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TODAY'S OFFERS!                            Nov 19, 1999     
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Hi ! 
S1056 USA: Marble and granite slabs and tiles: We are selling this material as is and in one lot. All is personally owned and must be sold due to illness. Value approx. 200,000.00 Asking Prise  130,000.00 or best offer.
O54 Italy: I'm interested in finding all locations of marble & stone in Manhattan. I would like to make a few contacts before I start my trip from Italy. Nov 15.
O53 USA: I have land with lots of marble near Ohio river. I want to sell it.  Nov 12.
O52 USA: I have a waterjet for sale that cuts and engraves stone all the way up to boulders. I want to sell it and will also give include the technology transfer necessary to do so. Nov 12.
O51 Zimbabwe: I have recently acquired a mining concern to quarry green marble/granite in blocks in Zimbabwe, and I am looking for markets for my product preferably an agent to look for buyers. Nov 10.
O50: India: I want to sell my granite mine or give on rent situated at Barmer having Royal Cream Colour Granite with Huge Deposits, neat and clean & fully operational immediately. Oct 30.
O49 Norway: Auction by order of a Norwegian bank: 1 complete stone-splitting plant. German. Year of building: 1997; Splitpower: 320 ton. Drive pressure: 50/300 bar. Capacity: 1000x600, new splitting technology, Attachments: forktruck-feeding band  3000x1000 mm, double plate band 3000x1000 mm, line laser, output plate band 3000x1000 mm, complete processing adjustment. This machine is in a very good technical and optical state. The machine has only a few driving hours. The varnish coat is almost completly existing on the plate bands. Pictures can be sent by e-mail. Site visit will be arranged. 15 Oct.
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S 1034 India: Marble slabs and tiles. Green and white. 2 X 1.2 m, 30X30, 60X90 cm, various sizes. 
S1033 Iran: Granite slabs and tiles.
S1032 South Africa: Semi-precious, dimension and ornamental stones.
S 1031 China: Statues, statuettes, carivings, picture engravings, monuments, slates, vanity tops, kitchen counters, pavers, cobblestones. 25 Containers / month.
S1030 Denmark: Personal advice on stonecarving if necessary by professional stonecarver.
S 1028 Portugal: Diamond tools, diamond wire, quarry machines.
S 1027 India: Black Galaxy, Twilight Red, Tropical Blue, Millenium Blue, Jade Green, Imperial Sky Granite Blocks, Slabs, Tiles. Own factory and own quarries.
S 1026 USA: French Architectural and decorative antiques.
S 1025 China: State-operated corporation handling SLATE AND SANDSTONE exporting over 20 years.
S 1024 Turkey: Antique Stone (tiles) along with consultancy for marketing.
S 1022 India: Everything.
S 1021 Brazil: Brazilian granite tiles and slabs for the BEST PRICES!! We're now offering North America a different and exotic material we've been dealing with Europe. White, black and pink harmoniously mixed in a wavy shape, creating a beautiful movement effect. SAVE MONEY in labor cutting the slabs to size in Brazil and importing from us.
S 1019 Germany: We import in Germany from Bulgaria granite slabs and plates.
S 1018 USA: Lab Testing Services for all types of Stone and Tile! ASTM and ANSI methods for Thermal Expansion, Abrasion, Water Absorption, Thermal Shock, Coeffecient of Friction, Warpage, Color Differences, Chemical Resistance and much more! 

S 1017 Iran: Ask me for the best marble and granite of Iran.
S 1016 India: We export Desert Brown granite blocks to Taiwan. Also red and green.

The S ads are in the web site. For O49, send me an e-mail. info@findstone.com