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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!   December 31, 2004
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393 inquiries in December. 

The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 16237 India: Please quote the price of unexpanded Perlite Ore C&F Mundra Port India. Dec 31, Contact 
e 16236 USA: Please quote for 70 bathroom vanity in 5 and 6 feet each, 140 tub surroundings sets 28"x6', 50 kitchen countertops 2'x8'; 30" x 6' island bow tops; 2000 sq ft. color tiles 12"x12"x1/8"; 10 2'x2' square medallion tiles; 10 4'x4' square medallion tiles; 10 6'x6' square medallion tiles; 10 2'x2' circle medallion tiles; 10 4'x4' circle medallion tiles; 10 6'x6' circle medallion tiles. Willing to buy from any geographic region with the best price. I am ready to buy and begin business with a good supplier. I am currently beginning a new company for placing granite in houses and will be needing more shipments of granite to the US. I will need an estimate for the above order and some pictures to make sure we are talking about the same styles and items. I expect to finalize and place an order within the next month or so.  My tel. no. is 252-49.....Dec 31, Contact
e 16235 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machine: I want to purchase 950B, 950E excavator. Please send CNF Karachi price with pictures. My tel. no. is 0092-42-72.....Dec 31, Contact
e 16234 USA: What would be the price for a 2 centemeter thick verde green marble slab delivered to Pipe Creek, Texas 78063? Dec 31, Contact
e 16233 USA: I want 1000 sq. ft 12 x 12 calibrated sandstone tiles. I am in Florida. My tel. no. is 407-90.....Dec 31, Contact
e 16232 USA: Interested in purchasing Yellow Sun granite from Bahia, Brazil for a home project. Can you help me find a good reputable supplier. I am located in San Francisco.  My tel. no. is 415-81.....Dec 31, Contact
e 16231 USA: We need about 40,000 Sq Ft of marble tiles in 18"x18"x5/8". Kindly indicate prices FOB/CIF and email me your details or send offer and samples. I am in New York. Cell: 646 77.....Dec 31, Contact
e 16229 UK: I am interested in purchasing comparatively small amounts of: 
(a) Rosa Portugal, Rosa Portugal, Rosa Portugal, & Rosa Portugal Salmone. As the marble will be for hand made mosaics, I would need rods (eg 20cm by 1.5cm, and as thin as possible). Could you confirm that I can order small quantities of marble rods of this description through yourselves, and how much each type is; and the delivery charge for a package of 10kg. Dec 31, Contact
e 16228 USA: Retail: I am looking for 60 Sq Ft of Giallo Antico 12x12 for a customer of mine. Tel. no. (239)64.....Dec 31, Contact
e 16227 Turkey: We have a factory and doing granite and marble business in Turkey. We also importing some of Italian and Spanish granites. We want to buy granite slabs (2 cm strips and slabs) from China. Kindly sent us your catalogue, pictures, slabs measures and your best prices (CIF) with payment conditions. Our tel. no. is mobile 90 532 28.....Dec 30, Contact
e 16225 Malaysia: Kindly quote us the supply of French & Spanish Limestone as below:
1) 1400mm x 575mm x 30mm (T) French Limestone C&F Port Klang Malaysia for 11,500m2
2) 1400mm x 575mm x 30mm(T) Spanish Limestone C&F Port Klang Malaysia for 650m2
We require the above for a project in Kuala Lumpur early March 2005. Dec 30, Contact
e 16224 Bangladesh: PLEASE QUOTE FOR STATUARIETTO COMMERCIAL QUALITY. OUR TEL. NO. IS 0088-02-89.....Dec 30, Contact
e 16222 India: Send me details of scrap blades and segments urgently of all sizes what ever available immediately. Dec 30, Contact
e 16221 USA: I am interested in approximately 200 square feet of pebble tile.... supplier 0027, items 0001 and 0003. I need the possible delivery time and cost to United States of America zip code 22046 (Falls Church, Virginia). Dec 30, Contact
e 16220 Canada: Machinery: Please email the specifics including all tools and dimensions of heads. Also list of the tools, profiling shapes, and other items that come with the machine as displayed in readystock 503. My tel. no. is (780) 23..... Dec 30, Contact
e 16219 USA: Where to find a quarry or rocks that are the colors of Africa, Arizona, Middle Eastern....that we can have shipped to Cincinnati, Ohio. I am designing a church and we are building a rock wall, waterfall that spills into a rock Baptismal. It is very important that the colors in the rocks are rich in reds, copper, orangish-yellows. This church is multi-cultural but has a large tie with Africa. It is very organic in its design. The stone should be flagstone and we are doing stone veneer work. Dec 30, Contact

e 16218 Brazil: Need price for yellow ornamental. Dec 30, Contact

e 16216 Belgium: Where I can buy 'breccia sarda' in Italy. I need about 100 m of 1.5 cm thick. I will transport myself. My tel. no. is 04753.....
Dec 30, Contact 
e 16215 USA: Landscape: I am a builder located in northeast Nebraska and I am looking for a wholesale supplier of flagstones irregular and otherwise for patio projects as well indoor floor applications. I would like to be able to visit the stone yard and pick out the products I need and I want to be able to transport the stone myself, so the source needs to be relatively close, maybe no more than 300 miles from Crofton, NE, northeast corner near NE - SD border. I am using more and more natural products in my building projects and am looking for a good reliable source of stone at a reasonable price. My tel. no. is 402-38.....I am not interested in calls from outside of the area I described.Dec 29, Contact 
e 16214: Earthmoving Machinery: I want to buy a grader MODEL. Dec 29, Contact 
e 16213 USA: I have a client who is interested in a large block (2 1/2 to 3 feet square by 4 or 5 feet tall) of the reddest stone available. Preferably a calciferous stone - marble, onyx, calcite or whatever. I prefer not to work in Granite. My tel. no. is 972.67.....Dec 29, Contact 
e 16212 : I am interested in stones from Albania. Dec 29, Contact 
e 16211 USA: Retail: Looking for 2 slabs of stone as per attached image. I am in PA. My phone no. is 610 62.....Dec 29, Contact 
e 16210 Australia: Earthmoving Machinery: Looking for a Dozer. Please quote with details. Dec 29, Contact 
e 16209 USA: Retail: I am interested in talking to a wholesaler of granite stones about buying stones for our non-profit organizations fundraiser. I am in TX. My tel. no. is 936-54.....Dec 29, Contact 
e 16208 Mexico: I am interested in buying Absolute black Granite slabs 9ft x 5ft up size. Qty is 1 container. Dec 29, Contact
e 16207 USA: Retail: We are thinking about doing our master bathroom over using a large amount of travertine. We want to know if this stone is mildew resistant or needs to be treated in some way since we want to make a large walk in shower/tub area. We also need to know if we can avoid grout joints between tiles? We are planning to use the travertine on walls and floor area. We live in Florida if the weather is of any use. Dec 29, Contact
e 16206: Retail: I am looking for Italian "marble" Blue Antico 12 x 12 to replace ones in my home built in 1989. I think the Blu Antico from Italy that you have is limestone, may be the same. How can I have a sample tile sent to me? I am looking for about 15 stones, but I just want to buy one to see if it is a perfect match. I can be reached at my home 903-58.....Dec 29, Contact
e 16205: Please quote for Tropic Brown granite Block. Dec 29, Contact
e 16204: Earthmoving Machinery: We need the following equipment for purchase. 
1). Cat 245Bl - with good year
2). Cat 235 - with good year
3). Cat 345BL - year 1998
4). Cat 350L - with good year
5). Cat 325 - with good year
1). Cat D8
2). Cat D9
Standard grader.
We need manual equipment and not computerized one. We also need Rammer G120 and 80. All the equipment are for mining. Dec 29, Contact
e 16203 South Africa: Could you please advise your best price and delivery on polished ceramic / porcelain floor tiles. Quantity : +/- 985 sqm. Colour : Jade Stone 5001. To be packed into 1 x 20' container to Johannesburg South Africa. My tel. no. is (011) 39.....Dec 29, Contact
e 16202 India: Earthmoving Machinery: We are looking for Hitachi Ex 200-2, Ex 200-3, Ex 200-4, Ex 60-2, Ex 60-3. Please send us full information about these with price. Dec 29, Contact
e 16201: Earthmoving Machinery: I have interest in Hitachi EX100wd and CAT loaders 966d--f. please send me pictures. Dec 29, Contact
e 16200 India: Machinery: Please send some quotation for Italian Marble cutter and Marble polisher. Dec 29, Contact
e 16199 India: We are garments / denim washing specialists and consume 120MT / annum Pumice stones. Need Turkey white stones quarterly @ 1 container of 40'. Best prises are expected. Container to be Booked to ICD-Bangalore and CFR-CHENNAI. Our tel. no. is 080 285.....Dec 28, Contact
e 16198: Machinery: We have some development plans in future and we are interested for used machines with fair prices and good condition for marble and granite. We are planning to produce marble and granite slabs with standard (width to 2000 mm) dimensions and different thickness (20,30,50 mm). Our basic products in this moment are monuments and some parts for interiors and exteriors. In this moment we are interested in polishing machine, also cutting machine for marble and granite. We are interested for your machines from Italy or Croatia. Level of automation: offer for semi-automatic or automatic. We planning to buy the equipment during January and February 2005. We need technical details for machines and draws for foundations for them. We don't plan to produce huge quantity in the beginning, 10 - 15 cubic metres monthly but later it will probably 35-50 cubic metres monthly. Our phone no. is 00387 32 4.....Dec 28, Contact
e 16197 Bangladesh: Looking for re-condition trucks from India, TATA & Ashok Leyland. Dec 28, Contact
e 16196 USA: Retail: We are remodeling a kitchen and have been given the "sell" on CAMBRIA man made. We like natural and want to know what we can expect to pay for a nice black, Belfast-Cambrian Black or the like, compared to CAMBRIA? Dimensions: 12ft x 2ft & 5ft x 2ft. Dec 28, Contact
e 16195 Ethiopia: We would like to purchase re-conditioned Gang saw with multiple cutting, please send us your offer urgently. My tel. no. is 251 1 5.....Dec 28, Contact
e 16194: Please send us the picture and detailed specification for a water jet machine. Dec 28, Contact
e 16193 Malaysia: Machinery: We are one of the leading producer of Ground Calcium Carbonate and Lime in Malaysia. We are planning to install a Limestone grinding plant (Expansion) with a capacity of 5000 MT / day. The fineness range required is from 700 Micron to 1000 Microns. We are looking for a supplier to Design, Manufacture and supply the plant in totality. My mobile no. is 0060-12-46.....Dec 28, Contact
e 16192 Singapore: We would like to have the latest quotation for the followings:- 
1) Desert Rose 60x30x2cm polished tiles 4,000m2
2) Royal Beige 40x40x2cm polished tiles 2,000m2
3) Lubna Light Beige 2cm polished slabs 2,000m2
Our tel. no. is +65-625.....Dec 28, Contact
e 16191 India: We would be interested in Chinese granite and marble. Mobile-0091-9845.....Dec 28, Contact
e 16190 India: We would be interested in buying Egyptian marble of different colors. Please advise us the rates, samples and characteristics of the stone. My tel. no. is 0091-98455.....
e 16189 USA: Retail: Does anyone have any Jurasic Green granite? Dec 28, Contact
e 16188 Australia: We are requiring 3000-4000 sqm of Crema marfil for a project. Can you assist? Dec 28, Contact
e 16187 USA: I am interested in quote for polished kota stone delivered to Chicago or Milwaukee sea port. Quantity 15,000 sq. ft. My tel. no. is 608-26.....Dec 28, Contact
e 16186 USA: I am interested in purchasing rose rocks for wholesale purposes. Various sizes from small to large. Dec 28, Contact
e 16184 Hungary: I am searching for abrasive to my chain saw machine. Dec 28, Contact
e 16183 USA: We are looking for Silver Sea Green or Oriental Green Polished Granite Tiles  5,000 - 7,000 Square Feet. 16"x16" or 18"x18". Dec 28, Contact
e 16182 USA: Retail: Looking for some decorative colored stone. Can I get samples? Do you deliver to Pa.? My tel. no. is 570-64.....Dec 27, Contact
e 16181 India: We are importer for Imported Marble Industry in India. Our company is based in Mumbai- India. We are interested in importing your entire range of marbles for exclusive distribution in ENTIRE INDIA. Kindly send us pictures and prices of your marbles. Information regarding terms and conditions of sale. Dec 27, Contact
e 16180: Earthmoving Machinery: We interesting FOR CAT/D6H Ripper. Please show me details & price. My tel. no. is 82-17-39.....Dec 27, Contact
e 16179 USA: I am looking for rough sawn granite pavers in Hawaii. Do you know anybody who sells them here? Dec 27, Contact
e 16178: I want to buy blocks of red granite and black galaxy. Dec 27, Contact
e 16177 USA: Quarrying Machine: We are looking for marble cutting machinery. We have a marble mountain, however we do not have any experience in this industry. Please contact me so that we can discuss our machinery needs.  Our tel. no. is 1-253-63.....Dec 27, Contact
e 16176 Serbia & Montenegro: I am importing black granite slabs from India for two years. Only black material not interested for black galaxy. Our annual need is around 550 CM. I have branch of my company in Abu Dhabi, all payments goes directly from Emirates. Please quote for slabs:
FOB Indian port (sea port, not inland), one side polished: Length : 220cm - 270cm, Width : 120cm - 125cm, Thickness : 3, 7, 8 cm. Send us rates for all variations of black shades you have. If we find your offer interesting , will ask you to send us samples. My tel. no. is +381 63 3.....Dec 27, Contact
e 16175 UK: Please forward me the current price list for your products. Our tel. no. is 0208 54.....Dec 27, Contact
e 16173 Greece: Looking for approx 450 sqm Jerusalem stone, light gold, tumbled, 4 sizes, for installation in Greece. Dec 26, Contact
e 16172 Thailand: We are a Thai based company manufacturing mosaic murals and shell tiles. We are currently looking to open new lines of trade. Dec 26, Contact
e 16171 UAE: Earthmoving Machinery: We want to purchase used heavy equipment. like Wheel Loaders, Bulldozers, Road Roller/Compactor (Vibratory) for Asphalt. Please send complete details, specifications and photos of the heavy equipment and your best price. ur tel. no. is (+9714) 26.....Dec 25, Contact
e 16170 USA: I am interested in a walk behind saw as displayed in FindStone.com. I am also looking for wet saw with 36-48" capacity. My tel. no. is 780-88..... Dec 25, Contact
e 16169 Cyprus: We are a fast expanding Marble and Granite Company. I am interested in your wide range of Granite. Please send your best prices on polished slabs (if possible with images). Dec 25, Contact
e 16168 Iran: We would like to purchase cranes and excavators. Our tel. no. is 009826147.....Dec 25, Contact
e 16167: Please quote for Italian marble Perlato Sicilia slabs 2 & 3cm and tiles 30 x 60 & 40 x 40 . Dec 24, Contact
e 16166 USA: I am interested in Pavers as flooring in my kitchen dining area. I am having a hell of a time getting info...Please send any catalogs etc... that you may have. I am in NV. Dec 24, Contact
e 16165 USA: Retail: Artifacts: I am interested in purchasing one of the following products 0035-003, 0035-005, 0055-0003.  Please provide pricing and shipping information to New York. Dec 24, Contact 
e 16164 USA: Retail: I need a one foot by five foot piece of 3/4 inch thick rosso collenandina marble.  Dec 24, Contact 
e 16163 USA: Retail: Looking for white marble top: 24" x 60" x 1" in an oval shape with a beveled edge, table top. Do you have something like this? My tel. no. is 574-54.....Dec 24, Contact 
e 16162 Nigeria: We are a construction company based in Nigeria and we would like to purchase used and service-able earthmoving machines. Requested ones at the moment are Excavators, Pale loaders and Cement mixers ( M.A.N Diesel or DAF). We would like to receive the pricelist as soon as possible. Dec 24, Contact 
e 16161 USA: I am interested in purchasing Granite Slabs. The colors I am interested in are Black Absolute, Black Galaxy, Black Ubatuba, Emerald Pearl, Pocono Green or Seaweed Green, Giallo Vinciano, Giallo Vincenza, Peacock, Santa Cecilia or Juprano Gold, Ornamental, Labrador Green, Labrador Gold, Butterfly. I need polished slabs (Resin) 3cm 5ft X 9ft or larger - bundles of 6-8 slabs per color 1st quality. If the price is right, I am ready to order in January. Willing to buy from any geographical location. Before I could finalize a supplier, the first step will be to get samples of these colors. I expect to finalize/place an order by the end of January or early February. Dec 24, Contact 
e 16160 USA: Retail: Please quote for granite slabs. I am in California. My tel. no. is (909) 86.....Dec 24, Contact 
e 16159 India: Earthmoving Machinery: We are looking for Hitachi Ex 200 or Ex 60 -2 or Ex 65 - 3. Please send us information so that we buy from you. Phone: + 91 + 40 + 55......Dec 24, Contact 
e 16158 India: We are one of the largest 100% Export Oriented Granite Processing form Hyderabad, INDIA. We want to import Granite Raw Blocks of Sodalite Blue. Dec 23, Contact 
e 16156 Saudi Arabia: We need Ceramic tiles. Could you please send us the best and competitive price for the same. My fax # 00966 1 47.....Dec 23, Contact 
e 16155: We want Spanish Ambar Limestone.  Dec 23, Contact 
e 16154: We would like to purchase cranes. Please send us picture and "end price". Dec 23, Contact 
e 16153 USA: I want Boca White marble. Please quote. Dec 23, Contact
e 16152 Iran: We are looking for new Wire Cutting Machine and new Waterjet. We interested in buying from Chinese supplier only. Our tel. no. is (+98 21) 87.....Dec 23, Contact
e 16151 USA: Retail: I am a homeowner in NJ that is going to be remodeling her kitchen and is in search of Brazilian granite-Blue Bahia - or something like it. I love the blue, white and black in the blue bahia, but don't always like the green that sometimes can show up. Is there any other stone that is like it? Where do you recommend I go to find the stone I am looking for at a great price, and what about should I be paying for it cut and installed? Dec 23, Contact
e 16150 USA: Please quote for Commercial Quantities Grey Tumbled Granite. Quantity is 500 M/2. Size range: 8" x 12" x 1-2". Application: Cladding. Willing to buy from North America, Central America, South America, and others. Currently in planning stage. Will finalize a supplier when the desired price is met. An order is expected to be placed in February 2005. I am in LA, phone no. is (626) 40..... Dec 23, Contact
e 16149 Greece: We are importers/wholesalers of semi-precious stones and relevant items. We are already importing from Brazil and from South Africa, but we are always looking to expand the products we can offer to our customers and to become more competitive in our prices.
We would like to ask you if you could kindly send us the catalogues / pricelists of the products you can offer and of course your terms of trade and your discount policy. our tel. / fax: +30 210 46.....Dec 22, Contact
e 16147: Please quote for china pink and copper brown granite slabs. Dec 22, Contact
e 16146 UK: Retail: I have recently had my old snooker table slate stolen and would like to buy new slate. I live in England and used to own an 8ft by 4ft by 1.5 ins slate which came in 3 pieces. If I gave you the exact dimensions would you be able to supply me with a slate and ship it to England. How much would this cost? Dec 22, Contact
e 16145 India: Stone Processing machine:  We have requirement for a project to improve Feldspar quality from Vietnam. Feldspar from the mine is not of good quality. It still has impurities that darken its color. It has high percentage of oxidised ferrous Fe2O3- 0.58% and FeO--1.18%. We require processing equipments/processing line to refine/exclude all the impurities and to lower the percentage of ferrous down to 0.01%. The expected output from the processing line is 4000-5000 MT/day. You are therefore requested to kindly submit your offer for complete processing line on FOR Mumbai basis. Please note your offer should be in Indian Rupees since the export shall be made by us. Please note your offer should give complete technical specifications for all the equipments and the processing line should be complete. Our tel. no. is 0120-25.....Dec 22, Contact
e 16144: I am working on a project which my client desires to use Italian marble, imported from Italy. The (very large) mansion, is going to be built in the lower part of Nigeria, a tropical climate with at least 50% rainfall each year. I have two questions:
1. is marble a good choice for this type of climate?
2. if it is, since I expect the colors of the sky to be mostly grey, what types of marble would be aesthetically pleasing in this color...? Dec 22, Contact
e 16143 USA: I need a quotation for 2 centimeters Brazilian granite slabs: dallas pink, amarelo venecia, dourado carioca, rosa iris, vermelho grena, butterfly, amarelo bangu and cinza nubia.  I need 8 of each quality mentioned. If you don't have any of the above, please send me a price list of the slabs that you have available right now. I also need a price list of the Chinese slabs that you have available right now. How long does it take to get to Longbeach, California? How are the payment terms? Dec 22, Contact
e 16142 USA: Monument: Would like information on staring a monument/tombstone business. Dec 22, Contact
e 16141 USA: I have a customer that would like to purchase jade for countertops and tub surrounds in his house. My tel. no. is 907-37..... Dec 22, Contact
e 16140: Looking for granite or marble floor tiles, 18x18, 200 sq ft, would prefer to be from Spain, Turkey or any one else in Europe as it would be cheaper on shipping cost! If it goes well then I would be willing to open up a shop to sell all type of flooring. Dec 22, Contact
e 16139 USA: Looking for a supplier for basalt stones used in massage. My tel. no. is 847 88.....Dec 22, Contact
e 16138 Australia: I want to buy some granite tiles and slabs at wholesale price. I want this tiles for my new house to be built next year. I am interested in white galaxy and imperial white. Dec 22, Contact
e 16137: I am a wholesale buyer of marble. Please send me relevant information about marble vendors, their prices and countries of origin.  Dec 21, Contact
e 16136 India: Stone Processing Machine: We are looking for our Client, Used Granite Polishing machine Breton 16 head/06 head- type Levi Kg 200/16 - 200/06. Kindly send us the best price to proceed further. Dec 21, Contact
e 16135 Spain: Earthmoving Machinery: Looking for a CAT 950G excavator. My tel. no. is (81) 84 0.....Dec 21, Contact
e 16134 UK: Retail: Looking for a supplier of alabaster. I need a small amount like 10-20lbs. My tel. no. is 01989 5.....Dec 21, Contact
e 16133 Spain: I am looking for volcanic stones for esthetic use (hot stone massage). Dec 21, Contact
e 16132 India: Quarry Machine: Send us details about rock drilling products. Dec 21, Contact
e 16131 Cyprus: We are looking to receive quotation for Cobble stones 12cmX12cmX6-7cm in dark gray/Red and yellow colors. Any quotation must be at C&F Lattakia for material in wooden crates stuffed into 20feet box Container. 2 samples from each color quoted are needed. Our tel. no. is 00357-22-4.....Dec 21, Contact
e 16130 Vietnam: We are a trading company in Vietnam. We are looking for high quality Zeolite (granular) for cleaning water. Quantity is 400MT. Approx. unit price is USD 65~86.00/MT CIF KHANH HOI PORT. Size 2-5mm, uniform size. Packing is 20kgs net in bag - 24MT in one 20'FCL. Our tel. no. is +84-8-81.....Dec 21, Contact
e 16128 USA: What is the price for howlite? I am looking for natural or white howlite and appr. 25 to 30 tons per month. My phone number is 001 (213) 88.....Dec 21, Contact
e 16127 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: I am sourcing for heavy duty Saw to cut big stones weighs more than 6 tons. Please let me know if that is what you carry and how I can talk to you. My tel no. is 213 48.....Dec 21, Contact
e 16126 USA: I am interested in buying granite for my retail outlet. I am located in Detroit, MI. Dec 21, Contact
e 16125: I wish to know the prices paid for perlite both raw and expanded. Dec 21, Contact
e 16124: Earthmoving Machinery: I am interested in HITACHI EX-100-WD. Dec 21, Contact
e 16123 USA: Earthmoving Machinery: Want a 980C excavator. I am in CA. My tel. no. is 800-82.....Dec 21, Contact
e 16122 USA: I need about 12 polished marble columns 12 foot high and at least 12" in diameter. I am in Virginia Beach, VA. My tel. no. is 757-45.....I can either import or buy domestic. I can order based upon pictures, and can order ASAP. Wholesale prices only. Dec 21, Contact
e 16121 USA: Retail: We are in the process of purchasing granite for our kitchen countertop and are interested in one called New Venetian Gold. Dec 21, Contact
e 16120 Lebanon: Kindly send us quotation for Italian marble perlato royal, verde alpi, upari lillac blue, rosso verona, bianco venato, rosa perlino. Dec 21, Contact 
e 16119: I would like to know about the wheel bucket excavator; price, technical support, delivery conditions, financial conditions, etc. We are doing a project in the country where the idea is to use a WBE - machine. Dec 20, Contact 
e 16118 Nigeria: I want to import tile. Please quote with samples and catalogs. Dec 20, Contact 
e 16117 USA: I am interested in purchasing Rustenberg and Bonacord impala medium granite blocks. Sizes ranging from 55"x60"x90" to 74"x160"x30". Must be free of color stripes. Possible up to 18,000 cubic feet annually. I am in MN. My tel. no. is 800-95.....Dec 20, Contact 
e 16116 India: We need a Brick Cutting machine for refractories in Ahmedabad. Dec 20, Contact 
e 16115 India: We have a requirement for ceramic strips (6 mm thick). This is required to be used for manufacture of Safes and Lockers. We are based in Mumbai. Our tel. no. is 234.....We would prefer to have from any South-East Asian country. In case it is not available we do not mind from any other part of the world. At present the same is required for developing stage but would be soon concerted into container loads. Dec 20, Contact
e 16114 USA: I need about 2100 sqft of Esmeralda Green. I also will be needing 3000 sqft of Shivakshi and 2000 sqft of Jerusalem stone. Dec 20, Contact
e 16113 USA: Retail: I am looking for 7-10 black granite trophy pieces rectangle 7" x 10". Are there any suppliers for this type item? I am sandblasting (etching) them for a banquet for contributor awards. Dec 20, Contact
e 16112 India: I have some enquiries for granite slabs from USA. My requirements are Absolute black, Black Galaxy, Tan Brown, Madura Gold and Shiva Gold. I need prices Ex-factory. The thickness required is 30mm of 12ft.x5'6" slabs. Minimum order quantity would be one 20ft. container and the order will be finalised by 15th to 20th January 2005. I need ex-factory prices since one single mine owner may not be able to supply all the requirements and I may have to collect from different locations to ship out. Also pls. let me know if you have any suppliers/mine owners based in Rajasthan for granite. I am based in Mumbai. My tel .no. is 98206.....Dec 19, Contact
e 16111 Korea: We are looking for Botticino from Italy and our order would be as follows (first order): 
1) 600mm*600mm*20mm: USD 1,000,000 for the 1st order. Please send a sample and catalogue along with your best CNF Busan price list. Our tel. no. is 82-31-96.....Dec 19, Contact
e 16110 Sudan: Please quote for a tadano or KATO 50 ton crane 1981 - 1986. Second hand cnf port Sudan. Send me more photos. My phone no. is +2499123..... Dec 18, Contact
e 16109: We are interested in the tan brown granite counter top. Dec 18, Contact
e 16108 China: We are a big denim washing factory in South Eastern China. We are considering to be a dealer in China to sell pumice stone. We need below pumice stones and could you please quote us your best FOB Mersin price and CNF Shanghai price.
Product: Pumice Stone
Origin: Turkey
Size: 2-3/3-5cm
Packing: Woven bag 60cmx100cm
Weight: +/- 25kgs/bag
Container: 40' load 1060 bags at least
Our tel. no. is +86-573-59......Dec 18, Contact
e 16107 UK: Retail: I am wanting a black granite work top, 10m x 0.7m. I would supply the templates for milling and collect. Could you 
provide an estimate please. t. 01295 7.....Dec 18, Contact
e 16106 Bangladesh: We are interested to put up an marble/granite polishing unit in Bangladesh. Please send us your details quotes for the same. Dec 18, Contact
e 16105: We are in the beginning stage of opening a stone / tile store. Looking for suppliers. Dec 18, Contact
e 16104 USA: Retail: How much would it be for 150 square feet of Norwegian Rose marble tiles (12" x 12" x 3/8") delivered to USA zip code 11530. Dec 18, Contact
e 16103 USA: I am interested in talking with someone directly from your company about importing large quantities of granite slab into the Port of Seattle. Could you please provide me with a contact name & number, or if you prefer call me at (208) 96......Dec 18, Contact
e 16102 India: Please send your catalogue and price list along with minimum quantities of the various tumbled stones being supplied by you.
We are interested in white pebbles of 1/2 to 1 in size. Dec 18, Contact
e 16101: Large developer looking to buy stock sized granite slabs for projects. Looking to work with manufacturer to find earth tones such as: Arandis, Millenium Dream, and Special Silk. Please email us some information, pricing, etc. Dec 17, Contact
e 16100 USA: Please quote a both 3cm and 2cm x 24.5" x 96" countertop, with full bullnose on one long and one short edge. The stone should be AFG49, G687, Maple Leaves, G634, Pearl Black, Verde UBATUBA, An Tiger Skin Yellow. I am in Louisiana. Dec 17, Contact
e 16098: We need one stone crushing machine. Range of production 250-300 tons per hour (primary & secondary crushing). Need complete picture of equipment. Price and method of payment. We are only interested in buying one for now. Please give us all your specifications and advise on availability of parts for continuous maintenance. Dec 17, Contact
e 16097: We are very interested in buying blocks of marble, limestone or travertine. Please provide us with pricelist and photos. Dec 17, Contact
e 16096 Portugal: Please quote for with pictures of granites: G 383;G 367; G 361; G 355; G 368 and other Chinese colors. I am interested in all kinds of tiles and slabs, polished and calibrated. Dec 17, Contact
e 16095 Poland: Please send me a pricelist of Impala granite blocks. Sizes are 180-200 cm x 80-120 cm. Dec 17, Contact
e 16094 Cameroon: Please quote for granite tiles with pictures. Dec 17, Contact
e 16093 Vietnam: Quarry Machine: Please provide more info. about ROCK DRILL TAMROCK PANTERA 1100, RANGER 700, CHA1100. Our tel. no. is +84-4-72.....Dec 17, Contact
e 16092 Hungary: We are a stone importer company in Budapest. We would like to know your readiness to work with us on our market in Hungary. We are also interested in different ready made window sills 20-25-30cm width 2cm thick. Our most popular stones G-682, G-502/1,  G-503,G-562 etc. and the cheapest granite too, and M210, M216, M215,M217 etc. Please let us know your bestseller products, best prices and conditions.  Dec 17, Contact
e 16091 Italy: We want to buy rounded pebbles in size from 7 mm to 15 mm, mixed. Please quote. Tel +39 0587 6.....Dec 17, Contact
e 16090: Very interested in NEW trucks. contact me ASAP +233 244 2.....Dec 17, Contact
e 16089 USA: Stone Processing Machine: Do you know where I can buy a portable saw for slicing fieldstone into slabs? I am near Albany, NY. My tel. no. 518-24.....Dec 17, Contact
e 16088 China: We need Tropic Brown. You can also give me some other kinds of stones that you have competitive price. We will also need photos and samples for our reference. Please give us the best price for details mentioned below:
Tropic Brown: 2.5 x 1.4 x 1 (CBM) 400 CBM
Tropic Brown: 2.4 x 1.1 x 0.7 (CBM) 400 CBM
Phone: 0086-592-51.....If the price is right we can give you our purchase order of the full next year. Dec 17, Contact
e 16087 USA: We have a project for which Mura marble has been selected. We are urgently seeking factories in Bulgaria who produces Mura marble. We are interested in blocks or rough or honed slabs in 2 & 3 cm thickness. Please advise the size of the blocks or slabs? We are in CA. Our tel. no. is 818.25.....Dec 17, Contact
e 16086 Germany: Please provide the cost and images for agates. Our tel. no. is +49 89 255.....Dec 17, Contact
e 16084 Singapore: We are sourcing for 1 x 20' Container of 30mm diameter Dark Grey Pebbles. Please revert with price and samples. Our tel. no. is 645.....Dec 17, Contact
e 16083 USA: Retail: If laying a patio or driveway, how much square footage would a ton of Parisian cobblestone cover on average? We're very interested in this stone. Where is it? We are in CA. Dec 17, Contact
e 16082 USA: I am also looking for Verde Fuoca. I am located in NJ. I want 1 container per month. Dec 17, Contact
e 16081 Mexico: Earthmoving Machinery: Please let me know the price of the Caterpillars 966C. Dec 16, Contact
e 16080 USA: Retail: I am looking for a granite supplier in Southern California. Please advise where we can buy granite slabs. Dec 16, Contact
e 16079 Spain: We are a marble workshop from Barcelona. A client is asking for "Cyros White". Do you know who deal with this marble in Spain? Dec 16, Contact
e 16078 USA: Retail: I need to find a source for carrara marble. A priceless marble table we have in our family broke in a move and it was round carrara marble 6' across. I live in Northern Virginia. Please let me know how to find such a piece and the cost. Dec 16, Contact
e 16076 USA: Is there a crossover name for pink leather slate? I am looking for this material. Dec 16, Contact
e 16075 Austria: We are interested in AGATE SLABS and BALLS. We think about 500 kg. We need payment conditions and shipping cost an delivery time. Dec 16, Contact
e 16074 Italy: I am interested in agates. Please quote with images. Dec 16, Contact
e 16073 India: We are interested in geodes and agates. Please send us more details of the same. I am in KolKata. Dec 16, Contact
e 16072 Germany: Please quote for agates. Dec 16, Contact
e 16071 Turkey: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote with images for CAT 950e excavator. Dec 16, Contact
e 16070 USA: We are a manufacturer of special coated ceramic tiles. We are looking for the following products: 
12" x 12" untreated or bisque ceramic tiles. Thickness 3/8" or less or 30cm x 30cm untreated or bisque ceramic tiles. Thickness 8mm or less. The tiles will be used as a base product for our special coating process. Initial Quantities depending on price is 1 container. Estimated needed Quantities in one year: 500,000 sq. feet. Colors are irrelevant as the product will be coated. Sample tile must be submitted. We accept offers from the US AND all countries around the world. Once product has been tested and accepted, orders will be placed immediately. e expect a price range to be between US $ 0.20 and US $ 0.40 p. piece. Our tel. no. is 360-86.....Dec 16, Contact
e 16069 USA: We are interested in black ametista. We think it is a rock with characteristics that some of ours best customers are wanting. Please quote FOB price of the cubic meter (block). To begin with we would like to buy 20 cubic meters. Dec 16, Contact
e 16068 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: We are looking for fabrication machine let us know if your company manufacture the machine. We are in Oregon. Our tel. no. is 503-84.....Dec 16, Contact
e 16067 USA: Retail: Looking for Indian slate tiles with iridescent grey / lavender hues 16x16" or 24x24" x " for Floor and walls applications. Approx 400 square feet. Prefer East Coast for minimal shipping cost. Immediate need; all decisions made - pending good quality. Tel: 207-56.....Dec 16, Contact
e 16066 USA: I need to buy 20,000 of slate and need shipping arrangements. I also need 68 Slabs of 3 cm. Ubatuba and 30 Slabs of 2 cm Ubatuba. Dec 16, Contact
e 16065 Australia: I am interested in receiving information, pricing & samples of the agates. My phone no. is +61-2-973.....Dec 16, Contact
e 16064 USA: I am looking for a bundle of Sierra Travertine slabs. Looking for a source in the United States.  Dec 16, Contact
e 16063 USA: Retail: We are looking for a dark brown Limestone slab to measure 69" x 24. Please let us know if you know of anything available. Dec 16, Contact
e 16062 Spain: Earthmoving Machinery: Please send me photo of HITACHI EX100WD EXCAVATORS and inform me about the condition of machine. Dec 16, Contact
e 16061 Australia: We are interested in agates of 3-5mm size only. Please send images and prices. Dec 16, Contact
e 16060 USA: Retail: I need limestone for the flooring of an outdoor patio. I am looking for a more rustic feeling and was wondering if I can specify how I would like the limestone tiles to be finished. I am only interested in purchasing inter-United States because of shipping costs. I am in Pasadena. My tel. no. is (626) 56.....Dec 16, Contact
e 16059 USA: We are an interior design firm and we are interested in using jade slab for a sink countertop. We are looking for a slab that is approximately 1 - 2" thick and it would need to be approximately 5-6' wide. Would you please let me know what is available and whether we might be able to see photos or samples of the product? Our tel. no. is 209.52.....Dec 16, Contact
e 16058 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: We are looking for following equipments:
Used Dozers: Komatsu D65, Komatsu D155-A, CAT D9N, CAT D8N, CAT D8R.
Used Motor Grader: Komatsu GD405-2, Komatsu GD605-2, Komatsu GD 705-2.
Used Dumper and Mixer Trucks: Hino FS271, FS270 , FF, (6 Cylinders), Nissan CW46, CW45, CW450 (6 Cylinders).
Used Wheel Loaders: CAT 950, 950-B, 966-E and 966-D. Cell Phone: 0092.300.2......Dec 16, Contact
e 16057 USA: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote  with images for Cat D8L and EX700. Our tel. no. is 602-55..... Dec 16, Contact
e 16056 USA: I work for a landscape company in Austin, Texas and I need to match & recover a dripline bed with salt and pepper granite, 3"-4" gravel. I will need a load, 6 cu yds. Is there a source in Texas for this product? Dec 15, Contact
e 16055 UK: We are interested in sourcing agate. Please quote. Dec 15, Contact
e 16053 USA: I am most interested in the jasper stone. Dec 15, Contact
e 16052 Spain: Please email me the prices of agates. Dec 15, Contact
e 16051 USA: Retail: I am looking for granite countertops prefab for a kitchen island. Could you send a price list and photo sample if avail?My tel. no. is 815.32.....Dec 15, Contact
e 16050: We are interested in tower cranes. We also need sections (L44, L66 and L68 and also J4, J5 and J17). Please send your price list and give us some information and details about the cranes. Dec 15, Contact
e 16049 Egypt: Please quote for chocolate travertine, bianco carrara, crema rakbelso, moncervetto. Dec 15, Contact
e 16048 Bahrain: Looking for Omani marble named LUBNA. Dec 15, Contact
e 16047 India: I am a merchant exporter from India. I would like to know the rates for granite slab (cut and polished) fob Mumbai of ruby red, black pearl, black galaxy, galaxy star, sliver galaxy and golden galaxy. Dec 15, Contact
e 16046 USA: I am interested in Marble Polishing pads. What is the quantity you have on hand, price, shipping cost?  My tel. no. is 916-51.....Dec 15, Contact
e 16045 Korea: We are one of leading companies in marble business importing and distributing for Korean market. We would like to get a quotation of 'Delicato Cream'. 1500 sqm. Dec 15, Contact
e 16044 Canada: We are in search of suppliers who would be able to supply Shanxi Black Rough blocks in various sizes. Please forward us your quality, sizes and prices. Dec 15, Contact
e 16043 Singapore: Please quote best C&F, Singapore for Black Lava Stone, size 900 x 450 x 20mm qty - 250 sqm. My tel. no. is (65) 981.....Dec 15, Contact
e 16042 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: Looking for a used bridge saw. If yes, can you provide more info. My tel no. is 703 82.....Dec 15, Contact
e 16041 USA: Earthmoving Machinery: Do you have any 1998/1990 CAT 950E for sale? I am in CA. My cell no. is (408) 28.....Dec 15, Contact
e 16040 USA: I am looking for some Balinese Tile 4" x 4" in size and green in color. I have found it in Bali but have not been about to find a supplier in the USA. We need 2100 pieces of this tile to be shipped to Balize or Miami. Dec 15, Contact
e 16039 Canada: We are granite importer and counter top manufacturer, we import from Brazil, Mexico at the present time. After looking at some of your product list. We are interested in knowing more about your company, so if you will be kind enough to mail us your catalogue and price list. We are in Edmonton. Dec 14, Contact
e 16038 USA: Retail: I would like to use white-colored marble for my kitchen countertops. I saw the calacatta and like it very much. I am looking for three slabs of calacatta d' oro, grigio or macchiaoro. I want it to be a very honed surface. Two of the slabs are of standard sizes but one needs to be 138 inches long because I do not want a seam in the countertop. I am in Bronx, New York. As soon as I find the slabs, I am ready to buy. My phone number is (212) 85.....Dec 14, Contact
e 16037 Togo: We are consultant to most of the Corporate and Governmental organizations. We source for companies that can supply them their needs. We have been appointed to source for a reliable company that will be capable to supply MARBLES in large quantity as a contract, they indicated that they would be interested to import all kinds MARBLES to all here in West African. 
If you are capable of handling this contract and also agree with our terms, do not hesitate to reply so that we will seal up the Commission Agreement Legally. Once we settle with the commission issue. Dec 14, Contact
e 16036 USA: Retail: I would like to find out more about the Blue Bahia slabs. I need 2 slabs shipped to MI. Also would like images and quotes for the following:
2cm - Oasis Blue - 3 Qty - Brazil 62 X 98" 
2cm - Tan Brown - 2 Qty - india 69 X 126"
3cm - Cobalt Blue - 67 x 105 Brazil
3cm - Kota Brown - 71 x 114 India
3cm Nero Africa - 65 X 125 S. Africa. My tel. no. is 248-36......You may email availability, images and price.  Dec 14, Contact
e 16034 Singapore: We want 30 to 40 tons used dump trucks (100 units) 1995 years up and used 45 tons mobile cranes (kato brand) (1 unit) 1995 years up. Please quote C&F Singapore. Tel: (65) 622.....Dec 14, Contact 
e 16033 China: We are interested to get a quote for ceramic tiles around 20000 sqm in 3 different size: 40 x 40 and 30 x 30cm. We are in based in Hong Kong. Our tel. no. is + 852 250.....Dec 14, Contact 
e 16032 USA: Please find below my request for quotation. The first two needs are immediate so I would like to use a domestic source. The last application is a few months out so I could consider importing however I would prefer to deal with a US company. I am most interested in finding a company I can work with on an ongoing basis, but since I don't know who these companies are could you please forward my request on to all? Will order immediately upon approval of samples and pricing. 
Have 2 immediate applications and one confirmed future application 
1. Granite Slabs 
Qty 4 - Polished Granite Slab 25.5" x 96" Bullnose 1 side with backsplash 
Qty 1 - Polished Granite Slab 38" x 40" Bullnose 4 sides 
Looking for style similar to: 
http://www.findstone.com/BRAgran15.htm  - Ouro Bahia & Gialloitabela 
http://www.findstone.com/CHIgran4.htm  - Tiger Skin Yellow 
commercial quality; needed earliest date 
I am a contractor and am looking for a regular supplier I can work with. 
1. Marble Tiles and Marble Slabs. Looking for style similar to: Chinese marble M003. 
2. Egyptian marble slabs and tiles of Absolute Beige, Brescia Sinai and Filetto Hassana, Fleto Hasanah 
Tiles 12" x 12" 3/8" Qty - 360 Sq ft. commercial quality; needed earliest date 
Slabs 21.5 x 96 Qty 2 Bullnose 1 side with backsplash 
commercial quality; needed earliest date 
Tiles Tiles 12" x 12" 3/8" (Qty - 2100 Sq ft. First Quality) 
I am in WA and my tel. no. is (425) 24.....Dec 14, Contact 
e 16030 USA: I am interested in buying and distributing large amounts of Travertine for our retail store in Southern California, USA. Please email me relevant information on your product. I would also be interested in one of your catalogues and sample of materials. My tel. no. is 714-50.....Dec 14, Contact 
e 16029 Canada: We are interested in the automatic terrazzo tiles plant. Our tel. no. is (418) 55.....Dec 14, Contact
e 16028 USA: I am looking to work with a new overseas stone supplier. I import 2-3 containers a month. Mostly the material will be from Brazil. I am interested in 3/4 & 1 1/4 granite slabs. I am in MI. My tel. no. is 1 248 54.....Dec 13, Contact
e 16027 Slovenia: We need cca 350 MT/month of quartz sand. This sand will be used for construction building purpose like spraying walls, spraying the top of concrete paving tiles, mixed on concrete pavement for industrial halls, etc. The main use of this sand will be construction building. The dimension (aggregate) must be from 0.5 mm to 2 mm. If you have quarry and you produced that kind of sand then we need from you:
-full specification of sand
-some ecatalog or pictures by email
-some references to where you export it ?
-how is yours sand packed ?
-all other details which we need if we like to work with you
Our tel. no. is +386-41-6.....Dec 13, Contact
e 16026 Netherlands: Earthmoving Machinery: Wanted Cat wheel loaders 950B/E and 966D/E, Hitachi wheel excavators EX models year 1985 till 1995. Komatsu wheel excavators PW models year 1985 till 1995. Rollers Macadam, Komatsu, Dynapac, Aveling, Marshall, etc. (drum/drum or drum wheel). Our tel. no. is 00316224.....Dec 13, Contact
e 16025 Greece: We are interested to see your range of available tumbled stones. We are not interested in beads but in tumbled stones in pebble form. We are importers/wholesalers of semi precious stones & crystals in worked and rough form. Dec 13, Contact
e 16024 Holland: Like to have pictures and quote for monuments. Our tel. no. is +31 6219 .....Dec 13, Contact
e 16023 Austria: I want Onyx-Pattern Yellow, Green or Orange in 3cm. The size is 90cm x 90cm - 3cm. Dec 13, Contact
e 16022 Turkey: Quarrying Machine: We are interested in your quarrying machine products for our quarry and also for import- export business and we look for lasting relation with a reliable suppliers. Please inform us about the details of your products, with acceptable prices and kindly provide us your product catalogues or CD which includes all available data in it. Dec 13, Contact
e 16021 Vietnam: Earthmoving Machinery: I am interested in CAT 375 excavator. Please send me more details photos. Dec 13, Contact
e 16019: Stone processing Machinery: We are interested to buy complete used plants to produce Concrete Lighting Poles for streets. Dec 13, Contact
e 16018 Philippines: We want to buy granite, marble, slates & sand stones, please send us the related information & pictures that we need. We would like to know what stocks you have for Black galaxy, absolute black, dark emperador, baltic brown, Uba Tuba Green, Giallo Venziano, Tan Brown, Travertine etc, prefab in slab size. Our tel no.: (632) 75.....Dec 13, Contact
e 16017 USA: I am searching for slabs of either onyx slabs in light blue or sfumatto quartz. Dec 13, Contact
e 16016 USA: I would like to have prices for granite sinks and delivery time. I am in Florida. My fax no. is 941 38.....Dec 13, Contact
e 16015 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: I would like to have more info on bridge saw: tip, price, delivery time, tech. spec. I am in Florida. My cell no. is 561 31.....Dec 13, Contact
e 16014 Switzerland: Please quote for African red from Zimbabwe large slabs H 2.50m x B 1,40 thickens 3 cm, 5cm, 6cm, 8cm, 10cm 12cm 14cm and as can I order. I have different products in China ordered however always. My tel. no. is 0041 76 58.....  Dec 12, Contact
e 16013 UK: Would you please send me any information regarding sale Terrazzo tiles and also Terrazzo producing Machinery? My contact no. is 00447786 0.....Dec 12, Contact 
e 16012 USA: We are company located in Orlando Florida. We looking for is 2000-2500 sq.ft. 18x18 of Jerusalem Gold Tiles and 600-1000sq.ft 24x24 of Jerusalem Gold Tiles. I will appreciate if you could sent to me a price list and approximate time receiving the order. Our tel. no. is 321-43.....Dec 12, Contact 
e 16011 Spain: Interested in lava stone beads in all shapes and sizes. Dec 12, Contact 
e 16010 USA: Retail: I am want to buy 75 sq ft of black pearl floor tile and a 8ft.10 in kitchen counter top could you give me the prices including s/h. Dec 11, Contact
e 16009 Kuwait: Stone Processing Machinery: I need the price list and quotation of machine and catalogues for the making ceramic and tiles slabs. Dec 11, Contact
e 16008 India: Stone Processing Machinery: I would be interested in installing a granite stone cutting and polishing plant in my home town Orissa, India. Please send any info you may have to me as soon as possible. My tel. no. is (06732)2.....Dec 11, Contact
e 16007 USA: Kitchen re-modeler looking for stone supplier in US to supply busy company on a per job basis. Possible resale situation. Everything within a 1000 miles of me is a custom shop. Price between $10-$25 sq. ft.
Looking for pre-fab granite countertop slabs for kitchen, also small quantities (1000 sqft) travertine tile. Two long slab 25"x84-96" one with straight sides, one with finished right edge, one island 76x42" finished all 4 sides. 2 backsplash 4" x 84-96" Edge profile is prefer 1" thick with double pencil edge, but will take 1 1/2" laminated bullnose if quality is very good and the edges book. Lengths can be changed +/- a few inches. Let me know what you got. As far as variety goes, what's popular here is what sells. Dark colors, something with depth. (black galaxy, emerald pearl, ubatuba, yada-yada.) nothing too figured. Must have ability to send samples or preferably digital pictures of actual slabs. Needs to be shipped to (NH). Can pick up at shipping station if cheaper. Will buy today. My phone no. is 60339......Dec 11, Contact
e 16006 India: Stone Processing Machinery: I am from Kolkata. I want to buy a marble polish machine & pad. Looking for suppliers from India.  Dec 11, Contact
e 16005 Greece: We are a Greek Company that we have quarry of natural stone and we are interested in importing sandstone and lime stone. We are interested for 2 containers of sandstone. Mint, Agra Red, Dholpur Pink. Dimensions: 150 / 170cm x 70cm, Thickness 3 - 3.5cm. 
Also, we are interested for 1 container of lime stone Colors: Kota Brown, Lime Pink. Dimensions: 150 / 170cm x 70cm. Thickness 3 - 3.5cm. Please send prices in US$, FOB Nhava Sheava or Mumbai or Bombay.  Dec 11, Contact
e 16004 USA: I am a retail outlet in Canada and I was wondering if you carried a line of tile from a manufacture called "Platinum Ceramics". Could you please tell me where I could source this tile in Canada? Dec 11, Contact
e 16003 USA: Retail: I am looking for premium natural stone (slate) color is called multi select. 12x12 approximately 2500 sq. ft for flooring. My number is 775-84.....I love the 12x12 multicolor slate and I want to do it in the downstairs area of the home. I found this product locally for 1.89 a sq. ft but I'm hoping to find it for less and maybe somewhere close so I can pick it up or if they offer free shipping. Dec 11, Contact 
e 16002 USA: I am with a countertop and cabinet a business located in the United States. I am currently looking for pricing on pre-fabricated countertops, slabs, and tile. Please send me a catalog of your products as well as a sample of your bull nose product. I am going to import 2-5 containers of pre-fabricated countertop, slab, and tile as soon as possible. Include in your pricing all domestic and imported granite with C.I.F to CA included. 
1. 98.5" X 25.5", 108" X 25.5" of prefabricated granite with bull nose on two sides alternating left and right sides on the 25.5 side. Include in your price 6" backsplash 
2. 4 size islands 76" X 36", 76" X 40", 100" X 36", and 100" X 40" with bull nose on 4 sides.
3. Tile in 12" X 12" and 18" X 18" 
Include in your information a list of the names of all your imported and domestic granite colors in English and Chinese. 
I would like to ensure the least amount of damage to the granite during shipping. What kind of packaging options do you provide? Dec 11, Contact
e 16001 USA: Retail:  I've been looking at granite for a bathroom countertop - mostly greens, and I was shown a very small sample of something the retailer is calling Andara. It's very light green with burgundy specks (from what I could tell). Dec 10, Contact  
e 16000: I would like to know the price ex-factory for black galaxy in 3cm thick and in tiles 305x305x10mm. Dec 10, Contact  
e 15999 Germany: I am in search for 30 alabaster blocks of the quantity 20cm x 20cm x 30cm. For the beginning I would bring approx. 30 pieces. Dec 10, Contact  
e 15998 Nepal: Stone Processing Machine: We are interested in a Gaspari Gangsaw machine. We are a trading company and we buy second-hand machines & equipments from overseas and sell them in our local market. Our tel. no. is 977 1 20.....Dec 10, Contact 
e 15997 Indonesia: We are an Indonesian Real Estate Developer. We start to build a few apartment towers. We need some information about slab marble for flooring. We need Statuario Venato, Pighes white, Graniti Drama white slabs. Size is 120 x 120cm x 2cm. Quantity is 10000 sqm.  If possible please email us photos of the slabs with the 120 x 240cm size for identifying the pattern. Our phone no. is 62-2125.....Dec 10, Contact 
e 15996 I have a nature store and landscaping business. I would like to see a catalog if you have one. In the spring I am planning on purchasing quite a bit of boulders and limestone, but would like to see what it looks like. Also if you have any information about shipping costs to Iowa. Dec 10, Contact 
e 15995 USA: My company is one of the largest urn suppliers in the US selling only to wholesalers. Please quote. If you would like to explore business possibilities please contact me. Dec 10, Contact 
e 15994 USA: Belgium black marble block required, about 25-30" high x 15" x  15". I am in San Francisco. Tel. no. 415 44.....Dec 10, Contact 
e 15993: Retail: where can I find some cathedral stone tiles? Dec 10, Contact 
e 15992: I am the president of creative import & export. I am looking for rough stabilized torquaized 2 to 3 cm and 4 to 5 cm for beads no matrix royal blue. I am looking for 500 kilos. Dec 10, Contact 
e 15991 USA: Retail: I am looking for 1x1 mesh mounted tumbled Lagos Azul - 63 SQ. FT. for a kitchen backsplash. I am located in Maryland. Dec 10, Contact 
e 15990 USA: I would like to know who I can contact in my area to purchase a marble fireplace surround. I am in Alabama. My tel. no. is 205-40.....Dec 10, Contact 
e 15989 USA: I am a contractor in Florida I am looking for a wholesale supplier in Canada or in the U.S.A. Dec 10, Contact 
e 15988 USA: Where can I find in NY, NJ area Mexican Beach pebbles in black or is Japanese a better product sauna floor to create a Zen feeling? I am using them to spread on a sauna floor - they would need to be smooth to walk on the area is approx 6 x 9. Dec 10, Contact 
e 15987 Pakistan: Stone Processing Machinery: We want to purchase Cement Block making machines for production of Pavers (Interlocking), Blocks (solids & Hollow), Kerbstones and Bricks. We are interested in either a used machine (maximum 2yrs) or brand new machine. We are in Karachi. We wish to buy from Korea, preferably but other countries can be looked into. Machine type should be Fully Automatic Hydraulic Pressure Vibrating Machine. We want to buy within 2 months. The quantity requested for production per month; and special specifications are solid Block size: 390mm x 100mm x 190mm (4 inch) Production/ Hr = 720 Blocks/ hr: (calculations; 2pc/ one time x 6 cycle/ mnt x 60mnts) Our phone no. is 009221-56..... Dec 10, Contact
e 15986: Please let us know if you can offer us kato crane 50 ton and give us prices. Dec 10, Contact
e 15985 Australia: I would be interested in buying a waterjet cutting machine for floor tiling patterns. Thickness of max. 30mm, on tiles to a maximum size of 6000 x 600mm. Computer software and accessories details plus some prices. I live in the Melbourne area. Dec 10, Contact
e 15984 USA: I am looking for a small wall fountain with not much embellishment preferably for doing a mosaic or mosaics. Please see following picture. (Unfinished and economical for retailing mosaic). Dec 9, Contact
e 15983 India: We are one of the raw material supplier to Concrete Industry in India. We propose to import Good quality Flyash from China or from any of the country in the vicinity. TELEFAX: 00-91-253.....Dec 9, Contact
e 15982 South Africa: I am a tile importer in South Africa and need manufacturers of Slate, Sandstone and Limestone tiles from India. I need to buy from the source. Tel: + 27 11 88.....Dec 9, Contact
e 15981 South Africa: Can you please send me the contact details of the company selling the red granite in South Africa. Dec 9, Contact
e 15979 China: We are a trading company interested in buying granite slabs, countertops, tiles and other stone products from China, India and Brazil. Potential suppliers please send price list of all your products to us. Our tel. no. is 852-234.....Dec 9, Contact
e 15978: Looking for about 3000 sq.ft. of 24 x 24 Navona in unfilled, honed. Please price this for me in American dollars by the square foot. This would need to be delivered to be INSTALLED by April of 2005. Would consider something comparable to the Navano Travertino. Dec 9, Contact 
e 15977 Malaysia: We are wholesale for building materials and are interested to import Palimanan rock face yellow and green colour and Pebble AMP 0.5, 0.8 and 10mm. Kindly forward your pricelist for our consideration. Dec 9, Contact 
e 15976 USA: I need a slab of grey marble approximately 6'-7" long x 5" wide x 3 1/4" thick. Do you deal in this type of marble slab? I am in  OK. My tel. no. is 580-35.....Dec 9, Contact
e 15975 USA: I am looking for a supplier for Bluestone pavers in all sizes and thickness. Dec 9, Contact
e 15974 USA: Retail: I am looking for a relatively small piece of transparent green sandstone for a Christmas gift. She does small carvings (birds, figurines, etc.). Would like to see before I buy. Dec 9, Contact
e 15973 USA: I have a granite/stone company in Kansas, USA and I would be interested in selling your stone to residential and commercial contactors in all of our distributing areas. We also have territories in the Northwest and plan to expand all over the country in the next year or so. We plan on some major growth in the next couple of years and are looking to expand to regions all over the US. I am interested in developing a relationship with you and your company. I would like any information you can provide me with about your product line, pricing, finishing work/details and shipping. I look forward to hearing from you and thanks again for your time. Dec 9, Contact
e 15972 USA: Retail: I want a composite marble vanity top and integrated sink. I prefer the look of a matte finish rather than glossy, but I'm told glossy is preferable and easier to clean. Dec 9, Contact
e 15971 Fiji Islands: I am selling stone to a local market but always require new sources for various material. 2000m2 of a quartzite crazy paving in a light gold or yellow color. 5000m2 of a 300x300x10 Himalayan sandstone. 300m2 of a green and white flat pebble on fiber backing in a random connection shapeMy tel. no. is Phone 679-34....Dec 9, Contact
e 15970 USA: We are interested in the purchase of a large quantity of portland cement t 42.5 or ASTM C150. Quantity: 12,000 MT, please quote FOB. Dec 9, Contact
e 15969 Germany: Please quote for Chinese G603 polished tiles of 30.5 x 30.5 x 1.0 cm, qty. 900 sqm. Dec 9, Contact
e 15968 Libya: WE ARE LOOKING OF 10000 M2 FOR CARRARA FLOOR TILES 40 x 40 x 2CM, 30 x 60 x 2 (FOB price should be around EUR 6.5 ). We are ready to place immediate order after receipt THE YOUR P- INVOICE. Dec 9, Contact
e 15967: More info. requested about all kinds of marbles, colors and prices. Dec 8, Contact
e 15966 Iran: We are interested in cranes, such as: NK200, NK200H-V, SS500, KR-45H-VS, TR500, TR250 and TR500. Dec 8, Contact
e 15965 USA: I am a designer in So Cal USA. Do you ever export fireplaces? If so, could you forward photos. I am interested in French reproductions in limestone. Dec 8, Contact
e 15964 Germany: Please send us your best prices for polished slabs 2cm and 3cm thickness and prices for Tiles 1cm Thickness in Indian Juparana Colombo, Imperial White, Kashmir white. 20 Feet Containers, FOB. Have you a good Shipping Company lower 1300 USD incl BAF and CAF CIF Hamburg? Have you also polished Half Slabs for a lowest Price?  Dec 8, Contact
e 15963 Jordan: We are interested in marbles product from China CIF Aqaba of Jordan with quantity of 100,000 MT. Please provide us with more details and your competitive price lists. Dec 8, Contact
e 15962 Spain: We are traders of natural stone in Spain. We are interested in diamond cutting discs. Send me a product list and their prices. Our fax no. is 0034 924 8.....Dec 8, Contact
e 15961 Australia: Retail: Looking for a distributor in Australia for Iranian marble rosso bona or similar marble from elsewhere? Dec 8, Contact
e 15960 Uzbekistan: We are very interested in buying block mentioned in pricelist# 476 choopanan khor & Biabanak (marble). Our tel. no. +998 712 5.....We are looking for marble solid green or black color. Quantity is around 100 cubic meters if the blocks a well shaped (square). Dec 8, Contact
e 15959 Canada: Retail: Do you sell granite backsplashes that match your tiles? I am looking for 4" by 96" backsplashes in Tiger skin and green pearl. How much are they for 3 of each color and what does shipping to Canada cost. I am also interested in purchasing a bathroom vanity top 23" by 34" with cut out for sink and taps, if you stock other sizes let me know. Dec 8, Contact
e 15958 USA: Please email me your price list on Granite Tops and Culture Marble Tops. Our tel. no. is (210) 22.....Dec 8, Contact
e 15957 USA: We are a granite distributor in the USA, and we're looking for a Brazilian granite supplier. I am interested in buying granite blocks and shipping them to our factory in China for fabrication. Could you please give me a list of the colors available and a price for each block. I am particularly interested in the Verde Uba Tuba and Verde Butterfly colors, but I would like to look at all the colors you can export. Dec 8, Contact
e 15956: I need to know the price of a 1 ton block of Heliton granite. Please do not send me the price of crushed granite, as I need a 1 ton block. Dec 8, Contact
e 15955 USA: We are in the process of restoring an old depot and are in need of a piece of black slate for the ticket counter. The original blueprints to this depot specified 1" thick Black Slate, 18 3/8" wide by 36 3/8" long. We will need the 18 3/8" ends polished (flat polished) and the 36 3/8" can be left unpolished. We would be willing to purchase from any geographic location. We are having a Christmas/Restoration Open House Celebration on December 14th, so we would need delivery no later than Monday December 13th. We are in KS. Our tel. no. is (800) 85..... Dec 8, Contact 
e 15954 USA: I own an existing granite fabrication business and I am interested in your products. Would you please send me information regarding your product and samples. I am in Mo. My tel. no. is (314) 50....Dec 8, Contact 
e 15953 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: I am interested in Kobalco SK04 Wheel type Excavator, Wheel Loader 950B, 950D and 966E and Roller Dynapac CA 251, 252. Please Let me know its C&F Karachi price along with Pictures. Dec 8, Contact
e 15952 USA: Retail: I am contemplating on buying a Green Reef granite (?) for my kitchen countertops. My tel. no. is 704-27....Dec 8, Contact
e 15951: Retail: We are looking to build a mudroom and are trying to decide on what material we should use for the floor. We are trying to achieve a rustic, country farmhouse look. Is terra cotta an option? Any suggestions? Dec 7, Contact
e 15950 India: Please send price list of semiprecious stone tiles and slabs. My tel. no. is +91 94141.....Dec 7, Contact
e 15948 USA: Retail: I am trying to find slate to match an existing patio in Greensboro, NC. Please offer any suppliers in our area which we could try to match the slate pavers. They are a blue slate, and I believe they were originally imported. Dec 7, Contact
e 15947 Bermuda: Please e-mail photos and prices for himalayan blue in tile and slab sizes and sizes available. Dec 7, Contact
e 15946 India: Please send me price list of Black Granite Cutting tools with guarantee Sq. feet and time for shipping. Dec 7, Contact
e 15945 Ukraine: We are interested in suppliers of Onyx and marble slabs of big dimensions from Pakistan. Our quantity will be about 1 container of slabs. Dec 7, Contact
e 15944 Pakistan: Can you offer ceramic or any other tiles for floor and walls? We import tiles of all sizes and finishes from China. Dec 7, Contact
e 15943 Australia: Stone Processing Machinery: I am looking for equipment capable of lifting and laying paving bricks straight from the pallet. Our tel. no. is 08 930.....Dec 7, Contact
e 15942 India: Earthmoving Machinery: I am looking Hitachi ex120-1 urgently. Dec 7, Contact
e 15941 India: Retail: I am constructing a house in Bangalore, I want to find out about kota stone dealers in Bangalore. I want to know following things about Kota stone flooring: comparison with marble, colors available in Bangalore, pricing.   Dec 7, Contact
e 15940 Saudi Arabia: Earthmoving Machinery: I am looking for Used Bulldozer Kumatso D155, Excavator , Kumatso PC200, Hand Guide Roller Bomag Bw30 upto BW90 and BW212, Grader, Caterpiller 14G, Forklift Toyota or Komatso and Engines for the above units. if you find any please send me full details include photos and shipping CIF Dammam in Saudi Arabia. Tel. No. : +966 1 29.....Dec 7, Contact
e 15938 USA: Retail: I am designing a bar in NYC and want to use a hardened sandstone on the walls. Can you send me pics of your supply? Dec 7, Contact
e 15937 Australia: Can you please email current stock availably and prices on 20mm polished slabs and 303x305 ,30x30 or 60x60 polished tiles of Indian marble and granite CIF Melbourne Australia. Dec 7, Contact
e 15936 Germany: Please quote for slate plates 40 x 40. Dec 7, Contact
e 15935 Italy: Please quote for slabs for Padang g654 for thickness cm 2-3-4. Also mention delivery schedule and all other costs. Dec 7, Contact
e 15934 Morocco: Earthmoving Machinery: We are a construction company based in Morocco, and for trading purposes we would like to import machines like Excavators, Wheel Loaders, Backhoe Loaders, Motor Graders, Bulldozers & Forklifts that suits our market. Our tel. no. is 00212 22 2.....Dec 7, Contact
e 15933 USA: Retail: We want 75 sq feet of Blue Bahia granite tiles 12x12, for kitchen countertop. We are ready to buy from any area where shipping costs would not be prohibitive. We would like to have a sample. Our phone number 503-66.....Dec 7, Contact
e 15932 Nigeria: Please let me have the source and price of brown balmoral granite. I need a container load of polished brown balmoral Include also, rough block price. My tel. no. is 234-803-32.....Dec 7, Contact
e 15931 USA: I am looking for coquina shell stone. It can be in the form of columns or slabs. It can be used or recycled. I have (3) hollow columns to carve, approximately 12"-16" Dia. x 7'. Each column will be capped top and bottom with marble. I am interested in either bulk or slab, or even rubble if suitable size, for additive sculpture. A natural color...lighter shade is preferable. My tel. no. is 407 32....Dec 7, Contact
e 15930 Singapore: We are interested to know more about Indian granite slabs and tiles. Please quote. Tel: (65) 629....Dec 7, Contact
e 15929: We would like a list of your Indian granite products with the prices. We are interested in granite slabs 2cm thickness, one side polish. Dec 6, Contact
e 15928 Ghana: We are a trading company in Ghana are interested in your product and would like to buy from your company. Send us your catalogues, etc. We buy more than twenty containers in a year. We are importing from Italy and Spain at the moment. Send us your catalogue to enable us to make our choice. Dec 6, Contact
e 15927 USA: I need remnant of green moss marble. I need a piece 58"x6 1/2". Dec 6, Contact
e 15926 Brazil: I want to know about the prices of nero marquina. Dec 6, Contact
e 15925 Turkey: We need more than 25000 m of granite dust included art. marble for the renovation of metro station in Turkey.  Dec 6, Contact
e 15924 Kuwait: Stone processing Machinery: We are seeking to be supplied with machinery and equipment necessary to set up major plants for a grand scale production. The equipment necessary to establish a whole factory to produce tiles slabs ceramic granite. I need the machines price and Quotation, and raw material and catalogues. My mobile no. is +965 - 66.....Dec 6, Contact
e 15923 UK: Please quote for Indian granite and marble slabs and tiles. Dec 6, Contact
e 15922 China: I am looking for marble/granite countertops to export to US. The color I am looking for is maple red, tiger skin yellow and white sand. Please contact me and give me more details. Dec 6, Contact
e 15921 Sri Lanka: We are new company entering the market of Granite as we have heavy import orders in hand. Please send us catalogue with CIF prices. Our tel. no. is 239.....Dec 6, Contact
e 15920 India: I require Marble or Granite around 1300 sq ft approximately for flooring, window panes and kitchen table. Please send me a quote according to various quality available. Time frame is 4 to 5 months. Payment by cheque or cash. Delivery to Pune. My contact no is (020) 266.....Dec 6, Contact
e 15919 USA: We are looking for marble slabs 'Bardiglio Bluette' for a project. The qty. is 200 sqm. Please send us 2 sample pieces and also mention the slab size. Our tel. no. is (852)-23......Dec 6, Contact
e 15918: Would like to contact suppliers for granite cutting and polishing machines. Dec 6, Contact
e 15917 USA: Retail: Please quote for a soapstone artifact like the one displayed in 0042 - 0031. I am in NY. and my phone number is 646-59.....Dec 6, Contact
e 15916 USA: I am in New York and need limestone. I need 180 square feet in the lightest color possible-sand color/off white. My need is immediate and I was hoping to get costs pertaining to different sizes and shipping. Dec 6, Contact
e 15915 Algeria: We are interested in getting into a formal arrangement with you to market and promote your products in Algeria (PORCELAIN WALL & FLOOR TILES, POLISHED PORCELAIN TILES) under the design of our brand. We would appreciate if you could let us have all the requested information thereby enabling us to proceed further with our dialogue i.e. to come and visit you. In the meantime please forward us through express courier your catalogues which cover your products and also the prices FOB, Ex Works and CIF Algerian Port). Dec 6, Contact
e 15914 India: I am interested in Balustrades of about 200 ft. I am interested in Bulgarian Limestone. Dec 6, Contact
e 15913 UAE: We would like to know what stocks you are holding (Black galaxy, Absolute black, and all light colors especially cream, off white) from India. Please let us know if you have or can supply crema marfil. Please quote C&F Dubai. We require Ist quality, granite and marble. Please specify the delivery time. etc. My tel. no. is 00971422.....Dec 6, Contact
e 15912 USA: I want crab orchard flagstone for my 1200 sq ft patio. Dec 6, Contact
e 15911 USA: Retail: Looking for 3 yards of beach cobble. Dec 6, Contact
e 15910 Suriname: We are suppliers of various products for the Caribbean market. We import our goods mainly from China, India, USA, Brasil and the Netherlands. We would like to receive the quotation for marble tiles from Turkey together with the company details. Dec 6, Contact
e 15909 USA: I have a customer interested in a container of quartzite (guaged random and squares). Do you have quartzite? What colors? What prices? Quantity is approx. 2000 sq. ft. of random and 4000 sq. ft. of squares. My tel. no. is 707 37..... Dec 5, Contact
e 15908 USA: Retail: What is the price of Red Moby Dick (Russian Marble)? It has to be smooth polished finish. Dec 5, Contact
e 15907: Please quote for Tropic Brown (Najran) Block. My tel. no. is +9665057.....Dec 5, Contact
e 15906 France: We are importers and distributors of Turkish Stone located in France, Since the demand for pure white travertine is high and prices are low, we are looking for a new sourcing quarrying companies. Our best selling product from which we import large quantities from Turkey is pure white travertine. We came across a nice purely white (Ivory) Travertine product from Iran. We are looking for a long term relationship with a stable producer that we can get recommendations from. Please send me photographs of your material. Please note, I am not interested in creme or white travertine. I am looking for pure white travertine product. Dec 5, Contact
e 15905 USA: Retail: I have been shopping for granite slab for my kitchen island, and so far I like the 'Black galaxy' the best (to match with my Baltic Brown granite tile on the rest of my kitchen counter). Is this a good granite for countertop? The best price I found is about $900 installed for a 36" X 84" X 3/4" slab, does it sound reasonable to you? Oh, the stone is from China. Dec 5, Contact
e 15904 Bangladesh: We are the importer of used and old crane running conditioned any brand 25 tons to 150 tons. Please send us the C&F Chittagong price. Dec 5, Contact
e 15903 USA: Need about 2500 sq ft of Ashlar pattern limestone. My tel. no. is 858 40.....Dec 5, Contact
e 15902 USA: We require large blocks of beige/white cantera called "Riviera beige". We need these for for large carved fireplace surrounds, interior and exterior columns balustrades and cladding. We are ready to purchase now. We are trying to color match some existing samples
blocks will be field inspected in Mexico. We are in need of these blocks ASAP. We are looking for 1 truckload to start and a consistent supplier for the future. Quality needed is first to best quality in larger sizes needed also scraps and small pieces needed for veneers. Our tel. no. in Chicago is 847 92.....and in Mexico is 52 818 37......Dec 5, Contact
e 15901: Stone Processing Machinery: Our company wants to buy Granite Machine. A machine which will be able to cut and polish granite. We want an Italian machine. Dec 5, Contact
e 15900 Oman: Require Silica Sand, spherical shape for tiles manufacturing. Quantity: 10 tons. Price CIF Muscat. Dec 4, Contact
e 15899 USA: Retail: I love the look of Santa Helena but I am wondering about it staining and what the cleaning process is? Dec 4, Contact
e 15898 India: I am an exporter of Indian Natural Stones from Bangalore, India and one of my buyer was enquiring about Indian basalt stone tiles. Perhaps from the Deccan? I would like to know whether it is quarried for building stone? I would be interested in finding more information about the basalt stone and my customer wants immediately 500 Sqm in the size 1500x600x30mm and another 500 Sqm in the size 600x300x10mm.  My customer is looking for basalt with "character", so flaws, bubbles, veins and fissures are not a problem. If you are a supplier or Manufacturer, please send me the details of your products with Pictures if you have any. My tel. no. is +91 80 569.....Dec 4, Contact
e 15897 India: Please quote for Water Jet Cutting Machines. Please send us the manufacturers name, model no., specifications and technical details about it. Dec 4, Contact
e 15896 Honduras: I need info immediately on slates and sandstone and granite slabs and tiles container loads from Brazil. Dec 4, Contact
e 15895 USA: Retail: We are looking for a retailer of Nagina Green slab granite in the Portland, Oregon area. We wish to do a large kitchen with this. Do you know of a retailer or wholesaler? Dec 4, Contact
e 15894 USA: Please send Marble, Granite and Travertine prices. We are in FL. Our fax no. is 904.28......Dec 4, Contact
e 15893 USA: Looking for old granite blocks - up to 5000 cf. size: 1' to 2' wide, 1' to 1 1/2' high, 1' deep. will buy from anywhere in the USA. We are in design phase of new construction. Will need stone to ship within 5 months. Application is residential, exterior walls. Please send description, quantity available and price, exclusive of shipping. Our phone no. is 917-45.....Dec 4, Contact
e 15892 USA: I am looking for 16" x 16" travertine, approximately 2000-2500 square fit, ship to New Orleans area. What price?  Phone 504-83.....Dec 4, Contact
e 15891 UK: I am interested in purchasing some jade. Please send me some images of your product & tell me if you have a minimum order & a rough estimate as to what the shipping costs would be for that minimum order? Dec 3, Contact
e 15890: Earthmoving Machinery: If you have 950E wheel loader then you send all details as soon as possible. Dec 3, Contact
e 15889 USA: I need 600 sq.ft. of 12X12 Perlato Sicilia marble. I have not been able to find this through the local marble stores. There is no rush. I am in FL, tel. no. is 305-88.....Dec 3, Contact
e 15888 India: We are importers of Tiles, Bathroom Fittings & Accessories, etc. We would like to have details about your products as well as their prices. Tel:- 91 22 567.....Dec 3, Contact
e 15887 Latvia: We want white, not polished pebbles (snow white pebbles) from China. Size 3-5cm - 4 cubic meters, size 5-8cm 2 cubic meters. We will complete shipment from Tianjin city on 20-th Dcember, and after- from Shanghai city on start of January. I would like to know weight of one cubic meter of pebbles, packing type, and price FOB Tianjing, or FOB Shanghai. My tel. no. is +371 7 6.....Dec 3, Contact
e 15886 USA: Artifacts: We wish to purchase some of the vases. We are interested in medium green onyx vases, in the following sizes:
8" X 15" = $31.35; 8" x 18" = $37.50; and 9" X 18" = $47.45. We would like to see photos of these vases and any other information with respect to the physical qualities of these vases. Initially we will purchase a minimum quantity of these vases so that we may estimate future demand. Also, please provide us an estimate of the delivery time from the time of our confirmed order as well as shipping costs. Payment will be arranged to your satisfaction. We are in NJ. Our tel. no. is 201-82.....Dec 3, Contact
e 15885 USA: We need to buy a lot of granite slab 'A frames', carts and racks for our new 70,000 sq ft facility. We are trying to get this project done by the end of the year. Dec 3, Contact
e 15884 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: We want to buy 4 - used New Holland Combine Harvester in good condition. Please quote us the price. Please forward us pictures & details like prices, payment terms and delivery condition. Dec 3, Contact
e 15883 USA: I am an Artist and want to get started with stone carving. I need to buy a chunk of Marble to start my stone carving venture. My specs are as below, please give me a quote. I am in Newark & phone no. is (302)73.....Quantity estimated - one chunk/block for a starter. Let's say 2 feet wide x 6 feet deep x 6 feet high. Absolutely no crack line in the chunk. I am in no hurry but need to know the maximum delivery time frame. Dec 3, Contact
e 15882: I am looking for a ASAP digital photo of "Blue Bahia" from Brazil would you please send the best quality photo (digital via e-mail) to see color range? Also I need to known the cost per square foot and at what quantities there are price breaks. Dec 3, Contact
e 15881 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: We are looking for following equipments for our immediate supply: 2 units CAT 950 Wheel Loader (Year: 1972 till 82) must be with Powder Steering: CAT 950-B, CAT 966-C, CAT 966-D, CAT 966-E, Hitachi EX100WD-1, Hitachi WH04, Hitachi WH04D, Daewoo DH05W, Nissan CW46 Mixer Trucks and Dumpers, Hino and Nissan 6 Cylinder Mixer Trucks, Komatsu Motor Grader 405-2, 605-2, 705-2. If you have any unit listed from above. Kindly send us photos and C&F Karachi prices at your earliest. Cell Phone: 0092.300.21.....Dec 3, Contact
e 15880: Retail: Please price Sahara gold 18X18 polished. Dec 3, Contact
e 15879 India: Please arrange to send me detailed quotation for unexpandable perlite ore. Dec 2, Contact
e 15877: Please quote for a sandblasting machines and air compressors. Dec 2, Contact
e 15876 Pakistan: We want to buy new crane of 40 tons. Please quote your latest prices. My tel. no. is 0092-51-54.....Dec 2, Contact
e 15875 USA: Please send me your proce list for a grave monuments. Dec 2, Contact
e 15874 USA: Retail: I am looking for kashmir gold for a kitchen counter top. The kashmir gold I have a sample of is really gold, but the place where I was going to get the entire slab from is light yellow. They say it depends on the cut, so I'm looking for a cut that is close to the original sample. Do you sell granite in quantities for a standard kitchen counter, or do you only sell mass quantities? Is your slab of kashmir gold very gold, or is it more of a light yellow? Do you have any other gold colors? What is your pricing for kashmir gold? My tel. no. is (949) 56.....Dec 2, Contact
e 15873 USA: I reside in So. California. I am having my home built right now. I am in the market for Beige Travertine or a light colored Limestone. Looking for 16"x16" or 18"x18. I don't want to spend over $3.00 a square foot. I need 1,000 square feet. Contact me if you have a deal. I have cash and ready to deal with the appropriate offer! My tel. no. is (714) 42.....Dec 2, Contact
e 15872 USA: I need Juparana Mojave, Polished Granite. 2 slabs 70 inches x 107 inches. I am in Seattle, my tel. no. is 425-27.....Dec 2, Contact
e 15871 USA: My architect is considering specifying a quartz base tile or agglomerate for the outside of a building in NY. I have heard people against the use of agglomerates on the exterior because of discoloration. Because of the cold and hot weather here in the east, my concern is that it might not hold on the wall (the architect is specifying a thinset installation on dur-rock) and there may be change in the material characteristic. What do you think? Dec 2, Contact
e 15870 Greece: We are interested for the stones with the following attributes: 
Color: Esmeralda Bahia, Azul Macaubas, Rosa Corallo, Rosa
Dimensions: 120/150/170cm x 35/70cm.  Thickness: 3-4cm.  Surface Natural and Edges Machine Cut. Please give us a price in $, C.I.F. Pireus (Greece). We are interested for 1-2 containers. Dec 2, Contact
e 15868 USA: I need to purchase a Saturnia sample for a client that saw this stone in a friends home in Miami Fl. I work for an interior decorator in New York and Los Angeles. My tel. no. is 310-31.....Dec 2, Contact
e 15867 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: I am interested in starting a business in monuments and other stone engraving work. I am looking for information of manufacturers of equipment such as lasers, sandblasting precision equipment, layout equipment and related required equipment for engraving soft and hard stone. Dec 2, Contact
e 15866 France: We are an interior design company and are looking for rock crystal blocks in order to have 2 basins and 1 bathtub made in a bathroom : the quality must be perfect according to the transparency ( as clear as possible ) and the homogeneity of the blocks. The sizes are bath tub  200cm x 100 cm x 60 cm and 2 solid lavatories 65cm x 50cm x 12cm each. Find herewith our project and a picture of a sample of the quality we are looking for. This is very urgent and we could order right away if it meets our demands. Let us know also if you could provide the manufacturing of the basin and how you intend to do them : carving and ( or ) gluing. Our tel. no. is 00.33(0)4.93.8..... We are interested to buy a block of quartz crystal  Dec 2, Contact
e 15865 USA: Please quote for a CAT 14G. I am in Texas. My contact no. is 713-78.....Dec 1, Contact
e 15864 USA: We are looking for a supplier for large quantity of Black Lava Stone. Please contact me with per ton Pricing and delivery cost to Santa Barbara CA. My tel. no. is 805 89.....Dec 1, Contact
e 15863 France: Please quote for a block of transparent quartz 210 x 120 x 90. I need this urgently. Send pictures also. Dec 1, Contact
e 15862 USA: Retail: I am looking for backsplash tile in the Amazon Blue granite. Do you have that? I am in MA 01880. Dec 1, Contact
e 15861: Please send me your pictures about waterjet machine. Dec 1, Contact
e 15860 UAE: We are looking for the following machine if its available in your stocklist please inform us with all details, photos and quote the price till CNF DUBAI as soon as possible:-
1. Truck Crane with mechanical boom, 50 ton, 55 meter boom and year 1985-1992 , LINKBELT/ SUMITOMO / LIEBHERR
2. Hitachi crawler crane, 50 ton, year 1983 - 1986> My tel. no. is 00971488.....Dec 1, Contact
e 15859: We want to buy many containers of Stone Tiles like:
1. Iran -- Travertine, Marble, Limestone
2. Syria -- Limestone
3. Egypt - Marble
We need good quality products , reliable suppliers and competitive prices for large volume. Dec 1, Contact
e 15858 Vietnam: Stone Processing Machine: We are looking for granite polishing machine Italy original. Please send us the related information and contact. Our tel. no. is 84 8 86.....Dec 1, Contact
e 15857 Kuwait: We are interested in Tadano, Kato, Hydraulic Truck Cranes, Mercedes-Benz trucks and forklifts. Mostly we are interested with TADANO TL200M-I, TL250M-V, TG-450M-3 etc and KATO NK200H-5, NK-250-V, NK450B-V etc. Our phone no. is +965-76.....  Dec 1, Contact
e 15856 Vietnam:  Earthmoving Machinery: We intend to purchase used road building machinery. We would like to consider some excavators and bulldozer models:
1. D31P-16/- 17/-18 
2. D50-15/-16; D53-16
3. D40p-1/-1 or D40- 1/- 3
4. EX120-1 or EX120- 3 
5. PC120- 1/ - 3/ or PC200- 3
6. Sk07- 2 or SK07- LN
7. PW100 or PW170. Dec 1, Contact
e 15855 USA: Retail: Email me relevant information dark emperador marble 12x12" OR 1 FOOT SQUARE MARBLE TILES. Have 2000 sq ft of 2 yr old floor - many pits and pops some fixed by factory but getting worse by traffic despite care. NEED approx 200 tiles as above (honed and fully polished for replacement). Dec 1, Contact
e 15854 Ethiopia: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote with other details for Excavator - Cat - Wheel type 1 - 1.5m - Chain type 1 - 1.5m Grader - Cat - 145 - 160 HP / Loader - Cat - Wheel 2 -2.5m / Roller - Cat - 2 drums 8-10 tons / Dozer - Cat - 250 -350 HP. My tel. no. is  00251-1-5.....Dec 1, Contact
e 15853 USA: Please quote for Baltic Brown, Uba Tuba, Giallo Venziano, Tan Brown, Absolute Black, etc. prefab granite slabs. My tel. no. is 619-50.....I am in CA. Dec 1, Contact
e 15852 USA: Looking for a reliable source for translucent Mexican onyx panels (+/- 12" x 12" square). My tel. no. is 323.63.....Dec 1, Contact
e 15851 Ireland: Looking for a machine that can handle material with vacuum. The carrying capacity should be around 125 kgs. Dec 1, Contact
Cat Loaders 950E , 966D And 950B.
Dynapac Rollers CA 251D AND CA 252D
Hitachi Excavator EX100 WD-1 AND WHO4, EX200-1
Kolbeco SK04 Wheel Type Excavator.
e 15849 USA: I am in Anaheim, CA. I am looking for a 24x24 white limestone. Qty. 5,000 sq ft. I need as white as it can get. Cell no. is 
714-71.....Dec 1, Contact
e 15848 USA: Retail: Looking for a block of verde aqua marine (quartzite). I am in Seattle, WA. Dec 1, Contact
e 15846 USA: Retail: I am about to begin a remodel of my kitchen. We will be changing the countertops, floors and appliances. The cabinets are made of natural unstained cherry which were made in 1987. They have formed a lovely patina. I would like to use a green, not to dark granite and am thinking about something called COSTA SMERLODA and MIDO GREEN. Their shades appear similar, although I think that Mido green may be alittle more gray. Which one would you recommend? Or perhaps you can suggest another pretty, somewhat soft in color green? Dec 1, Contact
e 15845 USA: Retail: We live in Glendale, California and are looking for some fine pebbles/stone for our yard and gardens. We are willing to drive to perhaps Anaheim at the furthest. Our phone number is (818) 24......Dec 1, Contact
e 15844 Iran: We are looking to import White Thassos stone tiles with following specifications: Quality: Sorted, Super, (best quality, quite mono-color with no spots or veins). Dimensions: each tile (300 X 600 X 10). Dec 1, Contact

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We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.