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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!   June 30, 2004
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480 inquiries so far in June 2004. 

The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 13374 Afghanistan: Diamond Tools: We have a marble processing unit. We have white marble which is very hard. We want a diamond segment (50 to 55 percent). June 30, Contact
e 13373: Retail: Need 200 sq. ft. of marinacci verde. June 30, Contact
e 13371 Bangladesh: Please quote CRF Chittagong for PUMICE STONE. Our tel. no. is 880-2-93.....June 30, Contact
e 13370 Italy: I am interested to acquire marble and granite on stock prices for several Russian building companies. June 30, Contact
e 13369: Stone Processing Machinery: Please send details on 80 blades gang saw. June 30, Contact
e 13368 UK: I supply Granite work surfaces to private customers, I am doing around 10 kitchen work surfaces a month, and am now looking to buy direct from India, mainly working in black granite, Star Galaxy, or Tiger Black, or Silver Peal, or Black Pearl. Please could you get in touch with me with some prices. My tel. no. is 0044 7800 5..... June 30, Contact
e 13367 India: Diamond Tools: We are manufacturer of granite and own a polishing factory. We are interested in segment for polishing granite. Please quote with specifications, etc. Our tel. no. is 00-91-94432..... June 30, Contact
e 13366 Greece: Artifacts: I am looking for a supplier for a central garden fountain with pool in neoclassical style, stone or marble. June 30, Contact 
e 13365: Artifacts: Looking for supplier of mosaic medallions. June 30, Contact 
e 13364 New Zealand: I need Ceasar stone for a project. Looking for a supplier in New Zealand or an alternative product? My tel. no. is 06 84..... June 30, Contact 
e 13363 USA: Retail: Looking for 18 x 18 Crema Marfil - total of 210 square feet including shipping in the zip code 94010 - California. June 30, Contact 
e 13362 USA: Retail: I had seen on one of the TV shows, the new styles of kitchen counter tops, they were actually slabs of stones, like malachite, lapis and other beautiful stone being fabricated somewhere. Looking for information on this type of counter top. June 30, Contact 
e 13361 USA: Diamond Tools: Please quote for Stone cutting machinery, blades and accessories as displayed in price list 1175. June 30, Contact 
e 13360 Australia: Landscape: Looking for clean natural bluestone blocks. Preferably fairly uniform in size (about 300 X 200 X 200mm). I've allocated $500 but if I get a bargain I could use more. Please quote no. of blocks for $500 or price per cubic meter and include delivery to Belgrave, Victoria. It's for a private landscaping job. June 30, Contact 
e 13359 Argentina: Please quote for Argentinean granite. My Cell phone is 786-59......June 30, Contact 
e 13358 USA: Landscape: Looking for red granite cobble stones. Can I get information on the finish, price per ton and availability of the above mentioned item? My phone no. is (413) 58.....June 30, Contact 
e 13357 USA: Retail: I am seeking blue bahia at a GOOD PRICE, if not that then blue eyes light, silver sea green (a light one not too dark), blue caramel, or blue pearl. I live in Raleigh NC. I need 3 cm thick, approximately 10-12 sq feet for kitchen countertops. Also need a countertop of carrara gris 43 x 24 piece. June 30, Contact 
e 13356 USA: Does Bulgarian marbles Mura Light and Mura dark come in 24" x 24" tiles? If they do please send me a sample of each and pricing for 8000 square feet. Do they come honed for indoor use and flamed for out door use? I am in CA. My tel. no. is 858-75..... June 30, Contact 
e 13355 India: Diamond Tools: Please quote with specifications about their durability for sandstone for stone cutting blades. June 30, Contact 
e 13354 Belgium: We are looking for Vietnamese Limestone (blue grey) good quality, at reasonable price. The sizes we want are 20x20x2 or 2.5 cm, 30x30x2 or 3 cm and 40x40x2 or 3 cm. I will be in Vietnam next month for 10 days. June 29, Contact 
e 13352 Malaysia: We want Unexpanded Perlite Ore (Slag Coagulant in foundry use) monthly two 20 feet
Containers per month. Packing: 50 kg. small bags well stitched. 
2. Si:70-72%, Ca:1-1.5%, Al:1-1.5%, Ba:1.5-2%. Size:1-3mm and 3-6mm.
3. Si:70-72%, Ca:1-1.5%, Al:1-1.5%, Ba:2.5-3%. Size:1-3mm and 3-6mm.
4. Si:44-47%, Ca:1.5-3%, Re:1-2%, Mg:6-7%, Al:1% maximum. Size:5-15mm. June 29, Contact  
e 13351 France: I want yellow onyx balls diameter 50mm and 30mm by series of 100. June 29, Contact  
e 13350 Brazil: I would like to receive information about ceramic floor tile from USA, Europe and Australia. Its price lists, pictures and technical information if possible. June 29, Contact  
e 13348 Nigeria: We are interested in Tiger Skin grantie tiles. Required size is 600x300x10 mm. We need these stones in Nigeria. Please do quote the price in USD FOB Indian Port. June 29, Contact  
e 13347 USA: Please send us a pricelist of natural stones. June 29, Contact  
e 13346 Australia: We deal in Granite, Marble and Natural stones in Slabs, Tiles and Blocks and always look for new partners in India to fulfill our requirements. Please quote with samples. My tel. no. is +61 8 843.....June 29, Contact  
e 13345 USA: Looking fro manufacturers of Indian granite counter tops. June 29, Contact  
e 13344 China: We want to buy Brazilian granite blocks, such as giallo veniziano, verde bahia, giallo firoto, giallo antique. The block size: 2800cm up x 1700cm x Up any size. Please quote with prodution details. June 29, Contact  
e 13343 Fiji: We are urgently seeking a small piece of marble for a display unit. The size is 610m x 422mm x 20-25 mm thick, colour white, square cut edges, top & edges polished. Could you please advise me of cost? June 29, Contact
e 13342 Canada: Earthmoving machinery: We are interested in purchasing wheel loaders CAT 950B and 950E. Please provide us with more details and pictures.  June 29, Contact
e 13341 USA: Artifacts: I am interested in several stone items, especially benches, tables, etc. My tel. no. is 513-40.....June 29, Contact
e 13340 USA: Retail: I would like to purchase two slabs of Juparana delicatus for immediate delivery in Alexandria, Virginia. June 29, Contact
e 13339 USA: Landscape: Retail: Want Beaumaniere 16 x16 x 1/2 pavers. June 28, Contact
e 13338 Saudi Arabia: We are looking to import Marble and Granite, pls send your samples and price list. We are 40 year in this Business. Our tel. no. is + 966 3 81.....June 28, Contact
e 13337 USA: I need 1200 sq. ft. of fior de pesco carnico. Please call me at 727-91..... June 28, Contact
e 13336 USA: I am looking for marble vanity tops for bathrooms and kitchens in 200 Resort Units. These need to be purchased with ITEX barter trade plus shipping and handling. We are commodity traders. Our tel. no. is 727-72.....June 28, Contact
e 13335 USA: Retail: I am considering one of six marbles for my floors, including the kitchen and a sunroom. The marble will be honed and, unbelievably un-American as this is, I really like the battered marble look that I saw in shabby youth hostels in 100+-year-old buildings across Europe. 
A bit of dirt worked in gives character, as do some scratches. To make sure I can live with it, I'm going to buy a few pieces locally and toss 'em on the kitchen floor and leave them there for six months. (My countertops  I want to do in soapstone, so I'm not crazy--that stuff was amazing in the chem lab! I will also be using tile in the shower.) I doubt I'll have a problem, though, even with two dogs since I'm not expecting 
What I want is grey (or blue-grey, NOT brown or yellow-grey) veining on white marble--not too "directional" but a bit swirly. I want low iron because I absolutely don't want it to yellow. And it needs to be very, very much on the cheaper end of the scale! I'm open to more suggestions, but the ones I'm considering now are:
I know these are all metamorphic and not sedimentary (limestones), but what are their hardness and ferric contents? Do you know of better marbles that don't cost a bunch? Actually, I'm open to any stone that 
has a classic "marble" look. June 28, Contact
e 13334 : Diamond Tools: I want silicon carbide wire for sandstone cutting.  June 28, Contact
e 13333 Vietnam: Looking for a complete stone processing plant (cutting, splitting, polisher....). June 28, Contact
e 13332 UK: Requirements are 100 sqm Crema Marfil Polished 400mm x 400mm x 15mm marble tiles, prices per sq/mtrs, availability, delivery time from order, cost of shipping, if there is a minimum order and what is it. Our tel. no. is 01278-4.....June 28, Contact
e 13331 India: Please quote for Porcelean Tiles for exports. Please send us details about the product (Joint free Tile) Minimum order quantity etc., Also mention detailed terms and conditions Price, delivery, payment terms, Packing etc. June 28, Contact
e 13330 USA: I have a customer looking for Tiger Skin (a Chinese granite). I want to purchase from supplier state side. June 27, Contact
e 13329 USA: I am looking for about 3000 sq ft of Travertine for new construction, residential floors. They should be 18 x 18 through 24 x 24, double filled, honed. No gray or black colors in tiles. No chipped and broken edges. May contain swirls or long striations (lines). 
Preferred colors are light/cream, e.g. coliseum, beige, ivory, romano, Cuervo, Navonas, or similar from countries like Turkey, Italy, Mexico and Spain. 
Delivery to Houston by end of July. So this may rule out some import locations. Cost needs to be below $2.00 per sq ft, otherwise local supplies can be used. My tel. no. is 832-85.....June 27, Contact
e 13328 USA: I am interested Shayan Black Granite Tiles 12 x 12.  Please quote in USD. June 27, Contact
e 13327 UK: We are interested in buying Russian marble. Our tel. no. is 015656.....June 27, Contact
e 13326 Israel: We need Jura Beige Lime Stone. Size 60cm X 60cm X 2cm Qty 300 Sqm, 40cm X 40cm X 2cm Qty 300 Sqm & 20cm X 20cm X 2cm Qty 100 Sqm. Would like to buy from Europe. Delivery Date should be till October 2004. Will need a sample from each stone size. Would like to inspect material on site. Shipping - Ex factory. Finish - not polish. Our tel. no. is Tel: +972-4- 64.....June 27, Contact
e 13325 Morocco: WE ARE LOOKING FOR A CAT 350L. PLEASE QUOTE. OUR TEL. NO. IS 00212 648.....June 27, Contact
e 13324 USA: Looking for granite quarry owners in Spain. June 27, Contact
e 13323 USA: Retail: I am interested in the Alaskan stone slabs. I am a resident of Alaska and am interested in who carries the stone. I will be assembling a new kitchen next summer. June 27, Contact
e 13321 USA: Retail: Looking for 110 square feet of 4x4 tumbled Jersualem stone light gold. June 27, Contact 
e 13320: We are very interested in the terrazzo floor tile plant. Please email more information and the price of the plant. June 27, Contact 
e 13319 Jamaica: What is rate for Norwegian blue pearl slabs & 18 x 18 tiles. June 27, Contact 
e 13318: Please quote for beige travertine in
1) 160 SQM polished 30cmx60cmx2cm + 50 meters skirting
2) 6 stair steps, 170x33x30mm + 14 steps 150x33x30mm + 11 steps 180x33x30mm. June 26, Contact
e 13317: Quarry Machinery: We are looking to buy a rock crusher. Give price for new and second hand in a very good condition. June 26, Contact
e 13316 USA: I am looking for a supplier / pricing on Blue Sodalite slabs for a kitchen countertop application. June 26, Contact
e 13315 UAE: I am looking for white marble from Turkey they called it Kamal Basha Marble. June 26, Contact
e 13314 Kuwait: Looking for agglomerated marble tile manufacturers / suppiers. Our tel. no. is +965 47.....June 26, Contact
e 13313 India: Wanted 40 or 45 tone telescopic boom wheel mounted crane. Boom length maximum 104 to 112 ft. My mobile no is 098423.....June 26, Contact
e 13312 USA: Please send us information on your granite slabs and the Price List. We are Based in California and Central-East Europe. June 26, Contact
e 13311 USA: Retail: I would like a quote on a 2cm slab of Emperador Dark Marble; size 20"X108" and another quote on 9 Emperador Dark Marble tiles (12"X12"). Also would these be finished as tumbled, honed, polished or brushed? What would the shipping be for each to Bay City, TX 77414? June 26, Contact
e 13310 USA: Where can I find Sodalite Blue slabs? My tel. no. is 770.36.....June 26, Contact
e 13309 USA: I would like to know what is the price of 1 container of Turkish classic travertine 18x18 including the shipment to CA and if you have pallets available too. June 26, Contact
e 13308 India: Retail: We are building a house in Bangalore, India. We are planning to use Colonial Dream for the flooring (living room). Is it a good choice. Can I find this granite in Bangalore?  June 26, Contact
e 13307 USA: Retail: Does anyone offer "Marlin Verde" granite? June 26, Closed
e 13306 USA: Need significant amount of granite tiles for a large distributor in the East coast. Need to ensure exact thickness 3/8" on all colors ordered, along with "beveled edges". Need samples. My tel. no. is 412-40....June 26, Contact
e 13305 USA: Landscape: Would possibly be interested in the belgium jumbo cobbles. Need to know dimension, color and location along with price. My tel. no. is 800-81.....June 26, Contact
e 13304 USA: I AM LOOKING FOR 1.5" Beaumaniere Limestone, shot and acid treated. Please respond ASAP. I am in CT. My tel. no. is 860-92.....June 26, Contact 
e 13303 USA: I would like samples of travertine light, med, & noce. I am in Texas. My tel. no. is 281-65.....June 26, Contact 
e 13302 USA: Retail: I am looking for Cardigan Bianco and Giallo Topazio. Please send me details on pricing, shipping and minimum/ maximum quantities. I am in CA. My tel. no. is 714.98.....June 26, Contact 
e 13301 USA: Retail: Please give me some idea how much the mosaic cost and shipping cost. I'm a small builder in San Jose, Ca area. June 26, Contact 
e 13300 USA: USA retail: Looking for a local supplier in the Memphis area to buy about 3 - 4 granite slabs for use in counter tops. My tel. no. is (901) 37.....June 26, Contact 
e 13299 Poland: I want juparana dourado in tiles 275x598x13mm and 598x598x13mm - 6000 sqm @ USD 25.  June 26, Contact 
e 13298 USA: Artifacts: Looking for someone in Tucson/San Diego area who manufactures metal table frames ready for mosaic tile installation. Need more specifics, i.e., work plans. June 25, Contact 
e 13297 Germany: Please quote per sqm for Birdjan Green Iranian granite. Size:40 x 40 cm x 1 cm. Delivery to Hamburg including tranport. My tel. no. is +49-7621-41.....June 25, Contact
e 13296 China: Please quote to us your best FOB PRICE for Imperial red granite (middle figure). SIZE 25mm x 1200 x 2400, QTY: 1500m2. Finish: polished (1 side). Please quote. Our tel. no. is 86-592-56.....June 25, Contact
e 13295 USA: Need 1500 marble tiles of 12"x12"x3/8" size for initial sample to distribute to my customers and use in model house currently under construction to showcase my upscale building products. 
Need 4 granite slabs for standard size kitchen countertop up to 40 feet long and one granite slab at least 44" x 115" for kitchen island. 
Need pre-fabricated granite stair steps for 26 feet wide front of show house leading to front door. 
Can be 16 pieces each 6 feet long or 24 pieces each 4 feet long, or other combination? 
Also need 1000 tiles of limestone or travertine, 12"x12"x3/8" for samples and installation in show house. 
This beautiful house (already half- finished) will aggressively promote its component products to the area's contractor builders and the public. We are located a few hours from Chicago. My customers will go for price more than quality. So long as the material is marble granite or limestone, grade or color will be less important than affordability in making a sale. 
Bigger orders will follow depending on my customers' demand for your product at your price. I have seen marble tile as low as 60 cents to 75 cents per 12x12x3/8" tile, but am not ready to buy 20' container of it. If you can supply tile in the quantity I need for a little less than one US dollar per tile, I will be very interested, and will buy as soon as possible. June 25, Contact
e 13294: Diamond Tools: We are interested to purchase diamond pieces (sets) that used in the saw blades for cutting stones/rocks. Please send us your quotation & payment method. The required specification as follows: 
White - fast - height 12mm - thick 6mm
Yellow - very fast - wet - height 12mm - thick 6mm
Bazalt - slow - H 12mm - thick 6mm. June 25, Contact
e 13293: We are currently in the preparation phase in bidding for 10 temples. Each temples is 15,000- 20,000 sqm of limestone. We require some high quality limestone with very low porosity and the colours of white or off-white. Can you send sample of your product. June 25, Contact
e 13292 India: We are in urgent need of a TOWER CRANE. It can be rebuilt or second hand, but must be 100% serviceable. The specifications required are as under: 
Crane Version - Stationary on Foundation anchors,
Jib length - 55 m,
Free standing Height - 47 meter,
Height under Hook - 202 meter,
Maximum load capacity - 8 MT @15.5 meter radius, and
Tip load - 2.75 MT @ 45 meter radius, 1.7 MT @ 55 meter radius.
Year=1998 max. 
Mast height required for the present job is 100 m. Even if 202 meter mast are not available, 100 meter will suffice for the time being. Please send your offers with 
1. Technical specifications & product catalogue
2. Basic price (CIF India)
3. Taxes & duties
4. Earliest delivery
5. Payment terms
6. Warranty
Crane with specifications other than the above be also intimated. June 25, Contact
e 13291 Iran: Diamond Tools: We require segment for granite cutting. Size 40. Qty. 100 no. Please advise the terms and conditions. June 25, Contact
e 13290 Kenya: Stone Processing Machinery: I wish to import building stones cutting and dressing machines. June 25, Contact
e 13289 UK: We need granite for export to Europe. Email me to detailed documentation of your services. June 25, Contact
e 13288 India: Looking for quotes from quarry owners for Creama Marfil, 10 mm tiles, 5 containers. Contact no. 91 98290.....Payment through bank. June 25, Contact
e 13287 Kuwait: We are interested to buy one Kato Crane Truck (45 ton). If you have stock for these kato 45 ton crane truck, please give the c/f price and all details with picture. Our tel. no. is (00965) 26.....June 25, Contact
e 13286 USA: Do you have COLONIAL DREAM granite tiles available? I am in Chicago. Phone no. is 773-58.....June 25, Contact
e 13285 UAE: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote with images for CAT 325 and kato crane 25t. June 25, Contact
e 13284 UK: We are a design house and  looking for a 100 sqm of Crema Marfil polished 400 x 400 x 15mm tiles. Please forward the price, availability, time from order and cost for shipping. June 25, Contact
e 13282 Netherlands: I am looking for big granite boulders, approximate 2 to 3 meters (largest size). June 24, Contact
e 13281 India: Stone Processing Machinery: Looking for used Jumbo Gangsaws for immediate purchase. Please send me the pics of the machines available with you and also the quotes. My tel. no. is 098491.....June 24, Contact
e 13280: Diamond Tools: Please quote for DRESSER DIAMOND Qty 33 pieces. 3 - CARAT, DIA = 12 MM, L = 150 MM. Please quote your best price on FOB basis with technical literature. June 24, Contact
e 13279 USA: I am also looking for pool table slate in quantity. I am in El Paso, Texas 79930. June 24, Contact
e 13278 USA: I am an owner builder and plan to install about 1000 S. F. of honed 18X18 travertine floor tile. My house is located in the hi desert in California [very dry climate]. The house pad was over excavated and re-compacted to the depth of 5 feet and than raised an additional foot above grade. The concrete slab is very smooth and level and some saw cut expansion joints were cut in the slab. My question is do I need to use an underpayment? And if so what type and what means of attachment to the floor do you recommend. I have asked thee different tile stores here and have gotten three different answers. June 24, Contact
e 13277 USA: Retail: We are interested in replacing our countertop with granite. After visiting several places to look at granite, we found the one we love, called juparana anandis. Could you please tell me what you know about this granite, i.e. its strength, how well it holds up compare to other granites. I am in MD. My tel. no. is 301-40.....June 24, Contact
e 13276: Please quote for Indonesian marble and tiles. See pricelist 1271. June 24, Contact
e 13275 USA: I am looking to purchase a large quantity of the 4x4 Bottichino Tumbled Marble Tiles (or other Tumbled Marble). I would like prices, quantities, shipping costs, etc. I am in Texas. June 24, Contact
e 13274 Netherlands: Landscape: Please send pricelist and pictures on large size granite boulders. June 24, Contact
e 13273 USA: We are Granite retailer. Please send me your granite slabs price list. We are in CA. My mobile no. is  925-25.....June 24, Contact
e 13272: Please quote for a waterjet machine with details of make, model, table size, pump HP, etc. June 24, Contact
e 13271 USA: Landscape: I want Pennsylvania Bluestone. Please email price list with shipping to Mass. My tel. no. is 1-508-86.....June 24, Contact
e 13270 USA: Please quote for monuments # 002 & 007 in black granite, and do you do photo laser etching.  June 24, Contact
e 13269: Stone Processing Machinery: I am looking for a 70 blades gangsaw machine to cut natural stone. Please quote. June 24, Contact
e 13268 Australia: We are a company that imports various types of stone from Asia including India. Where  could I look at some photos of the products you have in particular sandstone. My phone no. is 07 326......June 24, Contact
e 13267 USA: ARTIFACTS: We are looking for an old looking stone crème color in a basin/bowl form about four feet in diameter that we will be using for a fountain. I am in NY. My tel. no. 212.47.....June 24, Contact 
e 13265 USA: We are a marble and granite fabricator in VA. We need Noche Travertine 2 and 3CM slabs. Our tel. no. is (276) 63.....June 23, Contact 
e 13264 India: Diamond Tools: We need synthetic diamond of grade DZD7005060 and DZD7006070 to manufacture diamond tools used to cut granites. Please send pricelist. June 23, Contact 
e 13263 USA: Earthmoving Machinery: I have buyers who are very interested in buying Komatsu D155-1. My tel. no. is 732-84.....June 23, Contact 
e 13262 USA: Artifacts: Please quote for wash basins & vanity tops. I am in MA. My phone no. is 413.52.....Also send catalogs of any other similar product, along with detail descriptions, availability, colors, etc. is volume discounting available? June 23, Contact 
e 13261 India: Diamond Tools: I want diamond saw segment and polishing pads of various sizes for Kota stone. Please send me pricelist. The sizes of segments I need are 24 x 7.5 x 12 and 24 x 7 x 12 and 24 x 6.5 x 12. My phone no. +9198291.....June 23, Contact 
e 13260 USA: Retail: We have both fallen madly in love with the Copper Sunset stone for our kitchen. I will be able to go anywhere in Miami, Broward or Palm Beach counties as long as we can meet with different people that can give us a variety of quotes so we may negotiate. 
It's a very urgent matter, as we have gutted the old kitchen (it was very dirty and falling apart) and need to install our new kitchen fast! I just do NOT want to settle for something we both do not like. We have fallen in love with Copper Sunset. You can reach us at 954-44..... June 23, Contact 
e 13259 USA: Earthmoving Machinery: We want a CAT D8R. June 23, Contact 
e 13258 Malaysia: We are one of the leading marble and granite contractor (installer) and seller in Malaysia. We also export and import granite & marble. Currently we have a project which uses 4000 sqm white granite. Product Specification: Polishes, unpolished, 1.2m x 2.4m x 30mm thick and 1.8m x 0.6m x 30mm thick. Telephone no. is 603 49.....June 23, Contact 
e 13257: We need a road line drawing machine. Do you have it in your stock? Where we can buy it in Europe? June 23, Contact 
e 13256 Vietnam: Earthmoving Machinery: Please send photos and offer CIF price (Hai phong port - Vietnam) for Hitachi EX700. with a 4 cbm Bottom Dump Bucket. June 23, Contact 
e 13255 India: We require about 5000 sq feet kotah stones. Please quote. We are in Gandhdidham. June 23, Contact 
e 13253 China: We are looking for granite for floor and wall. Please quote for per sqm 50x50, 40x40, 60x40 thickness 8mm. My tel. no. is 86-755-251.....June 23, Contact 
e 13252 Ukraine: We are interested in an old Waterjet machine with a 2 metre X 3 metre bed. Please send photos. June 23, Contact 
e 13251 USA: Interested in purchasing Jerusalem Gold and Masada Gold in Limestone around 5-6000 sq ft
How much can you get it for per sq ft and will the stone be cut to specs? My tel. no. is 864 90.....June 23, Contact 
e 13249 Uruguay: WE ARE LOOKING FOR TRUCK ROUGH TERRAIN CRANES OF 20 TO 30 Ton. Between Year 1982 to 1994. MAKE DAEWOO DTC 21 & DAEWOO DTC 35. Please send me your offer with complete information and pictures. My tel. no. is 00598 2 40.....June 23, Contact 
e 13248 USA: I am looking for 12 x 18 x 3.5 granite blocks. You can also call me back at 914-69..... June 23, Contact 
e 13247 USA: Looking for Turkish Travertine as displayed in ready stock 506. June 23, Contact 
e 13246 USA: I am an architect in NY. I like the cerna voda granite from Czechoslovakia. Our tel. no. is 646-25..... June 23, Contact 
e 13245: Can a marble inlay table top be used as a floor tile? In particular from supplier #21 code 21-0027. I would like to use this as a floor medallion but am concerned of its height when installed with porcelain floor tiles. June 23, Contact
e 13244 Ireland: Landscape: I am interested in buying some granite kerbs for the driveway of my private house. I require approximately 500 no. kerbs approximately 100mm x 200mm x 500mm long. Could you confirm a price for these? Also can transport be arranged to Northern Ireland? If so what price? June 23, Contact
e 13243 USA: I am looking for a source for absolute black granite tile ranging from 6 x 6" and up for laser etching. June 23, Contact
e 13242 USA: Retail: What is the proper name for Chelsea Gray Marble. It is sold in New York City as Pewter. June 23, Contact
e 13241 Spain: Earthmoving Machinery: We are interested in getting more information on Cat 350L excavators to make an offer to purchase for shipment to Las Palmas. June 23, Contact
e 13240 UK: We are trying to source and transport Nero Impala, Emerald Pearl and Baltic Brown 30mm granite slabs to Romania. June 23, Contact
e 13239 USA: Landscape: I would like to make an inquiry about the Tennessee Thick Flagstones CRAB ORCHARD FLAGSTONE 1 ½ to 2 ½. What price per ton? My tel. no. is 301 92.....June 22, Contact
e 13238 Turkey: We are looking for 10,000 sqf Commercial grade Tumbled French Pattern travertine for our client. This is a certain and urgent order and purchase is guaranteed provided that we meet the price target. We can send picture of the material in question as well. June 22, Contact
e 13237 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote c&f Karachi port for ex100wd Hitachi model over 90. June 22, Contact
e 13236 India: We want to renovate our corporate floor. Please contact us for the requirement of Granite slabs. Phone No 2610....June 22, Contact
e 13235 USA: I want Brazilian Ubatuba slabs. June 22, Contact
e 13234 USA: I am very interested in starting a monument business. I am looking forward to the information that is needed. June 22, Contact
e 13233 Vietnam: We are looking for the following types of Granite Blocks and Slabs for Vietnam market. 
White Galaxy, Paradiso, Black, Lilac and Black Galaxy. Prices required on CNF Ho Chi Minh City basis per M3 for Blocks and Sq.Ft. for slabs. Following are the sizes required for Blacks and slabs. 
Granite Block: L2,2m x W1,0m x H0,7 m & L2,2m x W1,0m x H1,1m. 
Granite Slab: L2,2m up x W0,65m x 19mm thickness. Quantity depends on the price. Order will be on 20' container load basis. My mobile no. is 0903 7......June 22, Contact
e 13232: Please quote for Dozer including shipping to St. Lucia in the Caribbean. June 22, Contact
e 13231 Nigeria: Quote me for a 5/8 bore, 12 inches, and 60 teeth diamond saw blades for marble cutting including UPS shipment. Payment shall be made by credit card. June 22, Contact
e 13230 Chile: Please quote and send photos of CAT 320C & CAT 312B. My tel. no. is +56 933.....June 22, Contact
e 13229 USA: I would like to get a quote for multi color slate for creating a garden path. The area I want to cover is 110 square feet. How much is your multi color large broken pieces, or how much is a pallet? How much is shipping? How do I get it out of the box...is it so heavy that special arrangements need to be made for lifting? June 22, Contact
e 13228 USA: We are currently working on the design of a curtain wall system (re-cladding an existing structure) for an office building in Manhattan. We would like to look at your product with the possibility of specifying it as part of the curtain wall system. If possible, please send me a 4" X 4" or larger sample and specifications (ASTM C-97, C170, C99, C880 and C241) of the following products Academy Black, Mason, AFG54. We are in NY. My tel. no. 212.22.....June 22, Contact
e 13227 USA: I am interested in purchasing 3800 square feet of Calacatta Gold Marble 16 x 16 or 18 x 18 3/4" (three quarters inch thick). Please send me a quotation and shipping cost. I am in Maryland. June 22, Contact
e 13225 USA: Retail: We are remodeling our kitchen. We have found a product that we like for our countertops called Pietra Serena. I believe it is a limestone. The place that we saw the stone did not have enough in stock to meet our needs. We are particularly interested in this stone, but would be open to other materials as long as its color is close to the Pietra Serena stone (light/medium gray) and it does not have too strong of a pattern within it (matte type finish - not marble!). We are in CA. Our tel. no. is 415-20.....
The dimensions are: 20 feet x 24 inches counter top, 6 feet x 36 inches counter with overhang.
We are willing to buy from anywhere, but the shipping costs will factor into our decision. We will be ready for the stone in about two weeks. We need to find a local fabricator which has to happen before buying the
stone. But, we are motivated to make this happen soon as we move in August 2004. June 22, Contact
e 13224 Egypt: We are an engineering and trading company based in Cairo. Our customer is looking for Diamond powder (synthetic), grain size 200 - 500 micron to make cutting tools for granite and hard stone. Qty - 100 gm. June 22, Contact
e 13223 USA: Retail: I am a homeowner in Boise and need to find someone who can cut/fabricate some granite slabs I already have, to make countertops. They already have bullnosed edges. My home phone is (208) 33....June 22, Contact
e 13222 USA: Retail: I want white granite counter-tops. Below are the quantities & the dimensions. 
1) (i) 16 foot x 2 foot countertop with a cutout for a stove:
    (ii) 16 foot x 4 inch lip.
2) (i) 11 foot x 2 foot countertop with a cutout for a sink:
    (ii) 16 foot x 4 inch lip.
3) 6 foot x 6 inch ledge.
4) 2 foot by 30 inch island with one oval end at width. 
Stone type and quality: finished/polished Granite first quality (minimal shade variation). Thickness: standard for countertop. Light colored - white. Buy locally (U.S. or Canada). Need by Fall 2004. Will pay COD, Credit Card or Check. Will inspect samples for which I will pay courier cost. I can order within 1-2 months. Tel. no. is (347) 23.....June 21, Contact
e 13221 USA: Retail: I need Sahara Beige marble 12"x12" tiles (400 square feet) and also in 2 or 3cm slabs (4 slabs). What is the lead time? June 21, Contact
e 13220 UAE: Please quote for red, brown, coffee, yellow and blue color marble and granite in slabs thickness 2cm and 3 cm, length and width 2.5m height 1.5m and up. Our tel. no. is 00971-6-54..... June 21, Contact
e 13219 Ireland: Looking for vanity tops in Calcatta gold marble 1600mm x 600mm x 37mm th. oval cut out for sink. to incl splash back, profiled sides supporting sink. Qty. reqd. 105. Phone no. is 353 1 21.....June 21, Contact
e 13218 USA: Retail: I am trying to identify a granite which I have seen by the name Blue Fountaine. This may be a pseudonym. I hope to find an interesting stone with some iridescent particles which will complement my gold toned cabinets. Browns, taupes, blues and greens and black seem to work. June 21, Contact
e 13217 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: Please quote BRA DM75 Gang Saw. Accessories shipping from where in Italy. Does price include shipping? June 21, Contact
e 13216:  Earthmoving Machinery: Do you have Scania 113 (dumper or tipper), model 1991 or later for sale. June 21, Contact
e 13215 Bahrain: We are dealers of industrial equipments and machines. We have an inquiry from one of our customers for computerized engraving / waterjet machine on marble and granite. Please quote your net FOB price for the machine, software and necessary accessories but without PC. Our tel. no. 00973 396.....June 21, Contact
e 13214: Earthmoving Machinery: We are interested to import 02 Nos. (used) Caterpillar/Kobelco Excavator. Please quote. June 21, Contact
e 13213 Turkey: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for a second hand CAT wheel loader, dump truck, cat dozer, dynapac roller, tammrock. Please mention model, unit price and send pictures. Our phone no. is 0532 32......June 20, Contact
e 13212 Kenya: Quarry Machinery: We are looking for a Coral stone cutting machine which cuts horizontally and vertically. Please let us have some details and quote us. Our tel. no. +(254)-41-2.....June 20, Contact
e 13211 USA: Retail: I want more info on Kongolo Mera. June 20, Contact
e 13210 Iran: We are interested in a truck crane as displayed in ready stock 355. We had a purchase a similar crane a month ago. We prefer the roll car in the left. June 20, Contact
e 13209: Our representative company is interested in contacting Onyx Quarry owners to import the raw blocks in commercial quantities. June 20, Contact
e 13208 USA: We are looking for white marble blocks & slab from China, Vietnam. June 20, Contact
e 13207 USA: I am interested in Mocca Red. The customer I am working with had this granite in New Jersey. They will not sell slabs and will not give me any information as to where it can be secured. In appearance it is very similar to Coffee Brown, with two very prominent differences. It has more "red" and has large inclusions of the deep, deep red, while still prominently portraying an all over pattern. June 20, Contact
e 13206: Need to contact stone suppliers and quarry machinery manufacturers.  June 20, Contact
e 13205 USA: Retail: I need to purchase a slant headstone to be placed at a gravesite in north New Jersey. I need it before the 30th June. Please contact me with wholesale price. My cell no. is 646 73.....June 20, Contact
e 13204 Kuwait: I am looking for 50 ton truck mounted Kato or Tadano crane with Nissan chassis. Model around 1988 to 92. My tel. no. is 00965 79.....June 20, Contact
e 13203 USA: Retail: I am trying to design my Kitchen and wondering about the characteristics of "Bluestone", found in N.Y., Penn., and N.C., USA, for Kitchen countertops. I understand it is similar to slate in look but what about durability when cutting on the surface. Also would like to know about it's durability to acidity. I read somewhere that it is difficult to cut to regular dimensional sizes, can anyone explain why? Is it too hard? too flaky? I like the look but know nothing else about it. Finally does anyone reading this know a typical price range per square foot of "Bluestone?" June 20, Contact
e 13202 USA: I am looking for Jerusalem gold acid washed stone. It is very pale gold with a cobblestone edge and comes in a pattern with four sizes. June 19, Contact
e 13201 USA: Retail: I want to install Brazilian Verde slate in my Foyer. Any comments? June 19, Contact
e 13200 Iran: We need Cranes, specially (CATERPILLAR, JAPANESE kOMATSU) year (1999 till 2003). I am an agent in Iran. We need a information like:
1- The year of the production
2- Model (to see if we have market in Iran)
3- How safe is it, and how many hours it worked? June 19, Contact
e 13199 Kuwait: We would like to contact some companies from Iran supplying Travertine slabs and cut-to-size material. We have project that require Travertine Noce. Please send quotations for sizes 800 x 600 x30 mm - 3500 m2. June 19, Contact
e 13198 USA: Retail: My wife and I are about to build pour first and only dream house, and were looking at slabs the other day (for our countertops). We saw a sample of Santa Ceceila, and thought we wanted it. We also saw Juparana Bordeaux, and I really liked it. Is it good stuff, and true granite? Also, my wife loved the Madura Gold. It's pigmatite, and not granite ? Is it good stuff? June 19, Contact 
e 13197 USA: Retail: Email me relevant information on Marble...Granite and any specials you may have on stone. Can you ship it door to door? I am in GA 30084. June 19, Contact 
e 13196: Please send prices for Rosavel Granite (Spanish) 2cm + 3cm thick slabs (apprx cut 1500 M2). June 19, Contact 
e 13195 Turkey: Pease send pricelist of all kinds of travertine. June 19, Contact 
e 13194 UK: Retail: Need 30 tiles Perryfield Whitbed 1 metre x 1 metre x 20 mm. Delivery to London. June 19, Contact 
e 13193 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: I am interested in purchasing your "bridge saw" within the ranges of $46,000 to $65,000. I will like to view the picture of this product for confirmation. June 19, Contact 
e 13192 Australia: We would order Chinese green and black granite tiles. About ten containers per year. My phone no. is (61 2) 833...... June 19, Contact
e 13191 Nigeria: Please quote for various granite tile types you have for eg. ruby red, blue pearl, absolute black, etc. June 19, Contact 
e 13190 USA: Retail: I am interested in using Jerusalem stone for entry foyer floor and powder room floor. Is there a place in Westchester County NY to purchase it? June 19, Contact 
e 13189: I am staying in Darussalam. I want perlato di sicilia. Please quote with shipping to Brunei Darussalam.....for an about 300 square meter. June 19, Contact 
e 13188 USA: Retail: We are looking for a tile made out of jade. The dimensions are about 18"x18"x3/8". We are an interior design firm in New York City. How much would a tile that size be? June 19, Contact 
e 13187 USA: Looking for Milford Pink granite slabs. June 19, Contact 
e 13186 South Africa: Please quote for SOUTH AFRICAN GRANITE. June 19, Contact 
e 13185 USA: Landscape: Retail: I am looking for 1000 kg of 2-3-inch long smooth blue-green pebbles ASAP in Laguna Beach, CA. I saw these in Bali a few years ago. Will buy from anywhere if total cost (including shipping) is reasonable. Ready to obtain immediately. My tel. no. is (949) 63..... June 19, Contact 
e 13184 USA: I am trying to get a price for African Red granite in 12X12 squares or slab. June 18, Contact 
e 13183 USA: I live in California  and I want to become a reseller of Brazilian Stones. I have some question: 
1. How do I order Brazilian stones in containers?
2. Do I supply the container or would you ship to Long Beach Harbor for me?
3. How much would it cost to ship each container to Long Beach Harbor?
4. How does payment work, do you need half or all upfront before shipping?
5. How long would a shipment take to get here from Brazil, as in days or weeks? 
Please respond to me asap. If I need to talk to someone. June 18, Contact 
e 13182 USA: Email me relevant information on crema marfil tiles from Spain in size 24 x 24 or 18 x 18 ivory choice select. June 18, Contact 
e 13181 UK: We are interested various types of stones. Our tel. no. is 44 207 74.....June 18, Contact 
e 13180 USA: Retail: Looking for more information on the Sahara Granite coming from Columbia. I wanted to know if there was someplace in Massachusetts where I could see this. June 18, Contact 
e 13179 Hong Kong: We are a very big importer in India of marble from different countries. We have office in Hong Kong, China, India. We would like to import white marble blocks from you of Vietnam origin. Our requirement is minimum 1000 MT every month since we directly supply the construction companies after cutting them in slabs and polishing them in India. 
Please give us us your full company details and also send us some photos of fresh blocks available at you quarry. Please give us your best FOB price for White block of 1st choice and 2nd choice. If your quality of blocks would be good, we will come there for inspection and selection. Our tel. no. is 00852-983......June 18, Contact 
e 13178: I would like to inquire regarding Indian sandstones. The same picture of teakwood sandstone. I have noticed that there are different kinds of grain for this kind of stone. What are the prices for all sizes and finish. June 18, Contact 
e 13177 Australia: Stone Processing Machinery: Please quote for a hoisting winch and send me a photo of it. My tel. no. is +61 2 966.....June 18, Contact 
e 13176 USA: I am interested in purchasing sink and fireplace as displayed in FindStone.com's online stores.  
I will like to know the amount of these products 0014 - 0005, 0014 - 0011, 0014 - 0003
0016 - 0005, 0016 - 0008 and 0016 - 0002
. June 18, Contact
e 13175 India: Required agate pebbles for grinding application in ceramic tile industry. Phone no. is +91 22 26........June 18, Contact
e 13174: I am interested in contacting someone regarding Bulgarian Stone Vratza. I need approx. 5200 m2 of 994mm x 534 mm x 35mm material with a honed finish. 
I have just arrived here today in Bulgaria to look for this particular stone. My phone number here in Sofia is 359 2 96..... Please feel free to contact me here in order to make contact. My goal is to confirmed and purchase this stone this week. June 18, Contact
e 13173 India: We would like to price for Carara  white and pink marble block of 18 x 18 size.  June 18, Contact
e 13172 USA: What is your opinion on CNC machines, particularly the Odessy II. I have been fabricating natural stone for the past 18 years, I am ready to let the machines do the work. I am in VT. June 18, Contact
e 13171 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: Looking for a FOMA bridge saw. June 18, Contact
e 13170 UAE: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote CIF to Dubai for a wheel loader. June 18, Contact
e 13169 Canada: We are interested in porcelain tiles, any size, along with the granite for the counter tops. We are looking at around 650 units to be done. We are looking at the container loads. Please send us the price list. June 18, Contact
e 13168 Jordan: Diamond Tools: We are trading company in Jordan dealing in construction machinery and building materials. We are interested in cooperating with your company for the mutual benefits of our companies. Please send us your price list for your products of diamond blades for cutting concrete and asphalt. Our telephone no. is 962- 6 - 55.....June 18, Contact
e 13167 USA: Retail: I am looking for a source in the Chicago area for Pietra Cardoza stone. June 18, Contact
e 13165 Belgium: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for CAT 980C, 1 BUCKET AS 9V0221, 1 EDGE AS CUTTING 9V0233. TERMS OF PAYMENT 100 % ADVANCE. DELIVERY FRANCO BRUSSELS. PACKING STRONG BOX. OUR FAX NO. IS +32.2.47.....June 18, Contact
e 13164 Australia: I am the owner of a Granite processing factory in Melbourne looking to pricing of pre-made granite benchtops in set sizes to be shipped to our Melbourne port. I wish to get pricing on the following 2 types of stones; Shanxi Black 1st grade,and Ubatuba. Sizes and quantities as set out below: 
Shanxi Black 1st grade:
25 off pieces 3metres x 900 with 2 sides having 40ml square edgework.
50 off pieces 3metres x 700 with 1 side having 40ml square edgework.
50 off pieces 2.5metres x 700 with 1 side having 40ml square edgework.
Ubatuba Granite: 
25 off pieces 3metres x 900 with 2 sides having 40ml square edgework.
50 off pieces 3metres x 700 with 1 side having 40ml square edgework.
50 off pieces 2.5metres x 700 with 1 side having 40ml square edgework.
Can you inform me how many pieces can be shipped in each container and form of packaging as to minimize breakages. Lamination stripes to be calibrated at 38ml and are to be a standard return underneath of 35ml. 
Quality is to be of the highest as my Company is looking at regular containers on a monthly basis. Can you please provide pricing based on all costs included for container landed in Melbourne Port. Pricing to be on a per piece basis. Please also list your payment terms for our consideration. June 18, Contact
e 13163 USA: Retail: I need 300 SF of 18 x 18 Sienna gold travertine---no black streaks. I am in CA. My tel. no. is 858-68.....June 18, Contact
e 13162 USA: I would like to get a picture or a sample of the Carioca Brown granite. June 18, Contact
e 13161 UK: Please can you send a quotation for your range of granite and marble tiles exported to the UK in mixed containers. I am interested in all your range. June 18, Contact
e 13159 Italy: I am searching for producers of basaltina in Brazil or in South America. June 18, Contact
e 13158 Spain: PLEASE QUOTE FOR 500 M2 GRIS MACAEL 40x60x3 CM. MY TEL. NO. IS +34 973 2.....June 17, Contact
e 13157 USA: We're interested to see samples of small pebbles in white/off-white similar to those seen in images 0040 - 0005 and 0040 - 0006 on your website. We would like to order approx 30 cubic feet, once we
find a suitable pebble color and size. The project site that requires these pebbles is in Brooklyn, New York. We would ideally like to find a distributor in this area so we do not incur major shipping costs. Tel. no. 718 26.....June 17, Contact
e 13156 USA: Retail: Email me relevant information about beige butterfly. June 17, Contact
e 13155 India: We introduce ourselves as leading indenters/importers for used machinery in Indian market. At resent, we are looking for following Cranes
Tower Cranes of following specification:
Boom length: minimum 45m 
Jib length : 45m up to 60m
Capacity : 6 tons- 2 tons at the end.
Make required: Liebherr, Karrol, Demag, and Komantsu.
Crawler Crane from 150 to 300 tons.
Make required: Manutowok, Demag, Liebherr, P & H and Buircuresh.
If you have anything available, kindly send your ex-site + C5 prices or CIF C5 Bombay prices by return. June 17, Contact
e 13154 UK: Please quote for 30 tiles St. Hubert or Spademi Dure tiles 1 metre x 1 metre. Delivery to the UK. June 17, Contact
e 13152: I want to know of the factory/shop of marble in Indonesia, the price list, shipping and packing charges, etc. June 17, Contact
e 13151 USA: Retail: I want a slab of Labrador Antique granite. I live in Charleston, Missouri. June 17, Contact
e 13150 Italy: Please quote for Ocra granite as follows:
- Steps cm 150x35x3 Top + front polished with chamfer 2 mm (quantity 125 sqm)
- Risers cm 150x17x2 polished (Quantity 60 sqm)
- Skirting cm 7 (high) x free length x 1 cm (thickness) (Quantity 20 sqm)
- Tiles cm 30x30x1 polished and chamfered (Quantity 120 SQM)
Total quantity 325 sqm. Please let me know the quotations C&F LIVORNO PORT or FOB Chennai
We can consider to buy the Random slabs and cut in Italy, in this case you may send me also the offer for Random slabs polished 2 and 3 cm thick. June 17, Contact
e 13149 Germany: We are interested in all sorts of marble and granite. Most wanted marble is 'kavala', 'berrocal' and 'rosa beta' granites in tiles and special cut sizes. June 17, Contact
e 13148 USA: Artifacts: I am looking for a black marble base that is 8.75" x 8" x 1.5". Will this have beveled edges? How much is it with shipping? Can you email me a photo? I am in MA. My tel. no. is 617.86.....June 17, Contact
e 13147 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: Looking for info. on companies that manufacture machines that make aggregate tile using epoxy. June 17, Contact
e 13146 USA: I am am trying to locate two stones called Bakuhanseki and Taichoseki, found in Japan and other parts of Asia. Also inform me of what quantities can be obtained and how often. June 17, Contact
e 13145 USA: Quarrying Machinery: I am a real estate agent with a new marble mine not yet in production. Product in ground estimates (no core drillings performed yet) indicate could be to $5 Billion U.S. 
Looking for what total package of equipment would be indicated, to get started into production, then the ramp-up to full production, should cost for prospective buyers / quarriers. Prefer a total list of equipment, as well as any costs to bring to central Nevada to locate on site. 
I also need to know what the equipment requirements are as to power, water usage per/hour/day, and personnel needed to run the equipment, for 24 / 7 operations. Would like information on frequency of planned down times for maintenance. This should be a large scale operation when in full production.
Need equipment for extraction, recycling water, shoring, elevators, transfer of product. My tel. no. is 702-49.....June 17, Contact 
e 13144 Israel: We are interested in random size 160x240 min. 2cm polished slabs first quality of braganza. 
Quantity up to 4 cntrs o/t. We want to check the goods prior to dispatch. June 17, Contact 
e 13143 Canada: I need containers of lava stone from Indonesia for sculpture, garden accessories, etc. Need it in 3-4 months. My tel. no. is 905-33..... June 17, Contact 
e 13142 USA: Retail: I am looking for a granite called Verde Vechio - it is a light green granite with gold veining and black speckles. June 17, Contact 
e 13141 USA: Retail: Do you have a granite called California Jade? June 17, Contact 
e 13140 USA: I am interested in finding out if the slate tiles from this supplier are calibrated and guaged. June 17, Contact 
e 13139 USA: Retail: Please send information on a red countertop .... the reddest one you have....not onto burgundy...bright RED. Do you have that in a terrazo material for my kitchen island? June 17, Contact 
e 13138 Germany: I am looking for lapis lazuli rough or chips or cutting left over for powder production.  Should have dark colour quantity up to 200kg. June 16, Contact 
e 13136 Hong Kong: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for hitachi EX100-1. June 16, Contact 
e 13135 China: We want blocks of Giallo imperial granite. Please quote (CIF XIAMEN). June 16, Contact 
e 13132 USA: We are looking Caterpillar Motor Grader 14G and Komatsu Dozer D-155. Kindly send us further detail and final price for the same. Our tel. no. is 905 81.....June 16, Contact 
e 13131 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: Is it feasible to ship a bridge saw from Italy to the US? June 16, Contact 
e 13130 India: Artifacts: I need green granite sculpture of lord Vinayaka, Buddha and many others. Please send  photographs with prices. My phone no. is 98943-.....June 16, Contact 
e 13129 USA: Landscape: I am looking for 2000sq ft of irregular Pennsylvania blue stone 11/4" thick. I need this stone before Tuesday for next week. I am in NY. I want a regular cut. My Budget is $2 per square foot. My tel. no. is 845.46..... June 16, Contact 
e 13128 USA: Retail: Landscape: Please quote for granite cobbles stones. June 16, Contact 
e 13127 UK: We are looking for new suppliers of limestone and travertine tiles both traditional looking and contemporary, all for interior use. We are also looking for them in tumbled wall tiles and mosaic. My tel. no. is 07866 6.....June 16, Contact 
e 13126 USA: Retail: I am interested in buying some of granite paving stones. I am located in Bar Harbor. June 16, Contact 
e 13125 USA: Retail: Please quote for black and golden stone slabs. Send images also. My tel. no. is 501-52..... June 16, Contact 
e 13124 USA: Retail: Is Vyara Gold a good granite to have as a kitchen countertop? Is it considered a "true" granite - does it need sealing? We have to make a decision this week as our house is approaching completion.  June 16, Contact 
e 13123 USA: Retail: Landscape: I want to build a small Japanese garden and need to obtain three (3) large gray stones to place as a focal point grouping. My problem is finding a supplier in my area of North Central Maryland. June 16, Contact 
e 13122 USA: Retail: I am looking for 150 Square Feet of Cipollino Apuano 12x12 tiles, polish finish for a hotel lobby floor. Could you please let me know if you have this product and what the price would be? My tel. no. is (239) 59.....June 16, Contact 
e 13121 USA: I need three slabs of Azul Dumar. June 15, Contact 
e 13120 USA: We represent some buyers in China. We look for suppliers of granite block and granite slabs in USA. Colors are raw silk, camelia white, bitu grey, mahogany dokota, giallo california. We need big quantities. Our tel. no. is 972-62.....June 15, Contact
e 13119 USA: Retail: landscape: I would like to do a Travertine Paver walkway. I need about 500 sq ft. I live in Michigan. June 15, Contact
e 13118 I would like to contact the supplier for marbles from Turkey. Please inform of samples, quality and quantity information. June 15, Contact
e 13117 Czech Republic: Please quote for granite: G 623, 250x15x12 cm 30pcs polished, 250x90x7-20 pcs polished, 250x90x5 - 40 pcs polished and 250x150x3 - polished- rest for full container of 20 feet. Quote CIF Czech Republic. June 15, Contact
e 13116 Germany: Please quote with samples for granite and marble slabs and tiles. Need them for a building site. Approx. qty. is 350-500m2. Our tel. no. is 081-32......June 15, Contact
e 13115 USA: Retail: Please provide info for stones for exterior use. 
1. How many inches thick are the slates, limestone and sandstone your offer?
2. What are the costs per square feet? 
3. Do you have samples available to send us?
4. What is the shipping/delivery costs for sending samples?
5. How soon can you deliver the samples to us?
6. What are the shipping costs with final orders? 
7. Do you have a representative or, distributor in the United States? My tel. no. is 415-34.....June 15, Closed
e 13114 USA: Retail: I am searching tiles for a home remodel. They currently have Provenza Porcelain "Forgia" 16x16 tiles. Need to find distributor or retailer in Los Angeles California area. It also seems that Provenza Porcelain #010 "Ferro Fuoco" 12x12 or 8x8 would also work.  June 15, Contact
e 13112 USA: We live in a historic farmhouse in upstate New York (near the New England border). It is simple, yet elegant. We do a lot of cooking and we're very messy and don't always clean up spills and coffee drips and cooking messes right away. Right now we have a Formica countertop. It's old (20 years) and in bad shape. We need to replace it and would like to use granite or another stone rather than using any man-made products in our historic house. 
For historic reasons, I would like to use something quarried relatively locally (New England granite - preferably - or New York state granite or, at the very least, something quarried in the U.S.). I am looking for something with ease of maintenance, a more "formal" look than soapstone (especially since my husband doesn't like the look with our slate-blue cabinetry), and a stone that's not porous. 
I really like the local salt-and-pepper type granites, but I'm afraid the white background will show stains. June 15, Contact
e 13111: Please quote for whole sale prices of tumbled stones. June 15, Contact
e 13110 UAE: Please quote for green, red, jet black marble Slabs & Tiles. Product Specification is one side polish 120 & up X 240 & up X 20mm thickness. Qty. is 10000 sqft. We want stone for trading. Payment by LC. Delivery reqd. within 1 to 2 weeks. Please quote cnf Dubai. June 15, Contact
e 13109 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: Please forward, by mail (snail) all information, pictures, prices on machinery that is readily available to be sold machinery for extracting blocks of sand stone, bridge saws to cut blocks, etc. June 15, Contact
e 13108 Bangladesh: We are interested to slabs & Blocks of both Marble and granite. June 15, Contact
e 13107 Egypt: Stone Processing Machinery: I would like a used polishing line for marble with following specification: 
1- used polishing M/c for marble. 
2- 10 -12 head. 
3- productivity 200 - 300 Sqm /day. 
4- slab width 2000 mm.. Tel. no. +20263.....June 15, Contact
e 13106: Stone Polishing Machinery: Need a MARBLE TILES POLISHING LINE BRETON. We would like to the manufacture year, details, final price & to see some photos of the machine. June 15, Contact
e 13105 Israel: We are company in Israel that produce marble slabs and we find Basalt stone very clean in size from 1-3 mm. We want to order 1 container. Please quote with sample of 200 gr. Our tel. no. is 972-4-60.....June 15, Contact
e 13104 Croatia: We are a whole trading company dealing with ceramic and stone tiles. We are interested in 1. Spanish CREMA MARFIL - polished 60x60x2 (3) cm 
2. CREMA MARFIL - antiqued 60x60x2 (3) cm
3. CREMA NOVA - polished 60x60x2 (3) cm
Quantity approx more than 1000 tons. Our tel. no. is +385 1 38.....June 15, Contact
e 13103 : Please quote for marble from Iran and artifacts in soapstone (see pricelist 1263). June 15, Contact
e 13102 India: We are interested in sourcing PUMICE STONE for denim washing application of grade 2-4 CM for the Southern African region. The volumes can be roughly about 200-400 tonnes per month. Our tel. no. is (079)80.....June 15, Contact
e 13101 UK: Please quote for Indian Black Galaxy, Absolute black and Kashmir White all 1 container. Slabs 30mm thick. June 15, Contact
e 13100 Egypt: Stone processing Machine: Please quote for a marble and granite cutting machine. we are in Cairo and our phone no. is +202 26.....June 15, Contact
e 13099 Australia: We are trying to source Ipoh Crystal White Marble sizes 30x30x10 & 40x40x12. We require a FOB price for 2 x containers - Sydney.  June 15, Contact
e 13098 USA: We would like to know more about the travertine special you have. Does it come in a pattern? And would you sell an initial order of 600-700 sq ft of it to see how we like it. June 15, Contact
e 13097 India: diamond tools: We require diamond segments for our factory as well as to sell the product. Monthly we are buying 30 sets. Please quote. Our tel. no. is 091-08572-2.....Please send me the catalog of 12 mm and 15mm segments. June 15, Contact
e 13096 USA: Landscape: Looking for 40,000 square feet of blue stone for driveway and patios. So. Cal. location. I want the price to be below $4.00 per square foot, and I would also like 40,000 square feet of 12x24x4 or 18x18 and 12x12x4, all in the greenish side of the color spectrum. My telephone number is 626-35.....June 14, Contact
e 13095 USA: Retail: Interested in locating soapstone and flagstone of different colors. Pictures would help. I am in Long Beach, California. June 14, Contact
e 13094 USA: Retail: We are currently remodeling our kitchen. I am looking at purchasing a counter top that will last. I am currently looking at Santa Cecelia, Venetian Gold, and Giallo Veneziano. If I get one of these and seal it regularly, am I okay with these, or do I have to worry about chipping, pitting, or staining still? Please advice with quotes. June 14, Contact
e 13093 Pakistan: Stone processing Machine: Our firm is interested in setting up a factory to manufacture Precast Concrete Blocks, Kerb Stones, Edge Stones, Tuft Tiles and other similar items. For this purpose we are interested in purchasing machines and plants of best quality and high output. Please send us the details concerning your products including Technical Data, Cost, Training of Personals and After Sales Repairs and Services. Our telephone no. is 58....June 14, Contact
e 13092 India: We want to setup a Stone Crusher machine in Assam. Please quote for both automatic & manual machines with your standard terms & conditions, literature, etc. Our tel. no. is 0374-23.....June 14, Contact
e 13091 USA: Retail: I am in the process of replacing my current kitchen and am considering granite tops. What is a good granite "a true granite" to look for? I want something that is durable and hopefully won't have  problems. Also I do not want black or white stone. We are considering something along the lines of a pink, grayish pink or a grayish blue. Please give me some direction. I am in FL. June 14, Contact 
e 13090 USA: Retail: I am in the process of choosing kitchen countertops and love the look of limestone but know it isn't a good choice because it's so porous. Would you recommend soapstone instead? I don't like the look of corian or granite....what other stones will give me the appearance of limestone and are functional?My tel.no. is 800-66.....June 14, Contact 
e 13089 USA: Retail: I am interested in purchasing 100 SF of California Gold Slate. What is the
price/sf and how long will it take to ship? Ph: (312) 90.....June 14, Contact 
e 13088 Ireland: We are a whole sale company in the Republic of Ireland. We supply many different products to the stone industry. Because of more competition we are trying to source different types of sandblasting tapes. 
The 1st one we are looking for is the ANCHOR range rubber tapes. 116,117,155,153,125E,112,128,226/25". tapes. 
The 2nd one is from the TESSA range. 4432 (150mm white),4432 (300mm white), 4443 (300mm pink), 4434 (450mm yellow).
Please quote. June 14, Contact 
e 13087 Kenya: Quarrying Machines: I am quarry owner. I would like to have prices for block extracting machines CNF Mombasa port. My tel. no. is +25402037.....June 14, Contact 
e 13086 Malaysia: Landscape: WE NEED COBBLE STONE PRICING AND PACKING DETAILS. SIZE: 100 X 100 X 50MM. ITEM NO: 654 = 60,000 PCS & 603= 60,000 PCS. PLEASE QUOTE WITH DETAILS. OUR PHONE NO. IS 006-012-31.....June 14, Contact 
e 13085 South Africa: I wish to import cheap granite and marble from India or whichever country to fit in all my houses and to also resell here in South Africa. PLS SEND ME A PRICE ON ABSOLUTE BLACK, BLACK GALAXY AND KASHMIRI GOLD GRANITE. 
e 13084 Taiwan: We are looking for one granite called Agora Beige or Angola Beige. Please send quotes and images. Our fax no. is 886-2-229.....June 14, Contact 
e 13083 USA: Retail: Please quote for vanician gold 3 slabs pricing for resale Arizona. June 14, Contact 
e 13082 Lebanon: Abrasives: We are interested in products as displayed in ready stock 413. Are you a manufacturer? If so, please send us your catalog and export price list. Mobile: 00961 3 3..... June 14, Contact 
e 13081 USA: Earthmoving machinery: I want HITACHI EX-100-WD.  June 14, Contact 
e 13080 USA: Retail: I am trying to find a Vein Cut Walnut Light Travertine - Turkish Unfilled Table top. I had one shipped to me and it was broken in shipping I would like the price of a new table top and shipping costs if possible. The measurements of the table are 112cm X 62cm X 2cm and it has beveled edges. My phone number is 801-34..... June 14, Contact 
e 13079 Australia: I am trying to locate a source of a stone I saw in Bali some years ago, it was used as a coping paver on the edges of a lot of swimming pools there, it is yellow, grey and white in colour with a rounded front edge, it looks like sand stone but I don't think it is. It may be lime stone. June 14, Contact 
e 13078: Artifacts: Please would you be so kind as to send me your electronic catalogue of all the marble fireplaces as I am interested to market your product in Europe. June 14, Contact 
e 13077 USA: Landscape: Email me relevant information on black mexican pebbles 2-3 inch. I need two yards for my current project. What is your bulk price? June 14, Contact 
e 13076 USA: Retail: We are looking for kitchen countertop ideas but are concerned about how durable
some of the various stones etc. are. Would you be able to give me your 5 best picks for Kitchen countertops? We are looking for beauty and durability. June 14, Contact 
e 13075 USA: Retail: Please quote for Indian Parana granite. We are considering for use in our kitchen. Our phone no.  425-35.....June 13, Contact 
e 13074 USA: I am looking for Travertine Versailles Pattern - Noce Dark or vary in color - filled and honed - square edge or 16" bevel. June 13, Contact 
e 13073 UAE: Earthmoving machinery: We are looking for Loader Caterpillar 950G 2000 model. Our contact No is 971-50-59.....June 13, Contact 
e 13072 USA: Retail: I am ready to buy a granite counter top. What is the difference between natural granite & man made and which is best? June 13, Contact 
e 13071 USA: Please quote for 3000 sq. ft. different sizes for tea rose stone. June 13, Contact 
e 13070 USA: Please quote for 12 x 12 Tan Brown. What is the price per Sq. Foot in US dollars and what is the minimum order amount? June 13, Contact 
e 13069 Australia: Please quote for any Rough Terrain Cranes of a 20 - 30 Tonne Capacity, no older than a 1990 model? We prefer a Tadano, Kato, Komatsu or Kebelco brand. June 13, Contact 
e 13068 USA: I am a builder looking to purchase 6000 square feet of cross-cut, honed, filled noce travertine in 24"x 24" (61cm x 61cm). I would prefer the Turkish variety, but Iranian noce would work fine as well. I need to purchase this material as soon as possible in order to begin installation in 30-40 days. I expect to finalize an order within one week. A range of samples will be needed, and the closest match on your website was the "Sultan Gold" in the travertine from Turkey. TMy tel. no. is 760-36...... June 13, Contact 
e 13067 USA: Retail: We are in the process of buying a home and are confused about the countertops to use. Granite seems way out of our budget and are debating between Corian and Tile. We like the look of tile, but want something which is minimum maintenance. Both love to cook and resistance to stains, scratches and cuts are highest on our list. What would you suggest? Should we try to go over budget and get Granite or
will Tile/Corian be good enough. June 13, Contact 
e 13066 China: Please quote for pumice stone from Indonesia. My tel. no. is 86-755-268.....June 13, Contact 
e 13065 Canada: We want to buy travertine for our floors. Also what is the difference between fiorito and paredon? Our tel. no. is 416-62.....June 13, Contact 
e 13064 USA: Retail: We are looking for 3 slabs approximately 3.2 metres of white granite in Ohio. Bianco Antico is our preferred color. June 13, Contact 
e 13063 USA: Retail: Looking for Arabescato Cervaiole in Denver? June 13, Contact 
e 13062 UK: Please quote for a waterjet cutter. June 13, Contact 
e 13061 Canada: Quarry Machinery: I am looking for a splitter as displayed in ready stock 431. My tel. no. is905-56......June 12, Contact 
e 13060 USA: Retail: I was wondering how much it would cost to buy a solid piece of polished marble or granite (not tiles) in roughly a 3 foot by 3 foot square (rounded edges not square) for the top of a center island? I was hoping to have a quote for the Butterfly, Veneciano Verde Green, Sydney Green, Golden Diamond, Blue Diamond. I don't know what is customary thickness, so use your own opinion on that issue. I don't want the stone to be adhered to the surface, just to lay on top in case someone wants to remove it. My tel. no. is 408-92......June 12, Contact 
e 13059 Saudi Arabia: We are looking to import Marble and Granite from Oman, Yemen, Turkey, Pakistan, India, China, Brazil, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Egypt, Morocco..., Interested parties can send there samples and price lists. Our tel. no. is + 966 3 81......June 12, Contact 
e 13058 Lebanon: As one of the most important importers of tiles in Lebanon, we are interested to receive your catalogue and samples for tiles homogenous tiles (ceramic tiles) (matt) and penetrated (polished). For the matt finished in colors grey and beige and for the polished in color marbled yellowish. June 12, Contact 
e 13057 : Please send me wholesale price list for natural stones. June 12, Contact 
e 13056 USA: I am interested in the Turkish marble pavers. I live in Miami and would like to know if I can visit a warehouse to see them. June 12, Contact 
e 13055 Pakistan: Earthmoving machinery: Please quote for used excavators and other used machinery available with you. My tel. no. is +92-435-8.....June 12, Contact 
e 13054 USA: Retail: I purchased a few bags of "pink landscape stone" from a local store. I don't remember which and these stores don't carry this. They say they don't remember if they ever did. The problem is I want more of the pink stone and can't find it anywhere. On the bag it said Madison, Va. Pink landscape stone. It looks like light pink and gray marble chips. Smaller and prettier than your typical marble chips used in home landscaping and flower beds. Looking for another source for this material. The quantity required is 100lbs. I am in TN. My phone no. is 423-76.....June 12, Contact 
e 13053 Philippines: I am in marketing and installation of granite / marble for the past 14 years. I am hoping if your good company can consider me as your distributor here in the Philippines. My cell phone number is 6391950.....June 12, Contact 
e 13052 Bahrain: I need some samples, catalogs & price list of marbles from Pakistan. My tel. no. is +973 396.....June 12, Contact 
e 13051 Iran: We need 400 tons of non expanded perlite ore with following characteristics:
Granulation: 0-6 mmm
chemical compositions: SiO2 60-80%
Al2O3 12-16% 
Na2O3 5-10%
K2O 2-5%
CaO 0-2%
MgO 0-1%
Fe2O3 0-1%
Density: Approx. 1,000 Kg/m3
Non expanded condition: Grey-Brown
Expanded condition : White
Delivery point : CIF Tabriz (Iran). Our Tel No.: +98-711-229.....June 12, Contact 
e 13050 Ukraine: WE ARE LOOKING FOR CAR-CRANE KATO - 50TONS AND UP 1992-1995. PLEASE PROPOSE US SOMETHING. SEND DETAILS AND PHOTOS. Our tel. no. is +38-067-48.....June 12, Contact 
e 13049 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: Looking for 161 galeski 3000. Can you send me pictures and more info? Our tel. no. is 708-49.....June 12, Contact 
e 13048 USA: Retail: Looking for any white stone like Thassos for a bathroom vanity 57 x 22. June 12, Contact 
e 13047 USA: Looking for verde gauguin granite. Do you have stock of the version with the lighter green background, rather than the more grayish appearance? If so, please call 312/33.....June 12, Contact 
e 13046 USA: I am interested in purchasing stone tiles and slabs for from Jamaica. Looking for  factories located in Jamaica. My tel. no. is 847.35..... June 12, Contact
e 13045 USA: Retail: Looking for 1-2 slabs of Gascogne Beige limestone. A couple of the slabs we purchased in Seattle have a lot of fizzures. Our phone no. is 253-54..... June 11, Contact
e 13044 Canada: I am in the need for approx 6000 sq ft of 12"x 12" tile in African Red. Need to know price and delivery to Vancouver. June 11, Contact
e 13043 India: We are builder from Mumbai. We are in market for Ibri Marble & Crema Flory Marble slabs 2cm. thick for our various project in Mumbai in huge quantity at 20000 sqm. Let us have the details & rates of above mentioned marble or equivalent marble. June 11, Contact
e 13042 USA: Email me relevant information on hand cut granite in Maine. My contact no. is 207-77.....June 11, Contact
e 13041 Netherlands: Email me relevant information about granite monuments. We want to import granite monuments to the Netherlands (Europe). June 11, Contact
e 13040 PAKISTAN: Earthmoving Machinery: We are one of the largest importers of used machinery. We urgently need USED WHEEL {mobile} EXCAVATORS. MODEL: 1988 AND ABOVE. CONDITION : SHOULD BE IN GOOD WORKING CONDITION. KINDLY QUOTE CNF KARACHI-PAKISTAN PRICE. Also confirming full specification, condition, delivery, etc. MY TEL NO. IS 0092-42-57.....June 11, Contact
e 13039 USA: Retail: Could you please send me some information about your products for the outdoors (steps) as well as something which could be used for vanity counters in the bath area in a white color (like a marble), but not a Mexican travertine. I am in AR 71909. June 11, Contact
e 13038 Turkey: We are looking for used marble machines. My tel. no. is 90 312 23.....June 11, Contact
e 13037 USA: Retail: I am remodeling a house and have to do 2 new bathrooms. My earlier plan was limestone (showers, floors, walls). But now I plan to switch to travertine. I have a question: given that there are many lime stones, are either of the following more acceptable than others like Lagos Azul (honed) & Palomino Sand (honed)? Or, are these as bad (porous, soft, etc) as the other lime stones? In that case, is there a particular honed travertine that vaguely resembles either of the above in color and/or pattern? I am in CA. My tel. no. is 323-96.....June 11, Contact
e 13036 Kenya: Quarry Machinery: I want a block extracting machine that can cut stone of approx       15' x 6' or 12' x 6'. See ready stock 557. My tel no. is 254- 722-7.....June 11, Contact
e 13035 Kenya: Quarry Machinery: I want a block extracting machine as displayed in ready stock 557. My mobile no. is +2547227.....June 11, Contact
e 13034 USA: Retail: I am very interested in locating Palladio granite tiles for a kitchen countertop. I would need around 75 square feet of tile, and would work with most any size. I live in Wisconsin. My phone is 715-74.....June 11, Contact
e 13033 USA: Retail: I would like to find a silestone in Florida. I need 62 square feet of "blue sahara" or similar. My phone no. is 954 56....June 11, Contact
e 13032 South Africa: I am looking for granites for cladding, cobbles & tiles for South African market, please help with product info, prices & application methods. My tel. no. is ++27 32 94.....June 11, Contact
3: PINK TOPAZ 2 CARATS OR ABOVE. MY MOBILE NO. IS 0044-7944-1.....June 11, Contact
e 13030 USA: I am looking for Kirkstone Green Limestone in particular for a current condominium project in downtown Milwaukee. Could I have a sample sent to the address below, including pricing and availability. My tel. no. 414.29.....June 11, Contact
e 13029 Switzerland: I am interested to import granite Kashmir White precise, polished gauged plates dimension of the plates in mm: 600 x 300 x 18 for floor covering. Please quote in USD and Euro in sqm. Quantity desired 500 m2. Our tel. no. is +41.21.64.....June 11, Contact
e 13028 Jordan: Quarry Machinery: I need rock splitter and some pictures. We want to change our equipment in our soapstone quarry. Looking for companies that manufacture tools to cut blocks in the quarry. My phone number is 009627969.....June 11, Contact
e 13027 USA: Can bluestone treads be given a bull-nose profile? Please provide any comments. I am in Washington. My tel. no. is 202 73.....June 11, Contact
e 13026 Saudi Arabia: Quarry Machinery: We want to buy block extracting machine from quarry. My tel. no. is 00966722.....June 11, Contact
e 13025 Italy: Artifacts: We are interested to find a supplier for Granite fountains made in China, we have seen different model, we will be interested for one FCL of different model. Please send pictures and quotations C&F Genoa port Italy. June 11, Contact
e 13024 Singapore: Kindly quote for 2-3cm pumice stone per bag CIF to China, Yangtian port. The quantity to import to China is about 300 containers per month. My phone number is 65-963.....June 10, Contact
e 13023 USA: Retail: I need a quote for 40 sq ft of the Brazilian Ecology Green. I am in Washington. My tel. no. is 202.62.....June 10, Contact
e 13022 Germany: Please send me a complete pricelist for used machines for cutting and polishing of marble and granite. My tel. no. is 004.....June 10, Contact
e 13021 Austria: Can you please tell me the price for Carrara White C/D, size 60 X 30. We would need 70 sqm. Our tel no. +43 650 57.....June 10, Contact
e 13020 Nigeria: Stone Processing Machinery: Please quote with photos for the BRA model Dm 75 gang saw. Our tel. no. is 23480236.....June 10, Contact
e 13019 USA: Landscape: Retail: I am interesting in buying 3-4 tons of sandstone, blonde to yellow brown color in form of flags and small boulders to construct a backyard waterfall and pond area. I need a quote for delivery to CA. My tel. no. is 714 24.....June 10, Contact
e 13018 USA: Retail: What would it cost for 300 Sq ft of White Thassos, 12 x 12 and do you have it available to ship to PA. My tel. no. is 215-44.....June 10, Contact
e 13017 USA: Retail: I am building a new town home and I have chosen Black Galaxy granite for my kitchen. My question is two fold. What product do you recommend to help keep it looking new and without water spotting and if I have light cherry cabinets, black appliances what color sink do you recommend? I am doing an under mount sink and someone said I should use black and I am afraid that with our hard water it would spot all the time and that the kitchen would be too black. Can you advice with material? My tel. no. is 623 82.....June 10, Contact 
e 13016 USA: Retail: Please send me a price quote for black absolute granite. One piece is 46 x 21 inches and two pieces of 23 x 23 inches shipped to Staten Island, NY. My telephone number is 171827....June 10, Contact 
e 13015 Slovenia: We are looking for one 20' cntr Chinese Shanxi Black granite only, (not interested in Indian black granite) one side polished slabs 2700 x 1500 x 3 cm/6cm/8cm, grade A & grade B. Our tel. no. is + 386 41 6.....June 10, Contact
e 13014 Russia: We are interested in travertine blocks in the volume indicated in the attached tentative specification. Could you quote your price FOB Iran. If you offer us some other scheme of delivery (payment-speed concerned) we would gladly consider. Is cash terms of payment preferable with you? We can visit you immediately after we receive your quotes. Are the materials indicated in the specification available or there would be needed some preliminary preparatory work (such as collection)? Our tel. no. is + 7(095)74.....June 10, Contact
e 13013 Romania: Landscape: We are one of the largest real estate companies in Romania. We are interested in buying 2m3 of black pebbles of 10-30mm / each. We have seen your website and in order to give you an idea of what we are looking for, you can see them under supplier 27 code 0027-0004 (only the black ones) or under supplier 31 code 0031-0012. We would appreciate if you can send us some samples. My tel. no. is  4021-31.....June 10, Contact
e 13012 Australia: I am in Melbourne. I would like marbles, granite and sandstones. To be more accurate I am looking for good exporter who can be very competitive and can provide me with best material. My contact no is 04234..... June 10, Contact
e 13011 Turkey: I am looking for used marble processing machines. Please contact me on 90 312 23.....June 10, Contact
e 13010 SAUDI ARABIA: We specialize in designing & operation of all kinds of Interior & Exterior Decoration works. We are very much interested in your product line. Please send us full package of your products with the latest price list for evaluation. Our tel. no. is +966 1 46..... June 10, Contact
e 13009 USA: I am currently designing a swimming pool... I would ideally like to use a natural stone.. but I am not sure what type. I know that Marble & Limestones are not appropriate. Are there any inherent problems in using granite or quartzite? Should the stone have as low an absorption rate as possible?? Should I check for Iron or Copper Pyrites in the stones (Rust spots or green blotches)? June 10, Contact
e 13008 USA: I am trying to locate a slab of aqualux/ dallas white granite. Is it the same as white nepal or white paricema?? I need two lenghts of 61/2' by 2 ft plus surround.  I am in Lafayette, LA. My tel. no. is 337-98.....June 9, Contact
e 13007 China: We would like to purchase stones. Our tel. no. is 86-595-21.....June 9, Contact
e 13006 Canada: Retail: I like the Cambrian Black. How much would it be for a 3' X 5' slab for counter top about ½ inch thick. It is for an island. Please include shipping to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Our tel. no. is 306 28.....June 9, Contact
e 13005 USA: We would be interested in developing a line of Vietnamese marble and granite. Please send catalog and quotes. Our tel. no. is 602-43.....June 9, Contact
e 13004 USA: Retail: Monument: Please quote 36" by 24" by 8" black granite monument + base delivered to SF, CA. My tel. no. is 415-84.....June 9, Contact
e 13003 India: We are interested in perlite ore suitable for Foundry and Horticulture. Please send us samples along with specifications and commercial offer for 1 x 20' container on FOB/CIF base. Final destination for discharge is ICD - Ahmedabad via JNPT / NSICT Mumbai. Our tel. no. is +91-98790.....June 9, Contact
e 13002 Egypt: Diamond Tools: We are importers traders of all kinds of cutting tools. Please send us the prices for following products on basis of CIF Alex. 
Diamond Segments only:-
40x7x10mm for blade dia 800mm cut Hard lime stone
24x8x10mm for blade dia 1200mm cut Hard lime stone
24x8x10mm for blade dia 1200mm cut Granite
24x10x15mm for blade Dia 1600mm cut Granite
Diamond saw blades(7") 180x22.2x2.2x7x14 dry cut segmented (key Slot) (Cutting Granite / Marble )
Diamond saw blades ( 16" ) 400*3.4*12*50*28 for cutting marble and granite
Diamond cup wheel single row (4" )
Our tel. no. is +20 10 57.....June 9, Contact
e 13001 USA: Landscape: I am the General Manager of a landscape and masonry supply house in MA., looking for a supplier of PA. bluestone tread stock and thermal 1.5" pattern stock. My tel. no. is 781-44.....June 9, Contact
e 13000 USA: I need Negro De or White Andromeda or Branco Polar in 18" x 18" tiles to cover 2000 sq. ft. What is the price? I am in NJ. My tel. no. is 908-35.....June 9, Contact
e 12999 India: Diamond Tools: Please quote for DIAMOND WAFERING BLADES LOW CONCENTRATION CONTINUOUS RIM SIZE 5" X 0.015" X 1/2", QTY : 50 NOS. Please quote with full detailed and also  mention delivery time. Our tel. no. is + 91 22 267.....June 9, Contact
e 12998 USA: Looking for information and prices from companies in Philippines producing limestone. Our fax no. is 641-47.....June 9, Contact
e 12997 USA: Artifacts: Retail: I am looking for green onyx pedestal/flower stand around 32" high. My tel. no. is 888.40.....June 8, Contact
e 12996 West Indies: Our company is interested in purchasing granite tiles for the purchase for resale. 
Also could you please send us pictures of those products? Our tel. no. is 473 44.....June 8, Contact
e 12995 UK: Earthmoving Machinery: Urgently need excavators of model 85-87. Pl email prices (in Pakistani Rupees) and pictures. My tel. no. is +44 1254 6.....June 8, Contact
e 12994 Bangladesh: We are one of the biggest garments supplier having office is Hongkong, China and Bangladesh and interested in marketing pumice stone. 
Currently we are buying from Indonesia at US$100 per metric ton and looking for better price. We are confident that we can sell at least 2 (40') container per month as minimum. 
On the other hand pls let us know the followings:- 
a. How may days do you need for shipment (after confirming the order and open the l/c)
b. What size are you doing (we found size 3-5 cm are most popular here)
c. What is the packing size (most of people are buying at 25 kgs pack)
d. Are you doing any business in Bangladesh now? 
Our tel. no. is 0088 02 88.....June 8, Contact
e 12993 Germany: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote with details for 950c and 966c caterpillar. Our tel. no. is 0734.....June 8, Contact
e 12992 Bangladesh: We are looking pumice stone supplier for denim pants & shirts wash, and basically
for acid wash. Currently the stone we use is decaying and the result cost is very high. Our requirements is 3-4 mm size. Please quote price c&f Chittagong. Our tel. no. is 880-2-93.....June 8, Contact
e 12991 Indonesia: We are a leading gypsum board manufacturer. We are located very closed to Jakarta. At the moment, we are looking for expanded perlite to be used in our production process. 
Could you give me some information how to get your expanded perlite? We need perlite with density 7 - 10 lbs/ft3. Could you give us your specification and its price? Is it possible to us to get some sample? Our phone no. is +62 21 883.....June 8, Contact
e 12990: Please quote for 1500 sqm crema marfil marble first quality 40 x 40 x 2 cm, 40 x 40 x 2 cm, 60 x 60 x 2 cm and slabs. June 8, Contact
e 12989 UAE: Please quote for 500 sqm of Kher sandstone & Kota honey Limestone. The breakdown is 250 sqm in size 2ft x 3ft and 250 sqm in 1ft x 3ft. Color needed is the lightest pink available. Our contact number is 009716-56.....June 8, Contact
e 12988 Norway: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for a CAT 980C excavator. My phone no. is + 47 411.....June 8, Contact
e 12987 Poland: I am looking for quotation of granite CASHMIRE GOLD DARK, 500 square meters in 2cm thick tiles 127cm x 30cm, polished and chamfered edges. Please give me price quote, terms of payment and cost of shipping. My tel. no. is +48-22-86.....June 8, Contact
e 12986 Spain: Please could you send me the price with shipping costs of various Indian granites in various thickness, and various colours, in bulk and in one off. I refit kitchens and have a huge demand for granite, both in bulk to developers and to individuals who want them polished and cut. My tel. no. is 6377.....June 8, Contact
e 12985 Jordan: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote FOB for a CAT wheel loader 980C year 1989. My tel. no. is 00962538.....June 8, Contact
e 12984 USA: I am trying to locate a source for marble for educational purposes at our College. The primary use for the marble is for small to mid-range (with the exception of a few larger pieces as well) sculptures for students to learn on.
As there are generally 20-30 students per class, approximately 5 tons of rough boulders/blocks will be necessary to suit the class' needs. Our location is Louisiana. I do not represent the school directly. I am only trying to source and price the
As this is strictly for educational use, the cost including carrier and freight would need to be relatively low and we are willing to accept stone from any location assuming that it is of fair quality. Purchase is dependant upon the prices available. My tel. no. is 318-24.....June 8, Contact  
e 12983 Uruguay: Please quote for GROVE truck crane 50 - 60 ton for all terrain. Model year 1995 +/-. Send me your offer with complete information and pictures. Our tel. no. is 00598 2 40.....June 8, Contact
e 12982 USA: Retail: I need 110 Sq. Ft. African Red Granite tiles 1 CM. My phone no. is 770-88.....June 8, Contact
e 12981 USA: I am looking for Baja Cream Travertine 12" x 12" tumbled. I will need approx. 530 sf. I am in Texas. The phone # is 817-46.....June 8, Contact
e 12980 UAE: Earthmoving Machinery: We need below mentioned used Equipment:
1. Cat Wheel Loaders: 950B, 966D.
2. Komatsu WA 600-1 & WA600-3.
3. Komatsu D155A-1 ( With Or Without Ripper & Blade )
4. Komatsu D375A-1.
5. Hitachi Crawler Crane KH180 OR LS118.
Please Offer with C&F Dubai , UAE Price. Our tel. no. is +971 6 54.....June 8, Contact
e 12978 USA: We are a leading marble and granite fabrication / installation company, covering business areas through out southeastern areas including Georgia, Florida, Alabama, North / South Carolina, and Tennessee. 
Currently, we are importing some major colors of granites like Absolute Black, Tropic Brown, Baltic Brown, Ubatuba, and Santa Cecilia. I am planning to import Brazilian Santa Cecilia Gold (Yellow Santa Cecilia) 3cm granite slabs. We spend more than each 50 slabs of Santa Cecilia and Ubatuba for a month for the fabrication / installation. I am planning to import 1 container of Santa Cecilia Gold and 1container of Ubatuba Green (7bundles: 49slabs). My phone no. is 770-45.....June 8, Contact
e 12978 USA: I am looking to purchase 2 containers of Spanish crema marfil containing 7 slabs of 3cm and the remainder, about 4,000 square ft, of 16x16 tile at $2.60 sq ft. I need the material to ship to Utah. My tel. no. is (801) 57.....June 8, Contact
e 12977 Nigeria: Kindly send us the specifications and quotes for travertine and marble tiles. We are looking for 43,000 m2 of floor covering. Our tel. no. is +234 1-26.....June 7, Contact  
e 12976 USA: Retail: Our builder is interested in purchasing two slabs of Sylvester Beige Antique to re-fabricate our master bath countertop. Would like to have these slabs shipped to our local fabricator in Northern Virginia. Our tel. no. is (540) 88.....June 7, Contact  
e 12975 Brazil: I would like to know more information about the material Verde Bahia granite, such as price and availability. My phone no. is (5511) 316......June 7, Contact  
e 12972 UK: Quarrying Machinery: My client is seeking a Barite Crushing Plant. My tel. no. is +44(0)870 88.....June 6, Contact
e 12971 Sri Lanka: We are interested to import immediately for our new housing project floor and wall tiles in a 20' FCL/FCl container load. Please quote your best price and few photos of the tiles enabling us to consider the same. The prices should be quoted as FOB Value, Freight and Insurance. Our tel. no. is 0094-11-53.....June 6, Contact
e 12970 USA: Retail: What is the price for flamingo? Need 200 square feet. I am in Chicago. What is the shipping cost? My tel. no. is 773 34.....June 6, Contact
e 12969 USA: Landscape: I have a development in Dallas which requires several fountains. Delivery would be for 4q 2004-1q 2005. Please contact with products, I have the following needs:
1. central turn about fountain: area to fill 42' dia. edge of fountain must be seating height
2. Restaurant court (seating for restaurants around fountain/s) 15' x 60'
3. Colonade wall fountains 4 to 5 pieces differing architectural elements ranging in size from 3' to 8' in base width
4. brass/marble sculptures intermixed within walking areas of center. 
I am in PA. My tel. no. is 1-800-83....June 6, Contact
e 12968 Iraq: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for a 15 ton forklift. June 6, Contact
e 12967 Australia: Landscape: Sourcing Black Polished Pebbles 35 to 50 mm in Diameter. Price in USD. FCL. FOB. Please state port of Origin will purchase at least one Ctn per month and the same as polished but honed in black. All packed into 20 Kg plastic bags. Currently purchase same for $200 USD per ton, need to keep up with demand. My phone no. is 61 8 944..... June 6, Contact
e 12966 USA: I am looking for approx 1200 sq. ft / 1500 sq. ft of golden travertine versaille pattern. My phone no. is 949-34.....June 5, Contact
e 12965 USA: I am looking for Absolute Black quantity of 3000 12x12x1/2 tiles for $2.00 or less per per tile of high quality and 1000 tiles of ASIAN BEIGE 12x12x1/2 for under $.75 cents also of high quality. We are looking to ship within the week. My phone no. is 914 37.....June 5, Contact
e 12964 USA: Retail: I need to cover my fireplace. Looking for someplace where I can choose and make retail purchase. I am in PA. My tel. no. is 610-86.....June 5, Contact
e 12963 India: We have an export enquiry for "rock Grinding and polishing machine" as per the attached specification. Kindly go through the technical specification of the required products and provide us your best techno-commercial offer. 
Your offer should be explicit for the following aspects: 
1. Your FOB price.
2. Detailed technical specification. Kindly mention the deviations appropriately (if any).
3. 2 sets of original Product color catalogues for every offered item.
4. Terms and conditions such as payment etc.
5. Validity of the offer should be 120 days.
6. Delivery period. 
7. Packing details such as net / gross weight, dimensions of cartons / boxes. 
Our tel. no. is +91-40-233..... June 5, Contact
e 12962 South Africa: I want semi precious stone chunks of fist size. Payment will be done by cash. Would like to purchase locally. My tel. no. is 083-22..... June 5, Contact
e 12961 Spain: We are interested in granite from Armenia. The qty. is 2000 sqm in 150x61x3 cm. We have not even decided that type of granite will be. If is possible, send to us samples of granites. Our tel. no. is 0034-935......June 5, Contact
e 12960 Australia: We are looking for volcanic stone with spec 40cm x 40cm X 8cm and polished surface. How many colors do you have? First order would be 1000 pieces. Please be sure this stone board must be volcanic stone and can stand high heat at least for three or four hours during BBQ. The mobile phone no. is 04232...... June 5, Contact
e 12959 USA: What is minimum quantity you sell in rough stone boulders? I am interested in Lapis lazuli grade A or BB only in rough boulders or 12x12 tile approx 15-20 sq. ft. or 10 to 15 boulders size 8-20 inch per piece. Same on Red Jasper, Amazonite, Yellow jade , Green Aventurine. These are small sizes due to nature of work. We do inlay work with 2-3mm sliced stone. To note, we have no interest in verneered tiles, hence all available tile size need to be at 3/8 standard thickness. What is the price for either one of the mentioned stones. I am in GA. My tel. no. 404-37.....June 5, Contact
e 12958 USA: Retail: We are in the process of putting in a flagstone walk around our house. In one place we would like to put in a raised bed with a couple of different level between the walk and the house. We will be putting drip irrigation in the raised bed. Two questions: First is what is the best thing to seal the house brick with to prevent any kind of moisture problems there? Secondly, is it best to mortar the flagstone retaining wall. If so do I use just regular mortar or is there something better? I am in TX. My telephone no. is  806-79.....We will need residential delivery. Need around 21 tons of flagstone, depending on thickness. Mostly interested in Classic Oak color. June 5, Contact
e 12957 Pakistan: I am interested to purchase used Japanese earth moving machineries. Please quote with photographs. My tel. no. is 92-21-49..... June 5, Contact
e 12956 USA: Retail: I want blue bahia granite. I am looking for any tile, slab, or broken mosaic pieces. The qty. is 100 sq feet of blue bahia tile of 12"x12" or larger smaller whatever broken pieces would even work. My tel. no. is 214 47...... June 5, Contact
e 12955 Ethiopia: Stone Processing Machinery: I am an owner of a lime processing factory and would like to expand to cement  manufacturing. I am in need of a drier and milling m/c for lime powder processing. Machines like 'ball mill' may help. Secondly, I need to buy a shaft kiln for the purchase of a medium sized cement processing m/c. Also looking for advice on 'shaft kiln' processing technology. My tel. no. is 251-9-2.....June 5, Contact
e 12954 USA: Retail: I want 2 ft x 35 ft Prete Aracruz Black granite for kitchen countertop, 1 1/4" thick. I would require 4 slabs. My price range $250-$1500. I would like to buy locally. I am in NY. My tel. no. is (212) 32..... June 5, Contact
e 12953 India: We are indenting agents and are looking for 20,000 MT limestone lumps of size 10-100mm and purity 98%. Please quote your best CNF Tuticorin (South of India, in the state of Tamil Nadu) price. My mobile no. 0091-98250.....June 5, Contact
e 12952 USA: We have a need to occasionally import granite from China and India. Please quote for one container. 
Black Shanxi tiles 30.5 x 30.5 cm (12"x12") 10 mm (3/8") thick (polished). 
Black Shanxi Countertops - Quantity 12, 24" x 72" Standard edge profile.
Please provide a quotation FOB China AND CIF Jacksonville, Florida. My tel. no. is (770) 56..... June 5, Contact
e 12951 USA: We also fabricate our own granite. We have been dealing with a company out of Denver. We are looking for a new connection. Please contact me as soon as possible. My contact detail no. is 406-25.....June 5, Contact
e 12950 USA: Retail: I would like to purchase 3 slabs of Blue Bahia slabs 1 1/4 " thick. Please quote with shipping cost to Minnesota and delivery time. My tel. no. is 651-77.....June 5, Contact
e 12949 USA: Landscape: I am looking for a quote on 1 truck load of COLONIAL GARDEN PATHS lilac and gray in 3/4" - 11/2". The budgeted cost would be $90.00 per/pallet. Is there some place I can look at a picture of the stone to make sure I am ordering what I need? What will the shipping cost be and will the truck have a tractor to off load or do I need to handle that? My tel. no. is 540-35.....I am in VA. June 4, Contact
e 12948 USA: I need black granite block for sculpting purposes. Please quote with availability. I am in AZ. My tel. no. is (928) 63.....June 4, Contact
e 12947 Japan: Earthmoving Machinery: We are interested in heavy machines like Hitachi excavators Ex100, Ex200, Ex70-60 and also Komatsu pw100, pw200 in chain or tyre type, bulldozers, trucks (5-15 tons) and (15-50 tons). Our tel. no. is 0252-5.....June 4, Contact
e 12946 USA: I need prices of Jadeite Commercial, Jadeite Utility, Serpentinite, Sodalite Blue, Aquamarina Azzurro with photos. My cell phone no. is 646-61.....I need 1 container. June 4, Contact
e 12945 USA: I just need samples of G703, G767, G739, G623 granite tiles. One of each. Phone no. is 620-34.....June 4, Contact
e 12944 USA: I as interested in finding out how much it would cost to order a single block of limestone approximately a foot square by two feet long delivered to NY, my zip code in 10520. I am not to sensitive about color, white to grey, light brown. 914-27......June 3, Contact
e 12943 Ukraine: We import natural stone and the products made of it on a large scale. Our company is one of one of the major importers and has many customers with serious orders. We have an urgent requirement of Blue Pearl granite tiles and slabs. Please quote. Our tel. no. is +38 0562 3.....June 3, Contact
e 12942 USA: Retail: We live in Minnesota, and would like to have granite counters created/installed in our kitchen. My tel. no. is 952.85.....June 3, Contact
e 12941 Russia: We are building a retire home for old people. At the moment we are looking for the supplier of marble (or some other kind of natural stone). The purpose is that the floor at Lobby of our house is planed to be in marble or another natural stone. The area is about 200 square meters. Please send price listOur tel. no. is (+7 095) 74.....June 3, Contact
e 12940 USA: Retail: I am looking for gardening stones. I am not sure what types are available. If you are able to send me anything with pictures, that would be very helpful. I'm looking to fill in a rather large area with rock but wanted a bigger sized rock. A price list would also be of help and which city I can find it in. I live in Kent, WA. My tel. no. is 253-37.....June 3, Closed
e 12939 India: We are importers of Marble Blocks and Slabs based in India. Please give your best price FOB/CIF Mumbai, India for Egyptian SILVIA, GALALEH, SINAI in Blocks and Slabs. The required quantity is approx 200MT. Mobile No. 98110.....June 3, Contact
e 12938 Czech Republic: We are a major development company currently undertaking a significant mixed use scheme in Central Europe. The development comprises retail, office and parking totaling well over 100,000m2 gross buildable area. The project will commence construction in early 2005 with completion scheduled
for early 2007. 
We are currently designing for stone flooring to significant areas of the public space and will require approximately 10,000m2 of granite floor tiles in a variety of colours, as detailed below. We will require all tiles to be pre-finished, polished anti slip, grit blasted and in some places honed. All expressions of interest and quotations given must also included for shipping, road and rail haulage and delivery to the site. Quotations must also include for all import duties, border charges and the like.
We require prices for stone tiles cut to 30cm X 30cm, 30cm x 60cm and 60cm x 60cm dimensions and to be either 10-12mm thick or approximately 20-25mm thick. It is requested that all quotations given, allow us to analyse costs across these parameters.
Granite colours currently required are as follows, with approximate quantities for each colour given:
Light gray - 150 sqm, Medium gray - 50 sqm, Dark gray - 100 sqm, Gray green - 2250 sqm, Rose - 1200 sqm, Light brown - 300 sqm,  Sea green - 150 sqm, Beige - 400 sqm, Yellow gray - 500 sqm, Very light gray - 350 sqm, Blue gray - 25 sqm, Blue - 25 sqm, Speckled white, Dark speckled gray, Archtic White - 350 sqm, Blue Night - 150 sqm, Amadeus - 200 sqm, Creamo bello - 3000 sqm, Royal red - 400 sqm, Multi color red - 50 sqm and Sunny - 350 sqm. 

We are interested in stone from all geographical locations. Samples and booklets of the granite colours and quality are available at the developers office and can be viewed by appointment. My tel. no. is +420 221 8.....June 3, Contact
e 12937 USA: I have been trying to locate clear quartz rocks for a project for a fund raiser and have had an extreme amount of trouble doing so. Need a price on at least 100 lbs of clear quartz rocks not polished suitable for dying and scenting. My tel. no. is 410-63.....June 3, Contact
e 12936 USA: I am building a fireplace in and the customer requested conn fieldstone. I have about 310sf of stone to do. Chimney and inside veneer. I am in MA. My tel. no. is 413- 26.....June 3, Contact
e 12935 Pakistan: Earthmoving machinery: We are looking to buy Hitachi Ex100-1 excavator and Kato Kr45hv-s crane 45 tons 1992. Please quote C & F Karachi with pictures. June 3, Contact
e 12934 USA: Retail: I live in Fl. & I have landscaping covered with Crimson rock. I would like to buy more to finish what the owners started. I can't find it in the retail stores. Nursery's do not carry it either. I know I need at least 2 yards & will need it delivered. I live in the SW part of FL. My tel. no. is 941-63......June 3, Contact
e 12933 Syria: Please quote for Italian Bardiglio Chiaro and Bardiglio Imperiale polished slabs first quality. My phone number is :0096311 81.....June 3, Contact
e 12932 Korea: I want to find attached type of Granite from India or Brazil. I am interested in Blocks & slab too. My tel. no. is  0082-2-57.....June 3, Contact
e 12931 USA: Landscape: Looking for prices on Arkansas Flagstone. We are interested in buying at least 10 pallets...may want to buy more if the price is right (a whole truck load). My tel. no. is 870-77.....June 3, Contact
e 12930 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: We need excavators. Please quote. Our telephone no. is 0092-051-22.....June 3, Contact
e 12929 India: Retail: We are in the process of selecting granite for our house in Bangalore. Please send  pricelists for granite. My tel. no. is +91(80)250.....June 3, Contact
e 12928 Germany: Please quote for red color sandstone slabs, quantity as seen below, each format (30x30, 30x60, 60x60, 60x90) about 45 square-meter. My tel. no. is +49 173 32.....June 3, Contact USD 20 
e 12927 India: We are interested to import marble slabs polished / unpolished. Please offer CIF mumbai prices for different types of marbles. Our tel. no. is +91-294-24.....June 3, Contact
e 12926 USA: I own several granite shops and am very interested in buying a few containers of Brazilian granite. My tel. no. is 1 (609) 26.....June 3, Contact
e 12925 USA: I need 175 sq.ft. 12" x 12" Raw Silk, Flamed granite, approx thickness is ½". In need of deliver ASAP as job started and previous order was totally lost. I am a builder and my tel. no. is 916.83.....June 2, Contact
e 12924 Australia: Please quote for 300 sqm of Italian Bardiglio Imperiale tiles 400 mm x 400 mm x 12 mm. FOB. My tel. no. is 61 7 320.....June 3, Contact
e 12923 USA: Artifacts: I am a contractor in CA 95762. Please email me information on Cast stone hood vents, fireplace mantels and arched accents.  June 2, Contact USD 20 
e 12922 USA: I am looking for 20 slabs of black granite delivered to Connecticut. Please call 860-34.....June 2, Contact
What is your price for 2000mm blank blade. 
I will be also needing 2000mm segments for kerosene coolant for granite cutting, give me your best offer for the same and also indicate the true cutting life in kerosene coolant, also specify whether you have given this type of segment to anybody in our region, if given which area and what is the performance. 
Whether you manufacture segments for hard lime. My requirement for this type is also in bulk, the size require is 24x6.8/7x15/13.5mm x 70pcs. Quote the price and also details of performance. My tel. no. is 0091-40-237.....June 2, Contact
e 12920 USA: Please advise price for Sylvester beige tumbled marble 15 X 15 " (or nearest size)
delivered to MA. Need to cover approx. 1,000 square feet. My tel. no. is 781-72.....June 2, Contact 
e 12919 Bangladesh: Quarry Machinery: We need offer to set up a plant to crush stone. Please forward us with details of technical methods & prices basis C&F Chittagong by sea. My tel. no. is 88-02-83.....June 2, Contact
e 12918 Maldives: We are looking for a supplier who can supply us the following: 
1- cement 52.5 1000 000 mt cif Dubai port, l/c is irrevocable, confirmed, revolving for total quantities.
2- cement 42.5 700 000 mt cif Dubai port, l/c is irrevocable, confirmed, revolving by shipment, several l/c (3 or 4 l/cs) for all quantities. Both orders are confirmed from first degree bank USA, UK and Europe banks. 
3- urea 46% 100 000 mt cif Sudan port, l/c irrevocable, confirmed, revolving by shipments, 8 shipments 125000 mt per shipment or 25 000 mt per shipment (origin is CIS or Russia or Europe). 
If you need any more information please feel free to contact me any time on + 960 7..... June 2, Contact
e 12917 China: Please quote for white onyx lock. Our tel. no. is 0086-136010.....June 2, Contact 
e 12916 USA: Please quote for rosa mistica 16 x 16 and 12 x 12 inches. My contact no. is 808 67.....June 2, Contact
e 12915 USA: Landscape: I am looking for some large pieces of flagstone to be used as accent pieces in my landscaping. The stones I'm looking for are basically chunks with natural jagged edges, not cut smooth. The ideal size would be; 4"-8" thick, 3' x 2', up to 4' x 4'. I will probably need ten of these stones. I live in Plainfield, Illinois and will need the stones delivered. Please quote with images. My phone no. is 630-30.....June 2, Contact
e 12914 USA: Please quote for an Egyptian Stone called Solaro. June 2, Contact
e 12913 UK: Stone Processing Machinery: We want to buy reconditioned semi or fully automatic machine for producing concrete Slabs. My mobile no. is mob.004479895..... June 2, Contact
e 12912 India: Retail: Please send me the rates for cheaper Granites / Marble including shipping charges to Nizamabad, Andhra Pradesh. I might need granite for 300 square yards (7 different rooms). I'd like to appreciate if you could send me quotes for different available granite. My Indian contact no. is 08462-2......June 2, Contact
e 12911 UK: Stone Processing Machinery: My company is an import / export agency. I have been commissioned to source a machine capable of turning (for example) a 2700mm x 610mm piece of granite into a bespoke kitchen worktop. 
I am sure my client who is looking to drive forward a kitchen design & build business will have many questions but in the first instance if you could: 
i) assure me that the Galeski 3000 will effect the above 
ii) that it can be adapted electrically to run on UK mains 
iii) e-mail me photographs as indicated in your post 
I will compile a portfolio to present to him with a view to taking this on a step further. My contact no. is 
+44 7968 8.....June 2, Contact
e 12910 USA: Retail: I am looking for someone in the US or Canada that has a tile polishing machine and can polish both sides of the tile. I want for now 30 sq ft of dark granites to do some experimenting. I will pay up to $10.00 per ft max. That is including shipping. Please let me know of any contacts you might have for this task. June 2, Contact
e 12909 South Africa: Please supply me with latest pricelist for sandstone products. I need 300 x 300 x 30-40mm paving tiles. (per sq. meter) in USD. Sandstone cladding in USD per Sq.meter. Order's will be between 100 - 500 Sq. at a time. Some stone will need to be diamond saw cut....some will be natural face.
My tel. no. is +27 31 71..... June 2, Contact
e 12908 Canada: Retail: I am interested in purchasing approx 120 sq.ft of cobbles. Preferred size is 4" x 8". Will arrange pick-up in Beebe. I am located in Ottawa, Ontario. Can you send photo by e-mail? My tel. no. is 613 29.....June 2, Contact
e 12907 USA: Artifacts: I liked the inlay table top as displayed in FindStone's online stores. Could it be delivered in two days? My phone no is 770-85......June 2, Contact
e 12906 Puerto Rico: Machinery: We are interested in a Concrete Tile Plant. Our phone no. is 787-25.....June 2, Contact
e 12905 Mexico: We are interested in buying marble and granite from Asian countries. My tel. no. in (52) 559.....June 2, Contact
e 12904 Panama: We specialize in importing and selling of all kinds of cut stones. At the moment we import from several countries. 
We are very interested in buying and more interested in bringing a full container to Panama with many samples of them in 60x60x2 in different finishes, together with slabs of other materials. 
In particular from India at the moment we are importing Dolsey beige, Rain Forest, Teak Wood, Pink Onix, Kashmire White and others...
Please send a complete price list of the materials (marbles, slates, quartzites, granites, onyxes, alabaster). Our tel. no. is 507 21.....June 2, Contact
e 12903 USA: Retail: I need a price of "Dynamic Blue" & distributor in Houston area. My tel. no. is 713-86.....June 2, Contact
e 12902 USA: Please quote for Kashmire Gold Tile 12 X 12 X 3/8". We have a requirement of 10,000 SF. Contact Number is 254.39.....June 1, Contact
e 12901: I want to make contact with 3 or 4 different suppliers of a ROTOPOL-35/PdM FORCE 20 LAPPING AND POLISHING MACHINE. I want to fax the specifications of this machine to the various possible 3 or 4 suppliers. My tel. no. is 09264 61 ...... June 1, Contact
e 12900 USA: I need 2 bundles of Brazilian Juparana Palha. I will need a sample of this stone. Can you please quote for 2cm thick slabs. We area stone marble and granite company in FL. Our tel. no. is (941) 74.....June 1, Contact
e 12898 Japan: Landscape: We deal clay bricks and natural stones in Kobe. We are looking for the stable supplier of PORPHYRY-RED cobbles in size 100 x 100 x 40-60mm. Crazy Paving thickness 20-50mm, see image attached. Please quote FOB price. The payment will be done by the Letter of Credit at sight in Euro. We will buy continuously if your offer meet our budget.  Our tel. no. is +81-78-99.....June 1, Contact
e 12897 Iraq: We are interested in buying 10 ton model 1980 - 1985 Crane from UAE only. We are also interested in other types of heavy equipments. Our tel. no. is 00964 78010.....June 1, Contact
e 12896 Singapore: We wish to invite your company to quote for the supply of the stone items for one of the project in Japan. We enclosed herewith a copy of the draft copy of the Bill of Quantity for your reference. Kindly advise whether you are able to quote for these items. We will issue more detail drawings and information to you later. Our tel. no. is (65) 623.....June 1, Contact
e 12895 USA: Retail: Do you know if the Typhoon Green marble stone is produced in a Tile format? I have recently bought the Typhoon Green Stone for Kitchen Cabinets and would like to be able to do some tile accents in my floor and hearth. My tel. no. is 843 30.....June 1, Contact
e 12894 USA: Landscape: I need a boulder for a commercial project. The requirements for the boulder are.a rounded 10 ft diameter 5 ft high specimen granite boulder for a project located in KS. The approximate date needed is July '04. I am willing to purchase this from anywhere as long as it meets budget. My tel. no. is (913) 88.....June 1, Contact

Inquiries sorted by countries, product categories and previous months are displayed at www.findstone.com/tilinks.htm  

We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.