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October  2006




This is a list of all buyers' enquiries from  Belgian. 

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Year 2006

e 20348 Belgium : I am a manufacturer of fireplaces and I am looking to find slabs of steatite (+/- same as in finland ). Can you give me addresses of carriers in Brazil , Canada , Italy ,..Tel: + 32 61 2.....April 14 Contact

e 20264 Belgium : We are looking to find slabs of steatite like steatite of Finland . We are manufacturers of fireplaces in marbles and granites. 
Do you know manufacturers of stoves or fireplaces in steatite. Phone +32 61 2.....April 6 Contact  

e 20028 Belgium : Could you please give us price for Granite Black smooth finish, 100 sqm 60cm x 60 cm x 3 cm. March 13 Contact

e 19909 Belgium : We are interested to purchase Rojo Alicante in blocks, for further processing. Is it the same 55 EURO/Ton price quotation? We are also interested to purchase other varieties (see attachment: packing list last purchase). It would be good to receive some sample pictures. Mobile +324855.....March 1 Contact

e 19594 Belgium : Is it possible to give us a FOB-price for basalt cobblestones in 20x15x12 cm. How many are there in one 20 ft. container? How many are there in one square metre? Tel 00324...... Jan 28 Contact  

e 19428 Belgium : We are looking for a supplier of granite green rose. Jan 10 Contact   

e 18990 Belgium : We are a company from Belgium and we sell building materials such as concrete blocks, sand, cement, clinkers, ceramic tiles granite and limestone/bluestone products. Our clients are in Belgium and the Netherlands and also the building construction companies. We started with the import of granite and limestone/bluestone from China , Vietnam and Turkey . Enclosed (1, 2) is a list of the different marble products we sell for the moment. Could you please fill in the file in the attachment with you best prices. I added also some technical drawing of the windowsills we need.  Nov 25 Contact 

e 18860 Belgium : Please quote for marble and granite slabs and tiles. Tel 003247541......Nov 12 Contact 

e 18828 Belgium : I would like to receive more information to buy marble and granite for Europe and Middle East for big quantities. Tel: 0032241..... Nov 8 Contact

Year 2005

e 17962 Belgium : I am interested in containers to Antwerp/Rotterdam - could you please either quote this in the price of the handcut mint sandstone slabs from India . We need price in US$ M2 FOB Indian Port for handcut slabs of Mint Ocka, Tinted Mint, Mint. Sizes 300x300, 300x600, 900x300, 600x600 and 600x900 - Thicknesses 25-35mm. My tel. no. is +420 736 7.....July 1 Contact   

e 17900 Belgium : I a a sculptor looking for French Limestone. Looking for very low quantities compared to industrial consumers: I'm a Brussels , Belgium-based sculptor looking for Pierre de France - or Pierre de Caen. Not sure what the industry name for these stones is - they're typical French creamy-white (slightly ochre sometimes) fine grained limestone. Semi-firm Pierre de Caen is what I'm really looking for as it's ideal for sculpting - I just want to know where I can find some. June 21 Contact 

e 17716 Belgium : Please quote for Seaweed Green, Granston Protea and Silica White Polished slabs. May 19 Contact

e 16647 Belgium : Please send me CIF prices to Antwerp about all your Kandla limestone and sandstone products. Jan 27, Contact 

e 16529 Belgium : I want to buy a kit for hot stones for massage. Could you send me your price list and the condition to deliver them in Brussels ? I am looking for a kit of around 50 stones of different sizes and the heater, I don't want something too big, because a don't have a lot of space in the massage room and I would like to use it time to time in an other practice. Jan 20, Contact

e 16346 Belgium : We want to import blue stone. Please your best prices CIF Anwerp for a 20'container 15 x 15 x 2.5 tumbled and a 20' container 20 x 20 x 2.5 tumbled. Jan 10, Contact   

e 16268 Belgium : We are stone importer in Belgium . We want to buy Azul Platino Flamed 3 cm thickness, Crema Marfil, Carrara C and other marbles. Jan 5, Contact

Year 2004

e 16216 Belgium : Where I can buy 'breccia sarda' in Italy . I need about 100 m of 1.5 cm thick. I will transport myself. My tel. no. is 04753.....
Dec 30, Contact 

e 15338 Belgium : Looking to buy bluestone from Vietnam in different sizes and finishes- tumbled -bush hammered - sanded - honed in different sizes 15x15 - 20x20 - 30x30 - 40x40 - 50x50 - 60x60 thickness 2 cm - 2.5 cm - 5 cm. Want to buy 200 containers for the year 2005 at a good price. If the price is right we will buy now. My tel. no. is 00 32 016 2.....Oct 25, Contact 

e 14988 Belgium : Earthmoving Machine: We are interested in buying this machine CAT 980C. Sept 30, Contact

e 14822 Belgium : We want 265 m2 of kandla Beige sandstone ( Bengal yellow) in size 14x14x5 cm. Please quote your best offer F.O.B. or C.I.F. Sept 20, Contact

e 14471 Belgium : We would like your prices for kanfanar stones for memorial project in France
760 m pavement 1,13 x 0,76 x 0,08 m; 984 lm treads 0,50 x 0,23 m. My tel. no. is 00 32 51 3......Aug 27, Contact  

e 14444 Belgium : Please send quotes with images for Nigerian granite / limestone. My mobile no. is 00324742.....Aug 26, Contact

e 14443 Belgium : Could it be possible to send us some digital pictures of the colours you sell of Nigerian granite / limestone? Also I would like to know your standard sizes and the max. % variation you can guarantee. A pricelist matched to the pictures would of course help as well. Prices will only be accepted in . Aug 26, Contact  

e 14303 Belgium : I would like to receive more information on the provenance and general characteristics (colour, composition) of Manga granite. My tel. no. is +32-14-3..... Aug 18, Contact

e 13442 Belgium: We are interested in buying bluestone in different sizes and finishes, sand stone bush hammered, etc. different sizes 20x20 to 50x50cm. July 6, Contact 

e 13354 Belgium : We are looking for Vietnamese Limestone (blue grey) good quality, at reasonable price. The sizes we want are 20x20x2 or 2.5 cm, 30x30x2 or 3 cm and 40x40x2 or 3 cm. I will be in Vietnam next month for 10 days. June 29, Contact 

e 13165 Belgium : Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for CAT 980C, 1 BUCKET AS 9V0221, 1 EDGE AS CUTTING 9V0233. TERMS OF PAYMENT 100 % ADVANCE. DELIVERY FRANCO BRUSSELS . PACKING STRONG BOX. OUR FAX NO. IS +32.2.47.....June 18, Contact

e 12649 Belgium : I am interested in purchasing some Juparana Delicatus Granite for kitchen and bathroom counters for a home renovation in Brussels , Belgium . Do you ship to Europe ? (Port = Antwerp ) If so, do you have a catalogue? May 14, Contact USD 50

e 12467 Belgium : Please quote for travertine stones in chocolate color. Quantity is one container 21-24 tons. My contact no. is 0032329......May 3, Contact USD 20

e 10838 Belgium : Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for ex100wd, ex 120 d, hall excavators, grader. My phone no. is 00324759.....Jan 28, Contact USD 100 (open) 

ES: e 10528 Belgium : Please quote for 450 sqm Crema Marfil first quality. I want it cut and ready for the installation). I would like to get the price CIF destination of Beirut-Lebanon. My tel. no. is 0032 2 52.....Jan 13, Contact USD 100 (open)

AR: e 10344 Belgium : Please quote for a 15 x 20 x 8 cm rectangular object in Cielo Azul marble (or the price of unformed blocks). And do you know perhaps the price to ship a container filled with these stones to Europe ? Jan 5, Contact USD 50  (open)

e 9272 Italy: I need sodalite or marble of Belgium. The size must be 10cm x 8cm x 4cm. Oct 18, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 9163 Belgium: I am looking for suppliers for Vietnamese bluestone, hammered or sand grinded, thickness 3.5 cm. My tel. no. is + 32 345.....Oct 9, Contact USD 40 (open) 

VN: e 9039 Belgium: We like to buy blue stone from Vietnam. See ready stock 441. Sept 28, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 7139 Belgium: I WANT BLUE STONE TUMBLED 15 X 15 X 2.5 CM. OUR CONTACT NO. IS +32 (0)16/2......May 13, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 6722 Belgium: We are in constant need of Kandla Grey. Our target price is less than 34 Euros FOB India. We also require 9000 sqm of Indian Granite like Indian Black, Paradiso, Imperial Green and Vizag Blue. Our client has more preference for the Indian Black but will take other colors for other areas. The quantities are yet to be decided. Sizes are slabs and not small tiles. This is for a big office complex in Brussels. Thickness: Needed 1 cm and 2 cm. 
Slabs Dimensions: Your Convenience
Polishing: One side and other sides fine finish
Delivery: in 2 Months from 15 days from NOW.
Our fax no. is Fax: 0032 2 73.....April 14, Contact Rs 5000 (open)

e 6490 Belgium: Please quote CIF Belgium/Antwerpen with custom tax of Belgium for 7200 m white marble or white granite as pure as possible in 3 and 4 cm thickness for cladding tiles of 120 cm x 3 cm x 3 or 4 cm.  The edges must be light rounded or chamfered polished finish. Please specify packing, the quantity per container and the delivery and production time. We need also the physical and chemical test reports of these stones. The stones are used to cover the outdoor and indoor walls of 6 buildings of each 1200 m. Please send us a picture of your product by email. March 22, Contact See Offers USD 200 

e 6396 USA: I want semi white porfier, which is a marble composite. It come from Belgium. I am an interior designer. I need some samples of this stone. March 13, Contact USD 20 (open)

ALL: e 6370 Belgium: We are a company specialized in import and export of natural stones and ceramic tiles. We also do a lot of cutting to size, such as: vanity tops, bathrooms, stairs, wall cladding, chimneys, etc.
We have a large showroom of 2500 sqm. We want prices for Combe brune, Lagos blue, Cream limestone, Jerulasem gold light shade, Portland blue, Hartham Park, Coombefield Whitbed, Perryfield Whitbed, Westwood ground, Monks park, Centenaire, Coliseum stone, Font clair, Verde, Jaune Monton, Schoenbrunn, Black diamond, Casis blue, Cremo bello, Crema Nevada, Opal pink light, Negro, Perla Marina, Cream marble, Troy yellow, Zante limestone, Galala, Adria grigio unito, Gull River, Marlin black, Zimbabwe black, Negro intenso. Our contact no. is + 32 51 2..March 11, Contact See Offers 
USD 200

e 6350 Belgium: I want basaltina. Would like to know main producers and any distributors in Belgium. Please quote. march 8, Contact USD 20  (open)

Below are some earlier inquiries which are still valid. Do respond.

BE: e 1774 USA: I would like to purchase travertines from Belgium. Black.....block (price in tons)...and 1' x 1' tiles. Nero Belgio....block (price in tons)...and 1' x 1' tiles. Aug 5. Contact

e 1364 USA: Could we get the sellers information for Belgium Black and Nero Belgio? Jan 30

e 1360 UK: I am looking for a dolomite or a grey fine flecked Belgian granite supplier for kitchen worktop in the UK. Jan 29

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