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June  2005




 This is a list of all buyers' enquiries from USA 

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Retail Buyers Inquiries From USA between  

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Buyers Inquiries from January 2005 to June 2005

e 17941 USA : Retail: Can you give me a "per square foot" price on the absolute black granite and a comparable vein less black marble? Also, what are the minimum orders? June 29 Contact  

e 17930 USA : Retail: Please quote for 150 sq ft bianco carrara 'd' 24"x24"x3/4". I am in Phoenix , AZ. My tel. no. is 480-62..... June 28 Contact  

e 17917 USA : Retail: Looking for a supplier in New York city for juperana persia . My tel. no. is 212-60.....June 24 Contact 

e 17909 USA : retail: I am looking for a reddish brown fossil marble with orthoceras and nautilis fossils to display behind my cooktop above the backsplash, approximately a 3' x 4' area. I haven't been able to find any in the San Francisco Bay Area slabs or tiles. June 23 Contact   

e 17903 USA : Retail: Interested in doing kitchen & back porch and approximately 600 feet of terrazo or a non slip good looking surface. June 22 Contact

e 17874 USA : Retail: I live in Houston , Texas and I am looking to put 800 feet of Crab Orchard Stone in my home. Where do I find this stone and can a regular tile guy install it and is it going to hold up to three wild boy's? I was going to use Travertine but I am worried about the keeping it up. June 15 Contact

e 17847 USA : Retail: I am trying to find out the best light-colored granite for a kitchen that gets heavy use. We like the look of Desert Amarillo but can't seem to find anything about it on your site. How does it compare to Espirito Santo? St. Cecilia? Cell phone # 602-61.....
June 11 Contact  

e 17807 USA : Retail: Looking to see how much for a 36"x66" slab for a countertop would cost. Plus, how much weight, and how much to ship.
Tel.  no. is 606-29......June 6 Contact   

e 17793 USA : Retail: I'm looking for 10 linear feet of black venato marble sink caps. My tel. no. is 818-31.....June 3 Contact   

e 17787 USA : Retail: I am interested in 4000 sq ft slate, onyx tiles and a fireplace. Please quote with images. Please contact meat: (860) 50......June 2 Contact

e 17768 USA : Retail: The classic grey (TD-UM1) is a likely choice. What would the cost be for the stone in a rose color for the slab, stone,  engraving, delivery & placement be? Mother is buried on her own plot in Lone Pine, CA (Inyo Co.). May 30 Contact

e 17750 USA : RETAIL: I am looking for a vanity top with classic marble veining. I would like the base colour to be pink and the veining to be Black/charcoal. Size 60 by 24 inches. Tel. no. 847-30..... Chicago area. May 26 Contact 

e 17746 USA : Retail: My cabinets are white, counter top is a salt and pepper granite, the accessories chrome. What should I use for a warm back ground. May 25 Contact 

e 17733 USA : Retail: I am considering  lava rock for landscape needs. Please quote. May 23 Contact

e 17711 USA : Retail: I want to put smooth stones like these in the entryway to our newly built tree house. Where can I get about a ton of these....and ....how much would it cost? May 19 Contact   

e 17678 USA : Retail: How much is a slab of green onyx and how do I get it to Miami Florida ? My tel. no. is 305-36.....May 13 Contact 

e 17670 USA : Retail: I want to inquire about granite steps. How thick does the cement base have to be? Can a supplier come to the site to measure and quote? Do they deliver and set up? I am in Maine . My tel. no. is 207-62.....May 13 Contact 

e 17664 USA : Retail: I am looking for 16X16 Travertine Autumn Blend Hand Rubbed Tile at the best price. I live in NJ. I am looking for 500 sq ft of Travertine Marble 16 X 16. My phone # is 973-27.....May 12 Contact 

e 17629 USA : Retail: Looking for Texas Grit sand which Disney World uses in sand boxes. I live in the St. Louis Area. tel. 618-23.....May 8 Contact 

e 17627 USA : Retail: Please quote for Absolute Black 18 x 18 or 20 x 20. 130 sf. I am in Illinios. Cell 708-71.....May 7 Contact 

e 17622 USA : Retail: I am looking for building stone in TN. May 6 Contact 

e 17621 USA : Retail: I am looking for Ceramica Magica's bullnosed tiles. Do you by any chance have any available and if not do you know where I might be able to find some? May 6 Contact   

e 17616 USA : Retail: My family is looking for either purple or lavendar granite or other stone to be used as a cemetary monument. Where can we find a supplier for this? We have a design ready for the monument, and we live in Southeast Texas . My phone number is 281.51.....May 5 Contact 

e 17604 USA : Retail: I saw a sample of golden art that the granite place told me they no longer have and don't know when they are getting it in. I think they have their own name for this. Might this be listed on another name and possibly available through you. I need about 83 square ft. My phone # is 815-78.....May 5 Contact

e 17577 USA: Retail: I am looking for two pieces of basic gray color stone 3' x 1'8'' x 8" - ; front only polished and the base - 2' x 1' x 1'. It needs to be shipped to Long Island , NY . Please give me the price. May 3 Contact

e 17573 USA : Retail: We were looking for first quality Verde fire/fuoco tiles (and potentially slabs). I am interested in about 60-70 sq ft in 12 x 12 tiles. My contact information is (858) 69.... I am in CA. May 2 Contact  

e 17571 USA : Retail: Please quote for 10m sq ft golden quartzite random. Tel. no. is 972-33.....May 2 Contact

e 17565 USA : Retail: I am interested in purchasing a Patinato Oyster Beige threshold for my master bath. Do you know where I can purchase one? I can be reached at 314-49.....I am in MO. May 2 Contact

e 17562 USA : Retail: I am having a very small kitchen done and would love to find some of the colors in New York City I see online in Findstone.com. In particular, I would love to see Amarelo Persa Yellow and Amarelo Cachoeiro Yellow. I am looking to buy approximately 20 feet of granite as soon as possible. My tel. no. is 212 60.....Apr 30 Contact

e 17553 USA : Retail: I am interested in finding a place in Massachusetts that may carry river pebbles, or Mexican Beach pebbles in various brown colors by the yard. You can contact me by email or phone (978) 92.....Apr 29 Contact

e 17548 USA Retail: I too am looking to find Rosa Aurora. Were you successful in locating a slab? Apr 29 Contact 

e 17536 USA : Retail: Who carries blue bahia tiles for a back splash? I need a price list for the various sizes (6 x 6 , 12 x 12 or 18 x 18"). I am in Houston . Area to cover is 140"+40+67+115=362" long by 20" high with a tile depth of 3/8". My countertops are Blue Bahia and I am trying to find tiles that match. Apr 28 Contact 

e 17532 USA : Retail: I am currently looking for Juparana Champagne granite tile (12 x 12), 60 sq. ft. Do you have this tile? ....or do you know where I can get a sample? Our phone number is (614)88.....Apr 27 Contact 

e 17528 USA : Retail: I am interested in buying granite countertops and fireplace mantles for my home. I need them shipped to Kansas City , Missouri or St. Louis .  Apr 27 Contact 

e 17525 USA : Retail: Can I get 3 sf. for vanilla onyx mosaics in either 3/8 x3/8 " or 3/8 x 6/8 "? If not vanilla onxy, do they have white onyx? If yes, how much would that be per square foot? My phone number is 914-66.....Apr 27 Contact

e 17522 USA : Retail: Looking for prefab granite suppliers in the Sacramento area of California . We are looking for a reliable source of this product in the Sacramento area and its surrounding areas. Phone# 53075......Apr 26 Contact     

e 17521 USA : Retail: I would like to purchase 65 sq ft of toros black travertine. That I think is about 7 sqm. I am in Houston . My tel. no. is 281-79.....Apr 26 Contact     

e 17520 USA : Retail: I live in Grand Rapids , Michigan , and I am trying to find a retailer of quartzite. I want to use it on my shower walls, but I can't find it anywhere and I also have very limited knowledge about its use around water.  Apr 26 Contact  

e 17514 USA : Retail: I am looking for onyx that is called roxanne classic. Please tell me where I can get this onyx. I live in Oklahoma City , Oklahoma . Need two slabs. Is there another name for it? Apr 26 Contact      

e 17512 USA : Retail: I am looking for a slab or two of yellow marble with maybe some reds in it. Preferably Marble but a similar colored stone out of Mexico could work also. It also does not have to be a slab. Cell: 713 30.....Apr 26 Contact    

e 17475 USA : Retail: We are purchasing approximately 30 sq. ft. Cafe Forest (12"x12") for a fireplace face and hearth. Please let me know your cost plus shipping cost to Manlius , NY 13104 area. Apr 22 Contact  

e 17463 USA : Retail: I am in need of a professional marble trucker/hauler to transport three slabs of marble from West Palm Beach , Florida to northern Virginia . My tel. no. is 540 68..... Apr 20 Contact 

e 17448 USA : Retail: I am wanting to replace my formica with granite in my kitchen. I need 75 sq. ft. I am considering " Yellow River " granite. I understand that I need 2 slabs. Is this a good grade of granite for a kitchen or is it too porous? Apr 19 Contact

e 17446 USA : Retail: I am in the process of deciding for kitchen granite countertops. The granites that I am considering are baltic brown, giallo veneziano, and maybe brown tan. Please advise me as to how these might perform. My phone number is 815-40.....Apr 18 Contact

17444 USA : Retail: Looking for a source for fossil countertop stone. Apr 18 Contact

e 17440 USA Retail: I want to buy classic Tumbled Travertine chipped edge classic tiles. Apr 18 Contact  

e 17426 USA : Retail: I live in San Francisco Bay Area. and I am trying to match a nice vintage terry beach patio with a new pool deck redo (hopefully in terry beach). Apr 17 Contact

e 17415 USA : Retail: We are architects. Please quote for: 
Black Slate 250 pcs 6x6 x Honed face / Gauged Black
Green Slate 40 pcs 12 x 14 x Honed face 
Material to be created and freight included in price to Dania Beach , Florida , 33004 . Delivery site has forklift. Please send image of slate color. 
Ready to purchase now. Our tel. no. is (718) 71......Apr 15 Contact

e 17413 USA : Retail: Please advise what is the best tile or stone that I could use for a kitchen floor. I am looking for a stone look, with very low maintenance. Is ceramic still my best choice?? I also do not want to spend a fortune on a floor that will be tracked on with kids, teens and their friends all about. By the way I have maple cabinets in toasted almond color and with a waterfall green granite countertop. My tel. no. is (516) 87......Apr 15 Contact

e 17397 USA : Retail: Looking to install 12x12 slate tiles in on a kitchen counter, to achieve a rustic look. Small counters in a galley style kitchen, this is for a weekend home. Looking for advise, can't seem to find anyone locally to help out.  Apr 14 Contact  

e 17374 USA : Retail: I am looking for red rock slate on coffee tables. How shall I find coffee tables with red rock slate top? Apr 12 Contact

e 17366 India : Retail: I am constructing a house in Bangalore . I am planning to go for marble flooring in my house. I require a good marble dealer in Bangalore ONLY with a good laying team which will help in laying and polishing. I am looking for a light coloured marble (White, White with cream/chocloate shades, Indo-Italian).  I want the marble which is hard and less porous and easy to maintain especially inside kitchen. I have around 2000 sft of flooring area where for about 1200 sft. I am looking for marble in range of Rs. 40-50 and for 800 sft. I am looking for Rs. 60-80 mainly in hall, family space and drawing rooms. Please let me know good dealers in Bangalore with contact details. My mobile no. is 98862.....Apr 11 Contact

e 17364 USA : Retail: I am interested in seeing the Paradiso Classico slabs. Email me photographs as well as an estimate for shipping two slabs to Dallas (75236). If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call me at (214) 93.....Apr 11 Contact

e 17357 USA : Retail: I am trying to find a stone called "whisper green". That is all I know about it. We have it in our home and want some more. I am in NE. My tel. no. is 308 38.....Apr 9 Contact

e 17352 USA Retail: We have decided on granite countertops in either Amazon Blue or Giallo Sporanza. Are either of these suitable for kitchen countertop? Is one a better choice than the other (less upkeep, better quality, less likely to crack, etc.?) Apr 8 Contact

e 17324 USA : Retail: I am looking to purchase some Texas shell stone to be used as wall tile on my fireplace areas. I would like the largest possible sizes available. My tel. no. is 619-46.....Apr 5 Contact

e 17323 USA : Retail:  IS THE COLOR OF GRANITE CALLED MASON A GREY GREEN COLOR? AND DOES IT COME IN4"X4" COBBLESTONES? The quantity would be 575 square feet. I AM IN Iowa . MY TEL. NO. IS 712.27......Apr 5 Contact

e 17315 USA : Retail: I am looking for a granite or marble called rouge chandon. It seems to be a red hue stone with a beige or white spider pattern in it. Apr 4 Contact 

e 17310 USA : Retail: Looking for a supplier of quartz aggregate product with mirror flecks. Something that is similar to the sushi bar is a magazine/munchies store at the JFK airport in NY. How much it costs? Where can I view it? Any pictures of it? Also would like to know if it is suitable for a small bathroom shower and floor? Apr 4 Contact 

e 17307 USA : Retail: Looking for a supplier who can sell a single stone block of the limestone from Chicago . I just want one to make into a coffee table base.  Apr 2 Contact 

e 17285 USA : Retail: I am looking for about 30 pcs. 18x18 outdoor tiles to be used in a patio. The rest of the Patio is Sautillo tile and anything in that tone would be fine. My telephone # is (480) 27.....Mar 29 Contact 

e 17283 USA : Retail: Trying to find someone in white lake Michigan to refinish 700sq of marble tile. Mar 29 Contact

e 17282 USA : Retail: I am looking for Mineral Blanco PRl 322 P. It is 15"3/4 x 15"3/4. The tile is white but has a light gray smudge in it. I would like 45 tile or so. I can discuss this with the seller.  Please let me know where I might purchase. I am in FL. My tel. no. is 772 87.....
Mar 29 Contact

e 17272 USA : Retail: I purchased a home depot close out of Bianco Catalina granite tile. Unfortunately, I messed up my waste factor and am also about 25 sq ft short. Looking for someone who has extra material. I am in CT. My tel. no. is 860-48.....Mar 27 Contact

e 17270 USA : Retail: Can you please tell me what should I expect to pay for Labrador Antique per SF? I am in IL. My tel. no. is 630-35......Mar 27 Contact 

e 17268 USA : Retail: Is Limone limestone from Mexico durable for use as a paver outside? It will be exposed to sun, heat and cold @ 7,000 ' in the US Southwest. Bedded in 4" of pea-gravel. Have fallen in love with this particular color of limestone but am afraid that it is too fragile for the intended use. My tel. no. is (800) 95.....Mar 26 Contact 

e 17265 USA : Retail: We would like to purchase a Delicatus 130" by 68" counter top in CT. Our fabricator has a hard time locating a slab of that size. Mar 26 Contact 

e 17251 USA : Retail: Looking for Aquelirela du Brazil granite. I think I shall need one slab, as it is for a kitchen island. I will be confirming that this morning. By the way, I have also seen this stone referred to as Black Marinace. Mar 24 Contact 

e 17245 USA : Retail: We are considering purchasing Azul Aran for our kitchen counter. We need 104 square feet of it. Why is this stone so expensive?? Also, we are afraid to spend this much money on a stone that will stain. I didn't know granite could stain until I started reading your site. Could you please give me some advice. I fell in love with the colors and overall appearance. It is the most beautiful I have seen. If I do not get this stone, I probably will not go with granite because I am so picky with the colors. We have looked at so so many samples. I have found, however, it is impossible to pick out a granite from a picture over the internet or even from a small sample in the store. (I can't believe how much it varies!!) My tel. no. is (540) 75.....Mar 24 Contact 

e 17237 USA : Retail: Could you give me a price on the Azul Macaubus? Also shipping and handling fees. Mar 24 Contact 

e 17235 USA : Retail: We are looking into marble as a kitchen countertop. We prefer the look to granite. We use cutting boards and don't want the high gloss finish. We keep things clean on a daily/hourly basis. It's not as though we'll be pounding the marble with an anvil. Can anybody truly give us some definitive advice on this? Mar 23 Contact

e 17228 USA : Retail: Please quote for desert rose. Mar 23 Contact 

e 17214 USA : Retail: Can you help me locate a source of Ibirama, Capao Bonito Red, or Amarello. I am in Florida . Contact number: 954 5.....Mar 22 Contact 

e 17201 USA : Retail: We are about to purchase 48 sq ft of Verde Peacock "granite" countertop. I noticed that the visually similar Uba Tuba is considered a true granite. Is the Verde Peacock also a true granite ? The slab indicates Brazilian origins. Mar 21 Contact 

e 17200 USA : Retail: I am interested in buying a slab or two of VERDE FUOCO Granite for a bathroom installation. Where can I buy this granite from? (I live in Dearborn , Michigan ). Mar 21 Contact 

e 17187 USA : Retail: I am planning a bathroom remodel and considering Crema Marfil marble for the vanity countertop and travertine for the floor. Are these good choices for a bathroom? Mar 19 Contact 

e 17181 USA : Retail: I am interested in buying granite. Could someone please call me 949-67......Mar 19 Contact 

e 17173 USA : Retail: I want to buy 5 24x24 absolute black granite tiles for a fireplace surround. Please indicate price and shipping information for Grand Blanc, Mi 48439. Tel. No. 810 69...... Mar 18 Contact  

e 17172 USA : Retail: We are in the process of remodeling our kitchen and have decided to go with granite countertops. I like INDIAN PARANA. Do you have any information about the quality of this granite? Mar 18 Contact

17169 USA : Retail: I am interested in purchasing one large boulder as a landscape rock on a property in Tylertown Mississippi . The zip code is 39667. Could you possibly provide the cost of a variety of rocks including shipping charges to the site? Mar 18 Contact

e 17168 USA : Retail: What is the source of the Sultan's Mahogany granite? Is there a supplier in the central Vermont area? I am building the cabinets at the present time and we will need 22 linear feet, approx 45 sq ft. One piece is 82 in length with a rectangular 29" JennAir cooktop in center, front and right end finished. The other is a 62" left end piece, joining at right angle with a 120" section with an oval shaped double sink, under counter mount. Is the "sultan's mahogany" from the New England area, or imported? Is it readily available in this area? Do you have any service contacts in this area? What is the approx cost, installed? Tel. no. is 802-62.....Mar 18 Contact

e 17158 USA : Retail: I need 180 sq. ft. of FLAMED Rainforest Green Marble Tiles (12X12). I am in Virginia .

e 17143 USA: Retail: I am interested in purchasing Best Quality 18 x 18 size Travertine Tile which is honed and filled and has Ivory look or Crema Marfil Marble Tile with the same specification as above. Approximate square footage required will be $1200 - $1500. Mar 17 Contact

e 17135 USA : Retail: Need soapstone for a kitchen countertop project. We like the soapstone with the least amount of green, more black. The project is about 62 sq feet and we also need to know a soapstone fabricator who can cut the stone and install. We are ready to do the project immediately. Tel. no. is 408 57....Mar 16 Contact

e 17123 USA : Retail: Texas Rose tile 12" x 12" x 3/8" Polished, Qty 80 sq. ft. We are in Austin TX 78704. Mar 16 Contact

e 17105 USA : Retail: I need to buy 360 sq ft of 12x12 granite tiles. Either of these colors, black galaxy, tan brown, absolute black, or blue eyes. I need them by April 1 2005, Mar 15 Contact

e 17098 USA : Retail: I need one slab of Thassos white marble in the Seattle , WA area for a master vanity with double sinks. Slab only. Mar 15 Contact

e 17083 USA : Retail: I am looking for 18 sq ft of sodalite blue granite. Do you have any small slabs? I live in Ft lauderdale, FL.  Mar 13 Contact

e 17079 USA : Retail: I am in the process of building a house & have fallen in love with as marble called Serpentine Vittoria. I am wondering if marble & perhaps this color in particular, is suitable for kitchen use. The counter will be 14 feet long so it will be prominent. Finally, in your estimation, what is the best surface for kitchens. Does that differ from bathrooms? Mar 12 Contact

e 17077 USA : Retail: I am about to decide between a number of black stones for my new kitchen counters. I would like to know compare the following: Volga Blue, Blue Star, Arctic Blue, and Blue Eyes. Are these Granite or "Granite"? Do the "crystals" in the above stones make them more vulnerable to cracking, chipping, or other damage? Are there other Black rock with Blue accents that you can also recommend? Where can I find photo's of these to see the differences?  How do each of the above compare with the strength and practicality of "Absolute Black"? And which "Absolute Blacks" would be your two top choices and what should I avoid? Also, I live in an area with very "hard" mineral water -- do I risk water spotting? How do I best avoid it?  Mar 11 Contact    

e 17072 USA : Retail: I am looking for a Solid or very close to solid black granite or marble tile. Please let me know what you have available and its cost including shipping to UT 84067. Mar 11 Contact  

e 17071 USA : Retail: Can you send me a sample of the Verde Bahia? If there is a charge, please let me know and I will arrange for payment. I am in TX 77098. My tel. no. is (713) 52......Mar 11 Contact  

e 17062 USA : Retail: I want 40 sq. ft. of IMPERIAL WHITE / SILVER CLOUD / BETHEL WHITE / JET MIST. My tel. no. is 646-29.....I am in NY. Mar 10 Contact  

e 17053 USA : Retail: Looking for contact information for the American Granite Slabs in RI? I am in RI and I would like to go to their store and look at the granite. My tel. no. is 401-56..... Mar 8 Contact

e 17049 USA : Retail: Looking for Honey Golden quartzite. My tel. no. is 626.74.....Mar 8. Contact

e 17042 USA : Retail: I am redoing my kitchen counter's. I have been told that Granite is not a durable counter top. It will break if too much weight is put on it. I have a garden window in front of the kitchen sink, to clean the window, I need to sit on the counter. I have been told that Caesar stone is a better product. I have also been told the reverse that Granite is a much better product. Help!!! I am getting confused on what to buy. Mar 6. Contact

e 17039 USA : Retail: We very much love the look of honed granite but are absolutely terrified of getting them installed in our new kitchen. The absolute black we are looking at comes from Zimbawbe and is supposedly more durable. We have tried to pick out another granite (unhoned) but shiny granite on white countertops looks like a hotel! Please suggest with quotes. Mar 5. Contact

e 17011 USA : Retail: I am looking for a granite that goes by the color name of bronzaria for my kitchen countertops. Do you have a sample? Mar 3. Contact 

e 16980 USA : Retail: I would like to buy enough stone to build a wall. This is a free standing wall (no concrete) which will hold back dirt. It will be about 4 feet high. I need about 250 cubic feet of the largest stones which I am able to move (guessing no more than 300 pounds each). Let me know the approximate cost of this. Feb 28. Contact  

e 16952 USA  Retail:  Please quote for Brazilian granite slabs and tiles. Feb 27. Contact

e 16944 USA: Retail: Wanting to buy several large (3 to 8 foot diameter) landscape boulders- quartz, marble, ruby spar, sponge stones, mica, stalactites, petrified wood, or anything unusual or beautiful for my yard. I will haul from anywhere in USA . Need this summer. Feb 26. Contact 

e 16942 USA : Retail: We are looking for granite or marble surplus floor tile (12x12) and surplus granite slabs for a countertop. We prefer a color called "misty brown".  Contact  

e 16940 USA : Retail: I am looking to purchase branco / white piracema granite tile. Any size available for a floor and backsplash. Feb 26. Contact  

e 16915 USA : Retail: Looking for Giallo Renoir counter tops for a kitchen remodeling. I can fax diagrams. Cabinets will be installed by April 4th 2005. Feb 24  Contact  

e 16911 USA : Retail: We are moving to Boise Idaho , from Sacramento , Ca. We are having a home built and we saw some granite slabs in Sacramento we really liked. The name was Crema Bordeaux. We were wondering if these slabs are available to see in person in the Boise metro area or if a supplier is able to order. Feb 23 Contact 

e 16905 USA : Retail: e 16905 United States Retail:  Want light green onyx for fireplace. I am in Maryland . Feb 23, Contact

e 16904 USA : Retail: I am looking for two slabs of OCEAN FLOWER from BRAZIL . The job site is in NATCHEZ , MISS. Feb 23, 

e 16903  United States Retail:  How fast can I get the onyx and what is the cost? Contact

e 16900  United States  :  We would like to purchase, diameter 90cm Waterjet Cutting Code # 021-0027 (www.findstone.com/artistic.htm). Price is $300. USD. We would perfer it to be a diameter of 98cm if possible. Also, if you have matching border pieces, we would need, 8inches x 12inches x 66 Lin. ft. ( a total of 66 pcs). Feb 23. Contact  

e 16898 USA : Retail:  Looking for a large slab of light green onyx for a bar top surface. Feb 23. Contact  

e 16897  United States Retail: Seeking Alba Chiara marble slab 3/4inch for bathroom job. Located in central New York . Feb 23 Contact  

e 16895 USA : Retail: I am looking for 16x16 french vanilla marble tiles for 225 sq. ft. I am in Alabama . My tel. no. is 20587.....Feb 22 Contact 

e 16891 USA : Retail: I am interested in purchasing uba tuba granite. I need about 100 square feet. My tel. no. is 561-36...... I live in Boca Raton , Florida . Feb 22 Contact 

e 16887 USA : Retail: I am trying to find matching floor tiles as in the attached photo. They are 28.5 cm x 20 cm and I believe are made of sandstone (gres). They are for a house in the south of France which I am renovating, so may have been produced/sold here or in Italy , which is very close. Contact 

e 16883 USA : Retail: I am in need of about 55 square feet of stone for my kitchen counter tops. I was first thinking of the honed absolute black granite, but now am considering soapstone. I do not like the polished look and I want a dark gray / black color. I am in Denver , CO . My tel. no. is 303-71.....Contact  

e 16882 USA : Retail: I NEED 2 SLABS OF LIGHT ONYX F2. 1- 8" X 8 38" X 5/16" THICK WITH A 1/4" RADIUS ON THE 8 3/8" SIDE. ALL OTHER EDGES JUST DUSTED/ THE 2ND SLAB IS 15 3/8" X 8 3/8" X 5/16" THICK. CAN YOU SUPPLY? MY TEL. NO. IS 309-30.....Contact  

e 16880 USA : Retail: We are looking for Ambrato tumbled wall tiles in a brick pattern size to fit a 50 square foot area. The color is a mix of black with spidery cream veins. Looking to buy in 2 weeks. Please let us know where we can locate these tiles. We are located in Chicago , IL . and are open to shipping terms. Contact  

e 16879 USA : Retail: Can you tell me where to source Tropic Guarani granite near Muskegon or Grand Rapids Michigan ? We are in Naples . My tel. no. is 239-82.....Contact

16876  United States  Retail:  Uba Tuba Granite for 2 kitchen countertops. approximately 100/sf. with 1.5" bullnose edge and under mount sinks. Contact 

e 16874  United States  Retail:  Looking for Crema Bordeaux granite slabs. We are having a home built in Boise Idaho, and was wondering if any retail/wholesale suppliers would be in that area so that we could take a look in person. Contact

e 16873  United States  Retail:  looklin for granite called butterfly blue or g749 kishanda from china- live on the central coast of california- need 5-6 slabs for our kitchen counter tops. (Image 2341.jpgContact

e 16861  United States  Retail:  I am trying to locate a bundle of Sahara Gold for a project in Palm Springs , Ca. All the sources we have out there have a sahara gold but it is very taupe. We are needing one that is mostly green with gold and peach veining running through it. If you have some slabs that fit this description could you please send me a digital picture by email?  Contact    

e 16857  United States  Retail:  I'm trying to locate Summer Wind granite. I understand that it comes from India .  Contact    

e 16854  United States  Retail:  500 square feet 12X12X 3/8" botticino polished semi-classico tiles. needed asap.  Contact  

e 16853  United States  Retail:  I need a rough granite bench (not polished in any way) without the legs for the garden in Sausalito . Light colored, ~4 feet long and ~20-30 inches wide and 4-6 inches? deep.  Contact

e 16843  United States  Retail:  We need approx. 320 sq. ft of Rosso Verona, 12" x 12" tiles, tumbled and 300 sq. ft of "Noce" of the same tiles. My shipping zip code - 60091.  Contact  

e 16830  United States  Retail:  I am looking for beige marble from the Antalya region of Turkey . It is sometimes known as Antalya Beige or Cappuccino Beige. I need 16x16 (3/8" thick) polished tiles. 125 sq feet. Do you have any wholesalers in Northern California, USA ? Can you supply this?  Contact

e 16821  United States  Retail:  Can I obtain samples of the following colors? 1. Orion blue, 2. Red Arara, 3. Lambada, 4. Nero Vitoria, 5. Aegian Bordeaux, 6. Antico D'Italia Rosso, 7. Burgundy , 8. Passwa. Appreciate your help.  Contact    


e 16808  United States  Retail:  I am trying to locate marble to replace a top on an antique dresser that was broken. I am told it is Rosa Duquesa and was from Spain . I need a piece about 50.25" x 20.25". Feb 12  Contact

e 16807  United States  Retail:  Looking for remnants/small lot of the following porcelain tile: Manufacturer: Ceramica Vallelunga Series: Shabui Style: Muschio Size: 18"x18" and/or other standard sizes, as available Amount: 250 s.f.   Contact  

e 16806  United States  Retail:  I am interested in using a pale buff or white colored sandstone on a current project. Feb 12  Contact  

e 16796 USA : Retail: I am looking for a green, marble slab - 5' x 5'. Would I be able to purchase this size slab from you? And if so, how much would it cost? Also, would I be able to pick it up myself? Feb 10, Contact 

e 16795 USA : Retail: Please quote for Azul Turquesa. I am in NY, my tel. no. is 845-22.....Need a curved-front Counter Top for a corner installation - 24 X 24" with a 2-1/4" built-up flat edge on the curved front only, plus a shelf to be mounted under it - 20" X 20" with the same edge. w/ a honed finish. Would like to find a suppler near the NY Metropolitan area, if possible. I am ready to purchase as soon as I receive pricing and can confirm the color - will need a sample submitted for review. I can submit a template or detail drawing, whichever you prefer. Feb 10, Contact 

e 16793 USA ": Retail: I am interested in buying 430 sf of 3/8 finished marble tiles breccia onicita. Please quote. Delivery in Orlando , Florida . Feb 9, Contact 

e 16791 USA : Retail: I am looking for about 60 sq. ft. of "Labrador Antique" for kitchen counter tops. Can call or leave message at 808-23.....I am in Hawaii . Feb 9, Contact 

e 16788 USA: Retail: I am looking for 50 tiles of Marbella Shell Stone Honed tiles 18 inches x 18 inches x 1/2 inch to finish an existing project. I am in AS. Tel. no. is 684-69.....Would like to ship from the west coast, USA if possible. Feb 9, Contact 

e 16778 USA : Retail: I am looking for round and oval marble table tops inch thickness with bevel-edge. Colors: black, white, white-grey, green and pure white. Please send me information on what sizes you are able to make, pricing, manufacturing time and minimum quantities. I am in PA. My tel. no. is +001.610.38.....Feb 8, Contact  

e 16777 USA : Retail: We are beginning to do some research on getting granite counter tops in our kitchen. We live in Bergen County , NJ . Feb 8, Contact

e 16770 USA : Retail: I am a homeowner in the Connecticut area interested in stone / pavers you might have in my area. Feb 7, Contact

e 16767 USA : Retail: Please quote with images for Capao Bonito. My tel. no. is 317-54.....Feb 7, Contact  

e 16763 USA : Retail: I am looking for soapstone slabs for a countertop application. I will need 38-42 square feet. I live in Dunedin Florida (west coast). I can be reached at 727 23...... I would ideally like to get the soapstone delivered by early-mid February 2005. I am negotiable on price but would ideally like to pay about $15-18 per square foot. Feb 5, Contact

e 16761 USA : Retail: I need 3 Vanity tops of 54 - 58"; 70 - 80" & 20 - 30"; 2 Kitchen counter tops, 80 - 120' & center island. I am in Minneapolis . Feb 5, Contact  

e 16717 USA : Retail: We are interested in approximately 70 square feet of granite counter top for a kitchen in central New Jersey . Feb 2, Contact

e 16701 USA : Retail: I need to plaster my pool with marble dust. My pool is 50x20. I live in Memphis TN. I would like a gray color just not white. Feb 1, Contact

e 16698 USA : Retail: Would like aragon gold limestone. Please call 828-71....I am looking for limestone, and approximately 60-70Sf for kitchen countertops.. Feb 1, Contact  

e 16691 USA : Retail: We are looking to put in granite countertops in our kitchen. We estimate that we will need approximately 72 square feet of granite for a U-shaped kitchen that has an island in the middle. We prefer to stay with lighter rather then darker colors and like some movement in the stone rather then just speckled stone. Open to any geographical area are far as the stone but I would prefer the product to be accessible to Los Angeles , California . We are taking estimates and close to purchasing. Phone number is 213 47.....Jan 31, Contact

e 16690 USA : Retail: I am inquiring in reference to replacing my laminated countertop with granite. I am in N.C. My tel. no. is (704) 51.....
I am estimating that I will need approximately 6-8 feet of granite. I have not begun the job as of yet but I am looking for an affordable price. I am even considering a do-it- yourself project. I will be ready to begin the job in 6-8 weeks. Jan 31, Contact

e 16684 USA : Retail: I am remodeling my home and am in the process of shopping for a Granite Countertop and complimentary flooring for my kitchen. I need 100 square feet of Countertop and 400 square feet of flooring. 
I want a countertop and floor that will be a great choice. I like Crema Bordeaux Granite, but I know little about it. I like it because it's warm
and has some burgundy hues in it. I like a travertine tumbled floor tile in Scabas color because it compliments the cabinets (ivory maple islands and reddish brown parameter cabinets) and countertop. 
I don't want to purchase the wrong items. I work full time, have three pets and a pool, and I want to choose products that will be beautiful and not require heavy maintenance. Please tell me if I am better off with a different countertop or floor. Should I select travertine, ceramic or porcelain flooring? Should I select a different granite for my countertops?  I am in Michigan . Jan 30, Contact

e 16679 USA : Retail: I am looking for a type of stone called "azul macauba". I am told it's actually quartz, not granite (I thought it was granite). I'm looking for a piece that has mostly white and blue, and not a piece that's smoky gray. I need enough for a bathroom vanity that's 5 feet long, with backsplashes on all 3 sides, and maybe some extra for 2 3-foot bathroom windowsills. It'll be shipped to zip code 32034 in north Florida . My contractor will purchase it. I've seen this around at a number of stone places but he can't find it there locally. [If you have another type of granite or quartz that has lots of blue in it, feel free to let me know that too.] I need this to arrive there by about 2/21/05. My work phone is 617-49.....Jan 29, Contact

e 16662 USA : Retail: I am remodeling my kitchen near San Antonio . Looking for a quality source for granite countertops. Can you provide quotes? Contact me at 210-82..... The address of the house I am working is in TX. Jan 28, Contact

e 16657 USA : Retail: Do you sell soapstone tile for flooring 18"x18"x1/2" if so how much per tile or per square foot? What are the minimum quantities? Jan 28, Contact

e 16654 USA : Retail: I am looking for 140 square foot of 12" x 12" Navona vein cut travertine tiles, filled and polished at or below $ 7.00 a square foot. In addition, I would appreciate a quote for cutting and refinishing these 140 pieces to a size of 12" x 8" if this was available from the same source. I would like to receive the tiles within two to three weeks. I am in PA. My tel. no. is 610-74..... Jan 28, Contact 

e 16631 USA : Retail: I wish to use pink Italian marble for my kitchen countertops. Please advise on suitability. Jan 26, Contact

e 16628 USA : Retail: I need A Slab Of 3 cm Verde Jade In North Florida. Jan 26, Contact

e 16607 USA : Retail: I am a remodeling contractor located in Houston , Texas looking for a supplier in Houston that carries the Blue Bahia slabs. Jan 25, Contact 

e 16605 USA : Retail: I need to buy 28 square feet of 12" x 12" tiles of negro marquina marble to put on the wall above a fireplace mantel. (We are remodeling a 44 year old home that has a negro marquina marble fireplace surround.) I will buy from anywhere in the US that will ship to me. I need the marble within 3 weeks. I am in Wisconsin . Cell phone # 715-45....Jan 25, Contact  

e 16603 USA : Retail: PLEASE ADVISE ME IF YOU CAN FIND 72 sqm BLUE QUATI GRANITE 12X12 TILES FOR SALE. I am looking for about 70 tiles, I think. I intend to tile my kitchen countertops, and they will use about 50 square feet, then I will need border and backsplash half tiles My work phone number is 703-80......I am in VA. Jan 24, Contact  

e 16597 USA : Retail: I want to buy "engineered stone". Jan 24, Contact 

e 16571 USA : Retail: Can you get me contact info for a company that has a current inventory of Diano Reale tile 18x18. We have a client who needs a small qty. 100 sq ft. delivered to our warehouse in Kaukauna , WI 54130 . Jan 22, Contact

e 16561 USA : Retail: Could you tell me where I can find Amazon Blue slabs and tiles? I need about two slabs, around 80 to 100 sf. You can call my cell phone, 310-83..... Address is in Culver City , CA. Jan 21, Contact 

e 16531 USA : Retail: I want to put in new counter tops in my kitchen. I would like to buy sodalite stone for this purpose. How much is sodalite slabs. Where in northen NYS can I find someone to make my counter tops?? Jan 20, Contact

e 16517 USA : Retail: We are looking to purchase a pietre dure table measuring 48" x 33" x 28" (l x W x H). Color: background should be beige/tan/white. I am in NY. Tel: 917-86.....Jan 19, Contact 

e 16508 USA : Retail: I need two slabs of Verde Fuoca granite for fabrication of countertops. I am in Los Altos , California . My tel. no. 650-96..... Jan 19, Contact

e 16503 USA : Retail: I am looking for 25 Square Feet of Sao Paulo Brown (Marron Sao Paulo) Granite Tile 12 x12 x 1/8" or 12 x 12 x 3/8". I need it by February 15, 2005. I am in Orlando . My tel. no. is (407) 85.....Jan 18, Contact

e 16484 USA : Retail: Just purchased a new home and have a large kitchen with white tile that I want to replace with a green granite or marble, maybe even a brown or black. My husband and I have done the measuring and the countertop, island, backsplash and windowsill are approx. 101 sq ft. We like Ubatuba and black galaxy. Do you carry this? What is the cost per sq ft? what is thickness, 3cm? Are you local, do you do fabrication? Tel. no. is (559) 73.....Jan 18, Contact    

e 16466 USA : Retail: Looking for Roman Travertine. Jan 16, Contact

e 16460 USA : Retail: I am looking for a stone table top for outdoor use. It should be 48-60" round. Let me know what you have in stock. As well let me know shipping charges to New York , NY . Jan 16, Contact

e 16449 USA : Retail: Considering Blue Pearl , Volga Blue, Emerald Pearl , Green Butterfly for kitchen countertops. With an active family and 10 year old child. Spills of various types are common. And the clean up is not usually immediate. Please advice with quotes. I am in Hawaii . Ph. 808-23.....Jan 15, Contact 

e 16445 USA : Retail: I am inquiring about the fossilized stone. I would like to get further information like: colors, prize, weight, location and shipping if there are local distributors in NV or any where in USA . Also would you suggest indoor location as well? Jan 15, Contact  

e 16444 USA : Retail: I am interested in buying granite kitchen countertop. I am in MI 48348. I am looking to work with a supplier in my area. My tel. no. is 248-62..... Jan 15, Contact  

e 16438 USA : Retail: I am interested in purchasing granite for my kitchen remodel. I need approximately 50 sq ft for the countertops and another 50 sq ft for the backsplash. I have scaled diagrams I can provide for a more detailed estimate. I am in California . My tel. no. is 530-29..... Jan 14, Contact  

e 16437 USA : Retail: I would like a quote on a bathroom sink counter top. I would like a black with a fleck of red or gray or white. I need all 4 sides finished with 2 holes cut, one in the center and the other near the edge. Dimensions. 34" by 22" by 1". Jan 14, Contact   

e 16429 USA : Retail: I am looking for a granite countertop that is very dark. It needs to have some orange-red in it. Browns and yellows may be ok but no pink. Jan 13, Contact 

e 16427 USA : Retail: I am intending on having honed limestone (blue valley) installed in a powder room. I love the look but am concerned the vanity top may not be a good choice for durability. I realize granite is a better choice and will be using it in my kitchen and two other bathrooms. Please quote with advise.  Jan 13, Contact 

e 16421 USA : Retail: I am looking for Peppermint Granite for my guest bathroom vanity that is 48 x 21. I am in Staten Island and can be reached at 347-24......Jan 13, Contact

e 16420 USA : Retail: I am searching for 2 slabs of Volga Blue granite for my client. Please quote your best wholesale price to the trade. I am located in Southern California i.e. Anaheim or the Valley. We must see slabs. My tel. no. is 310-64.....Jan 13, Contact

e 16419 USA : Retail: I have been given a price of $9,125 for a 5x6 Michael Angelo Marble island counter top plus a counter top that is 7ft and 5 ft in an L shape. There is a cutout for a sink in the Island and a sink & cook top cutout on the L counter. This piece of Marble resembles Carrara but the veins are slight and are green or pale yellow. Is this a reasonable price? Jan 13, Contact  

e 16417 USA : Retail: I am in need of 200 sq ft of crema marfil select. I can pickup at a terminal in Peoria , IL .  Jan 13, Contact

e 16402 USA : Retail: I NEED PEACOCK SLATE - 800 FT2, 16in X 16in, GAUGED. I NEED DELIVERY IN 2 WEEKS. Jan 12, Contact

e 16401 Canada : I am looking for marble. I need 1. pc apx 5ft x 3ft x 20 inches, 2pc 5ft x 30inches x 20inches. Any white marble for carving. Please give me an offer and price. Jan 12, Contact

e 16400 USA : Retail: I am thinking of installing 12 x 12 blue pearl tiles as a kitchen counter and have heard from your site that this stone does NOT need to be sealed. Would it hurt the stone to put on a sealer? Are all blue pearl tiles of the same quality. Mine appears moderately "pitted". Jan 12, Contact


e 16366 USA : Retail: I am interested in finding and purchasing 12"x12" granite tiles in the stone Blue Quati. I will need about 70 tiles. Are they available in this size? or any other size? I intend to tile my kitchen countertops with the granite tiles. I need them 3/8" thick. Jan 11, Contact 

e 16349 USA : Retail: I am wondering that is there any marble or granite to fit my bathroom? My bathroom size is 54x71. If needed, contact me at the telephone number 408-56.....Jan 10, Contact 

e 16326 USA : Retail: We are interested in finding a supplier for Bianca Kinawa granite (we prefer a whitish grey). We are located in Chicago and prefer someone from the area, but are not picky. We would like to see a sample if not in the area and are aiming to have the granite installed some time in early March. 312-95.....Jan 8, Contact  

e 16323 USA : Retail: I am looking for information on certain stones and want to see if anyone supplies them in the US . We are specifying material, sourcing and approving slabs. The contractor on the job would buy. Jan 8, Contact

e 16320 USA : Retail: I am interested in purchasing approx. 300 st.ft. of uba tuba granite tile. Please let me know if you have that quantity in stock and the cost. My tel. no. is 301-62.....Jan 8, Contact 

e 16299 USA : Retail: Desired table top 54 - 60 inch round in stone, mosaic...Please send images and prices. Jan 6, Contact 

e 16283 USA : Retail: I am looking for some nice slate tile, 16x16, 350 sq ft min, 500 sq ft max, for a patio, to be laid on concrete. Color is open, except black. Have been looking at rusty, multicolor, etc. I want to pay no more than $1000, including shipping. I would like soon, but could wait 2-3 months. Need delivery to home. Need top face split, backside honed. I am in CA, my contact no. is 707 37.....Jan 6, Contact

e 16267 USA : Retail: Looking for a manufacturer of soapstone fireplace mantles. I am in Madison . Jan 5, Contact

e 16247 USA : Retail: We want to buy marron emperador imperial light brown marble for floor use. What size tiles are available? Jan 2, Contact

e 16239 USA : Retail: Could you please tell me if soapstone is mined in Texas ... and if you have it available? I was drawn by the color of this particular stone... solid white with a slight pinkish overcast. We would like it to be used in our garden for water to cascade over in a small waterfall we are designing for our new home (if it's appropriate for this application)? We prefer to use raw, indigenous materials from our state, but there are many beautiful stones... what might you suggest? We are very flexible here, but would like to find a few stones in the general area of about 15"X 10" or less, around a few inches thick, somewhat flat that hasn't been cut into smooth slabs. What is a minimum purchase and how can stones this size be shipped economically? Also, is soapstone known by other names? Jan 1, Contact 

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