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Basalt Massage Stones September 2006
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This page lists Basalt Massage Stones

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Latest inquiries are at www.findstone.com/tiall.htm.

Basalt massage stones inquiries year 2006

e 20548 USA: Please send me info on basalt stone sets for stone massage. May 12 Contact  

e 20273 Italy: We search black basaltic pebbles. Quantity: 1 track. TEL. 0461 5.....April 6 Contact 

e 20242 USA: Please quote for Basalt massage stones. April 3 Contact 

e 20019 UK: Do you sell massage basalt stone sets? Tel: 01698 3..... March 12 Contact

e 19787 Canada: Do you also have smaller, 3-5 inches stones that can be used for massage therapy? Tel: 416-48.....Feb 18 Contact 

e 19614: Email me relevant information pertaining to purchasing wholesale basalt massage stones. I need basalt massage stones that are round, smooth and relatively flat so they will lay on the body without rolling off. 
I need hundreds of small stones ranging from 1/2 inch diameter to 1 1/2 inch diameter and less than 1/4 inch thick. (these are for use between the toes), Then I need hundreds of larger stones ranging from 2-4 inches diameter and under 1/2 inch thick, I also am interested in a small order of stones that exceed 4 inches diameter. I may need to pay a little more for good quality basalt stones that don't have any rough or jagged edges. I prefer black basalt stones although I have seen some pretty nice basalt stones that appear greenish or blueish in color. Hawiian or Polynesian seem to be good stones. Last year alone we purchased over 240 of the 5 pound containers. I might be looking at purchasing 1000 to 1500 stones per month. My number is 319-96..... Feb 1 Contact 

July 2005

e 18118 USA: I am interested in buying 1000 - 2000 smooth dark grey basalt massage stones, from 1" diameter to 5" diameter. They need to be very very smooth (pretty much perfect) and preferably symmetrical shaped. I sell custom made stone sets and my source here in the US has run out. My telephone number is (541) 55.....I prefer the stones to be flat, similar to Colorado skippers, between 0.25 inches to 1.5 inches thick. I want stones that are all gray, not green or brown or other colours. July 16 Contact 

May 2005

e 17685 USA: We are looking for a wholesale Supplier for massage stone products. We have not been able to find any specialty suppliers (wholesale or retail) in our area that can meet our needs. Please send us information on your company. Product lines, $ Lists, Samples, Brochures, etc. Anything you are willing to send we are willing to look at. Phone: 309-31......May 14 Contact 

April 2005

e 17371 Netherlands: Want to buy basalt river stones for introducing hot stone massage sets in Holland. Need all sizes and low prices. Can offer to buy large quantities. Stones need not be sorted can be send as bulk. Apr 11 Contact

March 2005

e 17116: Looking for volcanic black stones for hot stone massages. Mar 16 Contact  

February 2005

e 16922: Want basalt massage stones. Contact

e 16804 Italy :  I am interested in purchasing 40 to 50 basalt massage stones, various sizes, or a set if it's available. Could you please send a quote and brief description and country of origin of the stones? Please include shipping quote to Italy.  Contact  

January 2005


e 16673 Italy: I am interested in purchasing 40 to 50 basalt massage stones, various sizes, or a set if it's available. Could you please send a quote and brief description and country of origin of the stones? Please include shipping quote to Italy. Jan 29, Contact  

e 16660 USA: I am a massage therapist looking for a set of basalt stones. I can utilise during hot stone massage. There are some specific requirements as far as diameter... 
2 nos. 6 in diameter
6 nos. 4 in diameter
6 nos. 2 in in diameter. Do you think you could fufill this small order? Jan 28, Contact

e 16529 Belgium: I want to buy a kit for hot stones for massage. Could you send me your price list and the condition to deliver them in Brussels? I am looking for a kit of around 50 stones of different sizes and the heater, I don't want something too big, because a don't have a lot of space in the massage room and I would like to use it time to time in an other practice. Jan 20, Contact

e 16304 USA: We are searching for a new supplier of bulk massage hot stones. Please call us. Our tel. no. is 646 29.....We are in New York. Jan 7, Contact 

December 2004

e 16139 USA: Looking for a supplier for basalt stones used in massage. My tel. no. is 847 88.....Dec 22, Contact

e 16133 Spain: I am looking for volcanic stones for esthetic use (hot stone massage). Dec 21, Contact

e 15479 Netherlands: I am a seller of basalt massage stones. Would like to buy basalt massage stones and have them shipped to the Netherlands in Europe. How much I have to order at one time? My tel. no. is 011312355.....Nov 5, Contact 

e 14963 Netherlands: Please send price list/ sample of hot stones for facials, pedicure & massages. Sept 28, Contact

e 14872 USA: I am looking for basalt massage stones. What are your minimums and costs? Sept 22, Contact 

e 14836: I am a certified massage therapist looking to find out more information on basalt stones and how to possibly purchase these on a wholesale basis and then sell them to other therapists. Sept 21, Contact

e 14596 USA: Please send price list / sample of hot stones for facials, pedicures & massage- also cold marble stones, if available. We are in FL. Our tel. no. is 305-94...... Sept 4, Contact

e 14061 USA: Looking for bulk basalt massage stones. Please send price and specs of stone available. I am in Texas. Phone no. is 817 45.....Aug 7, Contact 

e 13831 USA: I want basalt massage stone sets (in my small quantity). July 26, Contact 

e 13646 UK: Please quote for Basalt Stones all sizes used for Thermal Stone Massage. I need several sets of stones now as current supplier is 6 weeks delivery. I can finalize / place an order immediately. My tel. no. is 01706 7.....July 17, Contact

e 13491 UK: I represent a spa and health center England and I am interested in Basaltic Stones for massages. Minimum orders, prices, shape of the stones, composition, colors, quantities? Do you have special shapes for massages in the back, head, column, and toes? Also if you can send me samples, will be great! July 8, Contact 

e 13458 USA: I am interested in Basaltic Stones for massages. Minimum orders, prices, shape of the stones, composition, colors, quantities? Do you have special shapes for massages in the back, head, column, and toes? Also if you can send me samples, will be great! I am in CA. July 6, Contact 

e 12851 USA: I would like to purchase basalt stones for massage purposes. Please send me more info on what you carry. I am in IL. My tel no. is 63049.....May 29, Contact USD 20 

e 12813 USA: Retail: Looking for small basalt stones for massage (1"-2"). Need about 10-12 cubic feet. I am in  Boston. My tel. no. is 617-29.....May 25, Contact USD 20

e 12682 USA: I would like to request a free sample of the cozy basalt toe stones for massage. I would also like a price list if that is available. I am a massage therapist in Texas and will be teaching the stone therapy class. I will need a supplier to be able to fill orders for the students I will have in my classes. I am in TX. My phone no. is 214-58.....May 17, Contact USD 20

e 12681 USA: Please send me a free set of toe stones. I am interested in Basalt stone for massage therapy. I am NH 03077. May 17, Contact USD 20

e 12448 Canada: I am a massage therapist requiring stones for hot stone massage. I need black pebbles basalt stones. Very smooth, naturally tumbled. I believe they are from Mexico, or Philippines. I need 1/2", 2-3" 3-5". Are they priced in U.S. dollars? How much is a ton of stones? I can send pictures of what I need. I will be buying an a regular basis starting with 1 ton and likely increasing that as my demand increases. My phone number is 416 76.....May 1, Contact USD 50

e 12357 Germany: I am looking for black basalt massage stones. Quantity depends on price. I want to introduce them to the German Market. My tel. no. is 0761 45..... Apr 24, Contact USD 20

e 12282 USA: I am interested in quantities of Basalt stones for massage different sizes. I will sort myself to make retail sets. Would be ready to buy right away if suitable source can be found. I am in FL 33957. Apr 19, Contact USD 20

e 12117 USA: I am in need to buy smooth basalt stones for immediate purchase. I need 20 foot container load quantities of mixed sizes of tumbled / polished basalt stones. We will use them for massage purposes. Either I can buy them by the ton, or more preferably, sorted into sizes 140 - 165 mm, 90 - 115 mm, 63 - 90 mm and 25 - 30 mm. I have attached a picture. These are also commonly used in landscaping. My phone no. is 770-43.....Apr 8, Contact USD 50 (Buyer has paid a deposit) 

e 11925 USA: We would like a price on a set of stones (50 stones per set). Our old supplier is not handling stones anymore. We used to get the set for USD 32.95. We have a spa course twice a year usually around 50 students each time and this is a product they usually all want. We need 50 hot stone massage stones for our students (resale) with at least one large sacral stone and two large roundish stones and assorted medium and smaller, and a quantity of toe stones... best price for resale (26 sets). Urgent attention and notice (if not under $40.00, please do not respond). Mar 29, Contact USD 20

e 11812 Germany: Retail: I am looking for basalt massage stones. Please send me some samples of your stones and a price list including the costs sending them to Germany. I may probably need bigger amounts in the future. I am in Hamburg. My minimum quantity is a set of 50 Stones. Mar 19, Contact USD 10

e 11782 USA: Retail: We would like information on prices of your black basalt stones to put full body kits together of at least 50 to 60 stones per kit with different sizes. I am sure this is something your company has knowledge of. Could you please give me an idea of what this would run or do we buy in bulk and put together ourselves? We are in Ohio. Our tel. no. is 330-62..... Mar 17, Contact USD 20 

e 11299 UK: I am looking for basalt stones massage size  in the UK if possible. Feb 22, Contact USD 20 

e 11114 UK: I am trying to source approx 50 basalt stones of various sizes for use in massage. How much do they cost and how much would shipping be to the UK? Feb 13, Contact USD 10

e 10961 USA: We are interested in buying for resale, sets of 52 sized sized basalt stones for massage therapy. We are a professional training school in Hanover, Pennsylvania looking to become a reseller of these stones. Feb 5, Contact USD 20

e 10767 Australia: I need polished basalt large stones for massage.  Jan 24, Contact USD 20 (open)  

e 10517 UK: Would like to purchase sets of basalt stones for massage. Jan 13, Contact USD 20 (open)


e 9183 Canada: I want basalt massage stones. Can you send me some samples of your stones and a catalogue/price list? See attached image for sizes and types needed. What is the cost for shipping in Canada? Do you have a set of 50 basalt stones with various size? Oct 10, Contact

e 7363 USA: I am looking for polished basalt stones to be sold to massage therapists. My contact no. is (360) 87.....June 4, Contact

e 4256 USA: I want tiny Basalt stones or Mexican Beach Pebbles. They come from Western USA or
Mexico. I am a massage therapist who does massage with hot stones. I also sell sets of stones and I need to find the tiny ones. My contact no. +1 215 364........ Sept 25, Contact