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Offer 4: Ours is  basically a mining company dealing mainly in building stone, road metal and ballast, ordinary sand and silica sand being largely consumed in building sector and dimensional stones (mainly slate, sandstone and quartzite). For the building stone, road metal and ballast, ordinary sand and silica sand, we have 100% indigenous consumption, that too mainly in the Capital City i.e. New Delhi and adjoining suburb areas. We are presently  mining and marketing about 20000 metric tones of silica sand per day and 40000 metric tones of road metal per day.


In view of our capacity of handling big project in mining sector, we are now intended to execute bulk orders for the supply of slate & sandstone with various finishes in residential and commercial sector.


We would like to supplement our credentials with necessary business documents which you may like to consider. Further details on our company are given below :-


We are the most diversified business house operating in the fields of mining & processing of minerals and building stones, natural stones, paints & chemicals, oil & solvents, clothing & readymade garments and I.T. Services.


Our main mining activities are confined to the NCR (National Capital Region), bordering New Delhi. Our group has got over 60 no of mining leases of major and minor minerals/rocks viz. silica sand, china clay, quartz, quartzite, school slate, slate stone, sandstone, ordinary sand, road metal & masonry stone.


Total mining leasehold area is spread over 8000 hectares. The mining leases are initially granted for 20 years renewable thrice for further 60 years. We are the largest Quarry Operators for above minerals and rocks in India. We are in the business of mining for the last over 30 years. We have been recently granted the mining leases of slate & sandstone. We are now introducing mechanization in slate and sandstone mines, which were otherwise operated manually. We have also installed a processing plant to get edge cut, honed, calibrated and polished tiles to meet the export requirement. A 100% EOU is being installed near Delhi to centralize our processing activities.


Presently we are actively operating in the fields of mining, processing and export of world famous Kund peacock slate, Bihali slate (multicolor fossil and black), Mahun Multicolor Slate- all flooring & roofing slate, Sandstone (Exclusive White, Off White, Pink), Dusty Way, Beige, Tinted mint . Apart from standard sizes of tiles, slabs, pavers, random, cobbles , kerbs, crazy etc are also available.



Products :-


The following types of material is available with us :

A.         Slate


1.       Bihali light multicolor-fossil

2.       Bihali Black

3.       Kund multicolor(peacock)

4.       Mahun


Standard Size


Sawn Edge                                    Chipped Edge


500X250 C/E*

60X60 S/E* 405X280 C/E

                                    60X40 S/E                               305X305 C/E

60X30 S/E 300X200 C/E

40X40 S/E 387X190 C/E

30X30 S/E 400X200 C/E

30X20 S/E

*S/E : Sawn Edge/Machine Cut (thickness 10-15mm)-Flooring

*C/E: Chipped Edge/Hand Cut (thickness 5-7 mm)-Roofing


B.             Sandstone

1.        Exclusive White

2.       Off White

3.       Tinted Mint

4.       Beige

5.       Desert sand/Dusty way

6.       Pink / Dark Pink

7.       Agra Red

8.       Fossil Sandstone


                        Standard Size of Tiles


60X60 S/E & C/E

60X40 S/E & C/E

60X30 S/E & C/E

40X40 S/E & C/E

30X30 S/E & C/E

30X20 S/E & C/E


*      S/E:Sawn Edge/Machine Cut (thickness10-20,15-25,20- 30,25-35mm)

      *    C/E: Chipped Edge/Hand Cut   (thickness 10-20,15-25,20- 30,25-35 mm)


                            Blocks of Sandstone of required dimension


Offer 3: We can supply Sandstone Block from approx 10 different UK Sandstone Quarries.  Three of these stones are Pink/Red/Brown Stones previously used in the US.  Corsehill Sandstone was used to build the ornate Staircase in the Capitol State Building.  We can also supply Sawn six sides material and finished hand craved masonry products.
offer 2: We can supply but need complete info i.e.
- quantity and sizes
- delivery location and phone no.
- prefer to buy locally or import? any preferred countries?
- stone details - country, trade name or description, image, is it in FindStone's Stone Album?
- status of project, expected purchase date, & decision criteria for purchase e.g. price?
- application - where would it be used? or your company profile if you are buying to stock it
If you have prices, tell us what they are.
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