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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!   March 31, 2005
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 311 inquiries in March. 
The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 17300 Yemen: We are very interested to purchase one stone crusher. Please send us the pacification prices CIF to Djibouti. Our tel. no. is 967-6......Mar 31 Contact
e 17299 Trinidad & Tobago: Looking for someone who supplies and fits kitchen worktops in Trinidad & Tobago only. Mar 31 Contact
e 17298 USA: Please quote for Salisbury Pink granite FOB. I am in Philadelphia. Phone: 215-56.....Mar 31 Contact
e 17297 USA: Please quote for 1500 square feet ,4 x 4” x 4” (approx 13000 pieces) cobble light grey granite stone, highest quality. Delivered to Freight forwarder Fort Lauderdale, zip: 33004, USA. We can purchase immediately to 3 months, after sample is sent. Cobblestone is for exterior paving. Payment 50% upfront and 50% after inspection at port. Looking for installer as well (ultimate destination island in the Bahamas). Tel 18) 71.....Mar 31 Contact
e 17296 Portugal: Do you have in stock and the commercial price for White Turkish Marble Polished and Bush Hammered for these quantities: 2000 m2 - 2cm Thickness & 200 m2 -3cm Thickness? My tel. no. is +351 252 ......Mar 31 Contact
e 17295 Netherlands: We are looking for wheel excavators:  
Halla HE130W
Hitachi EX modells and WH modells
Komatsu PW130/150/170 modells
Daewoo DH05 and DH130W
Kobelco SK04W
Cat 206BFT and 212 BFT
Crawler excavators;
PC60, PC120-3; PC200-2 /-3/-5/-6, PC210-6, PC 300-3/-5, PC 400-5, PC400LC -5 ;PC400-6, PC410-5, PC450-5/-6, PC450LC-5/-6/, PC650-5;  650LC-5;PC650LC-6, PC710-5/-6, PC750-6, PC800-6. Send your prices and stock lists. Tel : 00316224......Mar 31 Contact
e 17294 Vietnam: Earthmoving Machinery: We are urgently looking for used wheel loader Komatsu (or CAT) with side - dump bucket cap. around 3m3. Good condition, year built about 1992 up. If you can supply or have info, pls let us know as soon as possible. Phone: +84-4-76.....Mar 31 Contact
e 17293 USA: We are looking for limestone blocks. The design incorporates approximately 2700 blocks, approximately 70 tons. Our South Texas area has a limestone that is slightly yellow, tan/white composite color that is prominent in our area. We are trying to stay within the natural parameters. We are in Texas 78278. Mar 31 Contact
e 17292 USA: How much would it be to ship a inlay tabletop to Washington, D.C. or Baltimore MD? (Possibly a drop ship where I go somewhere else to pick it up. Time is NOT crucial.) I am very interested in the inlaid table tops from supplier number 4 and supplier number 51 on Findstone.com's online stores. I would first be interested in buying for my personal use, but am also considering selling their products over here if happy with the product. Mar 31 Contact
e 17291 USA: Please quote for the following pedestal sinks including shipping to Salt Lake City, UT: 006-0013, 0014-0007, 0046-0002 and 0046-0008. I really only want one maybe two pieces total. I am in UT. My tel. no. is 435-51.....Mar 31 Contact
e 17290 USA: I am redoing a pool with 2400 sq.ft of travertine decking. I am planning on "Turco" from Turkey. I chose this for its color but I want to be sure that it is a denser, less brittle choice. What are the specific differences in qualities from different locations on the market? Should I avoid certain types? Also, is honed the way to go outside or sandblasted? Mar 30 Contact
e 17289 Uruguay: Earthmoving Machinery: WE ARE LOOKING FOR CATERPILLAR D8R QTY 1 unit, RIPPER, LOW HOURS and CATERPILLAR 773B QTY 6 units. Please send me complete information and price. Our tel. no. is 00598 2 40.....Mar 30 Contact
e 17288 Canada: Retail: I am an designer in Toronto looking for supplier of Jet Mist or Virginia Mist slabs. I will need 3 slabs of Virginia Mist ( Jet Mist) granite for a project in Toronto. Tel. no. is 416 36..... Mar 29 Contact
e 17286 Yemen: Earthmoving Machinery: Kindly let us have best FOB quotation for 2 units Mitsubishi Graders MG530 with delivery date. Our tel. no. is 967 1 2.....Mar 29 Contact 
e 17285 USA: Retail: I am looking for about 30 pcs. 18x18 outdoor tiles to be used in a patio. The rest of the Patio is Sautillo tile and anything in that tone would be fine. My telephone # is (480) 27.....Mar 29 Contact 
e 17284 Australia: We are importers of marble, granite, sandstone and limestone in slab and tile form. We have a particular interest in grey or charcoal marble. We already work with Grigio Carnico from Italy, Grey Valley from Israel or Jordan and also the Azul Valverde from  Portugal. Until recently we were working with a charcoal sister material of the Grey Valley, (it also has a little tint of a terracotta colour here and there) which has now been discontinued. So this is the particular type of colour we are specifically looking for. Our tel. no. is (08) 938.....Mar 29 Contact 
e 17283 USA: Retail: Trying to find someone in white lake Michigan to refinish 700sq of marble tile. Mar 29 Contact
e 17282 USA: Retail: I am looking for Mineral Blanco PRl 322 P. It is 15"3/4 x 15"3/4. The tile is white but has a light gray smudge in it. I would like 45 tile or so. I can discuss this with the seller.  Please let me know where I might purchase. I am in FL. My tel. no. is 772 87.....
Mar 29 Contact
e 17281 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: We are looking to buy following used dump and mixer trucks immediately. 
1) Nissan CW46 Dump and Mixer Truck (6 cylinder engine)
2) Nissan CD46 Dump and Mixer truck (6 cylinder engine)
3) Nissan CD450 Dump and Mixer Trucks (6 cylinder engine)
4) Nissan V8 Models Dump Trucks (8 cylinder engine)
5) Nissan CW53 Dump Trucks (8 cylinder engine)
6) Nissan CW520 Dump Trucks (8 cylinder engine)
7) Hino FS Dump and Mixer Trucks (6 cylinder engine)
8) Hino FF, FG, FR Dump Trucks (6 cylinder engine)
9) Hino 4 or Nissan ton Dump and Mixer Trucks
If you have any unit kindly offer us your reasonable CFR Karachi (Insp. B.V. or S.G.S.) prices with photos and details to us to make a decision, we can buy any quantity you can supply. Also please send us your updated stock list for our records because we need Cranes, Excavators
and Wheel Loaders
so please send your stock list by e-mail ASAP. TEL: +9230021.....Mar 29 Contact
e 17280 Saudi Arabia: Please quote for Telesmith 48S/48fc (1971-1990) with Pictures. My tel. no. is 009665041.....Mar 29 Contact
e 17278: We need more info. about cross cutting machine. Please send info. Mar 28 Contact
e 17277 India: Looking for a manufacturer of diamond segments and abrasives. Mar 28 Contact
e 17276 UAE: I have a hotel project in Dubai. I want to know which is better in quality Oman marble or golden creme from Egypt. I need around 2000 m2. Mar 28 Contact
e 17275 USA: We are a granite company in Texas looking for sabbioso granite and a digital photo. Tel: 210-50......Mar 28 Contact
e 17274 Netherlands: We are a Dutch stone company and interested in Sodalite Blue. Please information about sizes, quantity and price. As well as delivery time. Perhaps (pro) proceeding. Mar 28 Contact
e 17273: Earthmoving Machinery: I need caterpillar 950B wheel Loaders. Please email me any pictures you have as well as your contact number. Mar 28 Contact
e 17272 USA: Retail: I purchased a home depot close out of Bianco Catalina granite tile. Unfortunately, I messed up my waste factor and am also about 25 sq ft short. Looking for someone who has extra material. I am in CT. My tel. no. is 860-48.....Mar 27 Contact
e 17271 Qatar: Could you please provide price list, specifications, sizes, etc. for diamond segments and abrasives? Mar 27 Contact
e 17270 USA: Retail: Can you please tell me what should I expect to pay for Labrador Antique per SF? I am in IL. My tel. no. is 630-35......Mar 27 Contact 
e 17269 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: We are looking Nissan Dump Trucks 10 Wheeler, Hitachi Excavators EX-200, Caterpillar Wheel Loader 950, 950B, 966, Truck Cranes 30-40 Tons (Tadano, KATO) etc. Please contact immediately, with detailed specifications along with pictures, prices and terms & conditions. Our tel. no. is 0092-21-43.....Mar 27 Contact 
e 17268 USA: Retail: Is Limone limestone from Mexico durable for use as a paver outside? It will be exposed to sun, heat and cold @ 7,000 ' in the US Southwest. Bedded in 4" of pea-gravel. Have fallen in love with this particular color of limestone but am afraid that it is too fragile for the intended use. My tel. no. is (800) 95.....Mar 26 Contact 
e 17267 COLOMBIA: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote with info. for Loaders, Backhoe loaders and excavators makes CAT, FORD JHON DERRE, year 1985 to 2000. Our tel. no. is 57 4 27.....Mar 26 Contact 
e 17266 USA: I wish to buy soapstone for carving. Mar 26 Contact 
e 17265 USA: Retail: We would like to purchase a Delicatus 130" by 68" counter top in CT. Our fabricator has a hard time locating a slab of that size. Mar 26 Contact 
e 17264 India: Stone Processing Machines: Please give me your quote for the following machines, if you have any of them in your inventory for granite polishing. 
1. Gaspari Menotti Polishing Machine Model PGM 600 MK2-16
2. Zambon cross cutting machine Model Columbia-9
3. Gaspari Menotti Lateral Calibrator. I am in Chennai. My tel. no. is +91 44 282.....Mar 26 Contact 
e 17262 USA: I need the following samples in 12"x12" and send them to our client for the Geneva project over Switzerland. The stones are 
Mt. Airy Granite / Flamed finish and Gray Indiana Limestone / Smooth Finish. I am in New York. My tel. no. is 212.63......Mar 25 Contact 
e 17261 Saudi Arabia: Earthmoving Machinery: I am interested in CAT 14G / D-155A /D-375A / BG245B / BG265B. Please email me details. My tel. no. is ++9665054.....Mar 25 Contact 
e 17260 SINGAPORE: We are interested in suppliers of washed and graded pebbles and stones for decorative flooring and landscaping from Taiwan, Philippines and Indonesia. Our tel. no. is 678.....Mar 25 Contact 
e 17258 Canada: I would like to find quarries in Quebec or Ontario from where I can purchase stones for sculpting. I live in Montreal. Mar 25 Contact 
e 17257 Vietnam: We are a stone company at Viet Nam. We are trading and producing natural stones. Please quote for diamond segments and abrasives. Our tel. no. is 84 8 81.....Mar 25 Contact 
e 17256 Malaysia: We wish to register our interest in diamond segments and abrasives. Please forward us your catalogue for our reference. Our tel. no. is +60 3 214.....Mar 25 Contact 
e 17255 Senegal: We are interested in items like marble balls, marble-bowls, lamps, pebbles, onyx-sinks, etc. Please email us the price list. Mar 25 Contact 
e 17254 USA: Looking for Sodalite blue from Namibia. Mar 25 Contact 
e 17253 New Zealand: Please quote for diamond segments and abrasives. Mar 25 Contact 
e 17252 USA: We would like to purchase 3 slabs (5'x9' approx) each of MARINACE VERDE (GREEN), VERDE FUOCO (GREEN FIRE) and MARINACE RED. All 3 cm. thick. Delivery or Shipping to Chicago Area. Mar 25 Contact 
e 17251 USA: Retail: Looking for Aquelirela du Brazil granite. I think I shall need one slab, as it is for a kitchen island. I will be confirming that this morning. By the way, I have also seen this stone referred to as Black Marinace. Mar 24 Contact 
e 17250: Please quote for Spanish stones as displayed in supplier profile 1410. Mar 24 Contact
e 17249: Please quote for diamond segments and abrasives. Mar 24 Contact
e 17248 USA: Looking for a supplier of diamond segments and abrasives. Mar 24 Contact
e 17247 Canada: I am looking for a supplier of basalt lava stones. I would prefer direct contact with a quarry company. I would prefer stones that have been tumbled and semi screened for specific size and shape. The stones are typically flat and round or oval with a diameter no greater than 7 inches or 18 centimeters. The stones will be resold to the aquatic and health industry. My tel. no. is 613.72.....Mar 24 Contact 
e 17246 Germany: I am in search for a producer of first class tombstones from India which is able to deliver part loads of 5 tons+. I want to give first order quite fast. Mar 24 Contact 
e 17245 USA: Retail: We are considering purchasing Azul Aran for our kitchen counter. We need 104 square feet of it. Why is this stone so expensive?? Also, we are afraid to spend this much money on a stone that will stain. I didn't know granite could stain until I started reading your site. Could you please give me some advice. I fell in love with the colors and overall appearance. It is the most beautiful I have seen. If I do not get this stone, I probably will not go with granite because I am so picky with the colors. We have looked at so so many samples. I have found, however, it is impossible to pick out a granite from a picture over the internet or even from a small sample in the store. (I can't believe how much it varies!!) My tel. no. is (540) 75.....Mar 24 Contact 
e 17244 Argentina: Earthmoving Machinery: I need information, price and pictures from CAT14G. Mar 24 Contact 
e 17243 USA: I want to buy pebbles as displayed in online stores 0027-0002. What is the minimum quantity?  Mar 24 Contact 
e 17242 Sweden: We are importers of grinding materials and stones. We buy material from South India but since our customers have shown interest in North Indian stones. We are specially interested in Quartzite stones like Silver Grey, Silver Shine, Deoli green, Jeera, Ocean Green, Himalchal Black. We also have got quotation for Quartzite Silver Grey from South India 30x30x10mm $ 5.80 for natural and 4.40 dollars for polishing and calibration which comes to $ 10.80 per sqm. For 30x60x12mm we have offer for 12.80 including calibration and polishing. The prices are little high as we have to compete with Chinese market. Secondly this prices are FOB Madras and the suppliers situation around Madras the freight rate will be cheaper than buying stone from North as there will be extra cost for freight from Rajasthan to Bombay or Kandla which is not a major port. Therefore we will appreciate your quotation lower than South India and if reasonable price we could give an order for 8 containers for Silver Grey. Therefore depending on price, factory capacity, quality etc we would choose accordingly as you can see from below that the quantity would become big and it has to be a solid supplier with good reputation. Our market survey requirements in stones would be as follows for the coming years.
Granite slabs 30 - 70 containers for 2005
Kitchen tops 50 – 100 containers for 2005 
Granite tiles 30 – 60 containers for 2005
Slate tiles 50 100 containers for 2005
Quartzite 30 – 50 containers for 2005
Raw granite 00- 100 containers for 2005 and can reach to 500 container in coming years.
If the deal goes through we can open a LC. But the goods will have to be inspected by our own inspectors and LC under condition that the goods have been on board safely before the LC can be honoured. Our tel. no. is +46 470 .....  Mar 24 Contact 
e 17241 USA: Need Approx. 2400 sq. foot of Tumbled Travertine (unfilled), Color: Mocca. We want these sizes 33% 16x24, 44% 16x16, 11% 8x16, 11% 8x8. We would like freight inclusive price delivered to 80816 zip. Please email price with freight included. Our tel. no. is 719-68..... Mar 24 Contact 
e 17240 UAE: Please quote for Indian sandstones slabs and tiles.  Mar 24 Contact 
e 17239 UK: Looking to buy 150 sqm (each size mentioned) White Limestone 1st grade tiles of size 30.5 x 30.5 x 1 cm; 40 x 40 x 1.5 cm'; 40 x 60 x 1.5 cm; 60 x 60 x 1.5 cm sizes. Please quote. Mar 24 Contact 
e 17238 Turkey: Please quote for Botticino / Gioia venatino marble. Also send details and photos of the product. Would like to know whether the tiles are chamfered? Mar 24 Contact 
e 17237 USA: Retail: Could you give me a price on the Azul Macaubus? Also shipping and handling fees. Mar 24 Contact 
e 17236 USA: I am interested in 18 x 18 travertine about 2000sq. ft. Mar 24 Contact
e 17235 USA: Retail: We are looking into marble as a kitchen countertop. We prefer the look to granite. We use cutting boards and don't want the high gloss finish. We keep things clean on a daily/hourly basis. It's not as though we'll be pounding the marble with an anvil. Can anybody truly give us some definitive advice on this? Mar 23 Contact
e 17234: I am interested in a motor grader cat14G. I need more info. My tel. no. is +2 010 5...... Mar 23 Contact
e 17233: I wish to buy used Crushers, preferable from Germany. Mar 23 Contact
e 17232 Australia: Earthmoving Machinery: Please send best price for the 5x 980G loaders FOB. I am in Brisbane. Mar 23 Contact
e 17231 Kenya: Please quote for block excavating machine as displayed in ready stock 557. Please provide the details of the for machines. Telephone no. is 0722-8.....Mar 23 Contact
e 17230 Vietnam: We are interested in pumice stone with size 2-3 and 3-5. So please send me the price for 1 Container (26MT) first.  Mar 23 Contact
e 17229 Malaysia: Retail: I would like the price for corian worktop for my kitchen. Mar 23 Contact
e 17228 USA: Retail: Please quote for desert rose. Mar 23 Contact 
e 17227 Australia: Please quote for Botticino / Gioia venatino marble from Italy. Can you arrange samples or we can see the samples locally? We are in Brisbane. Mar 23 Contact 
e 17226 USA: We are looking for a company, hopefully in the US to provide us with Brazilian Slate, something that is  close to grey slate. We are in OR. Tel. no. is 541-83.....Mar 23 Contact 
e 17225 USA: Please quote for travertine tiles and slabs. Mar 23 Contact 
e 17224 Australia: I am a distributor of tiles and slabs in Australia. I am looking for yellow limestones in all finishes and sizes. Please send me your details and prices for consideration. My tel. no. is +61 2 981.....Mar 23 Contact 
e 17223 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: We are looking for Nissan L6 Dump Truck, please contact 021-43....., Mar 22 Contact 
e 17222 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: We are looking for Hitachi Excavator EX200-1, EX200-2, EX200-3, Hitachi wheel Excavator EX60WD, EX100WD, EX160WD, WHO4D and WHO6D. We are based in Lahore. Our tel. no. is +92-042-57.....Mar 22 Contact 
e 17221 Pakistan: We are looking for a Dump Truck 10 Ton capacity, HINO-NISAN-ISUZO. Please send us the detail photos and the FOB price. We are based in Lahore. Our tel. no. is +92-042-57.....Mar 22 Contact 
e 17220 GREECE: We are a company which produces cast iron fireplaces. We would like to cooperate with Egyptian suppliers in order to have smooth marbles like Golden cream and Galala in actual size 
1. 230UPX120UPx 3cm. (SLABS)
2. WE NEED 2 CONTAINER (20 Ft) HOLDING CAPACITY 233 Sqm per Cont. 
3. First Cont. has Golden Cream second Cont. has Galala.
4. How much time will it take for the slabs to arrive in Thessaloniki's port?
5. We would like you to inform us about the total cost. Our tel. no. is 0030-2310-7.....Mar 22 Contact 
e 17219 India: Want to purchase synthetic diamond powder 200/230, 230/270, 270/325, 325/400 size also micron powder for various industrial uses. Mar 22 Contact 
e 17218 Norway: Earthmoving Machinery: We are looking to purchase a Caterpillar 992D wheel loader. Mar 22 Contact 
e 17217 Czech Republic: We are a major development company currently undertaking a significant mixed use scheme in Central Europe. The development comprises retail, office and parking totaling over 115,000m2 gross build area (GFA). The project will commence construction in May 2005 with completion scheduled for mid - 2007. We are currently planning to have a granite stone floor to significant areas of the public space and will require approximately 11,000m2 of granite floor tiles in a variety of colors, as detailed below. We will require all tiles to be pre-finished, polished anti slip, grit blasted and in some places honed. All expressions of interest and quotations given must also include for shipping, road and rail haulage and delivery to Prague in the Czech Republic. Quotations must also include for all import duties, border charges and the like in Euros . We require prices for stone tiles cut to 60cm x 30cm and 60cm x 60cm dimensions and to be 20mm thick. It is requested that all quotations given allow us to analyze costs across these 2 sizes for all colors. Granite colors currently required are as follows, with approximate quantities for each color are also being given (we advise that these quantities may be revised, although the overall quantity will remain at approximately 10 - 11,000m2) 
01) Light Grey – 500m2
02) Medium Grey – 200m2
03) Dark Grey – 200m2
04) Light Yellow – 3,050m2
05) Red granite – 450m2
06) Light Brown – 300m2
07) Dark Green – 250m2
08) Ochre – 400m2
09) Cream – 3,000m2
10) Soft White – 1,850m2
11) Light Blue – 50m2
12) Blue – 50m2
13) Brown – 200m2
14) Black – 150m2
15) Black – 200m2 
We advise that this advertisement is a second posting upon this portal. Consequently, offers have already been received for the supply of the above colored granite in the sizes and thickness advised. As a consequence we are only now interested in offers that equate to an average cost for supply to Prague of 20 USD/m2 or less. We advise that although the stone will not be required for approximately 18 months, finalization of design and costs are imminent; consequently interested suppliers should respond soon. Our tel. no. is Tel no - +420 221 8..... Mar 22 Contact 
e 17214 USA: Retail: Can you help me locate a source of Ibirama, Capao Bonito Red, or Amarello. I am in Florida. Contact number: 954 5.....Mar 22 Contact 
e 17213: I am interested to import Egyptian granite tiles & slabs at wholesale price. I am concerned about the quality of these stones. What if samples are different in sizes and poor quality as compared to samples sent to me (not the same type). Mar 22 Contact 
e 17212 USA: Would you happen to have a picture or better yet a sample of Black Ouro / Brasilian Black that you can send me? I represent a marble company. Mar 22 Contact 
e 17211 USA: I work with many Distributors, Stone Dealers, Decorators and Home Developers to find and purchase containers of international stone Slabs, countertops, sink bowls, tiles and thin panels, etc. I am interested in Egyptian stones. I am in PA. My tel. no. is 610 - 95.....
Mar 22 Contact 
e 17210 Bulgaria: We are traders of machines and want to buy engraving and laser machines. Mar 22 Contact 
e 17209 Nigeria: Please quote with shipping cost for black galaxy. Mar 22 Contact 
e 17207: We are a private company working in a marble and granite field, and we are interested of buying a used complete cutting and polishing line for marble which has a polishing and block cutting machines. Our tel. no. is 002189122.....Mar 22 Contact 
e 17206: Please send a price list for your material. We are using granite and other natural stones in size 60x30x2 polished for the construction. Mar 22 Contact 
e 17205 Singapore: Looking for a company that deals in Egyptian marble. Mar 22 Contact 
e 17204 Malaysia: Earthmoving machines: We are looking forward for used Caterpillar Bulldozer, model D6H, year preferable between 1989 to 1991. Please provide us your best offers. Mar 21 Contact 
e 17203 India: Please forward us current price list of teak and rainbow sandstone of size 550x275mm, 550x412.5mm, 550x550mm, 550x687.5mm, 550x825mm, 550x1100mm. Quote price at Kandla port Gujarat or nearest port to Rajasthan for one container. The material is to be send to Flexitone dock UK. What is the shipment cost? Our phone no. is 09322......Mar 21 Contact 
e 17202 Vietnam: We are interested in the following earthmoving machines
Excavator HITACHI or KOMATSU : PC200-5,6, PC300-5, PC400-5, PC410-5, PC450, PC800, PC710, PC750, 
HITACHI EX300 up to EX800
Could you give some of information about stock list and picture? Our tel. no. is 84-04-87.....Mar 21 Contact 
e 17201 USA: Retail: We are about to purchase 48 sq ft of Verde Peacock "granite" countertop. I noticed that the visually similar Uba Tuba is considered a true granite. Is the Verde Peacock also a true granite ? The slab indicates Brazilian origins. Mar 21 Contact 
e 17200 USA: Retail: I am interested in buying a slab or two of VERDE FUOCO Granite for a bathroom installation. Where can I buy this granite from? (I live in Dearborn, Michigan). Mar 21 Contact 
e 17199: Attempting to locate stone for a fireplace surround that might have seashell fossils in it. I need it for a beach house fireplace surround and possibly a backsplash. Mar 21 Contact 
e 17198 Sri Lanka: I want to buy a stone crushing machine (Aggregate Crusher by which aggregate could be crushed to produce sand for building construction works). The gravel that is available in Sri Lanka contains 10mm to 100 mm stones 60 % to 75%. The balance is finer material of clay soil. Mar 21 Contact 
e 17197 Slovenia: We are interested in purchasing a polished granite Impala Dark and Oliva green. We need slabs dimensions 150cm x 240cm or 120cm x 240cm with thickness 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 12cm. We are interested in ordering at least 3 containers of each material per year. We are expecting your offer with the prices from your factory to the ship-FOB. Our tel. no. is 00386413..... Mar 21 Contact 
e 17196 Greece: We are interested in wall and floor ceramic tiles. Please offer one trial container of 20 ft. Mar 20 Contact 
e 17195 Pakistan: Please quote for a block cutter for marble. Send me photo and full details. Mar 20 Contact 
e 17194 Lebanon: I would like to buy a laser machine for cutting veneer and making engraving on glass and the other material. I want a second hand machine. Mar 20 Contact 
e 17193: Send the best price for polished slabs of granite golden leaf (3cm thickness) qty. 700m2. Mar 20 Contact 
e 17192 Iran: Please quote for Salisbury Pink granite / Travertine CL Chantier. Mar 19 Contact 
e 17191 India: We have an urgent requirement to supply 206 MT of pumice stone each month, size: 2.5 -3.5cm of white Turkey and Indonesian black. Would you please qoute your best CFR price up to Chittagong port? Our tel. no. is Tel: +91-33-252.....Mar 19 Contact 
e 17190 India: Please Black Galaxy Granite slabs. Qty is about 2000 Sq ft. I am a trader looking for best offer. My tel. no. is  91-431-24.....Mar 19 Contact 
e 17189: Please quote for Marble Polishing pads as displayed in ready stock 413. Mar 19 Contact 
e 17188: We would like to request you to send us your price list of all Granite tiles polished 12x12x3/8 and other available sizes. Qty. reqd. is minimum one full container. Mar 19 Contact 
e 17187 USA: Retail: I am planning a bathroom remodel and considering Crema Marfil marble for the vanity countertop and travertine for the floor. Are these good choices for a bathroom? Mar 19 Contact 
e 17186 USA: Please send pictures, sizes and prices for your medallions. We are a high-end tile/stone showroom and would like to show your products. Our tel. no. is 910 79.....Mar 19 Contact 
e 17185: We are interested in purchasing some  yellow and green marbles from India. Mar 19 Contact 
e 17184 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: Will you please advice if 950B excavator is available. Please send the photos. Tel:  009221-24.....Mar 19 Contact 
e 17183 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: We are interested to buy used Hitachi Excavator EX100. You are requested to please let us have your ability to supply us the same indicating your best prices C&F Karachi Port Pakistan basis. Please also indicate its running hours along with digital picture for our evaluation purpose. If you have some other Hitachi latest models, please offer us along with price and pictures. 
Mar 19 Contact 
e 17182 India: Please quote for the following in Indian Sandstones
Size Specifications: 
Natural split 300x300 SE, 400x400 SE, 600x300 SE,
Calibrated 400x400x15 SE, 600x300x15 SE, 400X400X22 BN
SE - Sawn edge; the stone has been machine cut to a give straight edge
BN - Bull nose

Size Specifications:
Honed & Calibrated 400x400x15 SE, 400x400x22 BN
SE - Sawn edge; the stone has been machine cut to a give straight edge
BN - Bull nose

Size Specifications: 600x245

Size Specifications: 1000x300x30 BN,1500x300x30 BN
CSIRO slip resistance tested BPN = 65V; contribution of the willow & bellandra floor surface to risk of slipping when wet = very low

Size Specifications: 400x400x15x25 BN

Also the buyer is looking for colors - light straw /honey / beige.
Calibrated Consistency in color & quality over time essential.

Please send the digital pictures of the above and the samples of the following ( each 2 pieces ).
a) Natural split 100x100 SE
b) Calibrated 100x100x15 SE
c) 100X100X22 BN
d) Honed & Calibrated 100x100x15 SE. Mar 19 Contact 
e 17181 USA: Retail: I am interested in buying granite. Could someone please call me 949-67......Mar 19 Contact 
e 17180 Turkey: I want White travertine 24 tonnes, Noche dark 10 tonnes, Red travertine 10 tonnes, Yellow (Karabάk Sari travertine) 14,5 tonnes, Teos Green 10 tonnes. Please click here to see specs. Mar 19 Contact 
e 17179: Please quote for Jerusalem stone. Mar 19 Contact 
e 17178 Bangladesh: Please quote for Gallala Classic, Golden Crema, Sunny Light, Golden Cream. Mar 19 Contact 
e 17177 USA: Need 300 sq.ft. Calacatta white marble with gold or gold & grey veining, 70 s.f. emperor black marble and 70 s.f. statuary white. Mar 19 Contact
e 17176 USA: Need Hand cut Granite cobblestones to be used for garden edging and low walls (1 foot maximum). Preferably in larger size (approximately 4" x 7" x 10"). Prefer darker shades of gray, blue, black - mixed about equally. In total, I should need a maximum of 50 tons - but I may wish to order less. Please advise minimum order quantity. Please quote product and freight prices separately. Mar 19 Contact
e 17175 UK: We are a stone company in the UK. We wish to purchase Magny Dore in 40 x 40 / 40 x 60 tiles for continuous supply. We are looking for the best price possible for delivery to the UK. Mar 19 Contact
e 17174 USA: I want onyx vessel sinks. Mar 18 Contact
e 17173 USA: Retail: I want to buy 5 24x24 absolute black granite tiles for a fireplace surround. Please indicate price and shipping information for Grand Blanc, Mi 48439. Tel. No. 810 69...... Mar 18 Contact
e 17172 USA: Retail: We are in the process of remodeling our kitchen and have decided to go with granite countertops. I like INDIAN PARANA. Do you have any information about the quality of this granite? Mar 18 Contact
e 17171 USA: I am a contractor and sometimes sell stone to Nogales/Tucson Arizona consumers. Could you please send more information about your products and/or accessories as well like vessels, vanities and what other products you might carry? Mar 18 Contact
e 17169 USA: Retail: I am interested in purchasing one large boulder as a landscape rock on a property in Tylertown Mississippi. The zip code is 39667. Could you possibly provide the cost of a variety of rocks including shipping charges to the site? Mar 18 Contact
e 17168 USA: Retail: What is the source of the Sultan's Mahogany granite? Is there a supplier in the central Vermont area? I am building the cabinets at the present time and we will need 22 linear feet, approx 45 sq ft. One piece is 82 in length with a rectangular 29" JennAir cooktop in center, front and right end finished. The other is a 62" left end piece, joining at right angle with a 120" section with an oval shaped double sink, under counter mount. Is the "sultan's mahogany" from the New England area, or imported? Is it readily available in this area? Do you have any service contacts in this area? What is the approx cost, installed? Tel. no. is 802-62.....Mar 18 Contact
e 17167 Brazil: I would like to receive more information on marble gangsaws. Mar 18 Contact
e 17166 Greece: Please quote for sandstones color yellow, green, mint. Thickness 3-4 cm, 170cm x 70cm. Price : US$ sqm C & F Thessaloniki  port. Mar 18 Contact
e 17165 Turkey: We need 350 sqm of red marble polished, size cm 30,5 x 30,5 x 1 filled up with resin and 350 sqm of red marble polished, size cm 100 x 30 x 1,6 filled up with resin. We need quickly an image of your red marble and price. Mar 18 Contact
e 17164 India: We are looking synthetic marbles that is plastic with the look of marble. We are located in Ahmedabad-Gujarat-India. Mar 18 Contact
e 17163 Bangladesh: I want stone catalogue with price quotation for each and every items for my valuable customer. Mar 18 Contact
e 17162 USA: Earthmoving Machinery: I am urgently looking to purchase the Caterpillar 950B of years 1983, 1984, and 1985 and also a list of used heavy construction equipments for my construction projects. I am willing to pay cash for the equipments and I am in Ontario, Canada. I am looking for the best reasonable lowest prices to purchase these equipments from the Canadian market or the united states market and if you offer us with the best reasonable lowest prices I am going to purchase a large number of used heavy construction equipments from your company in a large deal as I am currently comparing prices from different markets in different countries. Please tell me if you have the following equipments or if you would be able to get these used equipments and your best reasonable lowest prices for it with the pictures and technical details such as Year, Hours, and Serial Number.
(The list of urgently wanted used construction equipments are the following):
1 - Grader Motor Caterpillar size 14G (from year 1975 to 1999). 
2 - Caterpillar 966 to 950 (from year 1975 to 1999).
3 - Bulldozer Komatsu size 155 (from year 1975 to 1999).
4 - Barbar Graine BG.245 (from year 1985 to 1999).
5 - Truck Volvo L D F12 Engine Volvo 400 (from year 1991 to 1994)-This Truck does not have a machine in the front ( does not have a nose in the front) as this is a special feature
6 - Cement pump Betzmaster model or Shefing model description length is 32x36 or 21x24 
7 - Telesmith 48S (any year). Telephone: (905) 32.....Mar 18 Contact
e 17161 China: We are subcontractor and supplier of nature stone in Hong Kong. We want to buy a stone name "Flora De More" (but I don't know this name was true or not) and the origin is Italy, qty about 270M2. See attached picture. Mar 17 Contact
e 17160 Argentina: We need to buy some Fiber Mesh for mosaics, but we need to have first of all the prices to it, and some sample. The mesh we are looking for is one with fuzz between the lines, it is important because the gum adheres with the mosaic. We want to distribute it in Argentina. Attached is the picture of the mesh we are looking for. Mar 17 Contact
e 17159 USA: We need 2,000 sq ft (185m2) first quality, polished White Carrara or similar marble tile. Size can be 400mm X 400mm but 500mm X 500mm preferred. Thickness 2cm to 3cm, but 28mm preferred. Up to 20% can be of a contrasting color. Smaller quantities of 500mm X 500mm X 28mm would be considered. Delivery to nearest container yard or to door must be included in price quote. Lowest price will be determining factor in order. Delivery time required by 9/1/05. We are in Iowa. Fax no. is 1-515-98.....Mar 17 Contact
e 17158 USA: Retail: I need 180 sq. ft. of FLAMED Rainforest Green Marble Tiles (12X12). I am in Virginia. Mar 17 Contact
e 17157 India: Please send me the price list of all available sizes and quality of Indian sandstones. Mar 17 Contact
e 17156 Fiji Islands: Please send pricing and more details of Indian sandstones. Phone no. is 679-34.....Mar 17 Contact
e 17155 USA: Would like a catalog along with pricing for all your granite, slate, and marble you have. We are a growing business and order large to small quantities of all kinds of material. We are in OR. My tel. no. is 541-83.......Mar 17 Contact
e 17154 India: We are interested in Gwalior sandstone. Please send details. Mar 17 Contact
e 17153 Ukraine: We are very interested in supplies into Ukraine of different goods in particular onyx slabs. Please submit the relevant  information on products of your company, in particular onyx slabs size 300 x 300, 300 x 600, terms and conditions of supplies. Mar 17 Contact
e 17152 USA: Please quote us the cost of Indian sandstones. We are on the west coast in the USA. Mainly interested in exterior stone. Mar 17 Contact
e 17151 Bermuda: Please e-mail me prices on sandstones. I am interested in the teak for my driveway and pool decking. Please include thickness and sizes for all of your products. Could you also send a catalog with prices? Mar 17 Contact
e 17149: We would like to receive price and some pictures of the teakwood. Mar 17 Contact
e 17148 Currently we have an order for 3 containers of 2cm & 1 container of 3cm raw slab of black galaxy. Looking for a company in India supplying with good quality and competitive price. Mar 17 Contact
e 17147: Need santa barbara and Oro Bahia in slabs. Mar 17 Contact
e 17146 USA: I'm looking to find landscaping boulders, lichen covered/weathered, Idaho native. Interesting shapes. Also looking for similarly colored and possibly lichen covered, flat stone of some kind for creating garden steps, perhaps 20 stones. My tel. is 208-62...... I live in Boise, Idaho. I am really looking for a reasonable price more than a specific color, but if I had my druthers, I'd like some of the grayish type lichen covered boulders found many places in Idaho, and similar look for steps, but flat. Probably 10-15 stones for steps depending on size, and perhaps 4-5 large boulders, may 3-4 ft. diameter. Mar 17 Contact
e 17145 USA: We want a low priced limestone blocks for a cheap price. Mar 17 Contact
e 17144: Looking for unique mineral spheres 17mm to 21mm in diameter. I would be interested in single spheres or a few depending on the variety available in various mineral. Unable to give details regarding color. Mar 17 Contact
e 17143 USA: Retail: I am interested in purchasing Best Quality 18 x 18 size Travertine Tile which is honed and filled and has Ivory look or Crema Marfil Marble Tile with the same specification as above. Approximate square footage required will be $1200 - $1500. Mar 17 Contact
e 17142 Philippines: We are looking for an engraving and bush hammering equipment for marble and granite. Mar 17 Contact
e 17141 India: I want purchase water based granite cutting segments for 2000mm dia blade. The blade thickness 8mm. Mar 17 Contact
e 17140 India: Requirement of: 
1) 500 tons in block form of PERLATO SICILIA (types Pelligrino & Vito) blocks size should be 2.6 mtrs (W) X 1.9 mtrs (H).
Vito type: with chips should not have balloons, uniform number of chips and uniform chips sizes.
Pelligrino type: Consistent color, no color shading in same block, free of balloons, uniform chips if any with uniform size.
2. Red levanto (Turkey burgundy color) with less white veining, 25 tons in block form.
3. Red verona : Strong dark color, 25 tns.
4. Carrara: 25 tons (staturetto type)
Payment by L.C, To load goods immediately. Tel. no. is +9198210...... Mar 16 Contact
e 17139 USA: We are building a Nantucket style home in Jacksonville, Florida on 3/4 of an acre and are looking for about 3500 sq ft of Pennsylvania bluestone for porches, patios, walkways, lanais, etc. Obviously we are looking for the best price. Mar 16 Contact
e 17138 USA: I am looking for Vermilion Canadian granite tile in 12"x12" polished finish. My tel. no. is 214-50.....Mar 16 Contact
e 17137: Earthmoving Machines: I am looking for used construction machines like EX200-1, EX100WD-1WH04 and UH07-7. Tel and fax;+81-045-5.....Mar 16 Contact
e 17136 India: Need Unexpanded Perlite Ore Size 1.2mm - 2.5mm, Packing:50Kg Bags, Quantity:1 Container, Port: Nhava Sheva India. Mar 16 Contact
e 17135 USA: Retail: Need soapstone for a kitchen countertop project. We like the soapstone with the least amount of green, more black. The project is about 62 sq feet and we also need to know a soapstone fabricator who can cut the stone and install. We are ready to do the project immediately. Tel. no. is 408 57....Mar 16 Contact
e 17134: Want tiles 40x40 G687 peach red chinese granite. Mar 16 Contact
e 17133 USA: Please quote for marble and travertine tiles and slabs from Turkey and Egypt. We are specially looking for a substitute for Crema Marfil in Spain. Please quote FOB port of origin / CNF port of Vigo, Spain. Mar 16 Contact
e 17132 New Zealand: We require Basalt tiles of following sizes.
1) 1000mm x 500mm x 40mm - 500 Sq.Mtr
2) 600mm x 300mm x 10mm - 500 Sq.Mtr
3) 950mm x 450mm x 20mm - 250 Sq.Mtr
The above are the immediate requirements and later we also require the following:
1) 300mm x 300mm x 20mm
2) 300mm x 300mm x 50mm
Also Basalt Cubes of sizes ,
1)100mm x 100mm x 100mm
2)200mm x 200mm x 100mm
3)100mm x 100mm x 50mm
4)250mm x 180mm x 100mm
5)230mm x 130mm x 130mm. Phone no. is Ph:+64-9-47.....Mar 16 Contact
e 17131 USA: Landscape: I am inquiring about the price and availability of a light green quartzite, delivered to Seattle Washington, USA. Delivery must be made before August 2005. Need 2000 lbs flagstone and 2000 lbs ledgestone. Mar 16 Contact
e 17130 Lebanon: Need Bethel White Granite in Blocks, quantity required is 1500m3, price should be C&F Beirut port-Lebanon. Tel. no. is Tel: 00961 9 8...... Mar 16 Contact
e 17129 USA: I need 6000 SF of Greek travertine, walnut mocha color with a goldish color, color, cross cut filled and honed, need 1st quality only. Sometimes the material is called clarris gold, diana. Mar 16 Contact
e 17128 Israel: Please quote for sandstone blocks. Mar 16 Contact
e 17127 USA: We need granite kitchen and bath counter tops. Stone and tiles for backsplash and for flooring and stone for exterior of new house. I am a building a spec. home for sale.  Mar 16 Contact
e 17126 India: We are a quarry owner and we require secondhand Derrick Crane, Marble Processing Machinery. Please send your offer. Mar 16 Contact
e 17125 Indonesia: Need Ceramic flooring for a facility to be built in East Timor. Quantity approximately 100,000m2. Some need for marble tiling as well for reception areas in the different departments. May also require limestone cladding for the exterior of all structures still to be confirmed by architect. Tel 0062 815752...... Mar 16 Contact
e 17124 Brazil: Need: 40 Slabs of Giallo Ornamental (Santa Cecilia Light), 15 Slabs of Santa Cecilia Gold, 10 Slabs of Maracuja, 6 Slabs of Bordeaus, 6 Slabs Verde Ubatuba and 3 Macaubas Blue COMMERCIAL QUALITY (2ND. QUALITY). Mar 16 Contact
e 17123 USA: Retail: Texas Rose tile 12" x 12" x 3/8" Polished, Qty 80 sq. ft. We are in Austin TX 78704. Mar 16 Contact
e 17122: Could you possibly send me price list of mosaic marble & travertine? Mar 16 Contact
e 17121 UK: We need a price for 20 containers over next 12 months of Crema Beige (Crema Marfil Standard quality). Need prices, FOB/Izmir, for polished, honed and aged. Sizes 305 x 305, 40 x 40, 60 x 40, 60 x 60. We are in London. Mar 16 Contact
e 17120 Australia: I am trying to find soapstone that is available in Australia. Preferable in Victoria. Mar 16 Contact
e 17119 Vietnam: Looking for marbles suppliers from Philippines or prices in marble slabs from this country, We are interested to buy. Colors mainly are beige, rose, Yellow, Red, quantity it depends on the quality and colors and above all : Competitive prices, we have the biggest market in vietnam actually and are looking for new products to satisfy our existing market. Mar 16 Contact
e 17118 India: We are interested in 18mm slabs of Imperial Beige and Irish Crema of sizes 200 x 180 up. Kindly quote us the C&F prices Chennai port. Phone: 00 91 98441 ......We have a requirement of one container each in 18-20 mm thickness. length 200 cm and width 200 cm and up. Mar 16 Contact
e 17117 USA: Do you have a granite called "apple blossom". Mar 16 Contact
e 17116: Looking for volcanic black stones for hot stone massages. Mar 16 Contact
e 17115 Canada: We are interested in finding out more information about importing your granite products to Canada. We would like to see some examples and find out if you have other granite and edging available. Also are slabs of the same available and at what price. Our telephone # in Canada is 403-71......Mar 16 Contact
e 17114 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machine: We are looking to buy following used dump and mixer trucks immediately. 
1) Nissan CW46 Dump and Mixer Truck (6 cylinder engine)
2) Nissan CD46 Dump and Mixer truck (6 cylinder engine)
3) Nissan CD450 Dump and Mixer Trucks (6 cylinder engine)
4) Nissan V8 Models Dump Trucks (8 cylinder engine)
5) Nissan CW53 Dump Trucks (8 cylinder engine)
6) Nissan CW520 Dump Trucks (8 cylinder engine)
7) Hino FS Dump and Mixer Trucks (6 cylinder engine)
8) Hino FF, FG, FR Dump Trucks (6 cylinder engine)
9) Hino 4 ton Dump and Mixer Trucks
If you have any unit kindly offer us your reasonable C&F Karachi prices with photos and details to us to make a decision, we can buy any quantity you can supply. Also please send us your updated stock list for our records specs we need some Cranes, Excavators and Wheel Loaders so please send your stock list by e-mail ASAP. Our tel. no. is +923002......Mar 16 Contact
e 17113 Ireland: Please quote for Salisbury Pink granite and T ravertine CL Chantier. Mar 16 Contact
e 17112 Bangladesh: We like to introduce ourselves as an Indenter & Importer of various types of products i.e Leather Chemical, Industrial Tools, Building Materials & Household etc. from Germany, UK, France, Switzerland, Holland, India, China & many others. We are looking for quality suppliers ceramic, granite and marble stone tiles. Mar 16 Contact
e 17110 USA: Want pricing for my customer on blue pearl double bowl kitchen sinks like #049-0003. Our phone is 1-330-38.....Mar 15 Contact
e 17109 UK: I am interested in 43 sqm of Salisbury Pink granite / Travertine CL Chantier, shipped to Dorchester UK. Can you quote me for this? Mar 15 Contact
e 17108 USA: I am in Idaho looking for Penn Bluestone pavers – 1- 1 ½” thick. Mar 15 Contact
e 17107 Norway: Earthmoving Machine: We are looking to purchase 5 x KOMATSU HD785 Dumpers. Mar 15 Contact
e 17106 USA: Our fabrication company would like to start purchasing bundles of granite slabs &/or Travertine slabs. The color of granite slab bundles we are looking to order for the time being is Santa Cecilia. Please give me some pricing, delivery time frame & minimum order amount so that we may make a decision & start the process. Mar 15 Contact
e 17105 USA: Retail: I need to buy 360 sq ft of 12x12 granite tiles. Either of these colors, black galaxy, tan brown, absolute black, or blue eyes. I need them by April 1 2005, Mar 15 Contact
e 17104 Malaysia: St. Luis Granite Sawn Unpolished Slabs or Raw Granite blocks, qty is 3000 sqm slabs or 150m3 blocks, expecting delivery within 4 weeks from Europe. Mar 15 Contact
e 17103 Canada: Earthmoving machine: I am urgently looking for a used heavy construction equipments to purchase cash for a large construction projects. I am looking for the best reasonable prices in the Canadian market or the U.S market as I am willing to pay cash for a large number of used heavy construction equipments. The required used equipments are the following:
1-Grader Motor Caterpillar size 14G ( from 1975 and up)
2-Shauel Caterpillar 966 to 950 (grader)
3-Bulldozer Komatsu size 155
4-Barbar Graine BG.245
5-Cement Pump (Betzmaster & shefing) descriptions : 21/24/32/36 
6-Graine (Grove). Please call me if you have the above equipments at (905)32.....Mar 15 Contact
e 17102 UK: Please quote for verde ubatuba, gialo veneziano, verde pavao, first quality polished slab 2cm and 3cm, actually we import about 2 containers a month, and we are looking for a better price...  Mar 15 Contact
e 17099 Philippines: We would like to inquire about the price of this Italian marble described as Macchia Vecchia. Mar 15 Contact
e 17098 USA: Retail: I need one slab of Thassos white marble in the Seattle, WA area for a master vanity with double sinks. Slab only. Mar 15 Contact
e 17097 UK: We are looking for fireplace surround supplier in crema marfil or similar color marble. Please send us your catalog and best price for contract of 200 pcs a year.  Mar 15 Contact
e 17096 Chile: Want 15000 Sq. Mtrs of 30 mm Bianco Carrara Marble C/D. Cut to size in 900 x 600 mm panels. Mar 15 Contact   
e 17095 Canada: Looking for granite spheres. Red Granite type. These must be 1 inch in a diameter and 2.6 inches in diameter.
3 balls of 1 inch
2 balls of 2.6 inches 
Also, looking for slab material that is about 1.5 inches (max) and 1 inch thick. Need about 6 pieces of 2 inch by 2 inch by 1 inch red granite. Need 1 piece of red granite 3.25 inches diameter and 1.4 inches thick. Magmatic/gneiss, with low/small grain size for durability. lots of quartz  for hardness. (K-feldspars, hematite, garnet). Mar 15 Contact   
e 17094 USA: Interested in price quote for Tan Brown  granite 12"x12" tiles for 2 entryways, one 130 sf, other 192 sf.  I am in NJ. My tel. no. is 973-76.....Ready to buy ASAP; trying to find a bargain. Mar 15 Contact   
e 17093: We are looking for the supplier who manufactures ubatuba and pink brazil. Also we want to know the price information about other granite. Our tel. no. is +82-18-23......We will visit them and see the color. We are interest in granite and marble from Brazil. Mar 15 Contact   
e 17092 USA: Looking for Crema Marfil 12 x 12 commercial grade 9,900 sq. ft. unpolished tiles. I am also looking for 12 x 12 polished 7,200 sq. ft. My tel. no. is 714-33.....Mar 15 Contact   
e 17091 USA: I am interested in learning more about yellowish Granite from Colombia called 'Sahara'. I would like to use it for a project I am working on. Do you have information on the Quarry that it comes from and the stone itself? Is there a way to get a sample? Mar 14 Contact   
e 17090 Russia: Please quote for granite / marble tiles. Mar 14 Contact   
e 17089 Nigeria: I want granite and marble slabs from South Africa and Portugal. We need this for a 5 star project. Please send images, sizes and prices including transportation cost. Mar 14 Contact   
e 17088 Russia: We produce granite and marble monuments in Russia. Looking for granite and marble sellers from Bulgaria, Poland, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Holland. Mar 14 Contact   
e 17087 Canada: I want to set up one big showroom for one granite company here in Canada. I want to have display units used / new for displaying Tiles ----12" x 12" x 3/8"(thick) Quantity to be displayed @ 20 pieces. 
Tiles ----18" x 18" x 1/2" (thick) Quantity to be displayed @ 20 pieces
Slabs ---- 2' x 8' x 3/4" (thick) Quantity to be displayed @ 10 pieces. 
I want to set up this showroom in Vancouver. My phone is 905 27..... Mar 14 Contact   
e 17086 Canada: Earthmoving Machinery: I am interested in purchasing a Caterpillar 950B at $ 33,000 and more equipments. Please send me the pictures and the important information such as serial number, and hours. My telephone number is (905) 32.....Mar 13 Contact   
e 17085 USA: I am an interior designer looking for large, light colored casual looking stone for floor of garden level first floor. Need 350 sq ft. Would antique finish chiarro (sp) work? Mar 13 Contact   
e 17084 USA: I am an interior designer in the Sacramento, California area, and I am working on a very large residential design project that I would like to correspond with you about. We are interested in several Brazilian granite stones for this project, including Crema Bordeaux, Polar White, Piracema White, Kinawa and possibly other granites, marbles and other types of stone. The fabricated products that we will need include interior and exterior columns from 6 to 12 feet tall, fireplace mantels/surrounds, countertops, vanity tops, table tops, tiles, window and door mouldings, etc. We would like to work with a local contact who knows the stone industry in Brazil and who can help us to locate the stone that we want, to help us ensure the high quality of the rough stone and the finished products, to negotiate the most favorable price, and to assist us with the details of export/import. My tel. no. is 916-70..... Mar 13 Contact 
e 17083 USA: Retail: I am looking for 18 sq ft of sodalite blue granite. Do you have any small slabs? I live in Ft lauderdale, FL.  Mar 13 Contact 
e 17082 USA: How much is Azul Macaubas sandstone, Sodalite Blue, and stone from other countries per square foot? Please provide pricing for slab, 12 X 12, 24 X 24 (inches) or any other size you may have. We are in Pompano Beach Florida - the amount we need will depend upon your pricing. If the sandstone comes in a larger dimension than 12 X 12 please let me know. Mar 13 Contact 
e 17081 Canada: Our company is a granite fabrication company located in Calgary, Alberta. We are looking to purchase a large selection of 3/4" granite slabs. Could you please send pricing?  Mar 13 Contact 
e 17080 USA: I am interested in locating 800 sq. ft of Coliseum Stone. The job I am doing is in Fairfax Station, Virginia. Tel. no. is 757-68.... Mar 12 Contact 
e 17079 USA: Retail: I am in the process of building a house & have fallen in love with as marble called Serpentine Vittoria. I am wondering if marble & perhaps this color in particular, is suitable for kitchen use. The counter will be 14 feet long so it will be prominent. Finally, in your estimation, what is the best surface for kitchens. Does that differ from bathrooms? Mar 12 Contact 
e 17078 USA: I am interested in importing granite tiles to U.S.A. and Latin America. I live in Atlanta, Georgia, and see a lot of potential for commercializing your line of products. How much would be a 20 feet container (7000 sq-ft) of 12 x 12 x 3/8 Granite G 350 placed in the Continental U.S.? My tel. no. is 1 + (404) 40.....Mar 12 Contact
e 17077 USA: Retail: I am about to decide between a number of black stones for my new kitchen counters. I would like to know compare the following: Volga Blue, Blue Star, Arctic Blue, and Blue Eyes. Are these Granite or "Granite"? Do the "crystals" in the above stones make them more vulnerable to cracking, chipping, or other damage? Are there other Black rock with Blue accents that you can also recommend? Where can I find photo's of these to see the differences?  How do each of the above compare with the strength and practicality of "Absolute Black"? And which "Absolute Blacks" would be your two top choices and what should I avoid? Also, I live in an area with very "hard" mineral water -- do I risk water spotting? How do I best avoid it?  Mar 11 Contact    
e 17076 Italy: I have a contract for a big project of external work stone, cladding and floor including columns and capital. The material request is York stone (Beige). My interest to find a 1st class company to supply a similar material (Indian origin). If you have interest, and the right stone please contact me in order to give a BQ, drawings and all details needed. In positive and serious reply my trip to India to finalize is possible.  Mar 11 Contact    
e 17075 Croatia: We are interested in Granite and Travertine Tiles and Slabs. Mar 11 Contact    
e 17074 USA: I am looking for Bucak White Travertine for a client. Please quote for FCL of slabs and 12"x12" tiles. Pictures of slabs and tiles are requested with prices. If we confirm with the pictures samples would be requested. We are looking for suppliers only from Turkey. Mar 11 Contact    
e 17073 USA: Please contact us if you are producing gold and red travertine or you have quarry of this colors. We are looking for 3cm thick 
products in the Material. Mar 11 Contact  
e 17072 USA: Retail: I am looking for a Solid or very close to solid black granite or marble tile. Please let me know what you have available and its cost including shipping to UT 84067. Mar 11 Contact  
e 17071 USA: Retail: Can you send me a sample of the Verde Bahia? If there is a charge, please let me know and I will arrange for payment. I am in TX 77098. My tel. no. is (713) 52......Mar 11 Contact  
e 17070 USA: We would like to use Pearl White granite from China on a project in the Sacramento, California area for exterior columns from 8 to 12 feet in height and 16 to 20 inches in diameter, and window mouldings, etc. We have been told by a Chinese exporter that Pearl
White is not suitable for such an application because it is too "delicate" and will lose its color over time if it is subject to direct sunlight, rain,
etc. Can you tell me, from a geological standpoint, whether the exporter's statement makes any sense? If your answer is that the exporter is correct, are there any other granites (from any country worldwide) that you are aware of that would be suitable for such an application and that are as pure white as possible? Mar 11 Contact  
e 17069 USA: We are looking for a supplier of bluestone outcrop, which we consider to be 10 to 12 inches thick with dimensions around 2'x3'. Please get back to us as soon as possible on fax 248 - 68.....Mar 11 Contact  
e 17068 USA: I am a consumer looking to purchase 1 inch slabs of blue stone (approx 3000-3500 sq.ft). Do you even deal with someone like myself with this kind of an order? Mar 11 Contact  
e 17067 Russia: We produce goods from natural marble and granite. Merging several factories that were successful on the market for 5 to 15 years formed the company. We have modern production facilities with spacious storage areas, and numerous and steady clientele in the private as well as the state businesses. 
We offer to take part in one of the company's projects - permanent exhibition of natural stone. We hope you'd be interested, as this would allow you to promote your products on the Russian market, and make your trademark known in Russia. We want the following:
To buy one container of Chinese granites with various types of stones (several plates of the same type of stone)
To get the same assortment and quantity for stone for sale 
If you are interested in our offer, please feel free to contact us and discuss the conditions. Mar 10 Contact  
e 17066 India: We are looking for an Aventurine block of size 15 feet x 5 feet x 3 feet. The requirement is for India (Rajkot), interested parties can contact me on +91 98441.....Mar 10 Contact  
e 17065 Iran: We have some clients that are willing to import granite & marble tiles from your country. Some of them are big companies that can be good business partner for you in Iran, and they are also ready for a long term cooperation in this field. Please inform us about your company, your products and services then we will contact you soon and send you our client exact order. Mar 10 Contact  
e 17064 Canada: I am looking for 16 granite tops ranging from 5' to 12'. I am wondering what would be the price, if at all you guys ship to Canada. Mar 10 Contact  
e 17063: Interested in buying a bridge saw. Mar 10 Contact  
e 17062 USA: Retail: I want 40 sq. ft. of IMPERIAL WHITE / SILVER CLOUD / BETHEL WHITE / JET MIST. My tel. no. is 646-29.....I am in NY. Mar 10 Contact  
e 17061 USA: I am looking for multiple containers and colors of Indian granite. Mar 9 Contact  
e 17060: Please send us Limestone powder price list. Mar 9 Contact  
e 17059 UAE: We are looking for used 4x4 Tadano 25 -50 Ton Cranes above 1977 model. Please do inform us if you have any details for the same. Our tel. no. is 009712 67.....Mar 9 Contact
e 17058 India: We are looking for reliable supplier for unexpanded perlite ore (foundry grade). Quantity- 1 container. Size- 1.2-2.00 mm without fines. Packing- 50Kg.bags. Destination- FOR Nhava-Sheva.--India. Mar 9 Contact
e 17056 USA: I have a customer looking for silver travertine and I am having a hard time finding it. Either 12” tile or a slab. If you have any suggestions on where I could find this in the Houston area please let me know. Mar 9 Contact
e 17055 Saudi Arabia: Earthmoving machinery: Pls. quote me your best price C&F (Riyadh-Saudi Arabia) for the below items: 
Excavator: PC200-5 model 91 up, PC200-6 ----
Dozer: D155-A model 85 up
Kobelco: SK200 model 92 up
Cranes: Tadano 50 tons model 90 up
Mitsubishi: 180-8
Pls. send me all your contacts including your mobile phone no. My mobile no. is +9665041.....Mar 8 Contact
e 17054 Italy: We have an immense range of Italian and international stone materials. We are interested to your material that we are being commercialized already. We ask to send us your complete brochures, price lists and samples. (Granite, Porphyry, basalt, etc…) We are interested in building material, fountain stone, lantern, flowers pots, animals, columns & balustrade, Tables & benches, etc. Our tel. no. is 0039 (0)363 9.....Mar 8 Contact
e 17053 USA: Retail: Looking for contact information for the American Granite Slabs in RI? I am in RI and I would like to go to their store and look at the granite. My tel. no. is 401-56..... Mar 8 Contact
e 17052 Egypt: We are looking for used cement tiles machine (Press and polishing). Mar 8 Contact
e 17050 Korea: Need information of Giallo Dorato, Italian Lime stone. Slab 20mm and 30mm, 600x600x20mm / 400x600x20mm etc. Mar 8. Contact
e 17049 USA: Retail: Looking for Honey Golden quartzite. My tel. no. is 626.74.....Mar 8. Contact
e 17048: I am interested in 3 full containers of Black Absolute Premium (Jet Black). Can you send me your price and availability? I have a contact in India that can inspect the material and we can pay Documents Against Payment. Mar 8. Contact
e 17047 We want to know your prices on Palatino royal and sicillia. We make most of our imports from China and want to be having these two marble tiles in a big quantity. Please tell us how many sq m2 you can load in a 20ft container. What is the size of your cutting and the thickness? Mar 7. Contact
e 17046 Kuwait: Please forward price list for Kato Cranes 250E AND 400E. Mar 7. Contact
e 17045: Please quote per tonne for 20mm gravel to be used for driveway. Mar 7. Contact
e 17044 Romania: Please to send us the final price for two container of 
1) (G603): 40x40x2 550 mp, 100x40x2 150 mp, 40x40x1.5 cm 150 mp
2) Padang Black: 40x40x2 350 mp, 100x40 x2 50 mp, 100x34x2 250 mp, 40x40x1.5 cm 150 mp
3) Dark Green G612: 40x40x1.5 cm 175 mp, 100x40x2 cm 175 mp
TOTAL = 2000 MP 
Please to send us the picture of G603, G633, G623, G648, G654, G682, G635, G688, G696 & G684. Our mobile number in China is +8613760......Mar 6. Contact
e 17043 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: We are interested in used CAT D8K Dozer with original condition, if you have any unit kindly offer us with photos and C&F Karachi - Pakistan prices. We also need Used Nissan 8 cylinders Dump Trucks and Used Tadano TR250-4 Truck Crane. Our tel. no. is  009230021.....Mar 6. Contact
e 17042 USA: Retail: I am redoing my kitchen counter's. I have been told that Granite is not a durable counter top. It will break if too much weight is put on it. I have a garden window in front of the kitchen sink, to clean the window, I need to sit on the counter. I have been told that Caesar stone is a better product. I have also been told the reverse that Granite is a much better product. Help!!! I am getting confused on what to buy. Mar 6. Contact
e 17041 Singapore: We need 600x600x20mm BLUE EYE polished granite. Country origin CANADA, qty needed is 130 pcs. Our tel. no. is 65 636.....Mar 6. Contact
e 17040 Canada: How much for a hydraulic splitter? Mar 6. Contact
e 17039 USA: Retail: We very much love the look of honed granite but are absolutely terrified of getting them installed in our new kitchen. The absolute black we are looking at comes from Zimbawbe and is supposedly more durable. We have tried to pick out another granite (unhoned) but shiny granite on white countertops looks like a hotel! Please suggest with quotes. Mar 5. Contact
e 17038 Serbia: We are interesting to buy rough blocks rosa porrino, not bigger than 23 tons or cut polished slabs of 18mm and 30mm. Our company wants to buy this granite in some place closer to Belgrade to save transportation costs. Our fax no. is 99381142.....Mar 5. Contact
e 17037 India: We want all types of agate slabs in thickness 3 to 4mm in bulk quantity. Please send more details about you and your products. Our tel. no. is +91 94141.....Mar 5. Contact
e 17036 Czech Republic: Looking for producers of Diamond tools and abrasives from China. Mar 5. Contact 
e 17035 USA: Stone Processing Machine: I am interested in the 20" block saw and the 18" walk behind. Do you have larger sizes at sale prices? Also interested Granite Table Saw. Tell me about shipping. My tel. no. is 780-88.....Mar 5. Contact 
e 17033 Palestine: Please quote for marble and granite slabs and tiles. We are in urgent need for a granite called RAW SILK. We need about 1000 meter standard 30cm x 60cm x 2cm. Mar 5. Contact 
e 17032: I am looking for an used excavator. Would you please show me the photos of 1998 Komatsu 650 Series III? Mar 5. Contact 
e 17031: Please send me your catalogue on granites and your competitive prices on slabs in different sizes. Mar 5. Contact 
e 17029 India: We are interested in granite and ceramic slabs for our own ware house at Anaheim, USA. Our requirement is in size 9'x5' Plus on an average 5 - 6 containers and so is for tiles also. Kindly let us have your lowest prices for the same indicating F.O.B./or C&F with terms of delivery soon. Our tel. no. is +91-562-28.....Mar 5. Contact 
e 17028 India: I  have an inquiry for Himalayan crystal salt granules and Himalyan crystal salt lamp. So please send price list and samples. Mar 4. Contact 
e 17027 Singapore: We have a factory in Malaysia manufacturing artificial stone products and needs about 75 tons of pumice stone (3 x 40' HC containers) per month. Please contact us with your best price and product specification. Should your price be competitive, we will like to visit your plant and have a better understanding of your production and products. Our tel. no. is +65 636.....Mar 4. Contact 
e 17026: Looking for suppliers details for wire mesh backed mosaic stone and marble tiles. You can call me at +34 6786.....I would be interested in 20ft containers, tell me what colours are available? Mar 4. Contact 
e 17024 Saudi Arabia: Can you tell me the source for soda ash dense 99.5% quality for use in Saudi Arabia for drinking water treatment plant for pretreatment purposes? Mar 4. Contact 
e 17022 Israel: We are one of the leading Israeli supplier of flooring and exterior cladding materials. Our stock includes tens of thousands of square meters of readily available high quality marble. I would appreciate if you can quote your best pricing for 'Basaltina', as follows: 
40x80x2cm, Honed, black & gray, filled & unfilled. Quantity of one container. Our tel. no. is +972-3-54.....Mar 4. Contact 
e 17021 USA: I am looking to import container loads of 3cm polished granite slabs from Brazil. My tel. no. is 516-52..... Mar 4. Contact 
e 17020 Malaysia: I have a friend looking for marble tile from Malaysia to be marketed at Dubai (UAE). I have no idea on what type, quality and cost. I am in Kuala Lumpur. I need some guideline in your pricing, so just consider its a bulk purchasing. I need some brochures and pamphlets to be sent to me. Mar 4. Contact 
e 17019 China: We are interested in purchasing PUMICE STONE. Please send your quotation. If price reasonable, we will order large quantity monthly. Our fax no. is 0086-595-222.....Mar 4. Contact 
e 17018 USA: Trying to find Pennsylvania Bluestone slabs for fabrication of countertops. Material needs to be 2" thick. Mar 4. Contact 
e 17017 UK: I am interested in the travertine. Please contact me for shipping a crate to England. My tel. no. is 07771-9.....Mar 4. Contact
e 17016 Indonesia: I am looking to buy machinery and know how to produce artificial marble and granite for kitchen counter tops and other decorations. Call me at 62-21-59......Mar 3. Contact
e 17015 Bahrain: We are looking for landscape boulders (river stone), like to have around 15 quantity in 2 feet diameter and in natural color. Mar 3. Contact
e 17014 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machines: We are looking for Cat Bulldozers, as soon as possible if you have. The models are: D8H, D8K, D8N, D9G, D9H, D9N, D10, D10N. We are based in Lahore. Our tel. no. is +92-042-57.....Mar 3. Contact 
e 17013 USA: Please mail or email relevant information on price and availability of BLACK granite or black diorite. We would like to find two or possibility three quarry split blocks ; approximately 1 meter x 1 meter x 2 1/2 meter height ( could accept 60 cm. x 80 cm. x 2 meter height ). 
We are also in the market for (2) blocks of BLACK granite, diorite , or marble ; sawn (2)(top and bottom) approximate size 30 cm. height x 1 meter(-) x 1 meter (-). Blocks with one or more sawn surface (monument industry cutoff) might also be of interest. We would appreciate a company that would help arrange shipping to Arkansas. We are looking for availability in mid/late '05. Could wait longer for exact material. Our tel. no. is 479-25.....Mar 3. Contact 
e 17012 USA: Landscape: I am interested in importing cobbles directly. The most convenient port of entry for me is Houston, Texas as I have business there. Mar 3. Contact 
e 17011 USA: Retail: I am looking for a granite that goes by the color name of bronzaria for my kitchen countertops. Do you have a sample? Mar 3. Contact 
e 17010 USA: How do I do bulk sales and distribution of Chinese granite slabs and tiles in the United States? My tel. no. is 631-84.....Mar 2. Contact 
e 17009 USA: I need pricing for approximately 150 pcs of honed 2cm thick granite 30" x 30". The tiles will not be used for flooring or counter tops, but used in a non-decorative manner. The tiles need to be vein free. The pieces would ship to Fort Mill, South Carolina. Please provide alternate pricing if the tiles were to be 28" x 28". Please provide alternate pricing to hone both sides. Mar 2. Contact 
e 17008 USA: I am interested in the 50lb-500lb sandstone with moss and litchens at $45 - $50. Please contact me about were to get this sandstone at 866 36....Mar 2. Contact 
e 17007 Jamaica: I am interested in 980F Cat excavator. I am located in Jamaica, I would like if it possible for you guys to tell me the shipping cost from to Jamaica. My tel no. is 1(876)44.....Mar 2. Contact 
e 17006 USA: I own a remodeling company in Dallas and I am trying to find a way to by granite slabs and then give to my fab shop. This will keep me from paying mark up on materials so I can be more in line with other granite shops or remodeling companies. Mar 2. Contact 
e 17005 India: We are interested in purchasing cnc laser cutting machine. Please send us quotation and catalogue with detailed  specifications.  Mar 2. Contact 
e 17004 USA: I am building a new high end home in Littleton, MA and have been looking for a farmer's sink. I am extremely interested in 0049-0002 / 0049-0003 from the online stores of FindStone.com. I would like to obtain price, delivery, and ordering information for these items as well as a point of contact. If you have minimum order requirements, I may be able to combine purchases with several other home builders / remodelers in the area. Mar 1. Contact 
e 17003 USA: Earthmoving Machinery: Looking for a 623E scraper. Please quote. My tel. no. is 602-55.....Mar 1. Contact 
e 17002 Syria: We would like to purchase different kinds of marbles, granites, blocks and slabs with its specifications such as (size, quality) with the price list of each material. Please send us details. Our fax no. is 00963- 21- 2.....Mar 1. Contact 
e 17001 USA: I am interested in Waterjet machine. Can you send photos? My cell # is 347 88.....Mar 1. Contact 
e 17000 Norway: Earthmoving Machinery: Can you provide details and photos with your very best price FOB port on Komatsu D475A dozer. Mar 1. Contact 
e 16999 India: Please let me know some details information regarding CNC machines & software used for marble cutting & engraving. Mar 1. Contact 
e 16998 India: We need Black pumice stone from Indonesia qty. is 100 mt, size 3-5 cm. Pumice from Turkey size 3-5, 106 mt for export purpose to Bangladesh. Mar 1. Contact 
e 16997 USA: I am a fabricator in need of taconite stone slabs. Please forward dimensions, price and availability info. Mar 1. Contact 
e 16996 China: We are urgently looking for the stone material of Lavender Blue from India. Please advise if you have these materials for sale, If yes, please kindly quote us your best price on C&F China, with 2cm & 3cm thick slabs. Our tel. no. is 86-10-68.....Mar 1. Contact 
e 16995: I am looking for information referring to testing sandstone, limestone, mudstone and granite for permeability, hardness and reactions to impact to see which would be best suited for a road stone. Mar 1. Contact 
e 16994 UK: We are looking for a flint supplier in the South of Britain. Our project is in South Oxfordshire where strict conservation rules apply. Mar 1. Contact 
e 16993: We are looking for Pelegrini wire saw for quarry work. Mar 1. Contact 
e 16991 Canada: Do you have any Solaro Marble in Blocks. Can you send me pictures of your solaro colors. What size blocks and how much in USD. Do you ship any to Canada? Mar 1. Contact  
e 16990 China: We are urgently looking for the stone material of Palissandro Blutette and Palissandro Bronzo, which should be from Italy?
Please advise if you have these materials for sale. If yes, please kindly quote us your best price on C&F China, with 2cm & 3cm thick slabs.
Also we need the following stone material from Italy:
- Travertino Navona:
1. 25mm thick, 1000 x 300 mm, polished for floor
2. 25mm thick, 1000 x 1000 mm, polished for floor
3. 10mm thick, 1000 x 300 mm, polished for wall
- Carrara Bianco: 25 mm thick, 1000 x 1000 mm, polished for floor. For both cut to size as above sizes and 2.5cm thick slabs. C&F China. And what's the delivery time? We would be grateful if you could also provide us with a stone sample or available pictures. Our tel. no. is 86-10-686.....Mar 1. Contact  
e 16989 Iran: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for CAT 980C excavator. Mar 1. Contact  

Inquiries sorted by countries, product categories and previous months are displayed at www.findstone.com/tilinks.htm  

We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.

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