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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!   May 31, 2004
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450 inquiries in May 2004. 
The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 12893 USA: Retail: I am interested in buying cantera stones as displayed in supplier profile sp1022-us. I am not sure of the color yet. I am in AZ. My tel. no. is 602-81.....May 31, Contact USD 20
e 12892 Uruguay: We want CATERPILLAR 215 (3 units) and CATERPILLAR 225 (2 units). Send me your offer with complete information, pictures and FOB price. My tel. no. is 00598 2 40.....May 31, Contact USD 50
e 12891 South Africa: I am looking for a source of slate powder similar to 'Fillersite'. My tel. no. is 27(0)11 38.....May 31, Contact USD 20
e 12890 USA: Please quote - FOB San Diego, CA for granite counter tops as attached. May 31, Contact USD 50
e 12889 Botswana: I am interested in products especially the polished porcelain tiles. please send me catalogues or samples. My tel. no. is 267 39.....May 31, Contact USD 50
e 12888 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: Please provide info on sandblasting machines and air compressors of all sizes available for sale. We are in Florida. May 31, Contact USD 50
e 12887 Syria: Quarry Machinery: We are in need for a machine with all equipment for cutting the rocks from stone quarry in the mountain to preparing the big mass of limestone & Sandstones to be suitable for cutting by small saw to preparing the block for building the houses. As we know there is a Trencher "Loader" for cutting the rocks with special saw. We need the information about the operation and the technical specification. Our tel. no. is +963 33 4.....May 31, Contact USD 50
e 12886 UK: We are attempting to locate a manufacturer of Diamond dust coated files for foot care. Our tel. no. is (020) 751..... May 31, Contact USD 50
e 12884 Pakistan: I am in business of marble. I want to be a wholesale dealer of Green Marble in Faisalabad. Please quote for INDIAN PEACOCK and CROCODILE green marble. Phone no. is 0092-41-7......May 31, Contact USD 20
e 12885 Canada: Quarry Machinery: I need information about the rock splitter and some pictures. 
We want to change our equipment in our soapstone quarry. looking for companies that manufacture tools to cut blocks in the quarry. My phone number is 418 42.....May 31, Contact USD 50
e 12882 USA: We are very interested in a fully automatic terrazzo tiles plant. Please send more  information along with price for the plant. My tel. no. is 419-53.....May 31, Contact USD 50
e 12881 Pakistan: Can you supply us the heat resistance tile to lay at roof top to protect home from sun heat? Kindly send detailed proposal. My phone number is 92-051 -28.....May 31, Contact USD 25
e 12880 USA: Landscape: I need about 28 tons of crystal spar white for my driveway replenishment. I live in NY. My tel. no. is (631) 72..... I have been told by local stone suppliers that crystal spar must be obtained from Pennsylvania and very few driveway contractors have it on hand. What is the price per ton? 
Also, if I switch to another white stone for my driveway, are there any other less expensive suggestions? (My circular driveway now has crystal spar and needs to be replenished.) What is the least expensive way to go if the driveway must remain with white stones? Are there white driveway pebbles? Are white marble chips a possibility? May 31, Contact USD 50
e 12879 Syria: Stone Processing: We are in need for a complete factory with all equipment to produce Cao (quicklime) from lime stones. The factory should be:
Suitable to produce 400 Tones through 8 hours per the day 
The energy of fuel 
Power 220 V, 50 Hz or 380 V
The project is turn key. Please your prices for the turnkey project. Our tel. no. is +963 33 4.....May 31, Contact USD 50
e 12878 Turkey: I need offer for dark Indian green marble of sizes 30 x 60 x 2 cm, 140/150 x 200/250 x 2 cm, 140/150 x 200/250 x 3 cm. Qty. is one 20' cont, single polish. Quote CIF Istanbul (pls all sizes are in metrics). My mobile no. is +90542 24.....May 31, Contact USD 20
e 12877 USA: Retail: I NEED MADURA GOLD IN GRANITE OR HARVEST CREAM IN MARBLE 400 Sq Ft. I AM IN NY. MY TEL. NO. IS (516) 75.....May 31, Contact USD 20
e 12876 Ireland: Artifacts: I am seeking to source a European limestone fireplace for our home in Ireland, possibly from Spain or Portugal. My tel. no. is +44 02897 5.....May 31, Contact USD 50
e 12875 Singapore: Please quote for a 1995 LIEBHERR HS882HD. My tel. no. is (65) 627.....May 31, Contact USD 50
e 12874 Egypt: We are engineering and trading company based in Cairo Egypt. We have a customer who is looking for Diamond powder (commercial type) , grain size 1- 3 micron to use it for making cutting tools for granite and hard stone. Qty - 100 gm. Our tel. no. is 00202-55.....May 31, Contact USD 25
e 12873 Saudi Arabia: We have an interior design & decoration magazine and we are executing construction works for luxury villas and palaces. We have a big showroom for Construction materials and interior design accessories (furniture, ceramics, antiques, Marble, Granite, Slate etc.). We are looking for suppliers for Slate from China. Our Sales Manager is now in Philippines and he will be visiting China after 10 days. We are inviting price list from suppliers of Slate. It would be appreciable if you could send us:
1) The catalogue of the product 
2) Complete price list including freight charges to KSA 
3) Minimum order quantity.
4) Type of finish for slate. Our tel. is 00966 1 46....May 31, Contact USD 50
e 12872 USA: Retail: I am looking for 10 tons of polished stones. I live in PA 0040 - 0009. My tel. no. is 610-52......May 31, Contact USD 20
e 12871 Kuwait: Please quote for marble and ceramic tiles and slabs for wall cladding and flooring. Payment will be done by LC. Our tel. no. is 00965 39.....May 31, Contact USD 20
e 12870 India: Retail: Please quote for Madura gold, 1000 sq. ft. My tel. no. is 022 56.....May 29, Contact INR 1000
e 12869 Namibia: Stone Processing Machinery: I require pricing and information on all equipment required in the marble mining industry. From the quarry to the factory as well as the manufacturing of Sheets, tiles, pillars, cups, plates, bangles, beads all equipment to be used in a complete factory. If possible photos of equipment offered. My tel. no. is+264 61 3.....May 29, Contact USD 25
e 12868 USA: Artifacts: I am looking for item as displayed in # 0019 - 0088. The item is a small bowl fountain with two little owls perched on side. Please quote the price and shipping time to Virginia for this item - I need two pieces. May 29, Contact USD 25
e 12867 USA: Landscape: Need 2100 square feet of flagstone, buck skin or cream color, 1.5 inches thick for walkways and retaining walls. Need delivered price to Lubbock, TX. Ready to buy today. My tel. no. is 806-79.....May 29, Contact USD 25
e 12866 Brazil: We want 12 slab Azul Bahia. Our tel. no. is + 5527 929...... May 29, Contact USD 25
e 12865 USA: Retail: I would like to inquire about 50 Sq ft. Of Nero Black Granite. Either a slab of 120" x 55" or 12" x 12" tiles. Interested in prices, availability, location. I live in Orange County, California. Anywhere in a 60 mile radius I can pick up would be great. My tel. no. is 714-33.....May 29, Contact USD 10
e 12864 USA: I need between 1500 and 2000 feet of Santa Cecilia 12x12 polished granite tiles. I am in Washington, my phone no. is 253 62.....May 29, Contact USD 50
e 12863 Oman: I am interested in buying used crane LHD 25tons mobile. Any make is welcomed, also can consider Chinese cranes. Models from 87-91. My tel. no. 0096894.....May 29, Contact USD 50
e 12862 Israel: I want to import polished marble tiles from PHILIPPINES & MALAYSIA in 30 x 60 both 1.6 &
2cm thickness in beige & pink-red colors and polished foot steps 130 x 24 x 3cm polished from one long edge.
Should be of good quality and competitive price. The material should have no shade variation or cracks. Samples requested. Payment by L/C. My tel. no. is +972 577.....May 29, Contact USD 25
e 12861 Saudi Arabia: Quarrying Machine: Please quote for block extracting machines as displayed in ready stock 557. May 29, Contact USD 50
e 12860 Germany: Please quote for CRESTA BLACK marble from Greece or BLACK GOLD from Pakistan or 
something similar. We need rough blocks with dimensions 50cm x 55cm x 25cm and ready polished blocks of height 55cm x 50cm. offer price with shipping to Munich. Our tel. is ++49 179 53..... May 29, Contact USD 50 
e 12859 Vietnam: We are a importers of granite blocks. We are interested in importing a large quantity granite blocks from South Africa like cape red, african red, cape flame, rosso sienna, desert rose, trasvaal red, k red, African red, fontein green, tropical sun. Please quote CIF HCM port. Our tel. no. is (84-61) 9.....May 29, Contact USD 50 
e 12858 USA: Landscape: I am landscaping my property in Ft. Lauderdale. It is a very wooded acre, covered by palm trees and oaks. I would like to add stone walkways through the property and create various gardens and seating areas. I would also like to use stone and/or boulders to both accent the gardens and to use as bordering in some areas. I do not want a formal walkway, but rather a very natural looking stepping stone path. 
I am ready to move ahead with this project immediately and am simply seeking to find a place to purchase stone to use for these garden paths. Is there anyone in my area I could buy stones for this project? My tel. no. is 954-31.....May 29, Contact USD 50 
e 12857 USA: We are looking for 2,600 square feet of flamed Dakota Mahogany tile for immediate delivery. Tiles are to be 12"x12"x1/2". We typically specify " thickness for our flamed granite tile. This is because some of the face is lost in the flaming process, making the tile approximately 3/8" thick. Is your product 3/8" thick before being flamed, or is that the thickness that the tile actually is with the flamed face? We are in TX. Our tel. no. is (361) 88.....May 29, Contact USD 50 
e 12856 USA: Stone Processing Machinery:  Interested in Z. Bavelloni EGAR 320-3. Please forward more info ASAP. My phone no. is 407-33.....May 29, Contact USD 50 
e 12855 USA: We are in wholesale granite (Slabs and Tiles) business since 2001. At this time we are looking to import following colors and Quantities from India (North and South). May we request you to kindly advise your best prices FOB Chennai and availability. The terms will be as follows: 1. Only First quality material will be accepted. We will hire SGS Inspection Company and arrange for their representative to come to your Plant for inspection of slabs. Any slabs rejected by him will not be accepted. 2. Payment - Irrevocable Letter of credit. Colors /Qty. required as follows: Size - Min 280*180*20mm.  Black Galaxy - 30 slabs / Black Dark - 30 Slabs / Tan Brown - 20 Slabs / Ivory Brown - 20 Slabs / Jakranda - 20 Slabs / Sira Grey - 20 Slabs / Madurai Gold - 20 Slabs / Indian Juprana - 10 slabs / Hassan Green - 10 Slabs / Indian Mahogany - 10 slabs / Kashmir White - 10 Slabs / Colombo Juprana - 10 Slabs / Paradiso - 10 slabs / Raw Silk (Pink) - 20 Slabs / Multicolor Red - 20 Slabs / Desert Brown - 10 Slabs / Apple Green - 10 Slabs / Ruby Red - 10 Slabs / Golden Pearl - 10 slabs / Rosy Pink - 10 Slabs / Imperial Pink - 10 Slabs / Ocean Blue - 10 slabs / Jhansi Red - 10 slabs / Mokalsar Green - 10 slabs / Coffee Brown - 10 slabs / Yalagiri Brown - 10 slabs / Chima Pink - 10 slabs. Would appreciate your best quote at the earliest. We are in Houston. Our tel. no. is 1-713-78.....May 29, Contact USD 50 
e 12854 Iran: We need stone processing machines for our project. We want to order finished polished granite slabs in big sizes like 240x120cm with max. 4cm thickness and cut them to demanded tile sizes for example: 80 x 40 / 60 x 60 / 60 x 30 / 40 x 40 / 30 x 30 cm. So we need a good machine for cutting granite stones in the best quality. Tel. +98 351 82.....May 29, Contact USD 50 
e 12853 USA: Looking for suppliers that can sell at the best wholesale prices blocks of high quality, (tight grain, no inclusions, regular patterning and color), French beaumaniere light limestone, 5 blocks measuring 8' x 2.5' x 1.5'. I will pay for a sample to be shipped to me. I also will need 5 slabs of 3/4" in the same material. May 29, Contact USD 20 
e 12852 China: Please send Indian green marbles catalogue with details of your prices and terms of payment. My contact no. is 86-139252..... May 29, Contact USD 20 
e 12851 USA: I would like to purchase basalt stones for massage purposes. Please send me more info on what you carry. I am in IL. My tel no. is 63049.....May 29, Contact USD 20 
e 12850 UK: Please open the attachment to see the specification of the order that I want you to me quote prices and delivery time. I want example prices for the following types of materials quoted for the three specifications below.
Black Galaxy, Blue Pearl, White pearl, China Green, China Ubatuba A, Black Pearl, Panxi Blue, White Pearl Carls doc 9pg.jpg, G 6503 and Gold Dust. 
I would require 3 x 50 units of the 605 mm x 2500 mm. x 30 mm depth (150 total units, Example: 50 Blue Pearl, 50 China Ubatuba and 50 White Pearl) 
Additionally 50 units 1240 mm x 1240 mm x 30 mm (15 Blue Pearl, 20 China Ubatuba A and 15 White Pearl)
Also units 1540 mm x 940 mm x 30 mm (15 Blue Pearl, 20 China Ubatuba A and 15 White Pearl)
Should you require more information please email me or call me on 00 44 78677.....May 29, Contact USD 100 
e 12849 India: Retail: We are looking for the flooring of our home measuring approx 1100 sq.ft. and ceramic wall tiles for the kitchen and 2 bathrooms. We need responses from suppliers in the vicinity of the western suburbs of Bombay. 
The colors preferred are cream / golden colour marble for flooring. Cheap and best. Bigger joint free tiles would be welcomed. Payment will be immediate. Will finalize the order by June or July 04. My tel. no. is 98212......May 28, Contact INR 500
e 12848 UK: I am interested in the waterjet cutting machine, and would like you to send my some photos please. Also any information that you may have, make, type, etc........My mobile no. is 07796 0.....May 28, Contact USD 50
e 12847 USA: Landscape: I am interested in the quartzite flagstone from Nevada. I am looking to cover approx 2000 sq / ft. I will be laying this on a cement foundation so the thin will be fine. Rust and / or Green shades is what I am looking for. But am open to other colors as well. Would like a small sample if possible. My tel. no. is 505-24.....May 28, Contact USD 50
e 12846 India: Please quote with description for a CNC machine. My tel. no. is (0253) 31.....May 28, Contact USD 20
e 12845 USA: Retail: We are looking for a marble called "frost" at waterworks. It is ivory with a gold vein. The veining is moderate to subtle. Need 150 sq. ft slab marble and 50t sq ft. tile. My tel. no. is 713-97.....May 28, Contact USD 20
e 12844 Estonia: Stone Processing Machinery: We are looking for second hand PEDRINI M 580 32 discs block cutter. Machine must be ready to work. Please send offers. My tel. no. is +37250.....May 28, Contact USD 50
e 12843 Germany: We are looking for reliable granite-/marble suppliers in China who can our existing clientele in Germany and surrounding countries with the following articles:
1. Tiles and Slabs
2. Tailor made cornered, round and oval tops for kitchen, bath, counters
3. Pattern 
3. Carving Sculptures 
4. Grave-Stones
5. Garden Items
We would like to know your FOB-prices of all granite types in the following sizes and qualities:
Material: Granite Tiles
Thickness: 1.0 cm, 1.5 cm, 2.0 cm
Sizes: 30.5 x 30.5 cm, 30.5 x 61.0 cm, 40.0 x 40.0 cm, 50.0 x 50.0 cm, Bigger than 50 x 50 cm ( tops ) as requested above under 2. Surface: Polished. Edges: a)45 degrees cut and polished, b) round edges
Backside: a) With sawing structure, b) 2 Tile Fix Grooves. Use: Floor and Wall Tiles. Qty. p.a.: Min. 120 - 150 containers. Qty. monthly: Min. 10 - 12 containers. Delivery Time: Start up December 2004 / January 2005. 
Packing: Please advise. Pallet: Please advise (Euro pallet 80 x 120 cm). Prices / m2: C&F Port Hamburg, Antwerp, Rotterdam. Payment: L/C at sight. 
Also email us sample with your presented G 603 a. Please be so kind and fill in all requested figures and data concerning our 4 requested sizes and 3 thickness, here especially regarding weights, packing and container quantities etc.. Please be so kind and transmit photos of your packing and loadings. Regarding our further demand concerning garden, carving, pattern etc. we will provide our demand after receipt of your quotations. Our tel. no. is ++ 49 711 80.....May 28, Contact USD 50
e 12842 Australia: Diamond Tools: My company specializes in supplying high quality diamond products to many industries. We are currently looking for new products to add to our range. Contact me to discuss distribution rights for your products in Australia. Phone: (02) 975.....May 28, Contact USD 50
e 12841 USA: We are interested in buying 'Azul Macauba'. Our requirements are 1000 sq. ft. in slabs of what ever size you have. Payment will be in Euros or US dollars, your choice. We are located in NJ. Our phone no. is (732)77.....May 28, Contact USD 50
e 12840 USA: Looking into a waterjet cutter. Please provide capabilities, options and delivered pricing information in US dollars. I am in Il. May 28, Contact USD 50
e 12839 USA: I am looking for 2600 square feet of Italian Travertine Osso 18" x 18" in South Florida for immediate pick-up. My tel. no. is 954-81.....May 27, Contact USD 20
e 12838 USA: I am a landscape architect working on a pavilion where our architect is wanting to use old granite for the base of the structure. I am in MA. My contact no. is 987-37.....May 27, Contact USD 20
e 12837 UK: I am inquiring regards to pietra laro grey limestone color light grey size 600mm x 600mm thickness 20mm honed and sealed on all surfaces prior to delivery. Or it might be the range of acero limestone. Looking for a supplier in UK. My tel. no. is 0207 38.....May 27, Contact USD 50
e 12836 Hungary: We need marble / granite for outside covering accordingly: 
- color of stone would be light gray, 
- max thickness of stone is 20 mm, (10-15 mm would be preferred), 
- the stone needs to be cut but one of its surface needs to be smashed/broken/split/hammered 
- requested dimensions and quantity as follows: 
- 300x100x10mm, 5.000 pieces x 0,03= 150,00 m2 
- 200x100x10mm, 1.000 pieces x 0,02= 20,00 m2 
- 200x200x10mm, 25 pieces x 0,04= 1,00 m2 
- the latest delivery date is end of July. 
Please send your offer in EURO with the name of stone, pictures of stone would be appreciated. With price in EUR. In case you could arrange the transport also pls. attach an offer of fright charge - destination is Budapest. My mobile no. is +36-20-82.....May 27, Contact USD 50
e 12835 UK: Earthmoving Machinery: Please forward pictures and pricing details of Cat D7H excavator. May 27, Contact USD 50
e 12834 USA: Retail: We need 150 sq. ft. slab and 50 sq. ft. tiles of Afyon White marble. The marble can have subtle gray veining too, but the gold should be dominant or at least equal to the amount of gray veining. Narrow subtle veining is preferred. We are not interested in heavy or wide veining. Please quote. Can you send a sample? I am in TX. My phone no. is 713-97......May 27, Contact USD 20
e 12833 USA: Landscape: I am look for 500 sq. ft. Pennsylvania bluestone dealer near me Atlantic City area. My tel. no. is 21549.....May 27, Contact USD 20
e 12832 USA: Quarrying Machinery: Where I can buy a portable saw for slicing fieldstone into slabs? I am near Albany, NY. My cell phone no. is 518-24.....May 27, Contact USD 50
e 12831 Turkey: Diamond Tools: We are one of the importing company in Turkey and we are interested in importing DIAMOND for using in CNC machine. Please quote with images. May 27, Contact USD 50
e 12830 India: Landscape: We are interested in purchasing black pebbles polished size 25 to 40mm. We are based in Bangalore. Our tel. no. is 00 91 98441......May 27, Contact USD 20
e 12829 USA: Retail: I am looking to replace our countertops with granite - and possibly even make a granite table. My wife and I are struggling to find granite that is in the color scheme of your Ash Brown and Polychrome from Canada. We like the dark grey/black with hints of brown. 
I live in Rhode Island. Looking for any places in RI or Massachusetts that carry your slabs of the above two types. Our tel. no. is 401-37.....May 27, Contact USD 10
e 12828 Pakistan: I am an owner of a marble company in Rawalpindi. Please quote for Indian black, red, gray and white granite random polished slabs, 2 cm thick, 8000 sq ft. Also quote for polished 30cm x 30cm x 1 cm = 2000 tiles and 60cm x 30cm x 1 cm = 2000 tiles. My phone no. is 030051.....May 27, Contact USD 20
e 12827 Canada: We are interested in purchasing "travertine" from Turkey. Our tel. no. is 1-905-27.....May 27, Contact USD 20
e 12826 Bangladesh: Earthmoving Machinery: We need dumper truck. Request for quotation for supply of light (4.5 to 6 ton ) and medium duty (6 to 8 ton) dump Truck. Please quote. May 26, Contact USD 20
e 12825 USA: We need a stone slab for a sign. We would like a local sandstone, exact color does not matter. Delivery is in the southwest metro area of Denver. 
Size: 4' by 8' straight cut. Thickness: 4" with a 1/2" variance allowable. Timing: As soon as it can be made available. Delivery preference: will pay for delivery on a truck with equipment to lift into place... sign base is ready to accept slab. Will be engraved in place. My contact no. is 303-79.....May 26, Contact USD 20
e 12824 USA: Landscape: I am interested in getting a few pieces of PA sandstone possibly 6-10 larger pieces. I am located in Pittsburgh. Please advise as soon as possible. I will need it immediately for a project we have at the moment. My tel. no. is 412-61.....May 26, Contact USD 20
e 12823 Canada: We are importers of Indian granite, marble, sand stone, slate, limestone, quartzite, etc. We want 7~8 containers of tiles (Black, Black galaxy 2 con each & mix of other colours), 5~6 cont of slabs 2cm & 3cm. Slates calibrated 4~5 con & non calibrated 3~4 con 30 x 30 & 40 x 40. Limestone calibrated 4~5 con 40 x 40 -15+/-1mm , 7~8 con-non cal all sizes. We will send our inspectors to the factories / SGS inspection required in some cases. This can be decided case to case. We are looking to buy on long term basis. Supplier's profile and background very much essential. Orders can be placed from July 1st week. My tel. no. is +1 416 56......May 26, Contact USD 100
e 12822 Syria: Stone Processing Machinery: We are looking for an automatic floor tile / mosiac plant. If you are in a position to supply us , please send us Products Catalogue with Price list. Our tel. no. is 9671- 5......May 26, Contact USD 50
e 12821 Lithuania: please quote for Sichuan Red granite in 600 x 600mm or 600 x 300mm, thickness: 15mm tiles. The Qty. is 2000m3. Our tel. no. is +370 46 3.....May 26, Contact USD 50
e 12820 USA: Retail: I am looking for Volga blue tile (I also would like a black tile with the blue, in Volga blue, not green). I also like Black Labrador. I need 12x12 tiles 500 sq feet. I am in MA. My tel. no. is 781-87.....May 26, Contact USD 50
e 12819 USA: Retail: I am looking fro someone in New York City that fabricates or custom terrazzo shower pan. Quantity would be however much necessary for 1 shower pan - approx. 48"x30". My tel. no. is 212-74.....  May 26, Contact USD 10
e 12818 USA: Landscape: What would be the cost to purchase, and have shipped, roughly 2000 bricks to Berkeley California? We are looking at gray -- roughly 2000 stones, pending final plans. Our phone no. is 415-86..... May 26, Closed
e 12817 USA: I am interested in white color lime stone. I also need corners (L shape), finishers for windows and cornish under roofing. I intend to use limestone for rough face to outer look of house instead of brick. Please send me color samples? I would like to know what colors are available and what they look like. After I receive color swatch, I can make my decision accordingly. About the quantity, I need lime stone to cover 10,000 square meter. I am in Atlanta GA. My phone no. is (770) 56.....May 26, Contact USD 50
e 12816 Canada: I am looking for black or reddish basalt stones, sizes 1/2 inches up to eight inches. I am in Toronto, Ontario. My phone is 416-26.....May 26, Contact USD 20
e 12815 USA: I am interested in about 50 sq. ft. of the Giallo Santa Cecilia granite floor tiles. Can you please provide me with a cost of the tile, and the estimated cost to ship to Oklahoma. My tel. no. is 301-96.....May 26, Contact USD 20
e 12814 USA: Retail: Want to purchasing travertine. My tel. no. is 714-66.....May 26, Contact USD 20
e 12813 USA: Retail: Looking for small basalt stones (1"-2"). Need about 10-12 cubic feet. I am in 
Boston. My tel. no. is 617-29.....May 25, Contact USD 20
e 12812 USA: Please quote for 2cm Malayan Rose (AKA: Rosa Spring). My tel. no. is 561-51.....May 25, Contact USD 20
e 12811 USA: Please quote for a Grove GMK 6300B. I am interested in buying one of these cranes. My tel. no. is 1-916-48.....May 25, Contact USD 50
e 12810 USA: Please quote for 18x18 classico Turkish travertine at $1.50 a sq ft? I am looking for 3000sq ft. and also about 1000 sq ft of tumbled stone. Can you give me an idea on shipping from Miami to Phoenix for 3000sq. ft. Also I was wondering what the golden honed unfilled looks like? I am in AZ and my tel. no. is 602-27..... May 25, Contact USD 50
e 12809 USA: I would like information on Pool table slate. Prices and shipping charges. I am in Texas. My tel # 210-42.....May 25, Contact USD 20
e 12808 USA: Please quote for Giallo Friorito block. I need 1 block or slabs. My tel. no. is 1-786-48.....May 25, Contact USD 20
e 12807 Saudi Arabia: Earthmoving Machinery: We are looking used caterpillar scraper model 631E & grader model 14h year 1995 up. My. Tel. # 00966-2-69.....May 25, Contact USD 50
e 12806 Iran: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for:  
1) loader komatsu model 470/420
2) bulldozer komatsu model 155
3) lifter excavators caterpillar model 6.
Our tel. no. is 0098 91338.....May 25, Contact USD 50
e 12805 Austria: Please quote for Travertino toscano chiaro and Limestone yellow provenza 30x30 up to 60x60cm x 2cm for 26m2 sand blasted and antique stile of the edges. We would need the slabs in 2 to 3 weeks, if possible and I would ask you, how much it would cost (including the transport). our tel. no. is +43 664 42.....May 25, Contact USD 20
e 12804 Taiwan: Earthmoving Machinery: We are a leading importer with many years' experience selling used forklifts, etc. We urgently need many units of used forklifts, diesel & electric models of any brands. Please send us offers. Our tel. no. is + 886 2 256..... May 25, Contact USD 50
e 12803 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: We are looking for Hitachi wheel Excavators, Caterpillar wheel Excavators, Wheel Loaders, Motor Graders and Combine Harvesters and some other construction machines. Some requirements are as under. 
DHO5D Only one excavator from Daewoo
WHEEL LOADERS: 950B,966C,966D. 
If you have any above described unit or arrange for us please contact us soon. Our phone no. is +92 0431-8.....May 25, Contact USD 50
e 12802 USA: I am interested in a US west coast distributorship for natural stone. We are located in California. I will be traveling to China in July and would like to see your plant. My tel. no. is 909-53.....May 25, Contact USD 20
e 12801 USA: I like to get 2500 sq ft Teakwood stone. My tel. no. is 703 62......May 25, Contact USD 20
e 12800 Romania: Landscape: We are one of the largest real estate companies in Romania. We are interested in getting quotation for 2.5 cubic meters of black pebbles, having dimensions between 15-30mm/each. Please advise the delivery time. Please send us offers ASAP. Also, it would be very helpful if you can send us some samples. My tel. no. is 4021-31.....May 24, Contact USD 50
e 12799 USA: Landscape: I am researching suitable lime stones for exterior paving in the Chicago, Ill. area. It is a significant amount 9,000s.f. plus and will take extensive foot traffic. I am looking for something that is not light in color rather a warm sandy, buff color. My contact no. is 802-45......May 24, Contact USD 50
e 12798 UK: We are very interested in tiles 600 x 300 x 20 or 300 x free length Turkish Mugla White, Europe Gold, or Milas Lemon or Afyon, or something like that 2nd choice, the cheapest. Qty. is 1000m2. May 24, Contact USD 50
e 12797 USA: Landscape: Need 3 tons of black Mexican beach pebbles, large size (2" - 4") - what will this cost including ship to Virginia 23322 zip code? May 24, Contact USD 20
e 12796 Bahrain: Please quote for pumice stone of size 3-5 cm. Currently we are using Indonesian material, now we want pumice stone from Turkey. We are looking for a rate lower than FOB Mersin USD 67.00 / Ton. Also quote for 1x20' and 1x40' container to the destination port Bahrain. Our tel. no. is 00973172......May 24, Contact USD 50
e 12795 Saudi Arabia: Please quote for Turkish lilac rose, salome creme, sugar supreme, afyon bordo. I need the material for my villa. My tel. no. is 05079......May 24, Contact USD 20
e 12794 USA: Landscape: Please quote for Stone Pavers in blue colour. My tel. no. is 845-35.....The quantity required is approximately 12,000 sq-ft. May 24, Contact USD 20
e 12793 USA: Please quote for Brazilian Granite. What is your price for a container? How many slabs are in a container? Also, the time frame for your shipping? May 24, Contact USD 20
e 12792 USA: Artifacts: I am interested in inlay piece offered as displayed in by supplier 36 in FindStone's online stores. 
Can the inlay item IT0015 also be used on the floor or just as a table top? Can I get information about thickness and hardness? I am in New York. My phone number is 917-85......May 24, Contact USD 50
e 12791 Korea: We are continuous supplier of Green Onyx tiles in size 700mm x 586mm x 20mm (thickness), one face polished, without veins and cracks. Our contact no is +82-2-0227.......We will buy 20 feet one or two container per month. 
Supplier should be close relation to Mining process. I know Onyx has naturally veins and cracks so purchasing without inspection is impossible for me. I want to meet suppliers so that I can give them explanations about my business. I have no office and no agent in Pakistan. May 24, Contact USD 50
e 12790 UK: Artifacts: I am interested in receiving prices for handicraft items. We currently import large quantities. May 24, Contact USD 20
e 12789 USA: We are building a home in Mexico and want to find a supplier of glazed lava stone. Our house will be in Zihuatanejo....any Mexican manufacturer or Mexican distributor for this particular product (glazed lava stone). It usually comes in about 20 different colors. I'm looking for an Antique Bone with Brown Patine or White. I want to use these as counter tops or straight surface applications. I'm leaving for Mexico in three weeks would like to find the product when in Mexico at this time. Tel. no. 415-62......May 24, Contact USD 20
e 12787 Jordan: Stone Processing Machinery: I am interested in receiving full information for an automated concrete hollow blocks production plant. Kindly send your best price quote and specification of both small and medium size capacity machines. 
Please include the following information with your quote:
1. A Floor plan showing the production process and machinery layout from A to Z.
2. Price list FOB or C&F Aqaba port, Jordan of all machines and accessories in addition to spare parts needed.
3. Total space needed in square meters and type of building required for the production and storage areas.
4. Total land area required for the plant.
5. Types of law cost drying techniques available, as we may need to use it during the winter season.
6. Number of workers needed to handle the production process.
7. Type and size of molds available for production on the same machine, also indicate the production capacity per 8 hrs. shift of each.
8. Type of power needed for the machines i.e. diesel, petrol, electricity 1phase\3phase and average rate of power consumption per 8hrs. shift in liters or Kw.
9. Time needed to deliver the machinery from date of opening L/C. 
10. Cost of assembling the machinery and on site training if required. 
My fax. no. is + 962 6 51.....May 24, Contact USD 50
e 12786 Philippines: Please quote for Turkish as well as Chinese granites. We are stone traders. May 24, Contact USD 20
e 12785 USA: I am doing fabrication in Las Vegas. Please send me a catalog of Brazil slabs. I would like to buy juperanas, giallo veneciano, santa cecilia, etc. My phone number (702) 32.....May 24, Contact USD 50
e 12784 Uruguay: Earthmoving Machinery: WE ARE LOOKING CATERPILLAR 235 & CATERPILLAR 815 F, FRONT SHOVEL, LOW HOURS. Send me your offer with complete information & pictures. My tel. no. is 00598 2 40......May 24, Contact USD 20
e 12782 USA: I am interested in purchasing Onyx and granite slabs and tiles. My tel. no. is 561 70.....May 24, Contact USD 20
e 12781 UAE: You are kindly requested to send us your catalogues or samples in order to have more information. Our tel. no. is 00 971 6 54.....May 23, Contact USD 20
e 12780 USA: I am a fabricator in OK and I am seeking suppliers of marble and granite. Please send me a price list. My tel. no. is 417-75.....May 23, Contact USD 20
e 12779 USA: Retail: I like Burlington Stone from UK. Can you give me an idea of how this stone would work for a kitchen countertop? I am a designer and my phone no. is 651-43.....May 23, Contact USD 20
e 12778 USA: We are looking to stock for retail and contractor sales in our Texas stone yard. We would like FOB Texas ports or priced right so it makes sense to ship any and all stone will be required. We will buy in a bid like fashion, send us the product details and small samples for viewing our post online images with details AND PRICES IN USD. We are looking for turnkey providers only. Our phone no. is 972-92.....May 22, Contact USD 20
e 12777 Sudan: Please offer me a list of your marble slabs with pictures, dimensions and prices. My tel. no. is 00249122.....May 22, Contact USD 20
e 12776 Egypt: Please quote for stone processing machinery as displayed in ready stock 494. We want to know more details about the type and the kind of the machines and the model and if it is reconditioned or not and where we can see them. Our tel. no. is +201234.....May 22, Contact USD 50
e 12775 India: We are looking for Technical know how to manufacture diamond segments to cut granite stones. Our mobile no. is +9194484.....May 22, Contact USD 50
e 12774 USA: I am looking for Absolute Black quantity of 3600 + no more then 5000 of 12x12x3/8 tiles for $2 or less per Sq footage my negotiate only within a small spread must be of high quality. We are looking to receive shipment in one week and only under those conditions. My phone number is 914 37.....I am in NY. May 22, Contact USD 20
e 12773 Canada: Landscape: Please provide info. on wall cladding stones. Is that the thin stone to put on top of bricks, woods, siding... ? How much is that and do you have any store in Toronto or Ontario?  
My phone number is 416-62.....I need about 500 sf, depends on the size and the price, this quantity is just for the front. If the price is OK, may be I will do the whole house and I will need more. The colour is may be white, grey or ivory ...May 22, Contact USD 20
e 12772 USA: Retail: I would like information on 1 - 8ft pro Pool table slate. Prices and shipping charges. I am in Texas  and would like to know how much it would cost for shipping. My tel. no. is 210-42.....May 22, Contact USD 20
e 12771 Netherlands: We are interested in basalt tiles 120 x 60 x 3 or 60 x 60 x 3 qty. 160 sq mtr or is there a importer in Holland/Belgium who I can reach? The basalt should not be too dark, medium grey to antrasit. 
Can you give me a sample? My tel. no. is 00316221.....May 22, Contact USD 50
e 12770 USA: Retail: I would like to buy 35 m2 of 2 cm BAHIA AZUL at up to $320 USD / M2 for a home project. I would consider traveling to Vitorio, Espirito Santo or to Rio or Salvador to inspect the slabs. I would like seller to arrange for shipment in a 20 foot shipping container to port of Oakland, California after my inspection. I will pay for shipping. May 22, Contact USD 50
e 12768 India: We are interested to import marble slabs polished / unpolished. Please offer prices of your products (i.e. different types of marbles). Our tel. no. is 00-91-294-24.....May 22, Contact USD 20
e 12767 Fiji: We are interested in setting up a Concrete block Making Factory. We would appreciate if you could forward you full range of catalogue with best CIF prices. Our tel. no. is 679 67.....May 22, Contact USD 50
e 12766 Bangladesh: Earthmoving Machinery: We would like to purchase one Bulldozer. Let us know the current condition of this and also send some photographs and necessary information. please quote cost to Chittagong port. Our tel. no. is 8802-8624.....May 22, Contact USD 50
e 12765 Ukraine: We required Premium quality White marble of Indian origin ex-factory rates of following sizes:
1. Premium White Marble (Ambaji white or may be another) sizes 1000 x 800 x 60mm(1m x 0.8m x 0.06m thickness). Quantity required: 320 sqm to 480 sqm
2. Sizes of 600 x 600 x 20mm and slabs of 30mm & 20mm of same marble quality.
Our buyer will use this marble for outdoor, so we need the good hardness. Please suggest during winter season under -20C, how will it act. My mobile no. is +380-67-40.....May 22, Contact INR 2000
e 12764 USA: What is the wholesale cost Labrador Antique? May 22, Contact USD 20
e 12763 USA: I am looking for 2 cm shiakashi gold. Qty. is 60 sq ft in Baltimore, MD area. My tel. no. is 
443-46.....May 22, Contact USD 20
e 12762 USA: I am looking for 12" x 12" Rhodochrosite tiles. May 21, Contact USD 20
e 12761 USA: I want Light, medium, noche travertine & crema marfil. What would be the price of 24"x24". Please send samples. I am in Houston. My tel. no. is 281-65..... May 21, Contact USD 50
e 12760 USA: I need approx 7500 sq ft of 3cm slabs Alibestrino travertine. I am in Florida. May 21, Contact USD 50
ALL: e 12759 USA: I represent a granite and marble store. I want to find some new stones for my company so I need prices and photos of all slabs. My tel. no. is 201 44.....May 21, Contact USD 50
e 12758 India: Please quote CIF price PMT for Perlite Ore at Nhava Sheva port, India. We are one of the largest group in India. May 21, Contact USD 50
e 12757 Vietnam: Diamond Tools: We are trading company in Viet Nam and be pleased to inform you that we have demand CIRCULAR SAW BLADE. Please quote. Our tel. no. is 84 8 51.....May 21, Contact USD 50
e 12756 USA: Retail: I am a builder looking for a quote for 12X12 Multi-colored slate. I need 100 sq ft. My tel. no. is 713 66.....May 21, Contact USD 20
e 12755 USA: Landscape: I am looking for a bag of black smooth pebbles. My contact no. is 434 98.....May 21, Contact USD 20
e 12754 USA: I want Durango Classic Travertine Stone Honed, filled, Premium quality. Qty. is 2500 Sq.ft.
My tel no. is 888-56......May 20, Contact USD 20
e 12753 USA: My wife and I are building a home in Hermosa Beach, California and we want to purchase Twister Green slabs for our kitchen. We intended to use just sold 6 slabs and the remaining 4 had cracks. We have not been able to find So. Calif supplier of Twister Green. Our contractor and fabricator said we need to get product within 2 weeks, so we are ready to buy now. Our tel. no. is 800-35.....May 20, Contact USD 20
e 12752 USA: I am looking to purchase 2cm and 3cm granite slabs in containers. Could you please send me a price list for all the granites you carry and can get.  I am particularly interested in seeing the granites that are exclusively from your quarry. Could you please send me a price list for all the granite that you carry and can get and contact me in reference to seeing your quarry granites? I am in Houston. May 20, Contact USD 20
e 12751 USA: Retail: I like copper rose stone from India. If you have any other dark maroon-burgundy color stones I would like to see those as well. My phone no. is 404-24.....May 20, Contact USD 20
e 12750 USA: Retail: I am looking for a price for Giallo Veneziano granite. If it could be precut for my countertops that would be great. My tel. no. is 717-78.....May 20, Contact USD 20
e 12749 USA: Retail: I am in search of the closet distributor/supplier of Durango Limestone SLAB to be fabricated for Master Bath Countertops. I live in Greensboro, NC zip code 27401. May 20, Contact USD 20
e 12748 USA: Retail: I am trying to find a 3 slabs of granite called Silky Yellow. I am in TX. My phone no. 817-47.....May 20, Contact USD 20
e 12747 Australia: Please quote for 350 sqm of Spanish Crema Marfil stone. Our tel. no. is 614032.....We are in Melbourne. May 20, Contact USD 50
e 12746 Canada: Retail: I am a Glass Artist & designer looking for polished slab of White Onyx approx 80" x 40" x 2" for a dinning table top I've designed for a client. My phone no. is 250 53.....May 20, Contact USD 20
e 12745 Uruguay: Earthmoving Machinery: We are interested about your machines Liebherr 902 year 1994 and Liebherr 912 year 1987, please send us details, photos, price and more. Our telephone number is 005982 92..... May 20, Contact USD 50
e 12744 USA: Retail: Need 12x12 tiles of Duquesa Rosada Spanish Marble. Qty. is 12 pieces, phone: 888-64.....May 20, Contact USD 10
e 12743 UK: We are looking for new supplier(s) of granite slabs (2cm & 3cm) for direct supply to England. Our requirement is for approx 350 sqm per month. We presently import directly from other countries. May 20, Contact USD 50
e 12742 USA: I am interested in water jet cutting machine but I did not decide yet on the model or specs. Before I go ahead and check that I'd like to know if you have any refurbished Water Jets? The cost is a very important factor in my project. I am in MI. My phone no. is 248 84..... May 20, Contact USD 50
e 12741 USA: Looking for black marble tiles clear as possible, if need be will select for Laser engraving. Size range 1cm x 300mm x 300mm. Surface polished One side. Qty. 1 Container, approximately 7750 sq ft expected. Price range $1.00-$4.00 sq ft. Stone trade name Black Ice-Au, Gull River-Canada, Negro-Mexico, Sabian Black- Ethiopia. Please quote pricing on tiles, 1cm thick in your standard sizes, and minimum order quantity. We would like to see a sample to try our laser on. Can you send us one? Willing to pay for courier cost of samples. We are in CA. Our tel. no. is 209-83.....May 20, Contact USD 50 
e 12740 USA: We are looking for 20,000 Sq ft of Italian Botticino 18 x 18; MUST BE CLEAN. Please supply price and sample. May 20, Contact USD 50
e 12739 USA: Please quote for 1 container 3cm granite slabs from India. I am in VA. My phone no. is (571) 22.....May 20, Contact USD 20
e 12738 Japan: I am looking for Terrazzo tiles which is based on epoxy or resin. Attached is the color that I want. Size is 1400 x 2100 and qty. is 100 m2. My tel. no +81-6-674.....May 20, Contact USD 20
e 12737 Greece: Please send me information on Spanish Pierre de Bourgogne used in kitchen flooring. I need 30 sqm, for a kitchen and small laundry area. May 20, Contact USD 20
e 12736 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for EX100 EXCAVATOR. Models of year 1980 to 1990. CATERPILLAR CAT 950B to 950E Models of year 1980 to 1990. My tel. no. is 92-021-8153......May 20, Contact USD 50
e 12734 USA: Please quote for good diamond cutter. May 19, Contact USD 50
e 12733 USA: Retail: I am looking for cultured marble in southern California. My tel. no. is 562-86.....May 19, Contact USD 20
e 12732 USA: Retail: I am looking for an Uba Tuba Slabs for a kitchen. (6) 4' x 8' slabs bull-nosed on three sides. My cell no. is 541 96.....May 19, Contact USD 20
e 12731 USA: Landscape: I have a drainage swale in my back yard and I'd like to make it look like a creek. I've seen beautiful pictures in magazines where people have used varying size stones, and it looks great. The only problem with the magazines are they don't tell you the stone that was used. I've asked area contractors about stone, and they just try to sell me pea gravel. I like round smooth stones with varying color. We live in upstate New York, so shipping does concern me. My phone number is 585-37...... I have a 50'L x 4'w x 2'D area that I'd like to cover. Also a 20'L x 20'W x 1'D as well that leads into our pond. May 19, Contact USD 20
e 12730 USA: Where  can I find Southern Buff Limestone? I need a large quantity of rubble plus window surrounds, pavers etc for a house in Southern California. I need 6000 sf of rubble stone veneer (house walls on plaster and site walls on masonry) all cut to +/- 3" thick approx 3000 sf of 16" X 16" pavers @ +/- 2" thick window & door surrounds possibly, color is a consistent light beige. 
Attached are some images of the overall look of the exterior, fireplaces, our model and a few plans. Photo DSCN0283 shows the best version of the color that we are looking for. We are also looking for door & window surrounds (as shown on 0122, 164 & 173), 16" X 16" Pavers and fireplaces (see DSCN 0319, 0320). My tel. no. is 949.22.....May 19, Contact USD 50
e 12729 USA: Please quote on per container basis for granite and marble slabs and tiles delivered to Willmington port, North Carolina. Please inform of how is the product cut and the quantity per container. 
My tel. no. is (704) 24.....May 19, Contact USD 20
e 12728 USA: Please quote for a free standing sink with metal leg set as displayed in 0014-0002. My contact no. is 413.24.....May 19, Contact USD 20
e 12727 USA: I am looking for a CNC cutting Machine and a polishing machine. Polishing machine doesn't have to be numerically controlled but if you have one that will be good but it should be automatic. Regarding Cutting machine it should be CNC and it should cut holes and should be able to do all the edges like EGO Edge etc. 
What kind of three phase are usually there in the machines? Please let me know about that so that it can be installed in the building as we are expanding and we are buying a new facility but what we are short of is time.I am in IL. My phone no. is 1-630-25......May 19, Contact USD 50
e 12726 USA: Please quote for Honey Onyx Cross Cut 1600 sq. ft. Sizes preferred are  12x12,16x16 or 18x18. I am in GA. My tel. no. is 770.36.....May 19, Closed
e 12725 USA: Retail: I am looking for a bundle of slabs 7-10 3cm Cobalt Blue Granite from Bahia, Brazil. I am in Florida. My phone no. is 904 24.....May 19, Contact USD 50
e 12724 Saudi Arabia: Please quote for a Mobile Tadano crane on Nissan or Mitsubishi with capacity of at least 20 Tons with 6 wheels. Models needed from 1990 and up. Needed as soon as possible. May 19, Contact USD 50
e 12723 Japan: Artifacts: Please quote CIF Kobe for an inlay table as displayed in www.findstone.com/inlay/it0014.htm and a Sand Stone Carved Window as displayed in http://www.findstone.com/artistic/0007.htm. My tel. no. is 81-78-23....  May 19, Contact USD 50
e 12722 Australia: Landscape: We want Polished River Pebbles in Black colour, 35 to 50 mm in Diameter, packed into 20 Kg per Plastic bag, one Ctn per Month. Also the same as above but in Honed finish. My mobile no. is 61 418 9.....May 19, Contact USD 50
e 12721 Albania: I am the owner of the stone factory which operates in Tirana city, in Albania (Europe). We need marble blocks of regular form and dimension. Dimension are 2 - 2.9 m long, 1.20 - 1.80m large, 1 - 1.80m high. 
I need 460 m3 of GALALA RED, GALALA FAS, SELSELA, SELVIA, FELITTO, TERISTA, BITCHINO, proportionally for every type. This quantity must be 50% of the first quality and 50% of the second quality. I need 40m3 of BRECIA. Also 50% of the first quality and 50%of the second quality. These articles are from the articles that some Egyptian enterprises have. But I can consider other kinds of marble like BEIGE, YELLOW, GREEN etc. I need also different kinds of Travertine. A little later I will need Granite blocks also.
- Bank Guarantee or L/C will be the payment, CIF port of DURRES , Albania .
I shall prefer to build a permanent collaboration with Egyptian or Turkish enterprise which are interested to enter Albanian market and accept to credit me for 6 month providing me marble blocks. My phone number is 00355682......May 19, Contact USD 50
e 12720 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: We want bulldozers, road rollers and excavators on partnership or credit. Our telephone no. is +92 81 8.....May 19, Contact USD 50
e 12719 Israel: We are a company that imports natural stones from Europe to Israel. We are interested to buy from you the following stone:
1) THALA beige in plates thickness 2 cm and 4 cm as well.
2) THALA beige trommel 10 X 10
3) THALA beige trommel 20 X 20
What would be your special price for me as a dealer and for material for export. Shipping at Tunisian port? My tel. no. is 972-9-95.....May 19, Contact USD 20
e 12718 Germany: We are interested in a stone material called CREMA LUNA. We need this type of stone for a big project in Germany. We need prices & a stone sample. Our tel. no. is 0049 - 513.....May 19, Contact USD 50
e 12717 Malaysia: We are a prestigious importer of building materials in Malaysia. We are currently sourcing for rumble stones/ tumble stones/ java stones. Kindly quote. Our tel. no. is 607-35.....May 19, Contact USD 20
e 12716 New Zealand: We are very interested in importing Jura Limestone into New Zealand. Our tel. no. is  00640953....May 19, Contact USD 50
e 12715 USA: We are developing a 5-star hotel in Europe, could you please send your company's profile and products catalogue for our reference. We can be reached at (852) 28....May 19, Contact USD 20
e 12714 Philippines: We would like to buy Black Marble from Philippines. A company from South of Spain is interested in this product. Our tel. no. is 843-.....May 19, Contact USD 20
e 12713 Uruguay: Earthmoving Machinery: WE ARE LOOKING FOR CATERPILLAR 235, FRONT SHOVEL. SEND QUOTES AND PICS. MY TEL. NO. IS 00598 2 40.....May 19, Contact USD 50
e 12712 USA: Can a 8 inch diameter marble ball be hollowed out to be 7 inch inside diameter? I have other requirements, but this is most important. These would be purchased in bulk. My phone no. is 978-35..... May 18, Contact USD 50
e 12710 USA: I am looking for Blue Pearl granite slab. May 18, Contact USD 10
e 12709 USA: Please quote a 5-axis waterjet system for composite (Graphite fabric and carbon fiber laminates) from a minimum of 6 ft. x 4 ft. to a maximum of 10 ft. x 6 ft. capacity. Please include types of holding fixtures capable of securing part during cutting process. My tel. no. is 626-30..... May 18, Contact USD 50
e 12707 Malta: I would like some information and addresses on Morocco marble & stone exporters for importing material into Malta. We are going to Morocco next week. May 18, Contact USD 50
e 12706 India: Please quote for 2 full containers of royal beige marble from Oman. We are in Chennai. Our tel. no. is 0091 44 5217.....May 18, Contact USD 50
e 12704 USA: Retail: Please quote for yellow juperana for countertops. We are in Milwaukee. Phone no. is 41428.....May 18, Contact USD 20
e 12702 Korea: We want Crema Marfil from Spain and Turkish Crema Bello blocks. Please quote C & F price to Xiamen China and FOB price to Chune port Korea. Our tel. no. is +82-2-210.....May 18, Contact USD 40
e 12701 Vietnam: We want to purchase Pumice stone from Indonesia. Please quote. May 18, Contact USD 40
e 12700 Brazil: Looking for Onyx suppliers in Brazil. I need 1000 sqm, 40x40cm Onyx tiles from for residential covering. My tel. no. is 55-11-386.....May 18, Contact USD 40
e 12698 Netherlands: Please quote for tiles of 61 x 30,5 x 1cm of Kashmir White, Star Galaxy Imperial White FOB Amsterdam.  - 02171-3.....May 18, Contact USD 40
e 12697 India: We are interested in the Rosso Carpazi from Albania, CEILO AZUL & DOLOMITE from Argentina, moss green, mystique coffee, rhine beige from China and Black Ice, Blue Crystal, Opal Pearl from Australia. Please quote FOB rates for blocks and would appreciate if we can receive the sample for the same to form an opinion. Our tel. no. 0091 22257......May 18, Contact USD 40
e 12696 Denmark: What is the cost of Portoro-Rose? How do I get a sample? Tel. no. is +45 60 6......May 18, Contact USD 50
e 12695 Vietnam: We are one of leading of stone exporter in Vietnam. We are interested in stone processing equipment like Granite gangsaw and a polishing machine 18 heads. 
We want an e.g which can cut blocks into 2 kinds: slabs and tiles. The new or used machines are OK.. 
- We have a preference from Italy which is the country we wish to buy.
- The level of automation is semi-automatic.
- The budget is not a big problem with us. The most important things for us is the quality.
- We want to buy within 60 days.
- We are going to cut the marble and bluestone.
- Our current production is 10.000 m2 per month.
Our tel. no. is 84 4 64......May 18, Contact USD 50
e 12694 SINGAPORE: We are urgently looking for qty 1 number of; TOWER CRANE, second hand used but serviceable ready to use condition. The details of Tower Crane are: 
1. 2.5 Ton capaicity Radius 45 Mtrs radius
2. 2.5 Ton Capacity Reach 60 Mtrs radius
3. 1.5 Ton capacity Reach 45 Mtrs radius. Our tel. no. is 65 636..... May 18, Contact USD 50
e 12693 USA: Artifacts: I am interested in stone/mineral spheres/marbles/balls for import into the USA. I am in CA. May 18, Contact USD 20
e 12692 USA: Would like to start granite business in USA and import the stones from India...any information in this regard is really appreciated. My tel. no. is 414-74.....May 18, Contact USD 20
e 12691 Germany: We would like to get in touch with companies producing red, white and yellow travertine in their own quarries. Can you please send us photos and prices. We also would like to have samples to be sent to Izmir. My tel. no. is +49(0)241.55.....May 17, Contact USD 50
e 12690 India: Stone Processing Machinery: We are interested in a GRANITE GANGSAW. We are based in Kolkatta. Our tel. no. is 91-33-325.....May 17, Contact USD 50
e 12689 USA: We are importer of Granite Slabs in USA. We are interested in buying 2 containers of Indian  Golden Vyara Slabs - 3 cm polished. We are in Philadelphia. Our tel. no. is 215-78.....We will place order within 2 weeks. Quantity 2 containers. Sizes - Minimum 105" x 55" preferably larger - surface? e.g. polished, honed, sawn, natural i.e. cleft, flamed, bush-hammered, - - First quality. May 17, Contact USD 20
e 12688 : We are interested in Ceramic Tiles and other tiles. We shall be much obliged if you would kindly send us 3 sets of your catalogues together with your FOB price list to enable us to forward to our overseas office. May 17, Contact USD 20
e 12687 USA: landscape: Looking for pinkish, light brown, light grey, for 9,000 Sq Ft. of driveway stone. May 17, Contact USD 20
e 12686 USA: Retail: I am trying to "match" the tile in my home. I am told it is called Dynasty Brown but the predominant color is gray with peach and white veining and very little brown. It has worked exceptionally well in my reception hall for the past 11 years and now I want to extend it down two hallways approximately 51 square feet each. Additionally, I want to do three vanity counters in the same tile. Counter dimensions: 21"D x60"W; 21"D x 48"W and 21"D x 30"W. I may even do the bathroom floors. May 17, Contact USD 20
ALL: e 12685 Sri Lanka: Please let us know the prize range of your marbles available. We are a leading importer of granite and marble from various countries. Please quote fob and c/f Colombo port. My Mobile is 00947224.....May 17, Contact USD 20
e 12684 USA: I own a small fabrication shop in Baltimore and am looking for a price quote on the following 30MM (1.25") Indian granite slabs of Black Galaxy, Tan Brown, Black Absolute, Jet Black, Tropical Green, Red Multicolor, Siva Yellow, Kashmir Gold, Golden Juparana, Seaweed Green and Golden Oak. 
If you carry new colors, I would like a quote on that too. My current supplier is not able to provide many of these colors on a regular basis and I am ready to make a switch IMMEDIATELY if the prices are right. I make about 2 kitchens a week. 
We are a small company and only interested in buying from local vendors who have a warehouse here. Since we buy small lots we cannot import. May 17, Contact USD 40
e 12683 USA: Retail: I am looking for any type of flagstone I could use for a patio and walkway. I would like to find some place in Iowa where I could pick it up at the manufacturers location so I could save money. Is there a location within 70-100 miles of Ames Iowa. My tel. no. is 515 23.....May 17, Contact USD 20
e 12682 USA: I would like to request a free sample of the cozy basalt toe stones. I would also like a price list if that is available. I am a massage therapist in Texas and will be teaching the stone therapy class. I will need a supplier to be able to fill orders for the students I will have in my classes. I am in TX. My phone no. is 214-58.....May 17, Contact USD 20
e 12681 USA: Please send me a free set of toe stones. I am interested in Basalt stone for massage therapy. I am NH 03077. May 17, Contact USD 20
e 12680 Turkey: Diamond Tools: We would like to import dry cutting saw blades. May 17, Contact USD 50
e 12679 Australia: I want Crema Marfil Classico - Polished 400 x 400 x 15mm 150 sqm. Please quote with shipping costs. I am in QLD. May 16, Contact USD 20
e 12678 India: Diamond Tools: We wish to import Diamond Segment for as follows:
1) 14 inch -
2) 600mm-40X3.5X10mm
3) 800mm-24X6.5X12mm
4) 1000mm-24X7X15mm
5) 1200mm-24X8X13mm
6) 1350mm-24X7.2/7.5X13mm
7) 1600mm-24X9X14mm
8) 1700mm-24X8.8/9.2X14mm 
9) 1800mm-24X10X13mm
13)3000mm 24X12.X20
My mobile Number :+9198840.....Please send me the price list for the above said items. May 16, Contact USD 20
e 12677 USA: Retail: We want to remodeling our kitchen. We are interested in Santa Cecelia for counter tops, probably dark. We have a fabricator in MD. As per our drawing we need about 58 square feet total. We would like to buy locally if what we want is available. If we could afford it, we could buy out of the area. Our phone number is 410-46..... May 15, Contact USD 20
e 12676 Brazil: We are interested to import 100 tons for a test and ask you kindly to inform us the C&F Santos - SP - Brasil for pumice stone size 2-3 cm. Send us all details as transit time, terms of payment...etc. Our tel. no. 015-2221800. May 15, Contact USD 20
e 12675 UAE: We are an interior company in UAE. Looking for local dealer or somewhere in the Gulf for stones. Our tel.no. is 00 971 6 54.....May 15, Contact USD 20
e 12674 Iran: Stone Processing Machinery: We are a trading / engineering co. involved in planning / projecting industrial plants and supplying the respective machinery and raw materials. We have an inquiry for a stone processing line to produce finished stone cuts for building tiles and exteriors. Please let us have a quotation with machinery to cover the complete line. Our tel. no. is 98- 21- 88.....May 15, Contact USD 50
e 12673 Syria: We want a wheel loader cat 950 and Backhoe loader MF. Please send us some info and some photo and the price for C&F Lattakia -Syria port. Our tel. no. is 963-11-62.....May 15, Contact USD 50
e 12672 Pakistan: Please quote with images for EX100WD. Our tel. no. is +92 0431-8.....May 15, Contact USD 50
e 12671 India: Diamond Tools: We want to import diamond cutting segments of the following size and quantity, for granite cutting. Size : 25mm in length, 15mm in height, 10.5mm width. The quality assured would be of the order of cutting of 8000 Sq.ft minimum by one set. The price offered would be US $ 200/- per set of 128 Nos. F.O.B. The transport cost, Indian Customs etc., will be to our account. The rate offered would proportionately vary as per performance of the set i.e., cutting beyond 8000 Sq. feet. May 15, Contact USD 50
e 12670 USA: I like copper slate from Northern India. The color description is called "copper" slate. It has a metallic sheen and is primarily found in Northern India. My company is building two large office buildings, and the first needs 6000 ft2 of this "copper" slate. Also the material should be a consistent thickness between 7/8" and 3/4". The slate need to be calibrated and either 12" x12" or 16" x 16". Please contact me on (480) 94.....May 15, Contact USD 50
e 12669 USA: Landscape: I live in Charleston, SC. I have a garden of 10,000 sq ft and want to cover the majority of it with pea gravel. I don't even know what a ton will cover. My tel. no. is 843 22.....May 15, Contact USD 50
e 12668 Vietnam: Stone Processing Machine: We specialize in processing marble & granite tile and slab. We want to buy an Italian polishing machine as below:
- Max. working width: mm 600
-Polishing spindles: 12carrying abrasive plates.
Machine in very good condition
Could you let us know quality of this machine, dimension of polishing head?
We would like you to send us photo of this machine by email. Our tel. no. is 747.....May 15, Contact USD 50
ALL: e 12666 Spain: Our company works in the product import sector in Spain and Europe since 1996. We would be interested in contacting with you for a collaboration between both companies. We want to open the import construction market for introduce your materials in the Spanish market. 
We are interested in receiving documentation and information about your products (catalogues, samples, price list, references, minimum quantities, delivery time).  
Our intention is to increase the number of suppliers and, if you are interested, in the representation of your company in Spanish market. Is very important if you are interested send your catalogue to me by postal route and if is possible send me a sample because my clients in Spain want to see the quality in reference to Spanish quality and price. Our tel. no. is 00 34 620 5..... May 15, Contact USD 20
e 12665 USA: Retail: Do you have travertine chair rail? I need 200 feet. Please send pics. I am in Boston area. My phone no. is 508-26.....May 15, Contact USD 40
e 12664 USA: I am interested in ordering Fontenille Royal French Limestone 8000 sq. ft in 24 inch square tiles. Could I get a sample piece of the stone to make sure the color is right? Otherwise, is there a distributor in Southern California where I could go to see the stone? Tel. no. 858 75.....May 15, Contact USD 40
e 12663 USA: Please quote for 3cm Italian Blanco Carrara Venatino. Commonly refereed to Venatino or Statuary. We need this in slab to be shipped to Mobile, AL. Our tel. no. is 1 (800) 57.....May 15, Contact USD 40
e 12662 Nigeria: Please send price list of non calibrated Indian granite tiles of various colors of size 305x610x10mm. I will be in India shortly. My tel. no. is  23480565.....I need 2 x 20ft container. May 14, Contact USD 40
e 12661 USA: I was wondering if possible to receive a brochure and a sample of Perlato Sicilia. I am in CA. 93706. May 14, Contact USD 40
e 12660 USA: Retail: Do you have Juperana Florence granite? If so, what is the installed price? I am in NJ. My phone no. is 973-78......May 14, Contact USD 40
e 12659 Canada: Earthmoving Machinery: I need used dump trucks 6 and 10 wheelers. Quantity: 10. Please give me your good offer. This stuff will go to Pakistan. I am here in Canada. My telephone is 1-905-50.....May 14, Contact USD 40
e 12658 URUGUAY: Earthmoving Machinery: WE ARE LOOKING FOR INGERSOLL RAND 1000, CATERPILLAR 215 DLC 3 units, CATERPILLAR 225 DLC 2 units. please send offers with complete information and pictures. Our tel. no. is 00598 2 40.....May 14, Contact USD 40
e 12657 USA: Retail: I am looking for 60 square feet of tiles of tumbled honey onyx. I am in Alabama. My phone no. is (205) 96.....May 14, Contact USD 40
e 12655 USA: I am a builder in Houston, Texas USA. I am looking for slate roof tile. Can you tell me what is your price for tile, shipping and samples. We would like two containers of roof slate. We would like to see samples of all grey and green slate. We would like to mix these colors on our roof. We like the size of 40x20 cm and thickness about 7mm. May 14, Contact USD 40
e 12654 USA: Retail: I need 6 ea. of 7 inch by 7 inch by 6 inches tall with top 4 corners chamfered at 45 degree angle to 1 inch on the flats. Please quote price and delivery. May 14, Contact USD 10
e 12653 USA: Landscape: I am looking for a medium gray natural stone to be used indoors and outdoors in Southern California. I need 8000 sq ft of 24 inch tiles. I prefer a pure gray not taupe, blue or green. May 14, Contact USD 20
e 12652 USA: Interested in container prices in U.S. Dollars. Please call 409-73..... May 14, Contact USD 20
e 12651 USA: Retail: I am looking for some Blue eyes granite for kitchen counter tops. I have seen some that have a purple color too. Is one better than the other? I would rather have the purple or a mixture of blue and purple. Where does this stone typically come from? I live in Sacramento and will need it around August or September. I am considering tiles or slab, which ever I can get the best price on. I will need about 2 slabs worth. I have no expectation of price so let me know. My tel. no. is 916-24.....May 14, Contact USD 20
e 12650 USA: I want to buy a vessel sink listed under seller 35. It is the green Onyx sink #0035-0001. It sells for $350.00 US. I am in Southern California, Orange County. May 14, Contact USD 50
e 12649 Belgium: I am interested in purchasing some Juparana Delicatus Granite for kitchen and bathroom counters for a home renovation in Brussels, Belgium. Do you ship to Europe? (Port = Antwerp) If so, do you have a catalogue? May 14, Contact USD 50
e 12648 USA: We are looking for 700 s/f of tea rose 12" X 12" tiles immediately. We are a Marble & Granite Import company in PA. Our tel. no. is 610.27.....May 14, Contact USD 50
e 12647 USA: We are looking for Portoro, Breche de Vendome, Sarrancolin Yellow, Rosso Orobico and Blue Macauba. We are a stone trading company. May 14, Contact USD 50
e 12646 Pakistan: Stone Processing Machinery: We need a recondition block cutter for Marble, vertical disc diameter 900/1000mm and Horizontal disc diameter 400mm, if you have same machine or similar cutter so please quote us the price, other term & condition of business. Our tel. no. is 92-21-69.....May 13, Contact USD 50
e 12645 USA: I am a purchasing manager at an apartment management company. We are looking for pricing on Limestone slabs. The first slab is 12 x 99 inches and the second is 12x48 inches. They are to be used as stair treads so the industry standard is fine. We are looking for the color grey. They are needed in NJ. The amount we purchase will depend on the price. My tel. no. is 732-84.....May 13, Contact USD 50
e 12644 Vietnam: Diamond Tools: We are importers and stockists of sandblast & painting equipment, abrasives (steel shot / grit, aluminium oxide, garnet, glass bead...), water blasting equipment, tools...for Vietnam market. 
We would like to receive your offer for Diamond tools and abrasives.
1. Garnet sand: 20.0 tonnes. Shipment in 1x 20' container to Saigon port, Vietnam.
2. Steel shot ( S550, S390) and steel grit ( GH40, GH50). Total 21.0 tonnes. Shipment in 1x 20' container to Saigon port, Vietnam. Our tel. no. is 84 9139.....May 13, Contact USD 50
e 12643 Germany: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for Liebherr HS 882 HD, Komatsu WA 420-3H Active, Komatsu WA 500-1, In addition we are looking for used wheel loaders of Komatsu WA 470. We like to ask you if it is possible to send us some pictures of the machines. Our phone no. is +49511 85.....May 13, Contact USD 50
e 12642 USA: Retail: I am seriously considering installing carrara or some other white w/ grey graining marble honed as countertops in my kitchen. I know all the drawbacks and have come to terms w/ the fact that they will not be perfect looking. They epitomize the look of the kitchen I want with white painted cabinets, silver vintage hardware, etc. but are usually shown with wood floors. I do have wood floors in my living room and dining room but refuse to put wood in the kitchen. What stone surface would you recommend? I am debating between an Egyptian Limestone (I've gotten mixed reviews about possible chipping because of salt in its make-up and have been told it will look terrible in a few years) and a Saturnia. What do you recommend? I really like the look of Limestone MUCH better and want to keep with the restorative look. Please email suggestions and any specific Saturnia selection. How much should a good quality Saturnia cost? My phone no. is 561.26.....May 13, Contact USD 20
e 12640 Bulgaria: I would like to buy granite and marble from Italy. Please quote for block and slabs in square meter for size 30 x 30, 40 x 40,50 x 50 and 60 x 60. Our telephone no. is +359 0888 3.....May 13, Contact USD 20
e 12639 USA: I need granite dust (powder but not sand granules). I am in TX. Approximate quantity is 1 pallet first then 2 per month. My tel. no. is 973.77..... May 13, Contact USD 20
e 12638 USA: I am mostly interested in pebble-stone flooring, among other tiles, stones, etc. I would like to receive your catalogues. I am in FL. My tel. no. is 305-57.....May 13, Contact USD 20
e 12637 USA: Retail: I am a homeowner in Alaska searching for unique materials to create a patio and landscape my garden. (We have a large house on an approximately 18,000 s.f. lot, which was surrounded by nothing but gravel when we moved in.) The closest practical location for delivery is Seattle, Washington. There are three barge lines that deliver to my island from there. May 13, Contact USD 50
e 12636 USA: I want the stone for sculpting. Stone I am shopping for is blue azul bahia granite. A rectangular block, 6 foot by 2 foot. Minor imperfections acceptable, general stability of the stone required (i.e. no deep cracks). Surface should be natural (rough sawn). I'm not very familiar with azul bahia granite shade variations, I'd prefer the lightest blue variation. If it was possible to send a digital picture of the product I would be willing to accept that as verification of quality. I could take delivery in Portland which is the nearest big shipping terminus close to my home. At this point I just want a rough quote so I can figure out if such a stone in is in my price range. I am in Oregon. My tel. no. is 541-74.....May 12, Contact USD 50
e 12635 USA: Retail: I am looking for a cream/taupe travertine floor for approximately 800-900 Square feet. Please quote per square yard/foot? I am in Seattle, WA. My tel. no. is (206) 81.....May 12, Contact 
USD 50
e 12634 Canada: We are condominium developers looking to buy stone tiles and mosaics. This inquiry is specifically for the purchase of light blue marbles, preferably form Brazil like Blue sky, Azul cielo, Azul macaubas, Azul acquamarina, Boquira, etc. Quantity required: approx 2000 sq.ft. for this inquiry (potentially more) Size range: square tiles ranging from 10*10cm to 40*40cm, mosaic tiles (30*30cm sheets) with 10-25mm square pieces. Application: bathroom walls and floors. Geographic area for purchase: Brazil/ South America, China. Stage of buying process: Ready to buy upon size selection (no sample request). Expected date of order: May/June 2004. We are in Montreal, Quebec. Our phone no. is (514) 8.....May 12, Contact USD 50
e 12633 Syria: Stone Processing Machinery: Please quote for second hand machines for manufacturing marbles, blocks and tiles according to our hereunder order: 
1) Automatic Block Presses 
2) Automatic Tiles Presses 
3) Marble block shears 40 - 60 -80 blades ( saw blade) 
4) Automatic tiles polish and burnish machine of all kinds and sizes. 
5) Marbles shears of all sizes and measurements. 
6) Bridge chain crane can load 75 tons. 
Kindly be informed that we are interested in the all other machines related to the industry of marbles. Our tel. no. is 00963 11 52.....May 12, Contact USD 50
e 12632 USA: Landscape: About 6 years ago, I used Arizona Sandstone for a pathway in my yard. Now, I am looking to extend it, but have been unable to find the right stone. The company I originally purchased it from has since closed. I am located in New Jersey, and am only interested in suppliers within NJ or the NY Metro area, as I do not wish to pay shipping expenses when I can pick the item up personally. I do not need a large amount, please let me know what your minimum purchase order is. I need this supply as soon as possible. I am looking for regular thickness -- when I purchased this originally, I was given a choice of thin, regular or thick, but I am not certain what the actual thickness is. I need it to be natural cut of various sizes and shapes. My phone number is 201.85.....May 12, Contact USD 40
e 12631 Romania: Landscape: We are a construction company interested in purchasing granite kerbs. We are interested for a long term cooperation. Please quote for preliminary quantity of approx. 7400 lm, including shipping to Bucharest. The size of the granite kerbs should be around 20 x 25 x 50 cm. At the same time, please specify the terms of delivery. May 12, Contact USD 40
e 12630 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for Hitachi ex100 and also send me pics. My telephone no. is 0092 51 55.....May 12, Contact USD 20
e 12629 USA: Retail: Please quote for 500 sq ft of Italian Calacatta Vagli. My home phone no. is 718-47....May 12, Contact USD 20 
e 12628 USA:  I need 3000 feet of travertine. The color is red and yellow and it comes out of Mexico. I would like to know what area it comes out of so that I can go and se the stone and pick the color we need before we order. There is also a solid red stone that I need to go with it. My tel. no. is 830-59.....May 12, Contact USD 20
e 12627 Canada: I wish to enter into business of Granite, Marble and Tiles in Toronto by opening showroom.
I need to get samples and rates from various suppliers to compare prices with local wholesalers. My tel. no. is 905 27......May 12, Contact USD 20
e 12626 USA: Landscape: I want to purchase pebbles for my garden. I need to cover an area of approximately 450 sq. feet, by 1/2" thick. The pebbles would need to be delivered to zip code 11782. My tel. no. is 917 86.....May 12, Contact USD 20
e 12625 France: Please quote for Azul Boquira Levigato 40x40 or 30x60 Qty. is 15 Sqm shipped to France. Our tel. no. is +33(0)4 94 4.....Ready to buy now and finalise order by end of Monday 31st May. Possible new business (large quantity required). May 12, Contact USD 20
e 12624 Indonesia: Landscape: Please quote for pebbles as displayed in price list 1020. May 12, Contact USD 20
e 12623 UK: Landscape: I need White flagstone 60 x 40 x 2 unpolished which can be used for the surrounding area of a swimming pool, and that it is brushed. Please could you send me a sample as soon as possible as I would like to place an order. Our tel. no. is 020836.....May 12, Contact USD 40
DIAMOND SEGMENTS FOR 400MM BLADES, 40X3.4X10MM WET FOR MARBLE. OUR TEL. NO. IS: +86-592-5...... Please quote with delivery time. May 12, Contact USD 50
e 12621 Italy: Please quote for cedar light 12x12 tiles. Our tel. no. is +39 05369.....May 12, Contact USD 20
e 12620 Japan: We are leading stone company in Japan. Our main business is fabrication. We want Nero Marquina. Our tel. no. is 0584-4.....May 12, Contact USD 20
e 12619 Pakistan: Our buyers want to buy marbles from Pakistan. Please let us know the types, sizes, grading, packing for China and Korean. Our tel. no. is 92-21-22.....May 12, Contact USD 20
OUR TEL. no. is +20-835..... May 12, Contact USD 20
e 12617 USA: Retail: I am interested in purchasing: 
4 Shanxi Black 96 x 26 x .75 with 2 cm bull nose $ 74.70 $ 299.00 
1 Shanxi Black 96 x 36 x 3/4 with 2 cm bull nose 4 sides $ 120.00 $ 120.00 
I believe it is what I am looking for however I would like to see a sample. Is this possible? I will require an estimate of the shipping costs. The stone will need to be delivered to Connecticut. My phone no. is 860-70....May 12, Contact USD 20
e 12616 USA: Retail: Looking for with someone in the Jacksonville , Illinois area to engrave names on my parents stone. My number is 812 28.....May 12, Contact USD 20
e 12615 USA: Landscape: I need to initially purchase one or two containers (approximately 5,000 sq. ft.) of white/ cream limestone pavers. Size 24 x 24 x 2 inch or 18 x 18 x 2 inch or 3cm if in stock. Must have specs showing freeze tolerance of stone. Delivery to west coast USA port. Need prompt delivery. Contact no. is  (801) 57...... The pavers are to have a honed Tumbled Finish. I am looking for a supplier for a long term relationship. May 12, Contact USD 40 (Buyer will pay findstone commission)
e 12614 Indonesia: We regularly buy China white and other color gravel and want to import pebble and gravel from China. We are going to be in Shanghai from 23 - 28 May. Please quote with address. Attached (images 1 & images 2) are the images of what we are looking for. May 12, Contact USD 20
e 12613 Bahamas: Please quote for different shades of Israeli Jerusalem stone for in tile and slab form. And what size thickness are they? Also how would you sell a container? My phone no. 242-39......May 12, Contact USD 20
e 12612 USA: Landscape: I am looking for a general flagstone (bluestone, limestone, irregular or not etc.) with-in a 200 mile radius of Chicago. My contact no. is 773.25.....May 12, Contact USD 20
e 12611 USA: Retail: I am looking for a small quantity of green onyx. I am in SC. My phone no. is 843-70.....May 12, Contact USD 20
e 12610 USA: Our company is a distributor in Massachusetts and import granite and marble slabs from all over the world of their own origin. We want companies who have their own quarry of any single color or a combinations of different granite colors so that it would enable us to establish a long term business relationship with these sources. The turn over time to provide the quantity and color variations we require from companies who do not have their own quarries is too slow because of processes they have to go through to get to the finished product. Our company imports on container base for each color. 
Here are few of granite colors to mention and ready to import: Saphire Blue, Tan Brown, Shivakashi Yellow, Vyara Gold, Seaweed Green, Madurai Gold, Kashmire Gold, Royal Gold, Imperial White, Tropical Green, Rose Wood, Lady Dream, etc. Our phone no. is 781-8473-.....May 12, Contact USD 100
e 12609 USA: Wanting a price on about 30 slabs 2 cm of Spanish Cremo Delicato, also specify availability. We are in IA. Our phone no. is 641-47.....May 12, Contact USD 20
e 12608 USA: Landscape: I am looking for New England wallstone, grey, a mixture of round and flat stones of varying sizes. I can purchase the the ton, or pallet. I believe that I need approximately 8 pallets, or about 12 tons. 
I can buy from anywhere, but I need transportation to Killington, VT. If I get the prices and material that I'm looking for, I can place my order immediately. I am very flexible on delivery dates and times, and this is not a rush order. I would like to receive some digital photos of the stone I will be purchasing before I buy. My phone no. is (617) 29.....May 12, Contact USD 20
e 12607 USA: I own a construction company in San Jose, CA. We are experiencing an increasing demand for granite countertops and are considering expanding our business to include retail and wholesale sale of countertops. We are interested in container quantities of countertops mostly of China origin (light in color), but I would like to also stock some popular colors such as Baltic brown, Absolute black, Blue pearl etc. 
We would like countertops polished in 3/4 inch thickness with laminated bullnose approx. 26 in. wide and 78 to 99 in. long. 
For our first order we would like a full container of approx. five or six colors. I'm not sure how many countertops will fit into a container, so please advise. I have price list 572 which seems to have what we are looking for. Please contact me with current pricing, materials, sizes, shipping cost, minimum order payment information and delivery time. My tel. no. is 408-26.....May 12, Contact USD 50
e 12606 Chile: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for CAT 320C, CAT E120B, CAT 312. Our tel. no. is 09-33.....May 11, Contact USD 20
e 12605 USA: Retail: I need 3 Tons of Mexican beach pebble. My contact no. is (617) 59.....I am in MA. 
May 11, Contact USD 20
e 12604 USA: Artifacts: Please quote for Stone Sinks and vessels. My phone no. is 718-21.....May 11, Contact USD 20
e 12603 Nigeria: please quote for granite tiles in the sizes 30.5 x 61 x 1cm. My contact no. is 23480565.....May 11, Contact USD 20
e 12602 Iraq: Stone processing machinery: We have a request to establish production line of GYPSUM POWDER with a capacity of 150-200 ton per day in Iraq. This product can be used for wall and decoration application. 
Please forward your quotation based on the following: 
1- Complete production line includes all equipments and machine based on CIF Aqaba/Jordan.
2- Lay out for building and design for construction of all buildings attachment needed to erection and installation of such production line.
3- Training and installations.
4- Your offer may include all options and necessary equipments, which are needed for such production line.
Our tel. no. is 00964155.....May 11, Contact USD 50
e 12601 Vietnam: Diamond Tools: We are trading company in Viet Nam and be pleased to inform you that we have order for FRET SAW BLADES, No 2, 25 to 27 TPI (teeth per inch), Length: 150 MM, Quantity: 150,000 pcs. Would you please send us your catalogue and quote your price in USD CIF Ho Chi Minh port that we could place our order and establish our business with you on regular basis. Our tel. no. is 84 8 51.....May 11, Contact USD 50
e 12600 South Africa: Retail: I am looking for granite tops (Rustenburg or similar) to be installed in my kitchen. Looking for suppliers in the Johannesburg area with prices. My tel. no. is +27 (0) 11 20.....May 11, Contact USD 20
e 12599 Finland: II want AURORA granite from India. We are marble and granite wholesalers in Finland. My tel. no. is +358-40-84.....May 11, Contact USD 20
e 12598 India: We want to use Greek Thassos marble for one of our projects. Please inform us of: 
1. What is the chemical composition ?
2. Please explain its long term behavior in terms of staining, porosity, strength (while re-polishing it) and long lasting whiteness.
3. What is the prevailing rate in the local and international market?
4. What are the uncertainties involved if we buy marble blocks and then cut these into slabs of required thickness? We are in New Delhi. Our tel. no. is +91 - 11 - 511..... May 11, Contact USD 20
Category 1 Slabs: Absolute Black 125 & Black Galaxy 125 
Category 2 
Green Galaxy 56 
Tan Brown 56 
Saffire Brown 56 
Category 3
Green Cream 42 
New Jem Red 42 
Category 4 
Purple Green 6 
Royal Cream 6 
Indian Yellow 6 
Shiva Gold 6 
Kashmire Lohit 6 
Raw Silk 6 
Category 5
Paradiso 3 
Colombo Juprana 3 
Red Multi 3 
Indian Juprana 3 
Total 550 May 11, Contact USD 20
e 12596 USA: Please quote for granite slabs. Currently we directly buy from India and Brazil. We would like better offers so we can do business with you. We like big slabs like 5 x 10 ft or bigger. Also mention your terms and conditions of payment. We can send the deposit money and they sent the stone like one container on trial and later more, but only for first time we can pay the cost or the freight and as we sell we wire the money or transfer to you. We are in Denver. May 11, Contact USD 20
e 12595 USA: I am a small distributor of granite counter tops and I am seeking a new supplier. I am looking to purchase approximately 240 slabs of 26"x96"x3cm in various colors. I would like three edges bull-nosed and polished and the top polished. I will be needing to order these before 6/18/04 and would like to know what options I would have costing under $70.00 USD. I have no problems importing from any country if it will give me more competitive pricing. I am in TX. May 11, Contact USD 20
e 12594 USA: We are looking for a form of slate called SAFARI QUARTZ. Need pricing and availability. We are in Florida, phone no. is 407-70..... May 11, Contact USD 20
e 12593 USA: I am interested in the following Black Granite, Lavender Blue, Paradisco Bash, Golden Fantasy or Grey Th, Grey Jericho, 9K Fantasy, SJ Blue, Nero Marmo Marble. I plan to cover a residential area of 600 sqm. I will be looking for POLISHED, BEVELED AND CALIBRATED granite or marble tiles for my home and retail. Please give me a quotation including shipping FOB Accra, Ghana. I am in CT and my phone no. is 860 65.....May 11, Contact USD 20
e 12592 Portugal: Please send price and catalog of granites. May 11, Contact USD 50
e 12591 Netherlands: We are interested to bring a client to Portugal to select a quantity of Rose Aurora, Pinkish, Whitish, without dark veins. Please quote with and transportation, if you have this type in stock. Tel. no. is 00 31 10 46.....May 10, Contact USD 50
e 12590 USA: I am interested in 1100 s/f of jerusalem bone. Please quote. My tel no. is 631-67.....May 10, Contact USD 50
e 12589 USA: Retail: I am considering putting slate in my bathroom floor and walls, including the walls in the tub area. I am really concerned that the maintenance will be too much. Is it true that it will need to be sealed every year at least once? Is this a very involved process or do you just need to spray it with some stuff? My contact no. is 212-47.....May 10, Contact USD 20
e 12588 Germany: Earthmoving machinery: We are looking for 1 unit wheel Excavator, Komatsu 200 or 210, manufacturing year 2000. Please send us an offer with pictures. Our telephone no. is +49 - (0)711 - 12.....May 10, Contact USD 20
e 12587 Turkey: We are a trading company based in Turkey. One of our customer is interested to buy Chinese granites. Please find the target price and type of the marbles we are sending you which is attached. Also inform about transportation procedure for import of marble in Karachi. How many slabs can I fit into a 20 ft container? Procedure for payment? Our tel. no. is +90 212 64.....May 10, Contact USD 20
e 12586 UK: Retail: Please quote for cobblestones and sets for the UK. My tel. no. is 017687 .....May 10, Contact USD 20
e 12585 Saudi Arabia: We are bidding for Supply of Lime and Lime stone. Please quote. The agreement will be for 3 year supply. We are looking forward to your quote meeting the specs. 
1. Hydrated Lime: Quantity required: 
One year : 27,322,000 KG
Three years : 79,000,000 KG
90% (W / W) min as Ca(OH)2 by ASTM method.
Acid insoluble : >= 0.2%
Grain size : Residue in 106 micron mesh ->1.0%
Residue in 500 micron mesh ->0.1%
Packing: 20 KG paper Bag (three layer bag)
2. Limestone: Quantity required 
One year : 11,000,000 KG
Three years : 33,000,000 KG
CaCO3 min 93 %( W / W).
Granule size: 0.6 - 3.35 mm.
Polyethylene Bags of one ton capacity.
The delivery agreement will be spread over three year period.  Kindly advise your quote with Packing details eg Bag/container or Bulk Shipment with shipping cost to Dammam Sea Port Saudi Arabia. The Bid closing date is 20 May ,2004. May 10, Contact USD 50
e 12584 Kazakhstan: We are awarded in a tender construction material delivery. Please send us prices per ceramic floor tiles 600x600, colour - green-grey, not polished (mat). Please specify container capacity, delivery terms and periods, port of discharge. We need approx. 2000m2 (per first delivery, and then more). My mobile no. is +7 300 34.....May 10, Contact USD 50
e 12583 Japan: Earthmoving machinery: please quote for a EX100WD-1-0650. My mobile no. is +81-90-554.....May 10, Contact USD 50
e 12582 Saudi Arabia: I am looking for 900 square meter of 3cm Nero Africa to be shipped to Jeddah. my tel. no. is 966 1 49......May 10, Contact USD 50
e 12581 Iran: Diamond Tools: I own a cutting stone company, I am interested to get technical information and price for your diamond cutting wire. My tel: +98 71......May 10, Contact USD 50
e 12580 USA: We are looking for 24x24x3/4 or 36x36x3/4 Spanish Emperador dark. We are in California. Our phone no. is 818 50.....May 10, Contact USD 50
e 12579 China: We are in need of One Set of EOT Crane for our Power Plant coming up in Liaoning Province. 
Kindly send techno commercial quotations. Our tel. no. is +86-417-31.....May 10, Contact USD 50
e 12578 USA: Please quote for 3 cm granite slabs by the container. My shop is in Mobile AL. May 10, Contact USD 20
e 12577 USA: Retail: I am looking for pricing on Kashmire White granite tiles either 12 x 12 or 18 x 18. I am looking for sixty sq. ft. to be shipped to Massachusetts zip code 02536. May 10, Contact USD 10
e 12576 Germany: I need a supplier / manufacturer for Israeli Jerusalem gold. You see my inquiry in the attachment. I need an offer asap. Payment: L/C and Delivery time asap. May 10, Contact USD 50
e 12575 USA: Landscape: Please quote for extra large bluestone pavers -- by extra large I mean approx. 3.5ft by approx. 6ft +/- Would prefer lilac bluestone but will consider other colors and finishes if you have these sizes available. I need approx 1250 square feet, but will consider less. Price/budget: depends on product particulars. Will accept new, used or salvaged stone in these sizes. Needed by June/July 2004, or immediately if available now. I am in Rhode Island and my phone no. is 401 63.....May 9, Contact USD 50
e 12574 Syria: Stone Processing Machinery: We are looking for used Automatic Granite Slabs polishing machine (between 8 -10 heads) no more. So, would you please send us your information. My fax. no. is +963 11 33 .....May 9, Contact USD 50
e 12573 USA: Please send me photo, thickness of onyx slabs and price list. May 9, Contact USD 20
e 12572 China: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote CIF SHANGHAI CHINA, we often import 120 or 100 series excavators. May 9, Contact USD 50
e 12571 USA: Landscape: I am interested in purchasing 1 pallet of PA wall stone and 2 pallets of broken pieces of PA wall stone for a residential project in San Jose, CA. Can you please advise on shipping costs/timing? May 9, Contact USD 20
e 12569 USA: Landscape: Please quote for flagstones, rubble & treads and risers. My phone no. is 704-81.....May 8, Contact USD 20
e 12568 Vietnam: I am interested in Graniti artificial Tiles. Sizes are large size about 1000mm x 800mm. It is artificial stone and has available size. May 8, Contact USD 20
e 12567 Ireland: Artifacts: I would like to buy fireplaces. Please quote with images. We are builders in Ireland and I have to finish a show house in 6 weeks. Colour is sandstone and quantity is 2 with 390 fireplaces to follow. My telephone no. is 00353 87 23......May 8, Contact USD 50
ALL: e 12566 Georgia: Please quote for Granite prices of slab and tile materials in thickness of 40x40x1cm. My phone no. is +99577 4.....May 8, Contact USD 50
e 12565 Ghana: Stone Processing Machinery: We are interested in buying Multi Block Wire Saw. I will be requiring two (2)of this machineries. I have a shipping agent to arrange from your country for the delivery back here in our company GHANA. May 8, Contact USD 50
e 12564 Syria: We are in need for a complete factory with all equipment to produce The Cao (quicklime) of the limestones. 
Suitable to produce 400 Tones through 8 hours per the day 
The energy of fuel 
Power 220 V, 50 Hz or 380 V
The project is turn key
Please your prices for the turnkey project. Our tel. no. is +963 33 4.....May 8, Contact USD 50
e 12563 USA: Landscape: I am trying to find "euro cobbles" for a restoration project in Massachusetts. The product I have seen appears to be 2" x 2" variagated granite squares fabricated on a mesh square backing like mosaic floor tiles. It is used for driveway and landscape applications. My phone is 978-66..... Color is grey material is granite. Quantity is about 1800sf. May 8, Contact USD 50
e 12562 USA: I am interested in finding a sample/dealer of the Lagos Blue Limestone from Germany. I am located in New York. My telephone number is 631-47...... I am located in New York. If the stone cannot be found locally, I don't think I want to special order. I guess it would depend on the price. I need approximately 900 square feet. Part of the stone will be used for coping around the pool edge. I will need this full nosed. Will I have to take care of that myself? May 8, Contact USD 20
e 12561 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: We are interest machines three caterpillar 950B wheel Loaders. May 8, Contact USD 100
e 12560 Libya: We have a factory in Tripoli and we are looking for a supplier with a long term relationship for the supply of quantities of 2-3 20 ft containers every 2-3 months period. We need first and second class Indian green marble in dark and light colors. If we are successful in getting the right price then we will be immediately closing a deal for the first shipment. We are interested in visiting India within the coming weeks .
My price range is USD 13-15 per sqm. May 8, Contact INR 2500
e 12559 UAE: We are a marble factory in Sharjah, established since the last decade. We are among the major domestic suppliers to our local construction industry. We need Crema Marfil, Dark Emperador, Traventine, Red Alicante blocks & slabs for our marble factory, commercial quantities 60 x 60 / 30 x 60 tiles. We can place an order immediately. Our tel. no. is +971(6)52.....May 8, Contact USD 20
e 12558 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: We are interest machines 1984 CATERPILLAR 950B WHEEL LOADER. Our tel. no. is 92-21-66.....May 8, Contact USD 50
e 12557 Singapore: We are looking for a marble Cream Arena 20mm thk Slab. Qty 600m2. Our tel. no. is 65-638.....May 8, Contact USD 50
e 12556 Canada: Stone Processing Machinery: I am a granite fabricator and I am interested in a bridge saw. Please contact 60483..... May 8, Contact USD 50
NISSAN DUMB TRUCK L6 10 WHEELER. OUR TELEPHONE NOS. 0092-21-77.....May 8, Contact USD 50
e 12554 UAE: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for 950b CIF Dubai.  I want to buy 3 units. My tel. no. is 009715054.....May 8, Contact USD 50
e 12553 USA: Landscape: I want Mexican pebbles or Colorado River rock. I will buy from South Alabama. Need the material ASAP. My fax no. is 425.79.....May 8, Contact USD 50
e 12552 UK: Landscape: Please email container price for Rough Kerbs B6, material in G341B grey fine-grained granite 8 x 25-26 cm Length=100+/-2cm. Please give quantity to fill a container. 
I would like a picture of the two stones "12x20-22cm Length=100+/-2cm US$2.65/m
15x25cm Length=100+/-2cm US$5.95/m". If not a picture I need to know what the finish is like. 
Subject to shipping costs I am happy to fill a 20ft container at the price listed. I would like to know approx. number of meters to fill container. If anyone could help with the shipping arrangements and give me a price that would be good. Shipped to Falmouth/Southampton UK asap. May 8, Contact USD 50
e 12551 Pakistan: We are interested to import Black Silicon Carbide suitable for grinding products. Please quote your best offer against 100% advance payments or confirmed letter of Credit at sight. Grit Size: 16, 20, 24, 46, 60, 120, 220, 320 and 600. Our tel. no. is 0092-42-63.....May 8, Contact USD 50
e 12550 USA: Our company is planning to do business within Turkey starting in 2005. We are planning to build many massive greenhouses measuring 1.5 km x 1.5 km x 50 stories high. We want to purchase limestone and clay/shale for the purpose of producing portland cement for use in building the greenhouses. Please let us know your interest in supplying either or both of these raw materials and estimated quarry price. We are in KS. Our phone no. is 913.89.....May 7, Contact USD 50 
e 12549 USA: We are a retailer of tile and marble, and are looking for a supplier of travertine. Please send us a price list and full catalog. We will be buying substantial quantities and are looking for volume pricing. We are in FL. Our tel. no. is (941) 92.....May 7, Contact USD 50 
e 12548 India: We require a full container load of CARNELIAN GREEN, DIAMOND PINK. Please send catalog & price list. Our phone no. is 91-79-264.....May 7, Contact USD 20 
e 12547 China: We need the price for gray marble from Indonesia by size 305 x 305 x 10mm urgently. Please quote with pictures. Our tel. no. is +86-592-55.....May 7, Contact USD 20 
e 12546 Thailand: We are interested in importing Granite Tiles in sizes 600x600mm and 800x800mm from China and India? May 7, Contact USD 20 
e 12545 Iran: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for komatsu D475 with more detail and price. I am in Tehran. our tel. no. is 00982154......May 7, Contact USD 50 
e 12544 Canada: Diamond Tools: We want Silicon Carbide wire for wire saw. Our tel. no. is 902 64.....May 7, Contact USD 50 
e 12541 USA: Retail: I want to buy a travertine tiles called "majestic cream". It's the cross cut honed tile that I am looking for. I need 275 sq feet. My home number is 508-88.....May 7, Contact USD 20 
e 12540 Saudi Arabia: Please send more details of the marble & granite tiles. My mobile no. is 9665054.....May 7, Contact USD 20 
e 12539 Russia: We find the information on your web-site for silicone carbide. We want Black & Green silicone carbide according pricelist 1225. May 7, Contact USD 50 
e 12538 UAE: I have a requirements of approximately 3500 square feet of Granite slab for the flooring of my
constructing house. I am from Cochin, Kerala. I am looking for slab size Granite only. My preferred colors are 
Raw Silk, Multi Color Red, Janhsi Red and Black Galaxy. I am looking for a supplier from Andra Pradesh, India who can deliver the material to my native. So kindly send the price details in Indian Rupees per sq ft. My Mobile no. is 009715045.....May 7, Contact INR 2000 
e 12537 USA: We are currently looking for a full container (20'FCL) of Kashmir White Granite, polished. Require size 18"x18" tiles, thickness: 1.2 cm. Terms: I found a price quotation 977 on Findstone.com. 
We understand that price is $4.60 USD / sq.ft FOB CANADA. Delivery 15 days after purchase. We would appreciate if you can (1) clarify your sales condition and (2) send us picture of this merchandise. May 7, Contact USD 50 
e 12536 Guatemala: I would be interested in more information about the cutt-off abrasive wheels, mostly 230mm for metal and stone, the diamond blades all sizes, also the wire brushes for my business in Guatemala. My tel. no. is (502) 33......May 7, Contact USD 50 
e 12535 USA: Need pricing for 25000 sqft. of travertine 16x16. Please call me at 808-32.....May 7, Contact USD 50 
e 12534 USA: Retail: Want Giallo Veneziano counter installation, includes back splash and under-mounted sink, approximately 140 square foot price. Also, will wall paper have to be removed from back splash area before installation? Phone: 713-34.....May 7, Contact USD 20  
e 12533 UAE: Earthmoving Machinery: We are looking to purchase the following cranes :-
100 tons-400 tons - 1986 -1989
25 tons - 1986 - 1989
30 tons - 1986 - 1989
Looking forward to receiving your best offers CNF Dubai, United Arab Emirates with photos and detailed specifications. Our tel. no. is +971507.....May 7, Contact USD 50  
e 12532 USA: I am looking for 800 sq ft of 16''x16'' x 5/8'' thick limestone tile in the NYC area. Please let me know if you have stock. My tel. no. is 212-25.....May 7, Closed 
e 12531 USA: Please quote for natural stones. I am in California. My telephone number is 916 94.....May 6, Contact USD 20  
e 12530 USA: Please quote for Giallo Provenza Slabs & Tiles cut in random sizes 6-24"x6-24"; 200 sq.ft. area. We want stone for a Project. Payment will be by visa. Delivery to Huntington Beach, CA. Phone no. is 714-96.....May 6, Contact USD 20
e 12529 Canada: I am building a home this summer in Almonte, Ont. Canada Just outside of Ottawa and would like to know your expert opinion on installing limestone countertops. I like the soft look of limestone but will it stand up in the kitchen? Also, I was looking at installing limestone tiles and the entrances and in the bathrooms of the home. Again, your expert opinion is welcomed. Lastly, do you know of any retailers in and around the Ottawa area? May 6, Contact USD 20
e 12528 UK: Earthmoving Machinery: Could you please give us the prices of all used CATERPILLAR EXCAVATORS AND PAY LOADERS. Our tel. no. is 079502.....May 6, Contact USD 50
e 12527 USA: Landscape: I want to information on Tennessee Quartzite (Crab Orchard Stone) to be used as veneer. Can you tell me what thickness I can expect to receive and the range of colors. We are looking for a Weathered and a Standard Finish. I am in Atlanta. Phone no. is 404.25.....May 6, Contact USD 20
e12526 Nigeria: We need African Black Granite (flammed). We need the product by 6-06-2004. My phone number is 02-81.....May 6, Contact USD 50
e12525 Portugal: We are an international trading company and we would like to have a quote for pumice stone. We are interested to import to Portugal and we also would like to know if there are any taxes to pay. May 6, Contact USD 50
e12524 UK: Stone Processing Machinery: Can you please give me some more info. on the Terrazzo Plant? boxed? Where is the auction / can it be viewed? does the price include commissioning? May 6, Contact USD 50
e 12523 USA: Where can I find a supplier of Turkish Trav - 4 piece patterns; 8x8, 8x16, 16 x 16, 16 x 24 - in various color versions of Turkish Walnut - Honed, Filled or unfilled is OK; Chisel edge. We purchase by the container load. We are in Hawaii 96732. We are already purchasing from Turkey, Portugal, Peru, Italy, China and the West Coast. We would prefer West Coast however, containers from Turkey are okay. We need samples with pricing and need to know availability of the material both in the West Coast [smaller orders] and at the factory [container orders]. Our purchase order needs to be placed by Tuesday May 10, 2004. May 6, Contact USD 50
e 12522 Mongolia: Earthmoving Machinery: We would like buying any used heavy equipments. Please send me our price with pictures. Tel: +976-11-3.....May 6, Contact USD 50
e 12521 USA: We are a small tile and natural stone store in Hawaii. Looking for crema marfil and rojo alicante 12 x 12 x 3/8 in. Please send us info on prices, including shipping to Maui. Qty. is one crate of each, approx. 300 sq. ft. Also, would like to get samples of these two tiles. Cell no. is 808-35..... May 6, Contact USD 20
e 12520 USA: Diamond Tools: I am a mason & need a diamond blade. My phone # is 978-69..... I am in MA. I am just starting out in business. I do walks & walls, etc. Now I would like to try out one 10 inch blade for a chop saw (dry). Most use - hard water struck brick. May 6, Contact USD 20
e12519 USA: We are in the process of building a pool. The pool deck is approximately 2,000 sq ft. The deck will be subject to intense heat in the summer (Houston, TX) so a stone that absorbs less heat is preferred. A local supplier provided a sample of "Marbella Stone" (I believe it is a limestone from the Philippines) and it  feels quite cool after being out in the sun for hours. May 6, Contact USD 20
e12518 USA: I am planning on using China Lotus slate in the foyer and also on a deck that is half covered. I am installing a spa on the deck as well. I live in Hawaii in an area that gets a lot of rain. I have two very large dogs that live in
the house. The dogs bring in red dirt (clay based dirt that dyes everything red). I plan on sealing the slate. How will this particular slate hold up? How often would I have to reseal the slate floor? My phone # is 808-73......May 6, Contact USD 10
e12517 UK: Stone Processing Machinery: Please quote for a concrete roof plant as displayed in ready stock 336. The plant is for Jamaica. My tel. no. is 01933 6.....May 6, Contact USD 20
e12516 USA: Retail: We need to buy 45 sq ft of Giallo Veneziano for kitchen counter. How much would you charge per sq ft? We need to install by next week. The phone # is: 305- 57.....May 6, Contact USD 20
e 12515 UK: I am interested in purchasing a block of "Persian Red" Travertine stone to be delivered to the south of England. The dimensions of the block are 50 cm X 45 cm. The block is for a sculpture I have in mind and would like a block which has few holes if possible. I would like a stone that is deep red if possible. My tel. no. is 01892 5.....May 6, Contact USD 40
e 12514 USA: We are building a 26 unit apartment in Olympia. We are seeking pricing for a 26 unit apartment in Olympia Washington. We are currently 2 months from completion. Slab Granite Counters 3/4" with 3/4" bull nose edge. 4" backsplash and sides polished with eased edges. Include Installation. Sink cut outs to be field cut by installer. We can order immediately. All Dimensions in inches: 
1 each 30x24x3/4 1 sink, 1 backsplash, 1 right side 
14 each 45x24x3/4 1 sink, 1 backsplash, 1 left side 
6 each 48x24x3/4 1 sink, 1 backsplash, 1 right side 
2 each 33x24x3/4 1 sink, 1 backsplash 
3 each 54x24x3/4 1 sink, 1 backsplash, 1 left side 
1 each L shape 26sqf
2 each Parallel 29sqf
6 each U shape 42sqf
12 each U shape 39sqf
2 each parallel 31sqf
3 each U shape 41sqf
Bar tops
2 each 102x18x3/4
6 each 90x18x3/4
12 each 84x18x3/4
2 each 120x18x3/4
3 each L shape bar top 17 sq ft. His no. is 1 253 27......May 6, Contact USD 40
e 12513 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: Looking for a  router base to adapt a Porter Cable router. Does this work well on granite? Does it provide an ever slight curve to the edge (like soapstone)? I am in VT. My tel. no. is 802-25..... May 6, Contact USD 20
e 12512 Malta: Please be kind to send us quotation for granite sheets 2cm polished of Nero Africa Dark, please quote C & F port Malta. Our tel. no. is 00356-214.....May 6, Contact USD 20
e 12511 USA: I am interested in the travertine from Iran SEEMORGH MARMAREEN COLLECTION. I like Yazd Pink Travertine, Yellow Travertine (which appears to be a bright orange/red), and Yazd Red Porphyry.
Looking for distributors in USA. I want to buy stone and artifacts. May 6, Contact USD 50
e 12510 UK: Please quote for 200-250 sqm of Indian sandstone close colour to Yorkshire stone. Size is 30mm - 35mm thick in various sizes. Can you price in pounds? May 6, Contact USD 50
e 12509 Canada: Earthmoving Machinery: I would like to buy Hitachi EX 100_1 Excavators. I am in Montreal. My tel. no. is 1 514 29.....May 6, Contact USD 50
e 12508 USA: Earthmoving Machinery: We are interested in both of these and any other D375-2's you might have. Please forward to me additional information and photos on these machines. I am in IL. Phone no. is 815-74.....May 6, Contact USD 50
e 12507 Pakistan: We are a leading used construction machinery importer company. We want to buy your unit CAT 950 B (3 UNITS). Please send us photos of the (3 units) with price subject to CIF Karachi port. 009221-69.....May 5, Contact USD 50
e 12506 USA: Want to buy black limestone. I need about 20 pieces around 24 to 54 inches long 10 inches wide 2 to 3 inches thick. Natural cleft finish delivered to Brooklyn NY. I live in NY 11215. May 5, Contact USD 20
e 12505 USA: Landscape: Please quote for Black Polished Pebble 0.5 - 1" in size. I need them for top-dressing plant bed areas around residential home. See Item: 0022-0013 & Item: 0031-0012. Amount needed is enough to cover approximately 800 square feet to a depth of 1-2 inches. Need them immediately. Phone Number: 949 - 83......May 5, Contact USD 40
e 12504 Albania: We are importers of marbles. Please send us prices and your last trade catalogue. Please indicate too, terms of payment and minimum quantity order. Terms price: EXW or CF Brindisi (Port of Italy) or CF Durres (Port of Albania). Tel: +355 69 22 ......May 5, Contact USD 20
e 12503 USA: I need to locate approx. 1200 Sq Ft of azul celeste or sky blue marble slabs. It will all be used in the same room to face a Columbarium, so I will need consecutive slabs. I would like the order within 30 days. I am in the Los Angeles area - the project is in Orange County just south of LA. The sample I have and the material I have seen is light blue with white flowing through. The stone must look like the sky as my sample does. May 5, Contact USD 20
e 12502 USA: I am looking for distributors of Quartz Slabs for Kitchen Countertops in Florida. Must be Quartz, like Silestone, Legacy or Zodiac. May 5, Contact USD 20
e 12501 UK: Please send details and price list of Spanish tumbled marble tiles 10 x 10 x 1cm, 20 x 20 x 1cm, 30 x 30cm, in Spanish marble. May 5, Contact USD 20
e 12500 USA: Please quote for 3 cm slabs of Volga Blue from Ukraine. Our tel. no. is 651-33.....May 5, Contact USD 50
e 12499 Germany: Please quote for Chinese granite tiles. See pricelist 514. May 5, Contact USD 50
e 12498 USA: We need 3 large slabs of very fine grain absolute Black sample needs to be sent to us for testing. Will travel or pay shipping to us. Please no Indian Blacks, prefer south Africa, Rhino Black or Belfast black need stone with no coatings at all. Our tel. no. is 717-36..... May 5, Contact USD 50
e 12497 India: We are interested in purchasing crushed marble chips in milky white, tumble stones, assortment of polished and unpolished pebbles. We are located in Bangalore. Our tel. no. is 00 91 98441 ......May 5, Contact INR 2500
e 12495: Earthmoving Machinery: We are interested to buy 2 units Japanese second hand / reconditioned dump trucks of 14 tons capacity. Please quote us soonest. Our tel no. is 0063-2-28......May 5, Contact USD 50
e 12494 USA: Retail: Please send information on the fireplace surrounds. I am in Fl. 34982. May 4, Contact USD 20
e 12493 USA: We are Architects - Planners - Facilities Consultants. Want Absolute Black granite. Would like to have samples first. We are in OK. Our tel. no. (405) 23..... May 4, Contact USD 10
e 12492 USA: We are a manufacturer of lighting fixtures looking for a reliable source for translucent Mexican onyx panels (+/- 12" x 12" square). May 4, Contact USD 40
e 12491 USA: Please quote for Indian Granite tiles. Looking for tan brown, black galaxy, absolute black and Kashmir White. See price list 243. May 4, Contact USD 40
e 12489 Denmark: We want to manufacturers of Indian paradiso bash slabs. Our tel. no. is 70 2.....May 4, Contact USD 40
e 12488 Italy: Urgently require Juparana gold, Juparana Dorado, Amarillo Africa Slabs polished 2 cm. Total 2,000 sqm. Our tel. no. is (39) 335 71......May 4, Contact USD 40
e 12487 UK: I am interested in buying some Italian Travertine slabs roughly 21/2 ft x 1 ft and about 1 inch thick. I would want to buy at least 200 sq meters. Please could you give me a rough price. My contact no. is 01629 5.....May 4, Contact USD 40
e 12486 China: We need the epoxy glue. Two part glue. The glue should not container water. The set time: (when the temperature is over 20'c 90 minutes (surface dry) 6 hours (totally dry), cold press and the pressure is 50 ton. Should be waterproof and environment friendly. The bonding strength is up to the standard of CAS (USA STANDARD). Phone no. is (86512) 586..... May 4, Contact USD 20
e 12485 Bulgaria: We want information regarding:
Tiles - different sizes , starting 30 x 30 cm till 60 x 60 cm, and width ≈ 6 12 mm 
Required color - brown or red nuance, or all of your products from group Tiles&Slabs / SDG / China Granite and China Marble. Is it possible for China granite to be outdoor mounted , and is it harder and stronger than China Marble? 
Please tell us which are the tiles you have on stock (which are already produced) , and can we make order for them? How much can one 20" container accommodate (in m)? Our telephone No: 00359 431 ..... May 4, Contact USD 40
e 12484 Uruguay: Earthmoving Machinery: LOOKING FOR CATERPILLAR 215 CLC/DLC, CATERPILLAR 225 CLC/DLC, DAEWOO DTC 21 year upper 1997 and DAEWOO DTC 35 year upper 1997. My tel. no. is 00598 2 40.....May 4, Contact USD 50
e 12483 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: I am interested in hitachi ex100wd excavator, cat 950e and 950b wheel loader. Please send us detail of these machines including pictures and all technical data of this machine. My cell no. is 0092 0300 26.....May 4, Contact USD 50
e 12482 UK: I am interested in receiving quotes for 20 foot container loads of Indian sandstone slabs CIF for delivery to Felixstowe port UK. The size I require are 3 foot x 2 foot, 25mm depth, hand cut, natural riven. Colours - Brown, agra red, yellow, rainbow and teak. My tel. no. is +441768......May 4, Contact USD 50
e 12481 USA: I have a client who needs an initial order of 30,000 sq ft of Chinese granite 305x305x10 tile, 5 different colors.  I would be more than willing to pay for samples. I will be traveling to China the last week of May and would like to visit the plant. I am in Alaska. My contact no. is 1907 86.....May 4, Contact USD 50
e 12480 India: Please quote for calcite powder as follows:
1 Calcite Purity 98%
2 Brightness 93% and above
3 Mesh 325 
Kindly arrange to send your offer for the supply of Calcite of above specification along with your test report and one kg. sample of Calcite powder. Our tel. no. is 08516 2.....May 4, Contact INR 2000
e 12479 China: We are one of the largest stone manufacturers and exporters from China, which was established in 1996. We need Egyptian Galala slabs. Could you send us the sample and prices? Our tel. no. is +(86)-(592)-26.....May 4, Contact USD 20
e 12478 USA: Retail: I would liker to order slate tiles. My tel. no. is 732 43....May 4, Contact USD 10
e 12477 USA: Landscape: I am a wholesaler looking to buy Tenn. field stone (flagging) at a reasonable price. I have a truck in Tenn. usually once a week. If we can get together on a price and depending on how far from where my truck is delivering maybe we can possibly do some business. I am in North Carolina. Telephone no. is 336-67..... May 3, Contact USD 50
e 12476 UAE: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for a CAT 345BL excavator. My tel. no. is +971267.....May 3, Contact USD 100
e 12475 USA: Retail: I am interested in flagstone steps. I am in Virginia. My tel. no. is 540-32.....May 3, Contact USD 10
e 12474 USA: Retail: Please quote us the best price for a black oval marble table top (69x39). Our top is broken and we want to replace it this week. Our tel. no. is +1.202.29.....May 3, Contact USD 10
e 12473 ITALY: We are looking for LONGINOTTI CONCRETE PLANT. Please send us the plant's technical description. Our tel. no. is 003902.66.....May 3, Contact USD 50
ES: e 12472 China: Please quote for Crema Marfil (Spain) blocks. Qty. is 500 cbm. My phone no. is 0086-592-56.....May 3, Contact USD 50
e 12471 USA: We are looking for a stone named verde agave 2 slabs of material. My phone no. is 828.65.....May 3, Contact USD 20
e 12470 Albania: Please send prices ex- works or c&f port of Italy and latest trade catalogue about the Portuguese marbles. My tel. no. is +3556922.....May 3, Contact USD 20
e 12469 USA: Landscape: Please quote for cobble stone light. I need about 1500 sq. feet. My phone no. is  714-77......I am looking for someone close by in CA. May 3, Contact USD 20
e 12468 USA: Retail: Please quote for 1 box of 16" x 16" Turkish Travertine Light and 1 box of 16" x 16" Turkish Travertine Medium. My phone no. is 973-40.....May 3, Contact USD 50 (buyer has paid deposit)
e 12467 Belgium: Please quote for travertine stones in chocolate color. Quantity is one container 21-24 tons. My contact no. is 0032329......May 3, Contact USD 20
e 12466 India: Please quote for 45 cm x 45 cm, 50 cm x 50 cm and 60 cm x 60 cm, thickness: 20 mm & 30 mm. green/ black/red Indian granites. You can also offer the colours available with you for the buyers selection. Qty : 2-3 containers/month. Payment : L/C at sight with part advance against order. 
Kindly quote your non-negotiable rates ( Ex works) to avoid loosing time in negotiation. Samples will be asked only if the deal appears workable. May 3, Contact INR 1000
e 12465 Indonesia: I am interested in buying Belgium Noir De Golzine, Nero Belgio. My contact no. is +62-21-34.....May 3, Contact USD 20
e 12464 India: Retail: I need 800 sq. ft. Granite, Marble, Ceramic, Rectified and Vitrified tiles in Bangalore. I prefer light shades but not white. My budget is Rs.70/sq. ft. What is ideal for floorings? My phone no. is 98452.....May 3, Contact INR 500
e 12463 USA: Retail: I am interested in seemakanti red granite as well as whites with grey platinum and pearl. I am interested to see samples if they are available. My phone no. is 940-69......May 3, Contact USD 20
e 12462 Uruguay: Earthmoving Machinery: I am seeking for CAT 312 excavators from around 1994. If possible I would like to receive specs, prices in US dollars and location to be able to calculate freight costs to Montevideo, Uruguay. My number is (+598) 99 2.....May 3, Contact USD 100
e 12461 USA: Would like a wholesale quote on the Spanish Emperador stone. My tel. no. is 702-74.....I am in NY. Would like large tiles (16x16) polished. Would like a container. How many sq ft will fit in a container? May 3, Contact USD 50
e 12460 Canada: Stone Processing Machine: Please quote for Bridge Saws and Multi head Line Polishing Machine (Marble/Granite). Our phone no. is 416-41.....May 3, Contact USD 100
e 12459 Oman: I am interested in used mobile crane model 87-90. Please advise the availability capacity 25/30 tons. I need two cranes model 88-90 any color. My contact number is 96894.....May 3, Contact USD 100
e 12458 Saudi Arabia: Earthmoving Machinery: I am interested in Bomag BW212, CAT CB-334D AND CAT CB-335D. Please quote with photos. May 3, Contact USD 100
e 12457 Bulgaria: Stone Processing Machinery: We are a Bulgarian company working in the field of yielding and processing natural stones. We are about to start a new branch in our company for processing granite. But for that we need certain machines we hope we could find through your site and with your help.
We want to buy second hand / refurbished / multiblade gangsaw for granite using steel shot or grit. We prefer to buy the machine from Italy but other offers are also welcome. We plan a business trip to Italy at the end of May so any offers arriving from this country will be first attended to. Tel: + 359 887 3.....May 3, Contact USD 100
e 12456 Tunisia: We are international trading company of many products including the marble. We were interested to see your catalog showing your range of marble. We believe there would be a significant market to these products in our country. We would be interested in acting as your local agent, unless you are already represented in Africa. As we are an international trading company, having good business relationship with the Portugal, we feel we are ideally placed to market your products. Our phone no. is 
00 216 71 7.....May 3, Contact USD 20
e 12455 USA: I need from my supplier: 
The very best quality of pre-finished countertops. I also need to know that my supplier can keep up with my demand, which could be as much as 4000-5000 pre-finished countertops a month once it gets rolling and organized. Also, I need to know that I can get all the dimensions and edges that are common in a kitchen and bathroom and the ability to order custom cuts.

I will need pre-finished countertops ranging from 18'' wide all the way to 48'' wide. The most common that I will need are the 26'' and the 36'' and a length of 96''. I need the guarantee that the finished product will be of top quality so I know the home owner will be satisfied. I also need the option of custom cuts. If I send you plans of 300 houses with exact dimensions of the kitchen and vanities, it would be nice if I can get the cuts exactly to match the plans of the kitchen. I plan on using the granite in tract homes and the non-expensive homes.
I need samples of these 10 cheapest granite colors for I have 1000's of customers ready to order. 

I just want you to know that I need a very dependable supplier because I am running a multi-million dollar company and plan on buying 10's of thousands of pre-finished countertops and vanities a year. If this is an opportunity that you might be interested in undertaking, please email me back as soon as possible so we can talk a make agreements on price, quantities, payments, and shipping. 

I live in AZ so I would like to know the shipping costs for my materials and also, I need a supplier that guarantees their quality and their shipping. I also need a supplier that can negotiate payment terms, for example, 50% up front and 50% when the material gets here. Please get back to me as soon as possible for I am looking to order within the next week. Looking for a supplier that will be dependable enough to keep up with my fast expansion. Send me sample pictures of their 10 least expensive granite colors and a price list for all of their materials. 

I was looking of the price list on FindStone's website, I was seeing 96''x26'' pieces for 20 to 30 dollars pre-finished. I was seeing 96x36 for under 50 and 96x46 under 70. I am interested in these prices. I am interested in any country that can provide in prices like this. I am willing to pay more for the more expensive colors but I want the option of buying the cheap granite for around 20-30 dollars a pre-finished counter. Please find me the very least expensive that can handle large quantities, the country doesn't matter.
The buyer is very serious and will pay FindStone commission. The first step is to send FindStone the price list
. May 3, Contact USD 100
e 12454 Egypt: Stone Processing Machinery: Required a used Italian make polishing machine for marble with 12 Head. Productivity 250 SQ MT /day [2 shifts]. Tile dimensions 2.0 m 3.0 m. Price range 40,000 - 50,000 Euro. We will import. Need it by 4 months. May 3, Contact USD 50
e 12453 China: I work for a leading name in building materials in Hong Kong and Southern China. We are currently exporting to the United States and one of our customers is interested in using marble from Philippines. The specific stones they would like to find are "Tiger Skin", "Beige Blue" and "Rosa Mistica". We would be looking to buy small blocks of these materials. Please send the samples. May 2, Contact 
USD 50
e 12452 USA: Retail: Need 3 slabs of Tropical Vernice. I have a fabricator in Cleveland Ohio. My phone no. is 419-57.....Need slabs immediately. For a Kitchen project almost complete - contractor. May 2, Contact 
USD 50
e 12451 Korea: We are importing marbles and granites, etc from many different countries. We just checked your home page and found some stone on stock so we'd like to know more details. First of all, Could you qoute CNF BUSAN for 1 to 4? 
1) White Lymra Limestone what is the condition of stones on your stock list? what about quantity? it says, $89/ton, as we know, one container weighs 20 tons and over. We are looking for 30cm cut to size. 
2) Indian Kotha black Limestone which has to be cut to size X 30mm, one side has to be polished. Could you quote CNF BUSAN. Quantity will be a container.  
3) Indian Red sand stone honed. Is it possible to handle without a breakage loss in transportation? it is our most concern. 600 X 900 X 30mm , Quantity will be 3500m2 and more. Please quote CNF BUSAN. 
4) Light Green Galaxy. It should be a cut to size with symmetrical pattern in two pieces which has to be one set with one pattern. we want to have bull nose in 4 side lightly and quantity will be 1 container. Please quote CNF BUSAN. May 2, Contact USD 50
e 12450 Egypt: Stone Processing Machinery: We are looking for used gang saw machine from Turkey or from any where just we need it in good conditions for working the gang saw will be used for cutting blocks of marble 80 blades or 60 blades. Our tel. no. is 00202 75.....May 2, Contact USD 100
e 12449 USA: Retail: I am remodeling my kitchen and had planned on using a honed granite for my counters but am now considering soapstone. Who in the Palm Beach Gardens, FL area is experienced installing soapstone? My phone no. is 561.26......May 2, Contact USD 10
e 12448 Canada: I am a massage therapist requiring stones for hot stone massage. I need black pebbles basalt stones. Very smooth, naturally tumbled. I believe they are from Mexico, or Philippines. I need 1/2", 2-3" 3-5". Are they priced in U.S. dollars? How much is a ton of stones? I can send pictures of what I need. I will be buying an a regular basis starting with 1 ton and likely increasing that as my demand increases. My phone number is 416 76.....May 1, Contact USD 50
e 12447 USA: I am interested in purchasing 1 container of Baltic Brown 2cm large polished slabs. Please quote. I am in CA. My phone no. is +1-559-22.....May 1, Contact USD 50
e 12446 USA: I make crafts from slate. I would be interested in odd lots of slabs or tiles. The more variety the better. I just ordered 3 tons from Texas. I can use all sizes from 4x4 to 16x16 and broken pieces as well. I like all the Indian, Brazillian, and China slates. May 1, Contact USD 20
e 12445 Singapore: Please quote for White Halaieb. Please quote for slabs and tiles. My tel. no. is 0065-629.....May 1, Contact USD 50
e 12444 USA: Artifacts: If I buy some columns in cafe, and I want to put them in water (pool) will they erode? I want the columns coming out of a pool, holding up an arbor. Is a cantera column OK for this? I know that the cafe is a bit soft. Or should I use I different color? I am in CA. My phone no. is (714)96.....
May 1, Contact USD 50
e 12443 USA: We need Jerusalem Gold Limestone matte (not shiny). Quantity: 12,000 sq. feet. $12.00 square We need it from three months from now. Material should be from Jerusalem, Israel. Size range: 40 x 40 cms. and larger, size is irrelevant but offers in centimeters. I will pay for samples. Material to be delivered to Guatemala. My contact no. in USA is 502-51....May 1, Contact USD 50

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We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.