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Pricelist 858 granite tiles China  www.findstone.com      info@findstone.com

We are one of the largest manufacturers of granite in China.  We manufactured and process our own stone, thus we can offer superior quality with competitive prices.  Enclosed is our price list.  Feel free to contact our US office for more information.


(FOB - ft2/USD)


G603   (Padang Grey)



G606   (Pink Ribbon)



G614   (Padang Gray)



G623   (Silver Grey)



G633   (Padang Light)



G634   (Mystic Mauve)



G635   (Pink)



G640   (Tarn)



G648   (Rose Pink)



G654   (Padang Dark)



G655   (Rice White)



G664   (Misty Brown)



G682   (Padang Yellow)



G684   (Padang Black)



G692   (Vibrant Moss)



M3001 (Pearl White)



G8300   (Supreme Black)



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