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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!   October 31, 2004
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418 inquiries so far in October. 

The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 15415 USA: I am looking to import granite, slate and terracotta. Oct 31, Contact
e 15414 India: I would be interested in contacting the suppliers from Vietnam and Taiwan for marble. Oct 31, Contact
e 15411 USA: Please send info on large 10-13lb salt lamps to buy wholesale or discounted with applicable taxes also looking for salt bath crystals and large lamps 5-8 lb to order. Oct 31, Contact
e 15410 USA: Retail: I am interested in buying pebbles. Oct 31, Contact
e 15409 India: We have received an order of few containers of granite in different popular color of 1 sq ft. The first order will be for one container to New York port. Would u please give us estimated fob and cif price to New York port including surcharge or any other duties. Please also advise us mode of payment too. Oct 31, Contact 
e 15408 USA: Retail: I need a price quote on a piece of red lava rock 32" tall and 14" x 16" base. Ohio. (614) 30.....Oct 31, Contact 
e 15407 USA: Retail: We are looking to buy green onyx slab Azarshahr with no or very little vien, big enough to cut one or two pieces of 24" x 60" x 1/2" - 3/4" thick from the slab. We need total of 12 pieces finish product of 24" x 60". We are in New York. Our tel. no. is 914-42.....Material is immediately needed.  Oct 31, Contact 
e 15405: Please quote with images for a crane. Oct 31, Contact 
e 15404 USA: I am getting ready to build next month and need around 2,000 sq. ft. of travertine. Oct 31, Contact 
e 15403 Canada: I am looking for a coarse salt small crystal to repackage and sell. I am planning to colour and fragrance the product to be used in tea light oil burners. Can you send me a price and a recommendation of type. My first order would be approx. 500 lbs. I am close to Toronto. Oct 31, Contact 
e 15402: Earthmoving Machine: Please send me pics of Hitachi Ex-200-1 Excavator machines in good condition and the price. Oct 31, Contact 
e 15401 USA: Diamond Tools: I am looking for used granite tools for edging and polishing.  Oct 30, Contact 
e 15400 India: We would like to import Synthetic Diamond powder and diamond pastes used for Grinding Wheels and Diamond polishing purpose for our Diamond Industry. We are also interested in import of Diamond polishing wheels (Girdle Wheels) and other diamond tools. Kindly send us your catalogue and prices with samples at least 20 cts. My tel. no. is +91 98241.....Oct 30, Contact 
e 15399 Singapore: Earthmoving Machine: Please quote with photos for D60A-8, D60A-11, D5C and D41P-6. My phone no. is 0065-963.....Oct 30, Contact 
e 15398 South Africa: Our company is a leading distributors of flooring products. Kindly courier your full range of ceramic and porcelain tiles "A" grade only. Oct 30, Contact 
e 15397 USA: Inlay: We are interested in purchasing stone medallions for our properties. Please send us a catalog with the products that you manufacture. Oct 30, Contact 
e 15396 UAE: Diamond Tools: We need Diamond wire. We would like just for testing in the first:
- 50 meters Diamond Wire with spring
- 50 meters Diamond Wire without spring
We would appreciate very much if you can send us complete information like FOB price, delivery terms and payments terms. Also please inform 
us if you give guarantee for a useful life time (m²/ml). Oct 29, Contact 
e 15395: I am looking for some travertine. Oct 29, Contact 
e 15394 Ireland: We are architects. We are looking for suppliers of natural stone in Ireland. Oct 29, Contact 
e 15393 Israel: We are interested in 1994 INGERSOLL SD70, 69" Smooth Drum, Vibratory. Please send me pictures of the machine and net price. My tel. no. is +972224.....Oct 29, Contact 
e 15392 India: We have a immediate requirement of the Black, Tan Brown blocks. Can u please give me the available sizes of the blocks including the best prices. Our tel. no. is 040-551.....Oct 29, Contact 
e 15391 Italy: We need to import large quantities of COSTA ESMERALDA blocks from Iran. We want to start with 150/200 tons and then every month. We need all commercial sizes ( 240x130 cm) but we can accept 80 % big blocks 20 % small blocks. We want to make a order very soon. Our tel. no. is +39 030 2.....Oct 29, Contact 
e 15390 Turkey: Please provide us with technical specifications of AZUL VALVERDE , MASSANGIS JAUNE CALIR and BATEIG AZUL. We need these stones for a big project. Our tel. no. is +90-312-64.....Oct 29, Contact 
e 15389 USA: Retail: I am looking for quotes per meter on the following for Rustenberg granite / Green and white granite countertops in my kitchen and bathroom. Please note backing prices and if additional edging is required. Oct 29, Contact 
e 15388 USA: Retail: Looking for Ming Green Quartzite. Oct 29, Contact 
e 15387 Thailand: Urgently require a Used/Secondhand Tower Crane. Height 90 metres. Boom length 45 metres. Minimum carrying capacity 1.5 tons. Telephone: +66 2 68.....Oct 29, Contact 
e 15386 USA: Retail: I am searching for light - pale green marble slabs with white veining. I am building a large bathroom and need slabs for a very large shower, tub surround and vanities in the room. If located would you please quote the price. Oct 29, Contact 
e 15385 USA: Monuments: We do large amounts of custom grave markers and need a new distributor who can ship faster than our current one. We use mostly 12x24x3" granite makers in grey and morning rose colors, but also looking to open up on new choices and sizes as this part of our business is expanding greatly. I hope to get a complete price list and catalog A.S.A.P. As we are ready to order now. My tel. no. is 
1-866-50.....Oct 29, Contact 
e 15384 Singapore: I need 32000 m2 of granite flooring for an International Airport. Please quote with images. My phone no. is + 65 632..... Oct 29, Contact 
e 15383 USA: Retail: Looking for 90 square Vermont roof slate tiles random color and size. Oct 29, Contact 
e 15382 USA: Retail: I am a countertop customer looking for a rose quartz countertop supplier. Oct 29, Contact 
e 15381 USA: Our company is interesting about the price of bulgarian limestone. We intend to use it in our future project. Please send a price list for limestone polish and matte face tiles with size 12" x 12" for approximately 100 t, including shipment to USA, Virginia. Oct 29, Contact 
e 15380 UK: Would you please give me some information regarding import of Terrazzo tiles and granite tiles in UK. How much will cost Import Custom Duty for 1/one/container of each. Oct 28, Contact 
e 15379 USA: Planning to build custom 1,700 sq. ft. English tudor house. Plan to use beige, brown stone. Have 4 pugs. What type of stone do you think I should use? Looking for easy care and cleaning because of the pugs. I am in Ohio 43160. Oct 28, Contact 
e 15378 Georgia: I am going to build a marble factory! Please send price-list for second-hand factories for marble work, particularly: open frame saw 20-25 saws, polishing machine automatic or hand, block cutter disk diameter: mm 1000 mm, other necessary equipment for stone factory. Prices CIF Tbilisi and installation price. Tel: 995 32 777......Oct 28, Contact 
e 15377 Pakistan: Please quote for CAT Wheel Loader 950B. Kindly let me know its C&F Karachi price and also tell about the origin of this unit as this unit is in 64R series. Oct 28, Contact 
e 15376: I am interested in buying marble. Please email me your offers with minimum order quantity. Oct 28, Contact 
e 15375 China: I am interested in Australian Sandstones. Please quote. Oct 28, Contact 
e 15374 India: Please quote prices for granite tiles 10mm and per sqm.  Oct 28, Contact 
e 15373 France: We are a French company specialized in tombstones and kitchen work platforms made out of granite. We are looking for new suppliers who could be able to deliver us granite blocks. Oct 28, Contact 
e 15372 Argentina: We are a distribution company of granite & marble floor in Argentina. We are trying to import granites floors from your country. Please, can you send me by email a catalogue of your products, and then y select the items and make a quotation. My tel. no. is (54-11) 478.....Oct 28, Contact 
e 15371 Czech Republic: Please send offer for black granite as NERO ZIMBABWE AFRICA. We need it for tombstones. Dimension: 300 x 150 x 6 cm and 300 x 150 x 3 cm. CIF THESSALONIKI or KAVALA - Seaports in GREECE. Send me your quotation for one container (one truck, 21 MT) for the beginning. If you have this granite and good offer we can start business immediately. My tel / fax:+4205452.....Oct 28, Contact   
e 15370 USA: Retail: I am looking for a supplier of Angola Gold granite for my kitchen counter tops, is there a supplier in or near Charlotte, NC? Oct 28, Contact   
e 15369 USA: Retail: Is blue wave granite available and how would we ship to Alaska? Oct 28, Contact   
e 15368 USA: Retail: Looking for a slab of Thassos Snow White (Greece), as little veining as possible (high grade), at least 96" wide x 46" tall x ¾" thick. Needed ASAP. Tel. no. is 619-44.....Oct 28, Contact   
e 15366 USA: Retail: Can you send me a good picture of Labrador Ice (Australia) granite as I'm considering it for a countertop. Oct 28, Contact 
e 15365 Canada: Retail: I am doing a small backyard project and would like to know if it's possible to get a price sheet with pictures of different types of patio stones. I am not sure as to what type of stone I would like to use. I live in Toronto.  Oct 28, Contact 
e 15364 Netherlands: We are a company importing all kind off stones from different countries. Now we are looking for a stone called Mustang from Brazil. Our fax no. is 013-51....Oct 28, Contact 
e 15363 UAE: Earthmoving Machinery: I would be pleased to have your best workable price for Komatsu Buldozer and Komatsu Loaders. Oct 27, Contact
e 15362 Russia: We need for our construction 700 sq m. granite - New Imperial Red 300 х 600 х 15. Please e-mail us your price for it and for other productions. Our tel. no. is (3512) 7..... Oct 27, Contact
e 15361 Vietnam: Earthmoving Machinery: We want a PC450-6. Please send us the detail photos of this machine and your best price (CIF Haiphong port-Vietnam). Our tel. no. is (84-4)97.....Oct 27, Contact
e 15360 USA: We are looking for polished slabs of fossil-bearing sedimentary rock that can be used to tile a backsplash in a kitchen. This seems to be something that is fairly common in Europe but not at an affordable price in the states. The area we are looking at tiling is approximately 6 inches high X 28 feet long X 1/2 inch. Needed as soon as possible. My tel. no. is (208) 45.....Oct 27, Contact
e 15359 UK: Retail: I am trying to source some black pebbles/cobbles between 40mm to 90mm. These need to be black rather than grey.
I am in England. My tel. no. is +44 1923 2.....The qty. reqd. is 1 tonne minimum, 40mm - 90mm, decorative. Oct 27, Contact
e 15358 USA: Retail: I am in need of 50 - 75 replacement tiles for my hallway. Attached is a picture.I believe it's Rosa Aurora, although it's creamy and gold, rather than pink. Please let me know whether or not you can procure these for me. Oct 27, Contact
e 15357 USA: We are looking for torreon travertine 18" x 18" (filled). Could you let us know if you found it and if so where and how much you paid for it. We are in California and need approximately 1500 sq feet.  Call 925-32.....Oct 27, Contact
e 15356 India: I am interested in purchasing a CAT 330L excavator.  Oct 27, Contact
e 15355 USA: I am interested in a waterjet, I am wanting to cut grainte with one. My tel. no. is 916-62.....Oct 27, Contact
e 15354 USA: I am working on a project that requires between 100 and 150 3''x5''x1/4'' pieces of limestone. Could you send a quote for 100 pieces and another for 150 pieces. My tel. no. is 206.38..... Oct 26, Contact
e 15353 USA: Retail: I want dark brown marble, the gaudi marble. Oct 26, Contact
e 15352 India: Kindly quote the price of Diamond Powder from size 0 - 2 micron and onwards. We need price C&F Kolkata, India by air. We are likely to place order of 50 kgs., immediately.  Oct 26, Contact
e 15351 Italy: We need to import large quantities of SNOW WHITE ONYX blocks from Iran. We want to start with 150/200 tons and then every month. We need all commercial sizes ( 240x130 cm) but we can accept 80 % big blocks 20 % small blocks. We want to make a order very soon. My tel. no. is +39 030 2.....Oct 26, Contact
e 15350 Pakistan: We are looking for approximately 6000m of Granite tiles 12"x12" or 12"x24". I am looking for Indian or Chinese granite. Prices must be as competitive as possible. Prices to be quoted for C&F Karachi. Oct 26, Contact
e 15349 Canada: Monuments: I am in need of some 20"x12"x3" black granite marker. I need the black to be very dark and have a very solid grain. Wanting to first purchase a couple of 20"x12"x1" plates of the same colour to see what the granite looks like and how it will work best for me. I am in the Vancouver , BC, Canada, region and am looking for a supplier in the same area. Please email me with some quotes for both sizes and the availability of the products. My contact number is 604 21.....Oct 26, Contact
e 15348 USA: Retail: We are a retail customer in Northern California looking to buy 6000 lbs of pink & grey ledge stone. We think it is from Mexico and appears to be a sandstone. It is primarily pink, gray, purple with some tan. Rubble style. Ranging from 2" h x 6" l to 6" h x 18" l, all pieces approximately 6" wide. My tel. no. is (916) 79.....Oct 26, Contact
e 15347 USA: We need onyx slabs and tiles. Oct 26, Contact
e 15346 USA: Please quote for 200 tons of black river wash pebbles [1cm-3cm] ... packed in 30 kg woven bags .... packed on pallets. My tel. no. is 1.805-30.....Oct 26, Contact
e 15345: I am interior designer. I saw this kind of marble in attach in reception floor at CLEOPATRA SPA at AL-WAFI CENTER in Dubai. I want to use it in a villa. Oct 26, Contact
e 15344 USA: Retail: I would like to buy 2 boxes of cream jade. Is there a supplier near Watsonville, Ca.? Oct 26, Contact
e 15343 USA: Retail: I'm looking for 275 sq ft of Perlato Royal or a similar color, fossil marble. Tiles are 12"x12"x3/8"...I am in New Jersey & I can pick up within 75 miles. I would like to spend less than $4.50/sq ft.... current price quotes from tile retailers are too high & I know somebody must have some of this material laying around. I am ready to buy immediately, so if anybody is out there, please let me know...My tel. no. is 732 82.....Oct 25, Contact
e 15342 USA: Retail: I am doing remodeling of my kitchen and bathroom. I need to get three granite slates called Golden Persa. I live in Calabasas, California. I need to know whether any supplier has this particular type in his stock. Oct 25, Contact
e 15341 USA: I was wondering what your stock of the bianco sardo honed was and what the shipping time and cost would be to send to Vidor, TX USA. Please let me know as soon as possible so I can let my customer know lead time. Oct 25, Contact
e 15340 USA: Please quote for 3000 sq ft, 18" x 18", 24" x 24" or larger flagstones, for a outside deck by the pool - either in pavers or to be mortared into deck. Want to buy in Atlanta, GA or to have a landed price to be delivered in NW Atlanta. Want to purchase in the next 4 - 6 weeks. Need to see sample of material before purchase. Best retail price in Atlanta is $3.50/sqft for mixed bluestone. My phone no. is (404) 24.....Oct 25, Contact
e 15339 UK: Please quote for Ghibli light beige (Beige Fantasy) 330sq; 1st quality only, (18" x 18" - ½" thick). One face polished, small chamfer top edge. Oct 25, Contact
e 15338 Belgium: Looking to buy bluestone from Vietnam in different sizes and finishes- tumbled -bush hammered - sanded - honed in different sizes 15x15 - 20x20 - 30x30 - 40x40 - 50x50 - 60x60 thickness 2 cm - 2.5 cm - 5 cm. Want to buy 200 containers for the year 2005 at a good price. If the price is right we will buy now. My tel. no. is 00 32 016 2.....Oct 25, Contact 
e 15337 USA: Can I get a sample of the Granite from India called "Jet Black". I would be looking for 3,000 sq. ft. of 18 sq. in. x 18 sq. in. tiles to be delivered to Miami. Would you be able to sell this quantity, what would be the price and payment terms and by when could we expect delivery? Finally, what stone would you have in a glossy pure white? My tel. no. is 908-35.....Oct 25, Contact 
e 15336 Egypt: We are interested in diamond segment for gangsaw size 20x5.4/4.8x7.5 height, all diamond no base. Please send us your best offer C&F Alexandria Air port. My mobile no. is 0020 1224......Oct 25, Contact
e 15335 UK: Please can you provide us with details of 1.5 tonne vacu-lifts, prices, availability and delivery to our yard in United Kingdom. Oct 25, Contact
e 15334 China: Retail: I am looking for marbles to put on the floor, and walls. I am in Shanghai. Oct 25, Contact
e 15333 USA: Retail: I am planning to re-model my kitchen. I would like to use granite counter tops and tiles. Oct 25, Contact
e 15332 AUSTRALIA: Earthmoving Machine: We are very interested in your Cat D8L and Cat D6H. Could you please send photos and details of these machines? Oct 25, Contact
e 15331 UK: We are near Manchester UK. We want buy many containers on a regular basis of Stone Tiles in Travertine, Marble and  Limestone. Please advise prices and all details. My tel no. 0044 1606 3.....Oct 25, Contact
e 15330 Germany: We look for lava granulates and pumice granulates, as light-grey as possible in dry condition and for possibility in the size to 30mm. We want this granulates (alternative lava or pumice) as replacement for Rindenmulch on patches to yield. Oct 25, Contact
e 15329 Australia: I am interested in importing Travertine and Marble products from Turkey to Australia. Please contact me via email or on (612) 935..... to discuss further. Oct 25, Contact
e 15328 Malaysia: Please quote best price Ex- Kuala Lumpur for 01. 33.2 M3 - Pebbles , Mesh Size ; 2.4 MM - 4.8 MM. Fax no. 609-85.....
Oct 25, Contact 
e 15327 USA: Wanting to purchase slabs of Blue Renoir granite. Please advise of suppliers in my area of California, zip code 90802. Oct 25, Contact 
e 15326 Ukraine: I would like to order 28 polished columns of the next dimensions: height-1.5 metre, diametre-0,32 metre. Preferably of white marble. The other case: 42 polished columns, height-1 metre, diametre-0,32 metre. Please inform us with an estimate of a project. Oct 24, Contact 
e 15325 USA: Retail: We need approx 1-3 slabs of African Juparana. Please supply price, delivery cost to Long Island NY, and a photo if possible. Also if a sample of the granite is available. Requirement is IMMEDIATE. Oct 24, Contact 
e 15324 Germany: Earthmoving Machinery: i am interesting to buy wheel loader 950b and 950e,Please send me the fair price list and photos. 
Tel: 004930979.....Oct 24, Contact 
e 15323 USA: We are interested in honed orange, white onyx slabs, tiles, fireplace mantels. Oct 24, Contact 
e 15322 USA: Retail: I am in Broward county and also looking for Saturnia for a residential renovation, but in 24". Oct 24, Contact 
e 15321 USA: Retail: I am considering using Arizona Flagstone for my backyard patio & decking around the pool we are having put in. Is this type of Flagstone very slippery when wet and what type of maintenance is involved? The other choice we are considering is stamped concrete, however, I hear that you need to seal it and that makes it slippery. I need to make a choice very soon. Oct 23, Contact 
e 15320 Bangladesh: We would like to introduce ourselves as a leading indenting house deals in industrial raw materials, chemicals and machinery in our country since a long. One of our industrial buyers wants to book 100MT Pumice Stone (Indonesia) and 100MT Pumice Stone (White Turkey) of size 2-3 cm. for industrial washing. So please favor us by offering your best C&FC3% Chittagong price for the same by return email. Phone no.880-2-91.....Oct 23, Contact
e 15319 Malawi: Stone Processing machine: We are looking for machinery for cutting, profiling and polishing granite and marble. Capacity 100 square metres to 500 sq m per day. The types reqd. are: Worktop cutting machine, Worktop profiling machine, Worktop polishing machine and Worktop fluting machine (for cutting sink drainer grooves). We will be pleased to receive your prices for machinery and power tools for carrying such work. Our tel. no. is 265 1 6.....Oct 23, Contact
e 15318 USA: I am looking for Giallo Renoir 3cm stone...I currently have Giallo Matisse, but don't have a source for the Renoir. I am a granite sales rep for a fabricator in Wisconsin that operates 5 retail locations as well as service additional retail cabinet showrooms...our company is always looking for unique stones. Oct 23, Contact
e 15317 UK: I am interested in sourcing some Polished Porcelain floor tiles. My tel. no. is +44 7932 7..... Oct 23, Contact
e 15316 USA: Retail: We are deciding on granite for our kitchen countertops. For color and look, we have agreed on Baltic Brown or Tan Brown. Based on their technical qualities which would be better for our application? I am in Maryland. Oct 23, Contact
e 15315 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: I am interested in CAT 950B machine. Please send details. Oct 23, Contact
e 15314 Russia: We would like to buy three 2-4 years old (2000 - 2002) used CAT 330. Please inform if you have such excavators and advise us your Stock's price or CFR Vladivostok. We are planning to visit Japan in the begin of November. Tel/fax: 7 4236 6.....Oct 23, Contact
e 15313 USA: I am looking for travertine filler to fill the small space between the travertine tiles. Oct 23, Contact
e 15312 UAE: I expect to visit Agra, India shortly and would like to visit your showroom to view some objects of marble with inlay work (for personal use). Oct 23, Contact
e 15311: Earthmoving Machine: We want to buy a 2nd hand 950 loader caterpaillar in good working condition, please quote. Oct 23, Contact
e 15310 USA: Would like to purchase unfilled, honed 24x24 Navanno Travertine...need about 3000 sq. ft. for project to be completed spring 2005....am willing to purchase and store now. I am in NC. My tel. no. is 828-44..... Oct 23, Contact
e 15309 USA: Retail: I am interested in a kitchen countertop and was looking for absolute black. , however, the dealer I spoke to had asian granite. I haven't seen it yet but was told it is black with gold speckles. Oct 23, Contact
e 15308: I am looking for a Korean quartz marble manufacture. The name sounds like "Miraton". Oct 23, Contact
e 15307 USA: Retail: I am just starting a remodel on my kitchen and am hoping to connect with someone who can put together a price quote for granite countertops. Need a price quote for in material and installation. My tel. no. is (206) 60......Oct 22, Contact
e 15306 USA: Retail: I am trying to locate MSur, I am unsure of the spelling? I understand they are distributors of stone in the Midwest and have a presence in Oklahoma. I also understand they are considering a location in Kansas City. Oct 22, Contact
e 15305 Algiers: Earthmoving Machinery: We are interested in the bulldozer D155A-1. We would like to know about general condition, year of the machine. Please let me know the price CIF Algiers port. We need also your bulldozer komatsu d155a-2, 1992, please inform me about it. My tel. no. is +213 61 3.....Oct 22, Contact
e 15304 USA: Retail: I am renovating my kitchen and it is time to choose the granite for the countertops and a kitchen table. I am considering Santa Cecelia, Imperial Coffe or Shivakashi for the counters and the tabletop. I am concerned about the Shivakasi the most, although I think it is a beautiful stone. The stone dealer told he he gets his Shivakashi from Italy but from what I have read it comes from India. Oct 22, Contact
e 15303 Australia: We have a project which requires 15000sqm of flamed finish Indian granite of the type shown in the photo attached herewith. I have been given to understand that it is Indian Stone. My tel. no. is +61-2-974.....Oct 22, Contact
e 15302: Earthmoving Machine: We need Caterpillar 320C year 2000. We will buy at USD 75000 each. We need 2 units. Oct 22, Contact
e 15301 USA: Retail: I have sandstone carvings. In the process of a move, the corner of one of these carvings was broken along with several scratches on the face of the carving. Looking for someone in the state of Oklahoma who could make the necessary restorations to return it to it's pre-move condition. Oct 22, Contact
e 15300: Email me relevant information for marble, travertine, granite, limestone and slate tiles. Oct 21, Contact
e 15299 UK: We are importers of marble and granite in London, United Kingdom. I am interested in all black indian granites. Could you please e-mail me your quotation for the above granites for 20mm, 30mm, 40mm thickness per Sq m. My requirements are at least 2 to 3 containers per month of 30mm Absolute black granites. My tel. no. is +44 207 48.....Oct 21, Contact
e 15298 UK: Looking for an Indian granite named Beige Fantasy. Oct 21, Contact
e 15297 Turkey: We would like to know about the prices of the granite slabs which their codes written below: 
G603, G614, G623, G633, G640, G655, G365, G383, G439, G568, G223, G803, G617, G635, G646, G648, G658, G663, G681, G683-2, G687, G689, 
G696, G3001, G352, G354, G364, G368, G386-8, G436, G452, G453, G562, G504,G990, G823, G300, G203, G511, G684, G654-2, G654-3, G991, G657, G502A, G502B, G503, G682, G612, G628, G412, G305, G307, G308, G3176, G3186, G3166, G371, G435, G201, G606, G611, G634, G664, G333, G302, G303, G304, G309, G361, G037, G518B. Our tel. no. is +90 32445.....Oct 21, Contact
e 15296: I would like to know price in Euro of granite with thickness 2, 3, 6, 8 cm in m3. Quality Impala super dark, Africa red, etc. I need the for monuments. Oct 21, Contact
e 15295 Australia: We are a reputable auctioneering network of company. We are seeking Asian manufactures willing to market their goods on consignment through our faculties. Our mobile no. is 041 99.....Oct 21, Contact
e 15294 Pakistan: Stone Processing Machine: I'm the owner of this company. I want the information about the marbles polish machines.
Ph.#. 0092+923+6......Oct 21, Contact
e 15293 Australia: We are based in Sydney. We will be opening in office space in Asia and Europe within the next 6 months. We are looking for stone suppliers in Malaysia, Thailand and China at the moment. Any contacts you can supply would be of great assistance. Oct 21, Contact
e 15292 USA: I am looking for approx. 12 ton of variegated Pa. blue stone, irregular pattern, approx. thickness one & one half inch. Louisville, Ky. Oct 21, Contact
e 15291 Thailand: We are one of the largest manufacturer of Granites and Marbles in Thailand. We would like to import white marbles blocks from Vietnam. Tel : (662) 501 .....Oct 21, Contact
e 15290 USA: I am looking for 1500, possibly 2500 square feet of 24"x24" polished "Calacatta Gold", or "Calacatta Oro" marble tiles. They are going in a high end residence in Palm Beach, Florida, USA. I will need them as soon as possible. The project is under way and I will install as soon as i can get the material. My tel. no. is (413)57.....Oct 21, Contact
e 15289: We are interested purchasing fireplaces. Please send me more details. Our tel. no. is 01452 5.....Oct 20, Contact
e 15288 USA: Retail: I am doing my own bathroom, and want to know it marble is a good product to use in the shower? Or should I use something else. Tan or white are the colors I am looking at 12x12. Oct 20, Contact
e 15287 UK: We are a Stone and Slate Company near Manchester UK. We are Stone Tile Importers and buy from many countries around the world. Iranian Travertine producers please offer us 6- 8 Containers each month of Beige and White/Cream Honed and Filled Travertine. 
Sizes are 30.5 x 30.5 x 1 cm Bevelled Edge , 40.6 x 40.6 x 1 cm and 40.6 x 61 x 1.2cm. In the first instance would suppliers please offer prices FOB Bandar Abbass. We wish to finalise our first order in the next 2 - 3 weeks. Our tel. no. is +44 (0)1606 3......Oct 20, Contact
e 15286 USA: Retail: I am remodeling my kitchen, which has lots of counter space plus a breakfast bar. I am thinking about installing Luna Pearl granite tiles. I am not sure that I can afford slab. Advice? What is the maintenance level on Luna Pearl?  Oct 20, Contact
e 15285 Italy: I would like to contact a number of suppliers of Italian marble tiles (30x60x2 or 30x90x2) and slabs. Oct 20, Contact
e 15284: Please let me know if KATO ROUGH TERRAIN CRANE is available. If so, what is term of payment? Oct 20, Contact
e 15283 Germany: Stone Processing machinery: Please send me more information about BLOCK CUTTER and BRIDGE CUTTING MACHINE FOR MARBLE & GRANITE. Our tel. no. is 00-49/(0)17365.....Oct 20, Contact
e 15282 India: We are a Jaipur based concern & we require up to 500tons of glassy & half-glassy quartz lumps in size 100mm to 250mm.
Respond immediately. Our tel. no. is +91-98290-.....Oct 20, Contact
e 15281 UK: We are builders merchants who stock & sell what we call Indian stone, we have not bought direct from India but now we are looking into the possibilities. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.  Oct 20, Contact
e 15280 USA: We are looking for a source and quote on Thailand marble in Peacock Green. Please let me know if you have such a product. Oct 20, Contact
e 15279 USA: Landscape: I am in the landscaping business. I am looking for cut Thermal Blue Stone, 3/4-1 inch thick. I want to purchase 5000 square feet. I can pay cash. What are your prices? Our tel. no. is 631-65.....Oct 20, Contact
e 15278 Switzerland: I am building a house with two of my friends. We do need around 1000 m2 of Granite. We are interested in light shaded Granites with good price for flooring. Would you please give necessary details? Oct 20, Contact
e 15277 Canada: I am looking for bianco carrera C tiles 12 x 12 x 3/8. Can I have a quotation for this please? I will order 1 container. Oct 20, Contact
e 15276 USA: Retail: We are getting ready to pick out our granite countertops for our kitchen and master bath. We like Verde Butterfly but prefer Verde Peacock (more golden tones). One designer says it's the same stone one says no. How does Ubatuba differ from Verde Peacock? Are they all granites and are they equally a good choice for a kitchen countertop? Also, we're considering mixing things up and installing Giallo Veneziano (slab) on kitchen island (w/sink) and doing the countertops with 12" square V. Butterfly or Peacock. We would like to put Giallo Veneziano 12" squares in our master bath (countertop and small insets in floor). We got a quote of $43 per sq. ft. (big sale) at big box store and they will let us go down to pick out our slab. Other store (small tile business) is quoting $65 for same granite (Verde Butterfly). One store says we have to buy "whole" slab, other says we pay per sq. ft, that's it.  Oct 20, Contact
e 15274 USA: Retail: Want Canadian Polan Jade. Do you ship small quantities of this? Can you tell me the shipping to Salt Lake City, UT? Oct 19, Contact
e 15273 : Email me relevant information stone for stair treads. Oct 19, Contact
e 15272 India: Landscape: Requirement of 18mm thick cobble stone for laying in pavement of 2000mm width. Length is 75000 meters. Phone +91 484 23...... Oct 19, Contact
e 15271 UK: We are a trading firm established in London, United Kingdom with a strong export oriented base. We specialize in sourcing a wide range of products from around the world at very competitive prices and have been in this sphere for over ten years now. We have associates office in Taiwan, China, Australia and Malaysia and also have agents all over the world conducting marketing and outsourcing work for our company. We have two urgent requests in connection with sanitary products and tiling: 
1st Enquiry
Fiber cement roofing tiles (with or without asbestos)
0.92 x 1.53 m, Thickness: 6 mm, Quantity: 5 x 20 ft FCL, 
Roofing Tiles (with or without asbestos) Standard dimensions, Quantity: 5 x 20 ft FCL

2nd Enquiry
Quantity: 1 X 20 ft FCL: Complete WC mechanism (sluicing stick with the WC) with push rod (11% of 1x20 ft FCL)
Complete WC mechanism (sluicing stick with the WC) to pull (6% of 1x20 ft FCL) 
Bath-tub steel + emptying 6%
Sink porce 2 water trough 8%
Sink porce 1 water trough 6%
Sink stainless 2 water trough 9%
Sink stainless 1 water trough 6%

Squares Earthenware: 
A/ Decoration (wall) 
20 X 25 7%
30 X 30 6% 
B/ Ground 
B1 sandstone ary
30 X 30 8%
25 X 25 4%
B2 sandstone mat
25 X 25 7%
25 X 30 7%
30 X 30 9%
If you are in a position so supply the above, we would like you to contact us as soon as possible. We have an urgent requirement for the above for our own distribution in West Africa. Since ultimately the product is intended for an African market, we request you to provide us with a competitive price quote for these products based on the following:
1. Price in USD
2. Please quote FOB / CIF Tema Ghana 
3. Delivery lead-time after confirmation of order
4. Port of loading and Origin of product
5. Transit time and shipping liner
6. Acceptable forms of payment
We would also appreciate photographs or a product catalogue, if any. If any clarification is required with regard to the above, please do not hesitate to contact me. Tel: 00 44 20 890.....Oct 19, Contact
e 15270 Vietnam: Earthmoving machinery: We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters in Vietnam. We are interested too much in your product, particularly in the excavator CAT 950B model 1997. Please quote with more details. Our tel. no. is (84-4) 64..... Oct 19, Contact
e 15269 Switzerland: We are looking for marble and travertine tiles for two houses being built. We need marble, creme or beige color, 30 x 30cm x 1 or 40 x 40 x 1 polished for 350 square meters. We need travertine for bathrooms, creme or light brown color, 30 x 30cm x 1 or
40 x 40 x 1 cross-cut, filled, honed for 100 square meters. We are in France and Switzerland. Price range should be under USD18-20 per square meter. Needed by December. Good price and sample (will pay) will get immediate order. We are builders of homes in local area. Oct 19, Contact 
e 15268 USA: Retail: I want to by a grave stone for my father grave in Sweden. If possible could you please give me price on the shipment and the different price of stone. Oct 19, Contact 
e 15267 Russia: We are a building/trading company from Russia. We want to buy granite tiles. The size should be 170*50*2 cm. We need about 1000 pieces. It should be step tiles, if possible (like on picture 6041_054ct.jpg) but it is not necesary. The supplier should be from South East China. My tel. no. is (+7 3832) 3......Oct 19, Contact 
e 15266 Australia: Landscape: Email me relevant information on loose decorative pebbles. I am looking to import into Australia a range of bagged pebble products. Please send me with prices and availability. Oct 19, Contact 
e 15265 USA: I am looking for 120 square feet of Blue Diamond granite tiles. 12"x12"x? I have been unable to find these in Spokane, WA. Oct 19, Contact 
e 15264 South Africa: I need a supplier for light beige travertine and noce travertine, honed and filled in all first grade and commercial 18" x 18" x 1/2" , 24" x 24" x 1/2" ' 100cm x 24" x 1/2" or 5/8". We buy approx. 5 containers a month of these materials, mixed! not each and small
project quantities of the following products in the same stone. Manufactured steps in 3cm x 33 cm x 100cm or 120cm with matching risers in
1/2", manufactured kitchen tops in 3cm x 60cm x ( price per running meter please). Would prefer from Turkey and Iran. We can buy now. My tel. no. is +27 83 33.....Oct 19, Contact 
e 15263 USA: Monuments: We are a new engraving company in search of granite grave markers of 24"x12" and 28"x16" in 3" and 4" thicknesses. We desire a variety of colors but will deal mostly in black. Please supply us with pricing to the Southern California area. We may deal with other sizes in the near future including 12"x8" x1" pieces that we can engrave for house numbers in an exclusive development. Please submit your pricing also for the above in black. Our tel. no. is 760-67..... Oct 19, Contact 
e 15262 USA: Need 10 slabs 9' X 5' X ¾" light green / bright green marble, veining and pattern preferred. I am in NYC. My tel. no. is  212 8.....Oct 19, Contact 
e 15261: Please send me prices and sizes of adorni chocholate granite and minimum quantity orders and payment method. Oct 19, Contact 
e 15260 USA: I am looking for 18x18 filled and honed traverine called stormy. I saw it in Phoenix. I need 4800 sf in 30 days. Oct 19, Contact 
e 15259 USA: Landscape: I'm trying to find a flagstone dealer in the San Francisco area. My tel. no. is (650) 21..... Oct 19, Contact 
e 15258 USA: I have an opportunity to sell kitchen and bath granite surfaces to large housing projects. I am looking for suppliers on cut to template size countertops of granite. My customers have directed me to check on both China and Brazil as sources for this. Recommendations for suppliers that can handle orders for 200 to 500 kitchen counter surfaces and 300 to 800 bathroom counter surfaces would be helpful. M tel. no. is (323) 58.....Oct 19, Contact 
e 15257 Netherlands: I am searching for used Kato or Tadano Truck cranes 25-120 Tons. Oct 19, Contact 
e 15256 Portugal: I need to buy some slabs or blocks of Blue crystal, Opal pearl and Carribean blue quarried in Australia. Oct 19, Contact 
e 15255 Portugal: How much for the blocks of Rosso Carpazi from Albania.  Oct 19, Contact
e 15254 USA: Landscape: I am looking for approximately 1900 square feet of Crab orchard stone for a Patio in Washington DC. Please quote me what the cost would be per square foot plus the delivery charge. Oct 19, Contact
e 15253 USA: Stone Processing machine: We are looking for a Galeski 3000 sink cutting machine. Please call us at 407-28..... Oct 19, Contact
e 15251 USA: Please quote for granite slabs. Oct 18, Contact
e 15250: I would like to contact the supplier of Brazilian granite slabs. Oct 18, Contact
e 15249 USA: I am looking for Rosso Laguna 12x12 tiles and 2cm slabs. I am in NH. My contact no. is 603 92......Suppliers should be from New England, New York, New Jersey areas. Oct 18, Contact
e 15248 USA: Retail: Can you tell me the quality of New Caledonia granite from Brazil for kitchen counter tops? Oct 18, Contact
e 15247 India: I represent a company from America interested in buying slabs forms of semi precious material. (My knowledge in this field is very weak.) I would like to meet with some one responsible here in Mumbai. My tel. no 022 567......  Oct 18, Contact
e 15246 USA: Retail: I have a rosa aurora marble floor in my kitchen. It is a really pale rosa aurora with some rose veining in a few places. I saw some rosa aurora slabs but they were really pink. Since I think granite will be a better surface, I am looking for a light, cream-colored granite to match for the countertop. The closest I've seen is Ivory Chiffon. Do you know of any other possible matches? I am in Washington, DC. My tel. no. is (202) 70.....Oct 18, Contact
e 15245 Saudi Arabia: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for a used Komatsu D155A-1. Also send details. Oct 18, Contact
e 15244 India: We have customer interested in Zeolite as per below specification. Please advise if you can offer to our customer and quote your best price on FOB port basis in FCL Lots along with your specification. Oct 18, Contact
e 15243: Looking for a supplier of marble,  granite and slate. Please send prices quote. Oct 18, Contact
e 15242 Bangladesh: Earthmoving Machinery: We want to import your export product of HYDRAULIC EXCABATOR (Chain drive). Hydralic excavator model no. CAT- 345BL. Oct 18, Contact
e 15241 Malaysia: Currently we looking for Saigon Yellow Granite. If you have stock for 454m2 granites please quote us your best price as per CNF Port Klang. URGENT. Oct 18, Contact
e 15240 USA: Urgently need 61 sqm of white marble of 2 cm thickness. Oct 18, Contact
e 15239 USA: Getting ready to purchase granite tile for kitchen countertops. I'm concerned that with all the edges on the 12 inch tiles. I'm asking for issues with moisture penetrating the stone. Although granite is in my financial budget, I'm not at all sure the house is worthy of the special treatment. I thought that granite tile would give me a similar look at a fraction of the price....just don't want sleepless nights worrying about someone leaving a glass on the counter. Oct 18, Contact
e 15238 Iran: We are a trading company interested in importing stone from China. We are looking for "shanxi_black" and "blue_diamond". 
Please send us prices, sizes, etc. Oct 18, Contact 
e 15237 USA: Retail: I am trying to find out if there are outlet stores that just carry quartz or granite made for counter tops in the New England area? Oct 18, Contact 
e 15236 USA: Retail: Need price and availability for black galaxy and uba tuba. My tel. no. is 949-67..... Oct 18, Contact 
e 15235 India: We are a construction co. requiring best quality Beige marble blocks or slabs. We require about 50,000 sqmts of marble in 9 months. We prefer Beige, Cream marfil, Damscata or any other marble closer to Perlato Sicilia. Oct 18, Contact 
e 15234 Bahrain: Required 2500M2 CTS (cut to size) 3cm thick panels of Turkish Travertine, filled and polished, light beige color. Same 500M2 CTS but 2cm. Slabs: 250M2 in 3cm filled and polished. 50M2 in 2cm filled and polished. CF Dubai/UAE. Provide immediately your best prices and best delivery. If your offer is accepted, then we can bring the approved samples for you to match them, and meet you in Turkey to finalize the above order. Our tel. no. is + (973) 39 4.....Oct 18, Contact 
e 15233: Please send me the latest pricelists of marble and granites for various thickness of all countries. Oct 17, Contact 
e 15232 UK: I am looking for supplier of agate burnishing stones...these stones are used for the polishing of gold leaf and usually come in several shapes. Oct 17, Contact 
e 15231 USA: I am currently a high importer of various products into the USA. I am currently establishing business partners to import Granite/Marble. Please let me know who I can contact to receive pricing and availability of your products. Oct 17, Contact 
e 15230 UAE: Earthmoving Machinery: WE ARE LOOKING FOR CAT GRADER 14G 1980 TO 1986. PLEASE SEND US ALL THE DETAILS AND PHOTO, PRICE IN C/F DUBAI PORT. TEL : +971-4-29.....Oct 17, Contact 
e 15229: Need to know the prices for the bridge saws ZDCQ 400, 800 and any others you have. Oct 17, Contact 
e 15228: Stone Processing Machine: I am interested in the polishing machine for sale. Oct 17, Contact 
e 15227: Looking for some info price as well as availability for a Breton cnc 160. Oct 16, Contact 
e 15226 USA: Retail: Please quote for countertops and marble tops. I need to know sizes, pricing and shipping. I live in the PA area zip #19147. Oct 16, Contact 
e 15225 USA: I want granite cobblestones of size 8x4 - 4x4 otherwise open to other available. Surface should be chiseled - want a medium rough look perhaps cobblestone. Shade variation not important. Budgeted price is USD 2-3 / sf max. I would like to order immediately. Quantity is 3000sf +/-. I need it for a driveway. I am a custom home builder and developer in Florida and Maine. My tel. no. is 561 57.....Oct 16, Contact 
e 15224 Finland: Please send more information on the Waterjet machine. My tel. no. is +358 6 76.....Oct 16, Contact 
e 15223 USA: Retail: I am a Design Consultant. I need Travertine Silver - Classic cut 12 x 12 polished tiles - 150 sq. ft. Similar to below, but lighter beige tones. I am in CA. My cell phone no. is 970-94.....Oct 16, Contact 
e 15222 USA: Retail: I am interested in buying some black pebbles to put on tile mesh to use in my master bathroom and kitchen backsplash. If I give you the square footage, can you help me figure out quantities? I am in Virginia. Oct 16, Contact 
e 15221 USA: Atlanta, GA fabricator looking for 3~4 slabs of 3cm Giallo Vicenza. Please contact me with pricing and availability. My tel. no. is (404)79.....Oct 16, Contact 
e 15220 Netherlands: We are a company in importing all kind off stones from different countries. We want CHINESE TUMBLED BLUESTONE. Oct 16, Contact 
e 15219 USA: Retail: I am considering installing 18 x 18 honed crema marfil marble tiles in my kitchen and adjoining rooms (foyer, powder room, breakfast nook, and enclosed sunroom). I am concerned about the suitability of this floor in these areas esp. the kitchen. Will the marble be durable, show a lot of scratches, etch or watermark easily? We also have a small dog, a West Highland terrier. Should I be concerned about the dogs nails scratching the marble. She sometimes runs around the house when she plays or gets excited. Also, would you advise a color enhancer sealer to bring out the color a little more? Finally, would a light, filled, honed limestone be a better choice given my concerns? Oct 16, Contact 
e 15218 India: We import marble AND onyx from all over the world namely, Italy, Spain, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, etc. We saw mexican white onyx blocks in Italy during a fair. We are interested in buying the same in big quantities. I plan to visit Mexico in the 1st week of November for purchases. My tel. no. is 91-11-266.....Oct 16, Contact 
e 15217 USA: I'm searching for texas millsap 6" cut stone. Oct 16, Contact 
e 15215 USA: Quarrying: I have several thousand acres that was let to me in a settlement. I own about 169,000 acres in Texas. I am thinking about rock mining, but don't know anything about it! Equipment needed, where to sale, etc? I do know the different types of rock, but should I surface mine? Excavate? actually dig? What equipment is needed? I know on most of the different leases I have more moss rock than I could every get out, sandstone, flagstone, etc. My tel. no. is 214-22.....Oct 16, Contact 
e 15214 USA: Landscape: Please advise price for delivered barn stones for building a wall two stones high by 200 feet long. I assume the stones would roughly average 12"x12"x24" and weigh about 300 lbs each. Please confirm. My tel. no. is 724-36.....Oct 16, Contact 
e 15213 USA: We are looking for 150 m2 of botticino classico or semi-classico for delivery to Norfolk, Virginia. Require in 4-5 months time. Oct 16, Contact 
e 15212 USA: I am interested in purchasing Code 021 - 0001 MARBLE ONYX-IMPERIAL-ROUGE DE ROI inlay. I have some questions. Is this cut stone or a mosaic? Can this inlay be used as a floor medallion inlay? If so, I would like this quoted as a 1.22 Meters diameter. Please quote me price and shipping to Arlington Heights, Illinois. Oct 15, Contact 
e 15211 USA: Retail: I am planning to install a 2 cm granite or marble slab -- 55 in. by 72 in. -- in existing kitchen floor. This involves renovation, as there is already porcelain tile, which I will remove. I will also have to cut out a portion of the plywood floor. The under-structure is joists 16 in. OC, spruce/pine/fir. In order to flush-mount the slab with the walking surface of the floor, I will have to cut and lower the top surfaces of the joists, then install the proper under layment, then the slab. If my under layment/slab combination ends up being approximately 2 in. thick, this will reduce my floor joists in the slab area from 2 by 10, to 2 by 8. 
Question 1: What is an acceptable amount of deflection for the joist structure? 
Question 2: Am I correct in assuming I will need an architect to calculate the deflection? 
Question 3: What is the proper method and materials to form a proper underlayment/foundation for the slab? 
Question 4: Should the slab be laid directly on top of the underlayment/backer, or is there some sort of a filler or adhesive needed? I am in PA 16335. My tel. no. is (814) 33.....Oct 15, Contact 
e 15210 UK: I am trying to locate FLAMED ABSOLUTE BLACK GRANITE. The initial specification is required for sampling use for a show home that is being developed for a construction / development company. If approved there will be a minimum and immediate purchase of 550 square metres. The initial enquiry is for a piece measuring 5 square metres. Please provide me with stock availability, price to London via sea and delivery date. My phone no. is +44 7932 7......Oct 15, Contact 
e 15209: Interested in waterjet machine. Please quote with details. Oct 15, Contact 
e 15208 Netherlands: Earthmoving Machinery: I am interested in three caterpillar 950B wheel Loaders. Please quote with details. Oct 15, Contact 
e 15207 China: We are interested in Tea Rose blocks. Please tell us how to contact the supplier and how we can do the inspection in the  quarry. Our tel/fax no. is 0086-766-82.....Oct 15, Contact 
e 15206 Hungary: Would you kind to send us your best quotation about the following: Kanfanar limestone - honed, Slabs - thickness: 3cm, quantity: 90 sqm, Slabs - thickness: 2 cm, quantity: 50 sqm. We are interested in also "Prodol" -please inform us about the prices, slabs in thickness 2 and 3 cm - honed and polished. Our tel. no. is 00 36 - 24 5.....Oct 15, Contact 
e 15205: Could you send me price list of mosaic marbles? Oct 15, Contact 
e 15204: I am looking for second hand stone cutting machine (diesel driven) with both horizontal and vertical blade 200mm x 400 mm.
Machine must be in working condition. Kindly send me an offer and photos of the machine. Oct 15, Contact 
e 15203 Vietnam: We are interested in importing pumice stone from Turkey. Please quote with samples for Pumice Stone, Turkish Origin. 
- Size : 1-2cm ; 2-3cm ; 3-5cm. Quantity : 1x40ft per month. Packing : 25kgs/bag. Oct 15, Contact 
e 15202 Pakistan: We traders based in Pakistan. We are into the business of Marbles items like Tiles, Kitchen Counter, Fireplace and Office Counter. We wanted to expend our business and we need latest machines. We are interested to buying Polishing Machine, Cutting Machine. Please send us comprehensive details of machines. Our phone no. is ++92. 4651. 5......Oct 15, Contact 
e 15201 China: Looking for some granite blocks producers in Norway, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Turkey, India, etc. Oct 15, Contact 
e 15200: I need some more information regarding this MB MAX machine. I want to know how good is this machine for Granite cutting & engraving. Do you provide any cutting tools along with the machine or do you supply the cutting tools required for granite cutting separately. 
And also want to know what are the different types of cutting tools you provide with this machine & how many installations have you till now completed around the world?  Oct 15, Contact 
e 15199 India: I am interested in contacting marble suppliers from Pakistan. My tel. no. is 0091-22-284.....Oct 15, Contact 
e 15198: Please send to me price of the white marble. I am interested in 5000 m2 for one building, 550m2 for other and more 550m2 for 3th. All 60x30x1.5cm and 2cm. So at the moment only about 6000m2 in total. Oct 15, Contact 
e 15197: Please send me the details CNC roller engraving machine which should be workable in 4 axes for roller engraving job sizes will be Length 1100 mm. x Diameter 260 mm. It must be having 3-6 spindle attachments with CNC facility. Oct 15, Contact 
e 15196 USA: Retail: I want to cover the wall in front of my fireplace with a decorative stone, I want to keep it as simple and inexpensive as possible, I was told about a company called Z-Brick that has a wide assortment of decorative stones, I would like to know what would you suggest and a ballpark figure of the cost the wall is 11L' x 61"W.  Oct 15, Contact 
e 15195 India: Retail: I am from Udupi, South India, shortly intends to lay 2500 sq. feet marble. Where can I get qualitative, but cheaper marble? My phone number is 94481.....Oct 15, Contact 
e 15194 China: Stone Processing Machine: On behalf of one of largest stone factory in Northern China, we are interesting for granite slab polishing machine with brand name of Breton, model KG200/17. Oct 14, Contact 
e 15193 USA: Retail: I am in a high rise condominium and want to put a 3mm granite top adjacent to an 8 ft long kitchen counter to create a breakfast bar. I must use 3 5/8" metal studs and need advice about building the wall that will support this top. Oct 14, Contact 
e 15192 Brazil: Preciso de 230 metros de granito, peças de 40X40 em cor clara. Preferencialmente em tom de beje. Oct 14, Contact 
e 15191: I am looking for approximately 3 inch egg rock to use in landscaping. Do you have this available? What are your prices? Oct 14, Contact 
e 15190 USA: Earthmoving Machinery: I am interested in a CAT 980C. Please email quotes with details. My tel. no. is 876-87.....Oct 14, Contact 
e 15189: We want to learn about 4000 m² Azul Platino stones price. Oct 14, Contact 
e 15188 Russia: Looking for supplier of ceramic granite panels 600x600x10mm. Oct 14, Contact
e 15187 USA: I am assisting a business colleague to locate step treads (granite and limestone) and smaller cuts of flagstone for his landscape business. He wants truckload quantities of each, but needs to get them at a very inexpensive price. He will consider closeouts if available, but he needs a regular supply. The specifications for the items are:
1. Step treads - in granite and limestone. Sizes are 3' x 16" x 7", 4' x 16" x 7", and 5' x 16" x 7". They should be guillotine cut or sawed or cut with hammer, and natural face. 
2. Flagstone - 1", 1.5", 2" thickness in irregular shapes and also pieces cut into rectangles and squares (i.e. 18" x 12", 1' x 1', 2' x 2', etc.) 
Where can I find them in large volume at low prices? I am in MI. My tel. no. is 248-25.....Oct 14, Contact
e 15186 Turkey: We are a foreign trade company based in Istanbul. We are urgently looking for used tower cranes. 50 m height 50 m radius .
Can you please give us a price if you have? Oct 14, Contact
e 15185 Turkey: Stone Processing Machinery: We are interested in Cahin sawing machines like model Korfmann ST 450 VH. Can you give us full details about this machine and your sales conditions. Oct 14, Contact
e 15184 UK: I am enquiring after a particular sample of limestone, which is kirkstone green. Please quote with images and samples. I am in 
Glasgow. Oct 14, Contact
e 15183 USA: Email me relevant information regarding Basalt for use in countertops. I am in San Juan. My tel. no. is 787.72......Oct 14, Contact
e 15182 Canada: Landscape: I want a variety of stones for a large back yard landscape project. I am not too sure the names of the stones, but they would typically be a variety of different stones of different sizes both large and small, flagstones for patio and paths, waterfall stones and rocks for the large water feature as well as large gravel to cover the pond lining. As I am working to a budget, I thought buying direct would be more cost effective. I can come and pick them or have them delivered. I am in Mississauga, Ontario. Oct 14, Contact
e 15181 UAE: Earthmoving Machinery: We specialize in the bulk purchase of used D155A and spare parts any year any condition. Oct 14, Contact
e 15180 USA: I am looking for a supplier of Italian travertine similar to Country Rustic, Country Tuscan. We import containers from Italy, Turkey, Mexico, India, Spain & Brazil. We need a rustic, heavily veined Travertine tile to fit into our present line. Oct 14, Contact
e 15179 USA: I am looking of granite columns (ubatuba) 8" round by 58" high. Can you please let me know the approximate cost and how long it takes to get? Oct 14, Contact
e 15178 USA: I am trying to find where the stone quarry is that extracts the type of landscaping stone called "western sunrise". I live in Michigan and I would like to find out the name and location of the quarry itself. If the quarry is too far away, from Michigan, does the stone come in by train. If it does come in by train, where in Michigan does it come in? Oct 14, Contact
e 15177 USA: I need 1600 sq ft California Autumn Slate in 18X18, we need them urgently. I'm based in Atlanta, GA. Looking to buy in the area. I need samples. My tel. no. is 770-45.....Oct 14, Contact
e 15176 USA: Retail: Where I would find Sabbioso Granite?  Oct 14, Contact
e 15175 UK: Earthmoving Machinery: We are looking for Cat 315B L - hammer lines and quick coupler. Kindly send us the price and availability.  Oct 13, Contact
e 15174 USA: Retail: Please email me relevant information about travertine and proper thickness of larger tile to use in residential applications. Oct 13, Contact
e 15173 UK: I am looking for Star Galaxy for kitchen counters with various holes cut. We are based in Edinburgh. Oct 13, Contact
e 15172 USA: I want BRECCIA ONICIATA TILES. Please, let me know the total amount in Dollars. Oct 13, Contact
e 15171 Uganda: Please quote for high quality tiles preferably Grade 1. Preferably Polished Porcelain or Ceramic tiles. All dimensions are in meters. To be imported to Uganda Kampala via Entebbe Airport, include freight charges. 
SITTING ROOM FLOOR: 4.9 x 7.8 = 39
MASTER BED ROOM FLOOR: 5.8 x 6.3 = 37, 1.4 x 9.2 = 13: TOTAL is 50
BATHROOM WALLS: 3.7 X 1.8 = 6.66, 1.9 X 1.8 = 3.42, 2.4 X 1.8 = 4.32, 1.3 X 1.8 = 2.34, 1.3 X 1.8 = 2.34, 1.9 X 1.8 = 3.42, 1.6 X 1.8 = 2.88, 2.4 X 1.8 = 4.32, 2.4 X 1.8 = 4.32, 6.0 X 1.8 = 10.8: TOTAL for bathroom is 56
KITCHEN: TOTAL is 25. Send Bank details also or your address in case of check deposit. Oct 13, Contact
e 15170 UAE: Earthmoving Machinery: We are a heavy equipment company based in the Middle East. We are looking for Excavator PW 210, PW170, year above 1999. OUR PHONE NO. IS 00971-4-88.....Oct 13, Contact
e 15169: Earthmoving Machinery: I am inquiring about 980 C excavator. Please send more information. Oct 13, Contact
e 15168 USA: How would a builder get in touch with you for prices/colors of granite for countertops? Oct 13, Contact
e 15167 USA: I need some New England Dark Antique Foundation Stone. Oct 13, Contact
e 15166 Malaysia: Stone Processing Machine: I wish to upgrade and expand my existing factory. The machineries I am looking for are:
2 bridge cutters
1 edge profiling machine
1 hand manual polishing machine
Please quote best CIF Port Klang and to provide machine technical specifications. My tel: 00-603-625.....Oct 13, Contact
e 15165 USA: Retail: I need two slabs of Roman Travertive, sealed and polished in 59" x 101". I need it immediately for a project in New York City. Please quote price, trucking and delivery date. My tel. no. is 212 74.....Oct 13, Contact
e 15164 Bermuda: Please e-mail quote and pictures of natural stones available, I am developing some condos. Oct 13, Contact
e 15163 USA: I need white milky quartz of excellent quality, minimal impurities. I will be cutting them to 3 x 3 x 4 inch blocks. So pieces need to be big enough to yield this. I am in Arizona. My tel. no. is 480-1.....I can buy from anywhere. I want to place order ASAP. Oct 12, Contact 
e 15162 Azerbaijan: Stone Processing Machine: I am granite factory owner in Baku. We cut granite blocks (length 2800 mm width 1750 mm height 1500 mm) into slabs and tiles. We have a granite polishing machine which is not so productive hence we would like to buy full automatic and high productive granite polishing machine. My tel. no. is +7 (095) 13......Oct 12, Contact 
e 15161 Singapore: Looking for 200,000 m3 of basalt / granite stones 75 mm / 125 mm / 250 mm. Delivery - Bombay Harbour by April & May 2005. . Our tel. no. is Phone + 65 632.....Oct 12, Contact 
e 15160 USA: Retail: I am looking for about 20-25 sq ft of Bianco Catalina granite. I am in Pittsburgh, PA. Oct 12, Contact 
e 15159 Pakistan: Can you send me details and pictures of KATO NK1600 crane. My tel. no. is +92(0)51 111 .....Oct 12, Contact 
e 15158: You are kindly requested to quote for the supply of 400m2 Rosa Aurora classico from Portugal 30 x 60 x 3.5 cm size unpolished ex-factory. Oct 12, Contact 
e 15157 Taiwan: Does your company produce the followings: Fire-faced artificial slate tile in size 60x60x1cm and 30x30x1cm. Kindly quote. Oct 12, Contact 
e 15156 Germany: We are interested to import soapstone slabs and tiles. Oct 12, Contact 
e 15155 USA: Retail: I am interesting in buying 3-4 tons of sandstone, blonde to yellow brown color in form of flags and small boulders to construct a backyard waterfall and pond area. I need a quote for delivery to CA 92677 area.  Oct 12, Contact 
e 15154: Stone Processing Machinery: Please quote for Chinese gangsaw.  Oct 12, Contact 
e 15153 Russia: Please send price list on perlite. We also would like to know if you supply crude perlite. Oct 12, Contact 
e 15152: Crane: I want to price KATO NK 1600-V model 1998. Oct 12, Contact 
e 15151 China: We are looking for granite tiles of Verde Ubatuba, Dakota Mahogany, Galaxy Black. Any suppliers that have stock, please contact me for details. Our first order would be 16800 - 17200 sq ft of 12x12x3/8, with these three colors consolidated into two containers load. Our tel. no. is 0086-591-78.....Oct 12, Contact 
e 15150: Stone Processing Machinery: I am interested in the 25 hp bridge saw. What it the price? Tel. no. 678-89..... Oct 12, Contact 
e 15149 USA: Retail: I am considering Giallo Beach granite from Brazil to use for my kitchen counters. Oct 11, Contact 
e 15148 USA: Retail: I am looking for some Portoro marble for a bathroom remodel. I am in Southern California. Phone: 562-99.....Oct 11, Contact 
e 15147 USA: Retail: I'm looking for: design of a stone fireplace mantel. Place or dealer where I can purchase the stone. Fabricator of stone. I am in CA. My tel. no. is (650) 29.....Oct 11, Contact 
e 15146 USA: I am looking for a wholesale bid on 2 cm verde butterfly 73" W X 31" D slab granite, with one 73" edge polished square. Shipping to Prairieville, LA 70769.  Oct 11, Contact 
e 15145 USA: I need about 1300 cobblestones for driveway use - I prefer used material. I live in Long Island and delivery would be immediate. 
Please quote me delivered to my home. Tel no is 516 90.....Oct 11, Contact 
e 15144 USA: I am building a brick oven for a customer in Altanta, GA and need an aggregate material that will take about 600 degrees (oven core under insulation about 1100 degrees F). Sand is OK, but better materials are either crushed fired terra cotta (grog) or crushed volcanic rock (pumice). Can you point me in the right direction to make such a purchase here in Atlanta? Oct 11, Contact 
e 15143 Spain: I am interested in Solnhofen Limestone from Germany. Please inform me about sellers, distributors and so on as well as sizes and prices here in Spain (Madrid area). My tel. no. is +34 91 78..... Oct 11, Contact 
e 15142 South Africa: We are a retailer of Ceramic and Porcelain tile products based in Johannesburg. We are looking for an ongoing supplier for 
Sandstone Tiles and Sandstone Wall cladding. The Models we are most interested in are: Dusty Way, Camel Yellow and Fossil. The dimensions we require are 40cmx40cm and 60cmx60cm. We are initially looking to bring 5 Containers into South Africa as a trial.
Please could you provide a quote based in USD for 2 containers of 60x60 and  3 containers of 40x40. Please could you also provide information and prices on your wall cladding. Our tel. no. is +27 11 88..... Oct 11, Contact 
e 15141: We are a construction company interested in marble slabs and tiles. Please email us your price list. Oct 11, Contact 
e 15140 USA: Retail: I am trying to match an existing marble listed in the architects specification as Trani Ruggine. Do you have any images please? Oct 11, Contact
e 15139 Ireland: Retail: I came across a limestone from Java that I was very interested in. It was a very light colour with a hint of brown through it. Could you please let me know where I would be able to source some of this stone? My tel. no. is 00353 1 81.....Oct 11, Contact
e 15138 Kuwait: Cranes: We are interested with and want to buy this crane. We are interested with tadano, Kato, Hydraulic Truck Cranes Mercedes-Benz trucks and forklifts, Kato NK500 EIII. Mostly we are interested with TADANO TL200M-I, TL250M-V, TG-450M-3 etc and KATO NK200H-5, NK-250-V, NK450B-V etc. If you have some high capacity cranes then please don't hesitate to contact with us. Oct 11, Contact
e 15137 Canada: Retail: Oversized Granite Counter tops required immediately. Specifications: Drawings attached in .jpg format. 
Surface 1. 124" x 25.5" - finished 2 sides as per drawing w/ bullnose and build-up
Surface 2. 124" x 16" - finished 4 sides as per drawing w/ bullnose and build-up
Surface 3. 107" x 25.5" - finished 2 sides as per drawing w/ bullnose and build-up w/ 16" cut out for under mount sink
Surface 4. 107" x 4" - backsplash, 3 edges polished only 
Surface 5. 26" dia circle w/ 4" dia hole cut in center w/ bullnose and build-up all around
All material in 20 mm thickness. Star Galaxy preferred, but other materials will be considered. Long sections must be done in single piece without joints/seams. My cabinets are complete and installed and I am ready to purchase as soon as possible. Local supplies are unable to do this work without seams. I will finalize an order immediately if material is available. My tel. no. is 416-63.....Oct 11, Contact
e 15136: We are a locally established company of more than 40 years. We are interested in granite stone for import to resell. Kindly furnish us your product catalogue and prices. Oct 11, Contact
e 15135 Iran: Stone Processing Machine: We need one set Metal Grinding machine for Stone, double head type with 2-3 meter width, would you please confirm if that is in range of your production. Please be kind and send us the complete catalogue of this machine for our study. Our tel. no. is 0098 21 75.....Oct 11, Contact 
e 15134 USA: We are interested in buying granite for outdoor floor use, quantity about 6,000-10,000 sq ft. Can you provide prices and more product information for delivery to Connecticut. My tel. no. is 718 31....Oct 11, Contact 
e 15133 USA: Please quote for 5000 sq ft of Perlato Sicilia-polished and finished 60x60x2 cm. Need delivery in 60 days FOB Baltimore. I will be visiting Palermo on October 16. Kindly contact right away with prices. Oct 11, Contact 
e 15132 USA: Retail: I am planning on getting a Violetta counter top, but I do not want a granite that has a lot of pits. I have two friends with granite counter tops; one has a counter top without any pits and the other is pitted. Oct 11, Contact 
e 15131 USA: Retail: I would like to know the pricing on Fanari Red Brown Greece marble.  Oct 11, Contact 
e 15130 USA: Retail: I am interested in buying granite to remodel my kitchen. Looking for a company from Vitoria, Brazil who can sell in small quantities. Oct 11, Contact 
e 15129 USA: Retail: I have Indian Ivory Juparano 12x12 "granite" tiles in my kitchen which was installed 6 years ago. It is stained around the cook top and around the sink. I have resolved that I will need to replace it all - but would like advice as to what to choose so as not to be fooled again. I want a countertop that is resistant to staining, but will allow me to put things from the oven on it. Is there such a surface? I am in Florida. Oct 11, Contact 
e 15128 USA: Retail: My Wife and I have been searching for the right counter tops for our new home we are in the process of building. The counters we like the look of best is granite. However, we like the aspect of engineered surfaces like Cambria and Silestone that are more durable and stain resistant. We looked at some more show rooms yesterday, and now we are even more confused. We have always liked Uba Tuba best. Now, my Wife found Tropic Brown and likes it too, as I do. Then, we saw a bath vanity made of Golden Peach, which we have never heard of. Is there much difference in these 3 choices? Oct 11, Contact 
e 15127 USA: Retail: I am wanting to put a slate tile down for my kitchen counter tops and my girlfriend is concerned about it staining. I understand that slate doesn't need to be sealed but is there a "best way" to seal it? From what I have gathered she is more concerned with the roughness of it and how hard it will be to wipe it down. So this kind of takes the oil option out of play. Oct 11, Contact 
e 15126 UK: We are looking for 270 m2 of Marbella limestone honed 600x400x20. Delivered to Cardiff, South Wales. We would like to import it from any price competitive country and we are ready to purchase now. My contact number is 02920 4..... Oct 11, Contact 
e 15125 USA: Retail: I saw and fell in love with a granite sample called "Mahogany Blue Eyes". It is a lovely coffee color and has those blue sparkles deep within. I am interested in DIY granite as well. I either want to locate tiles or some counter tops in this beautiful Mahogany Blue Eyes or equivalent. Oct 10, Contact 
e 15124 USA: I am looking for concrete pavers. One of my clients has an existing driveway and needs to widen it. They cannot determine where to match the existing pavers. Can you suggest a way to find pre-cast cement pavers in different sizes and shapes? Oct 10, Contact 
e 15123 Pakistan: Stone Processing Machinery: We are interested to purchase secondhand gangsaw. Oct 10, Contact 
e 15122 Singapore: Diamond Tools: We have an order for used diamond segments for cutting stones and granite from India. Can you please offer us your price/Kg. We need about 2000Kgs per month. Our tel. no. is +65-923.....Oct 10, Contact 
e 15121 Australia: We require Azul Val Verde. Size: 600x600x20 or 610x610x20. Quantity: 400m2 in Honed and 400m2 in Bush hammered (800m2 in total). Quality: 1st. Country of origin : Portugal or Spain. Samples required asap. We are ready to place an order. . My tel. no. is  +61-2-973......Oct 10, Contact 
e 15120 USA: Retail: We are considering a granite countertop in our kitchen called "Yellow River" from Brazil. Can you tell me anything about this stone? There is very little information available on this type of stone. Oct 10, Contact 
e 15119 USA: Landscape: We are looking for cobblestones for our front walk and stoop. We are in Long Island. Please give us more info on the cobblestones you have available, prices, and how to reach you.  Oct 10, Contact
e 15118 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: What would be a great floor machine to hone marble? I would like to invest in one that I can use for other aspects of restoration and polishing. I am in NC. My tel. no. is 828-24.....Oct 10, Contact
e 15117 Iran: I am looking for Indian Green Marble in size of: 35 x 120 cm and it's diameter be 4 cm. I need it 1800 meter of it. Please quote. Oct 9, Contact
e 15116 USA: We are interested in importing various styles of Travertine and Creama Marfil to the USA. Please confirm your prices from the price list and also provide pictures if you have them. Here are some additional questions we have:
1. What is the thickness of the tile for the different sizes (18x18, 16x16, 12x12)?
2. We have never imported from Turkey before. Do you know an approximate shipping rate per container (20' or 40') to the port of Los Angeles?
3. What payment terms do you accept?
4. Please specify the quantity of tiles per container and explain the packaging of the tiles
5. Please confirm that these prices are for crosscut, honed & filled for the Travertine, and polished for the Creama Marfil
6. What is the lead time after an order is placed? Do you have any pictures of the multicolor travertine?
Also, please provide us with your contact information. We are ready to begin importing this immediately. Our tel. no. is 760-90.....Oct 9, Contact
e 15115 USA: Retail: My wife and I are considering using slate in our Master Bath. We both really like the look and found a slate tile in our price range but my wife is concerned that our small children will get cut on a sharp edge of the uneven tile. Is it possible for someone to get cut on slate tile? Please quote. Oct 9, Contact
e 15114 India: We have started construction of 30 storied residential tower in Bombay. We want to import 300000 sq ft of Turkish marble. We are going start consumption of material from January 05. Kindly quote. Oct 9, Contact
e 15113 India: I want to purchase hole finder electronic equipment. Equipment may be used but should be in good condition. My tel. no. is 094268.....Oct 9, Contact
e 15112 USA: Looking to buy purest cleanest of high quality white quartz, large quantities! If you have a good product, we can do the volume. My tel. no. is 480-81.....Oct 9, Contact
e 15111 Israel: We want 170up x 250up x2cm Chinese granite slabs of Misty Dusk, G603, G623, ZH-G012b, ZH-G011, ZH-G002, 
ZH-G024, AFG40, G640. South African granite slabs: Rustenburg Dark, Rustenburg light, Stargate, Berseba, Black Satin, Zimbabwe Black, Nero Africa, Marlin Black, Belfast, Nero Assoluto Belfast, Impala Black, Born Acord, African Black. Our tel. no. is 0097-28-28.....Oct 9, Contact
e 15110 USA: I need to purchase cappaccino beige marble. Where do I buy and how much? Oct 9, Contact
e 15109 USA: Please quote for marble and granite. We would like to purchase on wholesale basis. I am in MI. My tel. no. is Ph: 906-77.....Oct 9, Contact
e 15108 India: We are developers in Bombay, India. We need 2000 sq. ft of granite and marble. Please give a catalog and price list. Oct 9, Contact
e 15107 USA: Please send me a price list of the granite slabs with the picture on it for kitchen countertops. We are traders in CA. Oct 9, Contact
e 15106 USA: Retail: I am looking for a French Limestone w/ red hues called Scoon, and I cannot find it on the west coast in the USA. Oct 9, Contact 
e 15105: We are looking for stone tiles preferably yellow Mitzpe. We would like to know the price for ~250 sq meters. Our tel. no. is 972-9-89.....Oct 9, Contact 
e 15104 USA: I want to purchase honed, filled travertine for the entire downstairs of my home (bathrooms x2, kitchen, entry, dining room & family room; over 1400 sq feet). We are a family of four. I have received contradictory advice regarding which travertine is the best product; Mexican, Italian or Turkish. Can you explain the pros and cons for each region's stone. Does the region from which the stone originates matter at all, or are there other factors that are more important such as the density vs. porosity of the product? Oct 9, Contact 
e 15103 France: We are specialized in antique materials and we provide antique flagstones for the grounds. We are looking for information regarding the stone Veselje in Croatia, that is close to the stone we can find in our area in France (in the beige colour). Where can we buy this stone coming from the Island Brac in Croatia? Oct 8, Contact 
e 15102 USA: I am looking to purchase roughly a half ton block of White Thassos marble (this is assuming you are using English and not metric tons). I would like the block to be as close to cubic as possible. A 2 foot cube should be around half a ton, and I would not like the piece significantly smaller than that. The block is to be used for sculpture, so there can't be any internal defects. I am in MA. My tel. no. is 617-86.....I would like to keep the shipping cost to a minimum, so purchasing within the US is preferred. If I cannot get Thassos within the US then I would be alright with Staturario. As soon as I get a quote including shipping I will be ready to buy, assuming the shipping cost is not exorbitant. Oct 8, Contact 
e 15101: Interested in blue marble blocks of marble for bathrooms and kitchen counter tops and flooring. Please advise on availability and price. We are developers. Oct 8, Contact 
e 15100: We are considering verde veneziano. Does anyone know much about this color granite? Oct 8, Contact 
e 15099 Singapore: We are interested in your Serishabad White Onyx, Iranshahr White Onyx & Persian Orange Onyx. We require these three type of Onyx tiles (Polished) for our project which will be starting in Singapore soon. 
We would appreciate if you could kindly email or fax us your quotation in 300X300X20mm, 300X600X20mm, 600X600X20mm ( based on CIF Singapore ) and send us sample of these three material by the size of 300X300X20mm at your own cost, so as to enable us to confirm order soonest possible. My tel. no. is (65) 629.....Oct 8, Contact 
e 15098: Please quote for quarry blocks. Kindly provide me the size of each block and the colours as well the price. My tel. no. is 00966548.....Oct 8, Contact 
e 15097 Germany: We are a German company interested in soapstone plates, for building fireplaces. Oct 8, Contact
e 15096 Australia: I urgently need several slabs of Darkest Indian Black Granite. It is very important that the granite is absolutely black...no grey speckles, but more importantly the stone should NOT be dyed. Oct 8, Contact
e 15095 USA: I would like to contact the supplier of Bonacord granite in South Africa. Oct 8, Contact
e 15094 Kenya: Email me relevant information on new or used quarry stone cutting machines from China. I Preferred sizes 460 mm by 230 mm by 160 mm. I want to start a small business. Oct 8, Contact
e 15093 Singapore: My company have a project going on in Singapore and my client have request for a Sandy Pinkish Red color marble. I have since proposed Rosa Gerona to their architect and they have agreed on this material. The size they required is to be 600x600mm and the thickness can be about 15-18mm. The total quantity for this first lot is 800sqm+ 
Do let me know if you are able to supply this material within the next 70 days. If you do, I will need you to send us a small piece sample to us. At the same time, please do provide me your best pricing for this material. We deal with the import and export of building materials in Singapore for the last 10 years. We do import our stones from Vietnam, India and China and Greece. We support them to Singapore local projects or export them to other countries. My tel. no. is 636.....Oct 8, Contact
e 15092: I am looking for a travertine and marble suppliers for my tiles shop. Please quote for 10 x 10 x 1 cm, 15 x 15 x 1 cm & 30 x 30 x 1 cm. Oct 8, Contact
e 15091 New Zealand: I want to use 24 sqm onyx for a dance floor. It would sit about 150mm above the lights of the dance floor which are LEDs. Have you had any experience with onyx being used in an application like this? What thickness would you recommend? We want to keep the slabs as big as possible, as this will give the best effect for the lights. Is all onyx 30% translucent or does it vary depending on its origins? Oct 8, Contact
e 15090 USA: Looking for black adoquin. Oct 8, Contact
e 15089 USA: Landscape: I am making inquiries on behalf of a friend who wants to set up a stone yard on some property I own (5 acres). We will need all kinds of natural flat stone, river rock , table tops, and boulders. For home building and landscape, we will sell to a retail and wholesale market. Can you offer any ideas of how you may supply us? We are doing quite a bit of research now and will open in a couple of months. My tel. no. is 251-70.....Oct 8, Contact
e 15088: Can you provide pricing for psf of Giallo Provenza honed? Oct 8, Contact 
e 15087 Canada: Landscape: I am looking for irregular pieces of B.C. Gold Granite approximately 11/2 to 2" thick for a patio. We would need about 500 square feet of irregular slabs. We would like to see a sample and price before ordering. I am in Ontario.   Oct 8, Contact 
e 15086: Am looking for Mesh backed Porphyry in a fan configuration. Oct 8, Contact 
e 15085 Canada: We are looking for supplier of Chinese Shanxi Black - Tiles & Slabs. We are interested only buy full containers loads. 
(1) TILES (thickness 10-13mm): sizes 30x60cm, 30x90cm, and 45x45cm @ Honed, Polish, and Fine-Flamed finish.
(2) SLABS (thickness 20mm): @ Honed, Polish, and Fine-Flamed finish (Please advice Minimum & Maximum size)
(a) Kindly advise us of LEAD-TIME, and your PRICE (FOB China and /or CIF Toronto)
(b) Payment Terms: only acceptable CAD (60-90 days from B/L)
(c) We also required the full size sample of Honed, Polish, and Fine-Flamed finish to take your offer in consideration. Our fax no. is (416) 53.....Oct 7, Contact 
e 15084: I am inquiring about some information on your products. Our business is one that we sell wholesale and retail. We do not install. Please send any information on your products and company. Oct 7, Contact 
e 15083 UK: I am looking to purchase travertine stone flooring for a domestic project 500mmx500mmx10-15mm. Please quote. Oct 7, Contact 
e 15082 India: Landscape: We wish to inform you that we need Exterior Floor Tiles for our Driveway admeasuring appx. 3500-4000 SFT. Our tel. no. is 0863-22.....Oct 7, Contact
e 15081 Malaysia: Would appreciate if you could provide us the price range of marble. We would like to use it for our homes. Oct 7, Contact 
e 15080 USA: Could you offer a quote for 550 sq. ft. on each of the following Cappucino Onyx, Orange Onyx and Yellow Onyx. The order would be delivered to CT 06437 late this year. Also what are the thicknesses and what are the available sizes in each stone? My tel. no. is 516-43.....Oct 7, Contact 
e 15079 USA: Retail: We want 200 SF (18x18) Horn Sahara Gold. We are in San Diego. Oct 7, Contact 
e 15078 USA: We are a granite and marble fabricating company in Alaska we are wanting to look the selection of stone you have to offer. I would like some pictures of the stones to do some selecting. Oct 7, Contact 
e 15077 Iran: I want to buy a Kato used crane about 30 , 40 ,50. Please send information like price, model...Oct 7, Contact 
e 15076 USA: We are looking to establish a serious business relationship with a reliable supplier of granite slabs. Currently we are seeking quotes for the purchase of two full containers of Brazilian granite. We are prepared to visit your site to inspect your product and processes. 
Please include the following information in your quote:
Company name and point of contact
Type and grade of granite with associated pricing
Availability of bulk buy discounts
Duration of the quote
Shipping information with time frame to fill orders. Our tel. no. is (972) 26.....Oct 7, Contact 
e 15074 Canada: Landscape: Email me relevant information for 800 sf of granite cobbles for city of Toronto - central. Oct 7, Contact 
e 15073 Bangladesh: I am interested to expand my business with Pakistan for MARBLE Slabs. Kindly send complete products detail, price per container C&F Chittagong & ICD Dhaka, including clear color catalogs. Oct 7, Contact 
e 15072 USA: Please provide to us your best prices for Brazilian Granite Tiles 12"x12", polished. We are in CA. Our tel. no. is 562 92.....Oct 6, Contact 
e 15071 USA: Looking for light travertine 1" hex mosaic tile. Oct 6, Contact  
e 15070 USA: Quarry Machine: We are looking for a  Pelegrini wire saw for quarry work. Please send more information. Our phone no. is 610-34.....Oct 6, Contact  
e 15069 Estonia: We have our own factory and we want to buy Chinese granites and marbles. Our tel. no. is. 050-43.....Oct 6, Contact  
e 15068 France: We are presently living in southern France and are searching for a supplier of granite to be used not only in our own house but also to supply to other UK nationals living here. Please send me further information regarding cutting and finishing of granite for kitchen work surfaces and would like some indication of prices and delivery here to Ariege (09). Oct 6, Contact  
e 15067 Zimbabwe: We are looking for slabs of black granite material for tombstones and monuments. We need slabs of thicknesses from 30mm to 200mm. We are looking at materials like New Belfast, Chinese Shanxi Black, Nero Absoluto and Rhino Black. We need to know the price per sqm of cut and polished slabs of the above range 30mm to 200mm. We would like to do our own finishing. Oct 6, Contact  
e 15066 Israel: We are an international company who specializes in Importing and marketing Marble & Stone, largely from Turkey. Since we considering ourselves as a dynamic renew company, we are keeping our product basket daily update! We want to expand our product basket with the Bulgarian materials. We Will be visit Bulgaria on the beginning of November. We would like cooperation with fabrication owners. Fabrication owners who has the right export position. We will update you with the convenient time for us to arrive. Oct 6, Contact  
e 15064 USA: Email me relevant information regarding slabs of granite. Oct 6, Contact  
e 15063: I need to get a quote on four small pillars of rock. I'm not sure what kind of stone (raw looking not polished & low grade). Oct 6, Contact  
e 15062 Canada: Earthmoving Machinery: I need some information on two used caterpillar equipments: Dozer 6D or 7D & Loader 930,or950 or 140H. Please quote for machines of model year 1980 to 1990. Oct 6, Contact  
e 15061 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: We are looking for a big bridge saw for a hi productive fabricating shop. It can be new or used. It has to be in perfect shape and very strong. Oct 6, Contact  
e 15060 USA: retail: Looking for some dark gray stone tiles or Badnor Grey slate..from South India for entryway to our home. Currently have dark gray stamped concrete walkway leading up to the house. Would like to find stone tile, about 3/4 to 1 inch thick, 12X12 and 12X18 inch square, dark gray slate type material. Stone type does not matter as much as color. Color really needs to be gray and not green or blue as some Connecticut stone I've seen. We live in the San  Francisco Bay area and would like to find supplier in this area. Will lay tile over concrete slab which is already in place. Slab is about 8X8 ft square and about 18 inches tall. Also looking to use same material for back patio in the future. Patio is 30X12 ft square. Please call 650 82.....Oct 6, Contact  
e 15059 USA: Retail: I need about 20 beige sandstone tiles and I live in Los Angeles, CA. Oct 6, Contact  
e 15058 USA: My partner and I are building a commodities import company and are looking for current price lists for Brazilian Granite in 2cm and 3cm thicknesses. It is our understanding that Brazilian slabs are commonly shipped in approximately 5 feet x 9 feet size, with custom sizes available - one side polished and resined. Pricing for tiles of varying sizes would be helpful, too. We'd like to start with 20 - 30 colors and grow from there. Our tel. no. is 770.90.....Oct 6, Contact  
e 15057: Stone Processing Machinery: I am interested in starting my own manufactured stone business and would like to get information on any and all machinery used in the production of Manufactured stone and Molds? Can anyone direct me in the right direction? Oct 6, Contact  
e 15056 USA: I am looking for an importer in (to) the United States for Spanish "Oro" Travertine. It is yellow, and I need large tiles for exterior vertical surfaces and flooring of a residence project. Approximately 1000 square feet. Needed by March '05. Tile size is flexible, but would prefer rectangular, 2' x 4' tiles. There are no local dealers or distributors that import such a product that I can find. I am in San Francisco. My tel. no. is 415.24.....Oct 5, Contact  
e 15055 USA: Retail: I am interested in becoming a retail buyer in the Boston, Massachusetts area. My tel. no. is (617) 44..... Oct 5, Contact  
e 15054 USA: Monuments: I would like to purchase several 4" think granite markers. I need 3 size 24"x12"x4" and 1 size 28"x16". Do you do the inscriptions like birthday, date of death, name? What about a couple of benches small enough for say two people to sit on? What would the price be on that also?   Oct 5, Contact  
e 15053 Poland: Please quote for G613 chinese granite and delivery terms. Needed urgently. Oct 5, Contact  
e 15052 Ireland: Retail: Please quote for 55 sqm of Beaumaniere French Limestone and a 168 x 120 counter top to Northern Ireland. My tel. no. is 02890 3.....Oct 5, Contact 
e 15051 Singapore: Please quote for Kato crane. Please send details. Our tel. no. is 65-677.......Oct 5, Contact 
e 15050 Egypt: I am interested in Negro and Rosa Salmon Dark from Mexico. I would like to purchase them in slabs polished and blocks. Please offer us the best prices FOB. Tel. no. is 0020 12 25.....Oct 5, Contact 
e 15049 Bangladesh: Please quote the best CNF Chittagong. Price for 40'container of your PUMICE STONE sizes 2.5" to 3.5" and also inform me that How much bag can load into a 40'container, and how much quantity can load into a bag. Please advice. We insist for sample. Phone no. is 880-31-7.....Oct 5, Contact 
e 15048 Australia: Stone Processing Machiney: Email me relevant information regarding stone cutting saws for slate (phyllite). We can also polish our phyllite to a high quality finish and I would like info on polishing equipment. We are based in New South Wales Australia. Oct 5, Contact 
e 15047 India: Please quote for agates. Can you give the particulars of the material like grade, size and rate. Oct 5, Contact 
e 15046: Please quote for Azul Macaubas and Azul Bahia. Oct 5, Contact 
e 15045 UK: Please quote with shipping charges for 30 metres of black galaxy granite/bull nosed edge finish to England. Oct 5, Contact 
e 15044 USA: Retail: I am looking for granite from the USA to use as countertop for our kitchen in the house we are building. Would appreciate any help in locating granite from the USA to use. Our local dealer has only Italian imported granite. We are also considering its use in our bathroom vanities. Our tel. no. is 812 85.....Oct 5, Contact 
e 15042 USA: Please quote for Weser Brownstone. I am in CT. My tel. no. is 203-46..... Oct 5, Contact 
e 15041: Stone Processing Machinery: I want to buy the HIGH SPEED DIAMOND GANG SAW MACHINE MODEL HT-80. Oct 5, Contact 
e 15040 USA: Send me information on how to start a distributorship in of the city's of South Carolina. Oct 5, Contact 
e 15039 USA: Landscape: Please quote for cobble stones and flagstones. We are in NY. Our tel: (001) 718 31.....Oct 5, Contact 
e 15038 USA: Landscape: We are a material supply company in Santa Barbara, CA and would like your price list by email / excel format / or whatever you may have. I am particularly interested in a job we are quoting at present with 1150 sq. ft. of authentic cobblestones. We can pitch different color selections, but we are looking for reclaimed authentic cobblestones. Oct 5, Contact 
e 15037 USA: Landscape: We are looking for different black / dark grey / burgundy "RECYCLED" granite cobblestones. We are landscape architects in Miami, Florida. Would like a catalog. Oct 5, Contact 
e 15036 USA: I am looking to purchase engineered stone for countertops in large slabs approx 52" by 120". Please let me know if you are looking to distribute this type of product. I am in IL. My tel. no. is 847.54.....Oct 5, Contact 
e 15035 USA: I am looking for 30mm or preferably 40mm slabs on the West coast. Washington or Oregon state would be best. Oct 4, Contact 
e 15034 India: We are very much interested in importing Italian Marbles in India. We request you to send the complete offer. The prices should be inclusive of all taxes Like Freight, and at any port in India. Our tel. no. is 0091-98140.....Oct 4, Contact 
e 15033 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: We are interested in CAT 950 F. You are kindly requested to give us your price C&F Karachi. Our tel. no. is +92 300 50.....Oct 4, Contact 
e 15032 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: I want to get the quote for an edge polishing machines in India. Oct 4, Contact 
e 15031 Indonesia: Earthmoving Machinery: Interested in buying Komatsu bulldozers D155. Oct 4, Contact 
e 15030: Please give us the prices for Black Galaxy and Absolute Black (2, 3 Cm Cutter Slabs). Oct 4, Contact 
e 15029 USA: Please quote for Indian granite slabs and tiles. Oct 4, Contact 
e 15028: We are interested in Super Salome. Please send Salome's photos. If I confirm your photos I will buy a container for Salome Slabs and tiles. Oct 4, Contact 
e 15027 USA: Landscape: I am interested in purchasing about 30,000 square feet of cobblestones or 
paving stones
for a commercial project I am involved with. Can you send me details of the cobblestones / paving stones you offer for sale, along with pricing and delivery time? Please also send me pictures of 
the cobblestones/paving stones available for purchase. I am in NY. My tel. no. is (718) 31.....Oct 4, Contact 
e 15026 USA: Please send me a price list and pictures for the granite and marble slabs and also if you have for sell a stone saw to cut granite and marble slabs. I am in California. Oct 4, Contact 
e 15025 UK: Price FOB Bombay for a 26 t container load of granite and marble tiles (in pallets) 10 mm thickness-polished and machine cut complying to British Standard. Oct 4, Contact 
e 15024: Email me relevant information regarding marble and granite stones like latest rates per sq.ft, sizes available, new upcomings in the market. Oct 4, Contact
e 15023 USA: Landscape: We are seeking large quantities of small polished pebbles (0-2 mm). We will need approximately 11 metric tons per month. Do you have this product and is there anyway we can get samples sent to us? Also, where are these stones coming from, how much will they cost (US dollars), and can you estimate shipping costs and time to deliver? We are in MI. Our tel. no. is 616-58.....Oct 3, Contact
e 15022 USA: Retail: I am looking for the cheapest markers, granite. no design, just b-date, date of death. full name, and inscription, maybe 35 words of less and what would be the cheapest finish. I need 3 size 24x12x4" and one 28x16x4" same info. all shipped to WA state, U.S. I am looking to have these done and shipped in the next 3-4 weeks. My tel. no. is 480-28.....I will purchase from someone who can show me (on the internet) a sample of granite, color, and lettering only then will I finalize the purchase. No cheap granite, cheap prices only. I know there's a difference in quality in granite. Oct 3, Contact
e 15020: Earthmoving Machinery: We are very much interested in the Cat 950B. Would like to see more
pictures and would like to get some information regarding its EMS (Electronic Monitoring System), instrumentation, its configuration like attachments etc. Serial number would be welcome also. If you do have more Cat 950B please do let us know. Oct 3, Contact 
e 15018:  Diamond Tools: I would like to have an export price for MK-Dry cutting Diamond Blades size 16", 14" and 12" for cutting concrete and Asphalt for Robin machines. Oct 2, Contact 
e 15017 India: Earthmoving Machinery: We want to import Hitachi ex120-2 excavator from Japan and Singapore. Can you please tell me how much it would be cost by shipping container at Chennai seaport. Oct 2, Contact 
e 15016 USA: Retail: I am looking to purchase several slabs of Jerusalem Gold for my kitchen to be installed by late December. The total amount needed is 90 square feet, of which, the island slab must be 54 inches by 104 inches. If you can also fabricate, the edge is 1 1/4 inch OG. However, if possible, we'd like the island quoted with an optional double edged (2 1/2 inches) as well as the 1 1/4 edge. We also have two under mount sinks. Delivery to New Jersey. Secondly, we are shopping for 20 square feet of Ubatuba for a wet bar. OG edge, 1 1/4 inch and one undermount sink. My tel. no. is 732-93.....Oct 2, Contact 
e 15015 USA: I need travertine alabastrino 12x12 polished 2000 sq ft. Oct 2, Contact 
e 15014 Singapore: Landscape: I want some good sources in India preferably Mumbai to import pebbles into Singapore and Malaysia. My tel. no. is 65-981.....Oct 2, Contact 
e 15013 USA: Retail: I need 500 small finished pieces of a dark green marble or granite slab, 3 1/2" X 2 1/2" X 5/8". I am in IL. Oct 1, Contact 
e 15012 USA: Retail: Email me relevant information about green, honed slate. Types and prices. Oct 1, Contact 
e 15011 UK: We are a distributor/wholesaler for all types of marble tiles and supply to the UK. We are interested in obtaining 1 main supplier from Greece who can supply us with the best quality white marble and other marble tiles at the most competitive prices. We can order up to 30 containers a year. I will be coming to Greece and making my first order. Our tel. no. is 004479762.....Oct 1, Contact 
e 15010 Croatia: Earthmoving Machinery: My company is interested in buying Fiat Hitachi ex 600. Could you send me the picture and the price of the machine if you have it? It can be max two years old but if it is new we would be happy. Oct 1, Contact 
e 15009 India: Wanted 30MT of diabase tiles for use in steel plant. Specifications: The dimension of tiles is 
180 x 115 x 18 mm and their crushing strength is 2430 kg/cm2. Their refractoriness is 900C and their  composition is sio2=46.7%,al2o3=12%,fe2o3=15%. Pl confirm most competitive offers ex-works. or F.O.R nearest port. Our tel. no. is 91-80-512..... Oct 1, Contact 
e 15008 UK: Please quote for limestone, 80 sqm.  Oct 1, Contact 
e 15007 UK: We are in search for a used water-jet machine. Oct 1, Contact 
e 15006 South Africa: We urgently need samples for Thassos limestone and price per square meter. Could you please email the price details. Our tel. no. is +27 11 31.....Oct 1, Contact 
e 15005 Malaysia: Please quote us your best prices for "Ruweidiah Pink" Granite on CNF Port Klang. Also advise the time of delivery and forward the actual photograph. Oct 1, Contact 
e 15004 USA: Please contact us concerning marble or granite that you market. Our tel. no. is 888-32.....
Oct 1, Contact 
e 15003: We would like to import white onyx from Turkey. Please provide price FOB Mersin, block size, block pictures and a small sample. Oct 1, Contact
e 15002 Ireland: I want to start a business in Natural Stone Tiles & Slabs + Building Stone, quoins, sills, etc. I would like to import material from Asia. Want to place order by December 2004. My tel. no. is +353 8686.....Oct 1, Contact
e 15001 USA: I am a stone and tile fabricator and installer. We are doing a big job and need Serpeggiante righina marble for one of the bathrooms. I am in need of 2cm or 3cm marble and 12x12 tiles or larger. I will take what I can get. I need a bundle of slabs and at least 300 square feet of tile. Looking for anyone in the United States that has any. If not who can ship me some immediately. We are in LA. Our tel. no. is 225-75.....Oct 1, Contact
e 15000 USA: Artifacts: We are buyers of stone statues. Agate stone statues are of great interest. Please quote. Oct 1, Contact
e 14999 UAE: I would like to have an idea about the prices of the different available color and the following sizes and finishes: 30x60x2cm polished. Slabs 2cm and 3cm thickness polished & Steps 33 x 3cm polished. I am an importer located in the U.A.E. Dubai. My tel. no. is +971 3 72..... Oct 1, Contact
e 14998 USA: Retail: please quote for Azul Imperial Slabs. My phone no. is Phone: 580-35..... Oct 1, Contact
e 14997 Czech Republic: Landscape: We need marble cubes. We import granite and marble from Italy, Greece, India and China. Our partner has to place the marble cubes 6x6x4 on a big area. We can to be competitive on this market with price about 700 Kc/sqm that is about 25 USD/ sqm here in Brno (CIF).
We need your offer for:
- Marble cubes 6x6x4 cm, four sides sawn and two sides cleft with price 700 Kc (25 USD). CIF Brno
- Two colors , light gray and dark gray
Please, could you send to me your competitive offer and suggestion about this demand. Oct 1, Contact

Inquiries sorted by countries, product categories and previous months are displayed at www.findstone.com/tilinks.htm  

We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.