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Other Artifacts September 2006
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This page lists Other Artifacts Inquiries. The system of responding and the latest inquires are at www.findstone.com/tiall.htm

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Year 2005

 e 18678 Ireland : Can you please put me in contact with a supplier of Sandstone, artifacts, window sills, cobbles, pave stones. Tel/Fax: (042) 96......Oct 21 Contact 


Year 2004

 e 15647 USA : Artifacts: Please email mail your catalogue and price list regarding Marble Chess set's, size 12"x12" size 16"x16" and if you sell 24"x24" chess sets. Also Onyx wine glass set from Pakistan . We have already place an order with a company two months ago however were looking for the best price for any up coming orders after the Holidays. Nov 17, Contact

e 14014 USA: Looking for trim / molding pieces that can be used with travertine tile. I am in MI. My tel. no. is 810.73.....Aug 4, Contact

e 13512 Netherlands: I am in the process of setting up my own company specializing in selling of Indian 
Stones. Interested suppliers of granite tiles & slabs, monuments & artifacts, marble & sandstones can contact me. My mobile no. is 0031 6 536..... July 9, Contact  

e 13426 Netherlands:  I am looking for a zen temple to buy and transport it to the Netherlands. Please inform me if you have connections where I can buy a temple. July 3, Contact

e 13412 UK:  Please quote for marble handicrafts as displayed in pricelist 200. Our fax no. is 44 16332.....July 2, Contact

e 13341 USA:  I am interested in several stone items, especially benches, tables, etc. My tel. no. is 513-40.....June 29, Contact

e 12790 UK:  I am interested in receiving prices for handicraft items. We currently import large quantities. May 24, Contact

e 12419 USA:  I looking to have half sphere's honed in marble or granite or any natural stone approx 4-5 inches in diameter and 2 to 2.5 inches tall with a 1/8th hole in the center. I would need to have a cost and quantity of 10 units 250 units and 500 units. I would prefer to deal with someone in the USA if possible. Apr 29, Contact

e 12308 Australia:  I require a lot of different marble/onyx items including vases, bowls, lamps, mortar and pestils and figurines etc I am also interested in sandstone products. I would like some photos and prices of your products as I am travelling to Bali/Java next month on Business. Please send us catalogs. We are in western Australia and would information on how we would make payment and on freight forwarding. Our tel. no. is 061 8929..... Apr 21, Contact

e 12255 USA:  We are in the commercial exhibit business. We are creating functional, but really cool items from stone. So far we have a small inventory of picture frames, lazy suzans and oil candles. We like making our own, but need inventory. We also need stone suppliers, tools and tips on how to use them. We need decorative ceramic or glass containers for our oil candles. I would like wholesale prices on all of this stone picture frames, stone vases and candle holders. We also want a supplier of cut glass, mosaic motive holders that we have seen in stores that import from India. We have not put our products in a commercial venue yet and need to keep costs as low as possible. Our tel. no. is 573-37.....Apr 17, Contact  

e 12218 USA:  Please quote with shipping estimates to zip code Alabama 36609 for items stone sink 0014-0008 and stone bath tub 049-0003. Apr 14, Contact

e 12168 Venezuela:  We are in Caracas. We are interested in buying stone Guatam Buddha in Lotus Meditation. Please quote with picture & measures. Our contact no. is 58-212-48.....Apr 12, Contact

e 12091 USA:  I am interested in a price for a stone birdbath. My phone no. is (717) 34.....Apr 6, Contact

e 12079 USA:  I am a wholesale buyer of mosaic border, tiles and mosaics design in 24" to 48" round and square design floor tiles from India only. Need 10mm or 3/8 size thickness. My phone no. is 001-832-43.....Apr 6, Contact

e 12065 Germany:  Please send pictures for all necklaces and bracelets as displayed in pricelist 1410. Delivery place is near Hamburg. How much are costs of carriage for ordering something like 30 necklaces for quality check? Apr 5, Contact USD 40

e 12004 USA:  Looking for stone benches. What color are the they available in? I am in Texas 78550. Apr 1, Contact USD 40

e 11960 USA:  We are interested in the large size Hindu Gods Statues carved out of soft stone in Orissa, India. Let us know if you carry from 3 feet to 6 feet tall. 
To start with I am looking for a 6ft tall NARAYANA STATUE. I am also looking to develop a line of CRYSTAL SHIVALINGHAMS in Large sizes beyond 2ft and onwards. These could be Cortz Crystal or Lead Crystal. I would want separete Jaladharis too to match those. THE STATUE AS ATTACHED IN THE PICTURE SHOULD BE OF PINKISH SOFT STONE NOT GREY AS SHOWN. My tel. no. is 713.66.....Mar 30, Contact 

e 11619 USA:   Please quote for Mantle with over mantle pieces, Stone border tumbled marble 4 in width Medalion for floor with matching border. Tumbled marble with color selections 4x4 6x6 chair railing coving pieces. Shipping to Annapolis, MD. My phone no. is 717-38.....Mar 8, Contact

e 11548 USA:  Please quote for 1 or 2 green onyx pedestal. My contact no. is 888.40...... Mar 4, Contact

e 11539 Australia:  I want a 18" Green / White Onyx Chess Board (squares are 2"). Please quote including shipping to Sydney. Our phone no. is +61 (0)2 931.....Mar 4, Contact  

e 11330 Germany:  Please quote FOB or alternative CIF Hamburg. The Stone for the bowls is Sunny from Egypt. Pls. see the attached file. Feb 23, Contact  

e 10629 USA:  I am interested in a marble ball of size 20"-24". I am also interested in sandstone bench length 42 inch x 15 inch,  I was wondering if the sandstone bench could be curved instead on being straight and if I could get the bench in any other stone like Travertine, or marble (pink). Could you let me know the price of the above item inclusive of shipping. The location the item needs to be shipped to is Campbell, CA, USA zip: 95008. I would be using both the items outdoor. So please let me know if there are any limitation on its usage if any. I am open to buying the above listed item from any location, decision will be based on the total price of these items. Jan 18, Contact  

e 10590 USA:  Please quote granite benches. Jan 16, Contact  

e 10587 USA:  We do a great deal of renovations and design work in the Northeast. I am looking for a free form 18" black granite bowl. I have a store in Durham, NC. Jan 16, Contact  

e 10551 USA:  Please quote for marble chess in poly pack. Jan 14, Contact   

e 10346 USA:  I am interested in contacting manufacturers of occasional tables made of wrought iron inset with stone or marble. Jan 5, Contact   

e 9666 USA:  I am looking for a company to make me 4500 marble clocks. Specifically desk clocks that we can give to our clients for the upcoming holidays. The color chosen is NOIR ST. LAURENT. The size of these clocks should be about 3"x 7" x3" and we are open to different styles. I would like to see a master sample before ordering. Nov 16, Contact

e 9210 UK:  I am interested in Salt Lamps and other salt products. Do you have a distributor in the UK? Oct 13, Contact

e 9053 Bulgaria:  We are designers, importers and builders of fireplaces made from marble and granite, and other products made from marble and granite. We would like to sell your products in Bulgaria. Please, send us your price lists and trade conditions. We are in Sofia and our tel. no. is 00359298.....Sept 29, Contact

e 8858 USA:  I am a wholesaler looking for Marble coaster sets and bookends. I am in MN 55426. Sept 12, Contact

e 8778 Peru:  We are interested in producing a new line of flatware, with marble handles. Sept 4, Contact

e 8639 USA:  I am looking for Onyx chess sets in a quantity of 12 to 24 to be shipped via UPS or Postal Service, which ever is cheapest. Please provide chess board size and King size. I am in Rochester, NY.  I am interested in 2 dozen of those. I need these by the end of September 2003. These are not available locally. If quality and service are good then I will be looking to purchase other onyx items such as vases, bowls, spheres, boxes and other items made of onyx. See pricelist 559. Aug 26, Contact 

e 8551 Yugoslavia:  We are private company founded in 1989. We specialize in processing, montage and selling natural stone products (marble and granite), diamond tools and products for treating natural stone surfaces. In the course of years in this business we developed sales network that covers Serbian and Eastern Europe market (Hungary, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, etc.).
We are very interested in introducing handicrafts (such as vases, ashtrays, etc) to our market. Could you please send us your catalogue, price list and delivery terms so that we could analyze your offer and hopefully place a trial order? See pricelist 1153, 993, 663, 200. Our phone no. is +381 21 8.....Aug 18, Contact

e 8389 UAE:  Please email photographs & FOB prices of your handicraft's range. We are looking for the Handicraft manufacturers from Pakistan's for the UAE (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES). Aug 7, Contact 

e 8259 USA: You are requested to send me coloured brochure I am interested to import to USA ONYX AND MARBLE HANDICRAFT. I am in NY 11420. Aug 1, Contact

e 8075 USA:  Where to find closet US supplier to Wilmington, Delaware? Project requires 60 in. dia. x 6 in. thickness- light granite circle w/ 8 in. diameter center circle cut out. 
The status of my project falls into an area of less than 100% guarantee that the project will move to completion. The pricing and location of the granite needed for the project is crucial to the estimate for completion. the client will ultimately accept or reject the bid.
I do not wish to create false expectations, but unless I know the pricing and availability of the material this project has a 50/50% chance of moving to completion. With the information it is 80-90% of moving forward and an order accepted. July 22, Contact

e 8057 USA:  I want marble and onyx chess boards 12"x12" and 16"x16". Send me pictures through e-mail for I can see what they look like. July 20, Contact

e 7913 USA:  Interested in importing to Chicago, USA 12x12 marble and bigger size rosewood chess sets. Please reply back so I can provide further details. I am not interested in marble tiles. July 11, Contact

e 7893 USA: I am interested in buying item number SO - 4004 - Champaign Glass set with tray from pricelist 993. How should I proceed? July 10, Contact

e 7324 USA:  We are a primary source for catalog companies worldwide for qualified products available for immediate placement in their upcoming issues. We constantly receive requests from catalog companies for specific products that they would like to see in their catalogs. We work as a screening agent of the products and their vendors. Please send us your company profile with product catalogs so that we can forward to our present and prospective customers. Our tel. no. is 954-76.....May 31, Contact

e 7134 USA:  Interested in purchasing fireplaces, basins, balusters, vases.....etc on wholesale basis. We are in MI 48114. Phone (517) 548 - 5750. May 13, Contact

e 7077 USA:  I am looking for cups, jewelry box in goblets in onyx Green and white, please email me your prices and requirements. May 9, Contact

e 7066 USA:  Interested in benches, fountains, birdbaths, sundials...garden variety items on wholesale basis. May 8, Contact

e 7032 USA:  Please email wholesale pricelist and catalog on stone handicrafts. May 5 Contact

e 6981 USA:  I want to import decorative stone from Mexico into the U.S. (Florida). I am a masonry contractor and am getting into some high end work. The type of stone is very expensive here and I thought about trying to become an importer. My contact details are 941-50..... I am a contractor in Florida. May 1, Contact

e 6743 India: We want reliable supplier of marble carvings, cornices and decorative patterns for flooring. Please quote with full details of your organization at the earliest. April 16, Contact

e 6736 Brazil: I have a furniture factory. We make tables, columns, bookcases... made of stone (marble and granite). I was looking for other kinds of marble. I would like to know more details (such as price and trading conditions in general) about the following kinds of marble such as Pau-brasil, Bambu, Breccia Notre Dame and Preto Ametista first quality polished slabs of 2.80m x 1.60m (more or less). I am interested in manufacturing furniture made of these kinds of marble for exports. We would prefer to purchase it locally. Our conatct no. is +55-27-334.....  April 16, Contact  

e 6782 USA:  I need a several handles for swords-daggers made from agate or other stone. April 18, Contact

e 6743 India:  We want reliable supplier of marble carvings, cornices and decorative patterns for flooring. Please quote with full details of your organization at the earliest. April 16, Contact

e 6660 UK: I am interested in finish products like artifacts. I need catalogue with prices. I have buyers in Europe for vast variety of handicraft. I am also looking for suppliers of huge stone jars (burnny) and I need detail of onyx goods of any variety, shape or size with price FOB Karachi. Quote with minimum container a month. Currently I am in Lahore. My mobile no. is 0300 94.....April 8, Contact

e 6578 Ireland:  We are a marble/granite company in Belfast. We want Russian granites and marbles either in random slab form or tiles or manufactured produces such as wash basins, bathroom furniture, etc. marble basins. April 1, Contact

e 5469 Canada:  I have a retail furniture store in Canada and want to import some marble tables from Mexico. I want a nice dining table, mainly dark green with a black border. Jan 9, Contact 

e 5373 USA:  Please quote with shipment cost, delivery time and dimensions for the following items from FindStone's online stores section:
Arches 004-0022, 004-0015, 004-0010, 004-0014. Misc 002-0106. Supplier 8 008-0042, 008-0068, 008-0066, 008-0065, 008-0067, 008-0080. Jan 3, Contact

e 5324 Malta:  We are importers and distributors of various domestic products, we sell our products to around 100 main retail outlets. We want in large quantities of decorations made of soapstone like chess boards, candle holders, bowls, etc. and distribute them to our retail customers. We are interested to order a full container load. It does not matter from which country as long as they can offer us a good price and quality. Please send us catalogue and price list of your products. Our contact detail is (+356) 794.....Dec 26, Contact