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The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 25560 USA: We have an immediate need for a large quantity of custom granite profiles as shown in the enclosed detail. Any country or origin is acceptable. Tel: 317 29.....October 31 Contact
e 25559: Please send a price list for limestone blocks for construction of buildings. Phone: 307.85.....October 31 Contact
e 25558 USA: Retail: I need to locate the best price and availability on White Thassos Marble 18" x 18" tile. Quantity is about 500 sf. Prompt response is appreciated. Tel: (818) 71.....October 31 Contact
e 25557 Finland: We are tile dealers from Lagos state/Anambra state Nigeria Africa. We are interested to know more about your tiles products such as; wall tiles, floor tiles, etc. We have imported from China a couple of times but we want to try some other quality and cheap products. We would like to see some of your tile products, it can be attached in the email while replying. Finland contact address is +3584178...... Nigeria contact address is +23480666......October 31 Contact
e 25556: Could you please send us a pricelist on all our granite slabs per meter (especially Rustenburg) for a project. October 31 Contact
e 25555: We need a excavator with long reach to excavate up to 10 m depth. October 31 Contact
e 25554 USA: Retail: I am interested in paloma limestone. I am looking for slabs and tiles. How do I go about getting a sample of your Paloma Limestone (Spain) and your Capri Limestone (Spain)? Please let me know as I would like to see samples before proceeding. Telephone: 720-83..... October 31 Contact
e 25553 USA: Looking for quartz. Tel: 904.70.....October 31 Contact
e 25552 UK: I am interested to get a supplier of Granite and Marble from Albania and if possible few samples via e-mail. Tel: 0115 92..... October 30 Contact
e 25550 Iraq: I want the price of one m2 of white onyx marbles with sizes of 60 x 30 x 2cm and its origin. Tel: 0096478011..... October 30 Contact
e 25549 UK: I am searching for GRANITE ABSOLUTE. It will be a very big quantity because it will be used as a worktop for 25000 kitchens. So I need the price so fast to present my proposal. The time & the price are very important now. Tel. : +44 (0) 1438 9.....October 29 Contact
e 25548 India: Please send us the quote for all natural stones like marble, sandstone beige in colour. Please quote CIF Mumbai. Also send us some pictures of the stones you have. Tel: 94141..... October 29 Contact
e 25547 USA: retail: I am looking for Fiorito tiles 24 x 24 inch 3/8 inch think. Do you know where I can locate some. October 29 Contact
e 25546 USA: Need info asap on granite cobblestones. Are they available in black, tumbled? I would most likely use a 20 foot ocean container. October 29 Contact
e 25545 USA: I need container pricing of 3cm Uba Tuba Top Grade, please get back to me asap. My business is located in Norwalk, CT. Tel: 203-96.....October 28 Contact
e 25544 Saudi Arabia: We are one of leading granite and marble company in Riyadh, we are exporter as well as importer of marble and granite and we have own quarry in Riyadh. We would like to import turkey marbles and like to have business cooperation with your company. We hereby kindly request you please send us your best competitive price for the following marbles. Ph: 00966 1 9.....





Beige Light – Bursa SLABS - CM


Black Marble -  SLABS CM


Sedef White SLABS 2 CM


Travertine – SLABS  2 CM


Green Verde Lagune – SLABS 2 CM


Rossa Laguna – SLABS 2 CM


Emperador light and Dark – SLABS 2 CM


Crema Nouva – SLABS 2 CM


Limestone SLABS 2 CM


Rosso Levanto SLABS 2 CM


Turkuaz Beige Sermak – SLABS 2 CM


Beige Rose – SLABS 2 CM

Please let us know your offer of quotation as early as  possible. October 28 Contact
e 25543 Kuwait: We urgently require green silicon carbide honing stones as per the following sizes 1) 10mmx13mmx120mmL- 100 nos 2) 10mmx20mmx120mmL - 100 nos 3) 13mmx15mmx160mmL - 100 nos 4) 13mmx20mmx160mmL-100 nos Please send the details. Mobile Phone : 00965-669.....October 28 Contact
e 25542: We're interested to have basic information concerning beads to cut granite for multiwired machines. Please indicate outer and inner diameters and working lengths of the beads plus price/meter.(36 beads/meter). October 27 Contact
e 25541: Looking for a supplier of Andesite tiles, cobbles & boulders  from Indonesia. See pricelist 1044. Tel: +62(0361) 7..... October 27 Contact
e 25540: We’re a Chinese factory and now we need 1000M3 of Giallo Imperiale—granite of brasil. October 27 Contact
e 25539: I'm looking for artificial marble. Could you give price for? Slabs 1,5 , 2 and 3 cm. October 27 Contact
e 25538: I would like to make an inquiry based on your Granite. I would like for you to give me the price for the following size of 20 x 20 Black Galaxy and 200 Pcs. If you do I want you to kindly get back at me at your earliest time with the price for the products because I need the order for these Granite. October 27 Contact
e 25537: I am ready to purchase your BRETON PLANT FOR MARBLE AND GRANITE (ready stock 68 stone processing equt). Please call me in the USA at 865-81.....October 26 Contact
e 25536 Philippines: We are located in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines and we are considering of building a stone house. We would like to request for prices on the following:
1,800 pieces of limestone (fossilized)  blocks with size of 20" x 10" x 10" each for walls.
1,800 pieces of limestone (fossilized) blocks with size of 12" x 12" x 12" each for floors.
Please include the price of shipping fee from Cebu to Puerto Princesa pier.
We are just on the planning stage and we tried to source our stone blocks from Ilocos (the only one that we know) but it is too far.
We do not know anything about the different forms that were mentioned in the website like what is rough cut, sawed rough, honed and beveled so we would appreciate if you could send us clear pictures to see the texture before we could ask for a sample. Also , we would like to know if you have other stone types in blocks that are good resistant to heat (I guess like cobblestones), please let us know. Our cellphone number is  0921-27.....October 26 Contact
e 25535 USA: I NEED BLACK SAN GABRIEL 12X12 GRANITE APPROX. 1340 SF. Tel: (561) 47...... October 24 Contact
e 25534 Australia: I want to install a marble grinding unit in Perth. This plant can make the powder according to the international standard. So we want to buy marble in lumps form, which size is about 9 x 15 inches. And this marble should be in white colour. Kindly provide us the information about such Mine owners/Suppliers. October 24 Contact
e 25533 Russia: Please tell me if you have such stones, please see attachment
Name: Oro Cielo Marble
Size: 400х400х10mm
Surface: Polished
Quantity: 4593m2
Size: 1000-2000 x150-200 x20mm
Surface: Polished
Quantity:1444 pcs
I need sample: 305x305x20-1 pcs & 305x305x10 -2 pcs

Name: Royal Gold
Size: 450x900x20mm
Surface: Polished
Quantity: 96m2
I need sample: 305 х 305 х 20mm – 2 pcs.

About samples:
I am ready to pay for it's delivery by DHL. Price and time of delivery to St.Petersburg, Russia. Please send a list of goods you have (may be you have similar material) and pictures. Tel: +7-812 32.....October 24 Contact
e 25532 India: We require bulk quantity of Kota Stone. Pls confirm your prices as displayed on the net, and kindly send pictures.
Tel: + 91 33 224..... October 23 Contact
e 25531: Looking for polishing machines. Please email prices and pictures. October 23 Contact
e 25530 Singapore: We are looking for Diamond Segment of size: a) 40x15x6mm b) 40x12x6mm c) 40x15x5mm c) 40x12x5mm. Please offer your best price, min qty and specification. Brochure if available asap. Telephone: 65 674.....October 23 Contact
e 25529: I am looking for granite slabs price (list) with terms of 120 days and 240 Days. Will import container loads. October 22 Contact
e 25528 UAE: We are looking for Good Excavators for our Crusher. Do you have any? We are in Abu Dhabi. Tel: 02 67......October 22 Contact
e 25527: Please quote for flagstones. What would be the cost to deliver the same in France. October 22 Contact
e 25526: Please quote for Brazilian Granite slabs and tiles as mentioned in pricelist 1191. Phone: 586-97..... October 22 Contact
e 25525: Do sell Paving Stone and if you do sell them, reply me back with the brands and the prices of the ones that you do have so that I can let you know the brand and the quantity am interest in purchasing, I'm shipping the Paving Stone to my new company in Holland. I will be recommending a freight company for the pickup of the Door Glass at location. Also i want to know the form of payment you do accept. October 22 Contact
e 25524 Canada: I would need 5000 Granite cobbles. I live in Ottawa ON Canada. I can pick up stone in Montreal PQ Canada. Tel: 613-73.....October 22 Contact
e 25523: I need your email for 5000 m2 60*60*2 in mugla white. October 21 Contact
e 25522: I am looking a partner firm for to produce Marble Polishing Abrasives 5 extra and Marble Adhesives. We have about 22 years experiments. We have new formulas for to produce adhesives and polishing stone producing. If you can find me a partner firm please send me them details. Telephone: 0554-81.... October 21 Contact
e 25521: I need 400 Sq.Ft of 12 x 12 3/8 Inch Thickness Black Galaxy Granite and how soon can you get them ready for me i will be picking it up. I need 50 pc's of the Granites. Kindly get back to me now with the total price now plus tax and let me know if you accept all major Credit Card as the form of payment so that we can proceed. October 21 Contact
e 25520 Vietnam: Please quote for perlite. Phone: 0313.8.....October 21 Contact
e 25519 USA: Do you carry Shivakashy granite in 2 or 3cm and can you email me a picture? Telephone: 561-63......October 21 Contact
e 25518 USA: I am looking for 6 inch thick 16" x 16" slab. Color does not matter. Phone: 412-49.....October 20 Contact 
e 25517 USA:  In search of Blue Pearl Light Granite in 12” x 12” or 18” x 18”. The color needs to be the lighter shade of blue pearl, you must submit photo’s for approval. Looking for a local supplier in the states. We are in need of a few hundred sq ft. Tel: 312 -67.....October 20 Contact 
e 25516 Turkey: I want contact details for Spanish granite producers. Telephone: +9031244.....October 19 Contact 
e 25515 UK: We are looking for best price on c 50m sq of light coloured travertine, filled and with a bevelled /pillow edge. Ideally 60cmx40cm down in a mix…or larger if available. October 19 Contact 
e 25514: I am looking for 15 l/4 x 15 l/4, white carrera marble for my kitchen, i need only a few tiles, do you know where i can possibly find them, I am even thinking of purchasing 16 or 18 inches if i can find it, and have it cut down.  October 19 Contact 
e 25513: Retail: I need a 32" x 52" as thick as I can get (1.5-2") will take 3 cm if that is all I can get in honed marble, neutral color or honed limestone. October 18 Contact 
e 25512 UAE: We are looking for Marble and Granite fixers, Store man and Marble machines mechanic. Please inform availability. Italian Marbles & Granites. Phone : 971-50-62..... October 16 Contact 
e 25511 Tanzania: I am based in Tanzania and i would like to know the actually price of dolomite (powder). Telephone: 002557544.....October 16 Contact 
e 25510 Ethiopia: We have the following buying inquiries for the supply of here under listed construction machinery (either brand new or used one).
Complete set of stone crushing plant / 50ton/h -100 ton/h/ or any above capacity Used brand.
1. The type of the materials to be crushed are natural black stone.
2.Size of input material ranges 100mm-500mm.
3.Adjustable sizes of out put product ranges 0-10mm,10-20mm.
4.The required capacity of the set stone crushing plant is 50ton/h - 100 ton per hour or above.
5.The type of crushing plant can be either movable or stationary (fixed).
If you are interested the supply of the above mentioned items. Please send us your competitive offer in the name of our company along with their respective technical spec. By stating the following terms and conditions.
i) Quoting your price FOB and C& F Djibouti bases (showing unit FOB & sea freight separately)
ii) your terms of payment should be mostly irrevocable L/C.
iii) your price validity from the date of PI iv) your delivery time from the date of issuance of L/C v)name of manufacturer or supplier , year of manufacture
vi) port of shipment & destination port
We are also glad to represent your esteemed company in Ethiopia ; if you are no represented in Ethiopia market.
Mean while we also thoughtfully request you to send us your company profile, technical leaflets, catalogues, brochures, ISO-standard certificates and other allied documents through our mailing address.
For the moment we are awaiting to receive your reasonable performa invoice along with terms, conditions and technical specifications/brand, capacity, model etc./ of the required items.
Tel :(+)251-911-2.....October 16 Contact
e 25509: I am looking for a material called Pietra Di Cordoza can you tell me what this is? I have a customer wanted it. Tel: 303-99.....October 15 Contact
e 25508 USA: I NEED 12X12 AZUL IMPERIAL GRANITE APPROX. 690sf PLEASE ADVISE A.S.A.P. Telephone: 561-47.....October 15 Contact
e 25507: In Need of all Quarry equipment, machine and consumables:
We want quarry drilling tools & machines, hydraulic rock drilling equipment, excavation equipment, mobile jaw crushers, vertical impact crusher, stone breaker, Air Compressor. Excavators, Wheel loaders, forklifts, generator and air compressors, truck fitting crane. Please email/send me your price catalogue with pictures and average consumption/production capacity per day where necessary. Cell:+234-803-5.....October 15 Contact
e 25506 India: We are making inquiry regarding marble and other various stone items with competitive rate. Phone : 91-265-27.....October 15 Contact
e 25505 USA: retail:  I am looking to extend my existing peninsula countertop from 36..25"X 83" to 37"X104" Verde Lavras but am having difficulty in:
1) finding the product locally 2) Offered at a reasonable cost.
Was surfing & came across your site which seems to be a "Wealth of Info" one which may take me a considerable amount of time to read / navigate. being that I'm from "Jersey" thought I might try cutting the research / time delay & post my request "Now".
In need of either:
1) Slab 37" X 104" Verde Lavras 3/4 with minimal fabrication (Polished Top with matching blocked edging, right side 1/2 moon cut for overhang with 5" mirrored polished piece for underneath the overhang, Aprox $15 - $20 a Sqft for product. Ideally would like to Pick-Up piece NJ,NY or East PA area Located in Central NJ.
2) Remnant 36.25 " X 29" with same above 1/2 features & edging. October 15 Contact
e 25504: Please quote for Sodalite Blue. October 15 Contact
e 25503 USA: We currently have two jobs with Indian Materials:
1. 160 Vanities for a hotel in Los Angeles made with 2CM premium  Black. (ready for immediate production)
2. About 10,000 sq. feet of cut to size 3CM Kuppam Green. (ready for production in 60 days)
I realize that the first order is less than a full container but I would like to know if you would be interested to provide a price on both jobs.
Tel: 818.34.....October 15 Contact
e 25502 India: Kindly give us the rate of Black Granite Stone which we are looking for export purpose. Please quote the rate as per below specification. Quantity 100 cubic square meter (per month) Colour black (Block Unfinished Stone) Stone required in 1 meter pieces Please quote different black colour rate. Phone : 91-022-216..... October 15 Contact
e 25501 India: I am looking for some samples of the stone in Delhi, India? Is it possible for you to provide the samples and other related information? October 14 Contact
e 25500 Pakistan: We are interested to import Indian Green Marble, Black Galaxy 5 Full Container Load against confirm Irrevocable L/c at Sight or Advance Payments. Tel: 0092-321-40.....  October 14 Contact
e 25499 China: We want to buy one container Crema Valencia (the marble from Spain) in blocks to Hong Kong. Please send some sample photos and quote the price including freight to me. October 14 Contact
e 25498 UK: We are looking for UK based importers of granite slabs. We have small facilities to fabricate but are looking for ongoing slab supplies. We are already taking with Stone Of London. Telephone: 01268 7.....October 14 Contact
e 25497 Russia:  Please send the prices for the following a granite with the sizes:
(45*45*1cm and 45*45* 1.5cm) and (50*50*1cm and 50*50*1.5cm). How many tone for 2000sqm? Urgently I wait the answer.
1. G682
2. G636
3. Leopard golden
4. Leopard Blue
5. light Emperador (imported marple)
What packing for such the size? October 14 Contact
e 25496 USA: I am looking to locate Juane Du Roi Marble tile 16 x 16 and slabs 1 1/4" thick for stair treads and 3/4" for risers. Telephone: 212-48.....October 13 Contact
e 25495: We are a company for granite and marble. We need from you more details about the granite slabs and tiles from India. October 13 Contact
e 25494 USA: looking for limestone block approx. 25 ton or so from France or Italy, I have access to turkey or Portugal limestone. This is for fireplace mantels, I would like sample and cost, I am ready to buy like to finalize order by 10/26/08 . also the limestone I am looking for can come from anywhere I just would like something not so light in color, can have some movement and texture. Please contact me at 561 25.....October 12 Contact
e 25493 Pakistan: I want to buy blue granite and also interested in pick oynx if you have any different colour in marble please tell us. Telephone: 00925144...... October 12 Contact
e 25492 USA: I am looking for vanity prices. Telephone: 417-69...... October 12 Contact
e 25491 UK: We are looking for 30mm granite coffee olinda brushed finish. Telephone: 013273.....October 11 Contact
e 25490: we wont to know your price of maron dark slabs 2cm & maron light slabs 2cm. October 11 Contact
e 25489: I want to know whether you carry High Tech Diamond Cutting machine in stock for sale. If you do so email me with the sizes and the price ranges on that so that i will know the quantity to offer and also i want to know if you accept credit card as form of payment. October 11 Contact
e 25487 India: We are looking for roof tiles, bathroom tiles and living dining flooring tiles, please advice what you have with price. tel: 91-468-22.....October 10 Contact
e 25486 India: We are a Professional Sourcing organisation based in India. We are looking for reliable supplier of the above for our client. Find below the details of our Company and the product required.
Ph.:+91 98111.....
1. CAST BASALT TILE SIZE : 200 mm x 200 mm
2. CAST BASALT THICKNESS : 40 mm +/- 3 mm
4. DEFLECTION : +/- 2 mm
Density : 2.9 – 3.1 gm/cc
Hardness : Min. 8 on Moh's scale
Compressive Strength : 2500 kg/Sq. cm Min.
SiO2 : 44-48%
AI2O3 : 11-12%
CaO : 11-12%
MgO : 10-11%
Fe2O3 : 5 - 6%
FeO : 6 - 8%
To be used for laying of Automotive Test Tracks for testing of Anti Braking System
QUANTITY REQUIRED : 9000 SQ.MT (in 5 lots of 1900 sq mt per lot)
OFFER TO BE SUBMITTED BY: 25th October 2008
OFFER REQUIREMENT: Samples required along with complete technical and commercial offer and pictures of installation
Pl let us know the potential suppliers. October 10 Contact
e 25485 India: We need following Granites Blocks for exports to China.
Tan Brown - 150 cbm
Black Galaxy - 100 cbm
Ruby Red - 100 cbm
Maple Red - 100 cbm
PG Red - 100 cbm
Sizes - Cutter size Blocks 5ft x 2.5ft
Jambo size Blocks 9ft x 6ft
Pls offer FOB Chennai Port, India
Cell - +9198733.....October 10 Contact
e 25484 Poland: We are interested in green slate in size 60cmx60cmx3cm - 180 m2 and 140cm x 95 cm x 3 cm - 180 m2. Telephone: 004871 72..... October 10 Contact
e 25483 Russia: We are very much interested in the Philippine's marble: golden primavera e capistrano. We'd like to get prices for both of the materials, slabs, 1000sqm. Telephone: 003933342..... October 10 Contact
e 25482 USA: I am looking for belgian bluestone (or "petit granite") tiles for interior flooring projects. I need about 250 sq. ft., preferably 12"x12" tiles, std. thickness. Quotes in inches/ dollars please, including shipping costs to Hanford, California, USA zip code 93230. Would like to buy asap. Tel: 559-58.....October 10 Contact
e 25481 Yemen: We are trading and marketing company, one of the leading companies in Yemen Republic markets. We revised your email which you introduced your company granite products, we will furnish you with the size that we always order from our suppliers in Xiamen, hoping that you will quote us the prices (FOB) accordingly, we will compare between your price offered and what we are getting from our chinese sources, if we will find any encouraging signal to enable us to make a trail order, we are afraid of the bad granite quality that we may face, surfaces polishing levels, and edges round nose, sides, this need establishing strong business relationship to reach the confidences stage between both of us. Please fine below the following size: tiles size: 40 x 40 x 2 cm 30 x 60 x 2 cm 60 x 60 x 2 cm Steps size we are using: 100 up to 160 x 33 x 3 cm Slabs. Telephone: 00967-14.....October 10 Contact
e 25480: I will like to order Rustic Slate. And I will be much happy if you could get back to me with the types and sizes you have in stock for sale. Also like to know all the major forms of payment that you do accept. October 9 Contact
e 25479 USA: Retail: I am looking for 160 sq ft of Botticino Fiorito 1st quality polished tile of the size 12 inch X 12 inch or higher in Seattle, WA, USA. What it will cost and could it be delivered in Seattle. Tel: (425) 25.....October 9 Contact
e 25478 New Caledonia: I just want to know the price for a waterjet cutting machinery including the transport from Australia to New Calédonia? Telephone: 687 7..... October 8 Contact
e 25477: I am looking for white fantasy quartzite. Do you know where I can find this? October 8 Contact
e 25476 India:  Willing to buy any Italian Marble blocks from quarry owners for the Vast untouched Market in India. Phone Number : +9198867.....October 8 Contact 
e 25475 USA: Looking to get a quote for 270 tabletops out of Black Absolute Granite. Size: 41" x 25.5" x 2cm. Need three sides to be flat polished, one long side and the two short sides. Looking to receive finished product with-in 45 to 55 days and shipped to Michigan, USA. Tel: 1.248.78.....October 8 Contact 
e 25474 Thailand: We're interest in pumice size 0.5 - 1 cm., 1 - 2 cm. 2 - 3 cm., 3 - 4 cm. in your pricelist is @USD 1.25 / bag / 22 kg. Is it right?
In the first shipment, we want to order 4 containers. Please check rate container to Pusan port or Incheon port Korea.
You must to pack in PLT.
0.5-1 cm. = 1 PLT
1-2 cm. = 5 PLT
2 - 3 cm. = 9 PLT
3 - 4 cm. = 5 PLT
Total 20 PLT for each container
Could you please give me complete quotation?
Tel : 66-2-28.....October 7 Contact 
e 25473: we have construction company we looking for tile /block machine please send us the spec and the price. October 6  Contact 
e 25472: Looking for a supplier of Indian granite slabs and tiles. Tel: 727-83..... October 6  Contact 
e 25471: I need one stone cutting machine. Please send me a brochure. October 5  Contact 
e 25470 Saudi Arabia: We are interested in buying Granite cut size blocks in big quantity, River Pebbles and Sea boulders from Iran.
October 5  Contact 
e 25469 USA: Looking for suppliers of granite slabs. Tel: 352-63...... October 4  Contact 
e 25468 USA: Retail: I am looking for a piece of carvable rough green nephrite jade approximately 2"X4"X6". I am also interested in purchasing a similar sized piece of argillite. Telephone: (518) 49..... October 3  Contact 
e 25467 UAE: We need the following:
1. Pearl White 600mmx600mmx20mm, qty= 9,000 Sq.mtrs
2. Black galaxy 3000mmx6000mmx20mm, qty=500 sq.mtrs
3. Blue Pearl 600mmx300mmx20mm, qty=500 sq.mtrs
4. Black Galaxy Bull nose 100mmx600mm, qty=600 running mtrs
5. G 633 polished 600mmx600mmx20mm, qty=350 sq.mtrs
6. G 654 (B) polished 600mmx600mmx20mm, qty= 750 sq.mtrs
7. G 504 polished 600mmx600mx20mm, qty= 250 sq.mtrs
8. China multi colored Red 600mmx600mmx20mm, qty=525 sq.mtrs
9. Shandong white 600mmx600mmx20mm, qty=1100 sq.mtrs
10. Shanxi Black 300mmx600mmx20mm, qty=100 sq.mtrs
Tel: +9715062.....October 3  Contact 
e 25466 Japan: Please quote for Vietnamese pebbles (C&F Yokohama, Japan) shown in pricelist 578. I'd like to have samples. Wouldn't mind
paying for the carriage. Phone: +81-45-34.....October 2  Contact 
e 25465 Japan: Looking for suppliers of decorative aggregates and pebbles world wide. Telephone: +81-45-34.....October 2  Contact 
e 25464 China: We plan to visit your country this month and buy botticino classico Blocks. Could you plz reply me ASAP whether you can provide us botticino classico stocks around Nov., and plz show me your botticino classico pictures and price. tel: +86 135991.....October 1  Contact 
e 25463 USA: retail: Looking for pudding stone. October 1  Contact 
e 25462 USA: I need 12 x 12 alabastrino 30,000 s/f or a very clean no fill very min. Variation need this asap please call to discuss. Telephone: 638-63.....October 1  Contact 
e 25461 UAE: Please quote for crema marfil tiles and slabs
60x60x2 elegant:
60x60x2 High Universal:
60x30x2 High Universal:
Slabs crema marfil
Slab 20 mm polished Elegant:
Slab 30 mm polished Elegant:
slab 20 mm polished High Universal:
Slab 30 mm polished High Universal:
From your place till till united arab emirates. Telephone: 00371297.....October 1  Contact 
e 25460 Bahrain: We are looking for Porcelain tiles, marble, granite and sanitary for our project, building of 20 flats. Kindly inform us the best available prices asap. Telephone: 00 973 394.....October 1  Contact 

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We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.