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TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!                                     July 31, 2001 

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                                                             June Inquiries


All: e 1763 USA:  I want a container load sizes between 12"X12" and 16"X16" tiles. If price is good. I will make a purchase right away. Thank you. July 31. Contact

All: e 1759 Canada: I'm looking for a price and availability of 5000 pcs of each size, polished edges of absolute black tiles. The sizes are as follows 8" x 10" and 6" x 6". All material must be first grade stone with no surface inclusions. Please quote in US dollars delivered to Calgary Alberta Canada. July 31. Contact




IN: e 1750 China: Please quote CIF or CNF Xiamen China quotation of Black Galaxy, Anantapur grey, Tan Brown, Imperial red, Mudugal Grey with the samples. July 25. Contact


IN: e 1748 USA: We are a company interested in importing slabs of Absolute Black granite from India to the US. The dimensions should be at least 1.45 x 2.70 m. Give F.O.B. price and shipping charges to Los Angeles. July 25. contact


e 1747 USA: I am desperately looking for a granite called Leopard Skin. I don't know where it comes from but I need to locate it to bid on a job.  July 24. contact


BR, IN: e 1740 South Africa: We are a company in South Africa with two granite gang saws and operating from Johannesburg. We are looking to buy granite blocks from Brazil and India to be delivered to Durban, South Africa. We are processors for the local market and we will export slabs. Please give prices and variety of colors available. July 21 Contact
US: e 1738 USA: We are a building and landscape supply company located in Santa Rosa California. I am having a problem with the quality of Pennsylvania blue stone our vendors are shipping across country. Both cut stone and stand up that is coming into our facility incorrect.  My inquiry is to see if there is any kind of consolidation yard in the east coast area to ensure that the products ordered meet the specs of a purchase order so the load can be rejected or accepted accordingly.  We order at least 4 containers a month from these companies and we do not have much recourse being 4000 miles away from the vendors. July 20. Contact
All: e 1737 Taiwan: I am a landscape architect working for a large urban design project in Taiwan. We are looking for a variety of natural translucent unique paving i.e. quartzite: in blues, grays, greens. Any material that fits this description would be considered. We will obviously be buying in large quantities and are extremely serious about buying if you have products that are suitable. July 20 Closed

FR: e 1735 Indonesia: We are interested in products such as : Breccia Nouvelle, Sarancolin, Breche de Benou, Breche de Vinare, Breche de Tholonet. Please send export price CNF Jakarta Port - Indonesia. July 5. Contact
All: e 1734 USA: We are in the stone fabrication and installation industry in Detroit, Michigan, USA.  Our goal for the future is to become one of the strongest stone suppliers on the local market.  We have just acquired a 10,000 sq ft warehouse for displaying stone tiles and slabs. At the same location we have a 4,000 sq ft showroom, which will be used for displaying the finished products. To have a large variety of different types of stone to display, we are asking for your kindness in cooperating with us.  We are still a young, fast-growing company, so our finances are limited.  We would like to display your finished stone tiles and slabs to the local wholesale and retail markets, on consignment basis, in our modern facility. Your materials will be exposed in our facility until sold.  While your product is in our facility, your company will maintain title of it.  We will assume full responsibility for any damage that might occur during the time the product will be in our possession. Right after the sale is completed, we will honor you with the payment in full for your product.  This procedure will help us gain market share in the Detroit area and help your company promote its products in the U.S. We wish to start a strong business relationship with your company, mutually profitable for both parties. If you wish to cooperate with us, please mail us your catalog and price list.  June 28, contact

All: e 1732 Korea: I have been in stone business for 15 years in Korea, also visited Italy many times to import. Last year I changed my job but am still interested in stone business. My friend who is an immigrant of Brazil wants to start stone biz. in Korea. The problem is, he does not know much about marble and granite. He needs me here in Korea install big quantity of them. Big block dealers contact me as soon as possible especially from Brazil. June 23. Contact

All: e 1730 Canada: We are a wholesaler and retailer and we have very nice showroom. We are located in Nova Scotia, Canada and we are looking for suppliers who have very good prices and materials. June 21, contact

All: e 1729 USA: Interested in good quality Absolute Black and I would like to have prices of that (and other materials that you can supply) in sizes of 305 x 305 x 10mm (Tiles) and 8ft x 4ft x 3cms (Slabs).
June 16. Contact
All: e 1728 Pakistan: We are dealing in all kinds of marble. We want to expand our business internationally as here in Pakistan there is so much demand of Italian granite and other imported marble item. We are dealing in Indian Marble and Afghan Marble. And other imported marble goods from Japan. We want to introduce your marble and marble goods in Pakistan so we want complete information and papers about your marble variety.
We are also interested in purchasing some machines (Like marble cutter, polish machine and grinder machines) Please send me complete details. June 15. Contact
e 1725 Israel: Looking for a huge quantity of Gascogne Blue. June 6. Contact
All: e 1723 USA: Artifacts: I would like to know if there are any furniture manufacture Rs. that create buffets made out of wood with marble or granite inlays on top. May 30 Contact

IT: e 1722 USA:  I am interested in the following Travertines from Italy:  Navonas, Silver, Montecarlo Rustic, Florence, Tipo Romano.  I would appreciate the following information: cost, quantity, availability, delivery. May 29. Closed


All: e 1721 Germany: Artifacts: We are always looking for soaks or troughs made of granite. Looking for low-priced wholesaler, who offers products like this. May 28 Contact

IN: e 1720 USA: Want to import several thousand feet of 12"x12" tiles to the US. I will be in AP in August this year. They should need chamfering and grooved backs, polished one side. I would also be interested in other sizes and patterns that may be available. I will be arriving by train enroute from Hyderabad to Vishakapatnam. Please inform me as to your export status. Do you have current export abilities? I should appreciate greatly further information concerning pricing and shipping. May 28. Contact

US: e 1719 USA: Landscaping: We need stone for a large retaining wall, size; 2' wide x 3' high and 125' long. May 28. Contact
US: e 1716 USA: Landscaping: I am a contractor in Penna. Have a need for approx 2000 sq ft (10 ft high X 200 ft long) of wall surface. Would like to build it from large square / rectangular boulders. Is this something that is reasonable? Can this be done with boulders that may be cracked, chipped, excess stock, etc. Let me know. May 27. Contact

US: e 1714 Singapore: We are interested in Bethel White granite blocks. Please inform & quote terms and delivery time for our marketing to Taiwan, Hong Kong, China.
Please quote all the available block sizes of “Bethel White'' rough granite blocks, of (1) Lengthy flower and (2) Short flower designs for shipment in 20' containers at C & F Hongkong, Hualien (Taiwan) and Xiamen (China) ports. May 26. contact
US: e1713 USA: We need several blocks of Seneca limestone.....  quarried from seneca quarry, Montgomery County, Maryland... or an architectural match. May 26. Contact
BR: e 1712 Australia: We require 1000 to 12000 sq. mt. Ubatuba granite for a project in Sydney, Australia. The slabs should be 2 centimeter thick. Kindly quote fob Brazil. May 26 Contact  
ALL: e 1710 Kyrgyz Republic: We are mainly interested in Marble: Green Marble, Black, Grey, Light Yellow, Brown. DIMENSIONAL BLOCKS: Sizes of 2 m x 1 m up to 3.5 m x 1.75 m
Random Slabs [18-20mm thickness] 2 m x 1 m and above
Tiles [18-20 mm thickness]
         30 cm x 30 cm
         60 cm x 60 cm
         60 cm x 30 cm
We need polished as well as unpolished products.
We are looking for a good reputable company, with whom we can make a monopoly in our market. May 25, contact
ALL: e 1709 Indonesia: We are importer and contractor of Granite and Marble works. We have a project about 10000 m2 high rise building, we need Baltic Brown Granite about ± 7000 m2 supplied in random slab unpolished minimum width 1200 mm. If you have this type of Granite, please quote FOB price.  
We also would like to know whether: Eagle Red, Porkkala Red, Carelian Red, if having flamed finish, would the color turn out the same with Baltic Brown?
Please also quote your best FOB price for them. May 25 Contact

e 1708 USA: We need to buy large quantity of Lanhelin blocks monthly. May 25. Contact
IT: e 1705 UK: I need 15mm thick Botticino Semiclassico or Creama Superior in large scant form. May 24. Contact
ALL: e 1701 USA: I am starting my own business and am looking for suppliers or quarries to supply me with decorative stone. May 22. Contact
IN: e 1698 Mauritius: We would like to import granite random slabs (2500 x 1500mm ) or any other dimensions from India. May 19. Contact
IN: e 1697 India: Want to get in touch with soapstone wholesalers. May 19. Contact
BR: e 1694 South Africa: We are producers in South Africa and looking for granite blocks from Brazil. Please contact us with prices and colors. May 18. Contact
IT: e 1691 HongKong: Want to get in touch with companies in Carrara producing the white marbles. May 10. Contact
All: e 1689 France: I'm seeking quartzite yellow, yellow gold, cut in dimensions & not in random, for a quantity of 5000 sm about. May 5. Contact

FR: e 1688 UAE: Could you give me a list of sandstone suppliers for both flooring and dining room tables in the South of France? May 4. Contact

SL: e 1687 Australia: We would like some information on Colonial Dream and White Lanka. We specialize in doing projects, hence would like to get in touch with people with factories in Sri Lanka. May 2. Contact

e 1686 India:
We urgently need 10 containers random slabs 20 mm thick granite of Golden / Yellow colour such as Colombo Juparana (picture no. 8 without name) of granites from India in www.findstone.com/INDgran1.htm. Delhi, July 19. Contact



ZA: e 1682 Taiwan: We are very interested in sandstone material. We also import a lot of sandstone from Australia, China & India. But we also like your Kingston Orange which is shown in the stone album section, sandstones from South Africa (www.findstone.com/SAFsand1.htm). Kindly quote for blocks or slabs and cut to size based on fob term. July 18. Contact


AU, CN, IT: e 1681 Taiwan: We are very interested in sandstone material. We import lots of sandstone from Australia, China & India. But we also like Pietra Del Cardosa which is shown in the stone album section, sandstones from Italy (www.findstone.com/ITAsand1.htm). Could you kindly quote for blocks or slabs and cut to size based on fob term. July 18. Contact


All: e 1679 Canada: We are large suppliers of residential and commercial granite, for condos, lofts, hotels, townhouses and home exteriors. Please advise us of your company's capabilities of supplying slabs approx. 4' x 4' x 2" for flooring, or slabs approx. 2' x 4' x 3/4" for wall cladding.  We are also interested in standard 12" x 12" floor tiles either polished or thermal finish and 18" x 18" tiles same finish. Please advise on pricing per sq / ft. as well as delivery time to Toronto.  These will be very large orders requiring top of the line quality, finish and uniformity of colour. We display our granite samples to a large group of architects, developers and project managers for commercial buildings at the Builders Convention Centre.  Each of our granite suppliers will have their samples exhibited in the same manner.  We are affiliated with one of the largest marble/granite distributers in North America and we have exclusivity to special orders as mentioned above. Looking forward to hearing from you and doing business with you in the immediate future. July 17, Contact


IN: e 1677 China: We want Tiger Black and AP Grey granite blocks of first choice quality with medium color and dark base in large volumes - 30 cbm up per month.These materials are very suitable for Japanese Tombstones. If you can supply steadily with good product and service, we wish to cooperate with you in a longterm business.Pls quote us your best price on USD/m3 CFR XIAMEN CHINA by L/C 89 days in container and in break bulk. July 17, contact


All: e 1676 Italy: We are an Italian firm working in marble field since 20 years. We ask you your availability and price for green marble polished tiles 305x305x10 broken corner choice. By broken corner choice, we mean the rejects, waste of your standard production. July 16. Contact


IN: I 1006 India: Shahbad Stone 

Sizes: 2’ x 2 - 5" – 72 nos, 
            2’x 2’ - 9" – 72 nos, 
            2’x 2’ - 0" – 36 nos, 
            2’ x 2’- 3" – 36 nos, 
            2’ x 3’- 3" – 36 nos, 
            2’ x 2’- 6" -- 36 nos

Quote your most competitive offer for the items specified below, indicating clearly the price, discount, levies if any, packing & forwarding, taxes, transportation, loading-unloading, delivery and payment terms. to be delivered in Bombay. July 14. Contact



US: e 1673 USA: Landscaping: We have a job that require river washed pea gravel, or bantam egg; or washed sea shore stone, 8-10 tons color in the beige, light tan family. To be delivered in Pennsylvania. July 14, contact 


US: e 1672 USA: Landscaping: I am looking for marble type landscaping stone that I can purchase by the truckload in or around Jackson MS. July 12, contact

IN: e 1666 Colombia: I'm interested in Indian marble. Colors of preference: Andhi White, Ambaji White, Abu Black, Crocodile Green, Red Emerald Green. Both tiles and slabs. July 10 contact

DE: e 1665 USA: I need to locate quarry for German limestone Jura Beige (light). July 10 contact


All: e 1659 Singapore: I am trying to locate experts in the supply and installation of slate roofs in Singapore. Any assistance or recommendations that you can provide would be greatly appreciated. July 8. Closed 

All: e 1648 UK: Artifacts: We are interested in all types of stone statues - Lady figures- Nude - partly nude etc. Medium to full sizes. Are you able to locate good suppliers? July 3 contact


IT: e 1647 USA: I am looking for 3,000 feet Crema Marfil, now, and possibly more later.  Can you lead me to a  wholesale source? July 3 contact



For any clarifications, send an email to info@findstone.com                                           www.findstone.com