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Basalt Slab/Tiles September 2006
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 Year 2006

e 20928 China : We are a Marble Company in Hong Kong , looking for thousands feets of Basaltina, could you give me the quotation and size of slabs of Basaltina. Telephone: 00852 949...... June 26 Contact

e 19891 UK : We would like to buy black basalt tiles, approximately 400mm square and 50mm deep. The stone is to be used as a cooking surface. We are willing to buy from any area dependent on price. We are currently researching appropriate materials and supplier options.
To finalise a supplier we need to get a sample and arrange a final quantity price. We expect to make our order by May 2006. As we are planning to buy tiles, we would be willing to opt for close standard sizes, however we need to have at least 50mm of depth. Tel: (+44) 77067.....Feb 26 Contact

e 19863 Saudi Arabia : Please quote us the price for Basalt Tile (1000mmx600mmx30mm)=45m2, the price should be quoted c&F Dammam. Telephone: +966-1-40..... Feb 23 Contact 

e 19695: I am trying to find out where I can purchase polished basalt in a 19x17x2” pieces for anti vibration for sensitive equipment? Feb 9 Contact

e 19429 Switzerland : I am decorator in Geneva and Paris and I am looking for a site in Geneva
1-Pierre de Café, (probably from spain) tiles 40x40cm thickness 2cm, qty. 28m2
2-Marble Carrare (Italy) tiles 40x40cm thickness 1cm, qty.  10m2
3-Schyste Titane tiles 40x40cm thickness 1cm or 2cm, qty.  100m2
4- Basaltin Layé tiles 40x40cm thickness 3cm or 4cm, qty.  43m2
Fax +41 22 34......Jan 10 Contact 

Year 2005

e 19255 USA : We are in immediate need of small quantities of basalt slabs (100 - 200 sq feet). They must be dark grey to black in color and in the following thicknesses: 2 cm, 3 cm, 5 cm. Slabs should be either saw finish or honed finish. Slab size is not important as most of the stone will be cut to smaller than 12" x 12" for the finished products at our facility. We will require a sample and upon approval, will be ready for immediate purchase. We would prefer prices for 100 square feet of each thickness product delivered to Arlington , Texas . Tel: 817-89.....Dec 19 Contact

18412 USA : I need 300 square feet of 6/8 or 7/9 cubes of black granite or basalt for laying into an overlapping arc pattern typical of what can be found in historic street paving. The weight of the order, and resultant shipping costs, will depend on which size the supplier will provide. The granite variety needs to be all black with little to no sparkle. I will need to have samples shipped to me prior to ordering. I need a quote including shipping to my jobsite in Portland , Oregon , USA . I will pay with a credit card. I need the shipment as soon as possible and need the supplier to tell me when I can expect to receive it at my jobsite. Ph: 503.22.....Sept 9 Contact

e 17132 New Zealand : We require Basalt tiles of following sizes.
1) 1000mm x 500mm x 40mm - 500 Sq.Mtr
2) 600mm x 300mm x 10mm - 500 Sq.Mtr
3) 950mm x 450mm x 20mm - 250 Sq.Mtr
The above are the immediate requirements and later we also require the following:
1) 300mm x 300mm x 20mm
2) 300mm x 300mm x 50mm
Also Basalt Cubes of sizes ,
1)100mm x 100mm x 100mm
2)200mm x 200mm x 100mm
3)100mm x 100mm x 50mm
4)250mm x 180mm x 100mm
5)230mm x 130mm x 130mm. Phone no. is Ph:+64-9-47.....Mar 16 Contact


Year 2004

e 15898 India : I am an exporter of Indian Natural Stones from Bangalore , India and one of my buyer was enquiring about Indian basalt stone tiles. Perhaps from the Deccan ? I would like to know whether it is quarried for building stone? I would be interested in finding more information about the basalt stone and my customer wants immediately 500 Sqm in the size 1500x600x30mm and another 500 Sqm in the size 600x300x10mm.  My customer is looking for basalt with "character", so flaws, bubbles, veins and fissures are not a problem. If you are a supplier or Manufacturer, please send me the details of your products with Pictures if you have any. My tel. no. is +91 80 569.....Dec 4, Contact

e 15183 USA : Email me relevant information regarding Basalt for use in countertops. I am in San Juan . My tel. no. is 787.72......Oct 14, Contact

e 14563 Saudi Arabia: We are interested in importing granite cobble stone or hand made black and grey basalt stone or other colors available with you for paving purposes size ranging between 12 to 16cm and thickness 6 to 9cm. The approximate quantity is 2200 m2. The cobble stone should be split type and not flamed or polished, this feature is very important. Kindly forward to us your best prices and the anticipated delivery period. Sept 2, Contact

e 14365 Italy: Can I have same information about basalt lava? Aug 21, Contact

e 14270 Spain: Please quote for basalt borders and tiles as attached. Aug 17, Contact

e 14097: Please quote for granites of 2cm thickness verde abyss, anatolian grey, antico d'italia rosso, anatolia black, basaltina. Qty. is 100 sqm each. Kindly quote for grade A and B. Our Manager will be visiting Italy for the purchase. Also quote for floor tile of Verde Marina for 700 sqm. The size should be 40cm X 40cm X 10mm. Aug 9, Contact 

e 14015 UK: We have an enquiry for Basalt. We are looking for a stockist in the UK or would you be able to provide us with prices relating to this rock? We only know that our client wants 20mm. thickness and we are unsure of the colour this material would be available in. We are aware that it is volcanic and comes from many countries but we understand that our client is thinking of Spanish Basalt. We are in Essex. Our tel. no. is 020 850.....Aug 5, Contact

e 13741 USA: I am interested in lava stones particularly in blue or pleam color. July 21, Contact

e 13517 Guam: We are a landscape contractor on Guam looking for 10 cubic yards of lava (volcanic) rock.  This will be use in the construction of a visitor's pavilion on Guam. The "rock" will be used to cover support columns to give the effect that the columns are constructed of the rocks. We will need size and shape rocks to create this effect. My phone number is (671) 64.....July 10, Contact  

e 13499 USA: We are seeking a LAVA distributor in the US, preferably in California. July 8, Contact  

e 13388 Netherlands: We are looking for basalt tiles 120 x 60, 100 x 100 hard stone, light grey tiles 120x 60 x 100 x 100. Or any grey stone tiles with a cool appearance. It will be for 140m2. July 1, Contact

e 13159 Italy: I am searching for producers of basaltina in Brazil or in South America. June 18, Contact

e 13105 Israel: We are company in Israel that produce marble slabs and we find Basalt stone very clean in size from 1-3 mm. We want to order 1 container. Please quote with sample of 200 gr. Our tel. no. is 972-4-60.....June 15, Contact

e 12960 Australia: We are looking for volcanic stone with spec 40cm x 40cm X 8cm and polished surface. How many colors do you have? First order would be 1000 pieces. Please be sure this stone board must be volcanic stone and can stand high heat at least for three or four hours during BBQ. The mobile phone no. is 04232...... June 5, Contact

e 12789 USA: We are building a home in Mexico and want to find a supplier of glazed lava stone. Our house will be in Zihuatanejo....any Mexican manufacturer or Mexican distributor for this particular product (glazed lava stone). It usually comes in about 20 different colors. I'm looking for an Antique Bone with Brown Patine or White. I want to use these as counter tops or straight surface applications. I'm leaving for Mexico in three weeks would like to find the product when in Mexico at this time. Tel. no. 415-62......May 24, Contact USD 20

e 12771 Netherlands: We are interested in basalt tiles 120 x 60 x 3 or 60 x 60 x 3 qty. 160 sq mtr or is there a importer in Holland/Belgium who I can reach? The basalt should not be too dark, medium grey to antrasit. 
Can you give me a sample? My tel. no. is 00316221.....May 22, Contact USD 50

e 10321 Netherlands: I am looking for 65m2 Premium Black Granite or Basalt tiles 45 x 45 x12-15mm. for my living room. Please send  quotations. My phone no. is 00 31 6 55 7.....The specs. are texture: Fine Grained, honed finish, standard shade variation. The tiles should be calibrated. Jan 2, Contact USD 50

e 9831 Canada: I am looking for Basalt tiles, need size: 24" x 24" and 750mm x 750mm, all 1" thick, large volumes, ongoing order. We are in Mississauga, Ontario. Our tel. no. is 905-81.....Nov 27, Contact 

e 9809 Canada: I am looking for manufacturers of cultured marble / granite from China. Have requirement for custom size 24" x 24" x 1" thick slab. Large volumes, ongoing orders. Also want  Basalt tiles, need size: 24" x 24" and 750mm x 750mm, all 1" thick, large volumes , ongoing order. We are in Mississauga, Ontario. Our tel. no. is 905-81.....Nov 26, Contact

e 7623 Singapore: Pumice Stone: We want pumice stone in 30x15x 2.5cm slabs. Monthly 3-4 x 20'containers are required. Please give us CNF Singapore price. June 21, Contact

e 6497 Australia: I want Basalt Tiles in 305x305, 410x410 and 610x610 sizes. I need huge quantity. March 24, Contact

e 5762 Belgium: We want basalt slabs. Jan 30, Contact

e 5755 UK: I want pumice stone slab or block of 100cm x 100cm x approx 40cm. Looking for suppliers in Europe or UK. Jan 29, Contact

ALL: e 5579 Germany: We import several stones from different countries. We want limestones, travertines, basalt and granite in white, beige, red and black colors. Please quote for slabs and tiles. We are in Berlin. Jan18, Contact

UK: e 4620 Denmark: We want Black Basalt from UK. We need this material in slabs and tiles as it is used as counter tops and also on floor. We need the material to be of uniform appearance and honed finish. Size reqd. is Running lengths x 400 x 20mm cut to size. Our contact no. is (+45) 46 78.....Oct 30, Contact