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October  2006




 This is a list of all buyers' enquiries from Bulgaria. 

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Year 2006

e 20051 Bulgaria: We require the following marbles and quadrature required by us: 
Duquesa Media Slabs – 2 cm 75 sqm 
Duquesa Scura Slabs – 2 cm 40 sqm
Gris Balear Tiles: 40 x 40 x 2 cm 62 sqm
Beiserpiente Tiles: 40 x 40 x 2 cm 15 sqm
Negro Pinta Slabs ……. x 2 cm 35 sqm
Rojo Alicante Slabs – 2 cm 125 sqm
We prefer Spanish origin because of EUR1 Certificate. Awaiting confirmation with best price quotations. We need one 20F FCL FCA Spanish storage place. We need the same colours or very close to them. Tel:+359 52 6......March 15 Contact

Year 2005

e 18330 Bulgaria : please send an offer for 1000 pcs. saw blades for granite 350mm x 50mm x 24 segments x 3,2 mm x 10mm high - if possible laser welded. Aug 23 Contact 

e 18301 Bulgaria: We are Bulgarian trading company and we are interested in granite cubes 10X10cm, granites cubes are for decoration of gardens, squares, streets, we put sand first and after the cubes. Please send us you price FOB for quantity about 2000 sqm. Tel.+359 899......Aug 18 Contact 

e 17210 Bulgaria : We are traders of machines and want to buy engraving and laser machines. Mar 22 Contact 

Year 2004

e 14947 Bulgaria : I am interested in finding where I could buy limestone named 'arria' a beige sandstone origin Spain . We are a company doing architecture and interior design in Sofia Bulgaria. We are initially looking for about 700sqm, 2cm thickness, polished preferably 90x60 or 80x50. If all goes well we would like to use it in the near future for a bigger project also. Our tel. no. is 00359 888 6.....Sept 28, Contact

e 12640 Bulgaria : I would like to buy granite and marble from Italy . Please quote for block and slabs in square meter for size 30 x 30, 40 x 40,50 x 50 and 60 x 60. Our telephone no. is +359 0888 3.....May 13, Contact USD 20

e 12485 Bulgaria: We want information regarding:
Tiles - different sizes , starting 30 x 30 cm till 60 x 60 cm, and width ≈ 6 ũ12 mm 
Required color - brown or red nuance, or all of your products from group Tiles&Slabs / SDG / China Granite and China Marble. Is it possible for China granite to be outdoor mounted , and is it harder and stronger than China Marble? 
Please tell us which are the tiles you have on stock (which are already produced) , and can we make order for them? How much can one 20" container accommodate (in mē)? Our telephone No: 00359 431 ..... May 4, Contact USD 40

e 12457 Bulgaria : Stone Processing Machinery: We are a Bulgarian company working in the field of yielding and processing natural stones. We are about to start a new branch in our company for processing granite. But for that we need certain machines we hope we could find through your site and with your help.
We want to buy second hand / refurbished / multiblade gangsaw for granite using steel shot or grit. We prefer to buy the machine from Italy but other offers are also welcome. We plan a business trip to Italy at the end of May so any offers arriving from this country will be first attended to. Tel: + 359 887 3.....May 3, Contact USD 100

e 11917 Bulgaria : We are interested in polished porcelain / ceramic tiles in sizes 30x30, 30x60 and 40x40. We will be very pleased if you send us price, catalogues, samples or picture of the models by e-mail. Mar 26, Contact

CN: e 11271 Bulgaria : We specialize in producing and importing of products from marble and granite. We import materials mainly from Italy , Turkey and Greece . We are very interested in buying granite from China . Would you send us a price list for polished slabs 63cm. high and 2 cm. width (L/63/2) and a price list of tiles 60 x 30 x 1,8 and 30,5 x 30,5 x 1 for first and second quality. We are interested to know the price of G603, G633, G614, G623, G682,G617, G688. Feb 20, Contact  

e 10927 Bulgaria : Please quote for 1000 sqm, real travertine romano noce, 35mm thick, polished and filled. Top quality, darkest selection. Very important international project in Sofia , Bulgaria . Delivery time - asap. Tel. no. +359 2  97.....Feb 3, Contact    

e 10394 Bulgaria : We need a marble cube with dimensions 1050 x 1050 x 1050 mm with bright colour / pink is preferable. A sphere will be made of it. Jan 7, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 10066 UK: I am looking for 120m2 of 20mm thick Bulgarian white limestone honed finish, 600 x 600 tiles. I need the stone mid January 2004. Dec 13, Contact

10054 UK: We are a small architectural / interior design practice based in Central London. We are searching for one 30mm thick slab for the top of table (2000mm long x 800wide). Our client is very keen to have The travertine like a sample that we have in the office. It is clear filled travertine (or porous marble), that has distinctive wavy character and is grey / beige. We find it rather difficult to source the product. It has been suggested that it may have come from one of Bulgarian quarries. My phone no. is 020 72.....Dec 12, Contact

BG: e 9142 USA: We are familiar with quality of Bulgarian limestone. Please quote for polished limestone tiles 12 x 12 x 3/8 in, 16 x 16 x 3/8 and 16 x 16 x 3/4in and 24 x 24 x 3/4in. Price should be EX Factory in Bulgaria incl packaging. We would like to receive samples concerning the quality and different colors in order to establish business with your company. We are located in NW Arkansas region and working with a lot of builders and retail stores in the stone industry.Our phone no. is 479 87.....Oct 8, Contact USD 50 (open)

BG: e 8848 Italy: I would like to contact the suppliers of this SIVEC Marble in Greece. See pricelist 964. My contact no. is (+39) 34722.....Sept 11, Contact USD 50 (open)

BG: e 8754 Sweden: I would like to know more about Bulgarian marble. Please send quotes, etc. My tel. no. is +46 70 87..... Sept 3, Contact, USD 50 (open)

e 8046: We want Belgian Black Petit Granite (Nero Belga, Granit de Flandre) first Quality. Size of tiles 1000 x 1000mm. Thickness 30mm. Qty: 1000 M2. July 19, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 8015 Bulgaria: Pumice Stone: We are a company dealing with cosmetics. We need pumice powder to include in our medicine soaps. We should appreciate details of your FOB price for this type of pumice stone, packing, minimum quantity per order, quantity in one Euro pallet (kg and m3) and safety data sheet. July 17, Contact USD 50 (open) 

BG: e 8000 Czech Republic: I need clear white Sivec marble for our big showroom (300 m2) in Prague. 
July 16, Closed

CH: e 7984 Bulgaria: We are interested in buying 100 sqm of granite Verde Andeer granite, size 700 mm x 400mmx20mm, polished. It must be delivered to Varna, Bulgaria. If we are satisfied from price and business relationship will order additional 400 square meters. We will need a sample of your granite along with the price. Our phone no. is 0526.....July 15, Contact USD 100 (open) 

BG: e 7868 UK: We are interested in Vratza Marble. Please quote. Our contact no. is +44 1444 4.....July 10, Closed

BG: e 7457 Australia: We want Vratza Limestone for a project in Australia. Approx 3000 M2 of both 2 CM and 3 CM thick polished and honed face finish. We would appreciate the technical specification of the product i.e.: volumetric weight, co-efficient of absorption, porosity, flexural strength, etc. and any other information you have at your disposal. We require these to determine if this particular stone is suitable for our
particular application. we would prefer costing C&F and CIF Melbourne Australia.
We are unfamiliar with this product but understand it is a durable, medium to dense limestone suitable for both interior and external use.
We would like to know the following :-
1. What colours are available?
2. How consistent are the colours?
3. What are the nominal slab sizes in 20 mm thick and 30mm thick?
4 Are there different types?
5. Is it possible obtain consistent colour and texture for a project of approx 3000M2?
6. Paving sizes are 1200mm x 600mm x 20mm?
7. Wall cladding sizes are Approx 657mm High x 1200mm - 1500mm x 30mm
8. What are the Physio/ Mechanical properties? June 9, Contact USD 100 (open) (updated inquiry)

BG: e 7376 USA: I am a stone distributor in New York. I have a client who is looking for some Vratza tile. Looking for distributors who may have this material in North America. I need 125 M2 of 45cm x 45cm x 1cm thick tile. My phone number is (718)38.....June 4, Contact USD 100 

BG: e 7339 USA: I want White Sivec marble. Could you give your current pricing? What is the slab size? I need 2cm slabs and tiles of polished 30.5 x 30.5x1cm. Also let me know what other sizes you have in stock. Quality: EXTRA, A1 and A2. Miami, FL, Phone no. is 786-9.....Qty. needed is one container. June 1, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 7203 Romania: Blocks: Please quote for Vratza limestone block. May 19, Contact USD 50

e 7085 Belgium: We are general building contractors in Europe. We have a requirement of 
item 1: 7000M2 of Kandla sandstone (Jaipur), (red colour). Sizes 30 x 14 x 8cm, finishing: top surface sawn other surfaces hand dressed or alternative. Price including all surfaces hand dressed. mechanical requirements : compression 200N/mm2

item 2: 5750M2 of Kandla sandstone (Jaipur), (red / brown colour). Sizes length range 50/20/30/40 x 14 x 8cm, finishing: top surface sawn other surfaces hand dressed or alternative price including all surfaces hand dressed. mechanical requirements : compression 200N/mm2

item 3: 20700 M2 of granite tiles, (light gray colour). Sizes length range 50/20/30/40 x 30 x 8cm thick, 
finishing: all surfaces sawn 
mechanical requirements : compression 195N/mm2. 
Extra price for 20700M2 with top surface flamed. 

item 4: 29400 ML granite edge specification refer to item 3
Please quote FOB nearest port or cif Antwerpen port, and kindly specify your fabrication capacity. Phone no. 0032497.......May 9, Contact USD 1000 

BG/UA: e 7012 USA: I want to act, as a Agent for import of marble, granite, lime stone blocks, slabs and tiles from US, Bulgarian / Ukrainian origin. May 3, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 6763 Bulgaria: Please quote for 600 sqm. Yellow Pearl granite polished and bush-hammered, CIF Bourgas for the following sizes of 1st and 2nd quality 60x60x3, 60x90x3 and 60x120x3. 
We will be responsible for supplying 600 sqm tiles - 30 mm and around 350 sqm tiles 20 mm. The tiles are with different dimensions - 150x84, 66x32, 29x200, 33x150. The complete specification will be send on an later stage, supplying insulation and dry montage of stone. 
Please specify the terms of payment and delivery. Please send us the same quotation CIF Thessaloniki. We also need the same offer for granite width 2 cm - approx. 400 sq/m. Our contact no. is 35927..... April 17, Contact USD 200

e 6681 Italy: Landscape: We are looking for a supplier of  VRATZA limestone from Bulgaria. Blocks, or slabs, or even finished material will do as we want it for paving-work. April 10, Contact USD 200

BG: e 6669 Italy: I want 1000 sqm Bulgarian Vratza Stone for floor tiles, sawn surface and extra-cost for hined surface. Sizes: 100 x 100 x 2 and 3cm. square-sawn, 100 x 100 x 2 cm. rhomboidal shaped, abt. 15 cm. out of square same items in size 50 x 50 cm. 
sizes                                    square                                     rhomboidal shape
                                  honed         sawn                     honed                        sawn

                          ---------- -----------      -----------          ---------------
50 x 50 x 2cm.      Euro .......  Euro ........      Euro ........          Euro ........
100x100x 2cm.       " .........      " ........          " .........               " .............
50 x 50 x 3cm.      Euro .......  Euro ........      Euro ........          Euro ........
100x100x 3cm.       " .........      " ........          " .........               " .............
Prices should include packing, FOT-ex works Bulgaria. Our contact no. is 0039-335-61..... April 9, Contact USD 200

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