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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!   November 30, 2004
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427 inquiries in November. 

The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 15843 USA: Looking to import the top ten colors of granite into the southeastern USA. We are a counter top materials supplier. My cell no. is 678-78.....Nov 30, Contact
e 15842 USA: I am looking to put Jerusalem Gold - 16" x 16" Honed tile for my bathroom. The Sq. footage of bathroom is 17' X 20'. 
1. What price willI get on Jerusalem Gold - 16" x 16" Honed?  2. Can you send me a sample?  3. What's the shipping cost?  am in  MN 55422. Nov 30, Contact
e 15841 USA: Interested in prices on diamond blades from 18 inches to 54 inches. Nov 30, Contact
e 15840: I am a sculptor interested in acquiring about 16 1'x2' slabs of 2" thick rosa aurora marble for a sculpture project. I am interested in the translucent quality of this marble and I believe the rosa aurora is the most translucent, the pink color is also important. If this is not the case please let me know. Also what is the hardness of the stone using Moh's scale? Nov 30, Contact
e 15839 Ireland: I am interested in buying large quantities of gray granite window cills. My telephone number is 0502 .....Do you supply same? Nov 30, Contact
e 15838 Pakistan: Machinery: Looking for factory that produces marble - granite diamond cutting machines in France. We are interested to buy such the machines for our products here in Pakistan. We are the leading company dealing with marble products and need to make novelty in our work while using such machines.  Nov 30, Contact
e 15837 UAE: We would like to introduce ourselves as a general trading company. We have requirement of perlite ore for one of our customers in India. Please send details with packing and pricing. Our tel. no. is 971-6-74.....Nov 30, Contact
e 15836 UAE: We are looking for a complete set up / plant to produce pre-cast natural look stone such as out door and in door wall stone, floor covering, garage flooring, stone columns and window arches. We need a company who can supply us with a complete machinery for 
production plant to produce high quality weather resistance pre-cast products. Our tel. no. is 9714-26..... Nov 30, Contact
e 15835 USA: I am interested in several slabs of the Marinace Green granite. Where in Texas can I obtain these? Finding this granite has delayed our project by several weeks, can you help? I'm located in south Texas, zip code 78539.  Nov 30, Contact
e 15834 USA: Retail: I am looking to buy 110 sq ft. of blue pearl tile in 18"x18"x3/8" size. I am not in a big hurry - if I could get it in a month or so, that would be fine. About $8.00/ft. plus shipping is what I was hoping for. My tel. no. is 509-29.....Nov 30, Contact
e 15833 USA: Retail:  Looking for 4-5 slabs of Verde Amazonas granite. 1 1/4" for kitchen counter top. My tel. no. is 908-35.....Nov 30, Contact
e 15832: We want a used waterjet cutting system such as OMAX 2626. Nov 30, Contact
e 15831: What is the cost for a block of Ambra Dorata granite weighing 1 ton. Please tell me the measurements also. Nov 30, Contact
e 15830 USA: Retail: I would like to buy granite slab/tiles for my house in NJ. Nov 30, Contact
e 15829 USA: Retail: I am looking for two slabs of Paradiso granite or similar of 25.5 inches X 96 inches X .75 to 1.5 inches thick. I am looking to purchase in the Washington DC area. Must be solid slabs with no visible cracks. I am looking to purchase ASAP. My tel. no. is 202.77..... 
In the alternative, I am seeking 25 Sq. ft. of Paradiso in 36 inch tiles. Nov 30, Contact
e 15828 USA: I am looking for a Black Beach Pebble 2-3". Do you have this product? I am in TX. My tel. no. is 325-64.....Nov 30, Contact
e 15827 USA: I am a sculptor from Ft. Worth, Texas. I am looking for a company that can supply me with Black Granite bases for my work. I know several sculptors that I can sell to as well. My phone number is 817-58.....Nov 30, Contact
e 15826 Bolivia: We are in the search of the following material: 4500m2, 40x40, SUPER WHITE, POLISHED PORCELAIN FLOOR TILES. We wished to find pure the color white. Your prices should be: FOB/CHINA-PORT. Sample: Remit 1 small sample to appreciate quality and finish. Include your Terms of Sale. Our phone no. is 591 4 42.....Nov 30, Contact
e 15825: Stone Processing Machine: Email me relevant information about marble tools (gang saws, polishing machines bridge cutters), which i can buy from Italy and with prices between 10000 euro and 40000 euro. Nov 30, Contact
e 15824 Russia: We are interested in Granite. We need about 16000 m2, size 60 x 60, thickness 20 mm polish. All the variants of grey color.
And if it possible to take order from you by train? Please quote. My tel. no. is +7 095 98.....Nov 30, Contact
e 15823 Ethiopia: Earthmoving Machinery: We send pricelist along with pictures for Excavator - Cat - Wheel type 1 - 1.5m & Chain type 1 - 1.5m. Grader - Cat - 145 - 160 HP, Loader - Cat - Wheel 2 -2.5m, Roller - Cat - 2 drums 8-10 tons, Dozer - Cat - 250 -350 HP. Our tel. no. is 0251-1-5.....Nov 29, Contact
e 15822 Netherlands: Quarrying Machine: We are interested in a secondhand hydraulic rock drilling equipment that can make holes at least 5 inches or 12,5 cm in marble with a length of 10 meters. Please send us information on fax or email. Our no. is +31 7250.....Nov 29, Contact
e 15821 Pakistan: We are interested to buy Ceramic Tiles. Kindly quote and also tell me what minimum quantity can we order you, because firstly we just want to check and have a sample. Also tell me the terms and conditions of your country, and in how many days you give your delivery plus mention the ports also. My mobile no. is 0300-94.....Nov 29, Contact
e 15820 France: I need a Caterpillar Wheel Loader 950E. I need it in France. Nov 29, Contact
e 15819 Denmark: Please quote for Waterjet machine. Email pictures and technical information. Nov 28, Contact
e 15818 Saudi Arabia: We the first growing construction company and required 2 tower cranes for our one of the project. Details of tower crane as follows: height: 50mtr, boom lenght: 45 mtr, tip load 1.6 ton. Please furnish your contact details and phone number. My tel. no. is 009661-47.....Nov 28, Contact
e 15817: I am interested in Waterjet machines. Nov 28, Contact
e 15816 USA: Need info about multicolor stones-pebbles. Nov 28, Contact
e 15815 Turkey: We would be pleased to introduce our company dealing with construction, import and marketing of swimming pools, spas, fountains, saunas. We are mostly interested in marble and limestone for swimming pools. We would like to work with you in Turkey. We would be pleased to receive your all product information and prices. Our tel. no. is +90 216 36.....Nov 28, Contact
e 15814 India: I am a sourcing manager for a Middle East based company. I would appreciate if you could mail me your latest quote for all pebbles all sizes, cubes 4X4X4. Please state the price fob Chennai or your nearest port. Nov 28, Contact
e 15813 USA: Retail: I am interested in buying an inlay table as displayed in the online stores of Findstone.com. Could you please give more details about it, like size, delivery time, where is it shipped from, transit time / mode on payment? Nov 28, Contact
e 15812 Japan: We are looking for Granite and Marble processing Machine. Could you send us more details about your used GANGSAW Machine? Nov 28, Contact
e 15811 Australia: We are interested in importing granite, marble and sandstone tiles. Please let me know how we can get some samples of your products. Nov 28, Contact
e 15810 USA: I would like to get prices on all used bridge saws. Nov 28, Contact
e 15809 Nigeria: Give me your prices for (2cm) Perlato royal slabs, white carrara slabs, perlato sicilia slabs, and perlato royal tiles 30 x 30cm. Also quote shipment and transportation. My contact no. is 234-80345.....Nov 27, Contact
e 15808 USA: Please quote for Pau Brazil & Azul. About 700 sq ft. Nov 27, Contact
e 15807 Germany: Please send a pricelist of all your monuments and bordueren. Please write all the stones in cm. Nov 27, Contact
e 15806 USA: I am looking to purchase 36 to 38 2" granite balls. Do you have these balls and if so how much are they per ball and approximate shipping cost to zip code 72576. Nov 27, Contact
e 15805 France: I am looking for a supplier for a long term relationship for marble, granite and natural stones. I need to know prices in the different formats available (tiles and slabs). Nov 27, Contact
e 15804: Stone Processing Machinery: Please send us the one universal pricelist for machinery. Nov 27, Contact
e 15803 USA: Please advise if you can supply Bianco Carrara excellent quality tiles 12 x 12 3/8 well polished - 300 pcs. Dark green marble tiles 12 x 12 3/8 well polished -1000 pcs. Medium green marble tiles 12 x 12 3/8 well polished-1000 pcs. Salome marble tiles 12 x 12 3/8 well polished- 500 pcs. White thassos extra marble tiles 12 x 12 3/8 well polished - 500 pcs. Also agglo simplex perlato royal marble tiles 30cmx65 1.2cm thickness 14000 Sq ft. per year. Please quote your best price, also need to know if you can e-mail to us photos of each item and payment methods you accept. My tel. no. is 1-812-39.....Nov 27, Contact
e 15802 India: We are exporters and have branches in Scandinavian countries. We have an enquiry for triangle black, specifications are: All the three sides should be 170cms and thickness should be 7cm. All sides sawn top flamed and bush hammered. Tel: +91-44 - 284...... Tele Fax: +91-44-28228037. Nov 27, Contact
e 15801 Bermuda: Please send photos and prices for slabs of all blue granites. Measurements 4 - 5 ft x 9 - 12 ft x 3cm & 3 ft x 6 - 8 ft x 2cm. Nov 27, Contact
e 15800 China: We want to import granite block. Colors are India Red (Red Series), Brazil Green (Green series). Please send details. Nov 27, Contact
e 15799 Suriname: We are interested to buy the following marble tiles: Bianco carrara "C" extra, Arabescato carrara 1st., Bianco carrara "CD" 1st. Size : 61x61x2. Qty : 350 square mtr. In total 3 x20ft cntr. Price in usd. Our tel. no. is 597-4.....Nov 27, Contact
e 15798 USA: Please quote for granite slabs. I am in RI. Nov 27, Contact
e 15797 USA: Retail: We are deciding on which granite to install for our kitchen countertops. We have narrowed it down to black brazil, absolute black, and baltic brown. We were initially interested in honed absolute black; however after reading so many horror stories about the maintenance it requires, we decided against it. We are wondering if the polished absolute black has some of the same maintenance issues and also becomes more trouble than it is worth. The kitchen will still be a high traffic area for us and includes an island for which we will also use as a dining counter. Nov 26, Contact
e 15796 Germany: We are interested in Lemon travertine as displayed in pricelist 1216. Qty. is 100 sqm. My tel. no. is +49 33205.....Nov 26, Contact
e 15795: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote with details for CAT 980C excavator. Nov 26, Contact
e 15794 USA: We wish to purchase in quantity, multi colored translucent onyx tiles in sizes: 12" X 12" X 3.8" or: 305mm X 305mm X 10mm. We will consider other sizes available for sale. The onyx tiles are to be polished on one (1) face and all four (4) edges. We will buy onyx from different regions in different colors as long as they are distinctly patterned and translucent. Our phone no. is 201-82.....Nov 26, Contact
e 15793 Italy: We are interested to buy Galala blocks from Egypt. Nov 26, Contact
e 15792 UK: Please forward brochure and price on Exterior Terrazzo tiles and your range of granite tiles. My tel. no. is 004479895.....Nov 26, Contact
e 15791 UK: I am looking for pictures of the translucent stone curtain walls also for a manufacturer in Europe. Nov 26, Contact
e 15790 Libya: Our company is looking for suppliers/manufacturers for the following: MARBLE CARRARA WHITE FLOOR TILES 300 x 600 mm & 400 x 400 mm with quantity 10000 sqm (FOB price should be around USD 7). We are ready to place immediate order after receipt of price-offer and pictures by email. Our tel. no. is 00218 91 37.....Nov 26, Contact
e 15789 Singapore: I am an interior designer, currently working on a retail project. I would like to request for the quotation of marble and mosaic flooring together with the installation price. Could you kindly provide me with the quotations? My mobile no is 964.....I would like to go for dark brown like walnut or even black color. Nov 26, Contact
e 15788 USA: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote with details for a CAT 14G excavator. Nov 26, Contact
e 15787 China: We are a stone company specializing in export & import. We are interesting in your products like Brazilian AZUL BAHIA. Please quote for blocks and slabs. Our tel. no. is 86-592-56.....Nov 26, Contact
e 15786 Yugoslavia: Please quote for a waterjet machine. Nov 26, Contact
e 15785 Sweden: Earthmoving Machinery: Please send me full information regarding Hitachi EX200. I would like to have your net C&F price port of Gothenburg, Sweden. My phone no. is +46 418.....Nov 26, Contact
e 15784 Singapore: I want to purchase for a project: 
1) Breccia Tavira (Cafe Rosita) Marble - polished Size: 300 x 600 x 20mm. Qty: 1500 m2 
2) Volaska Marble - Polished Size: 300 x 600 x 20mm. Qty: 1500 m2. Nov 26, Contact
e 15783 Vietnam: We want to buy urgently a used granite polishing machine, Italy origin. My tel. no. is 84 8 86....Nov 26, Contact
e 15782 USA: Please send me a price on a piece of black granite 30 inch X 30 inch by 6 feet shipped to Rochester, New York. Nov 26, Contact
e 15781 UAE: Stone Processing Machine: Please provide us with some information on industrial (blocks) granite/gabbro/UB rocks cutting machines. Please mention the type of machine, daily production capacities, price of machinery, range of machines you produce, delivery period (to be delivered to Dubai UAE),  back-up facilities, warranties and Payment conditions. My phone No is: + 971 50 73.....Nov 26, Contact
e 15780 West Indies: I want to buy 900 square feet of marble 16x16 or 18x18 polished tiles in a white of cream beige colour. My budget is  not more than US$ 1.90 per sq ft. I am willing to buy from any where in the world. I will be paying via wire transfer or money order. I will like to place order be February 2005. My number is 868 638 7444, 868 73.....Nov 26, Contact
e 15779 USA: Interested in Copper Multicolor slate, from Deoli, India I believe. I have found Copper and Copper Red but not sure if the same as the Multicolor; clarification would be helpful. Qty. is 2000 x 300x300x10/12 mm. Gauged slate. Recommendations on shipping consolidators would be helpful. I have used shipping consolidators in the past but not from India. Baltimore, MD would be the closest marine terminal. 
Can order immediately, flexible on delivery, delivery could be within the next 90 days. My tel. no. is 703-79.....Nov 26, Contact
e 15778 USA: Retail: I am very interested in the blue sodalite for my kitchen counters. Is this granite a good stone for that area? What is the maintenance on it? Does it scratch easy? Nov 26, Contact
e 15777 Iran: We are One of company working in terms of building material. One of our customer need's 5000 sqm of white stone by this size:
Absolute White Marble (Thassos Snow White) Tile:
30 x 60 x 1.7 Qty:1000 m2 and 40 x 40 x 1.7 Qty: 1000m2
40 x Length x 1.7 Qty:1000m2
60 x 180 x 1.7 Qty:1000m2 
60 x 180 x 3.5 Qty:1000m2. Tel: +982183.....Nov 26, Contact
e 15776 UK: Please could I have a quote including shipping to the UK for white marble (banswara) minimum 12" x 12". TOTAL AMOUNT REQUIRED IS 90M2. Nov 25, Contact
e 15775 Sri Lanka: Send me prices for icon brown ; siva gold; kashmir gold. I need 2000 sq. ft each. Telephone 94 7773.....Nov 25, Contact
e 15774 Germany: We are interest in Telescopic Cranes
Tadano 25 ton. - to upwards 1972-2000 
Kato 25 ton. - to upwards 1972-2000 
Grove 80 ton. - to 160 ton. 1972-2000 
Crawler Cranes
Manitwc 150 ton. - to 500 ton 1968-1992 
American 150 ton. - to 500 ton 1968-1992. Nov 25, Contact
e 15773 USA: Retail: I want to buy marble from Turkey, fior di pesco oriental. You can call me at 650-32..... Nov 25, Contact
e 15772 USA: Do you have or can you help me find 3 to 4 slabs of Oubatub gold granite. My tel. no. is 1 800 42.....Nov 25, Contact
e 15771 USA: I am looking for specifications and samples of Crystallino polished tile. Nov 25, Contact
e 15770: Looking for juparana royal. Nov 25, Contact
e 15769 USA: We are seeking approximately 40-50 slabs of 2cm - "Fior Di Mare" Natural Marble. Final order quantities will be based on slabs size compared to project needs. The slabs must be polished on one face and be of typical marble slab size. The slabs must also be 2cm thick and within industry standard tolerances. The material must be sound quality as they will be used as wall panels. We are willing to buy from anywhere in the United States or from the country of origin, Italy. This project will most likely happen within the next 4-8 months. In order to finalize a supplier, we must receive a sample of the material to be supplied, pricing information, delivery lead times, payment terms and possibly a photo of the slabs if required buy the end user. We expect to finalize the order no later than the end of January, 2005. Phone: 214-38.....Nov 24, Contact
e 15768 Italy: I want to know producers of opal pink light and royal beige in blocks.  My tel. no. is +39 0923 9.....Nov 24, Contact
e 15767 USA: We are looking to purchase CNC bridge saw, cnc machining center, and water recycling center for the fabrication of 3cm granite and marble counter tops. My mobile no. is 912-85.....Nov 24, Contact
e 15766 UK: I am looking for basalt producers in South America as well is their such a stone produced from there? Nov 24, Contact
e 15765: I am interested in your water-jet medallions. Could you please send over pre-designed medallions and pricing? Nov 24, Contact
e 15764 USA: I am interested of buying a bridge saw ZDCQ item # 486 or 487. I am in CA. Please let me know the price. Nov 24, Contact
e 15763 USA: Retail: I am interested in approx. 75 12x12 granite tiles of blue bahia. What would be the approx. shipping costs to zip code 97030? Nov 24, Contact
e 15762 India: Interested in a gangsaw. Send details of size, make, year of manufacturing, delivery, payment terms, pictures. Nov 24, Contact
e 15761 USA: If you company offers any catalogs please send me. I am in Princeton. Nov 23, Contact
e 15760 USA: We are a natural stone distributor in the United States. Our primary focus is the sale of sandstone that is quarried here in the US. However, we wish to expand our product offering, and we are looking to start a relationship with a reputable company in India. Currently, we wholesale between 4-5 containers per month of local sandstone. Our main warehouse is located in Miami, FL with additional yards throughout the state of Florida. Trade references from other countries can be provided in order to better understand the volume you might expect. My tel. no. is 1 305-24.....Nov 23, Contact
e 15759 Germany: I need Azul Extremadura 100 m of polished tiles 610x305x10 mm. Nov 23, Contact
e 15758 Zimbabwe: Could you provide me with the ceramic wall tile price per square meter. Keen to come and buy. My tel. no. is 701..... Nov 23, Contact
e 15757 USA: Do you have any travertine round table tops - what diameters? Nov 23, Contact
e 15756 USA: I would like to receive quotes for containers of polished slabs of marble and granite 2 and 3 cm, first quality only, with a minimum size of 5 ft. x 9 ft. I am looking to purchase approximately 2 containers per month if a relationship can be established with a supplier. The first container would be purchased within the next month. Please include shipping quotes with the material quotes. My tel. no. is 719 23..... Nov 23, Contact
e 15755 Canada: I am from Nova Scotia, Canada, and looking for a source for marble slabs. Nov 23, Contact
e 15754 USA: Retail: I need to buy a few Swedish Mahogany tiles 12x12. I am in Fort Collins, Colorado. Nov 23, Contact
e 15753 USA: I am looking for all manufacturers of Cutt off Abrasive A/O Rubber Bonded Wheels and Cutt off Abrasive A/O Resin Bonded Wheels. I am in NC. My tel. no. is 336.96.....Nov 23, Contact
e 15752 Libya: I have a Marble factory in Libya. I am interested in Marble Tiles Perlato Sicilia. Nov 23, Contact
e 15751: We would like to know if we could get a sample of the (Hita) 18 x 18 High Gloss Marble. We need to add to an already existing floor and need approx 260Sq.Ft. What is the cost per Sq.ft. you can also reach me at 1772-69.....Nov 23, Contact
e 15750: I want to buy a granite cutting machine. I am interested in setting a plant for making granite tiles and I would like to have some information like cost, transport, installation, services. Nov 23, Contact
e 15749 Singapore: We are a marble and granite supplier. We supply materials to real estate developments in Singapore, Malaysia, India and China. Currently we are in need to import a marble named Annaba Ivory. We were informed that this Annaba Ivory is from Turkey. We would be grateful if you could kindly advice whether you could supply us this Annaba Ivory marble tiles in 600 X 600 X 20mm polished in the quantity of 3000 to 5000 Sqm. If yes, kindly advice the price (CIF Singapore) and the lead time. Nov 22, Contact
e 15748 UAE: I would like to know the price of your stone milling machine including all software and hardware features and accessories. Nov 22, Contact 
e 15747 Greece: We are interested in buying scrap of semi-precious stones as: Amethyst, Agate, Sodalite, Quartz, Turquoise and Carnelian. The sizes can vary from 0.5cm. to 3cm. and should be rough. Also want scrap Marble from: 
Argentina: Cielo Azul
Brazil: Azul, Blue Aquamarine, Pau Brazil, Flamingo, Rosa, Azul Macaubas, Esmeralda Bahia.
China: Moss Green
Turkey: Rosa Levanto
And scrap Granite from India: Kyadikuppa Red, Imperial red. Marble, Granite and Slate must be in broken pieces and the thickness should be from 1cm. to 3cm. Nov 22, Contact 
e 15746 Pakistan: We have received from our client inquiry for DIAMOND TOOL DRESSER. DIAMOND TIP : 3 mm . SHANK : 11 mm  SHANK LENGTH : 100 mm, QUANTITY: 06 NOS. Kindly send us your offer on FOBC 10 % showing FOB and C&F Karachi by sea price separately. Our tel. no. is +92-333-51.....Nov 22, Contact 
e 15744 India: I am a retail buyer. I am looking for Katni marble dealers in Hyderabad, India. Nov 22, Contact 
e 15743 FINLAND: We would need a block of white carrara marble, size ca. 40x25x20 cm. The stone will be used for a sculpture. Which quality is best for this purpose? Tel + 358 9 68.....Nov 22, Contact 
e 15742 China: We are a stone company specializing in export & import. We are interested in AZUL BAHIA. Can you tell me the price of the blocks and slabs. My tel. no. is 86-592-56.....Nov 22, Contact 
e 15741 China: We have interest in importing some Crema Marfil blocks, could you please make us a quotation both for FOB and CNF Tianjin port? Our tel. no. is 0086-311-70.....Nov 22, Contact 
e 15740: I am planning to start importing granite from India. I am trying to understand if there's any way that I can guarantee the quality of the stone that gets loaded onto the ship. Is there any non-partisan agency in India that can do this? Or any company that offers to inspect the stone that my supplier is loading onto a ship? Nov 21, Contact 
e 15739 UK: Earthmoving Machine: Can you send me the prices and pictures of Excavator. Nov 21, Contact 
e 15738 Iran: Our company requires two machine. One of them is Waterjet and another one is Robot Wire which both use for cutting and shaping several types of stones such as marble, granite and etc. Our company is so eager to buy the above machines from Asian companies. Nov 21, Contact 
e 15737 Japan: We deal natural stones, clay bricks and various types of tile in Kobe, Japan. Our sales volume is about US$4,000,000/year. Now we have been looking for the stable supplier of Limestone Tiles in Peru. The payment will be done by the irrevocable L/C at sight in any currencies which you require. Size: 300X300mm 300X600mm, Quantity: Full 20 Feet Container, Use: For paving. Our tel. no. is +81-596-2.....Nov 21, Contact 
e 15735 Fiji: We are interested in Lava Stone none polish 300x300x20mm and 300x300x50mm. This is for a hotel project - 5 star hotel. Total qty 12000 sqm.  Nov 21, Contact 
e 15734: I would like to find a tool to cut marble headstone to give it a smooth edge and to carve names in theme also. Nov 21, Contact 
e 15733 New Zealand: Address: Looking for container loads of each colour of marble / granite polished slabs Black Galaxy, Absolute Black, Tan Brown, Black Pearl, Blue Pearl, Brown Pearl. We can place orders on confirmation of price, delivery and quality. We are producing granite and marble benchtops. Our tel no. is 64 3 38.....Nov 21, Contact 
e 15732 South Africa: We specialise in supply and fitting of granite kitchen and vanity tops. On average we are looking at ordering +/- 400 square meters per month. We need 30 mm thickness material. We are very interested to find out more about the possibility of purchasing granite directly from your organisation. We require a quote for BLACK SAN GABRIEL, ARACRUZ BLACK, DIAMOND BLACK and other granites in 30mm polished slabs. Commercial and 1st grade quotations welcome. PLEASE REGARD THIS REQUEST AS URGENT AS WE ARE STARTING A NEW PROJECT IN THE NEW YEAR. Our tel. no. is (021) 70.....Nov 21, Contact 
e 15731 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machine: Please quote for Excavator EX 200 & UH 7-7 Co. Hitachi. My tel. no. is +9233321.....Nov 21, Contact 
e 15730 Poland: I am looking for granite called Juparana Limon. It is probably of Brasilian or Indian origin. I need 1000 sqm. Nov 21, Contact 
e 15729 Vietnam: Could you please send me stone product catalogs with pricelist? My tel. no. is 8438-5.....Nov 21, Contact 
e 15728 USA: Retail: I need 3 slabs of Volga Blue (approx 140 sq ft) for my kitchen countertop, backsplash. My tel. no. is 310-34.....I am in CA. Nov 21, Contact 
e 15727: We work with some stone cutting manufacturer. We need to blocks of : 
1- laguna rosso 250-350 ton/month
2- rosso rubino 250-350 ton/month
3- collenandina rosso 100 ton/month
4- botticino 100 ton/month
5- koya sa 100 ton/month
6- filletto rosso classio 50 ton/month
7- biancone 50 ton/month
Please send me your stock block with complete information as soon as possible. Nov 21, Contact 
e 15726 South Africa: We are an importer and supplier of tiles. I require travertine marble tiles - 600 x 600mm at the best price. Qty. is 10000sqm. My tel. no. is 27 11 46.....Nov 20, Contact 
e 15725: Please quote for Galeski bgs 60 diamond dig marble and granite cutting machines. We are also interested in dia pro edge pro variable machine. Nov 20, Contact 
e 15724 Iran: I want to bay a crane kato. Please send us details with photos. Nov 20, Contact 
e 15722 USA: Retail: How much including delivery for 9 sqm of black marble? Nov 20, Contact 
e 15721 Canada: Retail: I need 5 or 6 tiles (12 x 12") in Rosa Aurora ...?Creme, Rosa or Claro from Portugal. I would prefer to purchase in the Toronto area. Please send information to e-mail or call 416-34.....Nov 20, Contact 
e 15720 USA: We are interested in getting pricing on your tumbled marble and travertine. We are interested in the 4X4 & 12X12 sizes. We would like to receive some samples on these. We are a large distributor of Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles in Connecticut. We are very interested in selling the tumbled marble and travertine as soon as possible. We would like to see a salesman next week if possible. Out tel. no. in Connecticut is  203-26.....Nov 20, Contact 
e 15719 USA: Retail: I am remodeling my kitchen. I know I want granite tiles. So far I have completed the remodeling without having a contractor come in. I believe I can install the granite tiles also. The area to cover is 39 square feet, could you tell me a fair price or price range I should look for when making my purchase? Nov 20, Contact 
e 15718 Pakistan: Diamond Tools: To cut sandstone, we require the following: 
1. Circular saws size 300mm, 400mm, 1600 mm
2. Segments for above blade sizes
3. Segments for gangsaw blades. Please advise fob prices, delivery and technical specs. Nov 20, Contact 
e 15716 India: We are importers and indenting agents for granites, marbles etc in India. We are interested in import of granite blocks from Russia. Please send us pictures, sizes etc. along with FOB St Petersburg prices. Nov 20, Contact 
e 15714 Nepal: We run a stone crusher industry in Nepal, we are now facing the problem of environmental pollution i.e. noise pollution and air 
pollution so if you can give information about any equipment available for controlling this problem. Please mention price, quality terms of delivery etc. Our tel no. 0097799-5.....Nov 20, Contact 
e 15713 USA: I am interested in matching existing marble in my home and the two that may be similar from the images in the stone library are 1) Mexican- Mayan or 2) Mexican-Mountain Rose. Nov 20, Contact 
e 15712 Malaysia: We are interested to import granite (to be used in building construction) for our local & oversea market. Please provide us more information about your products. Nov 20, Contact 
e 15711: Earthmoving Machine: Looking for a 950F excavator. Nov 19, Contact
e 15710 USA: Please provide me with suppliers of granite. My tel. no. is 808 98.....Nov 19, Contact
e 15709 Yemen: I am very interested in importing Ceramic Tile and granite to Yemen. I would like to see your Products catalogue and the update price list. Nov 19, Contact
e 15708 USA: We are planning stone flooring to replace carpet in a very large lobby of our apartment building. The area has heavy traffic, with only 1 elevator we have to use the front entrance for move ins and move outs, plus every day traffic. We were thinking of putting in a factory glazed terra cotta. We need a heavy duty stone flooring. What would you suggest? We are in Chicago.  Nov 19, Contact
e 15707 USA: We are in need of 8 slabs of Green onyx. My tel. no. is 60266.....Nov 19, Contact
e 15706 USA: I am looking for Greek Key Border #006-0010. Nov 19, Contact
e 15705 India: Please send quotation in sqm, CIF basis for Indian and / or Chinese marble and granite slabs (2, 3 cm) and tiles (60cm x 60cm or 80cm x 80). We also need Countertops and other articles. We need these monthly in container load quantities for USA. Nov 19, Contact
e 15704 India: We are Chennai based export company. We have an order for Absloute Black and Black Galaxy cut-to-size materials of 1.8 cm, 3.8cm with different lengths and widths. Absolute Black: 205cm x 40cm x 1.8cm, 200cm x 60cm x 3.8cm. Black Galaxy: 205cm x 40cm x 1.8cm, 200cm x 60cm x 3.8cm, 180 x 60 x 1.8, 180 x 80 x 1.8, 180 x 100 x 1.8, 180 x 110 x 1.8, 205 x 60 x 1.8, 205 x 80 x 1.8, 205 x 100 x 1.8, 205 x 110 x 1.8. Please quote with packing for the above material. Nov 19, Contact
e 15703 USA: retail: Could you quote me price for this product a mosaic medallion (0051-0002). Nov 19, Contact
e 15702 USA: Earthmoving Machine: Please quote for a CAT D9H excavator. I am in Texas. My fax no. is 713-69.....Nov 19, Contact
e 15701: I need a laser cutting & engraving machine of 300 watts. Nov 19, Contact
e 15700 India: I want to buy marble blocks of European origin for reselling purpose. Nov 19, Contact
e 15699 USA: I am an agent for stone tile & slab products and I would be interested in representing your firm for decorative mosaics and or medallions, etc. I am in Texas. My tel. no. is 817-27.....Nov 19, Contact
e 15698 USA: Retail: I am considering soapstone or honed black granite for my kitchen remodel. I don't want a shiny finish and like to look of the more dull solid surfaces. I also don't want a lot of maintenance and problems with my counter top, we have 3 young children, so spills are inevitable. Nov 18, Contact
e 15697 Canada: We are looking to import Chinese granites. Please quote for slabs. Nov 18, Contact
e 15696 UK: I live in London but we are restoring a house in the South West of France. We plan to install a hard flooring on the ground floor and a possible option is something called "Zeus Floor". I need 120 sqm shipped out to France. Looking for a supplier in an around France. Nov 18, Contact
e 15695 USA: We presently operate a stone shop producing granite counters for the residential market. I am in need of a Stone Crusher to pulverize my waste material. The machine should be able to crush pieces no larger than 36" x 36" x 2" thick. Preferably electrically operated. My tel. no. is 603 92.....Nov 18, Contact
e 15694 Japan: Please send us the cost of ROUGH TERRAIN CRANE, Model : KATO KR25H3L (25t). Also send details such as photographs. My tel. no. is +81-3-391.....Nov 18, Contact
e 15693 Israel: Please email me catalogs of your stone products. My tel. no. of 972-50-55.....Nov 18, Contact
e 15692 USA: I want 2 slabs 70 inches x 107 inches of Juparana Mojave, Polished Granite. I need this for island countertop. I am ready to pay for the postage cost of samples. My tel. no. is (425) 27.....Nov 18, Contact
e 15691 Uganda: I am interested in used mobile crusher engine driven machine. I request that you send a list of various machines and their prices. Nov 18, Contact
e 15690 Malawi: I would like to receive a catalogue of you stone products, also do you have a list of companies dealing with marble and granite cutting and polishing material. My tel. no. is 00 265 01 6.....Nov 18, Contact
e 15688 UK: Please forward details of your products like decorative mosaics and or medallions, etc. My tel. no. is 01530 2..... Nov 18, Contact
e 15687 USA: Retail: I am looking to buy a piece of Blue King Granite 116" x 39" for a kitchen counter. Do you have it? Nov 18, Contact
e 15686 USA: I am an ASID designer, looking for 1200+ sq. ft. of 18 x 18 tiles - 3/8" or 1/2" Thick Aragon Gold limestone, honed or polished. My tel. no. is (800) 70.....Nov 18, Contact
e 15685 Vietnam: At present we are in need of PUMICE STONE for our customer. Could you please send us the sample as well as the best quotation ( CIF Hochiminh port) for our reference. Our tel. no. is 84-8-51.....Nov 18, Contact
e 15684 China: We intend to buy some block Rusttenburg Grey from South Africa. It would also be appreciated if you could forward sample and your price-list to us. Nov 18, Contact
e 15683 Singapore: Our are suppliers of construction materials to bldg projects. We are very keen to know about Medallions, Travertine Tumbled tiles, Mosaics, etc. products. Kindly send us some information. My tel. no. is 629.....Nov 18, Contact
e 15682 Singapore: We are keen to know more on the range of products like decorative mosaics and or medallions, etc. Besides, the travertino range we would like to know more on the Iran, Uruguay, Guatemala and etc. stones that you manufacturing. We are importer and our main suppliers came from Europe and China. We supply stone work for local projects and nearby neighboring country. Please send us your catalogue in order to have a better knowledge of your products. Nov 18, Contact
e 15681 Canada: I am a contractor in Montreal. I would like to receive all patterns in ceramics & tumbled marble. I am also interested in waterjet products. Nov 18, Contact
e 15680 Australia: We would be interested in viewing your product like decorative mosaics and or medallions, etc. Please forward a catalogueMy tel. no. is 04144....Nov 18, Contact
e 15679 USA: I am designing a luxury residence in Orlando Florida. I would like to import the stone products for this project. The project calls for 900 square meters of flooring. Approximately 450 square meters polished and 450 square meters unpolished. I also require granites for external entrances and corinthian style columns. I will require at least 4 decorative mosaics and or medallions. Please send more information about your company and products. Please also send a price list. I will be visiting Europe during December. Nov 18, Contact
e 15678 India: We are planning to establish a unit in India. Could you please give me some more details on a GANGSAW GASPARI (S350). I need the technical specs. of this machine as well as the year it was manufactured and condition of this machine. Nov 18, Contact
e 15677 USA: Retail: I am looking to buy granite slabs for my personal residence. What are the prices? I am looking at Black galaxy. I am in Washington.  Nov 17, Contact
e 15676 USA: We specialize in etched rock, granite plaques, tile, and personal and pet memorials. We are looking primarily for a supplier of granite and marble headstones and markers, but we are very interested in seeing catalog and pricing for Medallions, Travertine Tumbled tiles, Mosaics, etc. Our tel. no. is 1-866-50.....Nov 17, Contact
e 15674 UK: Please send brochure for Medallions, Travertine Tumbled tiles, Mosaics, etc. We are a stone trading company. Nov 17, Contact
e 15673 UK: I want to buy Medallions of 100 cm Diameter 40" and Travertine Tumbled tiles. Please get back to me with price of both asap. Nov 17, Contact
e 15672 UK: I am interested in 300 x 300mm light and medium filled and honed travertine tiles. In addition I am interested n 100x100mm 
tumbled marble/travertine tiles. Please give a quote of prices per sqm and advise of shipping costs to the UK. If you could also 
outline minimum purchase requirements and acceptable methods of payment that would be great. My tel. no. is 44 1355 2.....Nov 17, Contact
e 15670: Do you sell Blue Stone for outside patios? Nov 17, Contact
e 15669 UAE: Need truck crane from 20 ton upto 45 ton kato, tadano, or P & H in Dubai. Nov 17, Contact
e 15667 UK: I have projects in the UK for apartment bathrooms over 2 years approx 45,000m2 travertine. Looking for someone who can supply as well as fit in UK. Nov 17, Contact
e 15666 USA: Do you have any suppliers in South Florida that have the Chinese granite? We are near Jupiter Florida. My cell phone 561-33.....Nov 17, Contact
e 15665 USA: What is your price, including shipping to the address below in US, for 1000 sf of kappa-001, Versailles pattern? My tel. no. is 707-74.....I am in CA. Nov 17, Contact
e 15664 USA: I am looking to buy 200 granite countertops. The length of the countertops is 96 inches buy 25 inches with a thickness of inch. The metric length is 244x63.5x2cm. With a full bull-nose in the front. We are willing to buy from Shandong area. The places, which use Qingdao as a port. To finalize a supplier I need to have the lowest price after I have confirmed samples. I want to place an order before the end of the year 2004. My tel. no. in China is (0532) 27.....Nov 17, Contact
e 15663 UAE: We are interested to buy Creama marfle, bottochino and Emperador. We are based in Dubai. Kindly quote your prices from
slab, first choice.  Nov 17, Contact
e 15662 Netherlands: Our company is in search for specific granite stone called Ghazal (Y) from Egypt. Is there any Company in the Netherlands or around the Netherlands they sell this sort of stone. We are not a Company that sell many of this granite. Nov 17, Contact
e 15661 USA: Retail: We are redoing our kitchen and dining room and have decided to go with granite. We have a large kitchen which will have honey maple cabinets and my husband likes the Blue Butterfly granite or Black Galaxy. I like the Almond Mauve on the counters and maybe the Black Galaxy (or blue butterfly??) on the island. (Some light and some dark). What do you think about the colors and about these granites? Do they work in the kitchen and do they have to be sealed? In the dining room, we are putting in built in coffee glazed cherry cabinets to look like a hutch and were thinking of going with the Black Galaxy granite, as well. The rooms are connected by two 5 foot openings. Nov 17, Contact
e 15660 Portugal: Stone processing Machinery: We are interested in  block cutting machines. Please send info such as Maximum Cutting Size, Max. block dimension, saw's diameter. We have more interest at the moment to answer to some enquiries to machine with saws between 2.5 to 3 meters of saw diameter. My tel. no. is +351 91 22.....Nov 17, Contact
e 15659 Spain: We are very interested material such as tumbled travertine  tiles, medallions, borders, etc. We are a commercial office in Spain and we are representing different factories from Spain around the world. We believe that your product could be suitable for our costumers from Ireland and England. Please send us some catalogues and full list of prices. Nov 17, Contact
e 15658 Ukraine: We are interesting in your stone products such as tumbled tiles, medallions, borders, etc. Our company is engaged in selling natural stones in Ukraine. Can you send us your price list and catalogues? Nov 17, Contact
e 15657 Iceland: We would be most interested if you could send us full catalogues - technical information on your stone products. We are retailers here in Iceland, looking to extend our program. Our tel. no. is +354 59.....Nov 17, Contact
e 15656 Sweden: I am redecorating a living room and I will need four stone pillars for this project. Size should be approx: 75 inches high, diameter approx 8 inches. Material should be polished granite. I have not decided about the color yet. However, it should probably be dark, possibly very dark green or black. The color must match a floor made of oak tree. I am in Stockholm. Will buy from any region. Will buy immediately once I find the right design and material. Will need to see high resolution pictures of product before order. Nov 17, Contact
e 15655 China: We specialize in stone import and manufacture. We import many kinds of granite in a large quantity. We need some Tropic Brown, Cafe Imperial, Baltic Brown, Carmen Red, Marina Blue Star, Emerald Pearl, Blue Pearl. If you have no such kinds of stone, pls give me some other kinds of stone that have good quality and competitive price. If possible, we also need some photos and samples for our reference. We will buy the quantity of blocks at the end of 2004 and go to the quarry to inspect them. Please kindly let me know some information about your company, such as your annual output, your main kinds of granite. Our phone: 0086-592-51.....Nov 17, Contact
e 15654 India: We need large quantity of green marble for export purpose. Nov 17, Contact
e 15653: I am looking for travertine tile light color, need a price list. Nov 17, Contact
e 15652: Tunisia: Please quote for Pumice Stone from Turkey. We also need Unexpanded Perlite Ore with following specs: Size: 0.60-2.50 mm,0.80-2.50 mm,1.20-2.50 mm and 0.15-0.60 mm. Humidity: < % 1. Packing: Within 1000 Kg Big bags (20.000 Kg per 20' container) or 1080 Kg. Big bags (21.600 Kg per 20' container). Our tel. no. is +216 71 8....Nov 17, Contact
e 15651 USA: Landscape: I am looking for the yellow rain flower pebbles. I am a landscape designer in Southern California. Where can I purchase these? Nov 17, Contact
e 15650 Australia: Earthmoving Machine: Machine Required: CAT D3G LGP or D3C LGP Series 3, from any country. Required immediately. Please send photos and details such as hours, location of machine, etc. Phone no. is (61 8) 945.....Nov 17, Contact
e 15649 USA: Looking for countertops in granite need some one to contact me. Nov 17, Contact
e 15648 USA: I need 2000 sq ft of white andromeda floor tiles in polished granite and 1200 sq ft of wall tiles in the same white andromeda granite. Delivery will be in Texas 78620. The need is now. Tel. no. is 512-78.....Nov 17, Contact
e 15647 USA: Artifacts: Please email mail your catalogue and price list regarding Marble Chess set's, size 12"x12" size 16"x16" and if you sell 24"x24" chess sets. Also Onyx wine glass set from Pakistan. We have already place an order with a company two months ago however were looking for the best price for any up coming orders after the Holidays. Nov 17, Contact
e 15646 USA: I am very interested in importing large blocks of granite in three different unique colors. They are all from Brazil and their names are Golden Wave and Lapidus, Azul Bahia, Azul Macaubas, and Azul Barracuda Blue. I want to get a price quote per block and I would love the blocks to be big enough to make slabs that are minimum 260cmx160cm in size. These will be used for kitchen countertops so the quality must be excellent. My tel. no. is (480) 74.....Nov 17, Contact
e 15645: I am interested in getting information on small washed stones (pebbles) for our business. Anything 1 cm and under in size is what I would be wanting information on. Nov 17, Contact
e 15644 New Zealand: Enquiring about a telescopic crane. Nov 17, Contact
e 15643 USA: We are a floor covering contractor in S. Fla. We are looking for 2000 s/f of a 24" x 24" polished marble called royal oyster or pacific oyster. It is a gray green color marble. Please contact at Off. 561-84.....Nov 17, Contact
e 15642 Nigeria: Please give me the price of sand extraction machine. The machine that bring out sand for construction purpose and return the water back to the river. Nov 17, Contact
e 15641 USA: Retail: I would like to install a natural stone on my concrete patio and need help in identifying the best product. The patio is fairly large - about 33' x 20' - and is located in the Northeast so there is plenty of rain, sleet, snow and extreme temperatures. Slickness/safety is an issue. Also, we dine on the patio so so staining (spills from wine, grease, etc.) is a concern. And finally, the patio is partially covered by a roof so some of the flooring will receive protection from the elements which could cause uneven fading or wear on the flooring. Nov 17, Contact
e 15640 Libya: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for Cat 966 C excavator.  Nov 16, Contact
e 15639 Serbia: We are importers and wholesalers of Impala black (Rustenburg) rough granite blocks which is used within memorial sector. At the moment, we have interest in importing Impala black rough granite blocks. We need 6 blocks, open transport to the destination port Smederevo - Serbia & Montenegro (the port is lying on Danube river). Size we need is: 2.400 x 1.200. We need medium color range. Also we need Impala black slabs - one side polished. The sizes we need are 2.50 x 1.00 x 0.08 meters; 3.00 x 1.00 x 0.08 meters; and 2.50 x 1.00 x 0.03 meters - total 20 slabs. Our tel. no. is 381 64-12.....Nov 16, Contact
e 15638 Iran: Please send some essential information and general catalogue about your production because we have more order in Iran and will ship them immediately we receive your information. + 98 - 91512.....Nov 16, Contact
e 15637 India: We require 5 containers of white marble slabs or Blocks of Vietnam origin. Nov 16, Contact
e 15636: We want to buy a stone crusher. Nov 16, Contact
e 15635 India: I am interested only in the WHITE MARBLE. Email me relevant information. Nov 16, Contact
e 15634: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for CAT 950B Excavator as displayed in ready stock 491. Nov 16, Contact
e 15633 South Africa: I am in Cape Town South Africa and would like to contact Sandstone suppliers for cladding. Nov 16, Contact
e 15632 UAE: We are urgently in need of Indian marble Abu-Figurative (as quoted in one of the price list for 60 x 60 x 1.8cm @ Rs.19/- Indian rupees for 60 x 60 x 1.8cm per piece), Abu Black & Forest Green, Ambaji Commercial, Banswara Brown, Morwad - Gold Sky, Silver Sky, Sky Line, Piyawdi White. Please send us product specification photo and size details. One side should be polished and cut as per size requirement. My mobile no. is 009715056.....Nov 16, Contact
e 15631 Cyprus: We are an importing Company for building materials for our Market in Cyprus. We shall be interested for Sandstone of color of light beige cut sizes 30 x 60 x 2cm / 40 x 60 x 2cm and 30 x 120 x 3cm (for steps). Our tel. no.: 00357-22-4.....Nov 16, Contact
e 15630 USA: Retail: I am in southern California and I'm looking for Australian sandstone. I have seen it here a couple of years ago and would like to find out where I can buy it. Nov 16, Contact
e 15629 USA: Retail: I am looking for Versaillis pattern travertine tumbled. I only need 1100 sqf. Please quote. I live in northern CA. Nov 16, Contact
e 15628: I want to import jet black polished 2cm slabs of height not less than 160cm directly from the quarry in India. Should be of good quality and competitive price. The material should have no shade variation or no cracks, should be free of defects. Will buy 3 containers every month. Please send FOB any Indian port dest. port ASHDOUD. Nov 16, Contact
e 15627 UK: Artifacts: I am looking for an exporter or factory able to supply my company with granite knobs and handles for kitchens and doors. Please provide price and airfreight price as soon as possible. Nov 16, Contact
e 15626 Ireland: Retail: looking for small quantities of marble for a single purchase. I would require a price for 20 sqm of marble - Spain - emprador polished and honed and / or 10 sqm of marble - Spain - Crema Malaga. Nov 16, Contact
e 15625 USA: NEED scrap of BIANCO ROMANO 3 cm. (Prefer without any or much gold in order to match part of job already done). NEED: only 1/2 slab or so: fabricator sliced our slab in 1/2 by error. Please email or call asap. The other part is already installed and we were to have 25 family members for Thanksgiving! I am in Denver. Nov 16, Contact
e 15624 Palestine: We are interested of buying raw blue stones. if you can send us some pictures to see the quality of your stones to see if it meet our standards. Nov 15, Contact
e 15623 Romania: We are interested in buying COMMERCIAL QUANTITIES of stone. We expect orders from Austria, Germany, and Italy, both in  marble and granite. Our phone no. is +407400.....Nov 16, Contact
e 15622 USA: Please let me know your availability of Mexican limestone products.  Nov 16, Contact
e 15621: Retail: I have urgent need for 2 slabs of Juparana Classico Granite (the ones with peach coloring in it). Please contact me immediately. Nov 16, Contact
e 15620 USA: Retail: I would like to purchase one 16" Honey Onyx Vessel Sink as seen in Findstone website. Price listed at $300 each, what is the shipping time? My location is Brooklyn, New York, Nov 15, Contact
e 15619 I would like some information on travertine quarries in Mexico. I am planning a trip to Mexico in a few weeks and would like to visit some of the quarries. It looks like most of them are in the state of Durango! Nov 15, Contact
e 15617 USA: Retail: I want a soapstone sculpture like the item in 0042-0031 on FindStone website. Could you please tell me the price and how I might order one? Nov 15, Contact
e 15616 USA: Retail: I am looking for a price for sink 0049-0001 in flower green. Nov 15, Contact
e 15615 Spain: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote with full details for hitachi 100wd, 14g motor grader, hino trucks 20 tons and vibratory rollers. My tel. no. is 0034-6655.....Nov 15, Contact
e 15614: Stone Processing Machine: Please advise the pricing and condition of a bridge saw machine as displayed in ready stock 487. Nov 15, Contact
e 15613 India: I work in New Delhi, India and need to know about a stone called KATNI from India. Nov 15, Contact
e 15612: I am trying to buy 420 mt of blue grey jura marble limestone slabs 870 x 525 x 25 and modulock pedestal supports. Could you advise pricing? Nov 15, Contact
e 15611 USA: I am looking for black polished river stone, 5-9 cm, approx 1000 lbs. Do you have this available? Nov 15, Contact
e 15610 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: I am looking bridge saw stone fabrication. Send me list of what you have with price range. My tel. no. is 301 35.....Nov 15, Contact
e 15609 USA: Retail: We are looking for tombstones (monument stones) to mark gravesites. We need it in the next 3-4 months. We are looking for granite in black. It is called India Black here. Is it possible to make and ship to USA? I am in TX. Nov 14, Contact
e 15608 Bahrain: We are a leading and well established Building Contractor company with number of prestigious Projects completed and in progress at Bahrain and Doha and will appreciate if you could let us have details and pricing in US$ (FOB China Port or CFR Bahrain) for Polished Crystallized Glass panels in the sizes of 1800 x1200x20 mm in white colour for about 400 Sq mtr or one 20 ft box type FCL. Once we study and find your products and terms reasonable, we will then proceed further to finalise the deal. Kindly note that market here is very competitive and only the Quality and Pricing can win us major Projects. Our tel. no. is 00973 17 7.....Nov 14, Contact
e 15607 USA: Retail: To construct a coffee table we're looking for solid marble or granite pieces in geometric shapes. These would be used to support a glass table slab. The pieces might be 30-35 cm in height, and shaped as sphere, pyramid, rhomboid, cylinder etc. We can't find them in stone suppliers in Chicago, nor as decorative stone items, although in Italy and Germany they are quite common as table supports. Any idea of where these items might be found? Nov 14, Contact
e 15606 Denmark: I would like to purchase a slab of Azul Bahia. What is the m2 price? Nov 14, Contact
e 15605 USA: Retail: Please contact me regarding your fabricated granite slabs for counter tops. I am in GA. Nov 14, Contact
e 15604 Ireland: I wish to source approx 300 sqm of a cream coloured limestone or marble to be cut into slabs o 1m x 1m square for domestic use in a family home with children. The slabs are for the floor. I would like the slabs to be honed finish and to be ground on site to achieve a flawless finish and finally to be sealed to a matt finish. Nov 14, Contact
e 15603: Please could you send me details about importing containers of creme rejio and moca creme all finishes that you offer. I work for a company which makes fireplaces. Nov 14, Contact
e 15602 USA: Retail: We are considering installing giallo veneziano granite as our kitchen countertop. Is this a good choice for the kitchen? We are looking for something that is low-maintenance, durable, and will look good over time with proper care. Nov 14, Contact
e 15601 USA: Retail: I will be having granite floors, counters, etc. installed in a super customer home next year for a high end customer of mine. Looking for installers in the NJ area. Also, I have a customer with a chipped countertop and a hazy scratched floor asking for a refinisher referral. Nov 14, Contact
e 15600 India: Please email me prices of quartzite tiles and slabs.  Nov 14, Contact
e 15599 India: send us your best quotation on granites. Nov 14, Contact
e 15598 USA: Retail: I am interested in finding granite as well as a fabricator reasonably priced. First pick we saw was Golden Leaf and one called Santa Barbara. We live in San Diego. We have a rough sketch of our kitchen layout for price ballparks. Can you give any estimates or recommendations of granite options? Rough kitchen layout is attached. Nov 14, Contact
e 15597 USA: Retail: Please e-mail colored pictures of Polished Marble for floors, true cut and true thickness that are 24 inches by 24 inches. Marble cost and shipping time and cost to Oklahoma (postal ZIP 73072). Nov 13, Contact
e 15596 USA: Interested in light beige Travertine slabs & 18x18 tiles filled & honed roughly 5000 sq ft. & 5 slabs. Nov 13, Contact
e 15595 USA: Retail: I have been trying to pick out a counter top for weeks and am having so much trouble deciding. I have narrowed my choice down to three things: Emerald Pearl, Labrador Golden Flake, UbaTuba. My biggest concern about the Emerald Pearl and Labrador Golden Flake is that I have never seen them installed (only a slab). Though I think they are beautiful in slab form (especially the Emerald Pearl), I am afraid the "pearling" will make the counter tops look messy (like they have something on them). I know UbaTuba would be the safe choice, but I think the others might be more beautiful. What do you think? Nov 13, Contact
e 15594 USA: We are looking for pumice slabs. My tel. no. is (210) 41.....Nov 12, Contact
e 15593 Australia: Please give me a quote for some sandstone and slate containers. Nov 12, Contact
e 15592: I am interested in cranes 95 and above models and also I am looking for particular brands like Tadano, Groove Crane, etc. Please mail me the details and prices or if u have catalogs for these cranes. Nov 12, Contact
e 15591: Email me relevant information regarding natural slate for fire hearths about 30 - 40 mm. Nov 12, Contact
e 15590 UK: Please tell me if its possible to get samples of any jet black granite tiles and also dark red granite slabs. If I am happy with the tiles I will need 3 pallets of them to be sent to the UK. Nov 12, Contact
e 15589 USA: Retail: I am looking at using a couple of granites in my kitchen that are called "Atlantic black" and "Rainbow". Are they good for a kitchen, water absorption, etc? Nov 12, Contact
e 15588 USA: Diamond powder prices please. Various grades and quantities please. Nov 12, Contact
e 15587 USA: Retail: Looking for two slabs - 70"w x 120"l x3/4" of Juparana Mojava for project in the Seattle, WA, USA area. Nov 12, Contact
e 15586 USA: Landscape: I would be interested in purchasing a large quantity of boulders and larger rocks for a waterfall and landscaping. Please send s & h info along with a name and number. If you have a price list, and descriptions or pictures of what you have that would be helpful. Nov 12, Contact
e 15585 USA: We are a large solid surface fabricator looking to offer Granite to our customers. We are interested in the best prices on slabs in our area and quality used tooling. Nov 12, Contact
e 15584 USA: Do you sell transport / install granite kitchen countertops to homes in the US? Nov 12, Contact
e 15583 Russia: Please send your price and the catalogue of production in the field of deliveries of a natural stone. Nov 12, Contact
e 15582 Poland: We are stone installing company from Poland and in this time we looking for big contract white or yellow onyx. We need slabs in 4, 3 and 2 cm slabs, quantity around - 2000 m2. Please send us answer as soon as possible about prices and delivery time. Nov 12, Contact 
e 15581 USA: We are interesting in importing bulk quantities of marble and onyx for major, multi story construction projects, in the UAE. 
Please provide us with individual quotations per sqm for the following types, including cost & freight charges to Sharjah:
Verona Tiles 30x30x2cm, 60x60x2cm
Botticino (fancy) Tiles 30x30x2cm, 60x60x2cm
Gold Tiles 30x30x2cm
Black Gold Tiles 80x12x2cm, 30x30x2cm, 60x60x2cm
Deep Green Onyx Tiles 30x30x2cm, 60x60x2cm
Medium Green Tiles 30x30x2cm, 60x60x2cm
Light Green Tiles 30x30x2cm, 60x60x2cm
Green Uncut Onyx Block / ton
Note that the bulk quantity will be in excess of 30,000 sq. meters. Further details will be furnished based upon your positive response. Modes of transportation should be specified in your quotations. Tel. no. + 971 6 55......Nov 12, Contact 
e 15579 Greece: Please quote for supplying around 200 sq m. of 60 x 60 x 2 cm tiles of polished Portuguese Light Pink Rosa Aurora marble, shipped to Athens, Greece. Nov 12, Contact
e 15578 Poland: Please quote for Impala granite blocks. Nov 12, Contact
e 15577 China: Please quote for Rosso Francia Incarnat and Rosso Francia Languedoc from France, Rosso Rupasse from Yugoslavia, Verde Quetzal Guatemala from Guatemala, Azul Cielo from Argentina, Blue Mona from Africa, Rosso Laguna, Rosso Lepanto and Dove from Turkey. Tel: +852 246.....Nov 12, Contact
e 15576 India: Please urgently give us the price list for Royal Red / Sindoori Red (Size 1:1 / 2:1, 20 mm/10mm) WITH OTHER colors of quality.  Nov 12, Contact
e 15575 USA: I have a client that would like a chunk of Siberian jade that is 1.25" square by 4+ inches. It should be of high quality apple green to chrome green in color. My phone no. is 541-68..... Nov 12, Contact 
e 15574 Australia: Looking for a supplier of South African granite slabs as displayed in pricelist 990. Nov 12, Contact 
e 15573 Canada: I am looking for a container of assorted marble, Travertine filled and polished, Botticino Classico, Perlato Cecilia Classico, Crema marfil and Bianco Carrara, all 5/8 thick, 34"x4.5", and all with double bevel 1/4 on both sides. Quote me the best price possible. Nov 12, Contact 
e 15572 Australia: We ask about GALALA pure white from Egypt. We need about 5 containers per month. Please quote with samples. Our tel. no. is 01233.....Nov 12, Contact 
e 15571 UAE: We are in need of marble Indian Abu fujitive 3000 sq ft, I will apprecite if you could send us price quotation along with product specification photo and size details. One side should be polished. The requirement is for our house under construction in Muzaffarpur, India. My tel. no. is 00971 (0)4 22.....Nov 11, Contact 
e 15570 USA: Granite slab importers looking for 5,500 sq feet, 12x12x3/8 inch, granite tiles in giallo fiorito. Have a quickly approaching deadline and would probably need to communicate with one of you US distributors. Nov 11, Contact 
e 15569 USA: For a commercial Job in Kansas city we require Quartz of 12X12. thickness- 3/8", Quanitiy-14,584 sq ft. Can be purchased in or out of United States. Original material specked was Cambria Quartz. They are no longer making tile. I am trying to help the architects find a product that is similar in both looks and cost. No color has been specified. Tel. no. is 913-44.....Nov 11, Contact 
e 15568 Finland: We would need a block of white Carrara marble, size ca. 40x25x20 cm. The stone will be used for a sculpture. Which quality is best for this purpose? Tel + 358 9 68.....Nov 11, Contact 
e 15567 Tanzania: We are interested in importing PORCELLANATO POLISH FLOOR TILES (ceramic). We request for proforma invoice for the following under mentioned tiles: 
1. 10mm thick full boarded porcelain floor tiles ex-Spain, skirting 150mm wide - 850LM
2. 10mm thick full boarded anti-slippery porcelain floor tiles ex-Spain, 300mm wide to treads - 460LM
3. 10mm thick full boarders porcelain floor tiles ex-Spain with coloured grouting (430 x 430mm) according to our sample - 1,950SM
4. 10mm thick full-boarded porcelain floor tiles ex-Spain, 150mm wide to risers. - 850LM
Our tel. no. is +255 - 22 - 26.....Nov 11, Contact 
e 15566 UK: Landscape: retail: Please could you tell me the nearest supplier to Andalucia, Spain for flagstones. I need to tile an area of about 150 sq mtrs. What would the delivery cost be for that sort of quantity? My tel. no. is +44 (0)1293 4.....Nov 11, Contact 
e 15565 India: We are interested in buying rough agates. Nov 11, Contact 
e 15564 USA: I am a real estate developer interested in obtaining some samples of random quartzite. Please e-mail me information regarding purchasing approx. 3000 sq. ft. of material that will be used for outside flooring along with cost and shipping to CA. Nov 11, Contact 
e 15563 USA: Retail: I am interested in a 86in. long and 22in.wide black granite. My tel. no. is 207-93.....  Nov 11, Contact 
e 15562 Japan: We are looking for Pakistan onyx green 40m2.  Nov 11, Contact 
e 15561 Iraq: I would to buy full automatic terrazzo tiles plants. I have construction company in Iraq and we are reconstructing our city. We need more tiles. Please send complete details, specification and price. Nov 11, Contact 
e 15560: I am interested on finding somebody to explore a black granite mining that I have in Uruguay. Nov 11, Contact 
e 15559 : Need to know about starting up Monument Company. Nov 11, Contact 
e 15558 USA: Retail: Email me relevant information on where I can fine a reseller of Juparana Madras Granite Slab. Nov 11, Contact 
e 15557 UK: Earthmoving Machinery: I am interested in CATERPILLAR 980C. My tel. no. is 004477102.....Nov 11, Contact 
e 15556 Australia: I require 2 containers of Zimbabwe slabs, 2cm and 3cm. Slab sizes 270cm x 130cm or greater. I am only interested in premium quality. Nov 11, Contact 
e 15555 Saudi Arabia: Please quote for Chinese granite slabs and tiles. Nov 10, Contact 
e 15554 USA: Retail: I am looking to get display racks. Do you make racks for laminate or wood? I am in CA. My tel. no. is 408-33.....Nov 10, Contact 
e 15553 USA: Retail: I am going to be in Cancun, Mexico and would like to find Absolute Black granite stone for installation on my kitchen counter top. Nov 10, Contact 
e 15552 UK: Retail: I am looking for information on suppliers of sandstone, limestone, granite and slate. My interest is in landscaping use. I live in Scotland and am especially interested in companies in Scotland and the north of England. Nov 10, Contact 
e 15551 UAE: One of our company activities is import and export heavy equipment and cranes. Please send me stock lists of KATO & TADANO cranes. Our tel. no. is 009714-22.....Nov 10, Contact 
e 15550 USA: Retail: We are interested in using slate tile for our kitchen floor. We really like the many Multi-colored Slate but since it is very colorful we weren't sure what countertops to put in the kitchen so it doesn't look so busy or overwhelming. Our tel. no. is 513.51.....Nov 10, Contact
e 15549 Norway: Email me relevant information for import of limestone from Portugal like Gasgogne blue, etc. Nov 10, Contact
e 15548 Lithuania: I would like to buy stone products like Chinese granite tiles only about 500 m2 a 40x40x1. Our tel no. is 00370374.....
Nov 10, Contact
e 15547 USA: I am looking for 3 x 5" round/oval Mexican river rocks. Also similar in natural color ranges/varieties. The use is for body work, so size and shape are 'creatively' important. I work with many therapists + school and would like to know minimum purchase info as well as $ shipping to Kauai, Hawaii.  Nov 10, Contact
e 15546 Bangladesh: We would like to import large volume (2 x 40'ft containers per month) of Pumice Stone (3-5 cm) for our factory. Please advise your C&F Chittagong price. payment will be by L/C. Nov 10, Contact
e 15544 USA: I am a contractor, please email me relevant information on red to chocolate sandstone. Nov 10, Contact
e 15543 USA: Retail: I am building a house that I expect to be finished and in a parade of homes in April or May of 2005. I am interested in purchasing slabs of honeycomb calcite for use as a countertop in my basement bar and possibly my bathroom if pricing is affordable. I would expect to need this stone by January if possible. I have included rough estimates of the size slabs that I would need. These do not include the bathroom sink which would 
be added later. Below I will include my name and all other pertinent information.
STONE TYPE (Honeycomb Calcite) Mined in Utah, USA.
(1) 7' x 3'6" x 1 1/2"
(2) 3' x 6' x 1 1/2"
For use as bar countertop
I am willing to place an order soon depending upon pricing and shipping. If there is anymore information that you need in order to expedite this process please let me know. Nov 10, Contact
e 15542 France: I am searching for Bianco Asiago urgently. The quantity is approx. 500 sqm of 80 x 80. My tel. no. is 06757.....Nov 10, Contact
e 15541 USA: Retail: I would like to buy immediately 3 granite slabs of 3cm Emerald Pearl in the standard appox 4' x 8' slabs. I am located in Austin, Texas and I cannot find the 3cm slabs at any of the local granite suppliers. I am willing to pickup in Dallas, San Antonio, Houston areas or will pay for shipping if reasonable. Our phone no. is 512-21.....Nov 10, Contact
e 15540 USA: Retail: I am looking for granite vanity counter top for my bathroom. I'll need about 8 feet of it and I like to know shipping cost as well to NJ 08820. Nov 10, Contact
e 15539 USA: Retail: Email me relevant information regarding polished pebbles. Nov 10, Contact
e 15537: Stone Processing Machine: More info need on block saws. Nov 10, Contact
e 15536 Turkey: We are one of the biggest importer company in Istanbul. We would like to import granite & marble. The specs will be: bianco sardo granite or marble, 40x80 cm, 2.5 cm. thickness, and in total we will import 10000 sqm. If you are in a position to offer the mentioned items, please contact us and let us know complete specifications of the available products mentioning their rock bottom price, origin and brand. Our tel. no. is 00 90 216- 35.....Nov 10, Contact
e 15535 USA: Earthmoving Machinery: We immediately need CAT 950B. Our tel no. is (248) 62.....We are in MI. Nov 10, Contact
e 15534 South Africa: PLEASE QUOTE FOR GRANITE. I AM IN CAPE TOWN. MY PHONE NO. IS (021) 70......NEED GRANITE SLABS 3m X 1,8m X 30mm (METERS). COLOURS: BLACK, DARK GREY, BROWN, GREEN. GRADE: COMMERCIAL GRADE. QUANTITY: 2 CONTAINERS = 210 square meters PER MONTH. Geographical areas to purchase from: ANY. Nov 10, Contact
e 15533: We are looking for suppliers in St. Lucia of pea gravel. Nov 10, Contact
e 15532 USA: Retail: I am studying Interior designing in Chicago. I am doing the residential projects in my school. Is it possible to get sample of Salisbury and Pink Academy Black? Nov 10, Contact
e 15531 Sweden: We are a Scandinavian import company that are considering start a regularly stone import from India. 2. We are interested in many other kind of stones along with naturally colored grey and grey-green limestones and sandstones in 12 - 15 mm thickness and in sizes 300 x 300 and 400 x 400 maybe other sizes for floors. Even other colors that you can offer. How are they packed? What are your net prices? Approx. we are talk about 10 containers a year. Can you send us, by your best way, small samples of lime stones without a polished surface, if you have? Also other stone surfaces typically for floors that you suggest. Our tel. no. is 46-152.....Nov 9, Contact
e 15530 USA: Do you carry New Portoro Marble in 18x18 tiles? 1500 square feet needed. Please quote price and delivery point. Nov 9, Contact
e 15529 USA: I am looking for a granite called Blue Galactica. Similar to Volga Blue. I need 1 slab of 5' X 9' finished size if possible or close. Our tel. no. is 920-84.....Nov 9, Contact
e 15528 Sweden: We are a company in Sweden who produce concrete stones for gardens and public environments. Now we are trying to find natural stones as a complement. We will import stones from different countries. Nov 9, Contact
e 15527 India: We are suppliers of natural pebbles. We do import and export natural pebbles. Kindly send us the brochures of available pebbles along with rates per tonne. Nov 9, Contact 
e 15526 Greece: Send me information regarding engineered stone and in particular quartz-based. Nov 9, Contact 
e 15525 Saudi Arabia: Please be kind enough to quote your best price for Egyptian Marble C & F Dammam or Jeddah Port Saudi Arabia. Also send picture for the stone. The stone should be at least 1,5 x 1 x 1 mt (around 20 : 22 ton Weight). Nov 9, Contact
e 15524 South Africa: Retail: Where can I find cheap marble for kitchen counter in South Africa? Nov 9, Contact
e 15523 Turkey: I need some black granite for a special project. Goods will be delivered to Mersin. Quantity is approx. 500 sqm. Nov 9, Contact
e 15522 Spain: Please give price delivered near Rosas, Spain for 350 m2 Bateig Blue 80x80x2. We want price delivered Rosas on truck. Nov 9, Contact
e 15521 Indonesia: We need to know your best possible price for Statuario marble 120X120cm for 20000 sqm. Nov 9, Contact
e 15520 Australia: I have a potential customer and am looking at importing a container of polished pebbles from India. My requirement is to have them packed in 20kg bags and may be even 10kg bags in black and potentially 4 other colors. They will have to be packed in pallets, please advise how many bags per pallet (ideally 50 x 20kg) and in addition many pallets will fit in a 20' container. We may elect to also fill small part of the container with other samples, eg pavers, etc. Please advise me of the following:
Cost of packing & local handling 
Local charges 
Shipping cost to Adelaide South Australia 
My tel. no. is +61 8 827.....Nov 9, Contact
e 15519 Peru: We need a quotation of perlite to be used in foundries as slag coagulant. Application: Steel foundries. Price: CFR Callao, Peru. 
Size: 1-3 mm. Packing: Bulk bags. 20 ft. container shipment. Nov 9, Contact
e 15518 USA: Retail: We live in Southern CA and would need 750 -800 square feet of tile. We are interested in Peacock Garden guaged slate tile. I can buy locally for $2.85/sf. Do you have a better price-please include any shipping charges in your price?  Nov 9, Contact
e 15516 USA: We are a large importer of Travertine. I am currently working on a large commercial project in need of 50,000 sf of Gascone Blue Honed 18x18 Limestone. I have found a few sources but am in need of the material in 90 days. I don't need all of the material at once but look to filter this in 2 containers per week if it is able to be produced in a timely manner and from the same Quarry. I am in need of an answer ASAP. I need to give my client the quote in the next 48 hours and need to order material within the next 7 business days as time is crucial.  My tel. no. is (714)86.....Nov 9, Contact
e 15515: Earthmoving Machinery: I am interested of buying the caterpillar 980F. Nov 9, Contact
e 15514 Ireland: Can you please give me a price for Jura Beige per m2? Nov 8, Contact
e 15513 India: Looking for a waterjet machine. Nov 8, Contact
e 15512 USA: Retail: I am looking for a company in Chattanooga that can deliver some limestone to nearby Sewanee. I need 3 to 4 inch thick limestone in irregular shapes for a 140 square foot area (an irregular mosaic in the shape of a rectangle). I am not a resident of Chattanooga, this is for an art installation and I will be there for 1 week to set it up. So I need someone who might be able to deliver the stone and cut it to 
fit a rectangular area in the gallery. Nov 8, Contact
e 15511: Would you give me price for AFRICAN RED; BIANCO SARDO ; ROZA PORİNO. Price for Block and slabs (2cm thickness ). If I get Blocks how much is for cutting and polishing I have to pay? Nov 8, Contact
e 15510 Iran: I am a Diamond segment importer in Iran, and at the moment I want to import some diamond segments from China, but unfortunately I do not know major manufacturers in China.  Nov 8, Contact
e 15509 Greece: We are one of the leading marble and stone companies in Greece. We are interested in purchasing 470m2 Granite Nero Assoluto or Nero China, thickness 2cm polished dimensions 40X40 or 60X60 calibrated edges. As well as Star Galaxy black with golden pearl-spots dimensions 60X60 thickness 2cm quantity 170m2 calibrated edges. The delivery time is set to 10 days. Please send your best prices. We are interested in purchasing from all geographical areas. Our tel. no. is 30-210-6.....Nov 8, Contact
e 15508 Pakistan: We wish to import GREEN MARBLE FROM INDIA. Kindly Quote your best CNF Karachi Port along with detailed Specification. Our tel. no. is +92-21-24.....Nov 8, Contact
e 15507 USA: Monuments: We do a large amount of our business in grass memorial markers. We have become very displeased with the time it takes for our current wholesaler to ship to Oregon. We buy large quantities at a time and need to make an order this week. We also do memorial plaques and garden stones using any and all types and size of granite and slate. Very interested in matte gray slate. We also need sandblast stencil, Lithco paint, and sandblast sand. Let us know what you have as we are looking for it all. 1-866-50.....Nov 8, Contact
e 15506 Netherlands: We are interested in price for 350 m2 Bateig Blue 80x80x2 cm. Please quote in EURO-currency. It is urgent. Phone no. is 00311059.....Nov 8, Contact
e 15504 Canada: I own a stone yard in Quebec and my wife and I are going to Pennsylvania in two weeks time to find quarries that can supply our store with good quality Penn bluestone. We buy 20 or more trailer loads (15 pallets) per year and have a broker and system for payment in place. My tel. no. is 1-450-24.....Nov 8, Contact
e 15503 USA: Retail: Please inform me if you have a sale on reddish, purple, or pink slate. I am in CA. My tel. no. is 858-92.......Nov 8, Contact
e 15502: Earthmoving Machinery: Would you please email me more information about Komotsu PC200-6 including Year Of Manufacture (YOM). Nov 8, Contact
e 15501 Bangladesh: We are regular importer of Indonesian origin Lombok Pumice Stone for stone washing denim. Our monthly consumption is 18 containers which we are currently sourcing from another supplier. We have also received quotes form another supplier as we are looking to develop a reliable and alternative source of supply for this item. Please send us your best price (C&F Port of Chittagong) and specification detail for stone size 3-5 cm. Our tel. no. is 880-31-7.....Nov 8, Contact
e 15500 Pakistan: I am looking for Chinese or other economical granites, which are very abrasion resistant and not very absorbent. These granite tiles will be fixed in public place in Pakistan where, its very dusty and can get very humid. Please recommend suitable Chinese granites. Nov 8, Contact
e 15499 USA: I am building a home in Scottsdale Arizona - it will be completed in late May or early June. Once it is closed - I wish to put in Versailles pattern travertine - removing the carpet the builder requires be put down for closing. I want to know more about whatever Versailles you have. What colors are available? How long does it take to get? I will be needing 2100 square feet. I will also be glad to take recommendation on a licensed installer in the Phoenix area. My tel. no. is 480-59.....Nov 8, Contact
e 15498 Egypt: Looking for a supplier of 1 million tons of limestone over next yrs. in monthly shipments of 50000 ton per shipment. I need price for each ton and which port is the loading? I need  15000 ton load rate. If you have done a recent chemical and physical test please also
send me a copy of that. My mobile no. is  +20 127 3......Nov 6, Contact
1 Units capacity 15 Ton.
2 Units capacity 50 Ton.
Year more 1997. We prefer Tadano, P&H and Grove. Please send me offer with complete information and pictures. Our tel. no. is 00598 2 40.....Nov 6, Contact
e 15496 Ukraine: Please quote for Chinese granite slabs and tiles. Nov 6, Contact
e 15495 India: I am in need of marbles from Oman, Turkey and Egypt. I would like to buy 1 container 20 ft., from each country with a variety of 4 colours. That is 1 container may have 1000 sq ft per colour and 4 colours which would make it 4000 sft. I would like to have the c&f rates TUTTICORIN PORT INDIA.  Nov 6, Contact
e 15494 USA: Retail: We are planning to get Baltic Brown granite for our kitchen counter top for our new home. They are offering Baltic Brown, Black Impala, Rosa Beta and few more for the same price (lowest). Which is one you think is better? Are they real granite? What kind of sealing, polishing have to be done? We do lots of cooking. Will the granite be a good choice for us? Or we should stick to the laminate? Nov 6, Contact
e 15493 Fiji Islands: Stone processing Machinery: Looking for a Breton CNC. Please send info and photos. Nov 6, Contact 
e 15492 USA: Retail: I am shopping for new countertops and have narrowed my decision down to 3 choices. Concrete, Slate slab, and soapstone. Which stone in your opinion would be easier to maintain? And which stone is more affordable? I'm sick of seeing granite EVERYWHERE!!!! I'd like something different than all my neighbors. Nov 6, Contact 
e 15491 France: We are manufacturer of laboratory furniture and we have interest for artificial marble. Can you sent us more information on your product (size of sheets, thickness, colours, design, package, prices, ...). May be we can be your distributor for Europe or France. Nov 6, Contact 
e 15490 Pakistan: Earthmoving machinery: WE ARE LOOKING CATERPILLER WHEEL LOADER CAT950, CAT950B, CAT966D, CAT966E, AND DYNAPACK CA251. IF YOU HAVE A INFORMATION PLEASE REPLY. MY TEL. NO. IS 0092 42 77......Nov 6, Contact 
e 15489: Please quote for Chinese granite tiles and slabs as mentioned in pricelist 858.  Nov 6, Contact 
e 15488 Canada: We are looking for supplier of PORTUGUESE (1) CREMA AL LIGHT and (2) AZUL AL DARK- Tiles & Slabs. We are interested only buy full containers loads. 
(1) TILES (thickness 10mm): sizes 30x30cm, 30x60cm, 30x90cm, 40x40cm, 45x45cm and 60x60cm @ Honed and Polish finish
(2) SLABS (thickness 20mm and 30mm): @ Honed and Polish finish (Please advice Maximum size of slabs)
(a) Kindly advise us of LEAD-TIME, and your PRICE (FOB Lisbon and /or CIF Toronto)
(b) Payment Terms: only acceptable CAD (60-90 days from B/L)
(c) We also required the full size sample of Honed and Polish, finish to take your offer in consideration. Nov 6, Contact 
e 15487 USA: Email me relevant information regarding where I can buy hand made stone slabs in California. Nov 6, Contact 
e 15486 USA: Looking to find where I can buy a large chunk of Limestone, it would need to be 45"by 45" by 8in thick. Nov 6, Contact 
e 15485 Costa Rica: I am a developer in Costa Rica and wish to know if you are still in business and if you can locate a specific type of granite I want from Brazil. Please advise. The name of the Granite is LAPIDUS. Nov 6, Contact 
e 15484 Greece: We are one of the leading marble and stone companies in Greece. We are interested in purchasing 470m2 Granite Nero Assoluto or Nero China, thickness 2cm polished dimensions 40X40 or 60X60 calibrated edges. As well as Star Galaxy black with golden pearl-spots dimensions 60X60 thickness 2cm quantity 170m2 calibrated edges. The delivery time is set to 10 days. Nov 6, Contact 
e 15483 USA: I would be interested in purchasing 1000 square feet of the 18" X 18" Turkish Travertine. I would like to pick this up the week of November 15th. y tel. no. is 209-65.....I am in CA. Nov 6, Contact 
e 15482 USA: Retail: Email me relevant information for Marble Crema Marfil 24 x 24. I want to put marble floor in my apartment and I wanted to know if you have that marble available. I will be needed 600 SF. Nov 6, Contact 
e 15481 USA: We need 50 slabs of 3 cm rainforest brown. Minimum size should be 9 by 5. Please let quote best price and payment terms. My tel. no. is 610 90.....Nov 6, Contact 
e 15480 USA: Looking for 3 slabs of 3cm Rosso Laguna. I am in NJ. My tel. no. is 908-85..... Nov 6, Contact 
e 15479 Netherlands: I am a seller of basalt massage stones. Would like to buy basalt massage stones and have them shipped to the Netherlands in Europe. How much I have to order at one time? My tel. no. is 011312355.....Nov 5, Contact 
e 15478 Greece: We are a Greek company producing and trading abrasives, mainly for marbles & granite, since 1970. We produce coated abrasives, mastics, polishing stones, cut off and grinding discs etc. We are interested in buying Silicon Carbide black & green (Grits 12-1200).
Please inform us about technical details & the cost. Our tel. no. is +30 210 24.....Nov 5, Contact 
e 15477 UAE: WE ARE INTERESTED IN A Crane Type: Telescopic Truck, Manufacturer: Kato. PLEASE EMAIL DETAILS.  Nov 5, Contact
e 15476 UK: Can you please quote price 12x12 polished tiles also 12x24. Please quote for different width and please include packing cost and were is your company based. Nov 5, Contact
e 15475 USA: I would like more information about the honey onyx 16" vessel sink. Nov 5, Contact
e 15473 UK: I need some suppliers of marble, granite, limestone and travertine from Syria, UAE, and other parts of the Middle East. Nov 4, Contact
e 15472 USA: Email me relevant information on finding alabaster and soapstone to buy for my work. Nov 4, Contact
e 15471 USA: We are a San Francisco based architecture firm interested in samples of the Jura Beige Limestone material. Our tel. no. is 415 83.....Nov 4, Contact
e 15470 USA: I looking to purchase some Blue Bahia. I will be looking for the best price and delivery. I am in VA. My phone no. is 540-26.....
I need four slabs, 3cm-Blue Bahia. I would like to buy from somewhere on the East coast, but I'm open to other areas as well. I would like to order within the next week or two. Nov 4, Contact
e 15469 Germany: please quote for 150-200 sqm Onyx cream from Iran. Offers only with a image of the tiles 30 x 30 x 1 cm. Nov 4, Contact 
e 15468: Stone Processing Machines: We are looking for the following machinery:
1. Marble & Granite Stone cutting Machine-Vertical Pneumatic Type-Heavy Duty 48" Diameter can fix on it to cut 18" height.
2. Marble/granite/Stone sizing machines Stand type Maximum 10" Diameter Cutter
3. Marble/ Granite/Stone Polishing Machine- Pneumatic Type 8'x4' Size Polishing Machine for tiles and slabs
4. Floor Grinders for Granite 
5. Floor Grinders for Marble
We would like the prices for the above machines. Kindly quote for brand new as well as reconditioned machines (in good working order)
Our initial production will be 200sqm per day. Our product range would comprise of standard 300mm x300mm granite tiles & 600mm x 2m Kitchen tops. Nov 4, Contact 
e 15467 USA: I want to buy granite preferably in the Western Cape region. The relatively small amount of granite we need will be used as paper weights. How much is the cost? Can the granite be polished an engraved? How long to process? Nov 4, Contact 
e 15466 Denmark: Email me relevant information like pricelist for polished slabs of all types of stones for kitchen tops. Nov 4, Contact 
e 15464 Australia: Need some information on your water cutting machines. We are located in Sydney. Our tel. no. is (02) 960.....Nov 4, Contact 
e 15463 USA: Retail: We are in need of 10 - 15 silver travertine 12" x 12" tiles, preferably cross-cut, floral cut. We are in Missouri. Our tel. no. is (314) 53..... Nov 4, Contact 
e 15462 USA: Retail: Looking for a supplier of marble, granite, etc.  for a job in Fort Lauderdale. My tel. no. is 954-56.....Nov 4, Contact 
e 15461 USA: Retail: I am looking for a local supplier in Southern California. I am in Rosemead near Pasadena. Looking for limestone, calcite, whatever is available for sculpting. Nov 4, Contact 
e 15460 USA: Retail: I'm looking for 12"X12" Bianco Romano Granite tiles. Nov 4, Contact 
e 15459 USA: Retail: I work for a granite fabricator and one of my customer's is interested in a stone called Marwan wood. Do you happen to know if it is a petrified wood/semiprecious stone? Nov 4, Contact 
e 15458 USA: Landscape: I need 250 square feet of pebbles to be seeded into a concrete patio. I believe that these stones come from China. Please see pricelist 383. Description: polished granite pebbles/river stone. Colors: red or pinks and mixed colors. Sizes 3-5cm, 5-8cm, Washed clear, polished and coated by wax. no crushed. We are in the construction phase of a project, and our previous supplier of these stones has run out. We need to find a similar product. Please contact me. We would like to finalize this asap. I am in Aspen, and tel. no. is  970-92.....Nov 4, Contact
e 15457 USA: Retail: I have a client who is putting Jerusalem Gold limestone in a Temple. The people at the temple need proof that this stone is from Israel and not Jordan Or Syria. Nov 3, Contact
e 15456 USA: Retail: I am looking at a Persian Brown granite for my shower. What do you think of this? Nov 3, Contact
e 15455 USA: Retail: I live in NYC and I want to buy Luna Pearl (bianco sardo) granite to remodel my kitchen. It is not a huge project but I know what granite I want. I would like it as soon as possible so that I can begin. I am using you because I hate the yellow pages. My tel. no. is 
718 78.....Nov 3, Contact
e 15454 Pakistan:  Earthmoving Machinery: We are looking for following equipments to supply our customers. 
Motor Grader: Komatsu. Wheel Loaders: CAT, KAWASAKI . Excavators: Hitachi . Mixer Trucks: Nissan CW46 . Hino (any 6 Cylinder). If you are able to offer please send us photographs, detailed description with C&F Karachi prices. Our tel. no. is +92 300 21......Nov 3, Contact
e 15453 Germany: Please quote for granite tiles 610x305x10 mm, polished, first choice AZUL EXTREMADURA. We need 100 m in a short time. Nov 3, Contact
e 15452 : Earthmoving Machinery: We are interested in Komatsu D375 A. Please quote with images. Nov 3, Contact
e 15451 Turkey: Please quote for G 640 Chinese granite slabs. We area marble / granite company. Our tel no. is 9031247.....Nov 3, Contact
e 15450 Jordan: We have an inquiry for One Unit komatsu Forklift 5 Ton. Please provide us with your best price along with delivery schedule. 
Waiting your prompt answer ASAP. Our tel. no. is 00962 6 56.....Nov 3, Contact
e 15449 Germany: Stone Processing Machinery: We are looking for a used polishing machine for Marble and Granite built around 1980. Manufactured by: Terzago or Breton / Mermak/ Dalpreti. If you have any available pls. let me have your best offer with pictures and technical description. Our tel. no. is +49-4431.....Nov 3, Contact
e 15448 USA: I am looking for prefab granite - 9 foot (3) and 8 foot (2) of Giallo Veneziano, 8 foot Kings Gold (1) and Giallo Oriental 8 foot (1), either Mandura Gold or Kashmire Gold (1) 8 foot. Prefer a West Coast dealer. Nov 3, Contact
e 15447 India: Looking for suppliers of electric fireplace in India. Nov 3, Contact
e 15446 USA: We are interested in buying around 20000 sq ft of Quizhou Beige Marble. We need cut to size pieces. Delivery date no later then 30 Dec 2004. Please quote FOB price china for slabs and cut to size, sizes vary.. so no much wastage from slabs. We are in Atlanta. My cell no. is 416 41..... Nov 3, Contact
e 15445 USA: I represent a small company which specializes in giving people something they can't readily find. Sawed & polished oxyx flooring in random pattern for example. The market for this type of thing is relatively unexplored & it is our intent to use this type of material to greatly enhance the value of property. If possible, please send me whatever you might have in information regarding shipping, pricing etc. Would also appreciate whatever you might have in pictures, etc. I am in WI. Nov 3, Contact 
e 15444 USA: Retail: I am looking for black slate for the facing of a fireplace. Nov 3, Contact 
e 15443 USA: I am a sculptor. I am looking for 5 slabs of 2' 6" (tolerance 1/2") thick slabs of chocolate brown sandstone. The slabs need to measure 3' x 3' (tolerance 2"). I need the rock ASAP and would prefer it be somewhere in the Western US. I do not have much time for shipping as I am under a building deadline. If something were immediately available in the US and not too expensive for shipping, etc. I would purchase it now. My phone number is (208) 78..... Nov 3, Contact 
e 15442 USA: Landscape: We are interested in many containers of pavers in all colors please quote us container price on each color and size available.  Nov 3, Contact 
e 15441 USA: I am looking for some aggregate rich with silica and also some rich with calcium carbonate. I am trying to run some test to simulate aggregate-bituminous material interaction. I am in IL. Nov 3, Contact 
e 15440 USA: I am trying to replicate a limestone called "Suede" (see attached pictures) in slabs with a 3cm thickness with a honed finish. It is definitely from Spain and they are calling it a limestone but it looks more like a marble. Some companies have called it Gris Pulpis but it doesn't seem to match the pictures of Gris Pulpis that I have seen, anyway, I am not certain. I represent a stone company in WY 82834. My tel. no. is 307 68.....Nov 3, Contact 
e 15439 USA: I want the rates for Omani marble royal beige, opel pink light, desert rose. Please send the rates for lots of 200 sq ft to 3500 sq ft and what is the difference if we buy small lots and what is the import duty please give the CIF rates. Must be 16X16 or larger. 
Nov 3, Contact 
e 15437: Need quotation of 18x18 walnut Peruvian travertine approx. 10000 sq.ft. Nov 2, Contact 
e 15436: Stone processing machinery: Please inform us about the second hand gang saw machine with condition and price from China.  Nov 2, Contact 
e 15435 UAE: Stone processing machinery: We are starting a block making factory in Dubai U.A.E. We want to order for one set machinery for block products (new or used machinery). Kindly sent for us full information about the capacity with price list & delivery time after confirmation order. Our tel. no. is 00971-4-22.....Nov 2, Contact 
e 15434 USA: I am looking for supplier of Texas red granite tiles. Please call 703-69......  Nov 2, Contact 
e 15433 India: We are interested in learning about Brazilian Ceramic Companies.  Nov 2, Contact 
e 15432 Greece: We would like to visit India in order to find marble, granite, slate, etc. However, we would like to visit an area that we will find the more possible materials. Looking for an area which has all the Indian manufacturers of stone. We are interested to find a place like Shuitou in Fujian in China for example that attracts all the manufacturers of China. Nov 2, Contact 
e 15431 USA: Retail: I want to purchase the following item (see attachment). I am looking for something similar. Do you have anything similar or can you get me a stone sink like the one in the picture? I can always have the iron work done here. And if so how much would it be with shipping to Reno, Nevada. My tel. no. is 775-74.....Nov 2, Contact 
e 15430 Turkey: Please quote for Chinese granite and tiles. Nov 2, Contact 
e 15429 USA: I am looking for Perlato Botticino marble tile (need 12" x 12"). Nov 2, Contact 
e 15428 UK: I am looking for a stockist in the UK of Emperador Marble which originates from Spain. Could you advise if there are any stockist in the UK. Nov 2, Contact 
e 15427 USA: I am a landscape architect and would like to use 2'x2' Jerusalem limestone pavers on a residential site on Brooklyn N.Y. Nov 2, Contact 
e 15426 USA: Landscape: We are currently designing a plaza and walkways for a public conservatory project to be built in the spring of 2005. We are looking for granite pavers; color, pricing. availability and turn around time. The conservatory is a duplication of an historic structure and as such your reclaimed pavers are of interest. Please email any information as soon as possible or you can contact me at (313) 83.....
Nov 2, Contact
e 15425 USA: Retail: I am looking for a piece of Nero Portoro marble for a master bathroom vanity. The dimensions are approx. 80"x30". I live in MN, but my husband's company has a trucking line, and can pick up the stone anywhere in the U.S. All of our local resources want us the purchase a whole slab--we are trying to find a smaller piece.  Nov 2, Contact
e 15424 USA: Will you please e-mail me your current price list for granite slabs. Nov 2, Contact
e 15423 USA: Retail: Estimated quantity: 450 square feet of 12 x 12 x 3/8 inch Ming Green Marble tile. Budget: My budget ranges from $3.00 per square foot to $6.00 per square foot. Date Needed: December 15, 2004. I am in MA. My tel. no. is (978) 87.....Nov 2, Contact
e 15422: Email me relevant information slate slabs, granite slabs, marble slabs. Nov 2, Contact
e 15421 USA: Our company is looking for Asian (Chinese, INDIA) OR EUROPEAN suppliers/manufacturers for the following: Ceramic FLOOR TILES 300 x 300 mm up to 400 x 400 mm like white colour with quantity 20000 sqm (FOB price should be around USD 1,-). We are ready to place immediate order after receipt of price-offer and pictures by email and samples. Our tel. no. is +218 91 37.....Nov 2, Contact
e 15420 USA: Retail: I am looking for Tibetan Blue Granite Slabs as a consumer and was wondering if you have any idea where to find it in Eastern Massachusetts. I am aware it comes in an olive green color or a grey-blue and we prefer the grey-blue. Nov 1, Contact
e 15419 USA: Retail: I am working with a client that owns a spa here in Boston, MA. An idea that I've been working on is to incorporate some slate water falls into some of the retail shelving. How can I go about finding the best price for this material in my area? tel.: 617.29.....Nov 1, Contact
e 15418 USA: Earthmoving Machinery: I want to speak to someone about the 980C CAT. My tel. no. is 503-93......Nov 1, Contact
e 15417 Nigeria: My company deals in the sales of all kinds of Stone products, e.g Tiles and slabs. We are running out of stock. Thus we need to make urgent purchase from your company. We encounter problems locally dealing with middlemen importers and it is our concern that a direct link with the main suppliers abroad will be a better-cost reduction. Could you advise on how to pay for these goods? We suggest that we will should pay for all our goods in T/T. Nov 1, Contact
e 15416 India: Kindly furnish me the price for KASHMIRI WHITE/ BLUE PEARL/SUNRISE YELLOW/IVORY CHIFFON or LADY DREAM in Sqm. Nov 1, Contact

Inquiries sorted by countries, product categories and previous months are displayed at www.findstone.com/tilinks.htm  


We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.