e 5309 USA: My clients have taken over a 30,000 s.f. retail furniture space and are converting it to a "mini-mall" with subtenants. The common pedestrian /food court areas shall need a durable flooring material as porcelain tile or granite tile. It is not an upscale space, however, and the budget for the 7000-7500 s.f. areas should somewhat compete with local 12" x 12" porcelain tile. After looking through your web site, China & India appears to have the most competitive prices, but I am uncertain about delivery prices to the Baltimore or tariff fees, if any. It appears that the pink/grey speckled or lighter color granites are less expensive. The clients have not decided upon the flooring finish at this time but need to see samples and prices.

I have obtained a demolition permit and will apply for a building permit in a few weeks. The client hopes to finish his work and open as many subtenant spaces as possible by early summer. There is a loading dock with conveyor used for furniture delivery.

I have not purchased stone for clients before and am therefore subject to mistakes. My main concern is to find reliable suppliers and perhaps you can at least inform me of a supplier's reputation. However, perhaps I can make a little income by seeing that my clients receive good stone products at attractive prices. I design tenant spaces as well as retail buildings with split block, brick, tile and dryvit finishes.

In this vein, one of the subtenants is opening a wedding/photo shop and would like to afford 600 s.f. of marble tiles, ivory color. I was looking at Greek tiles. I shall have many of the other subtenants and hope to combine orders. It would be truly useful if there are hard stone products that can compete with local commercial ceramic flooring tiles in price and durability.
I would then attempt to substitute stone tile for wall and floor finishes where ever possible in as large quantity as possible. Dec 24,

Buyer's reply in blue: I would like to try direct importing and need to know what my duties are here in Baltimore. I have checked the Maryland port, Customs and a local  broker who is busy until mid january. I need someone to fill out the import papers. I assume that the exporter will provide all relevant information of the shipment. Also, is it possible to mix the granite colors  or marble colors in a container. If yes, how many different colors per container? Is it possible to mix tiles and slabs in a container ? Jan 3, 2003.

I had replied earlier but was not specific except for pricelist numbers. If possible, I would like samples for granites or marbles under $20 per square meter, more or less. If that is too broad a request, then I can narrow it upon internet images. At the moment, I hope to order a container of 12 x 12 x 3/8 (300x300x10) granite tiles. I may be able to put together an order for a container of marble tiles if I can mix colors in a container. It would be preferable if I could mix colors per container, whether granite or marble. 
Offer no. 4 had images on pl 858. Small samples of colors shown would be appreciated
Offer no. 5 also had images but offered 2 cm thick tiles. We prefer 1 cm and samples.
Offer 21 : samples of travertine and marble at $20/sq. meter or less.
offer 38 : samples of marble ,granite at $20/sq. meter or less.
I would like to have samples to show other prospective clients.
I found images/price lists numbers 811, 884, 837 and 797 to be of interest.
How quickly could I receive samples and is there a cost? Jan 7, 2003

I am interested in seeing images and prices of your marble as well as granite. For the granite, my client now wishes a darker color with a light border. I myself prefer the opposite and will attempt to persuade him for a lighter color with a darker borders. However, I would like to see a range of colors for future clients as well. I am also willing to pay for delivery of marble and granite samples by Fed Ex or other delivery service. However, I need to know the delivery cost before 
final approval. Jan 10.

Price is important. The marble is primarily to show clients and we prefer a range of colors at $20 per sq. meter or less; $25 or less with CIF to Baltimore .Also, The C&F USA port. Can you deliver to the port of Baltimore ? I may give my fed ex account number after seeing the images. Jan 10, 2003

I am interested in seeing images of the tile
and marble of pricelist # 837. If they can email me some images , I can also email my Fed Ex account number to pay for samples. Jan 17, 2003.

Offer 75: We are ready to supply our granite as shown in the attach, our price is 30 $ / M2 as slabs polished Fob Alex Port. Egypt (images forwarded)

Offer 74: I would like to tell the man that I would help him tear down the building if it had old beams and brick in it and so if he could please contact me

Offer 73:
We could supply gray granite flame textured 30mm thick tiles for approx. $40/sqm. delivery in two full containers to Baltimore I hope this is of interest to you, samples can be sent if required.

Offer 72:
Interior stone in 12x12 we have a wide range of colours. We can offer this in the $4.50 USD a sq/ft. Shipping will be around $1000 US. 

Offer 71: I can be able to supply you what you require at very low prices. I service the metro Washington DC and Baltimore area.

Offer 70: granites at $20 would be only in small sizes like 12inch x 9inch or 6inch x 6inch, etc.
we can supply marble, sandstone Kota stone and slate at $20 per sq. meter.
Images are there at the Findstone stone album of Kota stone and sandstone.
We can send you the samples in 8 or 10 mm free but you would have to pay the freight.

Offer 69: 
Great product for commercial projects. Available finishes that meet the ADA requirements ( on dry and wet surface) are honed, sandblasted, flamed and the latest river washed. 
Not knowing your local market, here is few prices for Porcelain tiles, Homogenous Porcelain tiles, Greek Marble and Granite tiles and Limestone tiles to compare ; Referenced products are processed and/or manufactured in Italy.                              
Pricing FOB Baltimore Port; Sales tax not included. 
Porcelain  12x12: $ 2.50 / sqft        
Homogenous Porcelain  12x12: $ 4.50 / sqft   
Greek Drama W. Honed 12x12: $ 5.00 / sqft  
Thermal Rosa Beta        12x12: $ 7.50 / sqft   
Alhabra Beige Limestone 12x12: $ 5.00 / sqft   
It would be useful if you indicated the following info:
Color palette: Single colors or combinations you want to use.
Special pieces: Trims, Baseboards, Skirting, Stair nosing etc.
Date of Purchase: You should allow 90-day advanced ordering for smooth operation.
The third attachment is greek tiles that can compliment your client's flooring needs for the wedding / 
Special pricing for full-truck-load orders is $ 4.00/sqft.

is it possible to mix the granite colors  or marble colors in a container. If yes, how many different colors per container?
Up to four ( 4 ) per container. You must understand that the more colors in the same container, the more you add to your final landed price/sqft.

Is it possible to mix tiles and slabs in a container ? Jan 3, 2003.
Most of the companies do it. I personally do not recommend it! To eliminate breakage, minimize freight cost/sqft and maximize sq ft / container, you should not mix the load. Container with slabs (depending on sizes 3500 sqft to 4500 sqft). Container with tiles 12x12x3/8 ( 7900 sqft).

If possible, I would like samples for granites or marbles under $20 per square meter, more or less.
We can certainly send you the enquired samples. However, our pricing  cannot meet your $ 20.00/sqm. The best price (FOB Livorno, Italy) we can offer you for polished granite 12x12x3/8 for several colors is as follows:
Rosa Sardo Beta A: $ 3.50 / sqft
Rosa Sardo Ghiandone A: $ 3.70 / sqft
Rosa Porrino A: $ 3.50 / sqft
Bianco Perlato Sardo: $ 3.50 / sqft
Silver Star/Bianco Tarn: $ 3.60 / sqft
Serizzo Antigorio: $ 3.50 / sqft

Derived from my experience as an architect by trade and a stone consultant in Europe and the US, using polished granite in your high traffic/food  areas may reduce food staining/soiling but it eventually will turn into a high maintance flooring selection. After a while, your granite tile floor will lose its polished look and wear out unevenly.Another serious reason for not using polished tiles in commercial projects, is ADA requirements for anti slip surfaces in public areas.  
Now, in case you want to use greek marbles throughout your project, here is what I recommend;
Colors: White, Semiwhite, Green, Gray, Cloudy
Finish: Honed and semipolished
Format: 12x12x3/8
Grade: Commercial
Average Price: $ 3.10 / sqft FOB Atlanta

General Comments

By using greek marbles you will definitely add to your building's prestige. A successful recipe in using greek marbles is to accent your floors with colored marbles. This way, you will get the most for your money. Design History has proven that visitors always appreciate it when interesting materials are used in public buildings, malls etc.. We maintain an average stock of 200,000 sqft at any time in our facilities in Georgia and an equal amount of stone in California. I can send you samples of stones I recommend via Fed-Ex. Advisably, when you are ready to purchase, you should meet us at the warehouse in Atlanta for final inspection and ordering. Here are some of our latest projects in the US;                         

Trump Int'l, NY: Thassos Std.; 9000 sqm
 MGM Grand, Las Vegas: Drama White, Volakas; 11000 sqm
 Park Towers, Las Vegas: White Thassos, Volakas, Tinos; 6000 sqm
Trump Executive Suites, Miami: Thassos Std., Volakas; 12000 sqm
 Bellagio, Las Vegas: Volakas, Drama White, Damasta; 14000 sqm
Ocean Villas, Los Angeles: Semiwhite, Thassos Std.; 35000 sqm

Corcoran Museum, Wash. D.C.: Cloudy, Semiwhite; 3100 sqm

Offer 68: We can supply you green marble products which is thickness' 1 cm and more. Also we can manufacture tumbled or polished marble.

Offer 67: We can ship anything to you at no additional cost.  as long as the purchase is in containers.  you can mix colors and slabs and tiles.  obviously the slabs have more weigh than the tiles and the more slabs you have in a container the less sq. footage you have which makes the container with more weigh and less product.
however we can send you samples via internet but we need to know what colors you need.  we can charge for the granite 14.99 and for marble 9.99.  that includes shipping and handling.  our products come from europe and have the best quality.

Offer 66: Some options..
1.  Porcelian tiles (Vitrified) look like Crema Marfil... very good quality ... Full container of 600x600mm tiles...  $2.35/sf FOB East Coast Port, Custom Cleared, Duty paid.
2.  Good quality Ivory Cream.... 12x12x3/8"  very light beige (touch of pink) from Middle East ..  OR Crema Marfil from Spain ..... $3.25/sf....FOB EC Port.
3. Chinese Granites ... light grey, off white, light gold ...  12x12x3/8" ...  2.25/sft.  FOB EC Port.
We will handle all customs etc and give the client container at port for onward shipment to job site.

Offer 65: The speckled product referred to in your letter is obviouly what we call a body through speckled porcelain.  It is the original commercial porcelain product that has been in use for many many years.  It comes in a variety of colors and in matte or polished finish.  The manufacturer I represent has 12 colors in his line.  I have requested a binder be sent with chips to show you the colors.  Delivered to door on the matte 12x12 1ill be approximately $1.10 per foot and on the polished 12x12 around $1.75 per foot.
These products are of the highest commercial quality and can be installed indoor or outdoor without the worry of freeze, thaw damage.  It is commonly installed in food courts.  The most recent that comes to mind is the Philadelphua Airport food court between B and C terminals.  Its approximately 7500 sq feet in size.  As soon as I get the binder I will forward it on for your perusal.

Offer 63: I am  a direct importer of granite tiles, slabs, and prefabricated poducts. If the buyer of this inquiry needs any granite material we can supply from  Georgia to Baltimore. We have ready stock of all types here in Georgia.

Offer 62: We could be ready to supply porcelain. We are capable of sending samples as well, our proceeding requires that, we supply samples F.O.C. and our customer pays for the transport, that will be reimbursed if the customer ultimately places an order. Pls. let me know whether I can be of any help. Italy

Offer 61: Our company  is located at XIAMEN CHINA .We exort all kinds of stone products to Australia, Poland, America, Japan, the Mid-East etc. We have supplied many projects  granite and marble tiles, slabs, countertops etc. We can supply excllence quality, competitive price and promt delivery. Looking forward our cooperation and welcome to XIAMEN

Offer 60: My quote on the marble and granite from China your requested:
Quote 1: from China
             Marble Tile, Polished,                   Granite Tiles, Polished
12"*12"*15mm      GX White                        Anxi Pink       Changtai Grey           
Maple-leaf Red
FOB China            1.6                             0.95             1.25                    
CIF Baltimore       2.0                             1.35             1.65                    
Quote 2: from USA warehouse. The Chinese granite and marble tile already in stock in the US. see www.findstone.com/pl/864.htm
Can you tell what is the thickness of the tile your are looking for? 12"X12"X10mm or 20mm? The quote will be different.
I would appreciate samples Of your granite and marble samples sent to Baltimore, Md, 21209. Jan 8, 2003

Offer 59: We can offer your choice of 17 different colored granite materials in 12"x12" polished finish at a landed price in Baltimore of $5.53 Sq. Ft. The colors range from the white and gray speckle that you mentioned to
light golds, peach, pinks, burgundy and so on. We can also give you choice of additional 10 materials (granite) in same size at $6.10 and these colors include greens, black, and dark golds.  We can also offer porcelain tile in neutral tones (light ivory and beiges to darker tones of beige, gray, rust, etc.) in 12"x12" matte or  polished finishes at $2.95 Sq. Ft. landed in Baltimore. This is based on full container load quantities and may improve based on total amount of order. Lead times on granite tiles are approximately 45 days, and porcelain lead time is 4-6 weeks. Terms are 50% with the order and balance upon receipt of bill of lading.

Offer 58: We can provide Granite tile 12 x 12 for a container for $5.50 per square foot, delivered to Baltimore, USA. These are fine materials and first grade.  the color range are black and white, grey pink and yellow. Please contact for more info. Samples would be privided upon request.

offer 57: For this heavy traffic area  we would suggest you use 3/4" thich  material.
We can offer   Sardinian Rose   12"x12"x3/4"     at $ 5.15/sf      C&F   delivered East coast USA.
High quality material   Polished  or honed surface, bevelled edges. Packed in crates & containerized.
We would wellcome yr request for Greek & Turkish marble tiles  and can quote according to requirements.
Mixed containers are possible, marble & granite tiles , and also slabs.
Under $20,- per s.m. very difficult. you can get a commercial quality material for app. $ 27 per s.m. up.
We can also help you with your import and direct you thru a customs broker in Baltimore to facilitate your work.
Pls advise what you are interested in. Both marble & granite tiles and we can quote accordingly.

Offer 56: Our company is located in Rome, Italy and would like to offer our products for satisfying the request for materials for the mini-mall as well as the other projects mentioned. 
Our company is able to provide a variety of marble and granite and in particular Roman Travertine.
Our costs are very competitive for the quality and service offered and we would like to invite you to contact us for further details regarding the materials preferred as well as any needs you may have such as samples and pricing.

Offer 55: we can certainly provide granite and marble tile of the highest quality to this individual to satisfy his current requirements. We have 120 different types of Greek marble. 7.6K to 8.1K square feet of marble or granite is no problem whatsoever. However, we will not be able to offer him porcelain tiles for the current number of square footage he seeks. On the other hand, we would be able to accommodate porcelain tiles if the order were for 30K square feet. In order to see whether we can compete with local 12" x 12" porcelain tile prices, as the prospective customer desires, it will be necessary for him to be specific on a number of matters, such as:
(a) Exactly how many square feet of tile does he require?
(b) What is the local price for 12” x 12” porcelain in the local Baltimore area?
(c) The quality i.e., high, medium, low of the granite and/or marble he desires.
Based on his further input and specifications we will have a better idea of what we can reasonably offer him, and we will be in a better position to isolate samples and prices based on those parameters.  We must also inform this prospective customer that FOB will be Boston, MA. We can certainly send the tiles to Baltimore; however, the costs for the shipment will be incurred by the recipient, and will be in addition to the price of the tile.

Offer 54:  Regarding Mini Mall based on our experience we offer two articles: 
1.  Granitic Porcelanin 12x12 from Malaysia.  We can send picture via email.   
2.  From China 12x12x2 1/2 Polished or non polished Light Gray Granite.  $15.00 per m2.   
3.  Our president is engineer and economist and from 1965 he has been importing and exporting material in the whole world.  We can guaranty that the quality regarding the price is what the client wants.  
4.  the client can arrange inspection of material once the material is ready to be shipped.   
5.  In 15 years working in thsi market none of our clients have sent to inspect material and they are all very happy to work with us.
6.  Payment terms:  Bank L/C to be discussed according to order.

Offer 53: We have two colors of granite tiles (12"x12" 1st quality , 35000 sq ft each) in stock which suit your color & price target. It is Sandy Gold & Grey Pearl. We can offer $2.5- 2.75 /sf and we have volume deep
discount shipping rate with shipping company.

Offer 52: Kindly be informed that we can supply grey poreceline or grey marble tiles in 12"x12"x3/4" and 12"x12"x3/8" tiles. your buyer's quantity of 30,000 sq.ft. can be delivered on Baltimore U.S.A. PORT IN FOUR MONTHS TIME FROM THE DATE CONFIRMATION OF ORDER RECEIVED, SUBJECT TO TERMS OF PAYMENT AGREED

Offer 51: We have several colors of granite to choose from In the range of $2.75 - $4.75 per sq. ft. These prices would be FOB your job site In Baltimore, and the price may very slightly depending on the zip code for delivery. We can fit 30,000 sq. ft Into 4 containers maximum. Please let me know what the zip code for delivery Is, and what colors you are Interested In. Samples can be forwarded to you within a few days time.

Offer 50: For the travertine tiles(18"x18" or 16"x16")  i can make the price: $1,7 per sqf. And $1,3 per sqf
laminate. payment: COD in USA.

Offer 49: We have indian granite tiles in 12x12x 3/8" format and 18x18x1/2" format starting at $ 3.00 per sq.ft. in stock at our warehouse in NJ.

Offer 48: Please see http://www.findstone.com/pl/800.htm

Offer 47: See http://www.findstone.com/pl/863.htm

Offer 46: We have a porcelain product that resembles stone and we sell it in large quantities specifically for projects such as this.

Offer 45: I am interested in supplying you with the granite tiles you are requesting for the area. I am located in New York, so it would be very easy for me to bring them to Baltimore. You would need to contact me for further information on shipping prices.

Offer 44: We are one of the biggest supplier in xiamen China. Our company established 8 years ago. We export since then wide ranges of granite and marble products to many countries in Europe Japanese and Amarican Market. All the products are always of the top quality and the package condition is excellent for transportation from our customers to the end users. We are sure that you will be satisfy with our products.
We hope that our best price and best quality would expand your market.

Offer 43: We can offer 30000 sq. ft. of Good Green Marble Tiles in Size 305 x 305 x 10 mm duly caliberated, mirror polished, chamfered and grooved in first quality @ USD 19 =00 per sq. mtr. on F. O. B. Indian port basis. If the party so desires, we, can send samples. Please advise.

Offer 42: I am writing to you as a Sales Director to offer you our services, meeting your demand to import  porcelain tiles. We are a Spanish company which has dedicated to trading with natural stone products: balustrades, ceramic, friezes, fireplaces, columns, fountains, tables, mosaic work, decorating objects, quartzites, rustic stone, sink, slabs, stoneware, tiles, washbasins, etc.

            Our company can provide 4 types of material for the project that you are going to develop:

1.       Ceramic Tiles:

Measure: 31,6x31,6x0,8 cm.

Prices FOB: Between 5.40 and 6.50 Usd/sq.m.

2.       Extruded Porcelain Stoneware (high quality):

Measure: 30,5x30,5x1 cm.

Price FOB: 15,50 Usd/sq.m.

3.       Porcelain Stoneware (Compactto):          

Measure: 30x30x1 cm.

Prices FOB: From 18 Usd/sq.m.  based on the chosen model.

4.       Reconstituted marble:

Measures: 30x30x1 cm.

Prices FOB: From 27 Usd/sq.m.  based on the chosen model.


* The load for containers of 20 feet until theU.S.A. is of 1440Usd.  Ports of New York or Norfolk  

We hope this venture meets all your needs. If you are interested in our offer, please let us know to extend information on products and the details of the operation.  
Our company can provide three lines of product that adapt perfectly to the necessities of the client:
1. Porcelain Stoneware (Compactto): Available 40 colors 
Measure: 12x12x3/8 cm.
Prices CIF: From 19 Usd/sq.m. based on the chosen model.
2. Reconstituted marble: Available 6 colors
Measures: 12x12x3/8 cm.
Prices CIF: From 27 to 30 Usd/sq.m. based on the chosen model.
3. Marble: Available 8 colors
Measures: 12x12x3/8 cm.
Prices CIF: From 24 to 30 Usd/sq.m. based on the chosen model.
*The price CIF is for containers of 20 feet (720 sq.m.).
*Ports of New York or Norfolk.
The reconstituted marble is a more homogenous material in color than the natural marble and very is used in surfaces that they have to support to great transit of people by his hardness and quality of finished.
In attached archives it can see photographic examples of products. If you want to receive a detailed budget you indicates the range of colors that interest to more, quantity and other details that you consider important.

Offer 41: We are in position to supply Verde Alpi & Granite Tiles 12x12 & 24x12 inch US$ 18 C&F USA Port. Please clarify your interest & size, may can make the offer at lowest and intersting.
I have gone through your detailed letter and I understand that this is your 1st time import. Normally you do not have to pay import duty in US as we support the shipment with GSP Form, further you must clarify this with you shipping agent who will be handling your imports & deliver the Cntr to your destination. You can have half Cntr filled with Slabs & half with Tiles, however the most effecient way is to keep Slabs seperate & Tiles seperate. Once you give your exact requirement we can work out the loading pattern and brief you accordingly.
GREEN: There are number of shades in Green, do you prefer Medium Dark Green or Verde Alpi (Green with White Veins)
GRANITE: Are you looking for a white base or cremish.  
Once you are clear, we can send you the photographs and a few you can view here and if necessarry we can send the samples for your final approval.

We were not seeking green colors but still find it of interest. We are seeking 3/8" or 1 cm thickness tiles. It may be 12 x 12,16x16, 12 x 24. Please send images of your granite , regardless of color, that are $20 per sq. meter or less. If you have marble, we would like to see that too. Jan 10, 2003

Offer 40: We are a Singapore-based company and a major exporter and manufacturer of granite tiles and flooring, granite tops and counter-tops from our factory in Xiamen, China.  We are confident that we are competitive in our pricing and quality standards and controls. Regarding your inquiry, we will appreciate it if you could please let me know more details of your requirements so that we can offer you our most competitive to suit your needs.

Offer 39: The following is our quotation:
   Item           Size              Unit Price(CFR Baltimore)
G623(white)    12"x12"x3/8"      15.05USD/M2 C
G603(white)       same           14.85USD/M2 C
G617(pink)        same           14.85USD/M2 C
G636(pink)        same           14.85USD/M2 C
Insurance to be covered by the buyer. We are uncertain about tariff fees, please consult to your local customs. It takes a voyage of 27 days from Xiamen to Baltimore.

Offer 38: We are a professional stone supplier in China specializing in exporting various types of stone products including marble, granite, sand stone and monuments. For most of our products are from our own quarries, so we can assure you quality products, competitive prices and professional service.
Here I email you our best price for Granite G001 and G002.
With good hardness, it suits for large superficial engineering construction and counter .
It is in bright and steady colour,adapt to large superficial engineering construction and counter .
Item No.          ZH-G001
Image:            http://www.findstone.com/CHIgran4.htm
Price FOB (China port):   USD18  /SQM for 305x305x10mm                         
Item No.          ZH-G002 (G-623)
Image:            http://www.findstone.com/CHIgran4.htm
Price FOB (China port):   USD 10.00 /SQM for 305x305x10mm                                        
supply ability:   8000SQM/per month for one item                      
Payment terms:     Irrevocable L/C at sight
Quality guarantee: we send the buyer digital images for confirmation before  shipment.After getting the confirmation, we ship the goods.If there is still a problem, buyer will give proof , we will give a discount at agreed rate .
Packing style:    wooden crate
Delivery period:  within 30-45 days after receiving the original L/C
I am interested in seeing images and prices of your marble as well as granite. For the granite, my client now wishes a darker color with a light border. I myself prefer the opposite and will attempt to persuade him for a lighter color with a darker borders. However, I would like to see a range of colors for future clients as well. I am also willing to pay for delivery of marble and granite samples by Fed Ex or other delivery service. However, I need to know the delivery cost before final approval.

Offer 37
: We are in a position to supply the Granite tiles in Grey & Pink shades at very competetive prices as we are very near to raw material quarries.The necessary deatils/samples  can be sent on exact requirements. We are also having ready stock of Granite-Block at Kandla Port.

Offer 36: one of the largest manufacturers, distributors and exporters of marble & granite in Egypt. Kindly find our price list at www.findstone.com/pl/776.htm

Offer 35: I can supply any of the products that you are looking for at very good prices.
As you said in the email, India upon experience, has the best quality stone and are very reliable suppliers.
For example I can supply your subtenant with  beautifull ivory colour marble floor tiles at US$18 per square foot delivered to his door. I can therefore supply you with with the following products ( wall, floor or counter tops ) at the best prices possible:
GRANITE: 20 different colours (blacks, greys, reds, browns, whites, yellows, greens, creams, pinks)
Average price of US$25 per square foot, delivered to your door
QUARTZITE  (As hard wearing as granite): 13 different colours (pink, blacks, browns, whites, copper, greens, silver) Average price of US$15 per square foot, delivered to your door
MARBLE: 10 different colours (browns, pink, greys). Average price of US$20 per square foot, delivered to your door.  
SLATE: All colours available. Average price of US$7 per square foot, delivered to your door
SANDSTONE: All colours available. Average price of US$8 per square foot, delivered to your door.
LIMESTONE: 9 different colours. Average price of US$7 per square foot, delivered to your door

Offer 34: If the customer is looking for flooring tiles that will be attractive and durable then granite tiles should be selected. Ceramic tiles are pretty but cannot handle the traffic whilst Marble is porous and the white marble will end up being yellow. The customer is obvious looking at pricing and it is possible to supply granite tiles to compete with ceramic and marble. G603 could be a popular material for the project and the price should be competitive enough.
If you need prices please let me know. I would suggest checking whether the customer is happy with the color.
The buyer can import direct from the factory but for the first purchase we want the buyer to come through us (you and me) to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Duties from China are about 6.5% and all the paperwork for clearing the container can be done by the forwarding agents. It will cost the buyer a small fee for the work but it is worth it.
The buyer can mix granite slabs, granite tiles, marble tiles in the container. Shipment goes by weight and will be limited to 20 MT for the container.
An example of a possible granite is G603. Buyer can look at your stone album for that material. This will be within their price range of under $20 per m2. 
In order to ensure that the buyer is serious, they will have to pay for the courier of the samples. The samples will be free.

Offer 33: we need to know the thikness of the tiles also prefare what finsh type polish or anticato or acide anticato  and the port witch we will deliever the material

Offer 32: where is your project ?? And ?hat are your local pricings ? Is multidimensional stonework going to be applied or consistent square,round,oval applications ? They might possably save on $ by having  multidem installed in alot of applications as in walls even traffic and common

Offer 31: there is a number of different options we may offer you.
But we need answers to the the following questoins:
1) Job location? (city and state)
2) Do you wish us to submit a deliver/install price?
3) Is the cost of the job more important to you than the colour/qulity of the product?
4) What is the lead time available?
As soon as we will get answers to these questions we'll be able to provide an indicative quote, which may be revised uopn final drawings and job site inspection.

Offer 30: I am a granite processor from bangalore,India.I can give you the best prices for the 12"x12" granite polished tiles. Kindly give me an idea to what color would you prefer. i am ready to send you the samples with the quatation.

Offer 29: we r ablr to render the desired material against ceramic tile with long durability. granite is the best alternative which posses these quality. 

Offer 28: our prices for granite tiles 30*30*2cm ranges from 25.5 USD (per sq.meter) to 50 USD; FOB "Bandar Abbas" port. This port is one of our important port cities for trading and using ships for carrying the stones to allover the world. We work with L/C and also guarantee our products to have the quality promised to our customer. We can provide them with our catalogue and then samples.

Offer 27: Hello in Baltimore, I saw your add and I an respond to it. As for the  porceline tiles, we can provide the fard Crema Marfil look alike in the 12"x12"  or 16"x16" and bigger but the 12"x12" will cost you approximately $$1.75 each piece FOB. Sacramento, California. If you wish granites your average prices woul be around $3.75 per sq/ft. if its beige (Ivory) marbles very beautiful from Indonesia your price would be around $$2.75 sq/ft. Now if you want cheaper prices we can get the commercial kind which has small variations a few spots here and there etc. this would roughly cost 25% less.
As mentioned earlier about the porcelin and the inexpensive marbles and granites. I gave prices. The Porcelins look exactly (look alike ) to the Crema Marfil from spain. Send me your UPS account number or AirBorne what ever I will send him his samples.

Offer 26: i own a very large manufacturing business in Melbourne Australia. i have a  china logistics division which expediates dealings with china in a method which is easy and understandable but more importantly honestly. please contact me only if you are not sure in your dealings with othetrs. we can help you because we have our own companies in china that are specifically involved in stone and ceramics.

Offer 25: we can suply the stone you need
Offer 24: For beginning I wish in you and near in you that better for the new year 2003.
1)With regard to your question for the reliability of my work I could to you say that as soon as this month you finish one from the bigger work with marble from Greece.
It is a tower 32 floors in the centre of
Israel his which tour has other 10.
2) All you deliver they became in the time where we had agreed in the harbour of Piraeus in our own Athina with ey'cini and expenses.

Offer 23: There are so many stones to choose from according to what you describe. I am unsure from your message if you are local (Miami, Florida) or I should be thinking in terms of adding freight to your destination to whatever pricing we quote. Please revert with locations (Cities/Countries) of the projects you spoke of in your email so that I can better serve your needs.

Offer 22: I am located in Georgia, USA. I have a good ware house and good stock of variety of granite tiles and related materials. I can supply any material at very affordable price. I deal with Indian granite.

Offer 21: We are an exporter/producer of natural-resources-intensive sector in Turkey. We would like to introduce our
- Travertine
- Special grave stone
- Marble
-Building material(table top, kitchen top)
- Granite
They are competitive in both their high quality and  low price as we manufacture them in our own plants ourselves. We have been working in this area for ten years.If you need any further information such as samples or catalouges, please don't hestiate to contact us. We are always ready to cooperate with you.
Enclosed is a brochure which gives you general information  about our products (www.findstone.com/pl/859.htm)
Please send brochure with images and prices. Samples of marble and travertine under $20 per sq. meter would be very useful. 

Offer 20: Please advise in what area this project is in. I am a large tile and stone distributor in the northeast.

Offer 19: We have a 40,000sf warehouse in the Virginia area and will be more than happy to quote you on a delivered price for your granite needs.  We are also one of the largest supplier of natural stone in the mid-Atlantic. 

Offer 18:
We can supply granite tiles in Jhansi red, siera grey, absolute black and other colours in tiles cut to order size.
If you are serious to import granite tiles from us , please advice.

Offer 17: After reading your comments regarding lighter granites being cheaper, I felt I also must let you know that they may be cheaper because they absorb more moisture and therefore stain much easier. When selecting a stone for a commercial application, one needs to be aware of the maintenance factors involved as well as the initial cost.   
We can supply a granite called Dakota Mahogany, a brownish-red stone that is excellent for commercial applications. It's absorption rate is .106% by weight..this is very low.  You should take a look at this data from any stone you are considering for your projects. I would also recommend you obtain samples of the stones you like to see if they perform as well as needed.  
I would be glad to send you samples if you forward your shipping address to us. 

Offer 16: We are one of the largest and oldest importers and distributors of natural stone and fine ceramic tiles in the United States.  We have locations around the country, and although we are known for our upscale material, we also work with budget-conscious customers to furnish excellent material, at reasonable prices.
We could take care of the sampling and import for this client as a service, charging 10% of the value of the shipment.  You buy from, in China, or we could handle the import from a supplier he chooses. All risk would be yours. Since you wants to purchase stone for about $20.00 per square meter (ex-factory), yours options are limited to Chinese granites. Our fee would be $1,400 (approx. 10% of the value of the container). Again, you will have to add on the Findstone fees.  You will pay all charges in advance. 

Offer 15: we certainly would be able to supply you with stone that is durable and suitable for mall application.  We do very large retail mall environments both for the mall developers themselves and the individual stores.
We have porcelain tiles that range from $2.00 up and would arrange for shipping direct to site.  Marble and Granite stone range from $3.00 and up.
Please let us know what colors you are looking for and whether you are interested in granites or porcelains.
We can then send you our samples and brochures.

Offer 14: We will be glad to send you samples and prices.

Offer 13: We own factories and quarries overseas and a big distribution center in California.  we can supply inexpensive granite tiles from under $3 per sq.ft. delivered in the baltimore area and we also have a huge selection of Greek marble available.  If we combine shipments of the two you can minimize transportation costs.  Please let me know your requirements and i can give you a more detailed quote.

Offer 12: Granite is NOT the right product for this type of space.Any stone product will expensive to maintain.This is coming from a company that only sells stone products.

Offer 11: Looking at your requirement i think Slate will be suitable for your budget. For your reference Jersey Gardens outlet mall in NJ used slate stone for whole of ground floor. Our store offers a complete and diverse line of Slate, and Granite stones for both commercial and residential application. The products we offer are wide range, superior quality with competitive prices. Enclosed is our price list and a list of items in stock. 

AUTUMN 12”X12”, Gauged $1.60 
GOLD 12”X12”, Gauged  $1.60
MULTI COLOR PINK 12”X12”, Gauged  $1.35
BLACK 12”X12”, Gauged $1.60 
SRA (KASHMERE GOLD) 12”X12”, Gauged  $1.80
NG GREEN 12”X12”, Gauged  $1.60
RED RAJAH 12”X12”, Gauged $2.00
AUTUMN 16”X16”, Gauged $2.00
GOLD 16”X16”, Gauged $2.00
MULTI COLOR PINK 16”X16”, Gauged $1.75

We also carry Sandstones, Limestone and rough Granite ,Granite steps for Landscaping (Teak, Rainbow, Kota Blue, Kota Brown, lime Green, Grey Granite, Black granite and more)  with various thickness and sizes and more.

*Slate tiles are machine cut on all sides with natural cleft surface and gauged back.
*Prices are FOB New Jersey.
*Prices are subject to change without notice.
*Call for Container Prices, special orders and free Samples.
We do all the paper work for you.We have our own Shipping + Custom broker. Only thing you need to do is unload the material at your site.We have our parent company in India who import to all countries. We can give you cantainer prices and you can mix colors. We can send images through email or 4 x 4 samples but you pay the shipping. We need what are the colors you are interested.

Offer 10: We can supply with affordable granite tile, pink with grey speckles. 
There is no cost for samples and yes you can mix in a container.  Do you have specific tiles in mind?
I need to show samples to my client , though I am fairly confident that they will give me an order for a container of  granite tiles  in two colors. The $20 per sq. meter is based upon my estimate of total costs. I see shipping cost numbers in the offers which mention $1200-1600 to Baltimore. I do not yet know all the fees that I will
incur at the port of Baltimore, but I hope to find out soon. I have an estimate of $250 to transport from the port to the job site. My guess is that the costs will be $2100-3000 plus unloading costs. I also see in your "services arranged by Findstone" that you get competitive quotes from shipping lines. 
I am willing to pay for samples, but need to know before shipping. If the samples are small and the total weight under 10 pounds, air delivery by Fed Ex or other service is acceptable. Jan 10, 2003

Offer 8: We have a number of colors that can be ordered overseas direct and would cost $2.50-3.00/SF landed into Baltimore area for granites. There are some marbles that would be about the same in price in small quantities.

Offer 7: Your best bet would be to either connect with a major distributor in your area of porcelain and or stone. Purchasing 30,000 s.f. of material will not be more economical in the long run. When you factor in freight, duty and RESPONSIBILITY.  A distributor could allow you the selection which you would not otherwise have. The important thing is that you make sure to obtain the appropriate technical data for  you material  The last thing you need are slippage issues or having to remove your floor in 2-3 years due to the product not standing up to your requirements. A reputable distributor of tile can assist you in this matter. We are distributors of a complete line of porcelain tile, stone tile, ceramic tile, mosaics etc. If you would like to come and see our showroom in Ontario, Canada, we could arrange to assist you with your selection. Containers would then be shipped directly to your door therefore not incurring un-needed freight expenses. If I could be of further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience.

Offer 6: There is no question that Marble or Granite is far superior to Ceramic tiles. It also enhances the value of any Mall.
The difficulty of buying different materials for every space and trying to consolidate becomes very expensive.  Our experince is that Tenant improvment does not allow time to import... it has to be bought locally, from what is available... at short notice.
If you can plan on it and let us know all the differnet materials that you will be interested in, we can look inot getting you a great price for truck loads or FCL quantities... that is the only way you can save money and use a better product.
The other side to th eequation.... Budget?  If you tell us what is your budget for tiles, we can give you some very good options and materials that wil be suitable for Malls.
I also prefer granite, though there is some concern about slippage in food court areas. I understand that it should be sealed 
against oil stains. I am interested in samples of travertine, marble and other stones for floor ,wall , and countertop treatment for future projects. I would like to be able to show samples to new or other clients.
Jan 10

Offer 5: I am just a loyal granite supplier from China, and have a reputation on exporting marble and granite products with competitive price. I absolutely understand your current thoughts that need a reliable supplier as well as high quality and lower price. We always keep warm eyes on clients' demand and try to meet them as possible as we can.
Also we kindly quote our preferable price according to your mentioned on enquiry:  Grey with speckle
FOB QingDao
12''*12''  Granite  2cm thickness (please check the pictures attached) 1.09USD/sq.ft
Delivery  within 3 month after irrevocable l/c by noted bank
We need 1 cm thickness tiles. Also, our current price range is around$20 per sq. meter or less. Please send samples of  the images that you have sent and others if possible. Send as soon as possible. We would like to see any colors within the price range . Jan 8, 2003.
We can provide 1cm thickness of granite in color of Light Grey. The price just as same as 2cm thickness
The latest price is : 1cm thickness 
Light Grey FoB QingDao 19.8USD/SQM
I think that is our lowest price can be quoted. 
CIF Maryland Port 1cm thickness
92220004: 13.6USD/SQM 
92220005: 22.1USD/SQM
92220007: 13.4USD/SQM
92220012: 22.4USD/SQM
92220013: 12.4USD/SQM
92220016: 18.4USD/SQM
Payment: irrevocable L/C at sight issued by noted bank
Delivery: within 3 month after l/c 
The $5 is under "services arranged by Findstone". Jan 10.

Offer 4: We are one of the largest manufacturers of granite in China.  We manufactured and process our own stone, thus we can offer superior quality with competitive prices.  Enclosed is our price list.  Feel free to contact our US office for more information. See http://www.findstone.com/pl/858.htm
We would like to have samples of the products that you have shown . They all appear to be in our price range except for the black. If you have marble in the same price range, we would like to have images or samples as well. Please send as soon as possible. Do you mix colors in a single container or must they be of one color only?  What is the approximate shipping cost to Baltimore and the approximate time between placing an order and delivery to Baltimore. Jan 8, 2003.
At US office, we only have samples of G601, G664, G636, G614, Green of China, G603, G605,
G606, and G636 (http://www.findstone.com/pl/858.htm  is our price list if you need detail on the granites) in a 12"x12"x1" box. If you request a complete sample, we will need to request it from the factory at China, which will take a while. If you are interested in the sample box in the US office, please contact us as soon as possible. 
Please send US samples. I am willing to pay for Fed Ex or other deliver service of your samples from China. If $150-$200 or less, please send asap. Jan 10, 2003

Offer 3
: We are a company based in manhattan, New York and have granite quarries & fabrication units in India. We have some new colors from India. The FOB India price would be around US$ 2.80 per sq.ft.. Shipping cost to Baltimore would be around US$ 1900.00. Customs clearing & forwarding to destination in Baltimore would be around US$ 750.00. We can take care for everything for you. Payment to be made locally by check. Quantity would be ONE FCL. Please let me know if interested. The colors you can get are pink, cream, cocktail, brown, light grey, light grey with light brown speckles, green, brown & black. All our colors (except green) have small black speckles in them.
Thanks for replying. Let me tell you that Indian granite will be more expensive than Chinese granite. But Chinese granite has a lot of variation and if you're laying it in a large area, the variation will be very distinct. Our Inidan granite would cost you around US$ 2.80 per sq.ft. FOB India. These prices are for 1st. grade granite with almost negligible shade variation. You could mix different colors in one container. Each pallet would have 360 sq.ft. of 12"x12"x10mm tiles. So each color has to be in multiple of 360 sq.ft. 
We are based in Manhattan & Wilmington and have our own quarries & processing units in India. Please let us know your address so that we can ship you some samples of our granite shades. Also please feel free to call, email or fax us for any further clarifications. 

If you have an option of using anti-skid ceramic tiles (12"x12"x10mm), we can supply ceramic tiles with US standards for about US$ 1.00 per sq.ft., landed at your site in Baltimore, MD. If interested let me know. 

offer 2: We can supply but need complete info i.e.
- quantity and sizes
- delivery location and phone no.
- prefer to buy locally or import? any preferred countries?
- stone details - country, trade name or description, image, is it in FindStone's Stone Album?
- status of project, expected purchase date, & decision criteria for purchase e.g. price?
- application - where would it be used? or your company profile if you are buying to stock it
If you have prices, tell us what they are.
offer 1: Select from www.findstone.com/tosell.htm and  www.findstone.com/pricelists.htm and www.findstone.com/readystock.htm and www.findstone.com/matph.htm
Dear buyer, please select the offer of your choice or put your response (to each of the above offers) below the respective offer in blue ink and email it to us. FindStone