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December  2004




 This is a list of all buyers' enquiries from USA. 

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Retail Buyers Inquiries From USA between  

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Buyers Inquiries From July 2004 to December 2004

e 16228 USA : Retail: I am looking for 60 Sq Ft of Giallo Antico 12x12 for a customer of mine. Tel. no. (239)64.....Dec 31, Contact


e 16211 USA : Retail: Looking for 2 slabs of stone as per attached image. I am in PA. My phone no. is 610 62.....Dec 29, Contact 

e 16209 USA : Retail: I am interested in talking to a wholesaler of granite stones about buying stones for our non-profit organizations fundraiser. I am in TX. My tel. no. is 936-54.....Dec 29, Contact

16207 USA : Retail: We are thinking about doing our master bathroom over using a large amount of travertine. We want to know if this stone is mildew resistant or needs to be treated in some way since we want to make a large walk in shower/tub area. We also need to know if we can avoid grout joints between tiles? We are planning to use the travertine on walls and floor area. We live in Florida if the weather is of any use. Dec 29, Contact

e 16206: Retail: I am looking for Italian "marble" Blue Antico 12 x 12 to replace ones in my home built in 1989. I think the Blu Antico from Italy that you have is limestone, may be the same. How can I have a sample tile sent to me? I am looking for about 15 stones, but I just want to buy one to see if it is a perfect match. I can be reached at my home 903-58.....Dec 29, Contact

e 16196 USA : Retail: We are remodeling a kitchen and have been given the "sell" on CAMBRIA man made. We like natural and want to know what we can expect to pay for a nice black, Belfast-Cambrian Black or the like, compared to CAMBRIA ? Dimensions: 12ft x 2ft & 5ft x 2ft. Dec 28, Contact

e 16189 USA : Retail: Does anyone have any Jurasic Green granite? Dec 28, Contact  

e 16182 USA : Retail: Looking for some decorative colored stone. Can I get samples? Do you deliver to Pa. ? My tel. no. is 570-64.....Dec 27, Contact  

e 16165 USA : Retail: Artifacts: I am interested in purchasing one of the following products 0035-003, 0035-005, 0055-0003.  Please provide pricing and shipping information to New York . Dec 24, Contact 

e 16164 USA : Retail: I need a one foot by five foot piece of 3/4 inch thick rosso collenandina marble.  Dec 24, Contact 

e 16163 USA : Retail: Looking for white marble top: 24" x 60" x 1" in an oval shape with a beveled edge, table top. Do you have something like this? My tel. no. is 574-54.....Dec 24, Contact 

e 16160 USA : Retail: Please quote for granite slabs. I am in California . My tel. no. is (909) 86.....Dec 24, Contact

e 16151 USA : Retail: I am a homeowner in NJ that is going to be remodeling her kitchen and is in search of Brazilian granite-Blue Bahia - or something like it. I love the blue, white and black in the blue bahia, but don't always like the green that sometimes can show up. Is there any other stone that is like it? Where do you recommend I go to find the stone I am looking for at a great price, and what about should I be paying for it cut and installed? Dec 23, Contact

e 16121 USA : Retail: We are in the process of purchasing granite for our kitchen countertop and are interested in one called New Venetian Gold. Dec 21, Contact

e 16113 USA : Retail: I am looking for 7-10 black granite trophy pieces rectangle 7" x 10". Are there any suppliers for this type item? I am sandblasting (etching) them for a banquet for contributor awards. Dec 20, Contact

e 16104 USA : Retail: How much would it be for 150 square feet of Norwegian Rose marble tiles (12" x 12" x 3/8") delivered to USA zip code 11530. Dec 18, Contact

e 16083 USA : Retail: If laying a patio or driveway, how much square footage would a ton of Parisian cobblestone cover on average? We're very interested in this stone. Where is it? We are in CA. Dec 17, Contact  

e 16080 USA : Retail: I am looking for a granite supplier in Southern California . Please advise where we can buy granite slabs. Dec 16, Contact

e 16078 USA : Retail: I need to find a source for carrara marble. A priceless marble table we have in our family broke in a move and it was round carrara marble 6' across. I live in Northern Virginia . Please let me know how to find such a piece and the cost. Dec 16, Contact


e 16067 USA : Retail: Looking for Indian slate tiles with iridescent grey / lavender hues 16x16" or 24x24" x ½" for Floor and walls applications. Approx 400 square feet. Prefer East Coast for minimal shipping cost. Immediate need; all decisions made - pending good quality. Tel: 207-56.....Dec 16, Contact

e 16063 USA : Retail: We are looking for a dark brown Limestone slab to measure 69" x 24. Please let us know if you know of anything available. Dec 16, Contact

e 16060 USA : Retail: I need limestone for the flooring of an outdoor patio. I am looking for a more rustic feeling and was wondering if I can specify how I would like the limestone tiles to be finished. I am only interested in purchasing inter-United States because of shipping costs. I am in Pasadena . My tel. no. is (626) 56.....Dec 16, Contact

e 16051 USA : Retail: I am looking for granite countertops prefab for a kitchen island. Could you send a price list and photo sample if avail?My tel. no. is 815.32.....Dec 15, Contact

e 16038 USA : Retail: I would like to use white-colored marble for my kitchen countertops. I saw the calacatta and like it very much. I am looking for three slabs of calacatta d' oro, grigio or macchiaoro. I want it to be a very honed surface. Two of the slabs are of standard sizes but one needs to be 138 inches long because I do not want a seam in the countertop. I am in Bronx , New York . As soon as I find the slabs, I am ready to buy. My phone number is (212) 85.....Dec 14, Contact

e 16036 USA : Retail: I would like to find out more about the Blue Bahia slabs. I need 2 slabs shipped to MI. Also would like images and quotes for the following:
2cm - Oasis Blue - 3 Qty - Brazil 62 X 98" 
2cm - Tan Brown - 2 Qty - india 69 X 126"
3cm - Cobalt Blue - 67 x 105 Brazil
3cm - Kota Brown - 71 x 114 India
3cm Nero Africa - 65 X 125 S. Africa. My tel. no. is 248-36......You may email availability, images and price.  Dec 14, Contact

e 16010 USA : Retail: I am want to buy 75 sq ft of black pearl floor tile and a 8ft.10 in kitchen counter top could you give me the prices including s/h. Dec 11, Contact

e 16003 USA : Retail: I am looking for premium natural stone (slate) color is called multi select. 12x12 approximately 2500 sq. ft for flooring. My number is 775-84.....I love the 12x12 multicolor slate and I want to do it in the downstairs area of the home. I found this product locally for 1.89 a sq. ft but I'm hoping to find it for less and maybe somewhere close so I can pick it up or if they offer free shipping. Dec 11, Contact

e 16001 USA : Retail:  I've been looking at granite for a bathroom countertop - mostly greens, and I was shown a very small sample of something the retailer is calling Andara. It's very light green with burgundy specks (from what I could tell). Dec 10, Contact

e 15991 USA : Retail: I am looking for 1x1 mesh mounted tumbled Lagos Azul - 63 SQ. FT. for a kitchen backsplash. I am located in Maryland . Dec 10, Contact 

e 15974 USA : Retail: I am looking for a relatively small piece of transparent green sandstone for a Christmas gift. She does small carvings (birds, figurines, etc.). Would like to see before I buy. Dec 9, Contact

e 15972 USA : Retail: I want a composite marble vanity top and integrated sink. I prefer the look of a matte finish rather than glossy, but I'm told glossy is preferable and easier to clean. Dec 9, Contact

e 15952 USA : Retail: I am contemplating on buying a Green Reef granite (?) for my kitchen countertops. My tel. no. is 704-27....Dec 8, Contact

e 15948 USA : Retail: I am trying to find slate to match an existing patio in Greensboro , NC . Please offer any suppliers in our area which we could try to match the slate pavers. They are a blue slate, and I believe they were originally imported. Dec 7, Contact

e 15938 USA : Retail: I am designing a bar in NYC and want to use a hardened sandstone on the walls. Can you send me pics of your supply? Dec 7, Contact

e 15933 USA : Retail: We want 75 sq feet of Blue Bahia granite tiles 12x12, for kitchen countertop. We are ready to buy from any area where shipping costs would not be prohibitive. We would like to have a sample. Our phone number 503-66.....Dec 7, Contact

e 15917 USA : Retail: Please quote for a soapstone artifact like the one displayed in 0042 - 0031. I am in NY. and my phone number is 646-59.....Dec 6, Contact

e 15911 USA : Retail: Looking for 3 yards of beach cobble. Dec 6, Contact

e 15908 USA : Retail: What is the price of Red Moby Dick (Russian Marble)? It has to be smooth polished finish. Dec 5, Contact

e 15905 USA : Retail: I have been shopping for granite slab for my kitchen island, and so far I like the 'Black galaxy' the best (to match with my Baltic Brown granite tile on the rest of my kitchen counter). Is this a good granite for countertop? The best price I found is about $900 installed for a 36" X 84" X 3/4" slab, does it sound reasonable to you? Oh, the stone is from China . Dec 5, Contact

e 15899 USA : Retail: I love the look of Santa Helena but I am wondering about it staining and what the cleaning process is? Dec 4, Contact

e 15895 USA : Retail: We are looking for a retailer of Nagina Green slab granite in the Portland , Oregon area. We wish to do a large kitchen with this. Do you know of a retailer or wholesaler? Dec 4, Contact


e 15874 USA : Retail: I am looking for kashmir gold for a kitchen counter top. The kashmir gold I have a sample of is really gold, but the place where I was going to get the entire slab from is light yellow. They say it depends on the cut, so I'm looking for a cut that is close to the original sample. Do you sell granite in quantities for a standard kitchen counter, or do you only sell mass quantities? Is your slab of kashmir gold very gold, or is it more of a light yellow? Do you have any other gold colors? What is your pricing for kashmir gold? My tel. no. is (949) 56.....Dec 2, Contact

e 15862 USA : Retail: I am looking for backsplash tile in the Amazon Blue granite. Do you have that? I am in MA 01880. Dec 1, Contact

e 15855 USA : Retail: Email me relevant information dark emperador marble 12x12" OR 1 FOOT SQUARE MARBLE TILES. Have 2000 sq ft of 2 yr old floor - many pits and pops some fixed by factory but getting worse by traffic despite care. NEED approx 200 tiles as above (honed and fully polished for replacement). Dec 1, Contact

e 15848 USA : Retail: Looking for a block of verde aqua marine (quartzite). I am in Seattle , WA . Dec 1, Contact

e 15846 USA : Retail: I am about to begin a remodel of my kitchen. We will be changing the countertops, floors and appliances. The cabinets are made of natural unstained cherry which were made in 1987. They have formed a lovely patina. I would like to use a green, not to dark granite and am thinking about something called COSTA SMERLODA and MIDO GREEN. Their shades appear similar, although I think that Mido green may be alittle more gray. Which one would you recommend? Or perhaps you can suggest another pretty, somewhat soft in color green? Dec 1, Contact

e 15845 USA : Retail: We live in Glendale , California and are looking for some fine pebbles/stone for our yard and gardens. We are willing to drive to perhaps Anaheim at the furthest. Our phone number is (818) 24......Dec 1, Contact

e 15834 USA : Retail: I am looking to buy 110 sq ft. of blue pearl tile in 18"x18"x3/8" size. I am not in a big hurry - if I could get it in a month or so, that would be fine. About $8.00/ft. plus shipping is what I was hoping for. My tel. no. is 509-29.....Nov 30, Contact 

e 15833 USA : Retail:  Looking for 4-5 slabs of Verde Amazonas granite. 1 1/4" for kitchen counter top. My tel. no. is 908-35.....Nov 30, Contact

e 15830 USA : Retail: I would like to buy granite slab/tiles for my house in NJ. Nov 30, Contact

e 15829 USA : Retail: I am looking for two slabs of Paradiso granite or similar of 25.5 inches X 96 inches X .75 to 1.5 inches thick. I am looking to purchase in the Washington DC area. Must be solid slabs with no visible cracks. I am looking to purchase ASAP. My tel. no. is 202.77..... 
In the alternative, I am seeking 25 Sq. ft. of Paradiso in 36 inch tiles. Nov 30, Contact

e 15813 USA : Retail: I am interested in buying an inlay table as displayed in the online stores of Findstone.com. Could you please give more details about it, like size, delivery time, where is it shipped from, transit time / mode on payment? Nov 28, Contact

e 15797 USA : Retail: We are deciding on which granite to install for our kitchen countertops. We have narrowed it down to black brazil , absolute black, and baltic brown. We were initially interested in honed absolute black; however after reading so many horror stories about the maintenance it requires, we decided against it. We are wondering if the polished absolute black has some of the same maintenance issues and also becomes more trouble than it is worth. The kitchen will still be a high traffic area for us and includes an island for which we will also use as a dining counter. Nov 26, Contact

e 15778 USA : Retail: I am very interested in the blue sodalite for my kitchen counters. Is this granite a good stone for that area? What is the maintenance on it? Does it scratch easy? Nov 26, Contact

e 15773 USA : Retail: I want to buy marble from Turkey , fior di pesco oriental. You can call me at 650-32..... Nov 25, Contact

e 15763 USA : Retail: I am interested in approx. 75 12x12 granite tiles of blue bahia. What would be the approx. shipping costs to zip code 97030? Nov 24, Contact

e 15754 USA : Retail: I need to buy a few Swedish Mahogany tiles 12x12. I am in Fort Collins , Colorado . Nov 23, Contact

e 15728 USA : Retail: I need 3 slabs of Volga Blue (approx 140 sq ft) for my kitchen countertop, backsplash. My tel. no. is 310-34.....I am in CA. Nov 21, Contact

e 15722 USA : Retail: How much including delivery for 9 sqm of black marble? Nov 20, Contact

e 15719 USA : Retail: I am remodeling my kitchen. I know I want granite tiles. So far I have completed the remodeling without having a contractor come in. I believe I can install the granite tiles also. The area to cover is 39 square feet, could you tell me a fair price or price range I should look for when making my purchase? Nov 20, Contact 

e 15703 USA : retail: Could you quote me price for this product a mosaic medallion (0051-0002). Nov 19, Contact

e 15698 USA : Retail: I am considering soapstone or honed black granite for my kitchen remodel. I don't want a shiny finish and like to look of the more dull solid surfaces. I also don't want a lot of maintenance and problems with my counter top, we have 3 young children, so spills are inevitable. Nov 18, Contact  

e 15687 USA : Retail: I am looking to buy a piece of Blue King Granite 116" x 39" for a kitchen counter. Do you have it? Nov 18, Contact

e 15677 USA : Retail: I am looking to buy granite slabs for my personal residence. What are the prices? I am looking at Black galaxy. I am in Washington .  Nov 17, Contact

e 15661 USA : Retail: We are redoing our kitchen and dining room and have decided to go with granite. We have a large kitchen which will have honey maple cabinets and my husband likes the Blue Butterfly granite or Black Galaxy. I like the Almond Mauve on the counters and maybe the Black Galaxy (or blue butterfly??) on the island. (Some light and some dark). What do you think about the colors and about these granites? Do they work in the kitchen and do they have to be sealed? In the dining room, we are putting in built in coffee glazed cherry cabinets to look like a hutch and were thinking of going with the Black Galaxy granite, as well. The rooms are connected by two 5 foot openings. Nov 17, Contact

e 15641 USA : Retail: I would like to install a natural stone on my concrete patio and need help in identifying the best product. The patio is fairly large - about 33' x 20' - and is located in the Northeast so there is plenty of rain, sleet, snow and extreme temperatures. Slickness/safety is an issue. Also, we dine on the patio so so staining (spills from wine, grease, etc.) is a concern. And finally, the patio is partially covered by a roof so some of the flooring will receive protection from the elements which could cause uneven fading or wear on the flooring. Nov 17, Contact

e 15630 USA : Retail: I am in southern California and I'm looking for Australian sandstone. I have seen it here a couple of years ago and would like to find out where I can buy it. Nov 16, Contact

e 15629 USA : Retail: I am looking for Versaillis pattern travertine tumbled. I only need 1100 sqf. Please quote. I live in northern CA. Nov 16, Contact

e 15620 USA : Retail: I would like to purchase one 16" Honey Onyx Vessel Sink as seen in Findstone website. Price listed at $300 each, what is the shipping time? My location is Brooklyn , New York , Nov 15, Contact

e 15617 USA : Retail: I want a soapstone sculpture like the item in 0042-0031 on FindStone website. Could you please tell me the price and how I might order one? Nov 15, Contact

e 15616 USA : Retail: I am looking for a price for sink 0049-0001 in flower green. Nov 15, Contact

e 15609 USA : Retail: We are looking for tombstones (monument stones) to mark gravesites. We need it in the next 3-4 months. We are looking for granite in black. It is called India Black here. Is it possible to make and ship to USA ? I am in TX. Nov 14, Contact

e 15607 USA : Retail: To construct a coffee table we're looking for solid marble or granite pieces in geometric shapes. These would be used to support a glass table slab. The pieces might be 30-35 cm in height, and shaped as sphere, pyramid, rhomboid, cylinder etc. We can't find them in stone suppliers in Chicago , nor as decorative stone items, although in Italy and Germany they are quite common as table supports. Any idea of where these items might be found? Nov 14, Contact

e 15605 USA : Retail: Please contact me regarding your fabricated granite slabs for counter tops. I am in GA. Nov 14, Contact

e 15602 USA : Retail: We are considering installing giallo veneziano granite as our kitchen countertop. Is this a good choice for the kitchen? We are looking for something that is low-maintenance, durable, and will look good over time with proper care. Nov 14, Contact

e 15601 USA : Retail: I will be having granite floors, counters, etc. installed in a super customer home next year for a high end customer of mine. Looking for installers in the NJ area. Also, I have a customer with a chipped countertop and a hazy scratched floor asking for a refinisher referral. Nov 14, Contact

e 15598 USA : Retail: I am interested in finding granite as well as a fabricator reasonably priced. First pick we saw was Golden Leaf and one called Santa Barbara . We live in San Diego . We have a rough sketch of our kitchen layout for price ballparks. Can you give any estimates or recommendations of granite options? Rough kitchen layout is attached. Nov 14, Contact  

e 15597 USA : Retail: Please e-mail colored pictures of Polished Marble for floors, true cut and true thickness that are 24 inches by 24 inches. Marble cost and shipping time and cost to Oklahoma (postal ZIP 73072). Nov 13, Contac

e 15595 USA : Retail: I have been trying to pick out a counter top for weeks and am having so much trouble deciding. I have narrowed my choice down to three things: Emerald Pearl , Labrador Golden Flake, UbaTuba. My biggest concern about the Emerald Pearl and Labrador Golden Flake is that I have never seen them installed (only a slab). Though I think they are beautiful in slab form (especially the Emerald Pearl), I am afraid the "pearling" will make the counter tops look messy (like they have something on them). I know UbaTuba would be the safe choice, but I think the others might be more beautiful. What do you think? Nov 13, Contact

e 15589 USA : Retail: I am looking at using a couple of granites in my kitchen that are called " Atlantic black" and "Rainbow". Are they good for a kitchen, water absorption, etc? Nov 12, Contact

e 15587 USA : Retail: Looking for two slabs - 70"w x 120"l x3/4" of Juparana Mojava for project in the Seattle , WA , USA area. Nov 12, Contact

e 15563 USA : Retail: I am interested in a 86in. long and 22in.wide black granite. My tel. no. is 207-93.....  Nov 11, Contact 

e 15558 USA : Retail: Email me relevant information on where I can fine a reseller of Juparana Madras Granite Slab. Nov 11, Contact 

e 15554 USA : Retail: I am looking to get display racks. Do you make racks for laminate or wood? I am in CA. My tel. no. is 408-33.....Nov 10, Contact 

e 15553 USA : Retail: I am going to be in Cancun , Mexico and would like to find Absolute Black granite stone for installation on my kitchen counter top. Nov 10, Contact  

e 15550 USA : Retail: We are interested in using slate tile for our kitchen floor. We really like the many Multi-colored Slate but since it is very colorful we weren't sure what countertops to put in the kitchen so it doesn't look so busy or overwhelming. Our tel. no. is 513.51.....Nov 10, Contact

e 15543 USA : Retail: I am building a house that I expect to be finished and in a parade of homes in April or May of 2005. I am interested in purchasing slabs of honeycomb calcite for use as a countertop in my basement bar and possibly my bathroom if pricing is affordable. I would expect to need this stone by January if possible. I have included rough estimates of the size slabs that I would need. These do not include the bathroom sink which would 
be added later. Below I will include my name and all other pertinent information.
STONE TYPE (Honeycomb Calcite) Mined in Utah , USA .
(1) 7' x 3'6" x 1 1/2"
(2) 3' x 6' x 1 1/2"
For use as bar countertop
I am willing to place an order soon depending upon pricing and shipping. If there is anymore information that you need in order to expedite this process please let me know. Nov 10, Contact

e 15541 USA : Retail: I would like to buy immediately 3 granite slabs of 3cm Emerald Pearl in the standard appox 4' x 8' slabs. I am located in Austin , Texas and I cannot find the 3cm slabs at any of the local granite suppliers. I am willing to pickup in Dallas , San Antonio , Houston areas or will pay for shipping if reasonable. Our phone no. is 512-21.....Nov 10, Contact  

e 15540 USA : Retail: I am looking for granite vanity counter top for my bathroom. I'll need about 8 feet of it and I like to know shipping cost as well to NJ 08820. Nov 10, Contact

e 15539 USA : Retail: Email me relevant information regarding polished pebbles. Nov 10, Contact

e 15532 USA : Retail: I am studying Interior designing in Chicago . I am doing the residential projects in my school. Is it possible to get sample of Salisbury and Pink Academy Black? Nov 10, Contact  

e 15518 USA : Retail: We live in Southern CA and would need 750 -800 square feet of tile. We are interested in Peacock Garden guaged slate tile. I can buy locally for $2.85/sf. Do you have a better price-please include any shipping charges in your price?  Nov 9, Contact  

15512 USA : Retail: I am looking for a company in Chattanooga that can deliver some limestone to nearby Sewanee. I need 3 to 4 inch thick limestone in irregular shapes for a 140 square foot area (an irregular mosaic in the shape of a rectangle). I am not a resident of Chattanooga , this is for an art installation and I will be there for 1 week to set it up. So I need someone who might be able to deliver the stone and cut it to 
fit a rectangular area in the gallery. Nov 8, Contact

e 15503 USA : Retail: Please inform me if you have a sale on reddish, purple, or pink slate. I am in CA. My tel. no. is 858-92.......Nov 8, Contact

e 15494 USA : Retail: We are planning to get Baltic Brown granite for our kitchen counter top for our new home. They are offering Baltic Brown, Black Impala, Rosa Beta and few more for the same price (lowest). Which is one you think is better? Are they real granite? What kind of sealing, polishing have to be done? We do lots of cooking. Will the granite be a good choice for us? Or we should stick to the laminate? Nov 6, Contact  

e 15492 USA : Retail: I am shopping for new countertops and have narrowed my decision down to 3 choices. Concrete, Slate slab, and soapstone. Which stone in your opinion would be easier to maintain? And which stone is more affordable? I'm sick of seeing granite EVERYWHERE!!!! I'd like something different than all my neighbors. Nov 6, Contact   

e 15482 USA : Retail: Email me relevant information for Marble Crema Marfil 24 x 24. I want to put marble floor in my apartment and I wanted to know if you have that marble available. I will be needed 600 SF. Nov 6, Contact 

e 15463 USA : Retail: We are in need of 10 - 15 silver travertine 12" x 12" tiles, preferably cross-cut, floral cut. We are in Missouri . Our tel. no. is (314) 53..... Nov 4, Contact

e 15462 USA : Retail: Looking for a supplier of marble, granite, etc.  for a job in Fort Lauderdale . My tel. no. is 954-56.....Nov 4, Contact  

e 15461 USA : Retail: I am looking for a local supplier in Southern California . I am in Rosemead near Pasadena . Looking for limestone, calcite, whatever is available for sculpting. Nov 4, Contact

e 15460 USA : Retail: I'm looking for 12"X12" Bianco Romano Granite tiles. Nov 4, Contact

e 15459 USA : Retail: I work for a granite fabricator and one of my customer's is interested in a stone called Marwan wood. Do you happen to know if it is a petrified wood/semiprecious stone? Nov 4, Contact

e 15457 USA : Retail: I have a client who is putting Jerusalem Gold limestone in a Temple . The people at the temple need proof that this stone is from Israel and not Jordan Or Syria. Nov 3, Contact

e 15456 USA : Retail: I am looking at a Persian Brown granite for my shower. What do you think of this? Nov 3, Contact

e 15455 USA : Retail: I live in NYC and I want to buy Luna Pearl (bianco sardo) granite to remodel my kitchen. It is not a huge project but I know what granite I want. I would like it as soon as possible so that I can begin. I am using you because I hate the yellow pages. My tel. no. is 
718 78.....Nov 3, Contact  

e 15444 USA : Retail: I am looking for black slate for the facing of a fireplace. Nov 3, Contact  

e 15431 USA : Retail: I want to purchase the following item (see attachment). I am looking for something similar. Do you have anything similar or can you get me a stone sink like the one in the picture? I can always have the iron work done here. And if so how much would it be with shipping to Reno , Nevada . My tel. no. is 775-74.....Nov 2, Contact 

e 15425 USA : Retail: I am looking for a piece of Nero Portoro marble for a master bathroom vanity. The dimensions are approx. 80"x30". I live in MN, but my husband's company has a trucking line, and can pick up the stone anywhere in the U.S. All of our local resources want us the purchase a whole slab--we are trying to find a smaller piece.  Nov 2, Contact

e 15423 USA : Retail: Estimated quantity: 450 square feet of 12 x 12 x 3/8 inch Ming Green Marble tile. Budget: My budget ranges from $3.00 per square foot to $6.00 per square foot. Date Needed: December 15, 2004. I am in MA. My tel. no. is (978) 87.....Nov 2, Contact

e 15420 USA : Retail: I am looking for Tibetan Blue Granite Slabs as a consumer and was wondering if you have any idea where to find it in Eastern Massachusetts . I am aware it comes in an olive green color or a grey-blue and we prefer the grey-blue. Nov 1, Contact 

e 15419 USA : Retail: I am working with a client that owns a spa here in Boston , MA . An idea that I've been working on is to incorporate some slate water falls into some of the retail shelving. How can I go about finding the best price for this material in my area? tel.: 617.29.....Nov 1, Contact


e 15410 USA : Retail: I am interested in buying pebbles. Oct 31, Contact

e 15408 USA : Retail: I need a price quote on a piece of red lava rock 32" tall and 14" x 16" base. Ohio . (614) 30.....Oct 31, Contact

e 15407 USA: Retail: We are looking to buy green onyx slab Azarshahr with no or very little vien, big enough to cut one or two pieces of 24" x 60" x 1/2" - 3/4" thick from the slab. We need total of 12 pieces finish product of 24" x 60". We are in New York . Our tel. no. is 914-42.....Material is immediately needed.  Oct 31, Contact 

e 15389 USA : Retail: I am looking for quotes per meter on the following for Rustenberg granite / Green and white granite countertops in my kitchen and bathroom. Please note backing prices and if additional edging is required. Oct 29, Contact

e 15388 USA : Retail: Looking for Ming Green Quartzite. Oct 29, Contact   

e 15386 USA : Retail: I am searching for light - pale green marble slabs with white veining. I am building a large bathroom and need slabs for a very large shower, tub surround and vanities in the room. If located would you please quote the price. Oct 29, Contact

e 15383 USA : Retail: Looking for 90 square Vermont roof slate tiles random color and size. Oct 29, Contact  

e 15382 USA : Retail: I am a countertop customer looking for a rose quartz countertop supplier. Oct 29, Contact

e 15370 USA : Retail: I am looking for a supplier of Angola Gold granite for my kitchen counter tops, is there a supplier in or near Charlotte , NC ? Oct 28, Contact   

e 15369 USA : Retail: Is blue wave granite available and how would we ship to Alaska ? Oct 28, Contact    

e 15368 USA : Retail: Looking for a slab of Thassos Snow White ( Greece ), as little veining as possible (high grade), at least 96" wide x 46" tall x ¾" thick. Needed ASAP. Tel. no. is 619-44.....Oct 28, Contact  

e 15366 USA : Retail: Can you send me a good picture of Labrador Ice ( Australia ) granite as I'm considering it for a countertop. Oct 28, Contact 

e 15365 Canada : Retail: I am doing a small backyard project and would like to know if it's possible to get a price sheet with pictures of different types of patio stones. I am not sure as to what type of stone I would like to use. I live in Toronto .  Oct 28, Contact  

e 15358 USA : Retail: I am in need of 50 - 75 replacement tiles for my hallway. Attached is a picture.I believe it's Rosa Aurora, although it's creamy and gold, rather than pink. Please let me know whether or not you can procure these for me. Oct 27, Contact

e 15353 USA : Retail: I want dark brown marble, the gaudi marble. Oct 26, Contact

e 15348 USA : Retail: We are a retail customer in Northern California looking to buy 6000 lbs of pink & grey ledge stone. We think it is from Mexico and appears to be a sandstone. It is primarily pink, gray, purple with some tan. Rubble style. Ranging from 2" h x 6" l to 6" h x 18" l, all pieces approximately 6" wide. My tel. no. is (916) 79.....Oct 26, Contact  

e 15344 USA : Retail: I would like to buy 2 boxes of cream jade. Is there a supplier near Watsonville , Ca.? Oct 26, Contact

e 15343 USA : Retail: I'm looking for 275 sq ft of Perlato Royal or a similar color, fossil marble. Tiles are 12"x12"x3/8"...I am in New Jersey & I can pick up within 75 miles. I would like to spend less than $4.50/sq ft.... current price quotes from tile retailers are too high & I know somebody must have some of this material laying around. I am ready to buy immediately, so if anybody is out there, please let me know...My tel. no. is 732 82.....Oct 25, Contact  

e 15342 USA : Retail: I am doing remodeling of my kitchen and bathroom. I need to get three granite slates called Golden Persa. I live in Calabasas , California . I need to know whether any supplier has this particular type in his stock. Oct 25, Contact  

e 15333 USA : Retail: I am planning to re-model my kitchen. I would like to use granite counter tops and tiles. Oct 25, Contact

e 15325 USA : Retail: We need approx 1-3 slabs of African Juparana. Please supply price, delivery cost to Long Island NY , and a photo if possible. Also if a sample of the granite is available. Requirement is IMMEDIATE. Oct 24, Contact 

e 15322 USA : Retail: I am in Broward county and also looking for Saturnia for a residential renovation, but in 24". Oct 24, Contact 

e 15321 USA : Retail: I am considering using Arizona Flagstone for my backyard patio & decking around the pool we are having put in. Is this type of Flagstone very slippery when wet and what type of maintenance is involved? The other choice we are considering is stamped concrete, however, I hear that you need to seal it and that makes it slippery. I need to make a choice very soon. Oct 23, Contact  

e 15316 USA : Retail: We are deciding on granite for our kitchen countertops. For color and look, we have agreed on Baltic Brown or Tan Brown. Based on their technical qualities which would be better for our application? I am in Maryland . Oct 23, Contact

e 15309 USA : Retail: I am interested in a kitchen countertop and was looking for absolute black. , however, the dealer I spoke to had asian granite. I haven't seen it yet but was told it is black with gold speckles. Oct 23, Contact

e 15307 USA : Retail: I am just starting a remodel on my kitchen and am hoping to connect with someone who can put together a price quote for granite countertops. Need a price quote for in material and installation. My tel. no. is (206) 60......Oct 22, Contact  

e 15306 USA : Retail: I am trying to locate MSur, I am unsure of the spelling? I understand they are distributors of stone in the Midwest and have a presence in Oklahoma . I also understand they are considering a location in Kansas City . Oct 22, Contact

e 15304 USA : Retail: I am renovating my kitchen and it is time to choose the granite for the countertops and a kitchen table. I am considering Santa Cecelia, Imperial Coffe or Shivakashi for the counters and the tabletop. I am concerned about the Shivakasi the most, although I think it is a beautiful stone. The stone dealer told he he gets his Shivakashi from Italy but from what I have read it comes from India . Oct 22, Contact

e 15301 USA : Retail: I have sandstone carvings. In the process of a move, the corner of one of these carvings was broken along with several scratches on the face of the carving. Looking for someone in the state of Oklahoma who could make the necessary restorations to return it to it's pre-move condition. Oct 22, Contact

e 15288 USA : Retail: I am doing my own bathroom, and want to know it marble is a good product to use in the shower? Or should I use something else. Tan or white are the colors I am looking at 12x12. Oct 20, Contact

e 15286 USA : Retail: I am remodeling my kitchen, which has lots of counter space plus a breakfast bar. I am thinking about installing Luna Pearl granite tiles. I am not sure that I can afford slab. Advice? What is the maintenance level on Luna Pearl?  Oct 20, Contact

e 15276 USA : Retail: We are getting ready to pick out our granite countertops for our kitchen and master bath. We like Verde Butterfly but prefer Verde Peacock (more golden tones). One designer says it's the same stone one says no. How does Ubatuba differ from Verde Peacock? Are they all granites and are they equally a good choice for a kitchen countertop? Also, we're considering mixing things up and installing Giallo Veneziano (slab) on kitchen island (w/sink) and doing the countertops with 12" square V. Butterfly or Peacock. We would like to put Giallo Veneziano 12" squares in our master bath (countertop and small insets in floor). We got a quote of $43 per sq. ft. (big sale) at big box store and they will let us go down to pick out our slab. Other store (small tile business) is quoting $65 for same granite (Verde Butterfly). One store says we have to buy "whole" slab, other says we pay per sq. ft, that's it.  Oct 20, Contact  

e 15274 USA : Retail: Want Canadian Polan Jade. Do you ship small quantities of this? Can you tell me the shipping to Salt Lake City , UT ? Oct 19, Contact

e 15268 USA : Retail: I want to by a grave stone for my father grave in Sweden . If possible could you please give me price on the shipment and the different price of stone. Oct 19, Contact 

e 15248 USA : Retail: Can you tell me the quality of New Caledonia granite from Brazil for kitchen counter tops? Oct 18, Contact

e 15246 USA : Retail: I have a rosa aurora marble floor in my kitchen. It is a really pale rosa aurora with some rose veining in a few places. I saw some rosa aurora slabs but they were really pink. Since I think granite will be a better surface, I am looking for a light, cream-colored granite to match for the countertop. The closest I've seen is Ivory Chiffon. Do you know of any other possible matches? I am in Washington , DC . My tel. no. is (202) 70.....Oct 18, Contact  

e 15237 USA : Retail: I am trying to find out if there are outlet stores that just carry quartz or granite made for counter tops in the New England area? Oct 18, Contact 

e 15236 USA : Retail: Need price and availability for black galaxy and uba tuba. My tel. no. is 949-67..... Oct 18, Contact 

15223 USA : Retail: I am a Design Consultant. I need Travertine Silver - Classic cut 12 x 12 polished tiles - 150 sq. ft. Similar to below, but lighter beige tones. I am in CA. My cell phone no. is 970-94.....Oct 16, Contact

e 15222 USA : Retail: I am interested in buying some black pebbles to put on tile mesh to use in my master bathroom and kitchen backsplash. If I give you the square footage, can you help me figure out quantities? I am in Virginia . Oct 16, Contact 

e 15219 USA : Retail: I am considering installing 18 x 18 honed crema marfil marble tiles in my kitchen and adjoining rooms (foyer, powder room, breakfast nook, and enclosed sunroom). I am concerned about the suitability of this floor in these areas esp. the kitchen. Will the marble be durable, show a lot of scratches, etch or watermark easily? We also have a small dog, a West Highland terrier. Should I be concerned about the dogs nails scratching the marble. She sometimes runs around the house when she plays or gets excited. Also, would you advise a color enhancer sealer to bring out the color a little more? Finally, would a light, filled, honed limestone be a better choice given my concerns? Oct 16, Contact


e 15211 USA : Retail: I am planning to install a 2 cm granite or marble slab -- 55 in. by 72 in. -- in existing kitchen floor. This involves renovation, as there is already porcelain tile, which I will remove. I will also have to cut out a portion of the plywood floor. The under-structure is joists 16 in. OC, spruce/pine/fir. In order to flush-mount the slab with the walking surface of the floor, I will have to cut and lower the top surfaces of the joists, then install the proper under layment, then the slab. If my under layment/slab combination ends up being approximately 2 in. thick, this will reduce my floor joists in the slab area from 2 by 10, to 2 by 8. 
Question 1: What is an acceptable amount of deflection for the joist structure? 
Question 2: Am I correct in assuming I will need an architect to calculate the deflection? 
Question 3: What is the proper method and materials to form a proper underlayment/foundation for the slab? 
Question 4: Should the slab be laid directly on top of the underlayment/backer, or is there some sort of a filler or adhesive needed? I am in PA 16335. My tel. no. is (814) 33.....Oct 15, Contact 

e 15196 USA: Retail: I want to cover the wall in front of my fireplace with a decorative stone, I want to keep it as simple and inexpensive as possible, I was told about a company called Z-Brick that has a wide assortment of decorative stones, I would like to know what would you suggest and a ballpark figure of the cost the wall is 11L' x 61"W.  Oct 15, Contact 

e 15195 India : Retail: I am from Udupi, South India , shortly intends to lay 2500 sq. feet marble. Where can I get qualitative, but cheaper marble? My phone number is 94481.....Oct 15, Contact 

e 15176 USA : Retail: Where I would find Sabbioso Granite?  Oct 14, Contact

e 15174 USA : Retail: Please email me relevant information about travertine and proper thickness of larger tile to use in residential applications. Oct 13, Contact

e 15165 USA : Retail: I need two slabs of Roman Travertive, sealed and polished in 59" x 101". I need it immediately for a project in New York City . Please quote price, trucking and delivery date. My tel. no. is 212 74.....Oct 13, Contact

e 15160 USA : Retail: I am looking for about 20-25 sq ft of Bianco Catalina granite. I am in Pittsburgh , PA. Oct 12, Contact 

e 15155 USA : Retail: I am interesting in buying 3-4 tons of sandstone, blonde to yellow brown color in form of flags and small boulders to construct a backyard waterfall and pond area. I need a quote for delivery to CA 92677 area.  Oct 12, Contact

e 15149 USA : Retail: I am considering Giallo Beach granite from Brazil to use for my kitchen counters. Oct 11, Contact

e 15148 USA : Retail: I am looking for some Portoro marble for a bathroom remodel. I am in Southern California . Phone: 562-99.....Oct 11, Contact 

e 15147 USA : Retail: I'm looking for: design of a stone fireplace mantel. Place or dealer where I can purchase the stone. Fabricator of stone. I am in CA. My tel. no. is (650) 29.....Oct 11, Contact 

e 15140 USA : Retail: I am trying to match an existing marble listed in the architects specification as Trani Ruggine. Do you have any images please? Oct 11, Contact

e 15132 USA : Retail: I am planning on getting a Violetta counter top, but I do not want a granite that has a lot of pits. I have two friends with granite counter tops; one has a counter top without any pits and the other is pitted. Oct 11, Contact   

e 15131 USA : Retail: I would like to know the pricing on Fanari Red Brown Greece marble.  Oct 11, Contact 

e 15130 USA : Retail: I am interested in buying granite to remodel my kitchen. Looking for a company from Vitoria , Brazil who can sell in small quantities. Oct 11, Contact

e 15129 USA : Retail: I have Indian Ivory Juparano 12x12 "granite" tiles in my kitchen which was installed 6 years ago. It is stained around the cook top and around the sink. I have resolved that I will need to replace it all - but would like advice as to what to choose so as not to be fooled again. I want a countertop that is resistant to staining, but will allow me to put things from the oven on it. Is there such a surface? I am in Florida . Oct 11, Contact   

e 15128 USA : Retail: My Wife and I have been searching for the right counter tops for our new home we are in the process of building. The counters we like the look of best is granite. However, we like the aspect of engineered surfaces like Cambria and Silestone that are more durable and stain resistant. We looked at some more show rooms yesterday, and now we are even more confused. We have always liked Uba Tuba best. Now, my Wife found Tropic Brown and likes it too, as I do. Then, we saw a bath vanity made of Golden Peach, which we have never heard of. Is there much difference in these 3 choices? Oct 11, Contact

e 15127 USA : Retail: I am wanting to put a slate tile down for my kitchen counter tops and my girlfriend is concerned about it staining. I understand that slate doesn't need to be sealed but is there a "best way" to seal it? From what I have gathered she is more concerned with the roughness of it and how hard it will be to wipe it down. So this kind of takes the oil option out of play. Oct 11, Contact

e 15125 USA : Retail: I saw and fell in love with a granite sample called "Mahogany Blue Eyes". It is a lovely coffee color and has those blue sparkles deep within. I am interested in DIY granite as well. I either want to locate tiles or some counter tops in this beautiful Mahogany Blue Eyes or equivalent. Oct 10, Contact 

e 15120 USA : Retail: We are considering a granite countertop in our kitchen called "Yellow River" from Brazil . Can you tell me anything about this stone? There is very little information available on this type of stone. Oct 10, Contact

e 15115 USA : Retail: My wife and I are considering using slate in our Master Bath. We both really like the look and found a slate tile in our price range but my wife is concerned that our small children will get cut on a sharp edge of the uneven tile. Is it possible for someone to get cut on slate tile? Please quote. Oct 9, Contact  

e 15106 USA : Retail: I am looking for a French Limestone w/ red hues called Scoon, and I cannot find it on the west coast in the USA . Oct 9, Contact 

e 15079 USA : Retail: We want 200 SF (18x18) Horn Sahara Gold. We are in San Diego . Oct 7, Contact 


e 15060 USA : retail: Looking for some dark gray stone tiles or Badnor Grey slate..from South India for entryway to our home. Currently have dark gray stamped concrete walkway leading up to the house. Would like to find stone tile, about 3/4 to 1 inch thick, 12X12 and 12X18 inch square, dark gray slate type material. Stone type does not matter as much as color. Color really needs to be gray and not green or blue as some Connecticut stone I've seen. We live in the San  Francisco Bay area and would like to find supplier in this area. Will lay tile over concrete slab which is already in place. Slab is about 8X8 ft square and about 18 inches tall. Also looking to use same material for back patio in the future. Patio is 30X12 ft square. Please call 650 82.....Oct 6, Contact  

e 15059 USA : Retail: I need about 20 beige sandstone tiles and I live in Los Angeles , CA. Oct 6, Contact  

e 15055 USA : Retail: I am interested in becoming a retail buyer in the Boston , Massachusetts area. My tel. no. is (617) 44..... Oct 5, Contact  

e 15044 USA : Retail: I am looking for granite from the USA to use as countertop for our kitchen in the house we are building. Would appreciate any help in locating granite from the USA to use. Our local dealer has only Italian imported granite. We are also considering its use in our bathroom vanities. Our tel. no. is 812 85.....Oct 5, Contact 

e 15022 USA : Retail: I am looking for the cheapest markers, granite. no design, just b-date, date of death. full name, and inscription, maybe 35 words of less and what would be the cheapest finish. I need 3 size 24x12x4" and one 28x16x4" same info. all shipped to WA state, U.S. I am looking to have these done and shipped in the next 3-4 weeks. My tel. no. is 480-28.....I will purchase from someone who can show me (on the internet) a sample of granite, color, and lettering only then will I finalize the purchase. No cheap granite, cheap prices only. I know there's a difference in quality in granite. Oct 3, Contact  

e 15016 USA : Retail: I am looking to purchase several slabs of Jerusalem Gold for my kitchen to be installed by late December. The total amount needed is 90 square feet, of which, the island slab must be 54 inches by 104 inches. If you can also fabricate, the edge is 1 1/4 inch OG. However, if possible, we'd like the island quoted with an optional double edged (2 1/2 inches) as well as the 1 1/4 edge. We also have two under mount sinks. Delivery to New Jersey . Secondly, we are shopping for 20 square feet of Ubatuba for a wet bar. OG edge, 1 1/4 inch and one undermount sink. My tel. no. is 732-93.....Oct 2, Contact 

e 15013 USA: Retail: I need 500 small finished pieces of a dark green marble or granite slab, 3 1/2" X 2 1/2" X 5/8". I am in IL. Oct 1, Contact 

e 15012 USA : Retail: Email me relevant information about green, honed slate. Types and prices. Oct 1, Contact 

e 14998 USA : Retail: please quote for Azul Imperial Slabs. My phone no. is Phone: 580-35..... Oct 1, Contact

e 14985 USA : Retail: I am looking for a slab of Lotus Green Marble from China . I need this for a showroom within the next week. I am in CA. My tel. no. is 310.65.....Sept 30, Contact

e 14979 USA : Retail: I am looking for 2 slabs of GREEN ROSE 3cm. Anyone in the western US that stocks this material? I am looking to buy ASAP. My tel. no. is (801) 29.....Sept 29, Contact  

e 14976 USA : Retail: I am trying to find Burgundy Flagstone. Sept 29, Contact

e 14969 USA : Retail: I am trying to find more info on a granite called Golden Namibia. I wanted to have it installed in as a kitchen counter but the installer said it was too fragile to use. Do you have any info to verify this and are there similarly colored granites that are better?   Sept 28, Contact  

e 14962 USA : Retail: Looking for azul aran granite. Sept 28, Contact  

e 14960 USA : Retail: Like info on Emser/French Vanilla 16x16 guaged - need 253 sqft. Emser/Autumn Lilac 16x16 guaged - need 347 sqft. Emser/Brazillian Green 12x12 guaged - need 220 sqft. Ready to buy now, I live in Dallas , TX . Sept 28, Contact

e 14932 USA : Retail: I would like to buy 16X16 marble or granite. Please send me information as to how I can find out the prices of the stones that interested me. I am in Florida . My tel. no. is (305)-38.....Sept 26, Contact  

e 14909 USA : Retail: Seeking 3 matching prefab/bullnose black granite kitchen countertops (will consider slabs). One of the three pieces MUST be minimum 99" -- the other two can be standard 96" -- color such as Absolute Black, Cold Spring Black, Nero Black, Academy Black, Black Galaxy, Zhangqin Black, Shan Xi Black, Shandong Black, or similar. Plus matching backsplashes. Ready to buy if appropriate size/color available within 30 miles of Glendale , California . My tel. no. is 818-54.....Sept 24, Contact

e 14900 USA : Retail: I am about to have a " Versailles " pattern travertine floor installed in the entire downstairs of my new house (about 1200 sq. ft. or so). The material that I am about to purchase is a travertine of Turkish origin. I have been trying to determine if the quality of Turkish travertine is high or low compared to travertine from Mexico , Italy , etc. Which are the best in your opinion for use as a flooring material for an entire downstairs? Sept 24, Contact

e 14880 USA : Retail: Need approximately 600 s.f flamed finish absolute black or will consider other flamed granite colors. Quote with delivery to Wisconsin zip code 53190. Sept 23, Contact  

14876 USA : Retail: I would like “Mardigras” granite for counter top. Any comments? Sept 23, Contact 

e 14870 USA : Retail: I am interested in purchasing 12x12 Honey Onyx tiles. Please have someone call me at 803-622-4773. I am in the New York area and can stop by a showroom. Sept 22, Contact 

e 14869 USA : Retail: I am building a new home and would like to use soapstone on my countertops. I am worried that over time they will scratch and look bad. Is granite a better choice? Sept 22, Contact 

e 14862 USA : Retail: We are considering soapstone for new kitchen counters. I understand it's non-porous
and heat resistant. I know it scratches, but those scratches can seemingly be buffed out with a fine grade sandpaper. Sept 22, Contact 

e 14863 USA : Retail: I need a vanity top but I don't want it bullnosed. I need just a back and right side splash. I am not picky. I am looking for a brown or tan tone granite to go well with my Travertine floor tile and cherry vanity. QTY is 1 pc. Price range - $20-25 a sq ft. I am in California . My phone number is 650-79.....This is a 61" vanity, with under mount sink and centered bowl. I am willing to buy from anyone willing to ship to California . SF Bay Area is preferred. Sept 22, Contact

e 14850 USA : Retail: I am interested in purchasing approximately 40 sq. ft. of pietra cardoza or something similar. I also need to have it installed. Sept 21, Contact 

e 14837 USA : Retail:  I would like to buy a 2 or 3 slabs of Verde Fuoco. I need a total of approx 80 square feet depending on slab size. I am located in San Jose , California United States . I need this to remodel my kitchen ASAP. My tel. no. is 415-99.....Sept 21, Contact

e 14832 USA : Retail: We selected Light Venetian granite for our kitchen countertop. Do you know of Light Venetian and if so what do you think of it? Does it need to be sealed every 6 months? On another note, we are cleaning our limestone tiled shower and can't seem to remove a long water stain coming down off the shelf. It isn't soap scum, it's a water stain, any recommendations?  Sept 20, Contact

e 14831 USA: Retail: We live in Maryland, zip code 20794; we have a small countertop, maybe 40 sq ft at most, and are looking for pricing on blue or black pearl type granites; the counter is a "right hand L", the "long" part is 84"x36" including a sink opening, the short end of the L is 21"x24", and we need two separate pieces; 21"x24" and 24"x36" for a small island; double bullnosed on the 84"x36" section and the island piece; the other pieces single bullnose facing out. Also looking for an installer. Sept 20, Contact

e 14830 USA : Retail: Please suggest a durable counter top. Sept 20, Contact

e 14829 USA : Retail: I love the look of travertine. Would like to cover the existing tile walls in a shower and tub enclosure. Is there a thin product for walls that could simply cover the tile or must it all be ripped out? Sept 20, Contact

e 14820 USA : Retail: Please quote for Preto Ametista 50 sq ft.- 84"x36" double bullnosed slab and 48"x24" slab single bullnose. Sept 20, Contact

e 14819 USA : Retail: I am in Milpitas , CA . I am looking to purchase 2 slabs of Australian Verde Fuoco. Please contact me at 415-99.....Need price quote ASAP. Sept 19, Contact

e 14814 USA : Retail: Is Mocha Vyara same as Madura Gold? We want to install this stone. Sept 18, Contact

e 14811 USA : Retail: Please quote for Sahara Gold marble (16 x16or 18x18 ), 250 sq ft for 18x18 (prefer honed) and 30 for 12x12 (polish). Please let me know what is the minimum amount required for purchase. Sept 18, Contact  

e 14803 USA : Retail: We are architects looking for sources for sandstone as well as masons. Could you supply contact details and perhaps links/ photos of work you have done? Our tel. no. is (718) 71.....Sept 17, Contact

e 14767 USA : Retail: We are considering cobblestone tile for our entry, shower and bathroom. What is the usual day to day maintenance and is there a lower maintenance alternative for the look we want? Sept 14, Contact

e 14757 USA : Retail: We want a grave stone of sky blue in color, something like Azul Macauba in the appropriate size. We live in San Diego , California .  Sept 14, Contact 

e 14745 South Africa : Retail: We are renovating our kitchen and would like to know what the best surface would be for Kitchen tops - granite OR marble. My colour choices are: in the Granite, plain black or black with very subtle white speckles or in the Marble, white with very subtle gray veins OR black with a prominent vein. Please advise. Sept 13, Contact 

e 14740 USA : Retail: Email me relevant information on white carrara marble slabs, to be used as countertops for kitchen and bathrooms. Sept 13, Contact  

e 14738 USA : Retail: I need 5 slabs of Baltic Brown granite. My price range is USD 200/slab. I want it to renovate my kitchen. Sept 12, Contact

e 14737 USA : Retail: We are a design firm in So Cal. We'd Like to do a fireplace surround & some exterior details in real Florida coral tiles. We need aprox 600 s.f. for this test. If Is approved then we would need 6000+/- s.f. for the project. Our tel. no. is 949 42.....Sept 12, Contact

e 14735 USA : Retail: I'm building a large kitchen with two island (each approx 4x4') and I'm looking for a blue granite for the countertops. I love blue eyes granite (though it's costly) and I'm okay with blue pearly granite, but I'm afraid it will be too busy in such a large space. So I'm thinking of using blue eyes for the islands only and was trying to come up with another color and/or material for the perimeter countertops. I like the idea of a matte finish (YES I KNOW... NO HONED!) to offset the blue eyes. Any ideas on coordinating granites or other material that is suitable for a busy kitchen and that will match blue eyes? Sept 12, Contact

e 14734 USA : Retail: We are remodeling our kitchen and have decided that granite is the best way to go for counters. Neither of us have ever had granite countertops before, and don't know much about them. We're trying to decide between UBA TUBA and TAN BROWN. Which is the "better" stone for the long haul, UBA TUBA or TAN BROWN? Sept 12, Contact  

e 14732 USA : Retail: We want to install new floor in a condo in a ski area. The unit is rented mostly during the winter and we would like to know if the slate material would hold up against ski boots and heavy use. Also would the slate be slippery with ski boots? Sept 12, Contact  

e 14731 USA : Retail: We are remodeling our kitchen and finding the right countertop material has become an extremely frustrating process. Given our interest in selecting a black or nearly black countertop with a matte finish and reasonable care and maintenance requirements, do you have any suggestions? Sept 12, Contact

e 14729 USA : Retail: We have decided to install granite countertops in our kitchen but are now stuck on which to choose. We are considering Ubatuba, Peacock Green, and Verde Butterfly. Would any one of these be better than the other two? We like the coloring of all three and would be happy with any of them, but for durability, do any of them stand out as a better choice? I like the larger looking “chunks” in the Verde Butterfly, but was concerned they might make the counter more brittle or more susceptible to staining. Sept 12, Contact 

e 14728 USA : Retail: I am planning a major kitchen renovation to include granite countertops. My first choice in stones would be " New Caledonia ". Do you have any information regarding its hardness and resistance to stains? Must it be sealed regularly? Do you have a better recommendation within the same color range? Sept 12, Contact   

e 14727 USA : Retail: We are renovating our house and redoing the kitchen and bathrooms. In the kitchen we are putting tumbled unfilled travertine on the floor. In the kitchen, we are installing shivakashi granite counter tops. In the powder room we are putting white carrera marble with a black dot. In the master-bath, we are putting in bottochino tumbled marble on the walls and rosa verona tumbled marble on the floor. In the hall bathroom we are using black galaxy granite counter tops and bottochino marble in the master bath. We were thinking of honing the bottochino counter top in master bath. What do you think? Sept 12, Contact

e 14726 USA : Retail: I am thinking of installing a granite called "juperana viara" but am having second thoughts. However, it might just be the same as vyara ? Any recommendations about this particular granite?  Sept 12, Contact  

e 14706 USA : Retail: I am looking for volcanic stone for a project in USA . How can I contact a vendor in Mexico or here in USA ? Please let me know if you have any product similar to this one. Sept 10, Contact

e 14698 USA: Retail: Email me relevant information on pricing for approx. 75 sq ft of sapphire blue, blue pearl and Canadian mist granite slabs, 4" back splash and tiles as well.  Sept 10, Contact 

14695 USA : Retail: We are planning to remodel kitchen and are considering to use granite or marble counter top. I have a few concerns before we go shopping for it : does it emit radiation? even low dose? how easy or difficult to maintain natural stone? are there better stones than granite that are worth considering? how do we check for porosity? does color effect durability? what do you think of VETRAZZO as a countertop material? durability? ease of maintenance? would you consider it? Sept 10, Contact  

e 14694 USA : Retail: I am in the process of buying granite countertops for our kitchen. Our first choice is Verde Peacock. I am curious if you would consider it a true “granite”? How is it rated it in terms of absorption? What do I need to know about maintaining it properly? Would you recommend installing it in a busy…kid friendly kitchen? If not, can you recommend another type that is dark with gold veining? Sept 10, Contact 

e 14691 USA : Retail: I looking for 20 to 25 Giallo Reale Marble pieces (size 18" X 18" or 16" X 16") at the best possible price. I prefer to buy locally but if the price is right I'll pay for shipping and handling from other places I would like to purchase this immediately. I am in CA 91745. My phone number is 310 38.....Sept 10, Contact   

e 14690 USA : Retail: I am interested in laying broken pieces of marble for floor in living and dining room using irregularly shaped marble of varying colors to pick up colors of my rooms. It would look rather like the design of flagstone, but would be highly polished marble. Sept 10, Contact

e 14687 UK : Retail: Seeking supplier of agglomerate Resin/quartz tile, trade name "Rosso Corsa", in a deep
polished red. 20mm slab or 12mm tile - either would be good, and happy to buy from anywhere, dependent on
transport costs. 17 sqm wanted, ready to buy now , but would need sample to confirm the material is correct. Sept 10, Contact 

e 14686 USA : Retail: I am interested in "black granite". I do not want granite with specks/flecks, pure black is what I need. If this is something you have I would love to have a sample. Please contact phone me 337-62......Sept 9, Contact 

e 14654 USA : Retail: I live in Sacramento , CA. and am looking for "dragon eyes" granite. Where can I get this in my area? Sept 8, Contact 

e 14653 USA : Retail: I had Pocono green granite in my last home in Pennsylvania , I am now living in Arizona and cannot find a slab by this name. Is there a crossover name for Pocono Green? Sept 8, Contact

e 14649 USA : Retail: I am considering using porphyry slabs as countertops in my kitchen. Could you tell me any advantages/disadvantages? How does it compare to other granite stones in terms of performance? Sept 8, Contact  

e 14648 USA : Retail: Where does Oconee come from, how much to ship 2 slabs to Milwaukee , Wisconsin ?? Sept 8, Contact  

e 14639 USA : Retail: Looking for local suppliers for Egeo and Azurito stone, blue shade granites, white wave, for a kitchen counter top in New York City and Long Island area. Sept 7, Contact 

e 14638: I am looking for a type of marble called “Michelangelo Marble”. Is this a type of marble and what is the common name for it? Sept 7, Contact 

e 14635 USA : Retail: Looking for any dealers in the Anaheim CA area (or anywhere) that sell 12x12 Galaxy Green floor tiles. Sept 7, Contact   

e 14631 USA : Retail: I am looking for golden travertine (H&F), about 300sf for my kitchen. We'd like to do a herringbone pattern, so rectangular tiles are needed. We are in Chicago and would like to stay in the Chicago land area for purchasing. Sept 7, Contact 

e 14607 USA : Retail: I am looking for some Rossa Damascus 12x12 tiles. Sept 5, Contact  

e 14579 USA : Retail: Where can I find Lady Dream granite? I want to put this in my house. I am in Houston . My phone no. is 281-40.....Sept 4, Contact 

e 14565 USA : Retail: I am remodeling my kitchen and saw a Waterfall Green slab that I really liked. While most of these slabs are very green, this one was primarily a lighter ivory/beige color with only a few swirls of greens, a touch of burgundy veining and some larger grayish crystals. 
I don't see this granite as very popular and was wondering what you have heard about it? With it not being very popular I was wondering about it's performance in the kitchen. Sept 2, Contact

e 14564 USA : Retail: I am a retail customer looking to purchase a granite called "Blue Barracuda" which is/was mined in Brazil . This granite is for our kitchen. We have been told we need approximately 95 sq. ft., and they suggest getting 3 slabs. We can probably start with the remodel as soon as we get the granite. I have been told by a supplier in this area that this granite may not be mined anymore. So I'm wondering if there still might be some stock wondering around out there. We are in WI. Our tel. no. is (262) 24.....Sept 2, Contact

e 14556 USA : Retail: I am trying to find a granite top kitchen table. The stone I am looking for is Capão Bonito. The size I am looking for is ~28 inches X ~48 inches.  Sept 2, Contact

e 14554 USA : Retail: I need to replace my fireplace headstone and need a quote. My headstone I believe is from one of these kits: http://www.findstone.com/sl/rs537.htm. Could you quote me a replacement piece? Sept 2, Contact 

e 14547 USA : Retail: We are looking to purchase granite for our kitchen island. The one that we liked is Black Cosmos (looks like Black Galaxy with silver flecks instead of gold), but I cannot find any information about this stone. Any info about the suitability of this stone for a countertop would be greatly appreciated. Sept 1, Contact 

e 14542 USA : Retail: I am remodeling the kitchen and can't decide between Baltic Brown or Tropic Brown. Prefer the Tropic Brown but I would like to have a kitchen bar without seams and it requires a long slab, the bar is 123 inches. The folks here in Sarasota , Florida are having a hard time finding slabs that long. But did find the Baltic Brown. I do still prefer the Tropic and will wait and hopefully find longer slabs so my question then is: What to look for in that granite, (I like the brown more than the "greenish" Tropic), and will it blend with the Jerusalem Gold backsplash that I have picked (in a "low-use" area)? Sept 1, Contact

e 14541 USA: Retail: I am planning to get Giallo Veneziano for my countertop for a very busy family kitchen.... is this a good way to go.... i love it, but my husband prefers a darker green granite countertop, but I am not sure I want to go that way.... is it true that the dark green counters will show every water spot, etc. Sept 1, Contact

e 14540 USA : Retail: I am an architect looking for some small gray granite blocks approximately 1"x1-3/4"x2-1/4". About the dimensions and appearance of the stones used to pave many of the streets in Prague . We need enough to pave about 300 square feet in a fan pattern. Location: San Diego , CA . Our tel. no. is 619-28....Sept 1, Contact

e 14539 USA : Retail: I am looking to buy Granite Juparana Columbo w/ a polished finish and a 4" backsplash, about 40 sq. ft. My cell no. is 347-52.....I live in New York . Sept 1, Contact

e 14537 USA : Retail: We are building a house and have chosen chestnut stained birch cabinets. We also love the blue pearl granite and are planning to use it on our countertops and island. My question is, "Is this a good choice since we are going with the Tuscany , Old World style decor, and what finish appliances should we go with?" I had my heart set on white appliances to set off my blue pearl granite as a focal point, but have been reading that most new homes are putting in the stainless steel appliances. Under the wall cabinets I plan on installing a white (or off white) tumbled stone to highlight the digitally imprinted "Tuscan Window" backsplash I have purchased which has beautiful bright colors (rust, bright blue flowers on a vine, blue colored grapes, yellows of the Provence field, etc.) that blend the rust colors of the cabinets with the Blue Pearl granite. Aug 31, Contact  

e 14535 USA : Retail: We are thinking of redoing the fireplace with either black galaxy or venetian gold granite. Aug 31, Contact

e 14532 USA : Retail: I’m trying to find a flooring, sold normally for bathrooms, but I intend to use in a kitchen. It looks like tile, but may be highly polished stone – I’m not sure. The store I was using is refusing to give me information because I have decided not to hire them for labor. The handwriting from the store naming the original material is poorly written and I do not believe I am interpreting correctly. I have it written as “spark stone rajah” - the material looks metallic, multi color browns, a little blue. Can you help me identify the right material? And, if so, help me find it a place to buy it from? Aug 31, Contact

e 14524 USA : Retail: I want You have 12 x 12  azul aran granite tiles. I need approximately 150 tile and would consider coming and pick it up. I am in Eugene , OR . Aug 31, Contact

e 14512 USA : Retail: Need supplier of field stone for building dry stacked landscape walls. Looking for best price. Aug 30, Contact

e 14510 USA : Retail: I am in need of stone within three weeks. Looking for mosaic stone similar to 0040-0026 or any types of 1/2" through 2 x 2 travertine/marble stones have 6 baths to tile want variation and to make tile patterns with all sizes. Looking for 500-1000 ft of mosaic tiles. Looking for slate 12 x12 or 16x16 tiles for outdoor spaces, looking for 2000-3000 feet for slate like a "summer wheat". Hope to purchase from California for ease of shipping looking for mosaic to be under $9 per sq ft. Want a variety from one supplier rather than purchasing form 6 different ones with all different lead times. My tel. no. is 480-42.....I am in Phoenix , AZ. Aug 30, Contact

e 14498 USA : Retail: Looking for Shetland Gray limestone tile. Honed, preference for 18x18 inches. Need 350 square feet. I am in CT. My tel no. is 203-76.....Construction to begin in October. Aug 29, Contact 

e 14472 USA : Retail: I would like some information on Cobra Pink. Aug 27, Contact 

e 14469 USA : Retail: We are thinking of installing a limestone countertop for our new kitchen, is it that great? What about granite? Aug 27, Contact 

e 14468 USA : Retail: I like Labrador Antique. Please quote with info. My number is (925) 48.....I am in California . Aug 27, Contact 

e 14462 USA : Retail: Need about 100 sq ft for countertops. This is about 20 linear feet, plus extra for breakage plus back splash and counter moldings. Have chosen slate about 3/4 to 1" thick for economy. Perfection is not required. Do not need or require smooth surface. I am in Oakland , California . My tel. no. is  510-43.....Aug 27, Contact 

e 14461 USA : Retail: I'm looking for Colombo Gold prefab granite counter tops
I need:
1. 4 = 96" granite countertops
2. 3 = 108" granite countertops
3. 2 = 98x36 granite countertop. My tel. no. is 760-94.....Aug 27, Contact   

e 14460 USA : Retail: I will like to have the price for Rustic Slate and Bashan Green. My tel. no. is 818-89.....Aug 27, Contact  

e 14459 USA : Retail: I have broken my 8x56 white carrara marble fireplace header and have been told that it can't be repaired. What would it cost to replace it? Aug 27, Contact

e 14458 USA : Retail: I am looking for Verde Oceano. Aug 27, Contact

e 14457 USA : Retail: Need 3 slabs of Madera Gold granite in the 45-50 sq ft range for kitchen countertops. 
Will place the order immediately if price is right. Willing to buy from anywhere in the southwest, but closer to Phoenix the better. My tel. no. is (602) 74.....Aug 27, Contact

e 14454 USA : Retail: I am interested in the Kashmir white granite. Aug 26, Contact 

e 14432 USA : Retail: I am trying to have a counter top made of the Desert Rose Marble. Looking fro a distributor in my area. My tel. no. is 714-49.....Aug 25, Contact

e 14419 USA : Retail: I am looking for a stone block to be used as a base for a bronze sculpture. The stone should be a yellow or cream color. Limestone would be good, but other types of stone other than granite might work. The dimensions are 16 x 16 x 34 inches. The installation site is in Charlottesville VA. Aug 25, Contact

e 14417 USA : Retail: I am planning to put a slate floor in my bathroom. I am getting the impression it's not best to put it in a moist room. I am in Fort Worth , Texas . Aug 25, Contact

e 14407 USA : Retail: I am having a new house build. I would like to see stone catalogue. I am in PA. Aug 24, Contact  

e 14404 USA : Retail: I'm just beginning the process of renovating both a kitchen and bath in an 1850 gothic cottage. And it's now time to decide what countertops to use in those two rooms. I do want a stone countertop in both, but really didn't want the high sheen of polished granite. I want a black or blue-black color in the kitchen and thought about soapstone but it seems to be more temperamental than honed granite. Aug 24, Contact 

e 14402 USA : Retail: I am looking for SOAPSTONE for 1 to 3 bathroom countertops. I hope to find it in Northern California .  Aug 23, Contact 

e 14398 USA : Retail: I am planning to build a Swimming pool in the back yard, and some tile stores recommend me Travertine tiles as a good product for the pool area. Travertine is a good and safe tile for the pool area and if is slip resistant? Aug 23, Contact  

e 14395 USA : Retail: We were looking for a Butterfly Green granite counter tops from Brazil . Our local kitchen provider (in NH) said that the vein is depleted and no longer available. Our designer has said that there is product from Spain , but the stone is not quite the same (smaller "butterflies" and more blue and less gold). Do you know of any of the Brazilian product that would still be economical? Our tel. no. is 603-87.....Aug 23, Contact

e 14392 USA : Retail: Want black galaxy granite for the kitchen countertops. Aug 23, Contact

e 14390 USA : Retail: I am looking for hone finished travertine for a kitchen/entry way. Aug 23, Contact

e 14386 USA : Retail: Looking for 3 yards of beach cobble. My location is San Diego CA. Aug 23, Contact

e 14380 USA : Retail: Looking for someone to cut the slabs to our specifications. I would appreciate any details you could include about purchasing. Aug 23, Contact  

e 14377 USA : Retail: Looking for remnants of a slab of Breccia Oniciata. Need 3 pieces each 3 inches wide by about 38 long for trim on a Travertine fireplace surround. Can you help? I am in Arizona . Tel. no. is 480-99.....Aug 22, Contact 

e 14373 USA : Retail: Looking for suppliers of Indian stone in Washington State (or west USA ). Aug 22, Contact 

e 14372 USA : Retail: I would like to buy 20 lbs of the honey comb calcite. I am in Texas .  Aug 21, Contact  

e 14352 USA : Retail: I am looking for clean, bright light Saturnia in either 18"x18" or 24"x 24" sizes. My need is for approximately 2,000 sq. ft. Aug 21, Contact 

e 14351 USA : Retail: I live in a country setting in Greenwich , Ct. and I would like to build a rough stone wall (dry) with native stone. The wall would be approximately forty yards long, two and a half or three feet high and about two feet wide. How much native stone would I need? What would be the approximate price to purchase the stone? Where would I purchase it? Aug 21, Contact   

e 14334 USA : Retail: Looking for Indian stone suppliers in California . Aug 20, Contact 

e 14305 USA : Retail: I need 1.5 tons of sandstone to use for pathway in landscaping, will take slabs to break down but will also take broken pieces that are big enough to be an oversized stepping stone, will take any color. Will purchase from anywhere that is willing to ship to my location if the cost isn't outrageous. 
I am ready to buy, landscape design is complete, I'm looking for a purchase opportunity that can occur ASAP
I need to know how much, when delivery will be, how to take delivery. I will finalize and place an order just as soon as a supplier can provide me with the product I am looking for. I am in Oakland . My tel. no. is 510-43.....Aug 18, Contact

e 14301 USA : Retail: We did our master bath 15 years ago in a gorgeous Victorian Mauve marble from Turkey . The lead pan is gone and we need to replace part of the shower stall. 
My husband is the expert marble installer who did the job and has tried (to no avail) to locate it through his dealers. My tel. no. is 914-52......Aug 18, Contact  

e 14300 USA : Retail: I am looking for an installer of prefabricated granite countertops in Minnesota . My tel. no. is 952.85..... Aug 18, Contact

e 14295 USA: Retail: We are looking at some 'granites' - Santa Cecilia, Khasmir White, Toasted Almond (which I suspect is a Ghibli) - all have a high water absorption and are fine as long as they are managed. We are also looking at some of the browns - Brown Chestnut, some Dakotas - as well. A) Do you know if these have better absorptions, and if not, can you recommend some nice matches / low absorption for a natural maple or a butterscotch cherry or darker brown (cognac) cherry? Aug 18, Contact

e 14294 USA : Retail: I am trying to find three tiles that are called peacock green, Olivia green, and leopard spot. I am not sure if they are granite or marble. I need 12 x 12 floor tiles. I am in Brooklyn , NY . Aug 18, Contact   

e 14292 USA : Retail: We would be interested in getting a quote on slabs cut size. The one we like is the green Butterfly granite. Our phone number is 408-85...... Aug 18, Contact 

e 14290 USA : Retail: Want a slab of quality Pietra Del Cardoso. I need a big enough slab to cover 60 square feet. I live in the Los Angeles area. Aug 18, Contact 

e 14269 USA : Retail: Would African Ivory granite (granite gneiss) be satisfactory to use as a countertop and also as a fireplace surround? Aug 17, Contact  

e 14264 USA : Retail: Looking for a slab of quality Pietra Del Cardoso. I need a big enough slab to cover 60 square feet. I live in the Los Angeles area. Aug 17, Contact   

e 14253 USA : Retail: I am looking at remodeling my kitchen. I have found "granite" color Giallo Veneziano, is this really granite? Also I need to know the care if this. The sales person recommended an over counter sink because the sink is located in the corner. I really don't want an over counter sink, yet he told me more seams and chance of chips and cracks as time passes. is this true???? I have two sinks in my kitchen but one is in the island and straight he said it didn't matter in this one. Aug 16, Contact

e 14252 USA : Retail: Have narrowed our choice down to Blue Pearl or Uba Tuba for kitchen countertops and wanted your thoughts on upkeep, sealing required, choice comparison, price, etc. Aug 16, Contact

e 14236 USA : Retail: Please tell me about Juparana Fantastico granite for kitchen countertop. What is good and not good for a kitchen island? Aug 15, Contact

e 14206 USA : Retail: We are trying to locate a supplier for light green onyx tiles in a hexagon pattern, polished or unpolished approximately 2 or so inches in diameter. A supplier is Westminster , says that onyx is only available in white. We are in California . Aug 14, Contact 

e 14200 USA : Retail: We are remodeling our master bathroom and I fell in love with the idea of using Garnet Onyx for the countertop. While visiting a distributor in Brooklyn to look at the slabs in stock, I found a contrasting color Onyx that I would love to install as the shower walls. What is the opinion of this august group about using Onyx in these two applications? I am in New Jersey . Aug 14, Contact

e 14196 USA : Retail: I want rodon store brown slab for countertop and tiles for flooring. Where to purchase? I am buying a home in Florida . Aug 13, Contact  

e 14184 USA : Retail: I need to replace all 5 bathroom's countertops (from laminate to granite) as well as our kitchen which will need 77.5 sq. ft. without splashes. For our first project, we need two vanities 47 3/4 " long by 22 or 23 inches wide and prices for 2 and 3 cm thickness. I like the blue pearl color for this first room. The countertops will need to be put within three walls for both vanities. I am in Michigan . Aug 13, Contact

e 14182 USA : Retail: Looking to buy a smallish piece of good quality marble with a strong white and relatively uniform background and not too much "movement" in the design element. On the FindStone website this is best approximated by the image for Calacatta or Cremo Delicato, and we have seen both of these types of marble at stone distributors in our area. (Unfortunately, they are much larger slabs than we need). The piece will be for a bathroom vanity with a single bowl and will ultimately measure 5 feet across and 2 feet deep when installed. We will prefer the piece to be large enough to be able to supply a matching door saddle as well. The piece would be shipped to our fabricator located in Newark , New Jersey for finishing. The material is needed as soon as possible, as our fabricator made a mistake with a prior selected piece. We and the fabricator have made inquiries in the area, and have not been able to find such a small piece of stone for an appropriate price (we expect to pay $700 or less for the material). Telephone number 973-96.....Aug 13, Contact 

e 14179 USA : Retail: I am an architect in NJ and have a client who's looking at using Juperana Sunset granite for her kitchen countertops. Is this a good idea? Will it stain? Does it require extra sealant? Aug 13, Contact

e 14176 USA : Retail: I need about 300 sqft of Black galaxy 18x18 tiles for a project. Please let me know where I can pick-up the tiles in New Jersey . Also indicate the lead time and whether you have the tile in stock. My tel. no. is 201 92.....Aug 12, Contact

e 14174 USA : Retail: Looking for a slab jasper red marble. Aug 12, Contact

e 14156 USA : Retail: We are looking for a slab of 3cm French St. Laurent Marble for a countertops 78" x 51" or larger. Need asap, can work through our local fabricator. Please contact me on 919-87.....I am in NC. Aug 11, Contact 

e 14153 USA : Retail: Looking for Pietra Del Cardosa to cover our counter tops and are trying to find a good price also. We are in New York . Our tel. no. is 212 53......Aug 11, Contact 

e 14152 USA : Retail: I am looking for a piece of rosa levante marble. I am in the San Francisco Bay area. I can be reached at 510-53.....Aug 11, Contact  

e 14151 USA : Retail: I am interested in Alpine Summer Beige granite for countertop application. Please advise on where I can find a dealer and also how hard is this granite, is it suitable for my application? I am in RI. Aug 11, Contact 

e 14131 USA : Retail: How much the jerusalem stone tiles were in a 16x16 and the prices for each finish and how we were supposed to go about ordering or getting them if the price is decent. Aug 11, Contact

e 14112 USA : Retail: I would like to purchase marble. Is there a minimum quantity or price that can be purchased and shipped? Aug 10, Contact

e 14103 USA : Retail: I am looking to buy a 24 X 24 piece of Jerusalem stone in Jerusalem beige...polished. To be put on a countertop. I want edges rounded! like a cutting board. Can this be done? How much? Aug 10, Contact   

e 14087 USA: retail: I am looking for a warm, neutral colored granite in beige, golden, ivory, or cream that approaches more the look of marble (has a very fine grain, uniform appearance)....I was wondering if there were any more similar with more of a Golden hue. Aug 9, Contact   

e 14079 USA : Retail: I am a homeowner looking for a natural w/ bleu tones, for a kitchen countertop and vanity. Aug 8, Contact

e 14077 USA : Retail: I am looking for a source in the US for a small piece of green marble to work on a lathe. It must be at least 1 1/2" X 1 1/2 " x 6". A bit larger would be ok. All I can find is the material used for countertops which of course is only 1 1/4" thick. I am in NY.  Aug 8, Contact  

e 14073 USA : Retail: We are interested in finding granite slab from India or Sri Lanka , for a kitchen countertop in a house we are building in Cape Cod , Massachusetts . First choice color Madura Gold. Giblee or Paradiso Bash are possibilities, or from Sri Lanka , Colonial Dream or Juparana Columbo. About 125-150 sq feet, to be installed within the next 4-7 months. We would definitely like to see samples, especially for color. It would be great to find either a local supplier or someone who would be willing to provide. Our tel. no. is 415 510.....Aug 8, Contact

e 14071 USA : Retail: We are in process of building our house. We want to put granite floors in foyer, gallery, formal living ,formal dinning and kitchen. We live in Michigan . Aug 8, Contact

e 14070 USA : Retail: We are doing a major remodel to our master bath/bed and are finished with the framing, rough plumbing & electrical. What we have is a “wet area” in the bath (larger than average shower directly next to a jet tub with no glass/enclosure anywhere). Our plan is to do all of the walls & floors, including shower floor in Travertine & the horizontal surfaces above floor level, (tub deck, counters, and shower & tub niches in either Costa Esmeralda or Green Rain Forest granite. We are in a damp climate on the central CA coast. Aug 8, Contact

e 14067 USA : Retail: I am looking for a granite slab counter top. I would like a very low maintenance, but I am interested in the clearest (least spots and little particles) look possible. The color of interest is white-ivory-gold.  Aug 7, Contact

e 14056 USA : Retail: I am curious to know what tile you would recommend for me to use in my shower, floor and walls. Something not too slippery. Also what is the best type of tile for counter tops that will not trap bacteria? Aug 7, Contact 

e 14055 USA : Retail: I recently found a supply of ivory travertine at a local dealer. Unfortunately, there was not quite enough to complete the job at hand. I need 200 sqft., 18 x18 x 1/2". Looking for a dealer in the Southern California area.  Aug 7, Contact

e 14046 USA : Retail: I require a good marble refinisher in the Los Angeles / Orange County areas. Aug 6, Contact    

e 14045 USA : Retail: I am selecting granite for my kitchen counters and I do not like the high-gloss look. I would also prefer a type of granite (eg Cambrian) that does not require a sealant.  Aug 6, Contact  

e 14041 USA : Retail: I have old house in Houston , Texas . I want mottled Vermont slate green/purple 12x12 slate guaged for small room floor (100 sq feet). My qty. is  100 sq feet. Aug 6, Contact 

e 14035 USA retail: I would like to know how much are the prices on the Bianco Crystal Granite, Bianco Sardo Granite and Black Absolute Granite. Also I would like the prices for Carrara Marble and Indian Green Marble.  Aug 5, Contact

e 14034 USA retail: How much and who can I call to order New Imperial Red?  Aug 5, Contact   

e 14029 USA : Retail: I am looking for blue or plum colored lava stone. Please let me know where this is available in the NYC area or other. Aug 5, Contact 

e 14025 USA: Retail: I like the Azul Macaubas, Lettuce Green & Turquiosh Geenbulish, Verde Marina & the Aquamarina Azzumo, Ocean Green, Sodalite Blue, Blue Silk granite to put granite on my kitchen countertops. Are you able to quote me a price for this granite and where I can buy it? Aug 5, Contact 

e 14021 USA : Retail: Can ESMERALDA BAHIA, PERIBUNKA GRANITE & HIMACHAL GREEN SLATE ( INDIA ) be honed? If so, how big are the slabs? This is for kitchen countertops. I need approx 150 sq ft. How much FOB Los Angeles ? Aug 5, Contact

e 14012 USA : Retail: I am building a house and also looking into what to use as counters in the bathrooms. What has the least amount of maintenance marble, cultured marble, granite or corian? Also flooring in the master bath? Aug 4, Contact

e 14011 USA : Retail: I want to replace my kitchen countertop with granite. I saw Impala black at $49.99, 
Canelle at $49 and Asian Bloom at $54. Are they really granite. If not where should I go to find better quality granite in northern Virginia (new D.C.) area? Aug 4, Contact  

e 14006 USA : Retail: I am looking into remodeling my kitchen and the counter top I am looking at is called verde maritaca. Is this Granite or what type of stone. The other 2 names I was looking at are called Santa Cecila and New Venetian. Aug 4, Contact

e 14003 USA : Retail: Were you able to find 12x12 Sierra Chica tiles made in Argentina ? We need 200 sq ft. Aug 4, Contact

e 14002 USA : Retail: We are are trying to match two pieces of our counter top (it would appear to be impala black). Do know of any slab houses that carry that in the Bay Area? Aug 4, Contact  

e 14000 USA : Retail: We are interested in thin (1" - 2" thick) and 6" - 15" diameter Pennsylvania blue stone to stone veneer accent a home addition and an existing retaining wall. We would prefer irregular cuts (tumbled edges over saw cuts) for a more natural finish. Stone shipped to PA 15068. We will need a forklift. What is your minimum pallet order? How many pallets in a truckload?  Aug 4, Contact

e 13998 USA : Retail: I am looking for a granite mailbox post approximately 84 x 8 x 8 inches, engraved house numbers on three sides and with a bracket to mount the mailbox so that it sits on top of the post. Can you assist me with a supplier in that would provide this post, deliver and install?  Aug 3, Contact

e 13995 USA : Retail: I am becoming concerned with my choice of Kashmir white granite kitchen countertops. What are the issues with this material? Also, I am planning to use multi-colored slate on my kitchen floor. Any suggestions? I am in NJ. Aug 3, Contact  

e 13987 USA : Retail: I am looking for a contractor who will install a pietra bedonia countertop in our new kitchen located in Wallingford , PA 19086 . I have found a source at stone source in New York , is there a distributor closer so I may select the slab? Aug 3, Contact

e 13982 USA : Retail: After looking at different granite for the past few months with no luck, my wife finally found a piece of granite she loved. When we went to order it we found out its Chinese granite that is thinner (3/4”) and less expensive ($40.00 a sq ft vs $60.00) than the Brazilian and Italian granites. The salesperson says it is strong enough for a kitchen counter, he also said because of my size requirements I will have whole pieces with no seams making it even stronger. My Island is 3’ X 8’ with a one foot overhang on the eight foot edge. Aug 3, Contact

e 13981 USA : Retail: We are building a custom home. Email us relevant information on the best type of granite to put in my kitchen, and bathroom.  Aug 3, Contact

e 13974 USA : Retail: I want a granite countertops as displayed in pricelist 1161. BB. 96 x 26 x 3/4 Inch, 11/2 Inch Front Double Bull nose. I need Black Galaxy $270 / Set or Blue Pearl $250 / Set. Delivery this week. Ready to order as soon as I get a total price on all 3 shipped to my address in Va. 22534. Contact me at  540 58......Aug 3, Contact

e 13972 USA : Retail: I am shopping for a slab of granite to place on top of a small kitchen island. The size I need is 54" by 36". I would like several quotes for different slabs: granite, etc. I live in Atlanta , GA zipcode 30022, if you could include shipping. Aug 3, Contact

e 13971 USA : Retail: I have a need for two large stones for a sign. My tel. no. is 801-97.....Aug 3, Contact 

e 13966 USA : Retail: Looking for a dealer in the New Jersey for marble. My tel. no. is (973) 98.....Aug 2, Contact

e 13965 USA : Retail: Please quote for rojo coralito polished slab 3/4 to 1 inch thick for 24" x 48" vanity-top and 12" x 60" shelf. Aug 2, Contact

e 13955 USA : Retail: I have a sample (not from a specific slab) of Cape Brown granite. Is it a true granite, and does it need to be sealed? Is it a good choice for kitchen countertops? Aug 2, Contact 

e 13954 USA : Retail: I am about to choose granite countertops for my new kitchen. I have selected Ivory Chiffon for the island, what is your opinion of this granite? Also, I was considering a honed black for under my cabinets, if we apply the color enhancer, is this still a horrible choice?  Aug 2, Contact

e 13953 USA : Retail: I would like to know if Emerald Pearl is a good choice for a kitchen countertop and does it have to be sealed. Aug 2, Contact 

e 13942 USA : Retail: Looking for suppliers in the DC/MD/VA area for Pennsylvania flagstone to build a patio. My contact no. is 202-72.....Aug 1, Contact 

e 13932 India : Retail: I like mandana stone from India . July 31, Contact    

e 13929 USA : Retail: Looking for a distributor for the red limestone in Akron , Ohio . Where does the red limestone come from because the stone dealers here never heard of it. July 30, Contact

e 13928 USA : Retail: Please quote for Rockwell White or Red Moby Dick. I need a piece 3/4" thick by 24" square or shipped to Kentucky , zip 42642. July 31, Contact    

e 13924 USA : Retail: I wish to purchase a slab of blue bahia (azul bahia) for my kitchen island. I need a piece approx. 4.5' by 8'. I am in New Jersey and my telephone number is 732-93...... I am looking for the best available price. I need it for installation in approximately November for new construction. July 30, Contact  

e 13923 USA : Retail: Please quote for a kitchen countertop as per the attached sketched. July 30, Contact

e 13920 USA : Retail: I'm thinking of installing granite countertops throughout my new house. I took some samples home and was surprised at how easily they were broken from the slab with a hammer. Then I laid them on the garage floor and used my own hammer to test their hardness...it took three hits and the granite broke into many pieces...I thought it was really hard...is it more durable once it is mounted on the counter? No, I don't plan on hammering on the counter. Also, what about granite color...I've chosen a ruby garnett, Santa Cecelia and Verde Butterfly...are these durable choices? Any drawbacks? July 30, Contact  

e 13919 USA : Retail: We are remodeling a contemporary Los Angeles house with lots of indoor outdoor flow. We are searching for a stone tile that would be usable both indoor and outdoor over a concrete slab. We are planning to have the stone everywhere except bedrooms, which will be carpeted, and living/kitchen/dining, which we plan to make carbonized vertical bamboo. Here are the criteria: 
--not very slippery when wet because we would like to use in 2 bathrooms and outdoor walkways leading from a pool area. 
--color wise, we are trying to get something with some gray because it adjoins a medium gray Trex deck. We prefer not too light because of dirt, stains such as from the BBQ, and glare from western sun all afternoon. We don't mind normal wear and tear, just don't want every little thing to show. 
--ideally, available in 16 or 18 inch squares.
--we have 2 rambunctious dogs and an 8 year boy. Plus we work in the garden and go in and out of the house.
Specifically, unfilled travertine seems not too slippery, but seems like it will catch dirt and possibly toes. Limestone seems too slippery and possibly too soft. Flamed granite is too expensive. What about bluestone? July 30, Contact  

e 13918 USA : Retail: I have an exterior conc. patio that I would like to apply a bluestone using a thinset mortar. The conc. surface has been very stable and it has only one exp. joint. My question is, should I use an epoxy mortar or a latex-mortar or something else? The Wisconsin winters can be brutal and I want the right base.  July 30, Contact 

e 13917 USA : Retail: I have a colonial revival house built in 1920s. I want to keep with this period. I am doing a kitchen remodel. I am interested ONLY in honed statuary vein or Calacatta gold vs. honed absolute black. I know you advice against honed absolute black (and I've seen the marks at my friend's house!) I also know you advice against honed white marble. July 30, Contact 

e 13909 USA : Retail: Any ideas on where to buy granite for the best price? We are building a home in Las Vegas , and I am looking for someone that does a great job at not an exorbitant price. July 30, Contact 

e 13894 USA : Retail: I am a retail buyer & wish to buy 75-100sq ft granite. July 29, Contact

e 13893 USA : Retail: Looking for a small piece of Belgium Black marble approximately 7 x 8 7/8 of an inch thick. I need it for the top of a tiffany clock, or would you know of a similar marble with no other color or speckles. July 29, Contact

e 13876 USA : Retail: I would like a sample or one tile of Arancio marble. I am in Philadelphia . My tel. no. is 215-53.....July 28, Contact 

e 13875 USA : Retail: I recently purchased countertop slabs in the Juparana Boreal. I would like to incorporate the juparana boreal in my floor tile pattern. Please let me know the availability and whether or not it could be shipped directly to me. I would like to purchase some sample squares to assure that this product matches with my existing granite. I reside in North Dallas , Texas . July 28, Contact  

e 13874 USA : Retail: I want a slab of Cielo Azul. I am interested in using it for a kitchen counter top. 
Can you give me price estimate per square foot? I would need about 15 square feet. July 27, Contact   

e 13869 USA : Retail: I am considering buying Bimbrook Brown granite from China . Is it a good granite? July 27, Contact   

e 13867 USA : Retail: I am interested in having a quartzite flagstone floor laid in our kitchen. We are in PA. What is the cost per sq. ft for this particular flagstone. My tel. no. is 215-29.....July 27, Contact   

e 13858 USA : Retail: We are putting our landscaping in on a new house we just bought. We have some ideas as to what we want but need some direction. We would like some boulders in the front of the house to act as retaining walls. Can you help? July 27, Contact

e 13856 USA : Retail: We are about to make a final choice on what material to use for our kitchen counters. We have been warned about the residual effects of any oils on honed granite, but still love the look of it and were nearly prepared to go ahead with it. We explored soapstone, as well- the two look similar - we have also been warned about soapstone (scratching, gouging, etc.), so are getting frustrated. Our house is very old and has a somewhat primitive look. We just do not like the look of anything really glossy and glitzy. What do you suggest as a good alternative for us. Cost is not really an issue (within reason) since the space is quite small. We want the best material possible. We are both avid cooks, so the kitchen really gets used. I have a friend who suggested limestone verdis- is that a good idea for us- What else, if anything, might give us the durability, practicality and special look we want? July 27, Contact

e 13850 USA : Retail: Looking for uba tuba slab 3cm at $7.76. July 27, Contact    

e 13844 USA : Retail: Please quote for a slab of absolute black granite for bathroom vanity countertop  
96" x 24" brushed, eased edge, cut for 2 undermount sinks (oval 17x14) and widespread faucet. July 26, Contact  

e 13843 USA : Retail: Is it possible to get a sample of the Azul Macaubus. Is someone in the New York City area who might have it in stock? July 26, Contact 

e 13837 USA : Retail: I saw a kitchen display with a granite countertop called "Waterfall". Anything you can tell me about it? My tel. no. is 727-52......July 26, Contact 

e 13835 USA : Retail: What type of countertop would you recommend for a bathroom with young children? July 26, Contact 

e 13823 USA : Retail: We are thinking of possibly utilizing 12 x 12 slate (color champagne) to install over our existing outdoor cedar - house siding. We are not certain if natural slate can/should be used for such application. Our installer wants to use backer board over the existing cedar siding and set the slate tiles with thin set and finish with grout. 
1) Can slate be used for this purpose
2) what thin set and grout should be used
3) what known problems could we experience with this installation
4) do you know of any sites on the web that feature homes with slate siding. July 26, Contact 


e 13820 USA : Retail: Please quote for 46 sq of 12/12 noche alpaca and 147 sq of medium travertine and trim pieces 1/2 round for 6 linear foot. July 26, Contact 

e 13818 USA : Retail: I am a homeowner looking for white, cream, grey granite to use on kitchen counters and kitchen island. My fabricator said I would need 3 slabs. I would like first quality, polished surface. Some of the selections I have found on line are Rosa Branca, Sahara white, Bianco Acqualux which are found in Brazil . If I can buy these locally I will drive to see a slab. I am in Tampa , Florida .  July 25, Contact 

e 13817 USA : Retail: We are currently in the process of remodeling our kitchen. We saw a kitchen sink that we like very much - it is made out of granite. What are the pros and cons of that material for a sink? 
Also, we are looking at a granite called Crema Butterfly for our countertops. Is that a good choice - something that is not likely to crack and that is as 'low maintenance' as possible? We are in Florida . July 25, Contact

e 13815 USA : Retail: We are considering using either granite, slate or soapstone. Please send info for maintenance. July 25, Contact

e 13814 USA : Retail: I am looking for a source for decomposed granite in southeastern Michigan . My tel. no. is (734) 51.....July 25, Contact

e 13806 USA : Retail: I am looking for a remnant piece of Granite light in color that is 2' X 55" X 3/4" or close bull nose on three sides (two long and one short) or not finished on the sides. It will need to be real smooth on top so I can write on it with out small holes. Shipped to Camino , CA 95709 . My tel. no. is 530-62.....July 25, Contact

e 13794 USA : Retail: I am looking for some precut granite slabs. I need them for a kitchen island. What colors are available? What would be the cost of a piece like this? July 24, Contact 

e 13789 USA : Retail: We want Baltic Green Granite for our kitchen & laundry room. Ours is a medium price range. Image is at www.findstone.com/FINgran1.htm. Need a source in San Fernando Valley ( Los Angeles ) Area. We need it by mid to late August 2004. My wife likes Baltic Brown, but we would be interested in the same pattern in green. My tel. no. is (818) 78.....July 24, Contact

e 13780 USA : Retail: Some years ago, I had cultured stone (style: Lava Rock) that was grey installed as siding on my house. I want to have do the other sections of my house. Do your have this style? Do you sell to the public? What is your cost? Do you have a very small sample that I could match up with my existing siding? I am in Pittsburgh , PA. July 23, Contact 

e 13763 USA : Retail: Where do I find 3-5 slabs of Junipera Classico? Within 100 miles of Los Angeles , CA. July 22, Contact

e 13759 USA : Retail: I am a retail customer looking for 75 sq. ft. of 12" x 12" tropical brown granite tile to use on a kitchen counter top. I am in OK. My tel. no. is 918-24......I am ready to purchase and would need them around the end of August. July 22, Contact

e 13754: Retail: I made a fireplace and want to use some African Sun slate over the fireplace. Can I purchase enough tile for a small area 39" wide by 10" tall? July 22, Contact 

e 13751 Australia : Retail: I am in the process of organizing a new kitchen and want to go with a really rich red/mahogany coloured stone. Our kitchen company showed me a small sample of Imperial red, which I like. Are there any other rich mahogany coloured granites worth looking at? In terms of application, is there any one which is better than the others? I am yet to visit the stone yards, but want to have a good idea before I go.I am in NSW. My tel. no. is +61 2 989..... July 22, Contact

e 13744 USA : Retail: We are looking for Virginia Albemarle Serpentine or Serpentine Alberine...a very dark green, almost black, color, smooth, very little pattern or texture. We are architects in MD. Our tel. no. is 301-58.....July 22, Contact

e 13741 USA : Retail: I am interested in lava stones particularly in blue or pleam color. July 21, Contact

e 13734 USA : Retail: I am a backyard sandstone engraver / carver, just wondering if you could send myself a catalogue on the "size, colours and prices" of the sandstone. I am in Vic 3556. July 21, Contact  

e 13733 USA : Retail: I am renovating my house and have need for granite for my kitchen. How do I get pricing for your granite? I live in Philadelphia PA. DO you have retailers in this area? July 21, Contact

e 13726 USA : Retail: I am looking at purchasing granite countertops, there are only a few "dealers" on Oahu . I thought that they would all have the "same" granite. I find a few "common" ones - but have chosen one in particular that I like: Lapadis Granite (with veins, gold in color). Surely they must have a "common" name. Lapadis Granite looks mostly like Juparana Yellow, Tropical Vernice or Yellow River . July 21, Contact

e 13725 USA : Retail: I am wondering if anyone has any comments on Atlantic Black Granite. I am undecided between AB or GB any info would be great. July 21, Contact

e 13718 USA : Retail: I plan to install a granite countertop in my kitchen called "Midnight Magic". The fabricator said the commercial name of the stone is "Black Galaxy", a gabbro/bronzite from India with a supposed water absorbency of 0.05-0.15%. They recommend resealing the countertop once a year. 
I plan to install the countertop in an "L" shaped design with the total horizontal length being 6 feet. 2.5 feet of this will be over cabinetry and 3.5 feet I plan to have as a "free-floating peninsula" to be used as table seating with no cabinetry underneath it. The peninsula will be 26" wide. 
For support, I was thinking of 2 nos. 4 x 4 columns, 2 feet apart with perhaps a layer of plywood 36" long and 16'" wide under the peninsula to help prevent cracking when and if my young son "forgets the rules" and climbs on it. please quote with comments. July 20, Contact

e 13717 USA : Retail: I am considering putting down a stone called apolos(?). It's a beige background with gold horizontal lines running through it. I would like to use in on kitchen counter top. Is there a particular finish I should use? Could you provide me with any details as to the maintenance of this beautiful stone? July 20, Contact  

e 13716 USA : Retail: We are building a new house and are planning to install a granite countertop in the kitchen. We have fallen in love with granite that is listed as "Antique Brown". Please tell me if this would be a good choice and is there much variation throughout the slab. I don't think we will have the opportunity to select the slab. If you feel it is not a suitable choice good you give an alternative. July 20, Contact

e 13705 USA : Retail: I am going to buy granite countertops for my kitchen. I seem to like all 
the Juparana granite, especially the Juparana Colombo but have been told the Juparana are very porous. Have you hear of a granite called Amaroni? All I know is that it is from Brazil but have only seen it at one granite store. I wonder if that is a better choice than a Juparana. Is it less porous and is it considered 
a "true granite"? July 20, Contact

e 13704 USA : Retail: We are building a new home and want to substitute a Crema Marfil floor with black insert in a 350 sq ft area for the hardwood floors that were in the original specs, over plywood flooring. The builder came back with a price of $18,000 for the upgrade. This price is over double what I had expected. Please quote. July 20, Contact   

e 13702 USA : Retail: I am having my kitchen redone, they are actually starting this week. We plan on putting in Black Granite countertops. I am a little nervous about stains and rings. I definitely don't want Absolute Black. I feel it is a little boring and everyone seems to have it. Do you have any suggestions on which Black I should look at? I'm really having a hard time whether to pick Black or something else, I do want something dark. Can anyone give me some information on finding a good slab yard that has a large selection???
I live on Long Island in New York . July 20, Contact

e 13701 USA: Retail: I am trying to locate a 3cm slab of Verde Guatemala (or Green Guatamela also Light Green Guatemala, these are the names my local supplier uses for this color) for a kitchen island for my customer but all the pictures we have seen so far have too much white veining, she loves the green color and the design in the older samples we have seen but the current photos of available stone is very different with heavy white veins. July 20, Contact 

e 13700 USA : Retail: I am a fabricator shop in Denver , Colorado . My customer wants Creme Azul Bahia to put in her kitchen. Looking for suppliers. July 20, Contact 

e 13695 USA : Retail: I am looking suppliers / installers for black absolute granite for my kitchen. I am in the Boston area.  July 19, Contact 

e 13693 USA : Retail: I am getting ready to do my kitchen and have decided to go with Juperana Golden Waves or  Mocca Sabia/ Desert Sand granite kitchen countertops. I left a drop of oil and lemon on both samples over night and they both stained. I really like both of these granites though. I was hoping someone could tell me which granite is better when it comes to staining. My tel. no. is +1 631 34.....July 19, Contact 

e 13692 USA : Retail: I am considering putting a slate floor in my gallery kitchen. What are the pros and cons of a slate kitchen floor? I have found some variegated Indian and some Italian slate that I like a lot. Any preference between the two? July 19, Contact

e 13688 USA : Retail: I am building a house in Texas . I want Cantera stone columns. July 19, Contact  

e 13676 USA : Retail: We are planning a kitchen remodel and are looking at granite countertops. I know very little about granite and could use advice. Baltic brown and blue pearl have caught our attention. Is there a difference in durability between the two? We have had salespeople talking to us about the thickness also, 1/4" vs. 2 mm and 3 mm. One only sells 1/4" and is touting the virtues, where another only sells slabs 2 mm and 3 mm and of course, uses the thickness as a selling point. Since everyone has the BEST product that is of different thicknesses, I get nowhere with my questions. The person selling the 1/4" says we'll avoid the cost of tear out and cabinet reinforcement. With cabinets that appear to be structurally sound, would cabinet reinforcement normally be an issue? July 19, Contact 

13675 USA : Retail: The front of our home is fieldstone which is quite beautiful. However, the home is approximately 50 years old and the fieldstone looks like it needs something put on it to protect it from the elements. We live in sunny central New York and get lots of snow and rain. Is there a product that would be good to use on this type of stone? July 19, Contact 

e 13674 USA : Retail: I am thinking about purchasing UbaTuba for my countertop. Please advice regarding durability of this stone. July 19, Contact 

e 13673 USA : Retail: Can Travertine be used for shower walls? Is it too porous for that? How would you compare travertine to porcelain tiles with respect to durability and ease of maintenance? My tel. no. is 650.50.....July 19, Contact 

e 13672 USA : Retail: I am thinking of using a Spanish Granite called Waterfall, crosscut, do you have any information on it and how durable, etc. it is? July 19, Contact  

e 13671 USA : Retail: Could you please give me some information on absolute black with a wire brush finish (Zimbabwe Black). I need to know if it will hold up well for a kitchen countertop and if it should be sealed, impregnated or what. I am in Texas . July 19, Contact 

e 13670 USA : Retail: I have selected Schrock light cherry cabinets and a Lauzon natural oak floor for my kitchen. I am contemplating either sapphire brown or blue pearl granite for a countertop. Do you think these colors are good choices? If not, I would appreciate a suggestion for a granite countertop that would complement my cabinets and flooring. July 19, Contact 

e 13667 USA : Retail: Please send pictures of what you have in slab and tiles of Blue Bahia along with delivered prices to Southampton , NY 11968 . July 19, Contact 

e 13664 USA : Retail: I would like a price on an absolute balck slab. I need 64 sq ft. I am in TX. My  
mobile no. is 915-58.....July 19, Contact

e 13663 USA : Retail: Please quote for marble/granite counter tops already cut-to-size with the sink cut out. I am looking for average price as I am not sure of the colors yet, but my two kitchen counters are going to be 95'' x 24'' and 93'' x 24'' with 56'' x 24'' (L-shape). I am in Bloomfield , NJ . July 19, Contact   

e 13658 USA : Retail: Looking for flagstone sellers near Chicago (50 miles). July 18, Contact

e 13641 USA : Retail: I need price on L shape counter top in absolute black 60"+72" and small 16.5 inch piece. shipped to NY 12572. Polished with edge. July 17, Contact  

e 13639 USA : Retail: Eleven years ago I was in Puerto Vallarta and saw the most incredible dining table in a large gift shop. It had the Aztec or Mayan calendar carved on the entire tabletop. It was a light color stone so I want to say it was limestone. Where  can I find such a beauty. I am in Houston . July 17, Contact

e 13636 USA : Retail: We have a farm in Maine and I am trying to get a walkway to our front door built using granite. I am looking for suppliers in Maine . July 17, Contact

e 13631 USA : Retail: We have just recently moved to Lehigh Acres, Florida and are wanting to have our porch floor done in a stone and epoxy type. I am looking for a contractor who can help me. July 16, Contact  

e 13627 USA : Retail: I am redoing my kitchen and I have been debating whether I should do Granite or Silestone. I love the look of granite but I didn't want to worry about sealing it and having to check it every night (I really didn't want another thing to do) I know I would lose the beauty with Silestone, but I thought it would be better for me since I would not panic every night.
I was thinking of using "Blue Pearl" Granite for the counter tops - (not sure if this is a good choice ? but I love the colors). July 16, Contact

e 13626 USA : Retail: I am thinking about replacing my formica countertops. It is more cosmetic than anything else. I have never had a problems with counters and they are in very good condition. I would really like to do them over in Granite. Any suggestions or things I should be looking for in reference to putting granite in my kitchen. July 16, Contact

e 13623 USA : Retail: I am interested in finding a natural stone which is light color with lots of holes and shells. I live in Eagle Pass , TX . July 16, Contact

e 13621 USA : Retail: We need aqualux / dallas white / white nepal / bianco itualus. July 16, Contact

e 13619 USA : Retail: I would like to buy a stone post for a mail box to be put on.  July 16, Contact

e 13614 USA : Retail: Can you give me a price per square foot for Amarelo Bangu aka Azul Blue aka Blue Bahia ? July 16, Contact

e 13613 USA : Retail: I am considering buying granite countertops for my kitchen, but I am very concerned regarding the staining issue. I am looking at either the Rosa Beta, Bianco Sardo or the Jasper Salt and Pepper. Which one do you feel is the best bet for a very busy and much used kitchen? July 16, Contact

e 13612 USA : Retail: I am interested in installing Crema Marfil Select 18x18 tiles in my entryway and into my kitchen, with a pattern of small black absolute diamond shapes. For my kitchen countertop, Tan Brown granite. I am also installing Blue Pearl tiles on the floor and halfway up the wall and on the vanity in my kids bathroom, and Breccia Oniciata on the floors, tub surround, vanity top and and shower walls of my master bath. What do you recommend for these various types of marble and granite? July 16, Contact  

e 13611 USA : Retail: I am looking to use Giallo antique as a counter top in a kitchen. Is this a good choice? Does it stain easily? I saw that the water absorbency is 0.2% but that doesn't tell me anything?  July 16, Contact

e 13609 USA : Retail: I am a Ph.D student. I will use Basalt and Granite as the coarse aggregates of concrete in our lab. I am trying to figure out companies in Colorado which can provide the aggregates. We need the detail price and characteristic for Basalt and granite. July 15, Contact

e 13608 USA : Retail: I've read a couple of different questions about Giallo Veniziano. I have a few more. 
Is it overly absorbent? Can it be sealed properly so I won't have to constantly worry over spilt liquids? I know it has to be sealed. I have no problem doing periodic maintenance on this stone.  My wife has picked this "color". Will I be sorry about this choice. Bottom line: Is this a good selection for a kitchen counter? July 15, Contact

e 13607 USA : Retail: I am in the midst of having my bathroom done and have chosen a green marble (Quetzel Green) for my vanity and seat in the shower. 
I would like to know two things:
1. Does this marble have to be sealed ... and how many times?
2. The fabricator is holding two slabs for me ... one has more white veining in it, which I find more appealing. Am I better off selecting the one with less white in it? I have to go to select it next week. July 15, Contact

e 13606 USA : Retail: We are trying to decide on a durable and maintenance-free (or low maintenance) countertop for our new home (we cook a lot). The stone on the floor is a Summer Wheat slate and the cabinetry is a light cherry. I know that granite is very durable, but we really hate the speckled and glossy look. We want something modern and uniform, that does not have much movement (veining, spots, variation, etc.) in it. The options that we are considering are the following:
Soapstone (our first choice) 
Absolute black honed granite (although after reading your response, I think we'll pass on this one) 
Black Zimbabwe (honed) 
Pietra Serena (honed) 
Pietra Bedonia (honed) 
Pietra Griglia (honed)
We are also open to using a honed slate. looking for ideas and quotes. July 15, Contact   

e 13598 USA : Retail: I work for a granite counter fab. shop in Eugene , OREGON . I need two 12 x 12 tiles of the Breccia Fawakir. My tel. no. is 1.800.70.....July 15, Contact 

e 13592 USA : Retail: Need a price quote on 300 square feet of 12" x 12" Rosa Aurora classico tiles. Also need a slab price for this marble. Our tel. no. is (415) 61..... July 14, Contact  


e 13579 USA : Retail: We are interested in the Azul in tiles. What are your prices? We are in NJ 07302. July 13, Contact

e 13576 USA : Retail: I am a private homeowner & I need onyx tumbled bull nose to line my wall 4x4 tumbled hone onyx (crème color) tile. Please let me know if you can email some pictures to me. Need within 30 days.
I have 3 walls & 1 shower enclosure to bull nose. My shower enclosure is Orangina 12 x 12 polished tiles and the 3 walls are hone tumbled 4x4 crème color onyx. My floors are 4x4 tumbled honey & crème onyx.
Hope to hear from your soon. I am in California . July 13, Contact

e 13559 USA : Retail: I need some black impala granite tile to do a back splash, etc.  July 12, Contact

e 13557 USA : Retail: I want a granite called Piracema White in big slab. Looking for a supplier in San Francisco Bay Area. Pls call me at 408-98.....July 12, Contact

e 13546 USA : Retail: I'm looking for a piece of limestone 10 ft. long x 3 1/2 ft. wide x 3 inches thick. Anything available? Do you ship and what are approx. costs? I am in CA. July 12, Contact 

e 13544 USA : Retail: I want Soapstone. I am an individual looking for a personal piece cut to a 50" circle, 1 1/4" thick. July 12, Contact

e 13538 USA : Retail: I am looking for a 45inch round marble table top. July 12, Contact

e 13535 USA : Retail: I was wondering if you could tell me of any granite fabricators in the New York City or Connecticut area that carry Creme Azul Bahia. I need 3 slabs. July 12, Contact 

e 13534 USA : Retail: I am looking for travertine tile and I live in Corpus Christi . Are there good prices or should I travel up to San Antonio , Houston ? July 12, Contact   

e 13532 USA : Retail: Looking for any US distributors of Indian pietra dura table tops. I have a friend
interested in a piece around 4' x 10' with intricate inlay. Specifics available if worth pursuing. I am in PA. My phone no. is (610) 55.....July 12, Contact  

e 13529 USA : Retail: We want to remodel our kitchen and want to use a stone countertop. Finding a color that will go with our Mexican tile floors is not easy but we are still searching...probably something light...at any rate we would consider granite but how do we know what we are actually getting? If we know what we're really getting then we will know how it should be finished and how to maintain it. We live in Southeast Florida . Looking for a stone company in our area? We live in Palm Beach County . July 11, Contact

e 13519 USA : Retail: I am searching for a granite base to place a bronze sculpture. Size of granite base must be 2 feet high x 5 feet long x 3 feet wide. July 10, Contact    

e 13518 USA : Retail: Please quote with delivery for Brazilian granite slabs. Please see pricelist 1130. July 10, Contact  

e 13516 USA : Retail: We just took a look at JET MIST HONED GRANITE and are thinking about putting it on a counter in our kitchen )( not the area where we do most of the cooking. It is an area where we will be serving buffets etc. Since the JET MIST is rather mottled ( and this does show up in honed too ) ...would this show very much if grease or other food spilled and stayed on the granite for a few hours during a party. If food got on it...what would be used to clean up after? We clean the kitchen frequently and currently have WHITE COLORCORE FORMICA all over the rest of the kitchen and have had this since 1986. The formica is in great shape and we love it. It has no stains or chips. But we thought the granite would be a nice contrast in another area of the kitchen. Please let us know if there are the same problems with the JET MIST as there is with the Absloute Black honed. Can we get it the JET MIST slightly honed but not very much? Any recommendations in the Boston and west of Boston area? July 10, Contact

e 13515 USA : Retail: I am familiar with "Ubatuba" but am considering another granite for my kitchen countertops, called "Verde Bahia". Some places have a granite called "Verde Ubatuba Bahia" so I am now confused. Is all of this the same granite? Or is Verde Bahia different from Ubatuba completely? Is Verde Bahia as resiliant as Ubatuba? July 10, Contact 

e 13513 USA : Retail: I am interested in Aswan red or pink granites. Do you send out any samples (even if only as smaller pieces)? July 9, Contact  

e 13505 USA : Retail: Will need burgundy color granite between 30 - 40 sq ft. Project scheduled for end of this month. July 9, Contact  

e 13502 USA : Retail: Saw a "tile" where rounded, colorful stones were mounted with tile backing then you lay and grout. Appearance is rounded stones on the floor . Looking for a supplier. I am in Indianapolis . My tel. no. is 269-46...... July 9, Contact  

e 13501 USA : Retail: I like the Blue Star Trek, do you know where I can go look at it around San Franicsco , CA and about how much it is? July 9, Contact    

e 13499 USA : Retail: We are seeking a LAVA distributor in the US , preferably in California . July 8, Contact  

e 13496 USA : Retail: We are looking for slate flooring for our new kitchen, dining room, living room, and family room. We are confused as to the quality of different slates and have heard that South African slates are good quality. We like the look of "California Gold" but wonder if it is a quality stone? Can we install the slate over our concrete slab? July 8, Contact 

e 13482 USA : Retail: Wondering where I can buy marble tiles? I live in New York . July 7, Contact

e 13479 USA : Retail: I am in love with Jerusalem limestone for its look, but am nervous to have it on my kitchen countertops. Is the Jerusalem variety less bad than the others? I don't want to be a slave to the surface, but am willing to allow for some variations in color.  July 7, Contact 

e 13471 USA : Retail: I am looking for multi colored slate rock for my outdoor patio anywhere in the Washington DC metropolitan area. My contact number is 301-79..... July 7, Contact 

e 13460 USA : Retail: I live in CT and would like to build a Stone wall and patio. If at all possible would like to come out and look at the stone. Not sure how I would transport the material. You can reach me at 860-65.....July 6, Contact

e 13459 USA : Retail: Want to make a decision between volga blue granite and emerald pearl granite for countertops. July 6, Contact   

e 13454 USA : Retail: I am looking for a natural stone for my kitchen countertops that will be highly functional. I like the functionality of granite, but do not care for the shine. Can you recommend ANY stone
that WILL will function like granite but have more of a matte finish? July 6, Contact

e 13453 USA : Retail: We are trying to find some of the Lioz Pero Pinheiro. We are having problems locating this stone. My phone no. is 419-58......July 6, Contact 

e 13431 USA : Retail: We are looking for 300-400 sq. feet of 18 x 18 tiles of Trani Fiorito. We are in Ca. Our tel. no. is 949-45.....July 4, Contact 


e 13414 USA : Retail: I am looking for Carioca Gold. I find a lot of the very tight grain but not the medium-sized grain. July 3, Contact  

e 13406 USA : Retail: Please provide me quotation for 1,450 sq. ft. cobblestones in USD to zip code 94062. My tel. no. is o 925.69.....July 2, Contact

e 13405 USA : Retail: I am interesting in buying 3-4 tons of sandstone, blonde to yellow brown color in form of flags and small boulders to construct a backyard waterfall and pond area. I need a quote for delivery to CA 92677 area. July 2, Contact

e 13403 USA : Retail: I am interested in granite cobblestones in Utah . July 2, Contact

e 13401 USA : Retail: I am looking for tropical brown 12 x 12. I need the price on 80 sq ft also. What is the shipping cost to California . July 2, Contact

e 13395 USA : Retail: We are going to refurbish our front stoop. It is made of cement and it is somewhat pitted from putting salt on it in the winter. We are going to use a blue slate (to match our walkway). What is the best bonding material for the slate and cement? Do I have to leave gaps for grout or can the seams be flush up against each other? Do I have to prep the cement, other than cleaning it, in order to best receive the mortar or other bonding material?  July 2, Contact

e 13392 USA : Retail: We are looking for 2 slabs, 107" long x typical width (54"?) (approximate size) of Verde Marinace green granite to be delivered to Taiwan . Our tel. no. is 206-85.....July 1, Contact

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