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Boulders Inquiries September  2006
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e 21320 USA: Retail: Looking for large blocks of polished rose quartz, 6 tall x 4 wide. Matching boulders for yard. Sept 3 Contact 

e 21301 USA: I need 7 to 9 ton granite boulders for my waterfront for bulkhead. I'd even be interested in larger than 9 ton. What is the price? Tel: 904-25.....Aug 31 Contact 

e 21214 Singapore: We may require some stones and pebbles for a project in Singapore and would appreciate if you can provide some photos of available material perhaps from Malaysia and also their indicative prices for our consideration. The following are brief details of the material required:
a) Mix:
70% 35mm - 50mm rounded river pebbles.
30% 50mm - 75mm rounded river pebbles.
b) 200mm x 200mm x 150mm angular natural rock boulders.
c) 300mm 400mm rounded river boulders.
d) 500mm x 500mm x 300mm angular natural rock boulders.
The stones and pebbles are required for the landscaping of a water channel within a gully system and several ponds. Tel: 648......Aug 14 Contact 

e 21150 Saudi Arabia: Please quote for Granite boulders from India. Aug 2 Contact 

e 20933 USA: I own a company in Omaha, NE, and am looking for a truckload of moss rock boulders (24 ton) - various sizes from 8-12", 12-18", 18-24" and 24-30". Brownish in color. I will need this within the next two weeks before July 15, 2006. I will buy if price including delivery is no more than $140 - $150 / ton. Please let me know what I need to provide in order to get a bid. Tel: 402.87.....June 27 Contact 

e 20844 Canada: I am a stone carver in Canada who is looking for black granite boulders. I am interested in prices for a container and per boulder. I am interested in rocks that have one flat level side to stand on and are approximately 6 ft tall x 3 ft x 3ft. My phone # is 250 88.....June 16 Contact 

e 20624 Belgium: Please quote with pictures for black granite boulders from Australia. May 21 Contact 

e 20594 USA: I need Moss Boulders, flagstones. I will need approx. 60 tons. Tel: 303-98.....May 18 Contact 

e 20550 Finland: Please quote for black granite boulder from Australia. Tel: +358 400 4......May 12 Contact 

e 20547: Please quote for black granite boulder from Australia. May 12 Contact 

e 20545 : Please quote for black granite boulder from Australia. May 12 Contact 

e 20514 USA: I am looking to do a semi retaining wall but more for aesthetics. The wall is to be 2'-4' in height and about 40'-60' in length, curved around a tree. I am looking for bluish type stone. Do you have any suggestions for what kind of boulders I can use? Also, size kind of matters cause the only equipment I have to move the stone is a bobcat bucket loader. Est. 700 sq.ft. of boulders. I don't mind stacking both boulders 2 high. Also, do you deliver to Albany, New York area? And an estimated cost? Tel: 518 58.....May 9 Contact  

e 20489 USA: Looking to find pricing Huge Sandstone Boulders and Veins, Moss Covered Rocks as well and find out quality of product. Possible annual contract request for min of 4000 tons a year shipped to San Antonio. Phone 805-52..... May 7 Contact  

e 20400 USA: I am in Kansas, near Kansas City and looking for some Moss Rock Boulders.  April 23 Contact 

e 20179 We are looking for truck loads of moss rock boulders and flagstone. Tel: 713-54.....March 29 Contact 

e 20110 USA: retail: I am currently looking for a boulder that is around 6ft in height. Tel (203)-37.....March 22 Contact 

e 19922 USA: I am currently looking for boulder 25-200lbs. Field stone flat rock for steppers 18-24" Dia. 3-4" thick and large steppers 24"x36" 5-6" thick. I also need info on delivery to Cincinnati. My phone number is 513-61.....I am starting my project in two weeks so I need pricing and info ASAP. March 1 Contact 

e 19908 Italy: We are looking for red jasper, rose quartz and malachite
Quantity : one container each material
Status : rough irregular boulders (pebbles)
Dimension : minimum 3 cm
Delivery port : any Northern Italian seaport
Delivery time : shortest possible
Inspection : indicate site for inspection prior to shipment
Payment : indicate payment conditions 
Evidence : Attach to the offer images showing the materials and the available stock 
Tel +39 050 9.....March 1 Contact 

e 19894 USA: I am a General Contractor working for the City of Hidalgo, Texas. The project involves a large landscaping area that is dotted with large boulders along the walk, I am needing approximately 35 large boulders that measure 36" X 48" X 36" on the average, in addition, I will need a large order of 3" to 5" size "River Rock". Let me know if you can locate this product for me. Tel: 956-64..... Feb 27 Contact 

e 19757 USA: Interested in seeing some pictures of boulders you have as well as sizes available. Phone 630.79.....Feb 14 Contact 

e 19598 USA: We are landscape architects and need boulders and large flat boulder/slabs for a landscape project in the Los Angeles area. 
We are in CA. Tel: 310.39.....Need: Boulders to place in garden: 3 - 18" x 18" x 18" minimum up to 24 x 24 x 24 plus or minus; 2 to place in fountain - 30" x 24" x 24" approx. All five boulders should be weathered, gray to dark gray, lumpy and mishapen better.
Need: Irregular and thick stone slabs to use as large garden platforms - not for countertops - more like flattish boulders: 1 - 60" x 42" x 
12" approx. Tops should be somewhat flat-ish, but dips and hollows okay; 1 (or combination) - to make threshold into garden; area to cover 
is 8'0" x 7'0" approx.; slab(s) should be flattish (no trippers) and from 6" to 12" thick to allow for burial in soil and gravel base. Both slabs should be weathered, gray to dark gray. 
We would like to buy in southern California if possible, but could travel to western states if nec. We are finalizing specifications and contractor is ready to order. I am required to find possible sources by February 4, 2006. I will need to see photos and specs, and then visit the stone in person before I finalize the purchase. We must install the stones between now and September, 2006. Jan 30 Contact 

e 19585 USA: I am looking to buy 3 boulders of tufa material (lightweight rock-like material) for a sculpture. Each boulder can be of an arbitrary shape around 1 to 1.5 meter cubed volume. I need these boulders shipped to me in Israel. Tel +1-650-61.....Jan 27 Contact 

e 19512 USA: Retail: I need a big-base stone boulder to place on my parkway to prevent cars from cutting across from the alley onto the street. It should be around 30" high and 24" wide. Also, I would prefer it come from the Midwest. I am in Chicago. I need it delivered and set in place. Tel: 312-95.....Jan 19  Contact 


e19068 USA: I am looking for a large boulder (2-3 feet high) for use as a grave marker. It must be a hard stone- like granite (no sandstone). Dec 4 Contact  

e 19007 Saudi Arabia: I am an architect looking for landscape stones (approximately 100tons) to implement a 'Stone Garden" to one of my customers. Looking for different sizes of stone: Boulders, flagstone, random pebbles, and granite cobbles. More details will be sent if you are interested in my order knowing that shipment to be sent to Dammam Saudi Arabia. Contact number: 966 3 85.....Nov 28 Contact  

e 18898 USA: We operate a large retail hardscape and landscape supply yard in Minnesota. We are interested in Moss Boulders, flagstones as displayed in pricelist 643. Nov 16 Contact 

e 18887: Could you send me prices per palette for uncut 50 to 70 Kg. marble boulders delivered to the UK East Anglia. I am looking for a mixture of colors. Nov 15 Contact 

e 18585 Saudi Arabia: I am an architect and commissioned to design and implement a 'Stone Garden" to one of my customers. Looking for different sizes of stone: I prefer to buy from, Cyprus, Indonesia, India, China, Pakistan and Iran. My final destination is Dammam Saudi Arabia. I need a rough idea about custom rates and shipment cost to Dammam seaport. My contact number is +9665058......
Boulders - random color, qty: 1.5m in length 6 pcs, 1m in length 6 pcs, 0.8m in length 6 pcs, 0.5m in length 10 pcs. 
flagstone - qty 20-50cm thick, 1.5m2 4 pcs, 15cm thick, 40X60cm, 40 pcs
Pebbles random color, 5 cm dim-20cm dim to cover up 84 m2
granite cobbles 25%Red and 75% yellow - qty to cover up120 m2
Curb stone yellow color qty 80 leaner meter
Preferred date of delivery 6weeks from today. Oct 12 Contact  

e 18270 USA: I need a white marble boulder approximately 4' tall 3 tons or so. Tel. 757-57.....Aug 7 Contact 

e 18165: Email me relevant information on red Scoria boulders 1 ft to 3 ft longest dimension. July 20 Contact 

e 18083: Email me relevant information where to get petrified wood and Mica Boulders. Phone: (440) 25.....July 13 Contact 

e 18038 USA: I am a landscaper in Boulder CO and am trying to locate some Canadian flagstone anywhere on the front range. I found a few pallets at Colorado. July 8 Contact 

e 17558 USA: Please quote for Rosso Laguna marble in boulder or block form. I am in New Jersey. My tel. no. is 908-23.....Apr 30 Contact 

e 17543 USA: I am interested in brown and tan creek boulders of approximately basketball size. We are located just north of Houston. Price? Time? Tel. 800.33.... Apr 29 Contact  

e 17169 USA: Retail: I am interested in purchasing one large boulder as a landscape rock on a property in Tylertown Mississippi. The zip code is 39667. Could you possibly provide the cost of a variety of rocks including shipping charges to the site? Mar 18 Contact 

e 17146 USA: I'm looking to find landscaping boulders, lichen covered/weathered, Idaho native. Interesting shapes. Also looking for similarly colored and possibly lichen covered, flat stone of some kind for creating garden steps, perhaps 20 stones. My tel. is 208-62...... I live in Boise, Idaho. I am really looking for a reasonable price more than a specific color, but if I had my druthers, I'd like some of the grayish type lichen covered boulders found many places in Idaho, and similar look for steps, but flat. Probably 10-15 stones for steps depending on size, and perhaps 4-5 large boulders, may 3-4 ft. diameter. Mar 17 Contact 

e 17015 Bahrain: We are looking for landscape boulders (river stone), like to have around 15 quantity in 2 feet diameter and in natural color. Mar 3. Contact

e 15996 I have a nature store and landscaping business. I would like to see a catalog if you have one. In the spring I am planning on purchasing quite a bit of boulders and limestone, but would like to see what it looks like. Also if you have any information about shipping costs to Iowa. Dec 10, Contact  

e 15586 USA: Landscape: I would be interested in purchasing a large quantity of boulders and larger rocks for a waterfall and landscaping. Please send s & h info along with a name and number. If you have a price list, and descriptions or pictures of what you have that would be helpful. Nov 12, Contact 

e 15155 USA: Retail: I am interesting in buying 3-4 tons of sandstone, blonde to yellow brown color in form of flags and small boulders to construct a backyard waterfall and pond area. I need a quote for delivery to CA 92677 area.  Oct 12, Contact 

e 15089 USA: Landscape: I am making inquiries on behalf of a friend who wants to set up a stone yard on some property I own (5 acres). We will need all kinds of natural flat stone, river rock , table tops, and boulders. For home building and landscape, we will sell to a retail and wholesale market. Can you offer any ideas of how you may supply us? We are doing quite a bit of research now and will open in a couple of months. My tel. no. is 251-70.....Oct 8, Contact 

e 14785 Canada: Landscape: We want to buy crushed Lava, crushed granite, slate, boulders, blast rock... in bulk quantity. Would like a domestic purchase. We need it for Ground Cover. We are in BC. Sept 16, Contact 

e 14602 USA: We are interested in LARGE boulders for our natural garden in Georgia (30650). We would need 7 2-3 ton boulders and a smaller number of smaller boulders. Is there anyone within this area that can do a great price?? Mossy boulders would be beautiful. Sept 5, Contact  

e 14543 USA: Quarry Machinery: I would be interested in purchasing a cable saw to cut boulders and slabs. Please send any info you may have to me as soon as possible. My tel. no. is 208 26.....Sept 1, Contact 

e 14493 Canada: Need a supply of honey and orange onyx. Slab and small boulders. My contact info. is 416 87.....Aug 28, Contact    

e 14360 USA: We need Iranian/Afghan Jade/boulders for making decorative products. We need 400 tons now, 200 tons per month right after the first shipment, sizes are 2.2-3 x 1.2-1.5 x 1.50x1.75. Delivery to China. Our tel. no. is +1-310-39......We are willing to buy from Iran. Aug 21, Contact 

e 14126 USA: I am looking for a supplier of raw Rosso Laguna marble in boulder or block form; suitable for carving size could start around 1ft x 1ft x 3ft weight could be 1 ton or less. I'm willing to get it from anywhere geographically if the price is okay. Ready to purchase now. Aug 11, Contact

e 14038 USA: Landscape: Interested in truckload (20-30 T) lichen/moss boulders in the 1-3 ton range. I need flatter material as opposed to round or cube shaped. Can you email photos of representative material? Also how far are you from Pittsburgh, PA for shipping purposes? Aug 6, Contact 

e 13962 USA: I am looking for a truck load of natural stone boulders. Aug 2, Contact

e 13663 USA: Interested in 300 lb boulders or bigger, located in New York- for use in parking lot. July 19, Contact 

e 13503 USA: I am looking to purchase a large boulder for landscaping purposes. It needs to be at least 4 feet high and approximately the same size around, with a semi-flat top. I will also need it delivered to my home in Dallas, Georgia. July 9, Contact  

e 13449 USA: We would like to contact suppliers to get estimates for several types of rock i.e. Boulders, River Rock, Gravel for ice control, and Flat Rock and the costs for have the rock delivered to us. We are ready to purchase as soon as possible. July 6, Contact 

e 13393 USA: I work for a landscaping supply company in NE. We are looking for a supplier for a few different types of rock ie. river rock, flat rock, boulders, and gravel for ice control. July 1, Contact

e 13282 Netherlands: I am looking for big granite boulders, approximate 2 to 3 meters (largest size). June 24, Contact

e 13274 Netherlands: Please send pricelist and pictures on large size granite boulders. June 24, Contact

e 13019 USA: I am interesting in buying 3-4 tons of sandstone, blonde to yellow brown color in form of flags and small boulders to construct a backyard waterfall and pond area. I need a quote for delivery to CA. My tel. no. is 714 24.....June 10, Contact

e 12984 USA: I am trying to locate a source for marble for educational purposes at our College. The primary use for the marble is for small to mid-range (with the exception of a few larger pieces as well) sculptures for students to learn on.
As there are generally 20-30 students per class, approximately 5 tons of rough boulders/blocks will be necessary to suit the class' needs. Our location is Louisiana. I do not represent the school directly. I am only trying to source and price the
As this is strictly for educational use, the cost including carrier and freight would need to be relatively low and we are willing to accept stone from any location assuming that it is of fair quality. Purchase is dependant upon the prices available. My tel. no. is 318-24.....June 8, Contact  

e 12894 USA: Landscape: I need a boulder for a commercial project. The requirements for the boulder are.a rounded 10 ft diameter 5 ft high specimen granite boulder for a project located in KS. The approximate date needed is July '04. I am willing to purchase this from anywhere as long as it meets budget. My tel. no. is (913) 88.....June 1, Contact

e 12858 USA: I am landscaping my property in Ft. Lauderdale. It is a very wooded acre, covered by palm trees and oaks. I would like to add stone walkways through the property and create various gardens and seating areas. I would also like to use stone and/or boulders to both accent the gardens and to use as bordering in some areas. I do not want a formal walkway, but rather a very natural looking stepping stone path. 
I am ready to move ahead with this project immediately and am simply seeking to find a place to purchase stone to use for these garden paths. Is there anyone in my area I could buy stones for this project? My tel. no. is 954-31.....May 29, Contact

e 12398 USA: I am landscaping my home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and am looking to add 
informal stone garden walkways throughout 1 acre oak hammock. Irregular shapes and sizes are fine, for natural look. I am looking for stones that are thick enough to be placed directly on to dirt. Some areas slope down a few feet, and slab steps might be appropriate. Rough estimate of total length of walkways would be 400-500 feet. Would appreciate ideas for the appropriate stones to use. Also looking for boulders for garden accents and border areas. Property has been cleared and I am ready to purchase immediately. My tel. no. is 954-31..... Apr 28, Contact

e 12189 Germany: I am looking for stone boulders round and big in many colours. The size must be 40-100 cm. My tel. no. is 0049 6132 9..... Apr 13, Contact

e 12167 USA: Please quote for Flagstones & boulders. Do you have some pictures? My contact no. is 916-60.....Apr 12, Contact

e 11979 USA: We need the following ASAP: Eight 2-ton plus landscaping boulders plus about 5 tons of flagstone or some other naturally flat  landscaping rock. We would like them to be from someplace in the Texas hill country up to Oklahoma, and need pricing delivered to TX. We've searched local stone retailers, but have found pricing ridiculously expensive so would prefer to buy straight from the source. Our contact no. is 832-65.....Mar 30, Contact

e 11836 USA: I am interested in several containers of large uncut boulders of USD 35.00 a ton. I can order in 3 weeks. Approx. qty. is 3 containers. I am open to domestic as well as import purchasing. I am in PA 17557. Mar 22, Contact

e 11731 USA: We are seeking pavers, flagstone, boulders for landscape and art use. Also want Beaumaniere blocks. We are in CA 93103. Mar 13, Contact

e 11183 USA: I am looking for assortment of 50 to 100 boulders/rocks weighing between 50 to 200 pounds.  Please give an idea of average size of boulders (weight and dimensions), Shipping costs delivered to North Port Florida, 70 miles south of Tampa and time to ship. Feb 17, Contact

e 9837 Bangladesh: We are interested to import Boulders. Please send detail information on boulders and quotation based on C&F indicating FOB + Freight charges to any of our land frontier. Our tel. no. is +880 2 81.....Nov 27, Contact

e 9807 USA: Please quote for stone boulders. Looking for suppliers in the NYC Manhattan area. Nov 26, Contact

e 9773 USA: Looking for supplier of landscaping stone and boulders in Missouri. Nov 23, Contact

e 9593 USA: I want massive boulders. My project is in Southern California. Nov 11, Contact

e 9493 USA: I would like to source 20-22 tons of granite moss rock boulders for a landscape sloped wall. I would need the flatbed load delivered to Omaha, NE. My contact no. is 402-34.....Nov 4, Contact

e 9365 USA: I am a landscaping designer looking for supplier of boulders, flagstones, moss rocks, etc. My phone no. is 1-888-30.....Oct 25, Contact

e 9013 USA: We plan to place an order in the next 2 days (by Sept. 27, 2003) for 1' - 1.5' Boulders (river stone, granite, river cobble or moss covered). Looking for suppliers from San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California; San Jose, CA; Central Coast, CA. We need these within 5 days. My tel. no. is 831-57.....Sept 25, Contact

e 8633 USA: My company is looking for a source of boulders 500 - 2500 lbs. by the truck load delivered to northern Virginia. We need truck loads for various landscaping projects during the year. Tel. 703 24.....Aug 25, Contact 

e 7857 Canada: I want a variety of boulders, river pebbles, water falls rocks, flagstone for paths, and general landscape stones of a large and small variety. I am on a fixed budget. I am not too familiar with the names of many of the stones or their weight, but I have a large yard and I am going to get a large water feature (pond) and flower beds installed soon. Please give me some idea on pricing and the availability of the many stones that may be appropriate for my project. I am in Mississauga. July 9, Contact

e 7717 USA: Need several over 600 ea large boulders to create series of steps and pools within creek. Stone should be similar in color, texture and durability to the native stone in the existing stream which is Laurel Gneiss of Chapman. Having trouble finding a quarry around the Washington D.C. area to supply this project. (724) 26.....June 27, Contact 

e 7387 USA: I am interested in large boulders, gray with lichen, and some with moss. How big are they? Send photos. See pricelist 344. June 5, Contact

e 7230 USA: I live in San Diego and want to add rocks to our dry creek bed in our back
yard. I need 10-15 decorative granite boulders and 6-8 yards of Arizona River Rock. Can you quote me and give me an idea on freight costs. I will pay for postage cost of samples. May 22, Contact

e 7229 USA: Looking for a supplier of moss rock boulders. Please quote. May 22, Contact

e 8241 UK: I want 8 - 10 water worn/smooth granite boulders, 6-8 @ 1.5+ cubic meters per boulder - 2 @ 3+- cubic meters in volume. The larger boulders would ideally be elongated as opposed to a more spherical shape in the smaller boulders, dark gray, continuity of color. I will import. I must be able to see and chose examples and will pay postage for photographs or time involved in sending images electronically. I can order within three months. My tel: 044 1722 5.....Aug 1, Contact USD 100 (open)
e 7028 Syria: We are interested in surplus, reject orders, clearance of natural sharpening oil stones of Crete. May 4, Contact

e 6777 USA: I want massive boulders for a landscaping project. This project is slated to begin during the course of the summer. It will be an ongoing project that will be phased throughout the next couple years. What I need prices for are large boulders that exceed what we can find around this area. The biggest we have are about 3 tons. Being from the DC area many rocks come from Delware, West Virgina, and Pennsylvania, so something, for example, that came from out West might be inappropriate, but may very well not be the case. We are trying to re-create huge waterfalls that mimic nature. Think Niagara Falls on a smaller scale. 
This project will be ongoing, even into the next couple years, and being so budget is not going to be too much an issue. What I need to know are different prices and tonnages. We are based in Upper Marlboro, MD. My cell no. is 301-34.....April 18, Contact

e 6580 USA: I want landscaping products like flagstones and boulders. See pricelist 643. April 1, Contact

e 6327 USA: I want a truckload / wholesale suppliers for moss rock and other garden and patio stones stackable 3-6", random basketball size and 1-2 man boulders in the $70-80/ton range and random flagstone, etc for patio use. Delivery to Houston area. Phone no. 281.32..... March 6, Contact  
See Offers

ALL: e 6283 USA: We will be starting a landscape supply business and are interested in getting quotes on small landscape stones. We would be looking for stones that range in the 4-6 inch size down to the smaller pebbles (landscape rocks ranging from small to boulders) and would like to find supplier that delivers to Muskegon, MI. All my materials need to be quote with delivery freight to my business in Muskegon, MI  Boulders from India do not state what type of mineral. And if there is someone from your company that could call me direct (231)73..... it would be helpful. I am just trying to find the best suppliers but want to make sure of the item we will be receiving. Boulders can not cost us more than $60.00 delivered per ton.  Delivery would be in Muskegon, MI. March 1, Contact See Offers

ALL: e 5761 Bangladesh: We need boulders for Highway bridge construction. Quote C&F Chittagong. Our contact no. is 880-2-89.....Jan 30, Contact

e 5737 USA: I am looking for a supplier in West Coast of USA for carving material, in boulders of 5lb or more:
Red Jasper (also known as Catlinite or pipestone), Sodalite, Varicsite. My contact no. is 503-4......Jan 29, Contact

e 4666 USA: I want soapstone boulders. I am a mason from New England. I would use the soap stone to make boxes and bowls. I will use as much as I can get of these boulders as soon as I get them. My phone is 978 35....... See stocklist 235 for reference. Nov 2

e 4587 UAE: WE WANT WHITE COLOUR RIVER BOULDERS. SIZE REQUIRED: length - In between 30 - 50cm, Width - In between 25 - 30 cm, Thickness - In between 20 - 25cm. Click here to see image. Oct 27, Contact See Offers

e 3090 USA: We have a customer looking for bulk quantities of snow white slab, sheet or chunks of rock no more than 4 to 6 inches thick. The rock must be as white in color as possible. This would be used in making walls for a very large landscaping project. If you could quote us in bulk, by the yard, truck load, etc. We are located in Santa Clarita, California, USA. June 4. Contact

e 2530 Holland: We have to supply and install paving stones made out of natural stones. The sizes and quantity required are 14 x 20 x 10 cm - 22000 sqm (5500 tons). Top surface sawn, after sawing the surface must be sandblasted other sides natural cleft. Delivery schedule is 4000 sqm before August 1, 2002 and 18000 sqm in December, 2002 and July 2003. Please quote CIF Rotterdam. For more details click here. Feb 26 Contact, See Offers