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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!   January 31, 2005
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453 inquiries in January 2005.  

The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 16691 USA: Retail: We are looking to put in granite countertops in our kitchen. We estimate that we will need approximately 72 square feet of granite for a U-shaped kitchen that has an island in the middle. We prefer to stay with lighter rather then darker colors and like some movement in the stone rather then just speckled stone. Open to any geographical area are far as the stone but I would prefer the product to be accessible to Los Angeles, California. We are taking estimates and close to purchasing. Phone number is 213 47.....Jan 31, Contact
e 16690 USA: Retail: I am inquiring in reference to replacing my laminated countertop with granite. I am in N.C. My tel. no. is (704) 51.....
I am estimating that I will need approximately 6-8 feet of granite. I have not begun the job as of yet but I am looking for an affordable price. I am even considering a do-it- yourself project. I will be ready to begin the job in 6-8 weeks. Jan 31, Contact
e 16688: I am looking for a regular supply of 1.5 to 3 ton mini diggers.  Jan 31, Contact
e 16687 Italy: Could you quote andes black granite cut to size polished for fireplaces production? Jan 30, Contact
e 16686: Earthmoving Machinery: We are in the business of buying and selling cat equipment, we are looking for caterpillar equipments. Especially the 950 model, We are searching for model's between 1977 and 1983 please contact us if you have what we require. Our Fax: 00965-47.....Jan 30, Contact
e 16684 USA: Retail: I am remodeling my home and am in the process of shopping for a Granite Countertop and complimentary flooring for my kitchen. I need 100 square feet of Countertop and 400 square feet of flooring. 
I want a countertop and floor that will be a great choice. I like Crema Bordeaux Granite, but I know little about it. I like it because it's warm
and has some burgundy hues in it. I like a travertine tumbled floor tile in Scabas color because it compliments the cabinets (ivory maple islands and reddish brown parameter cabinets) and countertop. 
I don't want to purchase the wrong items. I work full time, have three pets and a pool, and I want to choose products that will be beautiful and not require heavy maintenance. Please tell me if I am better off with a different countertop or floor. Should I select travertine, ceramic or porcelain flooring? Should I select a different granite for my countertops?  I am in Michigan. Jan 30, Contact
e 16683 UAE: We are in need of 3000 m2 of Kinawa marble (origin -Brazil), please call back on 0097150-66.....  Jan 30, Contact
e 16682 UAE: You are kindly requested to quote us your best price for Perlite Ore with specifications: Size: 0.60-2.50 mm, .80-2.50 mm, 1.20-2.50 mm and 0.15-0.60 mm. Price should be CIF - United Arab of Emirates.  Jan 30, Contact
e 16681 Sweden: Earthmoving Machinery: Need cat 966E year 87-92. Jan 30, Contact
e 16680: I am looking for about 1,000 sf of kandala grey stone from India. Do you have some? Jan 29, Contact
e 16679 USA: Retail: I am looking for a type of stone called "azul macauba". I am told it's actually quartz, not granite (I thought it was granite). I'm looking for a piece that has mostly white and blue, and not a piece that's smoky gray. I need enough for a bathroom vanity that's 5 feet long, with backsplashes on all 3 sides, and maybe some extra for 2 3-foot bathroom windowsills. It'll be shipped to zip code 32034 in north Florida. My contractor will purchase it. I've seen this around at a number of stone places but he can't find it there locally. [If you have another type of granite or quartz that has lots of blue in it, feel free to let me know that too.] I need this to arrive there by about 2/21/05. My work phone is 617-49.....Jan 29, Contact
e 16678 Canada: I am interested in purchasing a granite slab. I would like the Tropical Brown colour. How do I go about getting a price for this? I need a 7foot x 4foot slab (28 feet squared). I live in Kelowna, B.C. and I can come to Vancouver B.C. to pick it up. Jan 29, Contact
e 16677 Ireland: Please send prices on black granite and marble slabs and freight charges from source to Ireland. Jan 29, Contact
e 16676: Earthmoving Machinery: I am looking to buy equipment cat 950, 950B, 950E & 966D, 966E. Jan 29, Contact 
e 16675 Canada: I want to buy some granite. I need polished, chamfered on the top edges only, measuring 2" X 2" wide X 1" thick. I am interested in Egyptian or any other black granite. The granite is being used as mounting stands for art objects. My phone number is 1-905-64.....Jan 29, Contact 
12"X12"X3/8"- 1X20' CONTAINER
18"X18"X1/2"-1X20' CONTAINER
24"X24"X5/8"-1X20' CONTAINER
e 16673 Italy: I am interested in purchasing 40 to 50 basalt massage stones, various sizes, or a set if it's available. Could you please send a quote and brief description and country of origin of the stones? Please include shipping quote to Italy. Jan 29, Contact  
e 16672 USA: We are contractors in the San Francisco Bay Area whose supplier in India failed to fulfill an order. We are looking for a replacement to that order as soon as possible. We will consider all prices, but will not pay an unfair price. The owner prefers to stay with the original specifications at this point in time. We are serious and immediate buyers if you have what we need and we agree on price. For more info, please click here. We are in CA and our tel no. is 650-79..... Jan 29, Contact  
e 16671 USA: We are a marble and granite inc., like to request your price list.  My phone # is 813 69..... I am in FL. We are manufactures and retail sales need price list of all the materials in slabs in 2cm & 3cm. Jan 29, Contact  
e 16670 USA: We looking for companies who is making tumbled travertine pool coping in 2", 3" and 4" Thickness. Please contact us if you have and are able to make this product. We will give the further information to company manufacturing ability to make this product. Jan 29, Contact  
e 16669 USA: Interested in buying a terrazzo manufacturing plant. Please send me more info or call about your plant for sale. My tel. no. is 917 65.....Jan 28, Contact  
e 16668 Saudi Arabia: I want to buy Nepali marble. I don't know what color I can find it in Nepal, anyway all colors ok with me. I need to know how much cost the ship to Saudi port. My mobile +9665542.....Jan 28, Contact
e 16667 Thailand: We are looking for some marble pattern and trimming stones to import for our Thai's market. Please send pictures of your products. Jan 28, Contact
e 16666 India: Please send us all the possible details of a waterjet machine. Our concern is to have a working area of 12" x 12"' x 1 inch deep. Contact: 009198222..... Jan 28, Contact
e 16665 Iran: We are the largest importers of the wire saws in Iran and are looking for a company in Japan, Belgium, Italy, China and India for supplying us this product. Jan 28, Contact
e 16664 Singapore: I want to know more about Burma Teak sandstone from Pakistan. The quantities are not known yet as we are presently working with the architects on 2 projects. Tel. no. 65-626.....Jan 28, Contact
e 16663 Romania: I need the price list of Stone Cutting Machine for big block extracting and cutting of lime stone. Jan 28, Contact
e 16662 USA: Retail: I am remodeling my kitchen near San Antonio. Looking for a quality source for granite countertops. Can you provide quotes? Contact me at 210-82..... The address of the house I am working is in TX. Jan 28, Contact
e 16661 Pakistan: We are interested in your tiles so please send us your catalogue to select our design. Jan 28, Contact
e 16660 USA: I am a massage therapist looking for a set of basalt stones. I can utilise during hot stone massage. There are some specific requirements as far as diameter... 
2 nos. 6 in diameter
6 nos. 4 in diameter
6 nos. 2 in in diameter. Do you think you could fufill this small order? Jan 28, Contact
e 16659 USA: I am interested in buying quantities of landscape rock, sand, and mulch. I am in KY. Phone 606-54...... I am wanting to buy several tons of several varieties. What do you have? Jan 28, Contact
e 16658 USA: I am looking for a supplier from Spain on Crema Marfil 18"x18" Acid Wash tiles first grade and would also need slabs for stair treads and risers. I am a company in Virgin Islands. Jan 28, Contact
e 16657 USA: Retail: Do you sell soapstone tile for flooring 18"x18"x1/2" if so how much per tile or per square foot? What are the minimum quantities? Jan 28, Contact
e 16656 USA: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for KOMATSU excavators. Please send photos. We have supply order of 25 exevactar from Pakistan. Phone no. is 310 61.....Jan 28, Contact
e 16655 USA: I am looking to get samples of Brazilian conglomerates. Please send 4 samples of Tiziano and 4 samples of Rhodium BahiaI am in Cincinnati, OH. Is there anyone here who might have stock of these materials?  Jan 28, Contact 
e 16654 USA: Retail: I am looking for 140 square foot of 12" x 12" Navona vein cut travertine tiles, filled and polished at or below $ 7.00 a square foot. In addition, I would appreciate a quote for cutting and refinishing these 140 pieces to a size of 12" x 8" if this was available from the same source. I would like to receive the tiles within two to three weeks. I am in PA. My tel. no. is 610-74..... Jan 28, Contact 
e 16653 USA: I am interested in 12"x12" blackest black granite (India granite) or marble tiles. I am looking for possibly boxes of 12 tiles and I am in the market to purchase as soon as possible. As the demand for these portraits increase so will my quantity needed.  I am located in Virginia and would prefer to have tiles shipped from a company that is close to save on shipping costs. Jan 28, Contact 
e 16652 Puerto Rico: Looking for a producer of quartzite color being marketed is golden white. We need 12" x 12", 6" x 6", tumbled, etc. I am in San Juan. My tel. no. is 787-79.....Jan 28, Contact 
e 16651 USA:  We require a Brazilian producer of Santa Cicilia 18"X18" tiles. Approx. qty; 4,000 sq. mts. Jan 28, Contact 
e 16650 Mexico: I am interested in purchasing Brazil Yellow Color Granites. Such as Giallo Antico, Giallo Neapolitan, Yellow Santa Cecilia, Juparana Gold, Giallo Vida, Yellow Carpi, Yellow Fuego and Yellow Sun. Each one in 1 x 20'ctnr load. Size: 240up X 120 up x 2cm Polished Top. My tel. no. is (52)333-12..... Jan 28, Contact 
e 16649 USA: Looking for Z. Bavelloni EGAR 320-3 machine. My tel. no. is 303-67.....Jan 27, Contact 
e 16648 USA: I am currently looking for sizes ranging from 18 x 18 to 12 x 12 in either marble or Porcelain 50,000 sq ft. Looking for Crema Marfil or similar in color. Using for showers and bath room floors.  Also need approx 271 tub decks Crema Marfil or similar color. I am willing to buy from Brazil, Italy and Spain . Currently at 50% construction Documents and receiving bids. I would like to be able to travel and see the product and factory. As well as pick the variance in colors. This is just the tip of the iceberg I have several other area that need tile or marble as well. We also have close to 13,000 Linear ft of granite. I will be looking to finalize the deal by the end of Feb to Middle March 05.    My contact no. is 727-42..... Interested buying bulk for projects in Tampa, FL. Jan 27, Contact 
e 16647 Belgium: Please send me CIF prices to Antwerp about all your Kandla limestone and sandstone products. Jan 27, Contact 
e 16645 Turkey: For a project in Kazakhstan we need following materials;
Facade (finished to anchor)
Brasil Yellow 3x30x60 
aquapower-gestrahlt 10,000 m2
Brasil Yellow 3x30x60 polished 1,000 m2
Brasil Yellow 5x30x60 polished 1,000 m2
Viking Rot 3x30x60 aquapower-gestrahlt 10,000 m2
Viking Rot 3x30x60 polished 1,000 m2
Viking Rot 5x30x60 polished 1,000 m2
Kösseiner 3x30x60 C120 9,000 m2
Kösseiner 3x30x60 R9 1,000 m2
Kösseiner 1x30x30 5,000 m2
Window Sill
Kösseiner 2x25xfree 1,000 mt
Kösseiner 2x16.5x1375 3,500 mt
Kösseiner 3x29x1375 3,500 mt
Please send your price quotation based on FCA your factory, crated and ready to export. Tel: +90 212 28..... Jan 27, Contact
e 16644 Vietnam: Earthmoving Machinery: I am very interested in CAT. 330B, CAT. 330B, CAT. 773B. I would also like to buy trucks. Could you send me survey report of equipment, enclosed detail photos. For the payment: Draft at sight or L/C confirmed. Delivery time: as soon as possible. My tel. no. is +84-4-76.....Jan 27, Contact
e 16643 USA: We need 2000 square feet of tumbled limestone floor tile. We need it in a rectangular size 16" x 24" or larger. We like Jerusalem Ramon gray or something similar. Other acceptable colors are off-white, bone, cream or beige but no gold. We are ready to finalize a supplier as soon as possible. We expect to order by February 7th. We are willing to buy from any geographical area. We are in CA , tel. no. is 707-34.....Jan 27, Contact
e 16642 USA: I am looking on information on Lava. Jan 27, Contact
e 16641 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: We have been importing used machinery for the last 15 years. We are looking for Hitachi wheel Excavators, Caterpillar wheel Excavators, Wheel Loaders, Motor Graders and Combine Harvesters and Parts of all machines and some other construction machines. Some requirements are as under: 
HITACHI EXCAVATORS:- EX60WD, EX100WD, EX120WD, EX160WD, EX200LC (with crawler), WHO4D, WHO51D, WHO73D.
DAEWOO EXCAVATORS:- DHO5D Only one excavator from Daewoo.
MOTOR GRADER:- Caterpillar 14G, 140G
Cranes:- We are interested in these Cranes like Tadano, P &H, Tatalo and Cato over 20 tons.
Agriculture Machinery
COMBINE HARVESTERS:- We are always looking Combine Harvester such as New Holland and John Deer. All detail is below.
New Holland:- 1530, 1540, 1540S, 1545, 1545R, 1550, 1550S, 8050, 8060, 8070.
JOHN DEER:- 1055,1075,975,1157. 
If you have any above described unit or arrange for us please contact us soon. Our tel. no. is +92 55-38..... Jan 27, Contact
e 16640 Canada: I am an importer of marble from Canada, and I am always looking for new suppliers. Can you provide me with more information about yourself? Prices in Canadian Dollars? Samples?  Jan 27, Contact
e 16639 USA: I am looking for approx. 2300 sq. ft of 18" X 18" turk rojo. Can you get it & what is the cost per sq, ft.? How much to ship to Phoenix, Az?  I am a contractor in California & am moving my business to the Phoenix area. Tel. no. is (714) 54.....Jan 27, Contact
e 16638 Australia: I am building my house in Brisbane, Australia and like to import engineered stones for my kitchen counter tops, floor and and bathroom wall. I prefer white or beige colours with some gold or brown dots. The total floor areas will be approximately 250 square metres. Please quote your wholesale price and samples. Jan 27, Contact
e 16637 USA: Do you know where I can find a couple of slabs of Kashmir Gold Light for use in countertops ? I imported four slabs for my countertops and one got damaged in the container.  My tel. no. is 941 31.....Jan 27, Contact
e 16636 USA: We are looking for a source of quarry stone from 12"-30" in size for an upcoming construction project. Stone to be used as riprap and specific gravity required is 2.6 or greater; type of rock not important, but does have to pass a number of lab tests for weathering, etc. My tel. no. is 213-45..... Jan 26, Contact
e 16635 USA: I represent a distributor in the United States that is looking for Absolute Black Granite pieces to purchase by the container. Please see attached specs. Can you quote and sample me? Must be completely black and polished. Material is for use in laser engraving / etching. I can email specs. I am in FL. My tel no. is (305) 59.....Jan 26, Contact
e 16634 USA: We are a design and construction company in Lexington, KY. We have been in business for 9 years. We do both commercial and residential projects and are looking for a regular supplier for granite Countertops and Strips for use in these projects. We have several projects in the next 90 days which require granite products. You can reach us at (859) 26.....Jan 26, Contact
e 16633 USA: I am interested in doing granite tile countertops. One of my concerns is the shipping costs. Can you send me some information. Jan 26, Contact
e 16632 Russia: I represent the Russian design studio. We make exclusive design projects of private cottages, apartments, restaurants, etc. At present we are looking for factories in China which are mining different types of natural marble and granite. We would like to know the price range for these stones. Our tel. no. is +7 (095) 74.....Jan 26, Contact
e 16631 USA: Retail: I wish to use pink Italian marble for my kitchen countertops. Please advise on suitability. Jan 26, Contact
e 16630 UAE: Please quote for CATERPILLAR D5HLGP BULLDOZER. My tel. no. is 00971433.....Jan 26, Contact
e 16629: I need info. for second hand machine the gang saw for marble. Jan 26, Contact
e 16628 USA: Retail: I need A Slab Of 3 cm Verde Jade In North Florida. Jan 26, Contact
e 16627 USA: I am interested in buying 20 honey onyx sink. Would like to know the country of origin, grade of stone, any cracks...etc. What are all dimensions? What is drain outlet dimension?  Please send info... Interested in buying a sample. I am in TX. My tel. no. is 325-38.....Jan 26, Contact
e 16626 UK: I am an architect. Email me relevant information on agglomerates 3m x 1.240m x 6.5mm. Looking for 8 colour types, 15 sheets at 4-5 week intervals..need to order regulary for various contracts. Jan 26, Contact
e 16625 USA: Email me relevant information about your granite slabs, prices, dimensions & availability. I am looking for a good price of Ubatuba slabs & Tropic Brown. I will be placing an order of about 2 containers soon. My tel. no. is (713) 89.....Jan 26, Contact
e 16624 USA: Looking to purchase pumice stones in large volume wholesale. Need to see your selection and pricing. Tel 718-96.....Jan 26, Contact
e 16623 USA: I am looking for a variety of marbles and granites to be shipped to me in CA. I do pet memorial markers, and would preferably like to receive the marble and granite cut, polished (on top and all sides) and boxed. 
One stone in particular that I'm looking for is Pennsylvania Bluestone. I am also looking for:
1) deep green marble (picture attached), which i know is available in china
2) white marble with black/gray veining
3) pink Indian granite
4) black granite
5) white or gray slate
6) river rocks
I am willing to buy from any geographical area. I'm looking for pieces that are 5"x8" and 8"x12". I need all pieces to be 0.75" thick. I would also like
the larger pieces of marble and granite to have an unpolished square in the middle where engraving will go. I will be ready to purchase stone in mid-February. My tel. no. is 714-25.....Jan 25, Contact 
e 16622 USA: I am looking for travertine fireplace surrounds. I need it urgently. I live in Calabasas, CA. I need to see some samples. Jan 25, Contact 
e 16621 Italy: Please confirm us your best prices for the following material: CLASSIC TRAVERTINE CROSS-CUT and/or REGULAR CUT 1st EXPORT CHOICE ONLY CUT: 
a) strips 65 x 31 x 2,9 cm. or length multiple 95 / 125 cm.
b) strips 85 x 41 x 3,4 cm. or length multiple 125 / 165 cm.
c) strips 95 x 46,5 x 3,4 cm. or length multiple 140 / 180 cm.
QUANTITY: one container each 15 days. Jan 25, Contact 
e 16620 USA: We are a wholesaler of building material and landscaping supply. Please send us more info on your product, and pricing. We are in CA. Tel. no. is 714 57.....Jan 25, Contact 
e 16619 USA: I am a small builder. I have 5 projects at the present time. I would be interested to buy a pallet of granite or marble tiles, preferably not Chinese, but could be if the price is right. Need to include prices FOB St. Louis, Mo. area. My cell # is 314-58......Do you know anything about shipping from Turkey to the USA it seems easy to be my own importer just it takes longer with more planning. Jan 25, Contact 
e 16618 UK: Landscape: cobbles: We are a Landscape centre in the UK, Midlands area, and we are interested in a direct load of Granite Setts (29Tonne) 100mm x 100mm and 100 x 200 - mixed load if possible. Colours - again mixed if possible. Please provide a quotation. Tel 01283 7.....Jan 25, Contact 
e 16617 South Africa: Looking for suppliers of Chinese ceramic tiles. My tel. no. is +27 (0)11 35.....Jan 25, Contact 
e 16616: We are interested in importing Indian granite and marble slabs. Send price list. Jan 25, Contact 
e 16614 Malaysia: Looking for extreme fine grain white marble powder and extreme fine grain white lime powder. Kindly quote us your price fob or cnf KK. my H/P No. 019-85.....color pure white, qty. depending very much on whether your sample is suitable for our kind of production. Remember we need very fine white marble powder and very fine white lime powder. Jan 25, Contact 
e 16613 India: We are one of the largest importers of marble in India from Italy, Turkey, Spain, Egypt etc. We are in requirement for 100 cbm classic beige from Turkey in block form. Please get reply back with your best price FOB Turkish port. Our phone number - 91-11-265.....Jan 25, Contact 
e 16612 Kazakhstan: Please quote for G562 and G623 granite. We want to buy 60 x 60 x 2 600 sqm & 60 x 180 x 2 400 sqm G562 and 
60 x 60 x 2  600sqm / 60 x 180 x 2 400sqm G623. Tel. no. is +732726..... Jan 25, Contact 
e 16611 Vietnam: Earthmoving Machine: Please quote for Hitachi WH06D-134-0204. Jan 25, Contact 
e 16610 USA: Please quote for ivory color travertine pavers. Need 2-3 container monthly. Our tel. no. is  713.53.....Jan 25, Contact 
e 16609 Germany: Please quote for travertine Classico 20 cm for 30-40-50 cm, thickness 1cm Qty. approx. 45 m2. My tel. no. is  07131-7........Jan 25, Contact 
e 16608 Kuwait: Require limestone, qty. is 51,300 tonnes in a span of 3 years. Technical Specification: Purity not less than 95% as CaCO3 on dry crushed stone, insoluble 0-5% having very low levels of impurities likes heavy metals, suitable for use as a source of Alkalinity through the Re-carbonation in distillate produced for potable purposes. Free of organic contamination and shall comply with American Water Works Association Standard (AWWA) B100-80 or better approved. Bulk density loose 1.45 - 1.5 Ton/m3 and compact 1.6 - 1.75 Ton/m3, hardness who's scale 3 and the sample should not degrade due to collapsing with one's nail. Size dimensions 1mm-5mm. where 3mm size should not be less than 80% and less than 3mm size not more than 5%.Fines and dust should be minimum. To be supplied in half Ton net jumbo bags, clearly marked with contents, having strong hooks so that they can be lifted by a forklift. The bag's material should be resistant to heat and ultraviolet rays and should not become weak if stored outside in direct sun. Subject to MOE (E &W) approval, contractor should provide the evidence of the durability of the packing bag for at least one year with out deterioration. Technical Specifications, details of the product usage, non-toxicity certificate from as internationally recognized organization, which has to be approved by MOE (E&W), a sample bag and 2Kgs sample of the product should be submitted along with the offer. The quality of the product and sample bag has to be confirmed and approved by MOE (E&W). Jan 25, Contact 
e 16607 USA: Retail: I am a remodeling contractor located in Houston, Texas looking for a supplier in Houston that carries the Blue Bahia slabs. Jan 25, Contact 

e 16606: Please e-mail me with pictures of these overstock granite and marble tiles. I need approx 600 sq feet. Jan 25, Contact 

e 16605 USA: Retail: I need to buy 28 square feet of 12" x 12" tiles of negro marquina marble to put on the wall above a fireplace mantel. (We are remodeling a 44 year old home that has a negro marquina marble fireplace surround.) I will buy from anywhere in the US that will ship to me. I need the marble within 3 weeks. I am in Wisconsin. Cell phone # 715-45....Jan 25, Contact 
e 16604 USA: I am looking to get prices on Jerusalem stone to cover 580 sqft of wall area. The project is the interior of a Jewish Temple in NY State, and the stone would be on the two walls flanking the ark. The pieces would range between 2.5' x 3.5' to 2.5' x 4' vertically oriented, how thick would pieces that size need to be to be sturdy and what are the possibilities for attaching the pieces to the wall. Jan 25, Contact 
e 16603 USA: Retail: PLEASE ADVISE ME IF YOU CAN FIND 72 sqm BLUE QUATI GRANITE 12X12 TILES FOR SALE. I am looking for about 70 tiles, I think. I intend to tile my kitchen countertops, and they will use about 50 square feet, then I will need border and backsplash half tiles My work phone number is 703-80......I am in VA. Jan 24, Contact 
e 16602 Romania: My company is working in big projects like supplying tiles for many hotels in the country. I am interesting in your products. I would like to receive a price list, samples and to discuss with you all the conditions for starting a profitable business for both. For the beginning we need tiles for a hotel, is a two stars hotel. The tiles must be chip and good. The quantity is around 1000 sqm. It could be 20x20, or 20x30, or any other size, for wall, and for floor (around 300 sqm) and the price must not be more than 5 USD at the borderline, chip Constanta (for example). Colour could be white, or light beige for example. Something minimalist. I am interested in opening a showroom and working with your tiles. Romania is a good market for this. There are a lot of Italian tiles, but could be more, from all over the world. I am interested in natural stones, too. Jan 24, Contact 
e 16601 USA: I need 300 sq ft of 8 or 12 inch tumbled beige or golden travertine. I am willing to import from Iran, Turkey or Italy. I need it immediate in 2nd week of February. I am in Cincinnati, Ohio. My phone no. is 435-64.....Jan 24, Contact 
e 16600: Please send brochure and price list of your stone products. Jan 24, Contact 
e 16599 India: We have requirement of Himalayan Pink Rock Salt - (Edible Grade). Kindly revert immediately with following details if you can offer us our requirement quantity available, Price & Delivery time. We are in Mumbai, tel no. is +9122-262.....Jan 24, Contact 
e 16598 Thailand: I would like to request price list for Black color Granite for table tops. The measurements are as follows: 20" X 42" 38mm (thickness) & 19" X 27" 20mm (thickness). Is there a minimum order for the Granites? Jan 24, Contact 
e 16597 USA: Retail: I want to buy "engineered stone". Jan 24, Contact 
e 16596 USA: We are a whole supplier of landscape materials including decorative gravels direct from the quarries, landscape rock, mulches, and composts. We are currently seeking new decorative gravels to purchase direct from its source. What do you sell? We buy by the tractor/trailer loads for resale. Our business is located KY. Jan 24, Contact 
e 16595 New Zealand: Please advise range and price of your Australian sandstone. My tel. no. is 00613 38.....Jan 24, Contact 
e 16594 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: We are interested to buy used Kobelco SK04WD Wheel Excavator, unit should be in early or mid 80's production year and must be with original paint and good working order. If you are able to offer kindly send us detailed photographs and C&F Karachi Pakistan price as soon as possible. Jan 23, Contact 
e 16593: I would like to buy 100 lbs. of crystal salt rock. Jan 23, Contact 
e 16592: We need the price of a stone cutting and polishing machine or complete stone processing machines. Jan 23, Contact 
e 16591 UK: I am interested in purchasing 700 sqm of patio limestone and 1000 sqm of cobble/natural stone sets or a rumbled block paving for a courtyard and driveway. Can you provide competitive price? My mobile no. is 077477.....Jan 23, Contact
e 16590 India: I want any Double Drum Vibratory Roller; Sakai/ Dynapac/ Tandom. But it must be Double Drum Vibratory Roller. And Tadano Hydraulic Crane Above 20 Tons. Please tell me your terms and conditions of payments and any other conditions. Jan 22, Contact
e 16589 UAE: We need your offer for tower cranes with spares. Jan 22, Contact
e 16588 Australia: Where can one buy Australian Marble & Granite in Australia?  Jan 22, Contact
e 16587: Do you have Black Galaxy counter tops in Granite? What would be the price per sq. ft.? Jan 22, Contact
e 16586 Panama: We are looking for a Turkish marble supplier that may be able to supply marble slabs as well as cut to size. We import all types of marble, lime stone, travertine, stone in general, so please send us a detailed price list of all your products for our review. We import the usual sizes: 30X30, 40X40, 50X50, 60X60, 30X60, 40X80, first and second choices. Thickness 15 and 20 mm Slabs we require 20 mm. Jan 22, Contact
e 16585 Germany: We are interested in Brown and Black Fossil Marble (Container loads). See pricelist 579. Kindly give us your best price for the supply of blocks and slabs 2 cm & 3 cm.  Jan 22, Contact
e 16583 South Africa: We are a company involved in quarrying, manufacturing, design & development, as well as construction, using a wide range of stone products. We are involved specifically but not exclusively in sandstone, as well as limestone, ironstone, granite and marble. We are interested in purchasing a wide range of stone products in blocks, as well as machinery and equipment. Our tel. no. is +27 (0)51 92.....Jan 22, Contact
e 16582 China: We would like to find man-made marble manufacturer. We haven't decided the color and as for the quantity we have two villas kitchen countertops. tel: 021-583......Jan 22, Contact
e 16581 USA: Retail: Want to find a company in PA to hand pick stones and rocks. Jan 22, Contact
e 16580 UK: I would like price and delivery FOB PORT for 150 Pieces of Lavender blue size 100cm x50cm x4cm cut all sides not polished price in US dollars.  Tel. no. is +44 1628 7.....Jan 22, Contact
e 16579 New Zealand: I am looking at importing Zimbabwean granite to the New Zealand market. Please may you supply me with the following information like: Quantity, sizes and types of material. Please may you put me trhough Zimbabwean or South African supplier.Jan 22, Contact
e 16578 Australia: I wish to purchase approx. 400 meters of green and or cream granite floor tiles. How I can cet samples and price listI am in NSW. Jan 22, Contact
e 16577: I am a builder/contractor with interest in the tropical green granite from India. I am needing it in tile form in a 18x18 or 12x12 tile. If I could get some samples for my clients, it would help out tremendously. Jan 22, Contact
e 16576: I would like to know some manufactures of producing man-made marble for kitchen countertops. Jan 22, Contact
e 16575: Please send price for computerized engraving machine, software and accessories along with photographs.  Jan 22, Contact
e 16574: Please email me pictures and price lists of your floor tiles. Jan 22, Contact
e 16573 USA: Diamond Tools: I am interested in purchasing the cutting wheel machine. My tel. no. is 212-30.....Jan 22, Contact
e 16572: I would like to have a price list for the granite slabs and the color available in the stock. My tel. no. is 011-33622.....Jan 22, Contact
e 16571 USA: Retail: Can you get me contact info for a company that has a current inventory of Diano Reale tile 18x18. We have a client who needs a small qty. 100 sq ft. delivered to our warehouse in Kaukauna, WI 54130. Jan 22, Contact
e 16569 Kenya: Quarrying Machinery: I like to have a price for the block excavating machinery. My tel. no. is +25402037.....Jan 21, Contact
e 16568 USA: I am looking for a 6inch round piece of pink marble to use for a lamp base. Jan 21, Contact
e 16567 : What is your policy on getting some samples of your travertine? I am particularly interested in the Snakeskin, Trayonyx & Isfahan Red.  Jan 21, Contact
e 16566: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for CAT 312.  Jan 21, Contact
e 16565 Nigeria: Please send price list of your granite and marble slabs. Looking for cheap but good material.  I want to buy granite tiles like G623, G640 and blue pear. Also show me the picture of those three granite tiles. I buy in a large quantity.Jan 21, Contact
e 16564 Korea: I need Light Green Mono Onyx size are 1) 700mm x 850mm x 20mm (thickness).
2) 700mm x 566mm x 20mm (thickness)
3) 490mm x 590mm x 20mm (thickness)
Quality should be without red vein and crack. Tel No : 82-2-227.....Jan 21, Contact
e 16563 Philippines: Please furnish us quote and samples for Garnet Sand Mesh, grade B, grit # 20 - # 40 for use in sandblasting. Please mention lead time for a twenty footer container order. Our tel. no. is 6332-34.....Jan 21, Contact
e 16562: Please quote for Chinese granite slab and tiles. Jan 21, Contact
e 16561 USA: Retail: Could you tell me where I can find Amazon Blue slabs and tiles? I need about two slabs, around 80 to 100 sf. You can call my cell phone, 310-83..... Address is in Culver City, CA. Jan 21, Contact
e 16560 Canada: Earthmoving Machinery: We are looking for Komatsu brand Excavator & Bulldozer 2000 and up. Minimum Qty. 15 pcs. per month. Could you pls. send us by email your inventory with price list CIF Dubai or FOB. Jan 21, Contact
e 16559 USA: I am interested in Giallo Veneziano 12 x 12 granite tile. What is price per sq/ft? Jan 21, Contact
e 16558 USA: I am looking for a used Bridge saw for granite business. Any type fine if in good shape, Park, Matrix, ZDCQ, etc. . Preferably 3-phase, 20HP motor. My cell phone no. is 717-68.....Jan 21, Contact
e 16557: Please quote for granite slabs and tiles. Jan 21, Contact
e 16556: I am a builder/contractor with interest in the tropical green granite from India. I am needing it in tile form in a 18x18 or 12x12 tile. If I could get some samples for my clients, it would help out tremendously. Jan 21, Contact
e 16555: I would like to know some manufactures of producing man-made marble for kitchen countertops. Jan 21, Contact
e 16554 South Africa: Please send pictures and prices of 35 - 50t all terrain or truck mount mobile cranes. Tel +27 021 55.....Jan 21, Contact  
e 16553 South Africa: Kindly sent all your details & prices CIF Cape Town on sandstone tiles. I am in the natural flooring business which I import from Kerala. My tel no 27 21 76.....Jan 21, Contact
e 16552: Do you have in 2" thick Black granite? What sizes will you cut? Jan 20, Contact
e 16551 USA: Machinery: I am a potter and also work at a public school. The kiln in our art room has shelves that are damaged from glazes running off the pieces of pottery. I am looking for some type of grinder to attach to my drill that will grind off the glaze that has adhered to our kiln shelves. My tel. no. is 231-88.....Jan 20, Contact
e 16550 USA: Please quote for Italian Cream Marble tiles as attached. Prefer 12" x 12". Will consider other sizes. Quantity: 85 Sq Ft. Needed: ASAP. I have been able to find this marble only in slabs from two sources and certainly there is none available locally. I am in IN. My tel. no. is 317-25.....Jan 20, Contact
e 16549 Bangladesh: Please offer your best price CFR C-5% Chittagong by sea 106 MT ( 4 FCL) PUMICE STONE 3-5 CM mentioning origin, packing, specification, shipment time and all others details. Payment : LC at sight. (All bank charge out side Bangladesh are one buyer's account). We need 8-10 FCL per month for two customers. Our tel. no. is 880-2-93.....Jan 20, Contact
e 16548 Netherlands: Please give current price indication for Black Galaxy and Tan Brown granite blocks various sizes ex Mumbai and Chennai. Jan 20, Contact
e 16547: Would like to receive a quote for blue pearl 18" square granite tile, polished and tumbled. Jan 20, Contact
e 16546 Seychelles: Quotation is sought for 6 cu metres of River Washed Pebbles, 2 to 3 inch diameter, colour White or Light Gray. To be packed in Poly bags. Delivery: CIF, Mahé. Prefer to purchase from supplier from Singapore or South Africa. Phone No. 3......Jan 20, Contact
e 16545 India: Please send marble photos & price list of per sq ft. Jan 20, Contact
e 16544 Iran: Please quote for Tower Cranes
- Height: 80 m
- length of the arm: 70 m
- load (end of the arm): 8 ton
You are kindly requested to prepare for us P/I which includes :
· the description and details of every part 
· your FOB price 
· C&F Dubai and Tehran prices 
· payment terms 
· shipment terms 
· exact delivery date 
· overall weight and net weight 
· packing , dimensions 
· your installation and commissioning 
· guaranty and warranty conditions
Adding to this P/I, we need to have your general and pertinent catalogues and brochures. Tel: ++98 - 21 - 67.....Jan 20, Contact
e 16543 USA: Please quote for Montuak Black honed 12 x 12 or 16 x 16 800 sf and Ramdom Pattern 1200sf, Crema Marfil standard or premium 12 x 12 1000sf. Please provide possible time of delivery. Jan 20, Contact
e 16542 USA: I represent a marble slabs and tiles company in MA. Would like to know details of Crema Marfil, Crème Valencia, Giallo Atlantide, Rosa Zarchi and Belmonte Green. My tel. no. is 617 26.....Jan 20, Contact
e 16540: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for a Cat D6R LGP. Jan 20, Contact
e 16539 Romania: We want to contact companies that manufacture bricks. We need an offer for buying an Complete Brick Making Machinery / Equipment. Our tel. no. is Tel. 0040 256 2.....Jan 20, Contact
e 16538 Bangladesh: We are engaged in export, import business. We are dealing in all sorts of floor and wall tiles including marble products. We request you to kindly send your product details with price list for our evaluation then we proceed further. Jan 20, Contact
e 16537 Zimbabwe: Looking for a company that manufacturers machinery for inter-locking bricks. My tel. no. is +263 4 7.....Jan 20, Contact
e 16536 Russia: We are constructing a shopping mall. On the façade of this building we have 1500 sqm granite stone façade cladding. 
Our phone number is +7 911 3.....Reqd. stone is Blue Pearl GT. Needed in 75 days to be on site in St. Petersburg Russia. We want to import the stone from Norway. Surface polished. Shade variation minimum. Thickness of the stone 20 mm. Please send an urgent price offer including all of your import, packing conditions etc. Jan 20, Contact
e 16535 Qatar: We specialize in Marbles & Granites. We have embarked upon the trade and are determined to make it big in the very near future. As a positive step, we want to have a tenacious and cordial business relation established. We invite you to send samples and prices of marble and granite with all business and shipping terms incorporated in the quote. My tel. no. is 0974-46.....Jan 20, Contact
e 16534: Earthmoving Machinery: I AM INTERESTED IN FOLLOWING MACHINERY: Caterpillar 950E, Caterpillar 950B wheel loader AND CAT D6R LGP Bulldozer. Jan 20, Contact
e 16533 USA: I am attempting to fill a custom order for Portuguese Marble. The piece is for replacement of a table-top inlay, measuring 22" x 14" x 1/2", with the facing surface polished. This order is for replacement of a piece damaged during a move, and will be paid as an insurance settlement. If you can fill this order, please send a quote on company letterhead as an e-mail attachment. Please include the cost of shipping to San Antonio, Texas. Once I have received an estimate that I can file, I will contact your offices regarding payment and shipping. My tel. no. is 210-33.....Portuguese Marble, preferably Rosa Potugal or Rosa Aurora 22" x 14" x 1/2" Facing surface polished (piece is for table-top inlay). Include shipping to San Antonio, TX.  Please use or attach a company letterhead. Jan 20, Contact
e 16532 USA: I have a product idea that requires the type of soapstone that is used to produce fireplace heaters. Something that will hold heat well. I am curious if there are quarries anywhere in Bangladesh that could machine small parts from soapstone. The finished product will be approximately 18 " X 8" X 5" (inches) and will be machined. 
Color: Blue/green Blue/gray White/gray + some Brown
Quantity : Prototype samples 50 units Test order 500 units Initial inventory 4-5000 units. I have indigenous contacts in Bangladesh so would like to purchase the stone and have it machined there, or in India if necessary. Jan 20, Contact
e 16531 USA: Retail: I want to put in new counter tops in my kitchen. I would like to buy sodalite stone for this purpose. How much is sodalite slabs. Where in northen NYS can I find someone to make my counter tops?? Jan 20, Contact
e 16530 USA: I am looking to make contact with your Houston supplier or any other supplier closer to San Antonio TX. for 1 slab of marble, polished one side, approx size 5ft x 10ft x 3cm (please specify if different). My price range or budget: $10-$15 square foot. I build custom furniture and do my own stone work - San Antonio suppliers want to do the finish product. I am interested in Dracevica from Croatia, Bresciasinai - Egypt, Gauingen - Germany, Ioannina Beige - Greece, Beige D2 - Indonesia, Sicilian Cream - Italy or Ivory - Malaysia. My phone number: (830) 75.....Jan 20, Contact
e 16529 Belgium: I want to buy a kit for hot stones for massage. Could you send me your price list and the condition to deliver them in Brussels? I am looking for a kit of around 50 stones of different sizes and the heater, I don't want something too big, because a don't have a lot of space in the massage room and I would like to use it time to time in an other practice. Jan 20, Contact
e 16528 Canada: We are an Interior Design office located in  British Columbia, and are looking for a supplier of slab marble ... [counter top material] ... called Crema Honey. We estimate that we will need 6 - 7 slabs: time frame is immediate. We are hoping to locate a supplier in
Western Canada or the United States. Please contact us at 250-86.....Jan 20, Contact 
e 16527 USA: Can you send me a price on a Slate Slab - Red Multicolor 8' long by 24" Wide? Jan 20, Contact 
e 16526 USA: I am a landscaping company looking for various types of stone. I am trying to find a a stone called Kewanee Skippers and Mexican beach pebbles. Jan 19, Contact 
e 16525 Pakistan: Our Company is one of the importers of Marble, Granite & Limestone in Pakistan. We have a high volume of import on monthly basis. We are already importing containers of Marble & Granite from different countries of the World. If we get a suitable & positive response from your end than we would like to visit your factory for further understanding & negotiations. Our company is interested making a long term relation with your esteemed organization. Kindly also provide me the info of gangsaw slabs 2cm OR 1.8cm (Random) if you deal in:- 
(1) Italian Carrara type C, CD & D. (2) Sahara Beige (3) Silvia Beige (4) Brazilian white. Also quote the best FOB prices with pictures at your earliest. Jan 19, Contact 
e 16524 USA: I am trying to source some Chomac Honed marble. Jan 19, Contact 
e 16523 USA: I am interested in 275 sq ft green pebbles as displayed in photo. Please provide me with a price quote. I am in CA. Jan 19, Contact 
e 16522 Bosnia: Stone Processing Machine: We are interesting for Breton (Italian make) marble & granite processing equipment. We ask you to furnish more details about this type of machine. Our tel. no. is 00387 32 4..... Jan 19, Contact 
e 16521 USA: Interested in translucent marbles for back lighting particularly rosa aurora. Need 10 Thick slabs, 3cm minimum about 12-16"" wide by 24-30" tall. My tel. no. is (540)55..... Jan 19, Contact 
e 16520 Bangladesh: We are looking for a good supplier of Pumice Stone from Indonesia preferably Lombok island origin for garments washing  under 'DEER' or "HKS" brand. We are interested to buy this of large quantities on a regular basis. We would like a supplier either directly from Indonesia or from Singapore. My tel. no. is 880-2-83.....Jan 19, Contact 
e 16518 Singapore: Please quote for ZH - M107 grey marble 600x600x13 mm polished - 1000 m2. Our tel. no. is 65-684.....Payment : By LC at sight. Jan 19, Contact 
e 16517 USA: Retail: We are looking to purchase a pietre dure table measuring 48" x 33" x 28" (l x W x H). Color: background should be beige/tan/white. I am in NY. Tel: 917-86.....Jan 19, Contact 
e 16516 Australia: I am in the process of setting up granite business. I wish to import granite slabs, glazed ceramic and porcelain tiles. I am looking to import granite slabs from Brazil, India, China. Colour is not an issue as I need a good mix of colours. Initially 10 containers from 3 different countries. Catalogue and pricelist required. With regards to glazed porcelain and ceramic tiles colour again is not an issue. The price is the main concern. However, I would like catalogues and pricelists from China, Indonesia, Spain and Italy. My tel. no. is 61 08 947.....Jan 19, Contact 
e 16515 Vietnam: We are a leading company trading in all kinds of Pumice Stone in Vietnam market. We have strong demand for our customers with the item as follows: Size : 2 x 3 cm, 3 x 5 cm, Quantity: 02 1x40 FCL, Package: 25kg/ bag. Jan 19, Contact 
e 16514 USA: I need truckload bluestone one inch cleft natural pattern for patio and 3-8 inch thick fieldstone for retaining wall. Need delivery send price also for 2 inch coping 24 feet blue bluestone 18 inches wide and 24 inches wide. My tel. no. is 631 24.....Jan 19, Contact 
e 16513 USA: I am looking for good quality sodalite as well (for counter top applications). We need approximately 20 to 25 sq. ft. for a counter top in sailboat (this is a refit that we will be using for promotional purposes). We intend to use either several slabs or individual tiles to construct the top. This will be determined by availability of materials and costs thereof. It would be beneficial to see examples of the various grades of sodalite and the cost associated with each grade. We are in MN. Our tel. no. is (952) 44.....Jan 19, Contact 
e 16512 Mexico: Earthmoving Machinery: I want to get information from the caterpillar 950B wheel loader. Who sells the machine? Please send us more details. Jan 19, Contact 
e 16511 USA: We are located in New York and we are looking to buy boreal green granite tiles. Jan 19, Contact
e 16510 Egypt: Need a quote for white marble blocks from Turkey FOB or C&F port Alexandria in Egypt. Jan 19, Contact
e 16508 USA: Retail: I need two slabs of Verde Fuoca granite for fabrication of countertops. I am in Los Altos, California. My tel. no. 650-96..... Jan 19, Contact
e 16507 USA: Please give me the price per/cu ft US$ FOB for rajnagar white marble. I am in Connecticut. My tel: 203-48.....Jan 19, Contact
e 16506 USA: I need a quote on the white Carrara finish or marble but I prefer the finish this are the dimensions 78 x 40" and I need 100 pieces. My tel. no. is 310-51.....Jan 19, Contact
e 16505 USA: I am looking to see if you have any 70 inch x 10 to 12 inch slate available. I am making shelves and need about 5 sheets. I am looking to pick up in the Philadelphia area. Jan 18, Contact
e 16504 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for one unit of 950 B. Please send me pictures and final price C&F Karachi. Phone number: +9230028.....Jan 18, Contact
e 16503 USA: Retail: I am looking for 25 Square Feet of Sao Paulo Brown (Marron Sao Paulo) Granite Tile 12 x12 x 1/8" or 12 x 12 x 3/8". I need it by February 15, 2005. I am in Orlando. My tel. no. is (407) 85.....Jan 18, Contact
e 16502 USA: Our business is templates, fabricates, and installs granite and marble countertops, etc., and would like to get into having more product in our stock yard. Please contact me regarding granite and marble shipping, etc. We are in PA. Phone no. is 717.68.....Jan 18, Contact
e 16501 Egypt: We are interested to buy a KATO crane and we want to discuss the price. Please send us more information. We are in Alexandria. Our tel. no. is 2012-21.....Jan 18, Contact
e 16500 Pakistan: Stone Processing Machinery: Please quote for MARBLE GANG SAW MICHELETTI - 250 D. 
- Cutting dimension: mm 2500x2000
- Equipped with: motorized block carrying trolley. I want to import to Karachi and how many blades does the gangsaw have? Jan 18, Contact
e 16499 Kuwait: We are looking for a company with a wide experience to supply us with the machinery, equipment, and frames necessary to set up a major plant for a grand scale production and wish if you kindly provide us with the following: 
1) Price list of Granite Processing, equipment and machinery necessary to set up a major factory to produce.
2) Catalogues of the above-mentioned machines, equipment, and frames
3) Price list of the raw material necessary for the operation of the above-mentioned Granite Processing, Machinery equipment.
4) Prices should include supplying, installation, and operation of the factory, 
5) The raw material necessary for the manufacture annually, either through your esteemed Company or through a supplier/ suppliers well-known to you due to past dealings. Our telefax + 965- 24......Jan 18, Contact
e 16498 Australia: We are after 5 calacatta marble slabs 3050 x 1850 X 2cm polished to Melbourne Australia. Will need to see prior to purchase. Would consider out of Italy. Please advise cost of export. Jan 18, Contact
e 16497 UK: Earthmoving Machinery: I have an urgent requirement for CAT D250E 1994/1995. My tel. no. is +44(0)870 88.....Jan 18, Contact
e 16496 Vietnam: Earthmoving Machinery: We are one of Largest used construction equipment and machine importers in Vietnam. We would like quotes for the following used construction equipments: 
1) Used Komatsu Excavators: PW100; PW150 / PC200-1; PC200-2; PC200-3 / PC220-1; PC220-2; PC220-3 / PC300-1; PC300-2; PC300-3
2) Used Kobelco Excavators: SK04W(D)(S); SK07; SK09; SK12 at any year; SK100W(D) 
3) Used Sumitomo Excavators: S280EA, S280AE; S280FA; 340F2; 430F2 ... 
4) Used Hitachi excavator: EX100W(D), WH04; EX120-1, EX120-2, Ex120-3. 
5) Used Komatsu bulldozers: D40P-3; D41P-3 (ST blade) / D50P-16 (St blade)...
If available at your side. Please send us some technical specifications, pictures and competitive price base on C.I.F. Haiphong port. Our cellphone no. is 0084 912 0.....Jan 18, Contact   
e 16495 India: Require FOB price for Desert Eye Granite from IRAN in Rough Block's (Gangsaw Size's) and Polished Slab's in 2cm and 3cm 
and tiles in 12"x12"x10mm,16"x16"x10mm,18"x18"x12mm. Require 10 FCL/Month. Our tel. no. is 0091-44-243.....Jan 18, Contact   
e 16494 India: Our customers whom we represent are interested in sourcing some Marble / Granite products from India in Full Container Loads. We are looking for Manga Red / Black Basalt and Grey Granite qualities
Please find herewith details of our enquiry pertaining to our customer's requirement for Europe, please could you send us your reference samples along with best possible price offers for these items :-
Manga red and grey granite material and black basalt
1. Cubes 15/17 ( 16x16x16 cm ), 8/10 ( 9x9x9 cm) 4/6 ( 5x5x5 cm)
a) completely handcut only
b) completely handcut, one surface fine picked
c) top/bottom sawn, edges handcut and under cutted not more than 1 cm at one side
surface flamed
surface fine picked
2. kerb stones (W x H x L)
8x20x100 cm 
10x25x100 cm
3. square kerbs 12x12 and 15x15 x 50-200 cm, (various fix length) 
a) completely handcut and all six surfaces fine picked
b) completely sawn and all six surfaces flamed
4. slabs 20x30, 30x40, 40x50, 50x60 x 3, 4, 6 , 8 and 10 cm thickness
a) completely sawn, surface flamed
b) completely sawn, surface fine picked
5. block steps 15x35x100, 120 and 150 cm lenght, completely sawn, five sides flamed, all edges 5 mm chamfered 
Our tel. no. is 011 241.....Please also advice what is the FOB Port from where you normally export these goods. Jan 18, Contact   
e 16493 New Zealand: We are interested in procuring granite slabs from India in 2500x700x20mm and 2500x900x20 mm sizes. 
The 700 mm wide sheets need to have one short end polished and one long end polished at least and the 900 mm sheets need to have two long edges polished and one short edge polished. If you can supply granite slabs of the above dimensions please let me know what colours you can supply them in as well as a CIF Wellington and CIF Christchurch price for a 20'container load of an assortment of the colours. If you can supply Granite of the above description please give me your best CIF prices for granite of the below description for my party in New Zealand and also supply me with pictures of the samples for. Jan 18, Contact   
e 16492 South Africa: I am looking to purchase slate floor tiles in Durban. Tel no. is 031-58.....Jan 18, Contact   
e 16491 India: We are interested in cutter description as given below:
Metal bonded diamond / CBN cutting wheel of following dimensions: 
Overall Dia.: 45 mm
Bore Dia.; 8 mm
Skirt (Diamond/CBN): 5-8 mm
Thickness: 1-2 mm. Tel. no. is +91 2138 ......Jan 18, Contact   
e 16490 USA: I am trying to find Volga Blue Tile in the 12" x 12" size. Intend to use the tile to cover the walls in the alcove that our wood stove will be located. We have a local supplier for the Volga Blue slabs for our counters. We are doing a basement remodel that includes a bar / 
kitchen and we would like to match the counter tops around the wood stove. We are willing to consider suppliers in the USA only. Our remodeling project is underway and we need the tiles in 3 to 6 weeks. I am located in Williamsburg, VA and tel. no. is (757) 56.....Jan 18, Contact   
e 16489 USA: Our company is located in state of Wisconsin in U.S.A and our company is interested to start importing granite in to our state. We are searching for great companies in China, India that could help us importing great quality granite at a competitive wholesale price. We will appreciated if you would kindly send us a small samples of various kinds of granite with a list of prices to our address below. Upon receipt of your list we would contact your company and we shall make a trip to your country and meet with you in the future. Our tel. no. is (262) 71..... Jan 18, Contact   
e 16487 USA: I need prices on grave monuments. Our tel. no. is 325-65.....Jan 18, Contact   
e 16486 USA: I need 60 square feet navona which I have is a vanilla color (very light) in 24 x 24 or 12 x 24. I am in Miami. My tel. no. is 305 81.....Jan 18, Contact   
e 16485: Kindly send us your price list and catalog. We would like to market your product in international market. Jan 18, Contact   
e 16484 USA: Retail: Just purchased a new home and have a large kitchen with white tile that I want to replace with a green granite or marble, maybe even a brown or black. My husband and I have done the measuring and the countertop, island, backsplash and windowsill are approx. 101 sq ft. We like Ubatuba and black galaxy. Do you carry this? What is the cost per sq ft? what is thickness, 3cm? Are you local, do you do fabrication? Tel. no. is (559) 73.....Jan 18, Contact    
e 16483 USA: I am in the process of setting up a monument company and would like to have the chance to purchase some of your products. Not certain on quantities starting monument company from scratch. We are in Cleveland. Tel. no. is 918-35..... Jan 18, Contact   
e 16482 USA: Retail: Please send me a catalog of your inventory of stone mosaic table top 54 round to use indoor ( base can be wrought iron or stone) pattern for stone colors. Send pic's, catalog, price info and time frame. I am in Naples, FL.  I am open to suggestions of pictures or catalog viewing...basically looking for light earth tones not too busy a pattern. My tel. no. is 239-51.....Jan 18, Contact
e 16481: I am interested in cemetery monuments. I need prices and sizes.  Jan 17, Contact
e 16480 India: Kindly send your catalog and red mandana rate for a project in Bangalore.  Jan 17, Contact
e 16479 Ghana: I am looking to purchase some cobblestones in Ghana. My tel. no. is +233 2449......Jan 17, Contact
e 16478 Australia: Earthmoving Machinery: What is the FOB price of 1987 Caterpillar 623E Motor Scraper. Please send more photos of the bowl and several close up's. Our tel. no. is 03 503.....Jan 17, Contact
e 16477 Germany: Earthmoving Machinery: We want to get info. about Hitachi ex 200-3 Excavator. Please quote for this machine. My tel. no. is 0049 176 280.....Jan 17, Contact
e 16476 India: We are interested in buying the following in the order of priority mentioned below:
a) Aventurine : Red and Pink
b) Aventurine : Yellow and green
c) Aventurine : blue
Kindly let us know the availability, pricing delivered in New Delhi and procedure for inspection. Jan 17, Contact
e 16475 Japan: Earthmoving Machinery:  I am interested in heavy equipments such as tractors, excavators, wheel loaders and dozers, especially those offered in ready stock 566. I want to export the equipments to Indonesia. I am seeking to build a prospective and ongoing business relationships in the future with you. My tel. no. is +81-42-52.....Jan 17, Contact
e 16474: Please quote for marble, granite and other stone tiles. My tel. no. +234-80230.....Jan 17, Contact
e 16473 Maldives: We are looking for the supplier of Marble, Granite, etc. for our new building. Please quote. Our tel. no. is 009607.....Jan 17, Contact
e 16472 Pakistan: We are interested in buying a 20' container load of Turkish 3-5cm Pumice Stone and would appreciate if you could let us have the final C&F (cost and freight) prices for Karachi sea port. Also please advise how much weight will come in a 20' container. We would establish an LC at sight, please advise whether it'll be acceptable or not.  Jan 17, Contact
e 16471 Australia: I am building a tennis court which will have a concrete retaining wall of up to 2.5 metres high. I am proposing to finish the wall with a stone veneer. I am considering 70 sqm of bluestone. Phone number is 949.....Jan 17, Contact
e 16470 Canada: I own a granite & marble manufacturing company in Toronto. We manufacture all custom work such as kitchens, vanities, fireplaces, columns, tables, etc. from scratch. We currently import slabs for this work. I am very interested in importing (at an excellent rate), tiles of all sizes. Different unique pieces, in limestone, marble, & granite, and any other types of stone you can suggest, (slate/tumbled?). Is there a price list you can forward to me? With a list of tiles, textures, stone types, etc.? I am also interested in importing small desk/floor sculptures or pieces (vases, abstract, etc).
We are researching this information for a project in mind. A retail store in the prime area of Toronto, where we can sell any home furnishings in stone including back splash pieces, tumbled mosaics, fireplaces (modern & classical), vases, abstract statues, etc. specifically for a shop and buy store. We would be storing our large crates/quantities of material at our prime location (Onyx Marble) where from this new showroom want to only expose samples to be ordered and delivered within 1 weeks time (so material must be locally stored regularly). We definitely need samples of products. In saying that, I would need brochures/samples to decide which ones I would want to order. All sizes are welcomed. I am very interested in exclusively importing specific products for our company only. Please forward as much information as possible to enable me to have a wide selection of choices. You can reach me at 416 73.....Jan 17, Contact
e 16469 USA: Retail: Can you delivery to New Jersey 3.5 foot x 6.5 foot Sodalite slab with hole cut for bathtub and beveled edges? I am in Philadelphia, PA. Tel (215) 9.....Jan 17, Contact
e 16468 USA: Retail: II am interested in obtaining a quote for a "granite" countertop in NJ, probably Verde Uba Tuba. The configuration/ dimensions are as follows: 2 "L" shaped sections with these outer measurements - 49" x 87" and 75" x 54". No backspash, cut- out for single undermounted sink. No seams preferred. Templating / installation ASAP. Jan 17, Contact
e 16467 Kenya: Looking for a stone cutting excavating machine which is operated in quarries. See stock list 557. My tel no. is +2547225.....Jan 17, Contact
e 16466 USA: Retail: Looking for Roman Travertine. Jan 16, Contact
e 16465 USA: We operate a mulch and stone center and are looking for crushed black granite stone. Do you wholesale this product or know of anyone who would? We are in KY. Tel. no. is 270-84.....We buy by the tractor trailer loads. Jan 16, Contact
e 16464 USA: I would like to build a walk path using Pennsylvania River Rock (I think that's the correct term, could it be Riverbed rock?). I'd like to lay it in stone dust and let moss grow between the stones (it's a shady area). I am in CT. Jan 16, Contact
e 16463 USA: I need to purchase Arizona flagstones to build a patio area. Here is the spec: 
Flagstone, color of Sedona Red, to cover 1000 square ft area, thickness of ~1.5'', Size of each stone could be patio grade (small
piece) or select (big sheet). Ready to buy, need it in 2-4 weeks. 
Install service: would also like to get a quote for install service. Install in a flat area, on top of cement, no need to lay the concrete though. 
Location: Phoenix, AZ. Contact Info: 602-31..... Jan 16, Contact
e 16462 Vietnam: We would like to receive your samples, specification and reference price CFR Hochiminh City for 
500 MT ZEOLITE high quality ground pellted size 2- 3 mm  and 500 MT Dolomite powder. We hope that we will increase quantity up per month your product in near future. Jan 16, Contact
e 16461 Bangladesh: We need 3-5 cm size of pumice stone for garments washing. Please send us your rock button prize with your sample.
1) Price should be fob and C&F basis.
2) Packaging Details.
3) Shipment time.
4) Mood of payment L/C/ sales agreement or TT. Jan 16, Contact
e 16460 USA: Retail: I am looking for a stone table top for outdoor use. It should be 48-60" round. Let me know what you have in stock. As well let me know shipping charges to New York, NY. Jan 16, Contact
e 16459 USA: I am a home builder in Washington, USA. I am very interested in finding a supplier of black granite. However it is so expensive here to buy stone so I have to look out of the country. What are your policies about shipping direct to me in the USA. And if you can, how much will it cost for the granite and the shipping? Also, do you have a minimum amount to purchase. I plan on building two homes a year and require about 200 sq feet of granite in each home. I install at least one island 5 feet wide by 6 feet long, and the rest will be 26" wide counter tops with 4" back splash. Jan 16, Contact
e 16458 Poland: Would you please inform me in regards to Nero Marquina slabs/tiles. Jan 16, Contact
e 16457 Canada: Retail: I would like to put black granite in my entranceway and hallway. I am looking for a granite that will not look dull with wear and that has a pearl look in it. This hallway gets lots of wear. I am in Toronto. Jan 16, Contact
e 16456 India: Machinery: We have a requirement of Agate grinder for samples. Also kindly send us the detailed price list and catalogue of all your products so that we may place an order of any other items needed if any along with above product. Jan 15, Contact
e 16455 USA: I am looking for granite wholesalers in Connecticut. We are looking for a Taupe color. It would be best if we can go look at the samples so we can pick what we want. This is for our Kitchen Countertops. Telephone no is 203-92.....Jan 15, Contact
e 16454 USA: Please quote for 20 ft container for granite slabs. I need to know the colors you have in stock and the prices and how soon can you ship.I am in NC. My phone no. is 336 22..... Jan 15, Contact
e 16453 Finland: I want to buy a block of white carrara marble, size ca. 40x25x20 cm. This stone will be used for a sculpture. Which quality is best for this purpose? Please quote. Jan 15, Contact
e 16452 Canada: I am interested in purchasing some Green Siberian Nephrite. I am only looking for roughly one to two pounds of the lower grade carving material.  Jan 15, Contact
e 16451 : Earthmoving Machinery: Please send pics and any info of cat D8L.  Jan 15, Contact
e 16450: Earthmoving Machinery: I am very much interested in buying 140g or 14g graders. You can call me on the following number 306-52.....Jan 15, Contact
e 16449 USA: Retail: Considering Blue Pearl, Volga Blue, Emerald Pearl, Green Butterfly for kitchen countertops. With an active family and 10 year old child. Spills of various types are common. And the clean up is not usually immediate. Please advice with quotes. I am in Hawaii. Ph. 808-23.....Jan 15, Contact 
e 16448 Iraq: Machinery: Please send us your price list of polishing machine. Jan 15, Contact 
e 16447 USA: Please quote for Arizona flagstone pavers. How much of each color do you have? Jan 15, Contact 
e 16446 USA: Email me information on price and availability of BLACK granite or black diorite. We would like to find two or possibility three quarry split blocks approximately 1 meter x 1 meter x 2 1/2 meter height (could accept 60 cm. x 80 cm. x 2 meter height). We are also in the market for (2) blocks of BLACK granite, diorite , or marble ; sawn (2) (top and bottom) approximate size 30 cm. height x 1 meter(-) x 1 meter (-). Blocks with one or more sawn surface (monument industry cutoff) might also be of interest We would appreciate a company that would help arrange shipping to Arkansas. My tel. no. is 479-25..... Jan 15, Contact 
e 16445 USA: Retail: I am inquiring about the fossilized stone. I would like to get further information like: colors, prize, weight, location and shipping if there are local distributors in NV or any where in USA. Also would you suggest indoor location as well? Jan 15, Contact 
e 16444 USA: Retail: I am interested in buying granite kitchen countertop. I am in MI 48348. I am looking to work with a supplier in my area. My tel. no. is 248-62..... Jan 15, Contact 
e 16443 Kuwait: Earthmoving Machinery: I want to buy three caterpillar 950B wheel Loaders. I want them to come to Kuwait port. Please quote. Jan 15, Contact 
e 16442 USA: I am a sculptor looking for a large monolith of red porphyry to make a fountain bowl. 11'3" diameter, 12" thick. Can you help? Jan 15, Contact 
e 16441 UK: Can I have more details and prices for marble? Different colours with photos for normal size (30/30, 40/30, 60/30.......). Jan 15, Contact 
e 16440 Trinidad & Tobago: We are seeking 100,000 mt of 19mm concreting aggregates for Trinidad & Tobago. Request CIF prices in USD per mt. Jan 15, Contact 
e 16439 India: We want to use ZEOLITE. Please send us the quotation for 20 M.T. delivered port Nhava Shava Bombay, India. Jan 14, Contact 
e 16438 USA: Retail: I am interested in purchasing granite for my kitchen remodel. I need approximately 50 sq ft for the countertops and another 50 sq ft for the backsplash. I have scaled diagrams I can provide for a more detailed estimate. I am in California. My tel. no. is 530-29..... Jan 14, Contact 
e 16437 USA: Retail: I would like a quote on a bathroom sink counter top. I would like a black with a fleck of red or gray or white. I need all 4 sides finished with 2 holes cut, one in the center and the other near the edge. Dimensions. 34" by 22" by 1". Jan 14, Contact 
e 16436: I am looking for a granite named Rajah Pink. Do you have it? Jan 14, Contact 
e 16435: Retail: I am looking for 30 square feet (12" x 12" squares) of "Serpegiante America" marble. I understand it is from Italy. I have seen pictures of samples but no one seems to have it on hand. If you can find any of this I would be very interested in acquiring it. Jan 14, Contact 
e 16434 Ireland: Looking for a Galeski 3000 sink cutting machine and a bridge saw to cut marble and granite. 
e 16433 USA: I need 1.25" thick, tumbled 7000 travertine marble pavers in French pattern. Light color. In need in 1 - 3 weeks. I am in FL. My tel. no. is (954) 48.....Jan 14, Contact 
e 16432 USA: I need for my project seven (7) slabs of Calacatta Gold marble. I need minimum 7'6" slabs which will be book matched for a bathroom. The veining must be more to the gold than to the grey/silver side. The slabs that I have seen locally have been more grey than gold. I am ready to buy ASAP & have the stone delivered to my fabricator. I am in NY. My tel. no. is 212-58.....Jan 14, Contact 
e 16431 Pakistan: I am looking used gangsaw marble cutter with 60 to 90 blades and vertical machine for Karachi. Please send us details. Jan 14, Contact 
e 16430 USA: I currently, fabricate, etc. kitchen granite countertops and bathrooms, etc. please email any information that is available that I can start getting into importing my own store. Jan 13, Contact 
e 16429 USA: Retail: I am looking for a granite countertop that is very dark. It needs to have some orange-red in it. Browns and yellows may be ok but no pink. Jan 13, Contact 
e 16428 Ukraine: We are interested in buying 1 container of INDIAN granites in slabs 30mm thickness according to the following list of colors:
most important issues: Any intense Blue, Ruby Red (or anything of intense, deep red color), Seaweed Green and Kashmir White. And we are also interested in Vyara Original, Golden Japarano, Tropical Green, Silver Galaxy. We willing to buy from which geographical area from India. Our tel. no. is +3806423..... Jan 13, Contact 
e 16427 USA: Retail: I am intending on having honed limestone (blue valley) installed in a powder room. I love the look but am concerned the vanity top may not be a good choice for durability. I realize granite is a better choice and will be using it in my kitchen and two other bathrooms. Please quote with advise.  Jan 13, Contact 
e 16426 Pakistan: We are Pakistan based marble company and need to know the complete information of machinery with prices as we are going to install complete marble tiles and sheet plant. Please quote. Jan 13, Contact 
e 16425 USA: Looking for large Terra Cotta Italian minimum 16x16. Jan 13, Contact 
e 16423 Malta: We are sellers looking for Rustenburg dark thickness 2cm polished granite. We are ready to by direct from Africa a full load container. Our tel. no. is 00356 21 4.....Jan 13, Contact
e 16422: We want to know the price of a machine that can cut granite stone. We found out that a laser waterjet machine is the way they do it. What is the cost off one of these machines and where can I buy one?  Jan 13, Contact
e 16421 USA: Retail: I am looking for Peppermint Granite for my guest bathroom vanity that is 48 x 21. I am in Staten Island and can be reached at 347-24......Jan 13, Contact
e 16420 USA: Retail: I am searching for 2 slabs of Volga Blue granite for my client. Please quote your best wholesale price to the trade. I am located in Southern California i.e. Anaheim or the Valley. We must see slabs. My tel. no. is 310-64.....Jan 13, Contact
e 16419 USA: Retail: I have been given a price of $9,125 for a 5x6 Michael Angelo Marble island counter top plus a counter top that is 7ft and 5 ft in an L shape. There is a cutout for a sink in the Island and a sink & cook top cutout on the L counter. This piece of Marble resembles Carrara but the veins are slight and are green or pale yellow. Is this a reasonable price? Jan 13, Contact
e 16418 Trinidad: I need info on a 18 x 18 porcelain tile. I am looking for a particular tile from India to quote, I need the quote on Monday for the supplier. I will give you the specs ASAP, once I get it. Jan 13, Contact
e 16417 USA: Retail: I am in need of 200 sq ft of crema marfil select. I can pickup at a terminal in Peoria, IL.  Jan 13, Contact
e 16416 Uruguay: Earthmoving Machinery: WE ARE LOOKING FOR CATERPILLAR 225 DLC upper year 1990 AND TADANO TG 500 upper year 1995. Please send offer with complete information, pictures and FOB price. My tel. no. is 00598 2 40.....Jan 13, Contact
e 16415 USA: Interested in river rock- bags and mess mount. Jan 13, Contact
e 16414 India: I am a project engineer in search of two types of natural stones (Italian) Imperial Verde Black granite and Amarillo monterrey. Jan 13, Contact
e 16413 USA: I am looking for eight black marble spheres, approximately 6" in diameter. Can you quote a price? Jan 13, Contact
e 16412 Austria: We are looking for Turkish companies who can supply cut to size forms in yellow onyx for architectural use. TEL / FAX : +43 1 99.....Jan 13, Contact
e 16411 Bangladesh: I would like to buy a used wheel mounted crane of lifting capacity 50-60 ton at 20 meter outreach. Jan 13, Contact
e 16410 USA: I am thinking to include a pumice rock in a bid we are preparing for our products. Can you show us either samples or good photographs of you rocks? Jan 13, Contact
e 16409 Nigeria: Please send us your best offer for ABRASIVE STONES of different sizes for polishing Granite. Your prices should spell out the quantity in the package as the would determine our final order. Sizes from nos 16 up till 1200 should be quoted for. Jan 13, Contact
e 16408 USA: I am interested in purchasing one full sea container of pre-fabricated granite countertops. I prefer 2.5 cm thick, but it could be 3 cm 25 3/4" x 96", full bullnose edge along front and polished. I would like a mix of colors such as: Blue Barracuda, giallo veneziano, St. Cecelia, Champagne, Juparana columbo, Juparanã Mantena, Giallo Antico, Kinawa and Sao Francisco Verde. What would the price range be? I am in CO. My tel. no. is 1-303-81.....Jan 12, Contact
e 16407 Canada: I have a client who would be very interested in Z. Bavelloni EGAR 320-3 machine.  Can you please provide me with more details. I am in Edmonton. My tel. no. is 780 48.....Jan 12, Contact
e 16406 USA: We are natural stone producer, Importers and Distributors in USA. We are looking for new supplier from turkey who can produce or currently producing Noche, Walnut and Beige Travertine Pavers in different finishes. 
We are looking for a long term Pattern, we will prefer people with their quarries and factories. If you have both and you can supply us material on long term basis with competitive price.  Jan 12, Contact
e 16405 USA: I would like a commercial quote 30 pcs of travertine blocks to act as a base for a corporate award. The size would be 4.5" x 4.5" x 1.5". I am in San Diego, California and my tel no. is 301-56.....The blocks should have no chips or scratches. I need them by 24 Jan 05, Monday. Jan 12, Contact
e 16403 China: We are very interested in the big blocks in size above 2600*1600mm of ABSOLUTE BLACK Granite. I want to know the exact
exploiting of the quarry and the detail information of the quarry. I would like you to send us the samples and pictures you are dealing with
if you are convenient. Jan 12, Contact
e 16402 USA: Retail: I NEED PEACOCK SLATE - 800 FT2, 16in X 16in, GAUGED. I NEED DELIVERY IN 2 WEEKS. Jan 12, Contact
e 16401 Canada: I am looking for marble. I need 1. pc apx 5ft x 3ft x 20 inches, 2pc 5ft x 30inches x 20inches. Any white marble for carving. Please give me an offer and price. Jan 12, Contact
e 16400 USA: Retail: I am thinking of installing 12 x 12 blue pearl tiles as a kitchen counter and have heard from your site that this stone does NOT need to be sealed. Would it hurt the stone to put on a sealer? Are all blue pearl tiles of the same quality. Mine appears moderately "pitted". Jan 12, Contact
e 16399 USA: I am looking for Multi-Raja slate 16 x 16", 8 x 16" and 8 x 8" a mixture of each to make 2000 s.f. I understand there is light & dark. Not sure which I need yet. I would like buy in Dallas area. Looking for price in the 1.50 s.f. range. Jan 12, Contact
e 16398: Searching for a seller for granite from Belgium. Jan 12, Contact
e 16397 Canada: We are looking for supplier of BRAZILIAN LIMESTONE - Tiles & Slabs as follows: 
(a) TILES (thickness 10mm): sizes, 30x60cm, 45x45cm @ Honed finish
(b) SLABS (thickness 20mm): @ Honed (Please advice Minimum/Maximum size of slabs)
Kindly advise us of LEAD-TIME, and your PRICE (FOB Fortaleza and /or CIF TORONTO). We also required the full size sample of Honed finish to take your offer in consideration. Our fax: (416) 53.....Jan 12, Contact
e 16395: Please send me your price list I am in Louisiana USA. We are interested in travertine pool coping. Jan 12, Contact
e 16394 USA: I am an architect looking for "Van Gogh" granite slabs from Brazil. Color: blue and rust - heavy veins. Jan 12, Contact
e 16393 Pakistan: We are immediately looking for one unit of rough crane as follows:
Make: Tadano Rough (Tire )Crane
Capacity: 45 till 50 Ton
Year: 1988 UP
Need C&F Dubai price 
We need this unit very urgently if you are able to offer kindly send us detailed photographs serial number and all the details indicating C&F Dubai price at your earliest. Our tel. no. is 009230021.....Jan 12, Contact
e 16391: Please send info on polishing machines. Jan 12, Contact
e 16390 USA: I would like to purchase a gang saw machine for granite and a polishing line machine for granite slabs. Jan 12, Contact
e 16389 Israel: Price list of polishing machine required. Telephone 00972505......Jan 12, Contact
e 16388 Canada: We would like to obtain prices on granite to manufacture countertops. The product is to be exported to Africa and the cutting would be done at the site in Africa. The quantity required is a 40ft container and samples and samples would be needed. Jan 12, Contact
e 16387 USA: I am looking for 12x12 bahia red slate or orange colored slate at 100sq/ft priced at 1.65sq/ft. Need urgently. I am located in the Bronx and will pay cash and could pick up in your new jersey warehouse. Jan 11, Contact
e 16386: I am currently looking to source a beige coloured micro grain marble. I approx use 1000 m2 every 4 weeks of this kind of material at the moment. I buy from Italy and import to the UK but I am looking for alternative cheaper supplier . Please could you tell me if you are able to supply this colour and quantity. Jan 11, Contact
e 16385: I was wondering what the price would be on 150 bases of the 4x7x3/4" black marble bases that you have in stock? Jan 11, Contact
e 16384 India: I am interested in CNC -3-D ENGRAVING AND MILLING. please quote price and capabilities. My applications will be more on
gravestone engraving. Jan 11, Contact
e 16383: Could you please send me price of black granite stone. Jan 11, Contact
e 16380 UAE: We have an inquiry for regular supply of assorted varieties of Ceramic Tiles to Kerala. Please quote us as an initial order for a 20ft container load of assorted varieties of Ceramic Tiles including all the sizes to establish and demonstrate a sales store in Kerala. We are having a well establish distribution network system and marketing professionals for Building materials. At the same time please send your catalogues and other related booklets to study your product and prices well. Our tel. no. is 00971 50 65.....Jan 11, Contact
e 16379 USA: Can you provide me with a quote of 3/4" thick x 26" W x 96"L, full bull nose/glazed counter top at FOB Xiamen port for the following granites from China: Pingshan Red 3, Full River Red, Concubine Red. Jan 11, Contact
e 16378 Australia: I am arriving to India in February and am interested in landscape supplies, furniture, stones and pebbles, etc to import back to Australia. Jan 11, Contact
e 16377 USA: Stone Processing Machine: I am looking for a block making machine (Stationary). Can you send me some info. on what machines you have and prices? My tel. number is: 763-75.....Jan 11, Contact 
e 16376: Do you produce pebbles of 0.5 to 2 cm? Please send me pictures and prices FOB Dammam, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and Mumbai, India ports. Jan 11, Contact 
e 16375 UK: Please contact us and let us know more about beach pebbles like pricing, availability and shipping to FL. My tel. no. is 954-52.....Jan 11, Contact 
e 16374 UK: Looking to buy stone products like fireplaces, tiles slabs, etc. I will buy container loads. Please quote. Jan 11, Contact 
e 16373 USA: We are building a house in the summer, and I saw full sheets of engineered stone for a walk in shower application. Is this something I can buy and have installed without a middleman? My tel. no. is 608 82.....Jan 11, Contact 
e 16372 USA: I am interested in your marble/granite. Here are the names of the ones I need: BALTIC BROWN, UBA-TUBA, VERDE-BUTTERFLY, NEW VENEZIAN GOLD, GIALLO VENEZIANO, TROPICAL BROWN, SANTA CECELIA and JUPARANA GIBLE/CEDAR BEIGE. The main two that I need soon are VERDE BUTTERFLY & BALTIC BROWN. These are all slabs 2 cm and 3 cm. Please get back to me and let me know if you have them all or not. If not, the which ones you do have and what the price is on them. I am interested in buying wholesale. Jan 11, Contact 
e 16370 Uruguay: Earthmoving Machinery: WE ARE LOOKING FOR CATERPILLAR 990 series II AND CATERPILLAR 777D. FREIGHTLINER CENTURY CLASS or FREIGHTLINER FLD 120. Year between 1998 to 2000. My tel. no. is 00598 2 40.....Jan 11, Contact 
e 16369 USA: I am searching the most expensive material you sell. It would be greatly appreciated if you could reply with the price and convert the price of whatever country it is from to US currency. Jan 11, Contact 
e 16368 UK: We are a stone importer and distributor to the construction industry. We are looking for approx. 300m2 of Crema Beida Limestone in 750x350x10mm sizes, or near to this size. Delivery would be to Leeds, West Yorkshire. Please can you quote for earliest delivery and prices. Jan 11, Contact 
e 16367 Indonesia: I would like to know the price of black galaxy granite slabs (240x120) per sqm. I am in Jakarta. My tel. no. is +62-816.....Jan 11, Contact 
e 16366 USA: Retail: I am interested in finding and purchasing 12"x12" granite tiles in the stone Blue Quati. I will need about 70 tiles. Are they available in this size? or any other size? I intend to tile my kitchen countertops with the granite tiles. I need them 3/8" thick. Jan 11, Contact 
e 16365 UK: Please quote for full container loads of granite cobble stones. Jan 11, Contact 
e 16364: Stone Processing Machine: Please send me a current price list with specifications on your stone saw. All sizes available. Jan 10, Contact 
e 16362 India: We are in need of TWO USED GRANITE GANGSAW MACHINES WHICH ARE 5-7 years OLD. We also require a new LINE POLISHER with 18-21 heads. These are to be installed in Tamil Nadu. As we are in urgent need we shall decide within 15 days from now. Jan 10, Contact 
e 16361 USA: I will be in the market for 3500 sq. ft of travertine in the next few months. I am in FL. Jan 10, Contact 
e 16360 Iran: Please quote for Jhansi red granite 180 x 60 x 3cm, 2000 sqm. Jan 10, Contact 
e 16359 USA: I am an owner of a stone shop in Portland, Oregon. I import tile and natural stone from many different countries. I am interested in importing inexpensive glazed porcelain tiles, granite tiles, marble tiles, travertine tiles, etc. Please send me more information. Jan 10, Contact 
e 16358 Canada: I am interested in purchasing a shipment of Himalayan crystal salt products for my store in Canada. Could you please send me a sampling of your product for inspection. I am in Alberta. Jan 10, Contact 
e 16357 Vietnam: We are a company in Vietnam specializing in producing & trading the natural stone products and want to import some Brazilian granites which has black colors. Please send us price list of Brazilian granite Blocks. How are the payment terms? My tel. no. is 84 8 86.....Jan 10, Contact 
e 16356 Vietnam: Stone Polishing Machine: We are looking for Italian granite polishing machine. Please send us the related information Our tel. no. is 84 8 86..... Jan 10, Contact 
e 16355 USA: Please quote for COMMERCIAL QUANTITIES of various stones, and stone shapes. I would be able to place an order, as soon as I have received samples, and they are reviewed. The approximate quantity of stone is as follows:
a. 16,000 sq.ft. of Travertine Tile ( 24"x 24"x 1/2" Cross-cut, Filled, Honed, and Edges Chamfered ).
b. 27 Limestone and Travertine columns.
c. 150 lin.ft. of granite counter top.
d. Floating Sphere Fountain.
e. Granite Paver's (specific size and color unavailable at this time).
f . 15,000 sq.ft. of slate roof tile.
g. Approximately 400 lin.ft. of Limestone window and door surrounds.
h. Approximately 15,000 sq.ft. of Limestone, Granite, or Slate exterior cladding. (Sizes to be determined after sample review).
i. Approximately 600 lin.ft. of Granite trim moulding.
j. Shower and wall tile for 5 bathrooms.
k. 5 stone fireplace surrounds.
4) I prefer to import my stone.
5) All Drawings will be sent after sample approval. I am in MI. My tel. no. is 248-65.....Jan 10, Contact 
e 16354: I need 2700 sq ft of granite tile Black Galaxy 18 x 18 or 24 x 24 to be delivered in Sarasota, Fl . zipcode is 34275. I need it to be delivered in January. Include your delivery charge. Jan 10, Contact 
e 16353: Retail: Looking for simple limestone fireplace. Jan 10, Contact 
e 16352 India: Stone processing machine: Kindly furnish us details about the secondhand granite gangsaws. Jan 10, Contact 
e 16351 USA: Currently building and looking to buy 2000-5000 sq feet total of slate and/or granite tiles. Looking for quote on granite countertop for undermount sink and no tap/faucet holes. Dimensions will be approximate at this time but we anticipate installation sometime around early march 2005. 14" long U shaped with one arm 2' long and the other about 6' long. We are in Indiana. My tel no. is 812-93.....Jan 10, Contact 
e 16350 Vietnam: We are interested in a machine as follows: Type: Used Kato Truck Crane, capacity: 50.5 ton, year: 1997 up, quantity: 01 unit, Left hand driver. The price is preferred to be quoted CIF Haiphong. Our tel. no. is 84-4-62..... Jan 10, Contact 
e 16349 USA: Retail: I am wondering that is there any marble or granite to fit my bathroom? My bathroom size is 54x71. If needed, contact me at the telephone number 408-56.....Jan 10, Contact 
e 16348 Uruguay: Earthmoving Machinery: Looking for: 
3 units Caterpillar 5130B FS 
2 units Caterpillar 5130B backhoe, both with rock bucket 
If you cannot find 5130B ´ s please look for O&K RH170's. Please send me offer with complete information and pictures all side. Only equipment in good working conditions. Payment: 100% LC. Jan 10, Contact   
e 16347 USA: Inquiry for commercial quantities of Basalt.  
Specifications: MOHS Hardness of 6.0 minimum
US Sieve Size              % Passing
No. 4                               100
No. 8                               97-100
No. 12                             3-30
No. 20                             0-3 
Maximum aggregate moisture shall not exceed 0.5%
Aggregate shall be supplied in bags (2,000 lbs preferred, smaller would be acceptable)
Sieve analysis and certified test reports shall be required
Approximate Quantities: 14 to 20 tons 
Delivery to western South Dakota
Timeframe: sometime between April and June of 2005
Material is to be used for Bridge Rehabilitation Projects for the South Dakota Department of Transportation, several project will be let every year, so a supplier would see repeat business on this material. My tel. no. is (605) 34..... Jan 10, Contact   
e 16346 Belgium: We want to import blue stone. Please your best prices CIF Anwerp for a 20'container 15 x 15 x 2.5 tumbled and a 20' container 20 x 20 x 2.5 tumbled. Jan 10, Contact   
e 16345 UK: Could you please provide details for the marble & Travertine detailed below:
DAINO REALE 1st quality - 30 x 30 x 2 - 30 x 15 x 2 cm / 40 x 40 x 2 - 60 x 30 x 2 cm /  60 x 60 x 2.
A mixed batch of the above sizes would be fine or a larger batch o 60 x 60x 2, which have to be completed. The area required is 85 M2 I would be happy with either filled or unfilled and unpolished. The quality is very important as the project is the third in a group of 10.
Travertine Cappuccino, Classico, Noce are also required in: 
cm. 30 x 30 x 2 - 30 x 15 x 2 cm / 40 x 40 x 2 - 60 x 30 x 2 cm /  60 x 60 x 2. An area of 80 M2 is required, again filled or unfilled will be fine. 
For external applications: Small 3-4 cm thick slabs in 20 x 20 in a verity of travertines, area coverage 100M2. All transportation will be arranged at this end. Sample pictures or tiles will be required before the order will; be confirmed.  Jan 9, Contact   
e 16344 Pakistan: I am interested to know the company in Dubai who can supply Italian, Turkish and Iranian (Isphan) in shades of cream and off white. My requirement is 3000 square feet, and I need them cut in sizes: maximum: 4" x 4" and 3" x 3". My telephone number is : 00923008.....Jan 9, Contact   
e 16343 UAE: I am looking for a 45 x 90 granite tiles in the colour beige. Please let me know if it is available. My tel. no. is 009714 33.....Jan 9, Contact   
e 16342 USA: Retail: Could you please give a quotation for the following: 
Fireplace surround project: 3-sided or Inverted U 
one horizontal : 52 inch long, 6 inch wide and 3/4 inch thick
Two verticals: 35 1/2 inch long, 6 inch wide and 3/4 inch thick polished. Jan 9, Contact   
e 16341 USA: Stone Processing Machine: Interested in the nc 160 breton machine. I am in NH. My tel. no. is ph#603 36..... Jan 9, Contact   
e 16340: Retail: I would like to know if you can supply me with 180 pcs. 12 x 12 verde marinaci granite tiles. Also what would the price be and how long would it take to deliver them? I am looking to put these tiles in the shower and on the floor of my bathroom. Also I want to make a countertop, but I do not know the measurements yet or the size of the sink. Can you also send me a picture of this tile so I can be sure it is the same one that I am seeking. Jan 9, Contact   
e 16339 UK: I am looking for terrazo manufacturing machine. Please call 4420864.....Jan 9, Contact   
e 16338: I am looking for a bridge saw and I would like to find a price. Jan 8, Contact   
e 16337 Malta: We are interested in nero africa polished sheets in container. We prefer the dark type. We are resellers. We need a supplier from South Africa. Please quote your best fob price. Jan 8, Contact   
e 16336 UK: I am looking to import slate paving slabs & floor tiles from China. Also I would like to import Ceramic floor tiles from China & the Far East. I have never imported these items before. I will only deal with the manufactures or quarries direct & do not wish to deal with any agents or middle men. I will be looking to buy containers full. 
I intend to wholesale the slate & the amount in need will be driven by demand, obviously when I decide who I am going to buy from I will try to build up a relationship of trust as that is how I work. To start with I will only buy 1 container of any colour I want to see how it goes. The colours I am thinking about are black & green. Obviously you probably know what the best sellers in the UK are better than I do as I have never brought any slate in before. I am also looking to bring in ceramic floor tiles. I do have outlets who want supplying & once I get started I think the amount of these will grow. The one thing that worries me in this matter is that I don't like buying things I have not seen. Jan 8, Contact   
e 16335 Canada: I am interested in purchasing limestone blocks. Please provide information as per my request on limestone blocks. Quantity depends on price I need a block price based on 15" x 15" x 84". Block......colour must be creamy beige NOT GREY.....please advise. Please quote. Tel. 905-63.....Jan 8, Contact   
e 16334: Retail: I am trying to find a company who can supply me with 11 sqm of AKSEHIR BLACK GOLD MARBLE TILES. I would like a tile 60cm x 60cm minimum by 2cm thick and polished.  Jan 8, Contact
e 16333 USA: I am a homeowner interested in building a wall and well surround of limestone blocks. Would need an estimated 1200 blocks at 1ft.x1ft.x2ft. I am in Virginia. No time constraints. Don't have any arranged transport for material that would have to be arranged. Jan 8, Contact
e 16332: Earthmoving Machinery Please quote for 950B excavator. Jan 8, Contact
e 16331: Could you provide me with the price list of marble cutting and polishing machines? Jan 8, Contact
e 16330 UK: Please quote in US Dollars on a range of travertine tiles. Also price shipping based on full container to UK port. Jan 8, Contact
e 16329 USA: Landscape: I am looking for 1 ton pallets of flag, field and drystack. However Flagstone is what I am mainly looking for. The suppliers I use now, have 3-4 thousand pound pallets. The pallets are too big, if anyone offers 1 ton pallets please contact me. Please send prices including shipping. I am in FL. Jan 8, Contact
e 16328 Slovenia: We want to import 2-4 cont. of mix granite from China in Feb. 2005. We will pay 30 % down payment by the end of Jan and we will need granites by end of February. We are looking for best offers and prices from Chinese producers. We need: 
A) 1 or 2 - 20 ft. containers of slabs thickness 3 cm the calibration level +/- 0.5mm-1mm, top polished. This slabs will be use for cutting for windows & stairs. Please give offer for the few cheaper -best granites you have from yours own quarries like 602, 603 ,etc. 
Here we need:
-price for few different granites (best possible price on FOB), quality of calibration, quality of polishing, dimensions of slabs, packing of slabs, how many you can load in 20 flc? and also put best possible price for thickness 2 cm. 
B) 1 x 20 flc we will need mix polished plates, it can be 30 x 60 x 1.5 cm or 60 x 60 x 1.5 cm or any other dimension which is cheaper. Top must be polished, calibration quality +/- 05-1mm. In this container we also need cheap granite 602, 603, 682, etc. from your own quarries. In this container we also need the strips of granite width 10 cm x thickness 1 cm, length can be any which is cheaper. The lines must be also top polished and the same granite as plates. Here we need: 
-price for few different granites/plates with dimension (best possible price on FOB), quality of calibration, quality of polishing, packing of plates, how many you can load in 20 flc with 1 or 2 pallets of granite lines and also give best possible offer fort thickness 2 cm instead 1.5 cm.
C) 1 x 20flc of mix granites dimensions 305x305x10 mm or 30x30x1 cm which is cheaper top polished 50 % and top flamed 50 %. calibration quality +/-05-1 mm. Here we need prices for more granites, the cheaper ones and for some fancy colors which you have from yours own quarries. In this container we will also need strips width 10 cm x thickness 1 cm length can be any. The lines also must be 50 % polished and 50 % flamed. Here we need: price for few different granites/tiles (best possible price on FOB), quality of calibration, quality of polishing/flaming, packing of tiles & how many you can load in 20 flc with 1 or 2 pallets of granite lines? 
Also we will need: 
-freight rates to port Koper for 20 flc ,you can load up to 26/27 mt to koper
-payment terms
-delivery time after down payment to FOB. Jan 8, Contact
e 16327: I am an engineer working in the Middle East and I am also involved in granite business. We are interested in buying granites from India. Prospective sellers please send me catalogs of the varieties available. Jan 8, Contact
e 16326 USA: Retail: We are interested in finding a supplier for Bianca Kinawa granite (we prefer a whitish grey). We are located in Chicago and prefer someone from the area, but are not picky. We would like to see a sample if not in the area and are aiming to have the granite installed some time in early March. My tel. no. is 312-95.....Jan 8, Contact
e 16325 USA: I am looking to buy loose stones in turq, coral, jade @ about 5.00 pound. Jan 8, Contact
e 16324 USA: I am an importer of natural stone and items made from stone. Please send me your price lists. I am in PA. My tel. no. is 610 83..... Jan 8, Contact
e 16323 USA: Retail: I am looking for information on certain stones and want to see if anyone supplies them in the US. We are specifying material, sourcing and approving slabs. The contractor on the job would buy. Jan 8, Contact
e 16322 USA: Looking to get some info on cnc breton nc160 machine. I am in NH. Jan 8, Contact
e 16320 USA: Retail: I am interested in purchasing approx. 300 st.ft. of uba tuba granite tile. Please let me know if you have that quantity in stock and the cost. My tel. no. is 301-62.....Jan 8, Contact
e 16319: What is the size of 'kashmir white' tiles that you have in stock. Is it polished and edge are also polished? what is the cost? Jan 8, Contact
e 16318: I am trying to find a source for onyx. I would like to also find a place that I can have a wet bar made out of the onyx. Jan 8, Contact
e 16317 USA: Please quote for Azul Macaubas. Jan 8, Contact
e 16316 USA: I am looking for 12 X 12 Onyx Tile. I am not certain of the name, but I think it is "Breche de Veron" (Pakistan?). The tile is Maroon in color with green and gold streaks through it. I need 1300 sq. ft. I need the stone immediately. Delivery must be by 1/31/05. I am in Texas and my phone no. is 214-80.....Jan 7, Contact 
e 16315 USA: I am looking for polished granite balls, 30 centimeters in diameter. Black granite is an option or brown or natural gray, depending on price. I need three of these items. My tel. no. is (714) 27.....Jan 7, Contact 
e 16314 Ukraine: We have been in the stone processing business for a long time. Now we got very interested in stone products from Turkey. In particular we are interested in buying slabs of marble and granite. Jan 7, Contact 
e 16313 Canada: We currently have a supplier of brass and metal urns in India. We are looking for a supplier of marble urns for us. Could you please send me a catalogue and price list of your urns. Also what are your minimum quantities. Jan 7, Contact 
e 16312 USA: I want Golden Travertine in the following sizes and quantities:
1) 4x4 tumbled - 100 sq. ft
2) 12x12 Honed and Filled. 1000 sq. ft. (could use 16x16)
Please provide a sq. ft. price and shipping to Iowa. I am ready to purchase immediately. My tel. no. is  319-41.....Jan 7, Contact 
e 16311 USA: I am looking for 5 slabs of gold persia or silver n gold for a kitchen. Please e-mail me a picture. Jan 7, Contact 
e 16310 USA: Can I see some sizes and shapes that you offer for Memorial Products and Cremation urns? Along with current prices an quantity amounts and shipping info. Please contact me ASAP. My tel. no. is 001-570-58.....Jan 7, Contact 
e 16309 USA: Could you send me some prices on all your products. I live in Texas so include delivery. Jan 7, Contact 
e 16308 USA: I need a quote for a large granite monuments
Jet Black Granite
Die: 2-0 x 4-0 x 0-8 Polish 5; HalfSerp top with polished chamfers according to customer design
Laser itched portrait
Carving: Star of David and Light on the bottom 
Lettering: First & last Name 
Date: Basic
3-0 x 1-0 x 1-0 Polished top polished sides 
Option 1
5-0 x 2-0 x 0-8 Polished top polished sides * one 2-0 end to joint to die, polished chamfers per design, 
Carving: Carnation pls. 
Lettering: ~50
Option 2
5-0 x 2-6 x 0-8 Polished top polished sides * one 2-6 end to joint to die....rest same as option 1
Vase: Turned vase H ~ 10-11".
My tel. no. is 404-72.....Jan 7, Contact 
e 16307: I am launching a furnishings business in New York and am looking for a section of a true basalt column to use as a stool or small side table. Initially I will be ordering one or a few samples, which will lead to a larger quantity order for inventory. My basic criteria would be as follows: 
true basalt dark-charcoal color 
cleanly extracted without scratches, chips, etc. 
flat/horizontal top/bottom 
six sides clearly distinguishable 
broad diameter- preferably 18-24 inches 
minimum height 18 inches 
I would like to obtain one as a sample at your earliest convenience. In further detail, please confirm the following information: 
1. That these will be cut from naturally occurring six-sided basalt columns- that is to say that the six flat sides have been formed naturally- and that only the top and bottom of each piece will be cut by the supplier. The natural six sides should have a naturally 
occurring horizontal texture which runs opposite the direction of the column. 
2. That these six naturally occurring sides will not be altered in any way and that no surface, edge or corner of the column will be scratched, marred, chipped or gouged in any way. 
3. The charcoal color of the basalt by submitting sample chips that fairly represent the range of coloration of the suppliers' basalt stock. Two or three small chips at the most will suffice.
4. The texture of the cut top of the column. This could be described in language the stone industry uses- for example 'honed' or 'high-polished' etc. 
5. Please describe method of packing and shipping. Will it be crated? What delivery service will be used? What is the approximate weight of a column that has been hollowed out by the supplier to reduce the weight if possible? 
6. Please have the supplier submit a photograph of the actual stone inventory with a shop drawing, as well as your PROFORMA INVOICE for the 18" height in addition to the requested information above. Jan 7, Contact 
e 16306: I am looking to buy one granite block about 1' x 1' x 1' in size. Jan 7, Contact 
e 16305: I want to bay a crane telescopic truck kao model no: nk500eiii year of 1990. My phone no. is 0098-63122.....Jan 7, Contact 
e 16304 USA: We are searching for a new supplier of bulk massage hot stones. Please call us. Our tel. no. is 646 29.....We are in New York. Jan 7, Contact 
e 16303 USA: I saw on television about replacement counter tops that are actually mounted on top of formica tops that look like granite. It is basically a shell only 1/4 or 3/8 thick or so. They made paper templates of the existing formica tops, then made the replacement top shell with a edge turn down that would hide the existing formica one. They again are like a thin material shell, and they are light to work with. They apply an adhesive to the formica top, and lay this granite type shell top on it roll it, and you have an appearance of a granite counter top at a third of the cost. Do you have any information on this type of product, and application? Jan 7, Contact 
e 16302 Switzerland: Please send us an offer for 140 sqm of Perryfield Whitbed. Dimension: Width: 40CM Length: varies. Surface: Smooth, polished, no shine. Location: Zurich. Our tel. no. is 0041 1 92.....Jan 7, Contact 
e 16301 Spain: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for CAT 950G. My tel. no. is (81) 84 0.....Jan 7, Contact 
e 16300: Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: I want purchase 950b cat. Please provide us photo, serial no. and best price quoted cnf Karachi. Jan 7, Contact 
e 16299 USA: Retail: Desired table top 54 - 60 inch round in stone, mosaic...Please send images and prices. Jan 6, Contact 
e 16298 USA: Monuments: I am looking for a small absolute black granite bevel marker. Please see attached sketch. The marker would be 6" x 6" with a bevel top. The thickness at the front would be 4". The thickness at the back would be 6". This size is not critical - a similar size would be acceptable. I would like a quantity of 12. If I can find a reasonable price I am ready to place an order now. I am willing to buy from any geographical location. These markers would be used as memorials in a garden environment. I will be laser etching the markers. I am in IN. My phone no. is (260) 42..........Jan 7, Contact
e 16297 Malaysia: We are a reputable distributor of building materials company. We are currently looking for 100 (one hundred) containers of yellow pebbles (size: 5mm) for a huge project. Kindly quote us the best price asap. Our tel. no. is 607-35.....Jan 7, Contact
e 16296 Poland: Please quote for a waterjet machine. Jan 6, Contact
e 16295 Slovenia: Please quote for G640 granite slabs from China. My office tel. no. : is +386-7-30..... Jan 6, Contact
e 16294 USA: We have just installed a Blue Pearl granite countertop and want to use the same material as inserts in a white ceramic tile backsplash. We need two sizes: 4" x 4" x 1/4" and 1.5" x 1.5" x 1/4" squares. Most 4x4 samples we have seen are 3/8" thick and this doesn't look good and it's not cost effective to cut/polish it down. We would need 36 tiles of each size. We are in Texas. Our tel. no. is 281-56.....Jan 6, Contact
e 16293: I am doing a project on quarts crystals and I was wondering if you could send me some free samples. Jan 6, Contact
e 16292 Portugal: We are looking to buy 2 containers per month of Turkish travertine tiles (standard sizes) filled and honed, either 1st choice or commercial quality. Our price is 9 to 12 USD/ SQ.METER. Please quote. Tel: + 351 91 95.....Jan 6, Contact
e 16291 India: We require Diamond segments. We have a factory at Khammam dist -Andhra Pradesh (India). Please quote your price for various sizes. We are giving our requirements as under: Size Dimension Code Qty:
1. 2000mm 24X10.5X15 CH 1500pcs per month
2. 2000mm 24X10X15 CN 1500pcs per month 
We hope with this information u can able to quote u r prices....Please quote. My tel. no. is 98490 ..... Jan 6, Contact
e 16290 UK: Please quote per sqm and availability of Arabescato Corchia or Arabescato Cervaiole or Arabescato Faniello polished marble tiles 305 x 305 x10. Jan 6, Contact
e 16289 Malaysia: We are an Importer of Granite tiles based in Malaysia. We need 5000 sq. ft. polished Black Galaxy granite, size: 600 x 600 x 20 mm tile. Please quote CNF Port Klang Malaysia. Payment: Irrevocable Letter of Credit at Sight. Quality/ Loading inspection done at loading site by our agents. Our tel. no. is 603 920...... Jan 6, Contact
e 16288 Vietnam: Please quote for second hand CAT 773B dump truck, cat 330, 330B, Komatsu PC 650, PC700, generator (from 350 to 400KVA/50Hz), air compressor (from 19 to 23 cubic meters per min, rate: 125 psi to 150 psi), Putzmeiter pump. Please mention model, unit price and send pictures. Our phone no + 84 4 76.....Jan 6, Contact
e 16287 USA: We would like to purchase on an ongoing basis large blocks of carving stone(s) from very southern Mexico (from Cancun to Merida to Campeche to Tuxtla Gutierrez. Projects are headquartered just south of Cancun on Yucatan peninsula. My tel. no. is (541) 38.....Jan 6, Contact
e 16286 USA: I am looking for a gold blend cobbled stone Travertine. Jan 6, Contact
e 16285 USA: Requesting price and materials list.  I am a builder in Chicago Metro and Western MI areas. Jan 6, Contact
e 16284 USA: I am a metal sculptor and I use stone for the base of my steel sculptures. I have been looking for a source to get some end pieces of petrified logs, say about 3" to 8" in diameter and whatever length (I have a 20" slab saw so that I can cut the ends any length). Do you have access to any pieces like this and what would be the cost, shipping, handling and quantity available? I am in MN. My tel. no. is 651.76.....Jan 6, Contact
e 16283 USA: Retail: I am looking for some nice slate tile, 16x16, 350 sq ft min, 500 sq ft max, for a patio, to be laid on concrete. Color is open, except black. Have been looking at rusty, multicolor, etc. I want to pay no more than $1000, including shipping. I would like soon, but could wait 2-3 months. Need delivery to home. Need top face split, backside honed. I am in CA, my contact no. is 707 37.....Jan 6, Contact
e 16282 UAE: Earthmoving Machinery: We looking for komatsu D155A-1 , s/nu 20000.up for export to Dubai. Jan 6, Contact
e 16281: I am an architect looking for Basalt stone. Jan 5, Contact
e 16280 UAE: Earthmoving Machinery: I WANT TO BUY A GRADER. MY CONTACT NO. IS 00971 50 87.....I AM IN DUBAI. Jan 5, Contact
e 16279 Ukraine: I am interested in granite from South Africa. Gabbro (Belfast) in blocks. I need two blocks (scale 150x100x70cm). Please quote. Jan 5, Contact
e 16278 India: We are trading company and are interested to import Marble Slabs (white, black, blue, grey) in thickness 2 cm. Kindly let us know the prices for the various kinds of marble slabs you can offer along with pictures for our reference. TEL : 91-33-222.....Jan 5, Contact
e 16277 India: We are looking for a brush for marble surface finish. Quantity: 100 pieces of each grade. Grades: 60, 80, 120, 220, 320, 500 & 800. Jan 5, Contact
e 16275 Canada: Machinery: We require the specifics including all tools and dimensions of heads as well as a list of the tools, profiling shapes, and other items that come with the machine as displayed in ready stock 503. Our tel. no. is (780) 23.....Jan 5, Contact
e 16274 USA: We are working on a design competition for a large public building and are looking for samples of stone that is native to Alaska. See pricelist 915. Jan 5, Contact
e 16273 USA: We are in process of making water fountains. We are looking for an Indian slate-Raj multicolor. We're looking for a supplier around California, So. California even better. Not sure of qty just yet. Also wanting to know if you guys can custom cut. What size and thickness, and also delivery times? Our tel. no. is (909) 90..... Jan 5, Contact
e 16272 USA: Looking for blue mountain granite. Jan 5, Contact
e 16271 USA: Earthmoving Machinery: Looking for loaders, excavators, tractors, etc. My tel. no. is 602-55.....Jan 5, Contact
e 16270 USA: I am interested in buying containers of tumbled travertine pavers. Please, contact me in the US. My telephone number is 281-70.....Jan 5, Contact
e 16269 USA: I am a representative from a small importing company, based in MA. We are currently researching products in Poland appropriate for the US marketplace. I am interested in any info available on native Polish Granite and Marble in both slab and tile form. My interest at this time is to find out exactly what is available, native to Poland, for export to the US. Colors, weights, and size availability in particular. We do not currently keep any stone in stock, so orders would be on a per-retailer basis. At this time I am only interested in advertising everything available to my retailers, in order to see if there is enough interest for import. Jan 5, Contact
e 16268 Belgium: We are stone importer in Belgium. We want to buy Azul Platino Flamed 3 cm thickness, Crema Marfil, Carrara C and other marbles. Jan 5, Contact
e 16267 USA: Retail: Looking for a manufacturer of soapstone fireplace mantles. I am in Madison. Jan 5, Contact
e 16266 Albania: Can you send me an offer for 200 sqm marble and granite slabs of 5 diff. colors in 2 cm thick, in the port of DURESS (ALBANIA) in Adriatic Sea. My phone no. is +355 69 2.....Jan 5, Contact
e 16265 USA: Retail: I would like to have a quotation for:  
16" * 16" * 1/2 granite slab (Red granite) QTY=20
16" * 16" * 1/2 granite slab (Black Granite) QTY 20
16" * 16" * 16in granite block (Gray) QTY=1
16" * 16" * 16 in granite block (Black) QTY=1.  Jan 5, Contact
e 16264 Denmark: Please quote for expanded Perlite in 0,5-6 mm for isolation-purposes. Looking for suppliers in Europe. Jan 4, Contact
e 16263 Czech Republic: We have demand for soapstone size 1500x500 (750) thickness 30-60 mm. Jan 4, Contact
e 16262 Pakistan: Machinery: We are interested in following equipment for Marble & Granite, so please recommend and quote your best net prices and delivery: 
2. GANG SAW : 65 - 70 BLADES
Also courier literature for the same. We are in Karachi. Our tel. no. is 92 300 92.....Jan 4, Contact
e 16261 UK: I am keen to get prices for Granite and Slate tiles per square metre as per products that I found in the pricelist 660 of findstone.com. I am hoping to import 1000 square metres of slate and granite tiles in the first month to the UK as an initial order and would hope to see this increase significantly over the proceeding months. Please can you give me a selection of your best selling slate and granite tiles, indicative prices per square metre and transport costs if you have them?  Jan 4, Contact
e 16260 Korea: We are interested in any kinds of marble and granite, etc. We want to know the prices and what kind of stones you have. 
Could you send to us a brochure or return mail? How much is the delivery (shipment) fee? Our telephone no. is 82-2-70.....Jan 4, Contact 
e 16259 UK: Retail: I am interested in buying polished Crema Marfil Marble tile size of 300 x 300 x 10mm. I require approx. 15 sqm, as a starter project, meaning my initial requirement is for a smaller area in my house. If you have different grades of Crema Marfil please let me know. I live in London. Jan 4, Contact 
e 16258 USA: Please send me detailed information on synthetic diamond powder on mesh 170/200, 170/270. Please give me price per carat in US $ including all cost involved till delivered. Jan 4, Contact 
e 16257 USA: I am interested in random sized quartzite for floor covering. Please advise more information. I am in Hawaii. my tel. no. is 808-77....Jan 4, Contact 
e 16256 USA: I have been trying to locate a granite called "sunshine gold". Jan 3, Contact 
e 16255: USA: Looking to purchase 50 pre-cut granite slabs with rounded edges to be place on top of wood dining tables, wood coffee tables, and wood end tables. Interested in various colors and sizes. Needed by February 15th. Please send information regarding stone types, prices, location, shipping rates, and letters of credit. My tel. no. is 661-87......I am in CA. Jan 3, Contact 
e 16254 We have some requirement for the following material in 2 & 3cm please us your best possible prices. 
Green Ubatuba, Green Butterfly, Giallo Extra Veneziano 2 cm Polished Slabs. Jan 3, Contact 
e 16253 Turkey: We are looking for new or used stationary rock/stone crushing machines in good condition. Could you send us a catalog with a price list? Jan 3, Contact 
e 16252 South Africa: I am a wholesaler and am interested in purchasing marble tiles. Please send me more details how to order. Tel: 092721-69.....Jan 3, Contact
e 16251 Ethiopia: We want to buy the following Reconditioned marble processing machines. Please quote your F.O.B. Italian port price for the machines stated below. 
- state price validity & delivery time.
- Send catalogue or CD of the machines.
- Send detail specification of the machines.
- State terms of sale such as 
1) Payment terms
2) Assembly & commissioning
3) guarantee
4) Training of personal
- Send detail history of the machines.
- Send full address of your companies
- Representative we contact
The list of machines is the following
1) Gang saw
2) Motorized transfer table
3) Semi Automatic loading Truck type BASC MM/C
4) Motorized roller conveyor RMF 20/220 - 300
5) Belt machine model LCA 200 - 012 for Leveling smoothing & Polishing for marble slabs.
6) Motorized roller conveyor RMF 20/220 -300
7) Drying unit
8) Semi automatic unloading truck BASC MM/S"
9) Automatic Bridge milling machine type FTS 625 for marble & Granite
10) Operator panel " HANDYGOT" with plc and automatic programmer for cuts.
11) Laser device for cutting head alignment
12) Tilting spindle motorized rotation 00 to 600
My contact number is 00251-1-5.....Jan 3, Contact
e 16250 Kuwait: Can you give your last price C&F Kuwait for Kato crane NK500 Eiii, year 1990. Jan 3, Contact
e 16248 Australia: Earthmoving Machine:  I am interested in purchasing the 623e Cat scraper. I am in Melbourne. Would it be possible for
you to organize the shipment of the machine here? Jan 3, Contact
e 16247 USA: Retail: We want to buy marron emperador imperial light brown marble for floor use. What size tiles are available? Jan 2, Contact
e 16246 USA: Please quote for 770 sq ft ROSA AURORA from Portugal. My tel no. is 772-37.....Jan 2, Contact
e 16244 Oman: We have a regular requirement of V 170 Synthetic Abrasives for polishing of Quartz Based Agglommorted Tiles and Slabs. Please send us more details about your products and pricing. Phone:00968......Jan 2, Contact
e 16242 USA: I need to order (asap) 850sq. feet of White Thassos marble in 16x16 to be shipped to Chicago. Phone is (773) 97..... The budget price is $7.40 sq. ft. Please inform as to shipping price and procedures, and possibly mailing a sample of said marble. Jan 1, Contact 
e 16241 USA: I would like to know the price on rough rutilated quartz. I am looking for clear rutilated quartz rough in at least 30x22mm pieces. My tel. no. is (254)54......Jan 1, Contact
e 16240 USA: I will need approx 4000 sq ft of St claire remy or Beaumaniere in size 24x24 or 18x18 in San Diego in about 3 months. I am a retail buyer and am willing to import directly and to establish LC if required. My tel. no. is 85840.....Jan 1, Contact 
e 16239 USA: Retail: Could you please tell me if soapstone is mined in Texas... and if you have it available? I was drawn by the color of this particular stone... solid white with a slight pinkish overcast. We would like it to be used in our garden for water to cascade over in a small waterfall we are designing for our new home (if it's appropriate for this application)? We prefer to use raw, indigenous materials from our state, but there are many beautiful stones... what might you suggest? We are very flexible here, but would like to find a few stones in the general area of about 15"X 10" or less, around a few inches thick, somewhat flat that hasn't been cut into smooth slabs. What is a minimum purchase and how can stones this size be shipped economically? Also, is soapstone known by other names? Jan 1, Contact 
e 16238 UK: I am looking for large stones for landscaping and water features. I am in Surrey.  Jan 1, Contact 

Inquiries sorted by countries, product categories and previous months are displayed at www.findstone.com/tilinks.htm  


We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.