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June 2004




 This is a list of all buyers' enquiries from USA. 

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Retail Buyers Inquiries From USA between  

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Buyers Inquiries from January 2004 to June 2004

e 13363 USA : Retail: Looking for 18 x 18 Crema Marfil - total of 210 square feet including shipping in the zip code 94010 - California . June 30, Contact   

e 13362 USA : Retail: I had seen on one of the TV shows, the new styles of kitchen counter tops, they were actually slabs of stones, like malachite, lapis and other beautiful stone being fabricated somewhere. Looking for information on this type of counter top. June 30, Contact 

e 13357 USA : Retail: I am seeking blue bahia at a GOOD PRICE, if not that then blue eyes light, silver sea green (a light one not too dark), blue caramel, or blue pearl. I live in Raleigh NC . I need 3 cm thick, approximately 10-12 sq feet for kitchen countertops. Also need a countertop of carrara gris 43 x 24 piece. June 30, Contact   

e 13340 USA : Retail: I would like to purchase two slabs of Juparana delicatus for immediate delivery in Alexandria , Virginia . June 29, Contact  

e 13335 USA : Retail: I am considering one of six marbles for my floors, including the kitchen and a sunroom. The marble will be honed and, unbelievably un-American as this is, I really like the battered marble look that I saw in shabby youth hostels in 100+-year-old buildings across Europe. 
A bit of dirt worked in gives character, as do some scratches. To make sure I can live with it, I'm going to buy a few pieces locally and toss 'em on the kitchen floor and leave them there for six months. (My countertops  I want to do in soapstone, so I'm not crazy--that stuff was amazing in the chem lab! I will also be using tile in the shower.) I doubt I'll have a problem, though, even with two dogs since I'm not expecting 
What I want is grey (or blue-grey, NOT brown or yellow-grey) veining on white marble--not too "directional" but a bit swirly. I want low iron because I absolutely don't want it to yellow. And it needs to be very, very much on the cheaper end of the scale! I'm open to more suggestions, but the ones I'm considering now are:
I know these are all metamorphic and not sedimentary (limestones), but what are their hardness and ferric contents? Do you know of better marbles that don't cost a bunch? Actually, I'm open to any stone that 
has a classic "marble" look. June 28, Contact

e 13323 USA : Retail: I am interested in the Alaskan stone slabs. I am a resident of Alaska and am interested in who carries the stone. I will be assembling a new kitchen next summer. June 27, Contact


e 13321 USA : Retail: Looking for 110 square feet of 4x4 tumbled Jersualem stone light gold. June 27, Contact 

e 13311 USA : Retail: I would like a quote on a 2cm slab of Emperador Dark Marble; size 20"X108" and another quote on 9 Emperador Dark Marble tiles (12"X12"). Also would these be finished as tumbled, honed, polished or brushed? What would the shipping be for each to Bay City , TX 77414 ? June 26, Contact

e 13307 USA : Retail: Does anyone offer "Marlin Verde" granite? June 26, Closed

e 13302 USA : Retail: I am looking for Cardigan Bianco and Giallo Topazio. Please send me details on pricing, shipping and minimum/ maximum quantities. I am in CA. My tel. no. is 714.98.....June 26, Contact 

e 13301 USA : Retail: Please give me some idea how much the mosaic cost and shipping cost. I'm a small builder in San Jose , Ca area. June 26, Contact 

e 13300 USA : USA retail: Looking for a local supplier in the Memphis area to buy about 3 - 4 granite slabs for use in counter tops. My tel. no. is (901) 37.....June 26, Contact 

e 13277 USA : Retail: We are interested in replacing our countertop with granite. After visiting several places to look at granite, we found the one we love, called juparana anandis. Could you please tell me what you know about this granite, i.e. its strength, how well it holds up compare to other granites. I am in MD. My tel. no. is 301-40.....June 24, Contact

e 13260 USA : Retail: We have both fallen madly in love with the Copper Sunset stone for our kitchen. I will be able to go anywhere in Miami, Broward or Palm Beach counties as long as we can meet with different people that can give us a variety of quotes so we may negotiate. 
It's a very urgent matter, as we have gutted the old kitchen (it was very dirty and falling apart) and need to install our new kitchen fast! I just do NOT want to settle for something we both do not like. We have fallen in love with Copper Sunset. You can reach us at 954-44..... June 23, Contact 


e 13242 USA : Retail: What is the proper name for Chelsea Gray Marble. It is sold in New York City as Pewter. June 23, Contact  

e 13225 USA : Retail: We are remodeling our kitchen. We have found a product that we like for our countertops called Pietra Serena. I believe it is a limestone. The place that we saw the stone did not have enough in stock to meet our needs. We are particularly interested in this stone, but would be open to other materials as long as its color is close to the Pietra Serena stone (light/medium gray) and it does not have too strong of a pattern within it (matte type finish - not marble!). We are in CA. Our tel. no. is 415-20.....
The dimensions are: 20 feet x 24 inches counter top, 6 feet x 36 inches counter with overhang.
We are willing to buy from anywhere, but the shipping costs will factor into our decision. We will be ready for the stone in about two weeks. We need to find a local fabricator which has to happen before buying the
stone. But, we are motivated to make this happen soon as we move in August 2004. June 22, Contact  

e 13223 USA : Retail: I am a homeowner in Boise and need to find someone who can cut/fabricate some granite slabs I already have, to make countertops. They already have bullnosed edges. My home phone is (208) 33....June 22, Contact

e 13222 USA : Retail: I want white granite counter-tops. Below are the quantities & the dimensions. 
1) (i) 16 foot x 2 foot countertop with a cutout for a stove:
    (ii) 16 foot x 4 inch lip.
2) (i) 11 foot x 2 foot countertop with a cutout for a sink:
    (ii) 16 foot x 4 inch lip.
3) 6 foot x 6 inch ledge.
4) 2 foot by 30 inch island with one oval end at width. 
Stone type and quality: finished/polished Granite first quality (minimal shade variation). Thickness: standard for countertop. Light colored - white. Buy locally ( U.S. or Canada ). Need by Fall 2004. Will pay COD, Credit Card or Check. Will inspect samples for which I will pay courier cost. I can order within 1-2 months. Tel. no. is (347) 23.....June 21, Contact

e 13221 USA : Retail: I need Sahara Beige marble 12"x12" tiles (400 square feet) and also in 2 or 3cm slabs (4 slabs). What is the lead time? June 21, Contact

e 13218 USA : Retail: I am trying to identify a granite which I have seen by the name Blue Fountaine. This may be a pseudonym. I hope to find an interesting stone with some iridescent particles which will complement my gold toned cabinets. Browns, taupes, blues and greens and black seem to work. June 21, Contact

e 13218 USA : Retail: I am trying to identify a granite which I have seen by the name Blue Fountaine. This may be a pseudonym. I hope to find an interesting stone with some iridescent particles which will complement my gold toned cabinets. Browns, taupes, blues and greens and black seem to work. June 21, Contact

e 13205 USA : Retail: I need to purchase a slant headstone to be placed at a gravesite in north New Jersey . I need it before the 30th June. Please contact me with wholesale price. My cell no. is 646 73.....June 20, Contact  

e 13203 USA : Retail: I am trying to design my Kitchen and wondering about the characteristics of "Bluestone", found in N.Y., Penn. , and N.C., USA , for Kitchen countertops. I understand it is similar to slate in look but what about durability when cutting on the surface. Also would like to know about it's durability to acidity. I read somewhere that it is difficult to cut to regular dimensional sizes, can anyone explain why? Is it too hard? too flaky? I like the look but know nothing else about it. Finally does anyone reading this know a typical price range per square foot of "Bluestone?" June 20, Contact  

e 13201 USA : Retail: I want to install Brazilian Verde slate in my Foyer. Any comments? June 19, Contact

e 13198 USA : Retail: My wife and I are about to build pour first and only dream house, and were looking at slabs the other day (for our countertops). We saw a sample of Santa Ceceila, and thought we wanted it. We also saw Juparana Bordeaux, and I really liked it. Is it good stuff, and true granite? Also, my wife loved the Madura Gold. It's pigmatite, and not granite ? Is it good stuff? June 19, Contact 

e 13197 USA : Retail: Email me relevant information on Marble...Granite and any specials you may have on stone. Can you ship it door to door? I am in GA 30084. June 19, Contact  

e 13190 USA : Retail: I am interested in using Jerusalem stone for entry foyer floor and powder room floor. Is there a place in Westchester County NY to purchase it? June 19, Contact   

e 13188 USA : Retail: We are looking for a tile made out of jade. The dimensions are about 18"x18"x3/8". We are an interior design firm in New York City . How much would a tile that size be? June 19, Contact

e 13180 USA : Retail: Looking for more information on the Sahara Granite coming from Columbia . I wanted to know if there was someplace in Massachusetts where I could see this. June 18, Contact  

e 13167 USA : Retail: I am looking for a source in the Chicago area for Pietra Cardoza stone. June 18, Contact


e 13163 USA : Retail: I need 300 SF of 18 x 18 Sienna gold travertine---no black streaks. I am in CA. My tel. no. is 858-68.....June 18, Contact


e 13156 USA : Retail: Email me relevant information about beige butterfly. June 17, Contact

e 13151 USA : Retail: I want a slab of Labrador Antique granite. I live in Charleston , Missouri . June 17, Contact  

e 13142 USA : Retail: I am looking for a granite called Verde Vechio - it is a light green granite with gold veining and black speckles. June 17, Contact  

e 13141 USA : Retail: Do you have a granite called California Jade? June 17, Contact

e 13139 USA : Retail: Please send information on a red countertop .... the reddest one you have....not onto burgundy...bright RED. Do you have that in a terrazo material for my kitchen island? June 17, Contact  

13126 USA : Retail: I am interested in buying some of granite paving stones. I am located in Bar Harbor . June 16, Contact 

e 13125 USA : Retail: Please quote for black and golden stone slabs. Send images also. My tel. no. is 501-52..... June 16, Contact 

e 13124 USA : Retail: Is Vyara Gold a good granite to have as a kitchen countertop? Is it considered a "true" granite - does it need sealing? We have to make a decision this week as our house is approaching completion.  June 16, Contact

e 13122 USA : Retail: I am looking for 150 Square Feet of Cipollino Apuano 12x12 tiles, polish finish for a hotel lobby floor. Could you please let me know if you have this product and what the price would be? My tel. no. is (239) 59.....June 16, Contact

e 13115 USA : Retail: Please provide info for stones for exterior use. 
1. How many inches thick are the slates, limestone and sandstone your offer?
2. What are the costs per square feet? 
3. Do you have samples available to send us?
4. What is the shipping/delivery costs for sending samples?
5. How soon can you deliver the samples to us?
6. What are the shipping costs with final orders? 
7. Do you have a representative or, distributor in the United States ? My tel. no. is 415-34.....June 15, Closed

e 13114 USA : Retail: I am searching tiles for a home remodel. They currently have Provenza Porcelain "Forgia" 16x16 tiles. Need to find distributor or retailer in Los Angeles California area. It also seems that Provenza Porcelain #010 "Ferro Fuoco" 12x12 or 8x8 would also work.  June 15, Contact

e 13095 USA : Retail: Interested in locating soapstone and flagstone of different colors. Pictures would help. I am in Long Beach , California . June 14, Contact 

e 13094 USA : Retail: We are currently remodeling our kitchen. I am looking at purchasing a counter top that will last. I am currently looking at Santa Cecelia, Venetian Gold, and Giallo Veneziano. If I get one of these and seal it regularly, am I okay with these, or do I have to worry about chipping, pitting, or staining still? Please advice with quotes. June 14, Contact

e 13091 USA : Retail: I am in the process of replacing my current kitchen and am considering granite tops. What is a good granite "a true granite" to look for? I want something that is durable and hopefully won't have  problems. Also I do not want black or white stone. We are considering something along the lines of a pink, grayish pink or a grayish blue. Please give me some direction. I am in FL. June 14, Contact 

e 13090 USA : Retail: I am in the process of choosing kitchen countertops and love the look of limestone but know it isn't a good choice because it's so porous. Would you recommend soapstone instead? I don't like the look of corian or granite....what other stones will give me the appearance of limestone and are functional?My tel.no. is 800-66.....June 14, Contact 

e 13089 USA : Retail: I am interested in purchasing 100 SF of California Gold Slate. What is the
price/sf and how long will it take to ship? Ph: (312) 90.....June 14, Contact 

e 13083 USA : Retail: Please quote for vanician gold 3 slabs pricing for resale Arizona . June 14, Contact 

e 13080 USA : Retail: I am trying to find a Vein Cut Walnut Light Travertine - Turkish Unfilled Table top. I had one shipped to me and it was broken in shipping I would like the price of a new table top and shipping costs if possible. The measurements of the table are 112cm X 62cm X 2cm and it has beveled edges. My phone number is 801-34..... June 14, Contact   

e 13076 USA : Retail: We are looking for kitchen countertop ideas but are concerned about how durable
some of the various stones etc. are. Would you be able to give me your 5 best picks for Kitchen countertops? We are looking for beauty and durability. June 14, Contact 

e 13075 USA : Retail: Please quote for Indian Parana granite. We are considering for use in our kitchen. Our phone no.  425-35.....June 13, Contact

e 13072 USA : Retail: I am ready to buy a granite counter top. What is the difference between natural granite & man made and which is best? June 13, Contact

e 13067 USA : Retail: We are in the process of buying a home and are confused about the countertops to use. Granite seems way out of our budget and are debating between Corian and Tile. We like the look of tile, but want something which is minimum maintenance. Both love to cook and resistance to stains, scratches and cuts are highest on our list. What would you suggest? Should we try to go over budget and get Granite or
will Tile/Corian be good enough. June 13, Contact  

e 13064 USA : Retail: We are looking for 3 slabs approximately 3.2 metres of white granite in Ohio . Bianco Antico is our preferred color. June 13, Contact 

e 13063 USA : Retail: Looking for Arabescato Cervaiole in Denver ? June 13, Contact

e 13060 USA: Retail: I was wondering how much it would cost to buy a solid piece of polished marble or granite (not tiles) in roughly a 3 foot by 3 foot square (rounded edges not square) for the top of a center island? I was hoping to have a quote for the Butterfly, Veneciano Verde Green, Sydney Green, Golden Diamond, Blue Diamond. I don't know what is customary thickness, so use your own opinion on that issue. I don't want the stone to be adhered to the surface, just to lay on top in case someone wants to remove it. My tel. no. is 408-92......June 12, Contact  

e 13054 USA : Retail: I purchased a few bags of "pink landscape stone" from a local store. I don't remember which and these stores don't carry this. They say they don't remember if they ever did. The problem is I want more of the pink stone and can't find it anywhere. On the bag it said Madison , Va. Pink landscape stone. It looks like light pink and gray marble chips. Smaller and prettier than your typical marble chips used in home landscaping and flower beds. Looking for another source for this material. The quantity required is 100lbs. I am in TN. My phone no. is 423-76.....June 12, Contact

e 13048 USA : Retail: Looking for any white stone like Thassos for a bathroom vanity 57 x 22. June 12, Contact   

e 13045 USA : Retail: Looking for 1-2 slabs of Gascogne Beige limestone. A couple of the slabs we purchased in Seattle have a lot of fizzures. Our phone no. is 253-54..... June 11, Contact  

e 13039 USA: Retail: Could you please send me some information about your products for the outdoors (steps) as well as something which could be used for vanity counters in the bath area in a white color (like a marble), but not a Mexican travertine. I am in AR 71909. June 11, Contact  

e 13037 USA : Retail: I am remodeling a house and have to do 2 new bathrooms. My earlier plan was limestone (showers, floors, walls). But now I plan to switch to travertine. I have a question: given that there are many lime stones, are either of the following more acceptable than others like Lagos Azul (honed) & Palomino Sand (honed)? Or, are these as bad (porous, soft, etc) as the other lime stones? In that case, is there a particular honed travertine that vaguely resembles either of the above in color and/or pattern? I am in CA. My tel. no. is 323-96.....June 11, Contact

e 13034 USA : Retail: I am very interested in locating Palladio granite tiles for a kitchen countertop. I would need around 75 square feet of tile, and would work with most any size. I live in Wisconsin . My phone is 715-74.....June 11, Contact  

e 13033 USA : Retail: I would like to find a silestone in Florida . I need 62 square feet of "blue sahara" or similar. My phone no. is 954 56....June 11, Contact

e 13023 USA : Retail: I need a quote for 40 sq ft of the Brazilian Ecology Green. I am in Washington . My tel. no. is 202.62.....June 10, Contact

e 13018 USA : Retail: What would it cost for 300 Sq ft of White Thassos, 12 x 12 and do you have it available to ship to PA. My tel. no. is 215-44.....June 10, Contact

e 13017 USA : Retail: I am building a new town home and I have chosen Black Galaxy granite for my kitchen. My question is two fold. What product do you recommend to help keep it looking new and without water spotting and if I have light cherry cabinets, black appliances what color sink do you recommend? I am doing an under mount sink and someone said I should use black and I am afraid that with our hard water it would spot all the time and that the kitchen would be too black. Can you advice with material? My tel. no. is 623 82.....June 10, Contact 

e 13016 USA : Retail: Please send me a price quote for black absolute granite. One piece is 46 x 21 inches and two pieces of 23 x 23 inches shipped to Staten Island , NY . My telephone number is 171827....June 10, Contact  

e 13004 USA : Retail: Monument: Please quote 36" by 24" by 8" black granite monument + base delivered to SF, CA. My tel. no. is 415-84.....June 9, Contact 

e 12997 USA : Artifacts: Retail: I am looking for green onyx pedestal/flower stand around 32" high. My tel. no. is 888.40.....June 8, Contact  

e 12982 USA : Retail: I need 110 Sq. Ft. African Red Granite tiles 1 CM. My phone no. is 770-88.....June 8, Contact

e 12976 USA : Retail: Our builder is interested in purchasing two slabs of Sylvester Beige Antique to re-fabricate our master bath countertop. Would like to have these slabs shipped to our local fabricator in Northern Virginia . Our tel. no. is (540) 88.....June 7, Contact  

e 12970 USA : Retail: What is the price for flamingo? Need 200 square feet. I am in Chicago . What is the shipping cost? My tel. no. is 773 34.....June 6, Contact

e 12964 USA : Retail: I need to cover my fireplace. Looking for someplace where I can choose and make retail purchase. I am in PA. My tel. no. is 610-86.....June 5, Contact

e 12958 USA : Retail: We are in the process of putting in a flagstone walk around our house. In one place we would like to put in a raised bed with a couple of different level between the walk and the house. We will be putting drip irrigation in the raised bed. Two questions: First is what is the best thing to seal the house brick with to prevent any kind of moisture problems there? Secondly, is it best to mortar the flagstone retaining wall. If so do I use just regular mortar or is there something better? I am in TX. My telephone no. is  806-79.....We will need residential delivery. Need around 21 tons of flagstone, depending on thickness. Mostly interested in Classic Oak color. June 5, Contact  

e 12956 USA : Retail: I want blue bahia granite. I am looking for any tile, slab, or broken mosaic pieces. The qty. is 100 sq feet of blue bahia tile of 12"x12" or larger smaller whatever broken pieces would even work. My tel. no. is 214 47...... June 5, Contact  

e 12954 USA : Retail: I want 2 ft x 35 ft Prete Aracruz Black granite for kitchen countertop, 1 1/4" thick. I would require 4 slabs. My price range $250-$1500. I would like to buy locally. I am in NY. My tel. no. is (212) 32..... June 5, Contact

e 12950 USA : Retail: I would like to purchase 3 slabs of Blue Bahia slabs 1 1/4 " thick. Please quote with shipping cost to Minnesota and delivery time. My tel. no. is 651-77.....June 5, Contact

e 12942 USA : Retail: We live in Minnesota , and would like to have granite counters created/installed in our kitchen. My tel. no. is 952.85.....June 3, Contact

e 12940 USA : Retail: I am looking for gardening stones. I am not sure what types are available. If you are able to send me anything with pictures, that would be very helpful. I'm looking to fill in a rather large area with rock but wanted a bigger sized rock. A price list would also be of help and which city I can find it in. I live in Kent , WA . My tel. no. is 253-37.....June 3, Closed

e 12934 USA : Retail: I live in Fl. & I have landscaping covered with Crimson rock. I would like to buy more to finish what the owners started. I can't find it in the retail stores. Nursery's do not carry it either. I know I need at least 2 yards & will need it delivered. I live in the SW part of FL. My tel. no. is 941-63......June 3, Contact  

e 12910 USA : Retail: I am looking for someone in the US or Canada that has a tile polishing machine and can polish both sides of the tile. I want for now 30 sq ft of dark granites to do some experimenting. I will pay up to $10.00 per ft max. That is including shipping. Please let me know of any contacts you might have for this task. June 2, Contact  

e 12903 USA : Retail: I need a price of "Dynamic Blue" & distributor in Houston area. My tel. no. is 713-86.....June 2, Contact

e 12895 USA : Retail: Do you know if the Typhoon Green marble stone is produced in a Tile format? I have recently bought the Typhoon Green Stone for Kitchen Cabinets and would like to be able to do some tile accents in my floor and hearth. My tel. no. is 843 30.....June 1, Contact

e 12468 USA : Retail: Please quote for 1 box of 16" x 16" Turkish Travertine Light and 1 box of 16" x 16" Turkish Travertine Medium. My phone no. is 973-40.....May 3, Contact USD 50 (buyer has paid deposit)  

e 12463 USA : Retail: I am interested in seemakanti red granite as well as whites with grey platinum and pearl. I am interested to see samples if they are available. My phone no. is 940-69......May 3, Contact USD 20

e 12452 USA : Retail: Need 3 slabs of Tropical Vernice. I have a fabricator in Cleveland Ohio . My phone no. is 419-57.....Need slabs immediately. For a Kitchen project almost complete - contractor. May 2, Contact 
USD 50

e 12449 USA : Retail: I am remodeling my kitchen and had planned on using a honed granite for my counters but am now considering soapstone. Who in the Palm Beach Gardens , FL area is experienced installing soapstone? My phone no. is 561.26......May 2, Contact USD 10

E 11971 USA : Retail: I am looking for 175 sq ft of Indian terra red slabs 1" thick. I live in Nanuet , New York . My cell phone number is 845 72..... Mar 30, Contact  

e 11970 USA : Retail: I am looking to buy onyx to have three tables made. I am in New York , NY . My phone no. is 917-37.....Mar 30, Contact

e 11967 USA : Retail: Please quote with samples for Roselise, Verde Bahia and Verde Gloria. Looking for distributors in Chicago . I am in Illinois 60022.  Mar 30, Contact

e 11962 USA : Retail: We are interested in Indian Autumm slate tiles, 16x16, about 400 sq ft. This is for an entry floor in a spec house. We are a licensed contractor in Western Washington . How many pallets? what's the shipping cost and timing? Our tel. no. is (206) 84......Mar 30, Contact

e 11959 USA : Retail: I need 125 square feet of Azul Maraubas tile for a shower wall. I also need a 2 ft x 6 ft vanity top with 2 cut out eased edge. My phone no. is 516-52.....Mar 29, Contact

e 11956 USA : Retail: Can I purchase a single slab of nero black granite 24" X 60" X 1.5"? My tel. no. is (914) 47.....Mar 29, Contact  

e 11952 USA : Retail: I am looking for a travertine fireplace. I am in Marin County , CA . My cell no. is 415 72.....Mar 29, Contact  

e 11945 USA : Retail: I am trying to locate approx. 160 sq. ft. of Rosa Salmon Dark 12" x 12" marble tiles. Since I am matching marble in an existing installation, I would need to purchase a sample first before I order. Please advise as to availability, price, and cost of shipping to the Georgia 30901. Mar 29, Contact  

e 11944 USA : Retail: I am searching for a black marble - Belgium Black - or comparable. I need two pieces 48"x48"x12" and 78"x29"x6". I am in AZ 85718-5411. Mar 29, Contact

e 11933 USA : Monument: Retail: Would like a piece of granite for up right monument, What is the price, how long will the shipment take to Washington state of USA ? Mar 29, Contact  

e 11931 USA : Retail:  White Onyx is very desirable to me for the décor of a restaurant bar top. Unfortunately, I have been told by fabricators and wholesalers that Onyx will not take to wine or liquor spillage. The size of bar would be around 10ft in length and 2ft in width. I'm very interested in buying the white onyx and getting an idea of pricing. Mar 29, Contact

e 11930 USA : Retail: I want tan-brown granite for my kitchen counters. Would like some info such as: Should this type of granite be sealed? Are there different grades of tan-brown? Any one edge better than the other? What type of cleaner should I use on the granite? Is this type of granite (supposedly from India ) porous or known for pits? I am in FL. My phone no. is 813-47.....Mar 29, Contact 

e 11923 USA : Retail: Please send me prices on a finished slab of Carmela Red Granite to be used for kitchen counter top. The size is 7'-6" x 2'-6" (standard), 2'-0" x 2'-6", 1'-6" x 2'-6". All in one slab-- Will cut myself (include sq ft for backing & over hang). Include shipping to AZ 85210 (near Phoenix ). Mar 28, Contact 

e 11922 USA : Retail: I would like stones from Jamaica . Are they available in forms suitable for (hobby) sculpting? My tel. no. is 973-38.....Mar 28, Contact

e 11921 USA : Retail: Looking for price quote for 12" x 12" Granite Tiles in Juparana Fantastico. Job requires 40 pieces, i.e. 40 square feet. Delivery is to Reston , VA , 20194 . Tel. no. is (703) 43.....Interested in price quote and time to delivery. Mar 28, Contact

e 11918 USA : Retail: I need 117 square feet of finished countertop (three full slabs). About 5 months away from needing the fabrication/installation. The addition of kitchen needs to be finished and new cabinets installed--about 5 months from now it should be done and ready for measurement, fabrication, and installation of granite. 
My main inquiry is finding out about the quality of the Volga Blue granite. I want to know of its strength as compared to other granites, porosity, subject to fissures, staining, etc. prior to investing in so much material. These answers could sway me to another granite. My needs are: dramatic, blackish background with tones of deep black/green/ and lighter tan or greenish veining throughout. The silvery/iridescent blue areas in Volga Blue is exotic! What is the name of the rock composition that creates this wonderful blue color? I want NOTHING as common as Uba Tuba or Verde Butterfly. I am in Virginia and my tel. no. is 703-42.....Mar 28, Contact

e 11913 USA : Retail: I want 350 Sq ft. size 12x12 stone tiles for my bathroom. I am in Montclair , NJ . My contact no. is 973-23..... Mar 26, Contact

e 11911 USA : Retail: We need a piece of Azul Bahia Granite, approximately 24 wide x 52 long. We're located in Prescott , Arizona but could pick up a delivery in Phoenix . Mar 26, Contact

e 11904 USA : Retail: Need about 15 sq. ft. of Juprana Columbo tile for backsplash. Probably 18 inch tile. How much shipping to Kure Beach , NC 28449 (this is a commercial address). Mar 25, Contact  

e 11902 USA : Retail: I am looking to purchase granite for my kitchen counter tops. I am in New Jersey 07920. I want to visit warehouses in New Jersey that carry granite. Mar 25, Contact  

e 11897 USA : Retail: I am looking for a source for Nepal Blue granite near the Minneapolis / St. Paul area of Minnesota .  Mar 25, Contact  

e 11884 USA : Retail: NEED PRICING FOR 517 SQUARE FEET OF THE DIANO REAL. NEED A.S.A.P. Mar 25, Contact  

e 11873 USA : Retail: I want to buy some flagstone for a patio project. My phone number is (912) 37.... I live in GA. Mar 25, Contact  

e 11869 USA : Retail: Would like 54 sq. ft of Verde Marinace. Please quote. Is it good for kitchen counters? My phone no. is 972-43.....Mar 25, Contact  

e 11868 USA : Retail: I am in need of a marble slab ideally 1 3/4 (could use 1 1/4 if necessary) width; min. 26"x40" (don't want to purchase full slab if piece is available) for tabletop. Must be highest quality Italian; rosso or verde coloration preferred. Please email asap. Mar 25, Contact  

e 11864 USA : Retail: I am building a home and want prices on stone like limestone, brick, and other stones. My phone no. is (512) 52..... Mar 24, Contact

e 11858 USA : Retail: I am currently looking to view a variety of slate (peacock, jak etc...) and/or flagstone at a wholesaler or retailer in the Brooklyn , NY or NY , NY , for a commercial counter. I'm interested in seeing the more exotic slates to be exact. Mar 24, Contact


e 11808 USA : Retail: I am looking for a piece of Carborundum approximately 8"x4"x3" in its natural state for a project that I am working on. Is this stone available in the previously mentioned size? What would be the cost of this stone? Is it possible to get other stones in the above size in their natural state? In other words, rough cut, untreated or unpolished. I live in Bucyrus , Ohio . My phone number is 419-56.....Mar 19, Contact

e 11807 USA : Retail: I am interested in Blue Pegaso granite for a 9 x 14 Ft. kitchen counter top. You can call me at 807-47.....Mar 19, Contact

e 11803 USA : Retail: I am interested in purchasing a slab of 2cm Bahia Blue granite to be delivered to Irvine CA . What would it take to get this done and how much US $? 949.39.....Mar 19, Contact

e 11802 USA: Retail: We are about to find cabinets and remodel kitchen in 25 days and want blue pearl with half bullnose, oddities are a rounded 48lx 36w" 3 side and sub-mounted sink. Looking for sale and install. We are in GA 30333. Mar 19, Contact

e 11792 USA : Retail: Looking for Pietra del Cardoso near Pittsburgh PA. We have never seen the stone in person. We saw it on the Cover of This Old House Magazine. We would like to be able to see a sample or visit a distributor to see a slab. These measurement are approx. The one side would be 171" the other would be 64" and 36". Like I said these are approx. but it is pretty close. Mar 18, Contact


e 11782 USA : Retail: We would like information on prices of your black basalt stones to put full body kits together of at least 50 to 60 stones per kit with different sizes. I am sure this is something your company has knowledge of. Could you please give me an idea of what this would run or do we buy in bulk and put together ourselves? We are in Ohio . Our tel. no. is 330-62..... Mar 17, Contact  

e 11770 USA : Retail: I need a piece of Indian slate that is approximately 30 inches X 60 inches. I could go smaller if necessary. Rough edges would be best, although I could use if cut. How could I acquire a piece of 'Peacock' or 'Gold', as found in Indian slates, and what would the cost be? I live in Hummelstown , PA (Zip code 17036). Mar 16, Contact 

e 11755 USA : Retail: I am looking for approx 30 sq ft of 3mm superior green  countertop. Mar 16, Contact  

e 11749 USA : Retail: Please quote for 1 ton various size 2-4" black mexican beach pebbles and dark charcoal grey or chocolate (possible Tennessee blue) colored flagstone in depths suitable for stepping stones and also large patio construction. My contact no. is 864 41.....Mar 15, Contact  

E 11744 USA : Retail: I am looking for a California supplier of Gallo Veneziano 12x12 granite tiles. I need approximately 60, polished delivered to Bakersfield 93312. Mar 15, \  

e 11743 USA : Retail: Please quote for counter tops. Sketch can be emailed to interested suppliers. I would need the stone cut for the sink insert and the corner. By my estimate, I need 231 inches of counter top before the corner cut. We live in Maryland . Please let me know what colors are available and the cost. I can pick up the counter tops if the supplier is within 300 miles. My contact no. is (410) 34.....Mar 15, Contact  

e 11742 USA: Retail: I am looking to find a large piece of large sandstone boulder, light to sand coloured, for a fireplace base, the size is approximately 16''x10''x72'' with two sides smooth and flat and the rest rough finish, could you please advise if you can supply such a piece of stone, we are located in Warrenton. Mar 15, Contact

e 11725 USA : Retail: I am curious about the physical properties of Sodalite Blue which is catergorized on some sites as marble and on others as a semi-precious stone (I guess it is both). What this stone is like for use as countertops in kitchens and bathrooms and for special floor mosaic designs? Does it require sealing
and polishing? Mar 13, Contact

e 11708 USA : Retail: I am looking to buy some travertine or limestone for a project I am working on. Where's your NJ warehouse? Mar 11, Contact

e 11707 USA : Retail: I am interested in purchasing Indian granite 2 slabs. Are there minimum requirements and how is the product taxed and shipped? I am located in Michigan . My phone number is (313) 58..... Price Range - up to $8 per square foot. Mar 11, Contact  

e 11700 USA : Retail: My husband loves granite, but I would prefer not to have very dark colored countertops in our kitchen. Can anyone recommend some medium to lighter colored granites that would make good countertops - unlikely to stain, etch, scratch, chip, or crack. Mar 11, Contact

e 11697 USA : Retail: I am looking at a tumbled marble tile 6 x 6 and 3 x 6 size for a bathroom floor. After reading your page I am now concerned about the voids in the tile. Can I fill these with dark grout and still maintain the look of color variation that has attracted me to this tile? Also what was all the talk about sanded and unsanded grout? Seems like I really need to get to the tips? Mar 11, Contact

e 11692 USA : Retail: We are having a total kitchen remodel, including granite counter tops. 
Some of the overhangs on the counter tops are 14" in depth.
Can the 14" granite overhangs be reinforced with engineered steel?
The 14" overhang counter top area measures approximately 87" in length.
We do not want corbels since we are putting chairs in this area and we do not want to have any obstruction that might encroach on someone sitting down & possibly banging their knees against the corbels.
Can you tell me how and when this process should be done; our granite fabricator nor our cabinet maker will install the steel. 
Pertinent questions:
Can we reinforce the overhang with engineered steel?
Does the steel go between the bottom of the granite and the top of the plywood or does it go underneath the plywood?
Does the plywood need to be routed to accept the steel?
Where can I purchase this type of steel?
How far apart does the steel have to be placed?
Does the steel have to be angle iron, in other words does it extend down the side of the cabinet of just underneath or over the top of the plywood? Mar 11, Contact

e 11687 USA : Retail: We are looking for 400 sq ft of red limestone, travertine (Also dark peach). Please let us know if it is available and the price. I am looking for tiles 12 x 12 or 16 x 16 with a matte finish for interior use (red travertine). Mar 11, Contact  

e 11678 USA : Retail: I need pricing on a granite countertop 20 mm, 30 sq ft in Northern VA. Mar 10, Contact

e 11676 USA : Retail: We are in the process of choosing tile for our home and like a travertine tile that is not completely polished - it looks "rustic" and is not filled. Is Travertine not a good choice for floors - like halls - that will see traffic. Mar 10, Contact

e 11675 USA : Retail: We are considering Bahia Gold for our kitchen countertops. Please advice with suitability. Mar 10, Contact 

e 11663 USA : Retail: Where I can purchase Pietra Dorata 45 ceramic tile. Mar 10, Contact  

e 11660 USA : Retail: We are remodeling 2 bathrooms.  The stone would be for the tub area in one bathroom and the shower walls of the other bathroom in addition to one wall (not in the shower that rises up to approximately 36" tall - chair rail molding height and is about 8' in length).  Both bathrooms are on the small side with 8' ceilings. Include price list(s). We live in Waldorf , Maryland . Mar 10, Contact

e 11633 USA : Retail: Please email estimated cost to replace the broken Onyx. We need 3 pieces of matching 'yellow onyx' (see image).
a. 4 inches x 41 inches h=5/8 
b. 4 x 30 
c. 4 x 30
[each piece has a cut of 3/8' by 1/2' along the 2 sides so it fits like a 'T' in between the side walls] 
2) total of replacing the whole Onyx covering the total leg structure approx. 50sqf [includ. labor and everything]. Delivery location San Diego . Mar 9, Contact  

e 11625 USA: Retail: We are interested in sealed azul cielo tiles in two sizes, needed within 8-10 weeks, untreated price for wall tiles less than 20$/sq. ft.
1. 80 sq. ft. wall tiles
2. 40 sq. ft. small squares (1 or 2 in.) for flooring, preferably on mats. We are in MA 02030.  Mar 9, Contact

e 11623 USA : Retail: Do you have any valakos white or valakos spider available. I need approximately 75 square feet if the price is right and the delivery charges are acceptable. I am in Hartington , NE 68739 . Mar 9, Contact  

e 11621 USA : Retail: I am looking for a section of granite (polished) to match my counter tops. It looks like Rosa Beta. I need a piece about 24" by 36". Do you have one? Mar 8, Contact    

e 11609 USA : Retail: I am thinking on trying this new Project on my kitchen countertops for the summer. I would like to install granite already cut 12x12 tiles on my kitchen countertops. I understand is a lot of work but, I am up for it. I have the time and installation tools not the $ for custom made ones. I am in Brighton , MA 02135 . Mar 8, Contact  

e 11598 USA : Retail: I am interested in prices for cherry blossom and dynasty purple marble. Do you have in both marble slabs and 12x12 tile? I am also looking for 1-2 slabs of a marble called Phoenix . It is not Phoenix Green. My phone no. is 510.90.....Mar 6, Contact

e 11597 USA : Retail: I need 30 sq ft Red Zodiac Countertop. I am in Santa Clara . My price range or budget is $4000. Mar 6, Contact

e 11591 USA : Retail: Would like quote on 1 pallet (360 sq ft) of polished absolute black granite. Delivery to 49090 area. 2 week time frame. Mar 6, Contact

e 11567 USA : Retail: I would like to have Turkish travertine installed in my kitchen, entry, TV room and bath. How do I go about finding the right person to do the job. I live in southern Ca and have concrete floors. I've been pulling up the current tiles, underneath is some kind of gray adhesive. Does that need to come off, before the floor is installed. I would like to have it butt jointed, does it have to be installed with the mud method, or is there another way. Mar 5, Closed  

e 11534 USA : Retail: I WANT 2 CASES OF 10 TO EQUAL 20 TILES OF JUPERANO FANTASTICO. NEEDED ASAP. I would like to have a price of the tiles if you can provide that for me and how soon I can get the tiles from you. I had to go a different route for the tile and a different color but I would love to get the matching tiles. Mar 4, Contact

e 11528 USA : Retail: I am looking to purchase tile for a dining room. I am in New York and my phone number is 914-99..... I am not sure of the quantity, I think about 30-50 tiles, I would like to make a border using the marble tiles. I am looking for a brown Emperador tile. Mar 3, Contact  

e 11527 USA : Retail: I am looking for 4" square black marble, about 8 and one of 6" square. What are the prices? Mar 3, Contact

11509 USA : Retail: Would like a granite called "Blue Parrot". Might it go by another name? If you know it, would it be possible to get a photo e-mailed? Mar 3, Contact

e 11504 USA : Retail: I am looking for 6 to 7 plates (approximately 30" x 30") of granite. We are trying to match an existing set called "Ran Mystique - Black" They are supposedly from India . My phone no. is (310) 84.....Mar 3, Contact

e 11503 USA : Retail: I need pricing on a granite countertop 8' in Los Angeles . Please contact 818/71.....Mar 3, Free Contact (Price list needed)

e 11486 USA : Retail: Please quote for 102 inch x 42 inch polished labradorite blue australe for dining room table. Needed as soon as possible. Price negotiable. I am in PA 19146. Mar 2, Contact

e 11485 USA : Retail: I am Italian living in USA . I am about to update the kitchen in a house I just bought. I grew up with marble as counter tops in my house in Italy (600 years old marble in kitchen). So I'm not sure why people don't use it here or why contractors tell me not to use it. (some Americans only want shiny surface but I don't care). Can you recommend some sellers of marble or should I get some slabs in Carrara (my family from there), ship it myself and have someone install it here. ? How would I do this, taxes etc? Also, is it cheaper to get it from lapidiary makers (for cemeteries?) Also, what type of white marble do you recommend? Mar 2, Contact

e 11479 USA : Retail: I live in Hartford , Connecticut . We are interested in Green and White Onyx. My phone (860) 63.....Mar 1, Contact  

e 11476 USA : Retail: I need 200 sq feet (flooring) coralito conglomerate. Price range from $1000-$2000 (fob) Ashland , Kentucky . Needed by mid April '04. I am also interested in slate flooring. My phone no. is 606-32..... Mar 1, Contact  

e 11474 USA : Retail: I'm building a cottage-type house with the kitchen at one end of the large common room. The house is filled with natural materials (stone fireplace, huge pine beams). I don't know what to use for the kitchen countertops. I like the rustic, natural look. We want something that will be low maintenance and resistant to scratches and stains. We don't like watermarks either. I don't mind doing regular maintenance but I do mind having to be careful or every little thing. Mar 1, Contact  

e 11468 USA : Retail: What is your price for 200 Square Feet of 12*12*3/8 Red Jade Marble? I am in 
Lexington , KY. Mar 1, Contact

e 11461 USA : Retail: I need 16-20 sq ft of Absolute Black 24"x12"x3/4" (610x305x20mm). Please include shipping charges. My zip code is 98501. Mar 1, Free Contact (against supplier profile)  

e 11458 USA : Retail: I am looking at granite slab countertops. I like Mystic Marinace from Brazil . I live in Tucson , AZ and I am building a custom home which is being framed now. Mar 1, Contact

e 11455 USA : Retail: Looking for honed filled golden light Travertine in 24" dimension. How slippery is this type of Travertine compared with Tile? I am planning to come to Miami on Wednesday to visit a few other stone distribution centers. If you give me your address, I would be more than happy to come by and see your stock of Travertine. Mar 1, Contact

e 11453 USA : Retail: What is the best granite to use in an island cook top, where grease is a definite factor? I am in Alabama . Mar 1, Contact  

e 11451 USA : Retail: Please quote for thin veneer stones. Feb 29, Contact  

e 11450 USA : Retail: We are building a home in Hillsville , VA. Please quote for different types of natural stones. Looking for someone in our area. Our phone no. is 276 73.....Feb 29, Contact

e 11444 USA : Retail: We are in the process of remodeling our kitchen. What granite would match with either mahogany or white cabinets? Feb 29, Contact

e 11442 USA : Retail: I am in the process of purchasing a granite counter top. I have already paid for a selection through a national chain of home improvement stores. I had chosen Santa Cecelia Gold, but I am not sure it is the stone for me. I still have time to change since they haven't made the templates yet, as we are installing a new hardwood floor which requires our cabinets to be removed. I am looking for a stone which requires the least amount of maintenance and is resistive to stains and discoloration's. I think I have ruled out the Santa Cecelia Gold, and Sapphire brown (which by the way my husband stained with some sort of oil), but I am considering Autumn brown, Tropic brown, Imperial Red, Cranberry brown, Coffee Brown, Autumn Wheat, Dakota Mahogany or Poconos Green. Which of these are the least absorbent and are true granites? I am not concerned about quick clean ups by myself, but since my husband is retired and enjoys cooking while I am at work, and very seldom cleans the counter after he is done, I have real concern about stains. Feb 29, Free Contact 

IN: e 11440 USA : Retail: I would like to receive pricing on Raja Slate, preferably "Peacock" for about $2.00 for 16x16. I only need enough slate for one home. Please include shipping cost. I can contacted at 505-81.....Feb 29, Contact

e 11436 USA : Retail: I am trying to find Emser Autumn calibrated slate. Please send price for square foot. Feb 29, Contact

e 11435 USA : Retail: I am looking for yellow / lemon colored marble tiles in 12 x 12. Feb 29, Contact

e 11427 USA : Retail: My designer recommends white statuary cararra marble for my kitchen counter tops. I have several questions. 
1. Is is better to have it polished and accept it will get etched from lemon, etc. or would it better to have it honed and sealed? If honed is best, how many times should the installer seal the marble when it is installed? What type of sealer should I request. 
2. Are there specific carrara marbles that oxidize and yellow more than others? How do I determine this? 
3. The installers have recommended installing the white marble on top of plywood that is fastened with metal bolts in some places. Does there need to be a protective white layer between the marble and the plywood? Is it possible that the plywood could stain the marble from the bottom up? What about the metal bolts, could they cause the marble to yellow? 
4. What is the best way to prevent water spots? Is it a given that water spots will occur around the sink area just from constant use? 
5. Can hot pots/pans be set directly on marble? 
6. What is the best way to care for a cararra marble counter on a daily basis? 
7. Are there any granites that are light and have movement but that are better choices for a kitchen? We live in Southern California - Do you have any supplier recommendations? 
8. Is Vermont or Brazillian slate a good choice for kitchen counters? Does it scratch/stain easily? Can it be repaired. Feb 28, Contact

11426 USA : Retail: I am looking for Pietro Cardosa counter tops approx 24 linear feet, and other sand stone tiles and counter tops and stone sink bowl. Also floor tile approx 300 square feet. I am located in Somers , NY 10536 . Please contact at 914-92.....Feb 28, Contact

e 11425 USA : Retail: One of my customers wants granite countertops in their yacht. I need a source in the San Francisco Bay area. The countertops I want are only 1/4 inch thick but they come on a aluminum substrate panel. The overall installation is much lighter weight wise than a home installation. Feb 28, Contact 


e 11414 USA : Retail: We are remodeling our kitchen this Spring. We want to use Dakota Mahogany on the counter tops and travertine on the floors. Feb 27, Contact

e 11413 USA : Retail: Looking for 400 - 500 sq ft blue eye granite for residential application, having great difficulty finding it in the Dallas area. What are the minimum purchase requirements? Would like to purchase 12x12 or 16x16 tiles. My phone no. is 972-46..... Feb 27, Contact

e 11409 USA : Retail: I need 250 French Vanilla Marble 12x12 tiles. Location is Atlanta , GA 30305 . I have already purchased a slab, but now need tiles. Need as soon as possible. My phone no. is (404) 68..... Feb 26, Contact

e 11397 USA : Retail: I am looking for 360 to 400 sf of Azul Aran tiles. I am a licensed contractor. Looking for  distributors in MA, RI. Feb 26, Contact  

e 11392 USA : Retail: I am interested in granites for counter tops. Quantity estimate: 2 slabs for 55-60 sq ft of countertop and peninsula (3 cm). Specifications are:
Countertop application:
(A) will need 3cm slabs (probably 2), workable to the following approximate installed pieces:
1) 7 feet wide, standard counter depth (25")
2) 4 feet wide, standard counter depth
3) 3 feet wide, standard counter depth
OR 2) and 3) 9.5 feet wide
4) 6 feet wide, 3.5 feet depth (peninsula).
Stone name or type: 
(1) Ideally, VYARA JUPARANA, COLOMBO JUPARANA, GOLDEN JUPARANA, SAPHIRE BLUE / BROWN OR RAW SILK type (other?), having significant beige content with other colors (dark brown, black, and rose) providing plenty of movement in slab (esp. for 6ft x 3.5ft section to be installed in peninsula).
Needed by: ready to install counter 1 week from now, acceptable within 2 months (i.e., willing to wait for the right stone). I am in Dublin , Ohio . My phone no. is 614-89.....Feb 26, Contact  

e 11391 USA : Retail: I am looking for a fireplace surround and slab hearth. Need black granite tiles 12x12 or slab cut to shape around fireplace, polished, first quality 12 tiles & 2 slabs (96x32 and 48x16). All should match. Can order as soon as possible. My tel. no. is 517.42.....Feb 26, Contact  

e 11390 USA : Retail: Want a brown multi or bronze color granite 4 ft x 6 ft polished. Please advise cost and shipping to 19390 zip. Feb 26, Contact  

e 11380 USA : Retail: Please quote for Flagstone. Feb 25, Contact

e 11374 USA : Retail: Need 475 sq ft silver blue slate tile for kitchen dining room project. Prefer 12x12 or larger tiles. Feb 25, Contact

e 11366 USA : Retail: How can I get quotes and samples of the P003, P010 and Charcoal or silver Blue slates from China ? I'll be looking for 500 square feet ultimately, but I'd like to see a small sample of each of the three stones to choose the right color.  My contact no. is (203) 39..... Feb 25, Contact  

e 11358 USA : Retail: Please quote for Madura Gold 54 Sq.Ft., 1 1/4". I am in South Carolina and my phone no. is 843-62......My price range or budget is approx. $2,500, including installation. I need it ASAP. Feb 24, Contact

e 11355 USA : Retail: We want to put honed baltic brown granite for the countertops in our kitchen. Are their any concerns about using a honed baltic brown that we should be aware of before proceeding? I am in MA 02111. Feb 24, Contact

e 11351 USA : Retail: I am interested in a black granite and wondered which color was the most durable and stain resistance. I don't want a countertop that requires a lot of maintenance. Sealing once a year is okay but not a monthly thing. Feb 24, Contact   

e 11348 USA : Retail: I recently saw a greenish grey countertop with white veining. I am getting mixed messages as to what it is...I was told it was Italian soapstone-pietre cardoza (sp?) and then I was told it was a honed granite. It is beautiful, but I would like to know what it is and how resilient it would be for a kitchen countertop. Feb 24, Contact     

e 11343 USA : Retail: Please quote for ostrich green in slab 6 ft honed. Does it have black dots when polished? I am in CO 81612. Feb 24, Contact

e 11342 USA : Retail: Please quote for a kitchen counter top. Click attachment for dimensions. I am in CA 94513. Feb 24, Contact

e 11341 USA Retail: I am looking for Blue eyes tiles. Feb 24, Contact  

e 11340 USA : Retail: I live in Las Vegas and need 3 to 4 slabs of India Gold Granite for an outdoor barbeque island. I have not been able to find the correct variation of India Gold in 3 CM. My tel. no. is (702) 22.....Feb 24, Contact

11336 USA : Retail: I am looking for a more economical way to get some Azul Macaubes for two bathroom countertops, 5 foot length and 4 foot length. Looking for surplus or remnants in the Seattle area. The quote I just got from my contractor was over $100/sf finished. Feb 24, Contact  

e 11335 USA : Retail: I am updating my kitchen counters & want to go with Granite. My question being........what is the best least likely to show stains & or imperfections. I have 3 small children & I am a sloppy cook. I have 83 square feet to do so whatever I do it will be very expensive. I don't want to make a mistake. The granite place I am working with pretty much yeses me on everything & swears that if it is sealed then you have no problems. My neighbor (with granite) says she has problems with grease stains (hers are not sealed on recommendation from her installer). Is it best to go with a darker black/brown/green color? I really like the St. Cecilia...but I forsee a red KoolAid spill & that scares me. I am in Oklahoma . Feb 24, Contact

e 11326 USA : Retail: Please quote for volcanic lava rocks. Would like a local distributor in Virginia Maryland, District of Columbia and Pennsylvania areas. Feb 23, Contact

e 11314 USA : Retail: Interested in Tan Brown Countertops. Can you do a custom island piece (40" x 114"). Feb 23, Contact  

e 11313 USA : Retail: I am looking to put "Tan Brown" in a kitchen. The Backsplash area behind the stove is 70" X 18" tall. The cabinets on either side of the stove are 19" wide x 26-27" approximately deep. The counter on the other side is "L- shaped" and the total space is 37 ¼ " x 48" there is a window in the way of much of the back splash in this area. However there is a approximately a 16"x 32" area and a 16" x 23" on either side of the windows and a 9" x 40 and a 9 x 24 underneath the window by the sink. We live in SLC, Utah . Our phone no. is 801-83.....Feb 23, Contact   

e 11312 USA : Retail: I need 4000 square feet of slate or similar stone tile. We would like it to have some depth of color and texture- like the Dark Torreon color from Durango . We will use it indoors/outdoors so don't want it too slippery. We are ready to buy now for delivery to Rosarito Beach , Mexcio. Our phone no. is 858-53.....Feb 23, Contact 

e 11308 USA : Retail: I want to purchase 130 sq ft 12"x12" White Thassos Select. Please advise total charge including delivery to home in Northbrook . Feb 23, Contact  

e 11294 USA : Retail: Remodeling my kitchen and would like to have granite countertops. Please quote. 
Feb 22, Contact    

e 11292 USA : Retail: I am in the process of remodeling a kitchen and need only about 40 feet of stone. I live in NH 03063. Feb 22, Contact

e 11288 USA : Retail: I am thinking about replacing my kitchen counter tops with Granite. I just love the natural beauty of stone but I'm getting very concerned about the care and maintenance. Feb 22, Contact  

e 11287 USA : Retail: I am building a home in Laguna Beach Ca. and need to find a supply of ledger stone for both interior and exterior of house. Saw a catalog of products from China , and liked the FirePlace ledger stone. Need to know how if you buy random pieces and install on site or if they are performed squares and need to know price per sq. foot and who distributes and installs in So. Cal. Tel. no. is 949-49.....Feb 21, Contact  

e 11286 USA : Retail: I am very interested in purchasing tile for a kitchen and bath. I need approx. 90 -12x12s for kitchen and 250 for the bath. Can I order 2 different styles? My location is Charlotte , NC . Feb 21, Contact  

e 11282 USA : Retail: I am looking to buy about 400 sq ft or more of polished marble color: cream (or ivory), emerald, or light pink. My zip code is 92677 (Orange county, south California , USA ). Feb 21, Contact

e 11280 USA : Retail: I would like to know how much Amarelo bangu, Blue pegaso floor tiles cost per square foot. Feb 21, Contact   

e 11279 USA : Retail: I like the champagne stone. Are there any dealers carrying this stone in the Glendora/Pasadena area?? Feb 21, Contact  

e 11255 USA : Retail: I am interested in purchasing Coffee Brown Tiles for my counter top. Quantity is 60 square feet of tiles. I am in MN 55432. Looking for a price of US$4.15 per tile and how much is shipping to Minnesota ? Feb 20, Contact  

e 11248 USA : Retail: I want one standard granite countertop....any color (preferably black). My phone no. 973-43..... Feb 20, Closed

e 11245 USA : Retail: I am interested in using a slate (or soapstone) countertop inset, say 30" x 30", for rolling out doughs, etc. Any concerns about using something like that? What is the heat resistance? Stain resistance? Feb 19, Contact  

e 11237 USA : Retail: I live in Danebo Oregon and need 300 sq ft of Silver Shine Quartzite Tiles. I would like to pay around $2.00 a square foot. I would like different sizes of tiles in inches, 12x12, 18x18, 6x12, 5x18. 
I am looking for either polished or gauged tiles. The area I live in has limited availability. My phone no. is 
541 46.....Feb 19, Contact    

e 11235 USA : Retail: I want travertine for my house. Feb 19, Contact  

e 11231 USA : Retail: I am looking to purchase 40 - 45 pieces of 18 x 18 Ubatuba tile. Please provide with a price quote and shipping charges?  Feb 19, Contact

e 11220 USA : Retail: Please quote for 50 sq feet of rainforest tile green. I would like this for a kitchen counter top. Is this advisable? Feb 18, Contact

e 11201 USA : Retail: Please quote for polished pieces of granite stones attached (image1, image2, image3, image4, image5). Sizes are left side 25", top 47 1/2 ", right side 25 3/16", bottom 47 1/2"? Feb 18, Contact   

e 11200 USA : Retail: I want to buy tiles for my kitchen back splash. Feb 18, Contact  

e 11194 USA : Retail: I want Giallo beach for counter tops. I need 150 sq ft in SC. My phone no. is 843.43..... Feb 18, Contact

e 11174 USA : Retail: Need following a Black Galaxy, black or very dark brown or similar 20-30 MM with edge finishing on various sides for kitchen counter tops with cutouts if possible for stove and sink. Located Louisville , KY will buy with in 500 miles approximately. Ready to place order need ASAP. Will send drawings. Samples will be discussed. Sizes are 1-25 1/2 X 104", 1-25 1/2 X 82", 1-17 X 36, 1-25 1/2 X 26. My phone no. is Ph. 1-502-55.....Feb 17, Contact  

e 11163 USA : Retail:  Would like sales outlet in southwestern USA or California for certain granite stone I like. Especially looking for green granite slab (counter top). Feb 16, Contact  

e 11157 USA : Retail: Please quote with images for granites in shades of navy blue. Feb 16, Contact  

e 11146 USA : Retail: Please quote for Alba Chiara marble. Feb 15, Contact    

e 11139 USA : retail: I am trying to get the name and a supplier of a granite that I want for my countertops. I have seen the stone on the website for Diamond Cabinets. I have e-mailed Diamond Cabinets but they were no help! The web site is www.diamond2.com. The granite is shown in the intro (fourth image-wastebasket cabinet) and again in Planning Ideas. It's shown on a large center island in a cherry kitchen cabinet display. I have been to several granite fabricators in CT. with a picture of the granite and no one has this stone. On www.findstone.com (www.findstone.com/country-stone.htm) I had thought it might be Parana Tropical Brown, Golden River or Yellow Oriental Golden. From the Diamond Cabinet Brochure the colors are beige, gold, cream and purple graining lines like a juparana granite might be. I would appreciate any help with finding the name of this stone. My phone no. is 860-58.....Feb 14, Contact (Buyer will pay FindStone commission)

e 11136 USA : Retail: I am planning a new kitchen in the future and love the colors of what I had thought was green marble and now find out to be green serpentine. Can you tell me how it relates to granite in its ability to not be damaged easily by heat, water? Also, what can cause damage to this stone in a kitchen setting? Any particular concerns? I had intended to use it as marble for a cold top for rolling dough (bake center), but now consider it possibly for around the stove area. How about its cost in relation to other granites or marbles? Feb 14, Closed

e 11131 USA : Retail: Please quote for a small slabs of silver sky granite. Feb 14, Contact  

e 11121 USA : Retail: I went to a tile and stone retailer today, at which none of their salesmen were
as well informed as I in regard to mineralogy. As a geologist, I am well informed about rocks in general, but I am the first to admit I have deficiencies regarding the best rocks to install for countertops. 
At this point, all I know is my preference to work with 16x16 sizes. We cannot use slabs due to the 'structural damage' done to our budget for this little project. Also I have a Kohler ice gray tile-in sink which I think lends itself nicely to any variety of possible choices. Feb 13, Contact  

e 11117 USA : Retail: I am looking to purchase 780 sq. ft. of 12" x 12" black galaxy granite tile. I am in PA. 18508. Feb 13, Contact

e 11116 USA : Retail: Please quote for 6 pieces of granite, medium grey in color delivered to Oregon . The dimensions are: 4 slabs 12 inches X 4 feet X 6 feet, 1 slab 16 inches X 4 feet X 12 feet and 1 slab 16 inches X 4 feet X 24 feet. Feb 13, Contact   

e 11111 USA : Retail: I want Bianco Sardos & Verde Spluga granite for my kitchen counter-top. I am in NJ. Feb 12, Contact  

e 11107 USA : Retail: I am looking for a piece of onyx to mount a metal sculpture. Any color will work. I need a piece that is 3"to 4" thick X approx. 16" X 16". It could be round or ill regular in shape but with at least a 16" dia. I am in TN. My phone no. is 001-931-58..... Feb 12, Contact  

e 11089 USA : Retail: Please quote for Sodalite Blue granite slab. I want to make counter tops for my kitchen, about 38 sq. feet. I am in CA. Feb 11, Contact

e 11084 USA : Retail: I am looking for a cobalt blue color: maybe Blue Pagaso or if you have Blue King. I need about 30-35 sq ft. of slab for a few different countertops in a kitchen. I would like to come and see some slabs. You can call me at 909-65...... I'd like to get a sample of whatever you have that has a lot of cobalt blue (like azul bahia, but not so busy). Feb 11, Contact

e 11081 USA : Retail: We prefer the look of shivakashi for our home wet bar. Is shivakashi a mistake? My contact no. is 248 36.....Feb 11, Contact

e 11080 USA : Retail: Looking for 3EA. 40" X 40" X 1.25" Alaskan Lace Marble slabs polished one side. 
Feb 11, Contact  

e 11071 USA : Retail: I would like a quote on: 
25 sq ft of emperador dark tumbled marble 12 x 12
33 sq ft of emperador dark tumbled marble 8 x 8 
81 sq ft emperador light tumbled marble 12 x 12. I am in NY 14534. Feb 10, Contact  

e 11064 USA : Retail: I want 16x16 honed Jerusalem Gold 450 sq ft tiles. Please include shipping in your estimate. It will be shipped to San Diego . Feb 10, Contact

e 11059 USA : Retail: I want Blue Pearl GT. I saw it advertised on findstone.com for $6.69. What is the lowest price you can give me if I order 100 sq. ft of blue pearl GT? If I ordered just blue pearl, what is the lowest price? Can you tell me if there are shipping charges, how much (my zip is 24266-VA)? Would there be shipping charges? Please quote me the price by sq. foot? Feb 10, Contact    

e 11058 USA : Retail: I want marble/ granite materials. I am in the process of building a home. Feb 10, Contact  

e 11054 USA : Retail: I am interested in Amerelo Bangu, Amerello - orange, Bule Pegaso, Panama - green and Eucalipto Verde. Namibia - Sodalite Blue
I am a homeowner and want to redo my bathroom and kitchen. Looking for someone who is in the Washington , DC area who has these stones. Feb 10, Contact  

e 11053 USA : Retail: I am looking for a green granite called Cascada Lineal for counter tops. Feb 10, Contact  

e 11051 USA : Retail: Please quote for Star Granite / Blue Granite. Are there any suppliers/retailers in
Mobile , Alabama ? Feb 10, Contact  

e 11048 USA : Retail: Please quote for red marinace or any similar color granite for kitchen countertops. I am in MI. My phone no. is 734 88.....Feb 9, Contact  

e 11032 USA : Retail: I am looking to replace a dining table, black marble that was approximately 5 1/2ft x 3ft 4". What would something like this cost? I would hope I could repair what broke in half, but if not then if the price is not too high, I would replace the top. I am in SE Florida in the city of Tamarac ( Ft. Lauderdale area). Feb 9, Closed  

e 11031 USA : Retail: Please quote with images marinachi granite. Feb 9, Contact    

e 11030 USA : Retail: I am looking for a stone called Pink Quartzito. Where can I find either 3/4 slabs or tiles in NJ or NY? Feb 9, Closed  

e 11025 USA : Retail: Please quote for sodalite blue slab for counter tops. I live in Massachusetts . Feb 9, Contact

e 11017 USA : Retail: Trying to locate suppliers of Blue Pearl granite in NY. Feb 8, Contact   

e 11016 USA : Retail: I want a good quality marbles and tiles for: Kitchen, Bathroom, Floor, and Outside walls. Please quote in Feb 8, Contact   

e 11014 USA : Retail: I am thinking of getting Black Galaxy granite countertops for a large kitchen and 7 foot island.  Feb 8, Contact

e 11011 USA : Retail: We are building a house in Central NJ and will be shopping for granite soon. Feb 7, Contact

e 11005 USA : Retail: I need marble bases for a project I started. Size should be about 6 x 6 or 6 inch dia. must weigh about 2.5 to 3 lbs. Feb 7, Contact  

e 11002 USA : Retail: We are in the process of selecting countertops for our kitchen remodel. Please quote with specifications. Feb 7, Contact  

e 11001 USA : Retail:  I would like to know what does Ikon brown ( icon) look like and from what country?  Feb 7, Contact  

e 11000 USA : Retail: I want Tropical Brown in the shower, on the counters, etc. Please quote with specifics. Feb 7, Contact  

e 10995 USA : Retail: I am interested in Black Galaxy Granite Counter tops. I only need about 23 linear feet of counter tops. I also need 10 square feet of Black Galaxy floor tiles. Also interested in second choice materials with thin black lines at very attractive prices are of interest to me. I need 24.5 feet of 25 inch wide black galaxy granite for my counter tops. 
I only need 3 slabs. I would like the purchase price and shipping cost for the 3 slabs. 
Slab 1 - 2286 mm x 641.35 mm
Slab 2 - 2101.85 mm x 641.35 mm
Slab 3 - 1371.6 mm x 1098.55 mm 
Please price the fixed measurement costs. I understand that there will be 15% added. Include only the price for first choice materials. 
Please provide the LCL shipping cost. Does this price include the cost of having the slabs delivered to my home? Is there any insurance that I can purchase from the carrier which will guarantee that they arrive without any defects? 
Also, are the slabs finished? Do the edges have to be finished and are they shiny? Can I have a sink hole drilled at an extra cost? Feb 6, Contact  

e 10965 USA : Retail: I would like to get 700 sq ft of Yellow St. Cecilia or Amarelo Ornamental granite. I also need two or three pallets of tile ship to Atlanta , Georgia . I want Madura Gold Light 40 sq ft and Tropical Gold Light 40 sq.ft. I am in Atlanta Georgia . I would like a simple edge of these products in slab form. I would like 3 slabs if possible. Feb 5, Contact

e 10964 USA : Retail: I want Texas Shell Stone. Looking for a supplier in Baltimore , Maryland . Any ideas to fabricate Texas Shell Stone for fire place columns? If not, can you ship a ship a slab to a fabricator I will hire in Baltimore ? I will need dimensions of slab. Phone: 443-86.....Feb 5, Contact  

e 10958 USA : Retail: I am interested in Blue Pegaso granite slabs for my kitchen. I am in Florida 34990. Feb 5, Contact    

e 10957 USA : Retail: Looking for competent stone installer in Pinellas County , Florida near St Petersburg and Tampa . Feb 5, Contact

e 10946 USA : Retail: We are working on a kitchen renovation project in Rhode Island , and are interested in locating slabs of 1 1/4" slabs Chelmsford Grey with a silver fleck for the counter. Quantity reqd. is 60 sq. ft min. number of slabs/ cuts possible. We are in RI. Mobile no. is 401.83.....Feb 4, Contact

e 10941 USA : Retail: What is the price of Blue Pearl granite for a bathroom countertop and a tub deck - approx 30 square feet. Feb 3, Contact

e 10938 USA : Retail: I am a home owner looking to remodel my bathroom and am interested in the Arabescato orobico rosso piece for the countertop where the sink will be placed. Feb 3, Contact    

e 10926 USA : Retail: I am interested in ordering some Turkish bathroom tiles. I am located in Palm Coast , FL. Feb 3, Contact

e 10922 USA : Retail: Looking for marble, maybe 20-30 lbs of raw stone. Need to ship to Montana . Feb 2, Contact  

e 10921 USA : Retail: We are looking for an entrance marker for a subdivision. We will need 2 pieces, one for each side of the entrance. Probably 3 feet high by 5 feet wide. I do not know what your thickness is but I would imagine it needs to be around 5-8 inches thick. We want a light color possibly sand or grey. We will be engraving it with the name MAGNOLIA PLACE in two lines. It will have to be shipped to vicinity of Lake City , Florida . Can you give me a price and approximate time period?  Feb 2, Contact  

e 10916 USA : Retail: I need 12 x 12 French Vanilla tiles for a large shower. Tel. no. is (404) 68.....Feb 2, Contact  

e 10909 USA : Retail: Have you heard of sucuri granite? Can you tell me what you know about it (any other names it goes by, country of origin, etc.). Feb 2, Contact  

e 10895 USA : Retail: I need 18x18 for floors 220 sq ft Absolute Black Granite tile. I am located in FL, Boca Raton . What is the price? Feb 1, Contact  

e 10881 USA : Retail: We are looking for a quartzite called Oasis (green-grey and white) for countertops, 2 slabs. We need a slab of honed (river runs through it) and two or 1.5 slabs of polished. We can't find suppliers in Chicago or Milwaukee . Jan 31, Contact USD 20 (open)  

e 10875 USA Retail: I am interested in the granite countertops. I am located in Orange County , CA .  Jan 31, Contact USD 20 (open) 

e 10874 USA : Retail: Could you send me a quote and image of the Brown Eyes Granite? We are building a house in Virginia and this is the color we have chosen. Jan 31, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 10873 USA : Retail: We're interested in a granite counter top that has a bit of blue in it and were looking at the pictures of Azul Barracuda Blue, Cobalt Blue, and Creme Azul Bahia . We live in west suburban Chicago and were wondering how we could go about seeing a sample of these granites. Jan 31, Contact USD 40 

e 10872 USA : Retail: I am looking for a slab of dark geen onyx 3/4 inches thick and 2 ft x 2 ft slab. Jan 31, Contact USD 10

e 10868 USA : Artifacts: Retail: I am looking for some Connemara Marble bookends just plain green. Jan 30, Contact USD 10 

e 10861 USA : Retail: I want Basaltina scrap pieces for stairs in my garden. Jan 30, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 10858 USA : Retail: We are building a new house and are considering granite tiles in the kitchen, tumbled marble or travertine in the bathroom for the floor, countertops and around the Jacuzzi tub. But after reading the horror stories, I'm thinking ceramic tile may be best. I don't like to clean much! Jan 30, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 10854 USA : Retail: We have an apartment renovation in Athens Greece , looking for new marble flooring, about 50 square meters, please advise pricing on this. Our phone no. is 732-40..... Jan 29, Contact USD 20 (open)  

e 10844 USA : Retail: I need 180 Sq Ft of Verde Tropical 12"x12" 3/8" tile, delivered to Westchester , NY
Jan 28, Closed

e 10841 USA : Retail: Where can I buy Botticino Perlato Marble tiles in Maryland . I bought some, completed my bathroom floor and now I need more to complete around the bathtub and shower. You can reach me at 410-53.....Jan 28, Contact USD 20 (open)  

e 10837 USA : Retail: I want Santa Clara granite for kitchen counters. Looking for a supplier in NJ. I was hoping to determine if it is suitable for kitchen countertops and if there are any other names this stone is called. Jan 28, Contact USD 20 (open) 

e 10836 USA : Retail: I need replacement slate for my 9ft x 4.5ft Billiards Table. I am looking for three piece Billiards slate. My number is 209-65..... Jan 28, Contact USD 20

e 10815 USA : Retail: I am looking for a granite called Cerilian Blue. It is almost a cobalt blue, it has a swirl (almost like a marble) with either white or light grey in it). I would almost think it was "Azul Macaubas" but it was much more vibrant than that. Jan 28, Contact USD 20 (open) 

e 10814 USA : Retail: I want Ubatuba in Gold Fleck. I don't like the new version with no gold in it. Are there any suppliers in Northern Virginia that carry it? I am in zip code 20170 - Herndon , VA. Jan 28, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 10801 USA : Retail: I need three slabs Azul Macauba Granite cut and finished. Jan 27, Contact USD 40

e 10795 USA : Retail: Where do I buy kitchen countertops--granite or other durable stone--at a reasonable price? Jan 27, Contact USD 50 (open)  

e 10790 USA : Retail: I need 325 Sq. ft.of 12" X 12" tiles. I believe it is a Mexican marble. I want samples to match existing marble. I am ready to buy immediately once I've have samples in hand and verify that it matches existing marble already laid down. The colors I think that may match are 1) Maya 2) Mountain Rose and 3) Rosa montaines. All are at http://www.findstone.com/MEXmarb1.htm I am in NH 03049 USA . Phone no. is 603-49..... Please send images with quotes. Jan 26, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 10780 USA : Retail: How can I purchase 136 tiles and at what price of Negro Oriental from China or Golden Spider from Greece ? Jan 26, Contact USD 20

e 10776 USA : Retail: I want remnant piece of Baltic Brown granite to finish off my kitchen. Need either one piece 30" x 30" or two pieces of 15" X 30" each. Shipped to Bismarck , North Dakota . Jan 26, Contact USD 10

e 10757 USA : Retail: I want stone mounted on mesh for my balcony. Where does it ship from, cost, etc.? Jan 24, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 10755 USA : Retail: Please quote for Blanco Romano or Verde San Francisco or juparana white wave. I would like a list of the good hard stones. Where might I find something like that? Jan 24, Contact USD 20 (open)  

TR: e 10750 USA : Retail: Please quote for Turkish marble. Quote for shipping something as large and heavy as solid slab counters. I will probably have to create my kitchen counters out of tile. Could you therefore tell me what sizes these tiles come in, what the price is per tile and per box of tiles, and how many tiles come in a box. I would also like information about shipment prices (to Vermont , USA ).
Here are the names of the various tiles: Lepanto Rosso, Salome, Levanto Rosso, Eaoped Bordeaux, Rojo-alicante, Mugla Lilac, Supreme Salome, Beige & Rose, Charcoal Rose, Hazan, Tekmar Dove, Burdur Red, and Rosalia.  Jan 24, Contact USD 20 (open)

MX: e 10749 USA : Retail: I am interested in Dragon Jade, Jasper Rose and Rosa Salmon Dark. They are all beautiful and most unusual, especially Dragon Jade. I am interested in knowing what size the tiles come in, and what the price is per tile and per box of tiles, and how many tiles come in a box. I would also like information about shipment prices (to Vermont , USA ). And finally, is it possible to purchase samples of any of these marbles?  Jan 24, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 10747 USA : Retail: I like Impala Black. I need to match a kitchen. I need a quote for 3 x 2.5 ft piece, one side having the top rounded a bit. Jan 24, Contact USD 20

e 10734 USA : Retail: I need 54 black galaxy granite tiles (12x12). Could you please provide me with a quote? Also, do you know how much it would cost to ship the amount I need? Lastly, is it common for tiles to break during the shipping process? If so, do you replace them for free? Jan 23, Contact USD 20 

e 10728 USA : Retail: I want Absolute black granite slabs. I need 1 or 2 slabs depending on the size. Please quote. My contact no. is 512-68.....Jan 23, Contact USD 20 

e 10723 USA : Retail: I as many homeowners going through remodeling would like to have a solid granite kitchen counter top. The color I am looking for is called Amazon Blue and is quite expensive. Looking for a more reasonable price. I need approx. 60 sq. ft. I am in CA and my contact no. is 949-460.....Jan 22, Contact USD 20

e 10706 USA : Retail: Looking for oasis green granite. Can you tell me anything about its quality? Jan 22, Contact USD 20 (open)   

e 10699 USA : Retail: I am an architect in need 320 square feet of stone in 2'-8" x 5'-0" panels that is white and translucent. We best liked Skyros marble with gold and purple veins, but there is no supply in this country and the Greeks are unresponsive to a request to send photos of slabs from the quarry on Skyros Island . Does anyone have knowledge of a similar material that might be available, cut to size, and installed in Northbrook , Illinois within the next two months? My phone no. is 312 66..... Jan 21, Contact USD 40 (open) 

e 10696 USA : Retail: I am looking for a granite dealer in Anaheim . Jan 21, Contact USD 100 (open)   

e 10686 USA : Retail: I am interested in Amarelo Bangu and Azul Guanabara. What is the price per sq. ft. and also required minimum ordering?  Jan 21, Contact USD 20 (open) 

e 10685 USA : Retail: I want Sapphire Brown from India . Does this come in 12 X 12 tile and how much is it a square foot? How much would it cost to ship to Williamsburg , VA ? Jan 21, Contact USD 20 (open)  

e 10681 USA : Retail: I am a retail buyer located in Los Angeles . I want flamed granite tiles. These are difficult to locate in my area. I am ready to buy immediately and can pick up the stone in the Los Angeles area. I am seeking the following granite tiles: 
200 square feet of 18" x 18" x 3/8", or 1/2" Giallo Veneziano, flamed
50 square feet of 18" x 18" x 3/8" Absolute Black, polished. 
I'd like to pay something in the neighborhood of $1,700. Jan 21, Contact USD 50

e 10679 USA : Retail: I am looking for 400 sq. ft of Absolute Black Granite floor tile, 12"x12" or 16"X16". Would like to buy asap if price is right. I will pick up in anywhere in Wisconsin or northern IL, otherwise give me price shipped to a residence (zip 54311). My phone no. is 920-86.....Jan 20, Contact USD 50

e 10653 USA : Retail: I want 4 slabs of Verde Argento granite from Italy . I need polished finish for kitchen countertops. I am in CA and my tel. no. is 813-0142 .....Jan 19, Contact USD 20 (open) 

e 10651 USA : Retail: Please quote for Dakota Mahogany. I am in CT 06810. My phone no. is 203 79.....
Jan 19, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 10646 USA : Retail: I would like to purchase 110 pieces of 12x12 of Rosso Verona tiles. Please quote. 
Jan 19, Contact USD 40 

e 10639 USA : Retail: I am looking for granite called Verde Argento. I am building a home in Southern Calif. and need to use it for my kitchen countertops. I would need about 6 slabs, I am unsure of the exact amount but can find out from my contractor. 714-81...... Jan 19, Contact USD 50  

e 10627 USA : Retail: We want 300 sq ft cut into 18 x 18 inch tiles of Rainforest Green Marble. We are located in San Diego CA. Jan 18, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 10625 USA : Retail: I would like to purchase 2 small slabs of soapstone 26" x 26" x 4" thick. I am located in northern NJ. Jan 17, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 10618 USA : Retail: I am building a new house. I want to completely put rock in the shower and not use a shower door. I want to use man made rocks. I need instructions and advice on what materials to use and the best way to go about building the shower. Jan 17, Contact USD 20 (open)  

e 10592 USA : Retail: I am looking for 250 sq ft. of Sapphire Brown from India . Do you have availability in Oregon ? At what price per square foot? Phone no. is 541-59.....Jan 16, Contact USD 20 (open)

TW/CN: e 10564 USA : Retail: I am looking for a slab of Ming Green marble (also known as Opal) at least 29 inches x 86 inches. It comes from a single mountain in Taiwan . On your website, there is a photo of Chinese marble called "Moss Green" that looks similar. Price is negotiable. I need it as soon as possible, but will import if necessary. No one in my area has this. I am in the San Francisco , California area, phone is 415-90..... 
Jan 15, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 10559 USA : Retail: I am thinking about having my kitchen counter-tops replaced with a natural stone. Is TRAVERTINE available in large pieces so that it can be fabricated to fit the top of my cabinets? If so, looking a source in the following zip code areas of the USA : 77380, 77300, 77000 or the Houston , Texas area? Jan 15, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 10567 USA : Retail: Would like to find a supplier for Juparana Gold Wave granite. Jan 15, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 10554 USA : Retail: I am looking for granite for my kitchen and bathroom. I am in CT 06901. Tel. no. 203-96.....Jan 15, Contact USD 20  

e 10553 USA : Retail: I want approximately 100 sq feet of non-slip blue stone tiles. I'd like to place it over existing concrete pad permanently. I live in central New Jersey . Can you also give me a price and includes shipping? If possible to ship.... I live in central New Jersey . Jan 15, Contact USD 50 (open)  

e 10534 USA : Retail: Looking for 12 pcs. of 12 x 12 tiles of Juparana Napel Granite. Jan 14, Contact USD 10

e 10530 USA : Retail: I live in New Jersey in the Bridgewater area. I am looking to re-do my kitchen with granite counter tops. I will also need advice on which granite to get. I am leaning toward something in the darker shade like red. I would like to get something that requires very very little or no maintenance. We use our kitchen almost every day to cook all meals. 908-47.....Jan 13, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 10515 USA : Retail: I am interested in tiles that are in some way definably blue: on the Argentinean site, this would be the granite tile, "Balmoral" and the marble tile, "Cielo Azul." I am looking for tiles to use on a kitchen counter, and would like to know what sizes the above tiles come in and at what prices you sell and ship them. In terms of size, interested in tiles that come in 18" x 18" or 24" x 24." Finally, I would like to know whether or not the tiles come in "bullnose" configurations, and whether it is possible to buy any of the small, decorative pieces such as chair rail, end cap, or any of the tile pieces that are used to create an edge on a countertop made. Jan 13, Contact USD 100  

e 10511 USA retail: I am interested in floor and shower tiles and perhaps some slab in China charcoal blue color. Is there a distributor that handles it in the USA ? Prices? Sizes? Honed or polished? Jan 13, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 10489 USA : Retail: Want to purchase a slab of Jerusalem Stone, (Honey, Cream, or White color) to carve a monument for past loved one. Dimensions of stone are: 20.0" x 12.0" x 2.0". Also require smaller piece approximately: 4.0" x 7.0" x .5". Quote CIF to Livermore , California 94550 . Jan 11, Contact USD 20  

e 10488 USA : Retail: I am interested in the Ocean Green granite for counter top from China . Please quote with sample. I live in Northern Virginia . Jan 11, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 10481 USA : Retail: I want to use portoro for all the counter in my house. I have fallen in love with the color. Can you give me quotes in US dollars? My contact no. is (281) 29.....Jan 11, Contact USD 20 (open)  

e 10450 USA : Retail: I am looking for marble for my walls and to go down my stairs in a sage / burgundy / olive color or just sage or burgundy. Jan 9, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 10445 USA : Retail: I am thinking to buy Carrera marble or black granite for my kitchen countertop. Which is more durable? Which needs to be sealed less often?  I am in NY. My tel. no. is (212) 64.....Jan 9, Contact USD 20 (open)  

e 10432 USA : Retail:  Where in San Diego can I purchase Giallo Antico? Jan 8, Contact USD 20  

e 10430 USA : Retail: Please quote for 40 sq. ft. Kashmir Gold Polished 12 x 12. Jan 8, Contact USD 20  

e 10425 USA : Retail: I need information on GSOH tile. Also, can I get it in a 16 x 16 tile and an Almond color? Jan 8, Contact USD 20 (open)  

e 10424 USA : Retail: We need 33 sq meter Golden Galaxy Granite. How much? Jan 8, Contact USD 40

e 10423 USA : Retail: Please quote for 100 sq ft. of dark green tumbled slate tiles. My contact details are 401 66.....Jan 8, Contact USD 20 

e 10422 USA : Retail: Please quote for 500 sq ft. of 1' X 2' X 1-1/2" thick split face finish Masada Pink from Israel . Jan 8, Contact USD 20 (open) 

e 10417 USA : Retail: We live in the Los Angeles area and wanted to know where I can see this granite locally. We're in Redondo Beach , 90277. 310-31.....Jan 8, Contact USD 20 (open)   

e 10387 USA : Retail: I am interested in a stone called Irish Green. It's Purple with Greenish veins running through it. Jan 7, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 10382 USA: Retail: I want  Verde Tropical, Verde Amazonas, Verde Piranhas and Giallo Topazio granites. I need 12"x12" tiles, about 200 SFT. I am looking for a supplier in tri-state New York area. My contact no. is (917) 54..... Jan 7, Contact USD 40  

e 10377 USA : Retail: Please quote for 500 sq.ft of Versailles travertine and approx. 300 sq ft of 12" travertine tiles. I am located in the L.A. CA area. Jan 6, Closed

e 10373 USA : Retail: I wanted to get some information on granite. I am looking to replace my countertop with granite. The ones I'm considering are: Tropical Brown, Giallo Veneziano, Madura Gold and Saint Cecilla. Can you tell me if these are good choices and please quote. Jan 6, Contact USD 20  (open)

e 10361 USA : Retail: I want Golden Juparana. I am looking for a family of yellow / black color but I get the feeling that Juparana is not a wise choice. What would you recommend that would be long lasting without all of the issues that I have been reading about? Looking for a reputable dealer in Northern MD. Jan 6, Contact USD 20  (open)  

e 10357 USA: Retail: What is the cost per square foot of Blue Bahia? Jan 5, Closed

e 10342 USA : Retail: We are thinking about installing Shiva Kashi III granite countertops in our newly redone kitchen. However, we are worried about staining due to oils seeping in to the granite. Can you give some information about the porosity of this type of granite, and its hardness, etc. We don't want to spend a lot of money on the wrong product. 
Jan 5, Contact USD 20  (open) 

e 10341 USA: Retail: I am purchasing a counter top for a new house and my wife selected Giallo Venaciano for the kitchen. Is this stone suitable for the kitchen? Jan 4, Contact USD 20  (open)

e 10339 USA: Retail: I want a granite called Bianco Taormina composto quartz. I understand it is Italian but I cannot locate it. Jan 4, Contact USD 20 

e 10338 USA Retail: I have plans to build a new house using a large quantity of integrated limestone walls and in some areas veneer. Jan 4, Contact USD 20 

e 10337 USA : Retail: Please quote for marbles from the Philippines . I am interested in bathroom vanity countertop installation. We are located in Northeast Pennsylania , zip code 18411. Jan 4, Contact USD 20

e 10328 USA: Retail: I am looking for a countertop; does not have to be granite; that I am going to use as a freestanding running top with 3 2-drawer file cabinets underneath for support....think of it as a semi=makeshift office for two computers.
I need something 10-12 running feet, 2 feet deep (front to back) with a full bullnose front. I do not need a backsplash but would want three holes 3 inches in diameter to fish computer wires through (all holes at the back or flat side of the countertop, which would be against a wall; one in the center and one 12 inches from the left and another 12 inches from the right... I could send a diagram if necessary).
I am looking for something in a dark or marine blue shade to go with my decor (this is going in a finished basement). It doesn't have to be granite. Please quote with shipping costs. I am in zip code 07670 (NJ). 
Jan 3, Contact USD 20 (open)


e 10324 USA : Retail: I am seeking to buy the following high quality granite tile as soon as possible. 
I'd like to go with just 200 sq ft of 18x18 Giallo Veneziano, flamed. Also ask what the thickness is, the new price, and when the material will be available for pick up. I can pick up the tiles in or near Los Angeles . I can be reached at 323-44.....Jan 3, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 10320 USA : Retail: We are planning to put travertine in our foyer. It has ceramic tiles now. Can we install it over the top of this? If so what would be the steps we need to take to prepare the area for the travertine. Jan 2, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 10317 USA : Retail: We are building a house in Idaho and we are currently in North Carolina (I am in Iraq and my wife is in NC). We have an agent and have put the plans out to bid. This is going to be our "dream house". Our situation is such that I will be out of the military and have 4 small children. We know we want to use stone of excellent quality in the master bath (adults only). In the kitchen, we would like granite or granite like counter tops (some have suggested a composite product of injected quartz stating that it is more durable than granite and will not stain). Keeping in mind cost (we're kind of stretching to get into a house this size now) and the young children. Please suggest a finish for both the master bath and kitchen? As the children age, we'll upgrade their bathrooms to include stone counters and walk in stalls (5 or 6 years from now). Jan 2, Contact USD 20 (open)

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