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Stone Columns / Pillars Inquiries September  2006
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Year 2006

e 20355 Bahrain: We are tendering a project and looking for companies to Quote us for Basalt Column, basalt quartz. April 15 Contact

e 20178 USA: I am looking for a set of canterra columns 8-12 inches in circumference, 8 feet tall including the capitals. They will be used for a house interior. I would need a photo or color sample. Send link or photo ASAP with prices without & then with shipping plus availability. I would need the set with 45 days. Looking a local supplier either in Kerrville, Boerne or San Antonio, Texas or a price with FOB or drop shipping? Tel: (830) 89.....March 29 Contact

e 20006 USA: I am interested in the drilled basalt columns and basalt benches. You can call me at (419) 92......March 10 Contact

e 19760 USA: I am looking for a finished pedestal base and stone table top, and other finished products delivered to job site in California. Need is immediate. Material type is open. Cell 818 64.....Feb 15 Contact  

e 19372 USA: Request pricing and resale/distributorship information and shipping costs/info for stone kitchen and bathroom sinks and bathtubs and pedestal sinks as outlined in your product offering. Tel: 505-24.....Jan 3 Contact

Year 2005

e19169 USA: Need price and pictures of columns and granite slabs. Tel: 140731.....Dec 12 Contact

e 15836 UAE: We are looking for a complete set up / plant to produce pre-cast natural look stone such as out door and in door wall stone, floor covering, garage flooring, stone columns and window arches. We need a company who can supply us with a complete machinery for 
production plant to produce high quality weather resistance pre-cast products. Our tel. no. is 9714-26..... Nov 30, Contact

e 15656 Sweden: I am redecorating a living room and I will need four stone pillars for this project. Size should be approx: 75 inches high, diameter approx 8 inches. Material should be polished granite. I have not decided about the color yet. However, it should probably be dark, possibly very dark green or black. The color must match a floor made of oak tree. I am in Stockholm. Will buy from any region. Will buy immediately once I find the right design and material. Will need to see high resolution pictures of product before order. Nov 17, Contact

e 15326 Ukraine: I would like to order 28 polished columns of the next dimensions: height-1.5 metre, diametre-0,32 metre. Preferably of white marble. The other case: 42 polished columns, height-1 metre, diametre-0,32 metre. Please inform us with an estimate of a project. Oct 24, Contact 

e 15179 USA: I am looking of granite columns (ubatuba) 8" round by 58" high. Can you please let me know the approximate cost and how long it takes to get? Oct 14, Contact

e 15063: I need to get a quote on four small pillars of rock. I'm not sure what kind of stone (raw looking not polished & low grade). Oct 6, Contact  

e 14400 : Interested in getting price information for granite hollow column covers to cover 4" x 7" rectangular columns, each 144 inches tall from ground to ceiling beam. Do these column covers have designs? Please send info.  Aug 23, Contact

e 13688 USA: I am building a house in Texas. I want Cantera stone columns. July 19, Contact

e 13148 USA: I am looking for a black marble base that is 8.75" x 8" x 1.5". Will this have beveled edges? How much is it with shipping? Can you email me a photo? I am in MA. My tel. no. is 617.86.....June 17, Contact

e 12997 USA: I am looking for green onyx pedestal/flower stand around 32" high. My tel. no. is 888.40.....June 8, Contact

e 12444 USA:  If I buy some columns in cafe, and I want to put them in water (pool) will they erode? I want the columns coming out of a pool, holding up an arbor. Is a cantera column OK for this? I know that the cafe is a bit soft. Or should I use I different color? I am in CA. My phone no. is (714)96.....
May 1, Contact

e 12426 USA:  Please quote for sinks, fireplaces, columns and pedestals made from natural stones. I am in Indiana and my tel. no. is 765 - 43.....Apr 30, Contact USD 20


e 9800 Canada:  We are interested in purchasing pedestals models 002-0059, 002-0064, 002-0065. Please advise as to price of each CIF Toronto and volume discounts, if any, for bulk purchases. Our phone no. is (416) 23.....Nov 25, Contact

e 9652 USA:  I am interested in stone item #'s 002-0059, 002-0064, and 002-0065. Would like to know what stones they are available in? Also would the prices differ based on stone type? Nov 15, Contact

e 9001 USA:  I am looking for architectural stone products, including complete window treatments (architectural elements) columns, capitals, and other architectural details. I am interested in having pictures sent of architectural elements that can be delivered by January of next year. I am anxious to find items immediately, and if the items are reasonable, of excellent quality, and from a reliable source, I can order immediately. I can also travel to see items in quantity from any location. Please contact me by email. Anyway my no. is (213) 9...... Sept 23, Contact

e 8975 USA:  I need 10 nos. 12" columns 2 nos. 14" or 16" rope and 8 more different sizes for outside. Please quote. I am in Houston.  Sept 22, Contact

e 8458 USA:  I am writing to inquire about pricing for item# 009 - 0036 by Supplier #9 from Spain. Is this Rojo Alicante marble? What would the price be for shipment to the U.S.? We are about to start building a house and are currently inquiring about marble pricing from various sources. We would probably be interested in about 10-12 pillars, as well as other marble fixtures. We are in GA 31904. Aug 11, Contact

e 8150 Mexico:  I want Jet Black marble bases as displayed in ready stock 368. Need prices and photos of the products. Our tel. no. is (52 222) 2.....July 25, Contact  

e 7943 UK:  Please send me a brochure of stone columns. July 14, Sold

e 7446 Canada:  What's the ideal type stone dinette table? I'm interested in something highly durable, yet very attractive (not just a rectangular tabletop with four legs). I want a dealer in the Toronto, Canada area. June 8, Contact

e 6972 Switzerland: We are building a very large house in UK. Entrance is to have portico supported by 2 stone columns / pillars approx 2.75m high, 20cm diameter. Limestone is preferred (Lime 3).
Can you provide cost estimate? Delivery costs? And from time of order, how long to delivery in UK? Our contact no. is +41 55 41.....
The project involves large quantities of stone with limestone being the largest component. Floors, staircases, poolhouse non-slip floors, polished and antiqued finishes are all contemplated (approx 400sqm in total).
The project is underway, basement completed, ground floor walls almost complete, first floor concrete planking to go on in June, second floor in July/august. Roof to go on around October. Poolhouse roof and floors ready in about 6-8 weeks. Completion due April 2004. 
My enquiry was 'cos we will need columns as requested for the front door portico. Timing is in the hands of the Project Manager and the Contractor. April 30, Contact

IR: e 6576 USA:  I have a client who needs about 25 columns carved in the ionic style. The average size of the columns is 8 feet tall X 12" wide. I will need wholesale pricing as well a price for the stone carving and shipping to our location. The dimensions of the columns in order to save time are given below. My client likes the onyx orange or the Iranshahr
Quantity - Height Diameter
2 - 11 ft. 18"
12 - 8 ft. 10"
7 - 7 ft 10"
4 - 7 ft. 12". April 1, Contact

e 6328 USA:  We are supplier and fabricator of the stone products and are interested in limestone balustrade systems. Please send us some images with price. See price list #44. March 6, Contact

e 6295 USA: Artifact: I am interested in a pedestal if it is available in any other colors than the one pictured as item # 002-0063. March 3, Contact

e 6225 USA:  I want a wholesalers/distributors of soapstone or marble bowls in various sizes (3" to 10"). I am looking for small quantities initially. Perhaps 50 - 100 pieces. Can you do this? Do you have any pictures of your bowls? Feb 26, Contact

PK: e 6084 USA:  We want onyx columns and onyx bowls from Pakistan. Please quote with terms and conditions of co-operation. Feb 19, Contact

ALL: e 5859 Pakistan: Please quote for different type of white stone columns. Sizes are 70-150-700cm width 20-25. I am consultant to architects. My phone no. is +92 21 24.......Feb 4, Contact

e 5635 USA:  Please quote for table legs and and also send a full catalog for other products. My tel. no. is 718-85.....I am in NY. Jan 21, Contact  

e 5561 Canada:  I want marble bases for awards, they need to be 2 1/4" tall by 2 3/4x2 3/4 " in length and width they need a hole in the center for a 14/20 bolt that is counter bored on the bottom at 3/4" depth and diameter of 3/4". They are currently dark green with a light green vein see photo. I need 100 right now. I need blocks not slabs. All edges are eased with a 1/8" chamfer and surfaces are high polished.
I have a sample I could courier to successful bidder, marble does not have to be identical. Tolerances are 
+/- .030. Material should look good. I can purchase $16.00 US each. Deposit is possible final payment on receipt of the material. Will need in 10 weeks, will pay as soon as complete if finished sooner. I am willing to import. Inspection can be arranged. I will pay for couriers and all shipping and brokerage and taxes. I approve order and can do it immediately. Jan 16, Contact

e 5000 USA:  Please quote for pillars made of granite, marble, or any other stone. Nov 28