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The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 25666 USA: Retail: I am looking to purchase enough flagstone to complete a patio approx 16 X12 and would prefer to find it in CT. Tel:
(860)84.....November 30 Contact
e 25665 Kuwait: Kindly requested to provide me with your best offer supplying us Perlato Sicilia marble, for Tiles of Size 400*400*20mm, FOB. Please provide me with the FOB price for first quality tiles, and for the commercial tiles. Also, provide me with the physical data sheet for the stone. Qty required = 7000m2 (14ctn). Tel. +965-24..... November 30 Contact
e 25664 India: We are Exporter, local supplier and importer of various kind of Marble & Granite from India. We are presently purchasing Italian Bianco or Cremo-delicato type artificial material from Indian Importers. But as we have got large order in India for this type of Ivory Color Artificial Marble, We have decided to import directly. So if you are manufacturer of this kind of material then plz contact us with photographs and rates to build a good business relation. +9194273.....November 30 Contact
e 25663 Syria: We asking you to send to us a picture for your products with prices. Telephone: 00963 21 36..... November 29 Contact
e 25661 Russia: We are interested in a used short wheel-base rough terrain crane with load-carrying capacity of 50 tons. Required quantity is 2 pieces. Could you please inform of the availability, price and terms of delivery? Tel.: +7-812-70.....November 27 Contact
e 25660 West Indies: I am looking for Azul Aran polished and Tropical Green Gem polished. Telephone: 868-62..... November 27 Contact
e 25659: I would like to know the prices of KAHALARI SPRINGS, NEW CAPRICORN GOLD and NAMIBIAN SILVER in 30 mm. November 27 Contact
e 25658 USA: What is the cost per ton of materials and shipping to Maryland, enough cobblestone or tumbled square cobblestone to cover 40 square meters? November 27 Contact
e 25657 Bangladesh: We are dealing in Industrial Chemical raw materials through representing from overseas manufacturers. Presently, we are interested in marketing your products herein Bangladesh. Some of our customers need to import your products. Kindly quote your rock bottom C&FC, Chittagong price payment by L/c at sight as follows:
01. Pumice Stone - 3-5 cm 5 FCL, 5X20' Container
02. Pumice Stone - 2-4 cm 4 FCL, 4X20' Container
03. Pumice Stone - 2-3 cm 3 FCL, 3X20' Container
04. Pumice Stone - 1-2 cm 2 FCL, 2X20' Container
We are eagerly waiting for your kind co-operation & quotation.
Kindly inform your other's product list, we are interested to marketing your product in Bangladesh market. Tel: +880-2-83.....November 27 Contact
e 25656: We require a large amount 3500 m² of marble Crème Marfil. TELEM:91 88.....November 27 Contact
e 25655: We are looking for a source for SANDSTONE for Newfoundland. There is not a good source locally so we are searching for a supplier. November 27 Contact
e 25654 Qatar: I am an architect Qatar. We would like to ask you for the price of the following material:
1 - Chinese Basalt - Push Hammered finish - size up to 300 * 300 mm - the thickness is 80 mm
2 - Syrian Basalt - Push Hammered finish - size up to 300 * 300 mm - the thickness is 80 mm
We have a project more than 50,000.00 m2 - and we ask for the first choice of material to receive in it's country (China or Syria). Also the fabrication duration is very important to me. Mobile : +974 67.....November 27 Contact
e 25653: Wanted A.S.A.P. 200sf of 12"x 12" x 3/8" polished White Onyx tile with a little yellow/gold veining. tel: 425-48.....November 27 Contact
e 25652: I am looking for a stone perhaps onyx that can show light from within tiles pre-cut.  We need about 55 pieces 12x12 inches. We are making 3 square waterfalls with lights inside. One each 3,4,5 feet high. This is why we want a stone that allows light to come through.
November 27 Contact
e 25651 Canada: We are looking for granite, marble, onyx and quartz slabs of good quality. No commercial quality slabs. We are a granite, marble manufacturer looking for competitive slab costs. Currently we buy our material locally, however we are interested in importing. The thickness of 1 1/4" and 3/4" each is required for each color listed below. Phone number: 514-93.....
The following colors and materials preferred:
Giallo Veneziano
Giallo Ornamental
New venecian gold
Giallo Santa Cecilia
Giallo Fiorito
Nero absolute
Tan Brown
Bianco antico
Ivory Brown/Shivakashi
Uba Tuba
Black Galaxy
Madura Gold
Kashmir White
Golden Persia
Crema Marfil
Bianco Carrara
Bianco Carrara Extra
Marron Imperial/Emperador Dark
Emperador Light
Perlato Olympo

Beige, white, light colored quartz polished slabs. November 25 Contact
e 25650 Italy: Please see the enclosed stone photo. We're looking for this material. Do you've it? If not please let us know where we can find it.
Tel. : 0039 0585 7.....November 25 Contact
e 25649: I would like to fix Travertine in the ground. I need 300 sqm. TRAVERTINE beige, honed, filled 60*30*2 cm. November 25 Contact
e 25648 Retail: I'm looking for approximately 35 square feet of 12"x24" honed carrara marble, or any other marble or granite that is close to the color match. Please let me know what my choices & prices are in tiles of this size. November 25 Contact
e 25647 USA: Retail: I am trying to locate a specific tile that I need for some work I am currently doing. I have attached a pictures. Can you tell me if you recognize this tile and, more importantly, if you could help me get some? I have been trying for weeks to locate it to no avail. You can reach me at this email or call me on my cellphone in the US 001 917 84.....November 25 Contact
e 25646 USA: Want to buy Ammonitico Rosso - Red ammonite bearing fossiliferous limestone/travertine. 16x16 inches or slab.
Tel: +1 713 40.....November 25 Contact
e 25645 Canada: I am a sculptor looking for black stone bases for my work.  I am interested in your 'Absolute Black Granite from India'. The block size I need is 12 x 9 x 2 inches. Is this material available in this size? Will the stone be polished?  (…or is it an added expense or even an option?) If you do polish stone, what is the difference in price between polished and unpolished? What is the cost (for both for the stone and the shipping)?  I live in Ottawa, IL USA (which is very close to Chicago). What would be the delivery time? I’d start out purchasing just one to make sure I was satisfied, however, if I were satisfied with your product and wanted to place a larger order (of say 10 or 20) would it be less expensive per piece? November 25 Contact
e 25644: I specifically am looking for contact with granite cobbles in Montreal. November 25 Contact
e 25643 USA: We are Looking for 300 Sq. Ft. 18”x18”x1/2” Marron Cohiba (antique brown) Granite polished. Please send me a quote, include delivery to Las Vegas. A picture by email is required as well. Tel: 775.82.....November 23 Contact
e 25642: I am inquiring about the availability of natural slates, colors, sizes, and prices. We need light colours. November 22 Contact
e 25641: I am in need of one container 20 feet of Zimbabwean black granite blocks, and the price FOB to be shipped to port Tema in Ghana,  West Africa. The sizes of the blocks should be 2m x 1.40m. November 22 Contact
e 25640 Singapore: We want Orange Onyx blocks. We want to buy for our Vietnam factory. Phone: 65-650.....November 21 Contact
e 25638 Canada: I need pricing for 2 cm slabs for all the granite slabs colors available. Telephone: 416-87..... November 20 Contact
e 25637 USA: Please provide technical specifications and capacities for this wire saw as well as pictures. Also provide technical details of a splitter. What is your asking price and where is the saw located? Tel: 704-87..... November 20 Contact
e 25636 India: We require glass mosaic tile in size 20mmx20mm. Please send the details. Phone : 091-7752-2..... November 20 Contact
e 25635: We want to buy bulks of marbles for our business and we want to find out if we can purchase them from you.  Telephone: 00234802...... November 20 Contact
e 25634 UAE: Please find the Below Items and quote us as soon as possible:
Item No 1, Steam curing machine, Which will be able to cure 85 m3 of concrete in one time = Qty 1
Please note that we need them urgently.
TEL No;OO971-04-32.....November 20 Contact
e 25633 India: Request to send the Price for the following Indian Granite & marbles .
Also Send the Loading Quantity for 1x20 Container for Each items.

---------------- -------- -----------
1- Black Granite Tiles -- (30cm X 30cm X 1cm)
2- C Juprana Granite Tiles---- (40cm X 40cm X 1.2cm)
3- Imperial White Granite Tiles-(30cm X 60cm X 1.5cm)
4- Emerald Green Marble Tiles --(60cm X 60cm X 1.5cm)
5- Onxy Green Marble Tiles---- (30cm X 30cm X 1cm)
6- Forest Brown Marble Tiles -- (40cm X 40cm X 1.2cm)
7- Honey Lime Stone ------ (30cm X 60cm X 2cm)
8- Beige Marble Tiles --------- (60cm X 60cm X 2cm)
TEL. 0091-79-274.....November 20 Contact
e 25632 USA: I like to order 2 containers of granite slabs. Please send me some information with the inventory and price list. Telephone: 1-586-32..... November 19 Contact
e 25631 USA: Retail: Do you have 12x12 Biancone tumbled marble? I need 20 peices. Telephone: 757-46..... November 19 Contact
e 25630 UK: Could you please let me know about your Raj green sandstone? How pure it is in colour? Size is 60 series handcut 25/35mm thickness and your best price. November 19 Contact
e 25629 India: We require the following model machine details enclosed herewith. In view of the time constraints, it is imperative that you would put in your best efforts to submit the offer well as soon as possible. Kindly send us your most competitive offer along with your company terms and conditions by return e-mail. Technical specification: Qty: 01 No. for CNC 3D ENGRAVING MACHINE. November 19 Contact
e 25628 Ghana: Need brown limestone for a hotel project. I would like to know the cost of tiles and the size that you have in stock for now. Also let me know your payment terms. Contact me on:+2332494...... November 18 Contact
e 25627 Bahrain: We require Quartz: 2000.00 M.T. Specification : 98 to 99% Silica in lump form. Size : +10 to 60 mm. Please quote your lowest price. Phone: +973 17 4.....November 18 Contact
e 25626 India: Kindly send us the Quotation for 1. Kerb Stone Grey Half Batter / Splay / Bull Nose / Flush Size: 600 X 450 X 150 mm 600 X 375 X 150 mm 600 X 300 X 125 mm 120 Rft 2. York Stone 1000 Sft 3. Lime Black Stone 500 Sft. Mobile Phone : 99725.....November 18 Contact
e 25625 Canada: I would like you to email me the suppliers to contact for Marble that I found on your website: , under the Country Greece - Marble. Greece Marble Flooring Tile: The Travertine Light #97-108, and The Skyros Golden pg#109-120. Most interest to hear your reply on suppliers of the above Greece Marble. I am in Canada, so any supplier close to Canada would be great! Telephone: 1 (403) 92..... November 18 Contact
e 25624 India:  We have bulk requirement of Low Silica Lime Stone for 40000 MT on FOB Basis. Please offer us your most competitive prices for the same. Phone : 91-22-324.....November 17 Contact
e 25623 UAE: Kindly quote your best price and delivery period for 2cm thick honed slabs of bretigny limestone for the quantity of 1x20’ container load. Tel : +971 4 26.....November 17 Contact
e 25622 India: WE NEED ACID PROOF FLOORING WITH TILES OR EPOXY COATING AT OUR FACTORY. Phone : 91-0260-26.....  November 17 Contact
e 25621 India: We would like to know the details of ceramic floor tile with size and price list and the transportation cost to Kochi.  Phone : 919-484-40..... November 17 Contact
e 25620: Please note that we’re at the market for  total purchase of 2500 m. beads to cut mixed granite (mostly no:4-5). We're interested to have basic information concerning beads to cut granite for multiwired machines. Please indicate outer and inner diameters and working lengths of the beads plus price/meter.(36 beads/meter). This purchase will be realized in installments 250 m. each. This is a tender. Please quote your last possible price (cf Istanbul) by ship. November 17 Contact
e 25619 India: We need marble and granite for export in gulf country. Please send the quotation and details. quantity - one 20 ft. container. November 17 Contact
e 25618 USA: Where can I find Mother of Pearl White Inlay for a 2" x 12 " or 2" x 8" border? I need approx. 25 linear feet. I live in California. November 16 Contact
e 25617 Oman: We are having a new gabro quarry here in Oman and planning to set up a crusher plant of capacity 400Tph. of material below 20mm. Please quote for a crusher plant. If your specification is matching with our requirement, we can look forward for a deal. Off +968 245....November 16 Contact
e 25616 USA: I would like to know how I can buy a container of granite material I am interested in Giallo Vicenza, Giallo Ornamental and some other material that you may have in good price, please reply to me and let me know in how many time can I have the container shipped here to the USA. Tel: 201-22.....November 15 Contact
e 25615 USA: retail: I am trying to locate tile to match my kitchen tile. I purchased it from a shop in Indianapolis In. It is called Las Vegas Beige #670135 41x41cm. I need enough to tile approx a 12x12 room. Tel: 317-99.....November 15 Contact
e 25614 Mexico: We want to know if your Co. produce floor tiles salt soluble, rustic, porcelain, sizes 500x500,600x600,800x800. Please send me your details. Phone : 52-33-389..... November 14 Contact
e 25612 USA: I am home builder in Texas. I am needing to find slabs of Burlwood sandstone. Can I get a distributor for this? mobile: 281.45.....November 14 Contact
e 25611 Tunisia: Tunisian Firm searches a valuable offer, for 500 m2 of absolute black granite.  November 14 Contact
e 25610 USA: We are in Anaheim, CA and looking for 12 x 12 x 1cm Light Travertine from Turkey (Denizli) by a full Container. Please send us pricing and pictures ASAP. P:714-95.....November 13 Contact
e 25609 Republic of Chad: I want to buy a second hand stone crusher in a very good state. November 13 Contact
e 25608 UAE: Please quote for supply of snow white marble cut to size, quantity: 400 m2, please include freight charges. Telephone: 0917267......November 13 Contact
e 25607 USA: I am looking into ordering large quantities of round basalt rocks with about a 6 inch diameter, size and shape are important, but coloring is not. Can you help? I need pricing for 100, 500, & 1000 at a time. I expect to be placing an order of at least 500 per month, but hopefully that figure increases rapidly. I would prefer to do business with a US company, so hopefully you can be competitive enough for me to stick to my guns on that. November 12 Contact
e 25606 Iran: We are importer stone around 60_ 80 container per month in Iran, from India & China. We are ready for business. Please send to us picture of your product and packing and price list for checking. Tel: +98 021 224.....November 12 Contact
e 25605 USA: Retail: Here is what I need: 110 sq. meters of marble in very light color, like the Bedjestan marble from Iran, which is off white with pink lines. Tel. (562) 98......November 12 Contact
e 25604 Nigeria: We are wholesalers of tiles and wc. After seeing your tiles and wc products, we decide to ask you to please help and send us your catalogue on all sizes of tiles/wc, so that we can verify the type we need for appropriate order. Phone 080370...... November 12 Contact
e 25603: I want to make a Special Order of some granites. I want you to email me back with the Total Pick up price on 500 pieces of 12 x 12 black galaxy granites and also advise the method of payment you accept. November 12 Contact
e 25602 Romania: It is great pleasure to contented with you for business collaboration information and exchange idea for import/promotion your products to Romania. I saw about your company web site and I want to import different kind of marble with different colors for large scale here in Bucharest Romania. To being a Pakistani it is my first priority to buy furniture from my country. In Romania I have a import business for many products. What is all terms and conditions to be agent of your company agent. I have wide experience in import, export, marketing and distribution. I want to know about your price list and specification of your products with all details. I hope you will update me all about your new products. Telephone: +40 767 75..... November 11 Contact
e 25601: I am looking for Lapidus granite to replace kitchen countertops. Do you know where this can be found in the Boston area? I am looking for a showroom that would have slabs of this granite. November 11 Contact
e 25600 Spain: We are very interested in the information on Morocco travertine both white and yellow, and would be grateful if you could quote us for travertine 60x40x2 cm filled and saw-cut for about 500 M2 , and ask quote us CIF port Vigo, Spain. Tel. + 34 9867.....November 11 Contact
e 25599 UK: We are the main contractor for a Girls project where we require VRATZA stone for the external façade. Tel.: +44 (0) 207 40.....November 11 Contact
e 25598 kuwait: We are the traders of heavy machinery and equipment in Kuwait. We are looking for wheel loader Caterpiller 950 E. Please if you have such kind of this type let us know immediately. Telephone: 00965670.....November 11 Contact
e 25597 Kenya: We are looking for new Made In Italy machines for granite: CNC Waterjet Cutting machine, CNC Routing & Edge Polishing Machine, Bridge Saw machine and granite slab edge polishing line automatic for different profiles. Telephone: +2547227.....  November 11 Contact
e 25596 India: Looking for different kitchen countertops. Tel: 98102.....November 10 Contact
e 25595 USA: Retail: I am looking for some very inexpensive landscaping stone to make a pathway. Do you know where I should start? I need approximately 400 square feet of material. Please help. I need it ASAP and I am in Chicago, Illinois. Tel: 31237......November 10 Contact
e 25594 USA: I am interested in finding out more information regarding F600 Black Silicone Carbide. I would like to know the price point for F600 / MT. or per Kg. Delivery terms. FOB? How would I be able to acquire samples for testing? What quantity would you be able to supply? (Potential 9 tons per day) Would the product be customized? Tel: 847-38.....November 10 Contact
e 25593 China: We are looking to purchase slabs of Calacatta Vagli. China mobile: 135903.....November 10 Contact
e 25592 USA: Looking for suppliers of 3 cm thick Granite Slabs / Pre-fab countertops / Bath vanity in various colors such as Blacks, Goldens, yellows and also looking for tiles in 1ft x1ft in same colors. Telefax 678 - 59.....November 10 Contact
e 25591 USA: Requesting quotations:
4 x 4 x 4 granite cobblestone cubes 2700-3000 SF
4 x 4 x 7 or 8 granite cobblestone cubes 300-500 SF
FOB Atlanta GA
2700 – 3000 sf
Project to begin January 09
Tel: 404.35.....November 10 Contact
e 25590 USA: I'd like to buy a piece of black marble or possibly black granite. dimensions are 14 in. x 7 in. x 10 in. Could you send me prices? my phone number is 603 72..... November 9 Contact
e 25589: I will need you to fabricate some counter tops for me and as soon as it is done and paid for it will be picked up from your locations okay so i will need you to get back to me with the total quote for the following counter tops without installation but i need the total cost with tax only OK i will handle the installation my self. This is what I need.
Absolute Black Island 36 X 76 with Full Bull nose edges... Granite
Absolute Black Island 42 X 84 with Full Bull nose edges... Granite
I will like to order those and i will handle the installation myself. I will need you to get back to me with the pick up price for the two counter tops. Also what types of Credit Card do you accept? November 9 Contact
e 25588 India: We are looking forward with M/Cut Slabs (Sawn - GangSaw Cut). Our Customer Requ. - Raveena; modak; raj green; kandla grey; Dhari; Autom Brown. Kindly send me the Prices of 40cm Series & 60cm Series(Width) Thickness - 30mm & 15mm. Surface Polish, Flamed. Phone : 0091-02931-2.....November 9 Contact
e 25587: I need bottino beige (light colour) marble from Pakistan in size of 12 x 12 x 1cm polished in thermocol boxes, both fob karachi port as well cnf canadian port. Immediate requirement 7500 sqft. November 9 Contact
e 25586 USA: Looking for 2 slabs of Verde Aquamarine Granite. Need in two weeks. Delivery Location: Encino, CA. Phone number: 818-98.....November 9 Contact
e 25585 UK: Requirement is in the Humberside, UK.
Tel No+971 5055.....
Required for Q2 of 2009
To decide by early January 2009
Samples would be required before purchase. These will be required delivered to Dubai. Delivery costs will be covered.
Requirement 280 Sq Mtr of MARBLE tiles preferred size 300mm by 600mm 10mm thick but other sizes considered. Colour to be white/off white
Polished finish, Chamfered. Price required DDP price delivered Humbersdie, UK. November 8 Contact
e 25584: I need to buy small stone balls, approximately 1/2" (12mm) to 1" (25mm). I am interested in any kind of stone, as long as the size is small. November 8 Contact
e 25583 USA: Need two slabs of blue macauba. Can also use four or five slabs of a dark green granite, sometimes called "forest green." And one slab each of a gold juparana granite and one of "Red Dragon". Tel: (310) 65...... November 8 Contact
e 25581 India: Interested in granite slabs. Call on 020881......November 6 Contact
e 25580: What is the rate of Absolute Black Granite per sq ft? November 6 Contact
e 25579: Looking for used granite blocks. Tel: 1.508.24.....November 6 Contact
e 25578 USA: I am looking for 12x12x7mm black slate. Do you carry any that thin? Tel: (713) 77..... November 6 Contact
e 25577 USA: I work for a Landscape Architecture firm in Houston. We are looking for a sample of Grey Decomposed Granite Gravel to use in a presentation. We were told that there is only one color (orange/brown tone) of Decomposed Granite Gravel that is made in Texas. Would it be possible for you to order a grey sample from out of state and have it in Houston by Friday morning or as soon as possible? tel: 713.52.....November 6 Contact
e 25576: I would like to know if you have marble tiles. If yes, then send me the information and pricing about this marble tile. Antique crema marfil 300 x 300mm. I also want to know the type or method of payment you accept for orders. November 6 Contact
e 25575 USA: Looking for 3 x 3 x 5 rough cut blocks of the hardest granite you have. I am in need for 35 thousand tons now. I am looking to long term business with you for shipments on a monthly schedule. We need to get volume pricing, we will be a long term customer and we can control a large part of USA. Do you have limerock ? Do you do any crushing there? What are your prices per ton on the block form & what is your price per ton on crushed material for 57 & 89 stone size parts? What port do you ship out off & do you have a rate from there to Tampa Fl & Miami Fl USA. Telephone: 1 813 27..... November 6 Contact
e 25574 : looking to buy rose pink Aswan granite in united states. Tel: 310 69.....November 5 Contact
e 25573 USA: For the external facade of an institutional project in Vermont, we are looking for 12,000 square feet of Texas shellstone in large 2 inch slabs; can use irregular sizes. Would prefer stone with yellow fossil coloring. We are specifying materials now; can place order at any time. Material not required for 16 months. Tel: 403 26.....November 5 Contact
e 25572: We are a company, in Romania, specialised in manicure and pedicure products and "every-day-utilities" for advertisement.
We are interested to buy:
Abrasive sheet directly on foam layer backing, ~3mm thick (adhezive+foam), having the effect of polishing, green colour
Abrasive sheet directly on foam layer backing, ~3mm thick (adhezive+foam), having the effect of shining, white colour
Will you be so kind as to send us a price offer?
We would like to receive a few samples and a catalogue with your products. Fax: +0040 269 5......November 4 Contact
e 25571 India: I am architect & I want to make collection of various stones samples of sizes around 4" X 4" to show various clients. so please guide me that how do i proceed? If you have any collection box which i can buy by paying suitable price. Telephone: 98674..... November 4 Contact
e 25570 India: At present we are building a temple and are looking for good Nephrite Jade for our main statue. Do you sell large bulk quantity in Nephrite Jade? We are interested in block which would be about 31 inches tall. If not, do you know any vendor that supplies such large block of Nephrite Jade. November 4 Contact
e 25569: We have a project in immediate need of 16 x 16 or 18 x 18” Ambrato polished or honed. This stone is a marble from Italy. November 4 Contact
e 25568: je chérche pelle sur chenille caterpillar 322 ou 325 ou 330 dans les années 1997 a 2004 nivelese caterpillar 12G ou 140 dans les année 1990 a 1994 chargeure sur pneu caterpillar ou komatsu bulldozer caterpillar ou komatsu. merci de proposée les machine avec les photos ou bien si vous avait un site internet. De me envoyer avec votre adress et numéro de téléphone. November 4 Contact
e 25567 UK: I would like to ask how much it would cost 25m2 of Thassos white marble plus transport to Warsaw, Poland? Tel/fax: + 44(0)20 887.....November 3 Contact
e 25566: I would like to make an inquiry based on your Granite. I would like for you to give me the price for the following size 8000 sqft, 24 x 24 x 5/8 Black Galaxy and 200 Pcs. If you do I want you to kindly get back at me at your earliest time with the price for the products because I need the order for these Granite.  November 3 Contact
e 25565: Would like to order Granite Tiles and the sizes that I am looking for is the size 300 SQ FT OF 12 BY 12 3/8 INCH THICKNESS BLACK GALAXY GRANITE TILE and I am ordering the tile for a church home and so can you send me an email back with the pricing information for the 300 pieces of Granite.  November 3 Contact
e 25564 Cambodia: I have been seeking for the granite type G109 Dark beige. I knew that It is available in Korea, that is why I would like you to give us the quote for granite 850 sqm including the freight cost to Cambodia. At the moment there are many company who imported the goods from Korea. That is why I think that it make ease for you to quote for us concerning to that granite. Moreover I would like to know about the delivery date to my country of those granite after I order, because our project is being constructed at the moment.  November 3 Contact
e 25563: I represent a company from Romania and I want to buy and to have contact with suppliers of different type of stone. November 3 Contact
e 25562 Canada: Need 3000 granite cobbles 6x9"x4 to 6"x4 t 6". Immediately need, can pick up. Tel: 613 73.....November 1 Contact
e 25561 South Korea: Looking for Indian Granites:
1. Black Galaxy Cut to size water polished: 20 mm * 605 mm * 2000 mm = 2000 M2 CNF Hochiminh, Vietnam USD
2. Indian Black / New Imperial Red / Steel Grey(Silver Pearl): 30 mm * 500 mm * 500 mm = 1500~2000 M2 CNF Luanda, Angola - Africa USD
3. Mari Gold: 30 mm * 750 mm * 1200 mm = 1000 M2 CNF Incheon, Korea USD
4. Desert Brown: 30 mm * 650 mm * 1200 mm = 1000 M2 CNF Incheon, Korea USD Telephone: 82-31-23.....November 1 Contact

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We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.