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September 2006
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This page lists Quarry Machinery Inquiries. The system of responding and the latest inquires are at www.findstone.com/tiall.htm

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Latest inquiries are at www.findstone.com/tiall.htm. Inquiries sorted by countries, product categories and previous months are displayed at www.findstone.com/tilinks.htm 

Year 2006 inquiries

e 21200 Tanzania : Please send me your quotation for block excavating machine as displayed in ready stock 557. Aug 12 Contact

e 17707: Please quote for block extracting machines like the one displayed in ready stock 557 of findstone.com.  May 18 Contact 

e 17684 Yemen: We are planning to buy different new/used machines for MARBLE Quarry and Factory. We saw your adv online and we would like to get full information, technical specifications, photos and FOB prices about these following machines: 
WATERJET Cutting, Hydraulic cutting and polishing machines for stone, Pelegrini Cutting and Pantografo. Our tel. no. is +967 1 5......May 14 Contact

e 17682 Vietnam: Need to contact quarry machinery manufacturers. May 14 Contact

e 17569 USA: Quarry Machine: I am interested in posting an inquiry to buy quarry machinery. May 2 Contact

e 17541 South Africa: Quarrying Machine: I am searching for a second hand multi blade marble block cutting machine as I am currently mining marble blocks in South Africa. Please email me photographs and a price list. Apr 28 Contact 

e 17489: Please send me the prices of an all-in-one granite excavation machine. Apr 23 Contact

e 17480: Please quote for blocks excavating machine. Apr 22 Contact 

e 17231 Kenya: Please quote for block excavating machine as displayed in ready stock 557. Please provide the details of the for machines. Telephone no. is 0722-8.....Mar 23 Contact

e 16993: We are looking for Pelegrini wire saw for quarry work. Mar 1. Contact 

e 16975 USA: Please send me information and pricing of gangsaws & cable saws for cutting slab stones.  Feb 28. Contact  

e 16939 Pakistan: We are looking for complete Quarrying and stone processing Equipment. Feb 26  Contact

e 16931: Please quote for stone excavating machine as displayed in ready stock 557. Feb 25 Contact  

e 16893 Kenya: I am interested in a machine which will be able to traverse straight and cut both vertically and horizontally at the same time to give a stone of between approximately 200mm by 200mm and a length of about 400mm. Kindly give me a presentation of what is available on these lines, the associated prices for a new machine and also for a used one if available. This will enable me to make an informed choice. 
A diesel operated hydraulic machine with rotary cutters( Saw type) is preferred. Feb 22 Contact 

e 16663 Romania: I need the price list of Stone Cutting Machine for big block extracting and cutting of lime stone. Jan 28, Contact

e 16569 Kenya: Quarrying Machinery: I like to have a price for the block excavating machinery. My tel. no. is +25402037.....Jan 21, Contact

e 16467 Kenya: Looking for a stone cutting excavating machine which is operated in quarries. See stock list 557. My tel no. is +2547225.....Jan 17, Contact

e 16177 USA: We are looking for marble cutting machinery. We have a marble mountain, however we do not have any experience in this industry. Please contact me so that we can discuss our machinery needs.  Our tel. no. is 1-253-63.....Dec 27, Contact

e 16132 India: Send us details about rock drilling products. Dec 21, Contact

e 16093 Vietnam: Please provide more info. about ROCK DRILL TAMROCK PANTERA 1100, RANGER 700, CHA1100. Our tel. no. is +84-4-72.....Dec 17, Contact

e 16022 Turkey: We are interested in your quarrying machine products for our quarry and also for import- export business and we look for lasting relation with a reliable suppliers. Please inform us about the details of your products, with acceptable prices and kindly provide us your product catalogues or CD which includes all available data in it. Dec 13, Contact

e 15822 Netherlands: We are interested in a secondhand hydraulic rock drilling equipment that can make holes at least 5 inches or 12,5 cm in marble with a length of 10 meters. Please send us information on fax or email. Our no. is +31 7250.....Nov 29, Contact

e 15781 UAE: Please provide us with some information on industrial (blocks) granite/gabbro/UB rocks cutting machines. Please mention the type of machine, daily production capacities, price of machinery, range of machines you produce, delivery period (to be delivered to Dubai UAE),  back-up facilities, warranties and Payment conditions. My phone No is: + 971 50 73.....Nov 26, Contact

e 15537: More info need on block saws. Nov 10, Contact

e 15215 USA: Quarrying: I have several thousand acres that was let to me in a settlement. I own about 169,000 acres in Texas. I am thinking about rock mining, but don't know anything about it! Equipment needed, where to sale, etc? I do know the different types of rock, but should I surface mine? Excavate? actually dig? What equipment is needed? I know on most of the different leases I have more moss rock than I could every get out, sandstone, flagstone, etc. My tel. no. is 214-22.....Oct 16, Contact 

e 15094 Kenya: Email me relevant information on new or used quarry stone cutting machines from China. I Preferred sizes 460 mm by 230 mm by 160 mm. I want to start a small business. Oct 8, Contact

e 15070 USA: Quarry Machine: We are looking for a  Pelegrini wire saw for quarry work. Please send more information. Our phone no. is 610-34.....Oct 6, Contact  

e 14970 USA: Quarry Machine: We would like to built a full automation plant and purchase all the necessary machines for excavating and processing limestone from the USA. Need to find suppliers of equipment and machines for mining limestone. The limestone site is in Bulgaria. Sept 29, Contact

e 14921 USA: Quarry Machine: Please send marble cutting/excavation equipment info and or catalog. Sept 25, Contact 

e 14851 Syria: Quarry Machine: Please send for us the price list for the new and used equipments for rock drill:
1 - shank T 38 Used & New
2 - Copco BBe 57 Used & New
3 - Ingersoll VL-140 Used & New
4 – LM 100 Used & New
5 – LM 470 Used & NEW
We are distributor company. Please send for us the price -photo - condition. Tel.+963 33 4.....Sept 21, Contact 

e 14798 Yemen: Quarry Machine: I want CHAIN SAW MACHINE FOR VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL CUTS. Please quote CIF MUKALLA YEMEN for the following: 
Please indicate:
freight cost to MUKALLA YEMEN, Payment terms, Delivery period, Packing specs, shipping weight
Total CIF cost TO MUKALLA YEMEN. Our tel. no. is 00967 738.....Sept 17, Contact

e 14551 Hungary: Quarry Machinery:  We are interested for used mobile jaw crushers, vertical impact crusher - feed 50 mm, and for mobile conical crusher (on wheels or on tracks or on ski) - feed is 100 mm, product to 16 mm. Sept 1, Contact

e 14543 USA: Quarry Machinery: I would be interested in purchasing a cable saw to cut boulders and slabs. Please send any info you may have to me as soon as possible. My tel. no. is 208 26.....Sept 1, Contact

e 14505 Kenya: Quarry Machines: Kindly send me quotation for used building stone cutting machines. Aug 30, Contact 

e 14326 Kenya: Quarrying machine: I want to purchase a block extracting machine. Kindly furnish me with information about the machine plus: The price up to the port of Mombasa. How to ship it to Mombasa. Any other information of other quarry machines and their prices. My tel. no. is 254-720-7.....Aug 19, Contact

e 14217 Australia: Quarrying machinery: Could you tell me if you have water cutting for quarrying out Sandstone blocks from the quarry benches. Aug 14, Contact 

e 13913 Zimbabwe: Quarrying Machine: Please provide us with some information on industrial (blocks) granite cutting machines. We have a customer who is setting up a granite processing plant. We would appreciate some information on the following questions: 
1. type of machine
2. daily production capacities
3. price of machinery
4. range of machines you produce
5. delivery period
6. back-up facilities
7. warranties 
Our tel. no. is 263 11 2..... July 30, Contact 

e 13859 Mexico: Quarry machinery: I have a lot of "Quartz-rich Mudstone" in my land. I would like to get the equipment to cut the rock in little pieces without making a lot of mess with it. Please let me know the prices of the different machinery to install to break huge pieces. How much money do I have to invest? July 27, Contact

e 13824 UK: Kindly send us prices for stone quarrying machineries for a medium scale quarry industry. July 26, Contact 


e 13721 Nicaragua: Looking for stone cutting machine, 2 or more units (depending on prices) used or new, please send all info possible. July 21, Contact

e 13691 Kenya: We have a quarry land with volcanic tuff stone beds. We are interested in the purchase of these stone cutting equipment for cutting of building stones. See ready stock 557. Please send me the technical details and the FOB price, cost of freight to Mombasa. July 19, Contact 

e 13681: Please quote for block excavating machinery from quarry as displayed in ready stock 557. July 19, Contact 

e 13651 UK: Recently found some marble deposits on some land that we own. I would like some information for acquiring machinery for extraction and processing. July 18, Contact 

e 13587: We are in need of Granite excavating machines. July 14, Contact

e 13451 Russia: We are interested in natural stones (Granite, marble, travertine) and blocks cutting machines. We need block cutting machines in quarries, that can be used in places where water supply is problem (it can cut dry) by the way machines can be new and used. If you have above mentioned machines we are ready to buy or barter for our stones. July 6, Contact

e 13212 Kenya: We are looking for a Coral stone cutting machine which cuts horizontally and vertically. Please let us have some details and quote us. Our tel. no. +(254)-41-2.....June 20, Contact

e 13206: Need to contact stone suppliers and quarry machinery manufacturers.  June 20, Contact

e 13145 USA: I am a real estate agent with a new marble mine not yet in production. Product in ground estimates (no core drillings performed yet) indicate could be to $5 Billion U.S. 
Looking for what total package of equipment would be indicated, to get started into production, then the ramp-up to full production, should cost for prospective buyers / quarriers. Prefer a total list of equipment, as well as any costs to bring to central Nevada to locate on site. 
I also need to know what the equipment requirements are as to power, water usage per/hour/day, and personnel needed to run the equipment, for 24 / 7 operations. Would like information on frequency of planned down times for maintenance. This should be a large scale operation when in full production.
Need equipment for extraction, recycling water, shoring, elevators, transfer of product. My tel. no. is 702-49.....June 17, Contact 

e 13109 USA:  Please forward, by mail (snail) all information, pictures, prices on machinery that is readily available to be sold machinery for extracting blocks of sand stone, bridge saws to cut blocks, etc. June 15, Contact

e 13087 Kenya: I am quarry owner. I would like to have prices for block extracting machines CNF Mombasa port. My tel. no. is +25402037.....June 14, Contact 

e 13036 Kenya: I want a block extracting machine that can cut stone of approx  15' x 6' or 12' x 6'. See ready stock 557. My tel no. is 254- 722-7.....June 11, Contact

e 13035 Kenya: I want a block extracting machine as displayed in ready stock 557. My mobile no. is +2547227.....June 11, Contact

e 13026 Saudi Arabia: We want to buy block extracting machine from quarry. My tel. no. is 00966722.....June 11, Contact

e 12887 Syria:  We are in need for a machine with all equipment for cutting the rocks from stone quarry in the mountain to preparing the big mass of limestone & Sandstones to be suitable for cutting by small saw to preparing the block for building the houses. As we know there is a Trencher “Loader” for cutting the rocks with special saw. We need the information about the operation and the technical specification. Our tel. no. is +963 33 4.....May 31, Contact  

e 12861 Saudi Arabia:  Please quote for block extracting machines as displayed in ready stock 557. May 29, Contact  

e 12832 USA:  Where I can buy a portable saw for slicing fieldstone into slabs? I am near Albany, NY. My cell phone no. is 518-24.....May 27, Contact  

e 12372 Kenya:  Please quote for block extracting machinery. Apr 27, Contact  (Buyer has paid deposit)

e 11985 :  I need a Hydraulic machine for cutting tufa and sandstone. I need the price in US Dollars and the availability of spares. Mar 31, Contact  

e 11852 Kenya: Quarrying Machines: Please quote for blocks extracting machines. See ready stock 557. Mar 24, Contact 

e 11842 USA:  I am interested in buying a CHAIN SAW CUTTING MACHINE and having it shipped to Aleppo, Syria. Please send a quote. Can you also arrange shipping? I am in Texas 75207. Mar 24, Contact  

e 11796 UAE: We urgently need machines for extracting blocks from the quarry as displayed in ready stock 557. Please inform us of price, origin of the machine, present Location, technical features, cooling system, engine transmission and available units. Also send us alternative offer if you have any other machines available with the same function. Our tel. no. is 00971 4 88......Mar 18, Contact  

e 11357 Nicaragua: Please quote with more information for cutting machines for extracting blocks from quarry. Feb 24, Contact

e 11297 New Zealand:  Please quote with images for stone breaker, 2 unit Furukawa stone hyd. Breaker 1996. Feb 22, Contact

e 11278 Singapore:  I am interested in EX120WD & Kobelco SK04 excavators. Please quote with images. Feb 21, Contact

e 11192 Nigeria:   Please quote including shipping to Lagos for a drilling machine, qty. 2 nos. cost  I would like the goods to be shipped via UPS. Feb 18, Contact

e 11188 Taiwan:  We are looking for used construction machine Ingersoll-Rand Air Compressor. Please quote us with detail’s specification and photographs if available. Feb 17, Contact  

e 10659 UK:  Looking for CORAL Cutting machines (for quarry's.) that cut vertical and horizontal at the same time. I require the machine for the machine for Kenya. Attached is a picture of the machine that I am looking for. Jan 19, Contact

e 10659 UK:  Looking for CORAL Cutting machines (for quarry's.) that cut vertical and horizontal at the same time. I require the machine for the machine for Kenya. Attached is a picture of the machine that I am looking for. Jan 19, Contact

e 10400 : Want stone cutting machines for extracting blocks from quarry. Please send more info. See ready stock 557. Jan 7, Contact

e 10147 USA: I am a quarry owner. Please quote with images for Pellegrini saw and quarrying equipment. We are presently enlarging and up dating our Quarries and mfg facilities in California. 
Dec 19, Contact

e 10248 USA: Please quote for a Multi Block Wire Saw. Also mention the cutting capacity and the size or diameter of diamond wire it uses and what has the saw been used for before. Dec 28, Contact

e 10035 Australia:  Please provide with the price & availability for a set of upper & lower self adjusting hydraulic jaws (including prices for the individual teeth), suitable for a 150 ton press which I have. I plan to split granite up to 500mm wide. Dec 11, Contact

e 10030 Egypt:  Please quote for a chain saw-cutting machine as we are very interested to buy some for our new quarries in EGYPT. Especially the chain saw cutting machine without using water. Please send us your kind offer, attached with full technical data. Our tel. no. is +20275.....Dec 10, Contact

e 9872 India:  We want a diamond saw for cutting Hard Quartzite drilling core samples from iron mines. Can you please send us details of machinery being manufactured for this purpose. Our contact no. is 091-657-21.....Nov 29, Contact 

e 9410 Mexico:  We are interested in the Pantera drill for a job in Mexico. Oct 30, Contact

e 9366 USA: Machinery: I have a small quarry in New York and am looking for a good used bridge saw that can handle big stuff, up to 10" thick. Please send some info on saw including blade size, the cost, how old it is, dimensions and set up. Oct 26, Contact

IN: e 9282 India: We are a quarry owners and traders of Indian granites. We need green based granite rough blocks and polished tiles from SRIKAKULAM (AP). Please quote your price F.O.B CHENNAI. Oct 19, Contact

e 9229 India:  We are into granite quarrying and processing. We would like to have the details of 2000 mm cutting saw and Machine. Please send us all specifications and price. Oct 14, Contact

e 9042 Egypt:  I want to buy a quarrying machine with wire saw technology. I have my own marble mountain in Egypt. My phone no. is +20936......Sept 28, Contact

e 8625 Pakistan:  We are interested in Wire Cutting for quarry of marble and granite. Kindly send us your catalogs along its prices. Our tel. no. is 0092-91-8.....Aug 24, Contact

e 8465 Lesotho:  Please let me know a list of Sandstone mining and quarrying machines. The rough estimation of price for each. The maximum output capacity for each and whether each of those can use both electricity and diesel or not. Aug 11, Contact

e 8164 Kenya:  Please send photo and cost for a CHAIN SAW CUTTING MACHINE urgently for a quick sale. See ready stock 392. July 26, Contact

e 8167 Vietnam:  We are in the field of Construction and Machinery. We want Earth drilling rig ED 5500 (used one). July 27, Contact

e 8048 USA:  As an import & export business, located in Florida, please quote with conditions for a Wire Saw for Granite/Quarry (Granite wire with Plasticized safety assembly wire H.I.P. sintered beads 40 beads), qty. 50m. Some basic conditions and terms we also need to know are: Payment conditions, Accept credit Cards, Delivery time, Gross Weight, Net Weight, Warranty, Any other import information regarding this Product. We would also like to have your catalog. July 19, Contact

e 7771 South Africa:  We are looking for a Boart longyear pneumatic drill S25 (Production). Those drills are only/mainly used in South Africa. Our phone no. is +52 488 88.....July 1, Contact

e 7631 Kampala: I want Hand Held Rock Drills, Button bits T 38, Down the hole Button Bits (DTH Bits), Breaker tools (pneumatic Breaker tools), Chisel Bits and cross Bits. I own a quarry and know of other who who will buy the surplus tools from me. Please send me their price lists. My contact no. is 256-077-4.....June 21, Contact

e 7500 USA: I want quarry drilling tools & machines. Please email/send me your price catalogue with pictures. June 13, Contact

e 6646 UAE: We are looking for some used machinery and equipment to purchase. If you have any of these items so please reply us and give us the full detail of that item. But the price of the items should be low and reasonable. The required items list is as follow:-
1) Wheel loaders ( cat 950, 950 B, 950 E, kobelco 450 or 700)
2) Forklifts ( toyota, mitsubishi, hyester, cat) caicity more then 5 ton
3) Used engines, generator and air compressors (atlas copco, deutz, cat, nissan deiasl, mitsubishi, perkins, yanmar)
4) Used truck fitting crane (unic, tadano, kato, atlas, hiab)
5) Mountain or rough terrain crane Japanese cranes only (unic, tadano, kato)
My contact no. is 00971-5-69.....April 7, Contact 

e 6058 Ethopia: We need your machinery to extract blocks from our quarries. 
1. Please send us very competitive prices quotation.
2. Please send us your machinery catalogues through post office. We are in Addis Abab. Feb 18, Contact