Prefer Carrara White Marble or another white color tiles with minimal veins, large size, 24"x24" square or rectangle with one side of tile 24". Jan 16, Contact

e 5556 USA: I want black granite slabs for my office table tops. The color must be solid and some small color flecks of a single color, gold, silver, etc. would be acceptable (like the picture of the Black Galaxy). The size of my table will be 12 ft x 4 ft and I want a polished finished. Looking for a supplier in Los Angeles. Jan 16, Contact

e 5553 USA: Looking for a west coast supplier for two slabs of Italian Verde Antigua marble. West Los Angeles area. Jan 16, Contact

e 5548 USA: We want 350 sq. ft of 24" X 24" multicolor slate approximately 1/2" thick. Located in Atlanta. Jan 16, Contact

e 5530 USA: I want a source for decomposed granite in or near the Portland Oregon area. Jan 14, Contact

e 5529 USA: I want a 3' X 5' piece of Travertine stone for an old antique table of mine. I am in Illinois. 
Jan 14, Contact

e 5527 USA: I want Mexican travertine, granite & limestone samples in the Houston area. Jan 14, Contact

e 5526 USA: I want “Verde Victoria”. It was very black with a dull finish. Jan 14, Contact

e 5525 USA: Landscape: I want Mexican Pebbles (2-3 inches long/wide) in bulk and not 40 lb bags. My space is the front parkway of my house and measures 60 ft x 4 ft. Where I can get them in the Los Angeles area? Unable to locally in bulk, only 40-70 Lb. Bags for $15-$20 +/-. Just looking for the parkway in front of my house purely for aesthetics. Project is in beginning stage, just trying to find these rocks in bulk if possible or something similar (gray color, smooth). Decision criteria is based on whether we can get bulk and of course price. Jan 14, Contact

e 5521 USA: I need 3 foot cube blocks of Jackforth Sandstone. I feel it is a very strong abrasive rock. I need it for drill bit testing. I am in Texas. Jan 14, Contact

e 5520 USA: I work for an architectural firm. I want Madagascar Green for a kitchen counter top. It is mainly green (with some black, white) but most strikingly opal like blue highlights and semi translucent. I cannot find references to this stone. Would it be durable in a kitchen setting? Jan 14, Contact

e 5516 USA: I want black Hawaiian style lava rock for facing a retaining wall. I do not want red Mexican/Arkansas lava rock. I only need 400 square feet. I also need appropriate wall cap for the top of the wall. The pieces need to be random, large flat pieces for facing a wall - not small rubble. Located in San Diego, CA. My contact no. is 858 65.....Jan 13, Contact

e 5515 USA: I want Kashmir gold granite 400 sq. ft. 12"x12" x3/8 tiles. Contact me on 517-71.....Jan 13, Contact

e 5512 USA: Care chemicals: Retail: We want a product that can remove stains on a marble top. Jan 13, Contact

e 5496 USA: Landscape: We need non-skid material for a surface raised path down a steep hill leading to a shallow cove. The area to be covered is 300 sq. ft. The raised sides of the path have large rocks - some flat and some odd shaped - placed to prevent erosion. Please quote with shipping and suggestions. We live in SC. Jan 11, Contact

e 5486 USA: Need a remnant of a slab about 6ft x 3ft. of Dakota Mahogany. Jan 11, Contact

e 5484 UK: I want some dark granite worktops in various lengths for a kitchen. I am in London. My contact no. is 020 898.....Jan 11 Closed

BR: e 5471 USA: I want Verde Eucalyptus that looks like the picture attached. I am constructing a house Michigan. My Home Phone # is 616 35.....I am unable to find the slabs locally and am having trouble finding the pattern with enough contrast (I will attach photo of pattern I am looking for). I need 4 slabs that are about 110x 60. We are building a house and are at the framing stages. It will be finished in July. Jan 10, Contact

e 5470 USA: How do I order samples of your Brazilian granite tiles? What is the cost of that? Include the shipping & handling. I live in Whichita, KS. Jan 10, Contact

e 5466 USA: I need a price & availability on 500 s. ft. of leaf green slate from China. Jan 9, Contact 

e 5462 Sweden: I need to know more information on your products mainly for houses marble/tiles. Jan 9, Contact

e 5461 USA: Looking for "Caldea Ocre" dimensions 3x8 (reddish color). Jan 9, Contact

e 5458 USA: Landscape: I live in Dallas and am looking to buy flagstone to 'landscape' my backyard.  Can it be delivered after I select the color I want? Jan 9, Contact

e 5457 USA: I want Caledonia granite. Is Caledonia Nara different from plain Caledonia? Is there a difference between Nara brown and Caledonia nara? Delivery location is Las Vegas, phone 702-39..... There is currently only 1 company locally that carries Caledonia and I am not pleased with service and product that I received from them in the past. The Caledonia would be for kitchen counters so I would need to purchase slabs. It is a new residential construction so I would need the product in approx 2-3 months. My budget for the counter tops is approx. $12-15,000. My decision criteria for purchasing would be based upon having the above questions answered and seeing samples of Caledonia. I would be happy to pay for the samples. Jan 9, Contact

e 5452 UK: I want granite for my kitchen and bathroom. I particularly like granite from China and Brazil like Pegaso, Amerello, Lambada and lilac. Please quote with shipping costs and time taken to execute and deliver the material in England. Jan 9, Contact

e 5447 USA: Landscape: We want 739 sq feet of Limestone pavers. Jan 8, Contact

e 5446 USA: I want ruminant granite pieces (smaller pieces 1 to 1 1/2 inches thick) for small products. Looking for a supplier close to Iowa. Jan 8, Contact

e 5445 Israel: I live in Jerusalem. I want a slab of soapstone or similar soft stone for my son to do sculpting. My contact no. is (02) 651.....Jan 8, Contact

e 5439 Ireland: I saw a beautiful terrazzo bath and sink in Bali. Looking for someone doing cast terrazzo. Jan 8, Contact

e 5438 Canada: We want some solid surfaces for a new home. Specifically interested in slate floors and granite or solid surface alternative countertops. I am in London, ON. Jan 8, Contact

e 5436 USA: I want 150 Sq Ft of Blue Pearl or Giallo Veneziano granite. Please quote with shipping. See price list 228 for reference. My phone no. is (507) 53......Jan 8, Contact


e 5434 USA: Looking for dark green onyx slabs, large sizes. Looking for suppliers with stocks in NY 10016. My contact no. is 212-8......Jan 8, Contact


e 5431 USA: Landscape: We want flagstones. We are not sure what the minimum order requirements. Please quote with shipping charges to Dallas. Jan 8, Contact 

e 5430 USA: Please quote with image for Ming Green Lite marble. Jan 8, Contact

e 5429 USA: I want stone slabs for my home. I am planning on being in Delhi for the month of February. Jan 7, Contact

e 5424 USA: I want a granite stone called Indian Parana/Golden Glory. Click here to see image. We live in Long Island, New York, tel 516-79..... Most retailers in my area do not carry exotic granite such as Indian granite, in particular - Indian Parana/Golden Glory. We want slabs for kitchen counters. We probably would be looking to purchase around Summer or Fall. I would like to see a sample and make sure it is what I had seen in the one house and if so, we are prepared to purchase this granite. Jan 7, Closed

e 5423 USA: I am a Project Manager looking for countertops to my address or at least to port of Long Beach, CA. I would like some samples before placing an order. How long would it take to get? I am in CA 91367. My phone no. is 818-99.....Jan 7, Contact

e 5422 USA: I like Rosa Auroro Oro from Portugal. Jan 7, Contact

e 5418 USA: I want Pietra Cardosa for my kitchen for counter tops. How do I care for it? Is there an alternative that looks like this but will hold up better? Jan 7, Contact

e 5416 USA: We want 3 1/2 x 7 1/2 inch, 1/2 inch thick brownish red quarry tile. We need 250 stones. We have been unable to find this tile and we need it to match a section of flooring. The tile is also non-glazed. Jan 7, Contact 

e 5407 USA: Looking for a supplier of Soapstone in the Greater Seattle area. I would like to get back into an art form that I enjoyed 30 some years ago. Jan 6, Contact

e 5406 USA: We want Baltic brown granite for kitchen counter tops. We are in San Francisco area. Need contractor to o install too. Jan 6, Contact



e 5399 USA: I want Crystal Porcelain Tile from Indonesia. Jan 5, Contact

e 5396 USA: I want build in counters with stainless steel sinks and drain boards. Also looking for stone for a kitchen floor. Jan 5, Contact

e 5395 USA: I am planning to use Marron Castor, Black Galaxy and Cafe Imperial granite in my kitchen. Please quote. Jan 5, Contact

e 5390 USA: I want black granite slab for kitchen counter top. I also want 12" 80 sq. ft. orange marble tiles. I am in Baltimore. Jan 4, Contact

e 5387 UK: I am in Essex and want quote for granite countertops. Jan 4, Contact

e 5381 USA: I want granite 50 to 60 12x12 inch tiles and 4 x12 inch granite tiles to design and build a custom counter top. Jan 4, Contact 

e 5367 USA: We want longer pieces of Volga Blue for our backsplashes. It can be 6 inches high or higher,. My phone no. is 269-65......Jan 2, Closed

e 5366 a USA: I need two black marble balls as displayed in 0010 - 0008, size 7 3/4 inches. Please quote with shipping cost. I live in Houston. Jan 2, Contact

e 5364 USA: I want a 24" x 30" slab of white marble with a blue vein. I saw a countertop with a Mediterranean blue vein but cannot find a supplier. Jan 2, Contact

e 5362 USA: I want granite tiles for my kitchen. Jan 1, Contact

e 5361 USA: Monument: I want an engagement head stone. I am in AL 35452. My work phone: 205-34.....Jan 1, Contact 

e 5358 USA: I like Sodalite Blue. Jan 1, Contact

Below are some earlier inquiries which are still valid. Do respond.

US: e 2328 USA: Retail: I am looking for a good resource for Tennessee Pink Limestone. The color range I am looking for is towards the beige, with occasional deep veining. This stone is to be used in a Historical renovation of an existing building in San Francisco. I am looking for a small quantity (approximately 20' x 6" x 2"), comes from Tennessee in USA, will be used indoors and will need to be cut to match an existing profile. Jan 17. Contact or Buy at USD20

US: e 2326 USA: Retail: We are looking for a source (preferably local source) for Texas Red Granite. We are located in San Antonio, Texas. Jan 17. Contact or Buy at USD20
US: e 2183 USA: Retail: I like Dakota Mahogany granite, a granite with blues and rusts. I want it for my newly renovated kitchen. I want a piece for an island that is 5 SF (w/cutout for cook-top and rounded edge) and 16 LF in an L-shape (w/cutout for a double-bowl corner sink), but I don't want to blow my renovation budget on it. I was hoping to find a wholesaler who may even have some smaller pieces left over from slabs. Expected purchase date is late December, early January. Price is an important criterion for purchase. I live in Washington DC Dec 12. Contact or Buy at USD20

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