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September  2006




This is a list of all buyers' enquiries from China. 

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Year 2006

 e 21470 China : I'd love to know if your company have these items or produces them. My business friends both SOUTH AFRICA and GHANA wants to come to China and buy them in containers but wants to know how much are their prices and how it can be bought.
Size are: 300x300mm, 400x400mm, 300x600mm, 600x600mm, 800x800mm.
Water absorption=0.2%
Lava F series
This is the ones he needs very urgently. Wall ceramic vitrified or tiles, one container.
250*300 or mixed 300*300 with four different colors.
Floor vitrified or polished tiles, also one container. Or if you have any attractive products which you'll like to introduce to us.
400*400 or mixed with 500*500. All their grade should be 2/3/c or d.
This order can be within 2 days if your prices are ok for us.
TEL: 86-20-865......Sept 30 Contact

 e 21419 China : We are the stone buyer in China and we are looking for the block of "Tea Rose Marble". Please kindly advise us the price and we would like to order 200tones per month. Tel: (852) 608...... Sept 21 Contact

 e 21390 China : I want to buy Atlantic Blue blocks from Canada about 600M3. Sept 14 Contact

 e 21387 China : We are planning to import Moca Crema Marble from Turkey . We want to buy it directly from the quarry. Phone: +86-592-55......Sept 13 Contact

 e 21368 China : Presently I am cooperating with a project in USA , and our client required me to use the Blue Savoy marble, so I contact you right now. For it is very urgent and wish you could inform me a Chinese agency, so that I can get this marble soon, as you know it is very far away between France and China , but I must delivery the products to USA before November this year. Mobile :86-130328......Sept 11 Contact

 e 21333 China : We are one of leading stone trading companies in China . We are planning to import Pakistani marble. Tel: +86 591 878.....Sept 5 Contact

 e 21310 China : We are a stone contracting company in Hong Kong . We are doing a residential project specifying the following onyx marble:
Name of Onyx: Persian Onyx
Finish: Polished
Size: 600 x 1200 x 12mm thick
Quantity: 2,800 m2
At this moment, we need urgently to place a order of 40 m2 for the mock-up flat. The bulk order to be placed upon the architect's approval for the mock-up flat. Please quote the best unit price and the delivery period. Mobile phone: 852-931......Sept 1 Contact

 e 21300 China : I am writing to enquire which American Stone company I can find Salisbury Pink granite. Mobile : +86 137900..... Aug 31 Contact

 e 21292 China : We are a stone contracting company in Hong Kong . We are doing a residential project specifying the following onyx marble:
Name of Onyx: Persian Onyx
Finish: Polished
Size: 600 x 1200 x 12mm thick
Quantity: 2,800 m2
At this moment, we need urgently to place a order of 40 m2 for the mock-up flat.
The bulk order to be placed upon the architect's approval for the mock-up flat.
Please quote the best unit price and the delivery period.
Mobile phone: 852-931......Aug 29 Contact

 e 21265 China : We are interested in Phil. Tea Rose Marble Block. We have following inquiries:
1. The price of Grade A Tea Rose Marble Block - FOB Manila ?
2. From Cebu or Bulaean?
3.Dark or light color? Curve of Block?
4. minimum/maximum tonnage for each order? when to supply? Aug 25 Contact

 e 21223 China : We are interested in White Jade origin in Iran . Please quote us the best CIF Shanghai Port price. Tel: +86-28-851.....Aug 16 Contact

 e 21114 China : I want to find a supplier of Ming Green Marble about:
(1) 700 CBM,
(2) the size is 305*305*10mm.
(3) I am in Qingdao , China . July 25 Contact

 e 21054 China : We need the block of Gascoigne Blue, please give us the best price of it. If you don't have the block, please quote the price of slabs in the thickness of 40mm. Tel:+86-21-689183.....July 15 Contact 

 e 20999 China : Please quote us the best price at Onyx of Iran in name Sirdjan Green and send us photo (large than your post at web site) a.s.a.p. Size: 900x900x20mm (polish), Qty.: 2,500sqm, Destination: Hong Kong . TEL.: 852-213.....July 10 Contact

 e 20991 China : We are interested in gray slate for a building which is in the construction. Tel: 86 021 513.....July 9 Contact 

 e 20984 China : We are very interested in your Chocalate Granite for an important project. Please check if you can supply. If so, please give us the price for the 1st class blocks C&F China. Tel:(86)539-71.....July 8 Contact  

 e 20974 China : We are looking for a kind of marble in Philippines . Today I have found one marble named Rosa Mistic, which is just what we want. Could you give me offer of the block? Or send me one pieces of small sample 100x100x10mm polished finish? Tel:0086-755-287.....July 6 Contact

 e 20948 China : We need the samaha marble, please contact us 0086-592-66.....July 1  Contact

 e 20928 China : We are a Marble Company in Hong Kong , looking for thousands feets of Basaltina, could you give me the quotation and size of slabs of Basaltina. Telephone: 00852 949...... June 26 Contact

 e 20882 China : We need to buy used, junk Inserted teeth drilled bits & used PDC bits, Oilfield Drilling Tools and Equipments. If there is any information from you, please contact us. Tel :86(22)-264.....June 21 Contact

e 20872 China : We are a company specialized in project, we now need the samples of Rosso Laguna, if anyone can sell this stone please connect me. Tel: +86-21-689......June 20 Contact

 e 20808 China : We are Chinese trading company producing stone products. We are looking for Oman origin marbles and would like to make a contact with this company. TEL: (0086) 595-22...... June 12 Contact

e 20747 China : I am the granite manufacturer in China . We need the information about your raw granite Absolute Black granite . Could you send me some information about it? We need the price to XiaMen , China . Telephone: 86-20-809.....June 5 Contact 

 e 20659 China: We a Chinese stone co are looking the onyx produced in Mexico like the dragon jade, we would like to buy blocks 500 tons per month. Please check the attachment for the photo for your ref.  We need to buy 500 tons of blocks per month. But for sure this onyx is produced in Mexico not in India . My mobile 008613825......May 24 Contact 

 e 20582 China : I am interested in the sodalite blue Nuvolata. Please quote FOB price. We need approx 5000 sqm. Tel: 86 10 586.....May 16 Contact

 e 20581 China : We want to fly to Turkey to buy Limestone Blocks directly. It is our first time to quarry to buy Limesotne. Tel: 86-135099.....May 16 Contact

 e 20534 China : We want to purchase big quantity semi-precious stone such as rose quartz, green aventurine, tiger eyes. Tel:86-592-58.....May 11 Contact 

 e 20520 China: Need Sodalite Blue Nuvolata tile: (1)thickness:32mm+/-2mm (2) technical data (3) CIF Guangzhou price for 1400mm*900mm for 4473sqm (4)samples couriered us for 300mm*300*30mm (5)testing reports. Tel: 86-10-586.....May 10 Contact 

 e 20330 China : We need some stone materials products now. They are listed in the below, please quote: 
1. Boulonnais Collection Limestone Chaumont Honed 923m2
2. Henry IV 4375 179m2
3. Giallo Siena 235m2
4. Blanc Dore 280m2
5. Blue Savoy Light 236m2
6. Golden Onyx 292m2
Crema Oro 543m2
8. Brenche De Vendome 291m2
9. Noir St. Laurent 908m2
10. Giallo Elena 323m2
Rouge Du Roi 222m2
12. Lake Pearl 372m2
13. White Onyx 292m2
14. Staturio Extra 814m2
15. Absolte Black 113m2
16. Flammet Quartzite 4m2
Telephone: +86-595-225..... April 12 Contact

 e 20278 China : Please quote for Madura Gold polished, size 60x60x2cm, quantity 1500 m2. Loading Port : India Port. Tel: +8659223.....April 6 Contact

 e 20255 China : We need a large scale of Egyptian yellow, galala beige, and gold string beige. Your quotation and product picture is very appreciated. We are a large stone integrating manufacture in QingDao China , the city is one of developed and important port because of rich raw stone material, our product is popular in home and abroad. Please contact us tel: +860532 819.....April 4 Contact

 e 20214 China : We want diamond segment with the size 23* 7.4/ 6.6 *15 mm for cutting granite stone and diameter of our blades is D=1200mm. Please send price list. I now live in China . My tel no. is 0086-130098.....April 1 Contact 

 e 20089 China : We are located in Beijing , China . We import slabs/tiles from basically most of the natural stone countries. We are always looking for new stone (Granite, marble and travertine) and reliable suppliers. We would like to hear from you about your products and price. Office line: 8610815.....March 19 Contact

 e 20025 China : Please quote for Saudi Arabian marble and limestone blocks. March 13 Contact

 e 19949 China : Please quote for Turkish pumice. Tel: (86)(020)827......March 4 Contact

 e 19840 China : We need Limestone, Ugur Bej, Sirmersan Beige, Travertine Light, Travertine Cream, A Grade and Big Block in large Quantity. Please send your Offer (Quantity and Price), if you can supply. Feb 22 Contact

 e 19377 China : Our customer needs the stone materials of St. LAURANT and NOIR St. Laurant. Would you please send me their pictures and prices? Tel: 86-592-22.....Jan 4 Contact 

Year 2005

e 19315 China : We are interested in Peacock - kund multi slate. Dec 28 Contact 

e 19314 China : We are interested in Peacock - kund multi slate. 
Could you tell us the following questions:
1. How many piece in one container?
2. How many piece in one case?
3. The weight of each kind of thickness? Dec 28 Contact


 e 19296 China : We are a buyers from China we want to buy rough block of Galala Beige. Dec 24 Contact

 e 19256 China : I am writing from an event organiser from Hong Kong and I need to source for 200 pieces of pebbles to be engraved on. The details are within the attached file. Tel: +852 213.....Dec 19 Contact

e 19203 China : Please quote for Aegean Brown blocks of 20T & 30T. Tel: +0086-135991......  Dec 14 Contact

e 19161 China : We are an import export company in China . Our customers need rough block gang saw size from Brazil and South Africa , 120~150 cbm each  customer needs each month. Please quote. Tel: 86-0592-60.....Dec 10 Contact 


 e 18884 China : We are an import company of stone materials in China . We want to import some granite like silver grey, we need rough blocks. Please quote. Nov 15 Contact

 e 18878 China : Please quote FOB XIAMEN FOR PAVING TILES. Tel / Fax:0086 574 87......If your price is very good we will order 10 container or so, but I can promiss you more than 3 containers. Nov 14 Contact








Crystall grey


upside stumple,others hand dashed



Crystall grey


upside stumple,others hand dashed



Crystall grey


upside stumple,others hand dashed



Padang dark


upside stumple,others hand dashed



Padang dark


upside stumple,others hand dashed



Padang dark


upside stumple,others hand dashed



Crystall grey


all sides hand slaped



Crystall grey


all sides hand slaped



Padang dark


all sides hand slaped



Padang dark


all sides hand slaped



Crystall grey


all sides slaped and then drum



Crystall grey


all sides slaped and then drum



Padang dark


all sides slaped and then drum



Padang dark


all sides slaped and then drum



Crystall grey


all sizes sawed then upside lamed and then drum



Crystall grey


all sizes sawed then upside lamed and then drum



Crystall grey


all sizes sawed then upside lamed and then drum



Padang dark


all sizes sawed then upside lamed and then drum



Padang dark


all sizes sawed then upside lamed and then drum



Padang dark


all sizes sawed then upside lamed and then drum



Crystall grey


flamed(floor slap)



Crystall grey


flamed(floor slap)



Padang dark


flamed(floor slap)



Padang dark


flamed(floor slap)



Crystall grey


flamed(floor slap)



Crystall grey


flamed(floor slap)



Padang dark


flamed(floor slap)



Padang dark



 e 18807 China : Please help us find baltic brown (origin is Finland ) in bulk. Payment terms: (1) L/C, (2) T/T 30% before manufacture+70% before shipment is delivered. fax: +86-0592-39......Nov 5 Contact 

 e 18638 China : We would like to purchase diamond tools for cutting stones. We will begin with a trail order and if we are satisfied with your products and price, we would purchase in bulk and steadily. Tel: 86-10-608.....Oct 19 Contact    

 e 18588 China : I am looking for a suitable cream color limestone for external cladding of a project, and I am considering "St. Talino" or "Raw Silk" at the moment. Can you please comment on the choice of these stones? And if you can recommend other choices for a project in southern part of China . Oct 12 Contact 

 e 18454 China : I would like to enquiry about the Verde Fountain blocks or slab for a total of 8000m2. Please quote yours best price. Phone : 0086-592 55.....Sept 19 Contact 

 e 18368 China : We are dealers of granite and marble products in China . We are looking for Namibia Yellow (Tropical Sun) rough blocks. We want to order 500 cubic meter recently. Please inform us of the following: 
1. Have you supplied your products to China or other countries. Please kindly advice one of your clients .
2. Pleas quote you best price base on CNF xiamen port of Namibia Yellow rough block and offer us a quality pictures.
3. Please also tell us the capacity of a 20ft FCl. And the delivery time and how many days from Namibia to Xiamen port? 
4. The payment 
5. Please offer us a record of the chemical composition of Namibia Yellow. Especially we want to know the characteristic of this material. Tel: 86-592-52.....Sept 1 Contact

 e 18316 China : We are a Chinese importer for many kinds of marble blocks. We have the experience more than 15 years. Every month we import more than 100 containers of marble blocks from the foreign countries. Recently we are looking for the blocks of Damascus Red. Our telephone is 0086 592 52......Aug 21 Contact 

 e 18148 China : We are a Chinese company specializing in exporting raw materials of stones. We are looking for suppliers of African Red & rusternburg black in South Africa . Will you please quote us? If your price is acceptable for us, we will contact you when we come to South Africa next month and
make an order with you. July 19 Contact

 e 18131 China : Please quote us your material Zimbabwe black block. Our telephone no. is 86.755.274.....July 17 Contact

 e 18122 China : We are one of leading marble company in Shenzhen. We are in the line of marble and granite business for many years. Now, we have one project at our hand and would like get Oliver Green lines blocks from you. Please quote us your best price. And let us know how's your production available monthly. Our telephone and fax No. is 86.755.274.....July 16 Contact

 e 18010 China : Please quote for Iranian marble slabs and tiles. Tel. no. is 0086-20-812.....July 6 Contact

 e 17964 China : Please quote big slabs of 2, 3 cm thickness for Rosa Porino, Sardo Grey, Labrador blue, indian red granite. Tel. No. 0086-137190.....We shall place regular orders. July 2 Contact   

 e 17876 China : We need India White granite blocks about 130M3 in urgent. Ecl: Indian white photo. Tel: 0086-532-850.....June 15 Contact

 e 17794 China : We are interested in buying natural stone mosaic for our new distribution outlet in Hong Kong . Suppliers please send price list
preferably with digital photos for our consideration. Only excellent quality products and reliable suppliers will be considered. Tel: 852 234.....June 3 Contact

 e 17579 China : We are a shop fitting company in Hong Kong . We would like to get a 150mm x 150mm sample of "Absolute Black Granite". Please send a sample. Our tel. no. is (852) 260.......Kindly inform the sizes available for the granite, and the delivery date if we order about 500 squared foot of granite. May 3 Contact 

 e 17478 China : I AM INTEREST IN ONYX BLOCKS FROM TURKEY . Apr 22 Contact

 e 17460 China : I have a project looking for the Australian marble "Dream Time" (see www.findstone.com/AUSmarb1.htm) and would like some small samples and price quotation for this marble. Apr 20 Contact 

 e 17439 China : I AM INTEREST IN ONYX. PLEASE EMAIL PRICES. Apr 18 Contact

 e 17410 China : We are traders and manufacturers of many stone products. We want to represent quarries as agents for selling blocks in the Chinese market. if you are interested you may contact us at (86) 595 860......Apr 14 Contact

 e 17394 China : I am in need of 60000 square feet of exterior cladding bonded to aluminum honeycomb backing, two colors of travertine. Who are my best sources from China to provide this material? My tel. no. is 214-21..... Apr 13 Contact

 e 17390 China : Looking for a source for Gold Travertine from Peru . Please kindly quote us CNF price of blocks or unpolished slabs. Apr 13 Contact

 e 17369 China : We are a distributor of rough stones which mainly in China market & usually a 20ft container in each order. We always seek for the rough stones supplier directly from mines. We need rough stones, such as Howlite (rough). Any other rough stones in your stock? Prehnite? (Enclosed our Prehnite picture for your references, which is the Grade we are order at the moment).
- Apple Green Turquoise
- Amethyst
- Raw Shell
Phone:+(852) 233.....Apr 11 Contact

 e 17343 China : We need travertine deposit/block 500 cubic, and slab 12000-16000 square. The  specification details as below:
1. The slab size: 1600mm2400mm30mm (unpolished)
2. The deposit size: 1.6m1.6m2.4m
3. The deposit random size: above 2 cubic
We need the best first class white travertine with straight lines. Its size is 1.6m x 1.6m x 2.4m
Please see the picture of the sample attached. I would like CIF ( from your Iranian quarry to Xiamen wharf of China , cost accounted with per ton). You can provide FOB ( from your quarry to Italian wharf, and from Italian wharf to Xiamen wharf of China , cost accounted with per ton). Apr 7 Contact

 e 17302 China : We need to import beige travertine qty. 400 sqm from Iran , and polished & unpolished beige travertine deposit (1200 sqm) panel. Please provide us the different price (CIF) from Iran to XIAMEN of China depending on different quality attached with relevant photos of different class sample. Tel: 0086-755-613.....Apr 1 Contact

 e 17161 China : We are subcontractor and supplier of nature stone in Hong Kong . We want to buy a stone name "Flora De More" (but I don't know this name was true or not) and the origin is Italy , qty about 270M2. See attached picture. Mar 17 Contact

 e 17019 China : We are interested in purchasing PUMICE STONE. Please send your quotation. If price reasonable, we will order large quantity monthly. Our fax no. is 0086-595-222.....Mar 4. Contact 

 e 16996 China : We are urgently looking for the stone material of Lavender Blue from India . Please advise if you have these materials for sale, If yes, please kindly quote us your best price on C&F China, with 2cm & 3cm thick slabs. Our tel. no. is 86-10-68.....Mar 1. Contact 

 e 16990 China : We are urgently looking for the stone material of Palissandro Blutette and Palissandro Bronzo, which should be from Italy ?
Please advise if you have these materials for sale. If yes, please kindly quote us your best price on C&F China, with 2cm & 3cm thick slabs.
Also we need the following stone material from Italy :
- Travertino Navona:
1. 25mm thick, 1000 x 300 mm, polished for floor
2. 25mm thick, 1000 x 1000 mm, polished for floor
3. 10mm thick, 1000 x 300 mm, polished for wall
- Carrara Bianco: 25 mm thick, 1000 x 1000 mm, polished for floor. For both cut to size as above sizes and 2.5cm thick slabs. C&F China. And what's the delivery time? We would be grateful if you could also provide us with a stone sample or available pictures. Our tel. no. is 86-10-686.....Mar 1. Contact

 e 16582 China : We would like to find man-made marble manufacturer. We haven't decided the color and as for the quantity we have two villas kitchen countertops. tel: 021-583......Jan 22, Contact

 e 16403 China : We are very interested in the big blocks in size above 2600*1600mm of ABSOLUTE BLACK Granite. I want to know the exact
exploiting of the quarry and the detail information of the quarry. I would like you to send us the samples and pictures you are dealing with
if you are convenient. Jan 12, Contact  

Year 2004

 e 16108 China : We are a big denim washing factory in South Eastern China. We are considering to be a dealer in China to sell pumice stone. We need below pumice stones and could you please quote us your best FOB Mersin price and CNF Shanghai price.
Product: Pumice Stone
Origin: Turkey
Size: 2-3/3-5cm
Packing: Woven bag 60cmx100cm
Weight: +/- 25kgs/bag
Container: 40' load 1060 bags at least
Our tel. no. is +86-573-59......Dec 18, Contact

 e 16088 China : We need Tropic Brown. You can also give me some other kinds of stones that you have competitive price. We will also need photos and samples for our reference. Please give us the best price for details mentioned below:
Tropic Brown: 2.5 x 1.4 x 1 (CBM) 400 CBM
Tropic Brown: 2.4 x 1.1 x 0.7 (CBM) 400 CBM
Phone: 0086-592-51.....If the price is right we can give you our purchase order of the full next year. Dec 17, Contact

 e 16033 China : We are interested to get a quote for ceramic tiles around 20000 sqm in 3 different size: 40 x 40 and 30 x 30cm. We are in based in Hong Kong . Our tel. no. is + 852 250.....Dec 14, Contact

 e 15979 China : We are a trading company interested in buying granite slabs, countertops, tiles and other stone products from China , India and Brazil . Potential suppliers please send price list of all your products to us. Our tel. no. is 852-234.....Dec 9, Contact

 e 15922 China : I am looking for marble/granite countertops to export to US. The color I am looking for is maple red, tiger skin yellow and white sand. Please contact me and give me more details. Dec 6, Contact

 e 15800 China : We want to import granite block. Colors are India Red (Red Series), Brazil Green (Green series). Please send details. Nov 27, Contact

 e 15787 China : We are a stone company specializing in export & import. We are interesting in your products like Brazilian AZUL BAHIA. Please quote for blocks and slabs. Our tel. no. is 86-592-56.....Nov 26, Contact

 e 15742 China : We are a stone company specializing in export & import. We are interested in AZUL BAHIA. Can you tell me the price of the blocks and slabs. My tel. no. is 86-592-56.....Nov 22, Contact 

 e 15741 China : We have interest in importing some Crema Marfil blocks, could you please make us a quotation both for FOB and CNF Tianjin port? Our tel. no. is 0086-311-70.....Nov 22, Contact 

 e 15684 China : We intend to buy some block Rusttenburg Grey from South Africa. It would also be appreciated if you could forward sample and your price-list to us. Nov 18, Contact

 e 15655 China : We specialize in stone import and manufacture. We import many kinds of granite in a large quantity. We need some Tropic Brown, Cafe Imperial, Baltic Brown, Carmen Red, Marina Blue Star, Emerald Pearl , Blue Pearl . If you have no such kinds of stone, pls give me some other kinds of stone that have good quality and competitive price. If possible, we also need some photos and samples for our reference. We will buy the quantity of blocks at the end of 2004 and go to the quarry to inspect them. Please kindly let me know some information about your company, such as your annual output, your main kinds of granite. Our phone: 0086-592-51.....Nov 17, Contact

 e 15577 China: Please quote for Rosso Francia Incarnat and Rosso Francia Languedoc from France, Rosso Rupasse from Yugoslavia, Verde Quetzal Guatemala from Guatemala, Azul Cielo from Argentina, Blue Mona from Africa, Rosso Laguna, Rosso Lepanto and Dove from Turkey. Tel: +852 246.....Nov 12, Contact

 e 15375 China : I am interested in Australian Sandstones. Please quote. Oct 28, Contact 

 e 15334 China : Retail: I am looking for marbles to put on the floor, and walls. I am in Shanghai . Oct 25, Contact

 e 15207 China : We are interested in Tea Rose blocks. Please tell us how to contact the supplier and how we can do the inspection in the  quarry. Our tel/fax no. is 0086-766-82.....Oct 15, Contact 

 e 15201 China : Looking for some granite blocks producers in Norway , Zimbabwe , South Africa , Turkey , India , etc. Oct 15, Contact 

 e 15194 China: Stone Processing Machine: On behalf of one of largest stone factory in Northern China, we are interesting for granite slab polishing machine with brand name of Breton, model KG200/17. Oct 14, Contact 

 e 15151 China : We are looking for granite tiles of Verde Ubatuba, Dakota Mahogany, Galaxy Black. Any suppliers that have stock, please contact me for details. Our first order would be 16800 - 17200 sq ft of 12x12x3/8, with these three colors consolidated into two containers load. Our tel. no. is 0086-591-78.....Oct 12, Contact 

 e 14943 China : We have a project on hand. Could you please kindly advise the materials below (the price, country of origin, photos and alternative stone)?
Onyx Gold, Silver Apollo, Pompeii Gold:DARK GOLD, Sarrancolin, Rosa Delicato :is it actually"ROSSO ALICANTE "? Red Onyx:the colour is between gold and orange, Salmon Onyx Gold, Silver Water: GREY, Old Church Red, verde campa, White Ciera:GRANITE, Capri and Rosso Robino. Sept 27, Contact

 e 14905 China : Looking for Serpeggiante from Italy . The quality requirement is no red line and more white background. Please quote prices and send related photos. Sept 24, Contact

 e 14871 China : Our buyer from USA is in need Emerald Pearl , Giallo Veneziano, Tropical Brown and Coffee Imperial urgently. Require Polished slabs, sizes 270cm x 170cm up. If you can supply the above material, please give quote and delivery time. We are ready to place order of 2-3 containers for each material. We are in Hong Kong . Our tel. no. is 852-983.....Sept

 e 14774 China : Do you know this material (see photo)? Could you please tell me the country of origin? Could you please kindly tell me the price of block and unpolished slabs if your know? Sept 15, Contact

 e 14714 China : I would like to know the Chinese name and country of origin of below stones. Please help and our company needs 10,000M2 now. Material are Royal Brass, Antique Beige and Fantasy Beige. Sept 11, Contact

 e 14693 China : Could you please me to quote the price of unpolished slabs of Rosa Vel? The size requirement is 1000 x 600 x 25. We need 8,000M2 for a project. Please send me some photos and sample is welcome. Sept 10, Contact

 e 14676 China : I have an enquiry for Crema Marfil (coto or SP) in each type. We need at least 15 containers each month. Please check below. 
1. Produce 12*12*3/8 (price of small block)
2.12mm unpolished slabs
3. 25mm unpolished slabs
Could you please kindly quote me the price? Please help and we need large quantity now. Sept 9, Contact 


 e 14608 China : Looking for material called Alpha Brown. Please see attachment. Please quote. Sept 5, Contact 

 e 14557 China: Please quote for the following material: Rosso Collemandina (From Italy), Rosa Verona light & dark (Not Rosso Verona), Bianco Verona (From Italy), Verde Alpi (From Italy), Verde Guatemala (From Italy), Verde Issorie (From Italy), Verde Laguna, Verde Ming, Azul Macauba and Azul Cielo. Pls kindly advise the origin & price for reference. Sept 2, Contact 

 e 14511 China : I am looking for Turkish marble and granite blocks, slabs and tiles. Aug 30, Contact

 e 14500 China : I am looking for pumice rock and obsidian rock and looking for the vendor in China . I am working in a trading company in Hong Kong and these goods will be exported to USA . Product size: 1.5" 
Quantity is around 100000 pcs per each item. My direct tel (852) 237.....Aug 29, Contact 

 e 14466 China : I would like to ask the price (Block and Slab with FOB or CNF price) of Anti-Gold and Anti-Angola Beige. Where are they from? Could you please send me some photos and samples? It is because we need 500m2 about this material. Aug 27, Contact 

 e 14438 China : We are interested in your information of Nigerian material. We need the price list, pictures, etc. Tel. no. +86-755-287.....Aug 26, Contact 

 e 14347 China : We are a company based in Hong Kong and we are looking for Caterpillar Excavator for export to China . Quantity 2 (Two). Brand CATERPILLAR. Model 320 series (320, 320C, 320L) Hydraulic Excavator. Year 1996 to 2002. Good Condition State USED. Please quote with export terms. Our tel. no. is 852-300.....Aug 20, Contact 

 e 14321 China : We introduce ourselves as an Imp. & Exp. company located in Xiamen dealing with processing of stone (Granite, Marble). Currently we are ready to purchase raw blocks of Volakas and Ariston from Italy . We need 60~80 m3 per month. Could you please provide a quotation along with pictures and transportation detail to us? Our tel. no. is +86-592-60..... Aug 19, Contact

 e 14197 China : We need 250 cbm Gascogne Beige blocks. Please contact asap. Aug 13, Contact

 e 14193 China : Please quote for a water jet machine, Please send info. on pricing and maintenance. Our tel. no. is +86-551-53.....Aug 13, Contact 

 e 14085 China : Could you please email me the picture of Brown Eyes and Oriental Brown, Green Rose and send me the quotation for the three materials in 2cm and 3cm random polished slabs. Aug 9, Contact 

 e 14057 China : I am in Shenzhen. I want pumice stone. My tel. no. is 86-755-268.....Aug 7, Contact 

 e 13975 China : Please quote CIF GUANGDONG for pumice stone. The description of goods Pumice stone (dry), Size: 2-3cm, Weight: 25kg/bag, Quantity: 15 containers (40 ft) per month. Please contact us on tel. no. 86-750-61.....Aug 3, Contact

 e 13887 China : Inviting offer from the IRANIAN PRODUCERS for all kinds of onyx blocks. July 28, Contact

 e 13809 China : Please quote for marble information as attached. Our tel. no. is 86 769 62.....July 25, Contact

 e 13798 China : We are looking for Natural Pumice Stone as material to produce our own cleaning product. 
Specification: Natural pumice stone in block shaped. 
size : 3"L x 2"W x 1"H each pc.
Quantity : 20,000 pcs and 50,000 pcs 
Delivery : Dongguan - China
packing : bulk packed
Please note , all the pumice stone must come in same sizes which above mentioned. Please quote and email the stone photos for reference and study. Our tel. no. is 852-278.....July 24, Contact 

 e 13770 China : We are interested in Pumice Stone with DEER Brand HS Ctgry 25 for washing jeans. The size is  2 - 3 cm for 40'ft HQ load containing 1050 bags. Please give us a price of C&F JiangMen China with other details. July 23, Contact

 e 13769 China : We need Pumice stone for a product we are developing. The size we need is about 3"L x 2"W x 3/4"H. Delivery will be to Mainland China . Order quantity is 10,000 pcs to 25,000 pcs. We are Hong Kong based and our tel. no. is 852 316.....July 23, Contact




 e 13481 China : Please quote for Dark Emperador. My tel. no. is 86 769 62.....July 7, Contact 

 e 13410 China: Please quote us supply only CIF Hong Kong for Sardina White, Camelia White, Black Galaxy, Aquamarind Azzurro, Grigio Malaga and Namibian Pearl. The size is 30mm thick Random Slab and 600 x 1200 cut to size. July 2, Contact pay

 e 13344 China : We want to buy Brazilian granite blocks, such as giallo veniziano, verde bahia, giallo firoto, giallo antique. The block size: 2800cm up x 1700cm x Up any size. Please quote with prodution details. June 29, Contact  

 e 13296 China : Please quote to us your best FOB PRICE for Imperial red granite (middle figure). SIZE 25mm x 1200 x 2400, QTY: 1500m2. Finish: polished (1 side). Please quote. Our tel. no. is 86-592-56.....June 25, Contact

 e 13253 China : We are looking for granite for floor and wall. Please quote for per sqm 50x50, 40x40, 60x40 thickness 8mm. My tel. no. is 86-755-251.....June 23, Contact 

 e 13135 China : We want blocks of Giallo imperial granite. Please quote (CIF XIAMEN). June 16, Contact

 e 13066 China : Please quote for pumice stone from Indonesia . My tel. no. is 86-755-268.....June 13, Contact 

 e 13007 China : We would like to purchase stones. Our tel. no. is 86-595-21.....June 9, Contact

 e 12917 China : Please quote for white onyx lock. Our tel. no. is 0086-136010.....June 2, Contact

 e 12852 China : Please send Indian green marbles catalogue with details of your prices and terms of payment. My contact no. is 86-139252..... May 29, Contact USD 20 

DIAMOND SEGMENTS FOR 400MM BLADES, 40X3.4X10MM WET FOR MARBLE. OUR TEL. NO. IS: +86-592-5...... Please quote with delivery time. May 12, Contact USD 50

OUR TEL. no. is +20-835..... May 12, Contact USD 20

 e 12579 China : We are in need of One Set of EOT Crane for our Power Plant coming up in Liaoning Province
Kindly send techno commercial quotations. Our tel. no. is +86-417-31.....May 10, Contact USD 50

 e 12572 China : Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote CIF SHANGHAI CHINA , we often import 120 or 100 series excavators. May 9, Contact USD 50

 e 12547 China : We need the price for gray marble from Indonesia by size 305 x 305 x 10mm urgently. Please quote with pictures. Our tel. no. is +86-592-55.....May 7, Contact USD 20 

 e 12486 China : We need the epoxy glue. Two part glue. The glue should not container water. The set time: (when the temperature is over 20'c 90 minutes (surface dry) 6 hours (totally dry), cold press and the pressure is 50 ton. Should be waterproof and environment friendly. The bonding strength is up to the standard of CAS (USA STANDARD). Phone no. is (86512) 586..... May 4, Contact USD 20

 e 12479 China : We are one of the largest stone manufacturers and exporters from China , which was established in 1996. We need Egyptian Galala slabs. Could you send us the sample and prices? Our tel. no. is +(86)-(592)-26.....May 4, Contact USD 20

 ES: e 12472 China : Please quote for Crema Marfil ( Spain ) blocks. Qty. is 500 cbm. My phone no. is 0086-592-56.....May 3, Contact USD 50

 e 12453 China : I work for a leading name in building materials in Hong Kong and Southern China . We are currently exporting to the United States and one of our customers is interested in using marble from Philippines . The specific stones they would like to find are "Tiger Skin", "Beige Blue" and "Rosa Mistica". We would be looking to buy small blocks of these materials. Please send the samples. May 2, Contact 
USD 50

 ZW: e 11398 China : Our company wants to import some blocks of the Impala black. Please quote. Our tel. no. is 0086-592-5.....Feb 26, Contact

 CN: e 11369 China : We are architects, working in Shanghai , China . The building is in under construction, for this reason we have to chose the materials in a month in order to have it before June. Each floor is more or less 1500 mq (total 6 floor). How we could see samples of materials in particular we are interested in Chinese Stones and marbles. Our tel. no. is +86 1368......Feb 25, Contact  

 e 11321 China: Please quote for supply and delivery of second grade quality polished grey granite floor tiles at FOB Xiamen with a polished degree of 80 degrees, the tolerance is 2mm, sizes 60 x 60 x 1.7 cm to cover a floor area of 400 sqm for the refurbishment of our new office in London. 
We would like samples of the above mentioned product as these we would be sent to our installers and the Architect/Designer for their comments. Our tel. no. is 0044 79391.....Feb 23, Contact  

 e 11296 China : We are interested in pumice stone for our own use and supply to other factories in China . Our washing factory located in Guangdong , China . The requirements of pumice stone as:
1. The size : 2-3 cm.
2. Packing: Each bag around 25 KGS.
3. Loading : 40'HC about 1,000 bags to 1,50 bags.
4. Ordered qty : Each month 30 x 40'HC at start and qty will be increased to 200 containers that depends service and co-operation.
5. Payment: By Irr. L/C at sight in your favor. 
Pls quote us your very best FOB Surabaya price and the first shipment can be effected. Our phone no. is (852) 27......Feb 22, Contact  

 BR: e 11259 China : Our company want to buy polished marble and granite from Brazil . Can you provide the following marble and granite's price for me? The materials are verde tropical, kinawa rose, marble branco, juparana florence and lapidus. The price should be based on FOB, PER SLAB. Feb 20, Contact

 e 11215 China : We are interested in importing Pure White colored Marble slabs in size of 6 x 3 ft. Please quote FOB. We need 3 containers as first order if sample approved by our customer. Also let us know the min order qty. Would like pictures and samples to send my customer. Feb 18, Contact

 e 11203 China : Artifacts: Please quote for stone sinks. Our contact no. is 0086-592-57.....Feb 18, Contact  

 ES: e 11090 China : We are an importer of marble/granite in Yunfu. We are now looking for Spanish Marron Emperador blocks of different sizes and quality. Prices should be based on box container FOB Spanish port. Feb 11, Contact

 e 10869 China : An Icelandic company interested in buying granite slabs from China . The company would like to order a container carrying standard size granite slabs. They would like the colour to be, what they call, "Absolutely Black." How much would it cost? How many slabs does a full container from you contain? What are the dimensions of your standard slabs? Furthermore, if your offer could include one total amount, including taxes and transportation cost that would be great. We are in Beijing . Jan 30, Contact USD 40 (open) 

 e 10828 China : We need blocks of Impala Black for processing them into slabs of 2.7 x 1.3m. Please offer us the price with medium dark and light dark. Both FOB and CNF XIAMEN , CHINA . If price is good and payment with irrevocable L/C. We will place the order in the middle of Feb,2004. Our contact no. is 0086 592 25.....
Jan 28, Contact USD 100 (open)

 ALL: e 10647 China : We're a trading company in China . We have much interest in your products. Could you provide us with detailed information about your company and products such as brochures and catalogues? 
Jan 19, Contact USD 20 (open) 

 IT: e 10520 China : I would like to contact suppliers of Bianco perlino blocks. Jan 13, Contact USD 40 (open)

 e 10513 China : Please quote for Granite, Marble, Slate, Sandstone, Quartzite from China . My phone no. is 86-22-856..... Jan 13, Contact USD 40 (open)

 SA: e 10428 China : We import lots of rough blocks of marble and granite from Italy , Spain , Turkey , India and Brazil . We would like to buy rough block of Golden Leaf from Saudi Arabia . Our tel:+86-592-60.....Jan 8, Contact USD 50 (open)

 ALL: e 10312 China : We are a trading company and have 18 years import and export experience covering many kinds of industries, from materials to machinery and technology. We have interest to promote and sell natural stones in Chinese market. Further, if we can organize a delegation to visit you, could you be so kind as to issue an invitation letter? Our tel. no. is 0086-10-677.....Jan 2, Contact USD 100 (open)

CN: e 10277 Sweden: We want a quota for 1200 m2 of Granite: G654 ( 600*600*15 ), dark gray with delivery to Stockholm. Also please include estimated delivery time. Phone +46-8-554.....Dec 30, Contact

e 10249 Iran: Please quote for Chinese marble and granite. Dec 29, Contact

e 10189 UAE: Kindly arrange to give us your best price for granite (G681). Polished surface, size 2400 x 60 x 3cm, 3000 pieces (round edge) and size 120 x 6 x 2 cm, 3000 pieces. Please note that the above will be used as top for kitchen cabinet. We are in Abu Dhabi and our phone no. is 009715063.....Dec 22, Contact 

e 10087 Latvia: I want Chinese granite G-024. Please send a picture and price of it. Dec 15, Contact

e 10081 China: Please quote for Chinese Stones.  Dec 15, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 10048 USA: I am interested in importing granite tiles and countertops from China. Please quote FOB Xiamen in USD for Chinese granite tiles 12 x 12, 16 x 16 or 18x18, thickness 2cm and 3 cm for different color. Also Countertops 98"x26"x3/4"+back splash 98"x4"x3/4" with 2 sides bullnose. We would like to purchase 5X20' containers. Please send us your pricelist soon. Dec 12, Contact

e 10005 Korea: We want to import Botticino marble and Giallo Crystal from China. Please send price lists and payment terms. We have a construction project. Dec 9, Contact

e 10003: We want to import Chinese Rosa Beta, polished 2cm (height <180cm) slabs, fob Xiamen. First I need 400 sqm, I can order at 13$, we can order 2-3 container per month all depends on the quality of the slabs. Payment letter of credit. Dest: Asdoud.  Dec 9, Contact

CN: e 10000 Yemen: We have been in China during a Fair where we received a lot of offers, but we are very much interested to deal with FindStone instead of dealing with Individual Companies. 
At The moment I have an order for 10 x 20' containers for Granite From China (design 603)
Slabs in random thickness 2 and 3 cm 
Steps - Thickness 3 cm 
Rizers - thickness 1.5 cm
Tiles: 40x40, 30x60 and 30x30. The above Stone is available in FUJIAN. 
We are looking for a reliable supplier with good quality and reasonable and workable prices per sqm FOB XIAMEN Port. Our tel. no. is +967 3 2.....Dec 9, Contact

CN: e 9983 USA: Please quote FOB Xiamen in USD for Chinese granite floor tiles 12 x 12 or 16 x 16. Will purchase 20 foot containers. Dec 8, Contact

CN: e 9973 Austria: Please send us the pricelist for granites from China. Dec 6, Contact

CN: e 9932 Cyprus: Please quote for granite and marble slabs from China. Dec 3, Contact

e 9387 China: We want Granite blocks from USA. Our contact no. is + 86-592-56.....Oct 28, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 9348 USA: We currently buying a lot of granite and marble from China. Pls offer us the attached granites from Brazil & India, as well as from China. We will go to Xiamen at the beginning of next month. 
Quote Fob Xiamen for 2cm, 3cm slabs, size 1300mm up x 2600mm up. Varieties reqd. are Juparana Columbo, Juparana Viera, Juparana Arandis, Gold dust, Golden Fantasy, Cafe Brown, Golden Oak/kashmir Gold, Juparana Lavantina, Juparana CremaMara, Blue Eyes, Golden Green, Golden Wave, Juparana Classico, Juparana fantastico / Juparana Sunset, Juparana Topazio. 
China Green----not too green and China Black----not shanxi black, leopard skin, butterfly blue and G682----dark yellow. We are in Westwood, MA 02090. Our tel. no. is 781 40.....Oct 24, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 9292 Netherlands: Please send catalog of your products, especially monuments from China and India. Oct 20, Contact, USD 20 (open)

e 9283 Germany: I want to import granite, marble tiles, etc. from China. Please send a catalogue for tiles and other products? I need this for my potential customers in order to place orders and get quotes. We would be interested in importing Chinese products such as tiles, granite slates, etc. Need prices for slabs (40 x 20 x 20/ 30 cm grey granite) in full container. Need prices for FOB and CFR Hamburg or Antwerp/Rotterdam.
I would need quotation from your side. We would kindly ask you to quote on FOB Chinese port basis as well for FCL to Rotterdam /Antwerp and for LCL shipments to Hamburg. Oct 19, Contact, USD 40 (open)

e 9253 USA: I am interested in purchase Chinese granite slabs and tiles. Please see price list 811. We need 2 containers (approx. 4600 sq ft) of 3cm thick polished slabs of G682 dark color in golden shade (also known as golden sand, golden sun) from China. Every sample we received has been light in color with a pink hue in it. Please give price for light and dark versions of this stone. Slab sizing MUST be a GUARANTEED size of 9' x 5' (approx 275cm x 150cm) and 2 containers (approx. 4600 sq ft) of 3cm thick polished slabs of G611 (also known as Almond Mauve) from China. Slab sizing MUST be a GUARANTEED size of 9' x 5' (approx 275cm x 150cm). 
We are looking for a G682 DARKER type that is GOLD in color with NO PINK. The material that we do not want is LIGHTER material that has a PINKISH color to it -- not nearly as much yellow/gold. If the supplier can provide material like this, with no spots or veins (in sizes at least 9' x 5'), we are interested in obtaining a sample. When the sample is sent, half of it should be kept, so that it can always be referred to or even photographed next to a current lot sample for future material approvals before shipment.
We need lead time of no longer than 3-4 weeks. Please send a quote. I am a wholesaler in Ohio. 
My contact no. is 1 216 66...... Oct 17, Contact USD 50 (open) (buyer has paid deposit)

e 9247 USA: Requesting quote for commercial quantities delivered to Parker, Colorado 80138. 32,000 sq ft or 2,973 square meters of India or Chinese Black Granite Tiles of 11-7/8"x8" to 18"x1/2" or 30cm X 20cm to 46cm X 1.27cm Random Lengths on the 8-18 inch or 20-46 cm sides. Flamed Finish.
2000 square feet or 186 square meters of 3cm India or Chinese Black Slab Shade variation should be minimal, commercial quality. An order will be placed, if it meets the owners requirement on the latter part of 2003 or early in the first quarter of 2004. Samples will be need and yes we will pay postage if needed to receive them. The architect for the project will be the reviewing the samples for approval. 
Please see the attached drawing, for clarification on the tile. The slabs should be about 8 feet long. Height is not to concerning since they will be used for risers on stairs, however may of these will have compound angles so we will fabricate these ourselves. Our phone no. is 303.84......Oct 16, Contact INR 5000 (open)

e 9208
Australia: I am a stonemason in Sydney. I am looking to purchase around 400 sqm of roofing slate either in shield or rectangle shape. Please supply a price CNF Sydney on LC 60 days. Also let me know roughly how many pieces and weight. Oct 13, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 9206
Cyprus: We are a building & civil engineering contractors are tendering for a project. Please quote for  laoshan granite. Our tel. no. is 00357 22 8.....Oct 12, Contact USD 20 (open)

CN: e 9189 USA:
I am interested in slate in sizes about 12"x30". Floor tile thickness is fine, a natural clefts are desirable. I want tiles colored like "China Multi Color" and Rustic slate. I am starting a new business, so the first order will be small, (apx 15 pieces) but I expect to increase volume quickly. Oct 11, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 9174 USA: I want Burma Teak Sandstone or yellow sandstone with wood vein in blocks or 4x4 tile. Must be porous. Iron must be present. Would like to order M3 block by container and some finished tile honed not polished. I would like some samples to test for an on going product line. I need price on M3 block to be shipped to Thailand and also tile cut price for direct export to U.S. My contact no. is 1-602-26.....Oct 10, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 9172 USA: We are a granite distributors in Boston area. We want Brazilian granite slabs and tiles. Please send price list on slabs and counter top and vanity tops. There are several different sizes we import from China and maybe Brazil pretty soon the most common size is 26" by 96" and 3/4" thick. They are bull nosed on front and either left or right side depending on the kitchen, it also comes with a 4" by 96" back splash as a set. Vanity tops the most common size is 25" by 22" and 3/4" thick with 17" by 14.5" sink, hole cut out and 5/8" hole 4" on center for faucet and 4" by 25" back splash. See pricelist 706. Oct 10, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 9167 Australia: Please quote for our new project company operating from the USA. Please supply samples as a matter of Urgency and Professionalism to the details supplied in attached document. Oct 9, Contact USD 100 (open) (Buyer has paid deposit)

e 9150 USA: Please quote on granite counter tops sizes 2400 x610 x30mm. See price list 797. Oct 8, Contact USD 100 (open)  

e 9145 China: We are a stone manufacturer in Beijing, China. We would like to buy blocks of Jet Mist. Please quote FOB and please advise the delivery time. We are also looking for Jet Mist 2cm thick slabs, honed, qty about 6000 sqm. Our tel. no. is 86-10-686......Oct 8, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 9114 Spain: I am traveling to Hong Kong next week in order to contact manufacturers of stone and stone related products for selling all over the world because we have costumers in different countries. Could you inform me about your location in order to have a meeting with you? Oct 6, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 9097 USA: We are a medium sized sales company seeking to represent China based manufacturers in the USA. We have been representing companies from Brazil and Italy and know the market well. If you have a good product at a good price we would like to hear from you. I have many customers for your type of product. They would be interested in Chinese tiles, countertops, pavers, etc. We will be travelling to China in the next two weeks in Fujian Province. Please respond with your information (products, pricing, commission schedule). Oct 6, Contact USD 50 (open)

CN: e 9060 Turkey: We are interested in Chinese Granites. We are in Istanbul. E-mail us price list and import conditions. Our tel. no. is +90 212 875 4.....Sept 30, Contact USD 40 (open) 

e 9043 USA:

e 9011
Australia: Need sandstone qty. is 1000 sqm. Contact no. is 61 2 981.....Sept 24, Contact USD 40   (Open)

CN: e 8968 Poland: Please quote for G 601 in 600 x 600 x 30, 600 x 600 x 20 = 2000 sqm CIF Gdansk Port. Sept 22, Contact USD 40 (open)

IN/CN: e 8967 USA: We are in the process of establishing a new business importing granite countertops and granite tile from China and India. Our first order would be a minimum of 1 container of granite tile 12x12 and 18x18 and two containers of granite countertops within the next 45 days. We would need this shipment to arrive at zip code 65079. This is in Missouri. We will have a continuous flow of shipments throughout the year. Please send pricing for the following specifications: Polished, first quality granite tile from India or China. We would like to receive samples, pricing, freight information, custom charges. Please quote prices in inches and in U.S. dollars. The countertops would require 1 1/2" bull nose on three sides, sizes 96x26x3/4, and matching backsplash 96X4". If the supplier has the capability of cutting sink holes and stove holes, we would like to have quotes for this as well. Our preference in colors are: Almond Mauve, Black Galaxy, Tan Brown, Gialio Fiorto, and a white color, Maple Red, Seaweed Green or Uba Tuba. However, we want the ability to special order many other colors so we will not limit ourselves to these choices. Our contact no. is 928-2......Sept 22, Contact USD 100 (open) (buyer has paid deposit)

CN: e 8956 USA: Would like G640 slabs cut and finished to 25 1/2 '' x 96 '' and finished with a 1 1/2 ''bull nose. See ready stock 463. We are looking for a full price list on all your counter tops and not only one. We are willing to purchase one 20' container per month. We are serious and send us the information on all your counter tops. Also do you sell floor inlay? If so, how much? Can I purchase a mix container, say 150 counter tops in assorted colors 10 per color and the rest in floor inlays? If we want to visit your company in China do you have a translator available? Which is the closest international airport and how do we go from the airport to your office?  Sept 20, Contact USD 40 (open)  

e 8947 China: Please quote for pumice stones. Our contact no. is 09532.....Sept 19, Contact USD 100

IN: e 8945 China: We are interested in Indian granite slabs and tiles. See price list 466. Sept 19, Contact USD 20 (open)

PT/MX/US/IT: e 8940 Hong Kong: I own and operate a marble factory in China and we are looking for prices for some specific stones. We are currently producing. Our current sources are not giving us the prices our customers need. We have large production
so our aim is to cut out some of the middle men and go directly to the source. The stones we are looking for are: Mettew Yellow & Cream Tepeny (Mexico), Misty Blue Limestone (Italy), Lagos Azul Limestone (Portugal) & Imperial Danby (USA). Please send your price list. Phone: +852 28......Sept 19, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 8864 China: We are a stone export trading company. We plan to carry on a new project in domestic sector. We need Rosso Verona, Rosso Alicante & Emperador (light and deep color). Please mention the location of the quarries with production capacity along with blocks prices, how much in FOB (Italy Port) or CIF Fuzhou/Xiamen (China port)? We also like to know the price of 12" x 12" tiles for each material. Our tel. no. is +86-0591-78.....Sept 12, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 8862 USA: Please quote for Chinese granite slabs and tiles. We are in California. See pricelist 811. Sept 12, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 8861 USA: I want granite counter top products. Please send colors available, FOB China prices, and minimum order quantity. I represent a trading firm in CA 92614. See pricelist 1151. Sept 12, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 8837 Netherlands: I would like to have more information on the charcoal blue slate. I am looking for container quantities of sizes: 10 x 10 x 5 cm, 20 x 5 x 5 cm & 20 x 20 x 2,5 cm. All raw edged (tumble variety) unpolished for outside use. I am visiting China in October and would be interested to visit quarries. My contact no. is +31-40-22.....Sept 10, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 8831 Hong Kong: We are an architectural company looking for quartz stone for building purpose. Please quote. Sept 10, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 8795 USA: Please quote for 8 Slabs of 3cm Shanxi black CIF Miami. Sept 5, Contact, USD 40 (open)

e 8750 Australia: I am looking for a supplier of Chinese granite kitchen slabs of 2200mm x 610mm 20mm thickness in 3 colours of black, medium grey (G654) light grey (G633). I will place a first order of 100 pieces in total to check quality, and need these to be delivered to a warehouse in Guanghzou for shipment to Australia. The finish to be polished 1 side and 1 edge. I need prices and samples as soon as possible, freight to be paid collect. I am looking to place this order within 3 weeks. My tel. no. is 02 989.....Sept 3, Sold

PT: e 8690 China: We want to import Relvinha, Semi Rijo, Semi Rijo Do Arrimal limestone from Portugal. 
Aug 29, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 8670 China: I want Sahara beige granite blocks as displayed in price list 1097 and  Bethel white color granite blocks urgently. See ready stock 288. Please quote. We need some samples before we can place an order. If the sample matches what we want and the price is OK, we will buy it soon. Aug 28, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 8643 USA: I am interested in the Blue Diamond granite from China. I am in North Las Vegas, NV 89031. Office no. is 702-64.....Aug 26, Contact USD 40 (open) 

IN: e 8635 China: We want a granite's name is Yak. The size and quantities are: 
2700mmX1820mmX350mm (5 BLOCKS), 2610mmX1420mmX250mm (5 BLOCKS), 2610mmX300mmX280mm 
(5 BLOCKS), 3935mmX1850mmX250mm (6 BLOCKS), 3825mmX485mmX300mm (6 BLOCKS). Could you give me the best delivery time? Tel: +86 (0531) 89.....Aug 25, Contact USD 40 (open) 

CN: e 8550 UAE: We are a Dubai based company, established in 1973 with diversified interests in the field of Construction, Production, Import, Export and marketing in the Entire Middle East Region, Africa and Europe. Mainly we are importing Stone, Marble and Granite from Spain, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, China and India. 
At present we have the requirements for Chinese granite tiles. Please quote with delivery schedule for: 
1) G-468 Tiles 60x60x2 cm qty. 500 m2. 
2) G-655 B Tiles 60x60x2 cm qty. 3,000 m2. 
Please quote your prices based on C&F Sudan or FOB.  Please send sample of G-655 B [size : 10x10x1 cm] along with catalogues of your products through DHL for our review. Aug 18, Contact USD 20 (open)

IN/CN: e 8489 USA: I am wanting to get prices from India and China for granite kitchen work tops. I want to fly out to Asia to seal my deal within the next 2-3 weeks. Aug 13, Contact USD 50 (open) 

CN: e 8488 India: We are one of the leading importers of Chinese granite tiles in India for the past 10 years. We need to know the price for 1000x1000 and 1200x1200 floor tiles.  Aug 13, Contact USD 20 (open) 

IN: e 8486 China: Please quote CRF China for Indian granite such as Virginia black, Academy black ,Jet mist. The darker granite could be better. We are atrading firm in China. Our tel. no. is +86 (0531) 89.....Aug 13, Contact USD 20 (open) 

CN: e 8455 USA: Needed for a new project in Florida, USA. Granite: G654/Grey, G684/Black.  60 x 60 x 2cm/60 x 30 x 2cm (additional smaller sizes?). Estimated 840 Sqm / 2 x 20' CTNR. Please inform details, Quote etc. Aug 11, Contact USD 40 (open) 

e 8453 China: Please quote for Lubna blocks or Unpolished slabs. My tel. no. is +86-755-269.....Aug 11, Contact USD 50 (open)

IN: e 8429 China: We are importers of rough granite in China. We import various stones from India. We are interested to buy your granite blocks. We are planning to visit India very soon. Our fax no. is +86-592-57.....Aug 10, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 8392 USA: Our client in China is a major consumer of Marble and Granite. He is seeking to expand his sources and the varieties of stone. He is already consuming Chinese product, is seeking new colors, patterns, etc. He has recently closed a large construction contract with the Chinese government, and urgently requires sources of marble and/or granite. 
Here is some additional information regarding the stone we seek, which I hope is helpful: 
Quantity: 300-500 cubic meters/month average: Some months up to 1,000 cubic meters.
Price range: Our client has paid as much as US $600/cubic meter and as little as US $100/cubic meter. It simply depends on the stone. 
Minimum/maximum size of blocks: Between 5 to 7 cubic meters. 
Unacceptable shape types: None, as long as blocks can fit in a shipping container.
Unacceptable defects: Cracks in the blocks. 
Quality: Identical to sample accepted. 
Inspection: Either upon delivery at a Chinese port, or as negotiated with supplier. 
We have no preconception about countries we wish to purchase from. It is the stone that is important to our buyer, not the country. That's why we are requesting samples. If you look at the size of the orders we wish to place, I would think it is worthwhile to a supplier to send samples and quote prices. Otherwise, how else can we make a determination as to whether we want his product or not? He is not able to discern from pictures online. Therefore, samples are imperative. 
However, I can attest that this is a serious purchaser, one who will move fast when we locate the appropriate product. We are ready to place standing order immediately. I am in Virginia 23453, USA. Aug 7, Contact USD 100 (open) (Buyer has paid deposit)

CN: e 8363 Korea: Please quote CIF Inchon port Korea for Chinese  Black granite, Green granite and Galaxy granite polished 30cm x 30cm x 1cm and 30 x 30 x 2 cm. Aug 6, Contact USD 40 (open)

CN/ES: e 8340 USA: I AM A DEALER IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. I AM CURRENTLY LOOKING TO PURCHASE A CONTAINER OF CHINESE MULTICOLOR SLATE OF 16X16 UN-GAUGED. I AM ALSO LOOKING INTO PURCHASING A CONTAINER OF CREMA MARFIL 16X16 SELECT. The Chinese multicolor you speak of is it ungauged or gauged (calibrated or uncalibrated)? How does the Indian natural cleft compare against the Chinese Multicolor? I am in Riverside, CA. If a supplier is anywhere within 100 miles of here delivery would not be an option, because I own several big trucks that could pick this up for me. Now, this Chinese multicolor I'm interested in, has to be 16x16 and I am looking for either gauged or ungauged. I currently have a quote for $1.25 / sf on ungauged. I am obviously looking for a better deal than that. 
I recently opened up a retail store. I am mainly into the natural stone business but I also do tile. I have owned a construction company that does granite and marble fabrication of all kinds, and all types of tile, porcelain installation. My goal is to start buying all my material per container the one for my construction company and the material for my store so I can stock my own material. This would be my largest order up to date at one time. I feel that if I could get a better price than what I am currently being offered, then I could probably start some kind of working relationship with a supplier/importer/distributor as of now I have not one set supplier I looking for some one that I could work with. My contact no. is (760) 86......Aug 5, Contact USD 50 (open)

CN: e 8325 Germany: Please quote for Chinese material. See price list 38. Aug 4, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 8196 USA: We are a natural stone company with offices/shops located in many places in U.S.A. and Mexico. We have a requirement for pure black granite G635 in both tiles and slabs. Please quote for: 
1. 15,000 square feet of pure black granite 24" x 24" x 1 cm or 1.5 cm floor tiles.
2. 21 slabs approximately 111" x 60" x 3/4". Color should match tiles.
Please quote either f.o.b. China port or C&F Los Angeles, California. If your prices are competitive, we will require a 8" x 6" sample to show our customer. Our company will pay for the freight. July 29, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 8189 USA: I have been buying granite from China in tile, counter tops and carvings just looking for a new source located in Ohio, USA. July 28, Contact USD 20 (open)

BR: e 8124 China: Blocks: We are looking for the block of Azul Macaubas (Azul Imperial) from Brazil. Qty., reqd. is 50 M3. Please price the rough block CNF XIAMEN PORT US$/M3 as quickly as possible if you can offer. Payment will be by L/C after confirming samples. We can confirm purchase within 10 days. Also indicate the estimated delivery time. In order to confirm it is the same material, please attach pictures for our confirmation. Tel:0086-592-21....July 24, Contact USD 100 (open).

ALL: e 8089 China: We are a state-operated corporation, dealing exclusively in both import and export of building materials. Also operate metals, kitchen, hardware, furniture, tiles and arts and crafts products. Now, we are importing High-technology building materials from USA and ERO at this moment. So if you can supply any good standard building materials. July 22, Contact USD 100 (open)

IN: e 8080 China: Blocks: We're a trading company in China, dealing in all kinds of India granite rough blocks. Indian exporters quote price for kinds of India granite rough blocks. We are in Xiamen and our tel. no. is +86-592-5......July 22, Contact USD 100 (open)

CN: e 8072 USA: I am interested in purchase Chinese granite slabs and tiles. Please see price list 811. We need 2 containers (approx. 4600 sq ft) of 3cm thick polished slabs of G682 (also known as golden sand, golden sun) from China. Please give price for light and dark versions of this stone. Slab sizing MUST be a GUARANTEED size of 9' x 5' (approx 275cm x 150cm) and 2 containers (approx. 4600 sq ft) of 3cm thick polished slabs of G611 (also known as Almond Mauve) from China. Slab sizing MUST be a GUARANTEED size of 9' x 5' (approx 275cm x 150cm). We need lead time of no longer than 3-4 weeks. We must place this order within the next week. Please send a quote. I am a wholesaler in Ohio. My contact no. is 1 216 66...... July 21, Contact USD 50 (open)

IN: e 8065 China: Please quote for stones of India origin. We are in Xiamen and our tel. no. is 0086-592-50.....July 21, Contact USD 40 (open)

ALL: e 8044 USA: I want slate boards with wood frames apx. 8" X 10" for a pioneer school and foir selling also. The ones we have now were made in Portugal. I think that the name on them might be Raco. July 19, Contact USD 50 (open)

CN: e 8043 Turkey: We want Shanxi black granite. Our contact no. is 90 (212) 2.....July 19, Contact USD 100 


CN: e 8023 Slovakia: Please quote for G 623 mountain pink granite slabs 2cm, 3cm, 5cm, 7cm, 10cm measures 220 - 250 x 73, 260 x 110, 300 x 180. July 18, Contact USD 50 (open)

CN: e 7996 Lithuania: We were searching for potential partners to offer Chinese Black granite slabs. Our company is involved in several business areas we organize different cargos transportation, work with some foreign companies representing their products in Lithuanian market.
Currently we are interested in purchase of CHINESE BLACK granite slabs, specifications: 
1) one side polished, 
2) cut-to size: width - 1500 mm, length - 2000 mm, thickness - 80 mm; 
3) also interested in your standard cut slabs.
4) quantity - 1st lot about 75 square meters. 
5) there is an interest of several sorts of Black granite, please inform what sort you are able to offer.
We would like to get known if your company has possibility to supply us above granite slabs, and your offered prices for 1 sqm. 
What are possibilities to supply cut-to-size slabs, as we requested in our first letter, or what are possibilities to offer your standard cut slabs. What are the prices for above mentioned cut slabs for 1 square meter? 
Tel.: +370 688 .....July 16, Contact USD 100 (open)

EG/IT/ES/IR: e 7970 China: We are one of the Exporter & Importer of the marble in XIAMEN, CHINA. We want materials from Egypt, Spain, Italy and Iran. Click here to see the list of items reqd. 
1. finishing requirement----------Unpolished
2. all the prices offered on CIF XIAMEN basis 
3. Please send us photos or samples for our confirmation if you are not sure of the name of the products while you are offering. Sending us the samples accordingly will be highly appreciated. Our contact no. is +86-592-51.....July 15, Contact USD 100 (open) 

e 7944 USA: Artifacts: We are a chain of retail stories from United States that would buy container loads of Marble Sinks, if your company makes hand made marble sinks, please email me back with container load pricing. We would like to see pictures and prices of your different types of sinks and other products your company offers. We are in Tennessee. July 14, Contact USD 200 (open)

e 7943 UK: Artifacts: Please send me a brochure of stone columns. July 14, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 7934 China: I am a manager of a company importing stones, located in Guangdong Province. We want alabaster stone, which can be made into transparent lamps.  July 14, Contact USD 200 (open)

e 7922 USA: I am interested in receiving a sample of marble, granite and other stones for a possible future business agreement. Please send samples in approximately 6" x 6" slice(s). I am in Florida 32935. July 11, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 7904 Spain: We are a company that supplies material for construction and our specialty is marbles, granite. We would like to know your price list and to have some more information about your factory. July 11, Contact USD 100

ALSO INTERESTED IN THE DRAGON JADE, NEED 1000 SQ. FOOT 12X12. I AM IN FL. 32127. MY PHONE #386 76.....July 11, Contact USD 100

ALL: e 7891 USA: Send me your marketing brochure and everything that you can about your marble, granite & slate as soon as possible. I want to buy in the less cheaper area but, I want a good quality. So I will buy from India, Korea &  China or Turkey. I am in CA 90505 & my contact no. is 310 37....July 10, Contact USD 20  (open)

ALL: e 7886 Algeria: We are an import company in Algiers, dealing in construction products. We are interested in marble granite tiles and slabs. We would be very grateful if you could send us your full catalogues by express mail. We are looking forward to doing business with you. Our orders would be regular and important. Meanwhile, please indicate what models do you keep regularly. We want free size slabs and tiles of 400x400, and 500x500.  Our tel. no. is 00 213 21 2....July 10, Contact USD 50 (open)

CN: e 7876 Kuwait: We would like to import mosaic, tiles, etc. from China. Please send price list and catalogues. Also please inform us you have any agent in Kuwait or not. Our contact no. is 00965-24.....
July 10, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 7844 Nigeria: We market ceramics, tiles, marbles, lime stones in Nigeria. Our company was founded in 1997. 
In furtherance to our quest in filling our stock for very liable and virile marble and ceramics, we have found your products of immediate interest for purchase. 
Please, kindly confirm in earnest the availability of the above mentioned products still in stock for sales as we intend sending two of our staffs to your company for physical inspection of these products and also make purchase.
It is in the company's policy to first send a member of the technical department and the chief accountant to where intend to make purchase prior to shipment. Our contact no. is 234 1 48.....July 8, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 7831 Hong Kong: We are a trading and contracting company specialized in landscape and recreation products in Hong Kong and involved in many projects for the government departments. Our clients base ranges from government departments, architects, engineers, landscape architects and private property.
We are interested in distributing your stone products to our local market since we have found the products offered by your company are what our clients are seeking for.
It would be our pleasure to promote your products in order to achieve mutual benefits for both of our companies. Please provide us the details of the terms and conditions and how could we cooperate with each other.
By the way, would you mind informing us about the job references of your company in the past? And which countries have you sold your products to? They are very important to us as a proof of quality and reasonable price, nothing is better than job reference. A list of job reference and picture are welcome.
Lastly, please kindly send 10 copies of your catalogue for our sales activities on your product, also with your price list for our quotation for end user. Our contact no. is (852) 261.....July 8, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 7814 India: We introduce you our self as a Big Commercial House Importer's & Exporter's of building construction material with Head Office at Ludhiana & Branch Retail Outlets at Chandigarh - Manimajra - Solan & Delhi. We have a strong standing of 30 Years with a strong network of Dealers/Distributors in whole of India.
We are Importing Sanitary wares/Ceramic Wall & Floor Tiles / Porcelain Tiles - Borders / listello's from China - Malaysia - Indonesia- Spain & Italy and now entering in Exporting the materials also.
Please quote for:

May I request you to provide us with your detailed Printed Catalogue along with your Price List / Discounts offered with Payment & Selling terms. If you have any existing Sales Network in Northern India provide with the contact information. Our tel no. 0161-50.....July 5, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 7801 Latvia: Blocks: We want one side polished black granite (shanxi black), slabs dimension 1500 x 2000 x 80 mm. Total quantity 75 sqm. Please quote with physical description & specification.  July 3, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 7787 Kuwait: We are an indenting firm. We receive a good number of orders from African, east and west European and Far East countries for various products through our regional offices and representatives. At present, we have an urgent order for different varieties of marble slabs and skirting from our Ghana customer. Kindly see the following specifications the client has provided. As a manufacturer since you have different brands, kindly specify the nearest models you have which meet the specifications and qualities. Since our client has requested to get alternative products, we could promote your product for their consideration.
Item 1) : Marble (Local)
Specifications: 30 x 60 x 1.3 cm
Quantity: 751.02 meter square
Item 2) : Marble (Local)
Specifications: 30 x 60 x 1.5 cm
Quantity: 698.4 meter square
Item 3) : Marble Skirting (Local)
Specifications: Polished Tiles Size 7.5 meter length
Quantity: 300 meter square
Item 4) : Marble Skirting (Local)
Specifications: Polished Tiles Size 7.5 meter length
Quantity: 300 meter square (Perlato and Shira Makes are preferred.) 
Quote separately for the given units for different available types. If the specified makes are not available, kindly try to get a similar one with same quality and features, but lower price. 
FOB price (Lebanon) in USD*
Price Validity period*
Discounts applicable *
Origin of Product (Lebanon)*
Year of manufacture*
Destination country (Ghana)*
Quantity in units quoted for *
Packaging specifications*
Payment and Delivery terms*
Supply lead time*
Standards Met*
I wish to get the prices of Lebanese products, since our client has special interest in those.
We also expect a soft copy of your product catalogue and export price list for our clients references. Our fax no. is  (+965) 46.....July 2, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 7786 Netherlands: We want a supplier of pure black marble for our laser etching machine. It is of the utmost importance that the marble is pure black and that their isn't any other color or dots in it. We are also looking for black granite with the same requirements as for the black marble. Our company phone no. is 0031-184-6.....July 2, Contact USD 100 (open) (updated inquiry)

CN: e 7782 Turkey: We want to import 60 cm x 2 m x 2.40 cm. x 2.60cm. x 2.8 x 3 mt. 
Standard 2 cm material. We want Zhangqin Black, ShanXi Black, Shandong Black, Cherry Flower and Padang Light. Our contact no. is + 90216 49.....July 2, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 7714 Turkey: Mentioned below are the granite colors needed and the quantity with size of granites we need for our building. The quantity reqd. is 10000m2. 
CODE        SIZE                  QUANTITY
640          40X40X1               41M2       
664          40X40X1             165M2 
640          70X250X2             95M2 
654          70X250X2             30M2  
682          40X40X1             1000M2 
682          7cm band skirting  70m2 
640          7cm band skirting  16m2  
664          7cm band skirting  5m2  
654          70x300x2             250m2 
623          70x300x2             200m2 
687          70x300x2             200m2 
603          70x300x2             250m2  
664          70x300x2             200m2 
439          70x300x2             250m2  
682          70x300x2             250m2  
640          70x300x2             200m2  
905          70x300x2             200m2  
614          70x300x2             250m2  
935          70x300x2             250m2  
696          70x300x2             250m2
Please quote FOB Xiamen for first quality. Also need samples. Our contact no. is 00 90 0342 3..... June 27, Contact USD 200 (open) (Buyer has updated this inquiry)

CN: e 7678 India: I would like to contact the supplier of Zh-G013 from China. June 25, Contact USD 20 (open)

CN: e 7675 Greece: I like more info. for Chinese granite Zhangqin Black. We are interested for 1000 sqm. 40 x 40 x 1 beveled 100 sqm 3 cm slabs & 60 sqm 2 cm slabs. Wanted granite similar to NERO AFRICA (gray black) in color. Black Shanxi is too high in price & too dark. We are looking for a color similar to Nero Africa granite in the level of 21 - 22 $/sqm. We also want white granite, trade name here ALASKA white something like color GLG 101. Quote CIF PIRAEUS Greece. Image & sample will be  appreciated. We are serious to put orders ' continuously for Chinese granites . We are well established Co. in the Greek market & are looking to cooperate with a good & big firm in China.   Our contact no. is 003210 - 96.....
June 25, Contact USD 200 (open) (updated inquiry)

e 7602 USA: Please quote for Chinese granite slabs. See price list 341. We are in WA. 
Need more specific pricing. Deck sizes that I am interested in are as follows:
1 1/2" laminated square edge & single 3/4" square edge. 
- 87" long x 30" deep finished front edge and sides, back edge polished.
- Island sizes 36" x 76" & 18" x 87" finished all 4 sides. Would be purchasing container quantities. Our contact no. is 360-31.....June 19, Contact USD 100 (open) (updated inquiry)

CN: e 7600 Austria: I want Chinese granite products like slabs, tiles, cube, etc. See pricelist 590. My contact no. is 0043 699 119.....June 19, Contact USD 200 (open)

CN: e 7560 UK: I would like to contact the supplier of Zh-G013 from China. June 17, Contact USD 20

CN: e 7516 USA: I want ZH G013 granite. My contact no. is 206-52.....I am in WA. June 14, Contact
USD 50 (open)

CN: e 7511 Pakistan: I would like to contact the supplier of Zh-G013 China for information regarding availability of this granite. We are interested in importing at least one container per month and would like to see actual photos of polished slabs via e-mail. My contact no. is +92 51 2......June 14, Contact USD 200 (open)

ALL: e7488 Germany: I need yearly 20 Container loads of 20 ft of Granite tiles (like G682 , 633 , 654 , Shanxi Black, etc.), first choice, 30.5 x 30.5 x 1 cm  polished, calibrated, bevelled, light color. Quote CNF Port Hamburg under 8.8 USD / Sqm.
I also need yearly 8 Container 20 ft white color Marble tiles 30.5 x 30.5 x 1 cm polished, We have an offer for 12 US$ CNF Port Hamburg for Shanxi White marble. Please quote in USD/ Sqm CNF Port Hamburg. June 12, Contact USD 200 (open) (updated inquiry)

CN: e 7394 USA: Block: We want a block price list of Tianshan Red, C&F Bangkok. Also mention approx. sizes of dimension information. Our tel. no. is 662 23......June 5, Contact USD 100

BR: e 7326 China: I want Moss Green, Tunas Fantastico and Giallo Vencenza from Brazil. I need 3/4" slabs. May 31, Contact USD 50

TR/ALL: e 7297 China: We are large manufacturer and wholesaler in China stone market, and many fixed clients who are engage in decoration in interior and exterior. Annual consumption quantity is more than 60000 sqm marble and granite from overseas for their projects. So we also would like to do business with importer all over the world, and hope to found long term trading relationship. In the near past years, we have purchased large quantity Turkish limestone for our demand. We are for suppliers who can offer first quality at a  cheaper rate. Please quote us your bottom price if we buy above 1000 tons every time. May 29, Contact USD 500

AU: e 7286 China: Blocks: We are looking for block supplier of Mulroy Green from Australia. What is the monthly production capacity of Mulroy Green? Is the material suitable for big project, say how many color shades would be in 1,400M3 blocks? May 28, Contact USD 100

IN/CN: e 7269 Qatar: We have a confirm order for exports of ceramic and marble tiles. The quantity and rates the buyer wants is given below: Please kindly confirm the below prices for further proceedings immediately: [Indian made]
Ceramic Floor Tiles :
30 & 30 cm size : USD 2.50
40 & 40 cm size : USD 3.30
45 & 45 cm size : USD 3.60.
Out side wall tiles :
15 & 15 cm size : USD 5.00
7.5 & 7.5 cm size : USD 4.50.
Indian Granites : USD 68.00
Italian Granites : USD 75.00.
All the Sizes are in Centimeters and the prices are per Sqm C & F QATAR. SGS Inspection certificate should be provided. The packing should be in Wooden boxes only. Payment is L/C at sight basis. Volume will be roughly 10 to 15 Twenty feet Container loads per month initially. If you match this offer please kindly call me 0421 - 2......May 27, Contact USD 200

e 7262 China: Blocks: We are importers of all kinds of Granite blocks from different countries to China. Please forward your rates and supply position with sizes. We are very serious buyers and sellers dealing in all kinds of granite from India and China. After hearing from you we request for samples. Our contact no. is +86-592-57.....May 27, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 7259 China: We want Bello Cremo Limestone blocks. We will buy more than 1000 tons the first time, and the total quantity of our consumption is not less than 8000 tons. May 26, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 7252 China: Please quote for Himalayan Rock Salt. Please send us photo and price lists. Our contact no. is 0086-512-65.......Click here to see image.  May 26, Contact USD 20 (open)

FR: e 7249 China: Please quote for Noir SAINT LAURENT unpolished slabs & blocks. We have an order in hand, and we need about 3000 sqm unpolished slabs (gang-saw, 2cm thickness) and about 30CBM rough blocks. Let us know the CNF XIAMEN, CHINA price and how many days you need to prepare above production. Our contact no. is 0086-592-60...... We can order after every details been confirmed, e.g. the price, payment term, delivery time etc. Size range is gang saw size e.g. 240 x 120 x 2cm. May 25, Contact USD 40 (open)

CN: e 7244 Pakistan: We are seeking import of blocks and slabs of top quality, pure white marble at the lowest possible prices. Our main usage will be in flooring and wall cladding. Have learnt that China produces some of the cheapest and best white marble, known as Hanbaiyu, Shanxi and Sichuan. We want to have a direct contact with the quarries since we require a consistent and smooth supply of at least 500m3 (blocks) or 10000m2 (slabs) per annum. We will pick up block-cutter size blocks as well, so long as the material is of our interest. If there are sellers in other countries apart from China who understand our requirements, please send prices, pictures and samples immediately. We prefer seeing pictures of the materials before asking for the samples from respective suppliers. We cannot go above a price of USD600-700/m3 for squared blocks of first choice and not above USD35/m2 for best quality 2cm slabs. This is due to the fact that we are hurdled with a 50% import duty in Pakistan. We would like to see pictures of your white marble slabs/tiles in 1st and 2nd choice. If the material is attractive to us we will ask for samples (shall pay the freight if necessary). Please give us the FOB China price of blocks. Tel. no. is +92 300 84.....May 24, Contact USD 100 (open) 

e 7232 Korea: We are a marble & granite trading company. We want price list, payment conditions and delivery time for G 603, G623 (SIZE: 300CM * 600CM, 300 * 300, 600 * 600, SLAB: THICKNESS (2 & 3 CM). 
WE WANT SAMPLE AS BELOW (dhl or ems) SIZE: 5CM * 5CM (G603 & G623). Our tel. no. is 82-2-98.....See pricelist 797. May 22, Contact USD 40 (open)

ZA/ZW: e 7217 China: We want impala black and brown. Please quote USD price, C&F Xiamen with images. May 20, Closed USD 100

FI: e 7179 China: Blocks: Please quote CIF XIAMEN PORT AND FOB YOUR MAIN PORT for Karelia Red, Carmen Red and Baltic Brown blocks. We would like to know if you have Karelia Red, Carmen Red and Baltic Brown quarry. We want to order the quantity: each type about 200 m3 (cubic meters). We urgently need the three above blocks. If you can supply us and the price is suitable for us, we will immediately place an order to you.  
We want to import the granite blocks including carmen red, karelia red, baltic brown, tan brown, india red, white star, black galaxy (another name is twinkle star). If the price and quality is suitable for us, we will import them immediately. Carmen red, karelia red, baltic brown blocks must be provided by finland company.if the company has the quarry, it would be better. 
Tan brown, india red, white star, black galaxy (another name is twinkle star) must be provided by india company which must have their own quarry. QUALITY: good and ordinary. Tel: 0086-592-56.....Dimensions: depending on the suppliers. Samples request: we need the samples to confirm the quality and we don't pay any costs. May 16, Contact USD 500 

CN: e 7153 Australia: I am a stone trader in Queensland. I want quotes for Chinese granite products. My contact no. is 61 7 32......WALL VENEER STONE, COBBLESTONES, TILES. Size range: 30X30CM, 30X60CM, 60X60CM. Surface POLISHED, HONED, BUSH HAMMERED, FLAMED. First Quality. May 14, Contact USD 100 (open)

IN/ZA: e 7131 China: We specialize in imports of granite blocks. We want Karelia red-B blocks, Carmen red blocks, Tan Brown block, White star block, India red block, twinkle star block. We want to order the quantity of each type about 200 m3 (cubic meters). We would like to know if you can send us your samples and brochure. The sample size is based on your regular sample sizes. Tel: 0086-592-56......We urgently need the two above blocks. If you can supply us and the price is suitable for us, we will immediately place an order to you. May 12, Contact USD 200 (open)

e 7123 China: I want to import Pink laksas and Red agadir. We have a factory in China specially for the marble slabs and tiles. We always pay more attention for the new materials. Please quote with samples. Our Tel. no. is 0086 592 5......May 12, Contact USD 100 (open)

IT: e 7121 China: We have a factory in China specially for the marble tiles. We want import from Italy. We will check the materials in Italy. For the quantity, we will order (a) Carrara White with more white bottom and few of gray veins, 80 - 100 M3. (b) Botticino Classico with the brown veins, 80-100M3. We will buy some blocks if it's possible. But, with the square sizes. Need offers urgently. Our Tel no.: 0086 592 52.....May 12, Contact USD 400 (open)

CN/IN/TR: e 7119 Iran: We are a stone trading co. and are interested in importing granite slabs from China, India and Turkey. Please quote for granite as slab with following size & details: 
Width: more than 60 cm 
Thickness: 2, 3, 4 cm 
As cutting round (by slice/cube) & without cutting round 
Qty: 10 containers 
Color: special colors as green, red, black, white, blue & purple. By truck to Tehran or by ship as cnf Bandar Abbas. We are ready to pay for courier cost of samples. 

e 7015 USA: We import natural stone to the United States. We are in Arizona 85355. We want granite & marble slabs, tile, countertop, vanity of all sizes slab and tiles. Surface is polished, honed, flamed. We want good- the best quality material. Consistent shade as possible. Quantity estimate is 1-2 containers. Country of origin of material is China. Needed within 1-2 months. Payment terms letter of Credit, Wire transfer. We would like to import. We have workers in China, they would go to the factory and inspect. Our target purchase price is less than USD 1 per sq ft. Will pay for courier cost of samples. Our tel. no. is 623.53.....May 3, Contact USD 100 (open)

CN: e 6971 USA: I want large quantities of Granite - 3/4 inch slabs. I am looking to import about 10 containers a month of 3/4 inch thick slabs of excellent grade Granite and polished to use for kitchen counters,.. Can you provide prices and how much will it cost to get samples and what are the dimensions of your slabs. It is our intention to be a reseller in the counter top business and we will have a wholesale business, we are also a large retail countertop and sink top retailers and do most of the counters for big shopping malls in USA. We plan to visit China for the purchase. Would like some quotes before we come. I am in the Los Angeles and my phone # is 310 82..... April 30, Contact USD 100 (open)

CN: e 6953 USA: For one of our clients located in Kazakhstan, we need reliable suppliers from China who can deliver 9000 sqm tiles of 300 x 300  x 7.8 mm. Please quote your FOB or CIF export prices. We are in Washington DC 20006. April 29, Contact USD 50 (open)  

CN: e 6923 USA: I own a tile & marble shop in Oregon. We import 3-4 containers per month from China for marble, granite and slate tiles. Chinese suppliers please send me a catalog of all granite colors available online. Also provide me with information about your factory and the quality I can expect from your factory. April 28, Contact USD 40 (open) 

EG: e 6897 Hong Kong: Blocks: We want Galala, Silvia, Sunny, Gardha and Red Gharda 1st quality blocks. See pricelist 552. April 26, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 6886 Hong Kong: Blocks:  I am looking for suppliers from Portugal for Rosa Portugal, Trigaxes Escuro, Azul Guerra Marble Blocks, gangsaw size. April 25, Contact USD 100

VN: e 6885 Hong Kong: Blocks: I am looking for suppliers from Vietnam for Red Granite Blocks. April 25, Closed

e 6877 Ireland: We seek samples of counter tops and marble tiles for delivery to Ireland. We manufacture 500 kitchens with granite counter tops per year and we seek to expand our business. Currently we have problems receiving the right quality and price from European suppliers in Spain and Italy. 
What we require initially are samples of black counter tops measuring:
Island Tops: 8x 3x with 20mm bull nose & 4 x 4x3/4 with 20mm bull nose. 
Counter Tops: 15 x x 20mm Bull nose. 
Marble Tiles we seek are black marble and white marble measuring 600mm x 600mm. We currently buy from Spain and Italy and we are looking for better value. Would prefer Chinese or Indian material, can consider other countries if prices are better. First shipment needed for July. Inspection at port of delivery. Willing to pay for samples or alternatively willing to fill container with other building materials. We can order within two days of receiving the samples. We are seeking to place an order we are looking to place an order immediately. Please contact to discuss. Our contact no.  is 00353 87 41..... See pricelist 572. April 24, Contact USD 200

CN: e 6871 Turkey: Please qiote CIF price to Istanbul for ALMOND MAUVE, CHERRY FLOWER, PADANG 308, MİSTY DUSK, ZC ROSE RED, SNOW RED, G439 and G633. Size 40 x 40 x 2cm. Total qty. 50000 sqm. Tel. no. +90 2164......April 24, Contact USD 50 (open)

CN/IT: e 6820 Germany: Please quote for granite:
Padang dark 300x63x4cm rim in front round, polish top face and front edge 60 pieces
Rosa beta 300x63x4cm rim in front round, polish top face and front edge 60 pieces
Pepper White 300x63x4cm rim in front round, polish top face and front edge 60 pieces 
Pepper White granite tiles 31x60,5x1cm, calibrated, polished, phased 700 square m 
Rosa beta granite tiles 31x60,5x1 cm, calibrated, polished, phased 700 square m 
We guarantee a further continuous order by 20 container foot. Our contact no. is +49 6835 .....April 22, Contact USD 200

e 6807 Iran: We are are quarry owners and manufacturers of granite tiles. We want to import red granite slab with thickness of 2 and 3 cm. Please send price list C & A BANDAR ABBAS. Granites wanted are Sumol Red, Xianjiang Red, Ruby Red, Kaddur Red, Seemankati Red, Tumkur Red, New Imperial Red, Baltic Pink, TJI Red. Our contact no. is +98 443-23.....See the images http://www.findstone.com/INDgran5.htm, April 22 Contact USD 20 (open)

e 6789 China: We are importers of all kinds of Granite and Marble from different countries to China. We will be interested in your product of new white sand stone, marble and granite.  Please forward your rates and supply position with sizes. We are very serious buyers and sellers dealing in all kinds of granite from India and China. Our contact no. is +86-592-57.....April 19, Contact USD 50 (open)

CN: e 6766 Cyprus: We want supplier of Zh-G013 from China. April 17, Contact USD 20 (open)

CN: e 6764 Poland: We want granite slabs from China, polished. Please quote for all colors without gray. We are interested in long term cooperation. Our tel. no. is 0048 6024.......April 17, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 6763 Bulgaria: Please quote for 600 sqm. Yellow Pearl granite polished and bush-hammered, CIF Bourgas for the following sizes of 1st and 2nd quality 60x60x3, 60x90x3 and 60x120x3. 
We will be responsible for supplying 600 sqm tiles - 30 mm and around 350 sqm tiles 20 mm. The tiles are with different dimensions - 150x84, 66x32, 29x200, 33x150. The complete specification will be send on an later stage, supplying insulation and dry montage of stone. 
Please specify the terms of payment and delivery. Please send us the same quotation CIF Thessaloniki. We also need the same offer for granite width 2 cm - approx. 400 sq/m. Our contact no. is 35927..... April 17, Contact USD 200

CN: e 6750 Ukraine: Please quote with samples for 15 x 15 x 1cm and slabs of 2 & 3 cm thick Ever Green 1, Ever Green 2, Tiger skin Yellow, Full River Red, Hawthorn Red, Concubine Red, Zh-G013 granites. Our tel. no. is +380532..... April 16, Contact USD 20 (open)

CN/NO: e 6745 Norway: I import a lot of material from Xiamen and Tianjin in China and from Rio de Janeiro. It is slate and granite for indoor and outdoor use. Prices varies from USD 8 per M2 for polished G603 granite tiles 30 x 30 x 1cm and EUR 10 for slate tiles 30 x 30 x 1cm gray color and EUR 12 for black colour. 
At the moment I am happy with my suppliers but I am always prepared for a good bargain. How many M2 in 20' container and freight to Bergen in Norway. April 16, Contact USD
50  (open)

CN: e 6721 Norway: Please quote for China multi color 30x60 1,2 mm, 600m2 delivered to Oslo. My contact no. is 0047908.....April 14, Sold


e 6687 Denmark: We are looking for a company that can provide about 19.5 tons of countertops, slabs and tiles every month. Most of our granite we gets from China but we are looking for other possibilities closer to Denmark. please quote with images. Our tel. no. is (+45) 46 7.....April 11, Contact USD 40 (open)

CN: e 6680 : I would like to contact the supplier of Zh-G013 China. April 10, Contact USD 50

CN: e 6622 South Africa: I want granite slabs and tiles from China. See pricelist 38. April 4, Contact 
USD 20 (open)

CN: e 6612 USA: Blocks: We want India Red blocks for tombstones. I can place an initial order of 5 containers if the price is right. We are ready to buy 40 cubic meters blocks. I am not sure the exact name of this granite and I know there are several red granite in India. In China, we call it 'India Red'. It should be the most popular granite exported to China for tombstones. Please quote CIF Tianjin, China or FOB India port. April 4, Contact USD 40  (open)

e 6610 USA: Services: I need 1 x 20' fcl of granite slabs inspected in Xiamen, China in 3 weeks. There are 4 types of granite slab. 7 bundles x 10 slabs each. Need to confirm uniform color, same block sequence, quality, quantity, slab sizes, etc...I am based in CA. My tel. no. is: +1-760-7......April 4, Contact USD 100

e 6594 USA: I want Pure Black slabs and China Green slabs size is 96" X 26" X 2cm bullnose. See pricelist 341 as reference. I import these items for resale. April 2, Contact USD 50 (open)

CN: e 6556 Spain: We want Chinese granites slabs. Prefer big slabs i. e. long slabs with slab height of 68 or 70 cm. Also need pavement 60x30x2 and 60x30x1. Quantity reqd. is 3 containers monthly. We also need prices for Indian granite slabs and tiles and images of granite alone tiles in 60 cm x 30cmx 1.5 & 60x40x1.5cm. Quote with delivery time to Valencia. Our contact no. is 00349624.....March 29, Contact  
USD 50  (open)

e 6532
USA: We want container loads of Himalayan Salt Rock/Lamps. Please quote with availability and delivery times to Houston. March 26, Contact USD 20 (open)

CN: e 6503 Greece: We are a marble & granite industry. Please send us a catalog of your products and a price list for Chinese granite slabs or tiles. I may require a few samples. Our contact no. is 
+302 310 4.....March 24, Contact USD 20 (open)

CN: e 6500 Japan: We want cheap marble and granites slabs and tiles from China for construction of building. Please quote with details. My contact details are (hp) +65 9151..... March 24, Contact USD 20 (open)

CN: e 6492 USA: I want Misty Pink Peach or G635 Pink Granite delivered to New York State. 
Quantities and Size:
200 Sq Meters 600mm x 600mm x 20mm or 30mm Thick Flamed Top
40 Sq Meters 500mm x 1700mm x 20mm or 30mm Thick Flamed Top
35 Sq Meters 650mm x 1300mm x 20mm or 30mm Thick Flamed Top
20 Sq Meters 300mm x 1600mm x 50mm Thick Flamed Top and (1) Long Edge
35 Sq Meters 600mm x 1600mm x 50mm Thick Flamed Top and (1) Long Edge. March 22, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 6483 USA: I am a retail memorial dealer in Alabama. I am interested in developing a wholesale business in the Chinese granites. If you have available western styles I would be interested in hearing about your company and learning what is involved in the imports of Chinese granite. My contact no. is 256-35.....
March 22, Contact USD 20 (open)

CN: e 6465: I want Negro Oriental. Please quote for size: 400 X 600 X 20. March 20, Contact  USD 50

CN: e 6458 USA: Please quote for 3cm Zh-G013 slabs biggest dimensions good quality material. I am also interested in night rose, ocean green, jade green, rusty yello, hawthorn red, blue diamond, night rose peacock green, Maikulski wave white and others if prices are good. shipped to US port in New Jersey and from there to Detroit in a 20 foot container open top. Slabs should be about 150cm X 317cm roughly not exactly also slabs don't have to be even they can be uneven edging. I would like to know if I can pay by letter of credit for 90 days. My contact no. is +124887..... March 19, Contact USD 50  (open)

PT: e 6464 Hong Kong: We want Alabaster from Portugal for manufacturing lamps. Currently we are buying from Spain. We are looking for alternate sources. Click here to see image. We will buy 4-6 containers at a time. Our contact no. is (+86)-760 23.....  March 20, Contact  USD 50 (open)

CA: e 6457 USA: I want to import granite slabs. Looking for new suppliers in Canada. Please quote for 3cm Blue Eyes slabs with biggest dimensions and first quality material. Also let me know the prices for all colors shipped to US port in New Jersey and from there to Detroit in a 20foot container open top. Slabs should be about 150cm X 317cm roughly not exactly also slabs don't have to be even they can be uneven edging. I would like to know if I can pay by letter of credit for 90 days. My contact no. is +124887..... March 19, Contact USD 50 (open)

6419 Australia: Please send a price list for natural split Cherry Flower, Pingshan Red 1, from China or Brown Siena cubes from Argentina of 10 x 10 x 8 cm thickness or similar dimensions if they are your standard dimensions. Email photos also. Include transportation costs C.I.F to Sydney. March 16, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 6414 Indonesia: We want G644 granite 60 x 60 or 60 x 90 x 20mm. Volume 900 M2. Please give me the best price and picture. Our tel. no. is 062-21-55.....March 15, Contact USD 40  (open)

e 6404 USA: I want Golden Diamond from China. Click here to see design. Please quote with images. 
March 14, Contact USD 20

e 6380 India: We are dealing in Granite slabs and tiles in India. We find some of your colors at much of our interest. Please quote for Chinese granite color nos. G017, G019, G639, G603 and G640. In Italian Granite we are interested in Grigio Malaga. 
Our expected business volume for each grade may be up to 100000 sq. ft. in 2 and 3 cm thickness.
Our contact detail is 0091-2932-2.....March 12, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 6341 Germany: Please quote FOB XIAMEN in USD/m for G 603 flamed tiles 60x30x2 cm and 40x40x3 cm Tolerance +/- 1,5 mm. March 7, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 6332 Switzerland: We want granite tiles & slabs in granite. Granite tiles: Color G603, G623 and G684 size 305 x 610 x 10 mm (or 12 mm) polished. Quantity of each color approximate 200 m2. 
Paving stones: Color G623 size 500 x 500 x (30 mm thereabout) flamed. Quantity approximate 200 m2. 
Kindly quote FOB in USD for 20 foot container. Our contact no. is 004156 22.....March 6, Contact See Offers USD 200

e 6315
USA: I am a USA material distributor. I want polished marble and/or granite materials in all color varieties from China, southeast Asia, Brazil and the Middle East. Please quote with contact information. 
March 5, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 6290 Germany: We are European wholesaler and want to buy granite tiles from China.  Size range is 30.5 x 30.5 or 40x 40, polished tiles of Shan Xi black, Padang 654 and Padang 633. Our 
price range is USD 11. Inspection will be handled by our agents. We will pay for courier cost for samples. Please send information like pricelists and catalogs. Our contact no. is 0217....... March 2, Contact See Offers USD 200

Below are some earlier inquiries which are still valid. Do respond.

e 2387 USA: I am looking for a 4" x 4" x 1.5" - 2" Chinese cobblestone in the tan shades. Jan 26. Contact, See Offers 

CN: e 2363 Germany: We are looking for Chinese granite G682 (Tan) and G623 (Counter White). Jan 22. Contact ,See Offers 

CN: e 2356 USA: Please quote for a stone called serpentine or false jade. I am looking for a source for highly polished thin pieces to make into tops for wooden boxes. Jan 21. Contact, See Offers or Buy at USD20 

CN: e 2353 India: Tools & Abrasives: Please quote for SMD 35+ SYNTHETIC DIAMOND POWDERS of Chinese origin for Diamond Tools. We want to have 5,000 carats of 40/50 grades. Jan 21. Contact, See Offers

CN: e 2350 Italy: Please quote for China Pink granite slabs and blocks. Jan 21. Contact, See Offers

CN: e 2320 USA: Please quote for Pacific Pewter Chinese marble. Quantity is 10,000 sq. ft. 12x12 Polished. Jan 16. Contact

CN: e 2313 Italy: Retail: Please quote for fireplaces.  Jan 15. Contact, or Buy at USD20 

CN, SG: e 2310 Ghana: Tools: We want: 
1. diamond segments for various saws- 350mm dia. to 1000mm dia.
2. diamond in resin polishing abrasives for hand tools.
3. Polishing abrasives for continuous belt polisher, both diamond and synthetic.
4. Steel grit for gangsaw cutting.
5. Steel blades for gangsaw cutting.
6. Drill steel
7. Gun powder for bench quarrying.
We want the material as soon as possible. We quantity depends on price. We find our current suppliers expensive. We prefer suppliers from Far East. Jan 15. Contact 

CN: e 2291 Israel: Please quote for Cherry Flower, Misty Peach Pink and China Pink. I need 6000 m2 90 x 90 x 3, 45 x 90 x 3. Jan 10. Contact, See Offers

IN, CN: B 631 USA: Product Required: Black Galaxy; Shanxi Black; G024; G684; G688; slabs and tiles. Slab Size is 8 x 5 ft or bigger. Thickness 2cm & 3cm / Polished one face / Uncut edge, quantity required: minimum 8000 sq/ft of each kind of granite. Tiles: 30.5 x 30.5 x1 cm, quantity required: minimum 8000 sq/ft of each kind of Granite. Payment by LC. Delivery period 20 weeks. Dec 29. Contact, See offers

CN: e 2130 China: Wanted Pure White marble Blocks and slabs of Sichuan and Shaanxi Provinces of China. Nov 30. Contact

CN: e 2084 China: Please quote for Anxi Red slabs sizes =120~180 x 60 x 2 cm. Quotation should include payment terms, inspection terms, delivery period and precise address. Also mention the quantity that can fit in a container. Nov 23. Contact

CN: e 2077a Ghana: Quote for the following items, FOB Accra, Ghana: G636 (China Pink) & G603. Dimension: 600 sq meters. Nov 22. Contact 

CN: e 2018 Australia: I am looking for Chinese marble called Oriental Emperador in tiles and slabs. It is not green but brown based. The qty is about 2000 sq. m. of tiles. Please quote in sizes 305 x 305 x 10mm calibrated and chamfered. I would be very interested in first choice material. Also send us a digital image of the stone. The tender is just released and the material will not be required till middle of next year.  Nov 13. Contact

CN: e 2012 USA: I want Shan Xi Black 30t, one side polished (90-95 degree), cut-to-size, various size (350-600 mm wide, 550-1,600 mm long, 30t mm) about 1x20 FCL, C&F Pusan, Korea $/sq mt. Can you make quick shipment (within 7 days after receipt of LC.)? Nov 12. Contact. Commission only.

e 2009 Australia: We would like a price for Chinese Gabbro Granite fine to medium grain in Black and also Grey black color, per cubic meter (m3) block Fob China port in USD$. Nov 10. Contact

CN: e 1944 Portugal: I want quotations for: Origin/Exporters: China
Stone: Granite Polished Tiles (30x30cm or 30x60cm  Th=1 or 2 cm)
Color/Patterns: #G603, #G606, #G623, #G636 or similar low price Color/Patterns
Quantities: Full Container Loads 20 or 40 feet (330 or 660 m2) 2 to 3 Loads Month
Load Port FOB: Xiamen (or Other) 
Destination: Europe
Validity of Quotations: December/2001 (Min) 
Prices to be marked as #?/m2.  Oct 17. Contact

CN: e 1943 USA: I could be interested in one or more of the following granites of Chinese Origin: Snow Red, Golden Diamond, Peacock Green, Night Rose, Blue Diamond, as I will be doing some significant building in the near future. I want tiles of the following sizes can be from 30cm x 30cm to 60cm x 60cm. Purchase time frame is approximately 6 months to one year depending on construction schedule. Quantity needed will vary. Assume 100 to 1000 square meters. Pricing on the low side and high side would be appreciated. Delivery would be to Camden, NJ or Baltimore, MD whichever is less expensive. We will take care of customs and further transportation. I need to know cost, minimum order quantities, estimated delivery times and freight rates. Samples are always helpful. Oct 17 Contact

CN: e 1867 UAE: We would like to know the main suppliers for Chinese marble. Sept 14. Contact.

AU, CN, IT: e 1681 Taiwan: We are very interested in sandstone material. We import lots of sandstone from Australia, China & India. But we also like Pietra Del Cardosa which is shown in the stone album section, sandstones from Italy (www.findstone.com/ITAsand1.htm). Could you kindly quote for blocks or slabs and cut to size based on fob term. July 18. Contact

e 1616 USA: I am seeking for a project in USA the following granites (flamed and honed polish) for paving purposes:
Jinan Black (China)
Imperial Mahogany (Sweden)
Stoney Pink (Brazil)
Qi Lu Hong (China)
June 13 contact

CN: e 1446 USA: I want marble from China Pacific Pewter and or Pacific Rosa. We are in Cedar City, UT. March 15

CN: e 1425 UK: I want to find a supplier of Grigio Kuru Granite (Karin Grey). I am a wholesale business based in Scotland. I regularly ship monuments from India and China but can not find a reliable source for the above material. Mar 2

Don't forget to see inquiries in www.findstone.com/tiall.htm