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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!   September 30, 2007
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166 inquiries in September, 165 inquiries in August

e 23821 USA: Please quote for FIRST QUALITY SLABS of Ubatuba Green. Our project is in Charlotte, NC and I'm curious if this price is from a local facility. If so what are the slab sizes? How many slabs per container? Sept 30 Contact
e 23820 Yemen: We choice some size which will suite our markets demands, for wall sizes: 20 x 25 cm, 20 x 30 cm, 25 x 33 cm, 25 x 35 cm, 25 x 40 cm, 30 x 40 cm, 30 x 45 cm. For floor sizes: 30 x 30 cm, 33 x 33 cm, 40 x 40 cm, 45 x 45 cm, 50 x 50 cm. Kindly please quote competitive prices of these above mentioned size to enable us to open a new business sours which we hope by this quotation will establish a long lasting period of business relationship for mutual benefits for both. Tel: 00967-1-2.....Sept 30 Contact
e 23819: Please quote for crema bello limestone and white mugla blocks. Sept 30 Contact
e 23818: Please quote for crema bello limestone and white mugla blocks. M:+57 315 46.......Sept 30 Contact
e 23817: I am looking for Olimpo Blanco Statuario floor tiles----12"x12" to patch an existing floor. I need about 20 tiles. Do you happen to carry this brand? Ph. 805-96.....Sept 30 Contact
e 23815: Please quote for crema bello limestone and white mugla blocks. Tel: +91-94484.....Sept 30 Contact
e 23814 Greece: I would very much appreciate it if you would send us Prices of Pandang 308, Pandang light, zx-g 008. For approx 5000 sqm. CIF Pireus Greece. We are interested in the Telephone: 22430.....Sept 29 Contact
e 23813 Taiwan: Please quote for White Mugla marble blocks. How about size of blocks, as we are looking for gang saw cutting size of blocks. Sept 29 Contact
e 23812: I am interested in mugla white blocks. Tel: 053227.....Sept 29 Contact
e 23811 Poland: I am interested in purchasing 500m2 of quartzite tiles as my trial order. After delivery of the goods I shall properly check packaging and damages to the goods that occurred in transportation. I require pictures of colours available and quotation for flooring quartzite tiles, thickness up to 15 mm ( range 10-15 mm to be precise ). I am willing to buy from anywhere really -although i am mainly interested in Indian and chinese suppliers and best, competitive, prices. This is first request for quotation. I need e-mails with good quality pictures of quartzite tiles and their colours prior to placing my trial order with supplier. I am ready to place an order within one week after obtaining quotations and will pay the whole amount in one go. Ph./Fax +48-034-36.....Sept 29 Contact
e 23810 India:  We are looking for the chain saw cutting technology and suitable equipment to carry out rock cutting. Pl ask the suppliers / technology providers to contact us. Tel: +91 44 225......Sept 29 Contact
e 23809: Kindly send us your offer for bull dozer of following capacity. QTY 6 NOS
1: 165 HP
2: 185 HP. Sept 29 Contact
e 23808: I am Looking for 25 sqf of 1x1 black slate tile shipped asap to Sparta, New Jersey. Sept 28 Contact
e 23807 Japan: We are looking for black granite from Pakistan. If you supply this granite, please let me know the price per 1/cbm FOB and CIF to Japan and I would like to have some samples if possible. Tel&fax : +81 04-292.....If we like the colour we will buy 3/cbm as sample. Then hope to buy 30/cbm-100/cbm per month. Sept 29 Contact
e 23806 USA: retail: I want to buy polished or honed travertine (or limestone). I cannot find this in San Diego now. What I am interested in is from Turkey. It is called: Crosscut-Polished-Filled. I would also like to see: Crosscut-Honned-Filled. This is to cover our fireplace. Please tell
me where I can see this in San Diego or Southern California. Telephone: 858-72.....Sept 28 Contact
e 23805 Malta: Interested in a korfmann machine. Telephone: 00356215.....Sept 28 Contact
e 23804 USA: Need 3cm slabs 3 nos. of Kenorian Green in Alabama. Tel: 205 66.....Sept 28 Contact
e 23803: We are looking for komatsu engine for grader gd511a s6d952-1. Telephone: 00 44 79732.....Sept 28 Contact
e 23802 : Looking for 45-50m2 Rose Aurora marble 40 by 60 by 2cm ready stock in either UK or Portugal. We are UK based. Sept 27 Contact
e 23801 Jordan: It is kindly requested to inform granite block supplier for the following items:
1-absolute black
2-nero Zimbabwe
3-giallo California.  Sept 27 Contact
e 23800 USA: I want to buy polished or honed travertine (or limestone). I cannot find this in San Diego now. What I am interested in is from Turkey. It is called: Crosscut-Polished-Filled. I would also like to see: Crosscut-Honned-Filled. This is to cover our fireplace. Please tell me
where I can see this in San Diego or Southern California. Telephone: 858-72.....Sept 27 Contact
e 23799: Interested in readymade stone surrounds for windows. You may contact on 07956 2.....Sept 27 Contact
e 23798 USA: I am looking for Slabs of Marinace Blue or Jurasic Blue Brazilian Granite. Telephone number 408-55.....Sept 27 Contact
e 23797 USA: retail: I am interested in 400 sf of travertine pavers to install over a concrete sidewalk. tel: 321 42.....Sept 27 Contact
e 23796 : I’m looking for 3,300 sqf of mármol crema marfil select of 60cm x60cmn and also I’m looking for 3,200 sqf of marmol crema marfil select of 40cmx40cm both cut slabs 2 cm. Sept 26 Contact
e 23795 USA: Retail: I am looking for a place to purchase only 3 - 12" x12" x 3/8" tiles. Can you sell these to me in this small of quantity? Phone: 865-52.....Sept 26 Contact
e 23794 USA: Retail: Looking for Typhoon Bourdaux color 4-5 slabs in Turlock California. Phone # 209-65.....Sept 26 Contact
e 23793 USA: Retail: I need to replace the top on an antique table. I need a .75 inch thick 16x16 inch rounded corner polished black marble top shipped to Alaska, USA postal code 99705. Please provide me a quote for such a piece so I can start the process. Sept 26 Contact
e 23792 USA: Retail: I am searching frantically for about 25 marble tiles, 16x16 , name of tile unknown just know that the color name has oyster in it. Sept 26 Contact
e 23791 : We are an Egyptian construction, import, export for used heavy equipments Trade Company and we work also in used and new spare parts and we have workshop for maintain the equipment.

We need to any good running, spare parts, burned and damage machines from if you have:

Caterpillar wheel loader 970F

Caterpillar wheel loader 966FII
Caterpillar wheel loader 966FI
Caterpillar wheel loader 966E
Caterpillar wheel loader 966D
Caterpillar wheel loader 966C

Caterpillar wheel loader 936
Caterpillar wheel loader 930
Caterpillar wheel loader 920
Caterpillar wheel loader 910

Caterpillar Excavator 235
Caterpillar Excavator 229
Caterpillar Excavator 219
Caterpillar Excavator 225
Caterpillar Excavator 215


Sept 26 Contact
e 23790: We would be grateful if you could help us locate a used pegson 1100X800 primary jaw crusher, 1300 autocone secondary crusher and 1200 tertiary cone crusher. We want to buy asap. Sept 26 Contact
e 23789: Please Send me Brazil Granite Price List Request For All Colors. If prices were excellent I will request large quantities every three months for all colors. Tel: +218-91-32...... Sept 26 Contact
e 23787: Could you send us quotation for lifting unit crane jack to be mounted on a truck with the capacity of 5 tons and what is the limit of the boom to expand with the load limit. Sept 26 Contact
e 23786: We want to know the prices in us dollars of granite slab polished 2cm size 240x 150. Raw silk, Kashmir gold, Madurai gold, Shivakashi yellow, Lady dream. Please send us the prices as soon as possible. Tel: 00356792.....Sept 25 Contact
e 23785 USA: retail: We are seeking a stone that generally fits the appearance of the stone in the attached photograph. If the stone were slightly more regular in shape, that would be fine. Can you make some suggestions? We will need this stone to cover a large home. Sept 25 Contact
e 23784: Pl send price list for the machineries required for cutting granite from mountains. Sept 25 Contact
e 23783: We are investors and importer for granite and marble. We would like to have the quotation for the follows. Please also include the photos for the block and polished surface.
1-Pearly yellow marble – golden beige –perlato ivory – giallo atlantide
2-Galala marble (light beige)
3-Silvia marble (dark & medium)
4-Sunny marble
5-Filetto marble
6-Triesta marble
7- Hashma stone (limestone). Sept 25 Contact
e 23782 USA: Is it possible to get a photo of the color of the Golden Commercial Travertine? Also, is there a minimum order? I need 600 sq ft. Tel: 503 63.....Sept 25 Contact
e 23781 USA: Retail: Interested in salvaged limestone blocks. Sept 25 Contact
e 23780 USA: I am interested in buying onyx by the ton. I would need to know the sizes of the blocks and see pictures of the quality. I am looking for Pink, white and orange onyx. Sept 25 Contact
e 23779 USA: I am in the process of renovating a condo in Naples. I am looking for about 2800 sqft of saturnia travertine. Do you have a website and can take a look at your products, etc. Tel: (239) 49.....Sept 24 Contact
e 23778: Do you have green mica slate in honed and polished in 12x12 and what is your price for one container. Sept 24 Contact
e 23777: We are very interested in knowing more about your crema marfil premium, and confirm if you have now in stock 02x20´ containers in 30x60 and 50x50 size. Sept 24 Contact
e 23776: We are looking for a hard white (carrara) marble to be used as the panels lining an exit door of a 1907 building in NYC. What grade marble should be used in this location? On the existing panels – one is broken at the bottom and the other deteriorated. We believe an incorrect grade was installed. The lobby has marble original to the building – it does not have a high gloss finish. Sept 24 Contact
e 23775 Uzbekistan: I'm interested in used excavators with wheel and hydrohammer, should be made between 2005-2007, Korean like Daewoo, Samsung and etc. Send me detailed pricelist. We need for the beginning 2 quantities. Sept 24 Contact
e 23774: I am interested in the motor grader CAT 14 G. Sept 24 Contact
e 23773: Used WHEEL LOADER : CAT 950G -1997 I want know price in UAE. Sept 24 Contact
e 23772: Interested in knowing the cost of the entire machinery used in the manufacture of granite tiles. Could you please send me this information? Sept 24 Contact
e 23771 UK: We are interested in the Bulgarian sandstone namely Gneiss and the green sandstone. Pls quote and email the pictures as well as for similar colours. Telephone: +44 78757.....Sept 23 Contact
e 23770: Please send pictures and prices of your products, and  stone  sales.  We distribute all type of natural stone floors. and need information of your products.  Sept 23 Contact
e 23769 China: We are looking for the seagrass limestone, please have a look at the attached photo. If you can supply this kind of stone, please quote us as soon as possible. Size: 300*600*10mm honed face, bevel edge :1*1mm. Sept 23 Contact
e 23768 USA: My company undertook an ultra modern re-opening project which is almost accomplish which i will be needing some Countertops to enable us finish the establishment. Below is the types of Countertops i am interested in..........
Standard dimensions:
1) 25" x 8
2) 25" x "18
4) 25" x 20"
5) 25" x 22"
Color Ash in full of the Edges.
Edge Specifications:
1) Laminated bullnose
2) Full bullnose
3) Half bullnose
4) Demi - bullnose
5) Ogee
Qty:5 pcs each.
I will like you to please email me with the price quote each on the above worktops without the Freight charges and i will be needing the Worktops Urgently and how soon you can get the requested product and quantity ready for purchase and i need color Ash in all of then. Please Advise your form of receiving payment. Sept 23 Contact
e 23767 USA: Retail: Can you give me info on the limestone blocks; cost, photos, when they are available, condition after salvage. I am not in a hurry and can arrange pick up. Tel: +1 954 64.....Sept 23 Contact
e 23766: We are looking to buy CAT Wheel Loaders 950E, 966E & 966F-II. Please contact us if you have these machines available for sale.
Tel: 0044 7932 6.....Sept 22 Contact
e 23765: I am in the tile business and I have an order of 5 containers of beige travertine F&H 40 x 40 x 1 cms. and another 5 containers of quarz stone tile in rusty colors. The sizes could be random, or pattern with a thickness of 1 cm and 3 cms. with a natural surface. I will need your best prices, specifications and photos. Can you recommend me if there is another paving product that can be used for sidewalks and truckway? TEL: (502) 233.....Sept 22 Contact
e 23764 USA: I want to buy large quantity of granite. Sept 22 Contact
e 23763: We look for our customers marble. Initially, we solicit you for a request for red offer of marble:
Blocks of 2,60mts X 1,50 mts X 1,50 mts - average Weight from 22 to 25 MT - Destination: Spain
We request from the precondition a sample. Which is the maximum of cubic meter which you would be able to guarantee to us monthly? Sept 22 Contact
e 23762 Ukraine: We are Ukrainian building company which need ceramic tile. We need grey wall tile with such sizes 300X300X7MM and  400X400X8MM and brown floor tile with such sizes 240X240X12MM and 240X320X12MM. We will order great amount of tile approximately 100000M2 per year. What is the price of your tile? is it possible to get a discount from your company? Sept 22 Contact
e 23761 USA: Retail: Need 150 belgium border blocks black 4x4x4. Tel: (732) 85.....Sept 22 Contact
e 23760: We are interested in chainsaw Korfmann ST 450 VH. Sept 21 Contact
e 23759: Inquiring price for Blue (azul) bahia granite - US$ per sq Ft. Tel: 318 25.....Sept 21 Contact
e 23758 India: We are the only big dealer of diamond tools in India, and we would like to stock the latest items of this type. Kindly let us know your terms of trade and the best discount on large orders. Sept 21 Contact
e 23757 Australia: I am after 20metric tonnes of pure zeolite powder 200mesh. Can you send sample of your product? ph: 617 371.....Sept 21 Contact
e 23756 USA: I need to know about a price quote on 100 square feet of 12 inch x 12 inch by 1/4 inch thick marble tile. From Guatemala, the tile is called Verde Quetzal. I need a quote for Argentina tile called Cielo Azul. I need a quote for Australian marble called Bluecrystal and Opal Pearl. A quote on Brazil marble tile called Blue Aquamarina. A quote from Greece on tile called Ariston. From Italy, I need a quote on Aquamarina Azzurro. Then from Taiwan tile called "white." I appreciate this initial quote on such a small order because this is my first time buying like this. I plan to install a larger quantity later. My phone number is 1-901-40...... Sept 20 Contact
e 23755: We are interested in importing blade cutter. Would you please send me the price of the wet blade cutter for granite size 400 mm.? Sept 20 Contact
e 23754 India: We need kota stone for sale so kindly forward the information about kota stone e.p. like rate, quality, size, etc. Tel: 099270.....  Sept 20 Contact
e 23753: We are looking for Hitachi Excavator: EX200-2 and CAT Excavator 330BL. Please send us photos and price.  Sept 20 Contact
e 23752 Egypt: We are requesting to send your best offer for the supply of stone / Granite as follows:
1. 32mm Nero Absolute Granite Honed Finished Approx 1050m2
2. 32mm Nero Absolute Granite Polished Finished Approx 250m2
3. 32mm Nero Absolute Granite Flamed Finished Approx 1500m2
Also I need to know the possibility of shipment them to Gulf Aria (Qatar, Dubai).
Fax: +2 (02) 346 34.....Sept 20 Contact
e 23751: Please send us the photo pictures of the White Quartz blocks and the polished ones from Tanzania. Sept 19 Contact
e 23750: Interested in a secondhand gang saw. Sept 19 Contact
e 23749 Ukraine: We are interested in in slate roofing of black colour. Could you please let us know if you can produce Roofing Slate of the following sizes: 400x250x5-7mm to cover the roof of 460sq m? Telephone: +38 097 81.....Sept 19 Contact
e 23748: Do you sell marble (natural). I need to custom made following marble stone speaker casing.
Dimension: 100cm tall x 30cm wide x 30cm deep x 15mm thick. Marble material cost 15mm thickness cut from natural stone. Material natural Italian velense marble. Sept 19 Contact
e 23747 Russia: Could you please give us a quote on: Crema Marfil mozaic, glued on net, see photo, chips dimensions 20*20 by 10mm
- thick, net size 350*350 mm. Quantity 60 sqm. Tel/fax: +7 (812) 33.....Sept 19 Contact
e 23746 Indonesia: We are a marble processing company with our own quarry in east Java, Indonesia. We are looking for a used marble gangsaw in good working condition. Tel. +62 355 5.....Sept 18 Contact
e 23745 Cananda: I would like to know the price of what it would cost for an area 8 feet by 16 feet of flagstone. And where do I find flagstone in Mississauga, Ontario. Tel.(905) 56.....Sept 18 Contact
e 23744 Bahamas: Is it possible to sent me a price for porcelain tile? I need 25,000 sqm, 600x600sqm and 300x600sqm and also granite tile same size light beige for the Bahamas Nassau. My business number is 514-32..... Sept 18 Contact
e 23743 USA: Need approximately 1000 sq. ft of Kershaw Pink 3cm slabs for immediate shipment. They can be sawn finish or honed. Will consider polished. Need to be located in the US. We are ready to buy now. We expect to finalize and order by Friday the 21st of September. Tel: 314-78.....Sept 18 Contact
e 23742: Do you have light green pebble stones suitable for installation in a floor application for a 4" wide accent banding? Sizes should be to about maximum 2" long and narrow? I need these for a hotel in Mexico. Sept 17 Contact
e 23741 Singapore: I am interested in floating stone fountains. I am looking for at least 1 meter in height with words craving and the colour representing wealth/prospersity. Sept 17 Contact
e 23740: Russia: We are now in the process of starting up a new project, which will involve purchasing large quantities of granite slabs (plates) and stock material. We are most interested in the following CHINA IMPALA products:
1. Polished Granite tile with dimensions of 600 x 600 x 200 (the volume required is 1000 sq m);
2. Polished Granite tile with dimensions of 600 x 2300 x 200 (the volume required is 1000 sq m).
Furthermore, could you please inform us with regard to the costs of the aforementioned products, how many units could be fitted into one 40 foot container as well as one 20 foot container and how much the full containers will weigh in total. Should you have any further queries concerning the above, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. tel. 7 812 94.....Sept 17 Contact
e 23739: Please email more pictures and more details about CAT 966C. Sept 17 Contact
e 23738 Australia: I am looking for an economical Alabaster supply that I can get in Sydney, Australia. I am a sculptor. My phone number is Australia 02 998.....I am mainly interested in working with some samples of different coloured alabaster initially so I can work out what I like. I like the translucency quality. I have worked in white, green and red soapstone. At the moment I would like to limit myself to alabaster.. but down the track I might be interested in other stones. Sept 17 Contact
e 23737: Please provide information on basalt. Sept 16 Contact
e 23736: Want to buy Cristalite for countertop. Installation in New York City. Mobile: 615-39.....Sept 16 Contact
e 23735: Interested in motor grader caterpillar. Sept 16 Contact
e 23734: Interested in 3/4" granite slabs for making outdoor tables 60" diameter or more. Do you have suitable material? Sept 16 Contact
e 23733: I am interested in getting more information on the Hitachi Excavator EX200. Sept 16 Contact
e 23732: I am currently looking for 300 x 600 x 20mm thick Lubana Light Marble Tiles. Tel : 656.......Sept 16 Contact
e 23730: We are looking for (6) USED TOWER CRANE for sale with height not less than 60m (2 tower crane) & not less than 90m (4 tower crane). Please mention their Data & PRICE OFFER for them. Sept 15 Contact
e 23729: We are working in field of Granite stone manufacturing. We are interested to get detailed information about products and especially to buy gangsaws, bridge cutters, cross cutters and other machines for processing and quarrying for granite stones. So, Please if you can send catalogues or CDs, or through e-mail including specifications and other related information to machines. We are interested to import machines for our factory. Tel: +967 3 5......Sept 15 Contact
e 23728: I'm looking for side cut polished basalt (very dark grey to black) in sizes 1-1'2 ft X 3 ft and 3ft X 2ft. Do you have basalt and can you
fabricate? It's for an infinity swimming pool. Telephone: 760-79.....Sept 15 Contact
e 23727 USA: Want to buy Bocce Ball court surface material - sometimes called "stone dust" sometimes called "decomposed granite". Desirable to be almost powder, not the 1/4 minus I have seen locally. Need 2-5 tons delivered. Tel: 520 49.....Sept 15 Contact
e 23726: Please quote for a stone crushing plant. Sept 14 Contact
e 23725: We are looking for the supplier of stock of granite tile in large quantity. Our favourite colour is cream with natural designs inside. Other colours are also acceptable in good price. Would you please contact me to discuss more about the availabilities? fax: 0098-21-887.....Sept 14 Contact
e 23724: I am looking for porcelain tile in beige 12" X 24" and 24" X 24" and also looking for granite tiles 20" X 20". Quantity of 225 000 sq ft, for Nassau Bahamas. Please reply with pricing and eta. Tel: 51432.....Sept 14 Contact
e 23723: Can you provide us attached mesh cutter blade? Pls forward us fob price. Sept 14 Contact
e 23722: We will like to know if you have any of this products below which is new or used: CAT 980C excavator 1 PCS and I will like you to give me the total cost of the goods without shipping charges to Dubai UAE and I will like to pay by cheque for my payment. Sept 14 Contact
e 23721: We are in urgent need of Rubble (hard) cutting machine for our 20 Acres of Rubble Yard. The purpose of the machine is to make 6'X4'sheet of rubble with 1" to 3" thickness or to make 5"X14"X8" size Rubble bricks from the Ruble yard. If you have any machine suits this requirement kindly revert immediately with specification, size, Capacity, type of Power required, max. Power required for operation, type of cutting tool and material, maximum output, Rate per piece, etc. Sept 14 Contact
e 23720: We are interesting to build marble factory in Libya. We are looking for used machines for this factory. We are looking for used polishing machine and Gangsaw and Gantry crane. Please I need to send me photos for these machines ,specification and price for every machine.
Sept 14 Contact
e 23719 USA: retail: I am looking for a Cube black (dark gray) stones 8-10 cm side. Very similar as belgium block black stone 4x4x4. I need about 150 pieces. Please let me know where can I find it, and how much it will be. I leave in Central New Jersey, USA. Tel: (732) 85..... Sept 13 Contact
e 23718: Need to locate distributor/fabricator of Cristalite for installation in New York City. Need 40 sq/ft. Tel: 615 66.....Sept 13 Contact
e 23717 Greece: More details for the companies which are sell marmara semi white blocks, mugla blocks and polished slabs. Telephone: 30 210 66......Sept 13 Contact
e 23716: What is the cost price per square foot for Saturnia 24x24 Honed? Tel: (818) 93......Sept 13 Contact
e 23715: I will like to order for some ceramics from you I will like to know if you have the following with their price Cremation urns, Pet Cremation Urns. Sept 13 Contact
e 23714 USA: Retail: I need a price for blue pearl., 248-80....... do you have suppliers, installers in detroit, MI. I have a typical kitchen installation 10 x 10. Sept 13 Contact
e 23713: We require Red & Black colour Marble stone in the shape of boulders/blocks. We require the same from a supplier in Pakistan. We need price indications of various qualities based on FOB Karachi port in Pakistan. Along with the quantity detail for a container load. Phone: 00 971 50 5......Sept 12 Contact
e 23712: Kindly send prices and details fob Durban port of South Africa urgently. Please as we require black marble tiles. Tel: 00273129.....Sept 12 Contact
e 23711: We would like to buy granite OURO BRASIL of 3, 5, 8 and 10 cm thickness : - 3 cm 960 mp - 5 cm
12600 mp - 8 cm 1300 mp -10 cm 2100 mp. The dimensions will be given later. We are from Romania.  Sept 12 Contact
e 23710: I am interested in buying 70 sqm of Bianco Carrara C marble (polished 30.5x30.5x2). I live in Rome Italy. Please advise.
Tel 06 70.....Sept 12 Contact
e 23709: Looking for a slabs of white onyx stone in Miami, Florida.  Sept 12 Contact
e 23708: Please send urgent quotation:
1) beige , light & dark
2) small size
3) vein cut
30*30*2cm 15*30*2cm
15*15*2cm 20*20*2cm
20*25*2cm 10*10*2cm
Please send us your best Price for your travertine in tiles 40x60x1 cm, 40x40x1 cm, 30x60x1 cm, 30x30x1 xm and too in 2 cm thickness. the quantity for this project is 30000 sqms (Thirty Thousand sqm). Fax: 571 87.....Sept 11 Contact
e 23707: I am interested to buy granite blocks named Rustenburg / Impala / Nero Africa. I need blocks in sizes 240cmX120cm and below (cuboid shape). Blocks should be first choice without defects (cracks, color variation e.t.c.). Please send me any information about transaction conditions. TEL 0048 91 56.....Sept 11 Contact
e 23706: Please quote your price CIF Dubai, U.A.E. for derrick crane (25 T capacty, 40 M span). Mob: +9715044.....Sept 11 Contact
e 23705 : We are looking to get some granite installed or just the slab for our kitchen. We live in Panama City, FL area and we are trying to price out how much it will cost for some stone we like. Granite stone names:
· Millenium Dream
· Athena
· Fantasia Brown
· African Fantasy
· Juparana Crema Mara
· Juparana Colombo
· Mystic Fantasy
· Sea Waves
· Storm Cloud
· Dylan
Can you please send us a quote per S.F.? Sept 11 Contact
e 23704: I am looking for:
1. Hardwearing porcelain floor tiles to cover a floor area of 40 by 40 square meters.
2. Wall tile should cover 30 by 30square meters.
3. Surrounding Swimming Pool Tiles
4. Pathway tiles
Please avail me available types with prices.
Cell +260 977 7......Sept 10 Contact
e 23703 : We need 2500 m2 light color 40x40x4 cm granite matte stone. Please send to us prices and image this Stones. Phone: +90 462 22.....Sept 10 Contact
e 23702: Can you send me photos and also send me info on any other waterjet machines you have secondhand for sale. Phone: +353 45 9.....Sept 10 Contact
e 23701 Libya: Interested in used gangsaws. Tel / Fax : 002185126......Sept 10 Contact
e 23700: We have lot of requirement for all types & color of slates. please find us. Telephone: +66251.....Sept 10 Contact
e 23699 : I am interested in the Brasilian quartzite ( Sao Thome ) , or Quartzite Goias in tree basic colors : White, Rose and yellow. Please send me detailed information on the cost of the material delivered in San Juan Puerto Rico with freight incl, 20 ft container aprox 430 sq meter of 36 cmX 36cm, and 47cmX47cm. Sept 10 Contact
e 23698: Please send us detailed brochures and specification of waterjet machine for marble cutting in Dubai / UAE based distributors. Sept 9 Contact
e 23697 USA: I am interested in purchasing a round petrified wood table. Phone: 806-78.....Sept 9 Contact
e 23696 UAE: We are interested to buy black & red marble in the form of boulders from Pakistan for exports. We need FOB Karachi port prices for various qualities and details about container load. Sept 9 Contact
e 23695 UK: We are a Stone Importer/Distributor looking for a new Indian supplier of pre-produced granite counter tops. Initially we require Absolute black and Galaxy Black in random lengths but cut to the following sizes, all four edges should be square polished and chamfered. We require a container of each product per month, increasing. We have been supplied so much junk over the previous 12 months your offer will include 50% credit on the stone payable upon inspection 45 days from docking in Felixstowe, if you are unwilling to provide these terms don't bother contacting us. We are interested in first quality product only, well packed, prices FOB per sq/m please. Tel: 01293 7........
Once we have a reliable supplier we will expand the range of stones to include Kashmir white and Gold, multicolour red and Baltic Brown.
Sizes are: 600mm x 30mm / 630mm x 30mm / 700mm x 30mm / 900mm x 30mm / 1000mm x 30mm / 1200mm x 30mm / 1000mm x 20mm / 2800mm x 100mm x 20mm (up stands). Sept 9 Contact
e 23694: Interested in Bridge cutter for marble and granite. Sept 9 Contact
e 23693: Please let us know the type of marble and travertine you have, can you email pictures? You are interested in selling blocks or slabs? Phone: 5548 3334.....Sept 9 Contact
e 23692: Please quote the price Golden Leaf 3cm granite slabs.  Tel: 214-74.....Sept 9 Contact
e 23691 USA: I am looking for a USED CNC GRANITE PROFILE MACHINE. We do 2cm and 3 cm granite countertops. We want an established brand that can supply parts and service in the USA. MY CONTACT INFORMATION: 208-70......Sept 9 Contact
e 23690: I am looking for African butterfly green marble
Country of origin : china
Required slaps size: 60x180x2 cm thick
Please find the following information
mobile number 00971 050 6.......REQUIRED QT 1500M2 African butterfly 2cm. Color as per attached jpg please advise the availability and price. 
Please advise. Sept 8 Contact
e 23689: We need to cut the stone the size currently required is 10cm long, 10cm width and 7.5-10cm depth (height). The should be with higher capacity to handle bigger size if the customer asked us. The stone type are Limestone and basaltic. Please tell me how many pieces of the above size could produce per hour. You have to quote me with all necessary accessories like blade and other equipments needed. Quote me FOB or C&F Addis Ababa, Ethiopia air port. Sept 8 Contact
e 23688: Please quote with specs and image for Waterjet machine. Sept 8 Contact
e 23687: Please quote ( best wholesale) price for 20 ft cont delivered in San Juan Puerto Rico. Brazilian Quartzite Sao Tome ( Minas gerais ) or Goias Quart, on white , rose and yellow. Sizes 37X37cm, 47X47cm, 1-3 in max thick. Material has to be Extra Quality, no seconds. Sept 8 Contact
e 23686: Kindly quote FOB Italian port and CIF Portsaid Port, Egypt for Perlato Sicilia marble raw blocks and unpolished 2cm slabs. Would you please quote for the 1st choice as well as the commercial choice of both the raw blocks and unpolished 2cm slabs? Cell: 00-880-172-......Sept 7 Contact
e 23685 USA: Need pumice stones for stonewashing denim jeans 1" to 2" in size in natural color or white. tel: 973 90.....Sept 7 Contact
e 23684 : Please sent me a sample of Crema Marfil block to Mauritius. I will sent you my TNT No. Sept 7 Contact
e 23683: We are looking for prices for full container loads of brazillian slate 600x600 calibrated noir/black slate also 600x300 can you price these items for us asap please. Also star galaxy black granite 305x305x10 mm apporx. Sept 6 Contact
e 23682 USA: I am interested in your granite suitable for countertops for a Café that I am opening in Nov. The business is in Mystic. Do you work that far north? I am specifically looking for recycled sustainable materials as eco coconsciousness is a huge part of the building process. Tel: 860.53.....Sept 6 Contact
e 23681: CAN YOU E-MAIL "OASIS BLUE" PLEASE...OR, SIMILAR STONE ON HAND. Telephone: 401-22.....Sept 6 Contact
e 23680: We want to know the prices of these Equipment Komatsu shipping up to misurata libya port ( c&f ):
Crawler Excavators PC200 , PC210 , PC220 , PC228 , PC240 , PC290 , PC340 , PC450 , PC750. Sept 6 Contact
e 23679: Please quote for CAT 14G. Sept 5 Contact
e 23678: I need pictures and colors and Prices, for granite gravestones. Telephone: 325-76.....Sept 5 Contact
e 23677 USA: To request a quote for COMMERCIAL QUANTITIES of Black Absolute granite. Approximate quantity? 10,000 SF of 12”x12”X3/8” with chamfered edges polished tiles. Tel: (954)57..... Sept 5 Contact
e 23676 Turkey: We are a company in Turkey which import granites and we have a project for Carol Mist from Ukraine. we would like to get its prices as CIF IZMIR Turkey. But they should be 2x150x270 up.  Sept 5 Contact
e 23675 USA: Retail: I need approximately 8 tons (500 square feet) of Silverdale limestone from Kansas, pre-cut in an Ashlar pattern with square corners. The stone should be about 2-3 inches thick and is intended for use as an exterior patio. Tel: 316-26..... Sept 5 Contact
e 23674 USA: Retail: Please email me more information about the onyx slabs available. Looking for about 250 sq ft of multi green onyx slabs and 250 sq ft of royal red onyx slabs - can do more or less - would like to see photos of slabs. May be able to do more or mosaic tiles, etc to fill up the container. Tel 512-56.....Sept 4 Contact
e 23673 USA: Where I can get 80 sqft of this Autum 12x12? Please let me know as soon as possible. We have a customer requiring urgently this material and I can not get it with my actual suppliers. Sept 4 Contact
e 23672: We are interested to purchase 1 block of Nero Belgio. Need it in St Petersburg, Russia. tel.: +7 (812) 33......Sept 4 Contact
e 23671: We have a trading firm of marble in karachi and for that we usually use local marble to fulfill our market demand but unfortunately we are going through problem of raw material supply. in this regard we are planning to import raw material from IRAN,TURKEY and OMAN. All i want to import is any good material blocks in beige colour, and in cream colour, without pin holes problem. If you have such type of marble pls inform me immediately. cell no: +92 333 23.....Sept 4 Contact
e 23670: We need the technical information of Kadappa Black Lime Stone of South India like Water Absorption, Compressive Strength, Specific Weight, Chemical Analysis. We have the above said enquiry for a large project. Sept 3 Contact
e 23669: We are intend to order tiles black brazilian slate. Can you make me price for tiles which we will make standard stock product during whole year? Cleft on surface. Sept 3 Contact
e 23668: I am interested in earthmoving machines. Sept 3 Contact
e 23667 Ireland: i was making enquiries over the excavator equipment:
CAT 350 LME, 1997
7.000 h, Monoboom 7.20m, 700 mm pads
Good optic, good working condition
Well maintained machine
Price EUR 105.000, 00
I am highly interested to make immediate purchase, please forward the photograph image of the excavator. as soon as i receive it, i will call you to negotiate payment. ph/fax +353-818-4.....Sept 3 Contact
e 23666: I am looking for samples (or a valid color image) and pricing on 3/4" to 1 1/2" thick Tenessee flagstone.  Please indicate how many tons I'd need to cover 3,700 SF. I will need shipping to Rockville, MD 20852. Sept 3 Contact
e 23665: WE ARE INTERESTED HITACHI EX 120 -1 EXCAVATOR.  Sept 3 Contact
e 23664: Could you send us some more information on your black/blue marble stones. Sept 3 Contact
e 23663: Please quote for wheel loader 950. Sept 2 Contact
e 23662 UK: We currently use a large volume of pumice within our installations and are looking to import this directly to the UK. On average we would be looking to import 100 tons every 3 months in tote bags. We need a mixture of 1-2 and 2-3cm grades and are looking to begin importing the material at the beginning of next year. The chemical composition of the stone needs to be similar to that described below (expanded pearlite).
SiO2 : 70.75 %
Al2O3 : 12.97 %
Fe2O3 : 1.45 %
MgO : 0.12 %
CaO : 1.85 %
Na2O : 3.63 %
K2O : 4.85 %
TiO2 : 0.13 %
A.Za : 4.33 %
Phone : 01543 5......Sept 2 Contact
e 23661 I am looking to buy a secondhand gang-saw/bridge cutting machine to cut marble blocks into slabs. Preference of country from which I would like to buy is Vietnam. Vietnamese Mobile : +84(0)906 0......Sept 2 Contact
e 23660: We are a slate and stone merchant importer based in the United Kingdom, we are looking for a supplier of Iranian travertine tiles in the light & medium honed and unfilled and honed and filled in the Opus pattern. Quotation required for 20ft container load. Prices also welcomed for other sizes in Travertine tiles. Tel: 00 44 1766 5.....Sept 2 Contact
e 23659 USA: I would like information on being a wholesaler for you. We have business in Missouri and New Mexico. We are installing an office right now and need small pieces for built-ins, granite or marbles, one is approx. 140 cm (55") x 3 cm (thick) or 102cm (40") x 3cm (thick) (both of these are finished front edge only and one 101cm (40") x 3cm (thick) that is finished front and right edge) Measurements are approximate. We can template these and send. Can you quote these for us in a brown marble or higher end granite? What are your edge finish options?  Telephone: 417-20.....Sept 1 Contact
e 23658 UK: I want to import Granite. Phone number 0044 79841.....Need 270 slabs of granite. Measuring 2.7 x 0.65 x 0.03. Range of colours, quotes to include: Black Galaxy, Absolute Black, Kashmir White, Emerald Pearl, Tan Brown. Sept 1 Contact
e 23657 UAE: We are looking for a used Mobile Crusher with Jaw Crusher, cubitising with primary and secondary crushing with Screens, Capacity 60-80 Tons per hour. Please send us the full details, specs and pictures complete with your best and net export price, if you have any suitable Crusher to offer. Sept 1 Contact
e 23656: Looking for buying bleustone from vietnam in different sizes and finishes - tumbled -bush hammered - sanded - honed in different sizes 15x15 - 20x20 - 30x30 - 40x40 - 50x50 - 60x60. tickness 2 cm - 2.5 cm - 5 cm, block stairs 100 cm x 40 cm x 15 cm bush hammemerd - and also sanded. borders 100x30x5 - 100x20x5 - 100x15x5 surface sanded with facet on all corners. palisades 100 cm x15x10 - 75 cmx15x10 - 50cmx15x10 surface sanded. want to buy 200 containers. Tel: 00 32 016 6.....Sept 1 Contact

Inquiries sorted by countries, product categories and previous months are displayed at www.findstone.com/tilinks.htm  

We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.