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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!   August 31, 2007
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165 inquiries in August, 217 inquiries in July

The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 23655 Nigeria: PLEASE QUOTE FOR COMPLETE QUARRY EQUIPMENTS. The quarry project is for our sister company, DANVILLE ESTATES LIMITED, we are planning to produce materials for our private use and for sale to other construction companies.
If you could provide some details of the quarry plant you can manufacture:
Material to be processed – Limestone, Granite etc.
Annual and/or daily production target e.g. 300 tonnes per hour
Products the equipment can process eg. 40mm, 20mm, 10mm, 6mm
We would also like to know price and basic layout drawing for the equipments. Phone 234-80-386......Aug 30 Contact
e 23654: Please quote for cat 980c and d155a. Aug 30 Contact
e 23653: Please provide best prices for the following. Slab size = 2.7m x .65m x 0.03m 25 x Black Galaxy 10 x Absolute Black 5 x Kashmir White 5 x Indian Baltic Brown 5 x Emerald Pearl Slabs to be Polished apart from base and have Pencil round profile. Telephone: 0044 79841.....Aug 30 Contact
e 23652 USA: We deal in different colors, sizes, finishes, etc. We are looking for exclusive vendors to supply us with the products of our choice at a good rate, timely deliveries, and quality products. We have a big distribution center in the heart of Phoenix, AZ, U.S.A. We stock over 500k square feet of materials at all times including Slate, Granite, Marble, Tiles and Slabs. We are looking for direct sources from the factory to accommodate us with the criteria mentioned above. We would like for you to provide us with Pricing, Lead time for materials, samples to review the quality. Also if you can provide us with Compression strength (ASTM) for all materials possible that would be wonderful. we do export to countries in Europe, Africa, Australia, and Far East countries. If you have other products such as mosaics, borders, pencils, cornice moldings, chair rails, sandstones, limestones, etc. please provide us with pricing for those items. Aug 30 Contact
e 23651: Need 27 Alabaster Bowls 15.5" deep x 40.5" across for a light fixture. - Willing to accept quote from anywhere. tel: 626-44.....
Aug 30 Contact
e 23650: I am interested in using 30sq feet (fireplace surround and hearth) the White Timor stones in the 8-10cm size to use in masonary around a fireplace. Please let me know cost, minimum purchase, and shipping to the Vancouver, BC Canada area. tel: 604-81.....
Aug 30 Contact
e 23649: NEED A ROUGH HEWED 4-5 FT BENCH. Aug 30 Contact
e 23648: I am looking for small piece of Luis Blue granite.  Aug 30 Contact
e 23647: I need for Natural sharpening oil stones from Crete Greece. Aug 29 Contact
e 23646: I am interesting with the 50 ton cranes. Can you send me please the details of cranes? Aug 29 Contact
e 23645 USA: retail: I need information on product. I have a bathroom and kitchen remodeling co. and get a lot of requests for marble, granite, etc. Right now I have one for Daino Reale marble for bath countertops. Can you help me. I will have more orders. Tel: 817-22..... Aug 29 Contact
e 23644 USA: We are working on the renovation of our office, and are interested in buying stone, locally quarried (within 500 miles of Houston) for our countertop (2'-3" x 9'-0"). Reclaimed granite or other stone is another option. Tel: 713.34.....Aug 29 Contact
e 23643: I would like to buy these machines below from your company. Could you please send me total price including cif price up to mombasa port.
(a) Caterpillar Motor Grader
(b) Wheel loader
(c) CATERPILLAR M318 Excavator
TEL: +256 71 2 6......Aug 29 Contact
e 23642: I am looking for a company that can make custom alabaster bowls that are 15.5" deep x 40.5" wide. The quantity will be for 27. My phone number is 626-44.....Aug 29 Contact
e 23641: Looking for 14-16 pallets of either Colarado Rose or Lilac Fieldstone Irregular approximately 1.5 inches for dry laid walkway. Willing to purchase immediately, Need delivery with truck ability to unload materials at site. tel: 908-99.....Aug 29 Contact
e 23640: Looking For bundle of GOLDEN RIVER TO BE DELIVERED ASAP. Aug 28 Contact
e 23639 Saudi Arabia: I am looking for a retail supplier of limestone in Mexico for a patio I am building at my home there. Telephone: 966 3 87.....Aug 28 Contact
e 23638 : I am looking for cylinder stones of marble/ granite/Fluorite Obelisks sizes 20cm x 80cm , 40cm x 100cm. Could you please let me know where I can buy them? Aug 28 Contact
e 23637 USA: I am looking for cantera stone tiles 12x12 color tobacco. The current project I am working on is approx 850sf but I can buy large quantities for the right price. Tel: 602.33.....Aug 28 Contact
e 23635 USA: retail: Need 70 SF Navona Polished and Unfilled Travertine, 12"x12", Floor Tiles with Slight Beveled Edge Buy from USA only. Tel: 434.58.....Aug 28 Contact
e 23634 Pakistan: We are interested in cat 140 G motor grader. Send the pictures of the grader including the pictures of the Cabin and Engine. Telephone: +922154.......Aug 27 Contact
e 23633: Looking for excavators to be used in quarries. Aug 27 Contact
e 23632 USA: retail: Need 50 sq ft of Crema Marfil 12"x12" Marble tile, 1/2" thick or close to it, for entryway of home. Would like to purchase in Bay Area (San Jose, San Francisco, CA). price range: $3.00 to $6.00 per square foot. Tel: 408-91.....Aug 27 Contact
e 23631 : Please quote for Marble slabs from Turkey. Tel: 1-480-42.....Aug 27 Contact
e 23630 Pakistan: Please send the Price C&F karachi and pictures of the grader including the picture of the cabin. Telephone: +922154..... Aug 27 Contact
e 23629 USA: Could you please send an updated price list for Winnsboro Blue Granite per linear foot, ASAP? Please include all sizes available. Minimum order number and volume discounts when applicable.  Aug 27 Contact
e 23628: I am looking for a 50 Ton Crane. How much would one of these costs? Please send a price and full specification. Aug 26 Contact 
e 23627 USA: I am looking for a source for appx 1100 sqft of tumbled travertine as in the attached. Tel: (714) 67.....Aug 26 Contact 
e 23626 Pakistan: We are interested in buying black granite blocks. Tel: 0300 82.....Aug 26 Contact 
e 23625 USA: retail: I am looking for a slab of ming green marble for a bathroom vanity with a finished size of 12' long x 2' wide and 2cm thick. I live in Northern California. Please contact me at 707-43.....Aug 26 Contact 
e 23624: interested in 400 sq feet of blue bahia or macauba 12x12 tiles. Aug 26 Contact 
e 23623 China: Please fax the quotation to us. 
1.      Description of products




& Model No.


AB levels of blackness


Detailed in drawing

2. Packaging: You arrange the packaging as usual at your end, we pay for it.
3.      Working time: The time will be started after you received our deposit and the work should be finished within 6 months.
4.      Shipment: In your plant site, we ship them by ourselves, the expense of procedure involved in the commodity inspection and declaration will be for our account.
5.      Inspection: All the products shall be inspected in your plant site under the request of the sample and the drawing we both have.
6.      Payment: After the contract is signed, we deposit 30% of the total payment. We will pay it in batches. Cash on delivery. The deposit will be deducted for a balance in the last batch and refund for any over payment or demands supplemental payment for any difference in price.
MOBILE PHONE: 0-158294......
Aug 26 Contact 

e 23622 USA: I am looking for either French Pompignan honed limestone or Belmont honed limestone tiles for flooring. I need approximately 1300 sq feet. It is for a home being built in California. I am flexible on the tile size but prefer larger tiles (either 16 x16, 18 x 18, 24 x 24 or large rectangular) and would welcome bid pricing for all the  preceding tile sizes. My telephone is 415-34.....Aug 25 Contact 
e 23621: Would you please send your CIF price to UAE, condition, full details and some photos for grader 14g? Aug 25 Contact 
e 23620: Where can I buy Polishing Compound for Marble? Ph 801-49......Aug 25 Contact 
e 23619 India: I want to buy a gang saw machine, rail line trolley, etc. I am established a marble cutting plant. Telephone: +9194191.....Aug 24 Contact 
e 23618 UK:  I am interest mostly in Ukraine granite and marble. Telephone: (44-20) 733..... Aug 24 Contact 
e 23617 Australia: We are looking for some sandstone blocks for landscaping/retaining wall. What size blocks do you have in surplus? Aug 23 Contact 
e 23616 Bahrain: We are interested in knowing if you have Indian Katni Green marble, Black Galaxy, Jet Black Granite what the price for the same would be in all sizes of tiles and slabs for 500m2. Mob: 00973 397......Aug 23 Contact 
e 23615 Bahrain: I am currently residing in Bahrain and would like to buy marble fountain which I saw on your website (Indian Fountain). 
Is it possible to export the item to Bahrain and if yes how much will be the shipping cost or Air freight. Items which interest me: 002-002, 002-007, 002-011, 002-012. Aug 23 Contact 
e 23614: Need the commercial price per metric tonne (slabs) of Siberian Green Jadeite Jade. Siberian source for Green jade only. FOB quote for 20 metric tonnes in slabs or blocks. Aug 23 Contact 
e 23613 : I would like to make an order of tiles from your store and would like to know the types and sizes you have in stock now and also the prices as well as the types of credit cards that you accept. More over would like it to be shipped to West Africa Ghana. My contact number in London United Kingdom 00447024......Aug 23 Contact 
e 23612: We are looking for a crushing plant for my customer for overseas. Please forward us the details of the plant you have for sale. Aug 23 Contact 
e 23611 USA: retail: I need Slate, China Multicolor, 4" X 4", Not tumbled. 30 sq. Ft for Counter top use. I am in Northern California. Tel: 408 48.....Aug 22 Contact 
e 23610 Vietnam: Please send pictures of stone breakers. Aug 22 Contact 
e 23609 South Africa: We supply and fit granite or marble counter tops to reception areas, kitchens, bar counters, vanity slabs and bath surrounds. We are looking for reliable suppliers of good quality 3cm thick granite and marble slabs. Aug 22 Contact 
e 23608 USA: I am interested in purchasing travertine coping for a free-form (kidney shaped) pool in Northern California. Approximately 36 x 18 feet. Preferably white color. Please let me know if you supply bull-nose coping. Aug 21 Contact 
e 23607 USA: I want to IMMEDIATELY BUY several rough chunks of BLUE ALABASTER that came from the Volterra, Italy region. I'm a direct stone sculptor and usually like to work with chunks between 60 lbs. and 80 lbs. at a time. However, for this stone, I will consider any size, shape, and weight at this time. I do prefer stone that has more blue color and less of the brown and tan deposits frequently seen in some carvings made with this Alabaster. Unacceptable defects are visible cracks and fault-lines. Some vugs ok. Require that you provide photo of stone that I will be buying, before payment is made. Multiple photos are welcome too. Phone: (303) 90.....Aug 21 Contact 
e 23606 Australia: I live in Melbourne Australia and am looking for about 10 square metres of Black Granite, preferably Absolute. I am interesting in purchasing asap for bathroom floor tiles approx 300 x 300 or 400 x 400 in the next week. Can you source these and do you have photos or samples I can view? Tel: 0437 9..... Aug 21 Contact 
e 23605 Pakistan: We are interested to buy Dozer D9H. Please inform C&F Karachi price, Serial No., and send recent photos of the following and other available dozer. Please inform about stock list. Aug 21 Contact 
e 23604 India: I am looking for: 
Novadela Creame - 90 Sqm
Avirio - 325sqm
Corinthian Biege - 125sqm
Honed finish Inca Grey - 70 sqm
Polish finish Inca Grey - 120 sqm
please quote base prices
tel: +91 124 43.....Aug 20 Contact 
e 23603: I am looking for 185m2 Kota Desert. Aug 20 Contact 
e 23602 Vietnam: I would like to inform you that we need the types of machine as follow for our new stock yard:
Excavator: PC450-6,PC200-5,PC200-3,PC120-3
Bulldozer: D60P-6,D50P-16,D41P-3,D31P-18,D31P-16
Wheel loader: 510
Crawler Crane: KH100, KH150
I hope you can firstly offer to us as soon as you get any machine that meet our demand. Direct: +84 90 32......Aug 20 Contact 
e 23601: Please provide more details, pictures and prices for secondhand gang saws. tel: +974-50.....Aug 20 Contact 
e 23600 USA: Need Limestone Pavers. Phone 215-44..... Aug 20 Contact 
e 23599 USA: I am looking for French Limestone Tiles. Massangis Jaune, Massangis Jaune Clair, Fontanay CLair, Fontanay Jaune or St. Marc. Telephone: 858-92.....Aug 19 Contact 
e 23598 Canada: Looking for Marble tile 24 X 24 polished 2000sq -5000sqm Granite Kashmir white and gold counter tops. 7 slabs Will buy from any geographical area need to complete order by 3 months. Tel: 1- 647 89......Aug 19 Contact 
e 23597: I am looking for is Black material as Zimbabwe Nero, Sanxi Black, Belfast (this is not working any more), Impala black or other black material. Mobile: +41 (0)79 43.....Aug 19 Contact 
e 23596 China: Please help us quote the following stones (sequenced in type, dimension, amount):
honed finish botticino marble tile, 450x900x20, 1000m2
honed finish botticino marble tile, 225x450x10, 880m2
polished jet mist granite 30, 700m2
Telephone: +86-21-589.....Aug 19 Contact 
e 23595 UK: Need the details of suppliers of Onyx with price list in Pakistan. Telephone: 0044220840......Aug 18 Contact 
e 23593: I am building a house and would like to understand your product set and what you are able to supply. I am interested in internal and external stone in marble and granite. I presume you can ship to the UK, any information would be useful. Mobile 0774 08...... Aug 18 Contact 
e 23592: Please send me more details for GANGSAW GASPARI (S350). Aug 18 Contact 
e 23591 Canada: I am located near Barrie In Ontario Canada. I am looking for some large granite blocks in your Canada Granites. They are Peribonka, Maple Leaf Red 2 and Autumn Brown. I need these blocks ass soon as possible as I am building a monument. I also need to know how accurate the color is on the screen compared to the color of the granite I could be getting. Please contact me by phone or email and let me know what you have and i will send the the sizes. Telephone: 705 32..... Aug 18 Contact 
e 23590 USA: I am looking for granite quarried in Sweden for a single new home project in Illinois. One 3cm slab, possibly two for countertop. Swedish Standard Black or Bjarlov preferred. No "look-alikes". I may be foolishly sentimental but several ancestors worked in the quarries in Sweden. Needed by March 2008. Telephone: 309-74.....Aug 17 Contact 
e 23589 UK: We are a slate and stone merchant importer based in the United Kingdom, we are looking for a supplier of Iranian travertine tiles in the light & medium honed and unfilled and honed and filled in the Opus pattern. Quotation required for 20ft container load. Prices also welcomed for other sizes in Travertine tiles. Tel 00 44 17665.....Aug 17 Contact 
e 23588 Ukraine: I am interested in Brazilian granites slabs and tiles. Telephone: +38-032-22..... Aug 17 Contact
e 23586 Canada: I would like to have more info on how to buy granite slabs. Telephone: 514- 39.....Aug 17 Contact
e 23585 Saudi Arabia: we are one of the biggest trading & contracting company in SAUDI ARIBIA. If you have any information from the following, don't hesitate to contact us with full details. 
(1) Komatsu Bulldozer -D155A-1-2 series,
(2) Komatsu Bulldozer -D375A-1-2-3 series,
(3) Komatsu Excavator -PC200-5-6 series,
(4) Mitsubishi Excavator -MS180-8,
(5) Caterpillar Wheel Loader -From CAT920 to CAT966C,D,E&F series,
(6) Kawasaki Wheel Loader -KLD70,KLD85 series,
(7) Road Roller -SAKAI-TS200,BOMAG-BW212D & DYNAPAC,
(8) Asphalt Finisher -Barber Green-BG245, 
(9) Back-Hoe Loader -CASE580. Aug 17 Contact
e 23584: I want to buy granite balls, about 12 centimeters in diameter. Aug 16 Contact
e 23583 USA: Where can I buy bulk malar stone? (granules). Telephone: 512-84..... Aug 16 Contact
e 23581 Brazil: We are a Brasilian trade company. We have a client, huge construction company that is asking for LIMESTONE ARENISCA and LIMESTONE PARIS. Do you handle this material. Do you have a picture? If you have them, can you please quote us FOB price? Telephone: 55 11 306.....Aug 16 Contact
e 23580: I am looking for 24x24 black absolute granite. Aug 16 Contact
e 23579: I am interested in purchasing the sink cutting machine. Aug 16 Contact
e 23578 USA:  We are interested in import granite. Do you know if there are any regulation from U.S. custom? Fax: 916-98..... Aug 16 Contact
e 23577 Switzerland: We need very urgent mongolian black, polished, size 30 x 60 x 1.2 cm. We need 400 sqm. What's the price for this tiles and when can you deliver this goods? Telephone: 0041 62 74..... Aug 14 Contact
e 23576 Singapore: Can you send us a test report of warangal black granite. We would like to see if it is viable to use for our project in Dubai. Our fax is 65 684.....Aug 14 Contact
e 23575: We are looking for a french white limestone in block form to buy direct from france.. Aug 14 Contact
e 23574: I am based in Oman (Arabian Gulf) and Canada. We are interested to import used earth moving equipments from Canada. Product like Trailer, Heavy-duty Trucks, Backhoe Loaders, Wheel Loaders, Excavators, Grader, Bulldozer, Trucks and truck mounted loader cranes, Prime Movers etc. Aug 14 Contact
e 23573 USA: I am looking for 12x12 White Spring tiles ASAP. Located in Connecticut, 203 77.....Aug 14 Contact
e 23572 USA: retail: I am looking for granite with blue in it that would match Juparana Columbo Gold and Madura Gold. I have been looking at Labrador Antique and have gone to many retailers who have almost nothing with blue in it. I am doing a patio table and want something with a blue. I have looked at blue pearl and it is really a bit too dark. I was looking for advice since the colors on the web are so different. Can you give me an opinion of what to use as the 3rd and least amount of the colors? Aug 14 Contact
e 23571 : We are interested in the Caterpillar 950B. You can contact me at 416-27.....Aug 13 Contact
e 23570 New Zealand: I am looking for some distributors in Arizona that carry lava rock in 1”-2” size as well as 4”-5” in size. The project is in Scottsdale, AZ. We’d like to get some photos and samples. Aug 13 Contact
e 23569 Canada: I am seeking 4 or 5 x (8’ x 12+”) stone steps. Willing to pay $500. Milton Ontario (Toronto). Call 416- 55.....Aug 13 Contact
e 23568 Peru: We are looking for a tiles calibrating + polishing machine. We need to produce tiles of 18" (457mm) and 24" (610 mm), so the machine must have 610mm of work width. We are thinking in second-hand machine of 1-3 calibrating heads/spindle and 4-10 polishing heads/spindle. We appreciate any information you can send us about second-hand machines with these specifications. Aug 13 Contact
e 23567: do you have any machine like EX200-1 , EX100WD-1, D85A-18, D85E-18, GD505A-5, GD605A-5, GD705A-4A, 950B, 950E ? Aug 13 Contact
e 23566 Australia: We have been one of Australia’s leading importers of natural stone. We have one warehouse in Sydney and are an extremely successful retailer and wholesaler of natural stones. We are currently looking for new suppliers from around the world. We currently import up to 100 containers per year. We are looking for leading exporters who can offer good quality, quick delivery, good communication, professional service, excellent pricing and very good payment terms etc. 
We currently deal in Sandstone, Slate, Travertine, Limestone, Granite, Marble, Bluestone, Quartzite, Onyx, Basalt, Pebbles, Lava stone and so much more. And the products include Tiles, Pavers, Slabs, Copers, Steps, Risers, Crazy Paving, Random, Cladding, Stackstone and Rock Panel, Bullnose, Blocks, Mosaics, Feature pieces, Sculptures, Pier Caps, Wall Capping, Bench and Table Tops, Grave Stones, Fire Places, Sills, Ballustrades, Statues, Roofing Slate, Pots, Bullnose, Stone Items and every type of stone product. We get credit from our current suppliers, so we won’t consider letter of credit or sight terms. If you are interested in supplying us please submit your best payment terms on the above or any stone product. Ideally we would like 180 days B/L and C&F. But we will look at all serious offers. 
If you have a vast range of products and are well established in the stone export business and in a position to offer great prices and good payment terms please submit your offer. We will take all serious offers very seriously. Aug 13 Contact
e 23565 Qatar: Kindly find the photograph of the sample of lime stone slab (image 1, image 2) that we require for our project in Doha. Would like to request you to kindly send us the quote for the same and also if some one from your office could get in touch with us. Tel: +9715014.....Aug 13 Contact
e 23563 Kenya: I am looking for the following marbles in various sizes for a hotel project. Giallo provenza, rosa tea, Emperador light, emperador Black, MAdura gold Granite. Total quantities is approx. 5000sm in tiles. Aprox 2000sm in slabs. Tel: +254 208.....Aug 12 Contact
e 23562 Malta: Please can you email some catalog of marble and granite? Aug 12 Contact
e 23561 Russia: I need 300 square meters of marble SIVEC. Quality - EXTRA Thickness of slabs of 20 mm. Polished. I live in Moscow, Russia. Ph. +7(499) 24.....Aug 12 Contact
e 23560 USA: retail: I am interested in building a flagstone patio. I wondered if you had a location in southwestern MI where I could purchase this. Aug 12 Contact
e 23559 Ireland: I would like to get a quota on Granite Palisade all sizes, Blind Stone, Stepping Stone, Basalt Trough+ other carving's. Delivery is to Northern Ireland, Co Down. Please let me know min order for delivery. Aug 12 Contact
e 23558 UK: I am currently looking for a Caterpillar, Mitsubishi or a Komatsu fork lift truck, 3 - 6 tonnes, must be diesel and year 2000 - 2002. The truck should be able to load from it's side to a shifting container. Please can you email me urgently your prices, any details and pictures of trucks, you may have in stock that fulfill the above criteria, as I have a client ready to buy. Aug 12 Contact
e 23557 Thailand: We are interior contractor based in Bangkok and need 1,000 sqm of Cream Beida Lime stone. Tel +66237......Aug 12 Contact
e 23556: Can you please email me a price list and catalog of all your pavers? Aug 11 Contact
e 23555: We are a company with huge experience in a marble-granite area. We are looking for importing container with quartz from Korea in various colour. The thickness will be 2cm and 3cm. Aug 11 Contact
e 23554 Greece: I am interesting to import granite from your price list: 
20 m2 baltic brown 002 dark / 20 m2 baltic brown 003 dark
20 m2 carmen red 002 first choice / 20 m2 carmen Red 003 first choice
20m2 Blue pearl HQ plus 002 first choice / 20m2 Blue pearl HQ plus 002 first choice
20m2 zimbabwe nero 002 first choice / 20m2 zimbabwe nero 003 first choice 
20m2 Topazio 002 first choice / 20m2 Topazio 003 first choice
Please inform me about price and transfer. Aug 11 Contact
e 23553 USA: I am looking for Crema Marfil Marble Tile 18x18, we need 400 sf shipped to Maryland. Please let me know availability and cost. Tel: 301-34.....Aug 11 Contact
e 23552: I am very interested in Indian Granite tiles and countertops. I need to know an average price for this product. I'm already familiar with Chinese product and pricing. Please respond ASAP, as I'm trying to reduce my research time find a reputable company or a new company with good pricing structure and order some product. (one container to begin with). Tel: 610-24......Aug 11 Contact
e 23551 India: Please send the details of argeton tiles as we have the requirement of 2000 sqmt at bangalore. Tel: 011405.....Aug 11 Contact
e 23550 USA: retail: My telephone number is (415) 25...... I am looking for a minimum 3x3 foot remnant for Cambria Southhampton quartz countertop. The color is called "Southhampton," but it is a black background with white silver and gold speckles. The material is engineered quartz made by the only company in the U.S. that manufactures this kind of product, Cambria USA. Unfortunately, the Cambria people sell this material only in large slabs, and I have already completed my kitchen project, but have an additional counter for a cabinet piece that connects into the dining room that I need to cover, and the fabricator I used ran out of the material we ordered, so the job could not be finished. Aug 10 Contact
e 23549 USA: I am a monument dealer in New Jersey, USA. I am interested in purchasing product from price list #271. Tel: 973-37......Aug 10 Contact
e 23548: I want to find a sandstone supplier in Spain, prefereably costa calida/ costa blanca areas. Aug 10 Contact
e 23547: We are a manufacturing company located in Cebu, Philippines. We are interested to have information and to get samples of Sierra Madre, Spring Cloud, Tea Rose, & Tiger Skin for our review. Can you provide us Philippine supplier's who has those stones for our direct contact? Aug 10 Contact
e 23546 : Please kindly give us Quotation for Caterpillar 973 C Product. Aug 10 Contact
e 23545: I'm looking for Giallo Ornamental tiles (12 x 12). I need about 40 sq ft for a kitchen backsplash. Aug 9 Contact
e 23544 USA: I need a price quote and availability for Italian Crème tile 18” x 18” and 24” x 24” tile. I am in need of 2200 sq. ft. Salvia Tile & Stone is a marble and granite distributor & fabricator as well as a ceramic and porcelain tile distributor in Southwest Florida. PH 239-64..... Aug 9 Contact
e 23543 USA: I manufacture custom furniture style vanities. tel: 519-22.....Aug 9 Contact
e 23542: Please email more info on sintering machines. Aug 9 Contact
e 23541 USA: retail: I am looking for a great price in Dallas on Juparana Arandis - can you help? Tel: 972.66..... Aug 9Contact
e 23540: I am looking for rose alabaster for bathroom couters? Aug 8 Contact
e 23539: Need info on kashmire ville granite. Aug 8 Contact
e 23537 USA: retail: need a section of a planter rebuilt with the three sizes (2,5,7 inches) as well as 28 linear feet of new limestone sill/capping 2.25X12 inches. Aug 8 Contact
e 23536: We like to buy the cat mot. grdr.120G mod 1984 3.7 m. Sr #11w01150. Would please send us couple of pictures of the machines also of the engine dashboard gear leaver at the base hourmeter & other. Please send the discription of the machine. Telephone: 092-21-54..... Aug 8 Contact
e 23535 USA: I am looking to purchase Multi Gold/Red Onyx wholesale for our business. Can someone contact me at 908 30.....? Aug 8Contact
e 23534 Bahrain: Kindly send us some second hand Tile processing/cutting machineries for the granite factory. Also mention the price of the machines, photo as well as their conditions. Please find the following machineries are available in your company, please inform us. Aug 7 Contact
e 23533: We are a marketing company based in Morocco, Casablanca. Would you please send to our postal address a general catalog and export prices for all Granite, Marbel and ceramic tiles. Would it it be possible to receive samples of the N°1 sales items with export quotation to Morocco. Tel +212 223.....Aug 7 Contact
e 23532 USA: retail: I need ASAP blanco aura tiles , 100 sq.ft. Tel: 954-64..... Aug 7 Contact
e 23531 USA: retail: Here is what I'm looking for:
Phone: 908-21....
Product: New Imperial Red granite tiles 12"x12"x3/8 - polished
Quantity: 50 sq.ft (5 cases)
Note: Multired may be an option (if a darker hue). Aug 7 Contact
e 23530: I would like to contact the supplier of Zh-G013. Aug 7 Contact
e 23529 : We are a marble processing company with our own minning / quarry in east Jawa - Indonesia. I am interested in 2 units Derrick Crane with 25 Tons capacity and 50m boom length. Aug 7 Contact
e 23527 : Need motor grader caterpillar. Aug 6 Contact
e 23526 China: we are looking for cream marfil blocks suppliers in Spain. Tel: 86 21 585.....Aug 6 Contact
e 23525: I only need Azul Imperial 57" x 22.4" for a bathroom countertop.. Tel: 214-72..... Aug 6 Contact
e 23524 Indonesia: Indonesian quarry needs 1-4 chain saw, 1 derrick crane, 1 gantry crane, 10 wire saw, 2 gang saw. Please quote the price CIF surabaya port, Indonesia. Please fax to +623153.....Aug 6 Contact
e 23522 USA: Retail: I need Balstic Brown Granite. 35 in wide and 45 in long. It is to go over my existing island replacing the wood. Is there any available that could be shipped to CT? If so please give estimate. Aug 6 Contact
e 23521 : I am interested in Sintering Machine. Aug 5 Contact
e 23520 Bangladesh: We like to import pumice stone (2-3,3-5cm) arround 10 40' container per month. please offer me c& f chittagong price.
Aug 5 Contact
e 23519 USA: Retail: I work for a marble stone contractor. I was wondering if you had 12”x12” Tiles to match a Volakas slab. Tiles with some heavy grey veining and an off white background. Aug 5 Contact
e 23518 USA: Need: 6 tons brown tone irregular thin (1/2 to 1") flagstone for facing on retaining walls. 7 tons brown tone irregular medium (1 to 1.5") flagstone for walkways. Phone: 678-46......Aug 5 Contact
e 23517: Interested in granite slabs and tiles from India. Aug 5 Contact
e 23516: We are interested in a wheel loader 966. Aug 5 Contact
e 23515 USA: We are trying to find the right tools to engrave headstones in our small town as well. Did you find out how to do this? Could you inform us please. Aug 5 Contact
e 23514 Germany: I am looking for crema marfil tiles in the size 3/4'' x 3/4'' with a thickness of 1/4''. Do you have anything like that in stock or could you let me know where I could get it. I am looking for app. 150 pieces. Aug 4 Contact
e 23513 China: We would like to know if you sell Volakas and Athena, and what is the price for blocks? Aug 4 Contact
e 23512 USA: Could you please provide me additional information (price, pictures and full details) about the cranes you have available? Aug 4 Contact
e 23511: I am looking for pricing and availability of Italian Cream tile either 18” x 18” or 24” x 24”. Aug 4 Contact
e 23510 USA: retail: Need 9 boxes of Marbella Crema Ballesmar tile 18x18. Telephone: 3352-30..... Aug 3 Contact
e 23509 USA: We are looking for a used Bridge Saw. How much is the ZDCQ-400 that you have? Also, what is the transporting fees etc.? What do we have to do to go about purchasing this and do you have any other Bridge Saws that we may be interested in? Ph: (727) 79..... Aug 3 Contact
e 23508 Pakistan: Could you please forward me full details and photos of your CAT 950B year 1984. I am interested in this machine and would like to make the deal on it. It is better to know the CIF Karachi price as well. Aug 3 Contact
e 23507 USA: Please forward price lists for Granite and Onyx in Slabs. Telephone: 510-82..... Aug 3 Contact
e 23506 UK: I have a current project in Oman with a final completion date of Mid October. Please could you confirm the likely availability, lead times, delivery and costs of the following marbles and stones with the quantity details below. Please note: This project requires the highest degree of quality and reliability, an inferior product specification would result in very serious repercussions. All finishes preferably to be matt.

Flooring and cladding marbles
First choices:
Egyptian: Perlato Royal / New Crema Marfil
Iran: Ardebilcream
Turkey: Cremo Bello

Second choices :
Oman: Royal Beige
Egyptian: Sunny Light / Galala
Turkey: Kervansaray Beige

Project details:

Location: Muscat, Oman.
Project completion date: Approximately October 15th - 10wks

Flooring: 110sqm
600mm x 600mm tile
Light cream marble tile with minimal patterning, matt finish .

Flooring border: 13.5sqm @ 150mm
Black stone with minimal patterning preferably Dark Basalt

Skirting: 10.25sqm @ 150mm
Black stone with minimal patterning preferably Dark Basalt

Exterior cladding 1 (Mall interior): 95 sqm
600mm x 300mm tile
Light cream marble tile with minimal patterning, matt finish .

Exterior cladding 2 (Out door open air): 16.2sqm
Black stone with minimal patterning preferably Dark Basalt

If you could respond at your earliest convenience this would be greatly appreciated. Tel: +44 (0) 20 772.....Aug 3 Contact

e 23505 USA: Need 6,000 sq.ft Connecticut Blue Ashlar pattern. Phone number 925-28.....Aug 3 Contact
e 23504 USA: Interested in Granite Slabs 170 CM by 250CM by 3CM thick polished on one side 1 container of each of the following color:
Baltic Brown (Finland), Blue Pearl (Norway), Ubatuba (Brazil), Black Galaxy (India), Tan Brown (India) to make custom counter-tops. Phone number 916-88.....Aug 3 Contact
e 23503 India: We want to buy blocks in bulk. We are intrested in IRAN MARBLE like ROYAL BOTTICINO, PERSION MARFILE & PEARL MARBLE. SIZE 4X4X8. Kindly give details & rates. Telephone: +91-92851..... Aug 3 Contact
e 23502 China: We are working on a project in Macau and would like to have samples of Azul Macaubas. We need samples of these quite urgently; it would be great if you could get back to us as soon as possible. Tel: 852.365.....Aug 2 Contact
e 23501 India: Kindly give details & rates for OPAL PINK LIGHT of OMAN. We want to buy blocks of this marble & size 4x4x8. Telephone: +91-98251-...... Aug 2 Contact
e 23500 USA:We are a leading marble processing company in Bangladesh. We are aware of your experience in the supply of gangsaw equipment and related materials.We are very much interested in a second hand gangsaw with roughly 45 blades. Aug 2 Contact

e 23499 PAKISTAN: We are looking follwoing so please quote your best prices and delivery for the same:
TILE SIZE REQUIRE: 4" X 4", 4" X 6"
PH 9221 23.....Aug 2 Contact

e 23498 USA: I am looking for Juparana Boreal, Juparana Veneciano or Amarillo Boreal, please let me know if you guys carry that. It’s very similar to “Key West Gold”. Please see the picture attached. Tel (209) 93......Aug 2 Contact

e 23497 : I am interested in these two motor graders below:
Caterpillar Motor Grader
Model No. CAT14G
Serial No. 96U2414
Year : 1977
Caterpillar Motor Grader
Model No. CAT14G
Serial No. 96U5288
Year : 1982
Please send me the pictures and more info on these units. Aug 2 Contact

e 23496 Australia: Need teak colour sandstone tiles assorted sizes. Aug 2 Contact

e 23495 India: We require 8 nos. low profile articulated dump trucks (new / old) of capacity 18 ton to 20 ton with side seated operator's compartment for bi-directional operation for one of our tunnel projects. Please send your offer with best delivery along with technical brochure for the same. Available transportation width (considering the bridge inside tunnel) is 3.5m. Telephone: 91 22 257......Aug 2 Contact
e 23494: I'm looking for Grove cranes (25- 70 tons), please let me know if you have any available crane and if you could include the price & some pictures. Aug 2 Contact
e 23493 Australia: Please email me pictures colours and individual sizes of Travertine light stone table tops. Aug 1 Contact
e 23492: We are in need of approx. 54 sf of granite for a kitchen remodel. We would like it in 2cm. What would shipping cost to Tulsa, Ok? How long would it take? How much would it be per sq. ft.? Aug 1 Contact
e 23491 Greece: We are a company with natural and decorative rocks of stonemasonry - paving in Greece. We have greek stones and we import from other countries, too. We have visited your website and we are interested in your products. More specifically we are interested in Quartzite. We would like to inform us about the colours available and the prices of the Quartzite (CIF) at the Piraeus port. Our mobile is : 69425.....Aug 1 Contact
e 23490 USA: RETAIL: Can you please tell me anything about a granite called Lemon Ice? I saw one slab of it and was very much impressed, but alas it was sold. I am having a hard time finding it anywhere else. No one seems to be familiar with it. Can you please tell me where I might locate it and what is know about it. Tel: 603-56.....Aug 1 Contact

Inquiries sorted by countries, product categories and previous months are displayed at www.findstone.com/tilinks.htm  

We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.