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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!   April 29, 2005
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261 inquiries so far in April.  

The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 17562 USA: Retail: I am having a very small kitchen done and would love to find some of the colors in New York City I see online in Findstone.com. In particular, I would love to see Amarelo Persa Yellow and Amarelo Cachoeiro Yellow. I am looking to buy approximately 20 feet of granite as soon as possible. My tel. no. is 212 60.....Apr 30 Contact
e 17561 India: Please quote for BLUE PEARL of NORWAY (Slab ,Tiles, and blocks). Apr 30 Contact
e 17560 : Monuments: Please quote for Headstones & Memorials. Apr 30 Contact
e 17559: I want to buy a machinery for making artificial marbles if possible you can send me all the details. Apr 30 Contact
e 17558 USA: Please quote for Rosso Laguna marble in boulder or block form. I am in New Jersey. Apr 30 Contact
e 17557 France: Earthmoving Machine: Please quote for a Caterpillar and also give specifications. Apr 30 Contact
e 17556: Please quote for Pakistani Onyx and marble tiles. Apr 30 Contact
e 17555 : Earthmoving Machine: Please quote for caterpillar 950B wheel Loaders. Please send photos and price. Apr 30 Contact
e 17554 USA: Our company is looking for Chinese Suppliers of Bridge Saws minimum 25 HP with 24" diamond blade. We are in FL. Our tel. no. is 352-38.....Apr 29 Contact
e 17553 USA: Retail: I am interested in finding a place in Massachusetts that may carry river pebbles, or Mexican Beach pebbles in various brown colors by the yard. You can contact me by email or phone (978) 92.....Apr 29 Contact
e 17552 Ireland: Can you post us a sample of the carrara marble chips? Apr 29 Contact
e 17551 Italy: We buy 14000 tons of Carrara pebbles and 20000 Tons of chips each year. Give me your best price. Apr 29 Contact
e 17550: Looking for a portable cone crushing plant. Apr 29 Contact
e 17548 USA Retail: I too am looking to find Rosa Aurora. Were you successful in locating a slab? Apr 29 Contact 
e 17547 Italy: Please quote with advise payment conditions and delivery time for 25,000 tons of Kaolin delivered C&F Alexandria Seaport. Tel +39 050 9......Apr 29 Contact 
e 17546: We are looking for a used or new gangsaw. TELEPHONE IS 406-84.....Apr 29 Contact 
e 17545 USA: Please quote for white marble pebbles. Apr 29 Contact 
e 17544 UAE: We are very much interested to buy for our gulf project White marble pebbles smooth finish (river worn finish). Please quote  urgently. Apr 29 Contact 
e 17543 USA: I am interested in brown and tan creek boulders of approximately basketball size. We are located just north of Houston. Price? Time? Tel. 800.33.... Apr 29 Contact 
e 17542 Australia: We are interested in locating a reliable supplier of unique and up market pebbles and stones. Tel: 0438 6.....Apr 28 Contact 
e 17541 South Africa: Quarrying Machine: I am searching for a second hand multi blade marble block cutting machine as I am currently mining marble blocks in South Africa. Please email me photographs and a price list. Apr 28 Contact 
e 17540 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: Please send us the detail photos and the Price FOB of the following machines which you have as soon as possible as we are interested to buy HITACHI EX100-1, CAT D6H, CAT D7H. Tel: +92-042-57......Apr 28 Contact 
e 17539 India: I am looking for the old marble tile polishing machine (Italian) which can polish up to 2 ft x 2ft tiles. Our Mobile No.is 91-93145.....Apr 28 Contact 
e 17538 USA: Email me relevant information on 3cm slabs of Blue Diamond Granite from China. I am looking for a qty of 60 square feet to start with. Phone 309 83.....Apr 28 Contact 
e 17537 USA: I have a lawn and garden store and would be interested in pa. colonial wallstone and pa. flagstone by the trailer load. You can call me on 84535..... Apr 28 Contact 
e 17536 USA: Retail: Who carries blue bahia tiles for a back splash? I need a price list for the various sizes (6 x 6 , 12 x 12 or 18 x 18"). I am in Houston. Area to cover is 140"+40+67+115=362" long by 20" high with a tile depth of 3/8". My countertops are Blue Bahia and I am trying to find tiles that match. Apr 28 Contact 
e 17535: I want price of granite and marble. Apr 27 Contact 
e 17534 USA: Please quote for Pennsylvania bluestone 1200 sq ft (approx 7-8 pallets) of 1-1/2" random pattern, full color (blue thru brown). What is lead time and freight cost to zip 45505? Phone 937-32...... Apr 27 Contact 
e 17533: We are interested in purchasing blocks as displayed in pricelist 41. What is the price per block? Apr 27 Contact 
e 17532 USA: Retail: I am currently looking for Juparana Champagne granite tile (12 x 12), 60 sq. ft. Do you have this tile? ....or do you know where I can get a sample? Our phone number is (614)88.....Apr 27 Contact 
e 17531 USA: Please quote for a rock splitter as mentioned in ready stock 360. I am in MD. My tel. no. is 888 29......Apr 27 Contact 
e 17530 USA: I am interested in buying containers of granite slabs (Indian, Brazilian granite) from Miami port. I am interested in various granite colors thickness 2 and 3 cm. Please send me all possible offers and contact information. I am looking to place order within next month. Apr 27 Contact 
e 17529 USA: Please quote for granite and marble slabs and tiles. Apr 27 Contact 
e 17528 USA: Retail: I am interested in buying granite countertops and fireplace mantles for my home. I need them shipped to Kansas City, Missouri or St. Louis.  Apr 27 Contact 
e 17527 USA: We purchase and re-sell and also fabricate large quantities of granite slabs. Email me your inventory and pricing/sizes of  immediate shipping material. Apr 27 Contact 
e 17526 USA: We are a potential dealer in South Florida. Could you please forward us a price list of all your products. You may contact us at 561-79.....Apr 27 Contact 
e 17525 USA: Retail: Can I get 3 sf. for vanilla onyx mosaics in either 3/8 x3/8 " or 3/8 x 6/8 "? If not vanilla onxy, do they have white onyx? If yes, how much would that be per square foot? My phone number is 914-66.....Apr 27 Contact
e 17524: Looking for fabricators in Cantera Stone for Window and Door frames located in Baja California. Quantity? Just thinking of building my own home on ranch --- note extensive use of Cantera Stone trim in Los Cabos, and wonder where it comes from in that shipping of stone from mainland would be expensive. Must be quarries or fabricators in Baja. Apr 26 Contact    
e 17523 USA: Please send a catalogue and prices of marble tiles. We would also like whatever samples you could send. We are in West Chicago. Phone# 630-23..... Apr 26 Contact    
e 17522 USA: Retail: Looking for prefab granite suppliers in the Sacramento area of California. We are looking for a reliable source of this product in the Sacramento area and its surrounding areas. Phone# 53075......Apr 26 Contact    
e 17521 USA: Retail: I would like to purchase 65 sq ft of toros black travertine. That I think is about 7 sqm. I am in Houston. My tel. no. is 281-79.....Apr 26 Contact    
e 17520 USA: Retail: I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and I am trying to find a retailer of quartzite. I want to use it on my shower walls, but I can't find it anywhere and I also have very limited knowledge about its use around water.  Apr 26 Contact    
e 17519 USA: Please quote for fireplace mantles and other artifacts, marble, granite, travertine, etc. products. I am in Utah. Apr 26 Contact    
e 17518: I am interested in buying galeski 3000. I would like to know all the details like condition, price, etc. Apr 26 Contact    
e 17517 USA: Please quote for fireplace mantles and other artifacts, marble, granite, travertine, etc. products. My tel. no. is 610 - 39.....Apr 26 Contact    
e 17516 Netherlands: We are a stone company based in the South of Holland, producing finished and semi-finished products from slabs and blocks, mainly bluestone. We plan to visit China in the beginning of May 2005. We would like to buy bluestone slabs from a Chinese company, preferably a company with it’s own bluestone quarry. (We are ONLY looking for bluestone, NOT granite or marble)
Could you tell us if you have the possibility to sell bluestone slabs to us? Thickness of the slabs we are interested in is 2, 3, 8, 10 and 12 cm. our tel. no. is +31 73 – 62.....Apr 26 Contact    
e 17515: Please quote for a polishing machine. Apr 26 Contact    
e 17514 USA: Retail: I am looking for onyx that is called roxanne classic. Please tell me where I can get this onyx. I live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Need two slabs. Is there another name for it? Apr 26 Contact    
e 17513: Retail: What is the cost of Juparana Colombo Gold? How does it compare with other granite in price? Apr 26 Contact    
e 17512 USA: Retail: I am looking for a slab or two of yellow marble with maybe some reds in it. Preferably Marble but a similar colored stone out of Mexico could work also. It also does not have to be a slab. Cell: 713 30.....Apr 26 Contact    
e 17511 Lebanon: We are a leading company in Lebanon dealing with marble blocks and granite from different countries. So please send us your competitive prices for marble blocks and approximately the weight or the dimensions as follows :-
Marble blocks from Lebanon ex - factory and the kinds no. as follows:-
No. A 11
No. A 22
No. A 41
No. A 51
Also please send us for marble blocks from Portugal "F. O. B." as follows:-
Rosa Portugal 2
Rosa Portugal Salmone
Rosa Portugal
Rosa Aurora
Rosa Aurora classico. 
Telephone : 00961 3 2......Apr 26 Contact    
e 17510: Do you have Norte Travertine in Stock 42"x55"?  Apr 25 Contact    
e 17509: We would like to see fireplace mantles and other artifacts, marble, granite, travertine, etc. products.  Apr 25 Contact 
e 17508 Italy: Please send me your offer for dices manga pink 8/10 tons 500 and dice from 12x12, 14x14, 18x18 thickness cm. 12/15 grey color M2 2000 C/F. Apr 25 Contact 
e 17507 USA: I need 2000 sq ft. of 18x18 tumbled travertine.  Apr 25 Contact 
e 17506 UK: Please quote for fireplace mantles and other artifacts, marble, granite, travertine, etc. Apr 25 Contact 
e 17505 USA: Please quote for travertine Alabastino. How is your availability and do you have any alabastrino crosscut, filled and honed?  Also, do you have any dark veined Alabastrino (Commercial)? Apr 25 Contact 
e 17504 USA: I am curious about the Cream Supreme Limestone from Turkey. Apr 25 Contact 
e 17503 USA: I am looking for a seller of granite and marble slabs. Apr 25 Contact 
e 17502 USA: I am interested in the multicolor travertine. Please email me some images of what it looks like. I am looking for full 20 ft container loads but I am curious of the color of the multicolor travertine. Apr 25 Contact 
e 17501 USA: We are looking for a supplier of decomposed granite in Portland, Oregon. We would like to cover 340 square feet with yellow/tan decomposed granite. Telephone: (503) 47......Apr 25 Contact 
e 17500 Nigeria: We are a stone trading company. Please quote for marble, granite, travertine, etc. My tel. no. is +234-1-26.....Apr 25 Contact 
e 17499 USA: I AM LOOKING FOR ONYX. I AM IN NY. MY TEL. NO. IS 516-67......Apr 25 Contact
e 17498: Could you please send me both availability and quote for Bianco Romano and Giallo Ornamental Granite tiles. Tiles can be either 12x12 or 16x16 or 18x18. Qty for Bianco Romano = 1000 Sqft (tiles 16x16). Contact Info is 310 38...... Apr 25 Contact
e 17497: I am interested in a truck load of granite slabs. My phone number is 208-60.....Apr 24 Contact
e 17496: Can you send me information of your cutting machines and their prices. Apr 24 Contact
e 17495 Australia: I have a stone fabricating business in Australia and we are looking to update some of our equipment. Looking for contact details for reputable companies dealing in reconditioned stone machinery. Apr 24 Contact
e 17494 Colombia: I like to offer marble, granite, travertine, etc. in some South American countries. Please send more info. 57 3008......Apr 23 Contact
e 17493: Looking for Brecia Sinai for kitchen counters. Can I get a sample? How much per square foot? I am in IL. Apr 23 Contact
e 17492: I am interested to buy some marble fireplaces. Please send me some pictures with prices. Apr 23 Contact
e 17491 South Africa: We want to set-up a “ONE-STOP-SHOP” in Stone supplies. Our primary interest is in purchasing large blocks of Granite and Marble, as well as Quartzite, Travertine, Sandstone and Limestone. (Big Sizes-2400mm.X 1800mm.X 900mm.and UP, Small Sizes-2000mm.x 1500mm. x 600mm. up, or smaller). These blocks will be going to our workshops for the production of numerous materials, namely: Columns, Pilasters, Fireplaces, Tombstones, Tiles, Interior Design, Exterior Design, Landscape, Elements, Railings, Arches, Small Blocks, Frames, Outside Floor, etc. Because we can’t produce all spectra of material, we have interest to buy today your ready/seamy ready products, to supply market. Today, our main interest is:
1.) Granite & marble & natural stone
2.) Tile & slab & cut-to-size
3.) Counter top & vanity tops & worktop
4.) Sandstone & slate
5.) Sculpture & statue & carving stone
6.) Paving stone, stone table & bench, curbstone, landscaping
7.) Fireplace
8.) Monument & tombstone
9.) Stair Treads & Risers & skirting board 
Different finishes: sawn, bush-hammered, pineapple surface, sandblasted, etc.
Colours: White, black, red, pink, green, grey, brown, yellow, blue, beige, golden, etc. 
Thickness: 1cm, 1.2cm, 1.5cm, 1.8cm, 2cm, 2.5cm, 3cm, 4cm, etc.
Width: 30cm, 30.5cm, 40cm, 50cm, 60cm, 65cm, 90cm, 100cm, 120cm, 150cm, 160cm, 170cm, etc.
Length:30cm, 30.5cm, 40cm, 50cm, 60cm, 100cm, 120cm, 150cm, 180cm, 200cm, 220cm, 250cm, 270cm, 280cm, etc.
I would be grateful if you could send us a complete and comprehensive price list (in : cm/ m/ cmt,sqm/m2), photos and physical samples of all the different types and colours of: granite, marble, quartzite, travertine, sandstone & limestone, what you dell with, and able to supply to us. Additionally we would prefer to have your offers CIF /S&F Durban. Apr 23 Contact
e 17490 Pakistan: I want to set up a marble factory in Pakistan. I want to buy the marble cutter machines. Please send me complete information / quotation about the cutter machines. My mobile #: 92-300-56.....Apr 23 Contact
e 17489: Quarry machine: Please send me the prices of an all-in-one granite excavation machine. Apr 23 Contact
e 17488 USA: Please send pricing and pictures for fireplace mantles and other artifacts, marble, granite, travertine, etc. My tel. no. is 888-43.....Apr 23 Contact
e 17487 UK: I am interested in purchasing marble, granite, travertine and other stone articles. Apr 23 Contact
e 17486 USA: I am interested in learning more about your fireplace mantles and other artifacts. I am in San Diego, CA. Apr 22 Contact  
e 17485 USA: I am looking for basalt rocks for landscaping. I need 400-500 lbs of wild basalt rock in fist size pieces for sauna stove. I am in NC. Tel. no. is 336-36.....Apr 22 Contact
e 17484: We are interested in a Telescopic Truck Crane. Can you give us your best offer F.O.B. price? Apr 22 Contact
e 17483 USA: Looking for firebricks in Miami to build a fireplace. Apr 22 Contact
e 17482 USA: Want info on floating marble / granite sphere round 40"w x 36"h outdoor fountain contemporary designMy tel. no. 262-78..... Apr 22 Contact
e 17481 USA: Landscape: I am trying to find Texas grit. I am using for a child's play area. I need to cover approximately a 5x5 foot area maybe 6 inches deep. My location is Columbus, NJ. Tel. 606-29.....Apr 22 Contact
e 17480: Please quote for blocks excavating machine. Apr 22 Contact
e 17479 USA: Landscape: I need 2-3 pallets of stone to do a landscaping project in my yard. Unsure of size range; would like to discuss that with the shipper. Stones interested in: 
Reg. wall stone (field) $80 per pallet
Thin wall stone (field) $85 per pallet
Fieldstone steppers $95 per pallet 
Areas willing to buy from: Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Stage of buying process: Ready to buy and pick-up/or have delivered (depending upon shipping costs). I am in VA. My tel no. is 703-58......Apr 22 Contact
e 17477 Turkey: I want to know the price of emperador dark tiles 1 container, polished 1- 2 cm thickness but 30x free dimension and 40x free dimension. Apr 22 Contact
e 17476 India: Earthmoving Machine: We are in urgent need of used hitachi excavator ex120. We are from India (tamilnadu). Will you please quote the price and other details about the machinery? Apr 22 Contact
e 17475 USA: Retail: We are purchasing approximately 30 sq. ft. Cafe Forest (12"x12") for a fireplace face and hearth. Please let me know your cost plus shipping cost to Manlius, NY 13104 area. Apr 22 Contact
e 17474 Ireland: Can you supply Granite piers and capping stones plus granite paving stones. Apr 22 Contact 
e 17473 USA: We are wondering if there is a supplier of Pre-fabricated Dakota Mahogany. Apr 22 Contact 
e 17472: I need 2 slabs of 3 CM Golden Honey Onyx with no pink. Apr 21 Contact 
e 17471 UAE: Our firm is interested in setting up a factory to manufacture Kerb Stones, Edge Stones, Tuft Tiles and other similar items. For this purpose we are interested in purchasing machines and plants of best quality and high output. Please send us the details concerning your products including Technical Data, Cost, Training of Personals and After Sales Repairs and Services. My Telephone : +971-50-30.....Apr 21 Contact 
e 17470 Australia: We are building a new church and looking for PURE WHITE MARBLE BLOCK FOR SCULPTURE and a new altar (EXQUISITE WORKMANSHIP, NO VEIN REQUIRED). Block of "Bianco Sivec", Carrara" or "Bianko P" size 2.4 m x 1.2 m x 1.2 m. Apr 21 Contact 
e 17469 Nigeria: I am looking for marble and onyx distributors. Send us full details. Tel. no. is +234-1-81.....Apr 21 Contact 
e 17468 India: Looking for GANGSAW (BLOCK CUTTERS) manufacturers in Italy. Apr 21 Contact 
e 17467 USA: I am building a house in US & would like to have the price of BOTTOCINO CLASSICO & BOTTOCINO FIORITO of 1000 sqm each with 20mm thick slab of fiber packing, polished pieces. I am visiting Italy this month. Apr 21 Contact 
e 17466 Singapore: Looking for Cat 973 (model 1997 up). Send us photos with CIF Singapore. Phone no. is 0065-963..... Apr 21 Contact 
e 17465 USA: Looking for a fabricator of granite and marble who is familiar with the community mausoleum. Quality is essential. Uniform color and expert fabrication is also a must. Phone 336 78......Apr 21 Contact 
e 17464 USA: We are a trading company. We are looking for a serious and professional manufacture of granite and marble for supplying the best quality products. For our latest project we need about 30,000 SQF of Giallo Veneziano Granite for 7 floor building. Here are the main specifications: Various sizes for countertops and vanity 
Polished slabs. 3/4" which is 2 cm slabs thick and 1 1/2" which is 4cm OG edge. I need your approximate price for SQF, and if it possible the pictures of the stone. Also, I would like to know the cost of shipping for container to the port of Long Beach (Los Angeles). If your price will be enough competitive I will send you a full specifications with exact quantity and sizes. Apr 21 Contact 
e 17463 USA: Retail: I am in need of a professional marble trucker/hauler to transport three slabs of marble from West Palm Beach, Florida to northern Virginia. My tel. no. is 540 68..... Apr 20 Contact 
e 17462 UK: I live in the United Kingdom and want to establish a tile business in Lagos, Nigeria. Apr 20 Contact 
e 17461 USA: Would like to contact a supplier of naturally rounded pumice stone. Apr 20 Contact 
e 17460 China: I have a project looking for the Australian marble "Dream Time" (see www.findstone.com/AUSmarb1.htm) and would like some small samples and price quotation for this marble. Apr 20 Contact 
e 17459 Australia: LOOKING FOR ITALIAN MARBLE AND ONYX DISTRIBUTORS. Phone: 61 (0) 2 978.....Apr 19 Contact 
e 17458 UAE: Stone Processing Machine: OUR REQUIREMENTS are:  
2.CARPET POLISHING SOFT MACHINE. Please quote. Apr 19 Contact 
e 17457 Turkey: We are looking for cappucino beige marble for our regular sales. 
A) 61x61x1.5 cm - patinato and/or honed
B) Versailles Pattern Set - patinato or honed and chisselled edge.
We are also looking for light beige marble for our project. Quantity will be approximately 6,500 sqm. The total amount has to be delivered within 4 month. Size : 40.6x40.6x1.2 cm - Polished. All items are first quality. FOB any Turkish port prices are required. Apr 19 Contact 
e 17456 Netherlands: Looking for exporter of BLACK SLATE and TROPICAL stones. We are importing all kinds of tiles from different countries. Now we are looking for this material. Quote prices C&F ROTTERDAM. Apr 19 Contact 
e 17455 Malaysia: I am interesting in artificial marble for kitchen. Please send me the quotation of your company product and photo. Apr 19 Contact 
e 17454 Australia: We are looking for good suppliers of quality marbles for Australia and perhaps for India too. Apr 19 Contact 
e 17453 USA: Please quote the square foot price for 30.5x30.5cm Sodalite blue polished tiles. Apr 19 Contact 
e 17452 USA: I am interested in purchasing Indonesian marble of different colors at $20 M2. Apr 19 Contact  
e 17451 Malta: I am interested in becoming a distributor for Italian marble and other stones. My tel. no. is +356 790.....Apr 19 Contact  
e 17450 USA: I want Botticino Fiorito 12x12 tiles for 24.80 Euros/M2. Can you offer me at this price? Also what is your price for 12x12 Brecia Oniciata? This will be a wholesale purchase. Apr 19 Contact  
e 17449 USA: Please send us a few email photos of the transparent golden onyx. Apr 19 Contact  
e 17448 USA: Retail: I am wanting to replace my formica with granite in my kitchen. I need 75 sq. ft. I am considering "Yellow River" granite. I understand that I need 2 slabs. Is this a good grade of granite for a kitchen or is it too porous? Apr 19 Contact
e 17447 USA: I am associated with many companies in the building industry. What products and terms do you have available to me that relate in the future. Apr 18 Contact
e 17446 USA: Retail: I am in the process of deciding for kitchen granite countertops. The granites that I am considering are baltic brown, giallo veneziano, and maybe brown tan. Please advise me as to how these might perform. My phone number is 815-40.....Apr 18 Contact
e 17445 Iraq: Please send me price and picture of Golden color Marble. Apr 18 Contact
e 17444 USA: Retail: Looking for a source for fossil countertop stone. Apr 18 Contact
e 17443 UK: We are interested in becoming distributors for Onyx and Italian Marbles.  Apr 18 Contact
e 17442 USA: Please send images by e-mail and also an idea of your prices for Onyx and Italian Marbles. Apr 18 Contact
e 17441 USA: Please quote with catalogs for Onyx and Italian Marbles. Our tel. no. is (757) 46.....Apr 18 Contact
e 17440 USA Retail: I want to buy classic Tumbled Travertine chipped edge classic tiles. Apr 18 Contact
e 17438: Please send prices for Onyx and Italian Marble slabs and tiles. Apr 18 Contact
e 17437 Canada: We would like to see pictures and samples of ITALIAN MARBLE AND ONYX slabs and tiles. Apr 18 Contact
e 17436 : Can I know what colors and prices for ITALIAN MARBLE AND ONYX  in 30x30, 60x40. Apr 18 Contact
e 17435 Korea: I am an importer of Onyx and Marble but mostly Onyx. Please send me your price list. Apr 18 Contact
e 17434 UAE: I am interested to buy 1000m2 Makrana White (with glittering) and 2000 m2 Makarana Albeto or Marwad Pure White. Delivery at Chennai. Mob: +97150-552.....Apr 18 Contact
e 17433 Australia: I only need 300 sqm of India sandstone or slate for my house.  Apr 18 Contact
e 17432 USA: We would like Oman royal beige. We need about 2000 square feet. We are willing to buy a thickness which will keep the price low...we assume this means at least 3/8" (10 mm thick). We are willing to buy dimensions that will keep the price low...we assume this means no smaller than 12" X 12". We live close to Baltimore, Maryland and assume that would be the best place for the container to come into. We know we need only part of a container, but are not experienced on how that works...we hope you know and can tell us what the shipping would be. We can hire a truck to bring the marble to us from the Baltimore. We are putting this on a cement slab, therefore we don't need chamfered, calibrated, exact pieces. We do not need baseboard (linear marble). We would consider other marbles in this color range from other countries/sources but cost is a factor. Our tel # is 410-51.....Apr 18 Contact
e 17431 Iran: Earthmoving machine: Please send price and other details for KOMATSU Wheel loader Model WA 470. Our tel: 0098 021 39.....Apr 17 Contact
e 17430 Australia: We are in search of Crema Marfil tiles - polished. Kindly forward information we have a project due which requires at least a container of same Marble in 3 different sizes (400 x 400 or 450 x 450) / 600 x 300 and 300 x 300. Phone 61 - 7 327.....Apr 17 Contact
e 17429 Pakistan: We are interesting to buy second hand GANGSAW MACHINES with good condition, with good price, please send me more details of your machines and prices and complete address of the party. We also looking to new/secondhand gangsaw blades. Apr 17 Contact
e 17428: We are looking to buy a crane to lift boats and ships in a shipyard using belts. The net weight of boats and the ships is maximum 250 tons. We want you to send us your price list as soon as possible. Apr 17 Contact
e 17427: Please quote for all marbles from Bulgaria. Apr 17 Contact
e 17426 USA: Retail: I live in San Francisco Bay Area. and I am trying to match a nice vintage terry beach patio with a new pool deck redo (hopefully in terry beach). Apr 17 Contact
e 17425 UAE: We need two crane tadano (truck crane) 20tons models:1995/1996/1997/1998 models:TL200E-3 lift hand drive. We need the prices C&F DUBAI-UAE very urgent. Apr 17 Contact 
e 17424: I am interested in finding Chinese Mist Black. Bidding a job with specs that are vague. I may be doing a Condo complex in which they have picked out 4 different granites. There are 93 units total. Phone is 865-77..... Apr 17 Contact 
e 17423 USA: Landscape: I need fieldstone in North Granby. What is the bulk pick up or delivered price for a contractor? Please call 603 76.....Apr 17 Contact
e 17422 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machine: We are interested to buy following equipments for our immediate requirements: 
1) CAT 910 Wheel Loader, Must be good working, Original Paint, Good Tires 
2) Dynapac CA251 Vibratory Rollers Must be good working condition 
If you have any of above kindly send us your detailed offered with your best C&F Karachi Pakistan prices for our consideration. Our tel. no. is 9230021.....Apr 17 Contact
e 17421 USA: I am searching to place an immediate order for "Gardenia White" granite blocks of 5-10 blocks for a sample. If all is acceptable we will continue with much larger orders. My tel. no is 415/71.....Apr 16 Contact
e 17420: I want to buy a rough terrain crane like Kato 25 tonne. Please send me pricelist and other details. Apr 16 Contact
e 17419 USA: I am looking for a 12 x 12 marble from China called Pacific Peach. Apr 16 Contact
e 17418 USA: Please contact us if you are producing gold and red travertine or you have quarry of this colors. We are looking for 3cm thick 
products in the Material. Apr 16 Contact
e 17417 UK: Please forward quote for Scoria rock mixed size approx. 200-400 mm color red or black including shipping to UK. We are unsure of quantity. You can ring me on 4477890.....Apr 15 Contact
e 17416 USA: I need 3000 sq ft of either Botticino or giallo reale in 18x18". It has to be in Miami no later than April 22, 2005. Apr 15 Contact
e 17415 USA: Retail: We are architects. Please quote for: 
Black Slate 250 pcs 6x6” x ¼” Honed face / Gauged Black
Green Slate 40 pcs – 12” x 14” x ¼” Honed face 
Material to be created and freight included in price to Dania Beach, Florida, 33004. Delivery site has forklift. Please send image of slate color. 
Ready to purchase now. Our tel. no. is (718) 71......Apr 15 Contact
e 17414 USA: Is there any granite color that resembles the precious stone emerald? I need them for our kitchen countertop. Estimated area is 50-60 square feet. My contact info: 562-46.....Apr 15 Contact
e 17413 USA: Retail: Please advise what is the best tile or stone that I could use for a kitchen floor. I am looking for a stone look, with very low maintenance. Is ceramic still my best choice?? I also do not want to spend a fortune on a floor that will be tracked on with kids, teens and their friends all about. By the way I have maple cabinets in toasted almond color and with a waterfall green granite countertop. My tel. no. is (516) 87......Apr 15 Contact
e 17412 Singapore: We are tendering a project using Tunisian Limestone Beige colour. Country Origin Thala, Tunisia. Size 1300 x 400 mm, thickness 40mm, Qty 7000 sqm. This is for external facade and must high-density Limestone with following requirement: -
Density - 2550 kg/m3
Max. Water Absorption - 3.86%
Porosity - NA
Abrasion Resistance - 11.0
Compressive Strength - 248 Mpa
Pls quote best price. We have to submit price by 18th Apr 2005. Our tel. no. is Tel: 65-638.....Apr 15 Contact
e 17411: Please quote for Hitachi ex-100. Please send details. Apr 15 Contact
e 17410 China: We are traders and manufacturers of many stone products. We want to represent quarries as agents for selling blocks in the Chinese market. if you are interested you may contact us at (86) 595 860......Apr 14 Contact
e 17409 South Africa: I am looking for Crema marfil qty. 600m2; 60x60x2cm. Tel. + 27 12 36..... Apr 14 Contact
e 17408 USA: I am trying to locate Villebois Jaune re. LM-HONED. Looking for 12"X12" tiles. I need pricing and also need to know who I can get this tile from. Apr 14 Contact
e 17407 UAE: We are interested in importing marble from Iran. Kindly send us samples with price list & inform us of payment terms. Our tel. no. is 00971-6-76....Apr 14 Contact
e 17406 USA: We are interested in Beige Travertine, any light colors 12 inch x 24 inch x 1 1/4 thickness Qty 6000 sq ft at a time ...or more. Also need marble same as travertine. Our tel no. is 1-352-38.....Apr 14 Contact
e 17405 Australia: I need Beige Oman marble slabs in 2cm for India. Looking for good suppliers from Muscat. Apr 14 Contact
e 17404 USA: We are importers of natural stone but we are also interested in buying quartz engineered stone in tiles form & worktop. Please send us a catalogue with price list. Apr 14 Contact
e 17403 USA: I fabricate 2,700 sq ft. per week and would be interested in several containers of 2 cm granite slabs. Please send information on container inventory. I am located in Tennessee. Apr 14 Contact
e 17402: Earthmoving Machine: I am looking for some unit as: PC200-2/-3; Uh07; D4H or D3H.; Sk07. If you have any units as my list, please send me the detail of information. Apr 14 Contact
e 17401 Jordan: Please quote for a truck crane NK500. Apr 14 Contact
e 17400 USA: I am thinking about importing cobble stones to Rhode Island. Can you please send me a picture of what the stones look like? Apr 14 Contact
e 17399 USA: Our company installs granite kitchen and bathroom countertops for house builders/developers in the northwest part of the USA. We are looking for a granite fabricator who can cut countertops to order (complete with sink holes and finished edges) in dimensions according to the templates we provide. Your company must be currently shipping containers to the port of Vancouver, Canada, or Seattle, USA. Our orders are small, so we must rely on being able to share container shipment cost with orders from other clients of yours. Our company is small but growing. Our average monthly order is currently 30 square meters per month. We are expanding quickly and hope to need 100 square meters per month soon.  We are looking for a supplier to work with for many years. We are looking for a company that already sells cut and polished granite countertops to British Columbia, Canada, or to Washington state, USA. We need to be able to see samples of your countertops in the Vancouver area. Out tel. no. is 1-360-51.....  Apr 14 Contact 
e 17398 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machine: We are immediately looking for following equipments for our immediate requirement: 
Used CAT 950-E Wheel Loader
Used Nissan or Hino Dump or Mixer Trucks (6 and 8 Cylinder Units)
Used Tadano TR250M-4 Truck Crane (1986 Up model)
Used Asphalt Plant (60 till 100 Mt per Day)
Used Kobelco SK04WDS Wheel Excavator
We are looking all above units with any quantity, so please offer us any of above listed equipments if you have in stock or can arrange with its C&F Karachi prices and photos for our consideration.  Apr 14 Contact 
e 17397 USA: Retail: Looking to install 12x12 slate tiles in on a kitchen counter, to achieve a rustic look. Small counters in a galley style kitchen, this is for a weekend home. Looking for advise, can't seem to find anyone locally to help out.  Apr 14 Contact  
e 17396 USA: Need granite and marble fabricator for Mausoleums. All are in U.S.A. looking for long term realtionship.  Apr 14 Contact 
e 17395 Canada: We are an import company mainly for granite. I am looking for a seller mainly from Southern India or India who can send their Price list of different color, size, company profile and also the samples through courier. Our tel. no. is (416) 26.....Apr 13 Contact 
e 17394 China: I am in need of 60000 square feet of exterior cladding bonded to aluminum honeycomb backing, two colors of travertine. Who are my best sources from China to provide this material? My tel. no. is 214-21..... Apr 13 Contact 
e 17393 USA: Where to find bluestone, irregular cut, suitable for a fireplace, in Chicago area. Apr 13 Contact 
e 17392 Trinidad: We are trying to source the following piece of Crema Mora Polished: 15 1/4"x45"x3/8". Tel. no. is 868-62......Apr 13 Contact 
e 17391 South Africa: We are interested in importing granite (products) to South Africa. We are currently running a business in Rustenburg (NW) province of South Africa. Or if you would be interested in using us as distributors on your behalf. Our tel. no. is +27 73 26.....Apr 13 Contact 
e 17390 China: Looking for a source for Gold Travertine from Peru. Please kindly quote us CNF price of blocks or unpolished slabs. Apr 13 Contact 
e 17389 USA: I am on the market for Marble, Travertine, and Limestone. Apr 13 Contact 
e 17388 UK: I wish to buy rough rose quartz & other rough stones or rocks i.e. Red jasper, picture stone, amethyst, blue stone etc. Mixed 20 tonne containers. My needs are for aquarium decoration. Apr 13 Contact 
e 17387: Looking to buy 12x 12 engineered stone tile like the granite ones we see all over. We are in CA. Our tel. no. is 1-800-82......I have 84 rental units. 750-1000 square feet this summer. Apr 13 Contact 
e 17386 Poland: Our company is looking for a reliable supplier of tombstones for regular import to Central Europe. Please give us an overview of your models, prices, delivery times and min. and max. quantities. Apr 13 Contact 
e 17385 USA: My granite countertops are down 3CM. I want the cobblestone backsplash. I want some information on purchasing the cobblestone, can you provide? My tel. no. is 770-49..... Apr 13 Contact
e 17384 Denmark: We are interested in  HITACHI EX-100-WD excavator. Send pictures and details. Apr 13 Contact
e 17383 Italy: Need Imperial white granite tiles for paving. Size: 40x40x1,5 cm, Quantity 8000/m2. Please give your best offer FOB. Our tel. no. is 0039 0175 2.....Apr 12 Contact
e 17382 USA: Need Price quote on 30" x 60" x 3/4" Absolute / Bahama Blue / Blue Pearl, Polished Top and 4 sides. We are in NY. Our tel. no. is 631-22.....Apr 12 Contact
e 17381 UK: Looking for a retailer to buy travertine roman semi polished floor tiles for at the most competitive prices. We are a construction company and we need 8m" of 600 x 600 and 27m2 of 400 x 400 travertine romano tiles. We will also need adhesive. Apr 12 Contact
e 17380 UK: We are based in the UK and are looking for a supplier of granite and limestone. Apr 12 Contact
e 17379 Syria: We are interested in Italian Marble. For our market, we need big amount of marble with different kinds, dimensions and colors for special use in buildings, villas, kitchen, bathroom and floor. If you agree, we will send two commercial agents to meet you in Italy, to choose the suitable products and to complete the purchase for us. We need a quantity that is enough for a middle size building of 14 stories (300 square meter for each story) including floor tiles, kitchen, bathroom and the building facade. The color and other details will decide by our commercial agents, when they meet you. Tel: 963-92-9......Apr 12 Contact 
e 17378 Israel: Please quote for cobblestones. Apr 12 Contact
e 17377 Turkey: We want to buy fireplaces and fountains. The sizes is not clear right now. We are producing construction materials. So we want to buy something like 0016 - 0005, 0016 - 0008, 0016 - 0006, 0016 - 0012. Please mention the Delivery time, Sample availability, 
Cost, and Payment terms. Our tel. no. is + 90 537 67.....Apr 12 Contact
e 17376 USA: I am looking for 500 to700 tile 12"x12" perlato Botticino. My telephone no. is 817-82.....Apr 12 Contact
e 17375 South Africa: I am supplier of rough rose quartz - deep pink and are in process of wanting to make some finished products. Therefore I would want quotation on complete set of machine. My cell phone contact: +27 8235..... Apr 12 Contact
e 17374 USA: Retail: I am looking for red rock slate on coffee tables. How shall I find coffee tables with red rock slate top? Apr 12 Contact
e 17372 Russia: Our company is one of the wholesaler stone trading firm situated in Moscow (Russia). Please find below our inquiry and give us your quotation accordingly:
1. Padang Dark polished granite tile 40x40x2 cm and 30x60x2 cm - 1500 m2
2. Anja Red (Amoy) granite polished - 40x40x2 cm and 30x60x2 cm - 1500 m2
3. Light-Grey polished granite - 40x40x2 cm and 30x60x2 cm - 1500 m2
4. Sand stone or limestone (color Golden or similar) cm - 500 m2
5. Padang Dark polished granite strips 90x10x2 cm - 600 m2
6. Padang Dark polished granite - Cut to size steps 3 cm thickness, fixed length and 30 cm width - 300 m2
7. Padang Dark polished granite step's risers 15x3 cm (thickness = 1cm) - 300 m2. 
Please inform us if you are able to supply us with the mentioned stone by competitive price. 
Kindly let us know the time for production, the payment and delivery terms, details of loading. Tel./fax: + 7 095 41.....Apr 11 Contact
e 17371 Netherlands: Want to buy basalt river stones for introducing hot stone massage sets in Holland. Need all sizes and low prices. Can offer to buy large quantities. Stones need not be sorted can be send as bulk. Apr 11 Contact
e 17370 Turkey: Please quote for Travertine classic white and Noce 10 x 10 x 2.4 cm. Qty. is one container. Tel. 0090-272-22..... Apr 11 Contact
e 17369 China: We are a distributor of rough stones which mainly in China market & usually a 20’ft container in each order. We always seek for the rough stones supplier directly from mines. We need rough stones, such as Howlite (rough). Any other rough stones in your stock? Prehnite? (Enclosed our Prehnite picture for your references, which is the Grade we are order at the moment).
- Apple Green Turquoise
- Amethyst
- Raw Shell
Phone:+(852) 233.....Apr 11 Contact
e 17368 Egypt: We are an Interior Designer and Builder Co. for decoration and Furnishing. We basically do turn key projects (Hotels, Residential Villas, Palaces and Beach Resorts, Commercial & Office Buildings….etc.) We are looking for Burbeige Marble tiles 40x40x2cm. qty. 600 m2. Apr 11 Contact
e 17367 USA: I want to buy granite blocks. Minimum size - 240 cm up X 75 cm.
- unacceptable defects - No lines or cracks
- how will inspection be done - inspected by our Indian company
Color : Saphire Brown, Shivakashi Pink, size : 240 cm up X 72 cm, 50 CBM, location - South India, Immediate requirement, Competitive price needed, need sizes of available blocks. Prices need per CBM FOB Chennai.  Phone:(303) 67..... Apr 11 Contact
e 17366 India: Retail: I am constructing a house in Bangalore. I am planning to go for marble flooring in my house. I require a good marble dealer in Bangalore ONLY with a good laying team which will help in laying and polishing. I am looking for a light coloured marble (White, White with cream/chocloate shades, Indo-Italian).  I want the marble which is hard and less porous and easy to maintain especially inside kitchen. I have around 2000 sft of flooring area where for about 1200 sft. I am looking for marble in range of Rs. 40-50 and for 800 sft. I am looking for Rs. 60-80 mainly in hall, family space and drawing rooms. Please let me know good dealers in Bangalore with contact details. My mobile no. is 98862.....Apr 11 Contact
e 17365 Germany: Stone processing Machine: We need urgently your offer for: 
1 off Used granite polishing machine preferably of Italian origin. 
Please inform your interest to quote per return. Your offer with max. reseller's discount will be highly appreciated. Please provide us with your offer: 
- Technical data sheets in English.
- Packing details (weight & dimensions) & 
- Normal price as well as discounted price separately. 
Tel.: + 49 228 6......Apr 11 Contact
e 17364 USA: Retail: I am interested in seeing the Paradiso Classico slabs. Email me photographs as well as an estimate for shipping two slabs to Dallas (75236). If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call me at (214) 93.....Apr 11 Contact
e 17363 Singapore: We are looking for pebbles between 3 mm to 5 mm from the Philippines. Please contact with range. Apr 10 Contact
e 17362 Egypt: We are interested in Chinese White Granite size 100x100x2cm. qty. 6000 M2, the price CIF Suez Port. Fax. 00202 41.....Apr 10 Contact
e 17361 USA: Landscape: I am looking for a wholesaler in NJ for red slate flaggers. I am looking for a pallet. My tel. no. is 609-97.....Apr 10 Contact
e 17360 USA: For a sculpture I need two granite blocks of the absolute black granite. The sizes are: 
66 cm x 275 cm x 106 cm
55 cm x 233 cm x 246 cm
How much would be the costs of the stone and the transport to New York, USA? Apr 10 Contact
e 17359 Canada: Request information on sandblasting equipment for cutting stone for local Funeral Chapels. Would require portable equipment as some work is in remote areas. Prefer Canadian supplier. Tel: 306-86.....Apr 9 Contact
e 17358 USA: Please quote for 3 slabs of Giallo Dorado. I am in NY. My tel. no. is (585) 29.....Apr 9 Contact
e 17357 USA: Retail: I am trying to find a stone called "whisper green". That is all I know about it. We have it in our home and want some more. I am in NE. My tel. no. is 308 38.....Apr 9 Contact
e 17356 USA: Earthmoving Machine: I am interested in ROADTEC RX-45B (see ready stock 519). Please quote me a price FOB Albuquerque, New Mexico. Please contact me at 505.83.....Apr 9 Contact
e 17355 Libya: OUR COMPANY IS INTERESTED TO BUY GRANITE FROM SAUDI ARABIA. About quantity we request probably depending on the price 10 container's. The colours all the colours you have availability of Saudi country origin. TEL/FAX: 00218 21 46.....Apr 8 Contact
e 17354 UK: Want to buy red marble one piece 1.7x 0.6 meters thickness and surface finish immaterial with delivery to Glastonbury UK. Tel. 078902..... Apr 8 Contact
e 17353 Korea: We are looking for the supplier who can provide the Indian Marble named 'BIDASAR BROWN and BIDASAR GREEN' (Here they call fancy brown). If it is possible to supply, then we inform the detail about quantity and size etc. We'll import minimum 20foot one container more.  Tel. no. is +82-32-43.....Apr 8 Contact
e 17352 USA Retail: We have decided on granite countertops in either Amazon Blue or Giallo Sporanza. Are either of these suitable for kitchen countertop? Is one a better choice than the other (less upkeep, better quality, less likely to crack, etc.?) Apr 8 Contact
e 17351 USA: Could You make the similar small figurine only. The best my believe this is Indian Aurora Granite
Customer wants this figurine as part of memorial. The measurement in centimeters in the attached image. I am in Atlanta (Elberton). Apr 8 Contact
e 17350 Canada: Fabricator in Toronto, Canada requires 60 slabs of Giallo Ornamental - 2cm - immediately available in North America. Please contact with price. A min. 12" x 12" sample and digital image of entire slab a must. (416) 90.....Apr 8 Contact
e 17349 USA: I would like a quote for 150 square feet of kashmir gold granite. I am interested in 12x12 inch tiles, calibrated, chamfered, grooved on the reverse and polished to a mirror finish. I want them to be shipped to Chicago, Illinois. I can be reached at 773 36.....Apr 8 Contact
e 17348 USA: Please quote for Beaumaniere light limestone. Please provide pricing for cut blocks, 3/4", 2", 4" slabs. Apr 7 Contact
e 17347 Australia: We would like to buy slabs of onyx and handifcrafts. Looking for a distributor in Australia so that I can show my people the quality of the onyx? My tel. no. is 050-53.....Apr 7 Contact
e 17346 Greece: Looking for Indian sandstones in color yellow, green, mint. Thickness 3-4cm and size 170cmx70cm. Please quote in US$ per sqm C&F Thessaloniki port. Apr 7 Contact
e 17345: Looking for a supplier of pumice stone. Apr 7 Contact
e 17344 USA: Earthmoving Machinery: Looking for CAT equipment. Apr 7 Contact 
e 17343 China: We need travertine deposit/block 500 cubic, and slab 12000-16000 square. The  specification details as below:
1. The slab size: 1600mm×2400mm×30mm (unpolished)
2. The deposit size: 1.6m×1.6m×2.4m
3. The deposit random size: above 2 cubic
We need the best first class white travertine with straight lines. Its size is 1.6m x 1.6m x 2.4m
Please see the picture of the sample attached. I would like CIF ( from your Iranian quarry to Xiamen wharf of China, cost accounted with per ton). You can provide FOB ( from your quarry to Italian wharf, and from Italian wharf to Xiamen wharf of China, cost accounted with per ton). Apr 7 Contact 
e 17342: Require information on sandblasting stone with die cut lettering supplied by others. Require size and availability of portable equipment. Apr 7 Contact
e 17341 France: We are looking for material from Malaysia: limestone, granite, sandstone and marble. We want to buy all types of granites , marbles, limestones, sandstones, basalt.... for our business. We sell all over France : pavers, slabs; kerbs,tiles etc..... We are looking for important quarries producing in a short time and giving us good FOB or CNF prices in containers. Tel. No. is 00333282.....Apr 7 Contact
e 17339: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote with details for CAT 375 excavator. Apr 7 Contact 
e 17338 Canada: I would like to contact Eqyptian marble slabs and blocks like Sunny. A container of BLOCK (I will let you know what size our local block saw will handle, then I will let you know what size blocks I need). I am looking for SUNNY (Egyptian marble). It will be for hand carving. It should be 1st quality. How much do you need to fill a container (is there limits, etc.) Maybe you have sizes available you can tell me what you have. Can you supply a price for container delivered from your quarry to this destination Port of Halifax in Canada? You can call me at (902) 45.....Apr 6 Contact 
e 17337 Iran: We are producing marble and granite. We are in need of some stone cutting and polishing  equipments like gangsaw for marble with minimum 50 blades. Tel. no. +98 21 85.....Apr 6 Contact  
e 17336 Romania: We need about 1800m2 VERDE BUTTERFLY granite with dimension of 300x300x10&20 mm & 400x400x10&20mm. Please send for us price for m2 USD CIF Constansa port. Apr 6 Contact  
e 17335 URUGUAY: Earthmoving Machine: WE ARE LOOKING CATERPILLAR D7H MS RIPPER. Please send me complete info and pictures. Tel: 00598 2 40.....Apr 6 Contact  
e 17334 Iran: We are in the market for a modern stone cutting plant with high precision in making stone in thin slates as well as having the ability to combine the wasted stones to a large cope. We are in Tehran. Our tel. no. is (+98 21) 22 .....Apr 6 Contact  

e 17333: Looking for 3d milling machine & stone router machine. Apr 6 Contact  

e 17332 Jordan: We want to open new gallery for marbles and ceramic tiles and all accessories related which will be supported to our contracting co. and in that matter I would like to know more information about your products, list of price and facilities. MOBILE:+9627953.....Apr 6 Contact
e 17331 UK: Looking for a supplier of Blonde Sandstone. I am working on a project in Sheffield, England where we are looking to use this product. My tel. no. is 020 706..... Apr 5 Contact
e 17330 Zambia: Diamond Tools: We have very large deposits of limestone which is hardly used. We would like to use limestone for building i.e. walls for structures, paving and indeed for decoration. In order to do this, we need to have tools/machines to cut this stone into shape. This is what we are looking for. Kindly advise how we can buy this equipment? Apr 5 Contact
e 17329 Czech Republic: Looking for companies which import stone SHANXI BLACK near our country (Czech Republic). We need 70m2 in formats 48/40,60,80,100cm to finish construction in a short time. Maybe they have it in stock. Mobil: +420 605 2.....Apr 5 Contact
e 17328 UK: Please could you send information on the size and density of various sandstone blocks. I would like to use it for sculpturing so would not need blocks bigger than 1 foot square. Apr 5 Contact
e 17327 UK: Please quote for white granite blocks and slabs. Please quote price for quantities 500 sqm, 1000 sqm and 1500 sqm. Please provide all relevant costs. Apr 5 Contact
e 17326 USA: We are a wholesale company working in the New York Metro area. We deal with Architects, Fabricators, Gen. Contractors and Installers. We are looking for 1,200 sq.ft. of either 18" x 18", 24"x24" tile of Sivakasi / Colonial Dream / Shiva Yellow (must have hints of red in the tile). We are also looking for the possibility of using 30"x30" cut from slab ( 2cm ). We need the price, cost of delivery to New York ( queens ) if any and lead time once samples and price is approved. My tel. no. is 646-87.....Apr 5 Contact
e 17324 USA: Retail: I am looking to purchase some Texas shell stone to be used as wall tile on my fireplace areas. I would like the largest possible sizes available. My tel. no. is 619-46.....Apr 5 Contact
e 17323 USA: Retail:  IS THE COLOR OF GRANITE CALLED MASON A GREY GREEN COLOR? AND DOES IT COME IN4"X4" COBBLESTONES? The quantity would be 575 square feet. I AM IN Iowa. MY TEL. NO. IS 712.27......Apr 5 Contact
e 17322 Canada: Our firm wishes to purchase Ongole Black Galaxy tiles as follows: 
305mmx305mmx10mm +- 0.1mm tolerance. Polished. 45 deg bevel/chamfer. Large fleck, even distribution. Some colour variation permissible, but must be uniform across minimum batches of 1000. Medium and small fleck will be considered, if appearance is good. 
Quantity: 27.5 metric tons, approx 9000 tiles, in boxes of 10. 
Terms: cash (either INR or USD) at supplier's works. We will test, inspect and gauge the tiles at the suppliers' works prior to payment. We will not pay for tiles that fail inspection, based on the criteria above. We will palletize and pack our own container and arrange our own shipping, for export to Canada. Apr 5 Contact
e 17321 UK: Looking for companies worldwide who can supply to the UK slabs of marble and Granite. Especially interested in Impala black 30mm. Apr 5 Contact
e 17320 USA: Our company installs granite kitchen and bathroom countertops for home builders/developers. We are looking for new granite manufacturers who can cut, polish, mount (onto plywood), and seal granite in dimensions according to the templates we provide. We are looking for an ongoing business relationship. Finished granite pieces must be shipped to Vancouver, Canada, for our pick up. We wish to buy directly from companies located in China and other Asian countries who are already shipping to Vancouver. We need to see samples of your work and talk to other clients of yours located in British Columbia / Vancouver before ordering granite from you. We have many jobs for which we need granite right away. Because of the rise in value of the Canadian dollar, our current suppliers in Canada have become too expensive. Our tel. no. is 1-360-51......Apr 5 Contact
e 17319 USA: Where can I get alabaster slabs for an exterior building facade? Can it be done? Has anyone done it? Looking for very very white alabaster slabs that could potentially be used for a wall.....thus, anyone with info or details should contact, and then discuss the quantity, etc. My tel. no. is (703) 59.....I am in NY. Apr 5 Contact
e 17318 USA: I wish to purchase travertine tiles as displayed in ready stock 316. I need approx 7000 H+F in a 18x18 light to med color. I am in Orlando. My tel. no. is 407 43..... Apr 5 Contact
e 17317 Egypt: We have an enquiry of 274m² of either Azul Boquira or Azul Macaubas in random sizes. Can you please advise me on costing & delivery times too Cairo, Middle East? My tel. no. is 01344 6..... Apr 5 Contact
e 17316 Bangladesh: I am interest to import Dolomite. If you Export Dolomite, please contact me. My tel. no. is 0088-031-6.....Apr 4 Contact 
e 17315 USA: Retail: I am looking for a granite or marble called rouge chandon. It seems to be a red hue stone with a beige or white spider pattern in it. Apr 4 Contact 
e 17314 Vietnam: Our company is the leading importer and distributor of Lombok pumice stone, Turkish stone. We are buying approx. 10 - 20 FCL of stone monthly. If you are in the position of being able to offer the export of pumice stone, pls send quotation for 2 x 3cm stone, 3 x 5 cm, CNF HCMC, delivery time, packing and payment term. Our tel. no. is 848 86.....Apr 4 Contact 
e 17313 West Indies: I am looking to buy a couple of containers of stone. I need granite tops / vanities for a specific project. Also I need cut stones for use in walkways, decoration on building, etc. Also cut stones. After I see pics. I can choose colors. Besides this I am setting up a business to deal with these products so the amount will depend on the prices. My contact no. is 868-63..... Apr 4 Contact 
e 17312 Italy: I would want to buy 5 blocks of Orata cream of 180x300x150. Please send me an offer. My tel. no. is +3934882.....Apr 4 Contact 
e 17311 India: We wish to buy a granite surface plate of 4’ x 8’ x 2". Let us know the price of the same. It should be polished to minimum 16 rms surface finish. We are in Nashik. Apr 4 Contact 
e 17310 USA: Retail: Looking for a supplier of quartz aggregate product with mirror flecks. Something that is similar to the sushi bar is a magazine/munchies store at the JFK airport in NY. How much it costs? Where can I view it? Any pictures of it? Also would like to know if it is suitable for a small bathroom shower and floor? Apr 4 Contact 
e 17309 USA: We are interested in importing and distributing granite slabs. Please provide us with the pertinent information about your product such slabs size, quality, etc... We are very interested in starting this business already. We are currently fabricators but we are growing really fast. We are located at Miami, FL. Apr 3 Contact 
e 17308 UAE: I am interested in a ROUGH TERRAIN CRANE - KATO KR25H3L. Please send photos and Best Price C&F Dubai. My tel. no. is 00971-50-56.....Apr 2 Contact 
e 17307 USA: Retail: Looking for a supplier who can sell a single stone block of the limestone from Chicago. I just want one to make into a coffee table base.  Apr 2 Contact 
e 17306 UAE: Please quote for Egyptian marble and granite C & F Dubai. My mobile no. is 00971 50 67......Apr 1 Contact 
e 17305: We are looking for the production of single layer cement-agglomerated tile/slab (size 33 x 33 / 40 x 40) needed machinery
1) concrete batching & mixing
2) colour batcher 
3) rotating press 
& other related machinery for mosaics & artificial stone. Apr 1 Contact 
e 17304: Please quote for G623 slab 120 x 250. Also quote for 300 x 300 slab. Apr 1 Contact 
e 17303 Indonesia: Looking for a Lime stone and natural stone supplier. See price list 780. We are actually looking for the supplier for the natural stone based in Indonesia for our project here. Apr 1 Contact 
e 17302 China: We need to import beige travertine qty. 400 sqm from Iran, and polished & unpolished beige travertine deposit (1200 sqm) panel. Please provide us the different price (CIF) from Iran to XIAMEN of China depending on different quality attached with relevant photos of different class sample. Tel: 0086-755-613.....Apr 1 Contact 
e 17301 USA: We are a company in the USA interested in information on some granite . The granite should have a 3 cm thickness and have matte or flame finish. List is as follows: 
Length x Height x Thickness - Qty 
60cm x 30 cm x 3 cm - 560
91cm x 90cm x 3 cm - 40
60cm x 40cm x 3 cm - 560
91cm x 40cm x 3 cm - 40
45cm x 40cm x 3cm - 40
30cm x 30cm x 3 cm - 80
60cm x 30cm x 5cm - 80
30cm x 30cm x 5cm - 80
40cm x 40cm x 5cm - 80
60cm x 40cm x 5cm - 80
91cm x 50cm x 3cm - 20
91cm x 60cm x 3cm - 20
45cm x 30cm s 3cm - 40
All of the stone needs to have a groove cut of 19mm deep x 3.5 mm width, cut along the length of the stone. We would like a price for 5 different colors you may have in your factory, which should include: light brown, yellow, light gray, brown, and  cream. We would like to request a list of colors in these variations. The stone would be shipped to the Port of Miami, in Florida, USA. Please also include this in your price breakdown. Apr 1 Contact 

Inquiries sorted by countries, product categories and previous months are displayed at www.findstone.com/tilinks.htm  

We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.