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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!   February 29, 2004
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January Inquiries

560 inquiries so far in Feb 2004.  

The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 11452 USA: Earthmoving Machinery: I need a Hitachi ex 100 wd, ex 120wd, ex160wd and wh05wd & wh073wd. Please quote. My mobile number is 00316411.....Feb 29, Contact
e 11451 USA: Retail: Please quote for thin veneer stones. Feb 29, Contact
e 11450 USA: Retail: We are building a home in Hillsville, VA. Please quote for different types of natural stones. Looking for someone in our area. Our phone no. is 276 73.....Feb 29, Contact
e 11449 USA: I am purchasing a 500 unite apartment high rise. I am looking for a supplier to supply granite kitchen counter tops, granite tiles for entrance, lobby, hallways and some areas in the apartments. Please supply prices for finishes as well as dimensions etc. looking for color choices as well. Delivered to West coast of Florida in US dollars. I can be contacted at 1-802-31.....Feb 29, Contact
e 11448 UAE: Earthmoving Machinery: We want KATO NK200H-V TRUCK MOUNTED CRANE. We are in Dubai. Feb 29, Contact
AU: e 11446 Singapore: We want Australian beige sandstone. Quantity is 2000m2. Please let me know if you can supply beige in different finishes eg. bush hammer, flame, sandblast, chisel, hone and groove. Feb 29, Contact
e 11445 USA: Want a galeski 3000 if still available. Feb 29, Contact
e 11444 USA: Retail: We are in the process of remodeling our kitchen. What granite would match with either mahogany or white cabinets? Feb 29, Contact
e 11443 UAE: Please quote with images for cats eye red and shimoga red granite. Feb 29, Contact
e 11442 USA: Retail: I am in the process of purchasing a granite counter top. I have already paid for a selection through a national chain of home improvement stores. I had chosen Santa Cecelia Gold, but I am not sure it is the stone for me. I still have time to change since they haven't made the templates yet, as we are installing a new hardwood floor which requires our cabinets to be removed. I am looking for a stone which requires the least amount of maintenance and is resistive to stains and discoloration's. I think I have ruled out the Santa Cecelia Gold, and Sapphire brown (which by the way my husband stained with some sort of oil), but I am considering Autumn brown, Tropic brown, Imperial Red, Cranberry brown, Coffee Brown, Autumn Wheat, Dakota Mahogany or Poconos Green. Which of these are the least absorbent and are true granites? I am not concerned about quick clean ups by myself, but since my husband is retired and enjoys cooking while I am at work, and very seldom cleans the counter after he is done, I have real concern about stains. Feb 29, Free Contact 
e 11441 Greece: We are interested in a small quantity of Verde Rajasthan about 30-40 m2. We would like to receive some offers and some photos of this stone. Feb 29, Contact
IN: e 11440 USA: Retail: I would like to receive pricing on Raja Slate, preferably "Peacock" for about $2.00 for 16x16. I only need enough slate for one home. Please include shipping cost. I can contacted at 505-81.....Feb 29, Contact
e 11439 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: I am interested in a router base to adapt a Porter Cable router for use on stone and a track saw. Please quote. Feb 29, Contact
e 11438 USA: I am a contractor in WA State and need a supplier for 3000 sq. ft. 12" and 16" Multicolor slate in 12" - 16" sizes. Please tell me the landed price to Seattle and the minimum order. My phone is 360-39.....Feb 29, Contact
e 11437 USA: Please quote with images for acid-washed golden travertine paver. I was also wondering how thick the stone was? Feb 29, Contact
e 11436 USA: Retail: I am trying to find Emser Autumn calibrated slate. Please send price for square foot. Feb 29, Contact
e 11435 USA: Retail: I am looking for yellow / lemon colored marble tiles in 12 x 12. Feb 29, Contact
e 11434 France:  Retail: I want to know the price for your Marble Negro Marquina. I need only 15 m². Feb 28, Contact
ZA: e 11433 Germany: I am an interior designer working on a luxurious apartment in Cape Town. I am looking for natural stones that would be suitable particularly for the bathrooms, floor and walls, as well as some of the other areas. Is the Golden Dawn sandstone suitable for the bathroom? I am living in Munich, Germany, and would like to see a sample of this sandstone. Is there an agent in Germany which sells South African natural stones? Furthermore, would you have a better picture (jpg, tif or bmp format if possible). My mobile no. is +49160-948.....Feb 28, Contact
e 11432 UK: We have a small enquiry in pietra cardoza stone. This involves 60mm thick stone work tops and a solid carved sink. Could capable companies contact us for potential manufacture and supply order for a project in London. Feb 28, Contact
e 11430 Canada: Please send me a price list for granite. I am in Vancouver. Feb 28, Contact
e 11429 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: I want to buy a wheeled excavator any Hitachi between 1982-1993, 8-15 tons. Feb 28, Contact
e 11428: Earthmoving Machinery: I am interested in Cat 950B and 950E. I need your best price C&F Karachi Pakistan. We are in need a lot of this Machinery, a Caterpillar wheel loader 950E and 950B. We want used machinery. Feb 28, Contact
e 11427 USA: Retail: My designer recommends white statuary cararra marble for my kitchen counter tops. I have several questions. 
1. Is is better to have it polished and accept it will get etched from lemon, etc. or would it better to have it honed and sealed? If honed is best, how many times should the installer seal the marble when it is installed? What type of sealer should I request. 
2. Are there specific carrara marbles that oxidize and yellow more than others? How do I determine this? 
3. The installers have recommended installing the white marble on top of plywood that is fastened with metal bolts in some places. Does there need to be a protective white layer between the marble and the plywood? Is it possible that the plywood could stain the marble from the bottom up? What about the metal bolts, could they cause the marble to yellow? 
4. What is the best way to prevent water spots? Is it a given that water spots will occur around the sink area just from constant use? 
5. Can hot pots/pans be set directly on marble? 
6. What is the best way to care for a cararra marble counter on a daily basis? 
7. Are there any granites that are light and have movement but that are better choices for a kitchen? We live in Southern California - Do you have any supplier recommendations? 
8. Is Vermont or Brazillian slate a good choice for kitchen counters? Does it scratch/stain easily? Can it be repaired. Feb 28, Contact
e 11426 USA: Retail: I am looking for Pietro Cardosa counter tops approx 24 linear feet, and other sand stone tiles and counter tops and stone sink bowl. Also floor tile approx 300 square feet. I am located in Somers, NY 10536. Please contact at 914-92.....Feb 28, Contact
e 11425 USA: Retail: One of my customers wants granite countertops in their yacht. I need a source in the San Francisco Bay area. The countertops I want are only 1/4 inch thick but they come on a aluminum substrate panel. The overall installation is much lighter weight wise than a home installation. Feb 28, Contact
e 11423 USA: Landscape: I am a wholesaler selling colorado river rock palletized. I am looking for bulk direct from source. We are in TX 75182. Feb 27, Contact
e 11422: I like "Blue Savoy Light" and "Napoleon Tigre". Can you tell us where we can get these stones? Feb 27, Contact
IL: e 11421 USA: I need 3000sf of Jerusalem Stone in San Diego. Our phone no. is 858-6.....Feb 27, Contact
IN: e 11420 Ireland: I am a fireplace manufacturer and distributor in Ireland and I wish to import slabs of absolute black granite from India. The sizes I require are 1525mm in length and 457mm in width and 20mm in thickness. 3 sides of this material would have to be polished with a 3mm chamfer and the top would have to be surface polished. Please quote for per container load. Feb 27, Contact
e 11419 Latvia: Earthmoving Machinery: We would like to receive the information about KOMATSU D375, please more detailed information about with your final price. Our tel. no. is +371 95....Feb 27, Contact
e 11418 Czech Republic: We are in the process to get a massive contract from one of the biggest building company in CZ. They require two granites Velen and G. Michelle. Please quote with images. Feb 27, Contact
PT: e 11417 Thailand: We would like to have the block prices C&F Bangkok for Portugal Limestone Relvinha, Moca Creme, Semi Rijo and Semi Rijo Do Arrimal. Please mention block sizes details and attach slab pictures. Our tel. no. is 662 26.....Feb 27, Contact
e 11416: Landscape: We are looking for a source for ivory beige mixed coloured pebbles of size 5 - 8mm. Feb 27, Contact
e 11415 USA: Quarry Machinery: We are seeking a tower crane equal to a Potain model 744CS for a "static installation". Desired specs: H.H. 40m / Cap: 10t @ 14m / 3.9t @ 30m / 2.3t @ 45m. Please quote an offer for export to South America. We are in TX. Our phone no. is 281-44.....Feb 27, Contact
e 11414 USA: Retail: We are remodeling our kitchen this Spring. We want to use Dakota Mahogany on the counter tops and travertine on the floors. Feb 27, Contact
e 11413 USA: Retail: Looking for 400 - 500 sq ft blue eye granite for residential application, having great difficulty finding it in the Dallas area. What are the minimum purchase requirements? Would like to purchase 12x12 or 16x16 tiles. My phone no. is 972-46..... Feb 27, Contact
e 11412 Bangladesh: Retail: We are currently in the process of choosing a marble for our floor- living room, foyer, dining and family room. Since ours is a small family and we are pretty good at maintenance, heavy traffic shouldn't be a problem. We are having trouble deciding between crema marfil and perlato. The perlato that we like is called perlato 2B (I haven't heard of it before), the other alternatives available are perlato royal and perlato sicilia and we are equally happy with either one of them. Would you recommend crema marfil or perlato for our apartment floor? What are the drawbacks for either one of them? Feb 27, Contact
BR/IN: e 11411 USA: Need 1 or 2 containers of prefabricated countertops - 2,600 Sq Ft. or 5,200 Sq Ft. 
1/4 Ubatuba, 1/4 St Cecelia, 1/4 panther black, 1/4 viara (note your web site pictures were small on the special stones) - or similar Indian colors - samples to be approved. Ratio of sizes below:
2 pieces 32" X 106" - long and right short side full bullnose, 2nd long and left short side flat polish
2 pieces 32" X 106" - long and left short side full bullnose, 2nd long and right short side flat polish
1 piece 52" X 106" - 4 sides bull nose 
Polish and edges done by machine. Good consistent polish on both tops and edges with no blemishes, saw marks, or other imperfections. Stone within colors to be consistent and from the same block. 3cm to 3.2cm thickness over entire top. Inspection when material is loaded into the container on site. Please quote delivered prices. Delivery to Denver, Colorado. Feb 27, Contact
e 11410 Canada: Stone Processing Machinery: Please quote for a pelegrini and a wire saw. I am in Ontario. Feb 26, Contact
e 11409 USA: Retail: I need 250 French Vanilla Marble 12x12 tiles. Location is Atlanta, GA 30305. I have already purchased a slab, but now need tiles. Need as soon as possible. My phone no. is (404) 68..... Feb 26, Contact
e 11408 USA: We want one granite slab approx 4 ft x 6 ft of a polished granite slab finished/polished ends in the brown bronzy speckled color to use on top of 3 kitchen base cabinets to make a kitchen island. I live in Pennsylvania 19390. What is the Cost and shipping and what you have available. Feb 26, Contact
e 11407 USA: We are architects. We are looking for suppliers who could help us in supplying small quantities of materials, since we have special needs for each custom home. We also have a collection of construction and finish samples in our office so clients can see everything in one place. We are essentially a showroom. We would accept samples if you send them. Feb 26, Contact  
e 11406 Ireland: Please can you tell me the availability of Giallo Sienna marble in crushed stone. Feb 26, Contact  
AU: e 11405 Malta: Please quote for Australian Sandstone called Silkstone. Could be regular containers every month. My tel. no. is +356 214.....Feb 26, Contact  
e 11404: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for a CAT 320B. Feb 26, Contact  
e 11403 Slovenia: We are a company that deals with production of natural stones. We buy blocks and plates and produce many things of of it. Currently, we are interested in a stone named BOUJAAD. We would like to buy slabs 2 and 4 cm thick. Feb 26, Contact  
e 11402 Saudi Arabia: Diamond Tools: We are sellers of Power tools, Building Materials, Diamond Blades and other Industrial consumables since 7 years. We request you to send us your best quotation for 7" , 12" ,14" and 16" Granite cutting blades. We require the blades to be of good quality, laser welded segments. Fully heat treated cores for true cutting. Feb 26, Contact  
e 11401 Saudi Arabia: Stone Processing machinery: We are looking for a fixed Second Hand Asphalt Milling Machine, Model 1995 or newer (European / American Made). Our fax no is 00966-1-26.....Feb 26, Contact  
BR: e 11400 Germany: We are a natural stone company. We are searching for sellers for Brazilian Quartzite. Please give us an offer on quartzite plates, gravel, split, etc. Feb 26, Contact  
EG: e 11399 India: We are interested in importing of Egyptian marble blocks. Feb 26, Contact  
ZW: e 11398 China: Our company wants to import some blocks of the Impala black. Please quote. Our tel. no. is 0086-592-5.....Feb 26, Contact  
e 11397 USA: Retail: I am looking for 360 to 400 sf of Azul Aran tiles. I am a licensed contractor. Looking for  distributors in MA, RI. Feb 26, Contact  
AR: e 11396 USA:  I am looking for Azul Cielo in slabs. I am a stone dealer in LA 70058. Feb 26, Contact  
IN: e 11395 USA: I am interested in mint fossils sand stone hand dressed in size of 28 x 28 and granite slabs 2 containers. We are in GA30144. Feb 26, Contact  
e 11394 UK: Please send me a brochure on garden rocks and some prices. Where I could buy some in Dartford,  Kent. Feb 26, Contact  
e 11393 Singapore: Need to contact supplier for limestone 50mm-70mm with chemical composition as follow:
CAO: 55.24 %; MgO:0.31%; sio2:0.21%; lg-loss: rest. Qty is 5,000 MT / month. Used for paper manufacturing. Supplier must be knowledgeable with the usage, not for any other applications. My contact info is 65-686.....Feb 26, Contact  
e 11392 USA: Retail: I am interested in granites for counter tops. Quantity estimate: 2 slabs for 55-60 sq ft of countertop and peninsula (3 cm). Specifications are:
Countertop application:
(A) will need 3cm slabs (probably 2), workable to the following approximate installed pieces:
1) 7 feet wide, standard counter depth (25")
2) 4 feet wide, standard counter depth
3) 3 feet wide, standard counter depth
OR 2) and 3) 9.5 feet wide
4) 6 feet wide, 3.5 feet depth (peninsula).
Stone name or type: 
(1) Ideally, VYARA JUPARANA, COLOMBO JUPARANA, GOLDEN JUPARANA, SAPHIRE BLUE / BROWN OR RAW SILK type (other?), having significant beige content with other colors (dark brown, black, and rose) providing plenty of movement in slab (esp. for 6ft x 3.5ft section to be installed in peninsula).
Needed by: ready to install counter 1 week from now, acceptable within 2 months (i.e., willing to wait for the right stone). I am in Dublin, Ohio. My phone no. is 614-89.....Feb 26, Contact  
e 11391 USA: Retail: I am looking for a fireplace surround and slab hearth. Need black granite tiles 12x12 or slab cut to shape around fireplace, polished, first quality 12 tiles & 2 slabs (96x32 and 48x16). All should match. Can order as soon as possible. My tel. no. is 517.42.....Feb 26, Contact  
e 11390 USA: Retail: Want a brown multi or bronze color granite 4 ft x 6 ft polished. Please advise cost and shipping to 19390 zip. Feb 26, Contact  
e 11389 USA: I am interested in purchasing fireplace surround. I am located in Orlando, FL and I am interested in one set (66 inch hearth or 72 inch). I would like to see pictures or what the design looks like before purchasing. Tel. no. is 407 38.....Feb 26, Contact  
e 11388 USA: I need prices for both Granite C (Baltic Brown) and for Granite B Rosa Porino. I am a contractor in central Ohio... zip 43130. I wish to purchase 34 l. ft of granite countertop 25 1/2" width 2 cm thick with 3cm bullnose on lin. edge.
Pieces as follows: 1 piece 7', 3 pieces 6', 1 piece 5', 1 piece 4'. 
I wish to also purchase 20 lin ft of granite backsplash 6" width 2cm thick polished one lin edge.
Pieces as follows: 2 pieces 7', 1 piece 6'. Price quote (delivered) FOB OHIO. Tel. no. 740-65.....Feb 26, Contact  
e 11387 USA: I am looking for a supplier of absolute black granite. The pieces I require to be made need to be as follows:
1. 0.75 in. thick
2. Cut in a perfect circle, 12 inches diameter across the top surface with a 0.25" wide, 45° bevel, which would bring the total diameter to about 12.375 inches.
3. Polished on the edges and the top surfaces.
4. The stone need to have a fine and tight grain, so that an even grey colour is produced when the stone is etched.
Please could tell me:
a. If the absolute black that you have will meet the close grain quality that I need?
b. If you can cut and polish pieces of this diameter on your machines?
c. If you can maintain an accuracy of 1/64 inch in the diameter of the flat surface?
d. Approximately how much an initial order of 12 would cost?
e. How quickly they could be done and how long they would take to ship by air to the United States (if that is possible)?
f) What options, apart from a bevel, there may be for cutting and polishing the edge? If you are able to provide details of the mouldings. 
I am looking for a reliable and honest manufacturer who does very high quality work. I am trying to establish a reliable team of people to work on this project, which is a special form of sundial. The only link missing at this point is the supplier of absolute black granite. The quantities I need at present are small, because the project is still in its infancy. I am located near Boston in Massachusetts, USA. Tel. no. is 978 37.....Feb 26, Contact  
e 11386 Chile: Earthmoving Machinery: We are interest Hitachi EX200. Please quote CIF Valparaiso. Please send me pictures of the hydraulic pumps. Feb 26, Contact  
e 11385 Pakistan: I WANT TO BUY ABRASIVES ITEMS, WE ARE BASED IN LAHORE. OUR TEL. NO. IS 0092427.....Feb 25, Contact  
IN: e 11384 Japan: Please quote CIF Osaka for granite. Sizes are 300x300 (10mm) & 150x300( 10mm). The colors are Absolute Black, Mozart Ruby, Camellia Red, G682, Blushing Rose, Paradisso, Black Galaxy, Ruby red, Rozi, Pinkis Red. For sizes 300x300 (15mm) we want quote for White Marble with moss green & Pink Marble. Our tel. no. is +81-728-9..... Feb 25, Contact
IT: e 11383 Turkmenistan: We are a construction company. We would like to get the price list for polished Italian White Carrara 40x80 with 3 cm thickness. We need quotes per m2 including transportation till Turkmenistan, better through Iran. And also we need info about how the marbles are going to be sent? We need the prices of 1st and 2nd classes only. We are going to place an order as soon as possible. We have projects of 4 floors and 12 floor apartment building at the moment and will probably need few thousands of m2. For the future orders could you also arrange catalogues of the companies in Italy of stones. We need marbles, and granite the most. Please give us your prices per m2, including transport. We need 3 cm thickness. Is it possible to get the price for that as well, and of course including transportation till Turkmenistan. Could you also inform us about the type of transportation. How they are going to be sent and in how many days, after placing the order. Feb 25, Contact
BR: e 11382 USA: I am looking for approx. 6 slabs of 3cm or 2 cm New Venetian Gold Granite. I need a specific color range. I am looking for a tan/mocha coloring which was coming out of the quarry about 12 to 24 months ago. What I have been finding is the yellow/gold coloring which seems to what the quarry is yielding at this time and is very common around here. I am in NY 11003. Feb 25, Contact
GR: e 11381 USA: Please quote for marble slabs and tiles from Greece. Feb 25, Contact
e 11380 USA: Retail: Please quote for Flagstone. Feb 25, Contact
e 11379 USA: Landscape: I am looking for slate and sandstone to put in aquariums. So the size of the chunks is not critical. I live in Grant, NE. My phone during day is 800 5.....Feb 25, Contact
e 11377 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machines: Please send us the detail of Earth Removing Machines especially Dozer, Loader, Automatic Drill Machines and its Tools. Feb 25, Contact
e 11376 UK: I require a price and photograph for the following tiles specification: Montawk Slate 400mm x 400mm, Fontain bleu 300mm x 300mm, Buxi Satinato 450mm x 450mm. Our tel. no. is 020 886.....Feb 25, Contact
e 11375 Tanzania: Quarry Machinery: We need the following used equipment in Tanzania preferably from Europe and Japan USED SCANIA 113 DUMPER TRUCKS SEVERAL, BULLDOZER D8N, D7G, D4H, MOTOR GRADER 140G, MOTOR GRADER 130 G, WHEEL LOADER 936 and VIBRATOR 10 TON OR ABOVE. Please quote CIF TANZANIA. IN CASE YOU HAVE OTHER MACHINES WITH THE SAME FUNCTIONS LET US KNOW THE PRICE. Feb 25, Contact
e 11374 USA: Retail: Need 475 sq ft silver blue slate tile for kitchen dining room project. Prefer 12x12 or larger tiles. Feb 25, Contact
e 11373 UK: Retail: I need about 20 sq meters of floor tile. We live in Reading. Feb 25, Contact
ALL: e 11372: Stone Processing Machinery: Please send samples and prices of marble and cutting machines. Feb 25, Contact
IN: e 11371 India: We are the suppliers of Indian Granite Tiles and marbles in the US market. One of our customer is interested to buy 'A' Grade Indian Granite Tiles and slabs that are available in USA presently as stocks. Kindly send us the details of the stocks that are available and Prices Ex US Warehouse with the terms. Our tel. no. is +91 80 26...... Feb 25, Contact Rs. 2500
IN: e 11370 USA: Looking for 15 to 20 polished slabs of Desert Sand granite (30mm thick by 240 x 150 cm &up). Also referred to as Mocha Sabia / Summer Wind. Believe this to be of Indian origin. Needed ASAP. Please refer to attached photo -- the stone must match this!! Please provide estimated delivery date, price, and photos if possible. We will require a sample and will pay for express delivery of samples. We will pay well for prompt shipment of matching stone. We would also be willing to purchase additional slabs of different colors to fill out a 20 shipping container if international shipping is required. We are in Virginia. I will need to follow up with the supplier to make sure he will have enough of the stone and will need to obtain a sample to ensure a color match. There is some color variation among Desert Sand, and this must adequately match an existing installation. Tel. no. is (202) 60.....Feb 25, Contact
CN: e 11369 China: We are architects, working in Shanghai, China. The building is in under construction, for this reason we have to chose the materials in a month in order to have it before June. Each floor is more or less 1500 mq (total 6 floor). How we could see samples of materials in particular we are interested in Chinese Stones and marbles. Our tel. no. is +86 1368......Feb 25, Contact  
e 11368 USA: Landscape: I want 1,200 Sq Ft of Flagstone or Slate CIF NAPA. I am in CA 94558. Need ASAP. Feb 25, Contact  
e 11367 USA: I am interested in the Gull River marble in 12 x 12 squares. Feb 25, Contact  
e 11366 USA: Retail: How can I get quotes and samples of the P003, P010 and Charcoal or silver Blue slates from China? I'll be looking for 500 square feet ultimately, but I'd like to see a small sample of each of the three stones to choose the right color.  My contact no. is (203) 39..... Feb 25, Contact  
e 11364 USA: I am in the process of opening a 11,000 Sq ft design center and am looking for a travertine supplier. I actually already have an order for 3000 sq. ft. of 24" x 24" Saturnia preferably from Turkey honed and filled and light. I need samples for my showroom and eventually I will be interested in buying containers. Feb 25, Contact  
e 11363 USA: I am interested in the following: 5000 sq. ft of 18 X 18 OR 24 x 24 WHITE LIMESTONE TILE AND 18 X 18 OR 24 X 24 GOLDEN LIGHT TRAVERTINE TILE BOTH HONED AND FILLED (OR NOT FILLED). ALSO, ANY OTHER LIGHT TRAVERTINE TILE THAT YOU HAVE. I WOULD NEED MORE THAN 5,000 SQ. FT. I am in Chicago. My telephone no. is 312-66.....Feb 25, Contact  
e 11362 USA: Can you send me some pricing of Raw Granite Slabs shipped to the US into the Atlanta area? Feb 25, Contact  
RU: e 11361 : I am looking for Polar Blue granite mined in Russia. Feb 25, Contact  
e 11360 USA: Landscape: Looking for large stones for ranch entrance. Size: width 2 ft, height 3, length 6 ft. I am located in San Antonio, TX. Feb 25, Contact  
ES/TR/IT: e 11359 South Africa: I want 20 Ton Container of Broken Tiles or Pieces polished, un-polished, honed (1cm Thick) of Crema marfil, Travertine classico, Travertine Noce, Bottichino, Rosso Verona, Rojo Alicante. Approx. quantity of 20 tons per order. Will pay +-30 euros per ton. Order to be placed immediately. Order will grow to 2 containers per month. Feb 24, Contact  
e 11358 USA: Retail: Please quote for Madura Gold 54 Sq.Ft., 1 1/4". I am in South Carolina and my phone no. is 843-62......My price range or budget is approx. $2,500, including installation. I need it ASAP. Feb 24, Contact
e 11357 Nicaragua: Please quote with more information for cutting machines for extracting blocks from quarry. Feb 24, Contact
e 11356 USA: Please give me a price for 700 sq. ft. Volga Blue. Also quote for a container load. My phone no. is 813.45.....Feb 24, Contact
e 11355 USA: Retail: We want to put honed baltic brown granite for the countertops in our kitchen. Are their any concerns about using a honed baltic brown that we should be aware of before proceeding? I am in MA 02111. Feb 24, Contact
e 11354 Canada: Retail: We are going to put a blue pearl granite counter top in our kitchen. Is blue pearl a type of granite that requires sealing? Are there any special 'gotchas' with this type of granite? Feb 24, Contact
e 11353 UK: Landscape: PLEASE QUOTE FOR KERBSTONE FRAMED TOP & FRONT OTHER SIDES TO BE CUT 2 X 50 MM 1 X 20MM X 1000, QUANTITY 5000. Feb 24, Contact
SA: e 11352 USA: I am searching for a supplier of Saudi granites. I am particularly interested in Tropic Brown, Violetta, Silver sea green and Golden leaf. Quantity of materials will vary depending on demand even though on an average between the two locations we import about 20-25 containers per month. Feb 24, Contact
e 11351 USA: Retail: I am interested in a black granite and wondered which color was the most durable and stain resistance. I don't want a countertop that requires a lot of maintenance. Sealing once a year is okay but not a monthly thing. Feb 24, Contact   
IN: e 11350 UK: Would like to contact suppliers in UK for VIZAG BLUE granite. I am in London. My tel. no. is 020 878.....Feb 24, Contact   
e 11349 : Please quote for travertine in per square foot for in a slabs. Feb 24, Contact   
e 11348 USA: Retail: I recently saw a greenish grey countertop with white veining. I am getting mixed messages as to what it is...I was told it was Italian soapstone-pietre cardoza (sp?) and then I was told it was a honed granite. It is beautiful, but I would like to know what it is and how resilient it would be for a kitchen countertop. Feb 24, Contact   
e 11347 UK: I am interested in marble and granite furniture namely round dining tables with rotating central mini-top and other furniture. Please send me images of your products with cost including shipment and insurance. Also let me know how long it will take to procure the furniture and the time taken for the shipment to reach London. The order may not be big at the start but gradually you may expect an increase. Feb 24, Contact   
e 11346 Italy: Please quote for Quetzal green marble, approx 1000 m2 of polished slabs at 2cm thick + blocks in order to cut slabs in various thickness. Feb 24, Contact
e 11345 Malaysia: We need laterite cut stone. Please quote with availability. Feb 24, Contact
IN: e 11344 India: Please quote for 20mm thick red mandana mirror polished stone for 260sq.m area. Feb 24, Contact Rs. 1000
e 11343 USA: Retail: Please quote for ostrich green in slab 6 ft honed. Does it have black dots when polished? I am in CO 81612. Feb 24, Contact
e 11342 USA: Retail: Please quote for a kitchen counter top. Click attachment for dimensions. I am in CA 94513. Feb 24, Contact
e 11341 USA: Retail: I am looking for Blue eyes tiles. Feb 24, Contact
e 11340 USA: Retail: I live in Las Vegas and need 3 to 4 slabs of India Gold Granite for an outdoor barbeque island. I have not been able to find the correct variation of India Gold in 3 CM. My tel. no. is (702) 22.....Feb 24, Contact
e 11339 USA: We require Black (Absolute Black) granite tiles in container loads for a client in Illinois. 
The sizes reqd. are 6" x 6", 12" x 12", 18" x 12", 18" x 18", 24" x 12" and 24" x 24". We also require these in edge polish condition and in Rounds and Ovals. 
The tiles should not have any white marks or lines and colour should be as black as possible. If you can supply these in time and of first quality please send your quote on CIF Chicago basis with your terms etc. 
We will also need samples for colour checking and for edge polished finish. Feb 24, Contact
e 11338 USA: Please quote for diamond tools. My contact no. is 208 -79.....Feb 24, Contact
e 11337 :  Looking for limestone Lagos Blue. Feb 24, Contact
e 11336 USA: Retail: I am looking for a more economical way to get some Azul Macaubes for two bathroom countertops, 5 foot length and 4 foot length. Looking for surplus or remnants in the Seattle area. The quote I just got from my contractor was over $100/sf finished. Feb 24, Contact
e 11335 USA: Retail: I am updating my kitchen counters & want to go with Granite. My question being........what is the best least likely to show stains & or imperfections. I have 3 small children & I am a sloppy cook. I have 83 square feet to do so whatever I do it will be very expensive. I don't want to make a mistake. The granite place I am working with pretty much yeses me on everything & swears that if it is sealed then you have no problems. My neighbor (with granite) says she has problems with grease stains (hers are not sealed on recommendation from her installer). Is it best to go with a darker black/brown/green color? I really like the St. Cecilia...but I forsee a red KoolAid spill & that scares me. I am in Oklahoma. Feb 24, Contact
IR: e 11334 Netherlands: Please quote for Travertine white pattern tiles different sizes, Travertine white antique finishing, Persian red, Noce, Snakeskin, Lemon, Etc. We looking for to be come a agent of stones from Iran. Feb 24, Contact
e 11333: Please quote for granite work tops 30mm to include 3 finished edges and two meters one sink cut out and pieces 1 at 3m, 2 at 2.5m and 1 at 1m all finished and ready to fit. Feb 24, Contact
e 11332 Yemen: Diamond Tools: We need to import the diamond segment which has the best options and quality in it's life duration and the amount of the production it can produce which can challenge the other products in our local market. 
The diameter of the disc is (800mm) .
The diamond segment size (Length 40mm*Thickness 6mm* Height 10mm)*48pcs 
We want the diamond segment which deals with the cutting of the rocks below. (wet cutting diamond segment)
1-Tuff rock diamond segments (Ajembraide rock)
2-Basalt rocks (Tuff basalt) diamond segments.
3-Lapilli tuff rocks diamond segments.
4-Limestone rock diamond segments.
5-Granite rock diamond segments.
6-marble rock diamond segments.
Please send :-
a- A list of information for your products and the prices.
b- The best C/F Sana'a airport.
If you can we want samples from the diamond segment for testing (we need samples per packet for each type of rock). Our fax no. is 0096715.....Feb 23, Contact
e 11331 USA: Please quote for Goldstone granite from Columbia. I am in WI 53187-2265. Feb 23, Contact
EG: e 11330 Germany: Artifacts: Please quote FOB or alternative CIF Hamburg. The Stone for the bowls is Sunny from Egypt. Pls. see the attached file. Feb 23, Contact  
e 11329 USA: Diamond Tools: I would like to know the price to 700 Diamond segments to cut marble. The segments have the dimensions Length: 20mm. Height: 7mm. Width: 5mm. Feb 23, Contact  
e 11328 USA: Landscape: Please quote 3000 sq. ft. of grey granite cobbles, 4" x 4" x 4", rough textured, except sawn bottoms. For delivery to Ithaca, NY. Feb 23, Contact  
e 11327 USA: Please quote for granite and slate tiles. Feb 23, Contact  
e 11326 USA: Retail: Please quote for volcanic lava rocks. Would like a local distributor in Virginia Maryland, District of Columbia and Pennsylvania areas. Feb 23, Contact  
TR: e 11325: Please quote for Turkish marbles. Feb 23, Contact  
EG: e 11324 USA: Please quote for yellow marbles from Egypt, including sphinx gold, golden mask, desert (shara gold), Neferti Sand stone, and sunny marble. I need 300 sqm in 18" x 18" tiles in a polished finish or its nearest metric size. I am in New York. My phone no. is 212. 92.....Feb 23, Contact  
TR:/ IR: e 11323 Turkey: I need 1 container red travertine size: 2 x 30 x F.L. honed and cross cut. Feb 23, Contact  
ALL: e 11322 Australia: I am interested in importing natural stone tiles for the Australian Market. Please quote. Feb 23, Contact  
e 11321 China: Please quote for supply and delivery of second grade quality polished grey granite floor tiles at FOB Xiamen with a polished degree of 80 degrees, the tolerance is 2mm, sizes 60 x 60 x 1.7 cm to cover a floor area of 400 sqm for the refurbishment of our new office in London. 
We would like samples of the above mentioned product as these we would be sent to our installers and the Architect/Designer for their comments. Our tel. no. is 0044 79391.....Feb 23, Contact  
e 11320 USA: Want ceramic tiles or pieces of marble or granite at wholesale prices at any store in Seattle. I am in WA 98346. Feb 23, Contact  
e 11319 India: Artifacts: I want a sandstone or marble cenotaph / chhatri to be made in memory of my friend's late wife. Feb 23, chaitaneela@rediffmail.com
e 11318 UK: I want Indian sandstone in rippon buff colour - a sort of beigy/pink. We need quite a large quantity for a patio that will measure approximately 20 foot x 120 foot. We need to know the sort of price either by tonne or metres to get an idea of the sort of cost just the stonework would be. Feb 23, Contact  
IR: e 11317 India: I am interested in buying Iranian limestone. Please quote per ton basis. What will be expenses from Iran to Chennai or Kakinada or Vizag? I will need 5000 tons. Send images with quotes. Feb 23, Contact  
e 11316 Saudi Arabia: Stone processing Machinery: Would like to buy a hard stone cutter machine. Please send me the details of the details of re-conditioned machine.  Feb 23, Contact  
e 11315 USA: Artifacts: I would like to buy about 4 onyx bowls, 12" in diameter. Any color especially green and white but as many different colors as available. I am in Ca. 94127. I saw a supplier of these bowls from Pakistan for under $20 each plus shipping on the site. I would like to purchase them as soon as possible. Feb 23, Contact  
e 11314 USA: Retail: Interested in Tan Brown Countertops. Can you do a custom island piece (40" x 114"). Feb 23, Contact  
e 11313 USA: Retail: I am looking to put "Tan Brown" in a kitchen. The Backsplash area behind the stove is 70" X 18" tall. The cabinets on either side of the stove are 19" wide x 26-27" approximately deep. The counter on the other side is "L- shaped" and the total space is 37 ¼ " x 48" there is a window in the way of much of the back splash in this area. However there is a approximately a 16"x 32" area and a 16" x 23" on either side of the windows and a 9" x 40 and a 9 x 24 underneath the window by the sink. We live in SLC, Utah. Our phone no. is 801-83.....Feb 23, Contact  
e 11312 USA: Retail: I need 4000 square feet of slate or similar stone tile. We would like it to have some depth of color and texture- like the Dark Torreon color from Durango. We will use it indoors/outdoors so don't want it too slippery. We are ready to buy now for delivery to Rosarito Beach, Mexcio. Our phone no. is 858-53.....Feb 23, Contact
e 11311 USA: Please send me price list for bridge saw machine. Feb 23, Contact  
e 11310 USA: I would like to get a sample of the granite from India called New Imperial Red. I am in LA 70769. Feb 23, Contact  
e 11309 Panama: Earthmoving Machinery: What is the price on RT650E 50 TON crane delivered to Panama? Do you have service records and pictures? Feb 23, Contact  
e 11308 USA: Retail: I want to purchase 130 sq ft 12"x12" White Thassos Select. Please advise total charge including delivery to home in Northbrook. Feb 23, Contact
e 11307 USA: Artifacts: WE WANT TO ORDER 8 PCS. OF 18" BLACK GRANITE COLUMNS, 12 FT TALL (HOLLOW) WITH 6 " BASE AND 6" TOP OF 24" ROUND. Feb 23, Contact  
PH: e 11306 USA: We want fossilized limestone from Philippines. Would like image and prices. Feb 23, Contact  
e 11305 USA: Please provide me a full price list of stocks you have, plus any capacity you have for machining worktops for sinks, cookers, etc. Feb 23, Contact  
e 11304 Turkey: We want to buy granite blocks, slabs for wholesale in Turkey. Please send us the slab & block prices of Red granite, Black granite, Absolute black, China rosa beta, Rosa porino (if available) with dimension of: 2X30X60cm/m2, 2X62X220~300cm/m2, 2X75X220~300cm/m2, 2X150X220~300cm/m2 and 1X30.5X30.5cm/m2. Feb 23, Contact  
e 11302 Canada: We would like to buy 50 pieces marble bases of the 8 3/4"x8"x1 1/2" size. Do you have a minimum? Can you produce blocks 2 3/4"x2 3/4"x 2" tall?  We are in Toronto & our tel. no. is 416-89.....  Feb 22, Contact
e 11300 UAE: We are based in Sharjah, one of the leading companies in the field of gen. trading, direct marketing, etc. We are looking for stone cutter, which is using for cutting blocks of 25cm ht, 15cm thickness and 40cm length (approx) vertically and horizontally by using diamonds. If you have any machine like this please inform us with price and availability. Tel: 00971 6 56.....Feb 22, Contact  
e 11299 UK: Retail: I am looking for basalt stones massage size  in the UK if possible. Feb 22, Contact  
e 11298 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: We are interested to purchase Hitachi Mobile Excavators EX100W or EX120W with wheel on permanent basis. Please mail us photographs of machines and other specifications with minimum CFR Karachi Pakistan Seaport price. Feb 22, Contact  
e 11297 New Zealand: Quarry Machinery: Please quote with images for stone breaker, 2 unit Furukawa stone hyd. Breaker 1996. Feb 22, Contact  
e 11296 China: We are interested in pumice stone for our own use and supply to other factories in China. Our washing factory located in Guangdong, China. The requirements of pumice stone as:
1. The size : 2-3 cm.
2. Packing: Each bag around 25 KGS.
3. Loading : 40'HC about 1,000 bags to 1,50 bags.
4. Ordered qty : Each month 30 x 40'HC at start and qty will be increased to 200 containers that depends service and co-operation.
5. Payment: By Irr. L/C at sight in your favor. 
Pls quote us your very best FOB Surabaya price and the first shipment can be effected. Our phone no. is (852) 27......Feb 22, Contact  
e 11295 USA: Monument: I am looking for pre cut and polished monument blanks of all types, shapes and designs. I'll do the engraving. I am in AL 35570. Feb 22, Contact  
e 11294 USA: Retail: Remodeling my kitchen and would like to have granite countertops. Please quote. 
Feb 22, Contact  
e 11293 UK: Retail: Would it will be possible to have some samples of granite for fire places with some idea of prices. I live in London. Feb 22, Contact
e 11292 USA: Retail: I am in the process of remodeling a kitchen and need only about 40 feet of stone. I live in NH 03063. Feb 22, Contact
e 11291 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: I am looking for a wire rock saw. Feb 22, Contact  
e 11290 USA: We are looking for a yellow tumbled travertine in 8x8 size. We need approximately 750 square feet. We are located in Northern Mass. Please send me a price for the stone and let me know if it needs to be picked up or shipped. My phone no. is 978-52.....Feb 22, Contact
e 11289 USA: I am looking for mosaic tile in bulk. Variety of colors are workable. Polished is preferred, regular tumbled is okay. I will need a sample piece before I confirm any buying. Will need any minimum orders, I will be looking for 2 to 5 lb for each color. Product Specification is 5/8" to 1" mosaic tile with no mesh backing (bagged or boxed). Please notify me with details and any needed shipping documents in MA. Feb 22, Contact  
e 11288 USA: Retail: I am thinking about replacing my kitchen counter tops with Granite. I just love the natural beauty of stone but I'm getting very concerned about the care and maintenance. Feb 22, Contact  
e 11287 USA: Retail: I am building a home in Laguna Beach Ca. and need to find a supply of ledger stone for both interior and exterior of house. Saw a catalog of products from China, and liked the FirePlace ledger stone. Need to know how if you buy random pieces and install on site or if they are performed squares and need to know price per sq. foot and who distributes and installs in So. Cal. Tel. no. is 949-49.....Feb 21, Contact  
e 11286 USA: Retail: I am very interested in purchasing tile for a kitchen and bath. I need approx. 90 -12x12s for kitchen and 250 for the bath. Can I order 2 different styles? My location is Charlotte, NC. Feb 21, Contact  
PK: e 11285: I need marble blocks in different colours from Pakistan. Please provide picture and price FOB Pakistan. Feb 21, Contact  
e 11284 Ukraine: Stone Processing Machinery: We want to buy a gangsaw. We are interested in Chinese equipment. The product should  be of good standard. Feb 21, Contact  
e 11283 USA: Please quote for Indian Autumn 30" x 30". It should be calibrated, unpolished. We need 1000 sq. feet. We are in Chicago. Feb 21, Contact
e 11282 USA: Retail: I am looking to buy about 400 sq ft or more of polished marble color: cream (or ivory), emerald, or light pink. My zip code is 92677 (Orange county, south California, USA). Feb 21, Contact  
e 11281 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: We have an operation in NE China. We are interested in used granite gang saws and polishers We are based in NY NY 10036. Feb 21, Contact  
e 11280 USA: Retail: I would like to know how much Amarelo bangu, Blue pegaso floor tiles cost per square foot. Feb 21, Contact  
e 11279 USA: Retail: I like the champagne stone. Are there any dealers carrying this stone in the Glendora/Pasadena area?? Feb 21, Contact  
e 11278 Singapore: Quarry Machinery: I am interested in EX120WD & Kobelco SK04 excavators. Please quote with images. Feb 21, Contact  
IN: e 11277 USA: We are an importer/wholesaler of Natural Stone on the West Coast of the United States. 
I am interested in pricing (FOB India) on Absolute Black Slabs/Tiles in your best first choice quality- polished and honed. My minimum order will be 1 container. Please quote slabs (2cm/3cm) and tiles and let me know the expected quantity per container. 
If your pricing is good and the demand I expect continues I will make a site visit before I place my first order. We most likely will be shipping to the Long Beach port but there is a chance we could ship to another port based on where out customers are located. Mobile: 310-84.....Feb 21, Closed 
e 11276 USA: I am a sourcing agent for a teak furniture company in TX. Our designer is wanting to use Belgian Black stone for a side table. I really need to know where we can get this. I need 1 for now at 84"X20"x2cm thick. I am having a tough time locating it nearby. And can we get a sample? Feb 21, Contact  
BR: e 11275 USA: I would like to install New Venetian (Savannah Gold) granite tiles. I will need approx. 3000 sq. ft. (300 sq meters) of 18X18" tiles (45cm X 45 cm) with 3/8" (10mm) thickness. I live in Jacksonville, Florida and will need these tiles by May of 2004. My tel. no. is 1-904-96......Feb 21, Contact  
e 11274 USA: We are a new company that fabricates and installs countertops, etc. from natural stone (granite, marble, travertine, onyx, etc.), but our primary focus is on granite. We offer the highest quality at the lowest price, with rapid turn-around.
We are looking to find dependable suppliers of quality granite slabs in a variety of colors and prices, with preference towards readily available stock colors at lowest prices. Also interested in high-end 'odd lots' at discount pricing. We generally work with 3cm (30mm) & 2cm (20mm) polished slabs. We will be looking to expand our needs in the near future as our business is growing very fast. Orders are needed ASAP - prefer to buy locally (FL/US), but possibly import if more ($) feasible. We are in FL 34233. Feb 21, Contact  
e 11273 USA: Quarry Machinery: We need motor grader caterpillar. Can you offer this unit in open container to Dammam, Saudi Arabia? Feb 20, Contact  
e 11272 USA: Landscape: My company is looking for a supplier of irregular thin, medium, and thick earth tone flagging. Phone no. is (305) 69.....Feb 20, Contact  
CN: e 11271 Bulgaria: We specialize in producing and importing of products from marble and granite. We import materials mainly from Italy, Turkey and Greece. We are very interested in buying granite from China. Would you send us a price list for polished slabs 63cm. high and 2 cm. width (L/63/2) and a price list of tiles 60 x 30 x 1,8 and 30,5 x 30,5 x 1 for first and second quality. We are interested to know the price of G603, G633, G614, G623, G682,G617, G688. Feb 20, Contact  
IN: e 11270 India: We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the leading building material traders in Chandigarh supplying materials to projects in Punjab, H.P., J&K. Presently we have immediate requirement of granites in BLUE, maybe lavender blue of saffaire blue area approx. 15000 sq.ft. Please send samples in blue granite and quotes. Feb 20, Contact  
e 11269 USA: Retail: Looking for Olive stone. Want 1-2 full slabs in New York area. Will take unfinished or with fabrication. Need immediately. My phone no. is 212-81.....Feb 20, Contact  
e 11268 UK: I am Looking for a marble supplier to the UK. I am currently a new distributor in the UK. Please send prices. Feb 20, Contact  
BR: e 11267 Argentina: Please quote for SAN BLACK, BLACK GABRIEL ABSOLUTE, AMARELLO and GREEN UBATUBA and everything that you sell. Our tel. no. is (0054) 291 45.....Feb 20, Contact  
e 11266 Malaysia: Landscape: We are a construction company. We have tender a job that required cobble stone (Palo Stone) walkway. Looking for a supplier in Malaysia. Our contact no. is + 603 - 620.....Feb 20, Contact  
e 11265 USA: I am opening a stone supply house. I would like a price list on pre-fab granite and 12x12 granite tiles. I will be ordering large amount. I also need shipping prices to Oregon. Feb 20, Contact  
e 11264 USA: monuments: I run a distribution company for monuments in the US. I would like to see closer detail on the monuments on your page: http://www.findstone.com/monuments1/monuments1.htm. Monuments 1-4 are all very unique. Do you have larger pictures (around 200-300k) in size? I need to see more detail because I can place an order. Feb 20, Contact  
e 11263 Australia: Quarry Machinery: Please quote for Cat 330BL Excavator. Feb 20, Contact  
e 11262 USA: Please quote for marble, granite and travertine. Feb 20, Contact  
e 11261 USA: How can I find out more information about the availability of importing granite counter tops
Feb 20, Contact  
e 11260 USA: Want relevant information on different types and color photos of slate for sale, slab sizes any where from 2ft. to 6 ft. rough cut. I need to purchase some in colors for clients for interior design furniture pieces. Feb 20, Contact  
BR: e 11259 China: Our company want to buy polished marble and granite from Brazil. Can you provide the following marble and granite's price for me? The materials are verde tropical, kinawa rose, marble branco, juparana florence and lapidus. The price should be based on FOB, PER SLAB. Feb 20, Contact  
e 11258 UK: I have a fire place surround business. Is it possible for you to supply fireplace surrounds to the UK? Would you be able to send samples of marble and granite to me? Do you / can you manufacture marble 
fire surrounds? I can let you know of the designs I need. Feb 20, Contact  
e 11257 Philippines: Please quote for marble and travertine from Morocco. See price list 579. Feb 20, Contact  
e 11256 USA: Please give me a price quote on the Philippines Marbles style Golden Primavera. My phone no. is (425) 45.....Feb 20, Contact  
e 11255 USA: Retail: I am interested in purchasing Coffee Brown Tiles for my counter top. Quantity is 60 square feet of tiles. I am in MN 55432. Looking for a price of US$4.15 per tile and how much is shipping to Minnesota? Feb 20, Contact  
e 11254: Please quote for aqua marina, hardness, structure, relatives, etc. Feb 20, Contact  
e 11253 USA: I am an interior designer looking for 1 3/4 - 2 inch slabs of Calacutta gold marble. I need 125 square feet. Please quote. My phone no. is 610-52.....Feb 20, Contact   
BR: e 11252 USA: Want to buy Brazilian granite on wholesale basis in NE Tennessee or North Carolina. Qty. is enough 12" granite tiles to cover 50 sq. ft of counter tops. Feb 20, Contact  
e 11251 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: Please quote for a Z Bavelloni 102S 1997 make. Feb 20, Contact  
e 11250: Retail: I need just a few Baltic Brown granite tiles and approx. 40 sq ft of Diane Royal granite tile. I need to know the quote. Is there is a shopping fee involved? My telephone number is 732-57.....Feb 20, Contact
VN: e 11249 Israel: I am interested in of the Vietnamese marble and granite. Feb 20, Contact  
e 11248 USA: Retail: I want one standard granite countertop....any color (preferably black). My phone no. 973-43..... Feb 20, Closed
TR/IR/PK: e 11247 Panama: We want to buy some Onyx Stone. The qty. depends on a price. My customer need 1,000 sqm. in floor and 200 sqm to wall. Let me know sizes in your price quote. Feb 20, Contact  
e 11246 : Earth Moving Machinery: Please quote with images for HALLA WHEEL EXCAVATOR. Feb 19, Contact  
e 11245 USA: Retail: I am interested in using a slate (or soapstone) countertop inset, say 30" x 30", for rolling out doughs, etc. Any concerns about using something like that? What is the heat resistance? Stain resistance? Feb 19, Contact  
e 11244 USA: Please quote for a waterjet / machine.  Feb 19, Contact  
IN: e 11243 Pakistan: Please quote C&F Karachi for slabs in Forest Green 3, Plain, Emerald in slabs sizes 48-60-72 inches x 96-108-120 inches x 20 mm. Also mention your terms and conditions. Feb 19, Contact INR 1500  
IN: e 11242 USA: I am looking for "INDIAN BLACK" stone, sizes are 166.8 inch X 104.0 inch and thickness are 15.2 inch. We would like to buy them about 20pcs/month. Feb 19, Contact  
CN: e 11241 Germany: We are looking for a supplier for the material "Golden Diamond" from China. Our phone  +49 9826.....Feb 19, Contact  
e 11240 India: Quarry Machinery: We are interested in fresh / second hand Pneumatic Cranes with capacity of 85 ton s and 55 tons. We are also interested in second hand / fresh flat bed truck trailors of 65 - 70 tons capacity. Our phone no. is 0091 22 282.....Feb 19, Contact  
e 11239 USA: Artifacts: I need columns and fireplace surrounds out of marble. I am also interested in fountains and statuary. I am located in Michigan zip code 48114. Feb 19, Contact  
BR: e 11238 UK: I want to import marble and granite from Brazil. I am located in the Greater London, we are willing to distribute locally and the Middle East. I don't have the right figures now but we are talking bulk shipments. My phone no. is 0044 20856..... Feb 19, Contact  
e 11237 USA: Retail: I live in Danebo Oregon and need 300 sq ft of Silver Shine Quartzite Tiles. I would like to pay around $2.00 a square foot. I would like different sizes of tiles in inches, 12x12, 18x18, 6x12, 5x18. 
I am looking for either polished or gauged tiles. The area I live in has limited availability. My phone no. is 
541 46.....Feb 19, Contact  
e 11236 USA: Please quote for both polished and honed finish white carrera marble. Mention slab thickness and also difference in price for different size tile with honed finish. Feb 19, Contact  
e 11235 USA: Retail: I want travertine for my house. Feb 19, Contact  
e 11234 USA: I am looking for someone who can provide quality control on rainbow sandstone products out of India. I am having problems with scratching on the stone. Feb 19, Contact  
e 11233 Thailand: Please quote CIF Bangkok basis of Natural Zeolite (granular-round 1-3 mm). Would you please send us specifications. I have volume for sell in Thailand around 10 MT per month. My mobile phone no. is 661- 87.....Feb 19, Contact  
e 11232 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: Please quote for a bridge saw. See ready stock 499. Feb 19, Contact  
e 11231 USA: Retail: I am looking to purchase 40 - 45 pieces of 18 x 18 Ubatuba tile. Please provide with a price quote and shipping charges?  Feb 19, Contact
e 11230 Romania: Stone Processing Machinery: Please quote for a a mini loader whit pallet forks 1500 kg. Our tel. no. is 00407445.....Feb 19, Contact  
e 11229 USA: Landscape: Looking for Catawba or Hooper's creek wall stone. Please quote with images. Feb 19, Contact  
CN: e 11228 Palestine: Please quote for Chinese granite tiles. We will buy container loads. Our tel. no is +972 8 28.....Feb 19, Contact  
e 11227 USA: Please quote for 6000 sq. ft of travertine. Please call 561 95.....Feb 19, Contact  
e 11226 Sweden: I want to buy from one supplier who can deliver granite both indoor/outdoor, limestone and slates. Today I am a private buyer but hopefully tomorrow a retail buyer. All depends on the right  contact / quarry owner with the right prices, quality and service. 
Please quote a full container price and freight cost with small granite cubes, 10x10x10, + 22x16x10 or similar, pink or red pink color. I also like samples of irregular slates 2/3 cm, grey color for outdoor flooring + limestone slabs. How many tons in one container? How many cubes in one container? My tel. no. is 46303.....Feb 19, Contact  
e 11225 USA: Landscape: Need 65 pieces of 2" bluestone flagging 24"x48". Deliver near Bloomfield, NJ. Phone no. 212-75.....Feb 19, Contact  
e 11224 USA: I would like to find out information and pricing and get samples of the following stones:- Tauerngruen, Polar Jade, Crystal Green, Lotus Green Marble, Persian Green Marble and Esmeralda Bahia. I am in New York. My phone no. is 212-59.....Feb 19, Contact  
e 11223 USA: Please quote for a table base in shape of an elephant. See 002-0078, 62"x62"x52". I am in Texas 77080. Feb 18, Contact
CN: e 11222 Indonesia: I am looking for granite tiles 60 x 60 x2 (CM) for maybe 2000 m2. In Indonesia it is named Star White. It is also called G633. Please quote with images. Feb 18, Contact  
e 11221 USA: I am currently doing a new home with 3 fireplaces and 7 pillars. I need prices on these and anything else you think would help me. I am in Michigan 48114. Feb 18, Contact  
e 11220 USA: Retail: Please quote for 50 sq feet of rainforest tile green. I would like this for a kitchen counter top. Is this advisable? Feb 18, Contact
e 11219 Pakistan: Want a plant for processing i.e. cutting and polishing marble and granite. We are planning to expand our current facility. Feb 18, Contact  
e 11218 Russia: Looking for a supplier of Bianco Carrara C. About 500 sqm. Feb 18, Contact  
e 11217 USA: Please quote for Creme Bordeaux Granite Tiles. We are in Texas. Phone no. is 713-86.....Feb 18, Contact  
e 11216 Canada: Please quote for granite counter tops. Feb 18, Contact  
e 11215 China: We are interested in importing Pure White colored Marble slabs in size of 6 x 3 ft. Please quote FOB. We need 3 containers as first order if sample approved by our customer. Also let us know the min order qty. Would like pictures and samples to send my customer. Feb 18, Contact  
e 11214 UK: We want Pietra del Cardoso, Honed, unsealed, 37square metres, 20mm x 400mm x 400mm. Would like to buy from Europe. We are in London. Our contact no. is +44 (0) 7802 7.....Feb 18, Contact  
e 11213 Canada: Stone Processing Machinery: Interested in buying a turnkey plant. I am in Toronto, 
Feb 18, Contact  
e 11212 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: We are also interested to buy Hitachi Excavators EX 100WD, WH 04DS, WH051D and Daewoo DH05W. Please let us know the availability and quote your best target price. Feb 18, Contact  
e 11211 USA: We are looking for inlay artistic marble suppliers. We are located in Baltimore, Maryland. Feb 18, Contact  
SA: e 11210 Syria: Please quote for Saudi Arabian granite counters, thickness 2 and 3 cm. My mobile number is +963942..... Feb 18, Contact  
e 11209: Please quote North Indian silver + copper slate. I am only interested in 3 tonne broken slate as it's for ground cover. Feb 18, Contact
e 11208 USA: Please send details and photos of water jet cutting machine. Feb 18, Contact  
e 11207 South Africa: Please quote for Country Cameo 30x30, 40x40, Desert Sand 30x30, 40x40, Dusty Way 30x30, Mint 30x30 and 40x40. We want to know if you get it in 50x50 and 60x60 and price. our tel. no. is 012-33.....Feb 18, Contact  
e 11206 India: Retail: Please quote for 1700 Sq ft Granite slabs/ tiles for my house which is under construction.  Please send me the information regarding the availability of colours and the prices for polished slabs/tiles. I am in Hyderabad-500 047. Feb 18, Contact INR 1000 
e 11205 Malaysia: Please quote for Vietnam Yellow Granite or Marmosa yellow random slab size available. Kindly quote FOB or CNF Port Klang thickness of granite polish and 20mm thick. Feb 18, Contact  
e 11204 UAE: Looking for an agent in the UAE who could supply me with stone cladding to a retail centre
Limestone from Spain: Yana, Caliza Capri. Granite: from Italy Solar White, Napolean Red - Sweden, Nero Impala - Single Pit Quarry, South Africa, Crème Caramel - Brazil, finishes Polished, Honed and Flamed. 
Terracotta Panels: Argeton tile with flat face and profiled face fixed onto proprietary aluminum framing system. Ceramic Granite panels - fixed onto proprietary aluminum framing system. Feb 18, Contact  
e 11203 China: Artifacts: Please quote for stone sinks. Our contact no. is 0086-592-57.....Feb 18, Contact  
e 11202 Malaysia: Please quote for granite and ceramic tiles. Feb 18, Contact  
e 11201 USA: Retail: Please quote for polished pieces of granite stones attached (image1, image2, image3, image4, image5). Sizes are left side 25", top 47 1/2 ", right side 25 3/16", bottom 47 1/2"? Feb 18, Contact  
e 11200 USA: Retail: I want to buy tiles for my kitchen back splash. Feb 18, Contact
e 11199 USA: Please quote for Indian sandstones like Bronte for exterior use. Feb 18, Contact  
e 11198 USA: Please quote with additional info. for CNC -3-D ENGRAVING AND MILLING machine / waterjet machine. Feb 18, Contact  
e 11197 UK: I am based in LONDON and looking for the best people to supply stone tiles made from BASALT. The tiles I require would be quite large, anything upwards of a square foot. The tiles are to be glued and do not need to be chamfered. This is an initial inquiry with respect to setting up a bathroom related business. I am hoping to secure any samples as soon as possible with quantity orders to be placed over the coming months. My phone no. is (+44) 7765 46..... Feb 18, Closed
e 11196 USA: I am an architect trying to find suppliers of Utah Sunset Gold Quartzite. I am in Los Angeles. Feb 18, Closed
e 11195 USA: Stone Processing Machinery:  Please quote for FLAG SAW and a TILES FINISHING LINE. We are in Bronx. Feb 18, Contact  
e 11194 USA: Retail: I want Giallo beach for counter tops. I need 150 sq ft in SC. My phone no. is 843.43..... Feb 18, Contact
BR: e 11193 USA: Please send me pricing on sandstone slabs for Import from Brazil. Do you cut sandstone in different sizes and what is the thickness 2cm or 3cm? Sizes I prefer are 8" X 106", 16" X 106", 25.5" X 106", 36" X 106", 51" X 106" and 60" X 106". My phone no. is 954-30.....Feb 18, Contact  
e 11192 Nigeria: Quarry Machinery:  Please quote including shipping to Lagos for a drilling machine, qty. 2 nos. cost  I would like the goods to be shipped via UPS. Feb 18, Contact  
e 11191 Canada: Looking for weathered surface limestone blocks. Largest is 18ft long, 3 ft wide and 2 feet to 4 ft thick, smallest 4 ft by 4ft by 2 ft thick. Feb 18, Contact  
e 11190 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: Please quote for a gantry bridge saw. See ready stock 523. Our contact number is 503-23..... Feb 17, Contact  
e 11189 USA: Want 4 cm black absolute slabs from Zimbabwe. Feb 17, Contact  
e 11188 Taiwan: Quarry Machinery: We are looking for used construction machine Ingersoll-Rand Air Compressor. Please quote us with detail's specification and photographs if available. Feb 17, Contact  
IN: e 11187 UAE: Please send me price list for Udaipur Green marble and Stone tiles for wall in different size and std thickness. Feb 17, Contact  
e 11186 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: I am interested to buy diamond saw machine for tile and marble cutting. Please send  literature with details like specifications and prices. I am in San Francisco 94123. Feb 17, Contact  
e 11185 South Africa: Please provide us with an estimated FOB price for a Condra Gantry Crane 55 Tons. Our tel. no. is + 27 (31) 56..... Feb 17, Contact  
e 11184 USA: I need to buy 1500 sq/ft Vijay Gold to finish a job. 16" x 16", nned price & availability. If okay I need to get 1 tile sample. I will give you my UPS, DHL or AIRBOURNE EXPRESS ACCOUNT #. I am in Florida 33169. Feb 17, Contact  
e 11183 USA: Landscape: I am looking for assortment of 50 to 100 boulders/rocks weighing between 50 to 200 pounds.  Please give an idea of average size of boulders (weight and dimensions), Shipping costs delivered to North Port Florida, 70 miles south of Tampa and time to ship. Feb 17, Contact  
IR: e 11182 New Zealand: We are interested to purchase the following products from Iran. Please quote us your best FOB as well as C+F Auckland price and delivery time ASAP. 
1- Light beige Travertine Hajiabad Tiles Size 45.7 X 45.7 X 1.2 Cm, 250 Sqm, Honed/ Filled/ Bevelled edge/ Cross Cut.
2- Arashkoh white Travertine Tiles size 60 x 60 x 1.8 cm, 200 Sqm, Tiles should be, Honed/ Unfilled/ Bevelled edge/ Cross Cut. 
3- White Onyx, WXQ Tiles size 60x60x2 Cm, Tiles Should be polished, Qty 120 sqm 
4- Marble Leopard Tiles size 60X60X2, Tiles should be polished, Qty 120Sqm. Our tel. no. is +64 9 27.....
Feb 17, Contact  
IN: e 11181 India: We need for an ongoing project 140 slabs of assorted sizes varying from 12'L x 22"W to 4'Lx1'10"W (standard thickness for kitchen countertops), 4750 floor tiles 12"x12" (Std thickness). We prefer stones with green colour (similar to Mokalsar green, tropical green or hassan green). We want to purchase these materials in India and make payment in Indian rupees only. Delivery will be in India. 
Please send us your best offer along with the delivery period. We also need weights of the tiles and slabs for estimating shipment cost etc. Please send us your offer in the next 2 days as we want to finalize the purchase quickly. Feb 17, Contact INR 2500 
e 11180 USA: I am looking to purchase 2000 square feet of perlino bianco or Cremo Delicato both with a honed finish or (something similar to these). Either in sizes of 12x12 or 16x16. Delivered to IL by mid March 2004. Willing to purchase domestically or Internationally. I would also like to know what the price would be or if there is any price difference for perlino bianco 12 X 24 x 3/8. Also what the price would be for a tile by Mirage called Biancogiglio honed finish size 12 X 24 X 3/8. My phone# is 519-97.....Feb 17, Closed
e 11179 Ukraine: We need Rhapsody Red (Granite) or marble block for a sculpture. What kind of the best marble for a sculpture do you have (Thassos, Carrara or another)? Please quote. The size of that block is 1,8 m x 1,3 m x 1,1 m. Please, send photos of the marble. How can we carry that block to Ukraine? What way is the best? Can you cut the block from 6 sides? Feb 17, Contact  
e 11178 Saudi Arabia: Please send me your best CIF price to Dammam for CAT 14G Grader and 1971 CAT 966C Wheel loader. My contact no. is 966337.....Feb 17, Contact  
e 11177Canada: Require supplier of black marble bases for statues. Yearly job (approx 30 bases per year). Can fax drawings. My phone no. is 416 89......Feb 17, Contact  
e 11176 USA: Monuments: I am looking for a vendor that sells cremation urns on wholesale basis. My contact number is 714-63.....Feb 17, Contact  
e 11175 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: I want used marble cutting equipment /machines. We are interested in finding a reconditioned GMM EURA 35 A. Automatic bridge sawing machine. Feb 17, Contact  
e 11174 USA: Retail: Need following a Black Galaxy, black or very dark brown or similar 20-30 MM with edge finishing on various sides for kitchen counter tops with cutouts if possible for stove and sink. Located Louisville, KY will buy with in 500 miles approximately. Ready to place order need ASAP. Will send drawings. Samples will be discussed. Sizes are 1-25 1/2 X 104", 1-25 1/2 X 82", 1-17 X 36, 1-25 1/2 X 26. My phone no. is Ph. 1-502-55.....Feb 17, Contact
e 11173 Turkey: Diamond Tools: We import and selling diamond tools and abrasive materials. Please give us your best prices for the following items:
1.Polishing Pad 4" 3T #50-#3000 1500pcs.
2.Wave Turbo Blade 180x2.5x7.5 with flange 400pcs.
3.Turbo Cup Wheel 4# aluminum body 100pcs.
4.Segmental Saw Blade (wet) core 60mm.
Q350mm-Q400mm-Q450mm. 70pcs.
Price: CIF Turkey
Payment: L/C payable in 90 days
Shipment: By air. Tel:90 216 32..... Feb 16, Contact  
e 11172 USA: Artifacts: We are remodeling our home and wishing to purchase one black (preferably) or white veined marble fireplace with these approx dimensions: General overall size: 60" tall x 62" wide X 12"D, Inside opening: 38 1/2" wide x 35" tall. An image or sample of marble is preferred. I am located in Dassel MN. Phone number 320 58..... Payment upon review of sample/image. Delivery on or after May 1 although we can accommodate immediate shipping.  Feb 16, Contact  
e 11171 USA: Artifacts: Quote for a fireplace surrounds. Phone no. is 772-58....Feb 16, Contact  
e 11170 UK: I am looking for a price on approximately 11 Sqm of limestone/Sandstone in a Oyster Colour - the closest is the Mint Multi Sand. In a smooth finish for internal use. For delivery to the UK. Needed asap. Feb 16, Contact
e 11168 Ireland: We need a quote for 700sqm of french vanilla..polished 400x400 with separate delivery cost by truck to Ireland. Feb 16, Contact  
e 11167 UAE: We are a specialized stone company working in the United Arab Emirates. We are looking for an Epoxy Grout Adhesive known in Italy as "Jolly Marble Adhesive". Such product is used for grouting of Stone tiles / flooring with narrow joint and then it is being polished together with the Stone flooring and the joint becomes shining as well. Feb 16, Contact  
e 11166 Sweden: Looking for a white Granite called Madan Poly White. Feb 16, Contact  
CN: e 11165 Korea: I am interested in purchase Chinese granite. I need 25,000MT crushed granite which is in RED color (for example Sichuan Red, Full River Red and Coral Red type) and 13mm under size for construction in China. Our tel. no. is +82-2-33.....Feb 16, Contact  
e 11164 Australia: Quarry Machinery: Interested in buying Caterpillar D8L Bulldozer from Japan. Phone no. 07462..... Feb 16, Contact  
e 11163 USA: Retail:  Would like sales outlet in southwestern USA or California for certain granite stone I like. Especially looking for green granite slab (counter top). Feb 16, Contact  
e 11162 USA: Landscape: Please quote for diamond wall (curved) terra cotta landscaping stone (engineered for building retaining walls) 18" wide. My contact no. is 940-36.....Feb 16, Contact  
e 11161 USA: I am a sculptor looking for sculpture quality quartz. I am interested in all colors of quartz including white. I am in LA 70471. Feb 16, Contact  
e 11160: We need complete unit for cutting and polishing marble tiles for export to USA. Please intimate list of machinery and prices. We prefer refurbished Italian Machines. will need complete unit but will probably not initially need the big gangsaw cutters as we will be using pre cut slabs. we need machines to cut big slabs in to tiles, 12x12, AND 24X24 etc. (eq in cms). Need the slicing and profiling machines plus auto polisher and calibrater, etc. In short a complete unit to make product suitable for European and USA markets. Feb 16, Contact  
e 11158: Quarry Machinery: I am looking for wheel excavator Hitachi EX100. Models: 1990-1995. Tel. no. is 00 49 173 28 .....Feb 16, Contact  
e 11157 USA: Retail: Please quote with images for granites in shades of navy blue. Feb 16, Contact  
e 11156: Can I get a quote on 890 sq ft of Porphyry 8" Random Gray? Feb 15, Contact  
e 11155 USA: Artifacts: I would like to send approximately 70 pcs. of Texas limestone in 18" x 18" x 18'' blocks to a stone carving firm who will carve these pieces into designated Corinthian capital designs (see attachment), and send them back to us. Please include pricing, freight costs from your plant to U.S. port of entry and any other costs pertinent to this request. 
Alternative #1: We can ship two (2) whole blocks, (1.3m x 1.3m x 2.5m) and your facility will cut them into appropriate sizes to fabricate according to our specifications.
Upon your response, we will evaluate the efficacy of sending one block of limestone to you, for fabrication according to the enclosed drawing(s) to see if you would like to fabricate this material. If the finished piece is made to specifications, we will order an additional 70 pieces of the same size, shape, dimension and quality of the original sample. Terms are negotiable. We only deal directly with stone factories regarding stone fabrication. Feb 15, Closed 
e 11154 Vietnam: Stone Processing Machinery: Please send us quotation of Gang Saw for granite, price ex-factory. Main Data: Size of work-piece 3000 x 3300 x 2000mm. Our phone: 0084913.2......Feb 15, Contact  
e 11153 India: Please quote for Diamond Tools. Feb 15, Contact  
ALL: e 11152 Australia: We are major traders in Australia. We seek supplies regularly. Please quote. Our phone no. 
08 920.....Feb 15, Contact  
e 11151 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: Please quote for sandblasting machines. Feb 15, Contact  
e 11150 Palestine: I want Vermelho Jacaranda slab 2 cm similar for the attachment photos, so please quote. My mobile no. is 00972 59 6.....Feb 15, Contact  
e 11148 USA: Want stones in various aggregates. i.e, powder, 1/4", 1/8". My tel. no. is 818-76..... Feb 15, Contact  
e 11147 USA: Please quote for slate tiles. Quantity will be minimum 1000 sq ft, possibly 3000sq ft. Please also provide spec and grade. Feb 15, Contact  
e 11146 USA: Retail: Please quote for Alba Chiara marble. Feb 15, Contact  
e 11145 USA: Please quote for granite slabs. Our contact no. is 630 40.....Feb 15, Contact  
e 11144 India: Please quote for Indonesian Pumice stone. We can buy a container load per month. Feb 14, Contact  
e 11143 India: We want marble tumbled pieces of different colors and sizes for making of marble mosaics on mesh. We are also interested in ready patterns available and borders in stones, slates, marble. Kindly email photographs and prices of ready medallions and ready cut stones as seen - squares, diamonds and triangles and minimum quantities required for ordering. Our tel. no. is 080-252.....Feb 14, Contact INR 2500 
e 11142 USA: Landscape: I require about 300 sq meters of Warm Walnut tumbled cobblestone from Turkey mixed in 4 different sizes (in centimeters) : 20 x 20 x 1.3, 20 x 40 x1.3, 40 x 40 x 1.3 and 40 x 60 x 1.3. I need it delivered to the port of BAR in the country of Serbia & Montenegro.
We may need anywhere from 2 to 10 containers per month for the future purchases. Please quote including time frames. Our tel. number is (305) 24.....Feb 14, Contact  
e 11141 Netherlands: Please quote with images and shipping costs to the Netherlands Antilles for kano red, african multicolor and yellow fantasy. Feb 14, Contact  
e 11140 Ukraine: Stone Processing Machinery: Please quote for a granite gangsaw. Feb 14, Contact  
e 11139 USA: retail: I am trying to get the name and a supplier of a granite that I want for my countertops. I have seen the stone on the website for Diamond Cabinets. I have e-mailed Diamond Cabinets but they were no help! The web site is www.diamond2.com. The granite is shown in the intro (fourth image-wastebasket cabinet) and again in Planning Ideas. It's shown on a large center island in a cherry kitchen cabinet display. I have been to several granite fabricators in CT. with a picture of the granite and no one has this stone. On www.findstone.com (www.findstone.com/country-stone.htm) I had thought it might be Parana Tropical Brown, Golden River or Yellow Oriental Golden. From the Diamond Cabinet Brochure the colors are beige, gold, cream and purple graining lines like a juparana granite might be. I would appreciate any help with finding the name of this stone. My phone no. is 860-58.....Feb 14, Contact (Buyer will pay FindStone commission)
e 11137 India: Stone Processing Machinery: We have requirement of Agate cutting and Polishing machines for exports. Feb 14, Contact  
e 11136 USA: Retail: I am planning a new kitchen in the future and love the colors of what I had thought was green marble and now find out to be green serpentine. Can you tell me how it relates to granite in its ability to not be damaged easily by heat, water? Also, what can cause damage to this stone in a kitchen setting? Any particular concerns? I had intended to use it as marble for a cold top for rolling dough (bake center), but now consider it possibly for around the stove area. How about its cost in relation to other granites or marbles? Feb 14, Closed
e 11135 USA: Artifacrts: I am interested in the Honey Onyx sink, ready stock # 376. Please quote with shipping cost. Feb 14, Contact  
e 11134 USA: Looking for a supplier of Portoro (Black and Gold) tiles 12" x 12" , app. 500 SF, plus slabs;
Amazon blue: looking for app. 800-1000 SF. Please quote for slabs and tiles. I am in Brooklyn. Feb 14, Contact  
UA: e 11133 Cyprus: Please sent price list for granite Gabbro Ukrainian night, Labradorit Volga blue, Withered, Brown Ukraine, Rosso pink, Flower of Ukraine, Klesivske, Rosso Santiago, Star of Ukraine. We want floor tiles of 30x60x2, Slabs 135x300x2 and 185x300x2. Quantity - 2 x 20 fit containers. Our tel. no. is 00357 99 5.....Feb 14, Contact  
e 11132 USA: Please quote for 350 Sq Ft of 12 x 12 tiles of Kuppam Green granite. Call me at 1-718-59..... Feb 14, Contact
e 11131 USA: Retail: Please quote for a small slabs of silver sky granite. Feb 14, Contact  
e 11130 USA: Earthmoving Machinery: Want 330L cat excavators, 507 CAT 330L Excavator, 517 CAT 345BL Excavator. Feb 14, Contact  
e 11129 : Please quote for Nigerian Granite called "Jos Darkgreen" for residential use. I want it for a fairly large Kitchen cabinet worktop and shower enclosure. Feb 13, Contact  
e 11128 Thailand: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for KATO KR25H3L. Feb 13, Contact  
e 11127 USA: Please quote for 3 cm granite slabs. Need container loads. Please contact me at 786 46.....Feb 13, Contact  
e 11126 USA: We are interested in buying GRANITE blocks of Solar White, Gardenia, Coffee Brown (North American color). Estimated Quantity - 4-5 container per month. Block Sizes Minimum 200 x 90 x 90 = 80 x 36 x 36, Max 240 x 120 x 90 = 96 x 48 x 36. Will buy from anywhere but preferably from North America. Please quote FOB US port or C&F Hong Kong. We are in PA-19012. Feb 13, Contact  
e 11125 Yugoslavia: We are looking for a water jet cutting up to 4200bar, P/C controlled for Belgrade. Our phone no. is +38111 21.....Feb 13, Contact  
CN: e 11124 Spain: Please send pro forma for a container of granite 603, size 30 x 60 x 10 and 240 x 65 x 15 and 20 mm slabs. My contact no. is 0034 926 5.....Feb 13, Contact  
e 11123 France: I am looking for a supplier of natural stone to supply my clients with rustic outdoor paving in a mixture of dimensions. Limestone is of particular interest. Feb 13, Contact  
e 11122 UK: Please quote per sqm for Modak Sandstone. We are a landscaping company. Our phone no. is  07714 2.....Feb 13, Contact  
e 11121 USA: Retail: I went to a tile and stone retailer today, at which none of their salesmen were
as well informed as I in regard to mineralogy. As a geologist, I am well informed about rocks in general, but I am the first to admit I have deficiencies regarding the best rocks to install for countertops. 
At this point, all I know is my preference to work with 16x16 sizes. We cannot use slabs due to the 'structural damage' done to our budget for this little project. Also I have a Kohler ice gray tile-in sink which I think lends itself nicely to any variety of possible choices. Feb 13, Contact  
e 11120 Australia: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for with photos regarding Cat D8L Bulldozer made 1987 with Blade & Ripper. Feb 13, Contact  
e 11119 Netherlands: Please quote for 60 sqm of Italian granites aquamarina azzurro and verde marina. Where can I find sellers in Holland? Please send images also. Feb 13, Contact  
e 11118 USA: Please quote for azul boquira from Brazil. I live in PA. Feb 13, Contact  
e 11117 USA: Retail: I am looking to purchase 780 sq. ft. of 12" x 12" black galaxy granite tile. I am in PA. 18508. Feb 13, Contact
e 11116 USA: Retail: Please quote for 6 pieces of granite, medium grey in color delivered to Oregon. The dimensions are: 4 slabs 12 inches X 4 feet X 6 feet, 1 slab 16 inches X 4 feet X 12 feet and 1 slab 16 inches X 4 feet X 24 feet. Feb 13, Contact   
PK: e 11115 USA: I am planning to import marble from Pakistan to USA. Could you please send me the prices plus shipping cost plus import duty. My contact no. is 1-86432.....Feb 13, Contact  
e 11114 UK: I am trying to source approx 50 basalt stones of various sizes for use in massage. How much do they cost and how much would shipping be to the UK? Feb 13, Contact
e 11113 USA: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for Cat bucket
NEW BUCKET 1.0M3 2000 FOR CAT/320 X 8 
NEW BUCKET 1.8M3 2000 FOR CAT/330 X 3 
Please send width, location, part number & prices for each of the above items. This is for resale, one piece each. I am in San Antonio, TX 78232. Feb 13, Contact  
e 11112 USA: I am considering purchasing 500 sq. ft. Turkish travertine tile from a local dealer for my home. Feb 13, Contact  
e 11111 USA: Retail: I want Bianco Sardos & Verde Spluga granite for my kitchen counter-top. I am in NJ. Feb 12, Contact  
e 11110 Spain: Artifacts: We are an importing company located in Valencia (Spain). We are well introduced in the national market of decoration, fountains (indoor and outdoor) and furniture. Please quote with information like sizes for the following fountains item 0019-0002, item 0019-0011, item 0019-0012, item 0019-0019, 
item 0019-0038, item 0019-0044 and item 0019-0080. Our tel. no. is 00 34 96 32..... Feb 12, Contact  
e 11109 Canada: I am looking for Honed Granite Countertops for my home in Nova Scotia. My tel. no. is 973-88.....Feb 12, Contact  
IL: e 11108 Germany: Where  can we buy Jerusalem Lime Stone Gold Light in Europe/ Germany? Feb 12, Contact  
e 11107 USA: Retail: I am looking for a piece of onyx to mount a metal sculpture. Any color will work. I need a piece that is 3"to 4" thick X approx. 16" X 16". It could be round or ill regular in shape but with at least a 16" dia. I am in TN. My phone no. is 001-931-58..... Feb 12, Contact
KR: e 11106 USA: We are very interest to purchase the material called Pocheon Pink which is from Korea. Further information about Pocheon Pink :
1) Size: Our definition used to be Big Block (L*H*W) > 2.4M*1.2M*1.2M, and small block for < 2.4 M x 1.2 M x 1.2m; definitely price should be quote less for small-sized block. We would prefer the quotation for both. 
2) Quantity: should be 10000M2 of 25mm rough slabs, approximately 300M3 of raw blocks.
3) Delivery: We need the fastest delivery, within the first month providing 100M3 of raw block and partial ship the remained! Our tel. no. (852) 246.....Feb 12, Contact  
TR: e 11105 Turkey: Could you please quote us prices for Red Travertine Slabs with the thickness 3/4 inch with payment terms, delivery and lead time? This is an urgent order with continuity. Tel. no. is +90 258 26.....Feb 12, Contact  
e 11104 USA: Please quote for 160 sq ft of Tropical Green 12x12 Granite Tile. I need time line to have it shipped to Arizona 85217-3399. Feb 12, Contact   
e 11103 UK: Retail: I am trying to find a 95% granite, 5% resin which sparkles like glitter that I saw in a shop somewhere but they won't tell me what it's called (and want £160sq/m for it and I'm sure it would be cheaper elsewhere). They said they thought it was from either Spain or Italy. Feb 12, Contact  
NO: e 11102 UK: We want a Norwegian Porsgrunn Marble for a project in Poland. Is this stone available? If so - the likely panel size and thickness for its use.  
- an indicative cost
- any practical issues with its use (in a cold climate)
- any notes on polishing or working the surface - any views on the process called 'flint-rolling' 
If not available: 
- alternative stone you may suggest close in appearance 
- we have had supplied the following stone 
Grigio Billemi Sicilian Marble. 
This is an interesting alternative and we would like to consider more available in this range - in order to determine a selection we would require fairly large sample pieces with a similar thickness to that we would actually use eg 35-45mm. 
The stone panel as a spandral panel of sizes up to 1575mmx1500mm. The total area of stone to be supplied is 1500m2. Our contact no. is +44 (0)207 2.....Feb 12, Contact
IN: e 11101 India: I am constructing a house in Andhra Pradesh. My phone number is 94407..... I am currently construction a 3 story building in which it has seven 3 bedroom houses and I require to put marble flooring for this. For this I may require approximately 7000 Sq ft of Marble stone. I am planning to come to Rajasthan in April 2nd week. Feb 12, Contact INR 1000 
HR: e 11100 USA: Where can I purchase 2cm slabs of Croatian marble Rasotica and San Giorgio? Feb 12, Contact  
e 11099: Please quote for CAT 14G. Feb 12, Contact  
e 11096 USA: I want Gereba Granite. Who quarries this material? I am in CA 92029. Feb 11, Contact  
e 11095 Nigeria: I want 200 pcs of Diamond Tools 125mm, 5" 2000 grit. Give me the total cost with shipping to Lagos. Tel. no. 52....Feb 11, Contact  
e 11094 Austria: We are interested in buying all type of vidraco. Our tel. no. is +43 5522.....Feb 11, Contact  
ALL: e 11093 USA: We are looking for international suppliers of stone. I am in Va 22030. Feb 11, Contact  
e 11092 USA: Need 3000 sq ft of 18x18 Noce honed filled Travertine (select grade) for residential home application, for destination in Los Angeles or San Diego, CA. I can arrange domestic transportation to me if supplier has product anywhere in the USA, Canada or Mexico. Also, need Medallions (send pictures). Ready to Buy now from any country. I am in CA 92592. Feb 11, Contact  
e 11091: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote with image for hitachi 120wd. Feb 11, Contact  
ES: e 11090 China: We are an importer of marble/granite in Yunfu. We are now looking for Spanish Marron Emperador blocks of different sizes and quality. Prices should be based on box container FOB Spanish port. Feb 11, Contact  
e 11089 USA: Retail: Please quote for Sodalite Blue granite slab. I want to make counter tops for my kitchen, about 38 sq. feet. I am in CA. Feb 11, Contact
e 11088 USA: Landscape: I want cobble stones. What are the sizes available? How many square feet does one pallet cover? What color are the cobble stones? I need something that will do a 2400 sq ft of driveway. What ever I get, it needs to be able to with stand the ice and snow of Massachusetts. Being the driveway is long I need a good price on what ever I get. Right now I have asphalt which I don't want to repeat with again being its falling apart every where. Feb 11, Contact  
e 11087 USA: Please quote for Giallo Reale tiles. I need approximately 1200 sq ft. My phone no. is 912-66....Feb 11, Contact  
e 11086 Iceland: Stone Processing Machinery: Please quote with photos for the BRA model: Dm 75 gang saw. Feb 11, Contact  
e 11085 Canada: Retail: Please quote with images for black and gold marble from Italy and Rubino too
Feb 11, Contact  
e 11084 USA: Retail: I am looking for a cobalt blue color: maybe Blue Pagaso or if you have Blue King. I need about 30-35 sq ft. of slab for a few different countertops in a kitchen. I would like to come and see some slabs. You can call me at 909-65...... I'd like to get a sample of whatever you have that has a lot of cobalt blue (like azul bahia, but not so busy). Feb 11, Contact  
e 11083 Denmark: I would like to contact the supplier of Jasper Red Marble from India and Bonacord from South Africa. Feb 11, Contact  
e 11082 USA: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for Cat 950G & 14 G Grader. My contact no. is 509 24.....Feb 11, Contact  
e 11081 USA: Retail: We prefer the look of shivakashi for our home wet bar. Is shivakashi a mistake? My contact no. is 248 36.....Feb 11, Contact
e 11080 USA: Retail: Looking for 3EA. 40" X 40" X 1.25" Alaskan Lace Marble slabs polished one side. 
Feb 11, Contact  
e 11079 Pakistan: Diamond Tools and Abrasives: Please quote for diamond tools and abrasives. Feb 11, Contact  
EG: e 11078 Sudan: Please quote CIF for size 120 X 33 X 3cm and 120 X 15 X 2cm for 20ft container load of Rose El Marwa, Rose El Shayb, Rosa 2000. Feb 11, Contact  
TR: e 11077 USA: I like to know the price ranges for some of the marble slabs from Turkey. Please send a catalog. I am in MA 02169. Feb 11, Contact  
IN: e 11076 USA: Looking for slab(s) of ¾" or thicker absolute black min: 40" x 133". Destination: Brooklyn. Phone no. 631 26.....Feb 10, Contact  
IN: e 11075 UK: Looking to purchase on container loads on a consistent basis star galaxy and hassan green black for kitchen work tops sizes 2400mm x620 x30mm. Looking for good prices for American grade quality. Feb 10, Contact  
e 11074 USA: I am budgeting for construction of a garden to be built in St. Louis, Missouri. The plans call for "Chunks" (let's say approximately 2' x 2' x 2') of Red Granite, Limestone, Dolomite, Mozarkite, Rhyolite, 
St. Peter Sandstone.
Please quote me prices. I am in CA. My phone no. is (818) 73.....Feb 10, Contact  
e 11073: Can you please quote for classico travertine polished and filled for 100 sqm. Size 600x400x15 cross cut. Feb 10, Contact  
e 11072 USA: We are currently looking for a large selection of granite colors: Verde Aquamarina, Rosa Tigrado, As de Goias, Ocean Green, Jade Gree, kh, Turquiosh Greenbulish, Ishafan Green, Whitenut Granite, Pietra Vavica Lucidata, Azul De Evora, Cinzentos T Eulalia, Branco Do Vimiero,Kirakiz Siyh. We are an architect firm in CA. Our office no. is 805.96.....Feb 10, Contact  
e 11071 USA: Retail: I would like a quote on: 
25 sq ft of emperador dark tumbled marble 12 x 12
33 sq ft of emperador dark tumbled marble 8 x 8 
81 sq ft emperador light tumbled marble 12 x 12. I am in NY 14534. Feb 10, Contact  
e 11070 Malaysia: Earthmoving Machinery: I am interested in the 966C. Can you quote CIF Port Kelang (Malaysia)? My phone no. is +6012-52.....Feb 10, Contact  
IN: e 11069 UK: I am interested in purchasing a large quantity of pure black granite, could you tell me what is the largest size that you can cut it into? Also, what are your prices; and could you offer a discount for bulk purchasing? Feb 10, Contact  
e 11068 UK: Please quote for 2000 sq.ft of white marble (per m2) for delivery to London. Feb 10, Contact  
e 11067: Stone Processing Machinery: Need prices and contacts for marble cutting machines. Feb 10, Contact  
e 11066 Poland: Landscape: I want to purchase stone pebbles. We are looking for a rocks and pebbles for aquarium and gardening. Please see the attachment (image 1 & image 2), there is a Holestone (size 10-40 cm) from Philippines. I am looking for exporter of this item (container quantity). Please quote. See pricelist 1099. Feb 10, Contact  
e 11065 Albania: Stone Processing Machinery: I am a owner of a marble company who works in Albania and I need a horizontal saw for cutting marble. Feb 10, Contact  
e 11064 USA: Retail: I want 16x16 honed Jerusalem Gold 450 sq ft tiles. Please include shipping in your estimate. It will be shipped to San Diego. Feb 10, Contact  
e 11063: I am looking for pipestone or argillite. Feb 10, Contact  
IN: e 11062 Greece: I want best quality Black Granite slabs (like Ratnasila Black). The qty. is 7000 sqm. Please quote for 40 x 80 x 2 cm - 6534 sqm, polished 600 and 40 x 80 x 2 cm - 505 sqm polished 800. We would like a sample of polished 40 x 40 cm tile urgently. Also send us the physical and chemical properties of this granite. Treat this as URGENT. We would also like to know the delivery period, and payment terms. Our contact no. is 0030-210-68.....  Feb 10, Contact
IT: e 11061 ECUADOR: For a project we need 1200 sqm BIANCO CARRARA CD in size of 3,10 X 1,50 METERS and 2 Cm. thick. Please quote. Feb 10, Contact
e 11059 USA: Retail: I want Blue Pearl GT. I saw it advertised on findstone.com for $6.69. What is the lowest price you can give me if I order 100 sq. ft of blue pearl GT? If I ordered just blue pearl, what is the lowest price? Can you tell me if there are shipping charges, how much (my zip is 24266-VA)? Would there be shipping charges? Please quote me the price by sq. foot? Feb 10, Contact  
e 11058 USA: Retail: I want marble/ granite materials. I am in the process of building a home. Feb 10, Contact  
e 11057 USA: Landscape: Retail: I am looking for 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch natural decorative stone like tiny river type stone / pebbles. Feb 10, Contact  
e 11056 Serbia and Montenegro: I want to import black granite blocks from South Africa. Feb 10, Contact  
e 11055 USA: Monument: I am looking for a Purple stone that a customer saw in Germany. I need this for a cemetery marker. Feb 10, Contact  
e 11054 USA: Retail: I am interested in Amerelo Bangu, Amerello - orange, Bule Pegaso, Panama - green and Eucalipto Verde. Namibia - Sodalite Blue
I am a homeowner and want to redo my bathroom and kitchen. Looking for someone who is in the Washington, DC area who has these stones. Feb 10, Contact  
e 11053 USA: Retail: I am looking for a green granite called Cascada Lineal for counter tops. Feb 10, Contact  
e 11052 India: Retail: Please quote for Taj White and Green Sky marble on sq foot basis along with transportation to Bombay. Required quantity is 1000 sq ft.  Feb 10, Contact INR 1000 
e 11051 USA: Retail: Please quote for Star Granite / Blue Granite. Are there any suppliers/retailers in
Mobile, Alabama? Feb 10, Contact  
e 11050 USA: I am looking for the source supplier of the green chlorite carving stone sold by so many retailers in Canada and the U.S. This stone is akin to soapstone or steatite and is sold in chunks, slabs and blocks, comes in greenish black and black, grey in raw form. Feb 10, Contact  
e 11049 GUYANA:  Earthmoving Machinery: I would like to have information on CAT 312, CAT 320L, CAT 320B, CAT 320B. And also Price CIF Georgetown GUYANA in US Dollar. My phone no. is 592-22.....Feb 9, Contact  
e 11048 USA: Retail: Please quote for red marinace or any similar color granite for kitchen countertops. I am in MI. My phone no. is 734 88.....Feb 9, Contact  
e 11047 Pakistan: Quarrying Machinery: I need a manual stone splitter. I want to make blocks from natural rock which is a soft white rock. Blocks approx 8 inch width x12 inch length x 8 inch height. I want a new machine. Our tel. no. is +92 05811.....Feb 9, Contact  
10 X 10 ,15 X 15,20 X 20, 20 X 60 , 40 X 60, 40 X 40. OUR COMPANY IN QUEBEC. WE WOULD LIKE TO OBTAIN SAMPLES. Feb 9, Contact  
e 11045 USA: Please quote for St. Thomas Lilla (mexican). Qty is +/- 300 sf 12x12x3/8 tile polished and +/- 200 sf 2cm slab polished. Needed ASAP. Ready to purchase. My Phone no. is 973 48.....Feb 9, Contact
e 11044 UK: Stone Processing Machinery: We have a customer interested in track saws. At this time we only have one firm enquiry but if one can respond with the aim to set up UK distribution rights for us then we can look at the bigger market place for your items. Please send prices and descriptions of the track saw and the router base so that we can evaluate them. Our tel. no. is 0044 07734 8..... Feb 9, Contact  
e 11043 UK: I want Cardosa Stone. An architect has asked for this material for a floor in an office entrance and wants to know if it is hard wearing and suitable? My contact no. is 020 773.....Feb 9, Contact  
e 11042 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: We need Wheel loader Cat 950B and 950E. Please send us price and more picture. we need price CBU Shipment Karachi, Pakistan. Feb 9, Contact  
IN/TR: e 11041 Germany: Please quote for marble in 30x60x2cm, 60x60x2 cm, 220x30x2 sizes from India and Turkey. Feb 9, Contact  
e 11040: Please quote for paper white / pure white material. Feb 9, Contact  
IN: e 11039 Pakistan: We are interested a trial order for the polished slabs in size 5ft up x 8ft up x 3/4 inch for 1 cont containing 400 sqm in 80 sqm of each qualities Green Gold, Cobra Green, Udaipur Green, Forest Green, Watermelon Green. Please quote. Feb 9, Contact  
e 11038 Bahrain: Please quote for a limestone called MIDI. My phone no. is +973 178.....Feb 9, Contact  
e 11037 USA: We operate a ceramic tile installation business in Alabama. We have a considerable contractor base and are in the process of opening a granite countertop fabrication shop. We would like to stock several slabs of some colors that are popular in our area, such as absolute black, ubatuba and galaxy. Our hope is to locate a distributor that would consider shipping small orders of 2-4 slabs. I am in Al. 36866. Feb 9, Contact     
e 11036 USA: Please quote with image of China Sapphire Blue. I am a stone trader. I am looking to mix in 8 to 10 crates of this material with other floor tile. Feb 9, Contact     
e 11035 USA: Please quote with samples for golden yellow from India and Navona, giallo perciano, Ondulato. I was hoping to be able to get the smallest of samples just for color verification,. I need apron. 5,000. Sq Ft. I am in New York 10010. Feb 9, Contact     
e 11034 USA: Artefacts: I am looking for a source of egg stands for marble/onyx eggs. The size eggs would be the chicken to goose egg size, which is about 2 1/2 " to 3" long. I am looking for a great price on quantities of 50+. I could go over 100 easy if the price is right. Feb 9, Contact    
IR/TR: e 11033 Australia: Looking for suppliers of slabs, tiles and pavers of limestone and Travertine's from Iran and Turkey. We are also looking for suppliers for Landscaping products and materials. Our tel. no. is +61-2-974..... Feb 9, Contact    
e 11032 USA: Retail: I am looking to replace a dining table, black marble that was approximately 5 1/2ft x 3ft 4". What would something like this cost? I would hope I could repair what broke in half, but if not then if the price is not too high, I would replace the top. I am in SE Florida in the city of Tamarac (Ft. Lauderdale area). Feb 9, Closed 
e 11031 USA: Retail: Please quote with images marinachi granite. Feb 9, Contact    
e 11030 USA: Retail: I am looking for a stone called Pink Quartzito. Where can I find either 3/4 slabs or tiles in NJ or NY? Feb 9, Closed 
e 11029 USA: Could you please advise us your prices, as for trial, for 2000sq.ft marble tiles, of different dimension and colours. Feb 9, Contact    
e 11027: Retail: We are having granite lapidus countertops installed sometime this month. Feb 9, Contact    
e 11026 Bangladesh: Please let me know prices of 2-3 sizes of pumice stone 20 ft container c&f. My cell no. is 880193.....Feb 9, Contact   
e 11025 USA: Retail: Please quote for sodalite blue slab for counter tops. I live in Massachusetts. Feb 9, Contact   
IT: e 11024 Switzerland: Please quote for Italian marble verdello, verde pastello statutario extra. Feb 8, Contact   
e 11022 USA: Monuments: I am looking for a stone pillar wide 48" x high 48" x deep 4" to 8"--This will be for a memorial wall to honor motorcycle riders who have died while on their bikes. Please mail me a price for this, it might be 36 x 48 x 4, the dimensions might vary. This will be a stand up monument. One stone on either side of a motorcycle made in stone. Please price Black Marble and Granite. I am in IL 62812. Feb 8, Contact   
e 11021 USA: I am in search of an on going supplier of pre-fab countertops for a new venture. We are located in the Philadelphia P.A. Feb 8, Contact   
e 11020 USA: I want Italian Sandstone. We are remodeling our kitchen and are very interested in this type of natural stone for our countertops. Feb 8, Contact  
e 11019 Tanzania: Earthmoving Machinery: I am looking for grader and roller Motor Grader CAT 140H.  Please quote for freight cost and payment will be by irrevocable letter of credit from any 1st class European bank. My mobile phone 255-744-2.....Feb 8, Contact  
ALL: e 11018 Palestine: Please quote for marble and granite slabs and blocks. Our phone no. is +972 2 22.....Feb 8, Contact  
e 11017 USA: Retail: Trying to locate suppliers of Blue Pearl granite in NY. Feb 8, Contact  
e 11016 USA: Retail: I want a good quality marbles and tiles for: Kitchen, Bathroom, Floor, and Outside walls. Please quote in Feb 8, Contact  
TR: e 11015 Russia: We are located in , Sain-Petersburg, at the moment we need about 5 tones of ROSSO LEVANTO marble in blocks and about 50 sqm of ROSSO LEVANTO marble in slabs 2000 x 1500 x 30 mm., manufactured from the same part of quarry. Please quote with photos. Our phone number +781227.....Feb 8, Contact  
e 11014 USA: Retail: I am thinking of getting Black Galaxy granite countertops for a large kitchen and 7 foot island.  Feb 8, Contact
IT: e 11013 USA: We are designers and builders. We are trying to find a source for Carrara marble trim pieces. Ogee's and crown molds in various sizes. Light switch and electrical outlet covers. 
On the current project, we have had some problems with the installers lack of knowledge to install limestone flooring. Installation is uneven, perhaps due to the thickness of the thinset - only speculation that there may have been some differential settling. The worst item was sealing without cleaning the tiles first. Then using Mira matte, a stone enhancer, to get rid of uneven sheen. Hopefully we will salvage the 1400 s.f. The installer has given up. Feb 7, Contact  
e 11012: Quarrying Machinery: I am interested in a crushing machine for black stone (basalt). Could you please advice or specifications and price for these machines? It will be used for cutting big chunks of basalt stone from the basalt mountain and crushed to small sizes for building and houses and road surfaces. My tel. no. is 00220 2.....Feb 7, Contact  
e 11011 USA: Retail: We are building a house in Central NJ and will be shopping for granite soon. Feb 7, Contact  
e 11010 Denmark: Stone Processing Machinery:  Kindly send a catalogue on tile machines.  Feb 7, Contact  
e 11009 Vietnam: Stone Processing Machinery: We specialize in production and trading marble. We are interested in Marble polishing machine like Salvatori. We would like you to send us the detailed photos of these machines. Could you let us know length, width, weight of these machines and diameter of the polishing heads, power of these machine? How many square meters of marble per a hour these machines can produce? Feb 7, Contact  
e 11007 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: Would like to purchase used chopper saw, would like one that cuts rock up to 4''. My contact no. is 918-65.....Feb 7, Contact  
e 11005 USA: Retail: I need marble bases for a project I started. Size should be about 6 x 6 or 6 inch dia. must weigh about 2.5 to 3 lbs. Feb 7, Contact  
CN: e 11004 USA: Please quote for 16" x 12" green slate, 6000 sq ft & 10000 sq ft. I need two separate quotes with shipping cost to GA 30144. Feb 7, Contact  
CN: e 11003 Brazil: Please quote for stones from China. Phone no. is 55-31-349......Feb 7, Contact  
e 11002 USA: Retail: We are in the process of selecting countertops for our kitchen remodel. Please quote with specifications. Feb 7, Contact  
e 11001 USA: Retail:  I would like to know what does Ikon brown ( icon) look like and from what country?  Feb 7, Contact  
e 11000 USA: Retail: I want Tropical Brown in the shower, on the counters, etc. Please quote with specifics. Feb 7, Contact  
e 10999 USA: Landscape: I am looking for quantities of crushed granite to use in exposed aggregate concrete. Colors I am interested in: dark reds and greens (ex; Sunset Red, Mountain green). My contact no. is 269-34..... Feb 7, Contact  
BR: e 10998 : Please quote for Brazilian granite slabs. Feb 7, Contact  
e 10997 Singapore: I would like Orange Onyx from Iran. Is this available in Singapore? Feb 6, Contact  
e 10996 USA: Looking for suppliers in New York Area of Pennsylvania blue stone 2' x 3' x1" thick natural cleft finish: sealed. Quantity approximately - 4000 Sq Ft. The work is at Saffolk County, New York. Phone 212 77..... Feb 6, Contact  
e 10995 USA: Retail: I am interested in Black Galaxy Granite Counter tops. I only need about 23 linear feet of counter tops. I also need 10 square feet of Black Galaxy floor tiles. Also interested in second choice materials with thin black lines at very attractive prices are of interest to me. I need 24.5 feet of 25 inch wide black galaxy granite for my counter tops. 
I only need 3 slabs. I would like the purchase price and shipping cost for the 3 slabs. 
Slab 1 - 2286 mm x 641.35 mm
Slab 2 - 2101.85 mm x 641.35 mm
Slab 3 - 1371.6 mm x 1098.55 mm 
Please price the fixed measurement costs. I understand that there will be 15% added. Include only the price for first choice materials. 
Please provide the LCL shipping cost. Does this price include the cost of having the slabs delivered to my home? Is there any insurance that I can purchase from the carrier which will guarantee that they arrive without any defects? 
Also, are the slabs finished? Do the edges have to be finished and are they shiny? Can I have a sink hole drilled at an extra cost? Feb 6, Contact  
e 10994 UK: I have natural marble tiles on my kitchen floor which have become dull through wear. There is also some lipage around 1 - 2mm. As a very competent diy person, is it possible I can hire equipment in Scotland to restore the appearance, or must this be done by a professional stone refinisher? Looking for one near Glasgow. Feb 6, Contact
e 10993 Iran: Earthmoving Machinery: We are traders of rough terrain and mobile cranes. We are interested in rough terrains with this specifications: Maker: TADANO & KATO & KOBELCO. Year : 1984 to 1996. Capacity: 15 up to 60 ton. If you can deliver the cranes in Dubai please give us the price in Dubai too. Our tel. no. is +98-711-82.....If you offer this equipments with good quotes you can be sure that we are a permanent customer. Feb 6, Contact  
e 10992 India: Retail: We would like to have quotes for the khammam marble which needs to be supplied to Bangalore some time by month of March'04. Quantity estimate is 6500 sq ft (3500 sq ft for myself, 3000 sq ft for my friend). Price range or budget Rs. 50-75 per sq. ft. My phone no. is 98863.....Feb 6, Contact INR 2500 
e 10991 UK: I am a novice stone carver. I am just beginning my first stone sculpture ever (in limestone). Please send me information on prices and availability of alabaster and limestone. Feb 6, Contact  
e 10990 USA: I am looking for Agate stone blocks, in dimensions of 24" x 24" x 3" for a fireplace hearth rebuild. Please give FOB, pricing and availability. Feb 6, Contact  
e 10989 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: KINDLY SEND US EX120WD-1 AND SK 04 SW PICTURE AND CIF KARACHI PRICE. PHONE  NO. 0092 2163.....Feb 6, Contact  
e 10988 USA: Monuments: Looking for all kinds of cremation urns. Please quote. I am in Wisconsin. My phone no. is 262 78..... Feb 6, Contact  
e 10987 Indonesia: Landscape: Please quote for black pebble stone. Feb 6, Contact  
e 10986 Germany: Stone Processing Machinery: We are interested in a used Cold Milling Machine (cold milling) LANDLORD GENE W 2000 and/or LANDLORD GENE W 2100 DC year of construction until 1992, in the export to Syria. Please quote with your trading conditions and your terms of payment and supply. Our phone no. is +49 (0) 40 419.....Feb 6, Contact  
e 10985 France: Earthmoving Machinery: We are searching for two dumpers VOLVO A 30C, maximum 2 to 3 years old. Tel. no. +33(0)3 23 7....Feb 6, Contact  
CN: e 10984 Netherlands: I would like to purchase Chinese marble and granite tiles and slabs. Please quote. My phone no. is 070 - 37.....Feb 6, Contact  
FR: e 10983 USA: I am a wholesaler in Chicago trying to source Beaumaniere Limestone in 36" x 36" x 3/4" tiles. Please respond with the availability, cost, and location of this material? Feb 6, Contact  
ID: e 10982 USA: I am looking for Balinese Yellow Palimanan (See attached images 1 & 2 for desired shapes.) for a residential project in Maui, Hawaii, USA. Need approximately 2,500 Sq.Ft of Balinese Yellow. Palimanan to clad exterior and interior walls. Interested in both smooth and split face. Would like to purchase stone from Bali, Indonesia wherever available. Would like to finalize/place order as soon as possible. 
I am in San Francisco and would very much like to see samples of both random and dimensional cut smooth face stone, as well as split face dimensional cut stone. How soon could you get them to me? Or, can I go to see them somewhere here in the Bay Area?
I also am interested in Green Sukabami to use to line the interior of a swimming pool (like the Amankila). Is this an appropriate application? Or, is there another type of green stone that is used for pools? Samples and images are needed. My phone no. is (415) 64.....Feb 6, Contact  
e 10981 USA: Landscape: I am interested in slate sidewalk slabs. Feb 6, Contact  
e 10980 USA: I want peribonka from Canada, it looks almost green. Is that its true color? Please quote per square foot. Feb 5, Contact  
MX: e 10979 USA: I am looking for about 2000 SQFT of 16" x 16" Cantera stone tile. I will also need about 300 lin. ft of 12" x 12" x 4" with Bullnose Cantera Coping for several swimming pools. We can pick-up in northern Mexico. Would need location. Color preference in order 1) Pinon Santa Luma, 2) Pinon Rio Blanco, 3) Cafe III. My office no. is 480-89.....Feb 5, Contact  
e 10978 USA: I want a Z. Bavelloni EGAR 320-3. Please provide more info. Feb 5, Contact  
e 10977 Canada: Retail: Please quote for a bathroom vanity top in Crema Marfil honed and polished. I am in Ottawa. Phone no. is (613) 23.....Feb 5, Contact  
TR: e 10976 USA: Custom home builder seeking one mixed container of stone tile. Prefer Turkish Travertine but would consider other stone types/sources. Success could lead to an established relationship. Pictures and samples requested. 
If pictures are suitable I will pay for shipping samples. Stone to be delivered by May-July 2004. Need quotes near $2 per square foot delivered to Satellite Beach Florida, USA.
One 20 foot container with approximately:
50% (1460 square feet) honed stone exterior pavers 6"x6" or brick shaped and minimum 1.33 inch thickness,
25% (1800 square feet) light beige, honed, bevel-edge Travertine floor tile in an Ashlar pattern,
20% (1400 square feet) grade A, unfilled/non-porous (sultan), honed, light or medium beige Travertine floor tile 18"x18" and a minimum 1/2" thickness and 5% (400 square feet) tumbled Travertine floor tile 4"x4" in assorted colors. Our phone no. is 757-34.....Feb 5, Contact  
e 10975 Canada: Please quote for black marble with white and gold flakes. Feb 5, Contact  
e 10974 Zimbabwe: Stone Processing Machinery:  We would like to purchase stone cutting and polishing machines. We do not have any specifications as yet but we are requesting a catalogue or brochure indicating specifications and prices so that we arte able to select one that will suit our requirements. We are interested in a cutting machine which fit a 1M disk and a polishing machine. We intend to make stone tiles.
If you send us a brochure it will help us select the actual machine. Our fax no. is 263-403.....Feb 5, Contact  
e 10973 Afghanistan: Stone Processing Machinery: We are looking for a those who could supply us new equipment or second hand equipment for marble processing and mining in Afghanistan. Feb 5, Contact  
e 10972 Australia: Stone Processing Machinery: Looking for a saw to cut sandstone blocks in Australia. Need to cut blocks about 1m long x 300 mm high x 300 mm deep. Our phone no. is +617-321.....Feb 5, Contact  
e 10971 : Send me pricelist of granite stone. Feb 5, Contact  
e 10970 USA: Stone Processing Machinery:  I would like information and prices on used and new stone machines. Feb 5, Contact  
e 10969 Russia: We are a Russian group of companies that deals with roofing materials. At the present moment we are very much interested in roofing Slate material. Please, let us know what kinds of slate material and price CIF (port of destination Saint Petersburg) you can suggest for our company. If there is a possibility to send us free samples it'd be fine. What' s the colour available? Period of delivery? CIF price port of destination is Haminna (Finland)? Our tel. no. is +007(095) 96..... Feb 5, Contact  
e 10968 USA: I am interested in buying about 120 M2 marble tiles. How much the shipping will cost from China to Seattle in US? Feb 5, Contact  
e 10967 Ethiopia: Stone Processing Machinery: We are looking for terrazzo Tile Machinery. Feb 5, Contact  
e 10966 USA: I am a product designer New York City, and at the moment we are trying to expand our new collection by using different stone applications. I need to obtain a few samples so that we can discuss different color and textures in relationship to the object they will be incorporated into. We need a physical sample for meetings. Feb 5, Contact  
e 10965 USA: Retail: I would like to get 700 sq ft of Yellow St. Cecilia or Amarelo Ornamental granite. I also need two or three pallets of tile ship to Atlanta, Georgia. I want Madura Gold Light 40 sq ft and Tropical Gold Light 40 sq.ft. I am in Atlanta,  Georgia. I would like a simple edge of these products in slab form. I would like 3 slabs if possible. Feb 5, Contact
e 10964 USA: Retail: I want Texas Shell Stone. Looking for a supplier in Baltimore, Maryland. Any ideas to fabricate Texas Shell Stone for fire place columns? If not, can you ship a ship a slab to a fabricator I will hire in Baltimore? I will need dimensions of slab. Phone: 443-86.....Feb 5, Contact  
e 10963 USA: I am looking for a oversea supplier of pre-fabricated granite countertops. Feb 5, Contact  
e 10962 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: I am interested in saws and other equipment. I need to know more info about machines, saws and other equipment. Feb 5, Contact  
e 10961 USA: We are interested in buying for resale, sets of 52 sized sized basalt stones for massage therapy. We are a professional training school in Hanover, Pennsylvania looking to become a reseller of these stones. Feb 5, Contact
BR: e 10960 Canada: Please quote prices for ubatuba, san cecilia yellow, new venetian gold and giallo ornimentale blocks to be shipped to Montreal Canada. Feb 5, Contact  
e 10959 UK: Retail: I want to purchase a piece of green onyx to replace a broken onyx top of a coffee table. It is shaped with a bevelled and stepped edge. It is approximately 118cm at the longest point and 50cm at the widest point. It has a highly polished upper surface. Packaging and delivery to UK would need to be included. I can provide template and photographs. Feb 5, Contact  
e 10958 USA: Retail: I am interested in Blue Pegaso granite slabs for my kitchen. I am in Florida 34990. Feb 5, Contact  
e 10957 USA: Retail: Looking for competent stone installer in Pinellas County, Florida near St Petersburg and Tampa. Feb 5, Contact
e 10956 India: Please quote F.O.B. / Ex-MADRAS / MANGALORE price in INR for Paradiso, Tan Brown, Saffire Brown, Kashmir White. I need 57 Slabs of size 120 x 240 cm. What will be your Transportation charges to Goa. (Agacaim)? Feb 5, Contact INR 2500 
e 10955 Sweden: Waterjet: Please quote for a CNC -3-D ENGRAVING AND MILLING machine. See pricelist 1223. Feb 4, Contact  
e 10954 UK: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for Excavator hitachi ex 100wd. My contact no. is 004477435.....Feb 4, Contact  
e 10953 France: Please quote for royal purple slate. Where does it come from? What is the precise color? Feb 4, Contact  
e 10952 USA: Landscape: Please quote for cobblestones G603 in lots of 10,000 to 100,000. Size all 4" thick + or - 1", 4"X4"; 9"X5"; 12"X6" 10"X5"; or anything close to these sizes. Shipping to Georgia 30635; Granite color Gray or other whatever is the cheapest. In bulk of 50 to 100 metric/tons. This is a government job I am bidding on delivery date is very important May 2004. Feb 4, Contact  
e 10951 Seychelles: I am searching for a supplier of marble chips for terrazzo flooring in the Durban South Africa region. I need enough chips to cover 400 sqm. I would like a mix of sizes white/cream with some mother of pearl. It is for export to Seychelles. Feb 4, Contact  
e 10950 Vietnam: Earthmoving Machinery: We are business in used construction heavy machine. We are looking for a Crane 20ton. Our phone no. is (84-4)94.....Feb 4, Contact  
ALL: e 10949 Pakistan: We are commercial importers of Pakistan deal with import of different items according to the demand of our customers with letter of credit, etc. type of conditions. Presently, we want to know about your product range and price lists to import them to Pakistan for one of our current orders. We also believe that we can find a very good potential in the local market of Pakistan. Therefore, we will do appreciate to have your descriptive catalogues for our further understanding by AIRMAIL.
Furthermore, for price negotiating delivery & shipment procedure and Other necessary matters, we can visit your premises in the Second week of February 2004, if that suits your schedule. Telephone No: 0092 42 63.....Feb 4, Contact  
e 10948 Egypt: We are bidding for a project. Please provide us with prices (supply and Installation Optional) for the following items incorporated in a project: 
Once we get quotes we can provide you with complete Bill of Quantities, specifications and drawings related. Feb 4, Contact
e 10947 USA: want to contact quarry owner of Milas Sedef. My phone no. is 1-319-31.....Feb 4, Contact  
e 10946 USA: Retail: We are working on a kitchen renovation project in Rhode Island, and are interested in locating slabs of 1 1/4" slabs Chelmsford Grey with a silver fleck for the counter. Quantity reqd. is 60 sq. ft min. number of slabs/ cuts possible. We are in RI. Mobile no. is 401.83.....Feb 4, Contact  
e 10945 Australia: Please quote for Turkish Travertine. See pricelist 911. Feb 4, Contact  
e 10944 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: Want information about all the companies that sell gang saws that cut the granite blocks and slab polishing machines. I am in Michigan. My phone # is 248-30.....Please send in. Feb 4, Contact  
e 10943 Canada: Please quote FOB rates for Vermillion. Stone finish Polished. Latest delivery date is Mar 31, 2004. Quantity requested is 1200 sq ft. We are looking for suppliers of assorted sizes for grave markers. 
Feb 4, Contact  
e 10942 USA: Please quote granite countertops. I would like to know how to order and what is a minimum order quantity? See price list 1016. Feb 4, Contact  
e 10941 USA: Retail: What is the price of Blue Pearl granite for a bathroom countertop and a tub deck - approx 30 square feet. Feb 3, Contact
e 10940 France: Monuments: We are a new company specialized in the granite importation for the funerary business. For the moment, I currently work with Chinese companies. I also wish to work with Indian companies. Can you forward me free samples of Indian Mahagony, Himalaya Blue, Paradiso Classic, Black and Sapphire Blue granites. Can you give me your various quotes if I send various manufacturing drawing? My phone no. is (33) 02988.....Feb 3, Contact  
OM: e 10939 UAE: We would like to know the price of Desert Rosa marble tiles/ slab and also need a sample to show to our client. We are in Dubai. Our tel. no. is 04 26.....Feb 3, Contact  
e 10938 USA: Retail: I am a home owner looking to remodel my bathroom and am interested in the Arabescato orobico rosso piece for the countertop where the sink will be placed. Feb 3, Contact  
e 10937 Spain: We are a trading company from Spain, which commercialize finished products of marble and granite from Spain and Italy, and we close to open our first branch at U.S., in the state of Florida. We are interested in range of sinks and wash basins, and also in shower dish. Could you send me a list of prices for your complete range of those products, (sinks, washbasins and shower dish, if its possible, of marble and granite, if its possible), delivered at the harbour of Miami (U.S.A.) (DEQ and EXW price) and minimum order, as well as a list of prices for the same concept, but delivered at the harbour of Valencia (Spain). Feb 3, Contact  
e 10936 USA: Looking for dealer or building supplier handling Avanza sink counter tops in the Ft. Worth , Texas area. Feb 3, Contact  
e 10935 Australia: We are a large marble, granite & limestone wholesaler in Sydney. We are currently looking to expand our range of colours. We are looking to import Travatine Classico Romano, Creme Beida, Creme Luna & Panna Limestone. Please quote for 20 mm slabs and tiles. Feb 3, Contact  
e 10934 USA: Earthmoving Machinery: We want tractors as displayed in ready stock 530. My phone # is 808 96.....Feb 3, Contact  
e 10933 Iraq: Stone Processing Machinery: We are looking for new as well as used tile production systems, products are MOSAIC TILES size 40x40 cm and 30x30 cm. New and used Concrete Block machinery, size 20 x 20 x 40 cm and 20 x 20 x 60 cm. Delivery to Iraq. Our target is long term business with regular shipment. We have a branch in China and the tel. no. is +86 575 52.....Feb 3, Contact  
e 10932 USA: Please quote for racks and tables for the stone industry. My phone no. is 707.39.....Feb 3, Contact  
e 10931 USA: Please quote for granite counter tops. I am looking for quotes on prefabricated granite countertops 96"x 26" x 3/4" and islands 36" x 72" x3/4" and 36"x 84"x 3/4" all countertops (not islands) will need backsplashes. I need price on a full container shiped to port in California as close to Oregon as possible. My phone # is 541 60.... See pricelist 1161. Feb 3, Contact  
e 10930: What is the price for china granite code G654? Feb 3, Contact  
e 10929 Vietnam: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for  KOMATSU PC 450-6 year 1993- 1996. Kindly send us the offer if available and photos of the machine. The price quoted at CIF Hai Phong port. Feb 3, Contact  
e 10928 UK: Retail: I want to buy marble tiles for doing up the bathrooms. The tiles will be installed professionally. I am giving the details of immediate requirements for one of the bathrooms and if every thing is satisfactory will place order for rest,
Gold sky- for the walls- tile size does not matter. Quantity 12 sqm.
Abu Black- for the floor and counter tops- tile size does not matter. Quantity 8 sqm
Tiles will be glued. I am ready to place order ASAP and will pay by what ever means suitable. I will want samples. Please give me a quote for delivery to UK and time frame for reaching here. My tel. no. is 0044-(0)162.......Feb 3, Contact
e 10927 Bulgaria: Please quote for 1000 sqm, real travertine romano noce, 35mm thick, polished and filled. Top quality, darkest selection. Very important international project in Sofia, Bulgaria. Delivery time - asap. Tel. no. +359 2  97.....Feb 3, Contact    
e 10926 USA: Retail: I am interested in ordering some Turkish bathroom tiles. I am located in Palm Coast, FL. Feb 3, Contact    
IR/IN: e 10925 Nigeria: We need supplier for Travertine, Marble, Limestone, granite cubes from Iran, India or any country. Feb 3, Contact    
e 10924: Please quote for rosa aurora and rosa portugal. Feb 3, Contact  
BR: e 10923 USA: We are suppliers of 3cm granite here in the east coast of USA. We are looking a major supplier Brazil material particularly who has own quarry in a certain color and could supply on a timely manner and a high quality materials. We are in Massachusetts. Our phone no. is 781-84.....Feb 3, Contact  
e 10922 USA: Retail: Looking for marble, maybe 20-30 lbs of raw stone. Need to ship to Montana. Feb 2, Contact  
e 10921 USA: Retail: We are looking for an entrance marker for a subdivision. We will need 2 pieces, one for each side of the entrance. Probably 3 feet high by 5 feet wide. I do not know what your thickness is but I would imagine it needs to be around 5-8 inches thick. We want a light color possibly sand or grey. We will be engraving it with the name MAGNOLIA PLACE in two lines. It will have to be shipped to vicinity of Lake City, Florida. Can you give me a price and approximate time period?  Feb 2, Contact  
e 10920 West Indies: Looking for supplier of Golden Oak granite slabs. I have 40 kitchens and bars to do, probably at least 40 slabs. Where are the slabs located? I will fabricate in Italy. My tel. no. is 649 94.....
Feb 2, Contact  
e 10919 USA: Quarrying Machinery: I am interested in a hydr. stone splitter. What do you have to offer? Feb 2, Contact  
e 10918 UK: Retail: I am looking for approximately 45 sqm of Polished Crema Marfil Select (600 X 300) tiles for a bathroom project in London, UK. And also 10 sqm of something similar to complement the Crema Marfil for the floor.
Part of the project will be a wet room for the shower so please can you advise on the suitability of these tiles and any special sealing or installation that is needed. Feb 2, Contact  
e 10917 USA: My clients are largely high end residential types and high end commercial applications that are small in scope (outlets, stores, restaurants, etc.). 
Presently I have a need for 70 square feet of material. I know this is a small order but I have many applications which are 20-200 square feet on a consistent basis. Bathrooms, kitchens, back splashes, outdoor showers, outdoor walk ways, walls and I am looking into pools/spas (small scale) at present. I am looking for slate for my present application. 12x12 tiles that are 1/4 inch think minimum, prefer 3/8 inch thick is ideal. I am looking for a rich brown slate with no tonal variations like greens, olives, rusts or reds. Natural cleft, maybe honed. Something that is as naturally brown (some beige/tan is acceptable) as possible. Prefer higher brown tones (light) then darker. I have found some slate locally where 1 out of very 6-7 tiles in an order would meet my requirements but I am not allowed to hand pick 70 sq. feet of one color. Buying 4-8 times the needed materials to get the quantity I need in one color seems wasteful and I'm hoping to discover a medium which will allow me to "hand pick" exactly what I need. If there are any suppliers who think they may have a solution for me please contact me asap. My contact number is 914.37..... Feb 2, Contact  
e 10916 USA: Retail: I need 12 x 12 French Vanilla tiles for a large shower. Tel. no. is (404) 68.....Feb 2, Contact  
e 10915 UK: I Would like 50 sqm Azul Cascais Limestone Tiles in varying sizes. I have heard that this type of limestone is suitable for a brushed finish. Delivery location is Bristol, England. Time frame - stone required April/May 2004. Feb 2, Contact  
e 10914 UK:  I am an interior designer in London, UK. We are interested in looking at some samples of granite slabs. We would be very grateful if you could send us samples of 'Negro Tijuca',  'Preto San Gabriel' and 'Nevada Black'. Feb 2, Contact    
e 10913 Philippines: Please send me samples of ZHM108. I am looking for a white marble or granite with a silver specks. I have a big requirement. Feb 2, Contact    
e 10912 USA: I would like to purchase agates / chalcedony from Asian locations (Thailand, Laos, Vietnam or any other worldwide location (Middle East also) natural stones only, no dyed, heat treated, etc. Feb 2, Contact  
e 10911 India: Landscape: I want Manga Red Cobbles (pic attached) in 6 x 6 x 6, 8 x 8 x 8 and 16 x 16 x 16 cm. sizes. Anybody interested to supply in Germany? My phone no. is 91 11 265.....Feb 2, Contact Rs 2500 
e 10910 : Want a waterjet machine. Feb 2, Contact  
e 10909 USA: Retail: Have you heard of sucuri granite? Can you tell me what you know about it (any other names it goes by, country of origin, etc.). Feb 2, Contact  
e 10908 France: Retail: I would be interested in obtaining some Sivakasi or Kashmir White granite for a kitchen counter top. I will need around 3.5 m2 within 2 months. The price should be less than 500 euros. Feb 2, Contact  
BR: e 10907 USA: I am looking for prices of 3cm and 2cm Ubatuba. Interested in buying some bundles if the price is right. Phone no. is 214-90.....Feb 1, Contact  
ALL: e 10906 USA: We are distributor both in US and China. We are looking for high quality Indian stones like Black Galaxy, Ruby Red, etc. Please quote us 2cm and 3 cm polished slab material both FOB and CIF price. We will buy whole container. Later, we need blocks. Please send us price and sample list. Our tel. no. is 
703 78.....Feb 1, Contact  
e 10905 USA: I am trying to locate a source for Mexseal, a product used to seal tumbled marble counter tops. Feb 1, Contact  
ALL: e 10904 Bahrain: Please quote with images for marbles. Feb 1, Contact  
IN: e 10903 India: Please quote for KOTA STONE SIZE 2Ft x 2Ft, require 13000 Sq Ft. We want to know the price list of the following stones-KOTA BLUE, KOTA HONEY, LUSTER GREEN. We require the information about the price of polished stones separately and also furnish us the MODE OF PAYMENT, THE TRANSPORTATION COST FROM KOTA TO NADIA DISTRICT, WEST BENGAL- 100 k.m FROM KOLKATA. We would like to know whether u accept bank DD / pay order as payment through cash is a risk factor. My tel. no. is 91-033 241.....Feb 1, Contact INR 2500 
e 10902 UK: Please quote for black granite bricks. I am building a house and want to do the exterior in granite - like a face brick house. I am looking for suppliers in South Africa. I also want to know if there was a granite flooring or a similar stone that I could use. Feb 1, Contact  
e 10901: Earthmoving Machinery: I want details and photographs cat950B. Please see ready stock 357
Feb 1, Contact  
ALL: e 10900 USA: Please quote for prefabricated granite countertops. We are in OR. Our phone no. is (541)77.....Feb 1, Contact  
CN: e 10899 Croatia: Please send me the price list for China Granite, marble and slate. Feb 1, Contact  
IT: e 10898 India: Please quote offer for first grade perlato sicilia blocks (FOB rates). Feb 1, Contact  
ALL: e 10897: We dealing in marbles and granites trying to find a place in the market. Please send us quotes (and photos) of about 10 different colours and/or shades of granite tiles from your own quarries with dimensions 300mm x 300mm x 8mm; 400mm x 400mm x 10mm; 600mmx 600 mm x12mm all mirror polished on upper surface. Feb 1, Contact  
e 10896 UK: I am building a house in the Manila. I want to know how much would a slab of marble cost? I am looking for Italian tiles as well but since the house will be in Manila, I might as well buy it from there. Feb 1, Contact  
e 10895 USA: Retail: I need 18x18 for floors 220 sq ft Absolute Black Granite tile. I am located in FL, Boca Raton. What is the price? Feb 1, Contact  
BR/CA/NO/IN: e 10894 USA: I am interested in ordering a container from each country mentioned of granite slab from Brazil, India, Norway, and Canada. Please email me your pricelist. My contact # is 636-32..... Please also let me know if you could supply the color white butterfly from Brazil and Caladonia from Canada. Feb 1, Contact  
e 10893 USA: We are looking to import marble and granite cut to our specific sizes. One of our sets consists of 3 pieces: top 38.5" by 10" & 2 sides 5" by 25". No polished edges. Could you please give price per set and colors available. We will order 100 sets at a time and require approx 1,000 sets per year. We are in Florida. Our phone no. is 239 51.....Feb 1, Contact  
e 10892 USA: Please quote for Crystal Bianco White granite from Spain. Does it come in size 18x18''? Feb 1, Contact  

USA retail inquiries are at www.findstone.com/tiretail.htm. All inquiries are valid even of previous months.