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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!   February 28, 2005
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January Inquiries

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296 inquiries in February. 

The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 16988 UK: Looking to buy in huge quantity creama marble. Please quote. Our tel. no. is 020857.....Feb 28. Contact  
e 16987 Turkey: Please quote for onyx slabs. Feb 28. Contact  
e 16986 Australia: I am interested in your stone types especially the stone that has the property of granite & quarts. My tel. no. is 0429 9.....We are in NSW. Feb 28. Contact  
e 16985 Russia: We need to use Olive Maron and Serpengiante Beige marbles in our interior design. The amount of the tiles will be approx. 1000 m² for each. If you can provide these stones for us please let us know. Our tel. no. is (+7 095) 91.....Feb 28. Contact  
e 16984 Uruguay: We are looking for a CATERPILLAR 769. Year: 1985 more or less, quantity: 2 units in good working condition. We also want 
TADANO TG500E Crane, Quantity: 1 unit in good working condition. Please send pictures. Purchase will be against 100% L/C. Feb 28. Contact  
e 16983 Ethiopia: Our Organization is one of the leading marketing company in Ethiopia. We are importing and distributing a lot of machinery from different country. At this time we need to buy reused Cargo Crane 22 tons Capacity. Please send us the price quotation and technical specification for the cargo crane. Feb 28. Contact  
e 16982 USA: Artifacts: We are building contractors and require pricing on Fantasy Lion Tub as displayed in FindStone.com's online stores. Please quote F.O.B. Mumbai price. Our tel. no. is 561-86.....Feb 28. Contact  
e 16981 USA: I want to buy Granite Counter tops and other flooring products such as ceramic tiles, Marble Tiles, Medallions, Paver stone for our Model Home Project for resale. I am looking for really discounted prices. Please let me have some details of items you have in ready stock and you want to sell fast. I am in Lafayette, IN. Feb 28. Contact  
e 16980 USA: Retail: I would like to buy enough stone to build a wall. This is a free standing wall (no concrete) which will hold back dirt. It will be about 4 feet high. I need about 250 cubic feet of the largest stones which I am able to move (guessing no more than 300 pounds each). Let me know the approximate cost of this. Feb 28. Contact  
e 16979 Israel: I would like to get information about limestone from china ZH-M114 prices 60 * 60 tiles as well as availability. Feb 28. Contact  
e 16978 Russia: We produce goods from natural marble and granite and work in the Northwestern part of Russia. Merging several factories that were successful on the market for 5 to 15 years formed the company. We have modern production facilities with spacious storage areas, and numerous and steady clientele in the private as well as the state businesses. We offer to take part in one of the company's projects - permanent exhibition of natural stone. We hope you'd be interested, as this would allow you to promote your products on the Russian market, and make your trademark known in Russia. 
We want the following:
To buy one container with various types of stones (several plates of the same type of stone)
To get the same assortment and quantity for stone for sale. We have experience of working under the same scheme with Italian natural stone
suppliers from Italy. If you are interested in our offer, please feel free to contact us and discuss the conditions. Feb 28. Contact  
e 16977 USA: I am seeking a source for quality, undyed Absolute Black granite tiles and countertops. The quantities needed are approximately 1500 sq.ft. of tile (12"x12"x3/8") and 100 sq.ft. of countertop, FOB Northeast USA. The best bid received to date is 3.80 for tile and 11/sq.ft. on countertop. Shipping costs are also required to zip code 07035. My tel. no. is 800-93......Feb 28. Contact  
e 16976 Bangladesh: One of our buyers wants to book 100MT Pumice Stone (Indonesia black) of size 3-5 cm. Please send us an offer C&FC3% Chittagong price. Our tel. no. is 880-2-91......Feb 28. Contact  
e 16975 USA: Please send me information and pricing of gangsaws & cable saws for cutting slab stones.  Feb 28. Contact  
e 16974 India: Can u send the price lists of south Indian slates? Feb 28. Contact  
e 16973 USA: I am looking for a 2 slabs of marble called "Rojo Cloud". Do you carry such a stone or know where I may be able to source it? Feb 28. Contact  
e 16972 Jordan: We are sellers of marble and granite in Jordan. We would like travertine in 60X60CM thick 16MM with a honed surface and either filled. Feb 28. Contact  
e 16971: I want to buy black galaxy. Feb 28. Contact  
e 16970 USA: I NEED CARRARA MARBLE PANELS IN 183CM X 77CM X 1CM. Feb 28. Contact  
e 16969 Brazil: I am from Brazil. I would like to import volcanic stones to use in barbecues. SIZE is 200 / 350mm. Quantity is a container 20 feets. Feb 28. Contact  
e 16967: I am looking for Quarzite Gialla (light Brown) from India. Qty. is 250 m2.  Feb 28. Contact  
e 16966 Canada: I am looking for a supplier and manufacturer of granite spheres. I am needing small 1 inch spheres made from 'red' granite. Feb 28. Contact  
e 16965 USA: I am trying to find a distributor here in the United States, preferably around Chicago Illinois, to get samples of the following stones: Fior de Pesco... marble of light gray with white and light brown/dark gray veining. Viana Green or Viana Crystal...granite of light mint green and white/cream...linear/directional lines. Where to purchase these stone types. I am in CHICAGO. My tel. no. is 312.42..... Feb 28. Contact  
e 16964: How to secure a new crusher for my company? Feb 28.  Contact  
e 16962 Canada: I am looking for approximately 19 tons of white marble non specific cut blocks to build outside landscape columns (24"x24").
Shipping to Montreal. I am told Vermont quarries may carry this product. My tel. no. is (514) 87.....
Feb 28.  Contact  
e 16961 India: Please quote for marble carving and engraving machine. Especially computerised pneumatic carving machine. Feb 28.  Contact  
e 16960 Uruguay: Looking for a HYDRAULIC TRUCK CRANES, 01 units 90 Tons and 01 units 120 Tons. The cranes should be Year 2002 or more. Makes BANTAN / GROVER / BUSARES / TADANO. My tel. no. is 00598 2 40..... Feb 28.  Contact  
e 16959 Egypt: I want to know the companies that produce pumice material for lightweight construction in Egypt. My tel. no. is 0097 - 02 - 22.....Feb 28.  Contact  
e 16958 Poland :  We are stone importing company from Poland, looking for new, fresh types of stones for Polish and Central European markets. We are looking to establish new long term business relationships with quarries/manufacturers from different regions. To be able to make a choice, we need to receive detailed pricelists along with photos of particular stone types (electronic catalogues, company website address). In pricelists we need to have prices of slabs, half slabs and tiles cut to size with their related dimensions as well as any discounts and rebates for big customers. Please indicate the estimated transportation costs to Poland for different load variants. Feb 28.  Contact  
e 16956 USA: Museum gift shop interested in purchasing 3 1/2 inch by 3/4 inch circular polished discs made of Finnish granite to make into paperweights. We will add our own imagery to the blanks. Feb 28  Contact  
e 16955 USA:  1 CM PANELS IN CREMA MARFIL SIZES AT LEAST 184X77 CM. Feb 27. Contact
e 16954 Egypt:  Please quote price and delivery for the following: Material Name: Granite slabs Nero Assoluto (Absolute Black, Negro Absoluto, Zimbabwe Black) 
Cntr#1 Description:3 cm thick Polished Qty / Slabs:49 
Cntr#2 Description:2 cm thick Honed Qty / Slabs:70 
Cntr#3 Description:2 cm thick Polished Qty / Slabs:40 Description:3 cm thick Polished Qty / Slabs:21 
Terms condition: 
Packing :- All slabs must be packed in wooden bundles with polyethylene separators as follow 1 bundle = 7 slabs 3cm thick 1 bundle = 10 slabs 2 cm thick 
Inspection:- Inspection will be conducted by our Inspector. NO potatoes or Veins allowed and No cracks. 
All slabs have a minimum dimension of 270x170 mtrs 
Finish:- For polishing: Super polish finish with a mirror reflection of 85% + 
Delivery:- Please advise the estimated delivery time and cost for the following destination:- USA ports and Egyptian Ports. Feb 27  Contact 
e 16952 USA Retail:  Please quote for Brazilian granite slabs and tiles. Feb 27. Contact
e 16951 Australia: I am interested in Indonesian Marble Tiles colours cream, yellow , grey,white. I will be in Bali on 4th March. Feb 27. Contact  
e 16950 Pakistan:  I am a owner of a factory of marble in Pakistan and I am interested in Greek White Thassos and Snow White Thassos. I have got an order of about 3000 sq feet of white Thassos, size is 24 inches into 24 inches ( 24" X 24"). Please send me samples of these thassos of different qualities in white. Please tell me the rate of these sizes I need samples. Feb 27.  Contact  
e 16949 India:  I need mother of pearl for inlay work. Feb 27  Contact  
e 16948 Libya:  We need an offer for 2000 m of a carrara polished slabs marble and 2000 m unpolished carrara slabs. Feb 27  Contact  
e 16946 India: We would like know what is the cost for Gangsaws, Cutters, Polishers, Waterjet, CNC / Engraving, Terrazzo Tile and Other stone processing machinery and what is the exact use of these machinery.  Contact  
e 16945 USA: We are looking for about 2500 SF of giallo antico travertine. Feb 26  Contact  
e 16944 USA: Retail: Wanting to buy several large (3 to 8 foot diameter) landscape boulders- quartz, marble, ruby spar, sponge stones, mica, stalactites, petrified wood, or anything unusual or beautiful for my yard. I will haul from anywhere in USA. Need this summer. Feb 26. Contact 
e 16942 USA: Retail: We are looking for granite or marble surplus floor tile (12x12) and surplus granite slabs for a countertop. We prefer a color called "misty brown".  Contact  
e 16940 USA: Retail: I am looking to purchase branco / white piracema granite tile. Any size available for a floor and backsplash. Feb 26. Contact  
e 16939 Pakistan: We are looking for complete Quarrying and stone processing Equipment. Feb 26  Contact
e 16938 Pakistan: Please quote us CIF Karachi price for CAT 140G Grader with complete pictures and details per return immediately. Feb 25 Contact 
e 16937: Please give me full info for stone crusher 15tone machine. Feb 25  Contact
e 16936 Canada: I am looking for 2 slabs of Amarello Pearl. This is supposed to be granite from Brazil. Feb 25 Contact  
e 16935 USA: I am also looking for Oiso sand for an aquarium live in jackson ms. I need about 50 to 60lbs. I was trying to contact that person and see if they ever found anyone that sells it in the us. My phone # is 601-29.....Feb 25 Contact  
e 16934 USA: I want to buy from Spain 700 sqm paradise rose and 300 sqm negro marquina of limestone. Feb 25 Contact  
e 16933 UAE: Could you please inform us of the price of a Hitachi Excavator Model (EX 200)? Would you also tell us the possibility of getting this item to Dubai/UAE if we decided to buy it? I would welcome any recommendation in this matter and if you know any more details of other offers from the company you work for who might has the same specifications and sizes. Would you send us a photo and the price of this item? Feb 25 Contact  
e 16932 USA: I am searching for 12" x 12" x 3/8" tiles of Alba Chiara. I'm looking for pieces that are predominately green and/or white (with little of the peach). I'll be needing approximately 28 tiles Feb 25 Contact  
e 16931: Please quote for stone excavating machine as displayed in ready stock 557. Feb 25 Contact  
e 16930 USA: Where near or in Jacksonville, Florida do I find honed granite for kitchen island, counter tops, and bathroom counter tops? Are there any retail sales for pre-made granite counter tops in length of 9 feet in this part of the state? Feb 25 Contact  
e 16929 UK: We want a supplier of Crema Marfil Tiles. Size preferably 40cmx40cm and 10-20mm thickness. Other sizes will be considered, this is being used for flooring. We will buy from any region. Price please for full containers CIF UK port. 60% polished, 20% honed & 20% antiqued (or flamed). We will pay competitive market rates. We can place an order immediately upon confirmation of material, and can pay for samples if required. Maybe up to one or two containers per month once supply has been established. Any other enquiries may be considered on similar products and sizes. Please feel free to let me know. Feb 25 Contact  
e 16927 USA: We looking for 5000SF of 16x16 or 18x18 Beauharnais light lime stone. Let us know if it is 1st or second material? 
Feb 25 Contact  
e 16926 USA: I am looking for a reputable company to buy mainly travertine and other stones like Granite, Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Onyx Slab/tiles. I am also interested in Fireplaces, Inlays / Medallions, Arches and Pavers. My first order will be approx. 7,000 sq. ft. Feb 24 Contact  
e 16922: Want basalt message stones. Contact
e 16921 Czech Republic:  We are a major development company currently undertaking a significant mixed use scheme in Central Europe. The development comprises retail, office and parking totalling over 115,000m2 gross buildable area (GFA). The project will commence construction in May 2005 with completion scheduled for mid - 2007. We are currently planning to have a granite stone floor to significant areas of the public space and will require approximately 11,000m2 of granite floor tiles in a variety of colours, as detailed below. We will require all tiles to be pre-finished, polished anti slip, grit blasted and in some places honed. All expressions of interest and quotations given must also include for shipping, road and rail haulage and delivery to Prague in the Czech Republic. Quotations must also include for all import duties, border charges and the like in Euros . We require prices for stone tiles cut to 60cm x 30cm and 60cm x 60cm dimensions and to be 20mm thick. It is requested that all quotations given allow us to analyse costs across these 2 sizes for all colours. Granite colours currently required are as follows, with approximate quantities for each colour are also being given (we advise that these quantities may be revised, although the overall quantity will remain at approximately 10 - 11,000m2) 01) Light Grey - 500m2 02) Medium Grey - 200m2 03) Dark Grey - 200m2 04) Light Yellow - 3,050m2 05) Red granite - 450m2 06) Light Brown - 300m2 07) Dark Green - 250m2 08) Ochre - 400m2 09) Cream - 3,000m2 10) Soft White - 1,850m2 11) Light Blue - 50m2 12) Blue - 50m2 13) Brown - 200m2 14) Black - 150m2 15) Black - 200m2.
Offers have already been received for the supply of the above coloured granite in the sizes and thickness advised. As a consequence we are only now interested in offers that equate to an average cost for supply to Prague of 20 USD/m2 or less. We await your response at the soonest opportunity. We advise that although the stone will not be required for approximately 18 months, finalisation of design and costs are imminent; consequently interested suppliers should respond by the end of business 6th March 2005. Feb 24.  Contact  
e 16920 UK: We are an established manufacturer of fireplaces and stone artifacts from Middle East and we are expanding into the European market starting with a UK wholesale and manufacturing outlet. We are in the market for the following machines/tools: 1- Kitchen Granite work top sink cut outs 2- Grooving and edging. 2- Cutting saw and polishing. 3- Handling and storing. Please quote, Ex works and if possible for both brand new and quality second hand. We also consider hand held tools, if available. If you are interested to tender for the supply of such machineries please contact us at first instance and to help us with our decision making, please provide us with the following: Full technical and Image information, after sales, guarantees, operation CD's, price for the replacement parts as well, main price, yearly maintenance charges, delivery time, payment terms and any other points you think relevant. Feb 24.  Contact  
e 16918 Iran:  I am looking for a used profiling/polishing belt machine for marble and granite. Feb 24  Contact
e 16917 Gambia:  Wish procure clinker of 100000 MT per annum at the west coast of Africa. Feb 24 Contact 
e 16916 China: Need Blocks Impala medium, Forest black, 8*4 feet Up, CF Xiamen . Feb 24.  Contact 
e 16915 USA: Retail: Looking for Giallo Renoir counter tops for a kitchen remodeling. I can fax diagrams. Cabinets will be installed by April 4th 2005. Feb 24  Contact  
e 16914 USA: I am an interior designer. We're looking for a slab 3cm thick to match some floor tiles. Name of stone is Adriatic Dark. It's an Italian Limestone in a honed finish. Any information would be great. Feb 24. Contact
e 16913 USA: I am looking for Jerusalem Antique Gold Honed in 16x16 tiles - about 800 sq ft. Feb 23.  Contact
e 16912 USA: Need sky rose 12x12 polished marble. Feb 23.  Contact  
e 16911 USA: Retail: We are moving to Boise Idaho, from Sacramento, Ca. We are having a home built and we saw some granite slabs in Sacramento we really liked. The name was Crema Bordeaux. We were wondering if these slabs are available to see in person in the Boise metro area or if a supplier is able to order. Feb 23 Contact 
e 16910 Canada: I am looking to purchase Granite, travertine and marble slabs 3/4" thick and possibly sinks. Feb 23. Contact  
e 16909 USA:  I am looking to purchase Vanities-pre fab in the material of Sabbioso Granite for 84 hotel rooms in Michigan. Please let me know where I can find the material. I need them for June. Feb 23, Contact
e 16905 USA: Retail: e 16905 United States Retail:  Want light green onyx for fireplace. I am in Maryland. Feb 23, Contact
e 16904 USA: Retail: I am looking for two slabs of OCEAN FLOWER from BRAZIL. The job site is in NATCHEZ, MISS. Feb 23, 
e 16903 United States: Retail:  How fast can I get the onyx and what is the cost? Contact
e 16901 United States Retail:  Need Appx. 2400 sq. foot of Tumbled Travertine (unfilled), Color: Mocca. We want these sizes 33% 16x24, 44% 16x16, 11% 8x16, 11% 8x8. We would like freight inclusive price delivered to 80816 zip. Thank you in advance. Please email price with freight included.  Contact  
e 16900 United States :  We would like to purchase, diameter 90cm Waterjet Cutting Code # 021-0027 (www.findstone.com/artistic.htm). Price is $300. USD. We would perfer it to be a diameter of 98cm if possible. Also, if you have matching border pieces, we would need, 8inches x 12inches x 66 Lin. ft. ( a total of 66 pcs). Feb 23. Contact  
e 16899 UK:  I urgently require a sq metre price for a Honed sandstone 40.6 x 40.6 x 1.2 known as Blue Azul / Bateig Blue. This is for 6,500 sq metres in England for July/August. Feb 23. Contact  
e 16898 USA: Retail:  Looking for a large slab of light green onyx for a bar top surface. Feb 23. Contact
e 16897 United States: Retail: Seeking Alba Chiara marble slab 3/4inch for bathroom job. Located in central New York. Feb 23 Contact 
e 16896 Poland: I am interested in roofing slate No S1908 (Gray Black 30*30*0,8-1,5), see pricelist 828 (www.findstone.com/pl/828.htm). Please define terms of delivery, payment and confirm price (4,18 USD/m2 in this pricelist). Approx. required quantity for first order 20'container. Send photo also. I am interested in its shape and colour. My fax no. is 0048 34 35.....Feb 22 Contact 
e 16895 USA: Retail: I am looking for 16x16 french vanilla marble tiles for 225 sq. ft. I am in Alabama. My tel. no. is 20587.....Feb 22 Contact 
e 16893 Kenya: I am interested in a machine which will be able to traverse straight and cut both vertically and horizontally at the same time to give a stone of between approximately 200mm by 200mm and a length of about 400mm. Kindly give me a presentation of what is available on these lines, the associated prices for a new machine and also for a used one if available. This will enable me to make an informed choice. 
A diesel operated hydraulic machine with rotary cutters( Saw type) is preferred. Feb 22 Contact 
e 16892 USA: We would like Oman royal beige. We need about 2000 square feet. We are willing to buy a thickness which will keep the price low...we assume this means at least 3/8" (10 mm thick). We are willing to buy dimensions that will keep the price low...we assume this means no smaller than 12" X 12". We live close to Baltimore, Maryland and assume that would be the best place for the container to come into. We know we need only part of a container, but are not experienced on how that works...we hope you know and can tell us what the shipping would be. We can hire a truck to bring the marble to us from the Baltimore. We are putting this on a cement slab, therefore we don't need chamfered, calibrated, exact pieces. We do not need baseboard (linear marble). We would consider other marbles in this color range from other countries/sources but cost is a factor. Feb 22 Contact 
e 16891 USA: Retail: I am interested in purchasing uba tuba granite. I need about 100 square feet. My tel. no. is 561-36...... I live in Boca Raton, Florida. Feb 22 Contact 
e 16890 USA: We will be building a home this summer, and would like to install 2400 sq. ft. of Travertine, 18 x 18, honed and filled.  Feb 22 Contact 
e 16889 USA: I need a quote for a large granite monuments LCL. Indian Premium Black Granite Die: 2-0 x 4-0 x 0-8 Polish 5; Half Serp top with polished chamfers, convex sides according to customer design. Please see attached drawings: picture 1 and picture 2
Base: 3-0 x 1-0 x 1-0 Polished top polished sides 
Ledger Option 1
5-0 x 2-0 x 0-8 Polished top polished 3 sides * one 2-0 end to joint to die, polished chamfers per design, pls. see attachment
Option 2
5-0 x 2-6 x 0-8 Polished top polished 3 sides * one 2-6 end to joint to die....rest same as option 1
Vase: Turned vase H ~ 10-12 dia ~7 "
Also Indian Premium Black Granite Sample would be pretty desirable.
What is Your processing time for LCL orders. Feb 22 Contact 
e 16888 Spain: We are interested to buy a used GANG SAW MACHINE for Granite. Preferable with no more than six years of use. Preferable Manufacture in Italy. Size of workpiece :3000 x 3300 x 2000mm. Direct Phone 511 998.....Contact 
e 16887 USA: Retail: I am trying to find matching floor tiles as in the attached photo. They are 28.5 cm x 20 cm and I believe are made of sandstone (gres). They are for a house in the south of France which I am renovating, so may have been produced/sold here or in Italy, which is very close. Contact 
e 16886 Pakistan: I am serious in Indian green marble, in gangsaw slabs, in different dark shades not light shade and non treated item but polished. And and send me please pure white in slabs. My tel. no. is 0092 42 5.....Contact
e 16885 Fiji Islands: Please quote for a Galeski sink cutting machine. Can I get more information and pictures?  Contact
e 16884: Please give me an offer for an used Block cutter with a 24 disks and a polishing machines with a 12 polishing spindles. I prefer to have this machines not older than that of 6 years and the installation have to be included in the offer. Contact
e 16883 USA: Retail: I am in need of about 55 square feet of stone for my kitchen counter tops. I was first thinking of the honed absolute black granite, but now am considering soapstone. I do not like the polished look and I want a dark gray / black color. I am in Denver, CO. My tel. no. is 303-71.....Contact
e 16882 USA: Retail: I NEED 2 SLABS OF LIGHT ONYX F2. 1- 8" X 8 38" X 5/16" THICK WITH A 1/4" RADIUS ON THE 8 3/8" SIDE. ALL OTHER EDGES JUST DUSTED/ THE 2ND SLAB IS 15 3/8" X 8 3/8" X 5/16" THICK. CAN YOU SUPPLY? MY TEL. NO. IS 309-30.....Contact
e 16881 USA: I am a new entrant who is interested in selling headstones in the northwest. Can you tell me the nearest distributor available. Contact
e 16880 USA: Retail: We are looking for Ambrato tumbled wall tiles in a brick pattern size to fit a 50 square foot area. The color is a mix of black with spidery cream veins. Looking to buy in 2 weeks. Please let us know where we can locate these tiles. We are located in Chicago, IL. and are open to shipping terms. Contact
e 16879 USA: Retail: Can you tell me where to source Tropic Guarani granite near Muskegon or Grand Rapids Michigan? We are in Naples. My tel. no. is 239-82.....Contact
e 16878 Egypt :  I want to know companies that produce pumice material for light weight construction in Egypt.  Contact
e 16877 United States :  I'm a civil engineering student at Middlesex County College, New jersey. I am working on a project and I have to design a polished granite wall. I'd like to know more about the polished granite since i have no experience on it. I'd like to know the unit price, transportation costs, etc.. If possible, please send me some information on how to work with this material, such as reinforcement, connections, slab, footing, its properties etc..  Contact  
e 16876 United States Retail:  Uba Tuba Granite for 2 kitchen countertops. approximately 100/sf. with 1.5" bullnose edge and under mount sinks. Contact 
e 16875 United States :  Specifications: 3cm thick, 1st quality granite slabs in the following colors and estimated quantities: Uba Tuba Green 3 bundles, Giallo Veneziano 2 bundles, Carioca Gold 2 bundles, Santa Cecilia 3 bundles, San Gabriel Black 2 Bundles.  Contact  
e 16874 United States Retail:  Looking for Crema Bordeaux granite slabs. We are having a home built in Boise Idaho, and was wondering if any retail/wholesale suppliers would be in that area so that we could take a look in person. Contact
e 16873 United States Retail:  looklin for granite called butterfly blue or g749 kishanda from china- live on the central coast of california- need 5-6 slabs for our kitchen counter tops. (Image 2341.jpgContact      
e 16871 Germany :  We are Importer for Half Slabs and Tiles in Granite. We seek Suppliers wihth the best Prices for a long business.  Contact
e 16870 India :  Gaspari Menotti Gang saw machine of model Jumbo S350  Contact  
e 16869 United States :  We are looking for 600 SQ Ft of Sahara Gold Marble (HONED) 18" x 18" tiles for a client. We are wholesaler/distributor but our current sources are out of this tile. Tile would need to be from warehouse in USA since we need this in less than 2 weeks. Our warehouse is in zip code 54130. Please reply with as soon as possible with availability, price, and freight.  Contact  
e 16868 United States :  I am a factory owner looking for a Galeski 3000 sink cutting machine.  Contact  
e 16866 Singapore :  looking for Excavator with magnet. Please email us the photo together with the CIF Singapore price.  Contact  
e 16865 France :  Recherche pour importation en France de quartzite du Brésil (et d'ailleur) au meilleures conditions du marché avec un meilleur rapport qualité-prix. Des délais de livraisons cours.  Contact
e 16863 India :  We are interested in gaspari menotti gang saw machine jumbo S350. Kindly send us the quotation, photos and technical information about this machine.  Contact  
e 16862 Canada :  Do you carry pea gravel in a white or off-white colour?  Contact  
e 16861 United States Retail:  I am trying to locate a bundle of Sahara Gold for a project in Palm Springs, Ca. All the sources we have out there have a sahara gold but it is very taupe. We are needing one that is mostly green with gold and peach veining running through it. If you have some slabs that fit this description could you please send me a digital picture by email?  Contact  
e 16860 Uruguay :  WE ARE LOOKING FOR CATERPILLAR 777D. May be 10 or more.  Contact 
e 16859 USA:  Regarding the 800 M2 marble. at Euro 2.5/ SQM you have for sale are these tiles with broken edges that can be cut down to a smaller size or are they broken across the face of the tiles? I import many containers of tile and stone from Italy. Let me know the details of the Brecia Onic. you have for sale. Best Regards,  Contact  
e 16858 USA:  Please provide me with the pricing for Rojo Alecante tiles and slab for Los Angeles. Only good material, Only wholesale. Contact
e 16857 United States Retail:  I'm trying to locate Summer Wind granite. I understand that it comes from India.  Contact  
e 16856 United States :  We are looking for samples of sandstone to use on a large residential building project in NYC. Do you have any US representatives that could provide us with a sample catalog? We are architects.  Contact  
e 16855 United States :  We are a limestone company making tiles .We would like to purchase a new or used in good condition Limestone Plant for making tiles and updating our old plant. The plant must have all necessary equipments and machines, to cut the limestone blocks to the final polishing stage ready for shipping .Please contact us, by submitting your catalogs and price list.  Contact  
e 16854 United States Retail:  500 square feet 12X12X 3/8" botticino polished semi-classico tiles. needed asap.  Contact  
e 16853 United States Retail:  I need a rough granite bench (not polished in any way) without the legs for the garden in Sausalito. Light colored, ~4 feet long and ~20-30 inches wide and 4-6 inches? deep.  Contact  
e 16852 United States :  I need a soft stone, either limestone or soapstone, that will eventually erode of the years, for a tombstone-sized sculpture; approx. 28" x 18" x 4-5".  Contact  
e 16851 USA:  Looking for wholesale tile for a retail store.  Contact 
e 16850 United States :  Looking for supplier of 2'-3' ft Boulders. Landscape purpose. Earthtone colors. Delivered. Aprox 35 3' ft needed soon. Contact  
e 16849 Pakistan :  I want to purchase halla hitachi excavator, please tell me price C & F karachi pakistan.  Contact  
e 16848 Pakistan :  Ready Stock 510 -excavators Ex120, and kobelco please tell me the price C & F karachi pakistan.  Contact   
e 16847 Pakistan :  I want to buy excavator, please tell me the price C & F Karachi pakistan.  Contact  
e 16845 Germany :  I want information too Brazilian Slate Products. I need 10000-15000 sqm in this Year.  Contact  
e 16844 United Kingdom :  I am looking to buy large quantities of travertine shipped to the uk.  Contact  
e 16843 United States Retail:  We need approx. 320 sq. ft of Rosso Verona, 12" x 12" tiles, tumbled and 300 sq. ft of "Noce" of the same tiles. My shipping zip code - 60091.  Contact  
e 16842 India :  Please give me price list for the following granites tiles (water cut): col. juprana, white mystic, viscont white, imperial white, sivakasi ivory brown, kashmir white. I want a price along with chamfering and calibration.  Contact  
e 16841 South Korea :  I want to know company which produce Jhansi Red & New Imperial Red. We need Jhansi Red amount 12,000M2. The size is 600~700* 1,100~1,200 / Thickness is 20mm, 25mm. If you can, give me your quotation in case of 20mm and 25mm Cut to size. If you send sample of Jhansi Red, That is good to us.  Contact  
e 16840 Vietnam :  we are a leading company trading in all kinds of Pumice Stone in Vietnam market. At the moment, we have strong demand for our customers with the item as follows: - Size : 2 x 3 cm, - Siize: 3 x 5 cm - Quantity: 02 1x40'FCL - Package: 25kg/ bag Would you please try best to send me your best price offer (USD) at CFR HoChiMinh Port and advise me how many bags and MT for 1x40'FCL so that we can consider and try best to have the first order with you soon.  Contact  
e 16839 El Salvador :  Please quote for cutting and polishing machine for marble and granite.  Contact  
e 16838 Norway :  Please quote for 1 container of good quality black granite slabs and tiles.  Contact  
e 16837 India :  Looking for suppliers of Omani marble. We would like to buy 15 containers.  Contact  
e 16836 United Kingdom :  We are setting up a Granite Import business here in the UK. Could you provide us with prives for the following granite: Bon Accord, Zimbabwe, Angola Black (All 3cm). We are looking to place an order within the next couple of weeks, we will be looking to spend £30.000 to £50.000 (Sterling). Please advise of prices, slab sizes, shipping terms etc.  Contact  
e 16835 United States :  I am looking for 15,000 sq ft of 24 x 24" Royal Oyster marble for a client in South Florida. Do you have this?  Contact 
e 16834 Greece :  We are searching for granite for facade in Green and Brown colour. Similar colour specifications are: Rakhi Green, Leopard Skin and Tan Brown, depending on the area of granite processing. We require one side polished tiles and our interest is in competitive import prices from India or China or other appropriate location. The dimension specifications are: 1700 x 900 x 20 mm - 1000 pcs, 1530 sqm 1300 x 900 x 20 mm - 500 pcs, 585 sqm 1200 x 900 x 20 mm - 300 pcs, 324 sqm 1800 x 900 x 20 mm - 500 pcs, 810 sqm 900 x 900 x 15 mm - 400 pcs, 324 sqm We prefer quotes in FOB terms. We are planning to order in approx. 30 days and will postpone if necessary. We will request sample, if price is suitable. Contact
e 16833 Pakistan :  We are interested to buy two units of Komatsu PW100-1 Wheel Excavators. If you have kindly quote us your rock bottom C&F Karachi prices for same. We also need Kobelco SK04WD Excavators, send us offers if you have.  Contact  
e 16832 China :  We manufacture high precision machinery for the Printed Circuit Board industry. For our next project we want to use a granite - air bearing combination for moving axes. Because our production facility is in shanghai, china, we are looking for a chinese supplier of granite, who is able to deliver an high accurate end-product according to given drawings. For the guidance of the air-bearings we need a dove-tail ground into the granite, which requires very high accuracy. At the current stage of this project we need to know what are the costs for such a product. After we have a supplier we would place an order within 3 month.  Contact  
e 16831 Turkmenistan :  We want to buy a construction plant. How many people will work at there. How much metr square will take this plant. How much it is last cost. Give me please information about where the plant is being at now, the taxes & condition of transportation. Are you giving Installation advice & know-how information after installation. If the conditions will be good we will buy this plant immediately. If it is possible would you send to me the photos of this factory. Produced materials standards. Tel: +993123..... Contact  
e 16830 United States Retail:  I am looking for beige marble from the Antalya region of Turkey. It is sometimes known as Antalya Beige or Cappuccino Beige. I need 16x16 (3/8" thick) polished tiles. 125 sq feet. Do you have any wholesalers in Northern California, USA? Can you supply this?  Contact
e 16829 United Kingdom :  I am looking for limestone and travertine product please could you send me a catalogue or online catalogue with prices Here are my details  Contact  
e 16828 Bangladesh :  We have been searching a good and reliable supplier of Pumice Stone for textile wash and fortunately I found your details through website, I do understand that you would able to supply the same. We would like to take opportunity to introduce ourselves as a Leading Trading House engaged in import, export and indenting with a wide reputation in our country. We are interested to develop business relationship with your esteemed Organization and hope you will kindly cooperation with us. At this moment, we have an inquiry from one of our valued customers, who is interested to import immediately 100 MT Pumice Stone for textile wash, size 3cm - 5cm, Color and shape to be white particle-rounded. We are therefore requesting you to please quote your very best price on CFR Chittagong basis including US$ 10 per ton commission for us.Kindly also indicate delivery schedule, packing mode and validity of price.  Contact  
e 16827 Nigeria :  I am interested in buying (granite cutter). Kindly give me the cost of the item and the total cost of shipping to nigeria. My mode of payment will be with credit card.  Contact 
e 16826 India :  We want Pumice Stone - size 1-2 cm and 2-3 cm. Application - Garments washing. We are willing to buy from indonesia - lombok. We will buy immediately. We expect to finalize and place an order immediately. Please offer your most competitive price at mumbai port all inclusive by sea for FCL quantity of pumice stone as soon as possible.  Contact  
e 16825 United Kingdom :  I would like prices for 1st quality polished countertop slabs in Brazilian Verde Ubatuba. I require them now and could complete the order immediately. I need 7 slabs @ 3cm shipped to the UK.  Contact  
e 16824 Bangladesh :  Would you pls advise us the import details of "Pumice Stone" size:3-5cm, color Gray/White. Please advise us the CFR & FOB price from Turkey to Chittagong/Bangladesh.  Contact  
e 16823 Netherlands :  Interested in buying Indian granite blocks.  Contact  
e 16822 United States :  Looking to buy (and potentially have laid) ~1,700 sq ft of slate tile, 16*16 or 24*24, gauged. Base color of light-medium grey (e.g. China P003, P010, India Himchal Grey). Ready to buy now, but must have sample. Location is Palm Springs, CA 92270  Contact  
e 16821 United States :  We are a limestone company making tiles. We would like to purchase a new or used in good condition Limestone Plant for making tiles and updating our old plant. The plant must have all necessary equipments and machines, to cut the limestone blocks to the final polishing stage ready for shipping. Please contact us, by submitting your catalogs and price list.  Contact  
e 16821 United States Retail:  Can I obtain samples of the following colors? 1. Orion blue, 2. Red Arara, 3. Lambada, 4. Nero Vitoria, 5. Aegian Bordeaux, 6. Antico D'Italia Rosso, 7. Burgundy, 8. Passwa. Appreciate your help.  Contact  
e 16819 United States :  We are one of the largest importers and wholesalers of Stone in the Midwest with five locations in Illinois, two in Michigan and one each in Ohio & Wisconsin. Last year we imported 790 containers from all over the world. We regularly require all popular stones and for that reason I contact you but with a specific requirement of Crema Marfil in size 12 * 12, 16 * 16 & 18 * 18. Although we have our suppliers for the same but if we can get a better price with the same quality we would want to work ahead with your company. I would appreciate if you can assist us to have the price of the same for quantity 7000 sq ft for 12*12 and 6400 sq ft for 16's and 18's both for regular and select qualities to start with. All tiles to be totally free from any manufacturing defects. Prices to be in US$ /sft FOB or CIF. Please feel free to get in touch with me in case of any further clarification. Image 1 : [ 1781.jpg Contact
e 16818 Vietnam :  Want to buy :We are looking for some used equipments(all of them must be in good condition) as: - CAT 773B dump trucks(year of manuf. from 1988 up ). - Wheel loader (side dump bucketcap. from 2.5 to 3.5 cubic meter, CAT or KOMATSU year of manuf. from 1992up) - CAT 330B or 330 excavator(year of manuf. from 1994 up). Crawler Crane (loading capacity from 45 to 60 ton, year of manuf. from 1995 up) Concrete-trailer pump (output from 60 to 80 cubic meter per hour Portable pump ;New and used:year of manuf. from 1998 up; Make : All make; Price: include spare parts) For these units, Could you send us more photos, survey report in detail and the price of them. We are looking forward to hear from you at soonest.  Contact  
e 16817 India :  Hi, I am constructing house in Bangalore. I am looking out for a marble/granite flooring. I am planning to go for big slabs of standard size and thickness. I am looking out for light colours say whit, spotted white, cream colour a price range of 50-70 and have about 2000 sq ft of flooring area. In some parts I am planning to go for costly ones around Rs.80 per sft and in rooms and other places planning to go for lower end marble say Rs. 40-50. Please suggest me the marble that falls in my budget. Please suggest me some good dealers in Bangalore where I can get best deal and a good quality of marble or granite. Regards Naveen  Contact  
e 16815 Germany :  Slabs, half Slabs, Tiles in Granite. Image 1 : [ 1741.jpg Contact      
e 16814 Australia :  We are importers of Ceramic tiles, recently we have seen 200x200mm Glazed tiles made by a company in India (Shade Alpha Blanco). Can you offer us this product and what other colours are avaliable in this item?(125 Sq / mtr per pallet). Quantity is by 20" Ft container basis. Other colours also interested as well. We will buy from any country, we will study.  Contact
e 16811 Bangladesh :  Would you pls advise us your CFR price Chittagong for 100/MT of B grade 3-5 cm Pumice stone doubled washed, 3 times tumbled. Stone color is "Gray" or "White". Our volume will be 30-40 container/month. Our tel. no. is 88-02-91.....  Contact
e 16809 United States :  I am looking for scrap in the marble and granite industry to run through a crusher to use in my cultered marble factory. Feb 12  Contact
e 16808 United States Retail:  I am trying to locate marble to replace a top on an antique dresser that was broken. I am told it is Rosa Duquesa and was from Spain. I need a piece about 50.25" x 20.25". Feb 12  Contact
e 16807 United States Retail:  Looking for remnants/small lot of the following porcelain tile: Manufacturer: Ceramica Vallelunga Series: Shabui Style: Muschio Size: 18"x18" and/or other standard sizes, as available Amount: 250 s.f.   Contact
e 16806 United States Retail:  I am interested in using a pale buff or white colored sandstone on a current project. Feb 12  Contact 
e 16805 United States :  Please send information on stone for landscaping and walkways. Feb 12.  Contact  
e 16804 Italy :  I am interested in purchasing 40 to 50 basalt massage stones, various sizes, or a set if it's available. Could you please send a quote and brief description and country of origin of the stones? Please include shipping quote to Italy.  Contact  
e 16803 United States :  I am working on starting up a company right now that will manufacture stone products, and am looking into some information and contacts for a business plan. I am not sure on the quantity to start (partially price dependent), and I would like a variety of colors. We will mostly be making picture frames, coasters, and swith covers. So if the stone could be delivered in sheets it would be a tremendous help. Contact  
e 16802 Russia: Can I receive the price-list on a granite stone? Feb 11, Contact 
e 16801 USA: We are an importer in Baltimore USA and are looking to buy 1 container (40+ slabs) of Blue Pearl HQ Plus - 2cm and 3cm slabs 1st quality. Please quote FOB prices your country with available dimensions in inches. Currency may be USD or Euro. All initial communication through email only - we will call qualified sellers after evaluating all quotations. Feb 11, Contact 
e 16800 Israel: We are from Israel and we are looking for suppliers for sandstones blocks or cut tiles in yellow or beige. We need for a f.o.b prices. Feb 11, Contact 
e 16799 Turkey: I have trading trading company in Turkey. I have potential buyers for granites. I want to work with your firm as your agent here in Turkey. Let me know about all your granites' colours and their slab prices. I need Brazil, Indian, Italian and Spanish granites. Generally I need with these dimensions; 2cm and 3cm thickness for all granites. Slab: 75 cm x 2.60cm, Tiles:30cm x 30cm, 30cm x 60cm, 40cm x 40cm. Please send me all your products list with prices list please. I have potential to buy 500000 sqm per year. Some colors wanted by my buyers urgently are: AFRICAN RED, BLUE PEARL, ROSA PORINO, ROSA MINHO, ROSA BETA, MULTI COLOR, NEW IMPERIAL, BLACK GALAXY, NERO ZIMBABWE, CORAL MIST, TAN BROWN, CAPAO BONITA. The quantity will be 2 containers per each colour, total is 10000 SQM. Feb 11, Contact 
e 16798 UK: I am interested in a quote for 50sqm of Blue Pearl Polished Granite including delivery to the UK. Feb 10, Contact 
e 16797 India: We require synthetic diamond powder # 200/230, 230/270 and 270/325 regularly, please quote the most competitive rates. Feb 10, Contact 
e 16796 USA: Retail: I am looking for a green, marble slab - 5' x 5'. Would I be able to purchase this size slab from you? And if so, how much would it cost? Also, would I be able to pick it up myself? Feb 10, Contact 
e 16795 USA: Retail: Please quote for Azul Turquesa. I am in NY, my tel. no. is 845-22.....Need a curved-front Counter Top for a corner installation - 24 X 24" with a 2-1/4" built-up flat edge on the curved front only, plus a shelf to be mounted under it - 20" X 20" with the same edge. w/ a honed finish. Would like to find a suppler near the NY Metropolitan area, if possible. I am ready to purchase as soon as I receive pricing and can confirm the color - will need a sample submitted for review. I can submit a template or detail drawing, whichever you prefer. Feb 10, Contact 
e 16794 Saudi Arabia: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote me your best price C&F (Riyadh-Saudi Arabia) for the below items:-
Excavator: PC200-5 model 91 up PC200-6 model. 
Dozer: D155-A model 85 up
Kobelco: SK200 model 92 up
Cranes: Tadano 50 tons model 90 up
Mitsubishi: 180-8 
My mobile no. is :+9665041.....Feb 10, Contact 
e 16793 USA": Retail: I am interested in buying 430 sf of 3/8 finished marble tiles breccia onicita. Please quote. Delivery in Orlando, Florida. Feb 9, Contact 
e 16792 USA: I am looking for Italian Marble for die sublimation. Do you have any die sublimation products? My tel. no. is 310-56......Feb 9, Contact 
e 16791 USA: Retail: I am looking for about 60 sq. ft. of "Labrador Antique" for kitchen counter tops. Can call or leave message at 808-23.....I am in Hawaii. Feb 9, Contact 
e 16789 India: I require RVD Diamond powder 700-800 kg per month. Mathsize. 200 x 230, 230 x 270, 270 x 325. Feb 9, Contact 
e 16788 USA: Retail: I am looking for 50 tiles of Marbella Shell Stone Honed tiles 18 inches x 18 inches x 1/2 inch to finish an existing project. I am in AS. Tel. no. is 684-69.....Would like to ship from the west coast, USA if possible. Feb 9, Contact 
e 16787: I am searching in Budapest for a studio in (or near) Budapest for my art work. I am looking for a commercial shop that has a large circular table saw suitable for cutting granite. I seek to lease the equipment and the commercial space. The ideal candidate is willing to lease on a short term basis, by the month, by the week, or even by the day. I do NOT need sophisticated or automated equipment. It is OK for the saw to be old with manual operation. Feb 9, Contact
e 16786 USA: Please send me a price list. I am inquiring about 1 assorted container of granite. I am in LA. My tel. no. is 225.23...... Feb 9, Contact
e 16785 UK: We are looking for a wholesale supplier of limestone/travertine. We are a new business supplying limestone/travertine floors with under floor heating in the Cheshire area of England. Please contact me on 01695 6.....Feb 9, Contact
e 16784 UK: We are landscape consultants. We have been commissioned to work on preparation of design guidelines for all the hard surfaces in Dubai. We require catalogues and information on a range of granites and marbles
The ones we are particularly interested in are: Pink Sardo Flamed, Adriano Polished & Flamed, Grey Sardo Polished and Flamed, Nero Absoluto, Juperana Polished and Flamed. Could you send catalogues via e-mail or hard copies in post. My tel. no. is Tel: 01908 3.....
Feb 9, Contact
e 16783 Iraq: I want to buy a old brick factory. My mobile contact No. is 004470286.....I prefer small brick machine second hand (each part price separately). Feb 8, Contact
e 16782 Thailand: We are looking for the following equipments: 
1. Used Komatsu Clawler Type PC 200, 220, 300 1990-1994
2. Used Hitachi Clawler Type EX220LC, EC260, EX310H 1990-1994
My tel. no. is (66) 263.....Feb 8, Contact
e 16781 Pakistan: We are a leading woven garment manufacturer. We have a washing laundry for jeans with the capacity of 20,000 trousers every day. We are in need of rounded pumice stone 3-5 cm, with a monthly requirement of 50,000 Kgs. We would like to keep at least 3 months of stones in stock and then work on rotation basis with container coming in every month. Please urgently provide me your quotation with delivery time. I would like to receive samples of your production as per my requirement. Our tel. no is (92-21) 50.....Feb 8, Contact
e 16780 Philippines: We would like to inquire if you have Salisbury Pink. The sizes we need are 60cm & 80cm X random and the thickness are 20mm, 30mm & 70mm. We would like to know if do you have slates the color we need are pink and green, if do you have please give us a price quotation and send the picture so that we can compare to our sample.  Feb 8, Contact
e 16779 UK: Can you please send us a catalogue of all stones. My tel. no. is +44(0)79446.....Feb 8, Contact
e 16778 USA: Retail: I am looking for round and oval marble table tops ¾ inch thickness with bevel-edge. Colors: black, white, white-grey, green and pure white. Please send me information on what sizes you are able to make, pricing, manufacturing time and minimum quantities. I am in PA. My tel. no. is +001.610.38.....Feb 8, Contact
e 16777 USA: Retail: We are beginning to do some research on getting granite counter tops in our kitchen. We live in Bergen County, NJ. Feb 8, Contact
e 16776 Pakistan: We are interested to import used Tadano TR250M-3 or TR250M-4 crane. Production year should be above 1987 and unit must be with original paint. If you have any kindly send us details with photos and C&F Karachi Pakistan prices. TEL: 009230021.....Feb 8, Contact
e 16774 Turkey: We want visit the quarry in order to buy b/m JM White Limestone in blocks for our customer. Kindly send us quotes and pictures. Our tel. no. is 009021636.....The sizes are in blocks 150x150x100+/-. Quantity:1000+-/Month. After the visit of the quarry in the mid of Feb. we can finalize the procurement. Feb 7, Contact
e 16773 Uruguay: WE ARE LOOKING FOR DUMPER TRUCKS, CAPACITY 14 cubic meter, YEAR 2000 or more. May be any brand. Must be package same brand and same model. Tel: 00598 2 40.....Feb 7, Contact
e 16772 Thailand: Stone Processing Machine: We are interested in used GRANITE SLABS POLISHING MACHINE. Our tel. no. is +66 2 66.....Feb 7, Contact
e 16771 USA: I own a Gift Company here in San Francisco. I want to get into sandblasting coaster. I need a 4 x 4 size square. I would like the squares in Sandstone and Sierra Stone. I need to find out if you can cut the squares and what the cost would be? I also need to find out how many I would need to purchase? My tel. no. is 415-58.....Feb 7, Contact
e 16770 USA: Retail: I am a homeowner in the Connecticut area interested in stone / pavers you might have in my area. Feb 7, Contact
e 16769 Bangladesh: Please quote for "Pumice Stone" from Indonesia to Chittagong. Size is 3-5 cm. Volume is 40' & 40' HC. The price for C&F and FOB both of above mentioned details. Tel: 88-02-91.....Feb 7, Contact
e 16768 UAE: Please quote for a CNC -3-D ENGRAVING AND MILLING. Feb 7, Contact
e 16767 USA: Retail: Please quote with images for Capao Bonito. My tel. no. is 317-54.....Feb 7, Contact
e 16766 USA: Stone Processing Machine: I am a Cabinet maker. I need 2 machines. One for cutting granite slabs 120x55 inches and the other a polisher. My budget is 6000 USD. Feb 7, Contact
e 16764 Saudi Arabia: I would like to buy 500 sqm of Azul Cielo marble from Argentina, size 80X80cm. What the best price of that including shipment to Riyadh? Tel.: 9665054.....Feb 5, Contact
e 16763 USA: Retail: I am looking for soapstone slabs for a countertop application. I will need 38-42 square feet. I live in Dunedin Florida (west coast). I can be reached at 727 23...... I would ideally like to get the soapstone delivered by early-mid February 2005. I am negotiable on price but would ideally like to pay about $15-18 per square foot. Feb 5, Contact
e 16762 Jordan: Earthmoving Machine: We are looking for Komatsu D155A-1 & A-2 dozers for export. Unit most preferable to be with s/u blade and with a 4 barrel single shank ripper. However, bare front and back machines will be taken into consideration if price is right. Photos + machine details would be appreciated along with offers. Feb 5, Contact
e 16761 USA: Retail: I need 3 Vanity tops of 54 - 58"; 70 - 80" & 20 - 30"; 2 Kitchen counter tops, 80 - 120' & center island. I am in Minneapolis. Feb 5, Contact
e 16760 Canada: Earthmoving Machinery: We are looking for a CAT 834B. My tel. no. is 604-88......Feb 5, Contact
e 16759 USA: I am looking for table tops in Marble and granite and also looking for large sheet  of LAVA to cut into table tops. I am in FL. My tel. no. is 941-95.....Feb 5, Contact
e 16758 USA: I am looking for 400 s/f of Chinese Random Ashlar Pattern Slate. If you could tell me who in the United States would have this in stock in there warehouse at this time. I am in MO. Phone: 314 96.....Feb 4, Contact
e 16757 Canada: Stone Processing Machinery: I have a client who might be interested in Z. Bavelloni EGAR / Galeski 3000 sink cutting machine . Please tell me my cost price in USD location photos and the equipment which comes with it. Feb 4, Contact
e 16756 Spain: We are interesting in sandstone. Feb 4, Contact
e 16755 Malta: Earthmoving Machinery: We are looking urgently for a CAT 375 for a client of ours in Malta. We are dealers of used CAT equipment, located in Malta (middle of the Med Sea, south of Italy). Please quote us your best prices and send full details of the machine. Please give indication of shipping costs from US port to CIF Malta if possible, or give shipping dimensions. Tel. +(356) 21 3.....Feb 4, Contact
e 16754 UK: We are a UK based construction company and require 1000m2 40 x 40 x 2cm Crema Marbella honed limestone. I would be grateful if you could quote me an FOB price. Our tel. no. is 0208 65.....Feb 4, Contact
e 16753 Singapore: We requested for information regarding the 1000 sqm Antique Silver marble 600x600x13 mm. We are interested to find a reliable supplier.  Feb 4, Contact
e 16752 Azerbaijan: We have engaged in different types of activities, especially in trading. We are importing the build and facing materials such as wall tiles, laminates and all the materials which relating to repair and building. Please send us your catalogues, price list and inform us if you have official distributors in Azerbaijan. Our tel. no. is +9941249.....Feb 4, Contact
e 16751 Egypt: We are looking for tension rolling machine to tension-roll gangsaw/frame saw steel blades (marble cutting blades). My tel. no. is  0020276.....Feb 3, Contact
e 16750 USA: Please quote 1000 sqm of Vermelho Capão Bonito in 60 x 120 x 2 cm (polished). You may contact us at (503) 88.....Feb 3, Contact
e 16749: Email me relevant information on GRANITE for floors, walls and kitchens. Feb 3, Contact
e 16748 Canada: Please quote for 2 containers of Brazilian granite slabs and tiles. Telephone number is 780- 23.....I am in Alberta. Feb 3, Contact
e 16747 India: Please quote for secondhand gang saws. Feb 3, Contact
e 16746 Hungary: We would like to buy limestone tiles (Travertino). Our phone no. is +36-20-95......We are willing to buy stone from the European Union. Please send details on prices and optionally on shipping costs. Feb 3, Contact
e 16745 USA: I am looking for a list of foreign exporters in Granite and marble. We are doing about 6 countertops a week and are interested in bringing them in by container if the price is reasonable. We are in Mississippi. Our tel. no. is 601-99.....Feb 3, Contact
e 16744 USA: Looking for 12 x12 vein cut Navona travertine in South Florida. Customer needs 1000 sq ft. Need location and price. Feb 3, Contact
e 16743 Korea: I am responsible for importing stones from all over the countries. All kinds of stones like Marble, Granite, Limestone, Sandstone and Agglomerated. If you give me a good quality and competitive Price we can sell your products in many fields through all over the country. Could you send your price list of Jura Beige Slab 20mm, 30mm, 600 x 600 x 20mm and Cut to size (Polished, Antiqued, Delievery CNF Unit Price)? And Could you send your samples? Our tel. no. is 82-2-99.....Feb 3, Contact
e 16742 Bolivia: Earthmoving Machinery: We want you to send us pictures of the excavators you have in your stock list, and also the prices and theirs conditions. My tel. no. is (591)-(3)-33.....Feb 3, Contact
e 16741 USA: I require a quote for a project that will require 100 square feet of 16"x16" marble tile, at least 1/2" thick to be delivered to Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I am hoping to stay within a budget of no more than $6 USD per square foot. Preferably I would like to stay between $4-$5 UDS per square foot. Further my timeline for delivery is within the next 2-4 weeks. I am interested in Brescia ainai, Loannina Beige, Karnezeika Beige Banded, Abedah, Sand Botticino, Uromieh Cream, Sicilian Cream, Crema Mora, Rosa Sanmarco, Diano Real, Cemmar Beige, Botticiano, Grantinillo Lucido, Trani Bronzetto, Desert Rose, Capristrano, Crema Malgata, Bilecik Pure Beige and Tabarka. My tel. no. is 404.57.....Feb 3, Contact
e 16740 USA: I need granite slabs for a job in MA. Feb 3, Contact 
e 16739 Poland: I am searching for a supplier of soapstone tiles 15 x 24 x 2cm and 30 x 40 x 2cm - grey colour. Qty trail container and then 1 container per month. Feb 3, Contact 
e 16738 USA: We are interested in 30cm2 slate tiles in black, pallet quantities. We are in Maryland. Our tel. no. is 410-92.....Feb 3, Contact 
e 16737 Turkey: We are interested in a waterjet machine. Can you send your machines photos and specifications? Feb 3, Contact 
e 16736 Ireland: We are currently tendering for jobs and would be interested in getting price lists of suppliers but for the moment. I require prices on 500M2 of labrodar Black granite honed 60x40x20 and also for 330m2 of zira grey 30mm granite honed 30 x 30, 40 x 40, 60 x 40. Our tel. no. is 062 .....Feb 2, Contact 
e 16735: How can I obtain a sample and price fro "Font Clair"? Feb 2, Contact 
e 16734 USA: Source and prices for 12" x 12" or larger 200 sq ft Baltic green tiles please! I am in CA 93103. Feb 2, Contact 
e 16733 USA: I would like for you to send me a price list and colors of granites slabs & tiles that you have available (in stock). I am looking for good prices on Indian, Brazilian & Chinese material. I shall be placing an order soon (2 - 4 containers). My tel. no. is (713) 89.....Feb 2, Contact 
e 16732 USA: I am looking for an outlet for large/small field rock ideal for landscaping, etc. Feb 2, Contact
e 16731 Bangladesh: We are from Bangladesh. We are interested to import marble tiles and want to know the detail like price list as per size and color in FOB/CIF value port Chittagong. Our tel. no. is 0088-0331......Feb 2, Contact
e 16730 USA: I am needing 1200 tiles of Volga Blue only in the black and blue colors, no green. My tel no. is 907 586-6096Feb 2, Contact
e 16729 France: Kindly send me the cost of MARGHESTONE LAPPONIA counter tops for 130 kitchens. We are in Nice. Our tel. no. is 0033 6 20 3.....Feb 2, Contact
e 16728 Pakistan: We are interested to buy secondhand Granite gangsaw and a polishing machine. Please send us pictures and last prices. Feb 2, Contact
e 16727 India: Looking for 2500 sq. ft. black stone from Jalore. My tel. no. is 009122-228.....Feb 2, Contact
e 16726 Vietnam: Earthmoving Machinery: We are looking for some used equipments as: 
- CAT 773B dump trucks.
- Wheel loader (side dump bucket cap. from 2.5 to 3.5 cubic meter, CAT or KOMATSU)
- CAT 330B or 330 excavator. 
For these units, could you send us more photos, survey report in detail and the price of them? Our tel. no. is +84 4 76.....Feb 2, Contact
e 16725 USA: Machinery: Please quote for concrete roofing tile plant.  Feb 2, Contact
e 16724 Australia: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for earthmoving machinery like D8R, D8N and some 14G. Feb 2, Contact
e 16723 USA: We need Tile porcelain glazed, white body, sizes in inches : 13 x 13, 16 x 16, 18 x 18, 20 x 20. Size for which current possibility is 16x16 inch and 18x18 inch. Please rush for the info. We would like to receive samples and container prices. (Each container usually includes between 17000 to 18000 sq.ft of laminates). The material is needed for USA and the samples would be required at our Singapore office. Feb 2, Contact
e 16722: We are looking for the buyers of broken tiles of marble and travertine in various colors from India and China. e can offer you only 4 USD/SQM. These materials are useful for mosaic and marble chips factory. Mobile: 0098-91227.....Feb 2, Contact
e 16721 Syria: We are an interior design firm. We would like more details, catalogs and any information on products that you can supply. Tel. no. is ++963 11 44.... Feb 2, Contact
e 16720: I would like to inquire on the price of the raw material, marble & granite. Would it be possible you can also provide me the specs,  details, etc.? I have a potential market, and the requirement is huge. Feb 2, Contact
e 16719: We are interested of using volcanic stone in our restaurant. Would you please be kind to send us pictures of the stone. We are actually looking for the stone in natural shape or 8x12x1/3/8 or with 10" . Feb 2, Contact
e 16718 USA: What kind of saws do you have? How old? Condition and price? Feb 2, Contact
e 16717 USA: Retail: We are interested in approximately 70 square feet of granite counter top for a kitchen in central New Jersey. Feb 2, Contact
e 16716 Canada: We are in Winnipeg, Manitoba and would like to order a slab of Verde Velasquez. We would like 1.25 inch thick and need this as soon as possible. Do you have a distributor for Canada? Our tel. no. is (204) 77.....Feb 2, Contact
e 16715 USA: Can you contact me regarding TERZAGO 216 Bridge cutter ASAP. I am in Virginia 22314. Phone no. is 703 82.....Feb 2, Contact
e 16714 UK: We are a company based in London Tel: +44 20 737......We want to purchase Marbella honed size area 400 x 400 x 20 250sqm and 600 x 400 x 20 250 sqm. Jerusalem Gold (light) size area 400 x 400 x 20mm 100 sqm. Quote FOB or CIF Spain. Orders can be placed immediately quality and reliability is established. Prepared to travel to see factory.  Feb 2, Contact
e 16713 Canada: I am mainly interested in limestone slabs used in house construction. Typically about 30" x15" flat. Also various architectural shapes for cornices, window surrounds, roman columns, etc. Please send a catalogue (by email or regular mail) showing your limestone products, colour and specifications, and what shapes you can supply. Also let me know what shipping arrangements you make and the charges for shipping to Toronto, Canada. Feb 2, Contact
e 16712 Yemen: Earthmoving Machine: We are main importer of Tyres, Acids, Spear parts, Road working Heavy Equipment, Vehicles Batteries, etc. We are looking for Komatsu Grader GD705, 725 or 825 and Sakai Roller Single drum 17t to 23t. Tel: 0096712......Feb 1, Contact
e 16711 USA: I am looking for 3cm slabs cinnamon brown granite. Can you send me a sample or email a pic? I am in Maine. Feb 1, Contact
e 16710 USA: We have seen your price list we can buy from you in bulk please send us your catalogues and bulk pricing to move forward also send us the payment terms. Our tel. no. is 732 39.....Feb 1, Contact
e 16709 USA: Please quote the following: 
5,000 sf - 10,000 sg - 15,000 sf of a brown granite tile in the following size 16" X 16" in the following thickness: 9mm and 12 mm thickness. 
Price with delivery to 07601 New Jersey in the United States. I can take 16" X 16" or 18"X18" granite thin granite tiles. Tel. 201 48....address is NJ. Feb 1, Contact
e 16706 Venezuela: I am interested in ceramic tiles non decorated for floor and walls, on sizes : 30 x 30, 40 x 40 and 60 x 60, class 2 and 3.
And, decorative tiles on sizes 25 x 8 and 30 x 8. I request these particular sizes being the most used in the local market but I will be more than happy to study any other option. I will also like to know the delivery terms and cost, and if you have a representative office or so in America, so it will be easier to make business person to person. Tel. - Fax: (58 276) 34.....Feb 1, Contact
e 16705 Taiwan: We required the following two machines. 
1) HITACHI EX100-1 12E-25063 1990 3118HR 0.4M3BK, 500G SHOE 
2) HITACHI EX100WD 11B-1154 1989 2992HR 0.4M3BK, WITH EXTRA PIPING . 
My tel. no. is 886-3-30.....Feb 1, Contact
e 16704 Germany: We have some requests in Kashmir White tiles 61x30,5x1 cm polished with 1mm bevelling and 3 containers tile size  30,5 x 30,5 x 1 cm polished with 1mm bevelling 1 container. Imperial White tiles 30,5x30,5x1 cm polished with 1mm bevelling 1 container. Please give me the price fob port or cnf European port (Rotterdam/Antwerp/Hamburg or Bremen). My phone no. is +49 941 6.....Feb 1, Contact
e 16703: Price for zira grey limestone. Feb 1, Contact
e 16702 Italy: We are international agents and would like to find a good supplier of black granite for our clients. We are looking for a quantity of cut to size 2 cm thick solid black granite as Zimbabwe of 2 containers per month and the same quantity of slabs of black impala and Zimbabwe in 3 cm. We are looking also for granite Andes black in 2 cm cut to size. Phone: + 39 0185 3......Feb 1, Contact
e 16701 USA: Retail: I need to plaster my pool with marble dust. My pool is 50x20. I live in Memphis TN. I would like a gray color just not white. Feb 1, Contact
e 16699 USA: Do you carry pavers? We are looking to use pavers on our driveway approximately 1500 sq ft. Could you send me pictures of your products and a pricelist? Feb 1, Contact
e 16698 USA: Retail: Would like aragon gold limestone. Please call 828-71....I am looking for limestone, and approximately 60-70Sf for kitchen countertops.. Feb 1, Contact
e 16697 Turkey: We are importing granite slabs and tiles over China to Turkey. We place order amount 200000$ monthly. We could buy slabs and tiles at every sizes. Feb 1, Contact 
e 16696 USA: I am a contractor. I have a customer in Houston TX requesting crushed granite for walk ways throughout property, and driveways. Feb 1, Contact 
e 16695 Pakistan: We are interested to buy one unit of crane as follows: Tadano or Kato Truck Crane 25 Ton, must be 1987 or UP, Single Cabin with 4X4. If you are able to offer kindly quote us your best C&F Karachi price including photos and details? Tel. no. is 009230021.....Feb 1, Contact 
e 16694 UK: I am looking for a fireplace to be built in my house and would like to see some designs. Feb 1, Contact
e 16693: Retail: Do you sell 12x12 Azul Aran tiles? I just need enough tiles for my backsplash. Measurement are 240" x 18". How much per tile? My tel. no. is 917-59.....Feb 1, Contact
e 16692 USA: Retail: I am an interior decorator. I am looking for marble window sills in white 4" by 74".  Feb 1, Contact

Inquiries sorted by countries, product categories and previous months are displayed at www.findstone.com/tilinks.htm  

We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.