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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!   September 30, 2004
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458 inquiries so far in Sept. 

The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 14996 Spain: I am an Spanish marble trader. I have an enquiry for 150 m2 VIDRACOS ATAIJA AZUL honed tiles 20 x 20 x 2 cm. Would you please quote me this material? Phone: +34.607.1.....Sept 30, Contact
e 14995 Israel: What stones in Bulgaria we can buy (commercial quantity) for quarries, concrete plants, asphalt plants, infrastructure and housing projects? What are the quantities for sell (per each kind of stone) and FOB prices? Tel: 972-3-50.....Sept 30, Contact
e 14994 USA: Please send me information of your surplus for Carved pillars from India or China. We need to make several pillars that are 144" tall. I need additional details. We may be able to design with what you may have if the prices are reasonable. You can give me a call if you need 801-53.....Sept 30, Contact
e 14993: Terazzo: We are looking to the press Longinotti (Italy). Sept 30, Contact
e 14992: We would like to purchase Kato crane. Sept 30, Contact
e 14991 USA: Stone processing Machine: I am looking for a bridge saw and tools to fabricate granite countertops, please call Mike at 314-36.....Sept 30, Contact
e 14990 USA: Searching for pink onyx approx 800 sq ft 12x12 polished. Sept 30, Contact
e 14989 USA: I am searching for Quarry Tiles Specifications Used by Military in Dining Facilities. Where can I find them? Sept 30, Contact
e 14988 Belgium: Earthmoving Machine: We are interested in buying this machine CAT 980C. Sept 30, Contact
e 14987 Turkey: We need offer price for 2-3 cm all types of Brazilian Granite polished slabs. Sept 30, Contact
e 14986 Turkey: We are importing granite. Send us the prices of the polished granites that are width: 65 cm up x length: 250 cm up x thickness: 2 cm. First Quality. If the prices and quality suitable for us, we would order at the time and would buy from you usually. We would be grateful if you send us the prices G635, G623, Maple Red, Marshall Red, Xili Red, Huidoung Red, Chazou Red, Wuyi Red, China Pink. Our tel. no. is 0090032435...... Sept 30, Contact
e 14985 USA: Retail: I am looking for a slab of Lotus Green Marble from China. I need this for a showroom within the next week. I am in CA. My tel. no. is 310.65.....Sept 30, Contact
e 14984 USA: We have started a building project where the 'jeruzalem cream' stone was going to be used in. The project has not been finished completely with half of the stone not even delivered. We know that the stone has been ordered in a quarry in Israel, and that it probably has even be made cut-to-size to our demands, but in the 'mess' that has been created after the bankruptcy, the delivery through them is impossible and also no one is able to give us the contact address of the specific quarry. We are now trying everything possible to get in contact with them so we can get our stones and finish our facade. Sept 30, Contact
e 14983 USA: Looking for 60 square feet of honed beige antiqued travertine in 6" x 6" tiles. 8 pcs. of 6" x 6" deco tiles etched and stained like tile picture attached. Sept 30, Contact
e 14982 Pakistan: Stone Processing Machine: Please quote for a second hand gangsaw. Sept 30, Contact
e 14981 Hungary: Looking for sellers of antique floor tiles in Hungary.  Sept 30, Contact
e 14980 USA: I need a price on 150,000 s.f. Rose Bahia Quartzite Flagstone. Sept 29, Contact
e 14979 USA: Retail: I am looking for 2 slabs of GREEN ROSE 3cm. Anyone in the western US that stocks this material? I am looking to buy ASAP. My tel. no. is (801) 29.....Sept 29, Contact
e 14978 Estonia: Stone processing Machine: We are looking for second hand Bridge saw for limestone. Machine must be ready to work (working condition). On present time we have two bridge saws type BRA LL30 in our factory. We have 380V/50Hz voltage in our factory and we need max 1300 vertical disc. Kindly send us a offer. Our tel. no. is +37250..... Sept 29, Contact
e 14977 USA: Diamond Tools: I'm looking for a metal bonded diamond blade. Grit size 20/30. 
Diamensions are 70mm x 40mm x .129mm.  Qty- 100. Can you quote price? Sept 29, Contact
e 14976 USA: Retail: I am trying to find Burgundy Flagstone. Sept 29, Contact
e 14975: I want to buy a bridge cutter gregori newstar s1. Sept 29, Contact
e 14974 Japan: I want to get the complete detail of Hitachi ex 100wd & wheel excavator Japan price with picture. Sept 29, Contact
e 14973 India: Landscape: We need to buy a large qty of flat Japanese pebbles cream / white 20mm/50mm and we need them in Moradabad, can you help? Sept 29, Contact
e 14971 Malaysia: We are looking for 25mm thick Desert Pink, Size: 600mm x 600mm. Quantity Approx: 500m2. Could you please reply us as soon as possible and attached the photograph. Sept 29, Contact
e 14970 USA: Quarry Machine: We would like to built a full automation plant and purchase all the necessary machines for excavating and processing limestone from the USA. Need to find suppliers of equipment and machines for mining limestone. The limestone site is in Bulgaria. Sept 29, Contact
e 14969 USA: Retail: I am trying to find more info on a granite called Golden Namibia. I wanted to have it installed in as a kitchen counter but the installer said it was too fragile to use. Do you have any info to verify this and are there similarly colored granites that are better?   Sept 28, Contact
e 14968 Canada: I would like to contact Pakistani marble suppliers.  Sept 28, Contact
e 14967 USA: Please quote for Agate stones.  Sept 28, Contact
e 14966 USA: We are a kitchen and bath company. Please send us your product catalog. Sept 28, Contact
e 14965 Portugal: Please forward us details of suppliers of Zimbabwe granite. We are interested in acquiring black granite blocks. Our tel. no. is +351-259 3.....Sept 28, Contact
e 14964 Australia: Please quote for white onyx from Iran. Sept 28, Contact
e 14963 Netherlands: Please send price list/ sample of hot stones for facials, pedicure & massages. Sept 28, Contact
e 14962 USA: Retail: Looking for azul aran granite. Sept 28, Contact
e 14960 USA: Retail: Like info on Emser/French Vanilla 16x16 guaged - need 253 sqft. Emser/Autumn Lilac 16x16 guaged - need 347 sqft. Emser/Brazillian Green 12x12 guaged - need 220 sqft. Ready to buy now, I live in Dallas, TX. Sept 28, Contact
e 14959 USA: We need between 600-800 sf. of absolute black or black galaxy in 24 x 24. Please advise. Our tel. no. is 469-56.....Sept 28, Contact
e 14958 UK: Please send me details of Spanish Stones as I am considering offering products such as yours for sale in the UK. Sept 28, Contact
e 14957 USA: We are a commercial contractor/ fabricator looking for Tunas Green (10 slabs 2 cm and 9 slabs 3 cm) OR (all 19 slabs 3 cm). All slabs to be polished. Needed by the 3rd week of October. Cleveland, Ohio Area. Typical Tunas, medium in darkness with minimal veining. Sept 28, Contact
e 14955: Looking for Kuppam Green or hassan green granite slabs for flooring for 3000 sq ft. Please let us know the price along with the sizes of the slabs (length, width and thickness). Sept 28, Contact
e 14954 ROMANIA: Artifacts: We are interested to buy from China fireplaces having a very modern design (similar to Arkiane-France). The representatives of our company will be in China starting with 22nd Oct. in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. Sept 28, Contact
e 14953: Stone Processing Machinery: We are interested in buying second hand block cutters and bridge cutters. Please inform and advice. Sept 28, Contact
e 14952 UK: I would like to speak to someone about the pricing of stones. Also the possibility of becoming a distribution centre. Our tel. no. is 01933 3.....Sept 28, Contact
e 14951: Please quote for granite slabs and tiles. Sept 28, Contact
e 14950 India: Please quote for Rough & Polished Agates stones. Sept 28, Contact
e 14949 South Africa: Please send me price list of your granite. My tel. no. is 013-69.....Sept 28, Contact
e 14948: I am looking at the price quotes for Chinese granite/marble. Sept 28, Contact
e 14947 Bulgaria: I am interested in finding where I could buy limestone named 'arria' a beige sandstone origin Spain. We are a company doing architecture and interior design in Sofia Bulgaria. We are initially looking for about 700sqm, 2cm thickness, polished preferably 90x60 or 80x50. If all goes well we would like to use it in the near future for a bigger project also. Our tel. no. is 00359 888 6.....Sept 28, Contact
e 14946 USA: I need to get some prices for some slabs of slate as well as delivery and placement of the slabs. We are going to repair our side porch. It is approx 4ft wide, 3ft deep and we need it to be 2" high
The steps need slabs as well they are 1ft wide and 3ft deep. If you need to contact me by phone I can be reached at 908-24.....I am in NJ. Sept 27, Contact
e 14945 Kazakhstan: My company is looking for Turkish marbles and travertines as well as mosaics like  as stated below. Material needed is Bursa sugar beige cream, Bursa Beige, Bursa Moired, Emperador  Dark&Light, Finike Limestone, Marmara white, aegean brown crosscut and tumbled travertines: red, antique red, antique red brushed, antique white, polished brushed yellow. Please send your product price list and terms of payment. Sept 27, Contact
e 14944 Turkey: We need Crema Marfil for a project. Total is approximately 900 sqm. We need this material urgently. Please quote  including delivery time and stock information and payment conditions. Sept 27, Contact
e 14943 China: We have a project on hand. Could you please kindly advise the materials below (the price, country of origin, photos and alternative stone)?
Onyx Gold, Silver Apollo, Pompeii Gold:DARK GOLD, Sarrancolin, Rosa Delicato :is it actually"ROSSO ALICANTE"? Red Onyx:the colour is between gold and orange, Salmon Onyx Gold, Silver Water: GREY, Old Church Red, verde campa, White Ciera:GRANITE, Capri and Rosso Robino. Sept 27, Contact
e 14942 Australia: Please provide details and prices on jade block. Sept 27, Contact
e 14941 UK: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for a Hitachi EX100wd excavator. Please send photographs. Sept 27, Contact
e 14940 USA: Stone Processing Machine: Please quote with details for a Galeski 3000 cutting machine. I
own a fab shop in NH. Sept 27, Contact
e 14939 New Zealand: I am a wholesaler from New Zealand, importing the Granite Random Slabs from India. I would like to have info and latest prices on Granite slabs and tiles from Brazil, Italy, South Africa and Norway. My tel. no. is 0064927.....Sept 27, Contact
e 14938 USA: We are seeking a gravestone / monument in green granite. We have not been able to find anyone who will certify that the green will not discolor. We have seen a couple of green stones which have taken on a yellow cast. Looking for suppliers who have a durable green granite for gravestone applications which will not discolor and will retain the same green color even if exposed to the elements. The stone we are seeking is 4ft. wide and 3 ft. high , the base is 5ft. wide and 10" high. Our tel. no. is (610) 26.....Sept 26, Contact
e 14937 USA: Products needed marble honed/filled antique and standard finish marble pavers in cream and taupe colored marbles and travertine needed for exterior residential and commercial applications
suppliers needed for year round sales to Chicago based company. Architectural stone carvings for exterior and interior all custom applications for residential and commercial applications and buildings. Carved limestone and marble honed and polished fireplaces. Needed companies to work with for standard and custom fireplaces we supply cad drawings and you supply finished product usually bought on container basis.
Looking for any and all suppliers interested working on a direct basis with retail store for supplied custom designs of fireplaces and architectural elements.
Looking for suppliers of marble and travertine exterior building elements columns/ pavers/ mosaic inlays/ bricks/ balustrades/ post/column/coping/and capping products including fountains and various structural interior building pieces. Constant needs for custom stone fabricators of described above.
Looking for marble or travertine pavers 1 5/16" currently paying 5.15 a square foot and would like to find a better price currently buy 3000 or more sq feet at a time.
We have opened new company and looking for manufacturers to develop a trade marked product for future distribution nationally.
Working on building a portfolio of stone designs for building that will change the way we build homes today
am trying to start a building foundation that is tied into not for profit companies to promote education and learning of stone building techniques and technology advancement in stone carving and cutting based on sacred geometry proportions any and all inquiries will be considered looking for help also in promoting the new ideas I have for the stone trade in general. My phone no. is 847 54......Sept 26, Contact
e 14936 India: Stone Processing Machine: We are planning to setup a granite processing unit in Bangalore. We are looking for a used granite gangsaw from Italy. Kindly furnish us detailed information about the gangsaw that you are offering for sale. Sept 26, Contact
e 14935 Pakistan: Stone Processing Machine: I need a used bridge polisher with twin head and a wire saw for block cutting. Sept 26, Contact
e 14934 India: Please quote for Agate stones. Please try to contact me through the below mentioned address. My tel. no. is 08592 2......Sept 26, Contact
e 14933: Please send us prices and info for full automatic polishing machine (longinotti) if you have or any type. Please send images. Sept 26, Contact
e 14932 USA: Retail: I would like to buy 16X16 marble or granite. Please send me information as to how I can find out the prices of the stones that interested me. I am in Florida. My tel. no. is (305)-38.....Sept 26, Contact
e 14931: Artifacts: Can you please advise whether you can supply up to 4 marble or travertine sinks for a property in Turkey. We have a new building in Kas and would be interested to know if we could buy from you in Turkey. Sept 25, Contact
e 14930 USA: I am interested in the black slate 12"x12"x10mm that is listed for $1.50/s.f. in pricelist 707. I am interested in a sample.  Sept 25, Contact
e 14929 Israel: We import products from: TURKEY (TRAVERTINE MARBLE) and from: CHINA (MOSAIC TILES).
We will be glad to get some information by e-mail about your production specially of TRAVERTINE and CREMA BEIGE. Sizes: 30 x free x 1.2 cm or x 2 cm. Tel : 972-(0)50-57......Sept 25, Contact 
e 14928 Denmark: Email me relevant information on carrara marble for sculptures, including available sizes of blocks (minimum-maximum sizes), including squared and inform blocks, prices, etc.  Sept 25, Contact 
e 14927 Bahrain: Kindly advise full details and FOB India or or CFR Bahrain prices in US$ for Agate stones. Our. tel. no. is ++ 973 17 7.....Sept 25, Contact 
e 14926 Oman: I would like to have a catalog of different agate stones of different colours and resources. Sept 25, Contact 
e 14925 India: We are interested in polished Agates mainly in form of slabs. Please send us info on two sets of small pieces of colours which are in regular demand in foreign countries. We have developed good market in Middle East and we have our own office and sales depot in Toronto, Canada. From Canada, we cater to markets in USA and other neighboring countries. Pl. also send some copies of your brouchures and give us the price idea and other details. Sept 25, Contact 
e 14924 Australia: Information on seashell limestone tiles is required please? I am in Sydney. My tel. no. is
61- 2- 637.....Sept 25, Contact 
e 14923 Saudi Arabia: Please quote with images for agate stone. Sept 25, Contact 
e 14922 Australia: I would like more information on machines and any tile lines you have available suitable for producing paving stones. Sept 25, Contact 
e 14921 USA: Quarry Machine: Please send marble cutting/excavation equipment info and or catalog. Sept 25, Contact 
e 14920: Stone Processing Machinery: We are interested in a cinder block maker which is able to produce two or more blocks at a time. Please forward information concerning the types of block makers available. Sept 25, Contact 
e 14919 Greece: Landscape: Please send offer for 12 x 12 x 9 grey basalt cobble stone and also for dimensions 10 x 10 x 5 and 20 x 10 x 5. I am interested for 3500 m2. Our tel. no. is 0030-69445.....Sept 25, Contact 
e 14918 UK: Please forward Agate stone details together with prices. Sept 25, Contact 
e 14917 Italy: We are interested to receive your catalogue and price-list of Agate stones. Our tel. no. is 0039 0175 2.....Sept 24, Contact 
e 14916 Austria: We are interested in Agate. Please send us some samples or pictures from your stock. What is the price in Rock crystal. We will you pay the cost of transport by UPS! Sept 24, Contact 
e 14915: Diamond Tools: Please send some info on marble cutting tools like blades cutter, tips, etc. Sept 24, Contact 
e 14914 UK: I need rough agate rocks of all types for aquarium decoration. Size approx 4"-6". Price per container please. Please forward details. Sept 24, Contact 
e 14913 Italy: Please quote for Agate. My tel. no. is +39 0585 8.....Sept 24, Contact 
e 14912 Georgia: I am the project coordinator of one of the Georgia's biggest designing-construction company. We are interested in importing Chinese granites, ceramic, marble...tiles and slabs. Can you provide me with detailed information about your products and about their prices. We are interested in becoming a  dealer in Georgia. Sept 24, Contact 
e 14910 India: Retail: I want to cover 2500 sq. feet with marble. Please send me the quotation and other details like transport cost to Udipi, Karnataka. Sept 24, Contact 
e 14909 USA: Retail: Seeking 3 matching prefab/bullnose black granite kitchen countertops (will consider slabs). One of the three pieces MUST be minimum 99" -- the other two can be standard 96" -- color such as Absolute Black, Cold Spring Black, Nero Black, Academy Black, Black Galaxy, Zhangqin Black, Shan Xi Black, Shandong Black, or similar. Plus matching backsplashes. Ready to buy if appropriate size/color available within 30 miles of Glendale, California. My tel. no. is 818-54.....Sept 24, Contact
e 14908 Vietnam: I urgently want to buy a used KATO Crane NK500E-III truck crane. Please send me full information of your terms and conditions to buy this truck crane. My tel. no. is 84-31-7.....Sept 24, Contact
e 14907 Yugoslavia: Please quote for Zimbabwean granite slabs and blocks.  Sept 24, Contact
e 14906 Australia: Please quote for Zimbabwean granite slabs and blocks.  Sept 24, Contact
e 14905 China: Looking for Serpeggiante from Italy. The quality requirement is no red line and more white background. Please quote prices and send related photos. Sept 24, Contact
e 14904 Saudi Arabia: Kindly send me pictures of Zimbabwe granite and the colors. Also forward sizes of the blocks. Please quote cif Dammam or Jeddah port. Sept 24, Contact
e 14903 India: Stone Processing Machinery: I want to import high quality machinery for processing marble and granite like marble cutting machine, air compressors, art cutting, polishing machinery, and cutting tools, water jet cutting boards. Please send price list and catalogs. Sept 24, Contact
e 14902 Czech Republic: Landscape: We need a big quantity cube stones. Please send an offer for: 
- Granite cube stones and marble cube stones, 6 x 6 x 4 cm, four sides sawn and two sides cleft, color light gray and dark gray. FOB and if it is possible CIF Brno Czech Republic. Our tel. no. is +4205473.....Sept 24, Contact
e 14901: Please provide details of granite blocks from Zimbabwe, size and quality. Sept 24, Contact
e 14900 USA: Retail: I am about to have a "Versailles" pattern travertine floor installed in the entire downstairs of my new house (about 1200 sq. ft. or so). The material that I am about to purchase is a travertine of Turkish origin. I have been trying to determine if the quality of Turkish travertine is high or low compared to travertine from Mexico, Italy, etc. Which are the best in your opinion for use as a flooring material for an entire downstairs? Sept 24, Contact
e 14899 Oman: Earthmoving Machinery: We are interested to buy Cat IT28F. Please provide some more details and also advise best price to deliver this machine to C&F Oman (Middle East). My tel. no. is (968) 93.....Sept 24, Contact
e 14898: Earthmoving Machinery: I am looking for one cat excavator with jack hammer and spare bucket model 320 / 322 / 325 / 330 year from 1995 to 1997. Sept 24, Contact
e 14897 USA: Email me relevant information about calcite candles. I want to put them on a electric chandelier candles. I am in MT. My tel. no. is (406) 58.....Sept 24, Contact
e 14896 USA: Earthmoving Machinery: I am interested in the bulldozer cat d6h lgp. Where can I see a picture and some additional information for this machine? Sept 24, Contact
e 14895 USA: Do you know of a granite called crimson cream? It is very close to the golden wave and the juparano lapadus. It is like a tiger that has leopard spots. Sept 24, Contact
e 14894 Nigeria: Please quote for Limestone processing and cutting machine, FOB Nigeria. Sept 24, Contact
e 14893 USA: We want LIMESTONE, MINUS 200 mesh, min 90% CaCO3 100.000 Tons per plant. We are in MO. Sept 23, Contact
e 14892 India: We require Himalayan Salt of high Quality (we need all varieties like Edible, Bathing, Salt Lamp, etc). We are not very sure of the quantity, so it will be helpful if you could give us the cost per 100KG.
Also Please specify if samples could be arranged. Our tel. no. is +9144247.....Sept 23, Contact
e 14891 Pakistan: I want to buy marble cutting tools (tips). Sept 23, Contact
e 14890 USA: Artifacts: Please quote for granite columns. Send us pictures or samples. Sept 23, Contact
e 14889 USA: I am a sculptor looking for 1/2 cubic foot of small stones. I need about 1300 stones, more or less... perhaps 1/2 cubic foot. i would like to know how they are delivered, the cost, ....I am a student at in  New York. I am in a bit of a rush, but of course cost will determine how I proceed. My contact no. is 1-917-81.....Sept 23, Contact
e 14888 USA: I am interested in purchasing Durango Tile. Sept 23, Contact
e 14887 Spain: Please quote for Black Zimbabwe blocks. Kindly let me have your best price CFR Vigo and a block list. Our tel. no. is +34 986 2.....Sept 23, Contact
e 14886 Portugal: Please send your offer for Zimbabwean granite blocks with images. Sept 23, Contact
e 14885 USA: Please quote for Zimbabwean granite with images. Sept 23, Contact
e 14884 India: Stone Polishing Machine: We are engaged in development of infrastructure for industry. We have 46 acres of land at near Chandigarh, for the purpose of developing a township. For the same we would require Granite polishing line. It would be appreciated if you please send to us the technical specification and a Photograph of the machine. Sept 23, Contact
e 14883 Australia: I am trying to track down limestone and soft sandstone in southern NSW or northern Victoria. I want this for sculptural purposes and am most interested in the larger ends rather than block form. Sept 23, Contact
e 14882 Australia: I am presently re-structuring my marketing to be exclusive in regards to exotic materials. I feel every designer wishes to signature their work with an individual material. 
Popular colours in Australia at present are Chocolates, Charcoal greys and Taupes. Earthy materials are also popular, hence Travertines are having a strong resurgence. Marbles, Onyx and limestones are what I am interested in, gentle flowing grain textures are popular. Smooth silky feel is also popular. Busy Materials (eg. Imperial Brown) are less popular. Are you able to suggest materials which can assist me in providing the 
exotic materials I require? One material I am presently very interested in is "Lucia" from Croatia. I have presented a "prototype" sample to many of my clients and the immediate response has been strong. My contact no. is +61421 3.....Sept 23, Contact
e 14881 Austria: We want to import Indian, Chinese, Brazilian, Uruguay, S. Africa and other stone and to sell it with the same success. Therefore, we ask you to send us the price list, packaging, how many square meters fits in the container (20 feet), deadlines for delivery, the amont of granite of every kind we list in tiles and slabs that you can deliver monthly.
Our list would be: black, red, grey, pink and other granite.
On this territory buyers are interested in tiles and slabs of the following dimensions: 
30,5 x 30,5 x 1 cm polished , 40 x 40 x 1 & 2 & 3 cm polished
60 x 30 x 2 & 3 cm polished and Flame, 60 x 60 x 2 & 3 cm polished
120 x 60 x 2 & 3 cm polished, 180 x 60 x 2 & 3 cm polished
240 x 120 x 2, 3, 4 cm polished
Black and grey 240 x 120 x 6, 7, 8, 10, 12 cm (both sides polished)
If your offer is suitable for us, in the sense of good quality and prices, we can realize a long term satisfactory cooperation. Sept 23, Contact
e 14880 USA: Retail: Need approximately 600 s.f flamed finish absolute black or will consider other flamed granite colors. Quote with delivery to Wisconsin zip code 53190. Sept 23, Contact
e 14879 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for a wheel excavator. Also send photographs and other details. Sept 23, Contact
e 14878 India: We are a construction company engaged in development of Lake city Project in Maharashtra. 
We require 30 MT of White pebbles of size 2 1/2" to 3" dia. Please send quotation for the same. Sept 23, Contact
e 14877: We have enquiry for Palimanan stone (yellow/white) in natural finished with Sawn edge with dimension 150x300x30-40mm and quantity of 800m2. Please quote us with time schedule of delivery and packaging. Sept 23, Contact
e 14876 USA: Retail: I would like “Mardigras” granite for counter top. Any comments? Sept 23, Contact 
e 14875 Brazil: Please quote in sqm for Carrara venatino Marble from Italy, size  2.40 x 1.90 thickness 2 cm.  Sept 23, Contact 
e 14874 USA: I want to know how I would start a monument and grave marker business. I want to know about wholesalers of materials to start the business. I also would like to know what machines do I need to engrave the rock. Sept 23, Contact 
e 14873: Looking for suppliers of Iranian travertine and marble. Sept 23, Contact 
e 14872 USA: I am looking for basalt massage stones. What are your minimums and costs? Sept 22, Contact 
e 14871 China: Our buyer from USA is in need Emerald Pearl, Giallo Veneziano, Tropical Brown and Coffee Imperial urgently. Require Polished slabs, sizes 270cm x 170cm up. If you can supply the above material, please give quote and delivery time. We are ready to place order of 2-3 containers for each material. We are in Hong Kong. Our tel. no. is 852-983.....Sept 22, Contact 
e 14870 USA: Retail: I am interested in purchasing 12x12 Honey Onyx tiles. Please have someone call me at 803-622-4773. I am in the New York area and can stop by a showroom. Sept 22, Contact 
e 14869 USA: Retail: I am building a new home and would like to use soapstone on my countertops. I am worried that over time they will scratch and look bad. Is granite a better choice? Sept 22, Contact 
e 14868 Netherlands: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote ex-works for the following Caterpillar used equipment:
Wheel Loaders: 950E, 950B, 966D, 966F
Graders 12G, 140G, 140H
Dozers D4H, D8H
The most urgent one is 950E. Our tel. no. is + 31 725 7.....Sept 22, Contact 
e 14867 Singapore: Please send your products list and prices. My tel. no. is (65) 638.....Sept 22, Contact 
e 14865 Malaysia: Looking for a local seller of marble and granite from Philippines. Sept 22, Contact 
e 14864 USA: I have inquiries from a marble manufacture in China to buy marble material from the US. They want to buy marble from US. I'll find out the spec. from them. Please quote shipping handling, payment terms, etc. Sept 22, Contact 
e 14863 USA: Retail: I need a vanity top but I don't want it bullnosed. I need just a back and right side splash. I am not picky. I am looking for a brown or tan tone granite to go well with my Travertine floor tile and cherry vanity. QTY is 1 pc. Price range - $20-25 a sq ft. I am in California. My phone number is 650-79.....This is a 61" vanity, with under mount sink and centered bowl. I am willing to buy from anyone willing to ship to California. SF Bay Area is preferred. Sept 22, Contact 
e 14862 USA: Retail: We are considering soapstone for new kitchen counters. I understand it's non-porous
and heat resistant. I know it scratches, but those scratches can seemingly be buffed out with a fine grade sandpaper. Sept 22, Contact 
e 14861 Canada: Retail: We are looking for granite for counters in kitchen about 100 sq ft. Our budget is CAD 3000. Stone is Magpie or something close. We are in Winnipeg. Sept 22, Contact 
e 14860 UK: Retail: I am looking to buy 40 square metres of jersualem gold honed limestone. It's for a residential project - a kitchen floor - and we need it shipped to the UK as soon as possible. My phone number is +4478179.....Sept 22, Contact 
e 14859 USA: I am a designer looking for a granite called “Blue Spectrolyte”. It was mostly black, hint of grey, but some BEAUTIFUL cobalt blue “blobs”. I need a lot and for a kitchen countertops. I can provide specs to anyone that can supply this. I am ready to place an order now. I am in PA. My tel. no. is 610 - 95.....Sept 22, Contact 
e 14858 USA: I am a sculptor/distributor and am going to market a sculpture I have made to many markets. I am in need of bases. They will need to be polished and have the edges rounded somewhat to avoid chipping.
The sculpture will be bronze but I am in need of bases for it. Black Marble will be preferred but other types of stone will be considered. It can not be so hard that I can not drill it. Unless you know for sure you can drill the holes in the right place with the sample or template I provide you.
I will need bases 5" x 5" by 3/4 " (13cm x 13 cm x 2cm) The thickness can be thinner if this is more practical, say for instance you are using tile that is cut form a 1/2" slab.
They will have to have two holes drilled in them for the screws studs to go through on the sculpture. I will either glue the studs in the hole or I will need a larger area on the bottom of the piece for a nut to seat into..
It is hard to know how many of these bases I will need but I am expecting 100 probably. I will need them shipped to Memphis, Tennessee,, I would prefer shipment prices to Mobile, Alabama as well.  My tel. no. is 
205- 6.....Sept 22, Contact 
e 14857 Saudi Arabia: I have an interest in a marbles of Pakistan. I want also catalogues of marbles with
a samples can you give me the clearer photos. I want to buy a marbles in a big quantity. My tel. no. is  00966-3-81.....Sept 22, Contact 
e 14856 USA: I am interested in importing marble, granite, etc. Sept 22, Contact 
e 14855 Portugal: Need White travertine 2cm slab. Priced at 15 USD per sqm. I would like to know sizes of slab, filling and finish. Sept 21, Contact 
e 14854 Canada: We need some prices & availability on Baracuda Blue Tiles 12" x 12" or 16" x 16". We need about 1000 sq.ft. We are ready to process the order, and we are willing to buy from any country.  We are in 
Ottawa. Our tel. no. is 1-613-74.....Sept 21, Contact 
e 14853 Portugal: Please quote with sample for green onyx. Sept 21, Contact 
e 14852 Ireland: I am looking for alabaster stone for new building facade in Dublin. Sept 21, Contact 
e 14851 Syria: Quarry Machine: Please send for us the price list for the new and used equipments for rock drill:
1 - shank T 38 Used & New
2 - Copco BBe 57 Used & New
3 - Ingersoll VL-140 Used & New
4 – LM 100 Used & New
5 – LM 470 Used & NEW
We are distributor company. Please send for us the price -photo - condition. Tel.+963 33 4.....Sept 21, Contact 
e 14850 USA: Retail: I am interested in purchasing approximately 40 sq. ft. of pietra cardoza or something similar. I also need to have it installed. Sept 21, Contact 
e 14849: I would like to receive more information about the Water jet cutting Machine. Sept 21, Contact 
e 14848 South Africa: Retail: I am interested in sandstone & slates. Looking for a supplier in SA that is inexpensive. My tel. no. is 27 11 48..... Sept 21, Contact 
e 14847 UK: I am looking for kitchen work tops all 30 mm thickness free lengths exceeding 2500mm in length x 650mm width polished pencil round to 1 long edge. Colours are nero zimbawe, baltic brown, blue pearl, emerald pearl, bianco sardo, kashmir yellow. Price for mixed container. Approx prices for delivery to England Sept 21, Contact
e 14846 Germany: We need your best price for:
Onyx white 200 m2 - 30,5 x 30 ,5 x 1 cm, 40 x 40 x 1 cm, 60 x 40 x 1,8 cm polished
Travertine red, Persia 150 m2 - 30,5 x 30,5 x 1 cm, 40 x 40 x 1 cm, 40 x 60 x 1,8 cm polished filled
Please send your price in sqm as well as delivery time and a photo of the offered material. Sept 21, Contact
e 14845 UK: Earthmoving Machinery: We are interested to purchase all cat machines, komatsu machines and hitachi machines. Please quote.  Sept 21, Contact
e 14844 Austria: We are interested in a used TRUCK CRANES (TADANO UND KATO). Would you please supply us with the photos of your equipments, specifications and the price list. Our tel. no. is 004365023.....Sept 21, Contact
e 14843 Singapore: Artifacts:  I need a marble factory to do a floral inlay design on 108 marble “slabs”. Each slab is exactly 40mm wide 240mm high and 6mm thick (if 6mm is too thin I will consider 8mm). The slabs must be highly polished on the top and all four sides; the back should NOT be polished as this will be glued to the wood. The edges should be slightly rounded to avoid chipping and be smooth to the touch. 
All 108 slabs will be glued around the perimeter of a wooden burial casket. What I want to use are marble slabs instead of wood and I want to do a vine and floral pattern that runs around all four sides. Because there is a gap in the slabs the design should look something like the one attached
  You can see in the picture above the inlay scene continue from slab to slab and the vines and flowers flow from one slab into the next even though there is a gap. I am looking for black and / or white marble slabs. As for the overall design I want to keep it very simple (the example I show above is TOO busy…I want to keep it very simple). I am looking for very thin vines and leaves only and perhaps a few flowers along the front of the casket. I do not have an exact drawing of the vine shape therefore I will probably rely on the factory to come up with a design.
  In regards to the factory I have very specific requirements that will be verified by my representative in India.
1. I do not want to deal with a middleman.
2. The factory should be able to slice marble close to 6 mm thick
3. We will inspect their packing techniques.
4. They should have a good design team.
5. The factory should have five references outside of India. I will need names and numbers.
6. The factory must have shipping experience.
7. The factory should be in possession of a digital camera and high speed internet access with e-mail.
8. The factory should be well automated. We will look for CNC machinery that can turn out the slabs fairly quickly and accurately.
9. They must have a good command of English. Sept 21, Contact
e 14842 Jordan: Stone Processing Machine: We are interested in buying the used machines for our customers in Jordan. One head or two heads/spindles automatic marble slab polishing machines, polishing capacity max 2 x 3 m - wet cutters for marble /granite that take 35, 40, 50 cm blades.
- 2 meter blade machine for stone
-160 cm blade machine for stone cutting
- 160 cm vertical blade with 40 or 50 cm horizontal blade machines for marble blocks cutting 
- automatic multi head polishing machines 8 heads or more
- automatic marble marble slab splitting machine with 2 x50cm blades or more 
All should be used machines in good working conditions or refurbished to be shipped to Aqaba Sea Port , Jordan in transit Zerka Free Zone, Jordan. My tel. no. is 00962(0)74-5......Sept 21, Contact
e 14841 USA: We are looking for granite for counters in kitchen about 100 sq feet. Sept 21, Contact
e 14840 USA: I want blue diamond, golden diamond, & Tibetan blue Granites. Sept 21, Contact
e 14839 USA: I am from Maui, Hawaii. I want raw pieces of verdite for carving. Sept 21, Contact
e 14838 USA: Landscape: I am an independent landscape designer in Austin, TX and we are looking for
new resources for stone supply. I would like a quote from you for a current project. We are ready to purchase immediately and will need delivery anytime in the next 30 days, keeping costs low being the deciding factor. 
For the first project I need 8 tons of straight up 1-2" thick rose colored arizona flagstone. We also need a quote for buckskin color. We are you willing to buy preferably central Texas region but will consider anywhere with cost consideration of shipping. Our tel. no. is 512.65.....Sept 21, Contact
e 14837 USA: Retail:  I would like to buy a 2 or 3 slabs of Verde Fuoco. I need a total of approx 80 square feet depending on slab size. I am located in San Jose, California United States. I need this to remodel my kitchen ASAP. My tel. no. is 415-99.....Sept 21, Contact
e 14836: I am a certified massage therapist looking to find out more information on basalt stones and how to possibly purchase these on a wholesale basis and then sell them to other therapists. Sept 21, Contact
e 14835 USA: I am a tile/stone retailer in New Jersey. I am looking for a supplier of herringbone onyx mosaics. Please contact me at 908-20..... Sept 20, Contact 
e 14834 Kenya: Looking for a supplier for soapstone artefacts. Sept 20, Contact
e 14833  USA: Retail: I am having a whole new kitchen put in and have to pick out a counter top, the one I like best is Silestone, stellar night. My husband likes granite, black galaxy best. I like that also. My dilemma is that I would just like to choose which ever is best. I don't want to spend 60,000 on a kitchen and make the wrong choice as I wont be able to replace it if It doesn't look right. Can you tell me which one is better? Sept 20, Contact
e 14832 USA: Retail: We selected Light Venetian granite for our kitchen countertop. Do you know of Light Venetian and if so what do you think of it? Does it need to be sealed every 6 months? On another note, we are cleaning our limestone tiled shower and can't seem to remove a long water stain coming down off the shelf. It isn't soap scum, it's a water stain, any recommendations?  Sept 20, Contact
e 14831 USA: Retail: We live in Maryland, zip code 20794; we have a small countertop, maybe 40 sq ft at most, and are looking for pricing on blue or black pearl type granites; the counter is a "right hand L", the "long" part is 84"x36" including a sink opening, the short end of the L is 21"x24", and we need two separate pieces; 21"x24" and 24"x36" for a small island; double bullnosed on the 84"x36" section and the island piece; the other pieces single bullnose facing out. Also looking for an installer. Sept 20, Contact
e 14830 USA: Retail: Please suggest a durable counter top. Sept 20, Contact
e 14829 USA: Retail: I love the look of travertine. Would like to cover the existing tile walls in a shower and tub enclosure. Is there a thin product for walls that could simply cover the tile or must it all be ripped out? Sept 20, Contact
e 14828 UK: Retail: I have reading all about the problems that can occur from granite worktop. I am having my kitchen refitted in 5 weeks time. Can you please advise me on what sort of granite worktop I should have. Both me and my husband loves cooking, would granite worktop stand the battering or should we consider other worktop. I would like a surface that do not scratch or makes rings from hot pans. Sept 20, Contact
e 14827 South Africa: Please quote for Turkish marble and granite slabs and tiles. My tel no. is +27 11 70.....Sept 20, Contact
e 14826 UK: Please may I have your pricelist and dimensions for Jerulasem gold limestone flooring tiles. Sept 20, Contact
e 14825 USA: I am looking for 2x2 and 4x4 Rosa Peralino. Please contact ASAP. Sept 20, Contact
e 14824 India: Retail: I am buying a flat in the finishing stages and want to enquire about prices of natural stone for flooring. Can you send me prices of your sandstone, limestone and slates? The flooring area is about 2000 sq ft. My tel. no. is 080 285.....Sept 20, Contact
e 14823 UAE: The product required is Beige coloured limestone for external cladding. 
- The size of the stone required is 120x120 cms
- Finish required is honed
- Thickness Tolerance should be +/- 3mm
- The edges will have a groove cut all along. Groove size will be limited to a depth of 8 - 10 mm and width of 8 - 10mm. Quantity: Approx. 12,000 sqm. Pricing : Preferable to have CNF Dubai quote. Delivery: spread over 4 - 6 months. We would like to have the stone from single origin due to colour uniformity as this is to be used for a 5* Super Deluxe Hotel. Is it possible to have a 300 x 300 sample (honed with groove) for architects approval? Sept 20, Contact
e 14822 Belgium: We want 265 m2 of kandla Beige sandstone (Bengal yellow) in size 14x14x5 cm. Please quote your best offer F.O.B. or C.I.F. Sept 20, Contact
e 14821: I like to inquire about 2" x 2" balls in various marble and Granite and 2" x 2" Cube in various marble and granites. Please quote. Sept 20, Contact
e 14820 USA: Retail: Please quote for Preto Ametista 50 sq ft.- 84"x36" double bullnosed slab and 48"x24" slab single bullnose. Sept 20, Contact
e 14819 USA: Retail: I am in Milpitas, CA. I am looking to purchase 2 slabs of Australian Verde Fuoco. Please contact me at 415-99.....Need price quote ASAP. Sept 19, Contact
e 14818 USA: I am a building supply retailer in Los Angeles, California and am interested in importing Rainflower stones directly from China. I would be interested in pricing and availability of products by the container. Sept 19, Contact
e 14817 USA: Stone Processing Machine: I am currently looking for an used Edging/polsih machine. My tel no. is 512-20.....Sept 19, Contact
e 14816: I am interested in purchasing grey or blue slate slabs: sizes vary from 36"x36" and 24"x36" - 1 1/4" to 2" depth. Please advise of cost. Sept 19, Contact
e 14815 Bahrain: Stone Processing Machinery: Looking for stone cutting machine manufacturers and exporters from China. Sept 18, Contact
e 14814 USA: Retail: Is Mocha Vyara same as Madura Gold? We want to install this stone. Sept 18, Contact
e 14813 USA: We would like to sell Marble products  in the United States. Would you please send us your wholesale pricing list? My tel. no. is 610-85.....Sept 18, Contact
e 14812: We need different kinds of Cutting wire for different types of stones such as: granite, marble, travertine, glass and etc. Sept 18, Contact
e 14811 USA: Retail: Please quote for Sahara Gold marble (16 x16or 18x18 ), 250 sq ft for 18x18 (prefer honed) and 30 for 12x12 (polish). Please let me know what is the minimum amount required for purchase. Sept 18, Contact
e 14810 USA: Monuments: I would like to have information, price lists and catalogs sent to me regarding blank funerary stone products. I am looking for suppliers for my small scale engraving business. I will be requiring between 20 and 50 pieces a month, I would prefer to have suppliers from within the USA or Mexico. Also please quote for used sand blasting and sublimation equipment. Sept 18, Contact
e 14809 Norway: Please quote for a Kato NK 500 E-3 crane. Sept 18, Contact
e 14808 USA: Landscape: We are interested in selling cobblestones and paving. Our tel. no. is 814-35.....Sept 18, Contact
e 14807 Netherlands: We are a leading company in the Netherlands (Europe) in import and exports. We are looking for exporters in marbles and Granites for the market in Europe. If your products meet the European standards, we think your company may do business in this part of the world. Please send us your cataloq with your competitive prices CIF (any port of) Holland along with your terms of delivery and payment instructions.
Our tel. no. is +312526.....Sept 18, Contact
e 14806 USA: We are looking for a marble distributor in our area carrying a dark brown marble with cherry colored veins referred to as 'gaudi marble'. We are architects in New York. Our tel. no. is 212.22.....Sept 18, Contact
e 14805 USA: Please inform of US domestic inventory of 12” x 12” x 3/8” Giallo California honed or polished. Our tel. no. is 407-87.....Sept 17, Contact
e 14804 India: We have received an inquiry for the following colours from our client for Kashmir white, Kashmir Gold, Madura Gold, Black Absolute, Raw silk.& Raw silk Ivory, Indian mohagany, Imperial white, vayara & Vayara Gold, Sapphire Blue and Tiger Skin. This are the colours client is interested in Gang-Saw 2cm & 3cm Slabs and tiles.  Please quote us Ex-Factory in INR. If you can supply any other then above mention colours let us know. We required First & second choice meterial, quantity will be around eight containers assorted colours. Prices should be low, as this order is for huge project. Sept 17, Contact
e 14803 USA: Retail: We are architects looking for sources for sandstone as well as masons. Could you supply contact details and perhaps links/ photos of work you have done? Our tel. no. is (718) 71.....Sept 17, Contact
e 14802 Australia: Retail: I am writing from Australia seeking a US based granite supplier or perhaps yourselves, to provide samples of the following granites to someone in Berekey, California in the US. The stones we seek are: Giallo Veneziano, New Venetian Gold, English Brown, Giallo Fiorito, Tan Brown, Giallo Florentino, Santa Cecilia Dark and, Santa Rita. The owner of this new kitchen is currently travelling in the US whilst the renovation is taking place in Australia and needs to see the look and feel of these granites before selecting the type they want to use.  Sept 17, Contact
e 14801: I would like more information on a saw that is at least 72" in diameter. If possible i would like to talk to someone who uses your saws to cut hard stone such as Quartz.  Sept 17, Contact
e 14800 Kenya: I am interested to know the prices for Sabian black, sabian multi colour and sabian rose  C.I.F MOMBASA IN FORM OF TILES 30 X 30, 45 X 45 AND 60 X30 1CM THICK AND SLABS 60 CM WIDTH 2000 MTRS LENGTH. Sept 17, Contact
e 14799 Syria: Stone Processing Machine: Please quote for a gang saw block cutter for Granite & Marble with 60 Saw. Sept 17, Contact
e 14798 Yemen: Quarry Machine: I want CHAIN SAW MACHINE FOR VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL CUTS. Please quote CIF MUKALLA YEMEN for the following: 
Please indicate:
freight cost to MUKALLA YEMEN, Payment terms, Delivery period, Packing specs, shipping weight
Total CIF cost TO MUKALLA YEMEN. Our tel. no. is 00967 738.....Sept 17, Contact
e 14797 Uganda: Stone Processing Machine: Please send me a catalogue of Factory machinery for stone works into eg granite, marble  slabs and tiles, etc. Sept 17, Contact
e 14796 : Please quote for water jet cutting machines. Sept 17, Contact
e 14795 USA: I would like contact information for an English speaking stone inspector in Xiamen, China. Sept 17, Contact
e 14794: What is the last price you are asking for CAT 966C model 1971. I am serious buyer. Also, I need some photos if possible and full condition details. What is other CAT's you have? Sept 17, Contact
e 14793 UK: Please may I have your pricelist and dimensions for Jerulasem gold limestone flooring tiles. Sept 17, Contact
e 14792 Pakistan:  Earthmoving Machine: We are importer of heavy machines. We are interested in Excavators and loaders. Please send us details with pictures and location. Sept 17, Contact
e 14791 Switzerland: please quote for a  KATO NK500 crane telescopic truck. Sept 17, Contact
e 14790 USA: I am in the Corpus Christi, TX area and looking for Cantera stone tiles. Sept 16, Contact
e 14789 India: Please quote best offer for 2 x 40' containers of off white Egyptian marble for flooring, with specifications, CIF Indian Port. Our tel. no. is 91 11 266.....Sept 16, Contact
e 14788 UAE: Please send me the full detail of marble which is available with you and quote the price and the place I can see. I need around 10,000 sq. ft. I am in Abu Dhabi. I may need the stone in India. Sept 16, Contact
e 14787 Syria: We would like to receive your best price offer for diamond disk (300 x 60 x 2.2)mm applied for wet cutting ceramic tile. My tel. no. is +963 11 69.....Sept 16, Contact
e 14786 Syria: We are looking for a  gang saw machine second hand with 40...60 saw blades to cut stone block ca. 1200mm x 1200mm x 1200mm. My tel. no. is 009632155.....Sept 16, Contact
e 14785 Canada: Landscape: We want to buy crushed Lava, crushed granite, slate, boulders, blast rock... in bulk quantity. Would like a domestic purchase. We need it for Ground Cover. We are in BC. Sept 16, Contact
e 14784 Ireland: We have started recently importing marble tiles and granite worktops into Ireland. We wish to import the following items: 
1. white marble floor tiles: 600mm x 600mm x 20mm. Bigger tiles are also desirable. 1st choice quality. Polished finish. Calibrated and bevelled. If not available, please quote for 400mm x 400mm. The quality should be similar to Carrara C. Slightly veins are acceptable. Heavy veins, spots or patches, are not.
2. white marble tiles for skirting board to match the floor tiles (this is the strip that runs along the bottom of the wall) 1,000mm long x 200mm wide x 20mm thick, or similar. Polished finish. Can be longer than 1,000mm.
3. White marble wall tiles. Size as available. Same quality as for floor tiles.
4. Crema Marfil, or similar, marble floor tiles: 600mm x 600mm x 20mm or thicker. 1st choice quality. Polished finish. Calibrated and bevelled. 
5. Black granite counter top, 600mm wide x 38mm thick. hole machined for cooker top or sink. The quality should be equivalent to Absolute Black or China Black. 
If you can not quote for this exactly, please quote for the closest available products. Please quote the price (US$) per m2 for the white marble and the black granite. Also advise delivery time. We intend to order in the next month, and wish to import at least one or two containers of stone (+500m2). Please send photos of your product, and samples. Our tel. no. is +353 1 85.....Sept 16, Contact
e 14783 Iceland: I am looking for a used bridge saw that can take 1000 mm blade or bigger. Price 20000$ or less. Sept 16, Contact 
e 14782 USA: My company is in Portland, Oregon. We are interested in purchasing a container of Turkish Travertine. We are specifically interested in Denizli, Ivory and Mersin sizes 12x12 and 18x18. Please quote prices FOB Portland and delivery schedule. Sept 16, Contact 
e 14781 USA: Looking for White marble gazebo with angel colums iron dome top.  Sept 16, Contact 
e 14780 UAE: Earthmoving Machine: Please quote for excavator 1995 model. Send price with shipping charges to the Dubai port. Sept 15, Contact
e 14779 India: Retail: I am looking for ~400 sq ft of creamy orange italian Marble for my apartment in Bangalore. I would appreciate if you could provide me with design (photos), price in Rs. per sq ft, and the laying costs. Sept 15, Contact
e 14778: Diamond Tools: We are interested in disks dia: 2000-4000mm. Please send price list of those disks.  Sept 15, Contact
e 14777 Turkey: Please inform us about red Chinese granite. We need 10000 m² polished slab or 62x FL cm. This material must close to Santiago Red or Balmoral Red granite. Please quote. My tel. no. +90-312-64..... Sept 15, Contact
e 14776 India: landscape: We request you to send us you quote officially indicating the duration for supply. We require Cobble stone for our Project in Manipal. Our tel. no. is 0820-25.....Sept 15, Contact
e 14775 Bangladesh: Quarrying Machines: I want a block excavating machine to cut blocks from the quarry. I also need machines to saw these blocks into slabs or tiles. I can buy either/or new or used machines. My tel. no. is +880317......Sept 15, Contact
e 14774 China: Do you know this material (see photo)? Could you please tell me the country of origin? Could you please kindly tell me the price of block and unpolished slabs if your know? Sept 15, Contact
e 14773 Germany: Earthmoving Machinery: I am urgently looking for Hitachi WX 100 WD Excavator or Ex 160 WD or Hitachi WH04 Grader Cat G14. My tel. no. is 0049-40-890.....Sept 15, Contact
e 14771 USA: I am interested in your water jet machine please could you email me photos and info. Sept 15, Contact
e 14770 USA: Earthmoving Machinery: Please send me the price information on your D8R. Our tel. no. is 1-509-95.....Sept 14, Contact
e 14769 Netherlands: Earthmoving Machinery: We are looking for used excavators and dozers. Brand: Fiat-Hitachi, Hitachi, Komatsu, Liebherr excavators and Komatsu and Cat dozers. If you have a machine like this, do not hesitate to contact us. Our cell no. is +31 621 9......Sept 14, Contact
e 14768 UK: Please forward details and prices of fossil mint and other sandstones. Sept 14, Contact
e 14767 USA: Retail: We are considering cobblestone tile for our entry, shower and bathroom. What is the usual day to day maintenance and is there a lower maintenance alternative for the look we want? Sept 14, Contact
e 14766 France: We seek 400 M2 of granite slabs 25x35x2 ( Polish Shinning ), to quote on ten colours. Sept 14, Contact
e 14765: I am interested in natural pumice stones, select grade. Sept 14, Contact
e 14764 Serbia: We urgently need 3000 m2 of 60 x 60 x 2 cm (2500 m2 polished and 500 m2 flamed) of cheap white (light gray) granite - G603 (or similar G602,...). We are looking for producer which have those quantities on stock because SHORT DELIVERY PERIOD IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT - whole project (shipment and installation) need to be finished by the end of 2004!!!!! Our company is located in Serbia (former Yugoslavia) and ports which we could use are Varna (Bulgaria), Rijeka (Croatia) or Constanca (Romania). Producer should give us CIF price and delivery period for those ports. Sept 14, Contact
e 14763 USA: Please email me relevant information for high-end architectural, design, and landscape stone setting. We tend to work on modern, rustic and Japanese style projects. We like to find interesting, unique and beautiful materials from around the globe. Budget and time permitting, we like to visit quarries to select the materials ourselves.  Sept 14, Contact
e 14762: Stone Processing Machinery: Please give us the prices for marble gang saw machines.  Sept 14, Contact
e 14761 Kuwait: We are having project under consideration with Bianco Granite. In this respect we would like to ask your possibility to supply the material as per the project requirement complying with sub-contract procedures at competitive price. If you are having ample factory and machinery facility in the material source place please let us know your interest so that we will forward you the details. Our tel. no. is 00965 24..... Sept 14, Contact
e 14760: Please quote for Rosso Verona tiles. Sept 14, Contact
e 14759: Please quote with packing details for Rosso Verona tiles. Would you like to send some pictures of this packing. Sept 14, Contact 
e 14758 USA: We are interested in wholesale supplier for grave stones. We can polish if necessary but need 24X12 and 28x16 pieces for San Diego area in Southern California. Sept 14, Contact 
e 14757 USA: Retail: We want a grave stone of sky blue in color, something like Azul Macauba in the appropriate size. We live in San Diego, California.  Sept 14, Contact 
e 14756 USA: Landscape: Please send pricing for all driveway options: driveway leghth (approx- 100 feet by 12 feet) with a back area 33 ft by 24 feet for parking and turnaround. My tel. no. is 678-88..... Sept 14, Contact 
e 14755: Retail: I want a a slab of Paradiso Classico 64" by 20". Sept 14, Contact 
e 14754 USA: Landscape: I need random ashlars flagstone 2 inches thick sizes 6x12, 18x24 and 12x18
with a snap cut edge. 5000 sq ft delivered to Santa Rosa, CA. Sept 14, Contact 
e 14753 USA: I currently import 10 to 12 containers of travertine to the Phoenix, Arizona market and would be interested in your pricing per container of ivory. Sept 14, Contact 
e 14752 Serbia & Montenegro: We are interested in importing Impala light raw granite blocks from South Africa. The destination port would be either Rijeka, Croatia or Thessaloniki, Greece. Could you please let us know the price per cubic meter, also what's the minimum quantity per order and what would be approximate weight and size of one block? Please send quote in EURO. Sept 14, Contact 
e 14751 Saint-Martin: I would need to buy 60 m² of TRAVERTINE CLASSIC LIGHT SLABS in sawcut finish. Important size of slabs= 1.25m height x 2m long x 9 CM Thickness. They need to come from Turkey, preferably Izmir City. It is for a special project and my client has already signed so I am ready to finalize the order ASAP. Tel. No. is +(590) 590-8.....Sept 14, Contact 
e 14750 Puerto Rico: We are in the granite and marble tile and countertop business. We are looking to expand our product line. We are looking for onyx tiles / slabs and were wondering the prices of such items C.I.F at San Juan port in Puerto Rico. Sept 14, Contact 
e 14749 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machine: We are interested in EX120WD and other earthmoving machines. Please send details such as general mechanical condition, hours used, minimum acceptable price and pricing terms with photos. Our tel. no. is +92 42 63.....Sept 13, Contact 
e 14748 Portugal: Please quote for yellow travertine blocks either per ton or cbm. I would also like to know what substance these tiles are filled with? If the color is right I could be interested in buying the 15000 sq.ft. Sept 13, Contact 
e 14747 USA: Our company is located in Miami, South Florida. We are fabricators and we are looking the possibilities of buying large amounts of slabs in order to undertake large projects. Please email quotes. Our tel. no. is 305-21.....Sept 13, Contact 
e 14746 Italy: I AM LOOKING FOR DURANGO TRAVERTINE MEDIUM/LIGHT M. Tiles filled and honed
30,5x30,5x1 cm. Second choice or broken tiles. material to make mosaics. (No.1 ctr per month). If you have something interesting at very good price please contact me. Sept 13, Contact 
e 14745 South Africa: Retail: We are renovating our kitchen and would like to know what the best surface would be for Kitchen tops - granite OR marble. My colour choices are: in the Granite, plain black or black with very subtle white speckles or in the Marble, white with very subtle gray veins OR black with a prominent vein. Please advise. Sept 13, Contact 
e 14744 USA: I am looking for 2200 sq ft of tumbled jerusalem gold stone. Is this what this is? Can it be delivered to Los Angeles? Sept 13, Contact 
e 14743 USA: I need Verde Saltan 700 SF 12x12 for a commercial project in Tampa FL for 2 jobs. Sept 13, Contact 
e 14742: I am looking to purchase 2500sq feet of travertine or limestone in a beige colour possibly Italian origin. Sept 13, Contact 
e 14740 USA: Retail: Email me relevant information on white carrara marble slabs, to be used as countertops for kitchen and bathrooms. Sept 13, Contact
e 14739 Australia: We are looking for granite similar to the AFG114 on FindStone.com website and would like to contact the supplier. We are looking for 7500m2 made up of:
80% 597 x 297 x 40mm Exfoliated finish
20% 297 x 297 x 40mm Honed finish
and another 1500m2 made up of various sizes in a honed finish:
1800 x 800
1400 x 800
1200 x 800
800 x 800
Our tel. no. is (07) 327.....Sept 12, Contact
e 14738 USA: Retail: I need 5 slabs of Baltic Brown granite. My price range is USD 200/slab. I want it to renovate my kitchen. Sept 12, Contact
e 14737 USA: Retail: We are a design firm in So Cal. We'd Like to do a fireplace surround & some exterior details in real Florida coral tiles. We need aprox 600 s.f. for this test. If Is approved then we would need 6000+/- s.f. for the project. Our tel. no. is 949 42.....Sept 12, Contact
e 14736: I am interested in Juranon Lochgstein, that is used in the aquarium industry but also for garden decorations. My tel no. is +(34) 670 6..... Sept 12, Contact
e 14735 USA: Retail: I'm building a large kitchen with two island (each approx 4x4') and I'm looking for a blue granite for the countertops. I love blue eyes granite (though it's costly) and I'm okay with blue pearly granite, but I'm afraid it will be too busy in such a large space. So I'm thinking of using blue eyes for the islands only and was trying to come up with another color and/or material for the perimeter countertops. I like the idea of a matte finish (YES I KNOW... NO HONED!) to offset the blue eyes. Any ideas on coordinating granites or other material that is suitable for a busy kitchen and that will match blue eyes? Sept 12, Contact
e 14734 USA: Retail: We are remodeling our kitchen and have decided that granite is the best way to go for counters. Neither of us have ever had granite countertops before, and don't know much about them. We're trying to decide between UBA TUBA and TAN BROWN. Which is the "better" stone for the long haul, UBA TUBA or TAN BROWN? Sept 12, Contact
e 14733 Israel: We would like to purchase Granite Slabs, the specifications are 2M x 2M x 25CM; Fine polish on the surface, tolerance on the surface is 1 - 10 micron; QTY: 10PCs; Please quote. Our tel. no. is + 972 9 86.....Sept 12, Contact
e 14732 USA: Retail: We want to install new floor in a condo in a ski area. The unit is rented mostly during the winter and we would like to know if the slate material would hold up against ski boots and heavy use. Also would the slate be slippery with ski boots? Sept 12, Contact
e 14731 USA: Retail: We are remodeling our kitchen and finding the right countertop material has become an extremely frustrating process. Given our interest in selecting a black or nearly black countertop with a matte finish and reasonable care and maintenance requirements, do you have any suggestions? Sept 12, Contact 
e 14730 Italy: Please send the best prices for Indian Shiva Pink granite slabs 2 and 3cm polished. Qty. 2 container loads. Sept 12, Contact 
e 14729 USA: Retail: We have decided to install granite countertops in our kitchen but are now stuck on which to choose. We are considering Ubatuba, Peacock Green, and Verde Butterfly. Would any one of these be better than the other two? We like the coloring of all three and would be happy with any of them, but for durability, do any of them stand out as a better choice? I like the larger looking “chunks” in the Verde Butterfly, but was concerned they might make the counter more brittle or more susceptible to staining. Sept 12, Contact 
e 14728 USA: Retail: I am planning a major kitchen renovation to include granite countertops. My first choice in stones would be "New Caledonia". Do you have any information regarding its hardness and resistance to stains? Must it be sealed regularly? Do you have a better recommendation within the same color range? Sept 12, Contact 
e 14727 USA: Retail: We are renovating our house and redoing the kitchen and bathrooms. In the kitchen we are putting tumbled unfilled travertine on the floor. In the kitchen, we are installing shivakashi granite counter tops. In the powder room we are putting white carrera marble with a black dot. In the master-bath, we are putting in bottochino tumbled marble on the walls and rosa verona tumbled marble on the floor. In the hall bathroom we are using black galaxy granite counter tops and bottochino marble in the master bath. We were thinking of honing the bottochino counter top in master bath. What do you think? Sept 12, Contact
e 14726 USA: Retail: I am thinking of installing a granite called "juperana viara" but am having second thoughts. However, it might just be the same as vyara ? Any recommendations about this particular granite?  Sept 12, Contact
e 14725 USA: I am an interior designer with a golf course clubhouse under construction. The clubhouse bar was originally scheduled to receive Ubatuba granite. This would be, I feel, a great choice for the bar top, but as things have developed we (the client and I) would prefer to use a lighter, warm neutral, stone in lieu of the dark Ubatuba. We are considering Ghibli granite and Jerusalem marble. I know that the marble is not preferable due to maintenance and spills/staining, but would you strongly recommend steering away from marble? I don’t want my client to have maintenance issues, I would be happy with the Ghibli but she is pushing for a marble top. My tel. no. is 334-88.....Sept 12, Contact
e 14724 Cyprus: Stone processing Machine: Please provide us price as (C&F) Lattakia of spare parts automatic tiles production line profit 2000 model as attached.  Sept 12, Contact
e 14723: Please quote for marble from Australia. Sept 12, Contact
e 14722: Please quote with details for a waterjet machine. Our tel. no. is +661-87......Sept 12, Contact
e 14721 Vietnam: We are looking for used Hydraulic rock drill as Furukawa HCR 300 or other kinds which have rock bit from 90mm to 125mm, year product from 1990 up. Please send quotation CIF Haiphong port or FOB your port. If possible send us photos also. Sept 12, Contact
e 14720 USA: I represent a construction company. I am looking for Luisa Blue Granite also known as Van Gough to import directly from Brazil. Sept 12, Contact
e 14719 USA: Looking for a manufacturer of bath tub as displayed in Online Stores of Findstone.com. Sept 12, Contact
e 14718 : Please quote for Diamond powder as displayed in pricelist 1257. Sept 12, Contact
e 14717 USA: I am looking for a granite company that can make and deliver stone counter tops and table tops to Loreto in Baja Sur. Sept 11, Contact
e 14716 Turkey: We are interested in the Granite products from Iran. We want the supplier of the Chocolate Granite 7238-H FOB IRAN. Our tel. no. is 0090 414 31.....Sept 11, Contact
e 14715 Australia: Looking for a used gangsaw or a multi block wire saw.  Sept 11, Contact
e 14714 China: I would like to know the Chinese name and country of origin of below stones. Please help and our company needs 10,000M2 now. Material are Royal Brass, Antique Beige and Fantasy Beige. Sept 11, Contact
e 14713 USA: We area construction company looking for giallo veneziano floor tile. How much can you get it per sq. ft and what is your minimal order? Sept 11, Contact 
e 14712 El Salvador: We are interested in long term relationship for light travertine tiles and slabs. Please send us prices and pictures. Sept 11, Contact 
e 14711 USA: Earthmoving Machinery: Looking for CAT 980C LOADER. WHAT WOULD THE PRICE BE DELIVERED TO AZ 85621.  Sept 11, Contact 
e 14710 Nigeria: I want to enquire about stone crushing machines used in quarry. Sept 11, Contact 
e 14709 USA: I am an architect trying to find Spectrolite brown, or its equivalent. The job is in Dallas, Texas. I don't need much -- a 4' x 7' slab will do. My tel. no. is 214-82......Sept 11, Contact 
e 14708: Please could you email me some information on water jet machine and photos. My tel. no. is 01492 5.....Sept 10, Contact 
e 14707 USA: I am a sculptor that has sandblasted small stones. I am interested in information to expand my work towards sandblasting and handling much larger stones (1 ton+) in a shop and stones in the landscape. Sept 10, Contact 
e 14706 USA: Retail: I am looking for volcanic stone for a project in USA. How can I contact a vendor in Mexico or here in USA? Please let me know if you have any product similar to this one. Sept 10, Contact 
e 14705 USA: We are building a log home in NY and would like to get some ideas/prices on some rock veneer products. We will be applying the rock veneer to the exterior of the foundation (just the walk out side) and the fireplace. We were thinking of maybe some type of river rock since our house is right on the Hudson River. Also, we would like to get a veneer that is light in weight. We are looking to purchase rock veneer within the next month in NJ, PA, or NY areas. Our tel. no. is 973 72.....Sept 10, Contact 
e 14704 South Africa: Looking for Impala Blue for 2 worktops in out kitchen. Our supplier has no stock. Please reply by 14th September if possible. My tel. no. is 01332 3..... Sept 10, Contact 
e 14703 Uganda: We are interested in a stone plant as explained in ready stock 408.  Sept 10, Contact 
e 14702 USA: I am a landscape architect. I want to compare the absorption rates of granite, quartzite and slate for a client on their commercial exterior plaza application. Sept 10, Contact 
e 14701 USA: I am looking for some rossa verona 12x12 polished. We are one box short and all of our suppliers are out of stock with none on order. Sept 10, Contact 
e 14700 India: Please quote for a waterjet machine. Sept 10, Contact 
e 14699 USA: I own a retail monument business. Seeking info on monument suppliers for Alabama. Sept 10, Contact 
e 14698 USA: Retail: Email me relevant information on pricing for approx. 75 sq ft of sapphire blue, blue pearl and Canadian mist granite slabs, 4" back splash and tiles as well.  Sept 10, Contact 
e 14697 Canada: Please send me a picture of Georgian Mist Limestone from Texas. Sept 10, Contact 
e 14696 Canada: I am interested in the moss rock. What size are the rocks? Do you ship in wire cage on 42" square pallet? Need pricing delivered Vancouver. Some pictures by e mail would be nice. Sept 10, Contact 
e 14695 USA: Retail: We are planning to remodel kitchen and are considering to use granite or marble counter top. I have a few concerns before we go shopping for it : does it emit radiation? even low dose? how easy or difficult to maintain natural stone? are there better stones than granite that are worth considering? how do we check for porosity? does color effect durability? what do you think of VETRAZZO as a countertop material? durability? ease of maintenance? would you consider it? Sept 10, Contact 
e 14694 USA: Retail: I am in the process of buying granite countertops for our kitchen. Our first choice is Verde Peacock. I am curious if you would consider it a true “granite”? How is it rated it in terms of absorption? What do I need to know about maintaining it properly? Would you recommend installing it in a busy…kid friendly kitchen? If not, can you recommend another type that is dark with gold veining? Sept 10, Contact 
e 14693 China: Could you please me to quote the price of unpolished slabs of Rosa Vel? The size requirement is 1000 x 600 x 25. We need 8,000M2 for a project. Please send me some photos and sample is welcome. Sept 10, Contact 
e 14692 USA: I am looking for information on a Sweden material called "Bohas Gray", I would really appreciate if you can give me some information about this material, supplier name, phone numbers & fax numbers. My tel. no. is (604) 94.....Sept 10, Contact 
e 14691 USA: Retail: I looking for 20 to 25 Giallo Reale Marble pieces (size 18" X 18" or 16" X 16") at the best possible price. I prefer to buy locally but if the price is right I'll pay for shipping and handling from other places I would like to purchase this immediately. I am in CA 91745. My phone number is 310 38.....Sept 10, Contact 
e 14690 USA: Retail: I am interested in laying broken pieces of marble for floor in living and dining room using irregularly shaped marble of varying colors to pick up colors of my rooms. It would look rather like the design of flagstone, but would be highly polished marble. Sept 10, Contact 
e 14689 USA: I am looking to buy tumbled yellow marble tile about 2200 sq ft. delivered to Los Angeles. Prefer larger tiles (18x18, 24x24). What can you offer? Price (delivered)? Sept 10, Contact 
e 14688 USA: We are building 2 large luxury 4 ½ diamond hotels (approx 1200 rooms) in New York. The first one is opening August 2005. I am looking to purchase several containers of Granite and Granite products (vanity tops, tiles, table tops, bars etc). Our budget is very important to us, as is our timeline. We are in the middle of a hurry up design process. I am interested in Chinese, Brazilian, Mexican (or other South American) or Turkish Granite, something unique. I need about 10-12 types. Is there some where I go to look at all of the actual samples? Is there someone who will come here with samples? Sept 10, Contact 
e 14687 UK: Retail: Seeking supplier of agglomerate Resin/quartz tile, trade name "Rosso Corsa", in a deep
polished red. 20mm slab or 12mm tile - either would be good, and happy to buy from anywhere, dependent on
transport costs. 17 sqm wanted, ready to buy now , but would need sample to confirm the material is correct. Sept 10, Contact 
e 14686 USA: Retail: I am interested in "black granite". I do not want granite with specks/flecks, pure black is what I need. If this is something you have I would love to have a sample. Please contact phone me 337-62......Sept 9, Contact 
e 14685 USA: I am a developer that is interested in buying recycled brick for our loft development. Looking for the brick for 10000 sq. ft. How can I see brick that you have to choose from, pricing etc and where are you located? Our development is in Dallas, Texas. My tel. no. is 214.70.....Sept 9, Contact 
e 14684 USA: We are looking for a supplier of pumice stone. We are in MN. Our tel. no. is 952-97.....Sept 9, Contact 
e 14683 USA: We want granite countertops (Prefab), and tumbled Marble backsplash. We have a budget of $2800 firm. We have approximately 45 square ft (L x W) in several pieces. We want solid not tiles. Call 925-78.....We are in San Ramon, CA. Sept 9, Contact 
e 14682 Israel: We would like to buy granite slabs of size 150-200 CM X 200-300 cm. Send us the pictures, colors
and categories numbers. Our tel. no. is +97-2 /0 8-28.....Sept 9, Contact 
e 14681 Lebanon: Please quote with pictures of the moss rock. My tel. no. +961-1-7.....Sept 9, Contact 
e 14680 Nigeria: Give me quotation for Red Ruby Granite, Black Galaxy, Tiger Skin, Black Nero, Blue Pearl 30.5*61*1.5cm. My tel. no. is 234 80233......Sept 9, Contact 
e 14679 Korea: We are looking for prices of Monacco Brown, Polychrome, and Blue eyes. 
1. Monacco Brown: 395 x 1548 x 20T - 275M2, 430 x 1130 x 20T 218M2, 820 x 1410 x 20T - 520M2
2. Polychrome Canada: 600 x 1200 x 30T Polished 1600M2
3. Blue Eyes Canada: Cut -to- size 1200M2. Our tel. no. is +82-2-226.....Sept 9, Contact 
e 14678 USA: Please send me any information on Reliquia granite. We are builders in Oregon. Sept 9, Contact 
e 14677 Singapore: Please email me more information and price for Moss Rock. If possible with photos attached. Our tel. no. is (65) 629.....Sept 9, Contact 
e 14676 China: I have an enquiry for Crema Marfil (coto or SP) in each type. We need at least 15 containers each month. Please check below. 
1. Produce 12*12*3/8 (price of small block)
2.12mm unpolished slabs
3. 25mm unpolished slabs
Could you please kindly quote me the price? Please help and we need large quantity now. Sept 9, Contact 
e 14675 Canada: Please quote for Moss Rock. Also mention shipping costs to BC. Sept 9, Contact 
e 14673: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote CIF Dubai Port for Cat 14G and Komatsu D155A-1 Dozers. My contact no. is 6016-34..... Sept 9, Contact 
e 14672 USA: I am interested in buying Turkish marble in large quantity. Please quote. Sept 9, Contact 
e 14671: We need Verde Gautemala polished slabs. How many sqm. in 20 feet con.? Sept 9, Contact 
e 14670: Please quote for tumbled travertine. Sept 9, Contact 
e 14669 Canada: Looking for 30”x30” Bluestone Tiles. 1” or less thickness, Dimensionally square, Full Color, Natural Cleft, Approximately 5000 square feet. Required: Spring 2005. We are in North Vancouver. Phone no. is 604 80.....Sept 9, Contact 
e 14668 Austria: We are interested in Moss Rock. Can you send us some samples? We will pay you the samples and also the transport cost. After see the samples we think to order about 5-10 ton. Sept 8, Contact 
e 14666 USA: I am looking for a source for Moroccan black fossil stone. Sept 8, Contact 
e 14665 Canada: Landscape: Please quote for cobblestones as shown in ready stock 415. Sept 8, Contact 
e 14664 USA: We need 300 s.f. Terrazzo Tile for flooring. We are in CA and our tel. no. is 650 34.....
Sept 8, Contact 
e 14663 USA: I would like to see photos of the Moss Rock. Sept 8, Contact 
e 14661 India: Stone Processing Machinery: We are sourcing 3 Gangsaws 4 mtr and a polishing machine for granite 17 or more head in good working condition for India. Sept 8, Contact 
e 14660 USA: Landscape: Please email me pictures of the moss rock. Sept 8, Contact 
e 14659 Saudi Arabia: Earthmoving Machinery: We are a trading company in Jeddah and we are looking for USED CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT listed as below for our client in Saudi Arabia. 
1) Grader Caterpillar 14G 
2) Bulldozer Komatsu D155A-2 
We need an equipment with cheapest price regardless the production year or working hour. If you have any equipment available mentioned above, please quote us with full details and some photos. Our tel. no. is +966-50-45..... Sept 8, Contact 
e 14658 Netherlands: I am looking for companies who sell the black/grey/antracite Slate from Brazil. 1 cm thick or 1,3 cm thick, calibrated with nature-rough surface. In Holland it is called the Mustang or Black Slate. We are a small stone company in the Netherlands who want to import from Brazil.  Sept 8, Contact 
e 14657 Poland: I am interested in supplying stone to various projects in Poland. Looking for finished products out of stone, such as vanity tops for bathrooms with cutout for basins etc. Sept 8, Contact 
e 14656 Czech Republic: Please quote for all natural stone. Sept 8, Contact 
e 14655 USA: I am interested in buying some Limestone. Where can I get it? Please call me at 204-32..... Sept 8, Contact 
e 14654 USA: Retail: I live in Sacramento, CA. and am looking for "dragon eyes" granite. Where can I get this in my area? Sept 8, Contact 
e 14653 USA: Retail: I had Pocono green granite in my last home in Pennsylvania, I am now living in Arizona and cannot find a slab by this name. Is there a crossover name for Pocono Green? Sept 8, Contact 
e 14652 USA: I have a retail monument business in Alabama and am seeking suppliers of monuments and markers. My tel. no. is (205) 29......Sept 8, Contact 
e 14651 Egypt: Earthmoving Machinery: We need used "WHEEL LOADERS & EXCAVATOR". Looking for Japanese companies. Sept 8, Contact 
e 14650 USA: We are a small company that installs granite countertops. We are looking for another supplier of pre-fabricated countertops. We are in Oregon. Sept 8, Contact 
e 14649 USA: Retail: I am considering using porphyry slabs as countertops in my kitchen. Could you tell me any advantages/disadvantages? How does it compare to other granite stones in terms of performance? Sept 8, Contact 
e 14648 USA: Retail: Where does Oconee come from, how much to ship 2 slabs to Milwaukee, Wisconsin?? Sept 8, Contact 
e 14647 USA: We are agonizing over installing Travertine in our home. Everyone (who is selling the product) has given us different advice (and may I add not the same advice). We will be installing approx. 800 Sq. feet. Kitchen, Nook, Family Room, Entry, Dining Room, Hall, Bathroom and Laundry Room (The laundry room and kitchen are kind of an issue with me because of the possibility of water damage). We like the look of the Durango (Mexican) Crème Select (honed and filled, matte finish) and also the fact that we will not have any grout lines. What we need are the HONEST FACTS. We are both retired and do not want to become slaves to our floor. Even though it is basically my husband and I (plus 2 cats) in the house, we will be installing the Travertine in the high traffic rooms and yes, we do LIVE in our house. Sept 8, Contact 
e 14646 UK: I am enquiring to know more about stone crushing machines, the quotations, catalogue, terms of transaction. We own a huge landed property of granite mountains, we are looking for either new or old crashers. My contact no. is 44 79 511 ...... Sept 7, Contact 
e 14645 UK: I want to buy Granite Tiles of Different sizes and thickness. I will like to know if it is still available and I want you to give me you last offer and the pieces you have at hand, and I will like to make the payment in Cashier Check. Sept 7, Contact 
e 14644 USA: Please quote for Granite or Blue stone pavers. Sept 7, Contact 
e 14643 Mexico: I am interested in granite for sale in the north of Mexico and the south of USA. Can you send me more information about your company and if you are interesting in export to this countries. Sept 7, Contact 
e 14642 USA: I need to find out if the pricing for Cream Marfil Honed. Is the same as polished Creama Marfil Classico @ $23.00 sq meter US dollars? I need this item in 12 X 12 X 1 cm honed finish. I am looking for 18,000 sq ft. Sept 7, Contact 
e 14641: I require a machine such as tractors and bulldozers to clear bushes and pulling up trees from their stands with minimal disturbance to the rich top soil. Sept 7, Contact 
e 14640 USA: I am interested in purchasing Calacatta Oro in slabs 2cm for the price you show in the list or $7.15 for the Calacatta Golden extra. I need about 2000 sq.ft. Our contact # are 786 48.....Sept 7, Contact 
e 14639 USA: Retail: Looking for local suppliers for Egeo and Azurito stone, blue shade granites, white wave, for a kitchen counter top in New York City and Long Island area. Sept 7, Contact 
e 14638: I am looking for a type of marble called “Michelangelo Marble”. Is this a type of marble and what is the common name for it? Sept 7, Contact 
e 14637 UK: Retail: I am looking for you to give me a price for the following and a rough idea of delivery time. 
Perryfield Whitbread, Monks Park, Bath Monks Park. I need 300x300mm or 400x400mm. And I will need 14 sqm. Do you have samples? My tel. no. is 020 875..... Sept 7, Contact 
e 14636 Russia: We are interested to buy pumice stones 3-5 cm for stone washing 20'-40' FCL monthly. Please quote prices FOB Istambul, Destination Moscow via Novorossisk port, Payment L\C, C\D. Our tel. no. is +7 095 24.....Sept 7, Contact 
e 14635 USA: Retail: Looking for any dealers in the Anaheim CA area (or anywhere) that sell 12x12 Galaxy Green floor tiles. Sept 7, Contact 
e 14634 USA: I need slabs and tiles (squares) of the Rose Tea marble and tiles only of the Persian Green. I am in Los Angeles, California. Sept 7, Contact 
e 14633 New Zealand: I import stone and tile into NZ. I am looking for a supplier in China (preferably southern) who can supply Black Porphyry Granite Paving Cubes 100x100x75. Sept 7, Contact 
e 14632 USA: We would like to request a price list of all your material, also need to know if it's first quality or commercial. Sept 7, Contact 
e 14631 USA: Retail: I am looking for golden travertine (H&F), about 300sf for my kitchen. We'd like to do a herringbone pattern, so rectangular tiles are needed. We are in Chicago and would like to stay in the Chicago land area for purchasing. Sept 7, Contact 
e 14630 USA: I am looking for a steady supplier of first quality tumbled Botticino Marble tiles. I use them in the manufacture of decorative tiles, coasters, and trivets. The surface needs to be unpolished and as unpitted as possible to accept the transfer process. Any light colored marble with very minimum veining and color variation that can accept heat applied up to 400 degrees and firm pressure would work. The sizes I am looking for are 2"x2," 4"x4", and 6"x6". Travertine is too delicate and cracks under the application of heat and pressure. I would be willing to buy pallets or single boxes. Quantities vary in my needs, but I would be willing to buy larger lots and store them for a better price. Currently I am buying 30 square feet of the 4"x4" every 2-3 weeks. I thought I had a good distributor, but they do not always stock this item and it takes 3 weeks to arrive from Italy. I would purchase immediately upon sample acceptance. I am in WA. My tel. no. is 1-206-78.....Sept 7, Contact 
e 14629 Palestine: Send us a list of your products like granite slabs 2 cm thick 1side polish. Please quote in USD. Sept 7, Contact 
e 14628 Kenya: Please quote price FOB your closest port or CIF Mombasa for block excavating machines. Sept 7, Contact 
e 14627 USA: Please give me a price quote for 3,200 sqf to Barrington, IL 60010 for 24 x 24 California gold guaged slate tiles. Sept 6, Contact 
e 14626 Poland: We are looking for used gantry crane to be used in one of the Shipyards in Poland (Europe). Capacity- 15 T or 25 T. Span: 40- 70 m. We will be very thankful for your quotation or any information on the availability of such equipment. Our tel: 00 48 58 55.....Sept 6, Contact
e 14625 USA: Landscape: I need about 600 lbs of pink marble chips (preferably with white and purple mixed in - what is sometimes referred to in the U.S. as Dixie pink) with diameters in the 1 cm to 3 cm range. If necessary, I will order more to qualify for a minimum order size. I am in NY 14850. Sept 6, Contact
e 14624 Czech Republic: We are looking for direct supply of 2cm padang G603 slabs to Prague, Czech republic, 20 ft.cont. Please quote CIF Prague or Hamburg. Our tel. no. is 4207767.....Sept 6, Contact
e 14623 UK: We are building a Day Spa (commercial use) in a hotel in Devon, UK and considering using Travertine flooring in the area surrounding the pool as well as in showers (wet rooms) 
We have been advised to use tumbled, unfilled travertine which would be first treated with an impregnator, then grouted to partially fill the natural holes in the surface, allowed to dry, cleaned and then sealed. The pool water will contain chemicals such as chlorine/bromine although its pH will be maintained at between 7.2 and 7.8. We must consider that customers may spill soft drinks, body lotions, essential oils etc. in the area. Anti slip properties are important and if travertine’s use is considered suitable, we could have a Ramp Test undertaken to determine its slip resistance. We prefer the look of straight cut honed travertine but suspect this may be too slippery. Flamed granite has also been suggested but we feel it is too rough. Our tel. no. is 01395 5.....Sept 6, Contact
e 14622 Israel: Our company represents a group of investors which is interested to import 
diamond saw blades for stone industry (to used for cutting lime stones) within the following specs:
external diameter:300mm. central hole diameter:60mm. thickness:2.0-2.2 mm.
The edge should be smooth (without teeth) for lime stone cutting. please offer us your best prices c+f haifa port Israel. If you have catalogues and samples please send them. Sept 6, Contact
e 14621 India: We want to import granite cutting tools (assorted) from China. Sept 6, Contact 
e 14620 Spain: Please send me picture for 8x16 size of tumbled travertine. Sept 6, Contact 
e 14619 India: We are interested for TRAVERTINE. Please send details with samples - photos immediately. Sept 6, Contact 
e 14618 Nepal: Please quote for travertine slabs and tiles. Sept 6, Contact 
e 14617 USA: Please quote for travertine slabs and tiles. Sept 6, Contact 
e 14616 USA: I am interested in travertine stone for a personal project that will require about 
1100 sq. ft. larger stone (8 x 16 is nice, but are there larger sizes?) 500 sq. ft. 8 x 16 (walls) 100 sq. ft. 2x2 (shower floors). Having said that, I would also consider simply taking all of the 4x4 tumbled stone and using it everywhere. As it is my own project, I am flexible in the sizes and the thickness, up to a point. The project includes all the flooring for the main living areas, two bathrooms including all the walls and ceilings. I have a minimalist design approach and prefer to use the same material everywhere. Note that I am also willing to purchase significantly larger quantities, if that would assist in the ordering process. 
To start, I am wondering 
A. Thicknesses of the above sizes
B. Other sizes available
C. Where this stone is located
D. Are samples available? My tel. no. is 978-54.....Sept 6, Contact 
e 14615: Please quote for beige travertine slabs and tumble tiles. Sept 6, Contact 
e 14614 Libya: Earthmoving Machinery: I am interested to buy used cat wheel loader 930, 950 and 966, so please send the price c&f Tripoli, Libya. Payment should be cash against documents. Sept 6, Contact 
e 14613 India: Please quote your lowest rates for 40 Tonnes Kato Crane with all technical Specs. Our tel. no. is 05842 2.....Sept 6, Contact 
e 14612 Bahrain: Looking for a supplier of Nero Zimbabwe granite in the gulf. Our tel. no. is +973 178..... Sept 6, Contact 
e 14611 Australia: I am interested in importing marble tiles and slabs as one of my companies manages construction. I am located in Sydney Australia and my telephone number is 61 2 962.....All quotes must be on first quality. Type of stone required is CREMA PACIFIC from Indonesia. Size required for tiles 600mm x 600mm x 20mm and 470mm x 47mm x 13mm Colour v-1 through to v-6. Width required for slabs is 30mm. Orders will be by the container. I am ready to visit a quarry or agent to check first order. At this stage quality, price and delivery are most important. Please contact asap with prices and photos of samples. Sept 6, Contact 
e 14610: I am interested in getting more information on the Blue Sodalite Quarry. Sept 6, Contact 
e 14609 Singapore: We are looking for Indian Mahogany or Simbad brown granite. Please quote us in random slabs in CIF Singapore terms. Sept 6, Contact 
e 14608 China: Looking for material called Alpha Brown. Please see attachment. Please quote. Sept 5, Contact 
e 14607 USA: Retail: I am looking for some Rossa Damascus 12x12 tiles. Sept 5, Contact 
e 14605 New Zealand: Please provide price and other details for travertine beige filled. Sept 5, Contact 
e 14604 India: Please send relevant technical information on water jet cutting machines of 2m x 3m size used for stone/ marble cutting. My tel. no. is 020 413.....Sept 5, Contact 
e 14603 UK: I would like to by floor and wall tiles, of ceramic type. I would like to buy them in Botswana. Sept 5, Contact 
e 14602 USA: We are interested in LARGE boulders for our natural garden in Georgia (30650). We would need 7 2-3 ton boulders and a smaller number of smaller boulders. Is there anyone within this area that can do a great price?? Mossy boulders would be beautiful. Sept 5, Contact 
e 14601 USA: We are looking for a good used Grove crane, rough terrain, 90 to 100 ton capacity. Do you have any for immediate delivery? We are in Miami. Our tel. no. is 305 62.....Sept 5, Contact 
e 14600 USA: Landscape: I am an independent landscape designer in Austin, TX and we are looking for
new resources for stone supply. I would like a quote from you for a current project. We are ready to purchase immediately and will need delivery anytime in the next 30 days, keeping costs low being the deciding factor. 
My phone number is 512.65.....I need 8 tons of straight up 1-2" thick rose colored Arizona flagstone. We also need a quote for buckskin color We are willing to buy preferably from central Texas region but will consider anywhere with cost consideration of shipping. Our tel. no. is 512.65..... Sept 5, Contact 
e 14599 USA: I own a retail business here in New York City and I'm interesting in selling clocks set in stone that come from Israel. I have enclosed an image of the product. Sept 5, Contact
e 14598 Turkey: Our company which has been serving in the marble sector for ten years. Our biggest target in foreign trade is to search for the companies which sell the most quality goods with the cheapest prices. We hope that you will propose us the most suitable price for following goods.
2 cm. x 65 cm. x 200 cm./m2 Granite and 2 cm. x 65 cm. x 250 cm./m2
(African Red, Nero Africa, African Lilac, Marinace, Balmoral, Rosa Porino (Extra, Dark, Light, Beta), Negro Africa)
2 cm. x 65 cm. x 300 cm./m2 
(Granite (African Red, Nero Africa, African Lilac, Marinace, Balmoral, Rosa Porino (Extra, Dark, Light, Beta), Negro Africa)
3 cm. x 65 cm. x 200 cm./m2 (Granite (African Red, Nero Africa, African Lilac, Marinace, Balmoral, Rosa Porino (Extra, Dark, Light, Beta), Negro Africa)
3 cm. x 65 cm. x 250 cm./m2 (Granite (African Red, Nero Africa, African Lilac, Marinace, Balmoral, Rosa Porino (Extra, Dark, Light, Beta), Negro Africa, Black Galaxy B
3 cm. x 65 cm. x 300 cm./m2 (Granite (African Red, Nero Africa, African Lilac, Marinace, Balmoral, Rosa Porino (Extra, Dark, Light, Beta), Negro Africa)
2 cm. x 60 cm. x 60 cm./m2 (For floor) (Granite (African Red, Nero Africa, African Lilac, Marinace, Balmoral, Rosa 
Porino (Extra, Dark, Light, Beta), Negro Africa)
Can you please send us productions catalogue? Please kindly advise your best quotation for China with CIF terms and send us information about the way of payment and quality of goods. Sept 4, Contact
e 14597 Afghanistan: I want six sided export quality blocks of stones from Pakistan. Sept 4, Contact
e 14596 USA: Please send price list / sample of hot stones for facials, pedicures & massage- also cold marble stones, if available. We are in FL. Our tel. no. is 305-94...... Sept 4, Contact
e 14595: Our company would like to get in touch with the supplier of Egyptian Granite, Marble Limestone - Blocks, slabs & tiles. Sept 4, Contact
e 14594 USA: I want to use Oyster White granite for a project. I am the architect, I have the option of different sizes and thickness. I note that there are many different granites from Brazil that I would consider using. I am also interested in slab stock, but understand that the lots may be different. My tel. no. is 978-54......Sept 4, Contact
e 14593 USA: Please quote for granite vanity tops for trading. I am interested in the absolute black and black galaxy slabs. Please confirm the prices and schedule of delivery. I am in IL. Sept 4, Contact
e 14592 Australia: I will be visiting Turkey in late September early October and would like some information on your products and maybe a connection to visit in Turkey. Sept 4, Contact 
e 14591 Albania: Stone Processing Machine: Our company is interesting in buying a Bridge Cutter machine Terzago for marble. Please send us some photos of the machine and technical details. Our tel. no. is 00355 6820.....Sept 4, Contact 
e 14590 Kuwait: We want to establish Marble Factory in Kuwait. Please send to us price complete line of Marble Factory. Sept 4, Contact 
e 14589 Egypt; We are interested in a waterjet machine. Please quote with full details of the machine. Sept 4, Contact 
e 14588: Can you please send me information about how much sq ft of Granite slabs of 2 & 3 cm thickness can be send in a container?  Sept 4, Contact 
e 14587 Iran: We are interested in a waterjet machine. Please quote with full details of the machine. Sept 4, Contact 
e 14586 Canada: Retail: Looking for the closest place to purchase limestone, flagstone at a fair price I am in Belleville, Ontario. Sept 4, Contact 
e 14585 Australia: I am interested in sourcing a range of stone products from Indonesia. We currently import product from the US and China to Australia. We are looking for a reliable supplier of quality product in Sandstones and slate for paving and also wall veneer finishes. Our tel. no. is 07 326.....Sept 4, Contact 
e 14584 USA: Need availability and price for flagstones and crushed stones. Looking for 10-15 tons of either or both. Where is the supplier located? Sept 4, Contact 
e 14583 USA: Landscape: I am looking for a dark green stone that is round shape like a cobblestone. I am in TX. My tel. no. is 325-64.....Sept 4, Contact 
e 14582 USA: I need approximately 5,000 sq. ft. of Volga Blue (select grade) granite in 24"x24" or 18"x18" floor tiles for a customer in Chicago. Order will be placed by September 20, 2004. My tel. no. is 773 50.....Sept 4, Contact 
e 14581 USA: Please quote for Blue Sodalite from Namibia. Sept 4, Contact 
e 14580 USA: We are a Monument company, located in Columbus Ohio. We are interested in purchasing 10-20 Jerusalem gold brushed 24x24x3/4 tiles. As soon as possible, from a supplier in the US. Our tel. no. is 1-800-5.......Sept 4, Contact 
e 14579 USA: Retail: Where can I find Lady Dream granite? I want to put this in my house. I am in Houston. My phone no. is 281-40.....Sept 4, Contact 
e 14577 USA: I am on a desperate search for Mexican beach pebbles to be used as part of a set for a stage production of a theatre act at a Theatre in Pittsburgh. My phone no. is 412.43.....Sept 3, Contact 
e 14576 USA: We are a high-end exotic stone dealer in the United States. We currently are trading polished stones, beach pebbles, and unique basalt columns. We have a national distribution network of retailers and warehouse companies. Landscape supply, hardware supply, pet stores, Home and Garden centers are just to name a few of the industries we are in. We ship in 50lbs bags and tote (super) sacks. Would it be possible to get more information on the smaller products you can supply (under 8 inches)? Sept 3, Contact 
e 14575 USA: Please quote for Blue Sodalite from Namibia. Sept 3, Contact 
e 14574 USA: Landscape: I am looking for 34 tons of fieldstone delivered to Pleasantville, NY (Westchester County). Please advise product and delivery price. Sept 3, Contact 
e 14573 India: We are interested in purchasing synthetic diamond powder. We require the following sizes: 170/200, 200/230, 230/270, 270/300. Sept 3, Contact 
e 14572 USA: We are in the market to purchase "Travertine & Marbles" from Turkey, Israel, Spain, Italy, Vietnam, China, and other countries in large quantities. Our contact no. is 323-98......We are in CA. Sept 3, Contact 
e 14571 Estonia: We want to buy 100cts 250/200micron diamond powder and 100cts 50/40micron diamond powder for testing - to see if more is needed. Our phone no. is +372564.....Sept 3, Contact 
e 14570 Japan: We are interested in importing natural stones. Please quote.  Our tel. no. is +008172 24.....Sept 3, Contact 
e 14569 USA: I am interested in getting into the business of selling and installing stone countertops and showers. I would also like to design and build stone slab waterfalls for home and commercial applications. Please contact me regarding pricing, terms, and normal length of time to receive materials. I would also be interested if it goes this far, to get some samples of the different stones. My tel. no. is 217-20.....Sept 3, Contact
e 14568 USA: Do you have the Arizona flagstone for sale? If so, do you have any photos? Sept 3, Contact
e 14567 USA: Looking for either crema marfil marble or ivory travertine tile. Honed. 16 x16 inches or larger. Need 350 square feet. In Connecticut. Construction in November. Sept 3, Contact
e 14566 USA: I am looking for a source of rock phospate. Where is this mined and how close to North Carolina would a source be? Sept 3, Contact
e 14565 USA: Retail: I am remodeling my kitchen and saw a Waterfall Green slab that I really liked. While most of these slabs are very green, this one was primarily a lighter ivory/beige color with only a few swirls of greens, a touch of burgundy veining and some larger grayish crystals. 
I don't see this granite as very popular and was wondering what you have heard about it? With it not being very popular I was wondering about it's performance in the kitchen. Sept 2, Contact
e 14564 USA: Retail: I am a retail customer looking to purchase a granite called "Blue Barracuda" which is/was mined in Brazil. This granite is for our kitchen. We have been told we need approximately 95 sq. ft., and they suggest getting 3 slabs. We can probably start with the remodel as soon as we get the granite. I have been told by a supplier in this area that this granite may not be mined anymore. So I'm wondering if there still might be some stock wondering around out there. We are in WI. Our tel. no. is (262) 24.....Sept 2, Contact
e 14563 Saudi Arabia: We are interested in importing granite cobble stone or hand made black and grey basalt stone or other colors available with you for paving purposes size ranging between 12 to 16cm and thickness 6 to 9cm. The approximate quantity is 2200 m2. The cobble stone should be split type and not flamed or polished, this feature is very important. Kindly forward to us your best prices and the anticipated delivery period. Sept 2, Contact
e 14562 Sweden: Please quote for Italian marble such as Bianco Carrara, Botticino, Rosso Verono, and Verde Alpi. Payment will be by letter of Credit. Sept 2, Contact
e 14561 USA: We are interested in placing an order of five colors immediately (Five containers). However, we need more details and have a few questions. We are interested in the following colors: Black Galaxy, Black absolute, Kashmir Gold, Tan Brown, Sapphire Brown, Juparana Colombo Gold, Vyara Gold, Madura Gold, Puma Brown, Topaz, Mustard Flower. All material must be first quality. Minimum Slab Size 9 x5 3cm. Cell no. is 407 42...... Sept 2, Contact
e 14560 USA: Please quote for Brazilian Granite slabs and tiles. Sept 2, Contact
e 14559 USA: Please quote for GIALLO REALE EXTRA GOLD. Also mention what type of stone it is. Sept 2, Contact 
e 14558: I am interested in GIALLO REALE EXTRA GOLD. Please send me a sample picture if it possible and full details about it. Sept 2, Contact 
e 14557 China: Please quote for the following material: Rosso Collemandina (From Italy), Rosa Verona light & dark (Not Rosso Verona), Bianco Verona (From Italy), Verde Alpi (From Italy), Verde Guatemala (From Italy), Verde Issorie (From Italy), Verde Laguna, Verde Ming, Azul Macauba and Azul Cielo. Pls kindly advise the origin & price for reference. Sept 2, Contact 
e 14556 USA: Retail: I am trying to find a granite top kitchen table. The stone I am looking for is Capão Bonito. The size I am looking for is ~28 inches X ~48 inches.  Sept 2, Contact 
e 14555 Pakistan: We are looking for abrasive belts in full roll and 50mm x 50m belts with J71FD backing and AA100, AA60 numbers, grains or grit said. Please quote us with your best Fob prices for order and samples also. Our tel. no. is +92 432 2.....Sept 2, Contact 
e 14554 USA: Retail: I need to replace my fireplace headstone and need a quote. My headstone I believe is from one of these kits: http://www.findstone.com/sl/rs537.htm. Could you quote me a replacement piece? Sept 2, Contact 
e 14553 India: I want to purchase Egyptian marble unpolished slabs. Please quote. Sept 2, Contact 
e 14552 UK: Retail: I like black polished pebbles approx. 4" x 2", where do I find them. To be used internally for a large pebble wall with water trickling down. The size of wall is 25sqm & to laid on edge.  Sept 1, Contact 
e 14551 Hungary: Quarry Machinery:  We are interested for used mobile jaw crushers, vertical impact crusher - feed 50 mm, and for mobile conical crusher (on wheels or on tracks or on ski) - feed is 100 mm, product to 16 mm. Sept 1, Contact 
e 14550 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: Please give reasonable price of excavator Model Hitachi -EX-100 WD, (READY STOCK 343) We are interested for purchase this model. Our tel. no. is +92-21-43..... Sept 1, Contact 
e 14549 Kuwait: We require 750 tons of decomposed granite 3/4 inch minus size in madison gold colour. Advise availability and cost. Sept 1, Contact 
e 14547 USA: Retail: We are looking to purchase granite for our kitchen island. The one that we liked is Black Cosmos (looks like Black Galaxy with silver flecks instead of gold), but I cannot find any information about this stone. Any info about the suitability of this stone for a countertop would be greatly appreciated. Sept 1, Contact 
e 14546 USA: We are interested in the best quality of travertine. We are in TX. Our tel. no. is 281.33.....Sept 1, Contact 
e 14545 Pakistan: We are much pleased to introduce ourselves as your prospective clients. We are commercial importers of Pakistan deal with import of different items according to the demand of our customers with letter of credit, etc. type of conditions.
Presently, we want to know about your product range and price lists to import them to Pakistan for one of our current orders. We also believe that we can find a very good potential in the local market of Pakistan.
Therefore, we will do appreciate to have your descriptive catalogue for our further understanding. 
Furthermore, for price negotiating delivery & shipment procedure and other necessary matters, the undersigned can visit your premises in the mid of September 2004, if that suits your schedule. 
Our tel. no. is +92-42-58..... Sept 1, Contact
e 14544 Australia: Please quote for salt crystal lamps. Sept 1, Contact
e 14543 USA: Quarry Machinery: I would be interested in purchasing a cable saw to cut boulders and slabs. Please send any info you may have to me as soon as possible. My tel. no. is 208 26.....Sept 1, Contact
e 14542 USA: Retail: I am remodeling the kitchen and can't decide between Baltic Brown or Tropic Brown. Prefer the Tropic Brown but I would like to have a kitchen bar without seams and it requires a long slab, the bar is 123 inches. The folks here in Sarasota, Florida are having a hard time finding slabs that long. But did find the Baltic Brown. I do still prefer the Tropic and will wait and hopefully find longer slabs so my question then is: What to look for in that granite, (I like the brown more than the "greenish" Tropic), and will it blend with the Jerusalem Gold backsplash that I have picked (in a "low-use" area)? Sept 1, Contact
e 14541 USA: Retail: I am planning to get Giallo Veneziano for my countertop for a very busy family kitchen.... is this a good way to go.... i love it, but my husband prefers a darker green granite countertop, but I am not sure I want to go that way.... is it true that the dark green counters will show every water spot, etc. Sept 1, Contact
e 14540 USA: Retail: I am an architect looking for some small gray granite blocks approximately 1"x1-3/4"x2-1/4". About the dimensions and appearance of the stones used to pave many of the streets in Prague. We need enough to pave about 300 square feet in a fan pattern. Location: San Diego, CA. Our tel. no. is 619-28....Sept 1, Contact
e 14539 USA: Retail: I am looking to buy Granite Juparana Columbo w/ a polished finish and a 4" backsplash, about 40 sq. ft. My cell no. is 347-52.....I live in New York. Sept 1, Contact
e 14538 USA: Please quote for Jerusalem Limestones. Sept 1, Contact

Inquiries sorted by countries, product categories and previous months are displayed at www.findstone.com/tilinks.htm  

We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.