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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!   March 31, 2004
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February Inquiries


546 inquiries in March 2004. 

The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 11999 UK: I want fabricated (fully finished) granite counter tops etc. to my specifications including cut-outs for sinks, hobs etc. These are for fitting out three kitchens in the same house. 
Quantity: 13 counter/island tops, 30mm thick & areas ranging from {400mm x 900mm} to {760mm x 2300mm}
plus 31 sections of "splash backs", 30mm thick, 120mm high & lengths ranging from 40mm to 1960mm.
I envisage that these will require circa 8 large slabs of granite to be used. 
Material: Indian granite in a light golden/cream colour e.g. Madura Gold, Ivory Chiffon, Almond, Raw Silk, Kashmir Gold 
Quality: top (export) quality required and all items to come from same bundle of homogenous granite slabs. 
Timescale: target is to place an order in 3 months time (1 July 2004), next 3 months will be spent finalising kitchen designs and vetting suppliers. 
Samples: will be required of granite that suppliers deem suitable for this job - I am prepared to pay for freight/courier costs if supplier will rebate against order if placed with them. 
References: I will require three references from retail (domestic) customers like myself living in Europe or North America for similar jobs. 
Quality Assurance: I will need details of how I can be assured of the final quality of the finished product. 
Price Quote: Please provide quotation for this job & details of payment terms plus an estimate of the shipping costs to Liverpool, ENGLAND. Detailed Specification: see attached. My tel. no. is Tel. +44 151 63.....Mar 31, Contact
e 11998 India: I live in Bangalore and am constructing a house. I need some quotes from people in and around Bangalore for various Marble types for around 600 - 1600 sqft. Preferred colors are Premium Green, Forest Brown, Forest Green, Udaipur Pink. Also would like to know whether they are hand cut or machine cut? Mar 31, Contact
e 11997 Syria: Stone Processing Machinery: Please send us your catalogue of second hand Automatic Grinding & Polishing machine for Granite, Marble, Slate, etc and also a complete list of models and price list. Our contact no. is +963 33 4..... Mar 31, Contact
e 11996 South Africa: Landscape: I am looking for a supplier of big (cricket ball size) pebbles. My phone no. is +27 11 25....Mar 31, Contact
e 11995 China: Attached are stone pictures (pic1, pic2) of what I need. It is called blue crystal originating from Australian. Please let me know 305*305*10mm tile price as soon as possible. Mar 31, Contact
e 11994 UK: I am looking for exterior terrazzo tile products. Mar 31, Contact
DE: e 11993: I am a designer based in Nelson. I am trying to obtain some Jura limestones. Mar 31, Contact
e 11992 UK: I am looking for a pale green stone. I have seen one with a white background and pale green markings. Does not have to be Italian but should be available in the UK. I probably need about 1 square metre, 20mm or so thick. I am also looking for a copper slate, I think it is Indian. My contact details are 017363.....Mar 31, Contact
CN: e 11991 Lithuania: We are a stone manufacturers. We like Zh-G013, Island red, Rusty Yellow, Pingshan Red 2, 3767, Coral Red, Full River Red, Camelfur 1. We interested to import various kinds of granite & marble slabs. Our tel. no. is +370 698 .....Mar 31, Contact
e 11990 Australia: Earthmoving Machinery: I AM LOOKING FOR HITACHI EXCAVATOR 15 TON OR COMPATIBLE. I NEED COMPLETE UNIT. MUST BE 15 TON ONLY. MY PHONE NO. IS 61-4036......Mar 31, Contact
e 11989 India: We are interested to import Lombok pumice stone size 5x7 in 25 kg poly bag, 40 ft container. Kindly quote your C&F price port, Nhava Sheva. Mar 31, Contact
e 11988 Portugal: Diamond Tools: Please inform us your best quotation for segments blades diameter (2700 mm, 2000 mm, 1800 mm, 1600 mm, 1500 mm, 1400 mm, 1300 mm, 1200 mm,1100 mm, 1000 mm, 900 mm, 800 mm). We need urgently. Our tel. no. is 00351224.....Mar 31, Contact
e 11987 South Africa: Looking for suppliers/distributors of travertine and travertine products in South Africa. My phone no. is +27 11 70.....Mar 31, Contact
CN: e 11986 Germany: We are interested to purchase 50000 sqm Chinese G 603 granite slabs. Size 40 x 40 x 3 cm, sawn, top flamed. Prices required fob Xiamen alternatively c+f Bremen/Germany. Our phone no. is 
0049 421 61.....Mar 31, Contact
e 11985 : Quarrying Machinery: I need a Hydraulic machine for cutting tufa and sandstone. I need the price in US Dollars and the availability of spares. Mar 31, Contact
e 11984 New Zealand: We are are Stonemason company. We are very interested in importing Jura Limestone. Mar 31, Contact
e 11983 USA: Landscape: Please quote for granite pavers. I am in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My phone number is  (414)35..... Mar 31, Contact
e 11982 USA: I need 1,000 sq ft of travertine in a cream/ivory/beige color. What's your best price (including shipping)? My zip is 48167 (MI) & I can use 18x18, 16x16, or 12x12. Mar 31, Contact
e 11981 USA: Need jade tiles available for an interior design project. My phone no. is 214 69.....Mar 31, Contact
e 11980 USA: Please quote for Rosa Laguna. We are looking for approximately 6-7 slabs of the material, ¾" thick, polished, depending on its size. We have beautiful samples in our office of the material, dark, burgundy red with grey veining. We are located in Chicago and would need the stone immediately. Please send us some photos. We are in IL 60610. Mar 31, Contact
e 11979 USA: Landscape: We need the following ASAP: Eight 2-ton plus landscaping boulders plus about 5 tons of flagstone or some other naturally flat  landscaping rock. We would like them to be from someplace in the Texas hill country up to Oklahoma, and need pricing delivered to TX. We've searched local stone retailers, but have found pricing ridiculously expensive so would prefer to buy straight from the source. Our contact no. is 832-65.....Mar 30, Contact
e 11978 Pakistan: I am interested in the waterjet machine. Please can you e-mail me the details like spec, picture etc. We are a marble tile manufacturing company in Pakistan. I am a director based in the U.K. Mar 30, Contact
e 11976 Mauritius: Please quote with pictures of ceramic / porcelain tiles 300 x 300 and 400 x 400 and we would like to get prices. My contact no. is 230 -76.....Mar 30, Contact
e 11975 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: We are looking for following used equipments:
Dynapac Roller: 
Dynapac CA 25 (Year 1990 till 1994)
Dynapac CA 251 (Year 1990 till 1994)
Dynapac CA 252 (Year 2001 or UP)
Dynapac CA 302 (Year 1990 till 1994)
Dynapac CA 301 (Year 2001 or UP)
Dynapac CA 602 (Year 2001 or UP)
Wheeled Excavator: CAT 206-B
If you have any one of listed above, kindly send us photographs, brief details and your rock bottom C&F Dubai prices for each. Tel. no. is 009230021.....Mar 30, Contact
e 11974 UK: Please quote for Grey Roofing slate with slight riven face and moderate colour/shade variation. 10" x 20" (500mm x 250mm) 4mm-7mm thick. Must be Pre Holed and must conform to British Standard BS380.
Quantity required Approx 12000 Pieces. I will consider Quality A,B or C. Required by end June 2004 or end July at latest. Order is imminent awaiting the most appropriate quote. I will consider import from China, Spain, Brazil. I am looking for a delivered price (above address )of Under UK £5000. If a quote is acceptable to me I will pay for samples. My phone no. is Contact +44 1462 8.....Mar 30, Contact
e 11973 USA: Please quote for Emperador light flamed 12 x 12 tiles to finish a job I have started. My contact no. is 1-601-93.....Mar 30, Contact
BR/IR/PK/IT: e 11972 Indonesia: I am interested in purchasing Azul Macaubas slabs, Onyx and Carrara. I want all first quality material. +62-81-89.....Mar 30, Contact
e 11971 USA: Retail: I am looking for 175 sq ft of Indian terra red slabs 1" thick. I live in Nanuet, New York. My cell phone number is 845 72..... Mar 30, Contact
e 11970 USA: Retail: I am looking to buy onyx to have three tables made. I am in New York, NY. My phone no. is 917-37.....Mar 30, Contact
e 11969 USA: I am trying to locate a source for a flagstone or similar outdoor paving material here in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am an architect and I would like to know how I can get pricing as well. I am looking in San Francisco, California and my phone is 415-62.....Mar 30, Contact
e 11968 Cayman Islands: I am working on a small project (a private home) and wish to buy marble, travertine and granite directly. However, I would appreciate advice on certain factors: I understand that the minimum thickness should be 15mm. Is it sometimes the case within the industry that stone is graded according to quality and that this information is supplied? 
Is price always an indication of quality, in the absence of other information? Is it the case, that certain types 
of travertine or marble are inherently "inferior" to others, in terms of quality? Mar 30, Contact
e 11967 USA: Retail: Please quote with samples for Roselise, Verde Bahia and Verde Gloria. Looking for distributors in Chicago. I am in Illinois 60022.  Mar 30, Contact
ALL: e 11966 Russia: We are one of the leading supplier of stone materials in Russian market, carrying on a business activity during 4 years. We are interested in considering your proposals about delivery of slates in Russian market. Close collaboration with architects and number of leading designers of Moscow defines tendencies of our structures further progress in system of elaboration of the delivery of new and interesting materials for Russian consumers. As for the volume of purchase, we are ready to begin from 1000 m2.
Please send us your slate sizes, prices and samples. Our tel. no. is 7-095-96.....Mar 30, Contact
e 11965 USA: Please quote for 400 sq. ft of Puma skin stone. I am a contractor in Ca. 93445. Mar 30, Contact
e 11964 USA: I am looking for granite countertops. I am a contractor in Utah. Mar 30, Contact
e 11963 India: We are Bhopal based organization developing a center for the education of the disabled with support and contribution from all over the country. We are looking options for flooring the building which are durable and cost effective.
Please tell us which would be most cost effective and aesthetically appropriate option. If stones of what sizes. Would it be a viable option to purchase stone directly from Kota? Our requirement is approx 9000 ft. My cell no. is 09893.....Mar 30, Contact
e 11962 USA: Retail: We are interested in Indian Autumm slate tiles, 16x16, about 400 sq ft. This is for an entry floor in a spec house. We are a licensed contractor in Western Washington. How many pallets? what's the shipping cost and timing? Our tel. no. is (206) 84......Mar 30, Contact
IN: e 11961 USA: Please quote in full container sizes for slate and other stone for flooring. Granite in slabs for floors and counter tops. Please send prices and specifications. Currently we buy from China and other countries. We would now like to buy from India. Mar 30, Contact
e 11960 USA: Artifacts: We are interested in the large size Hindu Gods Statues carved out of soft stone in Orissa, India. Let us know if you carry from 3 feet to 6 feet tall. 
To start with I am looking for a 6ft tall NARAYANA STATUE. I am also looking to develop a line of CRYSTAL SHIVALINGHAMS in Large sizes beyond 2ft and onwards. These could be Cortz Crystal or Lead Crystal. I would want separete Jaladharis too to match those. THE STATUE AS ATTACHED IN THE PICTURE SHOULD BE OF PINKISH SOFT STONE NOT GREY AS SHOWN. My tel. no. is 713.66.....Mar 30, Contact
e 11959 USA: Retail: I need 125 square feet of Azul Maraubas tile for a shower wall. I also need a 2 ft x 6 ft vanity top with 2 cut out eased edge. My phone no. is 516-52.....Mar 29, Contact
BG: e 11958 USA: Please send information regarding Vratza limestone. Please include physical properties. I am in NY 12803. Mar 29, Contact
e 11957 Carribean: I would be interested in the granite from Labrador Antico, Azul Bahia, Azul Pegaso and Kashmir Gold. What will be the cost per square meter for each one these granite and what will be the Shipping cost the the Carribean. My interest would be for the following meters in an L shape 2.00 meters X 3.30 meters. I can be reach at 011 599 54......Mar 29, Contact
e 11956 USA: Retail: Can I purchase a single slab of nero black granite 24" X 60" X 1.5"? My tel. no. is (914) 47.....Mar 29, Contact
e 11955 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: I am in urgent need of Hitachi Excavator EX 100 WD, 60WD, 120 WD, Nissan Dumper Truck Wheel Loader 950E and 950F. Payment will be by bank LC. Our tel. no. is 092-042-75.....Mar 29, Contact
e 11954 USA: Please quote for Limestone cream/peach in tone in 16X16 tiles. Need 620 sq ft. I am in New York. My tel. no. is 51631.....Mar 29, Contact
e 11953 Lithuania: We want slates from China or other country. Multicolor about 1000 m2, we are also  interested in other kind of stone floor and roof. Our tel. no. is +370 615 .....Mar 29, Contact
e 11952 USA: Retail: I am looking for a travertine fireplace. I am in Marin County, CA. My cell no. is 415 72.....Mar 29, Contact
e 11951 UK: Earthmoving Machinery: We need Tadano 50 ton on Nissan carrier year may be 1984, 1985 or 1986. Tandano or Kato with Nissan Carrier 20 and 25 tons Year1988 an up and One unit each 120, 150 and 200 ton truck crane Tandano on Nissan Carrier. Please quote C&F Dubai price in US$. Our mode of payment will be bank letter of credit. Mar 29, Contact
e 11950 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: Interested in excavator ex100wd, ex100wd160, halla hitachi 120, halla130w, hitachi wh04  daewoo dh05 and dynapac roller ca25, ca251 hamm and cat loader. Please email picture and best price. My contact no. is 0092 431 2.....Mar 29, Contact
e 11949 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: We import and heavy equipments in Karachi. Kindly quote us CNF Karachi price for HITACHI EX200-1, EX100WD-1, WH04, WH04D, EX100WS-1, EX200LC-1, CATERPILLAR 950E, 950B, DYANAPAC CA25, C251D along with Pictures and serial No. My contact no. is 0092 - 300 - 25..... Mar 29, Contact
ID: e 11948 Korea: We are a wholesaler of ceramic tiles and natural stone for more than 10 years in Korea. We are importing tiles from China, Spain, Italy, Vietnam, and so on at the moment. 
For our customers in all around Korea, we are extending our supplier whoever can supply us good quality natural stones and tiles with reasonable prices. Therefore we are looking for a reliable business partners. We are interested in your items like Indonesian sandstone, and we would like you to send us your catalog for sand stone and others. Our tel. no. is +82-55-37.....Mar 29, Contact
e 11947 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: Please quote for a Bridge saw for cutting stone. My budget is 50K. I am in Hayward, CA. My phone no. is 510-48.....Need the machine urgently. Mar 29, Contact
e 11946 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: We are looking for Hitachi UH07-7 Crawler Excavator. Machine should not be younger then 1990. Please send us photographs, description and C&F Karachi prices as soon as possible. My tel. no. is 00923002..... Mar 29, Contact 
e 11945 USA: Retail: I am trying to locate approx. 160 sq. ft. of Rosa Salmon Dark 12" x 12" marble tiles. Since I am matching marble in an existing installation, I would need to purchase a sample first before I order. Please advise as to availability, price, and cost of shipping to the Georgia 30901. Mar 29, Contact 
e 11944 USA: Retail: I am searching for a black marble - Belgium Black - or comparable. I need two pieces 48"x48"x12" and 78"x29"x6". I am in AZ 85718-5411. Mar 29, Contact
IR: e 11943 UK: Please quote with catalogs for Iranian limestone, marble and travertine. We are in London and our contact details are +44 (0) 208 99.....Mar 29, Contact
e 11942 Bahamas: Please quote for Amerillo negrais. I need 100 sq ft of this marble tile about 3/4" thick. My phone no. is (242) 42.....Mar 29, Contact
e 11941 USA: Where can I purchase 5 slabs of Orcollano Brown? I am in I am a stone trading company in Miami. Mar 29, Contact
e 11940 USA: Landscape: Please quote for Arizona flagstone. Mar 29, Contact
e 11939 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: We are looking for the Hitachi EX 100 WD, 6 CYLINDER, manual transmission, model may ranges 1989 to 1994. Please send us pictures and other details and price. My phone no. is 0092 333 42.....Mar 29, Contact
e 11938 Saudi Arabia: Stone Processing Machinery: Please send your price list for gang saw and diamond saw for cutting of granite blocks and send automatic polishing machinery price list also. Mar 29, Contact
e 11937 UK: Retail: I have a patio that is 8ft x 32ft and 6ft by 8ft and I would like to cover it with sandstone slabs. Please give me approximate price for this amount of slabs. Mar 29, Contact
e 11936 USA: I am interested in the purchase of Jade stones or slabs please give me a list of prices to include shipping to Idaho. Mar 29, Contact
e 11935 France: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for a grader champion 760. Mar 29, Contact
e 11934 UK: Retail: I am looking for black galaxy granite wall tiles ideally 30cm x 30 cm or smaller to cover an area of approx 100 sq ft. Please could you let me know if you can supply these, what cost they are and how long delivery will take? Mar 29, Contact 
e 11933 USA: Monument: Retail: Would like a piece of granite for up right monument, What is the price, how long will the shipment take to Washington state of USA? Mar 29, Contact
e 11932 USA: Stone Processing Machine: Please quote for a CHAIN SAW CUTTING MACHINE FOR MARBLE AND STONE QUARRIES as displayed in ready stock 392. We are in Dallas. Our phone no. is 214-74..... Mar 29, Contact 
e 11931 USA: Retail:  White Onyx is very desirable to me for the décor of a restaurant bar top. Unfortunately, I have been told by fabricators and wholesalers that Onyx will not take to wine or liquor spillage. The size of bar would be around 10ft in length and 2ft in width. I'm very interested in buying the white onyx and getting an idea of pricing. Mar 29, Contact
e 11930 USA: Retail: I want tan-brown granite for my kitchen counters. Would like some info such as: Should this type of granite be sealed? Are there different grades of tan-brown? Any one edge better than the other? What type of cleaner should I use on the granite? Is this type of granite (supposedly from India) porous or known for pits? I am in FL. My phone no. is 813-47.....Mar 29, Contact 
e 11929 Taiwan: Earthmoving Machinery: We are looking for a used CATERPILLAR 365BL. It should have less then 3,500 hrs, 36" pads, medium stick, reach boom and with a 7 yard bucket. Please quote us your best price with detail's specification and photographs if available. Mar 29, Contact 
CA: e 11928 USA: Please quote for Maple Leaf Red. I am a builder in Florida. I have a 6 foot and 7 foot island. I also have another 20 feet of Kitchen Counter tops. I am also interested in Granite or marble tile (for the same custom home). My phone no. is (850) 89.....Mar 29, Contact
e 11926 USA: Landscape: I am looking for large Granite blocks for a retaining wall. I have 300 Ft. or so that I want to raise an average of 3 1/2 feet. The project is in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. My cell phone no. is 603-73.....Mar 29, Contact
e 11925 USA: We would like a price on a set of stones (50 stones per set). Our old supplier is not handling stones anymore. We used to get the set for USD 32.95. We have a spa course twice a year usually around 50 students each time and this is a product they usually all want. We need 50 hot stone massage stones for our students (resale) with at least one large sacral stone and two large roundish stones and assorted medium and smaller, and a quantity of toe stones... best price for resale (26 sets). Urgent attention and notice (if not under $40.00, please do not respond). Mar 29, Contact
e 11924 USA: Landscape: I am looking for 3-4 tones of flagstone 2-3 inches thick. I live in Chicago and this is a landscaping project. I want the best price since my budget is rather low. Please include delivery charges to zip code 60630. Mar 28, Contact 
e 11923 USA: Retail: Please send me prices on a finished slab of Carmela Red Granite to be used for kitchen counter top. The size is 7'-6" x 2'-6" (standard), 2'-0" x 2'-6", 1'-6" x 2'-6". All in one slab-- Will cut myself (include sq ft for backing & over hang). Include shipping to AZ 85210 (near Phoenix). Mar 28, Contact 
e 11922 USA: Retail: I would like stones from Jamaica. Are they available in forms suitable for (hobby) sculpting? My tel. no. is 973-38.....Mar 28, Contact
e 11921 USA: Retail: Looking for price quote for 12" x 12" Granite Tiles in Juparana Fantastico. Job requires 40 pieces, i.e. 40 square feet. Delivery is to Reston, VA, 20194. Tel. no. is (703) 43.....Interested in price quote and time to delivery. Mar 28, Contact
e 11920 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: I am planning to open shop and need machinery. Please sand me more info for bridge saw, edge profiler, any hand machinery. I would be glad to have price, installation price, time of purchase. I am in Florida 33401. Mar 28, Contact
e 11919 USA: I am looking for around 1000 to 1500 sq. ft of Chinese quartzite white gold 16" x 16" size. Can I find someone to split a container with? Any ideas? I am in California. My phone no. is 805-23.....Mar 28, Contact
e 11918 USA: Retail: I need 117 square feet of finished countertop (three full slabs). About 5 months away from needing the fabrication/installation. The addition of kitchen needs to be finished and new cabinets installed--about 5 months from now it should be done and ready for measurement, fabrication, and installation of granite. 
My main inquiry is finding out about the quality of the Volga Blue granite. I want to know of its strength as compared to other granites, porosity, subject to fissures, staining, etc. prior to investing in so much material. These answers could sway me to another granite. My needs are: dramatic, blackish background with tones of deep black/green/ and lighter tan or greenish veining throughout. The silvery/iridescent blue areas in Volga Blue is exotic! What is the name of the rock composition that creates this wonderful blue color? I want NOTHING as common as Uba Tuba or Verde Butterfly. I am in Virginia and my tel. no. is 703-42.....Mar 28, Contact
e 11917 Bulgaria: We are interested in polished porcelain / ceramic tiles in sizes 30x30, 30x60 and 40x40. We will be very pleased if you send us price, catalogues, samples or picture of the models by e-mail. Mar 26, Contact
e 11916 Pakistan: We want Chinese granite slabs and tiles. See price list 1159. Please send us your catalogue and price lists. Our tel. no. is +92-42-66.....Mar 26, Contact
e 11915 Romania: Retail: I would like to buy 25 sqm of marble. I like tiles full of veins, very ornamental, very bright colours and very nice patterns (best definition). Types of marble which I love are: breche_de_vendome, breccia_pontificia, arabescato_orobico_gold, cristallino_salome, Perlino Rosato, Tea Rose, Aksehir Black Gold, Bordu Griso, Dove, Bardiglio Nuvolato, Palissandro Classico, Trachite Giallo Venata, Breccia Pernice, OniceTigre1a. I prefer colours with less white, grey or pure black. I am living in Bucharest, Romania. The transportation should be considered as an issue. My phone no. is +40-7400......Mar 26, Contact
e 11913 USA: Retail: I want 350 Sq ft. size 12x12 stone tiles for my bathroom. I am in Montclair, NJ. My contact no. is 973-23..... Mar 26, Contact
e 11912 USA: I am looking for antiqued, recycled biblical stone from Lebanon. I need approx. 5000 sq. ft. in various sizes from 1 ¼ ---1 ¾ thickness. Please e-mail availability and cost fob Long Beach or closest port to Lebanon. Mar 26, Contact
e 11911 USA: Retail: We need a piece of Azul Bahia Granite, approximately 24 wide x 52 long. We're located in Prescott, Arizona but could pick up a delivery in Phoenix. Mar 26, Contact
TR: e 11910 Ukraine: Our company is interested in purchase of Mugla White and Hazar Pink polished marbles. 
Mugla White polished tiles - 40x40x2 cm.
Hazar (Orient) Pink polished tiles - 60x30x2 cm. 
Pls. advise me availability of a.m. materials on stock and quote FOB price. Reference photos are requested. My phone no. is + 38 0562 3.....Mar 26, Contact
e 11909 Indonesia: We are looking for pumice stone supplier for our export market. Please quote (FOB) Surabaya and min. order required. My mobile no. is 0817 1.....Mar 26, Contact
e 11908 Egypt: We want pricing of Zimbabwe black granite, Nero Assoluto Zimbabwe, Absolute black Indian and black Galaxy. I want a distinct pricing for each with the following requirements: 
We want it cut into Tiles of size(40*80*3 cm) and (40*80*2 cm)
We want 7000 meter square of (C 600 polished) tiles+ 1000 meter square of (C 800 polished) tiles
We want to ask about the pricing of charging the enquiry to both Cairo/Egypt and to Athens/Greece
We are in Cairo and our tel. no. is 2023......Mar 26, Contact
e 11907 USA: I am a ceramic tile, stone and glass distributor in Indiana, and one of my showroom designers is having difficulty locating one Honey Onyx sink available immediately in the U.S. My phone no. is 317.84......Mar 26, Contact
e 11906 USA: Earthmoving Machinery: I am trying to get information about the Grove TM1500. Please send me as much information as you can including best available price. My phone no. is 281-47......Mar 26, Contact 
e 11905 USA: I am looking for a small quantity of stone tile for a fireplace hearth project. Mar 26, Closed
e 11904 USA: Retail: Need about 15 sq. ft. of Juprana Columbo tile for backsplash. Probably 18 inch tile. How much shipping to Kure Beach, NC 28449 (this is a commercial address). Mar 25, Contact
e 11902 USA: Retail: I am looking to purchase granite for my kitchen counter tops. I am in New Jersey 07920. I want to visit warehouses in New Jersey that carry granite. Mar 25, Contact
e 11901 Australia: Diamond Tools and Abrasives: I work for a contracting company that specializes in polished concrete. For this we use diamond segments and polishing pads. Please send me prices for medium metal bond #16,30,80,200 grit at approx. 40mm x 10mm x 10mm (physical size). Mar 25, Contact
e 11900 I want to buy Polished emprador chiaro and Imperator. I need 1 or 3 cm broken tiles. The size is 3cm x 22 X free length saw cut. Mar 25, Contact
e 11899 USA: Stone Processing Machine: I would like more information regarding the Italian Bridge saws & edge machines for sale. I  would like specs, pricing and terms. I am in CA. My contact no. is 510-41.....Mar 25, Contact
e 11898 USA: I need to purchase some Sierra Madre tile. Please quote with samples and pictures of what your stock looks like?  Mar 25, Contact
e 11897 USA: Retail: I am looking for a source for Nepal Blue granite near the Minneapolis / St. Paul area of Minnesota.  Mar 25, Contact
ZW: e 11896 Egypt: Please quote 500 cubic meter of double black marble from Zimbabwe. Quote FOB. My phone no. is 002-010-15.....Mar 25, Contact
e 11895 USA: Artifacts: Please quote for an inlaid table tops. I am in Las Vegas. My phone no. is 702-69....Mar 25, Contact
e 11894 Portugal: I am interested in the following travertine stones:
Beige classic, Cream, White, Dark beige, Beje, Takab-cream-white (code 432T12), Noce (code 432TN), Hadji Abad Beige Cream (code 432T5), Atashkooh white (code 432T3), Atashkuh, Lemon and Travertine-wave cut. Can you please quote me the price for each specific stone (filled with resin and polished or honed) mentioned above in 30.5x30.5x1 or 2cm, 40x40x2cm, 60x30x2cm, 60x40x2cm, 60x60x2cm and 80x40x2cm. As I will probably also be needing slabs I would like to know fob prices for slabs (filled and honed) 2cm and 3cm thick. By the way, what is the most commonly sold size of slab for vanity tops, smaller or bigger sizes? I am interested in working with a company to import 1 to 2 containers per month on a regular basis. I am looking at paying 8 to 14 euros per sqm. Cell: +351 9195.....Mar 25, Contact
e 11893 Canada: Monument Artifacts: We are in New Brunswick looking to buy urns, saddles for floral arrangements and any other accessories for our shop. We want to buy wholesale as we are a retailer. Also interested in any other granite or marble products, smaller items possibly for sale. We do Monument Restoration, lettering, and now are selling monuments and markers. We are looking to sell, sell, sell. We are open to what is new, Pet memorials, I think would sell. I think a tile or small piece of granite or marble would do. Also urns. Any add ons to our business. Mar 25, Contact
e 11892 USD: Retail: We are looking for granite for a counter top that has a bit of blue in it. We like Azul Barracuda Blue, Cobalt Blue, and Creme Azul Bahia. How do we go about finding a sample to view? We live in suburban Chicago. Mar 25, Contact
e 11891: Please quote separately for each item for Soft Green Granite (3000 Sq. Ft.) and Black Galaxy Granite (3000 Sq. Ft). Please let me know the prices of the same with transportation to Kerala (Trichur / Irinjalakuda) by train. Mar 25, Contact
e 11890 USA: I live in Central California near Fresno. Is there a local dealer that would carry the Beaumaniere French Limestone? Mar 25, Contact
e 11889: I am looking for pure black marble from China. Mar 25, Contact
IT: e 11888 Bosnia: I need Bianco Carrara blocks. I will be in Carrara on 6.04.2004. Please quote. Mar 25, Contact
e 11887 New Zealand: We are wondering about importing granite kerbstone, wall granite and cobble stones to New Zealand. Please quote. My phone number is 02103.....Mar 25, Contact 
e 11886 USA: Earthmoving Machinery: We are looking for a used wheel loader 950e Caterpillar 1980s. I am in CA 94662. Mar 25, Contact
e 11885 USA: Landscape: I am looking to find a supplier for round and flat fieldstone in the New England area (I am in Mass.). I own a masonry business, and do big projects, so I would like to learn more about buying the stone myself, vs. going through a local stone yard. Mar 25, Contact
e 11883 USA: I have 4 projects in mind. 
1] Dining Room table - I want to build a dining room table, perhaps 4' by 10' out of a single piece of a dramatic blue or green granite. There are many, many choices on your excellent web site, and I have net selected the exact piece yet. 40 ft sq.
2] Dinette Table - same as above, but 3' by 6', and boat-shaped. 20 ft sq.
3] Kitchen countertop - new house - 30 counter-feet, perhaps the same granite as the dinette. 60 ft sq.
4] Kitchen countertop - old house - we had a flood three months ago, and have to gut and replace the kitchen in the house we just moved out of but had not sold yet. The colors I want in this would be a beige or cream with reddish "marbling" - 50 ft sq.
Would like to see samples before purchase. Square footage listed above is approximate. Please quote. I am in CT 06013. Mar 25, Contact
e 11882 Pakistan: Stone Processing Machinery: We need NEW AND USED MACHINERY. We are regularly importing different type of material from the well-known Exporters but in view of our working capacities and good relation with buyers we always wish to expend the circle of exporters. Payments will be made by Letter of Credit payable at sight on presentation of Shipping Documents. Please send us catalogue or brochure, stating packing position, earliest possible, and shipment. Our tel. no. is 0092-42-58.....Mar 25, Contact
e 11881 Vietnam: Earthmoving Machinery: We want a Wheel Excavator with bucket 0.7m3. And other kinds such as PC200-5; PC350-6; PC450-6; Motor Grader 3.7m and Crane. So that if you have these units, Please quote. Our phone no. is (84-4) 94.....Mar 25, Contact
IL: e 11880 Germany: Please quote for Stone Jerusalem Gold (honed). Quantity 330 sqm, size 60x30x2 cm and 35 sqm, size slabs (2 cm + 3 cm). Please give us your best price, delivery time and freight to Frankfurt. My phone no. is 060215.....Mar 25, Contact
e 11879 Turkey: Please email pictures and Vratza limestone and also send textural details. I may be interested on long term basis. My tel. no. is +90 (212) 358 49 4.....Mar 25, Contact
e 11878 UK: We are looking for top quality granite setts, granite edging and patio stones for our several exterior building projects we have. We need beige and dark walnut colour patio stone. We are looking for delivery to London, payment terms to be payment on arrival and inspection of quality of goods. My mobile no. is +44 772 00.....Mar 25, Contact
TR/EG/GR: e 11877 Spain: We are a marble factory. We need 20000 sqm of any white or beige marble polished either from Turkey: Greece, Egypt in 60x30x2 cm. The material must be uniform in the tonality. My phone no. is 00349659.....Quantity 20000 sqm. We pay 9 euro sqm polished. Mar 25, Contact
e 11876 India: Please quote for abrasives, diamond pads, resin bond, buff, etc. We are based in Karnataka. Our phone no. is 080 222.....Mar 25, Contact
e 11875 USA: I am a designer in Jacksonville. I would like to know the price of granite color Giallo Danta and would also like to know shipping cost. Mar 25, Contact
e 11874 India: Please quote for perlite ore foundry grade. Mar 25, Contact
e 11873 USA: Retail: I want to buy some flagstone for a patio project. My phone number is (912) 37.... I live in GA. Mar 25, Contact
e 11872 USA: I am interested in finding quarries in Mexico, where I can go select granite roughbacks or saw backs. If I find what I want, price and quality, I will but whole trailer load(s). The most important thing is to be able to select the stone. I am not looking simply for blocks but roughbacks with unique shape and characteristics. I am aware that most quarries eventually push these roughbacks over the edge. 
I am looking for independent quarries in USA, Mexico or Canada that would sell a trailer loads of roughbacks for $1000 or under. I would arrange for an independent trucker, to pick up loads. Mar 25, Contact
e 11871 Mexico: Please quote for 450 sqm of Carioca Gold slabs, polished. Our phone no. 871 72....Mar 25, Contact
e 11870 USA: We are looking for Languedoc Marble Brown/red for statue bases. Could use as large as 4' x 4' x 4''. We are in MD. Our phone # is 1-202-84.....Mar 25, Contact
e 11869 USA: Retail: Would like 54 sq. ft of Verde Marinace. Please quote. Is it good for kitchen counters? My phone no. is 972-43.....Mar 25, Contact
e 11868 USA: Retail: I am in need of a marble slab ideally 1 3/4 (could use 1 1/4 if necessary) width; min. 26"x40" (don't want to purchase full slab if piece is available) for tabletop. Must be highest quality Italian; rosso or verde coloration preferred. Please email asap. Mar 25, Contact
e 11867 USA: The Reverend at our church in Wauwatosa, WI gave us a stone 2" X 1" X 1/2" as part of her sermon. We would like to buy 50 - 100 more. The stone looks like it was beige in color and was relatively smooth, but does not have a shiny finish. We don't care where the stones come from. However, we need them delivered no later than May 5th. Please quote with images. My tel. no. is 414.2..... Mar 24, Contact
e 11866 UK: I want 60 sqm of Gascogne Blue limestone, 406 x 406 x 10mm, delivered to UK. Please quote with delivery cost? My tel. no. is +44 161 74.....Mar 24, Contact
e 11865 USA: I am setting up a new product production facility and need a source for Black and honey onyx as well as other unique stone tile of any dimension but with a thickness of 1/4". I am in VA 23451. Mar 24, Contact
e 11864 USA: Retail: I am building a home and want prices on stone like limestone, brick, and other stones. My phone no. is (512) 52..... Mar 24, Contact
e 11863 UK: Stone Processing Machinery: Please quote for a waterjet machine and a bridge saw for granite worktops. Mar 24, Contact 
BR: e 11862 USA: I am interested in container loads as well as wholesale crate quantities of Ruggine 30X30 and 40X40 calibrated 3/8" tiles. Port of Houston, TX with final destination Brownsville, TX. My tel. no. is 956 35.....Mar 24, Contact
e 11861 UK: We are looking for Travertine paving slabs cut to size for import to the UK. Please supply us with a price per metre cut in the following sizes: 600mmm x 600mm, 600mm x 450mm, 600 x 300 , 450 x450 and 300 x 300. Our tel. no. is 0044-1268-7.... Mar 24, Contact
ES/IN: e 11860 Egypt: We would like to buy Dark Green Marble (1st and 2nd choice), Negro Marquina and Rojo Alicante blocks. Please quote per ton. We are in Cairo. Our tel. no. is 574.....Mar 24, Contact
e 11859 USA: I am looking to purchase pietra serena stone in the US. Mar 24, Contact
e 11858 USA: Retail: I am currently looking to view a variety of slate (peacock, jak etc...) and/or flagstone at a wholesaler or retailer in the Brooklyn , NY or NY, NY, for a commercial counter. I'm interested in seeing the more exotic slates to be exact. Mar 24, Contact
e 11857 USA: I am looking for blue pearl, black galaxy, verde ubatuba, emerald pearl granite. The sizes are 2' x 12' slab; 2' x 9' slab; 3'1/2 x 4' slab; 1' x 3'1/2 slab for countertops. i also want tiles 12" x 12" x 1/8" (200 - 400 sq.ft) not chamfered, not calibrated for kitchen floor. I am in Maryland. 
Looking for prices around $4.00 sq.ft on tiles and less than $40.00 sq. ft on countertops. Delivery price shall not be more then $700.00 nationwide on the whole pack. My phone no. is 301 37.....Mar 24, Contact 
e 11856 UAE: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote CNF Dubai for a FURKAWA FL230. My phone no. is 00971426..... Mar 24, Contact
e 11855 USA: Landscape: We would be interested in somewhere between 10,000 and 25,000 brick pavers but not until July. We would primarily be interested in purchasing by the ton. They would need to be clean and complete. We wouldn't want them cut, fractured or split and would reject anything that was less than 95% whole. We'd prefer to have a source in the St Louis area and would like quotes based on a bulk delivery to our site in urban St Louis. Mar 24, Contact
e 11854 UAE: We are very interested in buying one CNC engraving / waterjet machines. Please mail us your catalogues for all the types you have with the specification and the price (including the shipping charges) list. Mar 24, Contact 
e 11853 Korea: We are developing a museum project and which requires approximately 1,000m2 of Quetzal Green. We would like to have one polished sample in size of 300x300x10/20mm and your quotation for 600x600x30mm and 30mm polished slab based on CFR Pusan. And also, we would like to know delivery schedule after order confirmation. In addition to that, we desire to have general information for the material such as average slab size, production capacity, color variation, and so forth. Tel: 82-2-4......Mar 24, Contact
e 11852 Kenya: Quarrying Machines: Please quote for blocks extracting machines. See ready stock 557. Mar 24, Contact
e 11851 Canada: We are interested in purchasing Amethyst landscape stone. We are located in Otterville, southern Ontario, Canada. We operate a retail yard & wholesale distribution yard for other quarries. Our phone no. is 519-87.....Mar 24, Contact
IN: e 11850 I am looking for some 200 sqm of marble and granite from India to make up a container for shipping to Europe. I will be in Delhi or if necessary in Rajasthan to have a look at samples and prices. Mar 24, Contact 
e 11849 Kenya: Please quote for diamond tools and abrasives, Chinese granite slabs and tiles. Mar 24, Contact
e 11848 India: Please quote for unpolished strip of 2 x 1 for ivory brown (shiva brown). The quantity will be about load 30,000 Sqft. Even hand polished material in 2'x1' uncut strips will do. Mar 24, Contact
e 11846 UK: I am trying to find a source of alabaster supplier in the UK. In particular someone who can supply lumps of 60/70lbs in weight. Mar 24, Contact 
e 11845 Pakistan: Stone Processing Machinery: We are looking for a cutting & polishing unit for GRANITE stone like gangsaw, vertical machine, polishing machine and crane. Our consumption will be 500 ton per month finished. We are interested in Italian made re-condition unit. Phone # 00 92 42 77.....Mar 24, Contact 
e 11844 Vietnam: Earthmoving Machinery: We would like to buy some excavators. 
Hitachi excavator: EX120-1, EX120-2
Komatsu bulldozers: D31P-16, D31P-17,D31P-18
Please offer us C.I.F and some photos attached. My hand phone no is +84904 1.....Mar 24, Contact
IN: e 11843 Germany: We are a wholesaler of ceramic and natural stone. We regularly have customers for granite tiles Kashmir white in 30 x 30 x 1 cm and 30 x 60 x 1 cm. Demand appr. 2 - 3 Cont/month. Our tel. no. is  0049 634.....Mar 24, Contact
e 11842 USA: Quarrying Machine: I am interested in buying a CHAIN SAW CUTTING MACHINE and having it shipped to Aleppo, Syria. Please send a quote. Can you also arrange shipping? I am in Texas 75207. Mar 24, Contact
e 11841 Russia: Earthmoving Machinery: We are interested in purchasing bulldozer Komatsu D375 A-2. Please inform us the detailed specification, i.e. motor hours, engine hydraulics, undercarriage, and current price. Our tel. no. is 7 095 19.....Mar 23, Contact
e 11840 USA: I am require botticino and giallo reale tumbled marble. I also use a temple gray and white (bianco carrera) to a lesser extent. Sizes needed are 4 " x 4", 2" x 2" and 6" x 6". Will need stone by summer 2004 and will be purchased all through the year as needed. I would need one sample stone in each color. I have bought botticino from several different sources and each time it was quite different in texture and color. 
The amount of stone I would buy immediately would depend on price. A rough estimate to start with would be 500 square feet. I live in Alabama and stone is very heavy, so I would think I would need a southern supplier. My tel. no. is 256-31.....Mar 23, Contact
e 11839 USA: Landscape: I am looking for some granite cubes in 2" x 2" x 2" gray, brown, pink and yellow. I am in Rochester, NY. I am a Landscaper and I am looking for a supplier that may carries them. I need these stones as requested from my customers. As long as I can't find a supplier, it doesn't make sense to even offer this item to my customers. The quantity could range somewhere from a few stones to 10 or more tons per year. Depending on the price per ton, I just may think about stocking them myself. Mar 23, Contact
ALL: e 11838 USA: I have just recently acquired a 10,000 SQ ft' facility in Florida, and I am allocating a good portion to Flooring. I have many contacts within, and am myself involved in the building industry. I will be looking to import containers to stock and to take pre-orders, primarily 18"x18" and 24"x24" honed and filled. If the prices are right we can do a great deal of business. We are looking for all kinds of floor covering materials. Ready To Buy Immediately. My phone no. is 239-28.....Mar 23, Contact
TR: e 11837 Australia: I am from a company that deals in stones & ceramics, located in Melbourne. We are currently seeking prices and availabilty on "Afyon Sugar" from Turkey. Please quote for tiles of 305, 400 or 610 in size. Mar 23, Contact
e 11836 USA: Landscape: I am interested in several containers of large uncut boulders of USD 35.00 a ton. I can order in 3 weeks. Approx. qty. is 3 containers. I am open to domestic as well as import purchasing. I am in PA 17557. Mar 22, Contact
IT: e 11835 Australia: I require blocks of marble for a sculpture. Please quote for Italian rose or Laguna Rosso 300mm x 200mm x200mm, Crema elba antique or Duna gold 500mm x 300mm x150mm, Nero Belgio or Ardesia 700mm x 400mm x 400mm, Bianco Statuario 4 pieces: 600mm x 400mm x 200mm, 400mm x 400mm x 200mm, 300mm x 250mm x 200mm and 250mm x 250mm x 100mm. The stone would need to be shipped to Melbourne. Mar 22, Contact
IN: e 11834 India: Looking for granite slabs of Indian origin of 18, 20, 30 mm thick, edge cut, mirror polish, sea worthy packing. Will require 600-700 sqm per month. My contact no. is +9198193.....Mar 22, Contact
BG: e 11833 USA: Send picture of Vratza Limestone and price. Mar 22, Contact
e 11832 Sri Lanka: Our company is involved in marketing of industrial raw materials to the many industries in Sri Lanka. We are very keen to market Pumice Stones. We need about 60 Mts per month . Please quote CIF Colombo for 2cm-3cm. Our tel. no. is 00-94-11- 23.....Mar 22, Contact
e 11830 Australia: I am an owner of a stone company. I am looking for a stone called PHU YEN granite. I would like to know more details like the size of the slab and other details. I am looking to import this color regularly. My phone no. is 61 -3- 931.....Mar 22, Contact
e 11829 Japan: Earthmoving Machinery: I am interested in a rough terrain crane KATO KR25H3L. Please send me photos. Could you quote me Ex-Go Yokohama port price in JPY? Our tel. no. is 81-92-26.....Mar 22, Contact
e 11828 UK: We are interested in buying a special stone from Armenia  called Offisian..(we think). It is a transparent (see through just like glass) and Brownish in colour. Please quote per sqm and also mention the maximum length-size is for this stone. Mar 22, Contact
e 11827 Vietnam: We would like to buy some machineries as follows: 
1) Used Crawler crane KH75, KH100 or other (Russian type is ok) (1 unit) any maker, capacity: 25, 30 tons,
boom: over 27m 
2) Used Mixer Truck (6 unit), Make: HuynDai, working:7m3/h, Model: 1998 up
3) Used construction equipments 
Komatsu bulldozers: 
D31P-16, D31P-17, D31P-18, D41P-3, D50P-16 
Hitachi excavator:  EX120-1, EX120-2 
4) Used mobile crane: (2 units) 50 tons Kato or Tadano crane fixed on Mitsubishi truck 
5) Used excavators (2 units) Japan original, bucket: 1,6 m3 
6) Brand new Maz 53371 (1 unit), 2 WD, short cabin, 
7) Used Trailer (2 units), 100 tons (12 wheel double) 400 tons
8) Soldier carrier (1 unit) Used carrier, 4WD, Big tyre type 
9) Used Uzan 4320 (3 units), Uzan 4320 made from Russia
Please offer us full details, competitive prices and pictures base on C.I.F Haiphong port, VietNam. Mar 22, Contact
BR: e 11826 USA: Please quote for 2000 sq ft 3 cm and 1000 Sq ft 2 cm of San Gabriel FOB NY. Our phone no. is 917 69.....Mar 22, Contact
e 11825 USA: Please quote for Kund Multi Slate, FOB Indian Port for natural surface, commercial grade thickness, standard tolerance - Please let me know the specs and I will approve. We buy 16x16" tiles. I will buy 12-20 containers per year. I am in GA 30071. Mar 22, Contact
e 11824 Germany: Landscape: We need about 80-100 tons, size: 7/8cm alternatively about 15/15 size granite cobblestones. See ready stock 305. We would like to buy ASAP. Our tel. no. is 0049-8085-1.....
Mar 21, Contact
ES: e 11823 France: We want Caliza Europa stone which is very similar to Chauvigny stone from France. We also want some Crema Marfil. Please quote. My contact no. is 00 44 207 22.....Mar 21, Contact
e 11822 USA: I need granite tiles such as Antique Labrador, Baltic Brown, etc. for a project. Qty. is 200 tiles. I would like to find the low cost and dependable provider of stone and tile as close to Kansas as possible. If close to Kansas I will pick up. If not, I can arrange shipping on pallet. Will buy a full pallet if price is right. Payment will be done by credit card. My phone no. is 316 75.....Mar 20, Contact 
e 11821 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: I want a the machine is Bordibreton 7500KG machine. My phone no. is 972-89..... Mar 20, Contact
e 11820 Germany: Artifacts: I am looking for transportable marble art, like small figures, sculptures, etc. from Vietnam and other countries. These should not be heavier than 1-5 kg. I am not interested in historical Asian marble art but more in everyday goods like modern ashtrays or other cutlery. My phone no. is 004941317.....Mar 20, Contact
e 11819 UAE: We are looking for following below mentioned: 
1. Gabbro Stone size 70mm,10mm,5mm - 500,000MT
2. Gabbro Stone size 20to22mm, 13mm, 10mm - 3million MT. The requirement is very urgent. Please quote your best price C&F Dubai. UAE. Mobile no. is 0097150 3.....Mar 20, Contact
e 11818 Australia: We buy rough semiprecious stone for our cutting worldwide. We are looking for A grade jade. We are looking for a quality that is consistent good obvious bright green, not dark so it looks black ... no or VERY minimal cracks. Please give the technical name of your jade - eg. nephrite, jadeite, etc. - photos of the rough WET and best FOB price per kg, shipping port for an order of about 1,200kg to 2,400kg ... 4 to 8 200lt drums. We have NO interest in new jade/serpentine, only nephrite or jadeite. Willing to buy worldwide. My phone number is 61 3 948.....I am in Melbourne. Mar 20, Contact
e 11817 USA: Searching for stones and bricks for the outside of a house. My contact no. is (512) 52.....Mar 20, Contact
IN/BR: e 11815 USA: We are looking for prefabricated granite countertops 3 cm with quarter bevel edge on three sides and 2cm with a laminate 2cm same edge. Countries: Brazil & India. Terms: 2-3 months. We need prices and color availability information. Ordering approximately in 2 months. My location is NJ 08009. Mar 20, Contact
e 11814 USA: I am looking for marble which contains fossils of shells, plants, etc. Size is irrelevant, except maximum is 16" x 16". Chunks or scraps are acceptable. Quantity to start would be a couple of pieces. I plan to section the stone to expose fossils suitable for inclusion in pins, pendants or small wall "pictures". I do business as mosaic artist  in Vermont. My telephone # is (802) 88.....I have not used fossil stone before, and want to see what different stones yield in the way of fossils before I make a larger purchase. Mar 19, Contact
e 11812 Germany: Retail: I am looking for basalt massage stones. Please send me some samples of your stones and a price list including the costs sending them to Germany. I may probably need bigger amounts in the future. I am in Hamburg. My minimum quantity is a set of 50 Stones. Mar 19, Contact
e 11811 Poland: Waterjet: We are interested in purchasing engraving machine type CNC. Our general requirements as to machine as above are: working range (X x Y x Z) approx.: 300x200x200mm, spindle speed: 30.00 min-1, deep engraving in hard materials (tooling steel), circular engraving devices, high running true accuracy, working with CAD systems. Could you supply us with your technical offer with pricing, please? Mar 19, Contact
e 11810 UAE: Earthmoving machinery:  Please give me your best price CNF Dubai for CAT 14G. Mar 19, Contact
e 11809 USA: Landscape: Please quote for landscaping stones as displayed in pricelist 1071. I am in the purchasing stage. I am able to take full tractor trailer load quantities. My cell no. is 240.36.....Mar 19, Contact
e 11808 USA: Retail: I am looking for a piece of Carborundum approximately 8"x4"x3" in its natural state for a project that I am working on. Is this stone available in the previously mentioned size? What would be the cost of this stone? Is it possible to get other stones in the above size in their natural state? In other words, rough cut, untreated or unpolished. I live in Bucyrus, Ohio. My phone number is 419-56.....Mar 19, Contact
e 11807 USA: Retail: I am interested in Blue Pegaso granite for a 9 x 14 Ft. kitchen counter top. You can call me at 807-47.....Mar 19, Contact
e 11806 Kuwait: Earthmoving machinery:  We are interested in Kato NK type cranes or Tadano TL or TG type from 25 tons to 50 tons as model 1985 to 1997. Please send your offers with photos and prices CIF Kuwait. Mar 19, Contact
IT: e 11805 Japan: We are importing constructing materials, and working designing and constructing for Japanese market. Please send quotation of the following: 
PERLATO SICLIA POLISHED finish, 400x400xT15 =400mm, Two sorts of grade, high class and middle class. We like to receive each sample, if possible. Our tel. no. is +81-6-65........Mar 19, Contact
e 11804 USA: Landscape: Looking for a DIRECT supplier of Pennsylvania bluestone treads (2" thick), pattern and flat fieldstone plus Indiana limestone treads (2" thick) and pattern. Phone no. is 781-93.....Mar 19, Contact
e 11803 USA: Retail: I am interested in purchasing a slab of 2cm Bahia Blue granite to be delivered to Irvine CA. What would it take to get this done and how much US$? 949.39.....Mar 19, Contact
e 11802 USA: Retail: We are about to find cabinets and remodel kitchen in 25 days and want blue pearl with half bullnose, oddities are a rounded 48lx 36w" 3 side and sub-mounted sink. Looking for sale and install. We are in GA 30333. Mar 19, Contact
e 11801 USA: Landscape: Looking for bulk palletized Tennesse crab orchard. Pieces must be large but thin approx.1.5 to 3" I will handle trucking and pay cash and carry. We estimate about 30 to 35 pallets a week, for six months. Start up is in mid April 2004. My phone is 973 58.....Mar 18, Contact
e 11800 Malaysia: We are interested in Royal Botticino (polished) with the following size 600mm x 600mm x 20mm. Area required is about 1000sqft. Pls give us your best price quote soonest possible.
We also need to know the following information:-
1. Delivery timing (lead time)
2. Inspection - it would be easier if you have a rep office in Singapore.
3. Terms of payment
4. Sample required immediately. Contact No: 60122......Mar 18, Contact
e 11799 QATAR: Earthmoving machinery: We are looking for 20 Ton Boom Crane Truck Mounted in Excellent Working condition. The Requirement is Very Urgent. LH Drive will be preferred. TEL: 450.....Mar 18, Contact
e 11798 UK: Retail: I am looking for 35m2 of Marron or something similar, Emperador marble in London. Please send me a price list for 10mm thick tiles, sizes, availability and pictures if possible. My phone no. is 079711.....Mar 18, Contact
BG: e 11797 Hungary: We are a Hungarian stone design company and we designing, manufacturing and putting together entire marble bathrooms, individually designed elements of interior architecture, fireplaces, stairs, internal and external bars, kitchen and bath furnishing. 
We have a customer who interest about Bravo Extra and Bravo Buff limestones. He like to buy about 400 m2 of limestone tiles. So please send us a fresh pricelist for 2 and 3 cm thick tiles, slabs and block for this stones. Our tel. no. is +3620 9.....Mar 18, Contact
e 11796 UAE: We urgently need machines for extracting blocks from the quarry as displayed in ready stock 557. Please inform us of price, origin of the machine, present Location, technical features, cooling system, engine transmission and available units. Also send us alternative offer if you have any other machines available with the same function. Our tel. no. is 00971 4 88......Mar 18, Contact
e 11795 China: We are the Denim washing factory looking for the Pumice Stone. Please provide us with information and quote. Mar 18, Contact
IL: e 11794 Lithuania: We searching for suppliers of limestone with different finishing. Company must be from Israel. Our tel. no. is +370 698.....Mar 18, Contact
e 11793 USA: I am interested in Royala Uburn, Mountain Green and Lake Superior Green. Need 1" sample. My phone no. is (202) 20.....Mar 18, Contact
e 11792 USA: Retail: Looking for Pietra del Cardoso near Pittsburgh PA. We have never seen the stone in person. We saw it on the Cover of This Old House Magazine. We would like to be able to see a sample or visit a distributor to see a slab. These measurement are approx. The one side would be 171" the other would be 64" and 36". Like I said these are approx. but it is pretty close. Mar 18, Contact
e 11790 UK: Retail: Would like to source stone slabs or possibly marble for use as the base for a kitchen worktop. My tel. no. is 44-77114.....Mar 17, Contact
e 11789 USA: Artifacts: I would like to purchase fountains 0019 - 0001 or 0019-0002 (exactly in the picture) and delivery to my door in San Diego. Kindly reply with item cost, shipping and handling and any hidden cost. You can call me at 858-88.....Mar 17, Contact
e 11788 Qatar: Quarry Machinery: Please quote with photos, terms and conditions, etc for a KATO NK TRUCK MOUNTED CRANE. Ready stock 534. My tel. no. is +974-46..... Mar 17, Contact
e 11787 USA: I am trying to find a natural dusty red stone called Rojo Alicante. It is in 4x4 size. Not really loud but has pale color and streaks of white and it looks powdery. My phone no. is 703 49...... I am in VA. It will be used for a kitchen countertop. I think it is about 40 ft. Mar 17, Contact
e 11786 UK: We are looking for companies worldwide to supply us with Granite slabs, Marble slabs, cut to size hearth and back panels and marble surround, cut to size worktop. We need shipping costs and delivery time. Our tel. no. is 01375 8.....Mar 17, Contact
e 11785 USA: I am opening a store with in 6 month and I am looking for a solid surface stone and tile supplier for the NC area. We are looking fro supplier who could provide us with display samples. My phone number is 
919-52......Mar 17, Contact
ALL: e 11784 Lithuania: We make tombstones and we want to expand into granite and marble plates, slabs and others products made from granite and marble. We can be representative enterprise in Lithuania. We have 10 years experience. Mar 17, Contact
e 11783 Canada: Retail: We are looking for Indian Marble, Fancy Green in slab for a fireplace facing. Measurements: 1 piece 62 inches wide by 18 inches high and 2 pieces 14 inches wide by 26 inches high. Please provide availability and cost in USD. We are home owners looking for Indian Marble Fancy Green slab to re-face a existing fireplace. We are located in Canada but can arrange to pick up in either Boston Mass or Albany NY. Phone number: 613-83.....Mar 17, Contact
e 11782 USA: Retail: We would like information on prices of your black basalt stones to put full body kits together of at least 50 to 60 stones per kit with different sizes. I am sure this is something your company has knowledge of. Could you please give me an idea of what this would run or do we buy in bulk and put together ourselves? We are in Ohio. Our tel. no. is 330-62..... Mar 17, Contact
e 11781 UK: Retail: I would like, 40x40 slate tiles 3 metres squared maybe 4 to allow for breakages. The colour is copper color Indian slate. Mar 17, Contact
PK/BR: e 11780 USA: I am looking for Ziarat White marble 24" x 24" tiles in any decent thickness. See pricelist 1055 as a reference to purchase price. I am also looking for Verde Butterfly. Mar 17, Contact
e 11779 Spain: Earthmoving Machinery: We are looking for: 
Forklift 7 at 8 tons, with free lift and triplex mast.
Forklift 15 t, side loader preferably mark BOSS. 
If you have this, please send us your offers as soon as possible. Tel. no. is +34 977 8......Mar 17, Contact
BG: e 11778 France: Please quote for Vratza limestone light slabs and tiles. What is the quantity available per month for slabs in 2 and 3 cm, polished /mat. AND AVAILABILITY / QUANTITY per month quantity available per month for polished tiles. Tile size: 40 x 40 x 2 and 60 x 60 x 2, 30.5 x 30.5 x 1, 40.6 x 40.6 x 1 and 
30.5 x 61 x 1. Our tel. no. is 01424..... Mar 17, Contact
e 11777 Pakistan: Stone Processing Machinery: Please quote C&F Karachi for a block cutter as described in ready stock 559. Mar 17, Contact
e 11776 Australia: Stone Processing Machinery: I am seeking a machine that makes Ceasar Stone Quartz Surfaces. My phone no. is (02) 967..... Mar 17, Contact
e 11775 USA: Landscape: I am looking for a general price for granite pavers (approx 3" thick) in three sizes - 6" x 6", 5.5" x 5.5" and 5" x 5". The pavers will be installed in a streetscape project in FL along sidewalks and in the street as an accent to concrete pavers. I prefer first quality, but will accept second with little variation in color and size from stone to stone. The surface will be rough cut or split face. There is an estimated quantity of more than 500 of these pavers on the project. A contactor will provide the installation. If we can buy from a GA or Florida supplier, it would be preferred, to keep shipping costs down. Please send me a price for an order of 500, including shipping to the Tampa area. Please also send any information you may have on granite paver, cobblestone, curb, etc. suppliers in GA and FL.  I am a landscape architect in Sarasota, FL. Phone: 941-95...... Mar 17, Contact
KR: e 11774 USA: We are one of six firms being considered for the architect of a War Memorial in Arkansas. I have proposed that stone such as South Korean granite be imported, polished, and have etched in its surface scenes from the War. I am looking for samples or images of the type of stone that may be available. My phone no. is 501.66.....Mar 17, Contact
AR: e 11773 USA: Please quote for extra marble from Argentina. Mar 17, Contact
e 11772 USA: I am looking for 2300 sq ft of 18x18 absolute black tile in the Ft. Lauderdale area (nice grade). Our tel. no. is 770-59.....Mar 17, Contact
ES: e 11771 Canada: Would like to contact suppliers of Mondariz granite blocks from Spain. Our contact no. is 418.66.....Mar 17, Contact
e 11770 USA: Retail: I need a piece of Indian slate that is approximately 30 inches X 60 inches. I could go smaller if necessary. Rough edges would be best, although I could use if cut. How could I acquire a piece of 'Peacock' or 'Gold', as found in Indian slates, and what would the cost be? I live in Hummelstown, PA (Zip code 17036). Mar 16, Contact
e 11769 Russia: We specialize in slate. We are starting to promote new stones from Europe and US countries. We want a direct supplier of African Slates. Our tel. no. is 007 095 78.....Mar 16, Contact
e 11768 Poland: We are producers of billiard tables, football tables, hockey tables. Now we are interesting in billiard slate slabs purchase. The following are quantities: 
6ft dimension 1910 x 990 x 19MM- quantity 14 pcs.
7ft dimension 2108 x 1092 x 19MM- quantity 30 pcs.
8ft dimension 2324 x 1206 x 22MM- quantity 70 pcs.
9ft dimension 2642 x 1372 x 25MM-quantity 18 pcs. Our tel. no. is 0048 13 43.....Mar 16, Contact
e 11767 USA: I am interested in the 10 miron nickel coated diamond powder. Please send me details. My phone no. is 321-72..... Mar 16, Contact
e 11766 India: I need people who can supply colour stones & mother of pearl for inlay work in India. My phone no. is 0712--22.....Mar 16, Contact
ALL: e 11765: We wan to buy granite 1000 sqm monthly. The size slabs of 160 cm high and up X 250 cm wide x 2 cm thick. Also require slabs 80 cm high x 220+ wide x 2 cm thick. Please quote FOB Morocco for all colors available in ready stock. Mar 16, Contact
e 11763 Yemen: I like stones Hellshire Castle Pink & Hellshire Pink from Jamaica. Please provide us with your best offers regarding the price of the above types in square meter or cubic meter. Our phone no. is + 967 1 2.....Mar 16, Contact
e 11762 Australia: Tools & Machinery: I am a Importer of Machinery and Consumables for the Stone Industry. We are looking for Hand tools and Consumables for the Stone Industry from China. We are only Interested in Machines, Hand tools and Consumables to do with the Stone Industry. We estimate to import approximately 120,000 tons of consumables a year. If price fair and products good we will purchase. Our tel. no. is (03) 978..... Mar 16, Contact
e 11761 Turkey: We are a multinational trading and construction company, and have been aware of a rather new product in the industry which is extremely thin cut granite slabs of appr 0.08" (2 mm) epoxied on aluminium or steel surfaces for exterior and interior wall siding. The absolute advantage is of course the weight. We need to find out the producer(s) of this product and surely the technical specs, applications.etc. We can be a wholesaler, distributor or agent of these manufacturers. It is rather premature to speak of any quantity at this stage, but it will surely be somewhat considerable if we decide it on a commercial project to begin with; however, it will build up gradually if it is what we assume it is. Mar 16, Contact
209 36.....Mar 16, Contact
e 11759 Singapore: We seek long term supply of natural Black Granite custom cut and Polished to specific sizes for use in high rise building construction. Please quote for finished products per square meter, cost and freight, Ports of Los Angeles and Charleston South Carolina, USA. Suppliers can use Min Quantities of 5,000 sq meters as target quantities for initial pricing calculation per port. Detailed information as to provider, quarry location, maximum lengths and widths available along with packing methods and material required. Our tel. no. is 65 - 656..... Mar 16, Contact
e 11757 Thailand: We are sourcing for Pumice stone from Indonesia for washing denim factory. Our tel. no. is 662 45.....Mar 16, Contact
IN: e 11756 India: We require granite tiles for exports in natural form in White, Grey, etc. colours. Please inform us of prices and samples. Our tel. no. is 0091-22-288.....Mar 16, Contact
e 11755 USA: Retail: I am looking for approx 30 sq ft of 3mm superior green  countertop. Mar 16, Contact  
e 11754 Spain: Please quote for yellow granite with fine grains in slabs. Also quote for black granite. Mar 16, Contact
e 11753 USA: Landscape: Searching for a source & estimated pricing for 2-inch white, washed granite gravel. Approx. 1000 cubic-yards. Site location: Louisville, Kentucky. Need information ASAP. Our phone no. is 314-33..... Mar 16, Contact
e 11752 Canada: Retail: We are looking for white slate pencils to use in our school house museum. Our suppliers can only get gray pencils, and this is no good when we have children write on slates. We have been buying the pencils in boxes of 100, for $15 a box. Could you let us know what your cost is? We know of other school house museums that are also looking for white slate pencils, so we could pass your name on if you like. 
Could you just confirm that the pencils you have are actually made of white slate and not chalk? We are in Ontario. Mar 16, Contact
e 11751 Mauritius: Retail: I am a retail buyer and I need 2 sheets of granite for a kitchen counter. Measurements are 3 m 40 x 70 cm x 3 cm Sheet and 1 m 70 x 70 cm x 3 cm Sheet either in Blue Pearl GT (Norway), Blue Pearl GC, Emerald Pearl (Norway) and Volga Blue (Ukraine). Polished surface & rounded edges. I would like to get the best deal (including prices and shipping fees). I need to receive them in one month. My phone no. is +230 73.....Mar 15, Contact
IT: e 11750 Egypt: We want Carrara marble. We need about 1000 cbm blocks and 5000m2 polished slabs. Please quote CIF Elamarate and CIF Egypt. Our tel. no. is 01039.....Mar 15, Contact
e 11749 USA: Retail: Please quote for 1 ton various size 2-4" black mexican beach pebbles and dark charcoal grey or chocolate (possible Tennessee blue) colored flagstone in depths suitable for stepping stones and also large patio construction. My contact no. is 864 41.....Mar 15, Contact
e 11748 China: Our customer likes the stone Mystic Green. Please quote. Our tel. no. is 0086-592-51.....
Mar 15, Contact
e 11747 Spain: Earthmoving Machinery: We want to know the price about the Komatsu 375 and more information. Our tel. no. is 0034 93 50..... Mar 15, Contact
FI: e 11746 Bahrain: We are a large group in Bahrain with interests in Construction, Contracting & Trading. We are interested in dealing with companies in Finland supplying tiles & slabs of Finish granite - especially Baltic Brown. Our fax. no. is 00973 7..... Mar 15, Contact
e 11745 USA: I am need of 2700 sq ft black galaxy tile available for immediate delivery to South Carolina - zip code 29577. Tile size 12" to 18". Must deal early this week. I am in SC 29577. Mar 15, Contact
e 11744 USA: Retail: I am looking for a California supplier of Gallo Veneziano 12x12 granite tiles. I need approximately 60, polished delivered to Bakersfield 93312. Mar 15, Contact
e 11743 USA: Retail: Please quote for counter tops. Sketch can be emailed to interested suppliers. I would need the stone cut for the sink insert and the corner. By my estimate, I need 231 inches of counter top before the corner cut. We live in Maryland. Please let me know what colors are available and the cost. I can pick up the counter tops if the supplier is within 300 miles. My contact no. is (410) 34.....Mar 15, Contact
e 11742 USA: Retail: I am looking to find a large piece of large sandstone boulder, light to sand coloured, for a fireplace base, the size is approximately 16''x10''x72'' with two sides smooth and flat and the rest rough finish, could you please advise if you can supply such a piece of stone, we are located in Warrenton. Mar 15, Contact
IN: e 11741 UAE: I am looking for Indian Green Marble around 500 - 1000 sqm. Kindly send me the FOB and CIF Price to UAE - Dubai Port. Please confirm pricing in USD / sqm. My phone no. is +9714 32.....Mar 15, Contact
e 11740 USA: We are looking for granite for counter top and tile. We are located on MA and have computerized wet jets for cutting. We are very interested in getting pricing. Mar 15, Contact
e 11739 Australia: Earthmoving Machinery: Please supply information on the LT7500 Sterling Trucks. I have a project in Nauru for 5 Heavy duty dump trucks. Could you supply rock bodies fitted to the trucks? My phone no. is 617 382.....Mar 14, Contact
e 11738 Vietnam: We are a machinery and spare parts supplier in Vietnam. We have received an inquiry from our customer concerning to stone processing machines as displayed in ready stock 309. Please send us catalogs and pricelists. Mar 14, Contact 
e 11737 USA: We recently bought a house that has flooring of some type of marble or polished travertine. We found several tiles in the attic. One of them still has a sales sticker on it which says it's Philippine Travertine. The purchase of the tiles must have been about 20 years ago when the house was built. The sticker shows it sold for $5.25 a square foot. The tile is a beautiful rose tone with lots of variation from stone to stone. Some are almost white while others are almost taupe. The majority are peach/pink with swirls of all the other colors including yellow/gold. I would love to find more of this to replace damaged tiles in the house. Mar 14, Contact
e 11736 USA: We need Granite for counter tops min 3 cm, unusual colors from India and China. Prefer earth tones. Marble Tiles: 40 cmx40cm...light colors like Crema Marfil, China & India. Onyx: Slabs any colors except greens. Quality: Zero tolerance on fitting tiles! CLOSE OUTS (in US also) welcome. Mar 13, Contact
e 11735 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: I am looking for a used walk behind diesel block saw, in the 30 to 60 hp range. I am in PA. USA. My phone number is 570 43.....  One such model would be the Target PRO65 III 48 saw or something similar to this. I am in immediate need of this. I am willing to purchase this in or someplace close to Pennsylvania, or surrounding areas. Mar 13, Contact
ZA: e 11734 Hungary: We are in trade since 1993 with granite from India and China. We need 5-10 containers material per year from Africa. The most demanding stone is RUSTENBURG DARK (slabs and cut to size). We are enlarging our premises so it's possible to buy from you. We are interested about: top mirror polished, 
without any spots, cracks only first quality material, random slabs:
ca. 220/230 x 120/130 x 10cm
ca. 220/230 x 120/130 x 5cm
ca. 220/230 x 120/130 x 3cm.
cut to size: 
70 x 90 x 10cm
120 x 18 x 10cm.
Please send us a pricelist (FOB) about the following colours: RUSTENBURG DARK (IN) and OLIVE GREEN.  Mar 13, Contact 
e 11733 Turkey: Please quote for a complete set of stone processing machinery, ranging from cutting of blocks to polishing of tiles. Our contact no. is +90.555.29.....Mar 13, Contact
e 11732 China: Please quote for pumice stone. Size 1-2cm / 2-3cm. I am willing to buy from Shanghai, China. Our phone No. is 0086-512-63...... Mar 13, Contact
e 11731 USA: Landscape: We are seeking pavers, flagstone, boulders for landscape and art use. Also want Beaumaniere blocks. We are in CA 93103. Mar 13, Contact
e 11730 UK: Retail: Looking for 30 sqm of Supren and 4 sqm Charcol Rose Turkish marble - we are in London. The tiles should be 30cm x 15 cm or near that. Our tel. no. is 00 44 7767 8.....Mar 13, Contact
e 11729 Turkey: We are a glass manufacturing company. We are using brawn aluminium oxide 100 micron. If you have same type of product. Please inform us more details and price on the base of 10 M/T purchase. (if available CF/CIF). Our tel. no. is +90 242 33.....Mar 13, Contact
e 11728 UAE: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for a motor grader caterpillar as described in ready stock 369. Mar 13, Contact 
e 11727 Iran: We are an import and export company. We are interested in your products. We want to know more about your products and company. We have large markets in different cities of Iran and can sell your products. Please send us your latest catalogue of productions about your products. Mar 13, Contact 
e 11726 Japan: Send me a price list of granite tiles/slabs. Mar 13, Contact
e 11725 USA: Retail: I am curious about the physical properties of Sodalite Blue which is catergorized on some sites as marble and on others as a semi-precious stone (I guess it is both). What this stone is like for use as countertops in kitchens and bathrooms and for special floor mosaic designs? Does it require sealing
and polishing? Mar 13, Contact
e 11724 Australia: Retail: We are looking for some Tangian stone tiles 300mm x 300mm to match some existing floors, our previous supplier in Perth has gone out of business. Looking for other suppliers in Australia. Mar 13, Contact
e 11723 USA: How to build a wishing well out of lime stone or rock? Mar 13, Contact 
e 11722 USA: Landscape: I am an architect looking for information for all building, retaining wall, and paver (walkways, driveways, plazas) stone applications--any brochure or catalog information that could be mailed is also encouraged. I am in KS 66213. Mar 13, Contact
e 11721 USA: We are looking for 8x8 tumbled yellow travertine. We want it for our family room and kitchen and would need approximately 800 sq. ft. We need it by late May. You can contact me at 978-52..... Please send me a price quote and shipping cost to ship to Gloucester Ma. Mar 13, Contact 
e 11720 Brazil: Stone Processing Machinery: Please quote for gangsaw as described in ready stock 559. Mar 13, Contact
e 11719 Ireland: We are interested in Importing between 10-13 containers of granite slabs in 2004. Most of these slabs will be Angola & Zimbabwe Black Granite. Slab Sizes 240 x 120cm and above. Thickness 2cm & 3cm. Our contact no. 00-353-61-4.....Mar 13, Contact 
e 11718 UK: Landscape: We are trying to make good contact for a reliable source for polished river stones. We urgently require a 20 tonne container comprising the following delivered to port in the UK:
0-10mm nominal grading
Gold 1 tonne in 25kg bags
White 1 tonne in 25kg bags
Mixed (Gold, White, Brown Black) 1 tonne in 25kg bags
10-20mm nominal grading
Gold 3 tonne in 25kg bags 
White 1 tonne in 25kg bags
Brown 1 tonne in 25kg bags
Black 2 tonne in 25kg bags
Mixed (Gold, White, Brown Black) 2 tonne in 1kg net bags
3 tonne in 25kg bags
20-40mm nominal grading
Gold 1 tonne in 25kg bags
White 1 tonne in 25kg bags
Mixed (Gold, White, Brown Black) 3 tonne in 1kg net bags. If you could let me have prices and photographs as soon as possible that would be most helpful. Our tel. no. is +44 1484 8......Mar 12, Contact
e 11717 Bahamas: I want to get a rough pricing and lead-time of your ivory travertine or limestone floor 
(see image attached). Need polished tiles of 12x12, 16x16, 18x18. We need this for a 76-unit luxury condo facility in Bahamas. We have estimated that we will need a total 300,000 square feet of flooring. We currently also have 3 more projects going that we will be looking for similar flooring. If there are different price breaks for different quantities please let me know what those are. We will look at the possibilities of buying even larger quantities if it looks beneficial to us. We plan on ordering with in 120 days. We would like to import. Would like to see pricing and samples of best verses commercial. We will pay for postage cost of samples. My phone no. is 242.32..... Mar 12, Contact
e 11716 USA: Landscape: Would like to contact quarry owners and suppliers for landscaping products like flagstones, pavers, etc. distributorship in Maine. Our phone no. is 207-87.....Mar 12, Contact
e 11715 USA: We are looking for a supplier that can provide us with an entrance sign made of flagstone for an entrance to a sub-division in Arkansas. We are looking for an approximate size of 6-8' wide by 5-6' tall. Our fax no. is 630-65.....Mar 12, Contact
e 11714 Myanmar: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for 3 units of reconditioned 10 wheel Wind/Box truck / year 1996 and up and the 3 unit of reconditioned 10 Ton Dump Truck /year 1997 and up on FOB Japan. Our tel. no. is 00 95 5.....Mar 12, Contact 
e 11713 Ireland: Landscape: I am a builder and I am looking for a stone wall which comes made up in sizes to order. I am building a stone wall & pillars.  Mar 12, Contact
e 11712 India: Stone Processing Machinery: I am interested in a gangsaw. Please let me know the following:
1. How old are the machines?
2. How much have they been run?
3. Transportation Cost to Jaipur, India?
4. Could you Email me the Image of the machine in installed position?
5. Is the price negotiable? Mar 12, Contact 
VN: e 11711 : Interested in Vietnamese stones. Mar 11, Contact 
IN: e 11710 USA: Please quote for Indian granites. I am in Utah. Mar 11, Contact 
BR: e 11709 USA: I am looking for a Brazilian stone - Canjiquinha. (See image). I am a retail buyer. I am in 
Los Angeles. I need approx. 300 sq. ft. Approx rate USD 5-15 per sq. ft. Needed ASAP. Mar 11, Contact 
e 11708 USA: Retail: I am looking to buy some travertine or limestone for a project I am working on. Where's your NJ warehouse? Mar 11, Contact
e 11707 USA: Retail: I am interested in purchasing Indian granite 2 slabs. Are there minimum requirements and how is the product taxed and shipped? I am located in Michigan. My phone number is (313) 58.....Price Range - up to $8 per square foot. Mar 11, Contact
e 11706 USA: Landscape: I am looking for nice field stone to do a 6" facing on a fireplace and chimney. I live in Asheville, N.C. and would like to find a close source. I've heard there are a couple suppliers in Marion, N.C. but I don't know the names. Mar 11, Contact
e 11705 USA: We need Azul Macauba, Brilliant Blues, possible gold streaks. (Seattle's stock not acceptable). Qty. is three slabs and 300 square feet 12" x 12" tile. Would prefer to ship from the West Coast to Seattle, Washington. My contact no. is 206-34.....We have time, but I would like to secure the stone if it is out there. Mar 11, Contact
e 11704 USA: I am in the beginning stages of purchasing a slab for fabrication of a countertop in a large kitchen. I will be requiring approx 3000 sq ft of any country of origin stone. I haven't decided on color but would like a lighter stone...I like the amarello Bangu...what other stones do you have that are blue? I have never bought directly and would appreciate any direction that can help. I am in PA 19460. Will will be moving into the house on March 30, 2004 and are not in dire need of stone but are willing to buy right away, too. My phone no. is 610 78.....Mar 11, Contact
BR: e 11703 USA: I am interested in Brazilian granite. I would like to increase my suppliers. I would also inspect the containers. Mar 11, Contact
e 11702 Saudi Arabia: Stone Processing Machinery: We are interested in machinery for processing granite. Please quote for relevant machinery. Mar 11, Contact 
IT: e 11701 Libya: Kindly you're requested to send us your quotation for the following:
Quantity of Slabs Marble and Block. 
1- 100 sqm of Slabs Marble (Bianco Carrara color
L = 280 M 
W = 160 TO 170 M 
Thickness : 2 To 3 CM 
2- 100 sqm of Slabs Marble (Bardiglio Grey color
L = cm.280 
W = 160 TO 170 CM 
Thickness : cm. 2 To 3 CM 
3- 20 Tons of block (Bianco Carrara CD)
4- 20 Tons of Block (Bardiglio Grey)
5- 20 Tons of block (Arabescato)
Note: Kindly you're requested to send us your quotation for the following:
Quantity of Slabs Marble and Block. 
1- 100 sq.mt of Slabs Marble (Bianco Carrara color) 
L = 280 M 
W = 160 TO 170 M 
Thickness : 2 To 3 CM 
2- 100 sqm of Slabs Marble (Bardiglio Grey color) 
L = cm.280 
W = 160 TO 170 CM 
Thickness : cm. 2 To 3 CM 
3- 20 Tons of block (Bianco Carrara CD)
4- 20 Tons of Block (Bardiglio Grey)
5- 20 Tons of block (Arabescato)
The requested Slabs Marble to be unpolished and free of breaks and commercial choice price. Your offer to Be C+F to Benghazi port - Libya. Our tel. no. is 00218 61 22.....Mar 11, Contact
e 11700 USA: Retail: My husband loves granite, but I would prefer not to have very dark colored countertops in our kitchen. Can anyone recommend some medium to lighter colored granites that would make good countertops - unlikely to stain, etch, scratch, chip, or crack. Mar 11, Contact
e 11699 USA: I am looking for a 2m block of pale blue marble with lots of blue in it and good quality. What would the price be? I like a marble called macauba, do you have this or one similar? Mar 11, Contact
e 11698 USA: I am looking for 350 sqft. of Rosa Salmon Dark 12x12. Mar 11, Contact
e 11697 USA: Retail: I am looking at a tumbled marble tile 6 x 6 and 3 x 6 size for a bathroom floor. After reading your page I am now concerned about the voids in the tile. Can I fill these with dark grout and still maintain the look of color variation that has attracted me to this tile? Also what was all the talk about sanded and unsanded grout? Seems like I really need to get to the tips? Mar 11, Contact
e 11696 Bangladesh: We are currently building a five star luxury hotel in Dhaka. We have chosen Cream Arena for our guest room bathroom. We need the polished finished marble. The requirement is as follows : 
Required quantity : 70,000 sft.
Size : 300 X 300. 
Thickness : Approximately 12 inches to 15 inches. 
We are a premier leading Real Estate Company in Bangladesh and at the moment we have four 20 storied commercial building under construction and half a dozen in the pipe line. We strongly believe that if your price is competitive, we could look forward to do business with you and it will be a golden opportunity for you and your company in order to capture a new market.
We also would like to know about the country of origin for the above mentioned marble along with their physical characteristics. We also require the appropriate sealer for that specific marble in order to prevent any future damage or stain. 
So, could you please provide us your best price for above marble to Chittagong Sea Port of Bangladesh considering the business opportunity that we can provide. Mar 11, Contact
e 11695 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: Please quote for Bavelloni EGAR 320-3. See ready stock 503. Mar 11, Contact
e 11694 Hungary: Stone Processing Machinery: Please send me, pictures and price for PEDRINI block cutting machine upto 30 blades of 1600mm diameter. Mar 11, Contact 
e 11693 China: We are looking for the df pumice stone for washing denim. Mar 11, Contact 
e 11692 USA: Retail: We are having a total kitchen remodel, including granite counter tops. 
Some of the overhangs on the counter tops are 14" in depth.
Can the 14" granite overhangs be reinforced with engineered steel?
The 14" overhang counter top area measures approximately 87" in length.
We do not want corbels since we are putting chairs in this area and we do not want to have any obstruction that might encroach on someone sitting down & possibly banging their knees against the corbels.
Can you tell me how and when this process should be done; our granite fabricator nor our cabinet maker will install the steel. 
Pertinent questions:
Can we reinforce the overhang with engineered steel?
Does the steel go between the bottom of the granite and the top of the plywood or does it go underneath the plywood?
Does the plywood need to be routed to accept the steel?
Where can I purchase this type of steel?
How far apart does the steel have to be placed?
Does the steel have to be angle iron, in other words does it extend down the side of the cabinet of just underneath or over the top of the plywood? Mar 11, Contact 
IL: e 11691 USA: I need price of jerusalem gold limestone 45 x 45 cm. I need 50000 s/f and 12000 30 x 30 cm and 80 slabs all honed. Mar 11, Contact
e 11690 USA: Can you please send me price of Russian white marble tiles and products? Can you supply info on Thassos ultra white per m2, interested in several thousand m2. Mar 11, Contact
e 11689 Australia: Could you please give some indication of pricing for various types of tiles. Tile sizes would be 300X300X10mm. Shipping will be by container loads. Pricing per square meter would be appreciated. 
Also required is an indication of order processing times. Mar 11, Contact 
e 11688 Malaysia: We are landscape company. We have a project which needs sandstone flower pots. Please send your company catalog and price list. Our tel. no. is 607-75.....Mar 11, Contact
e 11687 USA: Retail: We are looking for 400 sq ft of red limestone, travertine (Also dark peach). Please let us know if it is available and the price. I am looking for tiles 12 x 12 or 16 x 16 with a matte finish for interior use (red travertine). Mar 11, Contact
e 11686 USA: Interested in a piece of honeycomb calcite for sculpting, carving size of piece 46" X 19" X 11" thick shipped to Denver Co. Our studio is producing a project for a major corporation and we are in immediate need of a 1,000 lb block (50" x 22" x 11") of orange marble or onyx.  I need a piece that is a bright orange as possible, not yellow and also how fast could I get it delivered. Mar 11, Contact
ALL: e 11685 Morocco: We are a Moroccan company that specializes in the distribution of Granite / Marble slabs and  tiles to the Moroccan market. We are inquiring about commercial quantities of Granite/Marble slabs of dimensions about "3m x 2m x 2cm" and Marble tiles of dimensions about "40cm x 40cm x 2cm". We want to import few containers a month from good quality Granite and Marble for the best price available. This would be just a first order; If the price is right other orders will follow. We would need to receive samples of the available stones to choose from. First image samples then physical ones when needed. Please let us know if you have other specials and promotional offers in your inventory and send us a price list of your stone products that match our stated criteria. Our fax. no. is (+212) 22 9.....Mar 11, Contact 
BR: e 11684 USA: Please quote for Brazilian Granite. Our phone no. is 412-26.....Mar 11, Contact
e 11683 USA: I am interested in the Honey Onyx sink. We are in Fargo. Mar 11, Contact
e 11682 India: Landscape: I would like to buy cube stones from you in Chennai. I need 4 inches x 4 inches x 4 inches cube stones. My requirement is 25 tons delivery at Chennai. Mar 10, Contact
e 11681 USA: We would like to import Travertine from Mexico. We are a new wholesale stone company in Santa Barbara, California. Mar 10, Contact 
e 11680 USA: We urgently need 2500 sq ft of tan brown 18x18 polished tile. Job is in Las Vegas. Mar 10, Contact
e 11679 Ireland: Please send us a catalogue, we are interested in purchasing a number of your fireplaces.  Mar 10, Contact
e 11678 USA: Retail: I need pricing on a granite countertop 20 mm, 30 sq ft in Northern VA. Mar 10, Contact 
e 11677 USA: Landscape: I am interested in one to two loads of PA Sandstone for retaining walls. I am located in California. Mar 10, Contact
e 11676 USA: Retail: We are in the process of choosing tile for our home and like a travertine tile that is not completely polished - it looks "rustic" and is not filled. Is Travertine not a good choice for floors - like halls - that will see traffic. Mar 10, Contact
e 11675 USA: Retail: We are considering Bahia Gold for our kitchen countertops. Please advice with suitability. Mar 10, Contact 
e 11674 Australia: I am very interested to get some more information about Australian sandstone. I am interested in getting about 250m2 of 400mm x 400mm x 40mm, so if you could send me details of how long this type of order would take and costing. Also do you have sample pieces available. I will be in the Gold Coast area in the next 2 weeks. Mar 10, Contact 
e 11673 : Looking for an Indian Granite called Elegance. Mar 10, Contact 
e 11672: Stone Processing machinery: Please quote me the prices for a whole marble & granite machinery from mining to finish product. Mar 10, Contact 
e 11671 Vietnam: Quote CIF Ho Chi Minh City for PUMICE STONE. Our tel. no. is 84-879.....Mar 10, Contact 
IN: e 11670 Lithuania: Interested in Indian marble & granite slabs 2 & 3 cm. We need to get more information about stones are available, get some catalogues or samples 10x10cm and then start a lasting business. Mar 10, Contact
e 11669 Netherlands: Monuments: We are a memorial and remembrance stone company, and we are starting a factory in China. We are looking for machinery and tools. We are also interested in the monuments designs you can proceed, and the possibility to buy. Mar 10, Contact
e 11668 Singapore: Looking for a natural stone that glows in the dark. I first heard of it in Taiwan. Mar 10, Contact 
IN: e 11667 Qatar: Urgently req prices for 16 x 16 NERO ABSOLUTO BLACK, PARADISO CLASSIC, COLOMBO JUPARNA, INDIA JUPARANA & KINAWA granite tiles per sq.ft (export quality with champered edges). Quantity 3000 Sq ft. Tel. no. 0974 43.....Mar 10, Contact
e 11666 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for HITACHI MODELS like EX100WD, WH04D, 950B/E etc models, We want to place an urgent order. Mar 10, Contact 
e 11665 Japan: We are looking for suppliers of Quartz or Quartzite in Philippine. Our tel. no. is 03-350.....
Mar 10, Contact 
e 11664 Turkey: We are wholesaler from Turkey. We import and sell diamond tools. We are interested diamond tools as following:
1.Polishing Pad 4" 3T #50-#3000 
2.Wave Turbo Blade 180x2.5x7.5 with flange 100pcs.
3.Turbo Cup Wheel 4# aluminium body 
4.Segmental Saw Blade (wet) core 60mm.
Q350mm-Q400mm-Q450mm. Could you inform us your best prices and condition of payment please? Mar 10, Contact 
e 11663 USA: Retail: Where I can purchase Pietra Dorata 45 ceramic tile. Mar 10, Contact  
e 11662 Vietnam: Earthmoving Machinery: I need buy 2 excavator material handler (have wheel type, lift C/M reach 4.5 ton). Please send us prices CIF Haiphong port Vietnam, term payment and draft contract. Mar 10, Contact
IN: e 11661 Australia: Would like to import Indian granite slabs and tiles. Please quote. Mar 10, Contact
e 11660 USA: Retail: We are remodeling 2 bathrooms.  The stone would be for the tub area in one bathroom and the shower walls of the other bathroom in addition to one wall (not in the shower that rises up to approximately 36" tall - chair rail molding height and is about 8' in length).  Both bathrooms are on the small side with 8' ceilings. Include price list(s). We live in Waldorf, Maryland. Mar 10, Contact
e 11659 Mexico: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for a motor grader caterpillar. Mar 10, Contact
e 11658 USA: Where can I find bordeaux granite? Mar 10, Contact
e 11657 USA: Monuments: I am looking to order a memorial stone for my mother's gravesite. Mar 10, Contact
VN: e 11656 Netherlands: I am interested in natural stone products from Vietnam. We buy and sell remembrance stones for example and monuments. Mar 10, Contact
e 11655 Israel: We need Gohara beige - from Iran, light Travertine, Crema, Kamel pasha. If you can supply these stones please contact. We are going to come to Turkey next week. My phone no. is 972-360.....Mar 10, Contact
e 11654 UK: Retail: I wish to use fossil marble in my kitchen as a worktop. Ideally two pieces 40 cm x 65 cm and then an island piece 105 cm x 120cm. I live in the south of England, would it be possible to have these pieces made and sent to me. What sort of price would they be, would they be fully finished (I can supply a clearer specification)? How much would shipping be, how long would it take? Mar 10, Contact
e 11653 USA: Landscape: I am looking for 10cm granite cubes in black. They would be shipped to Minnesota in the states. What is the availability and price. We would be looking for about four hundred. What is the finish on the blocks. My contact no. is 701-23.....Mar 10, Contact
e 11652 USA: Please quote for sandstone blocks and tiles. See price list 344. Mar 10, Contact
e 11651 USA: I am in West Bloomfield, Oakland county, Michigan. I am looking for a marble refinisher for my hallway floor. I also have a marble coffee table top that I want to have reworked as a bathroom vanity top. Mar 9, Contact 
BR: e 11650: Please quote for Brazilian granite slabs and tiles. Container of slabs of mixed colors: Example, Verde Butterfly, Verde labrador, Santa Cecilia, Baltic Brown. Interested in Brazilian colors only. Thickness: 2 cm and 3 cm (one container of each). Any help or advice on which freight company to use to bring to Dallas, Texas would be appreciated. I would like to speak direct to quarries. My tel. no. is 972-62.....
Mar 9, Contact
e 11649 USA: Do you know what Giallo Tigre might be? Phone: 423 23.....Mar 9, Contact
e 11648 India: Would like detailed info on stone processing machines you have for sale. See ready stock 559. Mar 9, Contact
e 11647: Please send me more information (size, price, minimum orders etc.) on the S 1120 (Rustic Slate) from China. Information on other similar slate would be also appreciated. Mar 9, Contact
e 11646 India: Stone Processing Machines: We have granite processing factory in Gujarat state. We want to expand our plant. We are interested in Braton Gangsaw of 3300MM. Pls. quote us along with Bridge cutting machine. Mar 9, Contact
e 11645 USA: Would like detailed info on stone processing machines you have for sale. See ready stock 559. My phone no. is 201-39..... Mar 9, Contact
e 11644 South Africa: Please quote for travertine slabs and tiles (see image a Front of marble (Honed & Filled) & image b Back of marble (not Honed & Filled)). We are interested in container loads.  TILES SIZE 406MM X 406MM X12MM THICK, HONED AND FILLED. Our phone no. is 0027 41 58...... Qty is +/- 300 containers per year. Mar 9, Contact
e 11643 Vietnam: Stone Processing Machines: Please quote for Gang saw and other stone processing and finishing machines. See ready stock 494. Mar 9, Contact
VN: e 11642 Italy: Please quote for Vietnamese stones. Mar 9, Contact
e 11641 Singapore: We are interested in Shanxi Black. Please provide us quote of 600 x 600 x 20mm polished, including the stone contain result (test report). Mar 9, Contact
e 11640 Malta: I am an architect and I am very interested in ordering turkish hardstone and other material. Please email me a pricelist of Turkish materials. Mar 9, Contact
IR: e 11639 Saudi Arabia: We are marble factory based in Dammam. I need supplier for Irani Stone and Marble. I would like limestone and Cream marfil marble. My phone no. is +966353......Mar 9, Contact
e 11638 Kenya: Please quote for stone processing machinery as displayed in ready stock 559. Mar 9, Contact
IN: e 11637 Australia: I have a client who is interested in Kashmir White and Kashmir Gold. Can you please tell me where I may be able to source these as 10 mm tiles or 20 mm bench tops. Mar 9, Contact
e 11636: Quarry Machinery: We are very interested in purchasing a GROVE TM 1500 crane. We would appreciate if you could send us a quote, year of manufacture, hours of operation and general condition of the machine, and also pictures. Mar 9, Contact
e 11635 USA: Landscape: I need 800 cubic feet of river or beach pebbles in New Jersey 10013. Mar 9, Contact
BR: e 11634 Mexico: Please quote for Raw Silk from Brazil 60x60 tiles and slabs of 1.20 x 2.50 (approx). Tel. no. is 867.....Mar 9, Contact
e 11633 USA: Retail: Please email estimated cost to replace the broken Onyx. We need 3 pieces of matching 'yellow onyx' (see image).
a. 4 inches x 41 inches h=5/8 
b. 4 x 30 
c. 4 x 30
[each piece has a cut of 3/8' by 1/2' along the 2 sides so it fits like a 'T' in between the side walls] 
2) total of replacing the whole Onyx covering the total leg structure approx. 50sqf [includ. labor and everything]. Delivery location San Diego. Mar 9, Contact
e 11632 USA: Looking for Oiso sand from the Oiso River in Japan. The quantity I need is 1 cubic yard. 
My location is in Middle Island, New York. My tel. no. is 631 92..... Mar 9, Contact
EG: e 11631 Vietnam: Please quote GOLDEN Marble blocks and GALALA Marble "commercial choice". Mar 9, Contact
e 11630 Australia: I am looking for lava stone to make a bench top in Sydney. Mar 9, Contact
e 11629 USA: Earthmoving Machinery: What would be the delivered price to Phoenix, Arizona for a 
CAT 345B L
? I have a buyer for this unit if the hours are under 7000. My phone no. is 253-63.....Mar 9, Contact
e 11628 USA: We are looking for contractors who can supply labour for cutting, finishing, edging, polishing raw granite slabs, under mount sink installations, flooring preparation, splash installations, bathroom granite installations, countertop installations. Can you send your estimate/rate for the above work? Mar 9, Contact
ALL: e 11627 Ireland: We are looking for Marble, Slate, Limestone & Granite for Export to Ireland. Please send a price list and specs. If I like what you have I will arrange a visit to you in ten weeks. Mar 9, Contact
e 11626 USA: How much would it cost to ship one ton of "Botticino Classico extra" to England? I wish to use the marble for sculpting purposes. Quantity: 1 ton. What are the various options please? Presumed cost: 25 USD per ton - how much is shipping? Can it go with other consignments? Mar 9, Contact
e 11625 USA: Retail: We are interested in sealed azul cielo tiles in two sizes, needed within 8-10 weeks, untreated price for wall tiles less than 20$/sq. ft.
1. 80 sq. ft. wall tiles
2. 40 sq. ft. small squares (1 or 2 in.) for flooring, preferably on mats. We are in MA 02030.  Mar 9, Contact  
e 11624 Ireland: Please quote for White Limestone 1st grade. Need tiles 30.5 x 30.5 x 1 cm; 40 x 40 x 1.5 cm; 40 x 60 x 1.5 cm; 60 x 60 x 1.5 cm sizes. Considering the nature of the material it is vital that a sample consistent with the overall product be acquired. Mar 9, Closed 
e 11623 USA: Retail: Do you have any valakos white or valakos spider available. I need approximately 75 square feet if the price is right and the delivery charges are acceptable. I am in Hartington, NE 68739. Mar 9, Contact
e 11622 UK: I am looking for 180 sqm of white limestone or travertine, preferably in 400X400X20 mm, but 300X300 may be acceptable. Delivered to the South East of the UK. Samples would be needed before purchase. My contact number is 07887 8.....Mar 9, Contact
e 11621 USA: Retail: I am looking for a section of granite (polished) to match my counter tops. It looks like Rosa Beta. I need a piece about 24" by 36". Do you have one? Mar 8, Contact  
CN: e 11620 Iran: We want to be your exclusive agent, for your stones like granites, sand stones & other Chinese rocks in Iran. Therefore we want to have your samples. After your samples received, we will order you after a month. (We want this 1 monthly time to study your samples quality & prices). All of the members of our company are geologists & petrologists and qualified for stones trading and studying. 
We want to import building stones in this types: Granite & sand stones in tile forms & slabs. Size:40 x 40 x 2cm or 60 x 60 x 2cm For tiles. Surface: polished, Quality: First & commercial. We will pay for postage cost of samples. We attach pictures of stones that we want to import. Phone: +9841133.....Mar 8, Contact
e 11619 USA: Artifacts:  Please quote for Mantle with over mantle pieces, Stone border tumbled marble 4 in width Medalion for floor with matching border. Tumbled marble with color selections 4x4 6x6 chair railing coving pieces. Shipping to Annapolis, MD. My phone no. is 717-38.....Mar 8, Contact
VN: e 11618 West Indies: Please quote for Vietnamese Stones. Mar 8, Contact
VN: e 11617 USA: We are interested in all Vietnamese stones and products made from Vietnamese Stones. Please quote. Mar 8, Contact
ES: e 11616 Ireland: I am interested in buying a container of a Cream Marble floor tile from Spain, e.g Crema Marfil, Crema Valencia, etc. Please can you forward a quotation for same and also indicate if it is possible to obtain some samples first. My phone no. is 065 63.....Mar 8, Contact
e 11615 Ireland: We are an Irish based fireplace retailer. We supply large number of stone and marble fireplaces on the Irish market. We are looking for a supplier who can provide us with the finished product - stone/marble fireplaces. We are not interested in purchasing the stone in its natural state, it must be manufactured as finished fireplaces. Mar 8, Contact
e 11614 India: Landscape: I am looking for pebble stones and cobble stones dealer in Bangalore. Mar 8, Contact
e 11613 USA: We do mostly rehab of homes and apartments... looking for best prices for kitchens and baths. Mar 8, Contact
e 11612 : Please let us know the price for Antique Finished Imperial Cream Marble. The size is 300m x 300m x 12mm. Quantity is 12,000sqm. Attached is a picture for your further action. Mar 8, Contact
IT: e 11611 Qatar: Please quote for Calacatta Crestola Tedeschi, Arabescato Corchia, Ambrato, Calacatta Macchiaoro, Calacatta Vagli, Cremo Delicato Tedeschi, Calacatta Imperiale, Calacatta Oro and Pallisandro Oniciato. Mar 8, Contact
e 11610 USA: Artifacts: Please quote for marble inlay table tops and floors. I am in Illinois 62236. Mar 8, Contact
e 11609 USA: Retail: I am thinking on trying this new Project on my kitchen countertops for the summer. I would like to install granite already cut 12x12 tiles on my kitchen countertops. I understand is a lot of work but, I am up for it. I have the time and installation tools not the $ for custom made ones. I am in Brighton, MA 02135. Mar 8, Contact
e 11608 USA: Landscape: I want to go there to buy heavy crab orchard stone for my project. I live in Knoxville Tennessee. My phone no. is 865-65.....Mar 8, Contact
e 11607 USA: I am interested in seeing what a sample would look like of a Travertine Marble in Jura Beige. I am interested in having this put in bathrooms on the countertops and shower/bath walls. Mar 7, Contact
e 11606 USA: I want to buy travertine tiles and trim (red to brown color) to cover my fireplace. Do you have a retail outlet or seller in Juarez, Mexico? Need 12x12, 3x6 and trim. Do you sell your products in Juarez or Chihuahua? Mar 7, Contact
e 11605 India: Waterjet Machines: We are interested in 3D, 2D, CNC And Engraving Machines, Routers. Please send us prices,  etc. Our tel. no. is 08924-2.....Mar 7, Contact
e 11604 Egypt: We would like to buy used (Reconditioned machine) polishing machine for marble from Italy. Can you send us a price list and the conditions and photo for machine if you have. Our tel. no. is +201239.....Mar 7, Contact
e 11603 UAE: We would be interested in your complete range of products since we are an interior design company based in Dubai and along side we do have a commercial range of products as well and we would be interested in being suppliers for your range in the Middle East. Kindly if you could send us some samples along with your price list. Mar 7, Contact
Mar 7, Contact
e 11601 USA: In need of 12 or 18" black galaxy tile. Mar 7, Contact
e 11600 Colombia: Stone Processing Machinery: Please quote for a bridge saw. We are looking to buy two used, good conditions and strong, granite and marble bridgesaws, to cut slabs until 4 cmts width. Mar 7, Contact
e 11599 USA: Interested in cafe forest 12"x12" marble tiles from India. Needed for one home. Request price and though quantity is small am willing to see if it is possible to ship. How long would it take for the tiles to arrive? We could pick them up in any location within an hour or two drive of Lansing, Mi 48906. Mar 6, Contact
e 11598 USA: Retail: I am interested in prices for cherry blossom and dynasty purple marble. Do you have in both marble slabs and 12x12 tile? I am also looking for 1-2 slabs of a marble called Phoenix. It is not Phoenix Green. My phone no. is 510.90.....Mar 6, Contact
e 11597 USA: Retail: I need 30 sq ft Red Zodiac Countertop. I am in Santa Clara. My price range or budget is $4000. Mar 6, Contact
e 11596 USA: We want soapstone for our kitchen counter top, something reasonably clear of veins. My phone no. is 914 83.....Mar 6, Contact
e 11595 USA: I also require large amounts of: Bluestone Pavers pure bluestone no greens/reds (1500 sq. ft) max. $3.25 sq. ft. Belgian Block 9"x5" (approx. 20 tons) max.$119./ton. PA, Wallstone (10 pallets) $120/pallet max. for my residential masonry projects. I am willing to buy from the immediate Tri-State area. Mar 6, Contact
e 11594 UK: I am looking to import granite worktops. Please send prices of what you offer. Mar 6, Contact
e 11593: Please quote for stone for jewelery from Iran. Mar 6, Contact
ALL: e 11592 Egypt: Please quote for marble - granite blocks, slabs and tiles. Mar 6, Contact
e 11591 USA: Retail: Would like quote on 1 pallet (360 sq ft) of polished absolute black granite. Delivery to 49090 area. 2 week time frame. Mar 6, Contact
e 11590 Pakistan: We want to import used diamond tools of different types in bulk. If you can supply send us details regarding. Our tel. no. +92-41-53..... Mar 6, Contact
e 11589 USA: I am interested in purchasing 18" or 24" tiles of crema marfil premium grade. I need about 1800 Sq. Ft. I live in Chicago. Currently I have a Quote of $6.00 Sq. Ft. Need better quotes. Mar 6, Contact
e 11588 USA: I am a builder and need 850 sq.ft. of PROVENZA 16x16 PZ Gotland. We are in Illinois 60022. 
I need this material a.s.a.p.; need to install the material within 2 weeks!! Need sample of dye lot; will then purchase!! Mar 6, Contact
e 11587: Earthmoving Machinery: I am interested to buy: 
(1) cat wheel loader 950b, 950e, 966d, 966 
(2) cat dozer d8k d8l d8 more 
(3) hitachi wheel excavator ex100wd-1wh04 
(4) komatsu motor grader gd605-1, gd705 more 
(5) dynapac v roller ca251, ca252, more 
(6) kato & tadano truck crane 20, 25, 35, 45, 50, and more. Mar 6, Contact
e 11586 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machinery: We need some used wheel excavators like Hitachi WH-04wd or Ex100 or Daewoo DH-05. Kindly inform us with pictures and other details you have. Mar 6, Contact
ALL: e 11584 USA: I am interested in buying some containers of mixed material. Please quote. Mar 6, Contact
e 11583 Singapore: I am interested in Fossil Sandstone with imprints on all tiles purchased. Do you sample of the tiles in 60 x 60? Mar 6, Contact
e 11582 India: We are looking to buy Calibrated granite surface plates. Mar 6, Contact
e 11581 USA: Please quote for Granite and Marble. I am actively looking for Granite and Marble tiles, Granite Vanity and Counter tops. Quantity depends upon price; one 20' container to start with. My phone no. is 770-51....Mar 6, Contact
e 11580 USA: Landscape: Interested in truck loads of moss rock. Destination West Babylon, New York 11704. Mar 6, Contact
e 11579 USA: I need a 5.2 m of cross cut travertine unfilled (Honed) suitable for bathroom floor and shower recess. I am after a creamy taupe colour. We are planning a bathroom renovation in about 6-8 weeks. How can I see some samples of your stone? I am from southern NSW (almost Victoria). Mar 6, Contact 
e 11578 USA: Please quote for granite and marble slabs and tiles. Mar 6, Contact
e 11577 UK: Please quote for Waterjet machine. Mar 6, Contact
e 11576 USA: Please quote 12x12 Rustic Green Polished Marble. I need approximately 250 sq ft. Mar 5, Contact
e 11575:  I am looking to buy Har-Tru stone surface material for a tennis court direct from the manufacturer. I need a couple of semi trailer loads. Mar 6, Contact
e 11574 UK: Monuments: We are looking for a new supplier who is dependable and has a large selection of monumental stone at reasonable prices. We would like to know the delivery time for stock to reach the UK, if we order special design stone how long would it take to be made up and shipped over? How long is your stone guaranteed for and how deep is the polish? Can you supply a price list in pound sterling? 
We at present bring in a container a month with basic ogee stone 27xx21x3 plate with a 3x24x12 base, 30x24x4 plate with a 4x30x12 base, these are the most common granite which we sell in vast amounts.
We also sell ruby red, blue pearl, emerald pearl, siva green, tropical green, visag blue, red multi, south african dark grey, karin grey, balmoral red, imperial white, bahama blue, paradiso, galaxy black and silver grey. We stock vases, books, hearts and splayed vases in small sizes such as 6x6x6, 8x8x8. Our customers also design their own stone so we would need individual prices and these would be e-mailed to yourselves.
We are based in Glasgow, Scotland. Mar 6, Contact

BR: e 11573 Lebenon: We are looking for traders who sell Brazilian granite (first and second choice only). Please quote.  Mar 5, Contact

e 11572 USA: I am looking for three products:
(1) Unfilled and tumbled (or chiselled edge), Travertine tile. Sizes: French Pattern (8X8, 8X16, 16x16, 16X24). First quality. Flexible on color, Noce, Ivory or Beige. Need 3500 square feet.
(2) Pavers. Size: 12X6X1 inch. Tumbled. Ivory color. Need 1500 square feet.
(3) Balustrades. Ivory Limestone. Classic Style. Size 28X 6.25 inches. Need 82 pieces. Capstone 12X36x1 inches. Need 25 pieces. Delivery needed in 60 to 90 days. Port -- US, Baltimore, Maryland or Norfolk, Virginia. Can you please give me a quote by square foot? Mar 5, Contact
IT: e 11571 Netherlands: Please give us your best offer for 25 tons white Carrara marble. We want to collect this marble next week (week 11). Our tel. no. is 0031-591-5...... Mar 5, Contact
e 11570: I would like to design my own floor but I can't find the stuff in shops. I would like a pink (sarease) and black floor, kind of a chess board. Mar 5, Contact  
e 11569 Pakistan: Please quote for a waterjet machine and a terazzo plant. We are read to visit your premises for inspection. Mar 5, Contact
e 11568 Kuwait: We are manufacturers of concrete blocks would like to use PUMICE STONE to produce light weight concrete blocks. Please quote per / ton KUWAIT Delivery For 3/8 inch or any suitable size for block manufacturing. Mar 5, Contact
e 11567 USA: Retail: I would like to have Turkish travertine installed in my kitchen, entry, TV room and bath. How do I go about finding the right person to do the job. I live in southern Ca and have concrete floors. I've been pulling up the current tiles, underneath is some kind of gray adhesive. Does that need to come off, before the floor is installed. I would like to have it butt jointed, does it have to be installed with the mud method, or is there another way. Mar 5, Closed
e 11566 Cook Islands: Could you please email me a price list for ceramic and marble tiles. Looking at buying some tiles from Indonesia but would like to get an idea on prices. Looking a 2000m2 quantity, glue and grout. Will be coming to Indonesia in April, so would like to get some prices and details before the trip. Mar 5, Contact
e 11564: I have received the request from the Italian customer concerning the marble. They are looking for following types:
Marbles type:
- Giallo Reale - royal yellow
- Bianco - white, all type of white ; total white or with black streaked or gray streaked.
- Verde Guatemala - Green Guatemala
- Botticino type Marble ( Botticino is one of the famous marble in Italy togerther with Carrara marble )
- Red Verona ( Verona is also an Italian city )
- Breccia - breach
- Azul Macaubas
- different types of blue
- different marble with different kind of veins
Our customer would like to know the price of the marble shipped in block or plate, Fob China and better CIF Italian port (Livorno, Genova). They need also to know the minimum quantity of single order. It is possible receive also some marble sample? Mar 5, Contact
e 11563: I am interested in a price for stone aggregate, specifically 1/4 - 3/8 inch in size for terrazzo installations. Would the stone be suitable and how is it packaged. I would like skid of 50 lbs. plastic bags. 
Mar 5, Contact
e 11562 Mexico: Quarry Machinery: We would like to have information a stone splitter. Our tel. no. is (52 222) 28.....Mar 5, Contact
e 11561 USA: We are looking for large, beautiful polished granite slabs for counter tops and walls. We are also looking for marble. What is price FOB.... Los Angeles. What your your quantity minimums on granite and marble. Mar 5, Contact
e 11560 USA: I am looking to locate the distributor of Azul Cielo marble slabs in California. I am looking for 5 pieces. Mar 5, Contact
BR: e 11559: Please quote for 3 cm 10 x 6 Ft slabs in Crema Bahia. Mar 5, Contact
e 11558 USA: We are very interested in buying Banisters made of MARBLE. Please send us your catalogues, price list, as well as the samples. We can review all your items better by having the catalogues and samples in hand which will enable us on making the decision to purchase your products faster. Tel: 001-904-24......Mar 5, Contact
ALL: e 11557 USA: We are looking for a distributor for marble, granite, slate & travertine slab & tiles. My office # is 228-86.....Mar 5, Contact (Free contact with if you provide your pricelist)
ALL: e 11556 UK: I am interested in slate. I am looking at starting with a container load of mixed colours, blue - green - black - multicolour and various sizes, is it possible to get a photo or brochure of the slate on offer. Mar 4, Contact
e 11555 USA: Please give me the location where the Granite slabs are located in the US. Mar 4, Contact
e 11554: Please quote stone products in landscaping and garden construction. Mar 4, Contact
e 11553 USA: Landscape: I am looking for a price on a granite wall. Black with the arc top measures 5ft wide and 5ft tall. I would like to know a price and also if there is a possibility of inlaying an us flag in one corner and an equality symbol in the other. I can be reached at 717-50.....Mar 4, Contact
e 11552: Please quote for filetto roso, trani botticino, fiorito h80 and antique stone. Mar 4, Contact
e 11551 India: We have an urgent requirement of desert sand granite (from Orissa) slabs of 30mm. I need 21 slabs gangsaw size 30mm. I need a sample. The order for 20 feet container could be finalized in a week.
Please find the attachment. Mar 4, Contact
e 11550 Austria: Please tell me the price of pink sandstone fireplace surround. Also your delivery terms for Austria. Mar 4, Contact
e 11549 India: We are interested in used waterjet machines. Send quotes and photos. Our phone no. is 91 04288 3.....Mar 4, Contact
e 11548 USA: Artifacts: Please quote for 1 or 2 green onyx pedestal. My contact no. is 888.40...... Mar 4, Contact
e 11547 Ireland: My immediate requirement is for 150 sq mtr of granite/marble floor tiles, but if the price is suits I may bring a full container i.e 400 sq mtr.
The majority of the Granite should be of a black variety e.g Nero Aswan, Nora, Galaxy Black (price permitting) and this would be approximately 150 sq mtrs in total. 
For the remainder of the order assuming that this is a full container this should be in Marble. The order could possibly be made up using some or all of the following types obviously if the the price is favourable.
Tile size to be 30 x 30 x 1 cm 
1. Marron Imperial (Standard) 50 sq mtr
2. Rojo Alicante - 50 sq mtr
3. Bianco Carrara 'c' 1st / Bianco Venatino 1st - 50 sq mtr
4. Crema Marfil - 50 sq mtr
5. Verde Guatemala/Chiesa/Issorie - 50 sq mtr
Please note that any of these marble and granite can be changed if a suitable alternative arises. I assume that it would be easier to bring all goods from one country even though I have mixed countries of origin therefore if the type and price is suitable I would be flexible. Phone No. 06568.... Mar 4, Contact
e 11546 Malaysia: We are the leading importer of marble. We have an enquiry for ivory cream marble, 3-5 tons per block (baby blocks). This is a long term business where we will purchase regularly. Kindly quote us your best price CNF Port Klang, Malaysia . In addition, kindly advise stock availability, photo and latest delivery schedule. Out tel. no. is 603-216.....Mar 4, Contact
e 11545 UAE: We are interested in Water Jet Cutting Machine for Marble. Please quote C & F UAE. Mar 4, Contact
e 11544 USA: Abrasives: We are looking for 5" inch sanding discs, velcro mounted. Do you supply? Mar 4, Contact
e 11543 New Zealand: Landscape: We are seeking 150mmx150mmx50mm cobble stone (granite). Could you please inform us about availability and the price. We also would like to know your best export prices for the standard size cobble Stone (FOB Mersin). Mar 4, Contact
e 11542 USA: Stone processing Machinery: Please quote for a gangsaw / track saw. Mar 4, Contact 
IT: e 11541 Korea: We are importers of many kinds of stones, marble, granite and limestone from worldwide. We need Bardiglio Scuro from Italy. We need samples 200x200mm, 20T, 2 pcs. Quote CNF Pusan for 600x900mm, 20T, 1000 M2. Our contact no. is (02)43..... Mar 4, Contact
e 11540 USA: Landscape: Please quote for cobble stones. Please send some information...pictures, prices, history, etc?? Mar 4, Contact
e 11539 Australia: Artifacts: I want a 18" Green / White Onyx Chess Board (squares are 2"). Please quote including shipping to Sydney. Our phone no. is +61 (0)2 931.....Mar 4, Contact
PT: e 11538 China: We need to get in touch with the quarry owner in Portugal for the granite Saint Louis. Need 300 cbm. Payment by LC. Our phone no. is 86 592 50....Mar 4, Contact
e 11537 China: We would like to import pumice stone from you. Could you please give us your detail price based on CNF XIAMEN?  Mar 4, Contact
e 11536 USA: Landscape: Request pricelist on flagstone sawed random pattern 1.5'' - 2.0". I am in 
PA  18944.  Mar 4, Contact
e 11535 USA: Artifacts: Please email me cost for stone sinks. I am looking for one sink. I am in CA 95519.  See  supplier 49 in artistic section Mar 4, Contact
e 11534 USA: Retail: I WANT 2 CASES OF 10 TO EQUAL 20 TILES OF JUPERANO FANTASTICO. NEEDED ASAP. I would like to have a price of the tiles if you can provide that for me and how soon I can get the tiles from you. I had to go a different route for the tile and a different color but I would love to get the matching tiles. Mar 4, Contact
e 11533 USA: I am also looking for a specific granite called Copper Brown. I believe that this material comes from either the USA or India. The quantity would be 20 slabs in 2cm and 25 slabs in 3cm. Depending on if the project grows, I may need more. Can you please notify me of the country of origin? Also, if there are any crossover names for this material. I am in Colorado 80524. Mar 4, Contact
e 11532 USA: I am interested in possibly 20-30,000 sq ft of the classico turkish limestone. Can I see sample online?  I am in Anaheim. My phone no. is 518-52.....Mar 4, Contact
e 11531 USA: I am interested in glazed and polished porcelain tiles. Please send me a few sample of your high end products and catalogues. I am in HI 96706. Mar 4, Contact
e 11530 USA: I am interested in purchasing tumbled marble in bulk quantities 12 x 12, 8 x 8, 6 x 6 and 4 x 4 tiles. Please let me know what the price structure is. My phone no. is 248-64.....Mar 3, Contact
e 11529 Russia: Earthmoving Machinery: Our company specializes in buying and selling domestic and foreign earthmoving, construction and road building machinery in central regions of Russia. Today we are searching the supplier of used heavy construction-earthmoving-material handling equipments of Japanese brands.
Please note that today our requirements as follows: 
1) Excavators Komatsu: PC300, PC340, PC350, PC380, PC400 (with 1.5-1.8(2.0)m3 bucket capacity, 28-40ton weight, with minimum working hours, good condition);
2) Bulldozers Komatsu: D155, D275, D355 (with minimum working hours, good condition). 
Please inform us about the possibility of working in this direction. Our tel. no. is +7(343) 36......Mar 3, Contact
e 11528 USA: Retail: I am looking to purchase tile for a dining room. I am in New York and my phone number is 914-99..... I am not sure of the quantity, I think about 30-50 tiles, I would like to make a border using the marble tiles. I am looking for a brown Emperador tile. Mar 3, Contact
e 11527 USA: Retail: I am looking for 4" square black marble, about 8 and one of 6" square. What are the prices? Mar 3, Contact
e 11526 USA: I need a marble in slabs called Verde Gold. Mar 3, Contact
IN: e 11525 Russia: We are a constructing company. We want to buy black granite. Please, send us the price of slabs of this granite 2 cm thickness and 3cm, one side polished and all necessary information regarding this type of granite and photos. Mar 3, Contact
e 11524 : We are looking for:
- Forklift 7 at 8 tons, with free lift, side-shift and fork-position.
- Forklift 4 at 5 tons, CARER electric.
If you have this, please send us your offers as soon as possible. Our tel. no. is +34 977 8.....Mar 3, Contact
ID/IL: e 11523 Argentina: Please quote for Indonesian and Israeli stones. Mar 3, Contact
e 11522 USA: Landscape: We are interested in red granite cobblestones from China. We are looking for approximately 27,000 blocks. 50% tan and 50% red Stock lists of Landscaping materials. Project date April 2004 time frame. Quote delivered to Chicago Illinois area. Mar 3, Contact
e 11521 Pakistan: We want to buy the complete machinery with parts for marble factory in Pakistan. Please send us complete information & price list of second hand & new machinery. Our phone no. is 0092 21 45.....Mar 3, Contact
e 11520 Australia: I am trying to find an architect with a flair for innovation. Just briefly, I am an opal gemstone manufacturer in Australia and I am about to produce an up-market opal tile and other opal gemstone accessories, that have the potential to create a new industry based around jewelry and gemstone features for the home. I am currently exporting to Spain and Dubai where mosaics are in demand, but I have not entered the American market yet. Mar 3, Contact
e 11519 Canada: Retail: I need 3 slabs of granite as well as 200 square feet of 18X18 granite tiles. The problem is the color, I need a cream/white colour but, I  am really looking for a uniform colour, not too many specks. More like a marble look however, it is granite. I am in Montreal. Mar 3, Contact
e 11518 UK: Retail: Looking for Medium veined Moleanos Limestone (or similar) suppliers in north west uk or mail order suppliers in UK.  Mar 3, Contact
e 11517 Pakistan: We need granite cutting tips from Korean manufacturers. Mar 3, Contact
CN: e 11516 Poland: please quote for LANHELIN blocks. Mar 3, Contact
e 11515 Canada: Retail: I recently read about a new product that has just been developed that uses the principle of laminated wood floors to float slate floors. The product is made in the US. Essentially, the slate tiles are bonded to a wood backing which is attached to foam underlay. These sections fit together in the same way a Pergo floor would, except that it is spaced to allow for calking after the installation. Apparently, it was made for the DIY crowd and a typical installation could take as little as 3 hrs. You can walk on it almost immediately. One of the interesting things is that the flooring doesn't even need to be absolutely firm as even the caulking has special epoxy in it that allows for some movement. Now my brother is thinking of redoing his kitchen floors and after hearing about the product, wants to consider it. However, now I can't remember where I had read about it and can't find a thing on it. I realize that you may consider this an abomination but thought you probably run into every type of new product in your area of expertise. Mar 3, Free Contact (Supplier profile needed) 
e 11514 India: Stone Processing Machinery: We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the established companies doing exports and are registered with various United Nations' Procurement Agencies and World Bank. We have an export order for 10 head marble and granite polishing machine with working surface width of 1000 mm - 20 numbers. Please forward us prices for the same on FOB Mumbai basis with complete specification, terms and conditions (delivery, validity, payment terms, packing details etc), please advise packing along with weight and loadability in 20/40 ft container. Our tel. no. is  +91-11-268.....Mar 3, Contact
e 11513 Pakistan: I am looking for material used in "Swelling material extraction technique". Could it be possible for you to forward me the detail of sellers of this material and what is its brand name? Mar 3, Contact
e 11512 USA: We are in the market to buy TURKISH TRAVERTINE 12 x 12" - 2400 sqft ASAP. We are interested in seeing the stock before purchasing for obvious reasons. We are looking for a reasonable price as we are going to be cutting and tumbling the material for one of our projects. If you stock broken 12x12, those would be our first choice. Otherwise, a standard 12 x 12 is fine. If you feel you have this material available anywhere near the city of Anaheim, Calif. Please contact us at your earliest convenience. Our tel. no. is (714) 99.....Mar 3, Contact
e 11511 Singapore: We are a Landscape company. We have a buyer from UK who is keen to buy bulk pebbles from us and we would like to explore the possibility to recommend your company's products. Their estimated quantity is 10 - 20 containers. Our phone no. is +65 679.....Mar 3, Contact
e 11510 Australia: I want sandstone from Indonesia. Here are the measurements: 
1. 300x600x100 sawn five sides and one side rock face
2. 300x600x20mm sawn all round
3. 2.3mx1.5mx50mm slabs
4. Please give prices according in Australian currency. 
We will start ordering a few containers and then increase accordingly. We are in Sydney. Our phone no. is 972.....Mar 3, Contact
e 11509 USA: Retail: Would like a granite called "Blue Parrot". Might it go by another name? If you know it, would it be possible to get a photo e-mailed? Mar 3, Contact
IN: e 11508 USA: Please send info on purchasing containers of Indian slate ready to buy. I am ready to purchase now. I am in Texas. 1-903-66....Mar 3, Contact
e 11507 Sweden: I am interested in buying marble. I would use it on my floor (marble floor). I am wondering how much each sqm costs. I will take care of the shipping myself. Mar 3, Contact
e 11506 USA: Do your prefab 2cm tops have a 4cm bullnose? Do you supply tops bullnosed on two or three sides? We are looking to purchase numerous prefab tops on a regular basis. We are located in northwestern Illinois, USA. Please tell me about your company, where you are located, and available: edge profiles, sink cutouts, left and right finished ends, colors, order quantities, pricing, etc.. Phone number is: 847.35.....Please quote. Mar 3, Contact
e 11505 USA: Earthmoving Machinery: Please send quotes with additional info for Excavator CAT 950. Mar 3, Contact
e 11504 USA: Retail: I am looking for 6 to 7 plates (approximately 30" x 30") of granite. We are trying to match an existing set called "Ran Mystique - Black" They are supposedly from India. My phone no. is (310) 84.....Mar 3, Contact
e 11503 USA: Retail: I need pricing on a granite countertop 8' in Los Angeles. Please contact 818/71.....Mar 3, Free Contact (Price list needed)
e 11502 USA: I would like information on slate tiles. Price per sq. ft for 1 container to Idaho. Can colors be mixed in a container? My phone no. is 208 26.....Mar 3, Closed
e 11501 USA: Landscape: I need 1200 sq. ft of 24 x 24 rose granite pavers approx 1" thick. Will need this material ASAP. Project to be completed by May. My zip code NY 10509. Mar 2, Contact
TR: e 11500 USA: Please quote for Suntan light from Turkey, honed filled. I am interested in 8,000 sq. ft of a medium beige travertine, 18X18 grade A. This stone will be needed in Colorado Springs, Co. (80904) around June or July. I am looking for a price around $2.00. Mar 2, Contact
IR: e 11499 Saudia Arabia: We want to buy marble slabs or cut to floor plan from Iran. Will go to Iran to check. Tel. no. 00966558.....Mar 2, Contact
SA: e 11498 Sudan: We are interested in marble and granite from Saudi Arabia. Our phone no. is 00249-11-7.....Mar 2, Contact
e 11497: Earthmoving Machinery: Please send us some 3-side Photos of Excavators (esp.Hitachi EX100 WD) & information regarding it including its price. Mar 2, Contact
e 11496 Iran: Earthmoving Machinery: We want to buy 5× KOMATSU WA 600. Model of required machines should be 1999 and upper as soon as possible. Phone: +98 (913) 11......Mar 2, Contact
TR/IR: e 11495 Turkey: Could you please quote us your best FOB and ex-factory prices for tumbled Red Travertine materials in various sizes? As we do not produce Red Travertine, in order to meet our clients' demand, we consider getting the material from a local supplier. Our phone no. is +90 258 26.....Mar 2, Contact
IN: e 11494 UK: Want high quality slabs of Andhi Marble. I have heard that there are some difficulties at the moment. I am in the UK and have positive responses from a number of customers. I am interested in details for any quantity of slabs, but of good quality and high polish. I am in the UK and I am interested in any quantity that might be available depending on the prices. I therefore have not specified a quantity as I would like to know what is available and at what cost. Mar 2, Contact
e 11493 UAE: We are interested in Water Jet Cutting Machine for Marble. Please send us your best price 
C & F UAE. Mar 2, Contact
ES: e 11492 India: We want 100 tons of Nero Marquino rough blocks of Gang Saw and above sizes. Give pricelist per ton and port (FOB). Mar 2, Contact
e 11491 USA: I need Retailers / Wholesalers throughout the USA to fill and deliver orders to my customers. I am looking for a "drop ship" relationship throughout the USA. Prices need to be very competitive (a significant reason for them to do business with you!). Since they probably will never meet you in person. These deals are going to be generated strictly on pricing! Please email me your current pricelist along with your contact address and phone numbers where I can contact you personally to fill orders and discuss payment as orders get filled. Orders will be pre paid by me prior to deliver to my clients. My tel. no. is 954 67.....Mar 2, Contact
e 11490 USA: Landscape: We are interested in diamond-sawn pavers & calibrated tiles of Arizona flagstone. We need to replace 98,000 sq ft of asphalt golf cart paths starting in June. In one area, we already have approx 1400 sq ft of 6" X 6" X 3" and 6" X 9" X 3" pavers. We are considering replacing another 12000 sq ft with 6" X 6" X 3"; 6" X 9" X 3" and 12" X 12" X 3" pavers. If your pavers are thick enough, we may be interested. Our phone no. is 520 6.....Mar 2, Contact
e 11489 USA: I want a stone cutting machine as displayed in ready stock 486. Mar 2, Contact
e 11488 USA: I am interested in finding a dealer who either has or can get either of the 2 following China granites sichuan red and blue diamond. Is anyone out there who deals in these two products? Mar 2, Contact
e 11487 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: Please Galeski 3000 cutting machine and I am very interested in it or similar products. Mar 2, Contact
e 11486 USA: Retail: Please quote for 102 inch x 42 inch polished labradorite blue australe for dining room table. Needed as soon as possible. Price negotiable. I am in PA 19146. Mar 2, Contact
e 11485 USA: Retail: I am Italian living in USA. I am about to update the kitchen in a house I just bought. I grew up with marble as counter tops in my house in Italy (600 years old marble in kitchen). So I'm not sure why people don't use it here or why contractors tell me not to use it. (some Americans only want shiny surface but I don't care). Can you recommend some sellers of marble or should I get some slabs in Carrara (my family from there), ship it myself and have someone install it here. ? How would I do this, taxes etc? Also, is it cheaper to get it from lapidiary makers (for cemeteries?) Also, what type of white marble do you recommend? Mar 2, Contact
e 11484 Djibouti: Quarry Machinery: Looking for a second hand stone crushers small size and medium sizes which can be operational without any refurbishing. Kindly quote C +F Djibouti price. If possible I would like to get some catalogs so that I can choose the machine which best suits my needs. Mar 2, Contact
e 11483 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: I am an machine dealer. I need a tiles polishing plant. Please quote and also mention its present condition because my client is really in need of it. Mar 2, Contact  
e 11482 Pakistan: Stone Processing Machinery: I need a cutting and a polishing machine. Please quote. At present time I am in UK, so if you need to contact please contact me in UK at 0044-78796...... My Pakistan no. is 0092-300 82..... Mar 2, Contact
Mar 2, Contact
IN: e 11480 USA: Please provide technical information on slate from Southern India. Density, compression tests, breaking loads, wear by attrition etc. Mar 2, Contact
e 11479 USA: Retail: I live in Hartford, Connecticut. We are interested in Green and White Onyx. My phone (860) 63.....Mar 1, Contact
e 11478 Malaysia: Please email prices of Vietnam yellow granite slabs of thickness 20mm and 25mm or gangsaw blocks CNF Port Klang or FOB Vietnam. Mar 1, Contact
e 11477 Bosnia and Herzegovina; Please quote for granite blocks and slabs. It would be fine if you could send us additional information (how big are the small size, Gang saw, etc. and the currency). Mar 1, Contact
e 11476 USA: Retail: I need 200 sq feet (flooring) coralito conglomerate. Price range from $1000-$2000 (fob) Ashland, Kentucky. Needed by mid April '04. I am also interested in slate flooring. My phone no. is 606-32..... Mar 1, Contact
e 11475 Germany: Artifacts: We are Interested in Marble balls. Can you send us a pricelist? We are looking at black and white marble. We are also interested in marble inlays. Please quote. We are in Berlin. Our fax no. is 0049-030-695.....Mar 1, Contact
e 11474 USA: Retail: I'm building a cottage-type house with the kitchen at one end of the large common room. The house is filled with natural materials (stone fireplace, huge pine beams). I don't know what to use for the kitchen countertops. I like the rustic, natural look. We want something that will be low maintenance and resistant to scratches and stains. We don't like watermarks either. I don't mind doing regular maintenance but I do mind having to be careful or every little thing. Mar 1, Contact
e 11473 USA: We are a wholesale/retail nursery and landscape business. We are interested in buying lava rock to use in landscaping. We need prices, shipping and size of the bag information. Mar 1, Free Contact (against images)
ALL: e 11472 USA: We  are starting a granite countertop business. We are looking for a supplier. Please send a pricelist and shipping costs to the US. Mar 1, Free Contact (against price list)
e 11471 USA: We are considering business and require 200-300m marble tiles of 10-20mm thick and 30cm X 60cm. Mar 1, Contact  
e 11470 USA: Do you have a granite slab named parfait from Spain? Mar 1, Contact
e 11469 Jordan: We are interested in importing 25000 sqm of gray granite (see image) 60X60X2 cm. Our tel. no. is +962 6 55......Mar 1, Contact
e 11468 USA: Retail: What is your price for 200 Square Feet of 12*12*3/8 Red Jade Marble? I am in 
Lexington, KY. Mar 1, Contact
e 11467 Pakistan: Stone Processing Machinery: I am interesting to a block cutter for marble cutting. Please send more details about this machine and your final discounted price. My fax no. is 00925144......Mar 1, Contact
e 11466 Lebanon: Stone Processing Machinery: We are manufacturers of terrazo mosaique & we are looking for a used semi automatic machine as Longinotti or Kiesa. Please send quote with info. Our phone number 96136..... Mar 1, Contact
e 11465 India: Please quote for the Diamond Tools, Segment & Other Accessories/Machinery. Also please arrange to send brochure of the product. Mar 1, Contact
e 11464 UAE: Stone Processing Machinery: We are interested in purchase of Bridge sawing machine for Marbles/Granites in UAE, with cutting thk. of 160 mm min. and bench size of 2000x3000 mm min. Please send us complete offer for the same with tech. details. Mar 1, Contact
IN: e 11463 Pakistan: Please quote C & F Dubai for RAW SILK, GOLDEN FANTASY, SAFFAIRE BLUE, BLACK GALAXY, RATNASILA BLACK GRANITE AND JET BLACK. We need this material in form of slabs and cutter size. I am in marble and granite trading and manufacturing business. My contact no. is 00924275.....Mar 1, Contact
e 11462 UAE: kindly quote for all kinds of giollo granites like giello venasio, giallo fioritto, california and other marble if possible. Also send attached photo to other of your products. We are in Sharjah. Tel. no. is 00971-6-54.....Mar 1, Contact
e 11461 USA: Retail: I need 16-20 sq ft of Absolute Black 24"x12"x3/4" (610x305x20mm). Please include shipping charges. My zip code is 98501. Mar 1, Free Contact (against supplier profile)
e 11460 USA: Require Sales / marketing manager for a growing stone business in Georgia, USA.  5+ years experience in sales and marketing of dimension stone, ideally both memorial and structural markets. Bachelors degree required. Must be qualified to work in US. 50% travel. Email resume.
e 11459 USA: I am interested in ordering 8000 sq ft of polished green marble tiles and some other items. Please quote. Mar 1, Contact
e 11458 USA: Retail: I am looking at granite slab countertops. I like Mystic Marinace from Brazil. I live in Tucson, AZ and I am building a custom home which is being framed now. Mar 1, Contact
e 11457 USA: I am looking for the best-cheapest price for Green Dragon granite slabs in South Cal. I live in San Diego. Mar 1, Contact
IN: e 11456 Netherlands: We are quoting for a large order of municipal works, we need details of Flamed tiles of absolute black (see attachment) Sizes: 1200x300x60MM (+/-8000M2) & 1200x300x80MM (+/-8000M2). Prices in USD &  Euro - FOB / habour? To be clear: we have to give a compete price, for a shopping area in the Netherlands. The total quantity we need probably early next year. 
So first we have to make (& place) a compleet estimate here. As soon we know more we contact you! If possible? can U give us your compagny profile and details? We keep everything confidential as possible. My mobile no. is +316 533.....Mar 1, Contact
e 11455 USA: Retail: Looking for honed filled golden light Travertine in 24" dimension. How slippery is this type of Travertine compared with Tile? I am planning to come to Miami on Wednesday to visit a few other stone distribution centers. If you give me your address, I would be more than happy to come by and see your stock of Travertine. Mar 1, Contact
e 11454 USA: I am looking to purchase a couple containers of travertine right away. I want various color and sizes of honed and filled travertine of high quality. please forward pricing information in USD and Imperial measurements. All pricing requested landed at Los Angeles, CA - USA. My cell no. is 818-51.....Mar 1, Contact
e 11453 USA: Retail: What is the best granite to use in an island cook top, where grease is a definite factor? I am in Alabama. Mar 1, Contact

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We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.