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Other Landscape July  2004
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e 13400 USA:  Please quote for some assorted rocks. My tel. no. is 727 53.....July 2, Contact

e 13396 USA:  Please quote for Wall stone, gravels, mulches by trailor loads delivered to NJ. July 2, Contact

e 12824 USA:  I am interested in getting a few pieces of PA sandstone possibly 6-10 larger pieces. I am located in Pittsburgh. Please advise as soon as possible. I will need it immediately for a project we have at the moment. My tel. no. is 412-61.....May 26, Contact

e 12799 USA:  I am researching suitable lime stones for exterior paving in the Chicago, Ill. area. It is a significant amount 9,000s.f. plus and will take extensive foot traffic. I am looking for something that is not light in color rather a warm sandy, buff color. My contact no. is 802-45......May 24, Contact


e 12773 Canada:  Please provide info. on wall cladding stones. Is that the thin stone to put on top of bricks, woods, siding... ? How much is that and do you have any store in Toronto or Ontario?  
My phone number is 416-62.....I need about 500 sf, depends on the size and the price, this quantity is just for the front. If the price is OK, may be I will do the whole house and I will need more. The colour is may be white, grey or ivory ...May 22, Contact

e 12731 USA:  I have a drainage swale in my back yard and I'd like to make it look like a creek. I've seen beautiful pictures in magazines where people have used varying size stones, and it looks great. The only problem with the magazines are they don't tell you the stone that was used. I've asked area contractors about stone, and they just try to sell me pea gravel. I like round smooth stones with varying color. We live in upstate New York, so shipping does concern me. My phone number is 585-37...... I have a 50'L x 4'w x 2'D area that I'd like to cover. Also a 20'L x 20'W x 1'D as well that leads into our pond. May 19, Contact

e 12687 USA:  Looking for pinkish, light brown, light grey, for 9,000 Sq Ft. of driveway stone. May 17, Contact

e 12669 USA:  I live in Charleston, SC. I have a garden of 10,000 sq ft and want to cover the majority of it with pea gravel. I don't even know what a ton will cover. My tel. no. is 843 22.....May 15, Contact

e 12653 USA:  I am looking for a medium gray natural stone to be used indoors and outdoors in Southern California. I need 8000 sq ft of 24 inch tiles. I prefer a pure gray not taupe, blue or green. May 14, Contact

e 12608 USA:  I am looking for New England wallstone, grey, a mixture of round and flat stones of varying sizes. I can purchase the the ton, or pallet. I believe that I need approximately 8 pallets, or about 12 tons. 
I can buy from anywhere, but I need transportation to Killington, VT. If I get the prices and material that I'm looking for, I can place my order immediately. I am very flexible on delivery dates and times, and this is not a rush order. I would like to receive some digital photos of the stone I will be purchasing before I buy. My phone no. is (617) 29.....May 12, Contact

e 12571 USA:  I am interested in purchasing 1 pallet of PA wall stone and 2 pallets of broken pieces of PA wall stone for a residential project in San Jose, CA. Can you please advise on shipping costs/timing? May 9, Contact

e 12477 USA:  I am a wholesaler looking to buy Tenn. field stone (flagging) at a reasonable price. I have a truck in Tenn. usually once a week. If we can get together on a price and depending on how far from where my truck is delivering maybe we can possibly do some business. I am in North Carolina. Telephone no. is 336-67..... May 3, Contact

e 12469 USA:  Please quote for cobble stone light. I need about 1500 sq. feet. My phone no. is  714-77......I am looking for someone close by in CA. May 3, Contact

e 12440 USA: I am interested in selling sinks, tubs, stone furniture, specialty building products and landscape pieces. My phone no. is 1-303-61.....Apr 30, Contact

e 12427 USA:  I am interested in finding sandstone or any other stone to be used as exterior wall covering for a mountain cabin. The cabin will be located in Valley County, Idaho. I want to build a state of the art structure that looks from the outside as a Works Progress Administration (WPA) project 70+ years old. My phone no. is 208 84.....Apr 30, Contact

e 12420 USA:  We are a landscape architecture design build firm in NJ and have a client located in northern NJ that wants to use a paving material for around their 20' x 60' outdoor swimming pool. They like very much the look of french limestone and also jerusulem stone. Do you have any suggestions of what
may be suitable with the freeze thaw cycle of northern NJ? Apr 29, Contact

e 12383 USA: Retail: I am seeking 2-3 large prairie stones blocks to integrate into a sculpture/landscape design at a Monastery in North Dakota. Any suggestions of a supplier/quarry in that area? The stone I am looking for would be "reddish / brown" perhaps 10 feet in any one direction, three total stones that size. May be interested in three more at half that size. The closer to North Dakota the better. I am in OH. My tel. no. is 419 35.....Apr 27, Contact  

e 12267 Saudi Arabia:  We are looking for suppliers of Granite sand from India for our many on going projects. Please provide us with complete details regarding export of minerals from India to our country. We need complete details reg the export for granite sand it means sand blaster or the sand which is used to remove the zink or worst face from the steel or the outer side of the any other steel material like pipe etc. Our tel. no. is 966 3 89.....Apr 18, Contact

e 12250 USA:  Want granite blocks to build a retaining wall 5' high x 70' long. Need size and color. My contact no. is 845-24......Apr 17, Contact

e 12242 USA:  I need stone to put around the foundation of my house it is approximate 32x28 and needs to go 1ft -1 1/2ft up all the way around and be approx1-1 1/2 in and pretty flat surface. Can you give me a price? I will pick up. Apr 15, Contact

e 12241 USA:  I need to contact dealers & quarries in the S. Illinois/ Golconda area for the purpose of a "field trip" to select someone or ones to purchase high quality, colorful, unscratched, mostly large pieces of fieldstone for flatwork and some thicker stone for veneer. One of our projects underway will need to color blend with S. E. Oklahoma stone. We have imported 100's of tons for this one project. I doubt that we will do anything of this magnitude in the future. 
We have several other projects in the works for this summer and would like to spend a day in an area closer to home viewing what is available & establishing the ground work for a relationship. We don't want any filler! Don't want to pay for it, Don't want to sort through it, only unscratched, colorful stone. We are willing to pick. Quality & integrity will determine how much is purchased. 
We have no interest in any suppliers outside of the Golconda / S. Illinois area at the present time! We are looking for a list of those that deal in only colorful, natural stone for the purpose of visually selecting stone on site. My contact no. is 43....Apr 15, Contact

e 12238 USA:  We are looking for large stacking stones to build a retaining wall in our front yard. We like the stones to be varied in color and length but they would all need to be the same thickness. We need between 7-9 tons (what ever we will need for a 130 ft. wall 2 ft. tall). Delivered to Windsor, CA, 95492. We have seen some at different suppliers that are apx. 6" thick x 10" deep x 20" long. We have been told it is Brown Wall Stone. Apr 15, Contact

e 12209 USA:  I am looking for two tons of Polynesian white beach stone. I am in Texas 78746. I need these as soon as possible. Apr 13, Contact

e 12138 USA:  I am interested in CURBS of GREY GRANITE (G341) 20 x 24 x 100 cm sawed and flamed. I need minimum of 200 feet. Would need shipment to be in Virginia by June 04. I want an offer below US$13.8 / PCS. Apr 9, Contact

e 12107 USA:  We have a project requiring large amounts of "warm, creamy colored stone" for patio, veneer, steps and architectural elements. Also need cobble stones. We are in ME. Our tel. no. is 207-23.....Apr 7, Contact

e 12093 New Zealand:  We are looking for sandstone and limestone blocks, bricks and paving. We are manufacturers of standard and decorative paving plus bricks, and are looking for other stone products for our clients. We are currently importing material from China, but would prefer to deal across the tasman. If you are interested and have some info on your product. My phone no. is 00647 84.....Apr 7, Contact

e 12034 UK:  I am doing a substantial landscape project in the algarve and would like to have a brochure with clearer images or better still a small sample pack. I will be travelling to the site on Saturday, 10th April and will be there for 5 days. I am interested in using a large amount of granite but would like to know the availability, locality and prices. The site is in Portugal. Apr 3, Contact

e 12032 USA:  Please quote for CONNECTICUT FIELD STONE as displayed in ready stock 480. My cell number is 860 22......Apr 3, Contact

e 12019 USA:  Please provide pictures and bulk pricing for Connecticut field stone. Also confirm how bulk stone is kept - on concrete pad or dirt? An approximate size range of your stone would be helpful. Our phone no. is (508)24.....Apr 2, Contact

e 11926 USA:  I am looking for large Granite blocks for a retaining wall. I have 300 Ft. or so that I want to raise an average of 3 1/2 feet. The project is in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. My cell phone no. is 603-73.....Mar 29, Contact 

e 11885 USA:  I am looking to find a supplier for round and flat fieldstone in the New England area (I am in Mass.). I own a masonry business, and do big projects, so I would like to learn more about buying the stone myself, vs. going through a local stone yard. Mar 25, Contact 

e 11851 Canada: We are interested in purchasing Amethyst landscape stone. We are located in Otterville, southern Ontario, Canada. We operate a retail yard & wholesale distribution yard for other quarries. Our phone no. is 519-87.....Mar 24, Contact 

e 11839 USA:  I am looking for some granite cubes in 2" x 2" x 2" gray, brown, pink and yellow. I am in Rochester, NY. I am a Landscaper and I am looking for a supplier that may carries them. I need these stones as requested from my customers. As long as I can't find a supplier, it doesn't make sense to even offer this item to my customers. The quantity could range somewhere from a few stones to 10 or more tons per year. Depending on the price per ton, I just may think about stocking them myself. Mar 23, Contact

e 11809 USA:  Please quote for landscaping stones as displayed in pricelist 1071. I am in the purchasing stage. I am able to take full tractor trailer load quantities. My cell no. is 240.36.....Mar 19, Contact

e 11801 USA:  Looking for bulk palletized Tennesse crab orchard. Pieces must be large but thin approx.1.5 to 3" I will handle trucking and pay cash and carry. We estimate about 30 to 35 pallets a week, for six months. Start up is in mid April 2004. My phone is 973 58.....Mar 18, Contact

e 11753 USA:  Searching for a source & estimated pricing for 2-inch white, washed granite gravel. Approx. 1000 cubic-yards. Site location: Louisville, Kentucky. Need information ASAP. Our phone no. is 314-33..... Mar 16, Contact  

e 11722 USA:  I am an architect looking for information for all building, retaining wall, and paver (walkways, driveways, plazas) stone applications--any brochure or catalog information that could be mailed is also encouraged. I am in KS 66213. Mar 13, Contact 

e 11718 UK:  We are trying to make good contact for a reliable source for polished river stones. We urgently require a 20 tonne container comprising the following delivered to port in the UK:
0-10mm nominal grading
Gold 1 tonne in 25kg bags
White 1 tonne in 25kg bags
Mixed (Gold, White, Brown Black) 1 tonne in 25kg bags
10-20mm nominal grading
Gold 3 tonne in 25kg bags 
White 1 tonne in 25kg bags
Brown 1 tonne in 25kg bags
Black 2 tonne in 25kg bags
Mixed (Gold, White, Brown Black) 2 tonne in 1kg net bags
3 tonne in 25kg bags
20-40mm nominal grading
Gold 1 tonne in 25kg bags
White 1 tonne in 25kg bags
Mixed (Gold, White, Brown Black) 3 tonne in 1kg net bags. If you could let me have prices and photographs as soon as possible that would be most helpful. Our tel. no. is +44 1484 8......Mar 12, Contact 

e 11713 Ireland:  I am a builder and I am looking for a stone wall which comes made up in sizes to order. I am building a stone wall & pillars.  Mar 12, Contact 

e 11706 USA:  I am looking for nice field stone to do a 6" facing on a fireplace and chimney. I live in Asheville, N.C. and would like to find a close source. I've heard there are a couple suppliers in Marion, N.C. but I don't know the names. Mar 11, Contact  

e 11688 Malaysia: We are landscape company. We have a project which needs sandstone flower pots. Please send your company catalog and price list. Our tel. no. is 607-75.....Mar 11, Contact 

e 11682 India:  I would like to buy cube stones from you in Chennai. I need 4 inches x 4 inches x 4 inches cube stones. My requirement is 25 tons delivery at Chennai. Mar 10, Contact

e 11677 USA:  I am interested in one to two loads of PA Sandstone for retaining walls. I am located in California. Mar 10, Contact 

e 11653 USA:  I am looking for 10cm granite cubes in black. They would be shipped to Minnesota in the states. What is the availability and price. We would be looking for about four hundred. What is the finish on the blocks. My contact no. is 701-23.....Mar 10, Contact  

e 11608 USA:  I want to go there to buy heavy crab orchard stone for my project. I live in Knoxville Tennessee. My phone no. is 865-65.....Mar 8, Contact

e 11580 USA:  Interested in truck loads of moss rock. Destination West Babylon, New York 11704. Mar 6, Contact

e 11554: Please quote stone products in landscaping and garden construction. Mar 4, Contact

e 11553 USA:  I am looking for a price on a granite wall. Black with the arc top measures 5ft wide and 5ft tall. I would like to know a price and also if there is a possibility of inlaying an us flag in one corner and an equality symbol in the other. I can be reached at 717-50.....Mar 4, Contact

e 11423 USA:  I am a wholesaler selling colorado river rock palletized. I am looking for bulk direct from source. We are in TX 75182. Feb 27, Contact

e 11379 USA:  I am looking for slate and sandstone to put in aquariums. So the size of the chunks is not critical. I live in Grant, NE. My phone during day is 800 5.....Feb 25, Contact

e 11360 USA:  Looking for large stones for ranch entrance. Size: width 2 ft, height 3, length 6 ft. I am located in San Antonio, TX. Feb 25, Contact  


e 11272 USA:  My company is looking for a supplier of irregular thin, medium, and thick earth tone flagging. Phone no. is (305) 69.....Feb 20, Contact  

e 11122 UK: Please quote per sqm for Modak Sandstone. We are a landscaping company. Our phone no. is  07714 2.....Feb 13, Contact  

e 10999 USA:  I am looking for quantities of crushed granite to use in exposed aggregate concrete. Colors I am interested in: dark reds and greens (ex; Sunset Red, Mountain green). My contact no. is 269-34..... Feb 7, Contact  

e 10819 UK:  I am a trader of natural stones in Manchester. I am interested in paving stones in the size of 600 x 900 x 25-35 mm, hand finished, chiselled finish and riven finish. The stones I am particularly interested in are Raj Green, Blue mountain/gray and Bundy. I would like to order one sample container. Indian suppliers please email me your quotes. My phone no. is 0161-62.....See pricelist 985. Jan 28, Contact

CN: e 10792 USA: I am with a large landscape architecture company in the States. We are doing a good deal of work in China. The project is in Tainjin China and is quite large. We are designing a very large retail area that has some complex paving patterns.
Can you tell me what sizes the granite, field stone, marble and slate you have listed typically come in? Thickness as well as cut square sizes. 
Can we get a few samples sent to us? and or pictures of large paved areas with the product? and or catalogue?
We would be looking for thickness- 2.5"-2 3/4" about 65mm-70mm like to cut at various sizes in rectilear cut- and curves- we would like to explore possibility of using 40"sq about 1 m sq. in one area.
Below are the products, we would like to get samples or catalogue delivered within the next two weeks.
Field Stone-S1810, p 010, s 1809, zhs201
Slates: charcoal blue, leaf green, bashan green, china green, china multi color, china black
Granite: Shanxi black, loashan gray, misty peach pink, cherry pink, evergreen, zhg001, sichuan red, zc rose red, g682, tibetan blue.
Marble: grass white jade, mystic cofee, rhine bluezhm12, loyus green, gaillo crystal, zh-m123, tiger S, coral red. Jan 26, Contact  

e 10788 USA:  We just acquired a landscape business in Texas and are interested in purchasing lots of rock and stone. Please e-mail me a price list. Jan 26, Contact

e 10708 USA: I am an employee at a college in Florida and we were looking to acquire a large boulder for landscaping purposes. The dimensions we were looking for are 3' wide by around 5' high. We need something that is somewhat cost effective and has the ability to be painted. Jan 22, Contact

e 10644 USA: Send me a catalogue of your different stone products and/or stone wholesalers close to the Nashville, TN area. I have a retail landscape store. My contact no. is 615.82..... Jan 19, Contact

e 10601 Iran:  We intend to purchase the following items for our client partner in Austria.  
Specified Quantity: Granite Curbstone and pavement stone about 15,000 running meter of both granite curb stones and pavement stones. Geographical purchase area: Turkey, Czech Republic. Our client partner is looking to conclude this deal sometime within the next week or so but we are not happy with the current supplier's effort in Turkey. The suppliers need to send me a quotation of both FOB and CRF prices to Enns port Austria immediately for consideration of this purchase. 
This deal will be finalized within the next 8 days we will choose a supplier to work with. Our contact no. is 98 21 24.....Jan 16, Contact  

e 10581 USA:  I am an interior designer looking for relevant information for resources and specifications on FIELDSTONE. My contact no. is 248-48.....Jan 15, Contact

e 10552 USA:  I am a Landscape Architect employed in Ohio. I was searching for salvaged foundation stone, either barn, house or bridge abutment. 
I am working on a dual park project here in Delaware Co. The properties are directly across the road from each other. One site is to be developed as a historic farm (circa 1920) and the other site is more of a typical park with shelter houses, trails and play areas. I would like to use some salvaged stone blocks to create a seat wall and also for kids to climb on jump off of etc.. My thought is that this salvaged block will help to tie in the rural/historic farm theme along with the use of other materials in the same vernacular. I'm not sure of how many ton this project would require but I'm looking to create about 70' of seat wall (stone that would not exceed 18"-20" in height) and also looking for some possibly larger stone to place in the play area. Eventually, we will need more stone as the development of the historic farm gets underway. Please send me information on stone type, sizes and prices and a phone number would be helpful as well. Jan 14, Contact  

e 10358 USA:  Please quote for Maryland River stone. Want to purchase 25 tons per month. 
Will buy and pick up from anywhere in the New England Area and Maryland. We sell to building suppliers. Our tel. no. is 973-28...... Jan 6, Contact

e 10350 USA:  I want Kentucky stacking stone. I am developing a subdivision in central GA and need a fairly large quantity. I need to know the nearest location to Macon, Georgia, price etc. I have a tractor trailer so I can send for the stone. Jan 5, Contact

e 10264 USA:  I am interested in a price list and product brochure with all materials I can use for patios and all paving. Our company installs patios, walls and countertops. Dec 29, Contact

e 10157 USA:  Please quote for landscaping materials. See price list 1133. Dec 19, Contact


8993 USA:  I need #4 size white river stone. I am in GA and my contact no. is 706-54..... Please quote with delivery costs to zip 30628. Will you definitely place an order at $30 per ton delivered. I can order within days. Quantity reqd. is 120 tons. Application is Stone mulch. Size range is +/- Egg size. I am ready to pay postage cost of samples. I am a Landscape Architect of a large commercial project. Sept 23, Contact

e 8853 USA:  Need price and delivery cost to Oxford, AL for landscaping supplies such as mulch, stone, pine straw, etc. Sept 11, Contact


e 4763 USA: Our landscape architecture firm is interested in locating any stone suppliers that sell Texas Shellstone. Nov 12

e 9738 USA:  I am looking for Sand Binder. I have an 1100 sq ft Pennsylvania Blue Tumbled stone Patio. It is about halfway completed, and I am trying to decide between mortared joints or sand. I am in CA 95219. My tel. no. is (209) 47.....Nov 21, Contact

e 9729 Canada:  I am looking for a supplier / installer in the Ottawa area to give a price in covering the front of my bungalow in a simulated stone / random stone look. The size is 45' x 12'. My phone no. is 613 44...... Nov 20, Contact

e 9424 USA:  I am looking for wholesale landscape products by the container load from China. We will place an order within 30 days. We are looking for payment terms as well. Fountains, Benches, Tables, Birdbaths, Flower pots all in Granite. Various colors and sizes as well. I am located in New York 10306. My phone no. is 212-47.....Oct 30, Contact

e 9260 USA:  Please quote on stone garden troughs, fountains and benches, as well as traditional Japanese style lanterns, guide posts, planters and similar items. Looking for a supplier who offers most of these products so that a container could be formed for an order for our nursery. Oct 17, Contact  

e 8816 USA: I am opening a retail business buying and selling natural stone and some landscape products in the Atlanta area. I would appreciate it if you would forward a pricelist/catalogue of your products. My contact no. is 770-78.....Sept 8, Contact

e 8632 Canada:  We are a landscape supplier in southern Ontario and are looking to carry landscaping product from your area. Please call at 519-87...... We currently retail approx 700 ton of product from our yard per season and are growing. Aug 25, Contact 

e 8513 Germany:  Please quote for commercial quantities, means full 20' container on fob-bases. I am located in Bremen. My phone number is germany-421-8300.....I am natural stone trader since 20 years. Looking for the best offer on fob-bases. Order can be -first trial container - immediate. Material to be shipped to Germany. Required material is white and yellow mixed quartzite flagstones/crazy paving, packed in wooden crates, natural cut surfaces. As far as I know this material is quarried in Brazil area. Aug 14, Contact

8477 USA:  We need a price quote on Idaho Quartzite Gold, Silver and Canyon. One full load of at least 25 tons delivered to Kenwood Calif. 95452. We are a landscaping company. Contact no. is 707 83.....Aug 12, Contact

e 7777 Canada: I deal mainly in landscape stone but am open to expanding into other areas. I am a stone distributor in the Ottawa area and would be interested in your product and pricing. July 2, Contact

e 6324 USA:  I am a general contactor from Southern Illinois. I want a supplier of landscape materials. Please send your product line prices, etc. March 5, Contact

e 6283 USA:  We will be starting a landscape supply business and are interested in getting quotes on small landscape stones. We would be looking for stones that range in the 4-6 inch size down to the smaller pebbles (landscape rocks ranging from small to boulders) and would like to find supplier that delivers to Muskegon, MI. All my materials need to be quote with delivery freight to my business in Muskegon, MI  Boulders from India do not state what type of mineral. And if there is someone from your company that could call me direct (231)73..... it would be helpful. I am just trying to find the best suppliers but want to make sure of the item we will be receiving. Boulders can not cost us more than $60.00 delivered per ton.  Delivery would be in Muskegon, MI. March 1, Contact See Offers

e 5581 USA: I want Eden, Chilton, Valders, and Oakfield wallstone and steppers. I plan to stock material of landscape supply for opening in early Spring. Looking for a supplier in Ohio or closer. Jan 18, Contact

e 5474 USA: I want to start a landscaping supply company in Iowa. I would like a current price list and retailer discount information. I am in Iowa 50223. Tel: 515-35.....Jan 10, Contact 

e 4963 USA: I want garden products and artifacts to be used inside and outside homes. Please quote with images. Refer to pricelist 330 as reference. I am in Charlotte, NC 38377. and my phone no. is +1-704-54.....Nov 26, Contact See Offers

e 3953 USA: I want wholesale distributors of marble and granite statuary, basins, urns, lanterns, fountains and planters. Mostly garden ornamentation but also some indoor rocks as well, like pedestals. I currently own and operate a monument / garden art company and sell in my large local market. I will be looking to stock some/most items. I need prices per item along with freight charges and any discounts if large orders are sent in bulk shipments. Delivery to Memphis. My contact no. is 901-7..-.... Aug 26, Contact

e 2530 Holland: We have to supply and install paving stones made out of natural stones. The sizes and quantity required are 14 x 20 x 10 cm - 22000 sqm (5500 tons). Top surface sawn, after sawing the surface must be sandblasted other sides natural cleft. Delivery schedule is 4000 sqm before August 1, 2002 and 18000 sqm in December, 2002 and July 2003. Please quote CIF Rotterdam. For more details click here. Feb 26 Contact, See Offers,