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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!                               March 31, 2001
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         Today's Offers                                         February Inquiries   

e 1487 Singapore: I am interested in Riyadah Limestone in large quantity. Mar 30
e 1486 USA: Looking for natural marble Spheres 5cm., to import, sample order 100pcs. Mar 30
e 1485 USA: I am looking for a stone with Mexican or Caribbean origin. It is called shell stone or Durango stone. It looks like a Travertine with fossils. Mar 29
e 1484 Canada: I am looking for suppliers of granite tiles and slabs, preferably, Black Galaxy. Mar 29
e 1483 USA: I am a builder in Wa State looking for a marble/slate countertop for a wine bar project.  Looking for a bargain...no dimensional specs or preferences at this time. Mar 29 
e 1482 USA: I am looking for a travertine quarried in Durango, Mexico called Durango Chocolate. If you know where I can get it please let me know. Mar 28
e 1474 USA: I want White Lanka-can I get it in a honed finish?  Slabs or tiles? Mar 26.
e 1470 Australia: I want Monte Carlo Rustica.
     1) Sizes available (prefer 400x400x20mm & 600 x 600 x 20mm)
     2) Prices landed in Sydney Australia (FCL)
     3) Availability in 30mm thick slab ? Mar 23
e 1468 USA: I want to buy raw jade from Pakistan. Do help us in finding some good supplier in this regard. 
Mar 22
e 1465 Australia: I want bedonia green or grey for a very large project in Australia. The quantity is around 10000 sqm to 15000 sqm. Mar 21
e 1462 USA: I want small pieces (not bigger than 4 cm) of stones from all over the world. How can I get/order some? March 20
e 1461 Lebanon: We are interested in an urgent quotation for Pakistani Green Onyx polished tiles with size
40 x 80 x 2 cm Qty.= 3000 sq. m. and size 30 x 60 x 2 cm Qty. = 3000 sq. m. Kindly send us your urgent competitive quotation in US Dollars C & F Beirut - Lebanon. March 20.
e 1460 USA: I want Zimbabwe black slabs 20-30mm and I need to buy some headstones in Zimbabwe Black. Mar 20.
e 1459 UAE: We are in search of a stone: Indian Fossil. Mar 19
e 1458 India: I want various thicknesses of Agra Red and Dholpur (All colors). Mar 19
e 1457 YUGOSLAVIA: I want black granite. Mar 19
e 1455 USA: I want Portland Blue from UK. Sizes of tiles? March 18.
e 1454 USA: I want new landscape and masonry stone wholesalers to buy from.  I am searching right now for a company that quarries quartzite flagstone. March 17
e 1450 India: We want to import marble blocks and slabs from Portugal. March 16
e 1447 Singapore: I'm representing a Japanese company base in Singapore, and currently want granite, marble, tile and other building material for our projects in Tokyo, Japan. March 15.
e 1445 USA: Any companies that sell software to design memorial markers. I also want product to sell for cleaning granite headstones. March 15
e 1444 Singapore: Require green onyx (light/medium) 600 x 600 x 20 mm & 300 x 300 x 20 mm. March 14
e 1443 Korea: I like Ege Brown, Dove, Laguna Red. We want as follows: Block, Slab *20mm,  400 x 400 x 20,  600 x 600 x 20 to korean port or in italian port at USD/m2 or m3. March 14
e 1441 USA: Looking for stone benches & tables or table tops (garden or commercial in cement or composite material) benches with sides or arms, tables plain or with inlays, faux okay. March 13
e 1440 USA: Prices per tonne Nero Black & Galaxy Black in US$. March 13
e 1436 USA: Looking for Aloquine (Cantera) Mexican stone. March 10
e 1432 Australia: I am looking to import finished slabs into Australia. Send me some information on pricing for Brazilian products, New Venetian Gold & Ubatuba. Mar 5.
e 1428 Yugoslavia: Please send me asap your best prices for following materials: Kashmir White, Multicolour Red, Black Galaxy, Paradiso, Raw Silk, Juprana, Absolute Black, White and Green marbles. Please send me prices for polished slabs, tiles (30x30,60x60) and raw blocks. Mar 3
e1423 India: We are interested in importing the blocks and slabs of the following marbles:
1. Mystic Coffee
2. Negro Oriental
3. Grey Waves
We are interested to know the prices of the above marbles in slabs and blocks FOB any port in China and also CNF any port in India. Mar 2

For any clarifications, send an email to info@findstone.com                                           www.findstone.com