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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!   January 31, 2004
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  December Inquiries

596 inquiries in Jan 2004.  

The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 10891: Artifacts: We are remodeling our home and wishing to purchase a black or white veined marble fireplace with these approx dimensions: General overall size: 48" tall x 60" wide X 12"D. Inside opening: 38 1/2" wide x 35" tall. Jan 31, Contact USD 40 (open)
e 10890: Retail: I want Golden Rustic Granite for kitchen countertop. Please quote with pros & cons of granite  choice. Jan 31, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10889: We intend to import blocks marble and granite with +/- 2 m3. each and prices m3 FOB, of the following ones: AMBAJI WHITE, AGARIA WHITE, ANDHI MODERN ART, KATNI WHITE, KELVA, JHIRI ONIX, LADY ONIX WHITE, ARAVLI ONIX and BLACK GALAXY GRANITE. Jan 31, Contact INR 5000 (open)
TR: e 10888 USA: Is it possible for you to email a picture of a sample of the 18" x 18" classico turkish travertine tile? Jan 31, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10887 UAE: We are specialist of natural stone in Dubai, please send your price list for white stone, cream, yellow 30 x 60 or 30 x open length with delivery to Dubai. My contact no. 00971 50 68.....Jan 31, Contact USD 50 (open)
BR: e 10886 Netherlands: Please provide info. and quotes for Black Aracruz, Giallo Veneziano, Carioco Gold, Giallo Antico, Gold Brazil, Green Labrador, Santa Cecilia, Ubatuba (gold fleck), Ubatuba (green). 
Are these prices for 2 cm. slabs? Can you supply slabs of 2.7 * 1.3 mt? Can I get the price per m2? 
What are your delivery times for ordering full blocks cut in 2 and 3 cm. slabs? Tel.: 0031-(0)4029.....Jan 31, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10885 Malaysia: Artifacts: I would like information on Salt Lamps. Jan 31, Closed
IT: e 10884 Romania: I am interested in contacting some Italian marble and granite sellers. Jan 31, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10883 Iran: I am very interested in importing Ceramic Tile to Iran and I would like to see your Products catalogue and the update price list. Jan 31, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10882 USA: We are stone fabricators from NY. I am looking for 10-15 slabs 11/4 of TianShan Red or chinese Imperial Red slabs in NY, I can ship from any point at the USA, NY 11205 Tel: 718-85.....Jan 31, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10881 USA: Retail: We are looking for a quartzite called Oasis (green-grey and white) for countertops, 2 slabs. We need a slab of honed (river runs through it) and two or 1.5 slabs of polished. We can't find suppliers in Chicago or Milwaukee. Jan 31, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10880 USA: I am looking for a more economical Alabaster supply that I can get in Sydney, Australia. I am a sculptor. Jan 31, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10879: Earthmoving Machinery: I am looking for equipment, In this case a late model Cat D400 E II articulated truck with an ejector body. I am also looking for a D9L SU blade and M/S ripper in good operating condition (ready to go to work). My phone no. is + 509-95.....Jan 31, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10878 UK: Please quote for approx 20000 sqm of travertine. Jan 31, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10877 Russia: Diamond Tools: We need segments for core bits. Preferable price in St-Petersburg (Russia) is USD 1.5 - 2 / piece. Jan 31, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10876 USA: How much would it cost to ship 8000 MT of perlite to Chicago? Jan 31, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10875 USA:  Retail: I am interested in the granite countertops. I am located in Orange County, CA.  Jan 31, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10874 USA: Retail: Could you send me a quote and image of the Brown Eyes Granite? We are building a house in Virginia and this is the color we have chosen. Jan 31, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10873 USA: Retail: We're interested in a granite counter top that has a bit of blue in it and were looking at the pictures of Azul Barracuda Blue, Cobalt Blue, and Creme Azul Bahia. We live in west suburban Chicago and were wondering how we could go about seeing a sample of these granites. Jan 31, Contact USD 40
e 10872 USA: Retail: I am looking for a slab of dark geen onyx 3/4 inches thick and 2 ft x 2 ft slab. Jan 31, Contact USD 10
e 10871 USA: I would like information on wholesale suppliers of granite and marble from India, China, Italy, Brazil and Turkey. My phone no. is 718-96.....Jan 30, Contact USD 40 (open) 
e 10870 USA: Landscape: I am interested in wholesale pricing for pebbles (See 0027 - 0003,  www.findstone.com/supplier27/pebbles.htm) . I also need to know carton sizes, minimum orders shipping etc. Are these mesh backed tiles? What size are they? Are they polished or not? I am in NY 13035. My phone no. is 315-65......Jan 30, Contact USD 40 (open) 
e 10869 China: An Icelandic company interested in buying granite slabs from China. The company would like to order a container carrying standard size granite slabs. They would like the colour to be, what they call, "Absolutely Black." How much would it cost? How many slabs does a full container from you contain? What are the dimensions of your standard slabs? Furthermore, if your offer could include one total amount, including taxes and transportation cost that would be great. We are in Beijing. Jan 30, Contact USD 40 (open) 
e 10868 USA: Artifacts: Retail: I am looking for some Connemara Marble bookends just plain green. Jan 30, Contact USD 10 
e 10867 USA: I am looking for Silstone in 24" or smaller. We are covering 5' x 15' area. We are located outside of Cleveland, Ohio. 330-89.....Jan 30, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10866 USA: We are builders searching for travertine from turkey called Alexandria. Does this come in slabs? Our contact no. is 612-38.....Jan 30, Contact USD 20 (open)
FI: e 10865 USA: I am currently searching for a reliable supplier of granites from Finland. We are in South Carolina. Phone number is 843.53.....Jan 30, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10864 USA: Please quote for Tropic Brown Pre-fab countertops. Jan 30, Contact USD 20 (open)
ALL: e 10863 Australia: I am looking for serious suppliers from Iran, turkey and other countries for new materials like travertine, marbles and onyx. I would also like some serious suppliers from India and other countries for landscaping, pavers and sandstones. Jan 30, Contact USD 100 (open) (Buyer has paid deposit)
ALL: e 10862 USA: I would like to deal with some of companies from around the world that are not in the USA for purchasing granite tiles and slabs. Please email prices. Jan 30, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10861 USA: Retail: I want Basaltina scrap pieces for stairs in my garden. Jan 30, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10860 USA: I want Virginia sandstone. Please quote for slabs and tiles. Delivery zip is 80502, the quantity, approx. 20 tons, and am basically looking for pallet size flagstone in the 11/2" to 2" range. I would need to see the material somehow or a real good description plus some test results for freeze/thaw qualities. I am trying to match or find a substitute for Colorado buff flagstone from Masonville, CO. I don't have a buyer but am looking to maybe wholesale semi loads out here.  Jan 30, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10859 USA: Stone Processing Machinery:  I want a gantry bridge saw as described in ready stock 523. Please quote with details including price and images. Jan 30, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10858 USA: Retail: We are building a new house and are considering granite tiles in the kitchen, tumbled marble or travertine in the bathroom for the floor, countertops and around the Jacuzzi tub. But after reading the horror stories, I'm thinking ceramic tile may be best. I don't like to clean much! Jan 30, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10857: Retail: Quote with image for azul macaubes. Jan 30, Contact USD 10 (open)
e 10856: Please send me information if TRAVERTINE TILES is available in the Philippines. Jan 30, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10855 USA: I am looking for creates of Bianco Carrara marble window sills. Jan 29, Closed
e 10854 USA: Retail: We have an apartment renovation in Athens Greece, looking for new marble flooring, about 50 square meters, please advise pricing on this. Our phone no. is 732-40..... Jan 29, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10853 Turkey: I have a marble company in Turkey. I want to buy mura white marble blocks. Please quote. Jan 29, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10852 USA: I am looking for 5000 s/f Juparana delicato 12x12 granite tile. I am in MD 21157. Phone no. is 410-87.....Jan 29, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10851 USA: I am looking for a granite slab called Aqualux White AKA Dallas White. I am from a retail and wholesale tile warehouse and stone fabricator. Jan 29, Contact USD 20 (open)
IL: e 10850 USA: Please quote for Jerusalem Stone. I also want to purchase several other stones. Please quote. Jan 29, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10849 Australia: Stone Processing Machinery:  We would like a hydraulic bridge saw that cuts 0 to 90 degrees, has a laser and is automatic (to cut granite, marble and fabricated stone). We were interested in purchasing machine to open factory in Sydney, Australia. Jan 29, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10848 Indonesia: Stone Processing Machinery: We would like to purchase marble cutting machine. Please advise all the necessary information regarding the price, style, etc. We need a machine which can cut giant block of granite with volume 35 x 35, 40 meters into 2 -3 slices of slab with balance measurement. We are in jakarta and our phone no. is 021-42..... Jan 29, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10847 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: We are engineers of a leading construction firm. We want to buy the excavators. Please give us information about price, condition, model, carriage and visit to check the machine. Jan 29, Contact USD 100
e 10846 USA: Please quote for Tropical Brown Prefabricated Granite Slab Countertops. Sizes as follows: 
BAR AREA ~ Length needs bull nosed on both sides (42", 57", 57") No Backsplash 18" x 42", 18" x 57", 18" x 57". 
DESK AREA ~ No Backsplash 24" x 51" 
24" X 24", 24" X 36", 24" X 57", 24" X 57", 24" X 84", 24" X 126". Call 541-54.....I am in OR 97756.

I am looking for (qty 12) of 18 x 18 Mystic Brown OR Tropical Brown granite tiles. I will also need 100 of the 12 x 12 tiles of the same color. If someone has prefabricated slab of one of those colors, I would be greatly interested in prices for 160" of 18" wide bullnosed slab. I am interested throughout the USA ESPECIALLY for the 18 x 18 tile.
My local dealer cannot seem to find 18" tiles and they also say they cannot sell slab without installation. We want to install ourselves. We are ready to purchase immediately. Jan 29, Contact USD 50 (open)
TR: e 10845 USA: I am searching for a marble called Aegean Gray. It is a medium gray more towards dark then light with a white vein running through it. I need slabs. I live in Florida. My phone no. is 561 77.....Jan 29, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10844 USA: Retail: I need 180 Sq Ft of Verde Tropical 12"x12" 3/8" tile, delivered to Westchester, NY. 
Jan 28, Closed
ALL: e 10843 USA: I am a contractor. I can use stone in tiles and slabs for my work - do you sell to retails businesses? I have a store front and I am a designer with a construction staff for whole homes and specializing in kitchens and baths. Do you ship fabricated pieces also? My phone no. is 419 62....Jan 28, Contact USD 20 (open)
ALL: e 10842 USA: Our company represents a large number of retail masonary supply outlets, we are looking for manufacturers / suppliers of natural stone products for sale here in the US. Jan 28, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10841 USA: Retail: Where can I buy Botticino Perlato Marble tiles in Maryland. I bought some, completed my bathroom floor and now I need more to complete around the bathtub and shower. You can reach me at 410-53.....Jan 28, Contact USD 20 (open)
ALL: e 10840 UK: We are in the process of setting up a fabrication facility to supply granite worktops to our customers. We are looking to buy semi finished granite worktops in 3m / 4m lengths, 600 620 and 640mm depth x 3cm. The worktops should have square contemporary edge (straight edge with small bevel (pencil edge) on at least three sides, initial purchase will be for 3 containers (about 60mt) shipped to C&F UK port. Mixture of colours, actual stone to be used can be agreed with supplier, but we are essentially looking for basic colours - black, red, green, brown, grey/blue. We will also be looking for smaller quantities of splash backs sizes lengths to be determined later (2cm). Surface finished - polished.
The worktops are semi finished, but to a high quality - essentially we want to buy pre-fabricated worktops that only need a small amount of processing (cutting to lengths / cut outs etc).
Our plan is to increase production to meet our customers demand of about 10 containers per month.
We are looking for only A1 first quality material, and a VERY reliable regular supplier. Price is also an important factor for us to be able to achieve our aims.
We plan to place the first order for 3 containers in the next 6 weeks, for delivery to the UK in approximately 6 weeks after placing order.  Our phone no. is 441666 8......
The source can be any country in the world, the only requirement is 1st quality only, reliability and price (not much to ask for!). Jan 28, Contact USD 100 (open) 
CN: e 10839 USA: Please provide photographs and quotes for granite tiles from China. I am interested in G614, G617, G633, G635, G654, G663, and G687. I am in N.C. 28906. My phone no. is 1-800-2......Jan 28, Contact USD 50 (open) 
e 10838 Belgium: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for ex100wd, ex 120 d, hall excavators, grader. My phone no. is 00324759.....Jan 28, Contact USD 100 (open) 
e 10837 USA: Retail: I want Santa Clara granite for kitchen counters. Looking for a supplier in NJ. I was hoping to determine if it is suitable for kitchen countertops and if there are any other names this stone is called. Jan 28, Contact USD 20 (open) 
e 10836 USA: Retail: I need replacement slate for my 9ft x 4.5ft Billiards Table. I am looking for three piece Billiards slate. My number is 209-65..... Jan 28, Contact USD 20
IN: e 10835 Spain: We are a marble company. We need good quality Green Marble type "FOREST GREEN". Please quote for following sizes also time limit for delivery. The sizes are: 30x30x2cm & 60x40x2cm. All one container. Jan 28, Contact USD 40 (open) 
e 10834 USA: We are interested to import small block of "BLACK MARBLE" ABSOLUTE BLACK. NO VEINS. 
Jan 28, Contact USD 20 (open) 
ALL: e 10832 USA: Want marble and granite slabs. Are they slabs polished? What quality are they? And where are they located? I am in CA 95966. Phone no. is 530-58..... Jan 28, Contact USD 40 (open) 
e 10831 USA: Looking for 23 slabs of Desert Sand Granite. Jan 28, Contact USD 20 (open) 
e 10830 USA: Please send me information on rose quartz. Can it be bought by the ton? Please tell me about price and shipping. Jan 28, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10829: Stone Processing Machine: I want information about the things given below. Please tell us about the price in dollars $, Delivery Time, Specification. 
1. Block Cutter for marble. (ZAMBON / PADRANY)
2. Gang Saw for marble. (ALPE / TERZAGO)
3. Monolama for marble. (BM / MACLADY)
4. polishing machine for marble. (FIORASI). Jan 28, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10828 China: We need blocks of Impala Black for processing them into slabs of 2.7 x 1.3m. Please offer us the price with medium dark and light dark. Both FOB and CNF XIAMEN, CHINA. If price is good and payment with irrevocable L/C. We will place the order in the middle of Feb,2004. Our contact no. is 0086 592 25.....
Jan 28, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10827 Pakistan: Stone Processing Machine: Please quote for Diamond cutting and Polishing Machine with all wheels and accessories. Our phone no. is 0092 21- 58.....Jan 28, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10826 USA: Landscape: I want gold leaf flagstone in Northern California. I was told that it comes from Canada. I need enough to cover an 800 sq.ft. patio. My phone no. is (916) 84.....Jan 28, Closed
e 10825 Mexico: Earthmoving Machinery: WE ARE INTERESTED IN EXCAVATOR 320 CATERPILLAR. PLEASE QUOTE PHOTOS. Jan 28, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10824 USA: I need to locate 18" x 18" x 1/2" Indian Ivory Juperana Granite Tile. Jan 28, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10823 USA: I am a general building contractor with some granite, marble and/or travertine marble needs for a current project. Jan 28, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10822 USA: I am looking for polished white porcelain tiles of 60 x 60cm for a residential interior 400 sqm. I am an architect in New York NY. This is an urgent requirement. Jan 28, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10821 USA: Landscape: Please give me pricing on 4 x 4 granite cobblestone delivered to Doylestown PA. between 8000 and 30000 pieces. Jan 28, Contact USD 50 (open)
CN: e 10820: We are interested in buying of BLACK Slate Slabs. Slab dimensions :2000 x 1000 x 70 mm, 2000 x 1000x 25 mm and 1200 x 600 X 25 mm. Please quote price for shipping in 20 feet container FOB Xingang and CIF Varna /Black sea port. Inform delivery & payment terms & packing. Our Phone no. is 00 389 31 4......
Jan 28, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10819 UK: Landscape: I am a trader of natural stones in Manchester. I am interested in paving stones in the size of 600 x 900 x 25-35 mm, hand finished, chiselled finish and riven finish. The stones I am particularly interested in are Raj Green, Blue mountain/gray and Bundy. I would like to order one sample container. Indian suppliers please email me your quotes. My phone no. is 0161-62.....See pricelist 985. Jan 28, Contact USD 100 (open)
BR: e 10818 USA: We are currently developing drawings for 326 units of housing in Cambridge, MA. I am interested in New Cashmire White for use in the kitchens. There is approximately 10000 sf. Can you give me a rough idea on the price per sf, including shipping? My phone no. is 617.64..... Jan 28, Contact USD 50 (open)
IT: e 10817 Australia: I need some good suppliers of carrara and other marbles from Italy. I will need the following: Carrara C or CD 2cm and 3cm, Arabsecato 2 cm and 3cm, Calacatta Gold 2cm. Terms: L/c after inspection. Requirement: regular. Jan 28, Contact USD 100 (open) (buyer has paid deposit)
e 10816 Germany: We are looking for 100 sqm or 250 sqm of PIETRA SERENA min. 40 x 40 cm, better: 50 x 50 or bigger, thickness 2cm. We need the stone for our new exhibition-room. Our phone no. is +49 - (0) 8022.....Jan 28, Contact USD 100
e 10815 USA: Retail: I am looking for a granite called Cerilian Blue. It is almost a cobalt blue, it has a swirl (almost like a marble) with either white or light grey in it). I would almost think it was "Azul Macaubas" but it was much more vibrant than that. Jan 28, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10814 USA: Retail: I want Ubatuba in Gold Fleck. I don't like the new version with no gold in it. Are there any suppliers in Northern Virginia that carry it? I am in zip code 20170 - Herndon, VA. Jan 28, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10813 USA: Please quote for 20 crates of beige Israeli tile; 10 crates 12'' x 12'', 5 crates 8'' x 8'' and 5 crates 16'' x16''. Please respond in $US dollars. My phone no. is 202-27.....Jan 28, Contact USD 100
e 10812 USA: We are factory direct wholesalers for kitchen cabinets. We are located in MA. We are searching for a Granite Company to compliment our products. Jan 28, Contact USD 20 (open)

IN: e 10811 Romania: Please quote for Indian granite slabs and tiles. See price list 109. Jan 27, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 10810 USA: II have a ten story building and the exterior is glass and granite, I need to specified a product to clean and maintain the outside granite. Jan 27, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10809 USA: For new construction underway, need to order 12" x 12" tiles of Portugal pink light with little or no brown in it. Need 500 square feet of tiles for master bath floor and shower. Also 3 to 4 matching slabs in one and one half inch deep size if available for fabrication of tub and step and countertops. Location is Newport Beach, California. We are willing to ship from any location if transport is reasonable. Our tel. no. is (415) 77.....Jan 27, Contact USD 100
FR: e 10808 USA: We want Beaumaniere Honed Stone. See ready stock 484. We are in Chicago. Our phone no. is (312) 94.....Jan 27, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10807 Nigeria: We are interested in purchase of 300 mesh Talc Powder/month. If you are in a position to supply please inform price and quality parameters immediately. Jan 27, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10806 Spain: Please quote for Sabian Multicolor from Ethiopia. Jan 27, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10805 Nigeria: Stone Processing Machine: Looking for sellers of new and refurbished dimension and aggregate stone producing machines from Italy. Jan 27, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10804 USA: Please quote for aventurine. Jan 27, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10803 Iran: Stone Processing Machinery: We are looking for a full tile finishing used machines or a full Factory (used) with all machineries needed. Jan 27, Contact USD 100 (open)
TR: e 10802 Turkey: We are looking for 300 m2 of Usak Beyaz with pink / red veins (2 x 30 x 60 cm and polished). Monthly 1 container of Afyon Tiger Skin (Kaplan Postu) (2 x 30 x 60 cm and polished). Please give information regarding the lead times, delivery, price and payment terms today as this is an urgent order from our customer? Our tel. no. is  +90 258 26.....Jan 27, Contact USD 40 (open)
e 10801 USA: Retail: I need three slabs Azul Macauba Granite cut and finished. Jan 27, Contact USD 40
e 10800 Pakistan: We are interested in second hand heavy machine excavator EX100WD, EX100, EX200, CAT950B & 950E. Please send us quotation with picture C & F Karachi. Jan 27, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10799 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: I am part of a granite fabrication shop in Raleigh, NC and we might be very interested in a used gantry bridge saw. We are located in NC (zip 27522) and we are gathering info on used gantry bridge saws for kitchen top fabrication because we need a back up to our current saw. Since it will be a back up we are primarily looking at used saws at $12,000.00 or less. We may be able to pick up the saw ourselves depending on the proximity to our location. Jan 27, Contact USD 100 (open)
ALL: e 10798 USA: I am interested in buying granite. I would like to know more about your shipping costs. I am located in Portland OR. zip. 97236. If you can give me a shipping quote for: 100 to 300 sq. ft. Call me at (503) 97.....Jan 27, Contact USD 40 (open)
IN: e 10797 India: We require 1000 CMB of Kashmir Gold Gangsaw & small sizes blocks. Please quote your FOR Chennai Port rates. Jan 27, Contact INR 2500 (open)
e 10796 Vietnam: Earthmoving Machinery: We need  excavator HITACHI EX-200-3, please send to me detail information (manufacture date, condition ...and photos of cab and engine, pump.) and price CIF Haiphong. Jan 27, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10795 USA: Retail: Where do I buy kitchen countertops--granite or other durable stone--at a reasonable price? Jan 27, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10794 USA: Landscape: Need  approx quantity of 2500 sq ft of stone pavers-common name White Gold Quartzite or Yellow Wood Vein, PO-14. Size: 24x24 inch x 1 1/4 inch thickness. Cleft surface. Minimum shade variation-first quality-see attached picture. Ready to order within 2-4 weeks. Stone can be in U.S. or imported from China. Would like to work with supplier who can also make bullnosed stair treads, swimming pool copings and wall cap of the same material in 2 inch thick. U.S. references helpful. My contact no. is  (631) 24.....Jan 27, Contact USD 50 (open)
IN/BR/NO: e 10793 USA: We are importers looking to buy We are looking for Brazil, Norway granite slabs and tile. Indian granite black galaxy, tan brown, multicolor red, and Kashmir gold. Please send me pricelist for slab sizes 5ft x 10ft along with your terms. I'm looking to buy ASAP if the price is right. I will need at least one container from each country. My number is 1-314-51.... Jan 26, Contact USD 50 (open)
CN: e 10792 USA: I am with a large landscape architecture company in the States. We are doing a good deal of work in China. The project is in Tainjin China and is quite large. We are designing a very large retail area that has some complex paving patterns.
Can you tell me what sizes the granite, field stone, marble and slate you have listed typically come in? Thickness as well as cut square sizes. 
Can we get a few samples sent to us? and or pictures of large paved areas with the product? and or catalogue?
We would be looking for thickness- 2.5"-2 3/4" about 65mm-70mm like to cut at various sizes in rectilear cut- and curves- we would like to explore possibility of using 40"sq about 1 m sq. in one area.
Below are the products, we would like to get samples or catalogue delivered within the next two weeks.
Field Stone-S1810, p 010, s 1809, zhs201
Slates: charcoal blue, leaf green, bashan green, china green, china multi color, china black
Granite: Shanxi black, loashan gray, misty peach pink, cherry pink, evergreen, zhg001, sichuan red, zc rose red, g682, tibetan blue.
Marble: grass white jade, mystic cofee, rhine bluezhm12, loyus green, gaillo crystal, zh-m123, tiger S, coral red. Jan 26, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10790 USA: Retail: I need 325 Sq. ft.of 12" X 12" tiles. I believe it is a Mexican marble. I want samples to match existing marble. I am ready to buy immediately once I've have samples in hand and verify that it matches existing marble already laid down. The colors I think that may match are 1) Maya 2) Mountain Rose and 3) Rosa montaines. All are at http://www.findstone.com/MEXmarb1.htm I am in NH 03049 USA. Phone no. is 603-49..... Please send images with quotes. Jan 26, Contact USD 20 (open) 
e 10789 Denmark: I like Copper & Peacock from India. Quantity is 100 sqm. Size range is 200 x 200 x 10mm. 
Jan 26, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10788 USA: Landscape: We just acquired a landscape business in Texas and are interested in purchasing lots of rock and stone. Please e-mail me a price list. Jan 26, Contact USD 50
e 10787 USA: Please email me relevant information IRT black granite, odd shapes such as ovals 4"-12" various sizes, square 12"x12", 18"x18", 24"x36", 48"x72" all ¼" or ½" thick black granite. Interested in bundle prices as well as small ordering prices/information. Jan 26, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10786 USA: I am looking for black pipestone for carvings. Jan 26, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10785 France: Stone Processing Machines: Please quote for cutting and polishing machines for marble and granite. Jan 26, Contact USD 100 (open)
RU: e 10784 Austria: Please quote for green or red mobby dick granite from Russia,  Quantity is 150-300 m2. 40 x 80 x 2, 40 x 80 x 1cm. Delivery location is Vienna. Order date - February, Jan 26, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10783 Jordan: Please quote stone processing machines. Jan 26, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10782 India: Diamond Tools: Please quote for segment for granite cutting machines. Jan 26, Contact INR 2500 (open)
e 10781 : Artifacts: Please quote for Negro Silk Marble Fireplace surrounds and a carved front frame sink. I'm building a house and I think these would be ideal. Jan 26, Contact USD 50
e 10780 USA: Retail: How can I purchase 136 tiles and at what price of Negro Oriental from China or Golden Spider from Greece? Jan 26, Contact USD 20
GR: e 10779 USA: What is the price for 1200 square feet of Golden Spider? Jan 26, Contact USD 40 (open) 
e 10778 USA: I am a contractor. Email me relevant information on culture stone with pictures of completed
fireplaces, etc. Jan 26, Contact USD 20 (open) 
e 10776 USA: Retail: I want remnant piece of Baltic Brown granite to finish off my kitchen. Need either one piece 30" x 30" or two pieces of 15" X 30" each. Shipped to Bismarck, North Dakota. Jan 26, Contact USD 10 
e 10775: Please quote for granite monuments. See price list 1015. Jan 25, Contact USD 100 
ES: e 10774 Ireland: Please quote for stairs made from crema marfil extra and polished.The sizes are as follows: Sixteen steps 27cm x 120 cm, Sixteen risers 18.5 cm x 120 cm, string 23 cm x 3 cm totaling 12 metres long, string capping 5 cm x 2 cm and totaling 12 metres long. Jan 25, Contact USD 100 
e 10773 Bangladesh: Please quote FOB price for High Silica Limestone. Jan 25, Contact USD 20 (open)  
ES: e 10771 USA: I need creme marfil and red alicante blocks to be shipped to Alexandria, Egypt. Please quote price including shipping to Alexandria. My phone no. is 415-33..... Jan 25, Contact USD 50 (open)  
e 10770 France: Please quote with carving characteristics of Belgian Black, Noir de Golzine and Nero Belgio from Belgium, Blue Aquamarina from Brazil, Gull River Marble from Canada, Rhine-Blue marble from China, Gallala Classic Marble from Egypt, Blue Savoy light Marble, Fontenille Royal from France, 
Sand Gruen and Anrochte Sandstone
from Germany, Luster Green and Lime 1 (Kota) Limestones from India, Thassos Snow white, Thassos White and Ariston Marble from Greece. Jan 25, Contact USD 20 (open)  
e 10769: Please quote for Ocean Flower granite slabs. Please give slab size and pricing. Jan 24, Contact USD 20 (open)  
e 10768 Qatar: Please quote with info for a waterjet machine. Jan 24, Contact USD 100 (open)  
e 10767 Australia: I need polished basalt large stones for massage.  Jan 24, Contact USD 20 (open)  
e 10766: Please quote for jade. See ready stock 513. Jan 24, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10765: Stone Processing Machinery: Please quote with images for a gangsaw and a bridgesaw. Jan 24, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10764 USA: I have a little situation here in Austin. I came up short on an order of from Germany. And I need to find some Solhofen fossil stone matt polished slabs ASAP, like yesterday. Time is of the essence. 
Order: Appox. 100 square feet, 3-4 Slabs, FOB Austin Texas - or freight. I also need 
Balmoral Red: 2cm - thermal, 2cm - polished, 3cm - thermal, 3cm - polished.
Raja Black: 2cm - thermal, 2cm - polished, 3cm - thermal, 3cm - polished. I will get quantities to you ASAP. Jan 24, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10763 USA: Please quote for Labradorite Antique to be used for a countertop. I am in Baltimore, MD. My phone no. is 410-78.....Jan 24, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10762 Czech Republic: Please quote for Almond Mauve for 30000 m2 (1- 2 cm thick). I am developing shopping centers and office buildings in Central Europe. My contact no. is +420 221 8.....Jan 24, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10761 South Africa: I live in the eastern Cape of South Africa and am looking for a supplier of sandstone. Jan 24, Contact USD 20 (open)
NO: e 10760 Nigeria: Send prices for 2nd choice materials Blue Pearl GT, Carmen Red, Baltic Brown and Red Balmoral, TURKEY BEIGE, ROSALIA, SALOME, ELAZIG CHERRY AND CREMA SERIES OF POLISHED MARBLE TILES SIZE 30 x 60 x 2CM. THE PRICES SHOULD BE QUOTED IN USD/M2. I am in Lagos. Jan 24, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10759 UK: Seeking a supply of 20,000 reclaimed rustic Mediterranean roof pantiles. We will collect from anywhere around the Mediterranean (Spain to Turkey) for fulfillment within two to three months. Please provide a per-tile or per-crate bulk price, ideally we are looking for a cost below 0.35 EUR per-tile with potential for further orders. Provision of sample pictures would be ideal, in any case before finalising with our supplier we will visit your premises to check the materials and also to oversee the loading onto our lorries. Our phone no. is +44 87 171.....Jan 24, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10757 USA: Retail: I want stone mounted on mesh for my balcony. Where does it ship from, cost, etc.? Jan 24, Contact USD 20 (open)
ID: e 10756 USA: I am interested in receiving samples of Indonesian stones. I am an importer of natural stone materials in California, USA. Jan 24, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10755 USA: Retail: Please quote for Blanco Romano or Verde San Francisco or juparana white wave. I would like a list of the good hard stones. Where might I find something like that? Jan 24, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10754 India: Please quote for transparent quartz, milky quartz stones and rose quartz. Jan 24, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10753 USA: I build homes in Central Texas. I wish to locate a Mexican source travertine sinks of various needs (large/ small drop in, under mount and vessel type). I have a couple of shipping address that can be used in Austin. I will require 4 to 6 sinks per house that I work. Please email with photos, cost and ship to or pick up points in Texas. Jan 24, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10752 Mexico: Stone Processing Machinery: I am looking for a complete polishing line for travertine. Please send information of used ones. Phone +52 (871) 71....Jan 24, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10751 USA: Please quote for granite counter tops. One 26x78 front bull nose, one 26x78 front and left bull nose, one 39x78 island, all four side bull nosed, one 15x70 bar, at least one long and two short sides bull nosed, two 4x78 backsplash, assorted small pieces. 
All would need to be 2cm with 4cm bull nosing. Additional availability of tile would be nice and inspection at warehouse mandatory. I'd also need to see images of the various colours. My phone no. is 602-41.....See price list 1133. Jan 24, Contact USD 50 (open)
TR: e 10750 USA: Retail: Please quote for Turkish marble. Quote for shipping something as large and heavy as solid slab counters. I will probably have to create my kitchen counters out of tile. Could you therefore tell me what sizes these tiles come in, what the price is per tile and per box of tiles, and how many tiles come in a box. I would also like information about shipment prices (to Vermont, USA).
Here are the names of the various tiles: Lepanto Rosso, Salome, Levanto Rosso, Eaoped Bordeaux, Rojo-alicante, Mugla Lilac, Supreme Salome, Beige & Rose, Charcoal Rose, Hazan, Tekmar Dove, Burdur Red, and Rosalia.  Jan 24, Contact USD 20 (open)
MX: e 10749 USA: Retail: I am interested in Dragon Jade, Jasper Rose and Rosa Salmon Dark. They are all beautiful and most unusual, especially Dragon Jade. I am interested in knowing what size the tiles come in, and what the price is per tile and per box of tiles, and how many tiles come in a box. I would also like information about shipment prices (to Vermont, USA). And finally, is it possible to purchase samples of any of these marbles?  Jan 24, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10748 USA: Monument: Please quote and availability date for a jet black 1-0 x 1-0 x 5-0 die in the shape of an obelisk polish. The top of the obelisk needs to be frosted. The base would need to be 2-0 x 1-0 x 0-8 polish top. One 5 inch x 10 inch footstone with polish top. The attachment will show you what I'm looking for. Jan 24, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10747 USA: Retail: I like Impala Black. I need to match a kitchen. I need a quote for 3 x 2.5 ft piece, one side having the top rounded a bit. Jan 24, Contact USD 20
e 10746 USA: I am trying to use a "honed and filled durango premium cross cut travertine" for the first floor of a new house that we are building (except the family room). This will include the floor of the kitchen, dining room, front entry way, bathroom, laundry room. From the many threads, should I assume that this is a good stone choice for the intended application? If so, should I ask for "low honed, double filled" or what exactly specifications should I provide the stone supplier? What should one do for everyday cleaning?
Also, I am planning to use "black galaxy granite" for the kitchen countertop or some other granite with brown and black hues that will contrast with the light beige durango premium floor. Jan 24, Contact USD 50 (open)
ZA/FR/CN: e 10745 Poland: We are corporation in Poland started in 1979. We have three machines to cut granite of blocks and three machines to polished slabs. We sell only granite. We sell monuments, we make fire place, window-sills, stairs and all product from granite. We also sell blocks of granite and slabs (polished and unpolished). 
We need granite blocks from South Africa, China & France and have a distributorship in Poland. Blocks should be of 1st quality. We can sell 300 m/3 granite blocks a month. Jan 24, Contact USD 200 (open)
TR: e 10744 USA: I would like to buy some Turkish stones. I will be in turkey 2-4 to 2-18 and would like to see some samples. I will be in Antalya on 2-5 to 2-7 and west coast and even east throughout. My tel. no. is 
773.66.....I am a stone trader in IL. Jan 24, Contact USD 50 (open)
ALL: e 10743 USA: We are interested in granite counter-top blanks of 3 cm. e 10763 USA: We want bundles (8-12 ) tops per color to check quality. After fabricating these we would be ready to bring in containers. Initial purchase would be 2-3 bundles. We need sizes 25.5" up to 36" wide x 7.5 to 9 feet long full bull nosed on 1 long side and 2 short sides. Country of origin is not important to us. Price as always is. We are in Dublin, GA 31040 u.s.a. or call 1-478-27.....Jan 23, Contact USD 50 (open)
ALL: e 10742 USA: Please quote for artificial marble slabs and tiles. 20000 to 10000 pcs per month, long term contract, size 24" x 24" x 1" or 1 1/8" thick We are traders and manufacturers. Jan 23, Contact USD 100 (open)
IT: e 10741 USA: Please quote with availability for Nero Portoro 12"x12"x3/8" tiles. I am in VA 23350. My tel. no. is (757) 44.....Jan 23, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10740 USA: I want some Rosa Salmon Dark marble tiles to repair a shower. I only need about 20 square feet, but it needs to match the existing tile somewhat. My phone no. is (303) 56......Jan 23, Contact USD 10
FR: e 10739 Italy: We are interested in French Poiseul beige, slabs 2 and 3 cm thick. Our tel. no. is 
045 68.....Jan 23, Contact USD 50 (open)
ZW: e 10738 Germany: I am trying to source sand stone blocks in Zimbabwe for the building of a house in South Africa. My contact no. is +49 0622 77.....Jan 23, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10737 Tunisia: Stone Processing Machine: Please quote with images for a marble block cutter machine. Jan 23, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10736 Israel: Stone Processing Machine: Please quote with images for a gangsaw. Jan 23, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10735 Kenya: Diamond Tools: We are importers of Industrial Machinery and tools. We are sourcing Diamond tipped tools SS10 20X12X3 MM for Quarrying Machine. Please let us know your terms of payment and mode of funds transfer. We want to order 10, 000 Pcs.  Our phone no. is 254 722 7.....Jan 23, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10734 USA: Retail: I need 54 black galaxy granite tiles (12x12). Could you please provide me with a quote? Also, do you know how much it would cost to ship the amount I need? Lastly, is it common for tiles to break during the shipping process? If so, do you replace them for free? Jan 23, Contact USD 20 
IR: e 10733 Pakistan: I want to buy Godarsayah Green Onyx, Persian Green, Rosabaji, Royal Boticinok,  Najafabad Black, Sirdjan Chini, Sandaj Red and Semirom Cream from Iran in size of 12" x 12"  tiles. Each 10000 pcs. My phone no. is 0092-81-8..... Jan 23, Contact USD 40 (open) 
CN: e 10732 Pakistan: I am interested in buying marbles from China. Please quote for Green Fog, Negro Oriental, Mystic Coffee, Imperial Crown, Snowberry Rose, Lotus green and ZH-M124 in the size of 12" x 12" x 2.54 cm (1 inch). Each 10000 Pieces, My phone no. is 0092-81-8.....Jan 23, Contact USD 40 (open) 
e 10731 Iraq:  Stone Processing Machinery: We are looking for a used semi automatic terrazo production machine with the grinding and polishing machine. Jan 23, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10730 Sri Lanka: We immediately need two FCLS (20 Ft each) Pumice stones for garment washing of sizes 
2 -3 cm and 3 - 5 cm. Please send us your best CIF Colombo price. Our phone no. is +94 11 55.....Jan 23, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10729 USA: landscape: Email me relevant information on green or black pebbles for landscaping. Cost of product and shipping to US? Jan 23, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10728 USA: Retail: I want Absolute black granite slabs. I need 1 or 2 slabs depending on the size. Please quote. My contact no. is 512-68.....Jan 23, Contact USD 20 
e 10727 USA: I am a builder and need to buy 2000 sq. ft. of travertine tile. What would be your shipping price to Maryland 21042. Jan 23, Contact USD 40 (open)
e 10726 USA: We are a construction company looking for Hawaiian Tropic Granite, approx 125 sq. ft.. We are in New York. Our phone no. is 212 7.....Jan 23, Contact USD 100 (open)
IT: e 10725: Please quote (US dollar) in sqm for slabs 2 -3 cm and tiles of perlato royale. We are interested in 4000-5000 sqm. Our phone no. is 0096893.... Jan 22, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10724 UK: Stone Processing Machinery: Looking for all relevant info on setting a gang saw plant in Pakistan. A gang saw machine with at least 40-45 blades with polishing machinery catalogues.  Jan 22, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10723 USA: Retail: I as many homeowners going through remodeling would like to have a solid granite kitchen counter top. The color I am looking for is called Amazon Blue and is quite expensive. Looking for a more reasonable price. I need approx. 60 sq. ft. I am in CA and my contact no. is 949-460.....Jan 22, Contact USD 20
e 10722 Afghanistan: Stone Processing Machinery: I would like to import a complete Slicing, cutting & polishing machine for all stones to Afghanistan. Please send me your best price and all necessary information. Jan 22, Contact USD 100 (open)   
e 10721 USA: Landscape: Retail: I wish to find old foundation stone 1 to 1-1/2 feet in depth x 2- 3 feet long and up to 12 inches thick for a retaining wall to match existing. Jan 22, Contact USD 20 (open)   
e 10720 Qatar: Looking for CREMA MARFIL - B. I would like to know the Physical, Mechanical and Technological Specifications if this marble. Most of Dealers in my country QATAR, confirmed to me that the above mentioned CREMA MARFIL - B does not exist at all, but there is "CREMA MARFIL Marble from Spain. I would like to have a confirmation and a  clarification from your side as soon as possible to be able for me to take a very important decision. Jan 22, Contact USD 20 (open)   
e 10719 USA: Looking for suppliers of marble and stone cut to specifications for small pieces. Jan 22, Contact USD 20 (open)   
e 10718 India: We are a granite cutting industry. We cut all colors of granite stone i.e. black, red, etc. We use a machine with a huge blade to cut the stones. The blade is more than 2 feet in diameter. The blade contains 40 (forty) teeth which holds the 40 cutting segments in all the teeth. We cut the stone in 15mm thickness. The blade consumes 40 segments per month. We will buy them in the local market but they are of no good quality. We need details of segments that you are supplying. The segments sizes I need are (length x breadth x height) = 25 mm x 15 mm x 10 mm. What is the cost of 40 such segments. How could I import them to my work place? What is the total cost (product price + shipping cost) if I import your product. Jan 22, Contact USD 50 (open) 
e 10717 : Please provide me with a suppliers / dealers / manufacturers of granite tiles. Jan 22, Contact USD 20 (open) 
e 10716 India: Diamond Tools: We require diamond cutter for kota stone. Jan 22, Contact USD 100 (open) 
e 10715 Germany: We need prices for random slabs of Salisbury Pink, 1 st choice / light - orange
21000 sm 3 cm thickness and 1700 sm 4 cm thickness. Supplements for honed surface and flamed surface. Delivery April 2004. Please give us your best prices ex factory loaded on trucks or in containers. Our tel. no. is +49 711.....Jan 22, Contact USD 100 (open) 
ALL: e 10714 Pakistan: We are interested in the imports of granites. We request you to provide us detailed specific C&FC3% Karachi prices of all such granite in slabs form. Our phone no. is +92 21 24.....Jan 22, Contact USD 20 (open) 
ALL: e 10713 Australia: We are setting up a Granite discount warehouse outlet in Perth western Australia initially and planning to open in other regional center's their after.
We shall concentrate on supplying a range of standard size Granite tops for Kitchen Tops and table Tops. 
Edges to be (2 x 20mm ) laminated / Shaped bullnosed and other design's edges to give an appearance of 40mm thick edges to a 100mm depth.
Edges to be on 1, 3 and 4 sides 
We intend to move considerable quantity and seek to set up on going relationship with Companies capable of offering: Quality product, Competitive price, A range of colors and textures, Reliable quality control and consistency, Realistic production and shipping times.  
Could you please provide us with the following details: Color Range, $ Price per item, Standard sizes, 
Cost of bullnose lamination per Meter, Production Time, Shipping Time. 
Any other relevant information like: Container costing /capacity, Could you also send samples? What colors you can consistently supply and which are the ones you only have at present? Jan 22, Contact USD 50 (open) 
e 10712 Thailand: We are the architectural design firm in Phuket, Thailand. We are doing a residence project which also located at Kata beach, Phuket. We are interested in sandstone for swimming pool especially Sukabumi stone. Please send a catalog include price list and some sample in such stone. 
Several of our projects are intended to use this stone which are approximately 500-600 sq.m. We do not make a dicision for what size or finish we are going to use. However, we are not able to make an order until we see the actual sample. Please kindly send us the material samples of the two types finish (splitface or honed) , three pieces in 10x10 cm. and another three in 20x20 cm. If possible, could we have an indicate price per square meter and a minimal air freight charge. You can contact us by tel. on 076 2..... Jan 22, Contact USD 20 (open) 
e 10711 USA: Need single sample of Argentinean Cielo Azul. Jan 22, Contact USD 10 (open) 
e 10710 USA: I am looking for a quote to restore 4 limestone floors (L/Rm; D/Rm; 2 Foyers w/connecting stair) for a 1934 house in Miami Beach, FL. Approximately 1200 sq/ft plus the stairs. Jan 22, Contact USD 100 (open) 
e 10709 Australia: Please quote for Jerusalem Grey and Sahara Beige limestone aztec premium/Prized opal pink and silver travertine all stones in honed finish. I would like samples of the above mentioned and could you please provide the relevant information? Jan 22, Contact USD 40 (open) 
e 10708 USA: I am an employee at a college in Florida and we were looking to acquire a large boulder for landscaping purposes. The dimensions we were looking for are 3' wide by around 5' high. We need something that is somewhat cost effective and has the ability to be painted. Jan 22, Contact USD 20 (open) 
e 10707 USA: I am looking for a Tabasco travertine supplier. Looking for either slabs or 16" or 18" tiles, 2cm. Need about 200 square feet immediately for prototype fabrication work here followed by regular large orders. If your company fabricates, please let me know as we will see if your costs to us are equal or better than our costs to do the fabrication here. We are making 13" and 17.5" circular "lazy susans" in this material. Our tel. no. is 205-25.....We are in Birmingham. Jan 22, Contact USD 50 (open) 
e 10706 USA: Retail: Looking for oasis green granite. Can you tell me anything about its quality? Jan 22, Contact USD 20 (open) 
e 10705 India: We have been asked by our European Buyer / Builder to produce for their ongoing construction project Marble and Granite (both) in various grades, qualities and sizes. 
Kindly provide us the available literature specifying grade, shades and prices of Granite and Marble Rough Blocks from 2 to 5 cubic meters, Polished Slabs and Tiles in standard sizes for evaluation of your product and prices by them. This will enable us to procure their bulk requirement from you throughout the year. Our phone no. is 91-11-273.....Jan 22, Contact USD 50 (open) 
e 10704 USA: I am looking for an old world Italian 2cm slab of Breccia Pernia. It looks a lot like Rojo Corolita but lighter. Jan 22, Contact USD 20 (open) 
PT: e 10703 Syria: We are an export- import company, residing in Damascus. We are interested in importing marble blocks. Please provide latest price-lists for blocks of Rosa lagoa, Rosa Portugal, Rosa aurora, Estremos. And terms of transferring them to Tartous port, Syria. Jan 22, Contact USD 100 (open) 
e 10702 Canada: Please quote for Indian granite slabs and tiles. Please quote us the items listed below in all colors:
1- 20mm X 25.5'' X 96'' long with 1-1/2'' full Bullnose edges on 3 sides
2- 20mm X 25.5'' X 108'' long with 1-1/2'' full Bullnose edges on 3 sides
3- 20mm X 25.5'' X (aprox)120'' long with 1-1/2'' full Bullnose edges on 3 
4- 20mm X 36'' X 72'' long with 1-1/2'' full Bullnose edges on 4 sides
5- 30mm X 25.5'' X 96'' long with full Bullnose edges on 3 sides
6- 30mm X 25.5'' X 108'' long with full Bullnose edges on 3 sides
7- 30mm X 25.5'' X (aprox)120'' long with full Bullnose edges on 3 sides
8- 30mm X 36'' X 72'' long with full Bullnose edges on 4 sides
9- Backsplash 20mm X 4'' X 96'' long
10- Backsplash 20mm X 4'' X 108'' long
11- Backsplash 20mm X 4'' X (aprox)120'' long
12- Slabs 20mm X 9 feet min X 5 feet
13- Slabs 30mm X 9 feet min X 5 feet
14- tiles 10mm X 305mm X 305mm or 12'' X 12'' X 3/8''
15- tiles (aprox)13mm X 406mm X 406mm or 16'' X 16'' X (aprox) 1/2''
16- tiles 13mm X 457mm X 457mm or 18'' X 18'' X 1/2''
17- tiles 13mm X 610mm X 610mm or 24'' X 24'' X 1/2''
All tiles must be calibrated, chamfered and grooved
Please indicate:
a) if containers may be mixed as per customer requirements
b) lead time and quantities that can be loaded in container I am in Montreal. Jan 22, Contact USD 100 (open) 
e 10701 USA: Please quote for granite kitchen countertops. My phone no. is 419-88.....Jan 22, Contact USD 20 (open) 
e 10700 USA: I am searching for granite and marble suppliers in Houston. Please email contact details. 
Jan 21, Contact USD 20 (open) 
e 10699 USA: Retail: I am an architect in need 320 square feet of stone in 2'-8" x 5'-0" panels that is white and translucent. We best liked Skyros marble with gold and purple veins, but there is no supply in this country and the Greeks are unresponsive to a request to send photos of slabs from the quarry on Skyros Island. Does anyone have knowledge of a similar material that might be available, cut to size, and installed in Northbrook, Illinois within the next two months? My phone no. is 312 66..... Jan 21, Contact USD 40 (open) 
e 10698 USA: Please quote with images for water jet machine. Jan 21, Contact USD 100 (open) 
SA: e 10697 USA: I am looking to purchase the following size granite blocks:
Diameter 24"     Height 48"
Diameter 28"     Height 54"
Diameter 32"     Height 60"
Length 24"     Width  24" Height  72"
Length 7'6"    Width  18" Height  24"
Length 8'      Width  18" Height  24"
Length 9'-2"   Width  18" Height  24"
Length 10'-10" Width  18" Height  24"
Length 5'      Width  18" Height  24"
Length 24"     Width  24" Height  48"
Length 18"     Width  18" Height  48"
I will need them in Tropic Brown, Black Damekh, Brown Rakan, Najran Brown, Hibiscus Rose and Golden Leaf. All material must be from Saudi Arabia. I am in CO. and my contact no. is 970-92.....I am needing a sample approval before placing the order. As soon as the samples are approved an order will be placed. Jan 21, Contact USD 100 (open) 
e 10696 USA: Retail: I am looking for a granite dealer in Anaheim. Jan 21, Contact USD 100 (open) 
ALL: e 10695 USA: Please send me prices and color catalogs for various types of stones. I would also like to know if you have broken edges, stock logs and seconds, third choices with a reasonable prices. I also re-export these to west Africa.  I am in CT 06108. Jan 21, Contact USD 100 (open) 
e 10694 Ireland: Please send me a price list of granite slabs. Jan 21, Contact USD 20 (open) 
TR: e 10693 Australia: Please quote for Denizli ivory limestone and Antalya Kemen 600x600 mm tiles, 15-20mm thick. Quantity 1000 sqm. Jan 21, Contact USD 50 (open) 
e 10692 USA: I am a sculpture living in South Florida and am looking for large blocks or slabs of limestone to work on. Do you have any in stock and what is the cost, by the pound. My contact no. is 561 49.....Jan 21, Contact USD 40 (open) 
ZA: e 10691 New Zealand: We are importers and wholesalers of tiles and stone. Looking for Silver Blue Slate 30 x 30cm and 40 x 40cm from South Africa. We are ready to buy now and have customers here requesting this product. Our tel. no. is (04) 56.....Jan 21, Contact USD 100 (open) 
e 10690 Canada: Please quote for Afyon Beyazi, Afyon White, Bianco Carrara (Italy) tiles 30.5x30.5x1 cm (12"x12"x3/8) and slabs 2 /3 cm. I am in Vancouver.  Jan 21, Contact USD 20 (open) 
e 10689 Netherlands: Please quote for Hitachi ex100 wd, ex120 wd & ex 160 wd. Jan 21, Contact USD 100 (open) 
e 10688 USA: I have an immediate need for limestone, soapstone and sandstone slabs that can be used for table tops or vanity countertops. I am in Michigan 48114-4906. Jan 21, Contact USD 20 (open) 
e 10687 Morocco: We deal in marble and granite. We are interested in big quantities of red granite, polished slabs or tiles 60*30 cm, 60*60 cm, 60*40 cm, thickness 2cm. We will buy at least one container a month. Mobile no. is 00212612......Jan 21, Contact USD 50 (open) 
e 10686 USA: Retail: I am interested in Amarelo Bangu and Azul Guanabara. What is the price per sq. ft. and also required minimum ordering?  Jan 21, Contact USD 20 (open) 
e 10685 USA: Retail: I want Sapphire Brown from India. Does this come in 12 X 12 tile and how much is it a square foot? How much would it cost to ship to Williamsburg, VA? Jan 21, Contact USD 20 (open) 
MX: e 10684 USA: I am interesting to by Basalt slabs from Mexico. I am in New Orleans. Jan 21, Contact USD 40 (open) 
e 10683 USA: I am looking to buy 1500 sf of Crema Marfil. Looking for someone who sells in Miami. Jan 21, Contact USD 100 
e 10682 USA: Want inexpensive slabs shipped directly to the fabricator. Jan 21, Contact USD 50
e 10681 USA: Retail: I am a retail buyer located in Los Angeles. I want flamed granite tiles. These are difficult to locate in my area. I am ready to buy immediately and can pick up the stone in the Los Angeles area. I am seeking the following granite tiles: 
200 square feet of 18" x 18" x 3/8", or 1/2" Giallo Veneziano, flamed
50 square feet of 18" x 18" x 3/8" Absolute Black, polished. 
I'd like to pay something in the neighborhood of $1,700. Jan 21, Contact USD 50
CN: e 10680 Netherlands: We are a dutch stone company, and we are growing fast. But we like to present more difference kind of memorial-gravestones. Next month we will visit Beijing with our managers for selecting suppliers. Please let us know if your details. Our tel. no. +31 318-6.....Jan 20, Contact USD 50
e 10679 USA: Retail: I am looking for 400 sq. ft of Absolute Black Granite floor tile, 12"x12" or 16"X16". Would like to buy asap if price is right. I will pick up in anywhere in Wisconsin or northern IL, otherwise give me price shipped to a residence (zip 54311). My phone no. is 920-86.....Jan 20, Contact USD 50
e 10678 UAE: We are large importers of Marbles & Granites from all parts of the world. We require 1000 sqm of 2 cm Rosa Aurora slabs as well as 1000 sqm of 30x60x2 cm Rosa Aurora Tiles from Portugal. Kindly mail us your best C&F Dubai rates. Our phone no. is +971-4-26.....Jan 20, Contact USD 100 (open)
AR: e 10677 Italy: I need the quotation of tiles of AZUL CIELO MARBLE of 12x12 Inches (30.5x30.5 cm) 10mm +/- 0.5 thick, polished, beveled and calibrated. 10 tiles in styrofoam box, 36 styrofoam boxes in a wooden crate, 20 full crates + half crates (18 styrofoam boxes) in one 20 ft. container totaling 7920 tiles=7920 sq. feet. Jan 20, Contact USD 100 (open)
ES/EG: e 10676 Brazil: Please quote for Spanish and Egyptian marble blocks. Last year we imported more than 30 containers. Jan 20, Contact USD 50 (open)
CN: e 10675 Germany: Please let us have your quotation as follows: 
tiles: 30,5x30,5x1 cm / 61x30,5x1 cm / 40x40x1 cm (calibrated and bevelled) 
surface: polished / honed / brushed 
Slabs: 2 cm / 3 cm / 4 cm thichness 
Surface: polished / honed / flamed / brushed 
flooring: 40x40x3 / 50x50x3 cm 
Surface: flamed, edges bevelled 
flooring: freex30x1,5 cm / freex30x2 cm 
surface: polished / honed / flamed/ brushed 
For shipment CIF Hamburg
Chinese granites: G603, G635, G640, G654, G682.
Scandinavian granites: Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl, Red Balmoral, Baltic Brown 
Our tel. no. is +49 56 0.....Jan 20, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10674 Ireland: Please advise on supply and availability of Giallo Siena Marble 10mm Crushed Aggregate. Jan 20, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10673 : Earthmoving Machinery: Please send price for KOMATSU Wheel loader Model WA 470. Jan 20, Contact USD 100 (open)
IT: e 10672 Malaysia: We are looking for Italian marble Botticino (imperial/nuova) (polished). Size: 36" x 24" x20mm. Qty. 1500 sq ft. Would prefer direct manufacturer from Italy with rep office in Singapore. We
will arrange for inspection in Singapore. Pls quote ex-Singapore warehouse. Contact No: +601261.....Jan 20, Contact USD 100
e 10671 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: Kindly quote C&F Karachi for used Hitachi EX100WD. our phone no. +924273.....Jan 20, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10670 Russia: We need ceramics floor tiles. The size 30 x 30, 40 x 40 are necessary for us. Volume of 20000 sqm a month. Please quote with terms and conditions. Our phone no. is 7 3952 2.....Jan 20, Contact USD 100 (open)
TR: e 10669 Japan: I am looking for beige marble supplier from Turkey, Indonesia and Spain- all specifications e.g. quantity, size range, application if buying stone beige marble tile, block
polished marble tile: 300x300x10mm - 200sqm; 400x400x15mm - 800 sqm; 300 size tile + 400 size tile = 1000SQM (2 containers).
2) rough-polished block, Size: 300x400x30mm; 300x400x40mm; 300x400x50mm, Quantity: 500 SQM
3) split face block:
L 300~400 x H50 x W30~50mm 50SQM 
L 300~400 x H100 x W30~50mm 50SQM
L 300~400 x H200 x W30~50mm 50SQM
Would like to buy from Indonesia, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, Iran, Egypt etc. My tel. no. is 813 343.... 
Jan 20, Closed
e 10668 Korea: Earthmoving Machinery: We specialize in importing and exporting of used construction equipments in KOREA. If you have any machines you can offer like Dozer, Grader, Roller, Paver, then give us your stock list with price. +82-42-53.....Jan 20, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10667 USA: I would like to buy about 100 to 200 pieces near this 2x3 size pf pumice stone. These small pieces of pumice stones are used to clean diamond burs or bits when they become full of wood, or other material they have been carving. I am in WA 98023. Please quote. Jan 20, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10666: Earthmoving Machinery: I am looking for a KOMATSU PC 240-5 from year 90 to year 94. please send me details, pictures and offer. My phone no. is 0034-619-2.....Jan 20, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10665:  Please quote with your contact details for Thassos white marble from Greece. Jan 20, Contact USD 40 (open)
e 10664 USA: Artifacts: We are general contractors in Colorado. I would like for you to quote a black granite farmhouse sink in 10 in H X 33 in W X 22 in D. Please also price that in drk grey granite. If you do not fabricate farmhouse sinks would you please price a kitchen sink of the same size (double basin). Jan 20, Contact USD 40 (open)
e 10663 : Retail: Looking for a granite stone 18 x 24 by 4 inches thick with engraving of family names, etc for a flat headstone. Please quote. Jan 20, Contact USD 10
e 10662 USA: Artifacts: Please send price list for black marble bases. I am in AZ. Jan 20, Contact USD 40 (open)
e 10661 Holland: Earthmoving Machinery: I would like to buy an Excavator. Please call on 00316411.....
Jan 19, Contact USD 100 (open) 
e 10659 UK: Quarrying Machinery: Looking for CORAL Cutting machines (for quarry's.) that cut vertical and horizontal at the same time. I require the machine for the machine for Kenya. Attached is a picture of the machine that I am looking for. Jan 19, Contact USD 100 (open) 
ES: e 10658 USA: I am in need of the crema marfil threshold. Size: 36" x 2" x 3/8". I am renovating 2 rooms for model room review. I need 2 thresholds by Jan 28th, 2004. Remainder of 504 will be needed in May 2004. I am in Texas. Our tel no. is 972-22.....Jan 19, Contact USD 20 (open) 
e 10657 USA; We are interested in purchasing granites, marbles and travertine slabs and tiles. See ready stock 536. Jan 19, Contact USD 20 (open) 
e 10656 Germany: As a German distributor of natural stone goods we are interested in suppliers from the Asian area. Our phone no. is 0049 727.....Jan 19, Contact USD 50 (open) 
IN: e 10655 India: We have the following urgent requirement FOR MIDDLE EAST COUNTRIES.:
A) SIZES: 27" X 21" - THICKNESS: 3" OR 4"
B) SIZE: 12" X 24" - THICKNESS: 3" 0R 4"
e 10654 USA: Diamond Tools: Please send me a list of your diamond segments with different qualities, dimensions and prices. Jan 19, Contact USD 100 (open) 
e 10653 USA: Retail: I want 4 slabs of Verde Argento granite from Italy. I need polished finish for kitchen countertops. I am in CA and my tel. no. is 813-0142 .....Jan 19, Contact USD 20 (open) 
e 10652 Maldives: We are in the process in the building a 5 star deluxe hotel in Seychelles. We are looking for about approx 2,000 M2 of various stones and slates for the construction. Please quote. Our tel. no. is 
+960 3.....Jan 19, Contact USD 20 (open) 
e 10651 USA: Retail: Please quote for Dakota Mahogany. I am in CT 06810. My phone no. is 203 79.....
Jan 19, Contact USD 20 (open) 
e 10650 Bangladesh: We want Pumice Stone. I want per month 200 mt. The size is 1-2 and 2-3. Please provide us C & F (Chittagong) with details. Jan 19, Contact USD 100 (open) 
e 10649 India: PLEASE QUOTE FOR POLISHED PORCELAIN CERAMIC TILES. WIDTH - 600 X 600 MM & 500 X 500 MM. COLOR LIGHT IVORY, WHITE, THICKNESS - 10 TO 12 MM. 4 PC / BOX. = 1.44 SQ. MTR. / BOX, QTY. 1400 SQ. MTR. OR 15000 SQ. FT. PER 20'FCL OR 970 BOX PER FCL, QTY. - 4 X 20' FCL P.M. CIF NHAVA SEVA, MUMBAI.  MY CONTACT NO. IS 91 22 220.....Jan 19, Contact USD 50 (open) 
BR: e 10648 USA: Please quote for in sqm for slabs of colonial dream and Jupara colo. We are interested in 200-300 slabs. Our phone no. is 909-80..... Jan 19, Contact USD 100 (open) 
ALL: e 10647 China: We're a trading company in China. We have much interest in your products. Could you provide us with detailed information about your company and products such as brochures and catalogues? 
Jan 19, Contact USD 20 (open) 
e 10646 USA: Retail: I would like to purchase 110 pieces of 12x12 of Rosso Verona tiles. Please quote. 
Jan 19, Contact USD 40 
e 10644 USA: Send me a catalogue of your different stone products and/or stone wholesalers close to the Nashville, TN area. I have a retail landscape store. My contact no. is 615.82..... Jan 19, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10643 USA: Diamond Tools: Please quote for diamond tools and machinery for the stone industry. 
Jan 19, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10642 Canada: We will be visiting Turkey on Jan 25 2004 until Feb 5 2004 and would like to visit some Turkish companies who can supply us with Travertine, Marble and Limestone. We are interested in their complete line of products. Our fax no. is 1-905-89.....Jan 19, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10641 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: We need Hitachi EX 100 WD delivered in Pakistan. Please give us a price, details and availability.  Jan 19, Contact USD 100 (open)
PT: e 10640 Saudi Arabia: I need to a good of marbles from Portugal like all kind of Rosa (best quality). I have four palaces  around 10000 sqm to be marble. my phone no. is 966551.....Jan 19, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10639 USA: Retail: I am looking for granite called Verde Argento. I am building a home in Southern Calif. and need to use it for my kitchen countertops. I would need about 6 slabs, I am unsure of the exact amount but can find out from my contractor. 714-81...... Jan 19, Contact USD 50
e 10638: Stone Processing Machinery: I am interested in a 25hp foma bridge with table. Please quote. 
Jan 19, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10637 USA: Do you have any Verde Tunas in stock? Jan 18, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10636 Netherlands: I am interested in Jacaranda granite. Jan 18, Contact USD 20 (open)
IN: e 10635 UAE: Item wanted is Rainbow 60 x 60 x 2-3, Teakwood 60 x 60 x 2-3, Agra red 50 x 50 x 3 Smooth 2000 sqm, Dolfer peig 50 x 50 x 3 Natural 4000 sqm and Gray 50x50x3 Smooth 2000 sqm. Jan 18, Contact Rs 2500 (open)
e 10634 USA: We are manufacturing a new machine and will need large quantities of diamonds segments. Specifications are as follows: Length 105 mm, Width 12 mm  and Height 6.5 mm. Quality Premium. Quantity 300 (trials) 100,000 this year, 300,000 next year. These diamonds will be soldered onto a steel bar app. 110 mm long x 15 mm wide x 6.5 mm thick. Can you give price and anticipated delivery? Our phone no. is (801) 56..... Jan 18, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10633 India: Stone Processing Machinery: We are manufacture of stone working machines, we are planning to buy a 6 Brick Grinding Head for Auto Polisher. Our tel. no. is 080-57.....Jan 18, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10632 UAE: We are interested in buying the following Granites: 
Brazailian - Lamabada Stone and Nero Vitoria Stone.
Canada - Magpie Granite and Royal Imagesdian Red. 
Finland - Lieto Red and Moss.
Portugal - Porfidio Acido - Robrato.
Sweden - Barap (mel)
USA - Radiant Red.
We are looking for a size of 3.5mts to 4 mts of height, 2 mts of width and 2 mts thickness. Can you kindly provide us the details of the price and availability of these products. 
Delivery Location will be in Baku, Azarbaijan, quantity range is one block, size range is height is 4mts, width 2mts and thickness of the stone should be 2mts. Color of Stone should be Coffee Color, the name of the stone is not important for us, any stone of Coffee Color. Jan 18, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10631 USA: Would like to know something about a quartzite slate sold in the US under a trade name "Gold White" or "Golden White". I have heard that it is possibly from India, but that wasn't a reliable source. Another unreliable source said the US distributor is in Anaheim CA. It is commonly available in 12x12 and 16x16 slate tiles, and comes packed in "variety boxes" with colors ranging from blue to pink to green to gray to gold and white, generally mostly solid in each tile, but some banding is present. I am interested in buying about 600 or 700 square feet of 12x12 tile. Jan 18, Contact USD 100
e 10630 : Earthmoving Machinery: I want a CAT 345BL.  Jan 18, Contact USD 100 (open) 
e 10629 USA: Artifacts: I am interested in a marble ball of size 20"-24". I am also interested in sandstone bench length 42 inch x 15 inch,  I was wondering if the sandstone bench could be curved instead on being straight and if I could get the bench in any other stone like Travertine, or marble (pink). Could you let me know the price of the above item inclusive of shipping. The location the item needs to be shipped to is Campbell, CA, USA zip: 95008. I would be using both the items outdoor. So please let me know if there are any limitation on its usage if any. I am open to buying the above listed item from any location, decision will be based on the total price of these items. Jan 18, Contact USD 50 (open) 
MX: e 10628 USA: Please send information on the prices of Mexican stone products by the ton. I need the whole sale price. We are in AR. Our phone no. is 501-39.....Jan 18, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10627 USA: Retail: We want 300 sq ft cut into 18 x 18 inch tiles of Rainforest Green Marble. We are located in San Diego CA. Jan 18, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10626 UK: We are looking for a Chinese supplier of artificial granite slabs polished in a thickness of 2 or 3cm. Purchase random colors of about 20 containers per year for the UK market. Jan 17, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10625 USA: Retail: I would like to purchase 2 small slabs of soapstone 26" x 26" x 4" thick. I am located in northern NJ. Jan 17, Contact USD 20 (open)
IN/CN: e 10624 UK: Please send me your best export prices per sqm specifying different thickness for Chinese and Indian granite and marble tiles, polished, honeyed and flamed. Jan 17, Contact USD 20 (open)
ALL: e 10623 Bangladesh: I am an importer of natural stones. Send me some information about your product like price, quality, conditions, etc. My phone is 880316.....Jan 17, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10622 USA: Please quote in USD for Padang light granite tiles or AFG 33, size 400 x 400 x 10 mm, or other European standard sizes. Jan 17, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10621 USA: I am the director of operations for a company in south Florida. We have recently secured a contract for a large project in Florida that requires a substantial amount of Granite. The types of granite that are specifically required for this project are: Madura Gold, Taillo Valenciano and Sahara Gold. We need approximately 120" x 72" x 2cm slabs 4000 square feet total for the three of these granites with Madura Gold making up about 2/3 of the total order and Taillo Vallenciano & Sahara Gold collectively making up the remaining 1/3 of the total order. The size of the material we would to have a 120" x 72" x 2 cm. I would like to purchase this material directly from the mine using a letter of credit. Please send a pricing list per sq ft. 
Jan 17, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10620 Bahrain: We are one of the leading ceramic & porcelain tiles suppliers in Bahrain. Looking for ceramic & porcelain tiles manufactures from Brazil and Portugal. Jan 17, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10619 USA: I need a price and availability on 6 x 6, 2000 sf. of a tan/gray quarry tile with matching 350 linear ft. of matching cover base. I also need 450 sq. ft. of light yellow 4x4 wall tile. Please quote. Jan 17, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10618 USA: Retail: I am building a new house. I want to completely put rock in the shower and not use a shower door. I want to use man made rocks. I need instructions and advice on what materials to use and the best way to go about building the shower. Jan 17, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10617 Zimbabwe: Stone Processing Machinery: We are involved in mining and would like to carry out a project of cutting stone to make tiles and slates. We are looking for a machine to do the job. We reckon the biggest size will be 50cm/ 50cm. We preferably want to buy from South Africa. Our phone no. is 263-4-3....Jan 17, Contact USD 100 (open)
IL: e 10616 Italy: Where can I buy slabs of Jerusalem Gray? Jan 17, Contact USD 20 (open)
ALL: e 10615 UK: Please quote for slate, limestone & travertine tiles. Jan 17, Contact USD 20 (open)
IN: e 10614 USA: Please quote for Absolute Black marble 12x12 tiles. Jan 17, Contact USD 20 (open)
CN: e 10613 Iran: Please quote for good quality Chinese granites 60cm x 60 cm 3cm thick FOB ports in China. I also need to import granite/marble for countertops. Jan 17, Contact USD 20 (open)
TR: e 10612 Albania: I am the owner of a factory in Albania for marble and granite slabs and tiles. I currently import the marble blocks from Greece and I am interested in trying Turkish material. My needs are approximately 1000 ton/month of rosa teaa, travertine and limestone. Initially I would like a quote for 25 ton of rosa teaa A and B quality, 75 ton of travertine A and B quality, and 25 ton of limestone A quality.  Please state transportation costs by trucks to Durres, Albania and method of payment. My contact no 00355692......Jan 17, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10611 USA: I am interested in buying app. 4000 sf of Azul Macaubas or Sodalite Blue in tiles for the floor (may be a combination of stones with the total quantity of 4000 sf).
The sizes from 30x30x1cm to 45x45x1.2 (will decide depending on the price).
I need a delivery to Miami, Fl 33139. The price range for Azul Macaubas - less than $25/sf C&F Miami. I am on final stage of the buying process and ready to buy within a few weeks in order to have the material delivered before May 2004. I prefer to buy from the producer. I will need the samples. Attached are images of the stones that I want). My phone is (1-917) 39...... Jan 17, Contact USD 100 (open)
(Buyer will pay commission to Findstone)
0090 212 24.......Jan 17, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10609 Mauritius: We are a stone company in China. We need Borneo Beige marble 300 x 300 x 12mm, 150 x 300 x 12mm. Our fax no. is 0086 25 524.....Jan 17, Contact USD 50 (open)
NO: e 10608 USA: I am an end user and need 3300-3500 square feet of BLUE PEARL granite tiles originating from Norway that are 18 x 18 tiles the thickness maybe 3/8"(10mm), 1/2", 12mm, 15mm. I live in Jacksonville, Florida and will need them by May 2004.  Jan 17, Contact USD 20 (open)
PT: e 10607 Australia: I am looking for approx 40sqm of Moca Cream Limestone from the above price list. Please confirm price and availability. Jan 17, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10606 USA: I am trying to find granite tiles. Jan 17, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10605 UK: We are a property development and construction company located in London. We require the following for a development under construction:
1. 500m2 polished floor/ wall tiles 305x305mm or 450x450mm, 
2. 120m 150mm skirting,
3. 5 lift surrounds 200 mm, 
4.12 x door surround 150mm , 2200mmx1400mm
5.45 x 800mmx 300mm bull nose stair treads with 6 special winder special sections. 
6. kitchen worktops 600mm bull nosed (9 kitchens) price per meter and cost per sink cut, tap hole cut and draining area groove cuts. 
7. bathroom vanity sink tops. (12 bathrooms) per meter, tap hole cut and soap tray recess and dain groove cut.
Please send marble and granite prices and colours, will make up order to give full container loads. Do you supply any sand stones or slate stones Also information on carved products. 
All shipped to UK east or south coast preferably Harwich. Will pay in dollars, part secure held payment for inspection at receiving port. Jan 17, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10604 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: Please quote for FOMA Gantry Bridge Saw as displayed in 523. We are a Colorado company, looking for USED equipment, specifically a bridge saw that will cut both X and Y axis as well as tilt for bevel cuts. We want to pay considerably less than "new" retail price. Also would be in the market for other accessories / tools as we are just starting up.Jan 16, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10603 Croatia: Would like to contact stone dealers in Croatia. Jan 16, Contact USD 20 (open)
ZW: e 10602 Netherlands: My company is a trading company of granite slabs. Next to trading I am seriously investigating production of slabs as I have build up good sales. Therefore it is interesting for me to receive your cbm price in USD for blocks of Impala medium of sizes blocks by 2.70 x 1.3. Jan 16, Contact USD 40 (open)
e 10601 Iran: Landscape: We intend to purchase the following items for our client partner in Austria.  
Specified Quantity: Granite Curbstone and pavement stone about 15,000 running meter of both granite curb stones and pavement stones. Geographical purchase area: Turkey, Czech Republic. Our client partner is looking to conclude this deal sometime within the next week or so but we are not happy with the current supplier's effort in Turkey. The suppliers need to send me a quotation of both FOB and CRF prices to Enns port Austria immediately for consideration of this purchase. 
This deal will be finalized within the next 8 days we will choose a supplier to work with. Our contact no. is 98 21 24.....Jan 16, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10600 Pakistan: We are importers of ceramic wall and floor tile. We have been supplying ceramic wall and floor tile to our various valued customer. We request you to please mail us your complete range of product line catalogue for our use and information. We request you to please quote C&F Karachi for complete Set of Ceramic Tiles for Bathroom. Our phone no. is 454 002......Jan 16, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10599 Singapore: I need yellow and white onyx. I can pay for samples at least 10 pcs of tiles. Jan 16, Contact USD 20 (open)
ALL: e 10598 : I need a price list for indian green, tan brown, black absolute, red alicante, perlato royal, nazaran, black marquina, tiger skin, mist yellow and roza pink and other countries too in 30x60 and slabs all in 2-3 CM thickness. Jan 16, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10597 USA: I am interested in pricing for limestone.  Jan 16, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10596 USA: I am building a new house and am looking for about 20m2 of Travertine Noce, cross cut, filled and honed 400 x 400 x 20 ideally or 15. Jan 16, Contact USD 50
OM: e 10595 Korea: We are looking for Omani stones, Ar Mablar Royal, and Opal Pink light. Slab 20T / 25T / 30T, and 800 x 800 x 25T. Our phone no. is 82-2-57..... Jan 16, Contact USD 50 (open)
CN: e 10594 Malaysia: Interested in Chinese granite Emerald Blue. Please quote with images. Jan 16, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10592 USA: Retail: I am looking for 250 sq ft. of Sapphire Brown from India. Do you have availability in Oregon? At what price per square foot? Phone no. is 541-59.....Jan 16, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10591 Australia: Please quote in Australian Dollars for Polar Jade BC, Lotus Green from China, Campans, Tinos Green, Emerald Green, Plain Verde and Fancy Forest from India, Persian Green from Iran, Multi Green Grade from Pakistan, Jadeite Commercial and Jadeite Imperial from Russia. Please quote per kilo basis. My phone no. is (08) 820.....Jan 16, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10590 USA: Artifacts: Please quote granite benches. Jan 16, Contact USD 20 (open)
CN: e 10589 New Zealand: Please give me a price for a 20 ft container of China Gray Slate. Jan 16, Contact USD 20 (open)
IN: e 10588 USA: Interested in Indian granite tiles and slabs. My contact no. is (209) 24.....Jan 16, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10587 USA: Artifacts: We do a great deal of renovations and design work in the Northeast. I am looking for a free form 18" black granite bowl. I have a store in Durham, NC. Jan 16, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10586 USA: LOOKING FOR MEXICAN NOCE 16X16 HONED AND UNFILLED DARK. QTY. 6000 SF. TEL. No. IS  480-83.....Jan 16, Closed
ES: e 10585 Australia: We are an import company and would like to import two 20 ft containers of Creama Marfil marble into Melbourne Port. Please provide us the marble information and price list for all Creama Marfil range. Our tel. no. is +61 3 964.....  Jan 16, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10584 India: Please quote for superior quality white marble (4 feet x 4 feet) and also the transportation charges per 1000 sq feet for Jaipur to Bangalore. Jan 15, Contact USD 50 (open)
FR: e 10583 USA: Please quote for 18" X 18" and 24"X24" French limestone Names Bretigny, Combebrun, Spademi dure and Thenac. This stone is needed for a job in Bahamas. My tel no. is USA is 954-24.....Jan 15, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10582 USA: Earthmoving Machinery:  Please quote for a INGERSOL RAND MT6520. See ready stock 552. Jan 15, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10581 USA: Landscape: I am an interior designer looking for relevant information for resources and specifications on FIELDSTONE. My contact no. is 248-48.....Jan 15, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10580 India: We are very much interested to import Diamond Synthetic Powder as per the following specification on immediate and regular basis-
RVD GRADE - 200/230, 230/270 & 270/325
The import will be in Mumbai / Kolkata (India). 
The Minimum quantity will be 500 KG per month.
We therefore request you to quote us the CIF Mumbai/Kolkata rate. Also inform me the minimum order quantity (per transaction). We also can make a yearly contract for the regular supply of the product. You are further requested to send us the payment terms also. Regarding the sample please let's know about the procedure to get it. As you might be aware that the min. 10 cts is required for the lab test. We also don't mind to pay for it. MOBILE NO.- 0091 22 344.....Jan 15, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10579 Spain: We very urgently require little blocks of blue soapstone approx. 1300 x 1000 x 1000 mm. or/and slabs in 3, 4, 5, 6, 10 cm thick. Our tel. no. is +349501.....Jan 15, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10578: Stone Processing Machinery: We are interested in used marble and granite processing machinery. Kindly send us more details about available machines. Jan 15, Contact USD 100 (open)
IN: e 10577 Russia: We are the company in Saint-Petersbourg. Our director is going in business-trip to visit India in February to have a clear idea of Indian stones, quarries and companies and to make an order of marble and granite from companies situated in Delhi State, Rajasthan State, Chennai City and Mumbai City. 
He mostly interesting in marble, onyx and granite slabs (1200x2400x20 & 30mm) with beautiful and rare colours (not green colour), beautiful mosaic and art products from bronze. 
If you can send to us your contact information and catalogue to have a clear idea of your company we would be very grateful. tel. (812) 32.....Jan 15, Contact USD 20 (open)
BR: e 10576 Spain: I have interest in Soapstone from Brazil. I also have interest in a list of prices for Slabs, tiles and blocks. The delivery location is Valencia or Alicante in Spain. Always full containers in different sizes. The order will be immediate, the terms off payments is Letter of credit. Jan 15, Contact USD 100 (open)  
e 10575 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: Kindly quote us C&F Lahore prices for the following USED items:
Loader + Dozer as a single unit chained (Make: Caterpillar) I piece
Excavator Chained (Make: Hitachi) 1 piece
Excavator Wheeled (Make: Hitachi or Daewoo) 5 pieces
Compressors (Any make) 1 piece
Jack Hammer (Any make) 1 piece
Generators 1000KB or 350-450KB (Any make) 1 piece (that of 220 Volts)
Fork Lifter 10-20 tonnes (Any make) 5 pieces
Crane (Any make) 1 piece
Dump Truck (Any make) 5 pieces
We also need wheeled harvesters for rice and wheat (New Holland make 6 pieces). Also send us the pictures. Phone no. +924273..... Jan 15, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10574 Saudi Arabia: Earthmoving Machinery:  I am interested in Komatsu D155 & CAT 14G. Please quote the final price for me CIF Saudi Arabia Dammam Port. Jan 15, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10573 India: We would like to get Perlite from Turkey on a regular basis. Jan 15, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10572 Bangladesh: We need Limestone Feed, Grade (calcium Premix) for POULTRY. Crushed, Origin: BHUTAN, Quantity: 100-150MT, price C&F basis. On or before:15/02/2004. Our tel. no. is 880-31-8.....Jan 15, Contact USD 50 (open)
IN: e 10571 India: Please quote in US$ (fob Indian port) for the following: 
Rose Onix - 150 sqm. of slabs 20 mm, 50 sqm. of slabs 30 mm.
Rain Forest Green (Bidasar Green) - 150 sq.m. of slabs 20 mm 50 sq.m. of slabs 30 mm.
Rain Forest Golden (Bidasar golden) - 150 sq.m. of slabs 20 mm 50 sq.m. of slabs 30 mm.
Rain Forest Brown (Bidasar brown) - 150 sq.m. of slabs 20 mm 50 sq.m. of slabs 30 mm.
Blue Fantasy - 50 sq.m. of slabs 20 mm 30 sq.m. of slabs 30 mm.
Brown Fantasy - 100 sq.m. of slabs 20 mm 30 sq.m. of slabs 30 mm.
Onix Pink Fantasy - 100 sq.m. of slabs 20 mm 30sq.m. of slabs 30 mm
Onyx Green Fantasy - 150 sq.m. of slabs 20 mm 50sq.m. of slabs 30 mm. Jan 15, Contact INR 1500 (open)
e 10570 Vietnam: Earthmoving Machinery: We are specialize in importing all kinds of construction machinery from all over the world as Japan, Korea, USA, Holland, Italy, Germany...We are interested in CAT 330. Please send us detail photo and quote the best FOB or CIF Haiphong price. Jan 15, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10569 Syria: We are an export-import company. Kindly supply us with the latest price lists for marble blocks like Salome bordeaux, Supreme salome, yakin crystal, Grey supreme, Lilac, Salome, Afyon. Our tel. no. is +963 11 24.....Jan 15, Contact USD 40 (open)
e 10568 Germany: We want to import granite slabs and tiles from China. Our phone no. is + 420 732 3.....Jan 15, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10567 Germany: I am searching for business partners in India, who can deliver antique-looking fountains of marble or granite or the raw materials for these fountains. Which other kinds of marble and granite (raw materials) you can deliver. 
Is it also possible, to deliver ready made fountains? Their form can be round, square, rectangle or hexagon. The stones should be treated, so that the fountains look like antique. Approx. measurements: diameter from 1 m to 3 m, height of the basin approx. 55 cms, thickness of the ground panels approx. 7 cms to 30 cms. I can send you drawings, etc. Please send us your detailed price list, if possible with drawings and photos of your products. Prices can be calculated FOB or C&F/CIF German port. Jan 15, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10566 Yemen: Earthmoving Machinery: WE WANT TO PURCHASE AN EXCAVATOR CAT. 320L, 320B. OUR TEL. NO. IS 0096713.....Jan 15, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10565 Vietnam: We are in stone business since 8 years and import material for finishing work. We are a exclusive distributor for some big Japanese Exporters, Taiwan, etc. Now we are preparing bidding document for a project, in this project the Main contractor require us to submit Granite and Marble for stone work. As detail:
- Granite, t=20 and t=30mm (Impar black): 2500 sqm. It may be the same color with Raymond.
- Marble, t=20mm and t=25mm (Bianco carara): 2000 sqm. It may be the same color with Kund Multicolor
- Marble, t=20mm (Serpentine): 2000 sqm. It may be the same color with Himachal Green.
Please, see photographs attached. Tel: 84-4.53.....Jan 15, Contact USD 50 (open)
TW/CN: e 10564 USA: Retail: I am looking for a slab of Ming Green marble (also known as Opal) at least 29 inches x 86 inches. It comes from a single mountain in Taiwan. On your website, there is a photo of Chinese marble called "Moss Green" that looks similar. Price is negotiable. I need it as soon as possible, but will import if necessary. No one in my area has this. I am in the San Francisco, California area, phone is 415-90..... 
Jan 15, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10563 Saudi Arabia: Diamond Tools: I was looking for a manufactures of diamond cutting disks witch I am interesting to import to my market at Saudi Arabia. If you are interesting for long term relation as a sole agent for your production send me your price list for marble and granite. Jan 15, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10562 USA: Artifacts: I am interested in purchasing carved stone fireplaces made in China. My business is supplying building products to brick and block distributor in the USA. I currently import from China and I am looking for another line to help fill containers. Stage of buying process: as immediate as possible, the fireplaces that we want must have a minimum width, height and depth of the opening. Therefore once those details are covered, we are ready to buy. 
Steps needed to finalize a supplier: price. Quality and turnaround.
Date of purchase: within the next two months.  Jan 15, Contact USD 100 (open)
IT: e 10561 Korea: I am looking for Grigio Carnico for countertop and inner wall. The quantity is very small for model house but I think this stone will be popular if we apply this for luxury mansion. Dimensions are for 
countertop thickness 40mm and for inner wall thickness 20mm. Jan 15, Contact USD 50
e 10559 USA: Retail: I am thinking about having my kitchen counter-tops replaced with a natural stone. Is TRAVERTINE available in large pieces so that it can be fabricated to fit the top of my cabinets? If so, looking a source in the following zip code areas of the USA: 77380, 77300, 77000 or the Houston, Texas area? Jan 15, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10558 USA: I need Mediterranean Perlato 18"x18" 5000sf in Miami, FL. Need sample ASAP. Need material by Jan 20, if possible. Price listed on findstone is $2.25 (must be near this price). My contact no. is 786-44.....Jan 15, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10567 USA: Retail: Would like to find a supplier for Juparana Gold Wave granite. Jan 15, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10555 Italy: Monuments: I want to buy European monument. Jan 15, Contact USD 20
e 10554 USA: Retail: I am looking for granite for my kitchen and bathroom. I am in CT 06901. Tel. no. 203-96.....Jan 15, Contact USD 20
e 10553 USA: Retail: I want approximately 100 sq feet of non-slip blue stone tiles. I'd like to place it over existing concrete pad permanently. I live in central New Jersey. Can you also give me a price and includes shipping? If possible to ship.... I live in central New Jersey. Jan 15, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10552 USA: Landscape: I am a Landscape Architect employed in Ohio. I was searching for salvaged foundation stone, either barn, house or bridge abutment. 
I am working on a dual park project here in Delaware Co. The properties are directly across the road from each other. One site is to be developed as a historic farm (circa 1920) and the other site is more of a typical park with shelter houses, trails and play areas. I would like to use some salvaged stone blocks to create a seat wall and also for kids to climb on jump off of etc.. My thought is that this salvaged block will help to tie in the rural/historic farm theme along with the use of other materials in the same vernacular. I'm not sure of how many ton this project would require but I'm looking to create about 70' of seat wall (stone that would not exceed 18"-20" in height) and also looking for some possibly larger stone to place in the play area. Eventually, we will need more stone as the development of the historic farm gets underway. Please send me information on stone type, sizes and prices and a phone number would be helpful as well. Jan 14, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10551 USA: Artifacts: Please quote for marble chess in poly pack. Jan 14, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10550 India: Diamond Tools: I am interested tools for cutting sink holes and stove cutouts on granite slabs and polish the edge and cutouts.  Jan 14, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10549 UK: I need 40 meters squared of either tumbled marble tiles (wall and floor) or Travertine honed chiselled marble tiles (floor and wall). I am only interested in light beige shades with a matt finish. 
I understand that these tiles mainly come from Turkey, Italy, Iran, Armenia and Spain. I would like delivery within 3 weeks from the 14th January 2004 (ideally). My ideal size would be 60cmx40cm (or thereabouts), but I am open to suggestion if it will bring the price down. I would like to receive the tiles as a finished product (ready for fixture to wall and floor).If your prices are very reasonable, I have an additional 8 customers waiting to buy the same product. My tel. no. is +44 (020) 844.....Jan 14, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10548 UAE: We are trading in industrial minerals and are currently looking out for a source that produce and supply White and Brown Aluminium oxide for the Middle East. See pricelist 1225. Our tel. no. is +9714881....Jan 14, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10547 UK: Retail: I need to source one slab Caledonia granite of 30mm and one slab 20mm thick, approx 3m x 1.6m. I would look to order in it one week, preferably from central England. My tel. no. is +44 (0)1226 3.....Jan 14, Contact USD 20
ALL: e 10546 Guatemala: We are interested to get some samples and price list of Granite Tiles and Slabs. Also we need the available colors, sizes and more accepted Granites in the market. Our tel. no. is 502 43.....Jan 14, Contact USD 40 (open)
e 10545 Canada: Retail: I am looking for a store in Windsor Canada that sells a good selection of granite counter tops. I live in Lansing, MI and I am told it is worth it to drive 90 minutes to get it for the cost savings. Jan 14, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10544 Sri Lanka: I am a granite importer. Please send price list of your material. Jan 14, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10543 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: Please quote for a waterjet machine. Please send pictures and also the list of all the auxiliary equipment that comes with the machine (pumps, etc). See ready stock 373. I am also interested in FOMA (Italy) gantry bridge saw with a rotating concrete table that will cut the largest of slabs, see ready stock 523. Jan 14, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10542 Taiwan: Earth Moving Machinery: We are looking for following used construction machines. 
1) CAT D8R, not more than 5000 hours.
2) CAT 980G, around 2-3000 hours.
3) 4 units CAT 740, around 2-3000 hours.
4) 4-6 units VOLVO A35, from 1993-96.
Please quote us your best price with detail's specification and photographs if available. Our tel. no. is 886-5-53.....Jan 14, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10541 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: Seeking a used router for stone fabrication. We need a machine to cut radius and profiles into limestone. Geographic buying range: United States. I will buy immediate if right equipment found. We will need equipment make, model and year, fabrication capacity, price and any other relevant information (a photo of equipment would be helpful). Date of intended purchase: by February 15, 2004. My phone no. 812 28.....Jan 14, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10540 USA: I am looking for Brazilian Black Tumbled slates. I would use it as flooring inside a residence. The color should be very dark grey. I am flexible for the size:12 x 12; or 6 x 6; or...
I would be happy to know if you have that in stock & at what price with the minimum quantity we have to buy. Delivery cost & time for Indianapolis. I am also interested in Khaki Blue Limetone Tumbled, Kuia Blue in
12 x 12; 4 x 4; 2 x 2. Jan 14, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10539 USA: Landscape: Retail: I am looking for Mexican pebbles stones (dark blue, round and smooth) of the size ~ 3 inches. I need 1 ton and delivery to my door at San Diego, CA 92130. Kindly give cost details. Jan 14, Contact USD 20
e 10537 USA: We are looking for 200 sq. ft. of 18 x 18 x 1/2" travertine. Jan 14, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10536 USA: Retail: Landscape: Please quote for pebbles with shipping to Orlando, Florida? Jan 14, Contact USD 20
e 10535 USA: I would like to buy stones at wholesale. Please let me know if you would supply me with your stones as a wholesaler for distribution in U.S.A. My phone # (503) 28.....Jan 14, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10534 USA: Retail: Looking for 12 pcs. of 12 x 12 tiles of Juparana Napel Granite. Jan 14, Contact USD 10
ES: e 10533 USA: Please quote for Spanish marbles. Jan 14, Contact USD 100 (open)
IN: e 10532 USA: I am looking for Shivakashi Granite 12x12 tiles Polished 6,500 square feet. Cost? We are located in Fairfield, CA. Phone no. 707.43....Jan 14, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10530 USA: Retail: I live in New Jersey in the Bridgewater area. I am looking to re-do my kitchen with granite counter tops. I will also need advice on which granite to get. I am leaning toward something in the darker shade like red. I would like to get something that requires very very little or no maintenance. We use our kitchen almost every day to cook all meals. 908-47.....Jan 13, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10529 USA: I am looking for madura gold granite tile. I need approximately 130 pieces of 12x12. I am a building contractor and need to close on a home asap. Jan 13, Contact USD 20 (open)
ES: e 10528 Belgium: Please quote for 450 sqm Crema Marfil first quality. I want it cut and ready for the installation). I would like to get the price CIF destination of Beirut-Lebanon. My tel. no. is 0032 2 52.....Jan 13, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10527 Greece: Please quote for AZUL PARAISO POLISHED, qty. 3,200 sqm 15 X 5 X 2CM & 6 X 5 X 2CM.
20PIECES 118 X 125 X 2CM
20PIECES 105 X 125 X 2CM. Our tel. no. is (+30) 210 3461275. Jan 13, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10526 Egypt: Stone Processing Machinery: Please provide us with a complete offer for a Block-cutter with 2 bridges, mod.NT2 50 S with trolley and Block-cutter, mod.NT2 32, predisposed S, with trolley. Our tel. no. is +20240.....Jan 13, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10525 : We are a big construction firm having offices worldwide. We are looking for suppliers for boulders and armour rocks coming from Bahamas or Dominican Republic or Cuba. Jan 13, Contact USD 100 (open)
FR: e 10524 Hong Kong: We have a project looking for a kind of France sandstone mocca beige as per the attached photo. Need 14,000 sqm 3cm unpolished slabs C&F Dailin. Jan 13, Contact USD 100 (open)
IN: e 10523 India: Please quote for supply of 13000 Sq. ft. approx. Rough Shahbad Stone / Tile machine out of size 1'6" x 2'0" and 30 mm to 38 mm thick approx. area. AND
Supply of 6000 Sq ft approx interlocking tiles of 65 mm thick along with your caflage and laying specification size, design & color, etc. Also technical details with payments delivery, period, etc. Jan 13, Contact USD 100 (open)
TR: e 10521 Turkey: We want t to purchase high quality Bursa Beige Marble for 20 x 400 x 400 mm as minimum 3500 sqm for one of the project which we already supplied many different construction materials. We need samples and proforma Invoices. We need reply from manufacturing companies because the polishing of 
tiles should be done by high quality marble abrasives and wax. The delivery of marble tiles should be done in March - April 2004. Our tel. no. is 90 212 35.....Jan 13, Contact USD 40 (open)
IT: e 10520 China: I would like to contact suppliers of Bianco perlino blocks. Jan 13, Contact USD 40 (open)
e 10519 USA: I need some 12" x 12" travertine. Need 700 sq. ft. in Las Vegas, Nevada. Jan 13, Contact 
USD 100
IN: e 10518 Australia: Please quote for Black Galaxy kitchen bench tops supplied fob in the following size: 
610cmx2500cmx20mm & 910cmx2500cmx20mm, polished face and one long edge finished in reveres shark tooth profile.  Jan 13, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10517 UK: Would like to purchase sets of basalt stones for massage. Jan 13, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10516 Canada: Please quote with delivery time and qty. for Diamond Abrasives for metal polishing. Jan 13, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10515 USA: Retail: I am interested in tiles that are in some way definably blue: on the Argentinean site, this would be the granite tile, "Balmoral" and the marble tile, "Cielo Azul." I am looking for tiles to use on a kitchen counter, and would like to know what sizes the above tiles come in and at what prices you sell and ship them. In terms of size, interested in tiles that come in 18" x 18" or 24" x 24." Finally, I would like to know whether or not the tiles come in "bullnose" configurations, and whether it is possible to buy any of the small, decorative pieces such as chair rail, end cap, or any of the tile pieces that are used to create an edge on a countertop made. Jan 13, Contact USD 100
e 10514 USA: I am looking to purchase ~105 tons of sandstone but I need to see photos. Jan 13, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10513 China: Please quote for Granite, Marble, Slate, Sandstone, Quartzite from China. My phone no. is 86-22-856..... Jan 13, Contact USD 40 (open)
e 10512 USA: Please quote for Travertino Romano. Stone size: 18in x 18in (457 x 457 mm), Stone quality: Ivory, Stone finish: Honed (Semi-Polished). 
Delivery and pricing : Latest delivery date: Feb 6, 2004. Delivery State: California. Terms: Ex-Factory.
Proposal Currency: USD. Quantity requested: 1300 ft2 (This approximates 120.78 Sqm). Our phone no. is 512-77.....Jan 13, Contact USD 40 (open)
e 10511 USA retail: I am interested in floor and shower tiles and perhaps some slab in China charcoal blue color. Is there a distributor that handles it in the USA? Prices? Sizes? Honed or polished? Jan 13, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10510 Mexico: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for the following machines as in ready stock 469
320BL    CARDIFF 1999
            CANNOCK 1999
            LEEDS 2000
320L     CONSIGNMENT 1996
325B/L    LEEDS 1997
330B/LME LEEDS 1997
330BL      CANNOCK 1997
              LEEDS 1997. 
CAT 320 year 1992
CAT 320 year 1995
CAT 320C year 2000
CAT 320C year 2001
CAT 320C year 2001
CAT 322BL year 1997
CAT 325 year 1993
CAT 330 year 1995
Jan 13, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10509 Australia: Diamond Tools: Please send me one each of  the following:
[450mm] 18"        95.00 

[500mm] 20"        110.00 
And 10 each of the following
                       [125mm] 5"
300 grit              USD11.00  
500 grit              USD11.00  
1000 grit            USD11.00  
2000 grit            USD11.00  

Please advice how to pay. I have account with TNT express. Jan 13, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10508 USA: I am trying to source 150 slate, granite slabs for a major hotel. the ones being considered are black ash, steel gray, silver blue and west country or any other grey uniform slate. the size needed is 24" x 72" thickness is not an issue at this point , but preferably at or over 3/4" thick. I need is a picture of your granite, thickness 2, 3 or 4cm. price per sq.ft. or cm.sq. and a shipping price to a Canada or U.S. My contact no. is 970 38..... Jan 13, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10507 USA: I need Giallo Royale for a commercial application 2' x 2' x 1/2 approximately 5000 sq ft please provide a price and availability. Jan 13, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10506 USA: Monuments: I am opening a marble & granite shop in Calera Alabama. I am interested in purchasing monuments & markers on container load basis. Jan 13, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10505 Qatar: Diamond Tools: We are interested in marketing Diamond blades for cutting Marble, Granite, Limestone and Concrete in Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Kindly send us more details about diamond blades with respect to linear length cut, diamond quality etc. Are the diamond segments laser welded to the core? Please give us more details and price list for good quality Diamond blades. Jan 12, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10504 USA: Please quote with dimensions for limestones. Jan 12, Contact USD 20 (open)
UK: e 10503 UK: I am a builder / developer looking for information on Cotswold Natural stone roof tiles. Qty. is 10 tons. Our tel. no. is +44 (0) 1225 7.....Jan 12, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10502 Pakistan: Please quote for Hitachi EX200. See ready stock 548. Jan 12, Contact USD 20 (open)
PK: e 10501 Mozambique: Please quote for Verona Beige (marble) from Pakistan. See price list 1177. Our tel. no. is 258 1 3.....Jan 12, Contact USD 20 (open)
ALL: e 10500 : We are importers of all kinds of Natural marble stone. Currently we like to purchase marble stone cut to pieces and blocks. Please quote. Jan 12, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10499 Egypt: Artifacts: I want to sell different products of marble and onyx gift items. I have a shop in the tourist area. The products I want are chess sets, pyramids, oblisk, eggs, animals, etc. I want container of all different size and different color of marble and onyx. My tel. no. is +020259.....Jan 12, Contact USD 100 (open)
CN: e 10498 USA: I am a monument dealer. Currently, I have been shopping around good suppliers of stones for one of my project. I am planning to visit to China in Feb. after Chinese new year holidays. Jan 12, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10497 USA: Please quote for granite and marble slabs. I am in California. Our tel. no. is 909 82.....Jan 12, Contact USD 100 (open)
IN: e 10496 USA: We would like to know the price for Black Galaxy granite 12" x 12" x 10 MM we need CIF Houston Price with following info: 
Weight per tile for 12" X 12" 10 mm Black Galaxy Granite 
How many will in each BOX? 6, 8 or 10? 
It is assumed that the tiles will be pre polished top grade export quality. Only minor buffing will be required after installation. What should we allow for breakage? 5%, 10%, 15% or 20%? Delivery time for Houston after an order is confirmed? 3 Months, 4 Months, 5 Months, 6 months? Approximate quantity will be 5,000 - 6000 tiles. Our tel. no. is 409 74.....Jan 12, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10495 Indonesia: We would like to buy Bianco Crystal blocks to process in Malaysia for a private hospital in Kuala Lumpur. Quantity : 2300m2 of 25mm thick slab. My phone no. is 603 872..... Jan 12, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10494 USA: I want Cielo Azul, two 2 cm slabs and 200 sq ft of 12" X 12" 3/8 marble tiles same color. Jan 12, Contact USD 40 (open)
e 10493 USA: I need 2000 sq/f. of travertine tile for my remodel, to be delivered to Lake Forest, CA, I am interested in the light color, 16 or 18" would work. Is it filled and honed?  Jan 12, Contact USD 40 (open)
BR: e 10492 USA: Please quote for Brazilian granite slabs and tiles. See price list 1152. Jan 12, Contact USD 40 (open)
e 10491 Brazil: Artifacts: I am interesting in buying inlays tabletops. Jan 11, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10490 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: Please send me the price and shipping costs for a bridge saw. Jan 11, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10489 USA: Retail: Want to purchase a slab of Jerusalem Stone, (Honey, Cream, or White color) to carve a monument for past loved one. Dimensions of stone are: 20.0" x 12.0" x 2.0". Also require smaller piece approximately: 4.0" x 7.0" x .5". Quote CIF to Livermore, California 94550. Jan 11, Contact USD 20 
e 10488 USA: Retail: I am interested in the Ocean Green granite for counter top from China. Please quote with sample. I live in Northern Virginia. Jan 11, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10486 Sri Lanka: Stone Processing Machinery: We are a company producing rock stone (granite) monuments manually, we have now decided to use machines for this purpose. We shall be pleased to have all details of your rock stone cutting, polishing and engraving machine following sizes:
01. block stone, granite cutting machine. (block size 1200x1500x1500mm). We want a machine to cut on block stone, granite working high working length 1200mm working width 1500mm working thickness 20mm up to 1500mm (E.X 1100x1200x50mm slabs) 
02. polishing machine. This must be capable of polishing all cutting items under (01) 
03. edge shaping ,cutting and polishing machine. This machines also must be able to cut polish shape edges.
04. slab stone, granite engraving machine. This should be computer controlled. Let us also know whether engraving on other material could also done apart form slab stone, granite working length 01mm up to1270mm each working breath 01mm up to 650mm each working high 00mm up to 200mm (maximum). 
Our contact no. is 00941 777 2...... Jan 11, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10485 Azerbaijan: We are urgently enquiring for a very large single piece granite of dark coffee colour to make a very large monument. The minimum size must be 2m X 2m X 4m. The granite should have no veins and shall be plain (i.e. colour harmony). We are ready to inspect the stone at your premises. We are looking forward for your quotations, to set our budget. The stone can be from anywhere in the world. Our tel. no. is 0099450 22.....We are ready to buy from any geographical area. Jan 11, Contact USD 100 (open)
ALL: e 10484 Bangladesh: I am an importer of natural stones. Please send me some information reg. price, quality, conditions, etc. My phone : 880- 31- 6.....Jan 11, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10483 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: Please quote for gantry saw, bridge saws. See ready stock 499 and 549.  Jan 11, Contact USD 100 (open) (buyer has paid deposit)
TR: e 10482 USA: I am interested in your 18"x18" Classico Turkish Travertine (honed & filled). What quality / grade are these tiles? How big are the largest holes, for instance? Or are they small holes? Are the tiles calibrated? (We will be gluing them.) Is the color light medium or dark? We would need approximately 3600 square feet in zip code 59735 some time this summer. Is it possible to receive samples? Jan 11, Contact USD 40 (open)
e 10481 USA: Retail: I want to use portoro for all the counter in my house. I have fallen in love with the color. Can you give me quotes in US dollars? My contact no. is (281) 29.....Jan 11, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10480 : Please quote for prefab slabs & tiles and counter tops. Jan 11, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10479 : Please quote with images for granite blocks. Jan 11, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10478 USA: Artifacts: Want to buy Chinese sinks and more. Jan 11, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10477 USA: Artifacts: I am looking to have two thresholds made. One is 4 X 36 and one is 3 X 32 both 3/8 thickness. We liked Montecarlo Rustic. What is the price and time element? Jan 11, Contact USD 50
e 10476 Egypt: Stone Processing Machinery: We need marble gang saw and granite polishing machine. Jan 11, Contact USD 100 (open) 
e 10475 Canada: Earthmoving Machinery: We are searching for EX-60.  Jan 10, Contact USD 100 (open) 
e 10474 UK: I need to purchase 40m² of bathroom floor and wall marble tiles. I am looking for a beige/cream colour with either a polished or sandy finish. Our tel. no. is +44 7956 2.....Jan 10, Contact USD 50 
e 10473 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: I am looking for hitachi wheel excavators ex100wd-2 yr / 1990 to 1994 used for 2000 to 4000 hrs. Please quote CIF Karachi port or CIF Dubai port. Jan 10, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10472 Jordan: Please send me your price list for Marble C&F Aqaba port, Jordan. What is the min quantity? Jan 10, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10471 Brazil: Would like to purchase malachite slabs for tables. Jan 10, Contact USD 100 (open)
CN: e 10470 USA: I am rehabbing a 50 unit apartment complex and need the stone products listed below. 
I am receiving quotes and hope to make final selection within the next 5 to 7 days. I am preferring Chinese yellow granite due to cost, but will entertain any lower offer. For my largest counter below (72" x 25 1/2" with polished sink hole) I have received quotes as low as $ 33 for g603, and $ 38 for g682. If you feel you can provide first quality products at a better price then please email. 
Please click here to see details of my requirement, also see photos. Jan 10, Contact USD 100 (open) 
e 10469 Norway: Landscape: I am considering to import black granite cobblestone from China. Quality must be excellent and color should be black. The size I want is 14 x 20 x 14 cm (I guess I need approx 32 stones for a sqm?) I need cobblestones to cover an area at approx. 100 sqm. I am also looking for transportation from China to Norway. What price to you offer (stones + shipping) and when can I expect to receive the goods? Jan 10, Contact USD 50 
e 10468 Vietnam: We are a construction company. We are looking for a company who can supply us composite marble stone for buildings. We are in Hanoi. Our tel. no. is +84.912.1.....Jan 10, Contact USD 50 (open)  
PK: e 10467 Kazakhstan: We are interested in products of Onix and Marble from Pakistan. In this connection we would like to have a lot of information about your products, prices and terms of delivery. We intend to choose good partner for development of the trade and economic relations with Pakistan. If it is possible please send us your general catalogue, promotion leaflets on your products by mail. Our phone no. is (3272) 4.....Jan 10, Contact USD 50 (open)  
e 10466 India: Stone Processing Machine: We want milling and engraving machine. Kindly send technical details & price list. Our phone no. is 0424-2.....Jan 10, Contact USD 100 (open)  
e 10465 USA: I need Tropical Brown Granite tiles one container 12"x12". Please quote. I am in GA 30144. Jan 10, Contact USD 50 (open)  
IT: e 10464 India: We are engaged in the business of imports of Italian Marble for Italy. We will reach Sicily on Sunday the 18th January. We require 6-8 containers of 20mm Slabs polished for Perlato Sicilia A quality and Perlatino De Martino. Please quote. Jan 10, Contact USD 100 (open)  
e 10463: Please quote for Andeer - 12 x 12. Need full containers. Jan 10, Contact USD 100 (open)  
e 10462 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: I am a fabricator located outside of Chicago, looking for a polishing machine to purchase within the next month. Please include prices, and location of machines. Jan 10, Contact USD 100 (open)  
e 10461 USA: PLEASE QUOTE FOR FIREPLACE SURROUNDS. Jan 9, Contact USD 20 (open)  
e 10460 USA: I am looking to purchase 4 slabs (depending upon the size) of Blue Bahia or sometimes called Brazilian Blue. I would like to pick out the slaps myself, and am looking for a place fairly close to me. I live in Redondo Beach, which is in the "South Bay" in Southern CA. Suppliers from Anaheim, Sun Valley, Van Nuys, Los Angeles and Orange County are acceptable. Jan 9, Closed
EG: e 10459 Poland: We are a stone processing company. We are interested in purchasing Golden Cream Egyptian marble polished slabs. Quantity is 120 square metres - thickness 3 cm and 100 square metres - thickness 2 cm. We also need blocks. Minimum size: 200 x 100 x 50 cm (but not much bigger). Desired shape type: similar to cuboid. Unacceptable defects: spots, cracks, coloured lines. We would like to buy mentioned materials directly from Egyptian supplier eventually from a country which is situated close to Poland. Please let us know the terms you are prepared to supply i.e. forms of payment, approximate delivery date and delivery conditions. Please send a price-list and eventually pictures of slabs. It is essential that the goods are delivered as soon as possible as the matter is urgent. Our phone no. is (+48) 41-38.....Jan 9, Contact USD 100 (open)   
e 10458 USA: Please quote for travertine and slate,  of all types and sizes. I will buy from all areas. I am in the beginning stages of buying. If I can find a reasonable price I will be purchasing fairly quickly. My phone no. is 850-72...... I am in Florida. Jan 9, Contact USD 50 (open)   
e 10457 USA: Please quote for granite tiles 12 x 12 3/8in. Jan 9, Contact USD 20 (open)   
e 10456 USA: Artifacts: We need about 300 stone eggs. What the shipping costs would be to our location. We live in Elko, Nevada.  Delivery needed by June. Jan 9, Contact USD 40 (open) 
BE: e 10455 Denmark: Would like to contact companies who are selling the "Noir de Golzine" from Belgium. My phone no. is +45622......Jan 9, Contact USD 40 (open) 
e 10454 Ireland: Monument: We are an importer of finished monuments, and are interested in contacting manufacturers who are familiar with carved celtic crosses and memorials with carved roses. We are interested in buying from China stone products in mixed containers loads as per the following conditions.
20ft sealed containers. Payment terms, LC 30 DAYS from Arrival in Drogheda, Ireland. Please quote FOB. 
Products: Memorials in granites to be agreed. Materials G603, G654, G300, Fine multi Colour. 
Building Stone. Pier caps, wall caps, window cills, L shaped quoin stones, all in G603. Jan 9, Contact USD 100 (open) 
CN: e 10453 Italy: We need a supplier for DIORITE from China. Jan 9, Contact USD 20 (open) 
e 10451 USA: I am interested in finding a honey onyx bowl at 6" high with a 16 in. diameter. Jan 9, Contact 
USD 20 (open)  
e 10450 USA: Retail: I am looking for marble for my walls and to go down my stairs in a sage / burgundy / olive color or just sage or burgundy. Jan 9, Contact USD 20 (open)  
e 10449 Singapore: Landscape: We are looking for a source for ivory beige mixed coloured pebbles (see attached) of size 5 - 8mm. Our tel. no. is 645.....Jan 9, Closed 
e 10448 USA: I am looking for a marble slab for candy making. I would like a piece 16 x 24 x 3/4, or something close to that. Jan 9, Contact USD 5 
e 10447 USA: Landscape: I am an artist looking for smooth pebbles for use in architectural and garden mosaics. I design for residential and commercial. Jan 9, Closed 
e 10446 Brazil:  Brazilian shop is looking for American shop for business of granite. Phone no. is 508 38.....Jan 9, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10445 USA: Retail: I am thinking to buy Carrera marble or black granite for my kitchen countertop. Which is more durable? Which needs to be sealed less often?  I am in NY. My tel. no. is (212) 64.....Jan 9, Contact USD 20 (open)
ALL: e 10444 USA: We are a corporation located in Northwest Arkansas starting a business importing and installing granite countertops. We are particularly interested in Brazilian Granite: Verde Ubatuba, Venezianos, Santa Cecilia. I am also open to other granites
First quality countertops, 25 inches by lengths up to 144 inches and 3 cm. thick with one bullnose edge will be required. Some 4 inch x 1.5 cm. with one bullnose edge backsplash will be needed along with some "island"
countertops of 36 inch by 98 to 144 inch by 3 cm. , 4 sides bullnosed. 
The current plan is for approximately 800 square meters of countertop as a first order with subsequent orders to follow as our business develops. A May or June 2004 delivery would be within our plans. Jan 9, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10443 UK: Could you please send me pricelists of the following limestones: Cumberfield Whitbed from UK; Crema Europa from Spain; Moca Creme, Grao Fino, Rosal, Vidraco Crem, Semirijo Codacd from Portugal; Giallo Dorato, Tivali from Italy and Antalya Kemer from Turkey. Jan 9, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10442 USA: Landscape: We are wholesale / retail landscape supplier with stores in Colorado and Arizona. I am looking for new flagstone and building stones for the company to carry. We would buy in Semi quantities. We are willing to buy from Canada, United States and Mexico. We do have our own trucking line if needed (sometimes preferred). In order to finalize a supplier I would like to hear from the supplier and discuss their products. Please quote. Jan 9, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10441 Columbia: Stone Processing Machinery: I need to know about a machine (it can be a saw or something) that works on an installed surface, which are marble or granite and it allows to make a 45°edges between tiles. The floor is already finished but I need to increase the border. How much it costs? Jan 9, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10440 USA: I like the Silver Travertine. How do I get a better picture or sample of this? Jan 9, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10439 Canada: Monuments: We are looking for tombstone supplier from China, can you let me know the FOB PRICE for shanxi black and other color such as dark grey, red, green. Jan 9, Contact USD 100 (open)
e  10438 Canada: I am trying to locate about 60 sq ft of 4 x 4 inch tumbled marble tiles in bardiglio (bluette or imperiale) but I cannot seem to find them here in Toronto, Canada. I am looking for distributors or retailers in the Toronto area. Jan 9, Contact USD 20
e 10437 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for excavators. Also send images. See ready stock 510. Tel. no. 092 030041.....Jan 9, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10436 Canada: I am looking for a manufacturer who can carve small to medium sized objects. These would be used for jewelry and decoration in homes and offices. I am also interested in sourcing a supplier for various types of stone amehtyst, jade, quartz- in all hues, lapis lazuli, and mica. I need a Canadian supplier if possible.  Our tel. no. ( 403) 24.....Jan 9, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10435 Turkey: We are interested in granite slabs. Please send us a cost for FOB to Izmir Turkey board for each sizes of slabs. Our phone no. is +9053731..... Jan 8, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10434: Retail:   We are considering making a dining room table from a large slab of Brown Rainforest marble. We would like the table to be 44" x 96". The marble is 2 cm thick. Jan 8, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10433 Ireland: I am looking for a suppliers of a hard limestone material from France. There are 2 types which this supplier produces, Hautecombe Flame & Boisbelle Jaune.  
We have secured a contract to supply limestone paving slabs & kerbing for an urban renewal project in Ireland. Hautecombe Flame - 60mm tk slabs, varying in width from 200mm to 600mm, & to random lengths - 1,023m2 and Boisbelle Jaune - as per above sizes - 3,297 m2. 
The contract is expected to start late February with requirement for slabs say mid-March. What we require for now is prices for the type of stone specified or for a suitable alternative. If a suitable alternative is available, we will need samples asap as they would need to be approved by the Architect before an order can be placed. Prices should include for delivery to destination. Jan 8, Contact USD 300 (open)
e 10432 USA: Retail:  Where in San Diego can I purchase Giallo Antico? Jan 8, Contact USD 20
e 10431 USA: Need 38" x 80" Uba Tuba Green, Double laminated, 3 sides of full bull nose, qty needed 305 and 25.25" x 84" Uba Tuba Green Double Laminated, Front edge full bull nose, qty needed 305. Total order: 610 pieces. Ready to buy ASAP. Ship to Houston, TX. Our tel. no. is (877)464.....Jan 8, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10430 USA: Retail: Please quote for 40 sq. ft. Kashmir Gold Polished 12 x 12. Jan 8, Contact USD 20
e 10429 USA: I am trying match some stone. It was bought from a quarry in Texas. It is yellow in color, has split faces and has fossils in it. The architect called it Texas Fossil Stone. Jan 8, Contact USD 20 (open)
SA: e 10428 China: We import lots of rough blocks of marble and granite from Italy, Spain, Turkey, India and Brazil. We would like to buy rough block of Golden Leaf from Saudi Arabia. Our tel:+86-592-60.....Jan 8, Contact USD 50 (open)
ES: e 10427 Costa Rica: I am working with a building/development company, we are interested in import our own marble tiles. I want to buy mainly from Spain. We are looking for Crema Marfil marble tiles, polished in 40x40x2 format and Brown Emperador marble tiles, polished in 30x30x2 format, both for flooring and both chamfered. The quantity is one 20 ft. container (shared). We are a construction company, we build and buy our own supplies directly from manufacturers.
To close the deal, we need to be certain on quantities and qualities of the marble tiles, we have to ask for a more recent list of prices to analyze our costs. This have to be done really fast, because we want to have the material in two months in Costa Rica ready to install. Please send latest prices. My tel. no. is (506) 28..... Jan 8, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10426 USA: I am trying to locate the name of a marble that is light green with subtle gold crystals or veins - no white in it. Jan 8, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10425 USA: Retail: I need information on GSOH tile. Also, can I get it in a 16 x 16 tile and an Almond color? Jan 8, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10424 USA: Retail: We need 33 sq meter Golden Galaxy Granite. How much? Jan 8, Contact USD 40
e 10423 USA: Retail: Please quote for 100 sq ft. of dark green tumbled slate tiles. My contact details are 401 66.....Jan 8, Contact USD 20
e 10422 USA: Retail: Please quote for 500 sq ft. of 1' X 2' X 1-1/2" thick split face finish Masada Pink from Israel. Jan 8, Contact USD 20 (open) 
e 10421 USA: I am an importer looking for relevant information on good quality Natural Slates Roofing & Flooring , Travertine, Sandstone and Granite. Jan 8, Contact USD 20 (open) 
e 10420: Please send to us all information and prices for your fully automatic terrazzo tile plant. We need the model and years. See ready stock 475. Jan 8, Contact USD 100 (open) 
e 10419 Israel: We are looking for Turkish travertine with the finish being tumble. We would like cut to size with the measurements of 60cm x 30cm with the thickness of 3 or 4 cm. We are in Jerusalem. Our phone no. is 972-2-58.....Jan 8, Contact USD 50 (open) 
e 10418 Germany: We are looking for re-export to Caribbean and West African Markets the following: CERAMIC WALL TILES in sizes of : 15x15 cm 15x20 cm and 20x20 cm. Colors mainly WHITE, but also uni in cream, yellow, beige, pink, green, blue and black packed in printed cartons of abt. 1 m² and than on pallets in 20' box container. Please quote in US $ per m² FOB Chinese Port for 1st quality and also for 2nd quality. Phone no. ++49-40-83.....Jan 8, Contact USD 100 (open) 
e 10417 USA: Retail: We live in the Los Angeles area and wanted to know where I can see this granite locally. We're in Redondo Beach, 90277. 310-31.....Jan 8, Contact USD 20 (open) 
e 10416 India: We are dealers of diamond polishing powder and cutting tools. We want the details about the diamond powder type: ACM , GOST SIZE: 0-2, NETT GR: 200. Jan 8, Contact USD 100 (open) 
e 10415 USA: I am interested in specific types of granite from 62 granites from Brazil, Spain, Ukraine, and Norway. I just want them from these specific countries, and only very specific stones. Jan 8, Contact 
USD 100 (open) 
e 10414 India: We need Diamond Powder of mesh 200 to 400. Please send the price list FOB Bombay. Jan 8, Contact USD 100 (open) 
e 10413 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: WE NEED USED CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT. KINDLY INFORM US IF YOU HAVE HITACHI EXCAVATORS? TEL : +92 - 51 - 54.....Jan 8, Contact USD 100 (open) 
e 10412 Egypt: Stone Processing Machinery:  Please provide info for following machines: 
Polishing machine with 18 heads (ready stock 344)
Polishing machine fully automatic (new) 16 head (ready stock 349)
Fully automatic polishing machine with water treatment plant. My contact no. is 0486.....Jan 8, Contact USD 100 (open) 
e 10411 USA: I am an architect looking for a stone which I want to use in the hallway of office building. The colour of that stone should be as shown on the attached picture. I need it to be most homogenic as possible. Jan 8, Contact USD 50 (open) 
TR: e 10410 USA: We are interested in Bianco Afyon marble, 3/4" thick polished slab, cut-to-size (8'x 2'), 
one side square polished., approximately 3500sq ft. Please quote. Jan 8, Contact USD 50 (open) 
e 10409 Nigeria: I am a big time importer of marble and granite in Nigeria. Would like a catalogue of granite slabs and tiles. Jan 8, Contact USD 20 (open) 
e 10408 USA: We are looking for immediate availability of 2000+ sqm of SILVER CLOUD slabs (2 cm), rough edges, polished (or not). You will need to ship to our plant in Beirut, Lebanon. Do you have this color in inventory? Please respond, with availability, prices, terms, etc. ASAP We are in Buffalo. Phone: (716)87.....Jan 8, Contact USD 100 (open) 
IN: e 10407:  I am interested in buying peach river, skyline, silver sky, pinky pearl, indo italian, emerald green, ambaji white, ambaji white, makrana white, pinky pearl emerald green and fig white. Please indicate the availability, price, and related information. Jan 8, Contact INR 1000 (open) 
e 10406 UK: Please quote for marble slabs. I make marble furtuniture. Jan 8, Contact USD 20 (open) 
e 10405 USA: Landscape: I have attached a photo taken in Lisbon of the cobbles we are looking for. They are the common ones used all over Portugal and are about 1 1/2 " (4cm) cubed. We need about 4 tons of white and also about a ton of black for a patio. Our local stone contractors mostly have sandstone cobbles and they are much larger. I believe this is a type of paver that has potential to be popular here and we want to make a demonstration patio at our home. What shipping information do you have. We live in Santa Barbara, 2 hours north of Los Angeles. Jan 8, Closed
e 10404 New Zealand: Landscape: I am trying to find a source of supply for 800 lineal meters of bluestone kerbs for a contract I am tendering for in Auckland. Looking for a source in New Zealand or Australia. Jan 8, Contact USD 20 (open) 
e 10403 New Zealand: Landscape: I want to purchase some rumbled cobblestones. I am hoping to use a such like product (old bricks) for a courtyard with a rustic look and the very precise paver, etc. will not provide that feeling - the courtyard is a walking one only, the products does not need to be vehicle weight. I live in Opotiki in the Eastern Bay of Plenty. Jan 8, Contact USD 50 (open) 
e 10402 USA: We have 35 factory sales reps across the US who sell to commercial accounts. We need a variety of materials and have a variety of destinations. We always have orders to be filled. Ready to buy so send quotes and samples. Our phone no. is 9415.....Jan 7, Contact USD 100 (open) 
e 10401 USA: Landscape: I am looking for pricing and purchasing of granite pavers. We are located in Presque Isle, Maine. Looking for a source close to our location. My phone no. is (207) 76.....Jan 7, Contact USD 100 (open) 
e 10400 : Quarrying Machinery: Want stone cutting machines for extracting blocks from quarry. Please send more info. See ready stock 557. Jan 7, Contact USD 100 (open) 
e 10399 Spain: I am interested in Rojo Kristel. I really would like to know the country of origin. I represent a stone trading company. Our tel. no. is  +34 968 72.....Jan 7, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10398 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: Please mail me a picture of sink cutting machine as well as specs on this machine. Jan 7, Contact USD  100 (open)
e 10397 India: We want diamond tools for kota stone splitting machines. Please quote. Jan 7, Contact INR 1500 (open)
BG: e 10396 Turkey: We are a leading Turkish construction company which is about to take over big projects in Bulgaria. I would like to have an offer for stones like Vrachansky limestone, marbles and granites of Bulgarian origin. Jan 7, Contact USD 40 (open)
e 10395 UAE: Could you please quote your best price for Brown aluminium oxide - for sandblasting. 
F-60 1/2 ton, F-80 1 ton and F-100 1 ton. Our phone no. is  00971-50-79.....Jan 7, Contact USD 40 (open)
e 10394 Bulgaria: We need a marble cube with dimensions 1050 x 1050 x 1050 mm with bright colour / pink is preferable. A sphere will be made of it. Jan 7, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10393 USA: Could you please quote the attached panel in quantities of 1000, high tolerance (<1/32"), FOB USA port in Black Absolute Granite (very black). I am in Dallas and my phone no. is 214-42.....Jan 7, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10392 USA: I need large granite slabs for monument sign. Can piece them together. Must be polished and 1 plus inch thick. Sign is 18 ft. by 4 ft. Might vary with adjustments. Can use large one piece slab. I am in Georgia. Jan 7, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10391 Canada: Landscape: I am looking to buy at least half a quarry block of a good outdoor quality stone, that is tolerable to some abuse, I have heard good things about Indiana Soapstone. Jan 7, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10390 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: We would like to purchase of Hydraulic Cranes, capacity 20 -25 Tons, qty 02. Jan 7, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10389 Singapore: Landscape: I am looking for a boulder for my garden. Stone preference: natural, smooth, cool to touch, round or oval shape, not bigger than one meter. Jan 7, Contact USD 40 (open)
e 10388 USA: Landscape: I am interested purchasing 1500 sq ft (15 tons) of Tennessee Blue Quartz Flagstone for the decking around a pool. I am residential home builder but every time I install an indoor pool, it seams like a brand new experience. I am in NJ. My tel. no. is 908-37.....Jan 7, Contact USD 40 (open)
e 10387 USA: Retail: I am interested in a stone called Irish Green. It's Purple with Greenish veins running through it. Jan 7, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10386 Australia: I would like a price on the blue crystal marble. Piece dimensions are 38cm long(>) x 30cm high(^) 0.5cm plate thickness. Jan 7, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10385 USA: I would like to start monument business. I am searching for all the information and cost on machinery such as lasers, sandblasters, granite slabs and etc. I am also looking for someone to teach me how to use the sandblaster. Jan 7, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10384 USA: Looking for suppliers - manufacturers of granite / marble slabs for installation, residential mainly (kitchen counters, bathrooms, etc.) in Verona, Carrara in Italy or other nearby locations. I will be traveling there in March to buy and set up accounts. I am in WA. My phone no. is (360) 68.....Jan 7, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10383 USA: I am trying to locate 120 pcs. of 24" x 48" Indian slate called New Green or Ocean Green. The project begins in the middle of February. My phone no is 503-65......Jan 7, Contact USD 50
e 10382 USA: Retail: I want  Verde Tropical, Verde Amazonas, Verde Piranhas and Giallo Topazio granites. I need 12"x12" tiles, about 200 SFT. I am looking for a supplier in tri-state New York area. My contact no. is (917) 54..... Jan 7, Contact USD 40
e 10381 USA: I want to buy countertops. I have a layout for the new kitchen. I am willing to purchase from anyone with decent shipping rates. Do you ship to Alaska? How much in USD per square foot? Jan 7, Contact USD 20  (open)
e 10380 USA: Please quote for coral troya in 3cm. Jan 7, Contact USD 20  (open)
e 10379 USA: I live in Illinois and want to purchase some Texas Holey Rock for an aquarium. My phone no. is 847-77.....Jan 6, Contact USD 50  (open)
e 10378 Malta: Please send us a price list of unpolished premium quality granite slabs of 20mm. The slabs should be without cracks and nice uniform. The size of sheets should be (approximately) 2.80*x 1.70cm. We are can open L/C and have contract with your company. Our phone no. is (+356) 792..... Jan 6, Contact USD 50  (open)
e 10377 USA: Retail: Please quote for 500 sq.ft of Versailles travertine and approx. 300 sq ft of 12" travertine tiles. I am located in the L.A. CA area. Jan 6, Closed
e 10376 USA: I would like to receive your brochure with prices and shipping informations. I plan to import natural stones to fabricate and install. Particularly I am interested in Prefabricated Vanity and Kitchen Tops. I am in FL. Jan 6, Contact USD 50  (open)
e 10375 Romania: We are one of largest companies and we wholesale and retail a various range of building materials, sanitary equipment and products, tools and furniture. 
Through our stores, warehouses and showrooms we cover most of our region, but we also have many customers throughout the country, both in the wholesale and retail trades. 
We have established partnerships with several European companies (about 50 suppliers), most of them located in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Slovakia and Poland. Please send us a complete offer (the latest FOB prices, delivery time, payment terms, etc) for the 30 x 30 cm ceramic floor tiles (rustic type). Our tel. no. is 
0040 234 5.....Jan 6, Contact USD 50  (open)
e 10374 USA: We are in need of pricing for cut to size slabs for kitchen countertops and bath vanities. The amount of material is approximately 2500 square feet. The material we are looking for is Pietra Bedonia. Edges are eased edge honed. Under mount sinks to be cut out and polished. Prints and a break down of the number of pieces and there sizes are ready to be faxed. Our phone no. is 800 5......Jan 6, Contact USD 50  (open)
e 10373 USA: Retail: I wanted to get some information on granite. I am looking to replace my countertop with granite. The ones I'm considering are: Tropical Brown, Giallo Veneziano, Madura Gold and Saint Cecilla. Can you tell me if these are good choices and please quote. Jan 6, Contact USD 20  (open)
ALL: e 10372 Turkmenistan: We are a construction company. and do also trade in granite and marble. We are looking for various colors of granite with high quality and pure white marble in different sizes. Please send us your price list and working conditions. Jan 6, Contact USD 20  (open)
e 10371 Germany: Please quote for soapstone blocks, slabs and tiles. Our phone no. is 0049-2065-9.....
Jan 6, Contact USD 40  (open)
e 10370 USA: I am looking for a tumbled & chisel Mexican stone. Jan 6, Contact USD 20  (open)
e 10369 Bangladesh: Please quote your C&F Chittagong for marbles blocks and slabs from Albania, Angola and Australia. Jan 6, Contact USD 20  (open)
e 10368 USA: Attached is a picture of travertine tile. I was told that it was called Noche. It has
holes in it and the edges have pieces carved or sliced off here and there. Can you match it? What would the price be? Looking for a supplier in California. Jan 6, Contact USD 40  (open)
e 10367 USA: I am a sandstone wholesaler. I would like to see some pictures and a price list, and possibly order some samples. Jan 6, Contact USD 40  (open)
e 10366 USA: Monuments: I have a customer who wants a gravestone for her recently deceased daughter and one for herself with a bench connecting them together. She wants a deep blue like Blue Volga, Spectralite or some other very striking deep blue stone, polished front and back and about 6 inches thick. I am in MT 59845. My phone no. is 406-74.....Jan 6, Closed
e 10365 USA: Please quote for 18x18 travertine. My expected purchase price is $1.90. Do you ship
to Dallas, TX? Also, what is the order quantity? Jan 6, Contact USD 40  (open)
e 10364 Korea: We are trading company in S. Korea. We are looking for:  
Bottichino 600 x 600 20t
Marron Emperador 600 x 600 20t
C-Black 600 x 600 20t
Deer Brown 600 x 400 20t
Quantity 20feet (mix), CNF BUSAN. Our phone no. is +82 53 85.....Jan 6, Contact USD 40  (open)
e 10362 USA: Please quote for 1 container of Absolute Black and Black Galaxy Slabs Minimum size 300 cm x 172 cm. Jan 6, Contact USD 50  (open)
e 10361 USA: Retail: I want Golden Juparana. I am looking for a family of yellow / black color but I get the feeling that Juparana is not a wise choice. What would you recommend that would be long lasting without all of the issues that I have been reading about? Looking for a reputable dealer in Northern MD. Jan 6, Contact USD 20  (open)
e 10360 USA: Landscape: Our company is a retail and wholesale distributor of masonry and landscape products. We have multiple locations in the Greater Boston (Massachusetts) area.
We are looking for quariers and direct suppliers of the following Pennsylvania stone products:
Bluestone treads (2" thick x 12" - 24" wide)
Bluestone pattern (thermal and select)
Pennsylvania Flat Fieldstone
Other bluestone items for gardens and landscaping. Our tel. no. is 781-93.....Jan 6, Contact USD 100  (open)
e 10359 Macedonia: Earthmoving Machinery: I want excavator Caterpillar-330BL (or 330 BLN) or Caterpillar-325BLME (or 325-BLVA). If you don't have such a machine can you please offer me a similar one (by capacity and power) from a different producer (such as "Komatsu" or "Liebherr"). Below are given some of the key points that you can use to refine your offer:
Track type; Age: less than 10 years; Working hours: 4000 - 5000 (if more, then a total repair required); Bucket capacity: 1.3 - 1.5 (m3); Operating range: 9 - 11 (m); Location: Europe (preferred closer to Macedonia). Can you also include a detailed info about the offered machine (if any) and its price? Jan 6, Contact USD 100  (open)
e 10358 USA: Landscape: Please quote for Maryland River stone. Want to purchase 25 tons per month. 
Will buy and pick up from anywhere in the New England Area and Maryland. We sell to building suppliers. Our tel. no. is 973-28...... Jan 6, Contact USD 100  (open)
e 10357 USA: Retail: What is the cost per square foot of Blue Bahia? Jan 5, Closed
e 10356 USA: I am a contractor looking for stone fabrication companies in Akron and Cleveland, Ohio. Jan 5, Contact USD 20  (open)
e 10355 UAE: Kindly send us price for Rosa Monforte c&f Abu Dhabi. Size 95x50 qty. 4800Sqm, 55x50 qty.  950Sqm, 60 x 60 qty. 400Sqm, 50 x 50 qty. 320Sqm, 30 x 60xcm qty. 1200 sqm and slabs 2cm and 3cm. 
Jan 5, Contact USD 50  (open)
e 10354 UK: I am a student in mechanical engineering. I am looking for a part of Gang-saw called "SILENT BLOCK". My phone no. is (+44) 020 767......Jan 5, Contact USD 100  (open)
e 10353 Jordan: I need 1st choice gray Carrara marble to be delivered to ASHDOD sea port Israel. 
QTY 360.00 S. Meter of 4 cm thickness.
QTY 535.00 S. Meter of 3 cm thickness.
QTY 464.00 L. Meter of 3 cm thickness X 15 cm width Cornish.
QTY 1.65 Q. Meter of 3 cm thickness X 15 cm width steps. Our phone no. is 00 962 6 47.....Jan 5, Contact USD 100  (open)
e 10351 Brazil: Please quote for 2 & 3 cm slabs of Amarelo Topazio. My phone no. is 55 27 321..... Jan 5, Contact USD 50  (open)
e 10350 USA: Landscape: I want Kentucky stacking stone. I am developing a subdivision in central GA and need a fairly large quantity. I need to know the nearest location to Macon, Georgia, price etc. I have a tractor trailer so I can send for the stone. Jan 5, Contact USD 50  (open)
e 10349 Egypt: Diamond Tools: I need diamond grinding wheel. The size is 6"x1/2"x1/8". The grinding wheel will be used and Silicon and Tungsten Carbide parts installed in Mechanical seals. Please include in your quote the shipping prices to Cairo. Our tel. no. is (00202) 42.....Jan 5, Contact USD 100  (open)
e 10348 UK: I am looking for a manufacturer of marble bases used on the bottom of trophies, I wish to buy direct from the manufacturer in Italy. My phone no. is 00 44 1924 4.....Jan 5, Contact USD 50  (open)
e 10347 Spain: We are looking for a supplier for Porcelain tile, both Glazed and Polished, in several sizes, for importing them to Spain and also to export them directly to our customers around the world FOB Fashan. We are already importing containers from a supplier but we are searching for the best option around for this new year. Our phone no. is +34-964-3.....Jan 5, Contact USD 100  (open)
e 10346 USA: Artifacts: I am interested in contacting manufacturers of occasional tables made of wrought iron inset with stone or marble. Jan 5, Contact USD 50  (open)
e 10345 USA: We are interested in import of 3cm polished granite slabs. We are located in Maryland. We are would like to establish in long term relationship with dependable supplier who can provide quality product for the best price. We are ready for immediate shipping and would like to place an order by the end of January for at least a 20ft open top container of the following: Blue Pearl, Baltic Brown, Absolute Black (India), Black Galaxy, Giallo Veneziano. Please send us US$/SQ. FT. FOB or CIF quote with terms and conditions. Our tel. no. is 301 34.....Jan 5, Contact USD 50  (open)
AR: e 10344 Belgium: Please quote for a 15 x 20 x 8 cm rectangular object in Cielo Azul marble (or the price of unformed blocks). And do you know perhaps the price to ship a container filled with these stones to Europe? Jan 5, Contact USD 50  (open)
e 10342 USA: Retail: We are thinking about installing Shiva Kashi III granite countertops in our newly redone kitchen. However, we are worried about staining due to oils seeping in to the granite. Can you give some information about the porosity of this type of granite, and its hardness, etc. We don't want to spend a lot of money on the wrong product. 
Jan 5, Contact USD 20  (open)
e 10341 USA: Retail: I am purchasing a counter top for a new house and my wife selected Giallo Venaciano for the kitchen. Is this stone suitable for the kitchen? Jan 4, Contact USD 20  (open)
IT: e 10340 UK: I am interested in the marbles from Italy. We have 78 townhouses and apartments to be fitted out with at least two bathrooms per unit. Possible inclusion of marble worktops to the Kitchens. Would like to view samples. Jan 4, Contact USD 100  (open)
e 10339 USA: Retail: I want a granite called Bianco Taormina composto quartz. I understand it is Italian but I cannot locate it. Jan 4, Contact USD 20 
e 10338 USA:  Retail: I have plans to build a new house using a large quantity of integrated limestone walls and in some areas veneer. Jan 4, Contact USD 20
e 10337 USA: Retail: Please quote for marbles from the Philippines. I am interested in bathroom vanity countertop installation. We are located in Northeast Pennsylania, zip code 18411. Jan 4, Contact USD 20
e 10336 India: Diamond Tools:  I want 1 meter diamond cutting stones (segment) for granite cutting 
(2 meter stone) with oil and water. If you can send sample it will be better. Jan 4, Contact USD 100 (open)
ZA/ NAMIBIA: e 10335 South Africa: I am a sculptor. I need prices for Namibian pearl, paarl grey and rustenburg, all in rough blocks. The sizes I want are (in cm)
sizes 500 x 700 x 300cm quantity of each 20
500 x 500 x 200cm quantity of each 60
500 x 700 x 200cm quantity of each 60
1000 x 500 x 300cm quantity of each 20
1000 x 700 x 300cm quantity of each 20
2000 x 1000 x 300cm quantity of each 2
2000 x 1000 x 200cm quantity of each 20
Also mention weight of each block. Jan 4, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10334 Mexico: I am interested in pumice bricks. please quote with info such as method of transportation, the chemical composition of the brick and the graduation. My tel. no. is 0181834.....Jan 4, Contact USD 50 (open)
IN: e 10333 India: We are a leading merchant exporters from India for the past twenty years having diversified activities looked after by our representative offices in many countries. We have a requirement of Gray or White Colour Granite. Monthly requirement of 300,000 m2 (sqm) regularly for minimum 5years after long term supply contract. Please forward us two sets of your catalogues/brochures. Jan 4, Contact INR 2000 (open)
e 10332 USA: Please quote for 12 x 12 x 1/4 inch Indian Autumn, multicolor and peacock slate. Also let me know the method and cost of shipping to Houston, Texas. Jan 4, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10331 USA: Diamond Tools: Please quote for mining blades to abstract revealed limestone. Jan 4, Contact USD 100 (open)
ALL: e 10330 Australia: l am an architecture engineer. l would like to bring your kind attention of exporting your products to lraq or establish factory in lraq with my support, my father who is in Australia now he will be proceeding to Gulf might discuss all the aspects. My tel. no. is 612 881.....Jan 3, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10329 Ireland: Artifacts: Please quote with measurements on floating balls. Jan 3, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10328 USA: Retail: I am looking for a countertop; does not have to be granite; that I am going to use as a freestanding running top with 3 2-drawer file cabinets underneath for support....think of it as a semi=makeshift office for two computers.
I need something 10-12 running feet, 2 feet deep (front to back) with a full bullnose front. I do not need a backsplash but would want three holes 3 inches in diameter to fish computer wires through (all holes at the back or flat side of the countertop, which would be against a wall; one in the center and one 12 inches from the left and another 12 inches from the right... I could send a diagram if necessary).
I am looking for something in a dark or marine blue shade to go with my decor (this is going in a finished basement). It doesn't have to be granite. Please quote with shipping costs. I am in zip code 07670 (NJ). 
Jan 3, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10327 Canada: Earthmoving Machinery: I want to purchase a motor grader caterpillar. Please quote.  Jan 3, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10325 UK: We have a small car showroom that is 50ft x 25ft and would like have the floor tiled in natural stone. We are only here for the next three years so we would like to keep the costs down. Our contact no. is 01562 7......Jan 3, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10324 USA: Retail: I am seeking to buy the following high quality granite tile as soon as possible. 
I'd like to go with just 200 sq ft of 18x18 Giallo Veneziano, flamed. Also ask what the thickness is, the new price, and when the material will be available for pick up. I can pick up the tiles in or near Los Angeles. I can be reached at 323-44.....Jan 3, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10323 USA: Looking for a supplier who can fabricate to my specifications on a per job basis. Can I order one job at a time or do you have minimum order sizes? Please quote per sq ft for 50 sq ft of 3/4" Verde Butterfly residential grade stone with a double bullnose edge. I am in Chicago. Jan 3, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10322 : We are a construction company are looking for marble and granite. We would like to see the pictures and have the prices. Jan 2, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10321 Netherlands: I am looking for 65m2 Premium Black Granite or Basalt tiles 45 x 45 x12-15mm. for my living room. Please send  quotations. My phone no. is 00 31 6 55 7.....The specs. are texture: Fine Grained, honed finish, standard shade variation. The tiles should be calibrated. Jan 2, Contact USD 50
e 10320 USA: Retail: We are planning to put travertine in our foyer. It has ceramic tiles now. Can we install it over the top of this? If so what would be the steps we need to take to prepare the area for the travertine. Jan 2, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10319 USA: Interested in a water cutting machine that is 3 years old. Jan 2, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 10318 Italy: Stone Processing Machinery: We want second hand marble cutting and polishing machines. We need multiblade gangsaw (30/70 blade), multihead polisher 12/16 plate, block Cutter vert. disk 1200mm or 1600mm and tile calibrating & polishing machine 400 to 600mm. Please include in offer terms of payment, delivery FOB (which port) and  installation (cost per day). If possible send picture with offer. Our tel. no. is 04568.....Jan 2, Closed
e 10317 USA: Retail: We are building a house in Idaho and we are currently in North Carolina (I am in Iraq and my wife is in NC). We have an agent and have put the plans out to bid. This is going to be our "dream house". Our situation is such that I will be out of the military and have 4 small children. We know we want to use stone of excellent quality in the master bath (adults only). In the kitchen, we would like granite or granite like counter tops (some have suggested a composite product of injected quartz stating that it is more durable than granite and will not stain). Keeping in mind cost (we're kind of stretching to get into a house this size now) and the young children. Please suggest a finish for both the master bath and kitchen? As the children age, we'll upgrade their bathrooms to include stone counters and walk in stalls (5 or 6 years from now). Jan 2, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10316: Stone Processing Machinery: We are a marble & granite factory and looking for axis for Gregori gangsaws (80 blades). This axe is the connection between the motor and connected rod. We want an original piece. Jan 2, Contact USD 50 (open)
e 10315 : Please quote with more information for a concrete roof tile as displayed in ready stock 336. advertised in your site. Our contact no. is +6012-23..... Jan 2, Contact USD 100 (open)
IN: e 10314 India: We are a stone trading company looking for a granite by name of TIRCHIRAPALLI YELLOW. Jan 2, Contact INR 1500 (open)
e 10313 Australia: Retail: Looking for a supplier of Bluestone in Sydney. Jan 2, Contact USD 20 (open)
ALL: e 10312 China: We are a trading company and have 18 years import and export experience covering many kinds of industries, from materials to machinery and technology. We have interest to promote and sell natural stones in Chinese market. Further, if we can organize a delegation to visit you, could you be so kind as to issue an invitation letter? Our tel. no. is 0086-10-677.....Jan 2, Contact USD 100 (open)
IN: e 10310 India: Kindly quote for supply of green marble to Middle east. We require quote for CNF FO DAMMAM OR DOHA PORT. 
Please quote your rates for FOB, CNF FO as separate. And more over we have got an Export order for green marbles 2000 square meter (m2) to middle East. Any green marbles you can send it to us with the rates and thickness of 20 mm. But we need the rates should be the most competitive. 
Type: Green Marble
Quality: International quantity
Guage thickness: 20 mm thickness
Quantity: 2000 Square meter (sqm) 
Destination port: Dammam port
Packing: Closed Container 
Payment: Ready to open L/C when we are satisfied with the rates (3rd party inspection S G S include)
Shipment: as early as possible.
Mode of payment term: CNF Dammam port.
We need different types of Export Quality green marble jpgs with the rates of various sizes and in open book also. Our phone no. is 0091 431 31.....Jan 2, Contact INR 2500 (open)
e 10309 India: Diamond Tools: We are one of the leading cutting tool traders in India. We need Diamond cutting rope in bulk. Please quote. Jan 2, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10308: Landscape: We are interested in colored pebbles and stones. Could you please send me ALL the relevant details (price FOB and CIF LE Havre, quantity available per month, packaging, company profile, photos of different stones and pebbles etc.) I am interested in colored pebbles. One type I need are rainbow pebbles (this is the scientific name) or similar to them. I would greatly appreciate if you could send me your product list for these types of colored pebbles along with all relevant details such as scientific name, common name, photos, method of polishing, method of crushing, packing, prices (FOB and CIF Le Havre), quantities, sizes, granulometry. 
This is quite urgent, so if the details are specific to our requirements we may place immediate and regular orders. We probably will be needing samples before placing orders but I will let you know in due time. I am looking for are small stones of various colours, pebble shaped - and that almost look like little gems. If you have other products that fit to this description, please let me know. Jan 2, Contact USD 20 (open)
BR: e 10307 : I want to buy Brazilian granite slabs directly from Brazil. Jan 2, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10306 USA: I am interested in 16x16 of Green Gray for USD 5.50. See pricelist 862. Jan 1, Contact USD 20 (open)
e 10305 Brazil: I want import sinks please send me the price list for a 20 ft container.  Jan 1, Contact USD 40 (open) 
e 10304 USA: Diamond Abrasives: We are interested in importing flexible diamond pads for polishing marble. We use 5" and 7" 60 and 120 grit metal bond. Please provide prices and terms.  Jan 1, Contact USD 100 (open) 
IN: e 10303 Serbia: We are company new in the area of stone. We are interested for distribution of slabs. We are looking for black granite from India in dimensions of 2m (and above) x 1.4m (and above) x 0.03m and 0.08m. All offers are for slabs which are under 1m in height. Looking for bigger slabs. Jan 1, Contact USD 40 (open) 
e 10302 Korea: We want to imports marble from China and Australia. Jan 1, Contact USD 20 (open) 
e 10301:  We are looking to import a specific type of marble. Attached are pictures of the marble we are looking for. We are a manufacturer of high-end furniture with an export market worldwide. We are looking to import :
1). Pre-cut and polished marble to our specifications OR 
2). Marble cut, shaved edge, and polished; manufactured according to our drawings as attached. 
The initial quantity we are looking for is as follows:
Product 50388 bedroom: 100 dressers and 200 nightstands
Product 60388 dining: 100 dinet
Product 70388 living: 100 cocktails, 80 end tables, 50 sofa tables
Product 50598 bedroom: 100 dressers and 200 night-stands.
Please provide us with your production capability, order cycle, and price quotation. If you are able to meet our specifications, please provide us with additional information and arrange to send us a sample. Jan 1, Contact USD 50 (open) 
e 10300 UK: I live in Plymouth southwest England. I have been carving primarily with a very beautiful pale-cream limestone. However the quarry I have been using has gone out of business! I am looking for a stone merchant in my neck-of-the-woods, that can supply me with limestone and any other stone, suitable for carving.  Jan 1, Contact USD 50 (open) 
e 10299 Pakistan: Diamond Tools: We are a trading company engaged in various trade activities. We are indenters / importers and also local agent to our foreign principals on permanent basis and on project to project basis. We have an inquiry at hand received from one of our customer for the subject item whose detailed specifications are as under: 
Diamond Wheels; Dia 60mm for grinding aluminia samples; Qty. 12
Diamond Wheels; Dia 2mm for grinding aluminia samples; Qty 24
Please give us your best FOB prices along with separate approx. air/sea freight charges up to Islamabad / Karachi, Pakistan respectively. Our tel. no. is +92-51 55.....Jan 1, Contact USD 100 (open) 
e 10298 Pakistan: We wish to introduce ourselves as a leading importer of all kind of commodities. We wish to import marble and granites. Send us prices and catalogs. Our phone no. is +92-21-22..... Jan 1, Contact USD 20 (open) 
IT: e 10297 USA: Please quote for Italian travertine. We need in quantity. Jan 1, Contact USD 20 (open) 
e 10296 USA: I am looking for marble or travertine slabs and grade A 24 by 24 tiles that will be used for a long five foot high double staircase in the front entry of a home. The area of the house is approx 10000 sq. ft. Jan 1, Contact USD 20 (open) 
ALL: e 10295 USA: We are a store for flooring industry. We are interested in your products of Slate and Marble. We are looking for are 300 x 300 x 10 MM (SLATE) BOTH SIDE IS NATURAL (don't need pack into cartons, only pack into wooden cases directly, 150pcs/w/cs) and 305 x 305 x 10 MM (MARBLE) POLISHED FINISH. Would you please offer the price for these product? Our tel. no. is 001-415-58..... Jan 1, Contact USD 50 (open) 

USA retail inquiries are at www.findstone.com/tiretail.htm. All inquiries are valid even of previous months.