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Alabaster Inquiries September  2006
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e 21240 USA: I am currently having a bronze chandelier made and I would like alabaster shades made for this project. I'm not sure of the dimensions, perhaps it's 8-10" diameter, small on the bottom where it meets the electrified bronzework.........the shades face upwards and are open to the ceiling with carvings on 3/4 of the shade, the top part being smooth.........please respond whether this is the type of work that you do. I am located in the NYC area. Tel: 917-70.....Aug 20 Contact 

e 20709 India: I wish to procure alabaster. I have a capacity of buying 15 containers 20feet per year. Mobile 00919837......May 30. Contact 

e 20583 India: I am interested in purchasing bulk quantities of alabaster from a supplier from Spain. Kindly let me know the terms and conditions of the purchase. Mobile 009198372.....May 16 Contact 

e 20375 India: I am looking for a quarry owner or a supplier from Italy and Spain who can provide me with the alabaster white transparent for wholesale in India. Kindly let me know the procedure and your terms and conditions for this service. Tel: 0091 562 22..... April 19 Contact 

e 20333 Spain: We are an Engineering Company located in Valencia, Spain. We are dealing with a project in which big mineral structures are needed be accessed and touched by children ( 3-6 years). The idea is to have 1,5 m height transparent minerals to be illuminated from the inside in a dark space and create a “giant mineral lamp”. We need 6 of these minerals and they can be different as long as they all are transparent. We need to know if this is possible or if is better to simulate this minerals with void structures of alabaster. Tel: 96 37.....April 12 Contact 

e 20324 USA: We are importers of alabaster in the USA, needed photos, prices and types of alabaster, times of delivery, as rapidly as possible sending by mail or fax to the 972-40...... April 12 Contact

March 2006

e 20083 India: Searching for transparent alabaster suppliers from Spain and Italy. Mobile 0091 98372.....March 18 Contact

e 19952 India: We want to import alabaster rough blocks. March 5 Contact 

February 2006

e 19687: We are developing an inhabited island on the Caribbean region. The construction will start next year but in the mean time we are going to decide for the various suppliers. We require lots of stone, including marble, granite, alabaster, basalt, slate and travertine. Tel: +1 646 41.....Feb 8 Contact

November 2005

e 18855 UK: I am looking for a supplier of stone for sculptures. Typically 30 kg to 500 kg stones and a mixture of stone types (alabaster, soap stone, marble, British mined stone). Nov 11 Contact 

October 2005

e 18627 USA: We would like to know if you have marble stones, alabaster stones and limestone for carving. Looking to find these Stones in Kentucky, eastern W Virginia or Ohio. Oct 18 Contact 

e 18572 USA: Looking for 3-4 slabs (depending on size) of Egyptian Alabaster. Need one slab at least 90 inches long. Want a very dramatic patterning with rows of gold/caramel color alternated with white. Need ASAP to complete a bath project-vanity top and Jacuzzi surround. I am in NH. Cell-207-55..... Oct 10 Contact 

May 2005

e 17657 USA: I am looking for a source for Alabaster Panels of 36" high and 16 1/4" wide with 1" bevel. I have specifications I can fax in order to get availability and pricing. Phone no. is 817.33.....May 11 Contact 

e 17319 USA: Where can I get alabaster slabs for an exterior building facade? Can it be done? Has anyone done it? Looking for very very white alabaster slabs that could potentially be used for a wall.....thus, anyone with info or details should contact, and then discuss the quantity, etc. My tel. no. is (703) 59.....I am in NY. Apr 5 Contact

e 15999 Germany: I am in search for 30 alabaster blocks of the quantity 20cm x 20cm x 30cm. For the beginning I would bring approx. 30 pieces. Dec 10, Contact  

e 15472 USA: Email me relevant information on finding alabaster and soapstone to buy for my work. Nov 4, Contact

e 14852 Ireland: I am looking for alabaster stone for new building facade in Dublin. Sept 21, Contact 

e 14332 USA: I am looking for white alabaster. Does anyone carry this stone? Aug 20, Contact 

e 14293 USA: I am a sculptor and always interested in finding suitable sculpture quality stone at good prices. I purchase in the hundreds of pounds range. I am interested at this time in limestone, but I also work in marble and alabaster. Pretty much anything but granite. My tel. no. is 562.42.....Aug 18, Contact 

e 14239 USA: I am looking for slabs of alabaster and/or soapstone to sculpt. I am in Maui. Aug 15, Contact

e 13563 Canada: I am currently looking to purchase BC Chlorite, Alabaster and some brazilian soapstones. Please send me a price list. July 13, Contact 

e 13526 Australia: Please quote for onyx and alabaster, I use marble and sell to other sculptors. July 10, Contact  

e 12904 Panama: We specialize in importing and selling of all kinds of cut stones. At the moment we import from several countries. 
We are very interested in buying and more interested in bringing a full container to Panama with many samples of them in 60x60x2 in different finishes, together with slabs of other materials. 
In particular from India at the moment we are importing Dolsey beige, Rain Forest, Teak Wood, Pink Onix, Kashmire White and others...
Please send a complete price list of the materials (marbles, slates, quartzites, granites, onyxes, alabaster). Our tel. no. is 507 21.....June 2, Contact

e 12246 UK: Retail: I am a second year student at Universities Contemporary Crafts course and I am specialising in stone carving. Where I can buy pieces of marble, alabaster and other stone suitable for carving. At present I am using Lincolnshire limestone and oddments from a local reclamation yard, but would like to work larger and with a stone that can have a more polished surface. Apr 16, Contact USD 10

e 11846 UK: I am trying to find a source of alabaster supplier in the UK. In particular someone who can supply lumps of 60/70lbs in weight. Mar 24, Contact USD 20

e 10991 UK: I am a novice stone carver. I am just beginning my first stone sculpture ever (in limestone). Please send me information on prices and availability of alabaster and limestone. Feb 6, Contact USD 20 

e 10880 USA: I am looking for a more economical Alabaster supply that I can get in Sydney, Australia. I am a sculptor. Jan 31, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 10132: I am sculptor based in Leicester and would like to find out how much it would cost to obtain a piece of Alabaster to carve. Dimensions could be roughly 30x30x30 cm although not necessarily a cube. I would like to get in touch with the suppliers in the Midlands to see if they had the stone or if they can get it for me. 
Dec 18, Contact

AU: e 4541 Australia: We want a pallet of rock - alabaster or soapstone, although preferably alabaster. We sculpt in a private capacity and exhibit on a small scale. The color is immaterial, as long as it is workable - white, grey, pink, mixture, whatever. We are in Victoria, South-East Australia. My phone number is 03 542..... We would prefer to source the rock from within Australia, however if this is impossible a source as close to this side of the world as possible would be considered. Oct 23, Contact See Offers

e 9851 UK: I represent a small group of sculptors who have carved alabaster and soapstone. We are looking for a place to buy lava stone in the SW of England. Nov 28, Contact  

EG: e 8536 Guatemala: I want to buy one container of Alabaster and other materials from Egypt. I have 8 retails in Central America and want to start to long relationship of business with Egypt for this kind of materials like alabaster.  Aug 16, Contact 

e 7934 China: I am a manager of a company importing stones, located in Guangdong Province. We want alabaster stone, which can be made into transparent lamps.  July 14, Contact  

e 7870 USA: I am looking for a supplier of Marble, Limestone, Soapstone, Alabaster both sheets and blocks. I will purchase with in the next couple weeks. Our contact details are 248-61.....We are in MI. July 10, Contact 

MX: e 7494 USA: I am planning a trip to Mexico and would like to visit alabaster quarries. June 13, Contact  

e 6839 USA: Blocks: I want 10-20 tons of high grade translucent orange alabaster the largest sound pieces we can get. My contact no. is 1-212-24...... April 22, Contact  

e 6783 USA: I am an interior designer looking for good sources for 6 slabs of alabaster either in the States or abroad. This is for a client in Southern California, but were not limiting the search. The stone will be used for stair rises with light behind, and also for light boxes at the tops of pillars. We are looking for alabaster that has a good deal of character, i.e. dark veining, and prefer it to be caramel or yellow tones as opposed to just milk white. Photos can be e-mailed to findstone@vsnl.in and would prefer to find it in the States before we look to import. The project is happening now, so we would need stone quickly. April 18, Contact

e 6742 Australia: I am looking for a source of alabaster or soapstone in Australia, all in reasonably large blocks e.g. 500mm cu. and larger. Or just large lumps. April 16, Contact  

e 6672 UK: We are currently working on a hotel project in Birmingham U.K. And we are considering using alabaster-marble as a cladding to the interior walls in the main entrance lobby. We would like to install the alabaster panels such that some of them can be back lit to give the lobby a warm glow in the evenings. please send quote with product literature and  maximum sizes that the various stones can be provided to our London-office. Our telephone no. is + 20 727...... April 9, Contact  

e 6600 Australia: I am looking for a supplier of marble and especially alabaster for carving. Blocks should range from 1 square metre to approximately 2m x 2m x 1m. I would prefer Australian marble if available but am interested in stone from any source provided the quality is there with minimal faults. I live in Melbourne. 
April 3, Contact  

PT: e 6464 Hong Kong: We want Alabaster from Portugal for manufacturing lamps. Currently we are buying from Spain. We are looking for alternate sources. Click here to see image. We will buy 4-6 containers at a time. Our contact no. is (+86)-760 23.....  March 20, Contact

EG: e 6331 Egypt: Please quote in Egyptian pounds for Alabaster, Bottichino, Filetto Elhasana, and Silvia Marbles. Also mention installation types. March 6, Contact

e 6066 UAE: We want to know availability and prices of White and Gold Alabaster. Feb 18, Contact

e 6060 UK: Blocks: I am a sculptor in south of England. I want soapstone or alabaster. Feb 18, Contact   

e 5626 USA: Looking for sources of alabaster to produce fireplaces, carvings, etc. Jan 21, Contact