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December  2005




 This is a list of all buyers' enquiries from USA

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 Retail Buyers Inquiries From USA between  

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Buyers Inquiries from July 2005 to December 2005

e 19337 USA : Retail: Looking for a granite countertop supplier in Jacksonville , FL. Dec 31 Contact

e 19333 USA : Retail: Please send me your best competitive price for Blue Pearl Royal granite tiles. I need 50 s.f. in a larger size (18 x 18 or 16 X 16) and 35 s. f.

in a smaller size 12 x 12. I live in Baltimore , Maryland , USA and am willing to travel 50 miles to pick up. I will be using them for kitchen backsplash and counter. Project will start within 30 days. Contact at 410 3.....Dec 31 Contact

E 19182 USA : Retail: I am looking for local source for a richly veined green onyx slab to have built as an illuminated coffee table. Tel: 91788..... Dec 13 Contact  

e 18943 USA : Retail: I am looking for 2 slabs and 240 12 X 12 tiles of calacatta luna. Telephone number is 916-45.....Nov 20 Contact 

e 18942 USA : Retail: I am buying a house & would like to put cobble stones in a patio. Could you deliver to a site off Shore Road in Lamoine? I would need enough for a patio about 18 sq ft. in size plus about 15 pathway slabs. Phone me in New York if necessary 646 29..... Nov 19 Contact

e 18914 USA : Retail: Where in Southern Cal. can I find the off white stone with brown veins used at the Las Vegas Wynne Resort?  Nov 17 Contact 

e 18913 USA : Retail: I live in Columbia Maryland ....about 20 minutes south of Baltimore . I would like to get soapstone countertops for my kitchen. I am looking for a supplier and installer with experience. My phone number is : 410 73..... Nov 17 Contact

e 18912 USA : Retail: Email me relevant information on distributors and fabricators of soapstone in the Dallas , TX area. Nov 17 Contact

e 18911 USA : Retail: I need a block of stone as displayed in pricelist 644. I am currently stationed in Germany . Nov 17 Contact

e 18893 USA : Retail: I am interested in purchasing some Tiles. Phone: 210-64......Product needed: 5000 sq. ft. Travertine tile Versaille Pattern (Four different sizes of tile, 8x8in, 8x16, 16x16, 16x24 or something similar). Color: Light color--beige or light walnut. Finish: A dull finish is preferred a "matte honed" if possible is nice as well--tumbled or chipped edges for old world look. Samples will be wanted. Nov 16 Contact

e 18891 USA : Retail: Looking for a supplier of granite slabs in USA . Nov 16 Contact

e 18847 USA : Retail: I would like to find someone to refinish my old terrazzo floors. I live in Port St Lucie , FL.  My telephone is 772.33..... Nov 10 Contact

e 18846 USA : Retail: Do you have any gold tumbled marble. I am in Jupiter Florida .  Nov 10 Contact

e 18844 USA : Retail: I am looking for a North Cal. fabricator of Labradorite contertops. I need about 150 Sq. ft. of Labradorite countertop fabrication. Tel: 415-46......Nov 10 Contact 

e 18840 USA : Retail: I am a retail buyer and would like to find out more about the 12x12 blue eyes granite tiles. I probably will about 100 tiles in Seattle , WA , in about 2 weeks. Tel: 206-39.....Nov 9 Contact 

e 18826 USA : Retail: I am looking for desert beige. Looking for a supplier in the US . Nov 8 Contact

e 18814 USA : Retail: I need a left over piece of Blue (Azul) Aran with a minimum size of 60 x 18". My tel. no. is 1-760-67.....Nov 7 Contact

e 18810 USA: Retail: I am looking for material for a Victorian fireplace hearth, either blue bahia slab (60" by 14"/15"/16"/17"/18"- any of these depths) or sheets of small tiles, either 1"x1" or 2"x2" or 2"x1" or 3"x3" or 3/4"x3/4" or anything that could like it was put together in 100 years ago. What do you have and what are the prices? Tel: 718-62.....Nov 5 Contact 

e 18782 USA : Retail: I am in the planning stages of remodeling the kitchen in our home. Please advise the name of a local dealer. I am in Tulsa . Tel. no. is 918-74......Nov 1 Contact   

e 18779 USA : Retail: I need a supplier and quote on Carrara marble cubes in the following sizes and quantity 50.75 X 8.75 X 3.75 ( 13EA ) & 54.125 X 8.75 X 3.75 ( 6EA ).  Nov 1 Contact 

e 18770 USA : Retail: I am having a masonry heater built in a new house. I would like to visit a supplier of sandstone that would be suitable to use as the bench cap stone(s). There will be heated benches on all four sides of this masonry heater. Would you please let me know where the supplier that is closest or located in San Bernardino , CA. Tel: (909) 33..... Oct 31 Contact 

e 18747 USA : Retail: I need Milford Pink Granite to complete a wall. Oct 28 Contact

e 18705 USA : Retail: Looking for heat/fire resistant rocks/stones to cover the base of a gas fireplace. Maybe basalt. Approximately 4 cubic feet. Needed as soon as possible. Tel: 646-26.....In Am in NY. Oct 24 Contact 

e 18704 USA : Retail: Am in the process of purchasing a 1/2 slab of Volga Blue from a local granite distributor. However, they do not carry 12" x 12" x 3/8" tiles. I would like to do countertops in the tile. I know approximate how many sq ft I'd need to do this, but could you give me an approximate $ for shipping? I'd need approx. 50 sq ft of tiles shipped to zip code 17810. Oct 24 Contact  


e 18684 USA : Retail: I am looking for river washed pea gravel for delivery to western PA. Oct 22 Contact 

e 18673 USA : Retail: I am considering putting in Seafoam green granite counter-tops in my kitchen. I am interested in a medium colored green with some threads of brown. What granite do you suggest? Oct 21 Contact 

e 18671 USA : Retail: Do you have anyone who has Rosa Duquesa marble? Rough Dimensions are 55" by 24" "1". Telephone: 205.98.....
Oct 21 Contact 

e18653 USA : Retail:  Need 600 sq. ft. bianco romano. How much? Tel: 303-40.....Oct 20 Contact 

e 18652 USA: Retail: We are interested in the honey onyx sink shown in ready stock 376 at US$300.00, and how much it would be to courier one to Maui asap? Oct 20 Contact  

e 18622 USA : Retail: We need 125 sq ft of ruby red tiles. We live on Oregon coast. I would also need 100sq ft of BALA FLOWER. My number is 1-541-76.....Oct 18 Contact 

e 18605 USA : Retail: I am looking for a large granite slab for our kitchen - Giallo Santa Cecilia. What sizes do you have? what is the price per sq. ft.? Phone 425.45.....Oct 14 Contact 

e 18586 USA : Retail: Looking to purchase a granite countertop. Oct 12 Contact 

e 18580 USA :  Retail: I am looking for 1 slab of rojo coralito in Phoenix Arizona . Oct 11 Contact 

e 18574 USA : Retail: I would like to get a price on a 48" round travertine stone table top. Also provide shipping cost to Granada Hills , CA 91344 . Oct 11 Contact  

e 18573 USA : Retail: I am looking for Fire Oak Onyx Tiles about 90 sq ft. I think it may also be called Timber Wood Marble. It is a rust orange color with brown veining that looks like cross sections of a tree. I was given a sample by a supplier but they are no longer able to get it from their vendor. Do you know what this is or if it is available under another name? I am in Louisiana . Oct 10 Contact 

e 18557 USA : Retail: Can you supply a small order of black granite (80) one square foot tiles to Ohio USA and what would be the delivered price? Oct 7 Contact

e 18506 USA : Retail: I'm a designer/ contractor and need Verde Viana Claro, Verde Viana Cristal, or Rosa Aurora Claro (pastel colors: white, pink, green) in tiles. These are from Portugal . I prefer 12" x 12" x 3/8 " but other sizes may work. I need 80 square feet. They are for bathroom flooring. Tel: 310 83.....  Sept 27 Contact  

e 18479 USA : Retail: I came across a Piece of Ceramic Tile that I believe is a Travertine Tumble kind of Tile. The only thing I have to go by is a number and a color on the back of this small piece. I LOVE THIS TILE and want it for my bathroom, however, they no longer carry it. I found this small piece in the CLEARANCE section of the store. On the back and the Color that it says....#735-8810....ROSA VERONA 8" x 2" Chair Rail Border. I really need to find this kind and color of Ceramic Tile for my bathroom.....please can you help me? Sept 22 Contact    

e 18458 USA : Retail: Interested in buying Amazon Star, Angolo Black, Labrador Antique, Morning Star. Quantity reqd is 100 sq ft. Price range or budget: 10-15 sq ft. I am in CA. Phone no. is 408-20.....Needed by 2 weeks. Sept 20 Contact 

e 18443 USA : Retail: I need three pieces of Absolute black granite for a kitchen I am working on: 116"x25", 81"x25" and 87"x43". Two 10' slabs should easily cover it. What would the cost on that be? Sept 16 Contact 

e 18433 USA : Retail: I am seeking the color Golden Musk granite slab for countertops. Do you happen to have this color available? Sept 14 Contact   

e 18413 USA : Retail: Looking for 40 sq ft of 1X1 white tiles with grey veining. need delivery within the week. I am in NY. Tel: (301) 90.....Sept 9 Contact

e 18398 USA : Retail: I currently need a 82 x 72 x 52 centimeter block of White Statuario Extra or size close to that delivered to MN.  My tel. no. is 952-94..... Sept 7 Contact

e 18391 USA : Retail: Looking for fossil stone which is something close to Texas Shell Stone...about a 6-7 ft length up to a foot high. Any ideas?? Looking for just one chunk. Pretty minimal, but maybe someone has some scrap they are willing to part with that I would love. Sept 6 Contact   

e 18372 USA : Retail: My house is wide open, no walls in between which means the floor is continues throughout foyer, dining, living & kitchen. What is the best choice travertine or limestone. I also don't want to spend more than $3.50 sq. ft. Cell : 954-49.....Sept 2 Contact  

e 18362 USA : Retail: I am looking for a Greek marble: Naxos White or Naxos semi-white or Delfi white or Limenas Thassos white. Aug 31 Contact

e 18352 USA : Retail: I would like to redo all my bathroom walls and shower in pink river stones either polished or natural and will probably need a pallet or two. Where can I find a source to purchase them. Aug 28 Contact   

e 18351 USA : Retail: I am looking to buy granite kitchen countertops, emerald pearl in color. I have read a great deal about surface sealers vice impregnators. Is one method advisable over the other for this color granite? Also, is this a soft or hard granite; will it stain easily; anything else I need to be thinking about. Aug 28 Contact 

e 18325 USA : Retail: Need 2 Slabs of Marble CALACATTA GOLD HONE Houston TX . Aug 23 Contact 

e 18306 USA : Retail: I am looking for bianca romano for the best price available. I am in the process of buying a new used house & need to update the kitchen countertops. Aug 19 Contact 

e 18305 USA : Retail: I need 3 slabs of Giallo Santa Cecilia or tan/gold color granite for my kitchen.  Aug 19 Contact 

e 18304 USA : Retail: I am looking for Solnhofner Platten. Where could I find these in the Seattle area, USA ? How much do they cost? Aug 19 Contact 

e 18293 USA : Retail: Please quote for Aquamarina Azurro. I want a piece for my home in West Palm Beach , Florida . I need a slab about 7' x 2' for a bathroom sink set up. Is this available and about how much would I pay and where might I order or obtain it? I am in NY but the marble slab would be for our home in Palm Beach at 257 Seaspray Avenue PB, Florida . My telephone is (212) 77..... and my cell is (212) 92....... Aug 16. Contact  

e 18279 USA : Retail: Seeking a slab (5'X 10'approx.) of Eagle Red granite from Finland for immediate purchase. Tel. no. is (503) 22.....Aug 11 Contact

e 18266 USA : Retail: I am trying to find a Nero Marinacci (Marinachi, Maranachi) Granite and am having a hard time locating a slab, we could even use a remnant. Aug 5 Contact

e 18221 USA : Retail: Could you please tell me the Houston , Texas location. My number is 281-84...... I need 2000 square feet of Travertine - beige. Top Grade. July 30 Contact

  e 18205 USA : Retail: I am interested in a purchase of about 50 sq. ft. of granite countertop in Paridiso or Indian Juparana. I am located in Rochester , NY and can take delivery in Toronto . I am ready to buy immediately and need at the earliest possible date. My tel. no. is 585-24......July 26 Contact

e 18173 USA : Retail: I am interested in the Arctic blue granite. July 21 Contact 

e 18158 USA : Retail: Looking for decomposed granite. July 20 Contact

e 18154 USA : Retail: I will need 100 sf ft of 12 x 12 granite tile. What will be the cost plus shipping and handling. Tel. no. is 209-47.....July 19 Contact  

e 18146 USA : Retail: We would like to know if you have any of the Rosa Aurora marble that we could order? We would prefer 12 x 12 in. tiles. I believe we'll need 18 12x12 tiles. Is there any way we can order a sample? (We're trying to match a marble counter.) My tel. no. is 31668...... July 19 Contact

e 18139 USA : Retail: Looking for Colorado Skippers 6" - 20". Tel. 920.78.....Colors can be assorted. Just need smooth, flat, round, 6" - ?? July 18 Contact

e 18129 USA : Retail: I am looking for a seller of Polished Pebbles (Red, Striped, Mixed) located in the state of Ohio , USA preferably in the Northeast part of Ohio . July 17 Contact

e 18121 USA : Retail: I am in need of a 10 square feet of a granite slab, specifically Santa Cecilia. July 16 Contact

e 18117 USA : Retail:  I need 3-4 slabs in Rain Forest brown or gold for a kitchen, but would need granite not marble. Can you confirm that this is granite and provide hardness information? Any other information to help eliminate the confusion.  Job probably would require 3 slabs. Tel. (603) 22.....July 16 Contact

e 18116 USA : Retail: Looking for 500 sq feet of the 18 x 18 sapphire blue granite tile. Tel: 910-27.....July 16 Contact

e 18115 USA : Retail: I am inquiring as to the availability of 0022-0001, 0022-0002, 0022-0009, 0022-0012. How are these pebbles packaged and priced? I am remodeling a very small patio and would like to place on of these colors between flagstones. I am in Santa Fe , NM . July 16 Contact

e 18103 USA : Retail: I was looking for some contact information on the fieldstone available in Connecticut . I am looking for 2-3 pallets of stone for a chimney. Tel: (508) 86.....July 15 Contact 

e 18102 USA : Retail: How may I obtain the Russian marbles: Jadeite, Jadeite Utility, etc.  July 15 Contact

e 18101 USA : Retail: We are looking for a 6' x 12' finished granite slab, similar

to a surface plate (inspection surface plate). We are looking for a quantity of one, in the standard thickness for this size block, with the color being black. Do you know what the approximate weight would be? Also, if you could provide the price. Please contact me at the 843-37..... below if you can supply this. July 15 Contact

e 18100 USA : Retail: Please quote for Brazilian granite slabs as displayed in pricelist 1130. July 15 Contact

e 18094 USA : Retail: I live in Libby and would like some prices to deliver roofing slate for a small house of about 10+ squares. Please respond with what is available and estimated cost to Libby, Mt 59923. July 14 Contact

e 18093 USA : Retail: Looking for one slab (40-50 square feet) of a granite called Tropical Violetta (3 cm thick). I need it ASAP but would need to see a sample first. If the sample is suitable, I would purchase immediately. I am in Reno , Nevada . Phone (775)85..... July 14 Contact

e 18088 USA : Retail: I am interested in 50 sq ft of absolute black granite for my kitchen with the standard edge. Please provide a good estimate from your company. Tel. no. is 703-69.....July 13 Contact  

e 18086 USA : Retail: I am looking to buy 2 slabs of Juparana Lapidus. Please give me price for it cut and finish to install. I am in Texas . Tel. no. is 214-24.....July 13 Contact

e 18048 USA : Retail: I would like to purchase 20 Trani Rosato 12x12 tiles. Could you please email me with contact information? Telephone (310) 47.....July 10 Contact 

e 18040 USA : Retail: I am interested in purchasing a slab of azul cielo marble. I need it to be 1 1/4 inch thick. It is also going to be shipped to New York . Please let me know what you have as far as styles and sizes are concerned. I'm not looking for marble with large knots, really something more elegant, simple and uniformed and well... blue of course. The estimated square feet is about 70 or so. I could even make do with an 8x8, or 9x9 slab.  July 8 Contact

e 18029 USA : Retail: I am looking to purchase a variety of stones. I live in the Orlando area and was curious if I could visit the showroom. I'm looking to finish out a florida room off the back of my house. It is enclosed and has one wall of all windows and sliding doors that will lead directly to the pool. I already have an idea of the material I want to use for the florida room...looking for slate...I believe that is called Autum gold. It's a lighter colored varation. I'm open to other colors, but would like to use slate. I'm also looking to use a slate border or edging also.
Thinking 1x1 inch tiles on mesh. The pool, I'm completely open to ideas and not for sure what I will be using...talked to some people in the business and liked the look of broken slate in a mosaic pattern. The florida room will be 375 sq ft. the pool will be a bigger residential pool...and will be using the material out from the pool around a firepit...outdoor grill area. Please let me know the suppliers that can help me with these request. Tel. 407.87.....July 7 Contact 

e 18019 USA : Retail: I would like for sellers to contact me regarding granite. I would like to buy black-themed granite for my large kitchen and island area. I would like price quotes in US dollars to be given per square foot. Some of the granite I have liked so far has been from Brazil . July 7 Contact

e 18017 USA : Retail: I live in San Jose , Ca. Is there a local outlet for Carmel stone? The stone I'm interested in is a tumbled and honed limestone which was called Carmel stone. The color is Dore-Royale. I would need about 50 square feet of it. It had a very smooth, time-worn surface. My home phone is 408-97.....July 7 Contact  

e 18005 USA : Retail: I am looking for blue pearl gt granite tiles polished and, beveled. Need 480 square feet. Tel: 910-27.....July 6 Contact 

e 18003 USA : Retail: I am looking for enough to do my kitchen - 50 square feet roughly. Looking for granite countertop. I am in FL. Tel. no. is 407.73..... July 6 Contact 

e 17989 USA : Retail: I am looking for 12x12x3/8 copper slate, calibrated on one side and honed or natural on the other. I need 375-400 sq ft as soon as possible. The zip code it would be delivered to is 11228 in New York , USA . I am willing to pay in the range of $1500.00 for total with delivery. July 5 Contact

e 17973 USA : Retail: I am looking for giallo matisse ( India ) 12 inch tiles and possibly a counter top. I am in MI. Phone number 248-96..... July 3 Contact 

e 17960 USA : Retail: I would like to know about the durability of Sapphire Brown granite and suitability for kitchen counter tops. We need about 42 square feet in total longest pieces being 113" x 25 or 26" and one piece 24 1/2" x 25" or 26" and one piece 18 5/8 " x 25" or 26". What is a base price per square foot and then what is acceptable for retail price at square foot price? Where near Nashville , TN would you recommend for purchase or shipment of the stone to us? July 1 Contact   

e 17955 USA : Retail:  I am looking for a Crema Marfil Marble slab polished in 24 inch by 91 inches or bigger. I am unable to find that size locally without purchasing a full slab. My tel. no. is 509 99......July 1 Contact

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